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PMG Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876: Endless Strong Cultivators

"What is the criterion to take the Challenge of the Celestial Country?" asked Lin Feng. He was curious, as he hadn't known there was such a place in h.e.l.l.

"There's no criterion. If you have broken through to the Huang Qi layer, you can go. However, it is an independent place cut off from the world. You cannot use treasures from outside there. You can't use other people's G.o.dly awareness, either. That place is filled with a strange strength. It's called the Challenge of the Celestial Country because people go there to practice and challenge themselves," s.h.i.+chuan told him.

Lin Feng was startled. He looked at s.h.i.+chuan and asked, "Master, is it possible to go partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country anytime?"

"The pa.s.sage is opened once a year. When you go there, you have to stay for a year. It's very dangerous. You can't use ancestors' G.o.dly awareness there. Even if people kill you there, n.o.body will know about it," s.h.i.+chuan explained to Lin Feng politely.

Lin Feng nodded, he understood. No matter who went there, everybody was the same in there. A person's social status didn't matter there, n.o.body could protect them. It was probably a chaotic world, however, people called it a Celestial Country…?

"When will the next opening happen?" asked Lin Feng.

s.h.i.+chuan answered, "Soon. That's why I'm selecting people in the Uptala army among those who are willing to go."

"Once every year." Lin Feng's eyes shone, he looked at Minister Uptala and said, "Minister, I want to partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country this time."

Minister Uptala was surprised and looked at Lin Feng, "The Challenge of the Celestial Country is extremely hard. You have to stay there for one year once you're there. There are many powerful people there. Some of them are already at the top of the Huang Qi layer! Wait until you're a high-level h.e.l.l emperor, and then you can go. If you don't want to wait that long, you still need to stabilize your cultivation. After all, you'll have the opportunity every year."

"Danger is part of a cultivator's life. When facing danger, you can surpa.s.s others! I have already made my decision, I am going to partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country!" swore Lin Feng insistently. He didn't have much time. He needed to become stronger and then he needed to find the exit to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If he partic.i.p.ated in the Challenge of the Celestial Country this year, he'd become much stronger!

Minister Uptala remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded. "Since you have already made your decision, I won't prevent you from going. But you have to remember, stay safe, there aren't only strong cultivators from h.e.l.l there."

"Eh?" Lin Feng was astonished and stared at Minister Uptala. "Minister, are you saying that people from other worlds partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country?"

"Indeed. You need to know about that. You'll understand when you go there," Minister Uptala said mysteriously. However, Lin Feng was astonished, his heart was pounding violently. People from other worlds partic.i.p.ated in the Challenge of the Celestial Country?

Maybe he would find a solution to go back to the Nine Clouds Continent from there!

For Lin Feng, that was an extremely important piece of information! After all, he wouldn't be able to meet any of the Ten Yama Courts' kings within a short period of time. So for the time being, finding another way to go back was the best thing to do.

"Lin Feng, since you decided to partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country, stay here and practice cultivation really hard these days. When the right time comes, s.h.i.+chuan will come and take you there," said Minister Uptala.

Lin Feng nodded and replied, "Alright, thank you, Minister!"


After that, Lin Feng practiced cultivation calmly. He also had a few walks in the different Uptala territories. He went to the library and read books. Lin Feng didn't study them really hard, but he memorized some things. Reading books was always beneficial, anyway.

Lin Feng came out of the library and sensed that someone was looking at him. Someone's eyes were glittering, but that person continued walking.

Lin Feng didn't say anything, as if nothing had happened. It wasn't the first time someone had looked at him. Lin Feng knew that someone was spying on him, he just didn't know who it was exactly. However, he knew that since w.a.n.g Zhuo was dead, w.a.n.g Zhen didn't like him, and he had said that w.a.n.g Zhuo's father, w.a.n.g Xiao, wouldn't accept his son's death.

But w.a.n.g Xiao and w.a.n.g Zhen couldn't do anything against Lin Feng in Uptala. After all, he had been invited by Minister Uptala to come there, and he had also relied on his own self to obtain privileges. If something happened to him in the city, then, it could have serious consequences.

They couldn't do anything against Lin Feng in the city.


Some time pa.s.sed. Lin Feng went to an ice mountain in the Uptala world. He looked around as life and death lights glittered while he controlled the air around him. It was an incredible display.

At that moment, a silhouette came up next to Lin Feng and looked at Lin Feng strangely, "This young man controls life and death strength, no wonder that the Minister thinks highly of him. He's very talented."

Lin Feng opened his eyes and smiled. "Master s.h.i.+chuan, is the Challenge of the Celestial Country going to start?"

"Indeed. Let's go," nodded s.h.i.+chuan. Lin Feng stood up and rose up into the air, following s.h.i.+chuan. After a short time, they landed on another mountain range. There were many other strong cultivators present, and they all looked extraordinary.

The Challenge of the Celestial Country was extremely difficult. As Minister Uptala had said, heroes partic.i.p.ated in the Challenge of the Celestial Country. Ordinary people couldn't go there, they'd die within a few seconds if they did. Even some people from rich and powerful clans didn't dare go there.

Minister Uptala looked over the crowd and asked, "Is everyone ready?"

"Minister, don't worry. We are a big team, in case of danger, we'll help one another!" spoke up someone.

Minister Uptala smiled and said, "Please be careful. Don't be obsessed with success. You are all heroic army members. I hope you'll come back safe and sound. Even if you don't progress a lot, it doesn't matter. Just come back!"

"We understand!" replied everybody, bowing before Minister Uptala.

Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng and said, "Lin Feng, you are very weak. You have to be extremely careful. During the Challenge of the Celestial Country, there were will be many extremely strong cultivators, some of them are abnormally powerful!"

Lin Feng nodded, "Minister, I know about that."

"Since it's that way, I'm not saying anything else. I'll wait for you to come back like heroes!" said Minister Uptala. Everybody looked solemn and respectful. They would very possibly die during the Challenge of the Celestial Country.

"Let's go!" said s.h.i.+chuan, waving his hand. Everybody followed him to another location. Very quickly, they arrived in Minister Uptala's headquarters and left. Lin Feng realized that people from everywhere in the city seemed agitated. There was no restriction to partic.i.p.ate to the Challenge of the Celestial Country, all emperors could partic.i.p.ate. Members of all the armies could, as well. All the Ministers sent people to the Challenge of the Celestial Country.

The entrance to the Celestial Country was in Challenge Mountain. It was where the ten cities of h.e.l.l had a common border. s.h.i.+chuan led the way.

It took them a month of travel to get there. Lin Feng was amazed at the size of Great Imperial Song City's territory again. s.h.i.+chuan was a great emperor, and could travel really fast, but it still took them a month!

Outside of Challenge Mountain, there was a seemingly endless number of strong cultivators, from all ten cities of h.e.l.l. Some of them were soldiers, some of them were individuals, some of them belonged to powerful groups in h.e.l.l, but in any case, they were all emperors. There were many medium-level h.e.l.l emperors and high-level h.e.l.l emperors, there were only a few low-level h.e.l.l emperors.

These people seem so strong!, thought Lin Feng, gazing over everyone. These people were terrifying, and all of them were emperors. It was hard to imagine!

"After arriving in the Celestial Country, many strong cultivators will be waiting for you there. Those people don't want to leave the Celestial Country. They are all terrifyingly strong. They want to stay there to continue becoming stronger," s.h.i.+chuan said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded his understanding.

PMG Chapter 1877

Chapter 1877: Danger All Around

"When will the pa.s.sage open?" asked Lin Feng, looking around. It was very cloudy here.

"Today. The pa.s.sage opens every year once for three days. During those three days, you can enter or leave. I suggest you go in on the last day," s.h.i.+chuan advised Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn't understand, but then s.h.i.+chuan continued, "During the first two days, some people who entered last year will stay there to hunt more people."

Lin Feng understood. On the last day, those hunters would definitely leave the world.

"Greed is the most dangerous thing during the Challenge of the Celestial Country, because many people want to obtain as many treasures as they can. Other people are precious treasures for you. You hunt people to hunt treasures. Those people are real heroes, and their rings contain priceless treasures. Remember what the Minister said, don't be too greedy. Stay safe!" s.h.i.+chuan told them all.

At that moment, the cloud became dazzling and golden. The golden clouds illuminated everything. Someone came out of the golden clouds and flew away into the distance.

How fast, he didn't stay here, even for a second!, thought Lin Feng. Then, someone else came out, and then a third person… and people came out one after another. n.o.body stuck around. Those people all had a common point, they didn't stay there at all, and left immediately.

Those people were chased by others…, considered Lin Feng. So many strong cultivators were coming out of the Celestial Country. Even if they were extremely strong, they didn't want to take risks. In h.e.l.l, it was different, as they couldn't fight as they wished. If they did, they would have to bear the consequences of their actions. They might not know other people's social status, so if they offended a powerful group, their friends might help!

"Someone is going in!" The watchers were startled. Someone had penetrated into the golden clouds and gone into the Celestial Country.

But very few people entered immediately, only one or two once in a while. However, people kept coming out unceasingly, and the golden lights didn't disappear.

That lasted for three days, then s.h.i.+chuan looked at Lin Feng and the others, "It's the last day. You can go in. When you cross the pa.s.sage, you will end up in different places. Remember to stay safe!"

"Don't worry, Master. We know what to do!" everybody nodded. Then, they rose up into the air and dove into the clouds. Lin Feng followed along. While rising up into the air, he looked down at the ground once and took a deep breath.

When Lin Feng crossed the clouds, he saw a golden empty s.p.a.ce door of empty s.p.a.ce. It trembled in front of him, and then Lin Feng was teleported somewhere else. He disappeared from there, and was suddenly falling from the skies.


"Die!" shouted someone icily. Lin Feng sensed death Qi all around him.

"Life!" said Lin Feng. Life and death energies rotated around him. His life energy became much more powerful.

However, Lin Feng was startled and had cold sweats. If he hadn't understood life and death as a dual energy, he would have lost half of his life. His eyes were glittering as he saw a skinny old man. That person was grey-skinned, and looked half-dead.

The only restriction to partic.i.p.ate to the Challenge of the Celestial Country was cultivation level, there was no age restriction. That old man was a high-level h.e.l.l emperor. He was waiting idly for opportunities. When he saw new people come out, he naturally tried his luck. During these three days, more and more people had come to the Celestial Country.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a low-level h.e.l.l emperor, so the old man didn't want to let him off.

The old man moved like the wind, and a powerful black wind of death started blowing. The skinny old man's eyes looked like black holes. Lin Feng released wind cosmic energies but he was still slower than the old man.

Dazzling lights appeared. Lin Feng took out an imperial weapon, a sword, he wanted to see if he could use Great Imperial Weapons in there.

A destructive strength descended from the sky and crashed onto the sword, turning it to ashes. Lin Feng raised his head. What kind of strength was that? Was it forbidden to use weapons in this world, and therefore a mysterious strength had descended from the sky and destroyed his sword?

Had this world been created by a strong cultivator, too?

"Stay here forever!" said the skinny old man icily. Death Qi dashed to the skies and moved towards Lin Feng, turning into a hand of death.

His opponent's death energy was corroded by his own life energy. It all turned into life energy. At the same time, Lin Feng released sword energies. The death hand crackled as it broke apart.

"A low-level h.e.l.l emperor can be so strong?" The skinny old man looked stupefied. Lin Feng could make death Qi turn into life Qi. How strange, he was very powerful! However, the old man was determined, he wanted to defeat Lin Feng. Maybe he had incredible treasures!

"Where are you going, little boy?" said the skinny old man provocatively. The earth and the sky around Lin Feng were filled with death energies. If Lin Feng hadn't been strong enough, he would have been killed outright by those energies.

Lin Feng's eyes glittered. In the Celestial Country, he couldn't use Imperial weapons and Great Imperial Weapons. He could only rely on his own strength!

"Eh?" At that moment, Lin Feng arrived in front of a mountain, and at the top of the mountain, there was a middle-aged man. His Qi was powerful and sharp as he stood there calmly. Lin Feng felt a new pressure.

No wonder Minister Uptala had told him to wait before coming to this place. It was extremely dangerous here! There were so many strong cultivators here, and the people staying here used it to hunt newcomers!

However, Lin Feng continued flying. The middle-aged man noticed that Lin Feng was looking at him, but he still looked unmoved.

Powerful wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng landed on the mountain not far from the middle-aged man and suddenly penetrated into an empty s.p.a.ce. At the same time, the middle-aged man also moved, turning into a powerful sword. It was as if there was no strength in the air around anymore. Even the old man's death Qi broke apart. The powerful sword's target wasn't Lin Feng, it was the skinny old man!

The skinny old man was a high-level h.e.l.l emperor, Lin Feng was a low-level h.e.l.l emperor!

The skinny old man's expression changed drastically. He released as much death Qi as he could, and it turned into a death Qi vortex. If the attacker got closer, he'd die!

The middle-aged man turned into a sword and penetrated straight into the vortex, which started bubbling. The old man stared at it. The swordsman had dared go straight in, was he going to die?

However, at that moment, a powerful sword Qi cut apart everything, The sword came out of the vortex, the atmosphere froze for a moment before the vortex exploded.

The skinny old man's body was sliced into two! The middle-aged man's sword attack was extremely swift. A few rings fell from the sky, and the swordsman immediately grabbed them. Then, he looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng hadn't left, he had just watched. People there were extremely powerful!

PMG Chapter 1878

Chapter 1878: Long and Difficult Battle

At that moment, the swordsman was still surrounded by death Qi. He had still suffered a little from the skinny old man's death Qi vortex. The swordsman's body was being corroded by death Qi. Even though he looked unaffected, he was still trying to expel the death Qi from his body with cosmic energies.

"If you give me all your precious items willingly, I won't kill you!" declared the swordsman, looking at Lin Feng calmly. He had ambushed the skinny old man for a simple reason: he could kill Lin Feng easily, but not the old man!

Lin Feng shook his head. The swordsman's eyes glittered and he said, "You think I can't kill you?"

"Your sword attacks are so fast, of course you can defeat me easily." said Lin Feng indifferently. He had no doubt that that guy could kill him easily. He had seen his sword attacks. His speed cosmic energies were terrifying. When speed abstruse energies turned into cosmic energies, they were fearsome. This guy's speed cosmic energies were terrifying.

"Since you understand, that's good!" said the swordsman calmly, "You shouldn't have come here. Even if I don't steal your treasures, other people will. You should find a place to hide."

"Thank you very much for your help," said Lin Feng, throwing a ring at the swordsman before leaving quickly. The swordsman put his G.o.dly awareness inside the ring and turned furious.

He transformed into a sword and chased after Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn't escape, the swordsman was too fast and he was much faster than the skinny old man.

Lin Feng opened his third eye. Destructive strength descended from the sky. Suddenly, Lin Feng turned around and opened his b.e.s.t.i.a.l consciousness, releasing black water and desolate Qi. Lin Feng then disappeared into that black lake.

His enemy released sword energies, which streaked across the sky. He opened the black lake, and continued charging towards Lin Feng.

"Lacerate!" Dazzling sword lights turned into two light beams, and Lin Feng's body was suddenly cut in two. Both sides fell down from the sky. The swordsman watched Lin Feng icily. That was a strange Qi…

"Earth!" Earth strength descended from the sky and crashed down onto him. Lin Feng reappeared. The swordsman was startled, the Lin Feng he had cut apart was a clone, a fake…

Lin Feng suddenly took out a destructive black lotus.

The swordsman reacted instantly. Another sword appeared and streaked across the sky.

Destructive strength filled and made the lotus explode. Fireb.a.l.l.s blew in all directions. A powerful strength moved towards the swordsman and crashed onto his transformed sword-arm, and it started burning. The fire was very corrosive, and the swordsman's expression changed drastically. Finally, he couldn't remain calm anymore. Suddenly, he cut his right arm off with his left arm.

"Die!" said the swordsman. Sword energies whistled out and raced towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng could die at anytime!

Lin Feng was prepared, he had already released DevMara Kalpa strength. When it collided with the sword strength, the sky exploded. Lin Feng moved back and watched the swordsman icily. He was a high-level h.e.l.l emperor, and was extremely strong. He could carry out explosive attacks with the power of his mind. A moment before, Lin Feng had hidden in the small world of his spirit and had released a clone outside. That was how he had tricked the swordsman.

Without using the power of his spirit, Lin Feng wouldn't be able to defeat that man. But Lin Feng couldn't use the power of his spirit in such conditions, it was too dangerous. He was surrounded by danger. He couldn't be sure that n.o.body was watching them here.

Therefore, Lin Feng flew away. Lin Feng had destroyed one of his arms. Even though the man could recover, it was still humiliating.

"Die!" The swordsman turned into a sword again and continued chasing after Lin Feng. Dazzling sword lights filled the air. Lin Feng was surrounded by sword energies!

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. This guy was terrifying, and the sword lights were extremely sharp!

Lin Feng suddenly stopped and rose up into the air. Life and death energies started twinkling. Lin Feng also released DevMara Kalpa strength.

"Destroy!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He didn't only use his Nine Kalpa Swords, millions of swords were whistling. Lin Feng suddenly turned around, his eyes became extremely sharp.

When the swordsman saw that Lin Feng had stopped, he opened his third eye and dazzling lights emerged from it. He wanted to destroy Lin Feng's sword attacks, but it wasn't that easy. He couldn't afford to underestimate Lin Feng anyway. If Lin Feng had been at the same cultivation level as him, he would have killed the swordsman easily with such an attack.

When Lin Feng stopped, he released endless amounts of death and life energies. The swordsman was shocked to see this, and stopped cold to stare at Lin Feng.

A will-destroying sword attack and Demon Kalpa strength descended from the sky. This was the strength of a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor, and two life and death deployment spells appeared as well.

"Medium-level h.e.l.l emperor!" The swordsman was startled. He had to kill Lin Feng now…

"Life and death deployment spell! Even without going inside, I can still kill you!" swore the swordsman. He raised his left arm, he condensing sword intent. It seemed that this intent didn't even contain cosmic strength, like it was a pure sword. However, that was one of his powers: when he made cosmic energies fuse together with his sword attack, his opponents couldn't sense them.

"Die!" shouted the man furiously, and then endless amounts of sword energies shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was in the middle of his life and death deployment spell, and there were sword energies everywhere.

At the same time, Lin Feng moved and the atmosphere trembled.

"If you could kill me with your sword energies, why would I make a deployment spell?" Lin Feng asked icily. He continued rising up in the air, and his life and death deployment spell flashed. Lin Feng did hand seals in the air, destructive strength invaded the s.p.a.ce around him. The swords collided with the destructive strength spectacularly. There were destructive energies everywhere!

Lin Feng's deployment spells were excellent, he had a great deal of experience at using them now. He had also studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, so he understood evolution strength really well. He could imitate various deployment spells easily!

At this moment, Lin Feng was standing in the deployment spell and was surrounded by destructive strength. He looked quite calm as he faced the swordsman and asked, "Can you kill me now?"

The swordsman pulled a long face. In the distance, people were looking at them coldly. Their battle had attracted many people's attention. It was getting dangerous, they could both turn into prey for others.

"Can you kill me with a life and death deployment spell?" replied the swordsman after remaining silent for a few seconds. Then, he entered the deployment spell!

When he entered the deployment spell, he turned into a sharp sword. He wanted to destroy the deployment spell!

"I control life and death in my deployment spell, your attacks are useless in here," said Lin Feng, taking a step. Dazzling lights filled the air as he released life and death strength. Everything became darkness, the arrival of Judgement Day. The swordsman was surrounded by infinite darkness, and being a.s.saulted constantly. His sword energies started fading!

The swordsman suddenly released even more dazzling sword lights to resist the death strength. He then rose up again, if he stayed in there for too long, he could die-!

"Die!" Lin Feng shouted furiously. More death strength descended from the sky. The swordsman's face turned grey, the death Qi corroded his body. He couldn't resist anymore!

"Stay here!" shouted Lin Feng. He waved his hands, an earth cage appeared and stopped the swordsman. More death Qi penetrated into his body, and he slowly closed his eyes. That death Qi didn't look deadly, but could still kill!

PMG Chapter 1879

Chapter 1879: Jalacandra Fairyland

At that moment, many people were watching Lin Feng, and saw him kill the swordsman. They were stupefied. The swordsman wasn't extremely strong, but he was still a high-level h.e.l.l emperor, and Lin Feng had killed him!

Lin Feng seemed to have the strength of a low-level h.e.l.l emperor. However, his real level seemed to be that of a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor! However, his life and death deployment spell was terrifying, and could easily kill people. His death strength was terrifying. It didn't look powerful, but it was extremely deadly.

Lin Feng picked up the loot from the swordsman's body, and n.o.body attacked him. He was dangerous. They had to be careful, or else they could easily die.

After picking up the loot, Lin Feng looked at everyone around watching him. He knew that their battle had attracted many people. However, the watchers still left. Lin Feng was very self-confident, n.o.body wanted to take such risks. He didn't seem to be afraid of them.

Everybody was like that. Lin Feng was warning them off by being self-confident.

After that, Lin Feng descended from the sky. He didn't want to draw too many people's attention.

After that, Lin Feng found a mountain range. He went to the highest peak and glanced around.

"There!" Lin Feng glanced around, then he stopped and started carving deployment marks at the top of the mountain. Life and death deployment lights appeared indistinctly. After a short time, his deployment spell was dazzling. However, Lin Feng waved his hands and the death strength disappeared, only life strength was left.

After that, Lin Feng didn't stop carving deployment spells. Very quickly, more marks appeared everywhere, including illusion marks.

Finally, when Lin Feng finished, an illusion energy surrounded the mountain range. It was filled with life and vitality.

Lin Feng stopped after casting two illusion spells. He sat down cross-legged and another Lin Feng appeared. It was an ordinary clone. He stood up and looked around, protected by the illusion spell. Lin Feng could practice cultivation with his real body and his clone could pay attention.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and a chessboard appeared in his mind: the Celestial Evolution Chessboard! Lin Feng stood on it.

At that moment, he carved two deployment spells on the chessboard, a life and death mark as well as an illusion mark. More marks appeared everywhere.

Deployment spells exist thanks to evolution energy. You use your mind to cast deployment spells. I already know a few of the three thousand great deployment spells. I can make them evolve, too! I also need less time to cast them, and they are even more powerful!, thought Lin Feng. He had managed to kill the swordsman with a life and death deployment spell, but he still needed some time and effort. He wouldn't be able to kill extremely powerful cultivators that way.

He used the strength of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, a light beam appeared and began to evolve slowly. Lin Feng focused. With his clone outside, he felt safe enough to focus on his task.


A few hours later, someone arrived near Lin Feng and looked at the two clones.

"What a powerful life strength!" said that person. He looked at Lin Feng's clone and said, "Your Excellency, your life Qi is incredible. You're not really a low-level h.e.l.l emperor, are you?"

"Don't come closer. Stay a thousand steps away," replied Lin Feng calmly. He looked at that person with his pitch-black eyes emotionlessly.

That person stopped his advance and smiled, "Your Excellency, don't misunderstand me. I mean you no harm. The Challenge of the Celestial Country is extremely difficult. We could travel together and help one another."

Then, he continued coming closer.

"I'm practicing cultivation, I don't want to travel. If you really don't harbor evil intentions, then come back in a hundred days," said Lin Feng, "Your Excellency, if you take one more step in my direction, I will consider you as an enemy."

"Having one more friend is better than having one more enemy, isn't it?" said that person. He continued walking forwards. Lin Feng waved his hands and suddenly the atmosphere changed and became dark. Lin Feng's clone and body disappeared. At the same time, death Qi started corroding the man's body.

The man's face turned grey. He rose up into the air, but he was now stuck in the illusion. When he died, he was still staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't even open his eyes with his real body. His clone picked up the enemy's ring. He left the corpse and the life energy came back. People preferred life energy. It made them feel confident. By leaving the corpse there, he was warning people.


Time pa.s.sed slowly. A few corpses had built up, stirred by the blowing wind. The marks at the top of the mountain also started changing, Lin Feng wanted to try what he had worked out mentally. He made the life and death deployment spell fuse together with the illusion one, and they turned into a single gigantic deployment spell. That way, he wouldn't need to carve two deployment spells anymore, he'd just cast one!

Two months later, his deployment spell had become even larger, it had turned into a gigantic dazzling pattern. There was life energy everywhere, and trees had started growing, showing leaves and everything.

Lin Feng continued studying, not leaving until the day when his demon Kalpa strength had become powerful enough. He opened his eyes, now filled with sharp demon Kalpa strength.

Even now that I'm a medium-level emperor, I still need to be cleansed by Kalpa strength 81 times, but it still hasn't happened, thought Lin Fen, lifting his head to look at the unresponsive sky. He rose and walked over to his clone, who gave him all the precious items from the dead, and then they both fused together again.

Lin Feng continued walking to the edge of the mountain, he glanced around and saw someone in white clothes standing on a stone. Their robe was fluttering in the wind like their black hair.

The man sensed someone and turned around, noticed Lin Feng, and smiled, "Your Excellency, I'm from Jalacandra Fairyland, I noticed that your deployment spells were amazing. I've been waiting here for a long time. Would you like to come to Jalacandra Fairyland?"

That person had come by a few times, Lin Feng's clone had seen him several times. Lin Feng didn't need to offend him.

"Jalacandra Fairyland, where is that?" asked Lin Feng.

"Jalacandra Fairyland is a group in the Celestial Country. From generation to generation, old people leave and new people join. New people constantly receive the Jalacandra Fairyland's intent," said the person in white clothes with a smile.

Lin Feng smiled back and asked, "What is Jalacandra Fairyland's purpose?"

"Progressing together!" replied the person simply. "The Celestial Country is a dangerous place, people come here to hunt treasures, but there are many strong cultivators. Many people end up creating groups, it's unavoidable. Some other people who are incredibly strong can also fight on their own and kill anyone. But many people still end up in groups. Jalacandra Fairyland is about intent and there can't be internal fights. Those who violate the rules are killed by everyone else."

"Temporary group!" Lin Feng was intrigued. "My cultivation level is low, why choose me?"

"Jalacandra Fairyland's vision is on the long term. We don't care about people's cultivation level, we care about talent. Many people who join Jalacandra Fairyland decide to stay in the Celestial Country. Those who are weak at the beginning always become strong. You're really talented and you stand out, your deployment spells are terrifying!" said the person in white clothes amiably. "I've come here several times, waiting for you to wake up. I mean you no harm. If you refuse, then I'll just leave. I don't want to disturb you. I hope you'll accept, though!"

"I'll come with you!" smiled Lin Feng. If the Jalacandra Fairyland had truly existed in the Celestial Country for many years, they had to be strong, and those people had to understand the country quite well. It was worth trying!

PMG Chapter 1880

Chapter 1880: Peerless Fighting Ability

The mountain range which Lin Feng had chosen was gigantic. He had chosen the highest mountain because he could see the furthest from it.

At that moment, the person in white clothes had led him above a precipice. There was a valley below, and Lin Feng also noticed a waterfall. Lin Feng and that man crossed the waterfall and appeared somewhere else. There was moss, it was humid, it smelled fresh, and the stones were s.h.i.+ny.

"What a strange place! It really looks like a fairyland!" observed Lin Feng.

The person in white clothes smiled, "That place was the entrance to my world. It's a remote place. Few people come here. That way, nothing can happen to Jalacandra Fairyland."

"Jalacandra Fairyland has become a kind of sect, how come they are worried about safety?"

"The Celestial Country is a dangerous place, wait until you see the battlefield, you will understand that our lives are insignificant. Even if you're initially from a powerful family, n.o.body cares," said the man in white clothes. Lin Feng remained silent. He didn't know much about the Celestial Country, obviously. But this person said the same things as Minister Uptala. Besides, apart from people from h.e.l.l, people from other worlds were also here!

In Jalacandra Fairyland, there were many waterfalls. A short time later, Lin Feng saw someone.

"Bai Ling, who's that?" asked the new person.

"His name is Lin Feng. I found him at the top of a mountain. He's very talented. His deployment spells are terrifying. I'm hoping he can become a member of Jalacandra Fairyland!" explained Bai Ling.

"Alright!" that person nodded. Then, he looked to a beautiful woman standing next to him. She looked tall and precious. She was wearing a simple transparent white dress, one could see her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

"I'm the current leader of Jalacandra Fairyland, Zhi Rou! Lin Feng, would you like to join Jalacandra Fairyland?" asked the woman to Lin Feng.

"Are there restrictions? Am I free? Can I leave anytime?" asked Lin Feng.

"No restriction. Just one thing: if you leave in times of danger, then you'll be considered a traitor!" replied Zhi Rou. People who let their friends down were traitors, of course!

"I agree!" Lin Feng nodded.

"Since you agree, remember that we all join hands to kill traitors!" Zhi Rou told him solemnly. As a leader, she had to be like that.

"You came at the perfect time. People from h.e.l.l have already started dispersing everywhere in the Celestial Country. We are getting ready to go. We have more than forty people here. We want to divide into three, each group can have a little bit more than ten people. That's enough for us to support one another. We will also keep in touch using Jalacandra signals. We must help one another in case of danger. If someone doesn't help, we kill them!" said Zhi Rou. Everybody nodded agreement with her.

Lin Feng looked at Bai Ling and said, "How many people are there in Jalacandra Fairyland?"

"I'm not sure. It has existed for so many years, and it changes from generation to generation. There are many people I've never seen. However, the Celestial Country is becoming bigger and bigger, so there are also more and more people!" replied Bai Ling.

"Lin Feng, your Jalacandra Imprint!" said Zhi Rou, handing an imprint to Lin Feng. "Alright, get ready to leave, everyone! When the Challenge of the Celestial Country is over, we come back here!" shouted Zhi Rou. Everybody gathered up.

Bai Ling looked at Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, come with me."

"Alright!" said Lin Feng. He had no problem with that. Very quickly, the three groups left. They all had a leader. In Lin Feng's group, Bai Ling was the leader. They were sixteen people in his group: four medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, and twelve high-level h.e.l.l emperors. Indeed, high-level h.e.l.l emperors were numerous!

Bai Ling and the others left Jalacandra Fairyland and landed in the mountain range. Bai Ling looked at the others and said, "Since our purpose is to help one another at all times, I need to tell you some things. First how we share the loot each time, everyone can choose: you can share according to how much people have contributed, or you can share equally."

"First one," said someone.

"We're a team, second one."

"Second one."

Everybody expressed their opinion. Lin Feng said, "We'll see how lucky we are. If we obtain several rings, each person can choose a ring. In any case it will be difficult to share equally. If we find a really precious treasure, the first one to get it can keep it. And n.o.body can fight over precious treasures."

"What if we all contribute to steal a treasure from an enemy?" said Bai Ling.

"Do you think that's unavoidable?" asked Lin Feng. Bai Ling was surprised. If they found a really precious treasure, everybody would want to get it. And even if Lin Feng said n.o.body was going to argue over treasures, it was rarely the case.

Everybody agreed with Lin Feng though, and they continued. They saw many battles along the way. However, when people saw Lin Feng and his group, they always ran away. They looked really strong, and n.o.body wanted to fight against groups.

"Where are we going?" Lin Feng asked Bai Ling. He didn't recognize anything here.

"We're going to the real battlefield, of course, where the battles are the best." replied Bai Ling.

"There are beasts ahead!" someone exclaimed. There was a vast forest ahead, and an ancient tree had appeared in their field of vision. Lin Feng and the others noticed some sharp dazzling eyes within it.

A powerful Qi rose to the skies, and a strong wind started blowing. Gigantic beasts appeared in front of Lin Feng and the others, all winged with sharp claws.

"Stupid animals, that's a great roc clan! Be careful, they're extremely fast!" said Bai Ling. These great rocs spanned hundreds of meters.

Surprisingly, there are animal clans in the Celestial Country!, thought Lin Feng. The great rocs had surrounded them.

"Great rocs are extremely fast and they have an incredible physical strength. However, they can't use death Qi. Let's all release death Qi together!" said Bai Ling. A death Qi vortex appeared and death Qi moved towards the rocs.

"Die!" screeched a great roc. The rocs started flapping their wings, and threw themselves at the humans.

"Ice h.e.l.l!" shouted Bai Ling grimly. An ice-cold Qi filled the air, and Bai Ling punched out. Ice-cold energies moved towards the great rocs. One of them started slas.h.i.+ng the ice with his sharp claws, but his claws started freezing.

"h.e.l.l!" shouted Bai Ling furiously. Ice-cold energies surrounded the great roc.

However, the great roc opened his wings, which were as sharp as blades. A gigantic wind blade appeared.

Bai Ling pulled a long face and shouted, "Be careful, great rocs are too fast. Lin Feng, come and cast a deployment spell, I'll protect you."

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded. Death and life marks appeared all around, glittering in the air.

At that moment, the ground started shaking from the sound of someone's footsteps. Lin Feng looked around and saw a young man with red hair in the distance. He looked extremely strong.

That person charged in and punched a great roc. It was a simple punch, but a ma.s.sive indent appeared, and the great roc shrieked in terror. His claws broke apart, and the roc was smashed away. Blood splashed everywhere, and the great roc exploded!

"How explosive! That strength…" Lin Feng was stupefied. His physical strength was exceptional, but this guy's physical strength was even scarier!

An incredible fighter from the Celestial Country with a peerless fighting ability. He's never lost. He just keeps killing. Lin Feng remembered what Bai Ling had told him. This person was even more powerful than that swordsman with his sword energies!

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