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PMG Chapter 1881

Chapter 1881: Aoxu

The great rocs flapped their wings furiously, a daunting sight. Their eyes were bloodshot as they stared at the red-haired young man.

The members of Jalacandra Fairyland also paid attention to that young man. He was heroic and incredibly strong. He could easily crush great rocs.

The young man's red hair fluttered in the wind as he glanced at the great rocs coldly and shouted, "There's no Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc!?"

"Aoxu!" A great roc turned into a human being with golden hair. He stared at the redheaded man and said, "If the king of my clan was here, you wouldn't be that arrogant!"

"You dare call your leader a king? Ridiculous!" retorted Aoxu disdainfully. The air shook as threw himself at a great roc near him fearlessly. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rolled out as the roc's wings turned into sharp blades and he threw himself at the human.

"Argh…!" A gigantic b.l.o.o.d.y hand appeared and surrounded the great roc.

The hand crushed the roc's wings. Thunder built up in rumbles, and the great roc's body exploded in a rain of blood.

"Someone from the Dragon Clan!" Bai Ling looked at the man, amazed and wary. Lin Feng was astonished, too. The Dragon Clan? That was a legendary clan! Surprisingly, he was on a battlefield in the Celestial Country!

"Let's go!" shrieked another great roc furiously. He opened his wings and flew away as quickly as possible. All the other great rocs followed him, rapidly disappearing into the mountains. The arrogant man looked after them coldly. Around him, many bloodthirsty dragons appeared, roaring furiously.

Thunder swept out, and the forest below them was flattened. All the trees disappeared. "If you find the Great Oriental Greenfinch Rocs, tell them to come and find Aoxu!"

This guy is a terrifying fighter!, thought Lin Feng. He could kill great rocs easily! If he had continued killing them, they would have just died, so he had just humiliated them hoping the Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc would show up. He was provoking the king of the great rocs!

The great rocs had all left. Aoxu eyed Lin Feng and the others and said, "Death Qi, you're all from h.e.l.l."

He looked at Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling. Dragon Claws suddenly appeared and shot at Lin Feng.

"Stop!" shouted Bai Ling, coldly releasing ice-cold energies. Bai Ling punched out and an ice h.e.l.l cauldron appeared. It contained both ice and h.e.l.l Qi, and froze the dragon claws.

"Who dares attack me?" said Aoxu, his eyes all red and sounding furious. More dragon hands appeared again, this time there were nine of them and they all attacked the cauldron, shattering it instantly.

"Die!" the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland shouted furiously. Suddenly, death energy surrounded Aoxu and started corroding his life. At the same time, Bai Ling released more ice energies. A waterfall of ice energies appeared and turned into a frozen river.

People from the dragon clan are really aggressive. Aoxu is a high-level emperor. There are so many terrifying cultivators here. Only real geniuses can come here. For animal kings and monstrously strong human cultivators, it's a bit easier, Lin Feng thought as he punched out. A life and death chessboard appeared above Aoxu. Death Qi boiled as it surrounded Aoxu.

A dragon started chanting. Aoxu was surrounded by red lights as the death Qi penetrated into his body. At the same time, he released terrifying and aggressive destructive energies.

"Death h.e.l.l Attack!" shouted Bai Ling coldly. Death Qi turned into icicles. The others attacked one after another, all sorts of strength filling the air. However, Aoxu was really strong. He released blood strength and physical strength, filling the sky with his energies. Apart from death strength, other kinds of strength didn't seem very effective against him.

"Everybody use death strength!" Lin Feng hurled out his power. Death and life energies kept glittering together.

"Death cosmic energy, condense!" Bai Ling and the others all released death cosmic energies. The life cosmic energies disappeared, and the air was filled with death Qi as it turned into a pattern. Lin Feng waved his hands and released death Qi unceasingly.

When Aoxu sensed the gathering death strength, he straightened up, his eyes bloodshot.

"Argh, argh…!" the dragons roared. Aoxu was standing there and started attacking. His punches turned into dragons and shot towards the death pattern. After reaching the pattern, the dragons exploded, shaking the pattern violently. Nine dragon's voices suddenly roared, and as the pattern finally exploded and the death Qi dispersed, Aoxu was caught in the eruption!

However, Aoxu didn't continue attacking Lin Feng. He stared at Lin Feng and said, "A life and death deployment spell, not bad! You even managed to take my dragon punches, you can be proud of yourself. Why is there demon dragon blood in you?"

Lin Feng was startled. No wonder that Aoxu had attacked him, he had sensed his dragon energy!

"I met a dragon before and he transmitted his blood to me," he replied to Aoxu.

Aoxu raised his head and roared. The earth and the sky shook violently. The crowd sensed the ground shake. Lin Feng's blood started boiling as dragons roared. Lin Feng also opened his mouth and dragon Qi mixed with demon Qi dashed to the skies.

The Qi turned into a body, and after a short time, a black dragon appeared around Lin Feng's body. Its scales were pitch-black and as sharp as blades, it looked ferocious. It glared at Aoxu angrily.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you always keep him in your body?" demanded Aoxu, angrily staring at Lin Feng.

"His ancestor's blood wasn't powerful. I let him grow inside of my body to make him become stronger. It's a good thing for him!" replied Lin Feng easily. Aoxu kept staring at the dragon behind Lin Feng.. The Dragon Clan had few dragons colored black. They all had an explosive strength.

In the Dragon Clan, there were three sorts of dragons: golden dragons with five claws, blood dragons like him who were bloodthirsty, and demon dragons.

Those three dragon types all had an explosive strength and were extremely powerful.

"So you intend to keep him in your body forever?" asked Aoxu. Lin Feng smiled and said, "If you want to take him back to the Dragon Clan, I don't mind."

"You don't mind letting him go?" he asked Aoxu, startled to hear that. Demon dragons were extremely powerful. That dragon had grown inside Lin Feng's blood, Lin Feng was almost like his mother. He could even help Lin Feng fight!

"He could get a great education in the Dragon Clan, that would be good for him!" Lin Feng smiled.

Aoxu remained silent for a few seconds, and then said, "Nah, my clan is for blood dragons, it wouldn't be good for a demon dragon. If I took him back the members of my clan might attack him. Of course, the five-clawed golden dragons would accept him."

"I see, then forget about it." The demon dragon didn't go back into Lin Feng's body. He turned into a human being with black eyes and an icy stare. His skin looked like a pitch-black armor. The members of Jalacandra Fairyland were startled to learn Lin Feng had a dragon inside his body.

They also noticed Aoxu didn't look as angry as before.

PMG Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882: Milky Way Battlefield

The dark dragon had grown up inside Lin Feng's body, and so had a very different childhood than other dragons. Therefore, even though he wasn't old, he could already turn into a human being. He didn't understand the outside world, though. He stayed next to Lin Feng and glared at Aoxu angrily. He could sense that Aoxu was very strong.

"You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. We are both dragons!" Aoxu said to the demon dragon angrily.

"He's just a baby. Why are you angry at him?" Lin Feng smiled wryly. Then, he looked at the demon dragon and told him, "Since the family name of people from the Dragon Clan is Ao, then I'll call you Aomo."

"Aomo!" repeated the dragon with a nod. He had a name now!

"You're lucky, little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You surprisingly have a demon dragon!" said Aoxu, looking at Aomo with a smile.

Lin Feng was speechless and said, "You like calling everyone b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't you? My name is Lin Feng."

"Alright, Lin Feng," agreed Aoxu. He glanced at the others and said, "Come, let's go to the Milky Way battlefield."

"Milky Way battlefield?" Bai Ling frowned in surprise. That was a scary place!

"What, you don't dare?" asked Aoxu to Bai Ling, "You're not weak. If we join hands, n.o.body can stop us. The Milky Way battlefield is a great place to practice. That's where really strong cultivators go. You've probably never seen really strong cultivators! Haha!" Aoxu laughed.

Bai Ling looked at the others and said, "You have no objections, right? Let's go to the Milky Way battlefield."

Lin Feng looked surprised and asked, "What is the Milky Way battlefield?"

"It's the most chaotic battlefield of the Celestial Country. People there are absolutely terrifying. There are army members from many different worlds. You'll see some people from h.e.l.l who can kill others in one strike," said Bai Ling, smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded eagerly. "I see. Let's go and see!"

The others nodded. They were all excited, and couldn't wait to see the Milky Way battlefield.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you," Aoxu shouted to them. A moment before they were enemies, and now he said he was going to protect them. The members of Jalacandra Fairyland smiled wryly. Even though Jalacandra Fairyland was a powerful group, the Milky Way battlefield was a terrifying place with terrifying cultivators. There were many people there as strong as Aoxu. Many people there were as close to becoming a great emperor as possible. Many people also died there!


They arrived near the chaotic area. Some silhouettes flickered past them, but n.o.body attacked them.

After a short time, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying Qi. He raised his head and saw a constellation ahead. It was incredible sight that made him quiver.

The Milky Way, what a strange Qi!, thought Lin Feng. He didn't know what the Milky Way actually was.

"That's the Milky Way battlefield. Look at the Milky Way, you can't get close to it, otherwise you will die. That's why the battles happen within a radius of ten kilometers of it. Look at the crowd. They are all heroes. These people are stronger than most people in your world," said Aoxu. Lin Feng and the others glanced around. Indeed, many silhouettes were moving around and their Qi was incredible.

Qi was pulsing ahead of them, and many energies whistled around them. However, the Milky Way didn't move at all, it was just a mysterious Qi. Lin Feng gazed into the distance, and saw many broken bridges, with people fighting on them.

Finally, Lin Feng and the others arrived on a bridge and could clearly see everything. The area was gigantic. Under the bridges, there was water, and the boundless Yellow Springs of the underworld. Some people sometimes fell down into the yellow waters, already dead.

"Above, the heroic warriors search the Green Void, below the Yellow Springs. The Milky Way is the Green Void, the Yellow Springs are the underworld. Fighting here is extremely dangerous!" Bai Ling told them after glancing around. There were many bridges on which strong cultivators were fighting on.

"Some people are extremely strong!" said one of the members of Jalacandra Fairyland.

Aoxu said, "Even though they're strong, how many people can reach the Milky Way and get to the other side?"

"What's on the other side?" These people understood the Celestial Country quite well, but few people knew what it meant to go on the other side.

"Don't you know? On the other side, it's not h.e.l.l and it's not the Celestial Country. It's another battlefield. If you can go to the other side, it means that you've become incredibly strong. Besides, if you manage to cross the Milky Way, while crossing, you will be cleansed by the h.e.l.l World imprints. You will become much stronger!"

"Another world?" Bai Ling frowned. He had heard that there were people from other worlds in the Celestial Country. Surprisingly, there were also people who could reach the other side of the Milky Way.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. Another world? Was it the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

"Aoxu, where do you come from?" Bai Ling asked Aoxu.

Aoxu smiled, "The Dragon Clan has ways to come to the Celestial Country, of course."

"Where do those bridges lead?" Lin Feng pressed. "How many worlds are connected to this place?"

"Haha, there are billions of worlds, but there's only one real world. The h.e.l.l world is independent. Opposite the Milky Way, there's the Continent of the Nine Clouds!" Aoxu smiled. Lin Feng was delighted, sharp lights glittered. As expected, the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Was the Continent of the Nine Clouds the main world, then?

"Some people from Jalacandra Fairyland are there too," Bai Ling pointed at a group of people. Those strong cultivators were on bridges and wearing white clothes. Their group was bigger than Lin Feng's, a total of thirty-four people.

"That's a descendant of King Qinguang, Leader Qin Yu. He's extremely strong. No wonder he took people to the Milky Way battlefield!" said Bai Ling. Everybody was shocked. Qin Yu was very strong indeed, and very famous in Qinguang City. Few people could compete with him.

"Let's gather and walk around?" Lin Feng glanced at Bai Ling.

"Alright, let's go!" said Aoxu. Everybody followed. Very quickly, they landed on that broken bridge.

"Qin Yu!" said Bai Ling. All the members of Jalacandra Fairyland turned around and saw Bai Ling and his group. Bai Ling said to Qin Yu, "We're all from Jalacandra Fairyland, let's stay together."

"Since we're all from Jalacandra Fairyland, we should do that indeed. We have to help one another," Qin Yu nodded. The Milky Way battlefield was dangerous, the more people the better!

"If we find good things, you'll get things after us," Qin Yu told them. Everybody looked at Bai Ling. Even though they were all from Jalacandra Fairyland, there were so many people, they had to find some compromise.

"Those who find great things keep them for themselves!" declared Aoxu.

That person smiled at Aoxu and said, "That's the best solution."

Qin Yu looked at the crowd and said, "If you find an item, keep it for yourself then. But remember that we're all friends, there can't be internal conflicts. Otherwise, I'll get angry."

"Alright!" everyone agreed. They started walking along the bridge People were fighting all around them. Precious items kept falling from the sky. Lin Feng was astonished.

"What are those precious items falling from the Milky Way?" asked Lin Feng.

"There are techniques, Ancient scriptures, Imperial weapons, Great Imperial Weapons, Marks of the Path, all sorts of items," Bai Ling answered him. Lin Feng was stupefied. Marks of the Path?!

PMG Chapter 1883

Lin Feng gazed into the distance. The bridges were floating in the air, and blood kept falling from the sky. It was an astonis.h.i.+ng sight.

"Is that meteor rain made of precious items?" Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He didn't understand.

"Haha, we're in the Celestial Country, it's a mysterious place. We can't know where there are items. Here is the most dangerous place, though, there are the scary battles here. Of course, that meteor rain isn't solely made up of precious items. There are real meteors too, and some meteors are empty!" said Aoxu.

Qin Yu nodded agreement with the dragon. "Even h.e.l.l great emperors go insane for Marks of the Path. After all, even great emperors want to raise their comprehension. Marks of the Path are more likely to appear here than anywhere else. The other places of the Celestial Country aren't as good."

"Let's stop talking and wasting time. Let's go further and see!" proclaimed Aoxu, leading the way ahead. The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland continued along. They were a larger force, and it was safer for them like that.

The broken bridges in the air were extremely strange. They appeared out of nowhere, then they were broken, and started again farther away. They also seemed indestructible, strong cultivators' attacks reached them, but they didn't break.

Many people noticed Lin Feng and his group. Some people sped up because they wanted to avoid them. Some others didn't mind and walked confidently near to them.

"Milky Way Rain!" Suddenly, a thick rain appeared. Lin Feng and the others sped up immediately, moving like lightning towards the rain!

Lin Feng stretched out his hands and touched the water, a gigantic drop of water appeared on his hand and vanished.

"Haha, you're lucky!" Aoxu laughed. After that drop of water dispersed, an ancient imprint appeared. It contained ancient Qi. Aoxu laughed loudly when he saw it.

The others all rolled their eyes, at how loud he was. The others also obtained treasures and smiled happily.

A gigantic hand suddenly moved towards Aoxu.

That person sure is unlucky!, thought other people who knew Aoxu. Aoxu looked at the hand coldly, before claws appeared and destroyed the hand. At the same time, Aoxu flashed away and threw himself at the man attacking him furiously. A red dragon's claw moved towards the attacker. Dragon roars filled the air. That person's face turned deathly pale in shock, "Dragon Clan!"

He retreated exceedingly quickly. At the same time, two other people attacked Aoxu at the same time.

"Die!" shouted Qin Yu coldly. Aoxu had stayed with them, they couldn't let people bully him. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland all released death Qi at the same time and it surrounded those two people, who turned grey. So many people attacked at the same time, it was terrifying. The two people didn't have time to do anything. The death Qi crashed down on them and their bodies fell down into the Yellow Springs.

How terrifying!, thought Lin Feng. Almost all those people were high-level h.e.l.l emperors and all of them controlled death Qi, a terrifying kind of strength. There weren't only sixteen of them anymore, they were more of them, and they were very powerful.

After those two people died, two people grabbed the items from the corpses. They couldn't give them up.

Those who hadn't obtained treasures were annoyed, but those were the rules. They couldn't steal treasures from their friends. They couldn't violate the rules either, everybody respected them.

Aoxu also killed his first attacker, laughing and saying, "Not bad. That small army is useful!"

"You're from the Dragon Clan?" Qin Yu asked Aoxu. He was surprised after seeing Aoxu use dragon energies.

"Indeed! Let's keep going!" Aoxu smiled. Strong cultivators kept moving forwards or returning all about them.

"There's a powerful army there. They've killed many strong cultivators," said Bai Ling, pointing at a group of people fighting together. They were all wearing black Taoist robes made of feathers. The wind swirled about them. They looked imposing and awe-inspiring. People didn't dare get too close to them.

"That's the Black Shark Army. They are super stars on the Milky Way battlefield, very strong. They have hundreds of fighters!" said Qin Yu.

"The Milky Way battlefield is gigantic. There are many armies. The Black Shark Army is only one of them. There's nothing exceptional about them," sniffed Aoxu. Many people understood that fighting there alone was dangerous. Only a few people like Aoxu dared fight against entire armies on their own.

"The Milky Way battlefield is gigantic, if we could kill an entire army, that would be incredible!" said Lin Feng. Even with his strength, Aoxu couldn't kill an entire army on his own.

Suddenly, more meteorites fell from the sky. The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland rose up into the air again.

"Those who steal treasures from the rain of meteorites will die!" shouted someone arrogantly. The group of people from Jalacandra Fairyland suddenly stopped. They saw the people from the Black Shark Army rise up in the air and taking treasures.

"How arrogant!" said Aoxu coldly. A hundred people looked at Aoxu. His dragon blood started boiling.

"Look over there!" said someone at that moment. People turned their heads and saw a mountain descending from the Milky Way. It looked like a celestial mountain. Its Qi was incredible!

"That celestial mountain seems alive. Does it contain Marks of the Path?" People's eyes started s.h.i.+ning with greed.

"Take them all!" shouted the leader of the Black Shark Army. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland all released death Qi. Everybody was ready to fight.

"Celestial mountain!" In the distance, more and more people arrived and stared at the mountain. Suddenly, explosions and rumbling filled the air. The celestial mountain descended and crashed onto a bridge. A terrifying Qi surged out over them.

Marks of the Path, there might be Marks of the Path inside!, thought the crowd. Finally, someone flew towards the mountain.

"Die!" Millions of threads of Qi crashed onto that person and they died instantly. The whole crowd went silent. n.o.body dared move recklessly anymore. n.o.body went to take that person's treasures, either.

"If anyone touches the celestial mountain, they die! Let's fight first!" said the leader of the Black Shark Army coldly. Everybody looked solemn and respectful. Death strength surrounded the Black Shark Army. It was like the battle could start anytime.

"Die!" shouted someone furiously. They were already prepared. All the members of Jalacandra Fairyland started running towards their enemies. Death Qi dashed to the skies. The Jalacandra Fairyland's army was powerful, but the Black Shark Army was dangerous. They had to deal with them first.

"Life!" said Lin Feng, flas.h.i.+ng ahead. Life and death lights rose to the skies. Five or six people were killed on the way and fell down from the sky.

"The Circle of Life!" A gigantic life and death pattern surrounded the people from Jalacandra Fairyland.

"Get ready to use death strength, I'll attack!" shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly when he saw that all the members of the Black Shark Army were running towards them. Life and death lights dashed to the skies and surrounded them.

"Condense death strength!" shouted Lin Feng explosively. Bai Ling and the others knew how strong Lin Feng was, they kept releasing death strength into the life and death pattern. Then, the life and death pattern surrounded the crowd from the Black Shark Army and turned into a vortex.


The life and death energies kept rotating. Life energy turned into death energy, death energy turned into life energy, both attacking the Black Shark Army. Instantly, many corpses started falling from the sky. It was a spectacular scene. The crowd in the distance didn't get involved, they were just astonished as they watched this.

PMG Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884: In The Celestial Mountain

The two armies, the Black Sharks and Jalacandra Fairyland, fought. Their energies blotted out the sky. It was the first time Lin Feng had partic.i.p.ated in such a terrifying war. The weakest cultivators there were medium-level h.e.l.l emperors. His eyes were pure black and he kept releasing immortal and death energies, looking like a warlord. A terrifying life and death strength rotated around him.

"Kill him!" People from the Black Shark Army saw that Lin Feng controlled two sorts of strength. He had killed many people with his death energies already. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying Qi surging towards him. His life and death strength rotated defensively.

Someone surrounded by death and fire energies appeared and threw themselves at Lin Feng, running towards Lin Feng's vortex.

"Hmph!" Aoxu groaned coldly. A blood dragon punch stuck out, churning the air. Behind his opponent, a terrifying silhouette appeared, a king of h.e.l.l and fire. The area turned into a small purgatory.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng. That person moved towards his life and death pattern, and death strength moved towards them. A black flame appeared behind that person and surrounded them.

What a powerful Qi!, thought Lin Feng. He didn't continue attacking the man. Aoxu could take care of him, and he could kill other people.

Explosions kept shaking everything, and cultivators kept falling from the sky. Apart from Aoxu, Qin Yu was also a terrifying cultivator. He had a mysterious spirit, a life and death cloth. People couldn't get near him, and he was displaying exceptional strength.

However, the cultivators of the Black Shark Army were terrifying too. The battle was fierce, and people from Jalacandra Fairyland kept dying one after another. One of the warrior from the Black Shark Army was terrifying, he had netherworld ghostly claws and could cut people apart.

More and more people gathered, but they didn't dare get involved. The two armies were fighting, but if any outsider tried to steal treasures from the celestial mountain, then some extremely strong cultivators would definitely kill them.

What a terrifying battle. Dozens and dozens of people died every second!, thought the crowd. They were stupefied. The two armies were terrifying. n.o.body was in front of Lin Feng anymore, he kept evading. A netherworld silhouette moved towards him like dark lightning. Ghostly claws cut apart everything in their path.

However, Aomo attacked the ghostly claws with a chant, and a demon punch lashed out, destroying the claws. Aomo looked at that silhouette coldly.

Lin Feng didn't know how strong Aomo was. The dragon had grown up inside his body. They were very close, as Lin Feng had raised him. Now Aomo was fighting, and Lin Feng had the impression he was terrifyingly strong.

The atmosphere kept exploding from conflicting energies. More claws appeared and turned into five black lights striking at Aomo. Aomo blocked them, but wounds appeared on his body and he started bleeding. Lin Feng dragged him backwards.

"Freeze!" When Bai Ling saw that strike, he released ice energy. The one with the scary claws moved away. That person was dangerously strong, a high-level h.e.l.l emperor. Lin Feng had just become a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor, and there were many high-level h.e.l.l emperors there. Some of them had even reached the top of the Huang Qi layer. They were all incredible combatants.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, sword energies whistled. His opponent was surprised at the sudden s.h.i.+ft. At that moment, Lin Feng moved both hands . Another life and death pattern appeared and rotated. All sorts of energies penetrated into the life and death pattern.

His spirit appeared. Lin Feng turned into a shadow as he jumped into the deployment spell. His pattern was dazzling and life and death energies pulsed out.

"Life and Death Destructive Illusion!" shouted a voice. The atmosphere was suddenly sealed. However, the life and death pattern was an illusion, drawing in the cultivator.

"An illusion, a life and death deployment spell!" shouted someone furiously, retreating. But Qin Yu arrived behind him, his life and death cloth turned into a gigantic hand and imprisoned that cultivator. The deployment spell bombarded his head and he turned grey. His life energy even turned into death energy.

"Fire!" shouted Qin Yu coldly. A terrifying h.e.l.l fire appeared and surrounded that person. He started burning.

"Lin Feng is casting deployment spells, help him!" shouted Bai Ling extremely loudly. Some people landed around Lin Feng to protect him, all of them powerful and skilled. They saw that Lin Feng's life and death deployment spells were extremely powerful. If they could help him, then it would be beneficial for everyone.

Lin Feng kept performing hand seals, the life and death pattern became gigantic and people from the Black Shark Army pulled back.

"Someone is stealing the celestial mountain!" At that moment, someone ran towards the celestial mountain, everybody looked at him and Qi dashed to the skies.

Idiot!, thought Lin Feng. At that moment, many people were staring greedily at the celestial mountain. Even if that person could steal the celestial mountain, they would die in any event.

As expected, everybody started moving when they saw that that person was trying to steal the mountain. The Black Shark Army and Jalacandra Fairyland stopped fighting and everyone moved towards that person. They were fighting over the celestial mountain, so they couldn't let anyone else take it.

Energies rose to the skies and surrounded him. At the same time, people attacked the celestial mountain. They also wanted to know what was inside it.

The celestial mountain was extremely hard and seemed indestructible. However, when the energies crashed onto it, a crack appeared. People's hearts were filled with ardor. Did that celestial mountain contain Marks of the Path?

"Immortal energy, and demon energy." Lin Feng frowned. He could sense the incredible energies emerging from the mountain.

"Break!" shouted someone explosively. The mountain finally broke apart and turned into a million pieces. People twitched in astonishment.

There weren't Marks of the Path inside. There was a person!

The person looked like an ancient G.o.d as he suddenly opened his eyes. His king energies dashed to the skies as he released heaven, earth, and demonic energies. He looked like a demon king!

"It's him!" Lin Feng was astonished and froze for a moment. He had already seen that face!

Back then, in Jiu You, he had gone to the shrines.

He had already seen that proud young man there in the central area of the twelve shrines. He looked like a G.o.d, and all the shrines wanted to recruit him. It was the young man with the king body!

Back then, everybody wanted to recruit him, and in the end, the young man had chosen the Demon Shrine. Now he looked like a demon king!

I'm a very fast learner, I'm already a medium-level emperor. But that guy is already a high-level emperor and he has an immortal king body type. No wonder the people all wanted to recruit him. He was already gifted, but with the help of the shrine, he practiced cultivation even faster!, thought Lin Feng. That guy practiced cultivation even faster than him! Lin Feng was shocked, finding the Celestial Country even more mysterious. That guy was from one of the shrines, and now he had descended from the Milky Way!

PMG Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885: Pathfinder Peak

"Who are you? Why were you in the mountain? Why did you come down from the Milky Way?" asked the leader of the Black Shark Army. People who touched the Yellow Springs or the Milky Way could die, now that young man had descended from the sky. People were obviously astonished.

People fought over that mountain and in the end, there was someone inside. Amusing!, thought the people staring at the young man with a king body. He had to be the descendant of an ancient king, a noteworthy person.

The young man glanced at the strong cultivators of the Black Shark Army indifferently. He didn't say anything. He glanced around as if he didn't know where he was.

"I asked you something!" said the leader of the Black Shark Army when he saw that the young man didn't reply to him. He looked furious.

The young man turned to him, and suddenly, demon Qi emerged from his eyes, and thunder echoed out. The eyes of the cultivator from the Black Shark Army suddenly felt extremely sore. His will was being attacked!

"Immortal king and demon strength!" the strong cultivator of the Black Shark Army blurted out as he shook violently. Then, the young man jumped and a trail of immortal Qi appeared behind him and turned into a vortex.

"That person has killed countless people! His king body is incredible. He's a dangerous person!" Aoxu declared cautiously. Even though he was from the Dragon Clan, he also found people who had king bodies incredible. They were always extremely strong!

"Let's go. That guy is here to kill. He will kill all of us to practice," said Aoxu. That young man had already started killing cultivators from the Black Shark Army. Demon lights kept emerging from his eyes and killing people. He was a real murderer.

The members of Jalacandra Fairyland started dispersing. After a short time, the young man slaughtered the strong cultivator of the Black Shark Army.

He didn't stop releasing immortal and demon energies at all. His silhouette flickered and he continued butchering the people from the Black Shark Army.

"Die!" Many people from the Black Shark Army and Jalacandra Fairyland were injured. However, there were still many people who released energies and attacked the young man.

However, at that moment, the young man looked like a death G.o.d. He proudly stood in the sky and absorbed the death Qi his opponents released.

The young man flashed ahead, and the strong cultivators were shaking. He was too terrifying!

The young man pointed a finger at a strong cultivator, Qi emerged and pierced through his head. His corpse fell down from the sky, a one-shot kill.

Corpses kept falling down from the sky and into the Yellow Springs. The crowd looking on was astonished. The strong cultivators from the Black Shark Army died one after another. What a tragedy for all those valiant fighters. They were insignificant in front of that young man, and he was slaughtering them!

"That guy is killing people, but not taking their treasures. He lets them and their treasures fall into the Yellow Springs, the treasures are lost forever." Qin Yu was astonished. That guy was a true slayer.

"He's just practicing. This place is just somewhere to become stronger for him."

The crowd was astonished when they saw what the young man was doing. He didn't even care about precious treasures anymore. Only Lin Feng understood that the Demon Shrine had sent him there, so he didn't lack skills and Ancient scriptures. He didn't need more treasures!

"I feel ashamed of being inferior in front of such people. Is he from h.e.l.l? He came from the Milky Way, so where does he actually come from?" asked Qin Yu. He didn't understand. Most people in the Celestial Country thought of the territory as two territories, one for terrifying battles and one for easier battles. But when facing such a terrifying cultivator, they could only question themselves.

Some mysterious people understood that h.e.l.l wasn't the only place next to the Celestial Country. However, they didn't understand the details.

Lin Feng was staring at the young man in astonishment. The cultivation world was a cruel place, and so was this person. Lin Feng stared at the young man and wondered how he could improve his life and death cultivation.

"Let's go!" said Bai Ling. Everybody nodded. That guy was just a butcher. He was going to kill them if they stayed. Taking such a risk was useless.

On the side of the cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland, more than twenty cultivators were still left. They had suffered great losses. Lin Feng understood how those geniuses thought now. When they became high-level emperors, they chose their own path!

In the Holy City, at university, there are champions. Ji Chang is the champion of Champion University. He could become the champion of the city. Such cultivators also choose their own path and what they want to do in life!, thought Lin Feng. He felt intense pressure and had the sensation he wasn't progressing quickly enough. He hadn't been back to the Holy City for a long time. He was wondering how strong Ji Chang had become.


Lin Feng and the others left. Meteorites continued falling from the sky, but there were only twenty-some people left in Lin Feng's group. They had also obtained many great items, anyway. Everybody felt dispirited though. Even Aoxu felt dispirited. The young man was too strong!

"There are many strong cultivators in the world. Perseverance and determination are mandatory. Cultivators have to focus on cultivation to become extremely strong," said Lin Feng, walking next to Aoxu.

Aoxu frowned and looked at Lin Feng warmly. "You look like a low-level emperor, but you're a medium-level emperor. Your life and death deployment spells are deadly. You're a very talented person. Were you amazed by the strong cultivators of the Milky Way battlefield?"

"I can't control other people's strength. I can only control my own life," Lin Feng smiled.

Aoxu smiled back and said, "Indeed. In normal conditions, I would have tried to fight against him. However, when I saw how he killed people, I gave up. I felt like trash."

"I see," Lin Feng nodded. "Someday you'll achieve enlightenment, and you'll fight against him."

"Indeed. People from the Dragon Clan are incredibly talented. I'll definitely try to fight against him someday!" said Aoxu, smiling happily as he thought about that day. He gazed into the distance, where there was a bridge above Yellow Springs. There was a peak sitting there, and many people were floating around it. They looked hesitant and maintained a distance between themselves and the peak.

"Within the Milky Way battlefield and the Yellow Springs, there is an ancient peak there!" said the startled Lin Feng. The peak was even moving, how strange!

"Eh?" Aoxu was surprised and stared at the peak with him. "Apart from treasures, there's also such a place in the Milky Way battlefield? It looks dangerous. It might be worth it, though! Let's go and see!"

Their band sped up, chasing the moving hill. The peak was so strange, looking like a mirage. There were some big words on it, but they looked indistinct and blurry.

"Pathfinder Peak!" read Lin Feng. He was astonished.

The expressions of Aoxu and the others changed drastically. "I've heard about the Pathfinder Peak but I've never seen it," the dragon admitted.

"What is that place?" asked Lin Feng.

Qin Yu said, "According to legends, the Pathfinder Peak is a place where you can find Celestial Pathfinder Plates. They are very helpful for cultivators."

"I see. Why are those people hesitating and not moving closer?" asked Lin Feng.

"Many people have never come back from the Pathfinder Peak, it's like you go in and can't come back" explained Qin Yu calmly.

Lin Feng was astonished. What a mysterious place!

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