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PMG Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886: How to Walk On the Path

"Aoxu, is the Pathfinder Peak a forbidden area?" Lin Feng asked Aoxu.

Aoxu smiled and shook his head. "It's not. Even though it's the first time I've seen the Pathfinder Peak, I've heard about it many times. Some people from the Dragon Clan have been there. After coming back, their comprehension had increased a lot. They had also become much stronger. However, they held their tongues regarding what they saw and found there. They've always told me that if I found it, I had to go, though!"

Aoxu then spoke up and said, "Let's go and see the Pathfinder Peak! We can't miss such an opportunity!" before rus.h.i.+ng towards the peak. He disappeared among the crowd.

"Indeed, we have to go since we've found it!" said Lin Feng, smiling and following after him. Aomo followed him, and they both disappeared into the crowd.

Lin Feng headed straight to the Pathfinder Peak, and felt the atmosphere change drastically around him. There was a special Qi here, rising from the gra.s.s. It looked like another world without an exit. There were many people seated cross-legged with their eyes closed. There were also many skeletons lying on the ground.

This place is really dangerous, thought Lin Feng when he saw the skeletons. Many skeletons were not complete, with some of their body parts were missing. Others were surrounded by a terrifying strength which had not dispersed.

"People who dare come to the Pathfinder Peak are at least medium-level emperors, but most of them are high-level emperors. At such a cultivation level, flesh doesn't rot, which means that those skeletons lost their flesh because of an external strength!" muttered Lin Feng. Qin Yu and Bai Ling also arrived and came up next to Lin Feng. When they saw that place, they were as astonished as he had been.

"The Celestial Pathfinder Plates can be found here." Aoxu was gazing into the distance. There were some dazzling lights dancing about a gigantic stone there.

"According to legends, it's easy to come here, but difficult to leave, as if this place is sealed. There is a pa.s.sage somewhere in that valley I think," said Qin Yu, walking slowly towards the Celestial Pathfinder Plates.

A light shot down out of nowhere, spotlighting Qin Wu. Qin Wu looked calm and serene. He slowly walked towards the stone.

Suddenly, the Celestial Pathfinder Plates became even more dazzling and Qin Yu disappeared inside them.

"Kowtow before the Celestial Plate!" said a mysterious voice coming from the stone. Qin Yu attacked the stone with his energies and jumped towards it. In return, a terrifying strength emerged from the stone and smashed into him.

Qin Yu waved his hands and a stone hurled out from it. He barely managed to scratch the gigantic stone with it, as he hadn't used much power

"Why would someone who doesn't follow the Way ask for his path?" asked an ancient voice from the stone. Lin Feng and the others were astonished. The people around who were meditating looked calm and unsurprised. They obviously knew that there was such a thing already. Unruly people couldn't ask for their path!

Qin Yu's eyes twinkled. Someone who didn't follow the Way?

Even though he was really strong and famous in h.e.l.l, Qin Wu wasn't that strong compared to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate.

Qin Wu released more energies and attacked the stone again. However, the stone counterattacked even more brutally. The attack crashed onto Qin Wu and he groaned with pain as he was force back and started bleeding.

"What an aggressive Celestial Plate!" murmured Aoxu. He looked excited. Opening the door of that stone was going to be difficult.

"Aomo," Lin Feng said. Aomo turned into smoke and went back into Lin Feng's body. He had grown up in there, he could go back inside as he wished.

Lin Feng walked up to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate, took a deep breath as he calmed himself, and stood before it.

"Kowtow before the Celestial Plate," demanded the voice.

Lin Feng released life and death lights and said, "I ask for my path regarding the path of life and death."

The life and death lights penetrated into the stone. A strange light appeared around the stone. The whole stone turned into a death stone, like a mirror.

Suddenly, death lights emerged from the stone and moved towards Lin Feng. He frowned. That was death Qi, but life Qi had appeared. Life energy flew throughout his body. His body was suddenly filled with incredible life energies.

How dangerous! I understand why there are so many corpses!, thought Lin Feng. The Celestial Pathfinder Plate had a life. It could counterattack, and if Lin Feng didn't understand life and death energies, he would have died.

Dazzling lights appeared and the Celestial Pathfinder Plate turned into a mirror. Lin Feng could see himself and strength surrounding him. He was astonished.

"Come in!" said someone. Someone who was seated with their eyes closed appeared before him and spoke to Lin Feng.

"Alright!" said Lin Feng before entering the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. He disappeared inside.

"Surprisingly, you can go inside the Celestial Pathfinder Plate!" Aoxu and the others were shocked. They wouldn't be stuck inside this world that way.


Lin Feng entered the Celestial Pathfinder Plate and appeared somewhere else. There were people seated cross-legged all around him, and there were more corpses, too. There was one exit, and it was also a Celestial Pathfinder Plate.

There are two levels to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate?, thought Lin Feng, glancing around. There were so many people there. What was this strange place?

No wonder it was easy to go inside and difficult to come out! Some people were stuck, but not dead!

"Kowtow before the Celestial Plate," said a voice again. Lin Feng frowned and stared at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. He released life and death lights again, and presented them to the second Celestial Pathfinder Plate.

The lights penetrated into the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. Once again, the stone lit up, energies emerged, and penetrated into Lin Feng's body. This time, he started shaking violently and had the sensation he was going to faint.

"You want to bring about your own destruction. You overestimated yourself!" spoke up a black-haired person coldly, after opening his eyes. However, Lin Feng just looked around again, he had the sensation he had died once.

"If you don't use your mind to follow the Way, how can you ask for your path?" said the ancient voice resonating in Lin Feng's brain. Lin Feng was astonished and looked dizzy.

Lin Feng finally understood the purpose of that stone, he might be able to find his path with it!

PMG Chapter 1887

Chapter 1887: Forcing The Way

Lin Feng had used life and death strength to pa.s.s the first challenge of the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. He had been bombarded by death energy and his G.o.dly awareness had been shaken violently.

I walk on the path of life and death and you threaten my life with my own path. If you don't use your mind to follow the Way, how can you ask for your path?

Getting in is easy, but getting out isn't. My life and death cultivation is extremely aggressive. Therefore, the Celestial Pathfinder Plate's counterattacks are equally brutal and aggressive, able to kill me, thought Lin Feng. The more aggressive his attacks were, the more aggressive the counterattacks were.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and multicolored lights emerged from his third eye as he focused.

Time pa.s.sed as he visualized the Sky Palace.

"My G.o.dly awareness palace has stopped improving. I need to make it evolve!" Lin Feng said to himself. His G.o.dly awareness was powerful, and the Sky Palace had even started appearing. He needed to harmonize his cultivation.

Of course, Lin Feng also had the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song. Killing him wasn't easy.

Lin Feng looked at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate from where he was seated cross-legged. The black-haired cultivator walked up to Lin Feng and stated coldly, "You are not allowed to go to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate again before I leave!"

Lin Feng frowned.

He looked at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate again and released life and death lights at it. The Celestial Pathfinder Plate started fading. Then, a gigantic wave of death energy rolled and crashed against Lin Feng, his soul shook violently.

"The Circle of Life!" Lin Feng had already prepared and had released his life strength. However, the death energies were incredible and still made his soul shake violently. It was as if he had died once again.

The death energies left an imprint on his soul. He suddenly opened his eyes and his life energy kept turning into death energy, which turned into life energy again, and repeated the cycle.

"You really want to die!" shouted the black-haired cultivator coldly.

When Lin Feng attacked the Celestial Plate, the counter-attacks also struck the others.

Many people looked at Lin Feng coldly. However, Lin Feng didn't care. He released life and death lights and his life and death pattern appeared on the ground. Life and death energies condensed around him.

Lin Feng bombarded the ground with punches. The life and death lights kept rotating around him.

"If I don't come here to ask for my path, how could I achieve enlightenment!" said Lin Feng. His life and death lights then bombarded the Celestial Pathfinder Plate again. A terrifying strength emerged. People suddenly opened their eyes and looked furious. The death energies kept pulsing out and bombarding people's souls.

"The Path of Death can unlock the door!" Lin Feng sensed the death energies and continued releasing life energy at the same time. When he was bombarded by death energy, his death energy turned into green life energy.

However, the death energy was too powerful and made his soul shake violently. He started chanting the Song of the Nine Netherworlds. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by deadly death energies.

The others were bombarded by aggressive death strength and looked at him coldly. The black-haired cultivator said coldly, "You'll die!"

"Kill that guy!" shouted people. Lin Feng sensed energies surrounding him.

"If you don't use your mind to follow the Way, die and ask!" Lin Feng stood up, his eyes ice-cold. Life and death lights rose to the skies. He continued singing the Song of the Nine Netherworlds and released his dazzling G.o.dly awareness. His energies enveloped him, before raging out at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. The crowd was astonished and staring at Lin Feng. He was insane!

A sound spread in the air, death intent reached a high level, everybody sensed the death energy penetrating into their soul. They all had the impression they were going to die.

Lin Feng raised his head. Death Qi whistled around him, and he had the sensation he was going to die.

Life and death, my death is my life, how could my path kill me?, thought Lin Feng. Suddenly, he was filled with an endless amount of life energy. He was dead and alive at the same time!

Sharp lights filled the air. Lin Feng's life and death pattern kept rotating, and at that moment, his life energy entirely turned into death energy. The life and death pattern was filled with death Qi which rose to the skies.

This guy is brave!, thought the astonished black-haired man. At that moment, deadly energies moved towards Lin Feng. However, his G.o.dly awareness was blocked because of the death strength. He couldn't release it too much because he would die otherwise.

Lin Feng remained focused, ignoring the others. In his eyes, there were only life and death lights.

He waved his hands. People's expressions changed drastically. Lin Feng closed his eyes and released all his soul strength towards the door.

He's insane!, thought the crowd. They wanted to kill Lin Feng. Usually, they were very careful when knocking on the stone plate. However Lin Feng was using his full strength. He didn't care about them.

Life strength invaded the whole s.p.a.ce, which turned grey. Death swelled a moment later.

A strong cultivator's face turned grey. He fell down and stopped moving. He was dead.

If they had known Lin Feng would try to force the way, they would have killed him first!

Lin Feng closed his eyes. His body was filled with life and death energies.

"My life is my death, my death is my life, life and death are my path. How could I fear death?" said Lin Feng.

Lin Feng's soul had been cleansed by life and death energies many times. Lin Feng raised his arms and condensed life and death strength. He had to accept both life and death to achieve enlightenment.

The Celestial Pathfinder Plate shook violently. Death strength surged everywhere. More and more people collapsed and died in the room. They were all stronger than Lin Feng, but the counterattack of the Celestial Pathfinder Plate was much more powerful than them.

At that moment, an even more terrifying death strength penetrated into Lin Feng's soul. However, Lin Feng just said, "Life!"

The death energy turned into life energy. Lin Feng turned into a halo of life and death lights. His body shone brightly.

"Enlighten me on the path of life and death." Lin Feng's eyes were filled with dazzling life and death lights which moved towards the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. The energies intertwined.

"You have already achieved rudimentary accomplishments on the path of life and death, now you need to ask yourself about your mind." The Celestial Pathfinder Plate turned into a mirror. Lin Feng stared at it. He had already pa.s.sed this challenge.

Lin Feng turned around, there were corpses everywhere, but there were still some people who were still alive. They hadn't been killed by the death energy.

However, they didn't look at Lin Feng angrily. Only one person glanced at Lin Feng.

"Never let fears invade your heart. The only path is the path of enlightenment," said that person bowing before Lin Feng, "Thank you very much for what you've shown us today."

Lin Feng was surprised and smiled calmly, "Don't mention it, it was not on purpose. And they all died because of me."

Then, Lin Feng crossed the door and went to the next place. What would happen in the next room?

PMG Chapter 1888

Chapter 1888: The Path of Life and Death is Complex

Lin Feng crossed the door and arrived in another room. As before, there was a Celestial Pathfinder Plate. However, there was n.o.body else in that room. He was completely alone with the celestial doorway.

Lin Feng walked up to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate and sat down cross-legged before it. Strange lights surrounded him. A voice emerged from the Celestial Pathfinder Plate, "Use your heart to knock on the door and ask for your path."

Lin Feng looked calm as sharp lights emerged from his eyes. They turned into life and death lights and penetrated into the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. However, the Celestial Pathfinder Plate didn't react.

"Use your heart to knock on the door and ask for your path," repeated the voice. Lin Feng frowned. What heart?

Lin Feng was seated there and looked pensive. On the path of cultivation, you had to do things wholeheartedly.

Back then, he had started studying the path of life and death. He had to do it wholeheartedly, just wanting to do it wasn't sufficient.

The heart was the most important thing.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and started meditating and thinking about the path of life and death. In his mind, life and death stamps appeared and moved to the Celestial Pathfinder Plate.

The Celestial Pathfinder Plate started shaking. Lin Feng sensed his G.o.dly awareness shake violently. He suddenly started feeling a bit sad and grieving. It was the grief of life and death.

He remembered Liu Cang Lan, who had died for his country. He felt grief for Yan Yu Ping Sheng, his wonderful teacher. He also felt sad for Wen Ao Xue, an incredible woman who had ended up dead because of her family.

He also felt sad for the man and his daughter in the village in h.e.l.l. They were ordinary people, but in that world, they had no freedom. Cultivators didn't care about those people's lives.

In that world, n.o.body could escape from death. It was omnipresent.

That's my way of walking on the path of death and life, thought Lin Feng serenely. He released his G.o.dly awareness again. It sparkled, and life and death lights continued raining on the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. The air whistled in reaction. Lin Feng continued feeling grief, but in that grief, he also sensed vitality. Life and death were indivisible.

Lin Feng felt very weak before the plate now. He felt tiny and scared.

He was afraid. His strength allowed him to control other people's lives, either by letting them live or by killing them, or by protecting his loved ones as well. He had created a small world and had put his loved ones inside because he was afraid to let them stay in the outside world.

What was he afraid of? He was afraid that Meng Qing would turn into an animal again. He was afraid that his family members could be killed. He was afraid that Qiu Yue Xin had lost control over herself. He was afraid because Yi Ren Lei had dumped him like that. He wanted to control everything in his life. Therefore, he needed to become stronger.

"You're asking me how I feel deep inside?" Lin Feng sighed. He looked at the Celestial Pathfinder Plate and tried to understand how he really felt.

Lin Feng stood up and took a step forward. Dazzling lights appeared before him. He calmed down as he infused the door with life and death energies again. He forced himself to have a heart as calm as still water.

"I chose the path of life and death, are you asking me to use my heart or to stop using it." Lin Feng stared at the door. Sharp lights emerged from his eyes.

"Who can reject the world of mortals on the path of cultivation? n.o.body can escape from life and death!" declared that voice in Lin Feng's brain.

Dazzling lights emerged from Lin Feng's body, "I've already started walking on that path. There is nothing I can't do. I can reject the world of mortals if I wis.h.!.+ Destroy!"

After that, Lin Feng released terrifying energies and bombarded the Celestial Pathfinder Plate. However, at that moment, a silhouette appeared there. It was his own silhouette!

Lin Feng walked forwards and realized he was now at the top of the mountain. He could sense the breeze brush against his body. His clothes were fluttering in the wind. He had just arrived, but it felt as if he had spent an entire life there.

Lin Feng walked to a gigantic stone and sat down on it cross-legged. He closed his eyes and forgot about the outside world.

Three days later, at the top of the Pathfinder Peak, life and death intent were intertwining and appearing in Lin Feng's brain. He was also releasing life and death energies.

One month later, Lin Feng was still surrounded by life and death lights. He looked calm and serene. Sharp lights were emerging from his third eye.

"Eh?" At that moment, in the outside world, people around the Pathfinder Peak looked surprised. Their eyes were twinkling. They could see life and death energies emerging from the Pathfinder Peak.

Three months pa.s.sed. On that day, the meditating Lin Feng finally opened his eyes. They were filled with demonic will. There were two life and death discs in his eyes. One could sense life and death strength just looking at his eyes.

In the air, terrifying demon energies pulsed. It was as if the Milky Way had appeared above Lin Feng's body. There was demon Kalpa strength there, too. Lin Feng flashed forwards and left the Pathfinder Peak.

"There's someone!" Outside of the Pathfinder Peak, some people saw Lin Feng come out and were astonished. It was said that most people never came back out. The Pathfinder Peak was easy to go to, but difficult to leave.

"The Milky Way is shaking, what kind of strength is that?" Some people came out of the Milky Way and moved towards Lin Feng, they wanted to ask him questions about the Pathfinder Peak.

"What did you see on the Pathfinder Peak?" asked someone. People surrounded Lin Feng and stared at him. People who had never been there were curious.

"You can ask for guidance about your cultivation, obviously," replied Lin Feng. That person was cold and impolite. The Milky Way continued shaking.

Some sounds spread in the air. It was as if the Milky Way had been broken. Something strange was happening. Someone demanded, "What did you find there?"

Lin Feng glanced at them in a cold way. His eyes contained life and death intent.

"If you don't dare go there, why do you ask me?" said Lin Feng.

That person shouted coldly, "You want to die!" as he attacked.

Lin Feng's eyes were filled with life and death energies. Suddenly, lights emerged from his eyes and moved straight into that person's. In counter, a gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng flashed away and released life and death sword energies. The man had the sensation that his soul was going to explode. Death sword energies pierced through his head. He gave a horrible shriek as his face turned grey, he looked dead.

"Die!" said Lin Feng. Sword energies continued piercing through his brain. Then, his body slowly fell from the sky and down into the Yellow Springs.

Lin Feng glanced at the others coldly and said, "If you don't dare go there, why do you ask me?"

Demon Kalpa strength pulsed, it was as if the Milky Way had been broken. Lin Feng was surprised at the feeling.

"I'm going to get cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength, how strong will they be since I'm a medium-level emperor?" Lin Feng's eyes looked ice-cold. The crowd around moved further away from him.

Thunderclaps boomed. Kalpa strength fell from the sky and rained down on Lin Feng's body furiously with its first wave. His clothes completely disappeared, and his silhouette had become blurry, too. Demon Kalpa strength flowed throughout his body.

How terrifying. The Kalpa strength is much scarier than when I had the strength of a low-level emperor. If my physical body didn't have the strength of a medium-level emperor, my flesh would have been crushed!, thought Lin Feng grimly. When the Kalpa strength cleansed his body a sixth time, he started bleeding as wounds appeared on his body.

However, when this demon Kalpa cleansing finally ended, Lin Feng's body was already all s.h.i.+ny and unmarred. He had recovered in the blink of an eye, as if he had been reborn.

When the seventh wave of Kalpa strength pounded down on him, Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to get kicked out of his body. He fell down on his knees and his face was deathly pale.

"Life!" Suddenly, life strength flowed through Lin Feng's body. He raised his head and stared at the sky. The Kalpa strength kept coming down. Just like the previous time, the last waves of Kalpa strength were the most powerful ones.

PMG Chapter 1889

Chapter 1889: Making the Skies Furious Again

However, Lin Feng didn't look like he was suffering, he looked excited. He stood up again, like a powerful mountain. He was defying the heavens!

"Kacha!" When the eighth wave of Kalpa strength bombarded his body, his muscles shook violently, and he burst out bleeding again. His soul kept shaking violently.

The Kalpa strength felt like millions of snakes inside his muscles. The crowd was staring at him in amazement. Surprisingly, a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor was being cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength, and the Milky Way even started breaking. That was an incredible skill!

When the last wave of DevMara Kalpa strength appeared in the sky, he was still surrounded by powerful life and death lights.

Thunder kept rolling, and the Milky Way had turned into a dark demon cloud. People felt like they were suffocating around him.

Finally, the ninth wave attacked his body violently, like a million snakes trying to enter his skin.

"Destroy!" said Lin Feng coldly. Death meaning rose to the skies. Sword lights cut everything and countered the wave of Kalpa strength. It was as if everything were collapsing around him.

"Life!" Lin Feng released life energies. The mighty DevMara Kalpa strength kept tempering his body. He had the impression he was going to die.

Blood splashed out of his mouth. Lin Feng slowly sat down and released even more life Qi to surround every corner of his body.

Is he hurt?, thought the crowd, staring at Lin Feng. The demon cloud slowly dispersed. However, the terrifying strength was still pressing down. He had to be injured!… At that moment, some people's silhouettes flickered. Lin Feng's skill was incredible, he probably had some incredible Ancient scriptures!

I'm a demon cultivator, I broke through to the Huang Qi layer using my physical body. If I had his skill, I would become extremely powerful!, thought a demon emperor, staring at Lin Feng. Demon lights appeared, he looked at Lin Feng greedily with his black eyes.

Silhouettes flickered. A group of strong cultivators had surrounded Lin Feng and looked at him coldly.

"Give me your skill and I'll help you get rid of these people!" said one person coldly. His long black hair looked as sharp as blades, like a scary ancient demon.

"Kill him, that's all!" said someone coldly. Many people looked at that demon emperor coldly.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and glanced at the people around him coldly. "If you want my skill, come and get it!"

Eyes glittered with greed. One of them shouted furiously and released death strength to surround Lin Feng, who was still seated. He looked unperturbed. He absorbed the death energies and a life and death pattern appeared. He waved his hands, and life and death lights appeared.

One of the people flashed to attack, the earth and sky shook violently. It was like endless ferocious animals had been unleashed to attack him!

Lin Feng moved forwards. Lights shone, a Purple Tank appeared and explosions detonated around him.

That cultivator raised his hands and a powerful earth spear appeared, also containing deadly empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies.

"Die!" shouted that cultivator coldly. His spear shot at Lin Feng.

"Illusion Destruction!" retorted Lin Feng, throwing his life and death pattern. The life and death pattern started spinning as an illusion swept over the area.

Lin Feng flashed away as more marks appeared, and a great deployment spell materialized. It contained a terrifying strength. Besides, the golden deployment spell kept spreading more and more.

"If you don't kill me, I guarantee you, you won't survive," said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He didn't stop moving, staying in motion. The deployment spell turned into a dangerous illusion!

"Hmph!" The cultivator who had just talked groaned coldly. He moved in a blur of speed. In front of him, eight spears appeared and shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng waved his hands, and the life and death pattern became lit up brightly, collided with the spears. At the same time, death intent emerged from his eyes.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He suddenly disappeared, a void sword appeared and pierced through his opponent's head with death intent.

After Lin Feng's brain had been imprinted, he had managed to stamp his Nihility Sword Scriptures with death strength. His Nihility Sword attacks were now much more powerful. Therefore, even before Lin Feng was cleansed by the DevMara Kalpa strength, he had killed someone like this.

That person still shouted furiously. Millions of spears reappeared and collided against Lin Feng's sword. However, at that moment, Lin Feng landed in front of him and another life and death stamp appeared and crashed onto his body.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with death energies. The soul of Lin Feng's enemy shook violently. Lin Feng raised his fist and there was explosion. His enemy's head directly blew apart. At the same time, sword Qi emerged, and he cut apart his opponent's soul.

More bright lights suddenly moved towards Lin Feng, gleaming and sharp. His soul suddenly started shaking.

"Cut!" An ancient mountain moved towards Lin Feng. As the second strong cultivator attacked, some other people also attacked Lin Feng at the same time.

Lin Feng released his b.e.s.t.i.a.l consciousness, and a lake of black water appeared everywhere, shocking everyone. Lin Feng released all his wind cosmic energies into his legs and retreated . The earth and sky were shaking violently as multiple energies crashed together.

Lin Feng descended on his deployment spell. Golden lights glittered and strobed. At the same time, destructive illusion energies surrounded those strong cultivators.

The onlookers were all staring at the Milky Way, it was pulsing furiously, and its strength was pressing down on everyone.

Lin Feng released all his desolate cosmic energy. People's faces changed drastically as they saw the results. He had just been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa, why were the skies furious again?

"What kind of strength is that?" Even though they were all well-taught and knowledgeable, they didn't recognize that kind of strength. Why were the skies furious?

Lin Feng raised his head as some explosive strength condensed in the Milky Way. It was extremely oppressive and descending from the sky.

"Come!" said Lin Feng coldly. The skies were furious. Explosions erupted. Lin Feng's deployment spell kept undulating. Some splits appeared on the deployment spell, and drove Lin Feng down onto his knees, he was bleeding severely. However, he looked indestructible. He stood up again and said, "Destroy!"

Lin Feng's physical body was being attacked. The strong cultivators were still stuck in the deployment spell, and his face was deathly pale as he stared at the energies in the sky.

Then, a second wave of strength bombarded him.

"No…!" shouted someone. However, explosions and rumbling sounds erupted again, and Lin Feng was struck down to his knees again. Back then when the skies had attacked him, he had used the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to protect himself. Now, he just endured the attacks with his physical strength.

"Pfew…" Lin Feng took a deep breath. His physical body was being destroyed by that strength, but he kept recovering. He coldly glanced at the crowd. Those people were high-level emperors, but their physical strength couldn't be compared with Lin Feng's.

What kind of physical strength is that? How come he attracts the fury of the skies?, thought the demon cultivator who had wisely retreated. A third wave of energies crashed down onto Lin Feng. He had just recovered and now he was being repeatedly a.s.saulted again. He fell down on his knees once again, and finally just sat down on the illusion spell again and closed his eyes. Terrifying life energy appeared all around him.

The Qi finally dispersed. The watchers didn't dare attack Lin Feng anymore. Even though he was just a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor, he was really terrifying. The demon cultivator was determined to learn what Lin Feng's secret was.

PMG Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890: Ancient Demon Clan

Lin Feng was seated cross-legged and ignored the people around him. His eyes were closed. His bones and flesh were emitting crackling and spluttering sounds. DevMara Kalpa and desolate energies kept bombarding him. If he hadn't been strong enough, he would have died.

Surprisingly, n.o.body dared go and disturb him again. The demon cultivator in the distance did some hand seals and a pitch black imprint appeared, racing towards Lin Feng.

The pitch-black imprint stamped Lin Feng's body. It looked like nothing had happened, but Lin Feng's eyes went ice-cold. Strength started flowing inside his body and chased after the imprint. However, Lin Feng realized he couldn't destroy it, it acted like it didn't even exist.

"That's a special imprint from my clan, the Ancient Demon Clan. It's an illusion. You can't destroy it!" said a voice. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the gigantic demon cultivator.

Sharp death Qi instantly struck out at the man!

The demon cultivator frowned and released demon strength. Ancient demons appeared in the air and crackling sounds spread in the air.

"Your Nihility Sword has a death stamp," said the gigantic demon cultivator before adding, "Give me your skills! I set some Ancient Demon Clan's imprints everywhere in the Milky Way battlefield, you can't survive!"

"Ancient Demon Clan's people." The crowd was staring at the gigantic demon cultivator and frowned. The Ancient Demon Clan was very powerful. n.o.body knew where their headquarters were, but they had a faction on the Milky Way battlefield. They were in the Milky Way battlefield at all times.

The Ancient Demon Clan had special powers. They were extremely strong, powerful, and aggressive. People didn't dare offend them.

"Ancient Demon Clan?" Life and death energies rotated in Lin Feng's eyes. He suddenly jumped and ran towards the gigantic demon cultivator. Death imprints appeared as well as Nihility Sword strength.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. His gigantic life and death pattern rained down. The gigantic demon cultivator's soul shook. Another demon shadow appeared and collided with Lin Feng's death sword. At the same time, he raised his fists, and a gigantic demon hand blotted out the sky. Thunder cracked in the air.

How strong!, thought Lin Feng. He suddenly rose up into the air. A terrifying sword intent started spinning around him. He condensed cosmic energies in his fists and punched out.

Lights flared around him. Lin Feng sensed his bones crackle and pulled back .

The gigantic demon cultivator wasn't enjoying himself either, as Lin Feng's sword energies were powerful. He had to protect himself.

He's been a medium-level emperor for a short time, his cultivation isn't that stabilized. However, he can resist my Ancient Demon Fist Imprint! His physical body is incredible, which means his mysterious skills are powerful!, thought the gigantic demon cultivator. He wanted Lin Feng's skills even more now!

He stared at Lin Feng and said, "You're quite strong, but your cultivation level is too low. Give me your skills and techniques, and I won't kill you!"

"Hmph!" Lin Feng grunted, and flashed forwards, energies pulsing around him. He ignored the gigantic demon cultivator. He didn't know what the Ancient Demon Clan was, but they were extremely strong. Lin Feng's physical body was already incredible, he had even broken through to the Huang Qi layer thanks to his physical body. However, that gigantic demon cultivator's physical strength was incredible too, and he had the strength of the top of the Huang Qi layer. He couldn't defeat him with death sword attacks. He didn't have the advantage in this battle.

"Do you think you can escape?" said the gigantic demon cultivator coldly, and chased after Lin Feng. Their battle attracted people's attention on the Milky Way battlefield.

A terrifying golden spear shot at Lin Feng. That golden spear contained stamped fire lights. A rainbow of energies appeared in the sky and lashed at Lin Feng.

"Hmph!" The gigantic demon cultivator chased after Lin Feng and accelerated, his strength rising quickly. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng even more quickly.

Lin Feng's eyes were filled with flames of fury.

The spear moved even faster. His enemy wanted to stab Lin Feng no matter what.

At that moment, Lin Feng stumbled and the golden spear pierced through his chest. However, it didn't kill him. It just softly pierced through his body. The attacker was stupefied. He hadn't thought Lin Feng would fail to dodge. He suddenly looked scared.

But it was already too late, both of them were incredibly fast. His spear hadn't killed Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his fist and crashed a fist onto the man's skull. His head crackled at the blow. Lin Feng grabbed him and threw him away.

The golden energies were still in Lin Feng's body. People's hairs bristled when they saw Lin Feng's ice-cold gaze.

Life energy started flowing in his body. He yanked the spear out of himself and threw it behind him. He didn't even look at his attacker again, and continued walking. Some strange marks appeared behind him as he wielded empty s.p.a.ce and wind cosmic energies.

"Hmph!" The gigantic demon cultivator grabbed his golden spear and chased after Lin Feng again. Many people looked after them. They were surprised, but they didn't try to attack them. These two people were too strong.

What a strange agility technique, he's also using empty s.p.a.ce strength!, thought the gigantic demon cultivator. He was furious, he couldn't seem to catch up with Lin Feng.

At that moment, a talisman appeared in his hand. He put his G.o.dly awareness in it and didn't stop chasing.

Lin Feng flew for a long time. Suddenly, the atmosphere shook in front of him as more people arrived, their strength was incredible. One of them had a Qi similar to the gigantic demon cultivator and was flying towards him. Each time he took a step, the ground shook.

"Strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan." Lin Feng turned around, but someone was coming from that direction, too. He was being surrounded on the Milky Way battlefield!

"Don't offend me or I'll kill you!" said Lin Feng, suddenly turning around to confront the gigantic demon cultivator and releasing terrifying energies.

However, the gigantic demon cultivator didn't care about what Lin Feng said, he was also an amazing cultivator. In response, a demon appeared behind him.

"Die!" shouted the gigantic demon cultivator. The demon charged Lin Feng. He was using his soul to carry out the attack.

A gigantic Ancient Demon Hand appeared above Lin Feng's head. He felt the pressure, the hand wasn't an illusion!

Lin Feng raised his fists, terrifying energies continued pressing down on him. He was being pushed down and was going to be pushed into the Yellow Springs under his feet. The gigantic demon cultivator frowned; he didn't want to push Lin Feng into the Yellow Springs, he wanted his mysterious physical body skills and techniques!

However, Lin Feng released death intent and a cage appeared around the gigantic demon cultivator.

The gigantic demon cultivator was startled. Lin Feng suddenly rose up into the air, grabbed one of the gigantic demon cultivator's legs and pulled him down. The gigantic demon cultivator and the cage containing him fell!

"Break!" shouted the gigantic demon cultivator furiously. The cage broke apart, but Lin Feng continued putting pressure on him. Silver wings appeared on Lin Feng's back and he forced the demon cultivator down further. His Purple Tank appeared and pressured the gigantic demon cultivator even more. Lin Feng wanted to throw him into the Yellow Springs!

The gigantic demon cultivator's expression changed drastically. He shouted furiously and gained some alt.i.tude, performing a knifehand strike in the air and making a fissure in the atmosphere.

In the blink of an eye, the two other cultivators also arrived. Lin Feng flapped his wings quickly and flew away. If the Ancient Demon Clan's strong cultivators caught him, they'd definitely kill him!

PMG Chapter 1891

Chapter 1891: Demon Pond

Lin Feng wrapped his silver wings around himself, and his shadow spirit appeared. Lin Feng turned into a shadow and sped away. He had to get rid of the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan.

"Jumo, why are you chasing this person?" asked one of the strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan to the gigantic demon cultivator, who was called Jumo. The three of them continued chasing Lin Feng.

"His physical strength is incredible. He has a marvelous skill which allows him to cleanse his body. If I and some others could obtain it, we could possibly become great emperors using just our physical bodies!" Jumo told them eagerly. The other two lit up with greed. Indeed, Jumo was right; if Lin Feng had such a thing, then they could benefit from it!

"Let's tell our people and let's capture him!" said that guy coldly, and took out a talisman. He used his G.o.dly awareness to contact his people.

Lin Feng was farther and farther from the people tracking him. However, Jumo continued chasing him. He couldn't see Lin Feng anymore, but he couldn't lose track of him since he had put an imprint in Lin Feng's body. Lin Feng couldn't escape.

Sometimes, it rained above the Milky Way battlefield, but Lin Feng didn't try to get any precious items. A palace appeared in front of him above the Yellow Springs, it was spectacular.

Lin Feng flashed aside and entered the palace.

At that moment, Jumo looked extremely happy, he smiled in a strange way and said, "We're so lucky! That guy surprisingly went to the Ancient Demon Island, he's going to bring about his own destruction!"

"Ancient Demon Island?" The two others continued using talismans to communicate with their colleagues, but they looked surprised.

Lin Feng didn't know where he had gone. However, he could sense demon Qi everywhere. That place seemed to be a paradise for demon cultivators. Lin Feng liked these energies!

However, at that moment, more people rose up in the air and said nothing, they just threw themselves at him and surrounded him. Lin Feng realized he had ended up in the wrong place. Those people had the same Qi as Jumo!

"Ancient Demon Clan!" Lin Feng was speechless. What a bad coincidence! However, Lin Feng was fearless. In the Celestial Country, there was no great emperor, there were only normal emperors. Lin Feng wasn't afraid to fight against emperors.

Lin Feng suddenly charged ahead lightning-fast, and a powerful demon lotus appeared in his left hand. It contained a powerful and destructive fire energy.

"Hmph!" one of the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan grunted coldly. He didn't know how strong Lin Feng was. That fire was powerful, but it didn't pose a threat to him.

People from the Ancient Demon Clan were terrifyingly strong. They had incredible Ancient Demon techniques, and their physical bodies had all been cleansed by demon strength. Their physical strength was usually amazing. Few people could compete with them in terms of physical strength.

Lin Feng threw the fireball in his left hand. His enemy smiled coldly. He waved his hand and an ancient demon imprint moved towards Lin Feng. His enemy looked like a demon.

"Boom!" Lin Feng's fire and the demon hand collided. The demon hand broke apart but Lin Feng continued punching the atmosphere in his enemy's direction. Lin Feng was strong. Another demon imprint appeared and shot towards Lin Feng. He had to suppress Lin Feng!

At that moment, the two cultivators were getting closer. Lin Feng didn't look perturbed at all. His eyes were just grey. He actually looked dead.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng explosively. Death energy penetrated into his enemy's brain. At the same time, Lin Feng released sword energies in a blur of motion. The attack seemed indestructible.

Those watching had no time to react. They saw the death sword shoot towards the strong cultivator's head. Lin Feng blurred into motion, and a gigantic hand came down on the man's head, with fatal results!

The other strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were astonished. They had just been watching the battle, they thought their colleague could fight alone against Lin Feng, he should have been enough. But even if he wasn't enough, they had thought Lin Feng couldn't kill him! They hadn't thought Lin Feng would kill a cultivator of the Ancient Demon Clan so easily.

Of course, they didn't know how strong Lin Feng was. Lin Feng had already started on the Path of Life and Death, and he had already started practicing life and death cultivation with his heart and mind. He used death strength stamps, his Nihility Sword attacks, and his mind to attack. He could now kill people even more easily than before. Lin Feng didn't flinch, and boldly attacked the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan.

In the central area of the palace, there was a demon pond with demon water inside. It contained powerful demonic energies which dashed to the skies. The whole pond was filled with demon strength.

There were two strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan bathing in the pond and practicing cultivation. Powerful demon strength kept flowing throughout their bodies, making them stronger and stronger. Crackling and shattering sounds were audible, and the water around them seemed to be boiling.

Oh no!, thought some of the strong cultivators when they saw that Lin Feng was flying towards the demon pond. They were stupefied and shouted furiously, "Be careful!"

The extremely loud shout woke everyone up on the whole Ancient Demon Island. Black lights moved towards Lin Feng. Someone was causing trouble in their world, and now he was going to their demon pond, how audacious?!?

They hadn't imagined such a thing was possible, so the two cultivators in the pond couldn't possibly think of such a thing, either. Even if they could sense the powerful energies, they couldn't imagine what was happening while they peacefully practiced cultivation. Sometimes, the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan released such powerful energies, so it was no surprise to them.

A death sword streaked across the sky and pierced through the head of the first one cultivating. Lin Feng then punched the other one, wasting no time. When those people realized they were being attacked, they had no time to react. The second one's head just exploded!

Lin Feng killed those two people, but he still looked emotionless. His eyes were still filled with death intent. He entered the demon pond and started absorbing the water.

This pond's demon intent is strange. I can use it to cleanse my body!, thought Lin Feng, surprised he had found such a place. He did a knife-hand strike, and gigantic waves appeared on the pond. Lin Feng then released Kalpa strength as the whole world seemed to tremble. The powerful DevMara Kalpa strength fused together with the water, before sending it shooting up into the air.

"He's using the demon strength of the demon pond." Some strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan arrived and saw that Lin Feng was in the pond, they could hear crackling and shattering sounds coming from it. They were astonished and looked down at Lin Feng coldly.

"Die!" Explosions filled the air, and death strength surrounded Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng didn't seem to be affected at all. He continued swimming in the demon pond and his powerful DevMara Kalpa strength became stronger.

Suddenly, Lin Feng waved his hand and the water rose higher up in the air.

"Die!" said Lin Feng raising a finger and pointing at someone. In a flash, the water started boiling. An endless amount of DevMara Kalpa energy shot towards the person Lin Feng was pointing at, and that person immediately exploded into chunks of flesh and bone.

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