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PMG Chapter 1892

Chapter 1892: The Evolved Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony's Deployment Spell

Such powerful attacks scared the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan to death. The whole demon pond was in the air. Lin Feng's eyes were filled with death intent and made them s.h.i.+ver. Jumo and the others wanted to kill him, but even though he only looked like a low-level emperor, he was terrifyingly strong!

The air kept trembling Jumo and the others shouted furiously when they saw that Lin Feng was in the pond. "How could you let him go into the water!"

Everybody pulled a long face. Lin Feng could easily kill their strong cultivators now that he was taking the water from their pond. Their ancestors had created that pond for them, and had brought it to the Milky Way battlefield. It was a holy cultivation place for them. However, at that moment, Lin Feng was using it!

"Let's attack him together. Don't waste your energies. This guy has mysterious skills!" Jumo said loudly. Quickly, the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan threw themselves at Lin Feng at the same time. If they joined hands, they should have no trouble killing this outsider!

Lin Feng raised his hands and condensed Kalpa strength. Two dazzling light beams of destructive strength appeared.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" shouted Jumo furiously. When he saw the two light beams, he noticed that it contained the pond's strength!

The two light beams dashed to the heavens, and demonic lights blotted out the sky. DevMara Kalpa strength twisted, and the DevMara Kalpa strength turned into an illusion, many powerful stars appearing around them. The people from the Ancient Demon Clan were stupefied at the display!

"Die!" Jumo knew that he couldn't wait at all. Ancient Demon Imprints struck out like a meteor shower. All of the people of the Ancient Demon Clan attacked at the same time. If all those energies crashed onto Lin Feng's body, he would definitely die.

"Go!" Lin Feng condensed Kalpa strength in his left hand, as well as wind cosmic energies. He reacted extremely quickly as his energies collided with the energies in the sky. The Kalpa strength kept exploding. With all the destructive energies flying around, it was like the world was going to collapse!

"Destroy!" A light beam of destruction emerged from Lin Feng's right hand. At the same time, many Kalpa lights appeared. Lin Feng swam down to the depths of the demon pond and released life energy to form an armor around his body.

At the surface, the DevMara Kalpa strength was bombarding the earth and sky. Lin Feng's DevMara Kalpa strength obviously couldn't be that powerful, but coupled with the demon strength of the pond, his skills, and his DevMara Kalpa strength, his attack was just too terrifying. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were going insane and trying to escape, but it was difficult to find a place without DevMara Kalpa lights. Many people were being crushed to death!

When the clouds dispersed, the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan looked terrified. Lin Feng reappeared at the surface of the pond. He raised his hands again and condensed Kalpa strength again. The cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were trembling at the sight.

"Has Juxiao come back already?" asked Jumo, staring at the others. Juxiao was the strongest cultivator of the Ancient Demon Clan's faction on the Milky Way battlefield. He had reached the very top of the Huang Qi layer, and was extremely strong.

"Not yet. Juxiao wants to fight on the other side of the Milky Way," replied a clansman. Jumo's eyes glittered. Juxiao really wanted to go the other side. Even if he encountered a terrifyingly strong cultivator, it wouldn't be easy to kill him.

"Let's activate the Great Ancient Demon Deployment Spell, and gather together to kill him," ordered Jumo coldly. People frowned. Activate the Great Ancient Demon Deployment Spell to kill an emperor? They were so many strong cultivators, and now he wanted them to use the Great Ancient Demon Deployment Spell? How sad! But Lin Feng really was too terrifying. And if they didn't activate it, who would dare go in and fight against Lin Feng?

"Alright!" said the Ancient Demon Clansmen. Eighteen people's silhouettes flickered and landed in eighteen different positions. After only a short time, eighteen lights beams rose up in the air, demon clouds rolled in and covered the sky.

Lin Feng raised his head and watched everything. Those people surprisingly understood deployment spells as well!

In the air, demon patterns appeared, appearing like demon silhouettes. Demonic energies emerged from the eighteen locations

"Demon shadows!" Lin Feng was startled. Those demon patterns looked like demon kings, very realistic. They were extremely powerful!

A demon silhouette condensed in the middle of the deployment spell. The energy it gave off was astonis.h.i.+ng.

The demon flickered and threw himself at Lin Feng. His demon Qi was ancient and terrible!

Lin Feng waved his hands and condensed Kalpa strength, which moved towards the demon shadow. Thunder boomed as the demon shadow broke apart. Another one appeared and charged him. This demon was holding a gigantic blade, and looked powerful and imposing. More demon shadows were condensing, and it seemed that they could emerge anytime.

"What kind of deployment spell is that?" shouted Lin Feng coldly.

"This is a deployment spell which we inherited from our ancestors in the Ancient Demon Clan. It's an evolved version of the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony, an all-conquering demon emperor will appear and kill you. You still have time to give us your mysterious skills and techniques!" Jumo shouted back.

Lin Feng frowned. The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony? It was the second time he heard that word. Back when the Netherworld Demon Emperor had battled against another demon emperor, the Netherworld Demon Emperor had used the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song and the other one had used the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony, which called eighteen demons.

Had the Ancient Demon Clan's ancestor also obtained the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony?

Unfortunately, I'm too weak. I can't use the Nine Netherworlds Song properly. Otherwise, I would be able to steal people's willpower and use it for the benefit of my demon cultivation!, thought Lin Feng. The Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song was extremely powerful. With the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song, a cultivator could control other people and make them turn into possessed slaves. They could also influence people's state of mind.

Back then, when the Netherworld Demon Emperor had used the Nine Netherworlds Song, the many people had all turned into demons, including Emperor Peng.

Now that clan had an evolved version of the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony, it was probably incredible. Lin Feng had already absorbed the entirety of the demon pond, Jumo wasn't willing to let him leave with it. He didn't want Lin Feng to use it all, either!

"You have a deployment spell, I can also use deployment spells!" replied Lin Feng coldly. He descended into the demon pond, Kalpa lights glittering around him as a path appeared in the water. It was a spectacular sight!

Lin Feng went to the bottom of the pond, surrounded by walls of water. He started carving marks, and a life and death pattern appeared.

Lin Feng released immortal and earth energies in a billowing storm. The demon pond became his deployment spell territory.

While carving marks, Lin Feng continued releasing Kalpa strength, which rose up and slaughtered the demons descending from the sky to kill him.

Lin Feng finished his life and death deployment spell. Death Qi began to gather. However, Lin Feng didn't stop moving. He continued making shattering deployment spells.

After all that, Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and let the water of the demon pond flow throughout the deployment spells and over his body. He quickly disappeared from the clansmen's field of view. Each time their demons penetrated into the water, they did not come back out, and were destroyed immediately. However, the clansmen continued attacking Lin Feng's deployment spells and breaking them down slowly.

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were worried. Lin Feng just enjoyed being in the demon pond. At the same time, he started studying new spells. He had many sorts of strength, and had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures which allowed him to evolve his spells.

He had his Rule technique, the rule of life and death, the strength of life and death. His attacks were becoming more and more explosive.

He also had his Nihility Sword, and his Nine Kalpa Swords. Basically, on the path of life and death, he could mix anything with life and death energies, and with his incredible speed thanks to his wind cosmic energies, he was becoming monstrously strong!

PMG Chapter 1893

Chapter 1893: Fighting Over the Milky Way

Out on the vast Milky Way battlefield, there was a kind of natural protective screen that looked like an illusion. It looked like cliffs, but it was transparent. It could usually prevent cultivators from pa.s.sing through, but if they did, an imprint appeared on their third eye and they couldn't delete it.

At that moment, Juxiao had come to that place from the Ancient Demon Clan. He couldn't see anyone in front of him, as few people came to that place because it was very dangerous. When people did, they could sense some powerful energies.

People who came from h.e.l.l knew that the Milky Way battlefield was very dangerous, but people who came from powerful groups could go there if they took precautions. However, crossing over completely was extremely dangerous, because on the other side there were many extremely strong cultivators.

At that moment, Juxiao gazed into the distance sharply, his demon energies pulsing. He already had an imprint on his third eye. He continued flying ahead, as he wanted to see how hard it was to completely cross the area.

"People who come here will die!" said someone in the distance, the air quaking. A silhouette appeared and charged at him.

Juxiao just grunted, and sharp lights emerged from his eyes. His enemy s.h.i.+vered and stared at Juxiao, petrified. Juxiao looked like a celestial demon. He punched out explosively. Endless numbers of golden sun swords appeared, but were immediately destroyed by Juxiao's DevMara punch.

"Break!" after that, the enemy continued attacking crazily, his golden energies became dazzling and a.s.saulting the DevMara punch. Juxiao continued running towards him. A gigantic DevMara hand appeared as Juxiao's body became gigantic.

The strong cultivator turned into a golden body. Juxiao grabbed him with his gigantic hand as easily if he had grabbed an ant.

"Destroy!" snarled Juxiao. He squeezed the golden cultivator with his gigantic hand and crushed him. He said coldly, "According to legends, on the other side, you can find the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I'm curious to see how strong people there are. I follow the path of Ancient Demons and I have a DevMara body. Who can compete with me in this world?"

His body turned into a light beam. Along the way, he killed a dozen people.

However, after a short time, Juxiao stopped upon on a bridge. His body was pitch-black and gigantic, but at that moment, he seemed to feel dizzy and was gazing into the distance. He started trembling.

"The Milky Way's great war." Juxiao heard that voice in his head. A boundless army was coming his way. That army sealed the entire sky. There were people spread out over hundreds of kilometers, and they all had a killer Qi. The atmosphere became very oppressive.

"It's going to be a tragedy for the people from h.e.l.l on the Milky Way battlefield!" said a voice in Juxiao's head. He quickly turned around and started running away. He was very confident, and he knew he was strong. He could kill people easily, he could also fight against a small army. However, the army he was facing wasn't any ordinary army. They were an elite force! According to the old legends, each time this army appeared, many people died!

Ji Chang calmly watched Juxiao escape, not bothering to chase him. They were there for a real war, not to kill one or two people. They wanted to invade and conquer the Milky Way battlefield!

According to legends, on the other side of the Milky Way battlefield, there were people from h.e.l.l. h.e.l.l was isolated from the rest of the world. People who wanted to go to h.e.l.l said that you needed to find the forbidden area of Jiu You. Few people knew where it was. The ancestor often said that going to the Celestial Country was a way to go to h.e.l.l, too. But these were only legends!

People from h.e.l.l controlled death strength, and they had explosive powers. In the past, people from h.e.l.l usually took the initiative to attack first, but this time people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds made the decision to attack. The troops were composed of people from many different academies. They all had incredible spells and techniques, and came from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There were hundreds of them here now, a fearsome force!

Ji Chang was in charge of leading the army of Champion University. People who were from the Celestial Champion Ranking List and above were the core troops, and const.i.tuted a powerful army. They wanted to get on the other side of the Milky Way battlefield.

"Ji Chang, we should go to the other side of the Celestial Country and kill everyone!" someone next to him spoke excitedly. It was a young man with a golden face.

"This time, we came here to practice! Our purpose is show that in the future, people from the continent can fight together. Our allies today will be our enemies tomorrow. Our main goal is to become stronger anyway," said Ji Chang. The whole army had already crossed the protective screen, so they all had an imprint in their third eye and were considered intruders. They couldn't hide themselves.

Some strong cultivators from h.e.l.l were on the edge of that vast area. When they saw the army arrive, they were stunned and their faces turned deathly pale as they started running away, trying to escape.

"Die!" shouted Ji Chang furiously. Now, they were going to start attacking!

"Die!…" shouted the whole army furiously. Their voices made everyone shake. A powerful Qi rolled out, and some people immediately started coughing up blood. Their faces all turned pale and desperate.

Destructive strength filled the heavens. People's faces were as white as sheets of paper as they started drowning in the destructive strength.

In the distance, some people raised their heads and shook when they saw what was happening. They couldn't keep calm, and all looked terrified. They gazed into the distance, their hearts pounding. A great war over the Milky Way battlefield was going to start!

A powerful wind started blowing. People on the Milky Way battlefield were shaken. People started running away to tell everyone about what was happening. Some people didn't believe that there could be a war on the Milky Way battlefield. Of course, some people wanted to go and see to make sure, but after going there, they never came back.

The Continent of the Nine Clouds' army was terrifying. They slaughtered their way forward relentlessly.

Some strong cultivators started gathering on the side of h.e.l.l and forming an army.


However, Lin Feng didn't know about what was happening. At that moment, he was still in the Ancient Demon Clan's great deployment spell. The people from the Ancient Demon Clan also found it difficult to resist him.

On that day, Juxiao suddenly came back. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan quickly went up to him.

"What's going on?" Juxiao asked the Ancient Demon Clansmen when he saw that they had activated the Great Ancient Demon Deployment Spell, astonished.

Jumo pointed to Lin Feng down in the demon pond and said, "That guy has a mysterious technique and he's very dangerous. He used the strength of the demon pond to attack us. We couldn't do anything against him, so we had to activate the deployment spell… but his deployment spells are extremely powerful, too!"

Juxiao looked at Lin Feng and flew towards him. He appeared in the sky above the demon pond, sharp demon lights emerging from his eyes and descending from the sky.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked up at Juxiao.

Juxiao shot down towards Lin Feng in the demon pond, his body swelling immensely in size. He looked like a DevMara demon!

"Die!" shouted Juxiao furiously. He waved his hand and a powerful celestial hand descended from the sky.

DevMara Kalpa strength condensed. Lin Feng released a powerful and explosive DevMara Kalpa attack. The two hands collided, but Juxiao's hand didn't break!

"Hmph! Juxiao is walking on the path of enlightenment, he's an incredible demon cultivator and has the DevMara body. He is invincible!" sneered the Ancient Demon Clansmen coldly. This time, Juxiao had to kill Lin Feng!

PMG Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894: Condensing strength

"Dao power!" Lin Feng was stupefied. He sensed some Dao power in the demon hand attack.

That level of strength was terrifying. Even some great emperors didn't know how to use Dao power yet. Lin Feng understood basic things on the path of life and death. He could already adapt his Nihility Sword Scriptures to his life and death cultivation, and he could easily kill high-level emperors with his powers. With life and death stamps, his attacks were even more fearsome. But without Dao power, killing those heroic and talented high-level emperors was difficult.

And now, a demon silhouette had appeared. He had his own path, and his attacks contained threads of Dao power!

Lin Feng released a Kalpa Sword which whistled as it pierced through the air.

The demon hand was cut apart by the Kalpa sword, shocking Juxiao. He hadn't thought Lin Feng would be strong enough to destroy his Dao power attack.

He was also even more infuriated. Many more demons continued descending from the sky to suppress Lin Feng. Even his soul started shaking!

"Soul attack!" Lin Feng was grim. That soul attack was almost physical, as it contained Dao power strength. His enemy was very powerful. He also had very advanced knowledge and understanding of his own path.

Lin Feng understood what kind of body his enemy had, it gave him the power to make things almost indestructible. His offense and defense were both amazing. With that kind of body, and that kind of Dao, Lin Feng understood that his path and his enemy's path were completely different.

Sword strength appeared in the sky and pierced through the demons' heads, dispersing them. Juxiao grunted and advanced. Lin Feng could feel Juxiao's powerful soul approach him and weighing down on him.

Lin Feng advanced as well. Lights glittered, and demon strength condensed and dashed skywards before whipping at his enemy's gigantic feet. Water splashed and rolled but the colossus had an indestructible body, and his defensive abilities were incredible.

Lin Feng sighed. He understood the difference between people who had understood the Dao and those who hadn't. They belonged to different worlds. Even Lin Feng only understood rudimentary notions of the Dao, and yet that was enough for him to kill high-level emperors with life and death strength. Now Juxiao was using Dao power attacks to attack him, and Lin Feng was countering with destructive demon strength, but he couldn't even break the enemy's feet.

Huge waves of dazzling Kalpa strength began condensing around Lin Feng

"Go!" The Kalpa strength raged up and moved towards the condensing lights. A dazzling light flew above the demon pond, delivering an explosion that actually blew a hole in his enemy's feet!

"Demon Kalpa strength!" Juxiao was surprised. This guy could use the strength of the demon pond! He could take it and make it turn into Kalpa strength. He had probably obtained some mysterious Ancient scriptures!

"You're quite strong! However, you will never be able to run away from me!" Juxiao swore coldly. Lin Feng looked back at him with murder in his eyes. Even though Juxiao was strong, Lin Feng wasn't worried because he could also imprison this guy in his small world, and he was probably not strong enough to break free from it. However, Lin Feng wasn't sure whether Juxiao had Great Imperial Weapons or not. If he did have one, then Lin Feng wasn't sure if that weapon would allow him to break free from his inner world.

He knew his small world wasn't indestructible. Back then, he had seen how Emperor Yu's small world had been destroyed in the world he came from, Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi had managed to break it. Lin Feng's small world wasn't very stable. Really strong cultivators could definitely destroy his small world in one shot.

"Try then!" Lin Feng answered coldly. Juxiao descended from the sky. Surprisingly, he didn't fear Lin Feng's deployment spell. The empty s.p.a.ce in the deployment spell was very oppressive. The water of the pond moved aside, Juxiao didn't want Lin Feng to use the water of the pond.

Juxiao stopped and moved sharply away after he saw the marks at the bottom of the pond. Now he understood that there weren't many possibilities. One was to fight in a great battle against Lin Feng, but Juxiao also understood that a great war had started outside, and they wouldn't be able to protect this place much longer… in which case the demon pond wouldn't be that important anymore.

A loud booming started. Juxiao tried to attack again, descending and trying to use his feet to crush Lin Feng!

Lin Feng's eyes glittered, and the marks under his feet interwove. The life and death strength they contained was incredible as the deployment spell was activated. At the same time, Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, turning into a shadow. He wanted to attack Juxiao from a different angle!

"Empty s.p.a.ce teleportation deployment spell." Juxiao was impressed. He saw a silhouette moving towards him. The silhouette turned into two and then three and then even more clones. They all looked real!

"Argh!" Juxiao shouted furiously. A powerful and oppressive soul wave attack surged out, and the clones started breaking apart one after another.

However, at that moment, one of the silhouettes was extremely fast and had dazzling marks under it – holy marks!

"Curse, die!" Lin Feng's eyes were filled with a dreadful energy. Cursing strength moved towards the Dao power, and at the same time, a Nihility Sword whistled and sliced towards Juxiao's head.

At that moment, Juxiao's soul shook, his will had been affected, and his fury rose. He continued releasing more soul strength, while at the same time, punching out with what looked like mountains streaking across the sky.

"Die, die, die!…" Lin Feng shouted and used the power of his Nihility Sword Scriptures, releasing death energies and immortal will. Juxiao was going to pay the price for attacking him!

A powerful hand moved towards Lin Feng, who released his Purple Tank in retaliation. Lin Feng continued releasing sword energies which rose to the skies, countering the thunderous rumblings in the air. Juxiao's energies did finally reach Lin Feng and force him back, but Lin Feng had already started releasing life energy to recover.

This was precisely the reason why he dared offend those people, and now they had to pay the price.

Juxiao pulled a long face. Immortal energy and a death sword had penetrated into his body, as well as death cursing strength. His body was almost indestructible, but Lin Feng had managed to wound him. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he was obviously facing an insane cultivator!

Lin Feng turned into an illusion and moved towards the outside world. When the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan saw that, they were all furious. If they chased him, he would probably kill them! This insane cultivator had already injured Juxiao!

"If you try to stop me again, I'll kill you!" shouted Lin Feng explosively, his voice carrying death energy to corrode them. Suddenly, the Ancient Demon Clansmen opened the way. Lin Feng pa.s.sed between them, creating a sonic boom with his speed. At the same time, they heard a loud voice, "A bunch of tras.h.!.+"

The Ancient Demon Clansmen were all furious. What a humiliation!

When Lin Feng left the Ancient Demon Clan, he appeared on a bridge and placed an imprint there. A light beam leapt into the sky. Lin Feng remained waiting there on the bridge.

After a short time, some people came flying over to Lin Feng. A few of them took out a Jalacandra Talisman, and asked Lin Feng , "You're from Jalacandra Fairyland?"

"Indeed!" Lin Feng nodded. He also took out his talisman People from Jalacandra Fairyland were like brothers and sisters there. Surprisingly, they had found one another.

At that moment, someone came up to them. He also had a Jalacandra Talisman, but he didn't look happy.

"What's wrong?" asked everybody.

"Some people are coming from the other side of the Milky Way to kill us. A great war over the Celestial Country is going to happen. n.o.body can block them. Everybody has to escape, or we'll die. If they weren't tired, they would already be here. They're so fast!" said that person slowly.

Everybody was stunned. A great war in the Celestial Country?

"Over the Celestial Country?" Lin Feng was perplexed.

"According to legends, they come from another world. And now they have sent a great army to conquer the place and we can't stop them. We have to find a solution, otherwise they'll invade the Milky Way battlefield!"

"People from the Continent of the Nine Clouds are here to kill us?" Lin Feng was stunned. His heart was pounding. He had never thought he'd meet such incredible fighters!

PMG Chapter 1895

Chapter 1895: Ji Wuyou Nowadays

The Dark Night Region, Holy City, Champion University…

Hou Qing Lin and the others had left their small homeworld a long time ago. After that, they had been to the nine great celestial castles. These days, the headquarters of Tiantai were already incredible, both spectacular and famous. n.o.body could challenge their position. Hou Qing Lin and the others were convinced that their teachers would find them soon, or that Tiantai would hear about them someday.

Two people were fighting in one of Champion University's main buildings, a man and woman. The man was extremely young, and obviously struggling, "Sister Qing Yan, your cosmic energies can kill me!"

"So before fighting against emperors, you need to understand force to the extent your force is multiplied by a thousand. Only then will you understand how to control the world around you!" Yun Qing Yan smiled, "Xiao Chen, our teacher told me to take care of you. Don't blame me!"

"How could I? Sister Qing Yan, you're amazing. Xiao Chen knows how to differentiate good from bad!" replied Ye Xue with a smile.

Yun Qing Yan looked at Ye Xue and smiled, "You're helping that little boy. Next time, Huang Fu Long will deal with him, or Tantai."

"No…" protested Xiao Chen, pulling a long face.

"Little boy, we're like uncles for you, you should be happy!" said Tantai, walking up to him. Ye Chen smiled angrily. Tantai walked over to Ye Chen and clapped his shoulders. Ye Chen smiled wryly. Each time Tantai tried to teach him cultivation, it wasn't fun.

"What about our second brother?" Tantai asked Yun Qing Yan cheerfully.

"He's meditating in seclusion. He's a cultivaholic," huffed Yun Qing Yan.

Tantai smiled and said, "Lin Feng is also like that. Thanks to them, Tiantai will become great again. Have you seen how arrogant the members of the Ji Chang's Club are? Even the Star Group, I want to destroy all of them!"

"Be patient. The Star Group is not a problem. Ji Wuyou, who used to be difficult to defeat, is now in the Moon Group. With our strength, we can easily defeat the Star Group, but the Moon Group is different. But two years is enough," Yun Qing Yan said solemnly.

"Indeed. I just saw Ji Wuyou. After that guy became a medium-level emperor, they started being arrogant again. Not so long ago, he went to the battle stage for those of the higher ranking list and challenged the fifth one. Then, he became a medium-level emperor and went back to the Ji Clan to meditate in seclusion. I wonder how strong he's become. Hou Qing Lin and the others will go and see. We'll be able to get ready," said Tantai slowly. Yun Qing Yan nodded. Tantai was right. They had to be ready!

Ji Wuyou had dared challenge the fifth of the higher ranking list, which meant he was strong enough.

At that moment, Hou Qing Lin was looking pensive. He released reincarnation strength, which swelled around him. A reincarnation hole appeared in the skies above. Hou Qing Lin stared at it and whispered, "On the path of cultivation, what is the destiny of my reincarnation strength? How will it evolve?"

He looked thoughtful as he came out of the cultivation room. Tantai and Yun Qing Yan were both standing there. They knew that Ji Wuyou might defeat the fifth student of the higher ranking list, so Hou Qing Lin had gathered some people to go and watch the battle. They were enemies, but seeing how strong he was was a good thing.

At that moment, Ji Wuyou was standing on the battle stage of the higher ranking list. Many people were around to watch him. Back then, Ling Tian had defeated Ji Wuyou. Ji Wuyou wouldn't forget that, he was too proud.

"Que Lan is here. He's the fifth student of the higher ranking list, and extremely strong. He's a highly skilled medium emperor who knows ancient techniques that can attack people's souls. Even people who are higher than him in the ranking list don't want to fight against him. Ji Chang has been meditating in seclusion and has become much stronger, so he dares to challenge Que Lan."

The crowd commented as they saw someone in fine clothes arrive. That man landed on the battle stage. "Ji Wuyou, even though you're Ji Chang's brother, on the battle stage, I will be merciless."

Ji Wuyou smiled coldly. He rose up into the air, king's Qi gathering and pulsing around him. A dragon pattern appeared behind him amid dazzling lights. This time, there were three Dragon Totems of astonis.h.i.+ng strength. The dragon chants were making the earth and sky shake, filled with power.

"Let's fight. If you can endure my first attack, we'll consider it my loss," said Ji Wuyou proudly.

Que Lan replied coldly, "Back then, you lost like a n.o.body, and today you dare act this arrogantly?"

When Ji Wuyou heard Que Lan, he looked at him with murder in his eyes. His dragons roared furiously, reacting to his emotion. Trails appeared behind the dragons in the sky.

Que Lan grunted coldly. He wasn't afraid at all. He started forwards as a gigantic bell appeared, it's ringing shaking people's eardrums violently and painfully. At the same time, imprint shot out everywhere and collided with Ji Wuyou's dragons.

"Destroy!" snarled Ji Wuyou. There was a flash of thunder, and Que Lan's imprints broke apart, Qi flowing in every direction.

Que Lan's facial expression changed drastically. How could that happen? He was clearly stronger than Ji Wuyou, why had his energies broken?

Que Lan performed some hand seals and more bells filled the air with their ringing, people's eardrums were shaking unceasingly.

Ji Wuyou looked at him coldly, and just shouted out angrily again. More rumbles of thunder spread out, and the bells were shattered again!

Suddenly, a destructive strength pressed down on Que Lan. He groaned with pain as his face turned deathly pale. It felt like his soul was about to explode. Thunder rumbled as Wuyou's dragons crashed onto his body and hurled him away. Blood splashed out of his mouth as he collapsed, his face deathly pale.

He had lost!

The crowd was astonished. Ji Wuyou had become so terrifying. How? The fifth student of the higher ranking list hadn't withstood a single attack from him.

"He can use Dao power!" a young man spoke up. His eyes were twinkling.

"Dao!" The crowd was astonished and frowned thoughtfully. This was too astonis.h.i.+ng! Even some great emperors didn't understand Dao strength. Only extremely talented high-level emperors started understanding the power of the Dao. Ji Wuyou was just a medium-level emperor, and he already understood Dao power. It was an amazing accomplishment. He was determined to surpa.s.s his brother!

Ji Wuyou's robe was fluttering in the wind, he looked like a proud king. He glanced at Que Lan coldly and said, "There is no cultivator in the world who is undefeated. I lost against Lin Feng and I was humiliated. Next time I fight against Lin Feng, I'll definitely defeat him!"

"Empty words." said someone in the crowd. Everybody gazed into the distance and saw Tantai.

The crowd was startled to see them. Tiantai's people, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, they're here. Last time, they defeated the members of the Star Group. They seem much stronger than before, too…, thought the watchers.

When Ji Wuyou heard Tantai, he flashed forwards and stopped above Tantai. He said coldly, "Where's Lin Feng? We can fight right now!"

"You lost last time. Why would he fight against you again?" said Tantai, staring at Ji Wuyou. Lin Feng was very proud. He had beat Ji Wuyou once, why would Lin Feng fight against him again?

Ji Wuyou looked down at Tantai disdainfully. Suddenly, he shouted furiously and his dragons reappeared. Tantai had the sensation his soul was going to explode. He groaned with pain and his face turned deathly pale as he almost collapsed.

Dragons continued roaring furiously. Ji Wuyou looked down upon him and sneered, "Since you don't dare fight, it means you're totally unqualified to talk. Wait until the day of the agreement. Tiantai will be crushed."

"You…" said Huang Fu Long, starting forwards.

However, Hou Qing Lin prevented him from going. He calmly looked at Ji Wuyou and said indifferently, "I've read books about Dao power in the Champion Hall. If you had achieved enlightenment, you would have killed Tantai in one strike. Maybe you're just borrowing someone else's Dao." Hou Qing Lin waved his hand and said, "Let's go!"

Ji Wuyou was frozen. What a humiliation again! He didn't understand Dao, indeed… A strong cultivator of the Ji Clan had made him study the Dao and had made him use Marks of the Path.  However, he hadn't understood precisely how to use them. He could still use some Dao power, however.

"Wuyou, no need to explain anything to those people. They challenged the Moon Group, they will be destroyed. You'll get your revenge then!" said some strong cultivators from the Moon Group as they landed next to Ji Wuyou.

Ji Wuyou nodded. He didn't need to explain anything to them. His brother was in the Celestial Country. He had to make efforts to become stronger and surpa.s.s his brother, otherwise, everybody would only talk about his brother his entire life. In the future, people would consider Ji Chang's brother as the stronger one!

PMG Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896: Destroying the Ancient Demon Clan

The army of the continent was surrounded by corpses. The strong cultivators from h.e.l.l who were on the Milky Way battlefield were terrified. They couldn't fight against such a powerful army!

Lin Feng and the others continued running away. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland gathered together because Lin Feng had a demon imprint and the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan hadn't given up after Lin Feng had left. However, when Lin Feng and the others gathered again, the strong cultivators didn't get any closer.

"They're chasing me?" Lin Feng stared at the strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan who had continued chasing him.

"Strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan, why are they chasing you?" someone from Jalacandra Fairyland asked Lin Feng.

"They p.i.s.sed me off! I have to kill them!" said Lin Feng coldly.

The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland were surprised, "The cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan are terrifyingly strong. We can't kill them easily."

"Continue calling our people. We have to destroy the Ancient Demon Clan!" said Lin Feng. He looked furious, his eyes were filled with death energy. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland s.h.i.+vered when they saw him like that.

After seeing what there was coming on the h.e.l.l's side of the Milky Way battlefield, many people stopped doubting and gathered together. They stopped traveling alone and fighting against one another. However, they were still running away. They needed to wait for their combined forces to be gigantic.

"Juxiao, he dares say he wants to kill us?" Jumo and the others noticed Lin Feng. They were all furious. The opposite of before was happening now, Lin Feng wanted to kill and chase them!?

"Let him dream. He can talk, it doesn't mean it'll happen!" snorted Juxiao scornfully. He had fought against Lin Feng, he had seen how strong he was. Juxiao didn't care about Lin Feng's friends. He had become strong, and high-level h.e.l.l emperors couldn't even pose a threat to him. He could easily defeat most of them by himself!

The members of Jalacandra Fairyland continued calling their friends. Very quickly, there were more than fifty people of Jalacandra Fairyland gathered. That was a fairly big force already. Lin Feng said, "I control life and death Dao intent. When we attack, don't worry about death attacks, just condense death strength and then we'll attack together. I want to choke them to death!"

Lin Feng released life energy to cover the group. They frowned together: Dao intent! Lin Feng looked like a low-level h.e.l.l emperor and controlled Dao intent!

"Lin Feng, those people are really strong, are you sure?" someone asked Lin Feng.

"We must kill them!" answered Lin Feng, starting forwards. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland sped up and started towards the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan!

"They're attacking us!" shouted one of the Ancient Demon Clansmen.

Juxiao looked at them with murder in his eyes as he suddenly grew to gigantic size, looking like a giant  demon as he shouted, "Fight!"

The Ancient Demon Clansmen turned around and threw themselves at the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland. Juxiao's hand descended from the sky. In a flash, the indestructible demon hand pressed down on the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland!

"Attack, lend me some death strength!" shouted Lin Feng from the middle of the group, bathing them in life and death lights. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland bombarded the life and death lights with death strength. The life and death lights became broader and broader. A powerful death Qi filled the air and began to turn it black.

The cultivators forgot about time and released death strength unceasingly. At the same time, they also used spells.

"Die!" Death swords appeared. Two life and death light beams appeared and moved towards Juxiao's head. At the same time, Lin Feng waved his hands and life and death lights turned into death strength, that then formed a Kalpa sword. Lin Feng was moving lightning fast as energies transformed around him.

"Be careful!" shouted the Ancient Demon Clansmen. The Kalpa sword had dreadful death stamps all over it!

"Kill the six on the side!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland listened to him and released death cosmic energies at the same time, immediately attacking those people. Lin Feng was yelling like a madman, his voice turning into a river of death strength.

Those six clansmen's faces turned deathly pale. The Kalpa sword pierced through their heads and they collapsed, dead!

"Move away from them!" shouted Juxiao, furiously moving backwards. Lin Feng and his friends were extremely strong and had amazing spells. The Ancient Demon Clansmen couldn't kill them using death strength, it didn't work against them. Lin Feng could use those attacks for his own benefit!

The Ancient Demon Clan realized that, too. They all released Qi at the same time. Even though Lin Feng and his friends had killed six of them, they were still more than thirty of the Clan left.

"Retreat and fight at the same time. Those reached by the death strength will die first!" shouted Lin Feng furiously when he saw that the Clansmen were all attacking at the same time. The whole army pulled back. At the same time, some h.e.l.l death energy enveloped some Clansmen. A Kalpa sword streaked across the sky and the Ancient Demon Clansmen who were in front died instantly.

Life and death lights glowed everywhere, surrounding the cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland. Fighting against them with death strength was now impossible.

When Juxiao saw more of his people fall from the sky, his face paled. Lin Feng controlled life and death strength extremely well. He even used their strength for his own!

"Retreat!" shouted Juxiao when he understood what was going on. However, Lin Feng smiled coldly. He wouldn't let them leave that easily.

Sharp energies whistled. The life and death lights turned into a powerful destructive light beam which rose to the skies. Death strength condensed and turned into a powerful Kalpa sword. Lin Feng said coldly, "Everybody, anyone who controls wind and or empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies, help me!"

The cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland who could released wind and empty s.p.a.ce energies, which then surrounded Lin Feng's death sword. The whistling sounds were strident. The Ancient Demon Clansmen kept running wildly.

"Kill!" shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. In a flash, the sword lights shone everywhere. They smelled like death.

Cultivators' heads flew away. The Ancient Demon Clan was extremely strong and proud, like death G.o.ds, but at that moment, they looked scared and moved chaotically.

"Let's use more wind cosmic energies and chase them!" shouted a member of Jalacandra Fairyland. They picked up the corpses' treasures and continued chasing the members of the Ancient Demon Clan and killed them whenever they could. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan couldn't fight back against them at all.

Lin Feng was merciless, he wanted to kill all of them. He was also chasing Juxiao!

Juxiao turned around and met Lin Feng's eyes, which were filled with demonic and death strength. A new sense of terror began to fill him. He was now the last one left! All his friends and family had died on the Milky Way battlefield! Returning the Ancient Demon Clan to life in the Celestial Country would now be very, very difficult. Besides, Lin Feng wasn't going to let him off, he and his friends from Jalacandra Fairyland continued chasing the demon cultivator.

"Even if I die, you'll die too!" swore Juxiao. He turned suddenly and shot towards Lin Feng.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Sword energies filled the sky. At the same time, a dozen threads of death strength penetrated into Juxiao's body. His body turned grey, but continued punching out in Lin Feng's direction.

"Die!" Lin Feng released life strength. He didn't flinch. His life and death pattern appeared and at the same time he also released energies to make himself an armored sh.e.l.l.

Lin Feng was bombarded backwards with a bone-crunching impact.

However, Juxiao's skull was now filled with sword and death strength. There was a final s.h.i.+ver and shake, before his skull finally gave way, exploding in a dark eruption.

All the cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were dead!

"Cough…" Lin Feng coughed up blood. His body felt sore, everywhere. However, he still looked determined. He moved quickly and picked up Juxiao's treasures. The others didn't mind. Lin Feng was the one who had defeated the most people!

PMG Chapter 1897

Chapter 1897: Military Strategy

For the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland, this was a great battle. They hadn't lost anybody, and they had killed famous cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan! They were all amazed by Lin Feng. His understanding of life and death was deep and advanced. Joining hands with Lin Feng was something great! He could even transform their energies!

They had also obtained great things when defeating their enemies. Now, they could defeat more enemies, so they could also obtain more things!

"We should gather together with the other cultivators from h.e.l.l. Jalacandra Fairyland can't win alone. We have to join hands with other people," said someone at that moment gravely. They couldn't flinch. They had to move back, form an army and fight for power. The outsiders wanted to invade the Celestial Country!

"Indeed!" many people replied positively.

"Let's go."

Their silhouettes flickered, they retreated and began to gather. Everybody realized that a powerful army was going to attack them.

That kind of battlefield was too terrifying. Two armies from two different worlds were going to fight, and n.o.body could do anything to stop it.


People were running back and forth, everyone was on edge.

Lin Feng and the others gathered together somewhere. Each time people saw them, they s.h.i.+vered.

Someone said to the crowd, "People who don't have an imprint in their third eye must be destroyed, without any exception. There will only be this one battle."

"He's the descendant of one of the Ten Yama Courts' kings. His name is Yang Mian. He understands Dao power and is at the top of the Huang Qi layer. He is terrifyingly strong. He sounds like a real leader!" said someone next to Lin Feng. Everybody nodded. In h.e.l.l, leaders were all obstinate and unruly.

"Everybody, you all know that those people probably come from the other world. We control death energy, we have the advantage and can win. Therefore, let's all release death strength and then move together. If they fight in our sea of death strength, we'll have the advantage!" said Yang Mian loudly. Everybody heard him clearly. They had to agree on some things before fighting and be strategically efficient.

"Yang Mian, we don't know how strong the outsiders are. We should wait for them here. If the difference between them and us is too big, then we can escape," said someone in the crowd. Many people agreed.

"Everybody, don't worry. I've already sent some extremely strong cultivators to the front to check them out. They will soon tell us about the outsiders," replied Yang Mian. Everybody felt relieved. At that moment, everybody was getting ready to protect themselves.

The atmosphere on the Milky Way battlefield suddenly became chaotic. However, people remained silent, although it was rather suffocating to endure.

A strong wind started blowing, Yang Mian and the others gazed into the distance. They saw a silhouette surrounded by a whirlwind, closing on them quickly. The scout said to Yang Mian, "We have about the same number of people, and they're not far away. They will arrive soon!"

"Alright!" said Yang Mian solemnly. Then he said to everybody, "Everybody, let's form nine vertical lines and leave some s.p.a.ce in between for people to move freely when attacking."

Silhouettes flickered, turning into a gigantic wall. It was spectacular thing to watch as death Qi began to gather and pulse thickly all over the sky.

"Everybody, remember, after attacking, everybody move back. Don't move chaotically, let the death strength do its job. Even those who can kill within a short time, do so when they rush over to us. Don't underestimate them. Be careful. We'll have the advantage if we fight smart!" said Yang Mian.

Everybody agreed and nodded along. At that moment, in the distance, a powerful and gigantic army appeared, preceded by sonic booms.

Lin Feng was in the crowd too. At that moment, he looked determined. This battle wasn't going to be as easy as Yang Mian thought it was…

Cultivators didn't like being humiliated, that was the reason why they joined hands to fight. It had to do with life and death. Lin Feng was going to fight because the other army could pose a threat to all of them, otherwise why would he fight? The battle between h.e.l.l and the other world had nothing to do with him.

A light beam suddenly shot across the sky and lit up everything, and the wind picked up. The people from h.e.l.l frowned. In the distance, a gigantic fire dragon appeared. s.p.a.ce even started burning around it.

Yang Mian looked glum and said coldly, "Let's release ice h.e.l.l strength to stop their fire."

After that, the people who controlled ice energy released some. The temperature fell as it moved forwards. The very air started freezing.

The fire and the ice collided. A strong wind brushed against people's skin. Gigantic whirlwinds appeared, as sharp as blades. The enemies also had a strategy!

"Earth and gold strength!" shouted Yang Mian extremely loudly. In a flash, a s.h.i.+eld made of gold and earth strength appeared before them. The outsiders couldn't see clearly anymore, the earth and gold Qi had also blotted out the sky.

"Destroy!" shouted someone extremely loudly. The gigantic s.h.i.+eld broke apart.

Yang Mian made seals with his gigantic hands. An imprint appeared and grew to colossal size. The blade-sharp wind crashed against the gigantic imprint, forcing it back.

"Break!" A powerful strength pulsed out. The atmosphere seemed like it was going to collapse. Dazzling lights appeared everywhere. People could barely see the sky and the air seemed to be squeezing them!

"Release h.e.l.l death strength!" shouted Yang Mian extremely loudly. The crowd all released death strength. However, that death strength couldn't pierce through the enemies' attacks. The crowd felt desperate and their hearts started pounding.

"Back!" said Lin Feng. The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland looked glum, but they trusted Lin Feng and all of them pulled back.

"Disperse, everybody move in every direction chaotically. Like this, we can't fight, we're just easy targets!" shouted Lin Feng explosively. People released strength in every direction, however, the next waves of attacks continued filling the air in their direction. The enemies were getting closer and closer!

The air seemed like it was going to collapse. Another powerful whirlwind appeared, and many people were destroyed. That tactic was deadly!

"Ji Chang!" Lin Feng was astonished. He looked at the outsiders and noticed one of the leaders: it was Ji Chang! Ji Chang was using Cyan Dragon Totem attacks with nine Cyan Dragon Totems on display. He looked like a king!

When I joined Champion University, he was already an incredible cultivator. Now, so much time has pa.s.sed. He has even obtained the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. He must be at the top of the Huang Qi layer! He probably knows about Dao intent. Among the people of the Huang Qi layer, he must have no enemy at all!, thought Lin Feng.

In Champion University, the Celestial Country was known, and as expected, there was a pa.s.sage between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Celestial Country. The problem was that back when Lin Feng had joined Champion University, he was still a new student, and only strong cultivators in Champion University knew about the Celestial Country.

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