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PMG Chapter 1904

Chapter 1904: A Lotus

w.a.n.g Zhen waved and his army moved. They surrounded Minister Uptala and the others.

Minister Uptala sighed and said, "Let Lin Feng and my daughter off, and I'll be your servant forever."

"Dream on, Minister!" spat w.a.n.g Xiao, smiling coldly. "My son was the most precious thing to me in life. Lin Feng killed him, you think I would let him off? You're ridiculous!"

Lin Feng looked furious. but then Minister Uptala said, "You want all of us to die here, then?"

"Indeed! Now, Minister Uptala, I will show you what it feels like to lose your children!" said w.a.n.g Xiao icily. He suddenly turned around and looked at Qing Qing as some Qi surrounded her. Her white arms turned black, followed by her face.

"Qing Qing!" Lin Feng and Minister Uptala turned around and looked at Qing Qing. Minister Uptala started crying.

"Dad, don't cry, promise me that you'll live on, and don't stay here, leave!" smiled Qing Qing sadly. She reached out and wiped her father's tears away. She was far more worried about her father then herself.

"It's my fault." Death Qi appeared in Lin Feng's eyes, but life Qi started flowing throughout Qing Qing's body. He could eliminate the death Qi in her body, but he couldn't destroy the destructive strength.

"Lin Feng, it has nothing to do with you. I bear the consequences for my actions. You are extremely talented. You can't die!" Qing Qing smiled. Then, she looked at Minister Uptala and said, "Dad, freeze me, at least, I won't die ugly."

"Alright!" Minister Uptala released an ice-cold energy, which surrounded his daughter. She slowly froze and the destructive energy did as well. Qing Qing was still smiling within, like a statue.

At that moment, Lin Feng released a special Qi, and Qing Qing disappeared from where she was. Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng strangely.

"Die!" A terrifying Qi dashed to the skies, a punch appeared, an immortal h.e.l.l river appeared and moved towards Minister Uptala. At the same time, Jian Mang and Lin Feng sensed a terrifying death strength surround them. Their willpower was being corroded!

Lin Feng released life stamps. He released chilling death energy and glanced at Jian Mang, wondering whether to save him or let him die.

Jian Mang suddenly opened his eyes, now filled with rare light intent. Jian Mang had always hidden some of his special powers. If w.a.n.g Xiao hadn't tried to kill him a moment before, he would have continued hiding his special powers.

Jian Mang had no reason to hide his powers, unless w.a.n.g Xiao was controlling him.

"So you should go into a cage!" Lin Feng said. A second later, Jian Mang disappeared. The crowd frowned. Did Lin Feng have a special treasure? He could even store away people who were alive!

At this moment, Lin Feng didn't mind revealing his trump cards anymore. He couldn't die here. He didn't want to die. He wanted to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Now, showing what he was capable of didn't matter much anymore. He should have made Qing Qing go to his small world much sooner.

Minister Uptala took out a lotus and said to Lin Feng, "Go inside!"

Lin Feng jumped onto the lotus, which closed itself around him and wrapped him up. At the same time, a terrifying immortal strength moved towards Minister Uptala, carving fissures in s.p.a.ce.

A terrifying fire started burning on Minister Uptala's body. A terrifying Qi rose to the skies and protected the lotus around Lin Feng. Minister Uptala looked extremely determined. He had said it; even if they both died, he would be the first one to die.

The fire continued burning Minister Uptala, growing rapidly more intense. His expression changed drastically. n.o.body knew better then he how powerful the Path of the Lotus was. At that moment, Minister Uptala was using his own soul for the benefits of his Path. He was changing his Path!

"w.a.n.g Zhen, you'll be the first one to die!" said Minister Uptala icily. People realized that the situation was extremely dangerous. Minister Uptala was a great emperor. w.a.n.g Zhen looked terrified. There was a huge difference between him and Uptala. Minister Uptala was going crazy!

Suddenly, the earth started giving birth to Blue Uptala Lotuses, appearing one after another. Minister Uptala's full strength existed in those lotuses. Dazzling lights bloomed everywhere, and a gigantic lotus appeared and moved towards w.a.n.g Zhen!

w.a.n.g Xiao was initially standing next to w.a.n.g Zhen, but at that moment he retreated, abandoning w.a.n.g Zhen. Fighting against Minister Uptala was useless at this moment, he was too dangerous!

"Break!" shouted w.a.n.g Zhen furiously. He released energies in pulses and broke Uptala's ice energies first. An ocean of death Qi appeared in the s.p.a.ce and moved towards the Blue Uptala Lotus.

However, at that moment, the Blue Uptala Lotus expanded greatly in size, and enveloped all the death Qi, and w.a.n.g Zhen with it!

"No…!" w.a.n.g Zhen screamed, his soul fleeing his body. However, the Blue Uptala Lotus became even larger and enveloped his soul as well. Some strong cultivators who weren't far enough from w.a.n.g Zhen didn't have time to escape and were absorbed by the Blue Uptala Lotus as well!

The Blue Uptala Lotus' petals then closed. Destructive strength saturated its interior, and Minister Uptala's Blue Uptala Lotus broke apart into a million lotuses. w.a.n.g Zhen and all the others had disappeared.

The ice-cold h.e.l.lfire burning on Minister Uptala's body was getting stronger. There were many great emperors in the crowd, but they all dispersed, not daring to get close to Minister Uptala. At that moment, Minister Uptala was risking his life, but they didn't want to risk their own lives against him. That was w.a.n.g Xiao's responsibility! Who wanted to risk their life for him?

"You sacrificed your body for the Dao, you want to die!" sneered w.a.n.g Xiao icily. He had never thought Minister Uptala would be this crazy!


Minister Uptala suddenly turned around, and an ocean of strength moved towards w.a.n.g Xiao at the same time Minister Uptala charged him. Millions of lotuses appeared, each lotus a terrifying killing weapon!

w.a.n.g Xiao waved his hands and a lade of red fire appeared before him, moving to block the lotuses. Minister Uptala continued charging, not caring at all about its terrifying strength.

Everybody was shaken, fully able to see that Minister Uptala didn't care about dying anymore. He had killed w.a.n.g Zhen first, and now he wanted to kill w.a.n.g Xiao.

"Hmph!" w.a.n.g Xiao snorted coldly. He waved his hands and a curtain appeared between them. It was a silver web, looking extremely sharp and could seemingly cut apart people's bodies and souls!

However, w.a.n.g Xiao's smile disappeared instantly. Minister Uptala charged right through the silver web, getting cut, but it was as if he hadn't sensed anything. Minister Uptala landed in front of w.a.n.g Xiao, bearing one Blue Uptala Lotus in his hand, one Blue Uptala Lotus of the earth and sky. He wanted to plant it in w.a.n.g Xiao's body!

w.a.n.g Xiao's expression changed drastically. He retreated instinctively while releasing terrifying energies. Minister Uptala didn't stop, however, ignoring everything as he put the Blue Uptala Lotus on w.a.n.g Xiao's body.

A destructive death strength burst out.

"No…" w.a.n.g Xiao's soul turned into a cloud and dispersed, his physical body falling limply down from the sky.

A few strong cultivators landed in front of the corpse and stared at Minister Uptala icily. Minister Uptala was insane. He had killed w.a.n.g Xiao's physical body!

"Someone will kill you, sooner or later." Minister Uptala's sighed, as his body then slowly turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus. He brought Lin Feng's Blue Uptala Lotus along with him as a vortex appeared amid dazzling golden lights, before disappearing into the ground. The crowd was astonished and shaken by the sight

Minister Uptala had surprisingly decided to turned into one of the earth and sky's Blue Uptala Lotuses!

PMG Chapter 1905

Chapter 1905: Turning Into A Blue Uptala Lotus

In h.e.l.l, a Blue Uptala Lotus was surrounded by golden lights as it moved along. When people saw it, it sometimes just disappeared before their eyes. Many people sighed. What kind of incredible spell was that?

The Blue Uptala Lotus drifted through the air for two days. Finally, it landed in the middle of an ocean, many other lotuses appearing around it. In a short time, the ocean was covered with Blue Uptala Lotuses, a special and mysterious Qi surrounding them.

One of the Blue Uptala Lotuses, larger and brighter than the rest, opened itself up. After that, another Blue Uptala Lotus opened itself, and a young man appeared inside. At that moment, he was surrounded by an ice-cold Qi, as well as Death Qi.

The young man's eyes were closed. A first layer of the lotus broke, and then a second, s.h.i.+ning lights penetrated into his body. The lotus had borne Lin Feng far away and now it was lending him strength. The lotus was surrounded by strange lights, all sorts of strength were changing. The will of that Blue Uptala Lotus surrounded all the energies.

The young man's silhouette flickered. He had already woken up. Of course, he didn't even need to open his eyes in such circ.u.mstances, he just had to sense the incredible energies around him. Everything was natural and peaceful.


A strong wind was blowing and causing gigantic waves to form.

However, in that ocean, there was a great black demon mount, gigantic and filled with an incredible demonic Qi. Many mysterious people were waiting atop of it.

At that moment, on the demon mount, a strong cultivator suddenly opened his eyes. He suddenly stood up and left his meditations. After a short time, he arrived in front of an ancient demon sacrificial altar and jumped atop it. There was a demon pond next to the altar, all black and containing demonic strength.

"Have you sensed the strange Qi of the Ancient Demon Clan?" asked the person who had just arrived. From inside the demon pond, many people opened their eyes, which were all fully black. They had sensed a demon imprint, but it was very far away. Only strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan could wield such imprints.

"I sensed it. That person must be quite strong. A medium-level h.e.l.l emperor or a high-level h.e.l.l emperor, at least!," replied someone.

"Indeed. Have any of you used the Ancient Demon Imprint?" The crowd remained silent for a few seconds. They hadn't planted any Ancient Demon Imprint on anyone.

"Who is willing to go and bring him back?" asked the strong cultivator on the sacrificial altar calmly.

A few people who were in the demon pond rose up into the air. "We'll go!"

"Alright, you three can go. There won't be any problem if you stay together," agreed the strong cultivator on the altar. Then, he sat down cross-legged and said, "Remember, if anything goes wrong, come back. We've lost enough people on the Milky Way battlefield. We can't afford to lose any more people of the same generation."

"We understand!" said the three confirmed, before leaving the small island.


Lin Feng was still on the Blue Uptala Lotus. After a short time, he slowly opened his eyes. He was surrounded by an incredible mélange of energies. Cosmic energies floated in the air: death, life, earth, and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies.

I'm bathing in Dao strength. My will is being cleansed. I can now borrow Dao strength!, thought Lin Feng solemnly. He obviously couldn't understand the Blue Uptala Lotus intent easily, but he was bathing in it and could borrow it.

"Minister, are you still alive?" Lin Feng was stupefied. A lotus was slowly opening the great emperor appeared within its petals. If Minister Uptala hadn't transformed, they would have died…

Lin Feng released a special Qi, transferring to his small world. Jian Mang was seated cross-legged there, his eyes closed. Lin Feng watched Jian Mang coldly.

"I know that you're not blind. Why do you continue pretending?" Lin Feng asked coldly.

"I am blind. What you saw weren't my eyes, but my Path," Jian Mang said calmly. After being imprisoned, he had tried to leave this place using strength, but had failed. He couldn't destroy this small world with his strength. He knew he'd need much time to break free, so he had decided to stay there and practice, not wanting to waste time.

"You may think I betrayed you. However, I had already been captured, and they didn't care about my explanations. If you had killed me to keep me silent back then, this wouldn't have happened. Of course, back then, maybe you couldn't have killed me. I did not think that you would become so much stronger in the Celestial Country. Unfortunately, I couldn't come with you before I was kidnapped. And now I won't have the opportunity, either," sighed Jian Mang.

Lin Feng knew that Jian Mang wasn't lying. He didn't talk much, but when he talked, he usually spoke the truth.

"I was unlucky from birth. I was born blind. However, I refused to complain, I decided to become strong. I studied the rare light strength. As a blind person, understanding light cosmic energy was extremely useful. I also studied speed strength. That's my Path. My cultivation replaced my sight. My cultivation is like my eyes. I won't fight against you here, though," continued Jian Mang. He inherently sounded cold and detached, and he always remained calm, maybe because he understood light energy. Such people were rare.

Lin Feng didn't say anything else. He took Qing Qing, who was still frozen, away. He took her home to Xue Yue. Even here inside his spirit, Lin Feng could still sense the special power of the Blue Uptala Lotus. An incredible Dao strength was flowing throughout his body.

Outside in the real world, Lin Feng raised his head and gazed into the distance. He saw three people getting closer. Those three people were wearing black robes and were surrounded by an unfathomable and enigmatic demon Qi. They looked like extremely strong demon cultivators.

The three people paused after arriving close to him, and examined Lin Feng calmly. When they saw the Blue Uptala Lotus and its mysterious Qi, they were surprised.

"Come with us!" one of them ordered Lin Feng coldly. A demon cultivator from the Ancient Demon Clan had planted an Ancient Demon Imprint in his body, and they wanted to take him back to the Ancient Demon Clan.

Lin Feng looked back at them emotionlessly, his eyes full of death intent.

"Who are you?" Lin Feng asked grimly.

"Ancient Demon Clan!" replied the speaker icily. Then, he dropped towards Lin Feng and released a suffocating aura of energy.

Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air to meet him. Death strength filled the air, embodied as seals of energy, racing towards the newcomers' eyes.

The speaker sensed the terrifying energies first, as his face turned grey. A ebony black Kalpa sword streaked across the sky with a whistle of speed, and he suddenly collapsed and fell from the sky, his body cras.h.i.+ng onto the Blue Uptala Lotus.

Lin Feng then flashed towards the other two cultivators. Those people grimaced and retreated quickly. However, Lin Feng wasn't going to let them off. A black river surrounded them. Their faces turned deathly pale when they realized that it was Dao strength. One of them took out a talisman, which immediately exploded. Black water started flowing and one of the twofell into it. A deadly sword then shot towards him. The other one wanted to escape, but he sensed the terrifying sword energy move towards him. He could only wail in terror as he died.

PMG Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906: Ancient Demon Clan's Great Emperor

Lin Feng's eyes were all black. Uptala had turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus and had taken him so far, they were probably a great distance from the Great Imperial Song City already. Maybe the Ancient Demon Clan wasn't far from his present location?

Lin Feng picked up the loot before landing again on the Blue Uptala Lotus. He looked grave and solemn as the Blue Uptala Lotus disappeared.

The small world of his spirit was improving as Lin Feng became stronger. He had already started creating new lands around Xue Yue. The only thing was that n.o.body lived there yet.

Lin Feng came back with a Blue Uptala Lotus, arriving at the foot of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree.

"Minister, this tree is similar to your path. I will plant your lotus here," Lin Feng said hoa.r.s.ely. He put the lotus he was holding down into the soil at the foot of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Instantly, many small other lotuses appeared, a special energy surrounding them.

"I've heard about the transforming teachings and about Marks of the Path. The Minister has turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus. That lotus is a Mark of the Path. In the future, Minister Uptala will also be illuminated by this beautiful tree, as will the people of Xue Yue," whispered Lin Feng.

He slowly walked away before raising his head. He saw Feifei and Xiao Ya.

"Brother, that lotus…" Xiao Ya's eyes twinkled with delight when she saw the Blue Uptala Lotus.

"An elder grows lotuses. Its Dao determination will reach every corner of Xue Yue. In the future, it'll be helpful for you, you'll be able to study Dao intent!" Lin Feng said with a smile.

Xiao Ya walked up to Lin Feng and hugged him with a smile. "You're becoming stronger and stronger!"

"Xiao Ya, we'll go and look for your grandfather soon!" Lin Feng said, hugging Xiao Ya back. Even though Xiao Ya was now slender and elegant, Lin Feng still thought of her as a little girl and not as a woman.

"Lin Feng, I'll get you some drinks and food!" offered Liu Fei, also smiling in welcome at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head, "Feifei, I have things to do. I'll come back when I have time."

"Alright!" said Liu Fei with a nod. Lin Feng came back regularly now. They were already happy to be able to see him more than before.

When the Ancient Demon Clansman broke the talisman, the strong cultivator on the sacrificial altar suddenly turned furious. Gigantic waves appeared in the demon pond.

The cultivators who were in the water looked up at the strong cultivator on the altar, who stood up and said, "They died! I really want to see who dares kill people of the Ancient Demon Clan!"

The cultivator turned into a black light beam, vanis.h.i.+ng towards the horizon.

Many of the strong cultivators rose up into the air.

Lin Feng was actually heading in the opposite direction of the Ancient Demon Clan, but he sensed some demon Qi moving towards him. That Qi was more powerful than imperial Qi, it was great imperial Qi!

He turned around, and saw demon Qi pulsing out behind him. He was astonished. A dazzling sun appeared in his hand and streaked across the sky. At the same time, Lin Feng released fire energy to follow the sun disc. He had several Great Imperial Weapons, but he mainly used those he had modified already.

Boom boom!

The earth and sky shook violently. A gigantic wave of demon energies rolled towards him. Lin Feng couldn't even see it all clearly.

Eight suns suddenly appeared and collided with the demon wave, the force of their meeting hurling Lin Feng away violently. A gigantic hand appeared in front of him.

"Explode!" shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. The eight sun discs moved towards the cage-like hand and attacked it. However, the demon light beam behind it continued moving towards him. Lin Feng was driven backwards once again and coughed up blood. He had the sensation his body was going to explode.

Finally, Lin Feng saw a silhouette of someone in black clothes. This person was much stronger than those who had attacked him before.

Lin Feng had inspected the corpses' precious items and had realized that those people had impressive physical skills. Most of them studied two ancient books. One of them was to modify one's physical form and develop a DevMara body, which allowed them to control demon energies better. Because that skill was too powerful, sometimes it made people's veins explode and killed them. Thus, many of them practiced that skill in a demon pond, it helped them survive the process.

Lin Feng had realized that their strength rose to the skies when he fought against them. They were extremely brutal and aggressive. And now he was facing a great emperor, this guy was terrifyingly strong!

"My people died on the Milky Way battlefield. Does that have anything to do with you?" asked the strong cultivator, watching Lin Feng icily. He looked like a demon king as he floated there, arrogant and imperious.

Lin Feng's eyes glittered. An ebony black demonic hand appeared in his grasp. Its strength rose to the skies and the air shook.

The strong cultivator from the Ancient Demon Clan was surprised at Lin Feng's reply. That demon hand was from a very strong cultivator of the Ancient Demon Clan. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan obtained those hands and legs to a.s.sist them in their cultivation, they were precious treasures. Those items should have been in Juxiao's hands, but now this outsider had them?

It meant that Juxiao had died before Lin Feng!

"I killed them all!" A boat appeared under Lin Feng's feet and started humming with power. He suddenly shot away.

"You think you're leaving?" the great emperor hissed icily. He waved his hands, and energies rolled in waves towards Lin Feng. Ahead of Lin Feng, demon stones appeared and rained down from the sky. His boat wouldn't be able to move forwards. Five fingers as heavy as mountains were falling towards him.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. At least this person wasn't using Dao strength, he was just using strength. As long as that person didn't understand Dao energy, there was hope!

Lin Feng waved his left hand, and a terrifying hand imprint slammed out. Lin Feng didn't flinch. His boat charged straight towards the great emperor of the Ancient Demon Clan. His eight sun discs were dazzling and pressing down on the great emperor.

The great emperor released demon Qi and more demon mountains appeared, moving towards the sun discs. Explosions rang out loudly.

"Die!" Lin Feng's eyes were filled with towering death strength. Hand imprints filled the air. At the same time, death swords cut the wind. Lin Feng looked like he had gone berserk.

"Death Dao!" The demon cultivator's eyes went wide. His soul strength turned into an ancient demon, as indestructible as a mountain.

The boat suddenly rose up into the air. Lin Feng continued filling the air with terrifying demon hands. As he rose up into the air, his left arm cracked. It was like all his bones were about to be crushed.

What a terrifying strength!, thought Lin Feng. If he hadn't had two Great Imperial Weapons, he would have died already. And this great emperor hadn't understood Dao strength yet! The difference between great emperors and medium-level emperors was astonis.h.i.+ng. Lin Feng couldn't even make his enemy's soul shake.

At that moment, a new group of people appeared in the distance. Lin Feng frowned. Blinding lights appeared, and his boat moved towards the people who were arriving.

"Come back!" shouted the great emperor of the Ancient Demon Clan when he saw Lin Feng move. He knew how terrifying Lin Feng was, these young people couldn't do much against him. Maybe someone like Juxiao could compete with him, but surprisingly, Juxiao had been killed too!

PMG Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907: Hostage

When the young man moved towards the cultivators who were arriving, the great emperor was petrified. They saw Lin Feng come towards them on his boat, his eyes filled with death Qi. Lights emerged from his eyes.

A gigantic hand moved towards them, bearing a pressure as if it weighed millions of tons. Thunder rolled, and one of the younger cultivators immediately exploded.

Lin Feng was extremely fast on his boat, arriving near them in the blink of an eye. A black energy moved towards them, and some silhouettes disappeared inside it.

"a.s.shole!" shouted the great emperor behind Lin Feng explosively. He released his soul strength, shooting it towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked emotionless, his eyes all black and cold. He threw himself at the two remaining young people and death lights filled the air as he released Kalpa strength. The two people were terrified. They were strong young people from the Ancient Demon Clan, they were already high-level h.e.l.l emperors, but Lin Feng was too frightening!

Some subtle resonating sounds spread out in the air, terrifying the two younger cultivator's further. Lin Feng's understanding of Dao strength was improving at the speed of light, being wielded ever more freely.

However, a terrifying oppressive strength appeared around Lin Feng before he could kill them. He turned around as his soul shook violently. The strength of a great emperor was astonis.h.i.+ng, much stronger then Lin Feng!

A hand struck out towards him. At the same time, a sun appeared to counter it, Lin Feng was still on his boat and moved away very quickly. Even with Great Imperial Weapons, he couldn't compete with a great emperor. Now that he had the imprint of the Ancient Demon Clan in his body, he couldn't escape from them, either. He felt a little bit desperate, but he was still determined to fight as hard as he could.

At that moment, two people appeared in front of him above the gigantic waves of the sea, a young man and a woman. They were the married couple, Yama Hua and Juzi, on their way back from Yama City.

At that moment, Juzi looked at those two black eyes and both of them sped towards Lin Feng. A member of the Ancient Demon Clan was also chasing this person!

"An Ancient Demon Imprint?" Juzi glanced over Lin Feng and said to the woman, "Hua, you go back."

"Alright," Yama Hua agreed. Juzi flashed forwards and blocked Lin Feng. He looked invincible, as if n.o.body could defeat him.

Lin Feng frowned as he paused before Juzi. Juzi looked extremely strong…

However, Lin Feng had no choice. He raised his left hand and punched out. A gigantic demon hand appeared. Juzi flickered forwards. More punches thundered out to counter Ling Feng's. His punches destroyed the energies and moved towards Lin Feng.

"This strength…" Lin Feng trembled. Lin Feng didn't understand; this guy was a high-level h.e.l.l emperor, but he seemed stronger than the great emperor chasing him!

Subursts flared, however, his enemy destroyed them instantly. They were already close to one another…

Invisible sword energies whistled as Lin Feng saw terrifying demon energies emerge from his opponent's body. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng, s.p.a.ce bending around it.

Lin Feng's attack turned grey and broke apart. He immediately released life energy to flow throughout his body. Lin Feng's face turned deathly pale as he stared at Juzi. He realized how strong Juzi was. He hadn't thought that the Ancient Demon Clan would have such terrifying cultivators. Juzi was stronger than Ji Chang! He was even stronger than the great emperor who was chasing him!

If Lin Feng had known Juzi's position or his reputation in Yama City, he wouldn't have been surprised. In h.e.l.l, it was difficult to find more than five people of the same generation who could compete with him.

Behind him, Qi pulsed and grew. Lin Feng didn't dare fight further. He moved in another direction but Juzi chased him and released demon strength to pound him and his boat. If Lin Feng hadn't been releasing life strength the whole time, he would have been badly injured or even died!

Juzi stared at Lin Feng proudly. n.o.body had ever escaped from him in h.e.l.l, even Great Imperial Weapons were useless against him.

"What kind of Dao strength is that?" Lin Feng was astonished and felt great pressure.

"Juzi." The great emperor of the Ancient Demon Clan finally arrived. He was behind Lin Feng and Juzi was in front of him. They didn't hurry to attack Lin Feng. He nodded at Juzi and said, "How was your trip to the city?"

"It was good. King Yama and I talked about cultivation. He's very nice. But since Hua is pregnant, we couldn't spend too much time there," Juzi replied calmly.

Lin Feng's eyes lit up. King Yama? This guy had met one of the Ten Yama Courts' kings, King Yama?

"Haha, your baby will become insanely strong someday. The Shrine, King Yama, and the Ancient Demon Clan will raise your child together. He will become terrifyingly strong," laughed the great emperor. Then, he looked at Lin Feng icily and said, "This guy killed many young cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan. He has killed so many of them that a whole generation has almost entirely disappeared."

"I'll use him as a ghost then!" Juzi declared calmly.

"Alright, do whatever you wish with him!" said the great emperor slowly. They both looked at Lin Feng icily.

Lin Feng looked emotionless. He took out his sun disc and demon hand and threw them out. The great emperor was startled, but he still caught the two items. He looked amused.

"I'll come with you to the Ancient Demon Clan!" Lin Feng said coldly and withdrew his Qi.

The Great Emperor was amused as he smiled. "Great, give me your boat and let's go."

Lin Feng threw his boat at the great emperor and started flying. Juzi and the great emperor stayed behind him, so he wouldn't be able to escape. Without the boat and the Great Imperial Weapons, they could easily kill him. But to use him as a ghost, they couldn't kill him or cripple his cultivation.

Lin Feng had killed so many strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan, he knew what it meant to be used as a ghost by them. They needed extremely strong cultivators if they wanted to use them as ghosts.


The three of them quickly arrived in front of a demon island. It looked like a gigantic demon stone. The Qi inside was mysterious.

Yama Hua was standing on a gigantic stone there, looking extremely beautiful as she waited for her husband.

At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly took out a talisman, it contained a strange Qi.

"Eh?" Juzi frowned. Then, he heard a strange sound. Lin Feng broke the talisman and disappeared. He threw himself at Yama Hua.

"You want to die!" shouted Juzi explosively. His voice made Lin Feng shake violently. However, he didn't attack. He dashed ahead, but his wife was there too, near to Lin Feng!

However, Juzi wasn't worried about his wife. Yama Hua was a proud woman, and even though she was pregnant, Lin Feng probably couldn't defeat her easily-!

But this time, Juzi made a mistake. Indeed, Yama Hua was extremely strong, she released her soul strength and Lin Feng sensed how terrifying her power was. At the same time, she released terrifying Dao strength.

However, she failed to stop him. Some strange Qi appeared, and she disappeared.

Juzi was astonished and furious. He didn't dare attack Lin Feng anymore!

Lin Feng could have put Juzi in his small world, but he was too strong. He could have caused trouble in his small world. When he saw Yama Hua there, however, he didn't hesitate.

"You would dare attack a pregnant woman?" A terrifying Qi emerged in the air. Juzi's instant fury made him look exactly like a raging demon!

In return, Lin Feng's eyes were filled with death. He said to Juzi, "A great emperor, a high-level emperor, and all sorts of strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan tried to kill me, and now hope they can make me turn into a ghost, you fool! If I die, your wife will die too!"

PMG Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908: DevMara Body Technique

Juzi's face twisted into a terrible grimace. He had fought against Lin Feng, and knew how strong he was. With his Great Imperial Weapons, Lin Feng was extremely dangerous. He even understood Dao strength. However, how come he was strong enough to capture his wife? Even if she was pregnant, she was extremely strong, and was a descendant of one of the Ten Yama Courts' kings!

Juzi didn't understand. Yama Hua was definitely strong. He couldn't know that Lin Feng had a small world in his spirit. Even Juzi couldn't escape from Lin Feng's small world.

The saddest thing for Juzi was that he didn't know where his wife was.

"Release my wife and I'll let you go!" Juzi demanded icily. His wife was bearing their child, he couldn't let her die, no matter what!

Lin Feng's eyes were all black and piercingly cold, filled with a thick death Qi.

"When I die, your wife will die too. Therefore, you better ensure that I'm safe at all times," Lin Feng answered evenly. Then, he turned around and surprisingly headed towards the Ancient Demon Clan. Juzi and the great emperor were astonished and gaped after him.

Some strong cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan appeared, strong Qi on display.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng continued walking as if n.o.body were there.

"n.o.body can touch him!" shouted a voice explosively. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan looked at Lin Feng icily, as if they understood what was going. Nothing could happen to Yama Hua, especially now that she was pregnant.

Lin Feng continued walking. Finally, he arrived at the depths of the Ancient Demon Clan and saw an altar. There was a gigantic demon pond in front of the altar. Many young men were bathing in it.

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered. A young man suddenly stood up, but not in time. Lin Feng released a terrifying Qi and waved his hand. Instantly, black water started flowing, and that young man drowned inside it and died.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" shouted someone explosively. Lin Feng's soul shook violently. A stronger cultivator appeared above the altar, looking furious.

"If you try and touch me, I'll kill her!" Lin Feng said coldly. n.o.body dared touch him.

Juzi rushed over and demanded, "Release my wife! I promise n.o.body will touch you, we'll let you leave, safe and sound! If anything happens to my wife, I will kill you, no matter what!" Juzi swore furiously. The demon pond started churning from his agitation.

Lin Feng looked back at Juzi icily, his eyes expressionless.

"I also have something to say: everybody p.i.s.s off and n.o.body can disturb me! Otherwise, I'll kill her! If you do that, I won't kill her. I will go back to the Celestial Country, and before going there, I'll release your wife. That way, even if the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan want to kill me, they won't have the occasion to. I don't need you to promise me anything that way, either!" Lin Feng said icily.

Juzi was going crazy. His demon energies exploded wildly around him.

"Alright, as you wis.h.!.+" Juzi said, then he snarled, "If my wife doesn't feel well or is injured, I'll kill you! Now, you guys, move away!"

People in the pond looked unhappy, glancing at Lin Feng as they hurriedly left.

They all looked at Juzi, but he couldn't do anything. The more Juzi seemed to care, the more Lin Feng pushed his limits.

Juzi withdrew as well. He wasn't confident, but he couldn't take risks. He had no choice. Lin Feng had his wife, who was pregnant with their child!

After the crowd left, Lin Feng looked calm and serene. After a few minutes, he said, "If anyone continues spying on me, I may take back what I've just said!"

An eerie silence took over. The Clan was definitely furious. Lin Feng had killed so many of their people, but they had no choice. Now Lin Feng was now bathing happily in the demon pond!

After that, the atmosphere stayed very calm. Lin Feng was seated cross-legged in the demon pond and enjoying the demon strength there, becoming stronger. n.o.body knew what he was really doing.

Today, in the demon pond, it was like a beast was shouting with pain.

At this moment, only Lin Feng's head was showing at the surface. His silhouette was distorted, his face ferocious. Demon lights twinkled around him, exploding constantly. His bones were crackling and rupturing.

People who had never tried to study the DevMara Body skill couldn't understand how painful it was. The whole body had to break to become a DevMara Body!

"Argh…!" Lin Feng screamed. He roared like an animal in pain. Many people in the Ancient Demon Clan didn't understand, especially the great emperor who had chased Lin Feng. He knew what Lin Feng was doing, he was studying their technique, the DevMara Body technique.

Ordinary people couldn't practice that ancient and mysterious technique, there were too many criteria. People had to be incredibly strong physically, and their blood strength had to be powerful, too! They also had to understand life and death Qi before they could study that mysterious technique. Besides, it was also a technique they practiced over many years. They even started learning the basics when they were children to be able to understand it when they were adults. They also needed the help of the mysterious demon pond. With all those criteria, not many people had ever understood the full extent of that mysterious book.

Who would have thought that someone would kill Juxiao, and that his murderer fulfilled all the requirements to have a DevMara body?

For the Ancient Demon Clan, it was a humiliation. They hadn't had such a problem in tens of thousands of years.

Even though Lin Feng had been prepared, the pain was still unbearable, especially during the first minutes. He had never suffered so much!

He roared again. The demon pond was boiling around him, and a mysterious strength rose up into the air. That demon pond had been created by the Ancient Demon Clan's ancestor. The demon pond Lin Feng had seen in the Celestial Country had been made with samples of this one.

A mysterious demon strength started flowing throughout Lin Feng's body. He was recovering, but he was still in pain. It felt like he had been born again.

He clenched his fists and loud crackling sounds spread out. He had the sensation that he had an endless reserve of strength in his body now!

Lin Feng suddenly moved, smiling indifferently and standing up. DevMara Kalpa strength glittered around him. It was the third wave of DevMara Kalpa strength to cleanse his body since he had become a medium-level emperor.

Just like the first two times, the waves of Kalpa strength bombarded his physical body six times, then his soul three times. However, this time, they were even scarier than the previous time. The threads of energies also contained some terrifying explosive energies.

Even before seeing the DevMara Kalpa strength, the Demon Clan wanted to capture Lin Feng and steal his skills, but they could only look on powerlessly.

PMG Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909: Going Back to the Celestial Country

After understanding the DevMara body, Lin Feng felt alive again. However, he didn't leave the demon pond. He understood why the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan loved this place, especially after having obtained a DevMara body. They could absorb the energies of the demon pond far more easily!

Time pa.s.sed again. In the pond, a new illusionary body which looked the same as Lin Feng appeared.

Lin Feng opened his all black eyes and looked at his clone. He could already understand the basics of the Three Lives Scriptures. It meant that he would have no problem fully understanding them in the future. At that moment, the Lin Feng clone who was practicing cultivation in a mysterious room in Champion University also opened his eyes, and dangerous lights filled the air!

The Lin Feng illusion went back into his body and disappeared. Lin Feng closed his eyes again and dove into the demon pond.

Juzi was getting impatient as he sat there cross-legged on a gigantic stone. He gazed into the distance and looked at the demon pond. He couldn't hold it in anymore, the situation was having an impact on his cultivation. He could only hope that Lin Feng would honor his promise and wouldn't kill his wife. Juzi was furious when he thought that someone could kill his wife on a whim!

"Juzi!" called out someone at that moment, and a silhouette came over to him, landing before Juzi. He was wearing black clothes and was surrounded by black demonic intent.

"Ancestor," Juzi greeted him. The silhouette's demon intent dispersed. He looked clean and young, no older than Juzi, but he was much, much older.

"Juzi, if you want, I'll go and kill him," said the Ancestor. Juzi knew that it was easy for his ancestor to kill a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer. But the problem was, he didn't want to take that risk! If they killed Lin Feng, his wife might really die along with him. He would feel guilty for his entire life if that happened!

"Ancestor, I'll take care of him," Juzi said.

The man remained silent for a few seconds before softly saying to Juzi, "Alright. He can't escape anyway, we're in h.e.l.l. I'll let you deal with him then."

He disappeared from Juzi's field of vision. Juzi remained silent for a few seconds and closed his eyes to keep waiting.


Finally, it was the last day. Lin Feng rose up into the air. Juzi instantly arrived next to him.

Lin Feng glanced at him coldly. Silhouettes rose up into the air all around. Lin Feng smiled icily and said indifferently, "Give me back my things now."

He had given them a demon hand, a sun disc and a boat. Everything appeared before Lin Feng and he jumped onto the boat. "I know that some of you want to kill me. But don't try, otherwise three people will die at the same time."

His boat shot across the sky. The demon pond slowly disappeared, only a mere puddle was left. Everybody frowned and pulled long faces.

"What's going on?" asked someone. They couldn't stand it anymore.

Someone said icily, "He took the demon pond away!"

More people began shouting in outrage. "I'll kill him in the Celestial Country."

"I'm coming too!"

"n.o.body can go!" said the great emperor icily. "A year ago, he killed Juxiao and the others. Now he has taken our demon pond and has practiced our DevMara Body technique, and he's also been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength. He must have become much, much stronger. Only Juzi can kill him now!"


At the entrance of the Celestial Country, there were still some people waiting. There were even more people this time than the previous. People from everywhere in h.e.l.l had gathered there. The last year had been terrifying for h.e.l.l in the Celestial Country with the great war over the Milky Way battlefield happening. Therefore, h.e.l.l had to send even more people now, and reclaim it!

When Lin Feng arrived, he had already put on a mask. The last time, he had escaped from w.a.n.g Xiao thanks to Minister Uptala, but this time w.a.n.g Xiao wasn't going to let him off if he saw him. Lin Feng didn't dare to gamble.

Juzi closely followed Lin Feng. As long as Lin Feng had his wife, he wouldn't be able to relax.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and suddenly looked surprised.

He's here too. Does he want to go to the Celestial Country too?, thought Lin Feng. He noticed Minister Kalasutra and his daughter Qin Yao. Apart from them, there were also many soldiers in armor. Those people were probably members of the Kalasutra army.

Qin Yao had also become a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor. Back when Lin Feng had just arrived in h.e.l.l, she was already at the top of the lower Huang Qi layer. Now, she had become stronger. It was normal after a year.

But it was dangerous for someone like Qin Yao to go to the Celestial Country. There were many strong cultivators in the Celestial Country. Even though Qin Yao was strong, there were an endless number of people there who were stronger than her.

"Qin Yao, you should wait until you're a high-level h.e.l.l emperor to go to the Celestial Country!" advised Minister Kalasutra. He was worried for her.

"Dad, Lin Feng went to the Celestial Country even though he had just become a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor, and he also came out much stronger than before. How could I flinch? I've already modified the h.e.l.l Fire. At the very least, I can protect myself, I won't die!" replied Qin Yao, looking very determined.

w.a.n.g Xiao and the others had chased Minister Uptala and Lin Feng, everybody knew about that already. They also knew that Jian Mang had always hidden his real strength, and w.a.n.g Xiao and the others had prevented him from going to the Celestial Country and kidnapped him.

"Minister, this time, we'll go to the Celestial Country and protect the princess!" a young man said to Minister Kalasutra. Minister Kalasutra remained silent for a few seconds. As long as they didn't encounter a terrifying cultivator, there should be no problem…

Everybody had been waiting for such a long time. Finally, the lights were twinkling, but people were still waiting for some people to come out.

Finally, the scouts came out. They were soaked with blood. They were high-level h.e.l.l emperors, but they weren't extremely strong.

"How's the situation in the Celestial Country?" asked someone.

The lead scout replied, "This year, the strong cultivators of h.e.l.l resisted against the outsiders, but everything changed. The Milky Way battlefield isn't a border area anymore, there are strong cultivators everywhere, on both sides of it."

That person didn't sound so sure because he hadn't been able to go to the Milky Way battlefield. He had just heard about those things.

It's chaotic. Everything is chaotic there!, thought the crowd. Some people continued coming out of the Celestial Country.

Lin Feng's eyes lit up. That was a perfect opportunity!

"Don't forget your promise!" Juzi groaned icily.

Lin Feng replied, "When I go in, I'll release your wife. If you do anything dodgy, I'll kill her."

Lin Feng then flashed in the direction of the entrance. Just before he entered the Celestial Country, a woman appeared, and he entered the Celestial Country alone as she fell.

"Little Hua!" Juzi exclaimed, flas.h.i.+ng up and catching Yama Hua gently. He was so relieved. Lin Feng had released his wife, otherwise, he would have followed Lin Feng in and killed him.

Yama Hua was bewildered as she asked, "Where is he?"

"He's in the Celestial Country," replied Juzi.

Yama Hua looked stunned for a moment, before turning furious and demanding, "Kill him, Juzi! You must kill that a.s.shole!"

Juzi said gently, "Little Hua, did he do anything to you?"

Yama Hua shook her head, but said, "You must kill him."

"I'll take you back to the Ancient Demon Clan first," Juzi replied coldly.

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