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PMG Chapter 1910

Chapter 1910: Celestial Being

Lin Feng was back in the Celestial Country once again. When he appeared there, many people looked over at him. The air still felt tense and dangerous. People had been fighting over this territory forever, after all.

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered as he flew away. The strong cultivators from the Continent of the Nine Clouds weren't here. After all, this was the entrance from h.e.l.l, they couldn't be here the whole time, otherwise it would have meant that the whole Celestial Country belonged to them.

Suddenly, a cold Qi surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng quickly turned around. He looked at the cultivator with his obsidian eyes, and that person s.h.i.+vered. How scary!


Lin Feng ignored him and continued flying. After a short time, he arrived in a mountain range, and found a cave. A light beam had come from the sky and created a crater in that place. The hole had appeared when Lin Feng was practicing cultivation the previous time here. It was also where the entrance of the Jalacandra Fairyland was.

There was n.o.body inside. Lin Feng found a cave and started meditating in seclusion. He needed to become stronger during this year. Thus, he needed to kill many people. Even though Lin Feng had become quite strong, he still thought he wasn't strong enough. Many people here could possibly defeat him there, such as Ji Chang. Lin Feng's main advantage was that he was walking on the Path of Life and Death. However, Ji Chang understood Dao strength better than him, and Juzi was even more terrifying. Even with Great Imperial Weapons, Lin Feng couldn't defeat him.

However, Lin Feng was more confident than people who didn't understand Dao strength at all. Few people of his generation could actually defeat him.


At that moment, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, in the Dark Night Region, in Champion University, the people from Tiantai sensed some oppressive energies.

In Tiantai's courtyard, a few people had gathered: Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Yun Qing Yan, Tantai, Jing Shou, Huang Fu Long and someone else: Ruo Xie.

During the past year, Emperor Wu Tian Jian had returned to Sword Mountain. After he became a great emperor, he had started meditating in seclusion, studying the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and improvinig his Nihility Sword Scriptures. In the end, he had managed to understand the Path of Nihilism. He had defeated Emperor Tie Jian, killing him. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had become the new leader of Sword Mountain. The elders had then explained the secrets of Sword Mountain to everyone in Sword Mountain.

Ruo Xie knew Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had told Ruo Xie about Tiantai and everything, so Ruo Xie had gone to the Holy City and had found Tiantai there.

Tiantai occupying the territory of the nine great celestial castles was a symbol for Tiantai. Qing Di Mountain was friends with Tiantai, so n.o.body could attack them.

Tiantai's core disciples were all extremely talented. They had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures by now. However, a strange gloomy energy surrounded them.

"How are Qiu Ming's injuries?" Hou Qing Lin asked to Yun Qing Yan.

Yun Qing Yan looked glum and pulled a long face, "Very severe. Many days are required to recover."

"That wasn't a good way to practice. Six people from Tiantai have died already. Eight are severely injured. It's all my fault!" sighed Hou Qing Lin.

"The Moon Group used some evil techniques to spy on us and attack us by surprise. It has nothing to do with you!" reb.u.t.ted Yun Qing Yan.

"Brother, don't say it's your fault!" added Tian Chi. Everybody nodded agreement.

"Three years have pa.s.sed. We've all become stronger. Many of us have already become medium-level emperors. Ji Wuyou is the strongest cultivator they have in the Moon Group. He doesn't need excuses to fight against us, though," said Qin Wu, pulling a long face. Indeed, the Moon Group was becoming stronger than Tiantai again. In Champion University, many people considered Tiantai weaker than the Moon Group.

Many people in the Moon Group were extremely strong, especially Ji Wuyou. One had already become a high-level emperor. Because of the agreement between Lin Feng and the Moon Group, many people were trying to become high-level emperors.

Hou Qing Lin remained silent for a few seconds. Then, he looked at Jing Shou, who was the same as before. He was wearing white clothes and his hands were still in his sleeves, like always.

"Jing Shou, how are your disciples doing?" Hou Qing Lin asked Jing Shou.

"No problem. I have a group of already," Jing Shou said calmly. During these years, Jing Shou was in charge of teaching people how to become in Tiantai.

"Alright, even if we lose, it doesn't matter. Sooner or later, we'll surpa.s.s the Moon Group. We just need more time! The most important thing is to avoid being ambushed by the Moon Group!" said Hou Qing Lin slowly. Everybody remained silent for a few seconds. They understood that Hou Qing Lin was saying that for their own good.

Tiantai had changed a lot. They had all become much stronger, and had lots of heroes. The battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group was going to be incredible. Even if they lost, it didn't matter, they would learn from their mistakes, like back when they had defeated the Star Group.

"How's Lin Feng doing?" Tantai asked Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin replied, "Let's not think about Lin Feng."

"Alright!" Tantai nodded. He understood what Hou Qing Lin meant. Maybe Lin Feng's real body wouldn't be able to make it back…

In the Holy City, three months pa.s.sed and new exams took place at university. People took the exams of the four universities.

At that moment, in Champion University, near the territory where medium-level emperors were taking the exam, there were many strong cultivators. They were all incredible geniuses of the Holy City.

"The Yu Wen Clan is here. Yu Wen Ting is another princess of the Yu Wen Clan. She is even younger than Yu Wen Jing of a few years ago. She is extremely strong, and she's also very beautiful. I wonder if I could become her boyfriend?" wondered a young man staring at the object of his words.

"Do you think you will have such an opportunity? Stop dreaming. Yu Wen Jing will get married with Ji Wuyou. Yu Wen Ting is probably as strong as her sister, and she'll find an amazing husband too," someone else reb.u.t.ted him heartlessly.

"So many outstanding women. The Ji Clan's young men are incredible strong. Ji Chang, Ji Wuyou, they're all astonis.h.i.+ngly strong and talented."

Even though the students of Champion University were incredibly strong, Yu Wen Ting was even better than most of them. She was a dazzling woman who always looked arrogant and proud.

In the distance, someone else in white clothes appeared. She was wearing a veil which covered her face.

"Pfew… What an incredibly beautiful woman!" sighed a young man. He had seen many beautiful woman in his life, but this one was extraordinarily beautiful.

Many people looked at her and couldn't look away. She looked like a G.o.ddess!

"She's so stunning, she's bewitching!" someone else blurted out. Everybody sighed. Such beauty! They wished they could see her face, whisk away the veil covering it…

In a short time, everybody stopped looking at Yu Wen Ting and looked at the new woman who was arriving.

She landed gracefully on the ground, surrounded by a celestial Qi. Everybody could sense how cold her Qi was. People wanted to get closer, but they couldn't. She was already a medium-level emperor!

Everybody had one thought: this woman had to be a princess, but from which influential group?

PMG Chapter 1911

Chapter 1911: Yu Wen Jing's Embarra.s.sment

This time, those who were in charge of the medium-level emperors' exam weren't a faction, but some strong cultivators from the higher ranking list.

Yu Wen Jing was one of them. During these last three years, Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing had cultivated really hard, whether in their clans or with Ancestor Zhu Tian. They had become much stronger.

During these three years, both of them had made great progress. Yu Wen Jing had become a medium-level emperor, and acquired powerful new spells and techniques. She had become really strong. She had also stepped into the higher ranking list as the seventeenth student. Accomplis.h.i.+ng that in less than three years was a really good performance.

Yu Wen Jing looked at one of the women sitting the exam; it was Yu Wen Ting, her younger sister.

"Yu Wen Ting is really strong. Pa.s.sing the exam shouldn't be an issue for her," Yu Wen Jing smiled.

"She's indeed really strong. She will definitely pa.s.s the exam," someone next to her nodded. They pointed at someone else and added, "That girl there is extraordinary, she's extremely strong. n.o.body can stop her. She's even stronger than Yu Wen Ting."

Yu Wen Jing looked over at the girl, who looked like a celestial being. Many people around here were staring at her.

"Hmph!" Yu Wen Jing groaned icily. Women could be very petty at times. When a man complimented a woman in front of another one, the latter couldn't help but be jealous.

"Let's see if she will pa.s.s the exam or not," said Yu Wen Jing, staring at that celestial woman. The others frowned, but Yu Wen Jing's social status was too high, so they just smiled wryly in the end. Poor girl, she was extremely strong, but Yu Wen Jing would probably try her best to prevent her from pa.s.sing the exam!


However, after a short time, they remained motionless and stared at the contestants in astonishment.

Yu Wen Jing was attacked by someone and forced to the ground. She was surrounded by an ice-cold layer of energy and s.h.i.+vering. She pulled a long face and stared at the beautiful girl with the veil, who was surrounded by a celestial Qi.

Yu Wen Jing's heart was pounding. She felt humiliated. She initially wanted to block that girl, but now she had been beaten down by her. Her pride and ego had been crushed, she couldn't even compete with this fellow contestant. How painful! Besides, that girl was even more beautiful than her.

"Who are you?" Yu Wen Jing asked icily. She couldn't think of any clan in the Holy City which this girl could have come from.

The woman in white clothes looked at Yu Wen Jing, a picture of calm and serenity. Yu Wen Jing felt even worse. She couldn't see her eyes, but that girl was looking at her in a disdainful way. Everybody was staring at that beautiful woman, and she was looking at Yu Wen Jing as if the fact that she had defeated Yu Wen Jing was just normal.

The woman in white clothes pa.s.sed next to Yu Wen Jing and continued walking on. Yu Wen Jing felt even more humiliated, turning her head and asking, "You're from the Snow Clan?"

Yu Wen Jing had sensed the woman's Qi. She looked beautiful, had an extraordinary Qi, and was really strong, she could only be from the Snow Clan. She had fought against members of the Snow Clan in the past. Even though she had never seen this woman in particular, she was reminded of people from the Snow Clan.

The woman in white clothes paused, but in the end she ignored Yu Wen Jing and continued walking away.

Everybody had seen their meeting, and were astonished at the results. Everybody was convinced that that new girl would pa.s.s the exam and rise quickly in Champion University.

As expected, the woman pa.s.sed the exam. The woman in white entered Champion University, those in charge of the exam leading the way. They were all curious about that mysterious girl. At the same time, everybody in Champion University was talking about that girl who had defeated Yu Wen Jing easily, some of them not believing the rumor.

After the woman in white joined Champion University, she did only one thing: she asked about Tiantai and headed there.

When the girl arrived at Tiantai's buildings, some people stopped her. When Yun Qing Yan saw this beautiful woman, she rose up into the air and was on the defensive.

"You want to join Tiantai?" asked Yun Qing Yan with a careful smile. This young woman was beautiful, Yun Qing Yan didn't feel good in front of her. Since when did this woman join Champion University? Qing Yan had never seen her before.

The woman in white studied Yun Qing Yan and then looked behind her, seeing some other people. Her eyes twinkled and she immediately ran past Yun Qing Yan.

"You…" Yun Qing Yan was astonished, she turned around and saw the woman in white already in the distance. She was speechless. That woman hadn't looked threatening, and didn't seem to want to attack…!

"Hou Qing Lin!" said the woman in white when she arrived at the courtyard. She rose up into the air slightly and everybody looked at her, surprised by her sudden presence. Many people had the same thoughts as Yun Qing Yan.

When Hou Qing Lin heard someone call his name, he was also surprised. He raised his head and was astonished. Yuan Fei, Huang Fu Long, and the others were astonished too. The woman removed her veil, and they all sort of gaped at her breathtaking beauty.

How beautiful!, thought Yun Qing Yan, also catching up at that moment

"What a beautiful woman!" Qing Feng was astonished too. She was the princess of the Animal World, she was already extremely beautiful, but this young woman was even more beautiful than her!

When the woman in white saw Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Yuan Fei and the others, she smiled resplendently. Only Wu looked back at her in a cold and arrogant manner.

"What about him?" asked the woman in white. She smiled only because she was thinking of him.

"He's traveling abroad," Hou Qing Lin sighed back to the woman in white. He was excited to see her. Unfortunately, that guy hadn't even left a clone of his in Tiantai.

The woman in white suddenly stopped smiling, looking very disappointed.

"I'll prepare a residence for you. You'll see him when he comes back," Hou Qing Lin added quickly.

"Yes, sister, he also misses you!" added Yuan Fei loudly. Yuan Fei, Ban Ruo, and Xing Zhan were also students at Champion University these days.

The woman in white was naturally Meng Qing. She wasn't used to seeing all of them together, so she shook her head and smiled, "Nah, the university will get something sorted for me. Just tell me when he comes back!"

She put her veil back on and left gracefully. Meng Qing had grown up in Black Wind Mountain, then she had met Lin Feng and had explored the world, but she didn't like commotion, especially when Lin Feng wasn't there with her. She wasn't used to dealing with so many people at the same time.

"She hasn't changed, she's still the same!" laughed Yuan Fei. Hou Qing Lin and the others understood that was her personality. They were happy to see Meng Qing finally make it to Champion University, though!

"Who was that beautiful woman?" asked Yun Qing Yan. Her heart was still pounding.

"Lin Feng's wife," Hou Qing Lin told her.

Yun Qing Yan was astonished. She smiled and said, "That guy is really lucky…"

Wu and Qing Feng were astonished, too. Wu looked at Qing Feng, who appeared quite calm, wondering what she thought about Meng Qing?

"No need to tell everyone about this. She doesn't like it when people disturb her," Hou Qing Lin reminded them. Everybody nodded. If Ji Chang's Club learned that Meng Qing was Lin Feng's wife, they would bully her. Hou Qing Lin didn't want anything bad to happen to Meng Qing.

PMG Chapter 1912

Chapter 1912: Three Years Have Pa.s.sed

In the Celestial Country of Lin Feng's small world, there was a mountain range. A demon pond was there now, the water black and containing a terrifying demon Qi. It was the demon pond Lin Feng had stolen from the Ancient Demon Clan!

He had practiced the Ancient Demon Clan's technique and had a DevMara Body. He had become much stronger physically. Now, he was practicing cultivation in the demon pond.

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, black demon lights twinkling within them. He disappeared and reappeared somewhere else.

Jian Mang was seated cross-legged there. He was practiced cultivation calmly and patiently. Since Lin Feng had put him in there and he couldn't get out, he had nothing else to do. Maybe if he became strong enough, he'd be able to leave someday…

Jian Mang sensed something and raised his head. He couldn't see, but he sensed Lin Feng's presence.

"If I'm not wrong, we're in another world. How did you do that?" asked Jian Mang. He could sense that he was in a different world, people who were alive could only be captured in other worlds.

Lin Feng didn't reply, staring at Jian Mang. Jian Mang asked mildly, "What are you going to do with me?"

A terrifying Qi suddenly rose up in the air. A demon appeared in Lin Feng's mind, and then appeared behind him like an illusion.

In the Ancient Demon Clan, there was a spell. Cultivators could condense their souls to create a demon fire and burn people's souls, and then wielding a mysterious power, they could create eighty-one demon imprints. With those eighty-one demon imprints, they could create a demon. It was a very complex and mysterious spell. People who were not talented didn't even need to attempt to learn the demon puppet technique.

Even though Lin Feng couldn't learn it, he had learned a spell to spy on people. With the demon puppet spell, cultivators could plant a demon puppet seed in someone's soul and spy on them. The members of the Ancient Demon Clan didn't use it because it wasn't as powerful as the Ancient Demon Imprint. However, Lin Feng could use it on Jian Mang.

"Jian Mang, I'm going to plant a demon puppet seed in your soul, and then I will release you. My actual body is in the Celestial Country," Lin Feng said coldly.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Jian Mang. He didn't refuse, of course. What could he do, anyway? Lin Feng had everything under control.

"Follow me to the Milky Way battlefield. We'll kill people and get out from there," Lin Feng proposed. Jian Mang frowned. He understood, killing people on the Milky Way battlefield was a good thing, but getting out from there?

Dark lights sparkled and a demon puppet seed penetrated into Jian Mang's brain. He didn't resist.

"Let's go out," said Lin Feng indifferently.

A short time later, two people appeared in the air above a mountain range: Lin Feng and Jian Mang. They immediately turned into two light beams and headed off.


The Celestial Country was still chaotic. People were fighting everywhere. Qin Yao and the others had encountered some extremely strong cultivators. A terrifying fire had filled the air. It was h.e.l.lfire, and Qin Yao was inside.

"You're a strong little girl, aren't ya!" said someone, smiling evilly. Then, he did some hand seals and a terrifying Qi shot towards Qin Yao and the strong cultivators who were protecting her. The black Qi turned into light beams.

"Burn!" An ebony flame countered, shooting back towards him, Qin Yao's h.e.l.l Fire! Thunder rumbled in the air, and a gigantic mountain fell down from the sky. The air became thick and heavy.

"Princess Qin Yao, move back!" shouted a member of the Kalasutra army. These peoples were all outsiders, their third eyes had imprints, and were all very strong.

Qin Yao nodded and continued retreating. The ancient mountain continued falling down from the sky, emitting sonic booms. Everybody fled. Around Qin Yao, everything was burning.

"Soul Stirring!" shouted an icy voice. Qin Yao gazed into the distance and saw a darkness waiting in the air. Her soul started shaking and her h.e.l.l Fire started weakening.

"Qin Yao!" shouted someone explosively. Qin Yao shook violently, some people wanted to save her, but the mountain was falling. The enemies were heroic figures, too. Qin Yao and the others were unlucky to have encountered them.

"Here!" shouted someone at Qin Yao. She turned around and saw an evil-looking person. It felt like he started absorbing her soul.

Two silhouettes appeared, moving so fast the air was screaming around them. When they saw Qin Yao, they were both startled.

Lin Feng lunged towards the man who was attacking Qin Yao. The man frowned and glared at Lin Feng. He tried to use his soul stirring spell on him, but all he saw was a pair of pitch-black eyes filled with death strength staring back and him, and death Qi started flooding into his body.

Lin Feng waved his hands and a death Kalpa sword appeared. In a flash, the sword pierced through that man's head in just a blur of motion

Jian Mang attacked at the same time as Lin Feng. Sword lights moved everywhere invisibly quick. If the surrounding people hadn't seen that speed with their own eyes, they would have never believed that a medium-level emperor could be that fast. Jian Mang's sword attacks were also dazzling to the eyes, he used light strength.

When Qin Yao saw all this, she was stunned and disappointed. Lin Feng and Jian Mang had become so strong! She remembered back when Lin Feng had defeated her on the battle stage. Back then, she had thought she'd get her revenge someday, but now the difference between her and Lin Feng was even greater. Lin Feng could easily kill her, and could even easily kill the strong cultivators who were guarding her. He killed like an emotionless murderer.

After a short time, the battle was over. Lin Feng looked at Qin Yao.

"Why did you save me?" Qin Yao asked Lin Feng. She had always been hostile to Lin Feng.

"Tell w.a.n.g Xiao that I haven't forgotten about him!" replied Lin Feng, before he and Jian Mang continued on their way.

Qin Yao felt like trash. Lin Feng didn't even pay attention to her, a princess of h.e.l.l!

Lin Feng and Jian Mang moved invisibly fast through the Milky Way battlefield. n.o.body could stop them, their hands and clothes were soaked with blood. They had already killed a great number of people on the battlefield.

The Milky Way battlefield was still very mysterious. The Yellow Springs were under them, people couldn't go down there without dying. There were only corpses in the Yellow Springs. Lin Feng and Jian Mang continued flying towards the edge of the battlefield, carefully keeping track of their surroundings.

"The three-year period will soon be over," Lin Feng said to himself. Because of w.a.n.g Xiao, he might miss the date of the agreement. What would Hou Qing Lin and the others do?

At the same time, in the Dark Night Region of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng's clone flew towards Champion University, intending to uphold the agreement, of course!

PMG Chapter 1913

Chapter 1913: Foil

In Champion University, the Holy City, the Dark Night Region…

The atmosphere was very tense. Three years before, in Champion University, a new group had risen: Tiantai! Some incredible cultivators had risen with it. They had defeated the Star Group of Ji Chang's Club. After that, they had agreed on a date for a battle between the Moon Group and them.

Now, it was about to happen.

"Ji Wuyou is back!" someone called out. They had seen him flying in the sky, dressed in fine clothes.

"The strong cultivators of the Moon Group have already come back. They've gone to the battle stage of the higher ranking list. And Lin Feng has disappeared, we rarely see him at university. We'll see what Tiantai intends to do against the Moon Group," said someone, looking in Tiantai's direction. The Moon Group had been rising these last few days and were pressuring Tiantai.

"Yes, well, Tiantai is still a new group. And during these three years, the Moon Group has become much stronger. One of them even become a high-level emperor and left the Moon Group. Some people didn't break through on purpose, just because of this battle. Those who joined Tiantai three years ago are still low-level emperors. Defeating the cultivators of the Moon Group will be very difficult!"

The cultivators of the Moon Group were also very talented. Tiantai's cultivators couldn't possibly have broken through within three years, that was much too difficult!

"By the way, a new celestial girl has joined our university, have you seen her?"

"Only once. She really looks like a celestial being! I wonder who she is. I've heard that she defeated Yu Wen Jing during the exam. Yu Wen Jing went back to meditate in seclusion and hasn't come out since."

"Yu Wen Jing is the Princess of the Yu Wen Clan and Ji Wuyou's woman, she has a very high social status. Some people wanted to avenge Yu Wen Jing and went to find that celestial girl. However, after seeing her, they were very polite to her, exchanged a few words, and just left!"

"Haha, how could you attack such a beautiful woman? Impossible! They say she's a celestial woman from the Snow Clan. I wonder if it's true or not."

In Champion University, people talked a lot about Tiantai and the Moon Group, as well as the celestial woman. Many people wanted to get to know her, but she was very distant.

In Tiantai's buildings, in a secret room, Hou Qing Lin was releasing reincarnation cosmic energy. He frowned and kept attacking.

Argh, this is frustrating. What is my Path?, thought Hou Qing Lin with a long sigh. Ji Wuyou already understood Dao strength. Even though the Ji Clan helped him a lot, he was also quite strong and very talented. But Hou Qing Lin also had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, so he couldn't be weaker than Ji Wuyou. He had to understand his own Path, his own Dao! Otherwise, even if he became a great emperor, he would be weak, and stronger great emperors would oppress him.

After a few minutes, Hou Qing Lin took a deep breath and stood up. It was time to fight against the Moon Group. Even if he hadn't managed to understand Dao strength, he had to respect the agreement. Even if they lost, it didn't matter!

There was an ocean of people at the battle stage of the higher ranking list. There were even some high-level emperors. The cultivators of Tiantai and the Moon Group who were going to fight were heroic, and a lot of people paid attention to them.

Ji Wuyou and the other members of the Moon Group had already arrived. Ji Wuyou looked angry. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes, trying to forget about the outside world. But he couldn't hide his Qi, he was too furious. He wanted to get his revenge, it was time!

"Ji Wuyou has become so strong already. Maybe he will become the first cultivator of Champion University someday, just like Ji Chang!" exclaimed a young man wearing blue and green clothes. There were many people behind him, including many high-level emperors and medium-level emperors.

"Zong Que, Ji Wuyou is a little boy who doesn't like it when people compare him with his brother," said someone next to him. He was an ordinary and simple-looking man named Liu Yan. They were all excited to see the battle.

In Champion University, the most powerful groups were usually created by high-level emperors, just like Ji Chang's Club had been created by Ji Chang. Since he was the first student of Champion University, Ji Chang's Club was also very famous and had a good reputation. The stronger the leader of a group, the better the reputation of the group. The Stone Group and the Wind Clan were two other powerful groups in Champion University.

The strong cultivators of the Stone Group all controlled earth cosmic energy. They exchanged a lot in terms of earth cultivation. Their leader was Zong Que, the fifth cultivator of the Celestial Champion Ranking List.

The Wind Clan had been created by Liu Yan. He was the seventh cultivator of the ranking list, and controlled wind strength. People from the Wind Clan were all extremely fast. A thousand years from now, they would become terrifyingly powerful, and could become an ancient clan. The founder of the Wind Clan was from an ancient clan. In the Dark Night Region, many people from ancient clans created new clans, sects, and other organizations.

"Zong Que and Liu Yan came to watch the battles. It seems that the fighting will be incredible. Many public figures from Champion University are here. I wonder where the great emperors are?" mused someone who had recognized Liu Yan and Zong Que. When people became great emperors, they rarely showed up at the university. Great emperors liked to travel everywhere in the continent. Great emperors could be considered genuinely strong. They could create sects, clans, and travel anywhere.

"Little boy? He now understands Dao strength. He'll probably soon be on the list of potential champions," replied Zong Que, smiling indifferently.

"Zong Que, since you came back from the Celestial Country, do you understand Dao strength now too?" asked Liu Yan when he saw Zong Que's smile. Many people who were on the Celestial Champion Ranking List and gone to the Celestial Country had died. Many other people had already replaced them. Some people had also decided to stay in the Celestial Country to continue practicing. Liu Yan had heard that Zong Que had obtained some mysterious things and had been meditating in seclusion during the previous days.

"What do you think?" said Zong Que. He almost looked evil.

The crowd looked solemn and gazed into the distance. A group of people was coming over. They were very young and looked extraordinary: the people from Tiantai!

Zong Que and Liu Yan studied the group, Zong Que said, "They are still new in Champion University, but they are really strong. As I see it, Tiantai is just a new group, but they are already powerful. In ten years, they'll become really terrifying."

"Ten years is too long. I've heard that even the Sun Group even wanted to oppress Tiantai. Ji Chang's Club won't let Tiantai rise that easily. They won't let Tiantai suppress the Star Group and the Moon Group that easily, either. Ji Chang's Club already feels humiliated. You don't understand the temper of those people," Liu Yan said indifferently.

Many people thought that it was too late. Tiantai had oppressed and humiliated the Star Group, but they wouldn't be able to defy the Moon Group. They had been lucky the first time, but now they weren't going to be able to rise anymore. They were under too much pressure.

Ji Wuyou was seated cross-legged in the air, and suddenly opened his eyes, which glittered with sharp lights. His Qi started rolling around him, the energies destructive and oppressive.

"They're finally here!" Ji Wuyou slowly stood up and looked over at those people. Finally, after three years!

"That celestial girl is here too!" Many people noticed Meng Qing in her white clothes. She was mysterious, so many people just called her the celestial woman or celestial girl.

"I wouldn't have thought that she would be interested in the battle too!" thought the crowd. People knew almost nothing about her, just that she rarely went anywhere.

Yu Wen Jing, who was standing next to Ji Wuyou, looked over at Meng Qing angrily. She hadn't shown up publicly for a while precisely because of Meng Qing. Everybody in Champion University knew that Yu Wen Jing had been defeated by that woman during her exam, and she was also much more beautiful than Wen Jing. She had turned into a mere foil in other people's eyes!

PMG Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914: Aggressive

Tiantai's people were under pressure.

"Where's Lin Feng?!" shouted Ji Wuyou furiously. He had been waiting for three years, Lin Feng had humiliated him, they had to come back, all of them!

"He will come when he's ready," said Hou Qing Lin calmly. He raised his head, the sun was in the middle of the sky, it was noon. Lin Feng's clone was probably going to arrive at any minute.

"He's hiding?! Since it's that way, I'll crush you all and we'll see if he doesn't show up!" swore Ji Wuyou furiously. "Today, we'll fight on three battle stages at the same time. If you come onto the battle stage, you cannot jump off! If you are forced off the battle stage, it means you lost, otherwise you can't jump off. We'll fight like that until n.o.body's left. Will you dare or not!?"

Three years had pa.s.sed. This time, n.o.body could jump off the stage, they had to fight until the end!

"Why wouldn't we dare?" said Hou Qing Lin calmly.

"Since it's that way, let's fight!" said Ji Wuyou. Three different people landed on the battle stages, all of them strong cultivators from the Moon Group.

These people are quite weak in the Moon Group. They just want to see how strong Tiantai's people are, thought the more knowledgeable observors.

Hou Qing Lin's silhouette flickered. Lin Feng still hadn't come back. It didn't matter. If they lost, Lin Feng's clone wouldn't be able to save the situation anyway.

"Huang Fu Long, Tantai, Qin Wu, you start," said Hou Qing Lin calmly. They nodded and jumped onto the battle stages to start the fights!

Lin Feng didn't know about what was going on there. His clone was in the Holy City and racing towards Champion University.


His real body was on the Milky Way battlefield. Dazzling swords streaked across the sky and he cut apart an enemy. He also captured items which fell in the form of meteors. They could already see the boundary between the Milky Way battlefield and the other side.

Lin Feng and Jian Mang ran towards that celestial border. Their third eyes twinkled and a new imprint appeared.

"Let's avoid the crowd and get out of here," Lin Feng said to Jian Mang. They were flying so fast that whistling sounds followed after them. After a short time, they arrived on the other side of the Milky Way battlefield. When people noticed that they had an imprint, they wanted to kill the two. Lin Feng was convinced he could defeat many people, but he couldn't defeat an army. He wasn't strong enough yet.

"Intruders!" shouted someone icily. His eyes were as bright as suns and dazzling, a fire burning in them. He immediately started running towards Lin Feng and Jian Mang.

"Kill!" said Lin Feng. Jian Mang moved invisibly fast, his eyes became dazzling with light strength. Instantly, their enemy had the sensation he was going blind. Jian Mang looked like a dazzling light beam, a sword of pure light. In comparison with Jian Mang's swords, the sun actually looked quite pale!

Lin Feng's eyes were all grey as he watched Jian Mang's amazing speed. At the same level, it was difficult to compete with Jian Mang in terms of speed!

After killing that person, they continued flying on their way.

In the distance, many people saw them and raced towards them, attempting to surround them.

"Intruders, kill them!" shouted someone explosively. Lin Feng pulled a long face. That person had shouted so loudly that many people probably heard him.

During the year which had pa.s.sed, the two worlds had been fighting constantly on the Milky Way battlefield. Each time they noticed intruders, they didn't hesitate and joined hands to slaughter them. They wanted to protect their side of the Milky Way battlefield.

"Three high-level emperors," said Lin Feng to Jian Mang coldly, "You kill the one on the right, I'll block the two others."

Jian Mang nodded as those people drew closer.

Dazzling lights illuminated the atmosphere again. Jian Mang threw himself at the one who came from the right. One of the cultivators coming from the left also sensed those whistling sword energies. He was startled and suddenly stopped in place, releasing his soul strength. Lin Feng moved towards the one in the middle and released death Kalpa strength. That cultivator was surrounded by green earth strength, and Lin Feng's strength couldn't pierce through.

Such a powerful defense!, thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng accelerated and his black water appeared.

"Death Dao intent!" His enemy was astonished. Lin Feng landed in front of him and punched him violently while releasing DevMara Kalpa strength against the dazzling green lights around him. Crackling sounds spread as his green armor cracked. Still, Lin Feng frowned. What kind of armor was that? His defense was terrifying!

Earth cosmic energies were great for defense. Death strength could easily corrode people's lives and kill them, but his opponent's defense was so great that the death strength couldn't pierce through. Lin Feng's attack seemed inefficient.

"Break!" shouted Lin Feng explosively, releasing immortal strength. Deadly cosmic energies filled the air. Lin Feng attacked his enemy dozens of times, and the armor kept crackling from the impacts. Lin Feng's physical strength was overwhelming, finally blasting apart the green lights. Lin Feng's fist crashed onto his enemy and his head exploded.

Even though the enemy had incredible defense skills, he wasn't that strong at all.

After his kill, a deadly strength appeared behind Lin Feng, but flickers of sword light glittered and destroyed it.

Jian Mang continued on to attack the last one. Lin Feng turned around and used his Nihility Sword, but Jian Mang killed him first.

"Hurry up and run!" shouted Lin Feng when he sensed more energies converging on them. Lin Feng's soul was shaking violently. After all, they were on the Milky Way battlefield, and the people who came there were extremely strong.

"Roar!" Dragon chants arose, and b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi pulsed. Lin Feng saw a silhouette coming towards him. That person's third eye was dazzling, it was someone from h.e.l.l!

"Aoxu!" Lin Feng was startled when he saw the new arrival. Surprisingly, it was Aoxu! Two years before, they had been to the Pathfinder Peak together, and now Aoxu had come back. He seemingly understood the basics of Dao strength now, as well!

"Lin Feng, here we meet again!" said Aoxu frowning and laughing at the same time. In the distance, some strong cultivators from the Continent of the Nine Clouds had arrived too.

"Those guys don't let anyone from h.e.l.l come here. Lin Feng let's go and kill them together, alright?" said Aoxu cheerfully. A gigantic and terrifying hand imprint appeared and hurtled out. Aoxu laughed loudly. He was from the Dragon Clan, his physical body was astonis.h.i.+ngly powerful. The enemy could feel Aoxu's oppressive energies.

"Die!" shouted Aoxu explosively. He punched out, shaking the sky. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. His target's body instantly exploded, pieces of flesh and viscera flying everywhere. The other outsiders around were astonished and stopped moving.

"Aoxu, I see that you also comprehended Dao strength after you went to the Pathfinder Peak, but what kind of Dao is it?" Lin Feng asked him.

"Aggressive, the Path of Aggressiveness. You can also call it the Path of Strength. Dragons are aggressive and physically strong. I am from the Dragon Clan. I must be brutal, violent and aggressive!" Aoxu declared. He seemed extremely enthusiastic.

"Indeed, it suits you perfectly! You are even more aggressive, indeed!" Lin Feng nodded. Dao strength was very mysterious, it was not just about one's way, but also about one's personality. Lin Feng was walking on the Path of Life and Death, Officer Uptala had walked on the Great Path of the Uptala. Aoxu was walking on the Path of Aggressiveness!

PMG Chapter 1915

Chapter 1915: World of the Living Imprint

There were many strong cultivators around Lin Feng and the other two. Lin Feng glanced at them icily and released a lot of death strength. The strong cultivators shook. This guy looked ordinary but a single glance and he could kill people…

"Lin Feng, you started walking on the Path of Life and Death, how's it going?" asked Aoxu as he released oppressive energies. Aoxu was a dragon cultivator, terrifyingly strong, and he had a high cultivation level too. He was far from ordinary.

Lin Feng and Jian Mang were fighting too. Jian Mang had turned into lights, his silhouette kept flickering here and there. Lin Feng was cutting apart people one after another with Kalpa sword attacks. At the same time, death strength surrounded him like an ocean. Many of his foes died when the black water reached them!

"Those three people understand Dao strength!" The expressions of the people who were coming to attack them changed drastically. They were frightened and dispersed quickly.

"Die!" said Aoxu. Dragon claws attacked one of them. Blood splashed and he was torn apart.

Another man shouted in alarm and looked at Aoxu come towards him, his face ferocious and bloodthirsty.

Aoxu brandished his claws, a blood dragon appeared and grabbed that man's body and ripped him apart violently.

Many strong cultivators tried to stop the three of them, and died. Silhouettes fell from the sky one after another. However, more and more strong cultivators were alerted when they heard the sounds of fighting and headed towards them.

A mysterious Qi spread out from the Milky Way. The crowd was startled to see a mountain range fall from the sky. It contained an incredibly oppressive Qi.

The wind started blowing, clouds appeared, and blotted out the sun and the sky. It looked apocalyptic.

"That's…" When Lin Feng saw that Ancient Mountain he was astonished. It was the same thing as when the man with the immortal king body type had appeared. Was there someone in this mountain too?

But this Ancient Mountain was different from a Celestial mountain. This ancient mountain had an incredibly oppressive strength. Dazzling lights shone all around it as it turned into a gigantic Ancient Imprint. It felt like it could destroy this world!

That ancient imprint didn't have earth or empty s.p.a.ce strength, it was a pure imprint!

"Maybe something great is going to happen this time," whispered Aoxu when he saw the ancient mountain. The mountain descended from the sky and moved towards the Yellow Springs. It didn't drown in the Yellow Springs, but just like a paper boat, it started floating atop the Yellow Springs, an incredible sight!

What kind of ancient mountain is that? Surprisingly it doesn't sink…, thought Lin Feng with an astonished frown. When the mountain had descended from the sky, it looked small, but now it look gigantic. There was a flatland in it too, it looked like a gigantic hand imprint with a terrifying Qi which rose to the skies.

Many people came over quickly. Even the people who had been looking at Lin Feng and his allies were now staring at the mountain.

"Let's go and see!" said Aoxu suddenly, and he raced ahead. He quickly landed at the front of the mountain, and a terrifying strength dashed to the skies. Dazzling lights emerged from Aoxu's eyes, and the crowd saw him stomp the ground beneath him with his right foot. The whole mountain shook violently, the shockwaves sending the closest watchers tumbling as everyone clutched at their ears. There was an eruption beneath him, and Aoxu was hurled away bleeding.

"What a terrifying imprint technique. The World of the Living Imprint!" Aoxu was astonished and frowning. The crowd was staring at Aoxu, trembling after his display. That mountain's imprint was terrifying!

"Does it have Dao power?" Lin Feng asked Aoxu. The mountain had to contain Dao power, otherwise it couldn't have thrown Aoxu away and injured him.

"Apparently. I can't recognize what strength it is. It's an ancient imprint. It probably doesn't contain any kind of strength," said Aoxu. The crowd was astonished. Someone else went up to the mountain and jumped down on it. The same thing happened to them as to Aoxu. But that man didn't even manage to walk on it as long as Aoxu and was hurled away even more forcefully.

Lin Feng's eyes glittered before he took his own chance to jump to the front of the mountain. When he landed, he sensed an oppressive strength pulsing towards him. Those were ancient imprints, coming from the earth and sky. That wasn't any type of strength behind them, it seemed. The ancient imprints alone surged towards him violently.

"That strength comes from nowhere. Does it have Dao power?" Lin Feng frowned, as he moved back. He didn't persist.

However, Lin Feng was running backwards but moving forwards. There was a mysterious gravitational force coming from that mountain. Quickly, the mountain disappeared from people's field of vision. They were all astonished. Lin Feng just looked at the traces of oppressive strength.

Aoxu was astonished too, but he looked at Lin Feng, whose eyes were obsidian. He jumped up and said, "Let's get out and kill!"

Aoxu's eyes twinkled and he burst into bold laughter. They wanted to kill these people and reach the other side. Lin Feng was more than daring and bold enough to go with him.

His Purple Tank appeared and rolled in the air, full of death lights. Lin Feng and the two others moved invisibly fast. Lin Feng did a knifehand strike and a death river appeared before them. Who would dare to block them?

However, some people moved towards them, trying to kill them.

Lin Feng released dazzling DevMara Kalpa strength. Some pitch-black death swords appeared and shot out in all directions. Lin Feng stared at one cultivator, who sensed death strength invading his body. Lin Feng didn't stop, he continued racing forwards.

Aoxu's eyes were filled with flames of fury. Dragon chants spread in the air, he raised both his fists and suddenly, hundreds of blood dragons appeared and moved towards his target. The dragons grabbed him with their claws and shredded him. n.o.body could stop them!

Jian Mang was behind Aoxu and released dazzling sword lights. Aoxu worked with him as easily as Lin Feng.

"Those three people understand Dao strength. They're really strong!" The outsider crowd was appalled, and many people ran away from the three of them, not daring to fight. Lin Feng and Jian Mang's attacks were dangerous. One of them could kill people by glancing at them, and the other one was as fast and swift as light. Aoxu's attacks were overwhelmingly brutal.

The Milky Way started crackling, and another mountain descended from the sky. Many people noticed it, and attacked the mountain, trying to break it. However, a terrifying demon cultivator appeared out of it and began killing.

He looked in the direction of the Continent of the Nine Clouds on the other side of the Milky Way and his eyes glittered. He then rose up into the air, and n.o.body dared to stop him.

That demon cultivator was Juzi from the Ancient Demon Clan. He had missed the three-day opening period and was descending from the sky, just like the young man with the immortal king body back then.

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