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PMG Chapter 1916

Chapter 1916: Oppressing Ji Wuyou

In Champion University, on the battle stage of the higher ranking list…

The Moon Group and Tiantai were fighting violently, especially since they couldn't give up. They had to lose to leave off the battle stage. n.o.body would get away unharmed.

The audience were astonished and amazed by Tiantai's progress. In only three years, they had become so strong! They could even compete with the powerful Moon Group! Tiantai's cultivators were really talented, especially since so many of them were low-level emperors, and most cultivators of the Moon Group were medium-level emperors.

However, if the crowd knew that Tiantai's cultivators had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they wouldn't have been surprised. With the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, coupled with their talent, they could only be very strong, especially since Hou Qing Lin had taken them abroad to gather experience. They hadn't wasted a single minute during those three years.

"Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, the Moon Group recruited some strong cultivators again. They definitely have an advantage!" said Tantai. He was furious. He had partic.i.p.ated in the first round of battles. He had faced three strong cultivators, but the last one was terrifying and he had forced Tantai off from the battle stage.

On another battle stage, Ji Wuyou defeated Tian Chi.

"Brother, Ji Wuyou really understands Dao strength, Destructive Dao strength. He even destroyed my Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment and Indestructible Golden Body with his Dao strength. Be very careful when you fight against him!" said Tian Chi. He was very strong, but Ji Wuyou had defeated him, and he was still bleeding. Even though he couldn't continue fighting, he was still proud of himself.

"I understand. Don't worry and focus on healing your wounds now," nodded Hou Qing Lin. Then, he looked at Ji Wuyou and released reincarnation strength, his expression furious.

"So Lin Feng is a coward?" said Ji Wuyou icily, while releasing ice-cold and oppressive energy around Tiantai's cultivators. However, a silhouette in white clothes landed in front of Ji Wuyou. Some ice-cold Qi appeared and snowflakes swirled around. The atmosphere started freezing.

"Eh?" the crowd frowned. What was the celestial woman in white clothes doing on the battle stage? Besides, she looked furious and the atmosphere was freezing around her. The crowd didn't understand, were there tensions between Ji Wuyou and the celestial being?

Ji Wuyou was astonished too, and said politely, "This is a battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group. It has nothing to do with you. Please get down."

Hou Qing Lin was astonished. His silhouette flickered as he moved to intervene. He wanted to make Meng Qing get down from the battle. What could he say to Lin Feng if Meng Qing got injured?

However, Meng Qing started attacking. She disappeared and reappeared right before Ji Wuyou, striking out in Ji Wuyou's direction. The atmosphere around her fist froze. Ji Wuyou had the sensation his blood was going to freeze.

"How strong!" thought many people, shooting to their feet in the bleachers. Teleportation, freezing Ji Wuyou, this woman who had been at Champion University for such a short time was so strong?

"Collapse!" shouted Ji Wuyou, releasing dazzling Cyan Dragon Totems. At the same time, terrifying destructive Dao strength suddenly appeared and the ice exploded.

However, Meng Qing released awe-inspiring ice energies once again and the destructive Dao strength itself started freezing! Ji Wuyou suddenly looked petrified as his arms started freezing as well.

"Dao intent!" Zong Que and Liu Yan in the bleachers suddenly stood up. They were all astonished. What was going on? Tiantai's cultivators were too impressive. Those people had been in Champion University for what, five years? Ji Wuyou was extremely strong, he understood Dao strength, but now a new student was overwhelming him and surprisingly, she also understood Dao strength and was walking on the Path of Ice.

Hou Qing Lin had stopped moving, stunned. Meng Qing was incredible! Hou Qing Lin smiled and sighed. He hadn't thought Meng Qing would be so strong. His teacher had told him that Xue Ling Long was from the Snow Clan and was extremely powerful. However, in the small world, they couldn't imagine what that meant. Hou Qing Lin was still slowly starting to understand the outside world.

He raised his head, the battles had already gone on for a while. Half of Tiantai's cultivators were injured. Four hours had pa.s.sed already.

A strong wind started blowing. Some people started whispering. Hou Qing Lin turned around and saw Lin Feng arrive.

It was Lin Feng's clone. He had been traveling for a while and now he was back. He was shocked, he hadn't thought the battles would have started.

"Meng Qing!" Lin Feng looked at her as she was battling against Ji Wuyou. Even though she was wearing a veil, Lin Feng could recognize her Qi.

"Brother, what's going on?" Lin Feng asked Hou Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin rapidly explained everything to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded, "Brother, you go on the farthest battle stage and I'll go on the right one. The Moon Group can't win any battle stage."

"That's what I wanted to do!" said Hou Qing Lin, nodding. He headed towards a battle stage. A strong cultivator from the Moon Group was already waiting for him there.

Reincarnation lights twinkled. Hou Qing Lin was already angry, and surged to the attack. His enemy was shaking violently. He had the sensation the reincarnation holes were absorbing him!

Hou Qing Lin jumped. His reincarnation strength turned into a vortex, it was going to absorb the man!

"He's started to understand Dao strength, how insane!" Hou Qing Lin didn't even realize what was going on in his body. He pummeled his enemy and blasted him away. Zong Que and Liu Yan were stupefied. Hou Qing Lin was so furious that he was starting to use Dao strength!

He started charging. His enemy's face turned deathly pale. Reincarnation strength surrounded him and turned into a vortex. The strong cultivator of the Moon Group was terrified.

"Argh…!" the trapped man shouted furiously. He was hurled away and driven from the battle stage. The crowd was astonished.

The strong cultivators of the Moon Group were stupefied. Crackling sounds kept spreading in the air as they all clenched their fists.

Lin Feng's clone was on the battle stage too. Even though he was just a clone and couldn't use the strength of his real body, his soul was connected to his real body and kept progressing. His physical strength was explosive. He pummeled his foe with his punches, and his opponent's bones instantly broke. Lin Feng's clone also knew the same cosmic energies as he did!

"Lin Feng is progressing so quickly!" the crowd exclaimed in amazement. His cosmic energies had become much more incredible and so had his physical strength!

"p.i.s.s off!" a voice drew people's attention. Ji Wuyou and Meng Qing were still fighting. Initially, they didn't know how strong Meng Qing was, but now Ji Wuyou was injured. However, he had become furious and was doing all he could to stop Meng Qing. He used his full strength, but it didn't work. Meng Qing could teleport and her ice energies were terrifying.

"That girl is incredibly strong. She can oppress Ji Wuyou!" The crowd was astonished. Was she really from the Snow Clan?

"What does the battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group have to do with you?" asked Ji Wuyou, staring at Meng Qing. Three years had pa.s.sed. Now a new girl had become a student at their university and she was humiliating him again!

"Hmph! A stranger dares get involved in Tiantai and the Moon Group's battle, if she doesn't p.i.s.s off, don't blame me for being impolite!" said a strong cultivator standing in the bleachers icily. His energies were fearsome, and the crowd frowned. It was a strong cultivator from the Sun Group, someone from the Celestial Champion Ranking List!

PMG Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917: Killing Lin Feng

However, some strong other cultivators were staring at Lin Feng, not Meng Qing.

Zong Que and Liu Yan were staring at him and frowned. They didn't understand something, they had seen Lin Feng before, but they didn't recognize him this time, there was something different. His Qi was different, too. His Qi was terrifying but it was like he had come from the Celestial Country or h.e.l.l. He controlled h.e.l.l death strength, and his eyes contained death Qi. He looked like a demon!

"Is it really him?" thought Zong Que and Liu Yan. They weren't sure.

Hou Qing Lin looked at the one who had just threatened Meng Qing and said icily, "And how dare you get involved in the Moon Group's affairs?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" shouted back s.h.i.+ Hao Tian. His voice made everyone shake as his voice resonated in people's brains.

"s.h.i.+ Hao Tian from Ji Chang's Club. Fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List! He's terrifying, the second strongest cultivator of Ji Chang's Club! He must have come here to watch." The bystanders were shocked to see s.h.i.+ Hao Tian, fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List. It also meant that he was the fourth strongest student of Champion University. They could imagine how strong he was!

"Since the Moon Group doesn't want to fight, why come here and fight? They're just humiliating themselves," said Lin Feng icily. His silhouette flickered and he moved over to Meng Qing, landing in front of her.

Ji Wuyou released a wave of Qi towards Lin Feng. He shouted icily, eyes going red, "Lin Feng!"

Ji Wuyou jumped and threw himself at Lin Feng. Dragon lights dazzled around him as he released a terrifying destructive strength.

Meng Qing turned around and released ice energies. The ancient dragon immediately froze and so did the destructive strength. At the same time, Meng Qing disappeared and snowflakes appeared, a graceful hand imprint among them. Ji Wuyou sensed a mysterious strength surround him. He released more destructive strength and dragons chanted louder.

Meng Qing did a knifehand strike and a celestial king Qi invaded the atmosphere. She was suddenly surrounded by a holy celestial halo, and looked like a real G.o.ddess!

That celestial woman in white has an amazingly powerful body type. She probably has a king body type!, thought everybody. Meng Qing looked like a celestial G.o.ddess, extraordinary and untouchable.

Ji Wuyou's strength turned into snowflakes. At the same time, he was violently forced backwards.

I wonder what kind of man could marry her!, thought the astonished crowd, shaking at this display. That woman was like a G.o.ddess, so unbelievably beautiful. Ji Wuyou looked like a buffoon in front of her!

"Lin Feng, go to another battle stage. The battle between Tiantai and the Moon Group is not over!" said Ji Wuyou to Lin Feng coldly.

"Not over?" Lin Feng smiled icily, "How do you want to fight? A group battle or one-on-ones?"

"The remaining people can fight in a group battle!" replied Ji Wuyou coldly.

"Alright, so a group fight!" said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He looked at Meng Qing and she looked back at him, smiling resplendently. When she smiled, her snowflakes almost melted in homage.

Lin Feng slowly walked over to Meng Qing. Back then when he had gone to the small world, he hadn't gone to the ancient world to see Meng Qing because he didn't want to disturb her. The ancient world had helped her become stronger.

Lin Feng wasn't disappointed. Meng Qing was incredibly talented. After having spent some time in the ancient world, she had become extremely strong. Lin Feng was very happy for her.

"Eh?" When the crowd saw Lin Feng walk towards Meng Qing, they didn't understand what was going on.

They looked at Meng Qing, she was smiling at him brilliantly. It made everyone s.h.i.+ver. Before Lin Feng showed up, she didn't smile and now she did?

Lin Feng walked up to Meng Qing and put his hands on her shoulders, he even caressed her face. Meng Qing looked incredibly warm and gentle. The onlooker's brains felt as if they were going to explode. They were starting to ask themselves questions, why had Meng Qing shown up in Champion University, and why was she on the battle stage?

Lin Feng put his hands down and touched her hands. He smiled and said, "Silly girl, how come you didn't tell Lang Ye to message me? I would have come and picked you up."

Meng Qing had found Champion University, probably thanks to Lang Ye.

"I didn't want to disturb you, so I came here alone," said Meng Qing gently. The crowd was stunned.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes and looked at Ji Wuyou, "Are we not having a group battle? What are you doing staring at me like that?"

Ji Wuyou looked frozen and said rather emptily, "Are you inviting outsiders to help you?"

"Outsiders?" Lin Feng glanced at Ji Wuyou coldly. "Ji Wuyou, are you saying that my wife is an outsider? So your wife isn't a member of the Ji Clan?"

"His wife." The minds of the crowd were instantly blown. The celestial woman who could defeat Ji Wuyou was Lin Feng's wife? Married to the one who had defeated Ji Wuyou in the past. The crowd was completely dumbstruck.

Yu Wen Jing pulled a long face and stared at Meng Qing. Lin Feng's wife! Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing had been humiliated by Lin Feng in the past, and now, three years later, his wife had humiliated them!


In the Celestial Country, Lin Feng and the two others continued traveling invisibly fast. They had already managed to escape from the strong cultivators and Lin Feng's eyes weren't filled with death energy anymore. He was smiling indifferently and warmly. Years had pa.s.sed, and finally he could see Meng Qing again. What a great thing.

"Lin Feng, did something happen?" asked Aoxu when he saw Lin Feng's smile. It looked quite strange, given their circ.u.mstances. Jian Mang looked as emotionless and expressionless as before.

"Something great happened, of course!" said Lin Feng with a broad smile. His two bodies were interconnected. His clone was happy too, but he was looking at Ji Wuyou icily.


Lin Feng's clone hadn't noticed that s.h.i.+ Hao Tian had gone over to Zong Que and Liu Yan. He whispered, "Did you notice?"

Zong Que and Lin Feng smiled. They understood that he was talking about Lin Feng.

"Maybe they are different people," whispered Zong Que.

"I don't care whether they're the same person or not. The consequences will be the same!" said s.h.i.+ Hao Tian coldly. Zong Que and Liu Yan smiled at him meaningfully.

Liu Yan said, "This battle has nothing to do with us."

s.h.i.+ Hao Tian looked quite calm. They started talking using telepathy. At some point, Zong Que and Liu Yan looked angry. Zong Que also looked angry and nodded.

On the battle stage, the strong cultivators of both sides gathered. Gigantic waves of Qi pulsed in the sky.

Then, suddenly, gigantic waves of oppressive energies rolled in waves. It was Zong Que!

Lin Feng raised his head and looked over at Zong Que. He didn't understand.

"You, come!" said Zong Que pointing at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned and rose up into the air. He said coldly, "What do you want?"

"You asked for people's help and you want to kill people from Champion University. You must die!" shouted Zong Que explosively. He waved his hand and strength surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the sensation his bones were going to be crushed: earth strength! His expression changed drastically and he shouted furiously, "You are getting involved in Tiantai and the Moon Group's battle on purpose?"

"You're going to die!" shouted Zong Que explosively. He waved his hands and suddenly, a terrifying strength bore down on Lin Feng's chest. He groaned with pain and released his Qi. The pressure was too intense though, and he was driven away.

The crowd was astonished, what was going on?

"The Moon Group is shameless!" said Hou Qing Lin, looking at s.h.i.+ Hao Tian.

s.h.i.+ Hao Tian said icily, "The battle between the Moon Group and Tiantai can start for real."

Instantly, the strong cultivators of the Moon Group attacked. Waves of strength pulsed. Meng Qing rose up in the air and flew towards Lin Feng. However, suddenly, some Cyan Dragons moved towards her. Ji Wuyou prevented her from going to his aid.

Zong Que ran towards Lin Feng, releasing even more strength. Lin Feng started suffocating. Lin Feng saw a gigantic ancient soul bell moving towards him, and his face turned deathly pale. This was his clone, and it was a clone Lin Feng had made two years before. Even though Lin Feng's real body had progressed a lot, his clones couldn't compete with people like Zong Que, who was a strong cultivator of the Celestial Champion Ranking List. Lin Feng felt powerless in front of him.

The ancient bell rang and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng knew he was going to die if the bell crashed onto him.

"Brother, let's cancel the battle!" shouted Lin Feng. The bell rang again, Lin Feng's brain shook violently.

"Will Zong Que kill Lin Feng without having signed a contract?" The crowd was stunned. What was going on? Why did Zong Que dare attack Lin Feng like that? Even though Zong Que was on the Celestial Champion Ranking List and had privileges, it didn't give him the right to kill other students as he wished!

PMG Chapter 1918

Chapter 1918: That's How It Is

Snowflakes invaded the atmosphere. Meng Qing disappeared and reappeared in front of Zong Que. She raised her hand and the s.p.a.ce around Zong Que started freezing.

"Hmph!" Zong Que groaned icily. He shook his right hand and a mysterious strength rose up. The atmosphere started shaking and the ice started cracking.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Zong Que explosively. The soundwaves of his voice and his bell fused together and resonated in unison. The crowd started having auditory hallucinations. The soundwaves seemed like a mountain pummeling their brains.

Meng Qing's brain started shaking violently. Even though she understood Dao intent, her soul wasn't as powerful as her opponents, so she couldn't do much. She had the impression her soul was going to collapse. Blood splashed out of her mouth and stained her white clothes and veil.

"Meng Qing, get back!" Lin Feng's eyes were filled with death. He looked at Zong Que icily and released as much strength as he could. He was furious it wasn't his real body, otherwise he would have crushed Zong Que.

"Death intent? Surprising." Zong Que looked at Lin Feng and withdrew. His soul turned into threads of ancient bells which all moved towards Lin Feng and rang in unison. Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to break apart.

"Die!" shouted Zong Que explosively. Millions of bells rang out in unison. Lin Feng's silhouette became distorted. His clone was made of part of his soul. The most terrifying kind of attack for a clone was that kind of soul attack. Thunder rang out, and the crowd saw Lin Feng's body crack and explode.

Suddenly, the air became completely silent. The crowd was astonished. The battle between the Moon Group and Tiantai had already exceeded all their expectations.

If the rest of Ji Chang's Club hadn't gotten involved, Lin Feng and that girl would have crushed the Moon Group, thought a few high-level emperors looking coolly, understanding what was going on.

"He had really learned Dao strength." Liu Yan was staring at Zong Que. This guy had learned about Dao strength in the Celestial Country. The ancient bell attacks were too terrifying!

The snowflakes in the sky became colder and colder. Meng Qing was still bleeding. The s.p.a.ce around her became colder and colder and froze. The crowd started s.h.i.+vering. The crowd was scared just glancing at her.

Zong Que frowned and eyed Meng Qing. This girl was strange, her Qi was terrifying.

Tiantai's people looking furious. Hou Qing Lin was going insane. His reincarnation strength turned into a tornado.

"No, Lin Feng was right, we have to end this battle. Meng Qing cannot get injured again!" Hou Qing Lin ground his teeth so hard that blood dripped from his mouth. He tried to calm down gradually, and looked at Meng Qing. Meng Qing was going insane.

Meng Qing started crying, her face turning deathly pale. She looked crushed and desperate. Many people started feeling extremely sad when they saw such a breathtakingly beautiful woman like that. She looked crushed, her heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Tears even appeared in some people's eyes. They felt very sad for her, too.

"Sister, Lin Feng is not dead," said Hou Qing Lin to Meng Qing using telepathy. Meng Qing s.h.i.+vered and turned around, staring at Hou Qing Lin.

"It was only one of Lin Feng's clones. His real body is not here," Hou Qing Lin told her calmly. Lin Feng had shouted out before dying, it meant he wanted to Hou Qing Lin to handle the situation. Hou Qing Lin understood that he had to control himself and that he had to take care of Meng Qing. Nothing could happen to Meng Qing!

"Trust me!" said Hou Qing Lin, nodding at Meng Qing. She s.h.i.+vered, but tried to calm down. She coughed and blood fell down onto her shoes. She felt ice-cold. That blood came from her heart!

"Sister, go back. Nothing can happen to you before Lin Feng comes back to university," said Hou Qing Lin to Meng Qing. Meng Qing didn't say anything and jumped back onto the ground.

Hou Qing Lin looked at Zong Que icily and said, "There are rules when it comes to battles in Champion University. Today, you killed one of my fellow disciples out of hand. Don't the law enforcement officers care about the rules?"

The Moon Group and Tiantai's cultivators had already stopped fighting. People from Tiantai looked furious and shouted, "I'm Tantai, I'm also a student in Champion University! Aren't there rules in this university? n.o.body cares about them? Law enforcement officers just watched a student get killed and didn't react at all? Anyone can get involved in battles? Is it allowed to kill students as one wishes? Are there no rules in the end?"

"Are there no rules after all?" all the cultivators of Tiantai started shouting in unison. They were furious.

Someone slowly rose up in the air. That person was wearing golden clothes. He looked at the crowd furiously. He looked majestic and domineering.

Hou Qing Lin realized that s.h.i.+ Hao Tian wasn't far away.

"He asked outsiders for help and they came here to kill our people from Champion University. Killing them is fine," said the person in golden clothes.

The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng had called in outsiders?

"When did that happen?" asked Hou Qing Lin icily.

"Do I need to explain?" said that person indifferently. Tiantai's people were stupefied and pulled long faces at the farcical words.

"I'll report to the leaders of the university. If I made any mistake, then I'll bear the responsibility," said the law enforcement officer in golden clothes icily.

"Bear the responsibilities? How can you bear the responsibilities for killing my fellow disciple? Will you kill yourself?" said Hou Qing icily. His eyes were filled with reincarnation strength.

"Insolent!" shouted the law enforcement officer of the university explosively. Then he smiled coldly, "The Moon Group and Tiantai can continue battling. I will take care of the higher ranking list. I will also start a legal procedure within the university. No need to worry about that."

After that, he rolled up his sleeves and left.

"That law enforcement officer is on Ji Chang's Club's side. Lin Feng from Tiantai died, but because Ji Chang's Club has such a high social position in Champion University, n.o.body can do anything!" The crowd was stupefied. Even in Champion University, strength was still the most important thing. In that world, rules could always be violated.

But Lin Feng's wife was so strong, the university was probably going to attach importance to her and the law enforcement officer would have to punish the killer.

"Since the university is against us too, this battle has become pointless!" declared Hou Qing Lin. Then, he looked at the other members of Tiantai and said, "Tiantai's people, come back with me."

Tiantai's cultivators looked furious and followed Hou Qing Lin as he left. The battle was over.

Ji Wuyou didn't look happy at all. He looked furious.

"We had agreed on a battle three years ago and you think you can leave now?" shouted Ji Wuyou icily. Ji Wuyou didn't intend to let them off.

Zong Que came next to s.h.i.+ Hao Tian, he wanted to say something.

"Brothers, from now, join hands with us to oppress Tiantai. If anyone refuses to help, they won't stay in the university for long," said s.h.i.+ Hao Tian icily.

Zong Que smiled and nodded, "Of course."

The crowd dispersed but they felt sad. They had compa.s.sion for Tiantai and for Lin Feng. Surprisingly, Zong Que had killed him, and the university didn't do anything for him. He was such a genius! It was such a tragedy.

But very quickly, they heard something and understood why things were happening that way.

The astonis.h.i.+ng news was: The astonis.h.i.+ng news was that the Holy City had invited all of the influential groups and the three universities to come to Champion University. This time, it was going to be Ji Chang's Ceremony as a Champion!

The crowd started thinking that Lin Feng had maybe been Ji Chang's first victim…

PMG Chapter 1919

Chapter 1919: Juzi Is Here To Kill

After Tiantai and the Moon Group's battle, at university, many people also said that they had been astonished by Tiantai's progress. They were actually able to compete with the Moon Group. That was incredible!

The celestial woman in white was surprisingly Lin Feng's wife, and terrifyingly strong. She could oppress Ji Wuyou! Unfortunately, Lin Feng hadn't been able to fight against Ji Wuyou, Zong Que had killed him! Many people felt sad for Meng Qing. She was so talented, and now she had lost her husband. There were also many people who didn't care, as it might clear the way for them…

The crowd sighed. Lin Feng had died, it was a pity. Now Ji Chang was going to become a Champion. Ji Chang's Club was going to become the most powerful group of Champion University once again. If Tiantai wanted to rise within the university, it would be extremely difficult. Lin Feng had died because Tiantai had tried to oppress Ji Chang's Club. At the same time, Ji Chang's Club now had an alliance with the Stone Group. They were going to oppress Tiantai together. However, they probably wouldn't kill Tiantai's people within the university again.

They had killed Lin Feng because Ji Chang was going to become a Champion. He was the pride of the university. His name would be carved in the Champion stone and they would make a statue of him. He would have incredible privileges within the establishment too. They had killed one person, but it didn't matter that much.

Suddenly, Tiantai had lost its reputation. Everybody was hiding and didn't come out anymore. They knew that if they came out, the Moon Group and the Stone Group would hara.s.s them. It was as if they had disappeared from Champion University in the blink of an eye.

Elsewhere in Champion University, the atmosphere was lively because of Ji Chang's ceremony. He would become Ying Cheng's successor, the new Champion. However, the date hadn't been determined yet. Some people said that the university was already making Ji Chang's statue, however!

Ji Wuyou wasn't excited at all. He wanted to dazzle more than his brother. He had gone back to meditating in seclusion.

In the Celestial Country, Lin Feng and the two others had already crossed the Milky Way battlefield, and  were on the side of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Currently, there were resting in a hidden cave. Lin Feng was seated cross-legged. His soul filled the cave, and a terrifying vitality kept undulating in the air. The cave had turned into a holy life place. The life energy was even spilling out of the cave. Gra.s.s and trees became even greener, and started growing much faster.

Jian Mang was outside of the cave. Aoxu was far away in the distance and came up to Jian Mang. He asked, "Has he recovered yet?"

"I don't know," Jian Mang replied indifferently. He was annoyed. He didn't know what was wrong with Lin Feng, either. Lin Feng's soul had suddenly been severely damaged, and his Qi had become really weak. That's why he was in a cave, he was trying to heal his soul.

A terrifying vortex suddenly appeared and filled the air. It suddenly turned into a terrifying death strength, and gra.s.s and trees started dying. The death strength then moved towards the cave as if that cave had become the entrance of h.e.l.l.

A silhouette slowly came out of the cave. He was surrounded by death lights and looked scary. A single glance at him sufficed to make someone's soul shake.

"Lin Feng, what's wrong?" asked Aoxu to Lin Feng. He didn't understand why Lin Feng had been suddenly injured.

"I had a clone, and my clone was killed in the outside world, so my soul was damaged," replied Lin Feng. Aoxu was shocked. Lin Feng had a clone. How incredible!

"And have you recovered yet?" asked Aoxu.

"I'm alright. The injury wasn't that bad," replied Lin Feng, looking indifferent. He had created that clone over three years before, and it had progressed really quickly. Therefore, his clone's death hadn't had too much of a big impact on his real body. Of course, Lin Feng was also able to recover that quickly because he understood life and death strength. It was extremely useful for his soul!

"The pa.s.sage of the Celestial Country is soon going open again. Aoxu, what do you intend to do?" Lin Feng asked Aoxu.

"I don't have any plans. What about you? You wanted to come here, but you don't seem that interested in fighting?"

"I'm from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I accidentally ended up in h.e.l.l. I decided to fight my way to the other side of the Milky Way battlefield because I want to get back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds," said Lin Feng flatly, no longer bothering to hide the fact.

Aoxu was astonished and laughed, "Interesting! You surprisingly ended up in h.e.l.l? I'll come to the Continent of the Nine Clouds with you then!"

"You want to go to the Continent of the Nine Clouds?" asked Lin Feng, somewhat surprised. "Can you get to the Dragon Clan from the Continent of the Nine Clouds?"

"The Continent of the Nine Clouds is all the same. We can also get to the Dragon Clan from there. Traveling and fighting a little bit would be a good thing. I could also become a great emperor there!" replied Aoxu casually.

Lin Feng nodded. No problem. However, the earth and sky started shaking, and rumbling sounds spread in the air. Mountains starting breaking apart.

Rumbling sounds spread in the air as gigantic stones fell from the sky. Mountains broke. A terrifying demon Qi filled the air. Lin Feng raised his head, startled at what he saw. There was a silhouette waiting there in the sky. It was Juzi from the Ancient Demon Clan!

"He came here too?" Lin Feng stared at Juzi. Lin Feng's eyes were filled with death energy. Juzi's eyes were filled with demon energy. Juzi looked calm and composed, majestic and dignified, like a king in his element.

d.a.m.n Ancient Demon Imprint!, thought Lin Feng. Aoxu released dragon Qi. Dragons started chanting as his Qi rose to the skies. Stones kept exploding all around them, and a nearby hill even even collapsed.

Juzi just looked down at them loftily.

"What a powerful demon cultivator!" said Aoxu. However, Lin Feng looked angry and was staring at Juzi. He said icily, "Since you came here, you will never go back."

"Aoxu, Jian Mang, I need some time," Lin Feng said to them.

"I'll give it a try," said Aoxu. He rose up in the air and threw himself at Juzi. He released terrifying dragon energies which turned into dragon claws and made the atmosphere shake violently.

Aoxu was really strong, even for someone at the top of the Huang Qi layer. He understood Aggressive Dao strength, and his physical attacks were terrifying. He was probably stronger than ordinary great emperors already.

Juzi was expressionless and emotionless. A gigantic demon imprint came cras.h.i.+ng down, looking like a gigantic hand. His black demon eyes twinkled with indestructible DevMara strength.

The mountains around kept exploding and breaking apart.

"Die!" shouted Aoxu. An aggressive strength emerged. However, a gigantic "DEMON" word appeared in the sky, s.h.i.+ning with terrible power. Both fighters' souls collided. Aoxu shook violently and was hurled back.

"What a terrifying fighter!" Aoxu sighed. With his dragon body and aggressive Dao, he had just been forced backwards, as if this demon was invincible.

Dragons chanted, and Aoxu turned into a gigantic blood dragon, staring at Juzi icily.

Lin Feng came forwards, as a deployment spell appeared on the ground. A layer of illusion Qi appeared, and Lin Feng slowly disappeared into the illusion.

In his spirit's world, he took out his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, and stepped aboard it. Life and death lights twinkled, pulling his world cosmic energies into the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

Juzi had crossed the Celestial Country to find Lin Feng. In Lin Feng's small world, only his own cosmic energies worked. What would Juzi do in there?

Lin Feng jumped onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. A million of lights glittered and changed. Marks intertwined. Cosmic strength pulsed on the deployment spell.

In the outside world, the earth and sky became red. Juzi's blood started boiling. Aoxu moved forwards, Jian Mang helping him. It was still too difficult for them to truly fight against Juzi, especially for Jian Mang. It was the first time Jian Mang felt so powerless in his life. Juzi was terrifying!

PMG Chapter 1920

Chapter 1920: Demonic Punisher

Aoxu had turned into a blood dragon. He was extremely strong, especially after having turned into a blood dragon, with explosive power, and his blood cosmic energies was also terrifying.

However, Juzi was also terrifyingly strong, his physical body was almost indestructible. The cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan all learned how to improve their physical strength.

"Break!" A gigantic demon hand appeared and grabbed Aoxu. Aoxu shook violently, and his dragon scales started bleeding. His physical strength was incredible, but when facing Juzi, he seemed weak.

Lights twinkled. Jian Mang's sword appeared again, moving unspeakably fast, but Juzi didn't even look at it. An ancient demon imprint appeared and blotted out the sky. The light strength made the demon hand move aside, but the DEMON word crashed onto his head.

Juzi lunged forwards. His target was Lin Feng, he didn't care about Jian Mang and Aoxu!

Aoxu's dragon blood steamed so hard it was shrieking. Juzi sensed his blood boiling. His muscles twitched as bloodthirsty dragons moved towards him. Juzi moved his hand away.

"Lin Feng!" shouted Aoxu furiously. He wanted to warn Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still seated on the ground. He looked up at Juzi with his death eyes.

Juzi came slamming down from the sky. However, Lin Feng's silhouette penetrated into the ground and a terrifying strength crashed on the ground, forming a crater. There was a pa.s.sage under the ground. Lin Feng had made it just now, and managed to go inside. Juzi just sneered, convinced he could still find Lin Feng inside the hole.

Juzi continued moving down into the pa.s.sage, but Lin Feng turned into a beam of light. He didn't dodge or flee, he moved directly towards Juzi. Juzi didn't look worried. Apart from his matters of his wife, nothing could affect him!

A mysterious Qi emerged. The earth and sky changed around Juzi. He frowned as Lin Feng disappeared. And then Juzi also disappeared.

"What's going on?" Aoxu didn't understand. He realized that both cultivators had disappeared and a mysterious Qi surrounded everybody.

"Don't go inside!" shouted Jian Mang to Aoxu instantly. Aoxu was startled, and glanced at Jian Mang. "He will solve the problem himself," said Jian Mang calmly, and his relaxed expression did more to convince Aoxu then his words.


Lin Feng was inside his spirit world on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Juzi descended from the sky and glanced around. He said to Lin Feng icily, "This is how you kidnapped my wife?"

Lin Feng nodded.

"You obtained a world?" asked Juzi. He was a bit surprised. This was rare. He knew that he had been tricked once already. Lin Feng had kidnapped his wife and brought her in here.

Suddenly, the gigantic Celestial Evolution Chessboard became dazzling, and Qi rose to the skies. Lin Feng and Juzi disappeared into a shattering deployment spell. A gigantic life and death pattern twinkled about them.

"Deployment spell?" Juzi was astonished. What a powerful deployment spell!

"Break!" Juzi punched out, ancient demon imprints shot towards the deployment spell. However, nothing happened. His strength had disappeared!

"That's an illusion shattering deployment spell." Lin Feng's eyes were filled with death strength. His life and death pattern contained a terrifying death Qi. The death strength whistled and condensed around the deployment spell. Yet suddenly, the atmosphere became green and filled with vitality!

Death strength moved towards Juzi. His expression finally changed. Even though he had an indestructible body, he was still a mortal!

Juzi rose up into the air. However, he realized that that place didn't contain death strength like h.e.l.l, and he couldn't use the cosmic energies of the earth and sky like in the outside world.

Lin Feng then disappeared from the deployment spell, reappearing outside as Juzi attacked the deployment spell. The air started bending, like it was going to break anytime. Lin Feng's expression changed. Juzi was still terrifyingly strong! With his strength, even with the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, inside his own world, with his deployment spell and so on, Juzi still managed to break the deployment spell! He was using physical strength to break the deployment spell!

Besides, the death strength didn't corrode his body as Lin Feng expected.

"Let's see how long you will survive." Lin Feng took out his sun disc. Juzi saw a gigantic sun move towards him. The atmosphere shook, and Lin Feng's silhouette flashed.

In Lin Feng's spirit, Juzi could only use his own cosmic energies, but Dao power was connected to the cosmic energies of the earth and sky, and his physical strength was simply astonis.h.i.+ng. Of course, Dao power without cosmic energies wasn't very efficient. Juzi could resist, but it was going to be more and more difficult for him.


Three days later, Juzi was surrounded by a grey energy. He sat down cross-legged inside the deployment spell. His eyes didn't look as demonic as before. He was imprisoned and he couldn't do much.

He had underestimated Lin Feng. He hadn't thought Lin Feng could be so terrifying. Even with Great Imperial Weapons, Lin Feng wasn't supposed to be able to pose a threat to him. But Lin Feng had much more terrifying methods than Great Imperial Weapons. Deployment spells were dreadful!

Juzi stood up. He had to break the deployment spell, otherwise, he'd die in here! He started attacking, but he felt great pressure. A mountain was falling from the sky.

"Die!" Juzi shouted furiously. He released ancient demon strength, but his attack was suddenly destroyed.

After that, Lin Feng moved the mountain away. He took out a Great Imperial Weapon and reappeared in the deployment spell, staring at Juzi.

"Since you came to the Celestial Country, you won't go back." Lin Feng waved his hands. Death energy surrounded Juzi. Juzi regretted everything. He didn't have Great Imperial Weapons with him, he should have taken some, but he hadn't. He would have been able to break the deployment spell if he had. The problem was that in the Celestial Country he couldn't communicate with the outside world. Now it was even worse, he was trapped in Lin Feng's world.


Ten days later, Aoxu and Jian Mang sensed a strange Qi. Lin Feng still hadn't come out. What was going on?

"What's going on inside?" asked Aoxu to Jian Mang.

"Just wait," said Jian Mang calmly. If Lin Feng died against Juzi, he would be free. If Lin Feng didn't die, then Jian Mang wouldn't be able to escape. n.o.body knew when Lin Feng would come out. If Jian Mang went to the Continent of the Nine Clouds alone, it would be extremely dangerous.

The mysterious Qi disappeared and finally, Lin Feng appeared again.

Lin Feng's eyes were still as black as a demon.

"Lin Feng, how did it go?" asked Aoxu.

"It's over," said Lin Feng calmly, as if nothing had happened. Aozu couldn't imagine how incredible the battle between Lin Feng and Juzi had been. The Ancient Demon Clan would be devastated if they learned about this…


In the Ancient Demon Clan, some people were waiting outside of a palace. In front of them was a mysterious old man surrounded by an incredible demonic energy.

A dazzling demon light turned into two light beams. Two pitch-black eyes appeared. The crowd raised their heads and watched the two demon lights penetrate into the palace. The strong cultivators of the crowd began to sweat coldly.

"Ancient Demon Vision technique! When Juzi was born, the ancestor's eyes didn't even appear. Now Juzi fell and the demon eyes appeared. Is this the will of Heaven?" wondered the leader of the group. Juzi's talisman had broken not long ago.

Someone cried inside the palace. People s.h.i.+vered. Their leader said, "The Ancient Demon Clan will do all it can to raise little Juzi, we have named him the Demonic Punisher."

"Indeed, Ancestor!" everybody bowed. Someone continued, "Ancestor, should we avenge him?"

"Leave it to the Demonic Punisher!" said the Ancestor indifferently. Then, he flickered away and disappeared.

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