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PMG Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921: Getting Ready To Go Back

Juzi the Demonic Punisher had died. People died, some others rose. Juzi's birth had been something special in the Ancient Demon Clan. He had been nicknamed the Demoniac Punisher, and the Ancient Demon Clan wasn't disappointed in him. He had started practicing cultivation when he was two years old, and was very talented. In both the Continent of the Nine Clouds and h.e.l.l, he would be considered an extremely talented cultivator. When he was five years old, he had already broken through to the Zun Qi layer and understood abstruse energies.

When he was eight, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer and controlled cosmic energies. He hadn't been raised by just the Ancient Demon Clan, he had also been raised in Yama City. When he was ten years old, he comprehended Dao strength and he had been sent to the h.e.l.l Shrine, replacing his father. But everything had taken place secretly. People in the outside world didn't know the Ancient Demon Clan had such a terrifying cultivator, otherwise, their rivals in h.e.l.l would have been scared.

Of course, all of that wasn't important anymore.


In Champion University, the atmosphere was becoming more and more lively. The date of the Champion ceremony had already been determined. People from everywhere were invited. Amongst people of that era, Ji Chang was going to become the second Champion of Champion University officially.

Thanks to Ji Chang's power, Ji Chang's Club was recruiting more and more geniuses, and kept growing bigger and bigger. Things didn't look good for Tiantai. Some people talked of a tragedy. With their lineup and their alliance with the Stone Group, Ji Chang's Club was becoming extremely powerful. Tiantai was suffocating. Tiantai's disciples were also getting bullied if they showed up at places. People didn't kill them or cripple their cultivation, but still, being one of Tiantai's disciples wasn't easy these days.

A few disciples even started leaving Tiantai. Some even betrayed Tiantai and joined Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group.

"Kacha!" In Tiantai's courtyard, an explosion shook the air as a stone blew to pieces.

"Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group are b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" Tantai's face was red from fury. Some other people from Tiantai were around him, bleeding from wounds. Even when these core disciples went out, they got bullied. Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group wanted to put them in a dead end.

"Why are you so noisy?" shouted Yun Qing Yan at Tantai. She looked furious, too. She was losing patience.

"Let's declare a war!" snarled Tantai ferociously.

"Declare a war? Why? The Stone Group and Ji Chang's Club will crush us. Their leader Zong Que is the fifth student of the Celestial Champion Ranking List! He controls Dao strength! He might be stronger than people who are higher than him on the ranking list. He killed Lin Feng! They don't care about rules. Zong Que has privileges, that's why he dares act that way! And you want to declare a war?" shouted Yun Qing Yan.

She had told her parents about all these things, so she knew more than Tantai. Yun Qing Yan understood that Ji Chang's Champion ceremony was extremely important. The university was proud of him, and was even erecting a statue of him there. He would probably become one of the leaders of the university someday.

These days, Tiantai couldn't declare a war against Ji Chang's Club or the Stone Group, unless they wanted to be wiped off the map.

In the courtyard, the other people remained silent. They were under great pressure. They all had lots of potential, had all studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, and were talented. They were real geniuses! But things weren't easy, and they couldn't be considered as extremely strong cultivators.

"How is Lin Feng doing?" whispered Yun Qing Yan. She missed him. His clone had been destroyed, how was his real body doing?

"If Lin Feng were here, he wouldn't accept this situation!" said Tantai, clenching his fists so hard they popped. He was furious, yet felt powerless.

In a hidden room, Hou Qing Lin was studying and practicing. There was reincarnation strength all around him, and the reincarnation strength in his eyes was evolving.

"Path, what is my Path? What is my Dao?" Hou Qing Lin's reincarnation strength was becoming more and more terrifying. The s.p.a.ce around him was distorting.

"If I don't understand the Dao, how will I destroy them?" Hou Qing Lin didn't look like a calm and detached young man like in the past. He looked insane. What was the point of being an emperor if he didn't understand the Dao?

The Dao is mysterious. It's something you can't touch. It's something which you realize, it's about your own body, and your own destiny!, thought Hou Qing Lin. n.o.body could help him understand the Dao, especially since he understood a very mysterious kind of strength: reincarnation strength! He had to rely solely on himself. n.o.body could give him any tips!

Reincarnation, six paths, the earth and sky, reincarnation strength, maybe my path has to change drastically, it has to reincarnate!, Hou Qing Lin's eyes became ice-cold. The air around him was twisting as he meditated.

If I can't understand the wheel of reincarnation, how can I walk on the Path of Reincarnation?! Suddenly, Hou Qing Lin understood something. He slowly sat down and closed his eyes. In the hidden room, the reincarnation strength started pulsing strongly. A vortex appeared and enveloped his body.

Hou Qing Lin had to understand Dao power.

Lin Feng understood Dao power because he was walking on the Path of Life and Death. Ji Wuyou understood Dao power because he had been helped by his clan. Zong Que was extremely strong. He was the fifth cultivator of the Celestial Champion Ranking List, at the very top of the Huang Qi layer, and had obtained mysterious treasures in the Celestial Country.


When people noticed Lin Feng and his friends in the Celestial Country, they were killed stealthily, so as not to draw people's attention. Lin Feng continued practicing cultivation secretly. During that year, Lin Feng was cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength again. He also bathed in his demon pond sometimes. His DevMara Body was cleansed a second time. It was extremely painful, but worth it. His physical strength improved considerably.

His DevMara Body was powerful. The cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan didn't study that technique carelessly. They usually waited until they reached a very high level and even then, they cleansed their DevMara Body at most three times per level; at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. Someone as astonis.h.i.+ng as Juzi had cleansed his body three times when he was a low-level h.e.l.l emperor, five times when he was a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor and nine times when he was a high-level h.e.l.l emperor.

If a cultivator didn't wait long enough to cleanse their body, they could die. However, Lin Feng had been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength, and he had an incredible physical body. He had cleansed his body twice using the DevMara Body technique and his body had been cleansed four times by DevMara Kalpa strength. In terms of physical strength, he almost had the strength of a high-level emperor. It meant that any high-level medium-level emperor couldn't do anything to him using physical strength.

For many people, that was a dream, but for Lin Feng it wasn't enough. It was never enough. He didn't care about being able to kill medium-level emperors. He didn't even care about killing high-level emperors. He had so many trump cards, he could already kill some, for example with his deployment spells. He was happy to become stronger though, step by step.

Lin Feng and the others finally started moving. One year had almost pa.s.sed. They were going to be able to leave soon.

The three cultivators moved fast and quietly, taking a path where there weren't too many people. When they encountered enemies, they joined hands and crushed them in the blink of an eye. Many people were going to leave the Celestial Country, how many strong cultivators were there? They had to be careful.

"How fast." In the distance, some people saw them, and were shocked by their speed. When one of them saw the three dazzling lights, he frowned and shouted furiously, "Intruders! How audacious!"

That shout drew many people's attention. Very quickly, many people noticed them and flew at them to attack.

However, Lin Feng and the two others simply accelerated. Finally, someone managed to catch up with them.

"Die!" Lin Feng suddenly turned around and released a terrifying death strength. That person's face turned black, a dazzling sword appeared and cut him apart He fell from the sky, dead.

Everything happened in a few seconds, but it was enough time for someone else to arrive. A death sword streaked across the sky. That person released soul strength, his blood boiled, and then gushed out. In the blink of an eye, two strong cultivators had died.

The three of them continued on.

PMG Chapter 1922

Chapter 1922: Ji Clan's Banquet

Those three cultivators were terrifying and all controlled Dao strength. They could kill almost any cultivator of the Huang Qi layer.

They didn't look for people to fight, however, they just kept moving. More and more strong cultivators appeared in their field of vision despite that. Lin Feng's eyes were filled with death Qi. He did a knifehand strike and a river of death strength appeared.

"Stop!" Two people appeared in front of them, one of them charging forwards, and Qi pulsed out to attack.

Aoxu's blood dragons roared, the air around them broke apart. Lin Feng released an ocean of black death strength. Those cultivators disappeared and drowned inside. The three continued on and finally, more and more strong cultivators appeared in their field of vision. They understood that these people were waiting, that this was the right place.

"Back!" said Lin Feng, withdrawing. Someone moved towards them, but they didn't dodge. They just killed him.

Many people rose up into the air and realized that the attacker had just disappeared. They looked at Lin Feng and the two others, and realized that they were extremely strong, so they didn't try anything dodgy. Those cultivators had spent a year in the Celestial Country, and now they were about to leave, so there was no need to risk their lives.

Now they were waiting. Soon, they would be able to leave!


Finally, the day arrived. The pa.s.sage between the Celestial Country and the Continent of the Nine Clouds was going to open. Golden lights appeared, and in the sky, nine pa.s.sages appeared. They probably led to nine different places in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Gigantic letters appeared in the sky, the names of the nine clouds: G.o.dly Clouds, Dark Clouds, Green Jade Clouds, Red Clouds, Bright Clouds, Jade Clouds, Blue Pale Clouds, Purple Clouds, Supreme Clouds.

There was only one pa.s.sage between h.e.l.l and the Celestial Country, but there were nine pa.s.sages between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Celestial Country. Many strong cultivators were present now. When the lights flashed, the strong cultivators rose up in the air and flew towards the pa.s.sages.

The three cultivators flew towards the pa.s.sage which led to the Dark Night Region. n.o.body stopped them, they were too strong.

"Imprints, those people are from the other side, how audacious! What are they doing?" People frowned when they saw the three of them. Some people flew towards them, but all they saw were bloodthirsty red dragons. Some people started bleeding, they could die at anytime!

"How strong, let's kill them!" Many strong cultivators rose up in the air at the same time. Aoxu shouted furiously and turned into a dragon. The crowd was stunned; that was a real dragon from the Dragon Clan!

"I'll block them, you kill them!" shouted Aoxu. He descended from the sky and released powerful dragon energies.

A black death strength river appeared in the sky and people disappeared inside. When the river vanished, corpses fell down from the sky. They had been killed in the blink of an eye!

Lin Feng and Jian Mang jumped onto Aoxu's back, and the dragon flew through the crowd. Dazzling light swords and death swords kept streaking across the sky. The crowd split apart to dodge the attacks, staring after the dragon.

The three quickly arrived at the end of the pa.s.sage which led to the Dark Night Region.

"Let's get out!" said Lin Feng. His eyes were black as Aoxu immediately crossed the golden lights. The crowd was stunned. Were those people insane? They were going to the Dark Night Region?


The pa.s.sage which led to the Dark Night Region was sealed, the universities managed that pa.s.sage!

At that moment, some silhouettes rose up in the air. A powerful dragon had appeared! People were startled and looked at that dragon… it was a blood dragon!

Aoxu turned into a human being again as a powerful Qi appeared around him. In the distance, there was an old man on a mountain. He shouted in challenge, "Dragon, where are you from?"

"They came from the Milky Way battlefield!" said some people behind Lin Feng and the others. Since they had left the Celestial Country, the imprints in their third eyes had disappeared. They looked ordinary now.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He suddenly turned around and looked at that person with his death eyes. The person's body started decaying, Jian Mang released a light sword and cut apart that person, who died instantly.

Instantly, the atmosphere became still. Everybody was staring at them in astonishment. Those three people were insane!

"I'm from the Dragon World. I was traveling in h.e.l.l and now I want to travel in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!" said Aoxu loudly and aggressively.

The old man in the distance nodded, "Since you're from the Dragon World, you can come."

"Go!" said Lin Feng, rising up into the air. They crossed the gigantic gate and disappeared from people's fields of vision. People would soon forget about them, there were so many strong cultivators in that world.


Dark Night Region, the Holy City…

The date of Ji Chang's ceremony had already been determined. He was considered a hero in the Holy City, and the Ji Clan was one of the most powerful clans in the Holy City. They had organized a banquet, and everybody was invited, especially the young strong cultivators from the Ancient Clans of the region.

The atmosphere in the Holy City was lively. Many people from many Ancient Clans came to the Holy City. It was also a good opportunity for young people to stand out and make friends with strong cultivators of the same generation.

Many geniuses had risen in the different universities during those years.

In the Celestial G.o.dly University, Chu Chun Qiu had risen. His cultivation speed was terrifying. He was famous even after having just joined the university, and was now a high-level emperor. He had started understanding Sky Absorbing Dao strength. His strength was mysterious and enigmatic. Some people said that he had the potential to become a Champion too, just like Ying Cheng.

Many people knew that when Chu Chun Qiu was a low-level emperor, it had taken him only six months to become a medium-level emperor. He had the potential to become a king!

Apart from Chu Chun Qiu, many other people in the Holy City who had special bodies rose, such as some people who had king bodies, or the World King Body, or the G.o.dly Imprint King Body. All those people were terrifying cultivators blessed by the G.o.ds.

The Snow Clan also had incredibly strong cultivators.

Ji Chang was going to become a Champion, it made many young people feel enthusiastic. Many people admired him, they wanted to become stronger and become like him. Many people were also trying to predict what was going to happen in the future, and many people wanted to fight to compare themselves.

PMG Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923: All the Geniuses

Above the Holy City, a boat flying towards Champion University.

On the boat were three people. The red-robed man looked extremely aggressive and monstrously strong. He looked monstrously strong. Behind him was another man, two white b.a.l.l.s in his eye sockets, the definition of a blind man. And behind them, there was a man who didn't look strong, but his every motion contained death strength.

"Champion University, Ji Wuyou, Moon Group…" At this moment, Lin Feng was furious. His clone had been killed, Tiantai had been humiliated. He had to get his revenge!

However, at that moment, someone rose up into the air. He was wearing fine clothes, and looked handsome, confident, and at ease. He was surrounded by righteousness Qi. When he sensed the death Qi, he frowned and looked at those three people. As they moved closer, he recognized them and smiled.

"Lin Feng!" Jun Mo Xi flew over to them. He hadn't thought he'd see Lin Feng today!

Lin Feng's eyes became normal again. Jun Mo Xi landed on the boat and frowned. "Lin Feng, your eyes, they looked piercingly cold. They contain a strange death intent!"

"I accidentally ended up in h.e.l.l and spent some time there. I crossed the Celestial Country to come back," replied Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi was stunned. Lin Feng had been to h.e.l.l? Most people had only heard legends about h.e.l.l. And he had crossed the Celestial Country, that was incredible!

"According to legends, h.e.l.l is a world in itself. But most people have never been there!" said Jun Mo Xi, very impressed. He clapped Lin Feng's shoulder and smiled, "Let's go, Lin Feng. You came back at the right time. Today is the Ji Clan's banquet, they invited everybody. They also hope that the young people of the city can make friends. Let's go there and see how strong the young people of the Holy City are."

"The Ji Clan's banquet?" Lin Feng was furious. The Ji Clan was Ji Wuyou's clan!

"Indeed. Ji Chang, who is in Champion University like you, is going to become a Champion. For your university, it means influence and glory. Before the Champion ceremony, the Ji Clan wanted to organize a banquet. Everybody is invited. Maybe the Ji Clan want to see how strong young people in the Holy City are in comparison to him," un Mo Xi said before adding, "Lin Feng, someone you know, Chu Chun Qiu, has become terrifyingly strong. He understands Sky Absorbing Dao now. Even though Lang Ye and I have king type bodies, we don't progress as fast as him."

Jun Mo Xi was a medium-level emperor and so was Lang Ye, but Chu Chun Qiu was terrifyingly strong. He was stronger than almost anyone of the same level. His cultivation speed was incredible.

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds. Chu Chun Qiu was mysterious, enigmatic, unfathomable, and people didn't understand him. He was discreet and had few enemies. However, back then, in six months, from a new low-level emperor he had become a medium-level emperor.

"Let's go to the Ji Clan then. Mo Xi, lead the way," said Lin Feng with a hard smile. He recalled his death Qi and put a mask on. Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou both knew him. He had to hide if he wanted to go to the Ji Clan.

"How's Xiao Die?" Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi.

"Good. I took her back to the King of h.e.l.l Palace. She feels lonely. The King of h.e.l.l Palace isn't the Celestial Palace of the Immortals," Jun Mo Xi sighed. Lin Feng clapped his shoulder compa.s.sionately. The Celestial Palace of the Immortals had been destroyed by the Wen Clan and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. Because of that, Jun Mo Xi felt guilty.

Both of them suddenly looked a bit nostalgic. They had both gone through a lot. Now, they were becoming stronger and stronger. They had lost a lot for their improvements. It was the price to pay to become a strong cultivator.

Jian Mang was still there. He looked as emotionless as usual. n.o.body paid attention to him. Aoxu smiled next to Lin Feng and his friend. Real friends didn't need to talk a lot. Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi were like brothers.


There were many people at the banquet. Most of the people were in a gigantic courtyard. There were many young people with an incredible Qi, who looked proud and indifferent.

Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing were in the crowd. Ji Wuyou greeted the guests. Yu Wen Jing was next to him and chatting with different people.

Many people were watching them.

"Two heroic cultivators from the Ruan Clan, incredible determination and strength. They both are incredibly strong, 51st and 52nd in the Imperial Ranking List of the Holy City," spoke up someone. The crowd was surprised. The Imperial Ranking List of the Holy City was the ranking list of the whole Holy City for people of the Huang Qi layer. There were many students and other people on it. 51st and 52nd, those two people were incredibly strong.

The two cultivators of the Ruan Clan smiled indifferently. Then they landed on the ground in the middle of the crowd.

However, after they arrived, someone else arrived.

"Four Seasons University, Lang Ye from the World Clan, he has the World King Body. He's extremely talented and controls a very mysterious kind of strength: world strength!" said a voice again. Many people raised their heads. Even though Lang Ye wasn't on the Imperial Ranking List, he was a descendant of the World Clan, and had a World King Body. That was enough to be respected. He would be on the Imperial Ranking List sooner or later!

"The Ji Clan perfectly understands the balance of power in the Holy City," said Lang Ye. Each time someone arrived, the Ji Clan knew who it was.

"Lang Ye, long time no see!" said Dugu the Winner to Lang Ye. They glanced at each other. Back then at the Ice-Moon Lake, they had fought. n.o.body had won. Now, Dugu the Winner had become even stronger. He had the G.o.dly Imprint King Body, how many imprints did he have now?

"Chu Chun Qiu from the Celestial G.o.dly University. Descendant of the Chu King. He has studied the Sky Absorbing Celestial Scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. He already understands Dao strength. He's 32nd on the Temporary Imperial Ranking List."

Another announcement drew the crowd's attention. People stared at Chu Chun Qiu. He had never fought against someone from the Temporary Imperial Ranking List, but he was already 32nd on it. It proved how strong he was. The Temporary Imperial Ranking List was an indicator but sometimes, it meant more than the actual Imperial Ranking List. Chu Chun Qiu had achieved many things, so he was on the Temporary Imperial Ranking List. The Temporary Imperial Ranking List was based on someone's strength and achievements. The actual Imperial Ranking List was based on battles. Even though the Temporary Imperial Ranking List was sometimes more accurate than the actual Imperial Ranking List, most people hoped to be on the real one.

"Celestial G.o.dly University, Huo Jiu Yang, he has the innate Nine Suns King Body, he studies the Nine Suns Sutra. His power is explosive."

"Another king body!" the crowd looked at the newcomer. It was a young man walking slowly along: Huo Jiu Yang!

"Snow Clan, Xue Fan, Xue Bing." A woman and man arrived together. They were very good-looking. The girl looked like a celestial being, pure as jade and clean as ice, pure and n.o.ble.

As expected, people in the Snow Clan are blessed by the G.o.ds, thought the crowd when they saw how good-looking those two young people were.

"Jun Mo Xi, the Prince of h.e.l.l, from King of h.e.l.l Palace, Imperial immortal body."

The crowd raised their heads and saw four people in the sky. They knew one of them: Jun Mo Xi, the Prince of h.e.l.l from the King of h.e.l.l Palace. The three others were strangers, however. They had never seen them. Even the Ji Clan didn't know them.

Those three people are so strange. One of them is a low-level emperor, but his Qi seems powerful. He must be dangerous. The others are medium-level emperors. One of them is blind. He doesn't look dangerous, but he probably is. The last one has an aggressive Qi. He looks extremely proud too, thought the crow,looking at Lin Feng and the two others. n.o.body recognized them. Why were they with Jun Mo Xi?

PMG Chapter 1924

Chapter 1924: Humiliation

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. He could sense that all these people had an incredible Qi. They were all geniuses.

"Prince of h.e.l.l, are those your friends?" asked someone. They were curious.

"Indeed!." Jun Mo Xi nodded and walked through the crowd. All the people there were extraordinary.

"The Prince of h.e.l.l's friends can make themselves at home!" said Ji Wuyou to Jun Mo Xi and his three friends. However, Lin Feng looked indifferent and detached. Ji Wuyou frowned. Lin Feng's eyes looked scary, but he was a guest. Ji Wuyou decided to forget about him and continued greeting guests.

After them, ever more people arrived, all from the Holy City. Some of them were on the Imperial Ranking List, some of them were just considered astonis.h.i.+ngly strong. The atmosphere was getting more and more lively.

Apart from those strong cultivators, there were elders in the main hall. A strong cultivator of the Ji Clan came out and smiled at the crowd. "Everybody, you're all geniuses from the Holy City. Welcome to the Ji Clan! It's an honor for us to receive you here. Some people say it's because we want to gain influence. However, it's not true, Ji Chang is going to become a Champion, everybody knows that. It's not only an honor for us, the Ji Clan, but for everybody in the Holy City."

Many people also thought that since Ji Chang was going to become a Champion, the Ji Clan didn't need to struggle to become more influential.

"We invited all of you so that you can make friends with one another and so that you can compare yourselves with one another. Ji Chang is going to become a Champion, but in the future, who will become the king of the Dark Night Region?" said the strong cultivator of the Ji Clan. He didn't hide his real goal. He definitely hoped that Ji Chang would become the king of the region.

"Everybody can talk about cultivation, if you wish, you can also exchange views. I don't think people here would refuse!" said the elder. He started putting tables aside. Then he smacked a table and laughed wholeheartedly, "Come on, everybody, have a seat. No need to greet all the newcomers now. They can just come and sit."

The crowd looked at the lines of tables. More elders came out of the palace. They wanted to see how strong the young people of the Holy City were.

"Everybody, please make yourselves at home!" said the elder of the Ji Clan as he sat down on the leader's chair in a dignified manner.

Everybody raised their and downed them. Someone said, "There are many geniuses in the Holy City these days. Apart from Ji Chang, only one has been proclaimed a Champion: Ying Cheng! He's first on the Imperial Ranking List, walking on the Path of Celestial Disorder. He can destroy anything, the ten thousand things of creation. Maybe he will become the king of the Dark Night Region!"

"Your statement is arbitrary and subjective. Ying Cheng is the Champion and he's the first one on the Imperial Ranking List, but it's not just because of his Dao. It's because he has the strength of the top of the Huang Qi layer and he has many special spells," said someone in white clothes while slowly sipping on their gla.s.s. "There's a huge difference between me and Ying Cheng. But I can use clones to fight, like him, so when someone fights against me, it's like fighting against millions of people."

Some Dao intent suddenly rose up in the air. The crowd looked at that cultivator, many shadows appeared around the one who had just talked.

"Path of the Thousand Illusions. Not bad indeed," said the elder of the Ji Clan with. He raised his gla.s.s for that young man calmly.

"Path of the Thousand Illusions?" someone smiled coldly. A thread of yin Qi appeared. A man in grey clothes lowered his head and said, "Ji Chang is walking on the Path of Destruction. He can destroy all your shadows in the blink of an eye. And you think that kind of person could become the king of the Dark Night Region?"

The young man who controlled the shadows looked at him coldly.

"That's Xie Yue, he's the 10th cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List. He's supposedly extremely evil. He can eat any kind of strength. His physical body, blood, vitality and soul are incredible," Jun Mo Xi said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. So many people were here, and they were all outstanding people in the Holy City.

As expected, the young man who controlled the thousand shadows was furious, but he didn't dare attack Xie Yue. He was only 30th on the Imperial Ranking List!

"How many  of the people who are on the Imperial Ranking List understand Dao strength?" Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi.

"From what I know, those in the top forty basically all understand Dao strength. Many of them are also at the top of the Huang Qi layer. Half of them are here today, I think. Xie Yue is one of them," replied Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng nodded. The Imperial Ranking List was the ranking list of the whole city, it included the four universities and all the clans.

"Of course, some extremely strong cultivators aren't high-level emperors yet and understand Dao intent, therefore, they are at the bottom of the Imperial Ranking List. Some other people understand Dao intent, but are not known yet.

"People who have special body types are talented and understand Dao intent more easily. There are also people like Chu Chun Qiu. In the Holy City, there must be around fifty people who understand Dao intent, and who only have the strength of the Huang Qi layer.

"The Ji Clan invited us all because Ji Chang is going to become a Champion. Why isn't he here?" asked Xie Yue looking at the elder of the Ji Clan.

"Ji Chang appreciates his friends' suggestions. If you want to see him, you can," came a voice from the palace. The crowd suddenly sensed a destructive Qi. It felt like the earth and sky were going to collapse. A silhouette flashed out… it was Ji Chang!

"Destructive Dao. I've heard that you could destroy entire worlds with that kind of strength. I wonder if it's true!" said Xie Yue slowly. He stood up and released a fearsome grey Qi. The earth and sky became grey.

A terrifying grey wind swirled towards Ji Chang. However, the grey energy broke apart around Ji Chang, it couldn't get close to him!

"Brother Xie Yue, your Dao intent isn't enough," Ji Chang said loudly. He released a terrifying destructive strength, it felt like an ocean had started roaring. The grey energies in the area all disappeared.

Xie Yue was shocked, but he just smiled evilly and said, "No wonder you're a Champion, Ji Chang."

He sat down again. Both their energies disappeared.

"Destructive Dao, how strong!" The crowd was impressed. The young man who was walking on the Path of the Thousand Illusions was depressed. He couldn't compete with Ji Chang at all!

"I've heard that Ji Wuyou also understands destructive Dao intent. He wants to be stronger than Ji Chang, I wonder who is stronger?" whispered someone.

"Ji Wuyou from Champion University has lost two battles already," said someone at that moment indifferently. Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou's faces darkened. Lang Ye, the speaker, just raised his gla.s.s and took a sip.

Ji Wuyou looked furious and pulled a long face. He had lost two battles: first, one against Lin Feng, and a second one against Lin Feng's wife.

"Brother Lang Ye, would you like to try and battle against me?" said Ji Wuyou icily.

Lang Ye raised his head, he looked indifferent. "We're here to talk about cultivation. Dao is important, but the person is even more important. You understand Destructive Dao like Ji Chang, but your Dao was frozen. A cultivator stronger than you can easily defeat you."

Ji Wuyou remained silent for a moment. Lang Ye was saying he was weak?

Ji Wuyou stood up and headed towards Lang Ye. He said icily, "Please come and fight, Brother Lang Ye."

"No need. If I fight against you, I will be merciless and I will hurt you. That wouldn't be good," said Lang Ye coldly. Everybody was staring at Lang Ye. He had the World King Body and understood Dao, too.

"Brother Lang Ye, you're right. I've heard that Tiantai had oppressed the Moon Group in Champion University, and then Ji Chang's Club got involved. The Stone Group also attacked Tiantai, all of that inside Champion University! If you injured Brother Ji here in the Ji Clan, then the consequences would be dramatic," spoke up Jun Mo Xi.

Ji Wuyou looked impotently furious. They were humiliating him!

Everybody had heard about what had happened in Champion University, including Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye. They also knew that Lin Feng wasn't dead. He had given them a talisman with his G.o.dly awareness inside and it hadn't broken!

PMG Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925: Blind

Many people smiled when they heard Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye's words. Jun Mo Xi was the Prince of h.e.l.l, he had an Imperial immortal body, and Lang Ye was a descendant of the World Clan and had the World King Body. They were both humiliating Ji Wuyou because of what had happened before at Champion University.

"Brother Lang Ye and Prince of h.e.l.l, if you want to fight, just tell me. We can bet on the result of the battle," Ji Wuyou icily challenged Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi.

Jun Mo Xi looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng's clone had been destroyed. If Lin Feng needed him to do anything, he wouldn't refuse.

"Asking for a battle after what happened in Champion University is shameless. And as Lang Ye says, if you are weak, even with Destructive Dao, you remain a weakling, Destructive Dao is s.h.i.+tty and useless if the cultivator is c.r.a.ppy," said Lin Feng, lowering his head. The crowd looked astonished and stared at Lin Feng, especially Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou. It was the first time that someone was criticizing both them and their Dao!

"You’re making impertinent remarks!" said someone, rising up in the air.

However, the elder in charge shouted, "Come back!"

That person was startled and stopped moving.

"Today, the Ji Clan invited everybody. We want to understand what the geniuses of the Holy City think. We want to understand them, their cultivation, their views on cultivation. Even if someone despises or criticizes the Ji Clan, so what?" said the elder of the Ji Clan. The man withdrew, but he still stared at Lin Feng icily.

"Prince of h.e.l.l, we don't know your friends. Which clan do they belong to?" asked the leader of the Ji Clan looking at Lin Feng calmly.

"I heard about the event so I came with the Prince of h.e.l.l. I don't belong to any famous clan. If you think I shouldn't be here, I can leave," replied Lin Feng equally calmly. The leader didn't really believe it, a low-level emperor was there and acting that way in front of him, he had to be from somewhere!

"You're a guest here, we don't kick guests out. However, how do you explain what you just said? How could Destructive Dao be 's.h.i.+tty'?"

"Destructive Dao is good if a cultivator is strong. But for someone as weak as Ji Wuyou, then it's useless. I didn't mean the Dao was s.h.i.+tty, I meant it was a waste in the hands of a c.r.a.ppy cultivator," said Lin Feng indifferently.

Ji Wuyou was furious, he clenched his fists with crackles of bones popping and shouted icily, "d.a.m.n it! So what do you mean? If Xie Yue can't stand a single of my attacks, then is his Evil Corrosion Dao s.h.i.+tty too?!"

"You're right, Wuyou. Your Excellency, don't exaggerate," agreed the leader indifferently.

"Exaggerate?" Lin Feng smiled icily and looked at Aoxu, "Aoxu, do you want to try and fight against the genius of the Ji Clan? Let's see how powerful the Destructive Dao is?"

"Alright!" replied Aoxu happily. He rose up into the air.

"Come and attack, I won't strike back," said Aoxu to Ji Wuyou extremely loudly.

Ji Wuyou pulled a long face and said, "If you die, don't blame me."

He rose up in the air and released his Destructive Dao intent furiously. Rumbles filled the air as his fists turned into giant imprints.


Ji Wuyou's Destructive Dao crashed onto Aoxu, but it was like he had attacked a golden body. His Destructive Dao intent destroyed Aoxu's clothes, but didn't affect him at all.

"Now p.i.s.s off!" shouted Aoxu loudly. His aggressive energies surrounded Ji Wuyou, who grunted as he was forced backwards violently and coughed up blood. His face turned deathly pale.

"Your Excellency, your physical body is incredible. Your Dao intent is really astonis.h.i.+ng. My brother Ji Wuyou couldn't withstand a single attack against you, but it doesn't prove anything," Ji Chang said sharply, staring at Aoxu. This guy's strength was incredible. He could definitely be in the top thirty of the Imperial Ranking List. And Ji Chang hadn't seen his full strength, he might be even stronger.

Many other people's eyes shone in admiration. This newcomer was intriguing!

"Forget it. The Ji Clan doesn't want to admit that Destructive Dao is s.h.i.+tty. Just forget about it," said Lin Feng. Aoxu looked at Ji Chang, he really wanted to fight. He could sense that Ji Chang was extremely strong.

"Aoxu, don't be impatient," Lin Feng said to him using telepathy. Aoxu withdrew his Qi and went back down next to Lin Feng.

Ji Chang looked at Lin Feng and said calmly, "Your Excellency, you're saying that Destructive Dao is s.h.i.+tty, then what Dao is good?"

"I don't feel like talking about it," replied Lin Feng indifferently.

Ji Wuyou jumped forwards and released a fearsome strength which pulsed towards Lin Feng. He was furious. He had been humiliated twice in three years, he was going crazy!

"You're a s.h.i.+tty low-level emperor and you dare talk that way, I lost because of the difference in cultivation level. If we fought, I could crush you, would it prove anything?" shouted Ji Wuyou furiously.

Lin Feng suddenly raised his head and stared at Ji Wuyou. He smiled coldly and said, "Are you sure?"


"Shut up!" shouted Ji Chang to Ji Wuyou, interrupting him. His brother kept getting humiliated. He wasn't as determined as before. People made him angry too easily. Lin Feng looked ordinary, what would happen if Ji Wuyou attacked him?

Lin Feng looked at him mockingly and said, "Ji Wuyou, in Champion University, people call you a genius. They give you face because of Ji Chang. Otherwise, people would have already crushed you like a mere insect. You lost twice in three years, that's pathetic. You're a member of the Ji Clan, you're Ji Chang's younger brother, that's the only reason why people respect you. If you weren't from this clan and weren't Ji Chang's brother, do you think you would be here today?"

Of course, Ji Wuyou wasn't as ridiculous as Lin Feng was saying. Ji Wuyou was everything but weak. But Lin Feng sounded like a demon, he was trying to crush Ji Wuyou's self-confidence. And Ji Chang had just yelled at him, Ji Wuyou's facial muscles twitched and looked distorted.

"Jian Mang, an His cultivation level is similar to yours. I think he's weaker than you. He understands Dao intent too, but he has a bad habit, when he fights, he makes his enemies become like him… blind! Are you interested in fighting against him?" said Lin Feng slowly, pointing at Jian Mang who was next to him. Ji Wuyou looked at Jian Mang. Jian Mang's eyes were greyish white.

"What will happen if I win?" said Ji Wuyou to Lin Feng.

"If you win, you can fight against me. Even if I die, it doesn't matter." said Lin Feng indifferently. "Of course, if Jian Mang makes you blind, the Ji Clan can't get involved, right?"

"If I lose, I won't say anything if I am blinded!" said Ji Wuyou, rising up in the air. His Cyan Dragon Totems appeared behind him and his mighty Qi surged forth. Ji Wuyou took a deep breath. If he lost against this guy who had the same cultivation level, he might lose his self-confidence forever.

Lin Feng didn't say much. Jian Mang rose up in the air and darted towards at Ji Wuyou.

"Die!" shouted Ji Wuyou explosively. A dragon tank appeared, as well as a road which led straight towards Jian Mang.

Dazzling sword lights suddenly appeared, unbelievably fast. The sword light cut the dragon tank in two, and Jian Mang continued moving towards Ji Wuyou.

"How fast…!" Those watching were astonished. Ji Chang's eyes twinkled. Ji Wuyou was in danger! This guy was too fast.

Ji Wuyou hadn't expected that Jian Mang would be so fast and would use light energy. He had no time to react.


Ji Wuyou waved his hands, and Cyan Dragons surged towards Jian Mang. He also released Destructive Dao. It was supposed to destroy anything, but Jian Mang hadn't attacked properly yet.

Suddenly, Ji Wuyou saw dazzling lights moving towards his eyes. He closed them, and white lights glittered. Lin Feng had also noticed how terrifying Jian Mang's speed was back then.

"Ah…!" a horrible shriek rose. The crowd saw that Ji Wuyou's eyes had started bleeding. They all started shaking. Ji Chang and the members of the Ji Clan looked stunned.

Jian Mang was injured too. Ji Wuyou's attack had reached him. He coughed up blood, and his blood was boiling.

Lin Feng knew that Jian Mang wasn't going to lose, though. He perfectly knew how strong they both were. Ji Wuyou was less determined than before and Jian Mang was cruel and ferocious, and always cold and detached, probably because he was blind.

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