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PMG Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926: Back

"That's Destructive Dao when used by a piece of trash. How can he even fight against people?" said Lin Feng indifferently. Ji Wuyou heard Lin Feng, he was angry but also dizzy from his loss.

Ji Wuyou had his hands on his eyes, and pulled them away. His hair was messy, he looked maddened as he started running towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't move. Ji Wuyou threw himself at Lin Feng in blind fury. When Ji Wuyou landed in front of Lin Feng, death strength penetrated into his brain and his face turned grey.

"p.i.s.s off!" Lin Feng punched him. Death strength flew throughout Ji Wuyou's soul with a deadly rumble, and he was smashed away.

Ji Chang looked more and more furious. He immediately started racing towards Lin Feng. A terrifying destructive strength invaded the atmosphere.

Aoxu jumped up and released terrifying Aggressive Dao intent which collided with the Destructive Dao, and there was a huge explosion. People withdrew quickly, watching excitedly. Why were those people provoking the Ji Clan?

"Same old stuff. I'm off. See you," said Lin Feng indifferently. Then, he rose up into the air, Jian Mang following him. Lin Feng glanced at Ji Chang one more time, turned around, and left, Aoxu trailing after him alertly.

Ji Chang grit his teeth in fury. The leader of the Ji Clan said calmly, "Forget about it. Wuyou got what he deserved. I'm disappointed."

Ji Wuyou's legs shook violently. Yu Wen Jing was furious, too. The Ji Clan was an ancient clan, and there were many young and strong cultivators. Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou were direct descendants. But if they weren't strong enough, the clan wasn't interested in them. Ji Wuyou appeared like a humiliation and a disgrace for the clan.

"I'm off too," said Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi. They also departed.

"Ji Chang, go back to the university and get ready to be declared a Champion. Don't worry about the rest," said the leader of the clan. Ji Chang nodded and looked over at Ji Wuyou, sighing to himself.


In Champion University, everything was the same. Everybody was waiting for the the same thing, Ji Chang's Champion ceremony. The atmosphere was lively and there were many strong cultivators.

However, in Tiantai, the people were very depressed. Even though Ji Chang was going to become a Champion, Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group continued putting pressure on Tiantai. Tantai had gone out and had noticed that a bunch of strong cultivators had encircled Tiantai. They had attacked him a few times and broken some of his bones. He asked Yun Qing Yan, "Our second fellow disciple hasn't come out yet?"

"Indeed," said Yun Qing Yan nodding. "I told you not to do anything!"

"I can't hide in the courtyard my entire life. We should leave Champion University then!" said Tantai, stewing with his anger.

"That's what they want," said Ruo Xie to Tantai, "We can't leave otherwise. Things are deteriorating too quickly already."

"Ruo Xie is right. Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group want to kick us out!" said someone at that moment. Everybody suddenly looked happy: Hou Qing Lin! His Qi had changed. He looked even more enigmatic and unfathomable than before.

"What should we do then?" asked Tantai to Hou Qing Lin.

"Endure and wait for an opportunity," said Hou Qing Lin. His eyes were twinkling.

"When will have an opportunity?"

"During Ji Chang's Champion ceremony!" spoke up someone at that moment. Everybody was stupefied and gazed into the distance, where three people were arriving. Tiantai's people frowned. Lin Feng took off his mask and waved at them.

"Lin Feng!" The crowd was stupefied. Finally, Lin Feng was back!

"Lin Feng, are you all right?" Hou Qing Lin asked him. Back then, his clone had been destroyed. Was Lin Feng injured?

"I have recovered," Lin Feng nodded. He walked up to the crowd and said, "I know everything. During Ji Chang's Champion ceremony, I will teach Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group a good lesson."

Hou Qing Lin frowned when he heard Lin Feng. Ji Chang's Champion ceremony was very important for them. If Lin Feng caused trouble, the consequences would be tragic.

"Lin Feng, Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group joined hands and they are very powerful, especially Zong Que, the leader of the Stone Group. He's extremely strong, he understands Dao strength. We won't have any opportunity during Ji Chang's Champion ceremony," observed Yun Qing Yan coldly.

"I don't want to attack them. I just want to take advantage of the ceremony to understand Champion University's position. Do Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group represent Champion University? That's what I want to understand," said Lin Feng icily.

"Alright, since you seem confident, I trust you. I will inform my parents, we can trust them," agreed Yun Qing Yan.

Hou Qing Lin looked at Lin Feng and said, "Lin Feng, are you really ready?"

"Indeed!" Lin Feng nodded. Hou Qing Lin didn't say anything else. Lin Feng continued, "Gather Tiantai's people, and for these next few days, don't fight against people from Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group."

Lin Feng looked over at Aoxu and said, "Aoxu, what do you intend to do?"

"I have nothing to do. I want to have some fun with you in the Holy City!" answered Aoxu in a free and unrestrained way.

"Alright, you can stay here for now," Lin Feng nodded. After finding a flat for Aoxu and Jian Mang, he left.

Meng Qing was practicing cultivation alone in a room. Her room was filled with a chill colder than ice. However, at that moment, she suddenly opened her eyes.

"Meng Qing…" said a warm voice. Meng Qing s.h.i.+vered as someone entered her room.


Meng Qing smiled radiantly. The ice in her room melted as the temperature instantly rose.

Lin Feng looked back at her in a warm and gentle way as he walked over to her.

"Are you alright…" Meng Qing asked gently. As she was talking, Lin Feng ignored what she was saying and drew closer to her. She blushed. If anyone else had seen her that way, they would have been too jealous to speak.

"Don't talk." Lin Feng smiled. He just stared at Meng Qing, which made her laugh. Her heart was melting.

"You're so beautiful," Lin Feng said gently, before he kissed her. He was as gentle, as if she were made of china. They both kissed pa.s.sionately. It was like they had turned into one.

A mysterious Qi invaded the room, and then they disappeared from there.

In Lin Feng's small world, when Meng Qing saw more people she knew, she was astonished and overjoyed. She asked Lin Feng, "How did you do that, Lin Feng?"

"This is my world, our world!" smiled Lin Feng.

Xiao Ya quickly arrived and hugged Meng Qing. "Meng Qing, sister!"

"Xiao Ya!" Meng Qing caressed Xiao Ya's hair and shouted, "Father, mother!"

"Hey!" Yue Meng He and Lin Hai arrived and greeted Meng Qing. They were very happy.

Wu Shang's eyes twinkled and he said to Lin Hai, "Dad, you look close to that celestial girl, how come I don't know her?"

Everybody burst into laughter when they heard Wu Shang.

Liu Fei slapped Wu Shang's shoulder and said, "That's your sister-in-law!"

"Sister-in-law?" Wu Shang was astonished and looked at Lin Feng, "Brother, you're really incredible, extremely strong and you're also amazing at courting women!"

"I'm alright," said Lin Feng, glancing at Wu Shang. Wu Shang was already eighteen years old!

They were happy to be together. Lin Feng and Meng Qing spent some time in the small world. A clone was outside until the day of the Champion ceremony. The atmosphere there became more and more lively, and many strong cultivators from everywhere came to Champion University.

Ji Chang's Champion ceremony was an incredible event in the Holy City. Ji Chang's Club was on everyone's lips. Their leader was going to become a Champion!

In Tiantai, the atmosphere was calm. It was as if they had disappeared from Champion University. The Stone Group and Ji Chang's Club stood guard over the gates of Tiantai's territory.

PMG Chapter 1927

Chapter 1927: Flames

In Champion University, there was a Champion stage, with many people around.

At that moment, on the Champion stage, there was a group of elders. They all looked enigmatic and unfathomable. Ji Chang was standing there as well. Ji Chang was in the middle of them and receiving the Champion Crown. Some people said that Ji Chang's name was already carved in the Legendary Waterfall Abode of the Immortals, he just had to sign it. They had carved his name beforehand, as if his future success were obvious.

On this day, the Holy City was almost empty, very few people on the streets. Many people were going to the Champion stage. They wanted to partic.i.p.ate to Ji Chang's Champion ceremony. He was the pride of the Holy City. That was incredible. Many people admired him and wanted to be like him.

However, at that moment, in Tiantai, many strong cultivators had gathered: Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, and the others. Aoxu and Jian Mang were there, too.

"Are you ready?" Lin Feng asked the crowd. Yun Qing Yan's beautiful eyes twinkled. She looked at Lin Feng, still hesitant. This guy was insane. This was Ji Chang's Champion ceremony. Everybody was going to the Champion stage, but not far from Tiantai, there were still strong cultivators from the Stone Group and the Moon Group still guarding them.

"Yes, I am!" said Tantai, nodding enthusiastically. He had been waiting for this day for so long. His anger had simmered far too long.

"Lin Feng, what do we do with those people?" Huang Fu Long asked Lin Feng. Everybody looked at Lin Feng. Indeed, what could they do with those people?

"Cripple the cultivators of the Stone Group and kill those of the Moon Group," said Lin Feng icily. Everybody s.h.i.+vered. Cripple and kill them? Lin Feng was crazy!

In a building nearby, members of Ji Chang's Club were waiting. In another one, there were people from the Stone Group. Those people had been sent exclusively to monitor Tiantai's activities. Their goal was to oppress them and make them leave Champion University.

"So many strong cultivators will go to Ji Chang's Champion ceremony. Many people are seething with excitement, and we're here… Pfffff…" said one of them with a sigh. He was annoyed. He had to monitor Tiantai, he couldn't go to the ceremony. He was leaning against the wall. "Tiantai's people don't dare come out anymore. Why are we still here?"

"Haha, they're a bunch of trash. Surprisingly, they dared to humiliate Ji Chang's Club. Zong Que killed Lin Feng and Tiantai has lost all their power. I wonder what Ji Chang's Club will give to our leader."

The two guards were talking, however, at that moment, one of them said, "Wait!"

"What's wrong?" said the other one frowning. He looked at that person. His lips twitched. He gazed into the distance and smiled coldly, "Is Tiantai doing something?"

"Are they coming to us?"

"Hmph! Do you think they could fight against us?" the two cultivators gazed into the distance. Dozens of cultivators suddenly appeared in their field of vision. Their Qi was ferocious.

"Stop!" shouted a guard of the Stone Group explosively. Other guards heard them, and hurried to join him.

"What are you doing?" Lin Feng and the others were facing them and oppressing them. The guards suddenly felt cold. Finally, one of them retreated. He realized that he couldn't do anything to these cultivators.

"You better think carefully before doing anything! It's Champion University here. If you attack the Stone Group, their revenge will be terrifying!" shouted a strong cultivator. However, at that moment, Lin Feng looked at him with his death eyes. Suddenly, that cultivator sensed that his body had started decaying. He turned grey. A medium-level emperor like him was so weak before Lin Feng.

"You're insane!" shouted that cultivator, extremely loudly. Tiantai's cultivators advanced relentlessly, their Qi was terrifying.

Tantai bellowed furiously, lions appeared around him. The man he'd picked groaned with pain and coughed up blood. Tantai landed in front of him and lifted him up in the air.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Tantai explosively. He punched the cultivator. Explosion sounds spread in the air. His viscera exploded and he fell down from the sky limp as a noodle. His colleague's faces turned deathly pale.

At the same time, many people came out of the buildings. They were astonished.

"Tiantai wants to violate the rules of the university!?" shouted one of them explosively. Lin Feng looked at him icily.

"Violate the rules of Champion University?" Tiantai's people found that statement ridiculous. Violate the rules? What dogs.h.i.+t rules?

Another loud shout spread in the air as a building exploded. The guards of the Stone Group realized what was going on and came out. Among them was a terrifyingly strong cultivator, a high-level emperor. He was the strongest cultivator of the Stone Group.

"Tiantai, you want to bring about your own destruction!" exclaimed the high-level emperor icily. Then he charged Lin Feng. When Lin Feng saw that, the death energy in his eyes became even more terrifying.

"You…" the man's face turned grey, and he was abruptly horrified.

Lin Feng charged to meet him, death strength surrounding him. The man was being corroded and death energy started flowing throughout his body. The high-level emperor almost forgot to strike back in his powerlessness. He had the sensation he was dying.

"That's Lin Feng, he's not dead!" screamed a shocked cultivator of the Stone Group at that moment.

"That's Lin Feng!?" Someone else looked petrified. The heart of the high-level emperor started pounding furiously as Lin Feng arrive before him, desperation tearing at his resolve.

"Die!" shouted the cultivators of Tiantai in unison. They looked like ferocious tigers attacking their prey. Lin Feng punched the high-level emperor with his death fist. The cultivator's face turned deathly pale, as he raised his fists and punched back. Their fists collided, and his bones creaked painfully.

They had controlled themselves for too long. Tiantai's cultivator couldn't hold it in anymore. Horrible shrieks kept rising. Many people heard them in their surroundings. When the cultivators of Ji Chang's Club saw that, they looked astonished and ran away to inform the strong cultivators of the two groups. Tiantai's people were insane! They dared violate the rules!

Only a few guards of the Stone Group remained. Many corpses lay on the ground. The buildings they'd come from were destroyed. Some people's hearts were pounding. They gazed into the distance and saw some people running over. What a relief! Tiantai's people were probably going to die now, finally! The strong cultivators of the Stone Group and Ji Chang's Club were going to avenge their friends now. The university wouldn't say anything if they got their revenge.

In the distance, some people who hadn't gone to the ceremony yet arrived. When they saw the scenery, they were astonished.

"Those are Tiantai's people, what are they doing?"

"I see Lin Feng, he's not dead?!"

"Tiantai attacked the Stone Group! They've been oppressed for so long now, they went crazy!"

Everybody was shaking. Tiantai's cultivators ran towards the buildings of Ji Chang's Club. The members of Ji Chang's Club were shaking. They weren't that many people there, and most of them were from the Moon Group as well. They couldn't resist Tiantai!

"Tiantai's people dare act that insolently, they must die, they must be wiped off the map of Champion University!" shouted someone explosively in the distance. Three high-level emperors had arrived. One of them was from the Sun Group. The two others were from the Stone Group. All of them were on the Celestial Champion Ranking List.

Ji Chang's Club's cultivators were convinced that Tiantai was doomed!

PMG Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928: Emotionless and Merciless Killings

Tiantai's cultivators were going wild. They crushed the strong cultivators of the Stone Group and Ji Chang's Club one after another. If the newcomers killed Tiantai's cultivators, the university wouldn't say anything, Ji Chang's Club had too much influence these days.

The three high-level emperors released their Qi towards Tiantai's cultivators. A terrifying strength filled the air. In the distance, some people noticed the agitation there. Surprisingly, the battle stage wasn't the only lively place?

Tiantai's people arrived in front of the high-level emperors. The three high-level emperors stared at Lin Feng and one of them questioned icily, "You're not dead?"

"Back then, your people killed one of my clones," said Lin Feng indifferently.

The cultivator smiled coldly and said, "Since it's that way, I'll kill you once again!"

"Tiantai's people have violated the rules of the university. You crippled and killed so many of our cultivators! That's a huge offense! You must die! From today on, Tiantai won't exist anymore!" shouted the high-level emperor explosively. "Kill all the cultivators from Tiantai!"


Terrifying energies rolled in waves. The strong cultivators of Ji Chang's Club started attacking.


"Tiantai people, die!" the strong cultivators looked crazed. A high-level emperor ran at the front of them. A gigantic golden hand descended from the sky, twisting the sky. Golden lights illuminated everything.

Tantai roared furious defiance with his lions. Qing Lin released his nine explosive cauldrons. Tian Chi turned into a golden Buddha, Ruo Xie released deceleration cosmic energies, their enemies were moving as if caught in s.h.i.+fting sands. Jian Mang unsheathed his swords. Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and released reincarnation energies which absorbed everything coming at them.

The battle was incredible. The high-level emperor ran towards Lin Feng, his gigantic golden hand targeting Lin Feng too.

Lin Feng raised his fist, a simple punch and the golden hand exploded. His enemy was astonished as Lin Feng raced towards him.

"I'll kill you once again!" said the cultivator, releasing golden lights. However, at that moment, he saw Lin Feng's eyes, filled with death energies. His face turned grey as a death sword moved towards his eyes. His eyes turned grey. It felt like he was dying and going to h.e.l.l.

How could he be so strong? He was staring at Lin Feng and his eyes filled with death.

A death sword appeared and his skull cracked… and then he collapsed. The faces of the other strong cultivators turned deathly pale. A high-level emperor had just been killed by Lin Feng?

Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and released reincarnation energies above the crowd. The strong cultivators had the sensation they were dying and disappearing in the wheel of reincarnation.

The reincarnation energies then disappeared. For those people, it felt as if their souls were falling into a black hole. They looked petrified, their eyes wide open as they fell down from the sky, dead.

"Reincarnation Dao!" The two high-level emperors were astonished, their faces changed drastically. Hou Qing Lin had comprehended Reincarnation Dao! And Lin Feng could kill high-level emperors! How? And Jian Mang and Ruo Xie, both were astonis.h.i.+ng and fast, one controlled light energy, the other one controlled speed and decay cosmic energies, both rare kinds of energies. Those two people were particularly strong when they joined hands. Ruo Xie used his deceleration cosmic energy and Jian Mang used his light sword attack.

The strong cultivators of Ji Chang's Club kept dying, one after another. This time, they didn't cripple people's cultivation, they just killed them.

"How strong! Lin Feng is back, Hou Qing Lin understands Dao strength, there's also that blind Tiantai is going crazy!" The onlookers in the distance frowned, all of them amazed, astonished, and stunned. Tiantai had been patient for so long. Finally, they were getting furious. They didn't care about the consequences anymore!

Lin Feng jumped forwards, people around him died one after another, their lives corroded away by his death strength. Only the two high-level emperors were still alive. However, they remained discreet, terrified of what was happening.

How come Tiantai was so powerful all of a sudden?

"Let's go!" the two cultivators suddenly turned to flee. However, they sensed death strength rising around them. They released their soul strength to resist. They weren't weaker than Lin Feng, but Lin Feng's Nihility death sword had stamps, so it stuck on their soul.

In a flash, Lin Feng jumped forwards and slapped one of those cultivators' heads. That person trembled violently. He was on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, but at that moment, he looked extremely weak and couldn't withstand even a single attack.

The other cultivator was terrified. This Dao intent was so powerful, even Zong Que's Dao intent wasn't as strong!

"I don't want to die!" Lin Feng had grabbed the other one, he was now begging him. Lin Feng threw him away violently. There was a clap of thunder, and his body exploded. In Lin Feng's eyes, there was only death.

They had killed his clone, injured Meng Qing, and oppressed Tiantai! They had to die, all of them!

Lin Feng looked like an emotionless and merciless murderer at that moment.

"Lead the way to the Stone Group," said Lin Feng to the last one icily. Death Qi was still flowing in that person's body. Lin Feng could kill him at anytime if he wished.

"Alright!" The cultivator nodded and headed towards the Stone Group.


The Stone Group's territory was much larger than Tiantai's. However, at that moment, there weren't many people there, they were all at the Champion stage. Those who remained sensed a terrifying Qi invading the atmosphere and raised their heads. When they understood what was going on, they were all petrified: "Tiantai!"

"The Stone Group will disappear today," promised Lin Feng. He waved his hands, and mountains fell from the sky, hitting like thunderous meteors. People ran away.

"Cripple their cultivation!" ordered Lin Feng, chasing the people who were fleeing. He released death strength and one cultivator suddenly stopped moving as a terrifying strength crushed him. However, Lin Feng and the others just pa.s.sed by him. They didn't stop.


At the Champion stage, the ceremony had started. Ji Chang had a crown on his head now, a beautiful Champion Crown. Behind him, there were nine dazzling Cyan Dragon Totems. He looked like a king.

"Ji Chang, today, I declare that you are a Champion. Your name will be carved in the Champion Palace. Don't forget to come and sign it!" said the official in charge of the ceremony.

Ji Chang nodded, "I will never humiliate the university or tarnish its reputation. It is an honor for me to have my name in the Champion Palace!"

"Hurray!" At the foot of the stage, everybody shouted cheerfully as the crowd congratulated him. They had to give him face now, he had power!

However, some people had decided not to give him face at all. In the distance, a group of people was flying their way quickly.

"Tiantai is causing trouble!" said someone in the crowd.

A strong cultivator suddenly rose up in the air and challenged them. "You dare cause trouble during the Champion ceremony?"

"Tiantai's people have killed our people and destroyed the Stone Group!" said someone from Ji Chang's Club in disbelief.

Another strong cultivator arrived, "Tiantai is killing people within the university! Many people of the Stone Group and Ji Chang's Club are injured or dead!" said the two people.

Suddenly, the air went still. On the date of Ji Chang's Champion ceremony, Tiantai dared cause trouble and kill people? Many people looked amused, they loved trouble and battles!

Zong Que's eyes flashed. Tiantai's people had dared kill his people?

PMG Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929: Trouble and Disaster During the Champion Ceremony

The next group of people arrived. The crowd frowned at them. Some people really dared go on a rampage?

"Tiantai has violated the rules of the university, they killed other students!" shouted some people who were being chased by Tiantai's people. The elders of Champion University looked at the group of people with murder in their eyes.

"I'll go and crush them," said someone in a low voice.

"Let them come," said an old man. Everybody stopped. After a short time, Tiantai's people arrived.

They looked furious. Their Qi was whistling around them. Everybody was looking at them. Ji Chang looked furious. His eyes fell on Lin Feng. It was him!

The members of Ji Chang's Club had told Ji Chang about Lin Feng. He had gone to the Celestial Country, and he had been killed by Zong Que. Why was he here now?

Ji Chang looked at Jian Mang and Aoxu, and recognizing them, grew even angrier.

Zong Que flashed forwards and landed not far from Lin Feng and the others. Terrifying energies pulsed towards them.

"You're not dead," Zong Que said icily. Behind him, more and more strong cultivators from the Stone Group landed. Their Qi shot up into the sky, trying to suppress Lin Feng and his friends.

"You dared cause trouble at the ceremony and violate the rules of the university. You will all die!" said someone icily. It was the law enforcement officer.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" said Tantai icily.

"A law enforcement officer? You son of a b.i.t.c.h! Who chose you as a law enforcement officer? The Moon Group and the Stone Group keep violating the rules and a.s.saulting us, are you blind? a.s.shole!" Tantai burst out angrily.

The man looked furious. He said to the old man, "Ancestor Xuan Tian, please help me. Let's kill all of them, for the sake of the university."

Ancestor Xuan Tian looked at him and then he looked at the crowd, especially Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with death determination, he had the strength of a low-level emperor, but he looked extraordinary.

"I allow you to explain your situation. If your excuses are not sufficient, no matter where you go, you will be killed," said Ancestor Xuan Tian.

Lin Feng looked calm and composed as he replied to Ancestor Xuan Tian, "Today, Tiantai had to do this, I am convinced you will understand. I'd like to ask you something though: the University, is it for all the students, or only for Champions?"

"The university is for all the students. They are all the pride of the university. And we believe that anyone has the potential to become a Champion."

"On the other day, there was a fair battle organized between the Moon Group and Tiantai, Zong Que got involved and killed my clone. n.o.body said anything. After that, the law enforcement officer even said I deserved to die. What's that supposed to mean?" said Lin Feng calmly.

Ancestor Xuan Tian frowned and looked at the law enforcement officer, "Did that happen?"

The law enforcement officer frowned and stared at Lin Feng, "Ancestor, he was in the Celestial Country. He asked outsiders for help. And then he killed people from Champion University. We have to stop him. He violated the rules of the university. He killed people of the university."

Ancestor Xuan Tian frowned and looked at Lin Feng, "You are a student in Champion University. You cannot kill other people from Champion University, even in the Celestial Country. You have to die."

"I didn't represent Champion University in the Celestial Country," said Lin Feng to Ancestor Xuan Tian calmly. "Back then, I accidentally ended up in h.e.l.l. After that I was told that the only way to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds was to cross the Celestial Country, and unluckily, there was a war between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and h.e.l.l. I ended up in h.e.l.l's army, and the army of the Continent of the Nine Clouds attacked me. Ancestor, what was I supposed to do?"

Ancestor Xuan Tian was stupefied. He had ended up in h.e.l.l by accident? Many people were astonished. How was that possible? He had ended up in h.e.l.l?

"Since it's that way, in such circ.u.mstances, everything depends on your fate."

"You're right, Ancestor. In such circ.u.mstances, everything depends on your fate. Zong Que really violated the rules of the university though, during a fair battle, he attacked and killed me. And the law enforcement officer didn't do anything. Do you know why Zong Que asked for help to kill me?" said Lin Feng looking at the people on the battle stage with his black eyes. If the leaders of the university were like these despicable people, they deserved to die. He didn't think that Champion University would kill them.


"Because Ji Chang is a Champion now. He has a high social status. Zong Que attacked me because of Ji Chang. The law enforcement officer didn't enforce the rules because of Ji Chang. So, does this university belong to Ji Chang?" asked Lin Feng. The crowd looked amused. They understood a lot. It wasn't difficult. However, those things happened everywhere. In many places, strength and talent were the most important things.

Ancestor Xuan Tian remained silent for a few seconds and looked at the law enforcement officer icily. Ancestor Xuan Tian looked at Lin Feng and asked, "Since they made a mistake and you attacked their groups, you both made mistakes."

"Bulls.h.i.+t!" said Tantai. Hou Qing Lin said, "The atmosphere is really foul in Champion University."

Everybody looked at Hou Qing Lin in a sharp way.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" shouted the law enforcement officer explosively, "Ancestor, those people humiliated us and injured our people. They must be expelled from the university."

"If I had been able to leave before, I would have, I don't need you to tell me whether I can stay or not," said Hou Qing Lin icily. Everybody was stupefied. Hou Qing Lin didn't want to stay in Champion University anymore?

Ancestor Xuan Tian pulled a long face. Hou Qing Lin was humiliating the university in front of so many people.

"Do you know why I joined the university, Ancestor?" Hou Qing Lin said to Ancestor Xuan Tian.


"You're right, Ancestor! Students come to university for strength, but also to find a peaceful studying environment. Being a student is like having a big family at university. However, after violating the rules and killing Lin Feng's clone, Ji Chang's Club started monitoring our activities. They didn't let us walk around freely within the university. They just wanted to force us to leave. I'm sure you know what they did. My friends from Tiantai were unable to make a single step for months. n.o.body helped them. Why did the university humiliate Tiantai like that? And what was Tiantai supposed to do?" Hou Qing Lin asked Ancestor Xuan Tian.

"Tiantai has been unlucky. The law enforcement officer made a mistake. The cultivation world is cruel. Strength is all that mattered. There's no such thing as fairness. Champion University is like that, other universities and groups are like that, too. Weak people should die." said Ancestor Xuan Tian. Many people burst into laughter. The old man was straightforward. Tiantai had been oppressed because they were weak, but the unlucky event he was talking about was Ji Chang's influence, of course.

"You're right, Ancestor!" said Lin Feng loudly bowing before Ancestor Xuan Tian. The crowd looked even more amused.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Ancestor Xuan Tian, "Since the weak are the prey of the strong, Ji Chang is strong. The law enforcement officer is also strong. Tiantai has nothing to say. Since there are no rules in Champion University, Tiantai got their revenge. We crippled the cultivators of the Stone Group and killed the cultivators of the Moon Group."

Ancestor Xuan Tian smiled, "I forgive you for the tensions between Tiantai and Ji Chang's Club, as well as the Stone Group. However, if Ji Chang's Club and the Stone Group get their revenge, Champion University won't get involved. Have you thought about that?"

"This old scoundrel," thought everybody. Tiantai was going to be destroyed that way.

"I perfectly understand and I am grateful. If you agree, Tiantai would like to challenge the Moon Group to a battle again, a battle to death," said Lin Feng, bowing again before Ancestor Xuan Tian. At that moment, the whole crowd was astonished.

"You destroyed my Stone Group, aren't you forgetting something?" asked Zong Que icily.

"Don't worry. You killed my clone. I'm not done with you yet. If you want to join the battle, I don't mind, battle to the death!" said Lin Feng to Zong Que. His eyes were filled with death.

"The Moon Group is part of my Ji Chang's Club!" said Ji Chang on the battle stage. The crowd was astonished, what did that mean? Did Ji Chang want to join?

Lin Feng slowly turned to Ji Chang and smiled, "If Ji Chang's Club is that shameless and wants to join, no problem. Ji Chang's Club is already running wild in Champion University. But they do that just because you are the Champion. However, having someone like you being revered like a deity and proclaimed as a Champion is a humiliation for the university!"

PMG Chapter 1930

Chapter 1930: Battle To Death

"Having someone like you being revered like a deity and proclaimed as a Champion is humiliation for the university!" Lin Feng's words resonated in the hearts of the crowd. They all stared at Lin Feng. That guy was insane. He dared talk to Ji Chang that way, a humiliation for the university?

"When we joined Champion University a few years ago, we were low-level emperors, and back then, we had already heard about Ji Chang, Ji Chang was maybe going to be the next Champion and blahblahblah. Back then you were also the second on the Imperial Ranking List. So many years have pa.s.sed and only now you're being proclaimed a Champion? And there's a ceremony? You're a c.r.a.ppy cultivator. You have no talent," said Lin Feng icily. The strong cultivators of the Moon Group and the Stone Group started walking forwards and releasing terrifying energies at his words.

"Empty words!" said someone icily. Then, s.h.i.+ Hao Tian said to Ancestor Xuan Tian, "Ancestor, since Tiantai wants to fight, please accept."

"Ancestor, Tiantai's people are insolent."

Ancestor Xuan Tian looked calm and unmoved. He looked at the crowd and said, "Alright, I accept. How could I refuse? I'll act as the referee. Tiantai vs. the Moon Group and the Stone Group. Battle to death."

Zong Que looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. How were Tiantai's cultivators going to die?

Even though the Moon Group wasn't as strong as the Sun Group, they had already fought against Tiantai, they had a similar strength. And the Stone Group had five high-level emperors, and many medium-level emperors. How could Lin Feng act so arrogantly?

Silhouettes rose up in the air and explosive energies invaded the atmosphere. Tiantai's people looked weak. How could they compare themselves with the Moon Group and the Stone Group? They had only one high-level emperor!

"Aoxu, you're not from Champion University, right?" said Ji Chang to Aoxu. Surprisingly, he remembered his name.

"What a great Champion!" Lin Feng said to Ji Chang mockingly.

Aoxu laughed loudly and moved back. He looked at Ji Chang and said, "I'm not partic.i.p.ating."

Ji Chang knew Lin Feng was making fun of him. Aoxu was too strong though. If he joined, everybody would die against him. And he had also seen how strong Lin Feng was in the Celestial Country. But without the help of the cultivators from h.e.l.l, what could he do? Zong Que could probably oppress him by himself!

And Jian Mang was there too. He couldn't say much about Jian Mang, though. Jian Mang was only a medium-level emperor.

"Die!" said Zong Que, staring at them icily. A terrifying Qi drove towards Tiantai's cultivators.

Tantai roared furiously. The earth and sky shook violently as he jumped forwards.

Wu also turned into a terrifying supernatural bird and streaked across the sky, surrounded by a sun. In front of Wu, a sun sword appeared, slicing through the air.

Hou Qing Lin's robe fluttered in the wind. Reincarnation strength appeared around him.

"Let's join hands!" said Ruo Xie to Jian Mang. Jian Mang nodded and they turned into two light beams.

Lin Feng walked forwards, releasing DevMara Kalpa strength. Life and death Kalpa sword energies appeared around him, the air shrieking at their conflict. The closest people to him withdrew quickly.

"Die!" Someone descended from the sky above Lin Feng and attacked. A gigantic golden cauldron slammed down with a rumble of power… and then the cauldron exploded. Lin Feng rose up into the air and stuck out with a single punch. The man exploded.

Lin Feng did some hand seals. A Purple Tank appeared, containing terrifying life and death strength. Everything died in its path as the air tore apart before it.

"How strong!," thought the crowd. No wonder Lin Feng dared act that arrogantly. Tiantai's people were really strong indeed! Hou Qing Lin understood reincarnation Dao, Lin Feng was also terrifying strong. His death strength was astonis.h.i.+ng. Jian Mang and Ruo Xie were also terrifying when they joined hands. n.o.body could stop them.

The strong cultivators of the Moon Group and the Stone Group kept falling from the sky one after another.

A high-level emperor threw himself at Lin Feng. He released a fearsome whistling Qi. Some ghosts moved towards Lin Feng, unleashed soul strength!

Lin Feng's eyes glittered. He released a death sword and destroyed the soul attack. The high-level emperor was astonished. Then, a ghostly image appeared behind him and he turned into a h.e.l.l ghost, moving with the weightless speed of a specter.

Lin Feng released life and death lights. When the ghost lunged at Lin Feng, Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to explode.

"Die, die!" Death strength pierced that cultivator's soul and penetrated into his brain, too!

Lin Feng raised his fist with a rumble of gathering thunder. He pounded his enemy's soul and watched it explode. The high-level emperor died and turned into a real ghost.

He had been extremely strong. If Lin Feng didn't have life and death Dao, he would have died against the man.

However, after that person died, another high-level emperor moved towards Lin Feng, a waterfall appearing behind him.

Lin Feng waved his hands and his death strength turned into a river. His opponent disappeared inside it and turned into a corpse.

"Dao power!"

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng also controlled Dao strength! How powerful! He really was extremely strong!

Ancestor Xuan Tian's eyes twinkled. The cultivators from Tiantai were really extremely strong and talented. They weren't any less gifted than Ji Chang.

"Reincarnation Dao, Death Dao, Light Dao, all of them are really rare kinds of strength," thought Ancestor Xuan Tian. He glanced at the law enforcement officer, who s.h.i.+vered. The law enforcement officer was also astonished by this display. Strength was the most important thing in that world. If they wanted the university to respect them, they had to prove how strong they really were. Their strength was precious!

The law enforcement officer had cold sweats now. He looked at Zong Que, Tiantai's people had to die! Ancestor Xuan Tian had allowed them to fight, and a battle to death on top of that. The law enforcement officer understood that this battle was going to be tragic. If anyone died, it didn't matter, it just meant they weren't strong enough!

Zong Que stopped moving and released energies to pressure Lin Feng.

"You made it that far in this life, but now you're going to die," Zong Que said to Lin Feng. His voice resonated in Lin Feng's brain.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. A mere brain attack?

Lin Feng moved forwards, ignoring the attack, and Zong Que remained silent.

A bell rang, and some ancient bells appeared. The air quivered with the sound. Lin Feng appeared in the middle of them.

"Zong Que is at the top of the Huang Qi layer and he understands Dao strength. Even though Lin Feng is really strong, he's definitely going to die this time!" thought the crowd with a sigh. The bells made Lin Feng's soul shake violently.

He released life strength throughout his body and released a death sword which moved towards the ancient bells.

Lin Feng charged forwards, a bell broke apart. Lin Feng's death-filled eyes looked more and more terrifying.

Another bell rang and exploded. Lin Feng continued moving forwards and his death Qi gathered around him like a black cloak. The air around him was turning grey.

"Die!" shouted Zong Que explosively. His bells kept ringing in unison and exploding. Further in the distance, the crowd could even sense their own souls shaking. Even the most determined ones were affected. Zong Que was definitely going to kill Lin Feng!

The bells kept breaking one after another. Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to Zong Que. His death strength penetrated into Zong Que's brain.

"Your Dao is so weak!" said Lin Feng. His voice carried death strength and resonated in Zong Que's brain. He released a death sword which shot towards Zong Que. Zong Que's expression changed drastically as he went white.

"You're going to die!" promised Lin Feng. His voice echoed in Zong Que's brain, and a death sword stamp stuck to his soul.

Zong Que screamed furiously. However, the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was very close to Zong Que and releasing destructive death energies. It was like an ocean of death energy, and Zong Que disappeared inside!

PMG Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931: Arrogance

The death stamps moved along the black river. Zong Que was drowned inside and the water ate away his life. People's hearts pounded as they watched.

"You're going to die," declared Lin Feng, using his most powerful voice. He also stamped the soundwaves produced by his voice. Zong Que was still buried in the black death river. The crowd was staring at the black water, whispering among themselves. Was Zong Que dead or alive?

Waves rumbled and the black water swirled around. It turned into death intent and gradually dispersed. A body appeared in the air and fell, already a corpse.

Zong Que, fifth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, leader of the Stone Group, was dead.

Lin Feng, a cultivator ranked on the lower ranking list, had killed him.

At that moment, the place became completely silent. Zong Que wasn't the only one who had died; most of the cultivators of the Stone Group and the Moon Group had died, too. Tiantai was rising again, after having been oppressed and humiliated by the Moon Group and the Stone Group for so long. Lin Feng had come back furious and Tiantai had had their revenge, and on top of that during Ji Chang's Champion ceremony, right next to the Champion stage! This day was supposed to be one of Ji Chang's happiest days, and it had turned into a nightmare because of Lin Feng and his group, Tiantai!

The members of Ji Chang's Club had all pulled long faces. Ji Chang's Club had lost its two junior groups, the Moon Group and the Star Group. The Stone Group had also almost completely disappeared from Champion University. It was a terrible humiliation for Ji Chang.

Many people turned to look at Ancestor Xuan Tian. On the Champion battle stage, the senior cultivators looked calm and lofty. The Stone Group and the Moon Group had been destroyed, but it didn't affect them. Since the Moon Group and the Stone Group had provoked, oppressed, and humiliated Tiantai, it was their fault. Tiantai had relied on their own strength to get their revenge. The cultivation world was that cruel. If Lin Feng and Tiantai had been weak, they would have disappeared. The elders probably respected them more now than they had before, after their enemies had suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

Even though the elders looked rather placid, their hearts were beating faster. That low-level emperor was probably a medium-level emperor, and his Dao was more powerful than Zong Que's. That's how he had killed Zong Que, the fifth cultivator on the Celestial Champion Ranking List.

Lin Feng understood the hidden rules of the cultivation world. Therefore, he had chosen to battle on the day of Ji Chang's Champion ceremony, one of the best days in Ji Chang's life. It was the only way to be respected by the university. If they had fought on another day, the university wouldn't have paid attention to them!

Zong Que's corpse finally reached the ground, bouncing once and rolling over limply. Lin Feng looked at the corpse coldly with his black eyes and said calmly, "s.h.i.+ Hao Tian, on that day, weren't you a little bit arrogant?"

The crowd frowned and looked over to the strong cultivators of Ji Chang's Club.

s.h.i.+ Hao Tian, the second most important cultivator of Ji Chang's Club, fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List!

On that day, s.h.i.+ Hao Tian and Zong Que had had a conversation. s.h.i.+ Hao Tian had asked Zong Que for help. s.h.i.+ Hao Tian was the leader of the Moon Group.

s.h.i.+ Hao Tian looked at Lin Feng's eyes, petrified, before looking at Zong Que's corpse. His heart started pounding violently. He hadn't expected all this. He hadn't thought Lin Feng would come back, and would be so strong. He had even less expected Tiantai would provoke them on the day of the Champion ceremony!

A dazzling light appeared. A stamp emerged from Lin Feng's hand and rose up in the air. Gigantic golden letters appeared in the air: BATTLE TO DEATH. A contract for a battle to death!

Lin Feng was challenging s.h.i.+ Hao Tian to a battle to death!

"s.h.i.+ Hao Tian is fourth on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, but Zong Que understands Dao strength, s.h.i.+ Hao Tian and Zong Que were about equal in strength, but Lin Feng killed Zong Que. He's very strong. He can probably kill s.h.i.+ Hao Tian too!" was the consensus of the crowd.

Lin Feng had shown how strong he was when killing Zong Que. He definitely was strong enough to fight against the top three cultivators of the Celestial Champion Ranking List. Ji Chang was probably the only one who could defeat Lin Feng.

"Today is Ji Chang's Champion ceremony. It's supposed to be a happy day for all the students. Aren't you violating the rules by doing that?" a cultivator of the Ji Clan shouted out icily. Many people present today were from the Ji Clan, since it was Ji Chang's Champion ceremony.

The leader of the Ji Clan was present, too. He looked at Lin Feng icily. He knew perfectly well who Lin Feng was. He had brought Aoxu and Jian Mang to the Ji Clan. Because of him, Ji Wuyou had almost been turned into a cripple. He was blind and had completely lost his confidence. He would never be as energetic and confident as before. If he didn't regain his confidence, he would never practice cultivation again.

Now Lin Feng was back, and he was humiliating the Ji Clan again, this time during Ji Chang's Champion ceremony!

"There are rules in the Ji Clan and there are rules at university. Champion University doesn't need the Ji Clan to tell them what the rules of the university are!" retorted a young man provocatively and coldly: it was Lang Ye from the World Clan!

"And the university doesn't need the World Clan to tell them anything, either!" said the leader of the Ji Clan furiously. Lang Ye was throwing in his two cents, and the leader of the Ji Clan didn't appreciate that at all.

"I am not getting involved. I am just voicing my opinion. Besides, Lin Feng is like a brother to me. Ji Chang and Lin Feng are competing at university, which is normal and acceptable, but Ji Chang's Club keeps getting involved and bullying him and his friends. That's despicable. How can the Ji Clan get involved in young people's affairs? I thought too highly of the Ji Clan before."

There were many strong cultivators in the Holy City. Compet.i.tions between people of the same generation were normal and expected, but older people couldn't get involved. Therefore, Jian Mang had blinded Ji Wuyou and n.o.body could say anything about it. It was cruel, but nothing could be done. The Clan could support young people, but if those young people's efforts didn't suffice, then the clan couldn't do much for them. Spending one's life relying on one's clan wasn't a life, and it was impossible to become a peerless cultivator that way.

Therefore, Lang Ye was traveling alone, relying solely on himself. He had chosen his own path!

"Ji Chang's Club killed Lin Feng's clone, and now Lin Feng is back and he's challenging that little buffoon, the Ji Clan has nothing to say," agreed Jun Mo Xi. Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi were having fun at Ji Chang's Champion ceremony!

"Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye are heartless!" thought the amused crowd.

"I wouldn't have thought that Lin Feng would have so many powerful friends. It's been a long time since they've had someone with the World King Body in the World Clan. Jun Mo Xi also has a very rare body type, and they're both Lin Feng's friends. Lin Feng is extremely strong and talented, he has no need to envy people who have king body types."

The member of the Ji Clan were surprised and perplexed. Ji Ping groaned icily and said, "The Ji Clan won't get involved, of course. However, the Ji Clan is at the head of Ji Chang's Club, and today is Ji Chang's Champion ceremony. Some people are humiliating him and ruining this great event. Ji Chang can solve the issue himself. I'm not getting involved."

"He means he wants Ji Chang to fight against Lin Feng."

"If Ji Chang fights against Lin Feng, he will definitely crush him. After all, he's the Champion. Apart from Ying Cheng, n.o.body can compete with him, including Lin Feng."

The murmurs raced through the crowd. Lin Feng's eyes were still black, but he looked at the members of the Ji Clan mockingly.

"The Ji Clan is an ancient clan, it has existed for a long time, and is really strong. You invited many people to talk about cultivation because you wanted to show how strong you were. However, the only young emperor of the Ji Clan who can be considered strong is Ji Chang. I don't understand something though, how come you are so proud? I am a medium-level emperor, and at the same cultivation level, how many of your people can compete with me?"

Lin Feng sounded calm and indifferent. The strong cultivators of the Ji Clan were furious. Lin Feng was talking loudly, and didn't sound provocative, he sounded like he was just stating facts. To the Ji Clan, it was a horrible humiliation. The Ji Clan was an ancient clan, they had great power, and many of their young people studied at the four different universities. Lin Feng was saying that at the same cultivation level, n.o.body in the Ji Clan could defeat him. Everybody thought Lin Feng was right, it was a fact. At the same cultivation level, he could destroy anyone from the Ji Clan.

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