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PMG Chapter 1972

Chapter 1972: End of the Wedding Agreement

The Pei Clan members stared at Lin Feng. The Pei Clan was a very powerful clan and had incredibly strong cultivators, but with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they would become even stronger. For a whole clan, having such scriptures was very tempting. The elders of the Pei Clan all dreamt of having the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.

A marriage alliance was good for two clans to become stronger. But with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they could become stronger on their own!

The crowd remained silent. Evidently, the elders of the Pei Clan were tempted.

The old man looked at Lin Feng, remained silent for a few seconds and finally smiled coldly, "You're joking, I don't believe you would be ready to abandon the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?"

"I have only one brother. If you accept, I'll give you the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. If you accept, you have to cancel the wedding," Lin Feng said quietly.

"Don't try to fool us!" The elder tried to came back to his senses. If Lin Feng really wanted to give up the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, why didn't he go straight to the Yin Clan, why did he come to the Pei Clan? Even if the Pei Clan agreed, took the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and canceled the wedding, the Yin Clan would hate Lin Feng even more.

"Even if we cancel the wedding, your brother won't be able to marry Yin Yue."

"I'll be fair to both parties." said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. The members of the Yin Clan were stupefied. Did Lin Feng want to give them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures too?

The elder of the Pei Clan remained silent for a few seconds, he didn't know what Lin Feng was thinking. But then he smiled, "Give me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures first."

"Do you think the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are a toy? Say it publicly, if I give you the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, you agree to cancel the wedding," replied Lin Feng calmly. The elder's eyes kept glittering. He perfectly knew well that if he accepted publicly, he'd offend the Yin Clan, but for the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures…

After a few seconds, the elder of the Pei Clan looked at Yin Rui and said, "Brother Yin Rui, if we obtain the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, we will give them to you as a sign of respect."

Yin Rui was stupefied. Then, the elder of the Pei Clan looked at Lin Feng and said, "Alright, if you agree to pay with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, the Pei Clan will cancel the wedding," agreed the elder of the Pei Clan finally.

The Yin Clan would understand. And in any case, it wasn't a firm statement, if they didn't obtain the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they wouldn't cancel the wedding.

Lin Feng smiled and said, "You're wise. For the well-being of your clan, you prefer canceling the wedding."

The elder looked at Lin Feng, his eyes were gleaming and said, "What about the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?"

"I need to think," smiled Lin Feng.

"You're trying to trick me?" said the elder of the Pei Clan releasing ice-cold energies.

"Master, I haven't promised anything yet," said Lin Feng. All the members of the Pei Clan pulled a long face. One of them jumped forwards and released purple energies towards Lin Feng. It was Pei Dong Lai!

"I came here to congratulate the Pei Clan, is that how you treat your guests?" said Lin Feng mockingly.

The elder of the Pei Clan waved and said, "Dong Lai!"

Pei Dong Lai recalled his Qi, but he was really furious. During the Pathfinder Day, he hadn't been able to do anything, and now Lin Feng had come to the Pei Clan to cause trouble.

"Brother Yin Rui, I'm sorry for all this. I will send people to the Yin Clan to apologize," said the elder of the Pei Clan to Yin Rui apologetically.

"Let's continue planning the wedding, we can't be influenced by rude and useless young people,"said Yin Rui icily.

Lin Feng looked at Yin Rui and smiled, "Master Yin Rui, if you really want the wedding to happen, I'll secretly give the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to the Pei Clan during the wedding. You heard what the elder of the Pei Clan just said, and you can imagine what the consequences would be,"said Lin Feng.

The faces of the members of the Pei Clan and the Yin Clan stiffened when they heard Lin Feng. The Pei Clan had just admitted they were ready to cancel the wedding if Lin Feng gave them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Their elder knew that Lin Feng was trying to trick him, but he had still said he would cancel the wedding if he obtained the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.

"What a sly and evil b.a.s.t.a.r.d! The Pei Clan doesn't want to see you here!" said the strong cultivator of the Pei Clan. Pei Dong Lai was furious.

Lin Feng smiled and said, "Alright, since the Pei Clan expels guests, I'm off, see you!"

Then, Lin Feng turned around and walked back to the gate with Lin Wu Shang. People's faces changed drastically.

"Master Yin Rui, think about what I said. If the Pei Clan is willing to cancel the wedding for the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, the Yin Clan could also go back on their words too and make Yin Yue and Wu Shang marry. That wouldn't be impolite since the Pei Clan isn't serious about the wedding. And in the future, I will give the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to Yin Yue and Wu Shang's children, they'll also go to the Yin Clan, they'll come see you and the other elders, the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures will keep being transmitted to everyone in the clan," said Lin Feng loudly.

Yin Rui's heart was pounding. Now the Yin Clan had an opportunity.

"And as I said, if the wedding happens, I will give the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to the Pei Clan on the day of the wedding. I will do it secretly. Master Yin Rui, you can gamble if you want as well. if I give them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, will they cancel the wedding at the last minute? You can decide."

Lin Feng slowly disappeared in the distance. The members of the Pei Clan were all furious. Lin Feng had tricked them!

If Yin Rui really wanted the wedding to happen, one possibility was that on the day of the wedding, the Pei Clan would receive the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and would cancel it at the last minute.

If Yin Rui canceled the wedding, maybe some years later, Lin Feng and the Yin Clan would be friends. Yin Yue would bring the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures back to the Yin Clan quite often for everybody to study.

But it seemed too simple, even stupid people would choose the second option. Just like Lin Feng had said, the Pei Clan cared more about the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and they had said it openly, so if the Yin Clan canceled the wedding, it wouldn't be rude.

"Lin Feng is smart. A few sentences and he can make things change," muttered some guests to one another. Some of them were laughing on the inside. All of this had nothing to do with them, but they found such situations amusing. And besides, many other ancient clans hoped the Pei Clan and the Yin Clan wouldn't become allies.

Any clan would have done the same thing as the Pei Clan, they all would have chosen the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Those people cared about profit more than anything, that's how Lin Feng had come up with his plan.

Who could refuse Ancient Holy Scriptures, especially the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures? The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures could help anyone become stronger and even more talented.

Lin Feng had left, and now Yin Rui had to make a decision. Everybody looked at Yin Rui. He had mixed feelings and didn't know what to think. If Lin Feng really gave the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to the Pei Clan on the day of the wedding, would they refuse? Of course not. He knew it. So Lin Feng was threatening him by doing that.

If you cancel the wedding, we can be friends, we become like a family.

The future of the Yin Clan was now in Yin Rui's hands.

"Brother Yin Rui, don't listen to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d," said the elder of the Pei Clan when he saw that Yin Rui's eyes were glittering.

"Brother Pei, have you forgotten what you've just said?" said Yin Rui indifferently and raised his head. The face of the Pei Clan's elder stiffened.

"Lin Feng is sly. Brother Yin Rui, you've seen it too."

"I did, and he will probably continue. You may even obtain the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. I'm sorry, but I can't gamble putting my clan at stake. I'm off," said Yin Rui coldly. He bowed before the elders of the Pei Clan and waved at the people of his own clan, they were leaving!

The members of the Pei Clan were stupefied. They had offended the Yin Clan? But the Yin Clan would have done the same thing…

Anyone would have done that…

"Lin Feng!" The elders of the Pei Clan looked furious and released Qi.

"Brother Pei, see you!"

"See you!"

The other guests also left. The members of the Pei Clan felt really awkward. Very quickly, there was n.o.body left, but there were many tables still laden with alcohol and food everywhere.

The members of the Pei Clan were furious. The temperature dropped and the wind whistled, but it didn't matter anymore.

Of course, all this had nothing to do with Lin Feng anymore. He had done all he could. If this plan failed, he'd find another way. He wouldn't hesitate to resort to even more cruel methods.

What had happened on that day quickly spread across the region. In the Yin Clan, a young woman was smiling widely at Lin Feng's actions.

PMG Chapter 1973

Chapter 1973: Di Qi layer And Above

Lin Feng went back to Champion University. He left a clone outside and he headed to the Celestial mountain.

Above the clouds, Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian opened his eyes and smiled at Lin Feng, "Little boy, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Lin Feng smiled and bowed before him. "Master, I came because I need you to help me resolve doubts."

"What doubts?" asked Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian smiling.

"What is Dao?" asked Lin Feng to Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian looked at Lin Feng and smiled, "You have just started walking on the Path of Life and Death and now you're asking me what Dao is, don't you think it's too early?"

"If I don't understand what Dao is, how could I achieve enlightenment?" asked Lin Feng slowly. Cultivators had to choose their own Path, which was closely linked to their Dao. The Path was the Dao. Lin Feng was walking on the Path of Life and Death, he could release life and death strength quickly and easily. The Path of Reincarnation allowed cultivators to force people to reincarnate in the blink of an eye. Destructive Dao allowed a cultivator to destroy mountains and rivers. But they were all just at the beginning of their Path.

"Dao is awareness, Dao is strength, Dao is rules," replied the smiling Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

"What are the limits of Dao?" asked Lin Feng.

"The limits of Dao…?" Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian was startled and sighed, "The limit of Dao is when you transcend worldliness, some people say that it's the anuttara, or the paramount, if you prefer. And some people also say that being able to transcend worldliness is creation."

"Transcend worldliness!" Lin Feng was stupefied.

"But how many people can transcend worldliness? How many people can break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Dao? There are millions of ways of reaching enlightenment. There are some people who can control Earth and Heaven. I'm an Ancestor, I'm a Holy Great Emperor, but I'm far from being able to transcend worldliness," Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian sighed. Lin Feng's question made him think about lots of things.

Being able to transcend worldliness was any cultivator's dream!

The limit of cultivation is the paramount, creation, Lin Feng repeated to himself. He still didn't understand, of course…

"Ancestor, how strong are cultivators who have broken free from the Great Dao?" Lin Feng asked the Ancestor.

"People who can break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Dao are not affected by the rules of the earth and sky anymore. In one glance, they can destroy a whole world. With the power of the mind, they can create billions of Asuras and in the blink of an eye, they are possibly immortal too. Such people transcend worldliness and attain holiness. They become arhats," said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. He had not managed to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. Such people were extraordinary and unique!

"Sages?" murmured Lin Feng.

"Sages, sage rulers, peerless kings," agreed Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. His eyes were twinkling, a light beam emerged from his eyes and pierced through the ground.

"Sage rulers, peerless kings!" Lin Feng's heart started pounding. He had never heard of such people before. He had never met such cultivators either. People who could transcend worldliness and attain holiness? People who were not affected by the rules of the world? People who could break free from the chiliocosm? For such people, Dao was just another strength.

"What is the cultivation level of sage rulers?" murmured Lin Feng.

"Maybe, maybe…" murmured Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. Suddenly, he stopped and smiled, "If there are stronger cultivators than peerless kings, then they definitely control the G.o.ds and spiritual beings. If you want to know whether such people really exist, you'll have to go and search for the answer yourself."

"Ancestor, I have the feeling I will soon understand Dao strength, but I can't touch it, how should I go about this?" asked Lin Feng.

"Forget about it, Dao models itself after nature. Today you can't, but someday, you'll suddenly understand something and you'll be able to touch it," replied Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian with a knowing smile.

"Dao models itself after nature. Forget…" murmured Lin Feng.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian nodded. "Many cultivators of the Huang Qi layer start understanding Dao when they reach the top of the Huang Qi layer. But it's not something you can understand that easily, it's something that just happens. It's fate! Some people have an advantage, they have Marks of the Path, they can use them to understand Dao faster. But as usual, it's good to make steady progress incrementally. And if you can't touch it, it doesn't matter, forget about it, Dao models itself after nature, just accept that."

"I see, I wasn't trying to understand the right thing then, I have to be patient and seize the right opportunities!" Lin Feng smiled. Lin Feng understood he had to experience life and death to understand life and death Dao.

Dao wasn't a special spell, cultivators couldn't practice cultivation and meditate to study Dao.

Lin Feng wondered when he would be able to understand that mysterious Dao.

"Is there anything I can help you with in terms of cultivation?" Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian asked. Lin Feng was very talented, so he was happy to help him. It was an honor for an ancestor to watch such an incredible young man grow up. He hoped that someday Lin Feng would be able to surpa.s.s him.

"Ancestor, my cultivation is complex, I understand many kinds of strength, but some of them are really powerful and giving them up would be a pity, but what should I do?" asked Lin Feng.

"You have to choose the things which allow you to be as strong as possible, which help you in battles, for example your ancient imprints technique. Choose what can help you during battles, for example your deployment spells. Choose things which you can't use now, but which have an incredible potential, like the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song. Besides that, use the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to help you understand some side types of strength, and give up the rest forever. It is a pity, but they are already useless."

Lin Feng nodded. It was difficult for him to a.s.sess his own situation, sometimes other people had more insight. Lin Feng hadn't thought Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian would understand him so well, though. Ancient imprints, deployment spells, Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures… Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian already knew almost everything Lin Feng knew.

"It's difficult when you're talented to make decisions, you have so many options. Talented people have access to so many skills, spells, techniques, and Ancient scriptures, but as you become stronger, you realize you can't learn and master everything. If someday you realize a certain type of strength can be useful, it might not be too late," explained Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

Lin Feng nodded. He knew that. He had many books, spells, techniques and powers. He had already chosen the best scriptures for himself: the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, The Three Lives Scriptures, and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. He also had the G.o.dly Awareness Palace, and now had the Wisdom Kings Scriptures, a perfect combination. He didn't need more scriptures for now.

"Anything else?" asked Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

Lin Feng looked pensive for a few seconds and smiled, "When I become a high-level emperor, I may have more questions."

"Alright!" Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian nodded. Lin Feng bowed and turned around.

"Do you want to take the exam to become a Champion? A university Champion?" Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian asked him.

"When I reach the top of the Huang Qi layer, I won't need a crown to dissuade people. I will already be able to defeat anyone," Lin Feng replied calmly, without turning around. Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian laughed. Arrogant little boy! Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian liked him…

"Dao models itself after nature. When you achieve enlightenment, you break free from the Great Dao. When you understand Dao intent, stop focusing on cosmic energies, cosmic energies are just an intermediary step before Dao, they're not the foundation of Dao. Your Blue Uptala Lotus contains Dao intent, it can help you fuse all your cosmic energies together. You can try and forget about the nature of cosmic energies and you will see, maybe that way they will continue fusing together," Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian told him.

Lin Feng suddenly stopped moving, then turned around and bowed again. Then, he left the celestial mountain.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian watched Lin Feng leave and smiled in satisfaction.

"Old dude, how is my sense of judgement?" said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. A silhouette appeared next to him, forming into Ancestor Xuan Tian.

"You think you have a good sense of judgement?" huffed Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, twitching his mouth. He said, "Because of you, he almost got killed by Ji Chang's Club. And now you dare tell me that?"

"Bulls.h.i.+t, you need to go through hards.h.i.+ps to become stronger.  Now he became much stronger," retorted Ancestor Xuan Tian. Then, he smiled and said, "Hey, by the way, do you think he'll ever reach that level?"

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian's eyes glittered. It was his dream to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. If Champion University had such a cultivator, they'd become the best university and the rulers in the Dark Night Region.

"I don't know. The Holy City has existed for so many years, we have seen so many geniuses, many Champions, and the best they've achieved was becoming Holy Great Emperors. At our level, it's difficult to become stronger. But I hope he will succeed!" sighed Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. He hoped Lin Feng would manage to become a peerless cultivator. But there was hope. As a medium-level emperor, he had defeated a Champion!

PMG Chapter 1974

Chapter 1974: Path of the Great Imperial King

In Champion University, before the waterfall, Lin Feng was practicing cultivation. After having left the celestial mountain, he had done nothing but practice cultivation. He had stopped focusing on Dao, he focused on strength.

"Brother!" called out someone at that moment. Lin Feng opened his eyes and saw a young, slender and elegant woman. It was Xiao Ya!

"Little girl," said Lin Feng. He stood up and gave Xiao Ya a welcome hug. Xiao Ya usually didn't disturb him, what was going on?

"Brother, Ying Cheng is going to become a great emperor. I want you to bring me to Great Emperors Mountain," Xiao Ya said to Lin Feng. Great Emperors Mountain was a mysterious mountain in the Holy City. Its summit reached the sky and it contained celestial Qi. People liked to go there to study the strength of the earth and sky. Many strong cultivators went there when they sensed that they were about to break through to the Di Qi layer.

"Ying Cheng is finally going to break through?" murmured Lin Feng. During the Pathfinder event, Ying Cheng had sensed he was about to break through to the Di Qi layer. Many days had pa.s.sed and finally, he was going to break free from the Huang Qi layer. He was going to become a great emperor, a level many people dreamt of reaching someday in their life.

Even in the Holy City, great emperors were considered extremely strong cultivators. Even though they weren't considered extremely strong in some ancient clans, at the scale of the Dark Night Region, where there were many weak people, great emperors were considered incredible. Many great emperors decided to create their own sects and clans. Great Emperor Qing in Qing Di Mountain, and the leader of Sword Mountain, their leaders were all great emperors.

The Di Qi layer was divided into three levels. They were strong enough to create sects and clans. Then, there were the Celestial Emperors, they were great and respected scholars who could create ancient clans, travel the world free and unfettered, and had few enemies.

And there there were Holy Great Emperors, that cultivation level already had the word "holy" in it. Those people could travel anywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there was no place they couldn't go. They usually had an incredible social status, and they could create Ancient Holy Clans. Most people in the world admired them.

Most people didn't know what there was above the Di Qi layer. Such people had managed to transcend worldliness and attain holiness, they had broken free from the Great Dao. They were like G.o.ds in the world, totally legendary. Maybe the people who were at the head of shrines were people like that, peerless kings, people who had managed to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. Sage kings, holy kings, peerless kings…

For many people, people who managed to become Champions in the Holy City had the potential to become such cultivators, there was hope for them. But to Lin Feng, such things were not important. The most important thing was to become as strong as possible. Someday, he'd rule over the world!

Ying Cheng, who was a Champion, was going to become a great emperor now…

"Alright, let's go to Great Emperors Mountain," nodded Lin Feng.

"Thank you, brother!" said Xiao Ya jumping into Lin Feng's arms. Lin Feng smiled wryly, "Even though you're still a little girl to me, you're a grown-up now. I will find a husband for you."

"How dare you! I'm not talking to you anymore," said Xiao Ya, beating his chest with her small fists.

"Alright, I won't then, I'm too scared of you!" replied Lin Feng, caressing her head. They left together.

When students saw Lin Feng in Champion University, they looked at him with eyes full of admiration. That was Lin Feng, a medium-level emperor who had defeated Ji Chang the Champion! He had become the third cultivator of the Imperial Ranking List! He was a real genius, a superstar!

"Brother Lin Feng," said some people, bowing before Lin Feng. They were from Tiantai.

Tiantai was starting to surpa.s.s Ji Chang's Club. The Stone Group and Ji Chang's Club used to oppress Tiantai, but those days were over. Ji Chang's Club had lost some of their most outstanding cultivators, so now they really wanted to recruit more people, they were in a rush.

Because of that, Yun Qing Yan was also very busy. They had created new subgroups in Tiantai, the core disciples managed them, and were in charge of the whole organization. Hou Qing Lin was still in charge of taking people abroad to practice and become stronger. Xing Zhan was in charge of the training. Only Lin Feng did nothing. Each time Yun Qing Yan saw him, she kept complaining.

Of course, Lin Feng had already become a symbol in Tiantai, Tiantai couldn't be Tiantai without him. These days, Tiantai's people could walk within Champion University freely without having to worry.

Great Emperors Mountain was a gigantic mountain, its peak piercing through the clouds. It was located in a boundless mountain range.

There was a terrifying ocean of Qi at the top of the smaller mountains around Great Emperors Mountain. Many people had gathered, having heard that Ying Cheng was going to become a great emperor. It was a great opportunity to see someone become a great emperor. It was a rare thing to see, even in the Holy City. Each time some became a great emperor, many people wanted to watch.

At the top of Great Emperors Mountain, a silhouette was seated cross-legged and looking at the sky. He was absorbing the strength of the earth and sky. Clouds were forming above him. It was a spectacular sight.

"Path of the Great Imperial King, auspicious Heavens."

Ying Cheng had been there for three days, more and more people arriving from everywhere in the Holy City. Even now, people kept arriving unceasingly.

Lin Feng and Xiao Ya also arrived and landed on the top of a mountain. They looked at the top of Great Emperors Mountain, where Ying Cheng waited.

"Becoming a great emperor is incredible, your soul and the earth and sky fuse together. The strength of the earth and sky cleanse your body. Great emperor's energies don't disperse for a very long time. The longer the energies remain, the more spectacular it is, and the more potential a person has," murmured Lin Feng, gazing into the distance.

Ying Cheng's Path was different from Emperor Wu Tian Jian's Path. Ying Cheng was walking on the Path of a Great Imperial King. When the water comes, a channel is naturally formed, and when conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved. That's how Ying Cheng was going to level up. Ying Cheng had sensed that he was going to break through to the Di Qi layer, so he had tried to consolidate his foundation.

Lin Feng glanced around. Some people looked at him in a friendly way, or indifferently, and some others looked at him coldly. Lin Feng ignored everyone, though. He just remained normal and calmly watched Ying Cheng.

"You're Lin Feng," said an old man at that moment. That old man had white hair and eyebrows. He looked peaceful and kind, with the demeanor of a transcendent being. He also looked unfathomable and enigmatic.

"Who are you, Master?" Lin Feng replied to the old man. He had suspicions.

"I'm a n.o.body, I live in the mountains," smiled the old man. He looked very warm and gentle. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, "I saw you on Pathfinder Day. You're very talented. I was amazed. You understand ten sorts of abstruse energies, if I'm not mistaken?"

"Indeed," nodded Lin Feng. He controlled ten sorts of abstruse energies, he had never hidden it, so it wasn't a secret anymore.

"Not bad at all. For many people, it's very difficult to understand one kind of Dao strength, but you already understand a dual Dao strength. You can also make many sorts of strength fuse together. I can't wait to see how strong you'll be when you perfectly understand Dao," the old man smiled. Lin Feng laughed, but said nothing. He didn't know why the old man was telling him these things.

"My Dao and the Dao you want to achieve are similar. Do you want to sense it?" asked the old man smiling.

Lin Feng had doubts, but nodded, "If you offer your help, I better accept deferentially than decline courteously."

"Alright, look at me." said the old man smiled. Lin Feng looked at the old man's eyes, for a few seconds, he had the sensation he had ended up in another world, like an illusion.

"Now try to fuse your cosmic energies," said the old man. Lin Feng nodded and stretched out his hands. He released cosmic energies and suddenly, Lin Feng was stupefied, it felt like he had made them fuse together, but at the same time it was as if something had prevented him from completely condensing them.

"You might have made a mistake in your learning, that's why this thing happens. Relax, I will show you something about your understanding," said a voice in the illusion. Lin Feng let his energies flow naturally. The old man's voice was warm which helped him relax. A mysterious strength penetrated into his brain.

"Dao models itself after nature, Dao requires good luck, you cannot reach the goal in one step."

Lin Feng remembered what Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian had told him. Suddenly, his consciousness became extremely wide, and loud sounds spread out in his head. Lin Feng shouted explosively, "p.i.s.s off!"

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the old man icily. His eyes were filled with Death Qi.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng to the old man. The old man just kept smiling. Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya, who was lying on the ground, asleep.

Lin Feng understood that that old man had studied the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures or something similar. He was an expert at creating illusions.

PMG Chapter 1975

Chapter 1975: Trying to Ying Cheng

"Little boy, don't be angry. I'm helping you," said the white-bearded old man smiling in a gentle way. He looked a little bit evil though.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're a great emperor and you're trying to attack my memories, which clan are you from?" Lin Feng took Xiao Ya in his arms and moved back a few steps, staring at the old man. The old man was extremely dangerous. He could make people fall asleep, and had tried to attack him. He was probably from a group Lin Feng had offended.

The old man's kind face suddenly changed. He looked at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng sensed oppressive energies and had cold sweats. It was as if his body were about to explode. He could barely move, so he couldn't escape.

He's so strong, he must be a Celestial Emperor, thought Lin Feng in astonishment. The old man rolled up his sleeves and a terrifying strength smashed Lin Feng away. Lin Feng kept staring at him.

"You ignorant baby, don't think that because you are a bit talented, you can do whatever you wish. You're in the Holy City here, and no matter how strong you are, you'll never be able to compete with Ancient Holy Clans. In front of me, you are a tiny little insect, a n.o.body, an insignificant person!" shouted the white-bearded old man furiously. He looked extremely angry.

Lin Feng looked at him and smiled coldly. "At least, I'm honest. Could you tell me who you are?"

"I'm from the Ji Clan, my name is Ji Qing Song!" replied the old man icily.

"Ji Qing Song," repeated Lin Feng, before saying, "The Ji Clan doesn't dare kill me, so you're trying to affect my memories, and they sent a Celestial Emperor to oppress and humiliate me? How ridiculous! You will regret what you did today."

"Empty words, p.i.s.s off!" said Ji Qing Song. He rolled up his sleeves again. Lin Feng had the sensation of an explosive strength surrounded him again, he suddenly coughed up blood. He looked at Ji Qing Song icily and left with Xiao Ya.

Ji Qing Song was annoyed. He initially wanted to attack Lin Feng's memories, to see if he could get a grasp on the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, but he hadn't thought Lin Feng would be so careful. Even in the great dream, Lin Feng had managed to remain vigilant and break free. He had failed even though he was so close to success. He had only been able to humiliate Lin Feng in the end. But it didn't matter, he had managed to extract many secrets from that little girl's memories.

Lin Feng and Xiao Ya landed on another peak. Lin Feng woke her up, and she looked at him in surprise, "Bro, what's wrong with me?"

"Nothing, we met a guy from the Ji Clan and he made you fall asleep using an illusionary dream technique," smiled Lin Feng softly.

"A strong cultivator from the Ji Clan, dream technique!" Xiao Ya was stupefied. She had just had a very strange dream. In her dream, someone had asked her who she was, what her relation with Lin Feng was, she had told them everything.

"What's the matter, Xiao Ya?" asked Lin Feng after he saw that her expression had changed drastically.

"Nothing, bro. When we go back to university, I'll go back to the small world," Xiao Ya smiled. Lin Feng had his doubts but nodded.

The cloud of Qi was becoming bigger and bigger in the sky, Ying Cheng was absorbing the strength of the earth and sky. Soul strength was rotating around him. His map of several countries and their altars to the G.o.ds of earth and grain appeared behind him. At the same time, waves of energies pulsed and surged all around him. The sky became chaotic, displaying Ying Cheng's Dao strength.

"He's going to become a great emperor!" Many people's eyes twinkled. The sky became strange, dazzling lights appeared all around him. His Qi was fusing together with the earth and sky.

"He broke through!" Those watching were impressed. A new great emperor had appeared in the Holy City! He had reached a legendary cultivation level!

Many Champions had incredible destinies. Many of them became powerful and influential in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They had their statues with their names in all the different academic inst.i.tutions.

And now one of them had just become a great emperor. For Ying Cheng, it was a huge step.

At that moment, the scenery looked spectacular. Threads of energies emitted whistling sounds. The earth and sky kept shaking.

At that moment, an explosive and majestic strength invaded the whole region. It felt like the sky was about to collapse.

"That's Ying Cheng's strength?" Those watching were astonished. What kind of Qi was that? Ying Cheng had become that strong?

Xiao Ya's beautiful eyes kept twinkling, they were wide open in awe.

Ying Cheng's face changed drastically. He looked like an ancient G.o.d.

"Ying Cheng, escape!" shouted someone at that moment furiously. Many strong cultivators started racing towards Great Emperors Mountain.

An illusionary dragon elephant appeared, the atmosphere seemed to be collapsing. There was a terrifying destructive energy enveloping Ying Cheng.

Thunderous boom and ear-splitting crackling spread out. A dazzling light beam appeared around Ying Cheng. Ying Cheng was bathing in those lights from another world, stars twinkling all about him. However, at that moment, the world finally broke apart.

Ying Cheng broke a talisman and turned into a light beam. He had broken his protection talisman. His new enemies were now much stronger. Without his Chaotic Sky Talisman, he wouldn't have been able to do much.

Explosions and crackling sounds kept spreading out. Great Emperors Mountain started exploding, as Ying Cheng appeared in an empty s.p.a.ce. He had two treasures from the Ying Clan, the first one was an item which protected his life automatically, and he was using the second one.

A gigantic hand appeared in the sky, moving towards a strong cultivator of the Ying Clan. The strong cultivator was attacked by a roaring dragon elephant. It had the strength of a Holy Great Emperor! The difference between Celestial Emperors and Holy Great Emperors was astonis.h.i.+ng.

Rumbling and explosion sounds spread out. The area kept exploding. The strong cultivators of the Ying Clan were hurled away, their faces turned deathly pale. Ying Cheng had broken through and some people were trying to kill him!

In the distance, a gigantic dazzling sun appeared and charged towards the mountain.

"Who's that strong cultivator?" thought the crowd. After a short time, the atmosphere became calm again.

"You dare attack the Ying Clan like that, aren't you afraid that some incredible people of my clan could come to your clan and destroy it completely?" spoke a terrifying voice at that moment. Many people shuddered with fear.

"Don't forget what we said back then. If you offend my clan, I'll destroy yours," said another extremely loud voice. It was impossible to detect where the Qi came from.

"He came back!" The crowd was astonished. Twenty years had pa.s.sed, and he was now back and wanted to kill Ying Cheng. He had even become a Holy Great Emperor.

But the Ying Clan had given Ying Cheng many things to protect himself. They had to be extremely vigilant.

In the Holy City, many people had heard about those things. They knew perfectly well who that cultivator was. His grandson had died because of Ying Cheng. The Ying Clan had also killed many people of his clan. In return, they had also killed many people from the Ying Clan. A strong cultivator of the Ying Clan had chased him, and he had disappeared. Now, twenty years had pa.s.sed and he still wanted to get his revenge. Back then, Ying Cheng used to be a low-level emperor and had just joined the Celestial G.o.dly University. Now he was a great emperor, many people had forgotten about these matters.

Twenty years was a lot of time, and Ying Cheng was so talented that becoming a Celestial Emperor wouldn't be an issue.

PMG Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976: Threat

However, someone who had just become a great emperor couldn't fight against a Holy Great Emperor. After breaking the talisman, Ying Cheng ran away. Ying Cheng would have died without his talisman.

The Chaotic Sky strength slowly dispersed. The grandiose Qi dispersed too. Back then, the Ying Clan had managed to force the Celestial Emperor to escape. Now he had become a Holy Great Emperor, it would be even more difficult to kill him.

Lin Feng's eyes were gleaming. Someone was trying to kill Ying Cheng?

"A strong cultivator from the Medicine Clan." Lin Feng was astonished. Tantai's tribe! Tantai had told him back then, when he was a kid, a terrifying cultivator had risen in his tribe and had gone to the Celestial G.o.dly University to study. Ying Cheng and that cultivator used to be considered as the most outstanding geniuses of the university. The young man had even defeated Ying Cheng. At the beginning, they were good friends, but then Ying Cheng had killed him with some strange method. That young man was Ling Tian, and many people believed Ying Cheng had used sly methods to kill him.

When Tantai had told Ling Tian about those things, he was furious. In the Medicine Clan, many people became strong slowly. Their grand talents matured slowly, but in the end they could be terrifyingly strong. Ling Tian, back then, was a bit like Chu Chun Qiu.

"Xiao Ya?" Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at Xiao Ya, who was staring at the sky.

"I'm alright!" said Xiao Ya coming back to her senses. "Brother, let's go back."

"Alright," said Lin Feng nodded. However, at that moment, a silhouette came up next to them. It was Ji Qing Song! Lin Feng frowned and his eyes glittered.

"Don't rush. I have good news for you," Ji Qing Song smiled. Then, he said to Lin Feng using telepathy, "Tell me, if the Ying Clan knew about your relation to him, what would they do?"

"Eh?" Lin Feng looked at him icily. Relation to him?

Ji Qing Song stared at Lin Feng and then at Xiao Ya. Xiao Ya looked extremely nervous.

"Haha, don't tell me you don't know Xiao Wu Tian?" said Ji Qing Song, still using telepathy. Lin Feng was startled. Xiao Wu Tian, Mister Xiao?!

"What does that have to do with Mister Xiao?" Lin Feng looked thoughtful. But suddenly, he remembered something. Medicine, the Medicine Clan, don't bring Xiao Ya to the Holy City!

Lin Feng's face suddenly changed drastically. His heart started pounding. He looked at the sky. Mister Xiao?

"You remember it seems. Lin Feng, how would the Ying Clan react if they knew that the little girl next to you is Xiao Wu Tian's granddaughter, Xiao Ling Tian's biological little sister, can you guess?" said Ji Qing Song, still using telepathy. Lin Feng's face kept twitching. Ling Tian, Xiao Ling Tian, Xiao Wu Tian's grandson!

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya. He understood many things suddenly. His eyes twinkled and he said, "You're a great emperor, you're attacked a young woman using a dream technique, you're a despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

"Little insolent b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Don't worry, continue insulting me. However, let me tell you one thing, right now, give me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, otherwise, the Ying Clan will know your little secret really soon. Even Champion University won't be able to protect you and that little girl. The tensions between the Ying Clan and Xiao Wu Tian go beyond your imagination. Champion University can't get involved. Xiao Wu Tian's life is in peril!" said Ji Qing Song icily.

This was the perfect time for Xiao Wu Tian to show up. He could use him to threaten Lin Feng!

"You want the Ji Clan to get involved in Xiao Wu Tian and the Ying Clan's issues?" replied Lin Feng icily. "I'm not from the Xiao Clan, I just consider Xiao Ya like my little sister. No matter what the Ying Clan thinks, they won't dare attack me. However, if the Ying Clan dares capture Xiao Ya, I'll tell Xiao Wu Tian about you, Ji Qing Song. And then Xiao Wu Tian will get very, very angry at the Ji Clan."

"Eh?" Ji Qing Song's face stiffened. Lin Feng was threatening him?

"You don't care about that little girl's life?" said Ji Qing Song icily.

"You're a despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d, even if I accept a compromise, you won't stop and I will have nowhere to hide, so I have no other choice," said Lin Feng firmly. He couldn't submit, especially to such a despicable man.

"Are you sure?" said Ji Qing Song, coldly releasing cold Qi. He looked at Xiao Ya and said, "If that girl ends up in the Ying Clan's hands, it will be a nightmare."

"If the Ji Clan gets involved, get ready to see all the young people of the Ji Clan die in atrocious conditions. How many Holy Great Emperors does the Ji Clan have to protect them all? Even if you go back to the Ji Clan, the situation might become dangerous for you. I'll tell Xiao Wu Tian to watch the Ji Clan closely," retorted Lin Feng icily. Then, he turned around, took Xiao Ya's hands and said, "Let's go."

They left. Ji Qing Song stared at Lin Feng's back in an evil way. Back then, Xiao Wu Tian had killed many strong cultivators of the Ying Clan. The Ying Clan had turned into an inescapable net, and sent people to Xiao Wu Tian's tribe. After that, Xiao Wu Tian had stopped killing people from the Ying Clan. To prevent a ma.s.sacre, Xiao Wu Tian and the Ying Clan had agreed to kill only people who were directly related by blood to Xiao Wu Tian or to Ying Cheng.

Xiao Wu Tian was terrifyingly strong, and his concealment techniques were incredible. Thanks to his concealment techniques, the Ying Clan hadn't managed to corner him when he was a Celestial Emperor. In the end, they had still found him and injured him, so he had left the Holy City. More than twenty years had pa.s.sed.

Xiao Wu Tian had now become a Holy Great Emperor and come back. The first person he wanted to kill was Ying Cheng. If the Ji Clan got involved, Xiao Wu Tian would definitely slaughter them like he had done the Ying Clan back then. Ji Qing Song had to be very careful.

"Xiao Ya, did you know it was your grandfather?" Lin Feng asked Xiao Ya as they were flying. Her beautiful eyes glittered. She understood that Lin Feng knew.

"Brother, I didn't know he would come either, but I know that during the few days it took Ying Cheng to break through, my grandpa might come back because it was the best timing," replied Xiao Ya in a gentle voice. She felt guilty. So many years had pa.s.sed, she had had the premonition her grandfather would come back to the Holy City, and now it had happened.

"Don't worry, little girl. Mister Xiao has now become incredibly strong. The Ying Clan can't do much against him," said Lin Feng, caressing her hair and smiling, "When we arrive, I'll send you to the small world. If Ji Qing Song tells people about your secret, it could become dangerous for you. In the small world, n.o.body can find you. The Ying Clan won't do anything to me directly, either."

"Alright, good," Xiao Ya nodded. She knew it was important. If Ji Qing Song hadn't been there, n.o.body would have guessed who she was, she had already grown up. But now Ji Qing Song knew her secret and her grandfather had come back, she had to be very careful.

In front of Lin Feng's boat, a cloud appeared and a silhouette solidified within it. Lin Feng was startled and stopped quickly.

"Grandfather!" murmured Xiao Ya. The silhouette turned around, revealing an old man with many wrinkles. He still looked like an ordinary old man, he hadn't changed.

"Mister Xiao!" Lin Feng smiled at Mister Xiao. The old man came over to the boat and pinched Xiao Ya's cheeks. He smiled and said in a gentle way, "My little Xiao Ya, you're a grown up now and you look so beautiful."

"Grandfather!" Xiao Ya answered happily, hugging her grandfather. She immediately started crying. Mister Xiao smiled wryly. He caressed her hair and said, "You're an adult now, don't cry like a little girl."

Mister Xiao looked at Lin Feng and smiled, "Little Lin Feng, you're a big boy too now. I hope keeping Xiao Ya with you wasn't too troublesome."

"Mister Xiao, without you, I would be dead. Xiao Ya is like a sister to me, there's nothing troublesome about it," Lin Feng smiled.

Mister Xiao nodded, "Back then, I had noticed you were really strong and had potential but I would have never thought you'd become so strong so quickly. You're still in your twenties and you're already famous in the Holy City, an extraordinary person. You remind me of my grandson. I hope that someday, you'll become a great king in the region and the continent."

"I will!" stated Lin Feng, nodding and clenching his fists. He was very self-confident, it was necessary to become a peerless cultivator.

"But, Mister Xiao, we have a problem. Ji Qing Song from the Ji Clan inspected Xiao Ya's memories using a dream technique and cheated her. He now knows who she is, and he also threatened me," said Lin Feng to Mister Xiao. He had to be honest.

Mister Xiao's eyes glittered with ice-cold lights and he said, "I know Ji Qing Song. He poses as a person of high morals, he has the demeanor of a transcendent being, but he's truly devious. He would dare to do anything! I'll go and kill him!"

PMG Chapter 1977

Chapter 1977: Plotting Against Ji Qing Song

When Lin Feng heard Mister Xiao, he was startled and said, "Mister Xiao, if you go and kill him openly, the Ji Clan will be infuriated. It wouldn't be good for you. We need to do it secretly."

"Do you have any ideas?" Mister Xiao asked him. He wanted to get his revenge and kill Ying Cheng, but if he offended the Ji Clan too, it would be even more difficult. Having to deal with the Ying Clan was already difficult enough.

"Ji Qing Song threatened me. I will tell him we should meet alone, and at that moment, you'll have the opportunity to attack. You'll need to do it secretly and in one strike. That way, the Ji Clan won't know it was you," said Lin Feng. Mister Xiao's eyes glittered. "If we do that, the Ji Clan will inspect your memories and find out about it."

"I'm just a medium-level emperor. The Ji Clan wouldn't think I killed Ji Qing Song, that would be impossible!" smiled Lin Feng. Mister Xiao nodded agreement.

Besides, Lin Feng was also backed up by Champion University. If the Ji Clan said that the cultivator's death had something to do with Lin Feng, Lin Feng would ask the elders of Champion University for help. The Ji Clan wasn't strong enough to pressure Champion University.

"Mister Xiao, what do you intend to do in the future?" Lin Feng asked Mister Xiao.

"Don't worry about me," laughed Mister Xiao. His Qi changed, and he looked like an ordinary old man again. He also changed his face and smiled at Lin Feng. He was a consummately skilled cultivator.

"Let's find a place to land. Then, I'll make Ji Qing Song come and you can kill him secretly," said Lin Feng to Mister Xiao. Mister Xiao nodded. The three of them continued flying and arrived in a boundless place, somewhere people wouldn't notice them.

Lin Feng, Mister Xiao and Xiao Ya landed and someone appeared. If the Ji Clan had seen that person, they would have recognized him: Ji Jiang! Ji Jiang and Ji Qing Song were related by blood.

Ji Jiang hadn't changed. He looked colder though, his eyes had become darker. His Qi was also colder. It was impossible to notice something was different: Lin Feng controlled him!

The Demon Puppet technique of the Ancient Demon Clan was complex. To control someone, one couldn't injure them, they had to be perfectly fit. His talent didn't change, either. It was much more efficient, but much more complex than Master Mi's technique back then, and Master Mi had only been able to control people who weren't too strong.

Ji Qing Song spent some time at Great Emperors Mountain and then headed back to the Ji Clan. He was seated on a cloud and flew slowly. He kept thinking about his plots.

Lin Feng was sly and bold. Surprisingly, he hadn't managed to influence the young man. Lin Feng had even threatened him back. Now, he was wondering how he could fool Lin Feng.

Ji Qing Song really wanted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. But he only knew two people in the Holy City who had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures: Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu! They were both incredible cultivators and were both on the Imperial Ranking List. It was impossible to attack them, especially since they were backed up by the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and Champion University.

But he was still trying to find a method. Even if he couldn't get the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he wouldn't let Lin Feng off, especially now that he knew some of his secrets!

As Ji Qing Song was thinking up a plot, he was also getting closer and closer to the Ji Clan. At that moment, someone rose up in the air to greet him.


"Eh?" Ji Qing Song was surprised when he saw Ji Jiang. He frowned and asked, "Ji Jiang, what's wrong with you? You disappeared for such a long time. What happened when you went and chased Lin Feng with the others?"

"Grandpa, Ji Ao and I are the only ones still alive. Lin Feng imprisoned us. He's really strong." Ji Jiang looked extremely sad.

Ji Qing Song nodded and said, "I know, I saw him during the Pathfinder Day. He's terrifyingly strong. How did you escape?"

"He released me willingly." said Ji Jiang. Ji Qing Song was stupefied. Why would Lin Feng do that?

"Grandpa, thank you, he asked me who you were to me, I told him, and then he released me. He told me he wanted to meet you, he said he was ready to pay the price, but only once," said Ji Jiang slowly.

Ji Qing Song's eyes twinkled and he said to Ji Jiang, "Did he tell you anything else?"

"Only that. What's going on, grandpa?"

"Don't worry about it. He went back to Champion University so quickly and released you?"

"No, Lin Feng has a precious treasure, a kind of golden tower, I was imprisoned in that tower with Ji Ao and some members of the Yu Wen Clan. He's still not far from Great Emperors Mountain." replied Ji Jiang.

"Did he ask you to lead the way?" asked Ji Qing Song.

"Grandpa, I don't want to go back!" Ji Jiang started shaking.

"Good-for-nothing, I'm here, why would you be afraid?" said Ji Qing Song angrily. His eyes kept glittering, wondering if Lin Feng had plotted anything. And what was Lin Feng's exact relations.h.i.+p with Xiao Wu Tian? Maybe that they had been in touch the whole time and he wanted the old man to kill him.

Ji Qing Song had many doubts. He had always been vigilant, especially at his cultivation level. He was a Celestial Emperor!

"Lin Feng said he was waiting for you and that even without me, you'd easily find him," Ji Jiang pressed.

Ji Qing Song nodded and said, "Alright, go back to the clan and see the leader, he's been looking for you the whole time."

"Yes sir!" Ji Jiang nodded and left.

Ji Qing Song took out a talisman and returned in the direction of Great Emperors Mountain once again.

When Ji Qing Song arrived at the mountain range, he noticed a mountain where Lin Feng was indeed there. Everybody else had left.

"Lin Feng, did you decide to ensure your safety by giving me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?" asked Ji Qing Song, frowning and staring at Lin Feng.

"I can't give you the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, but I can give you some other Ancient scriptures which are about soul strength."

"Alright, show me the Ancient scriptures first though, let me see if I need them," said Ji Qing Song narrowing his eyes.

"Watch carefully," said Lin Feng indifferently. His eyes gradually became pitch-black. He started chanting and a mysterious strength emerged from his eyes. Flames suddenly appeared in his eyes, and a Yaksa King appeared, holding a gigantic steel fork. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring, like a Bodhisattva who wanted to kill demons, with three heads and six arms. He could attack people's souls.

"You're just a medium-level emperor and the power of that skill is already explosive," observed Ji Qing Song. He remained silent for a few seconds as everything disappeared.

"That's something I learnt from the Wisdom Kings Scriptures. You can learn how to visualize the five Wisdom Kings, they are very powerful Buddhist Scriptures. You just saw one of the Wisdom Kings: Vajrayaksa. What do you think?" Lin Feng asked evenly.

Ji Qing Song smiled and said, "Great. Transmit the scriptures to me using your G.o.dly awareness."

"Alright, I will transmit the scriptures to you using my G.o.dly awareness. But don't forget what I said, I won't do this twice," said Lin Feng coldly.

"Of course, and I will keep your secret." said Ji Qing Song smiled.

"Let's go somewhere else. The content is gigantic, the transfer will take time. Let's go into the valley." said Lin Feng, starting down the mountain.

Ji Qing Song spoke up, "Wait!"

"What else do you want?" Lin Feng asked coldly.

"You see that talisman, my G.o.dly awareness is inside it. I've transmitted my G.o.dly awareness to my family. If I die, they will immediately know your secret!" said Ji Qing Song put another thread of G.o.dly awareness inside the talisman and smiled coldly. He had no choice, Lin Feng knew Mister Xiao. He had to be vigilant!

Lin Feng's face changed. Ji Qing Song noticed that and said, "Don't worry, I gave it to my family, I didn't tell anyone else. If I don't die, n.o.body will know about your secret. My son will be your secret."

"You're a great emperor and you need to play such little games with a little emperor?" said Lin Feng coldly.

"I don't know your friends, I must be vigilant!" reb.u.t.ted Ji Qing Song shamelessly.

"Just come with me," said Lin Feng, moving down into the valley. Ji Qing Song followed after Lin Feng. He was sure there was no danger now.

At that moment, Ji Jiang was telling the members of the Ji Clan what Lin Feng had told him. His silhouette flickered as he headed to Ji Qing Song's place. Ji Qing Song had bullied Lin Feng and Xiao Ya, and threatened them and pried into Xiao Ya's memories. Lin Feng was going to be merciless.

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