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PMG Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984: Competing

The four Saint Emperors were still outside. It didn't look auspicious.

Finally, on that day, Lin Feng got some pieces of information, stood up and left alone.

"Where is Lin Feng going?" Champion University's people saw Lin Feng and were astonished, they were shuddering with anxiety. What was going to happen to Lin Feng?

"He's going out of Champion University?"

Many people were shaking. Some people followed Lin Feng, they wanted to see if he was really going to go out.

After a short time, Lin Feng arrived at an exit and walked up to the gate.

Lin Feng would dare go out?

At that moment, outside of Champion University many people were astonished when they saw him. Suddenly, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying oppressive strength press down on him. He just raised his head and gazed into the distance. He saw the four Saint Emperors in the sky.

"Finally, you came out," said the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan, smiling coldly. He waved his hand, and a gigantic golden hand appeared and grabbed Lin Feng. He couldn't move anymore.

"Release him!" said someone icily. Two cultivators appeared in the university, Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

"Are you really going to get involved?" said the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan icily.

"Let him go." A strong wind started blowing.

"We're taking Lin Feng away today!" said the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan. He took his hand back, and then, amazingly, Lin Feng pa.s.sed by them. The four Saint Emperors frowned, Lin Feng was pa.s.sing them by, and the two strong cultivators of Champion University were protecting him? They were going to the city center?

Was it a signal? Champion University had planned something?

Many people from the Pei Clan, the Ji Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, and the Ying Clan also arrived.

People raised their heads and saw so many people. It was oppressive and terrifying, and they s.h.i.+vered at what might happen.

Some clouds started appearing in the sky, although the air was still calm. Three strange people appeared. One of them was a young person, a medium-level emperor, but the two cultivators behind him were terrifying. That kind of Qi could make a person suffocate. How strong were they?

Behind them, in the distance, four more people appeared, also shaking the people who saw them.

"It's Lin Feng, I've already seen him!"

"Lin Feng came out of Champion University! So those four people behind them must be the Saint Emperors of the four Ancient Holy Clans!"

"How bold. Lin Feng dared come out, and two elders of Champion University are protecting him. Do they want to fight against the Ancient Holy Clans? They'll definitely lose."

"Lin Feng is doomed. Or maybe he has more trump cards? He dares act that arrogantly. They're ready to fight though, they're already outside. Some peerless cultivators are probably going to show up." Many people were talking. Some others also started following Lin Feng and the two old men from a safe distance.

Dong! There was the sound of a great bell, and a light beam appeared, it was as if the sky was about to collapse. An old man in a golden robe appeared, exuding incredible strength.

"Ji Dang Tian!" said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian when he saw that cultivator. The old man in the distance frowned. Ji Dang Tian was an ancestor from the Ji Clan.

"Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, we don't want to be enemies with Champion University. Hand Lin Feng over," said Ji Dang Tian. Loud ringing sounds kept spreading out in the air and echoing.

"That's not how you convince people," replied Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian indifferently.

"And me," said someone in the distance. People's hearts were pounding. Another person appeared and moved at the speed of light. He looked like an extremely conceited middle-aged man. His black hair looked as sharp as swords. Empty s.p.a.ce energies undulated in his eyes.

"Ying Zi Chu." When Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian saw him, he didn't look surprised, but he sounded furious. Ying Zi Chu used to be a genius of the Ying Clan a thousand years before, and he still looked very young. That man was already more than a thousand years old. He looked even stronger than Ji Dang Tian.

"And us." Two more people appeared. One of them was wearing cyan clothes, another one purple clothes, they all had a common point, their Qi was terrifying.

"Yu Wen Tai Shan, Pei Chong Yang."

The crowd was astonished, the ancestors of the four Ancient Holy Clans…

"Ancestor Xuan Tian, Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, give us the boy," said Ying Zi Chu calmly.

They think highly of me. So many Saint Emperors because of me, thought Lin Feng looking at those terrifying cultivators icily. We'll see how sly these people can be.

"I know that some other people are here, Animal World, come out." said Ji Dang Tian indifferently. A terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rose up in the air, and three more incredibly strong cultivators of the Animal World appeared.

"Master," said Lin Feng, nodding at those three people.

"Hey!" said the leader of the group amiably. He looked at the Saint Emperors and said indifferently, "Four Ancient Holy Clans are joining hands to deal with a medium-level emperor? Ridiculous."

"You came from the Vast Celestial Ancient City to cause trouble in the Holy City, you think you can prevent us from capturing Lin Feng?" Ying Zi Chu said to the three cultivators of the Animal Clan releasing a terrifying Qi.

"Try and you'll see."

"We'll try!" At that moment, a terrifying Qi rose up in the air. People retreated quickly, it was dangerous to stay too close.

"I've heard a lot about your achievements, Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, let's exchange views on cultivation!" said Ji Dang Tian before darting forwards. Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian didn't fear him. He also jumped forwards as a strong wind started blowing and turned into a tornado. The air began to rumble. The two cultivators looked slow and calm, but their first punch made the earth and sky shake violently.

In the distance, some people who weren't strong enough coughed up blood and their faces turned deathly pale, they were forced away. Many other people felt dizzy.

Lin Feng's organs shook violently too. How terrifying! It was as if the G.o.ds had started fighting!

"Ancestor Xuan Tian!" Ying Zi Chu looked at Ancestor Xuan Tian, and they started fighting. The crowd moved even further away.

Yu Wen Tai Shan and Pei Chong Yang also charged the cultivators of the Animal World. Yu Wen Tai Shan fought against one of them, the two others fought against Pei Chong Yang.

At that moment, the four other Saint Emperors walked towards Lin Feng and oppressed him.

"Let's see who can protect you today!" said the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan in satisfaction. His silhouette flickered and he moved towards Lin Feng, an illusionary hand reaching out. However, his hand ended up with nothing, he couldn't grab Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still there, but it was as if he had ended up in another world and was watching him from there.

"Who?" shouted the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan furiously. In reply, a hand slowly appeared and moved towards him. Surprisingly, he started running away!

PMG Chapter 1985

Chapter 1985: Terrifying Great War

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan shouted furiously. Cyan lights filled the air and a silhouette appeared in front of him.

"World strength!" the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan frowned. He looked at the cyan lights and the old man who had appeared in front of him.

"That's world strength." The people in the distance frowned. World strength was very rare and mysterious. Those people were from the mysterious World Clan?

"Destroy!" the strong cultivator of the World Clan punched the atmosphere in the direction of the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan. A strong and explosive wind started blowing, threatening to collapse everything. Strange cyan lights flashed in every direction.

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan groaned icily and released an endless number of cyan dragons towards those lights. A terrifying destructive strength filled the air, and the strange lights exploded and crackled against it. The cyan dragons looked immortal, and in the end, the energies dispersed.

At the same time, another strong cultivator appeared next to Lin Feng, cyan lights surrounded them both and they ended up in another world.

"Why is the World Clan helping him now?" demanded the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan to the Saint Emperor of the World Clan icily. The cyan lights in the air were indistinct. He had been taken away to another world.

"Lin Feng is our friend," the Saint Emperor of the World Clan replied indifferently.

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan looked stupefied and said, "I see. Well, let's see if the World Clan can protect him or not!"

The World Clan and the Animal World were from abroad, the Ji Clan, the Ying Clan, and others were from the Holy City and they were Ancient Holy Clans, they ruled over the Holy City.

"Try, then," said the Saint Emperor of the World Clan icily. Many years had pa.s.sed since the last time they had come out. Many young people had forgotten about them or didn't even know about them, it was also an opportunity for them to regain their prestige.

In the distance, the crowd was stupefied when they heard them. They looked at Lin Feng; such a terrifying battle was happening because of a medium-level emperor! These people were all from Ancient Holy Clans, even Celestial Emperors couldn't get involved in such a terrifying battle, there were only Saint Emperors or Ancestors. The Holy City hadn't had such a terrifying battle for a very long time, and Lin Feng was the protagonist in that story.

The strong cultivators in the sky could only use strength to fight. If they used other methods, millions of people would die in the region!

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian and Ji Dang Tian kept fighting and colliding. Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian turned into a dark grey energy, illusionary grey energy emerging from his body. The impression was that ancient G.o.ds had come for Judgement Day.

Ji Dang Tian grunted icily, he made a cutting motion and a terrifying and gigantic cyan dragon appeared. The s.p.a.ce seemed to be cut into two where the dragon appeared, terrifying destructive energies dashed to the skies.

"Imprint Death!" said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian icily. His eyes became dazzling as light beams emerged from them. The rays lashed straight towards Ji Dang Tian's eyes. At the same time, he ran forwards, a halberd appearing in his hands, strong wind energies emerging from it.

The halberd cut through the air towards the terrifying cyan dragon, a long grey trail appearing behind the it.

Ji Dang Tian moved aside and closed his eyes, it felt like a terrifying battle had been going on inside his head as well. However, at the same time, he flashed forwards, the earth and sky shaking violently. The ancient cyan dragon roared in a thundering rage and attacked. Some buildings started collapsing as a gigantic path also appeared behind the dragon.

Ji Dang Tian kept running ahead. The cyan dragon flew towards Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. People on the ground raised their heads, What a terrifying battle…

"Back!" Other people kept running away.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian raised his gigantic halberd and shouted extremely loudly, "Ji Dang Tian, will you give up or not?"

"Lin Feng is doomed!" said Ji Dang Tian icily.

"Alright, we'll see how you intend to capture him!" said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, his halberd descending from the sky. The heavens and earth kept shaking violently. The halberd shot towards Ji Dang Tian, slicing apart the air. It was Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian's special strength, and almost impossible to stop.

Ji Dang Tian's robe fluttered furiously as he made some hand seals, his cyan dragons roaring again. The heavens and earth kept shaking. A destructive energy pulsed out towards the halberd.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian jumped forwards, he looked like a sword holding a halberd. He looked terrifying.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Ji Dang Tian. Cyan dragons kept attacking, destructive energies exploded all around them. However, Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian was surrounded by peerless sword lights, and nothing could stop him. The air was being shredded around him. The cyan dragons started being cut into two.

Ji Dang Tian kept advancing, rumbling spreading out around him, and terrifying fissures appeared as the atmosphere was literally being destroyed. The air around him kept exploding.

The halberd crashed down onto his energies. Explosions rang out around Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, and his muscles twitched. He had the brief impression he was going to explode. Ji Dang Tian was having a hard time too, he coughed up blood and was forced away.

They're both badly injured, thought the astonished crowd. How incredible! Those strong cultivators' energies wouldn't disperse for a very long time. Saint Emperors' energies lasted for a very long time!

But explosions kept shaking them, the strong cultivators in the sky kept fighting!

Ji Dang Tian swore icily, "Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, you declared the war against our four Ancient Holy Clans today!"

"So what? I protected Lin Feng. n.o.body will take him away!" said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, continued to press forwards with the halberd in his hands. He looked invincible.

Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ying Zi Chu's battle was terrifying, too. n.o.body dared get close to them, they were already some distance away. Lin Feng was the only medium-level emperor in the middle of the battle, but a strong cultivator was protecting him. Even great emperors didn't dare get too close, and remained far away among the rest of the crowd.

More and more strong cultivators from the four Ancient Holy Clans kept arriving, but there were only Saint Emperors fighting, so they couldn't get involved. How terrifying!

"That Saint Emperor is hundreds of thousands of years old, he's a legendary cultivator who is still alive." For many people, becoming a great emperor was already extremely difficult. If Saint Emperors didn't get killed or injured, they could live for a very, very long time. They were almost immortal.

In the distance, people from Champion University were watching the battle in astonishment. Those people were fighting because of Lin Feng: the four Ancient Holy Clans, the Animal World, the World Clan, and two ancestors of the university. What a terrifying battle! Some people were injured. Those cultivators could even destroy entire cities. If those Ancient Holy Clans lost cultivators, it would be a tragedy, but maybe that they hadn't antic.i.p.ated such a thing could happen!

PMG Chapter 1986

Chapter 1986: Inside Information

At that moment, everybody was stunned, just watching everything going on. Yu Wen Tai Shan from the Yu Wen Clan was furious. The seasons kept changing around him, the moon and the stars appeared, then the sun and a blue sky replaced them, and the cycle continued.

Yu Wen Tai Shan is even using his spirit!, thought the crowd, s.h.i.+vering at the sight. It was a galaxy, the stars were rising and moved towards the old man of the Animal World. The stars were dazzling, and harder than mountains. It felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse.

The old man of the Animal World looked at him icily. Black flames started burning around him. He looked like a divine supernatural bird as he slowly rose up into the air.

The bird shrieked, and made the earth and sky shake violently.

Some people who were several kilometers away spat out blood. The incoming stars collapsed and broke apart, falling down from the sky.

Many ancient phoenixes appeared as if they had been summoned. The phoenixes opened their wings and streamed towards Yu Wen Tai Shan. Each phoenix seemed like they could burn a whole world.

Many stars fell down from the sky, it was a spectacular sight. It reminded people of tales of  ancient, epic battles.

Stars falling down from the sky, the earth and sky burning, the heavens on fire. The Animal World's Emperor simply charged, stirring up a windstorm as he did. The Animal World was so strong and dazzling!

Yu Wen Tai Shan coughed up blood. His clothes started burning. He was retreating and fighting at the same time. The strong cultivator of the Animal World was too strong!

"Your Ancient Holy Clan can oppress a young emperor, maybe you will manage to kill him, but you forgot that if the young people of your clan come out and travel, we can also kill them one after the other," said the old man of the Animal World. He looked like an ancient phoenix, the crowd was stunned.

"Try and dare, we will destroy your Animal World and wipe it off the maps of the Dark Night Region!" promised Yu Wen Tai Shan icily.

In the distance, the old man of the Animal World grunted icily. Suddenly, he turned around and spat out flames at someone. The old man of the Animal World looked like a death bird from h.e.l.l.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the old man of the Animal World explosively. His enemy looked fearless and furious, raising his hand. A decaying Qi penetrated into the Animal World Emperor's body, and he retreated. He raised his hand, which had turned black. His arm was growing darker and darker.

Someone else arrived!, thought the crowd. The person who arrived looked like a skeleton with dried bones, he was extremely skinny and looked as if he were about to die.

The Animal World's cultivator raised his hand, and terrifying flames appeared. His sleeves burned as his Qi gained in intensity.

"Some more cultivators of the four Ancient Holy Clans are arriving! I wonder whether the two Ancestors of Champion University, the Animal World and the World Clan can still protect Lin Feng?" was now the question on everyone's lips. They were beyond astonished at this point. Two more Saint Emperors moved towards Lin Feng and looked at him icily. Since they were already fighting, they didn't need to control themselves anymore, they could capture Lin Feng as they wished. Otherwise, this battle wouldn't be worth it.

"Dong!" The two Saint Emperors jumped towards Lin Feng. The strong cultivator of the World Clan looked at them icily. His terrifying world lights were like a new sky He waved his hands, the world lights around Lin Feng dispersed and Lin Feng vanished along with them.

"The World Clan have such strange powers. They control world strength." Everybody was stupefied. The old man suddenly jumped into the world lights as well! Had they gone into his own world?

"Eh?" The crowd saw the two cultivators who were initially running towards Lin Feng move back. Terrifying world lights moved towards one of them. His expression changed drastically and he punched the atmosphere in its direction. However, he also progressively disappeared in the lights and then vanished entirely.

"A world!" The other one's face stiffened. The old man of the World Clan had already created his own world and he had brought his companion there. Only a cultivator stronger than him could escape from his world, otherwise, he would be stuck inside.

In his world, it won't be possible to find him. Attacking people inside from outside it is impossible too, thought the crowd. The World Clan was mysterious, and many people feared their world strength. Unless a cultivator was extremely strong, fighting against people from the World Clan was extremely dangerous. It was impossible to predict whether their enemies could come out of their worlds alive.

After a long time, cyan world lights exploded out and two silhouettes appeared. One was the old man of the World Clan, and the other one was the Saint Emperor who had been captured. The Saint Emperor of the Ying Clan was soaked with blood and his face was deathly pale at that moment. That World Clansman's Qi was also flowing chaotically around him.

"I broke his world strength. He won't be able to condense worlds for a while, capture Lin Feng," gasped the strong cultivator of the Ying Clan. As he finished saying that, he coughed up blood, he was badly injured.

Lin Feng also appeared behind the strong cultivator of the World Clan. He was still surrounded by world lights. He looked at the fighters icily. He was moved by the fact these people wanted to protect him.

More and more people from the four Ancient Holy Clans are arriving, the result of the battle could be tragic, thought Lin Feng. He felt powerless in this battle. He couldn't get involved, he couldn't help, even though everything had started because of him.

"Capture Lin Feng!" shouted someone furiously.

"Capture Lin Feng!" shouted another one explosively. Many people flew towards Lin Feng while condensing Qi.

Four more Saint Emperors, Lin Feng is doomed!, thought the crowd. The four Saint Emperors still had the advantage. They were from the Holy City, the World Clan and the Animal World were from abroad.

"Hmph!" the old man of the Animal World grunted and glanced at Lin Feng. He didn't look worried.

The Saint Emperors raced towards Lin Feng while releasing Qi. Lin Feng was instantly surrounded by cyan lights.

However, at that moment, another terrifying strength rose up. The Saint Emperors raised their heads and saw nine dazzling lights condense. They could barely open their eyes. They gazed into the distance and their expression gradually changed.

"What a terrifying oppressive strength!" gasped the shaken crowd. Nine millstones appeared, and an aggressive-looking person with them. Suddenly, everyone was looking at him as if n.o.body else were there.

PMG Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987: Drinking Alcohol and Killing People

What a strange person, thought the crowd. Many people raised their heads to stare at him. The newcomer looked dignified and majestic. His hair was messy, his eyes looked terrifying. He also had a ma.s.sive alcohol gourd in his hands. He raised the gourd and drank it with a loud gurgle.

"How good!" said that person indifferently. He glanced at the crowd and said, "So many old dudes are bullying a little boy?"

Then, he took another sip.

"Who are you, Your Excellency?" asked the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan. This person was enigmatic and unfathomable. Where was this person from? Was he here to protect Lin Feng?

It's getting more and more interesting. Another extremely strong cultivator. Even Saint Emperors talk to him respectfully, thought the crowd. Another change in the battle.

"Sages are solitary. Alcohol is my only friend and has been on my side throughout the ages since antiquity," muttered that person hoa.r.s.ely to the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan disdainfully.

Lin Feng looked at him, his heart pounding. A Sage? A Holy King?

"We're not here to drink though, so please go away," said the Saint Emperor from the Ji Clan coldly.

The man tilted his head to put his hair aside. He smiled evilly and said, "Why would I drink anywhere else? Who do you think you are?"

The expression of the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan changed quickly. He didn't know who this person was, he had to be careful not to offend him.

He jumped away, waving his hands. A cyan dragon appeared and roared in a thundering rage, threatening to collapse the world.

A terrifying oppressive strength filled the air with a dry hum. The eyes of the man in the sky twinkled in multicolor. He opened his mouth and spat, the smell of alcohol suddenly turning up for miles around. His spit turned into fire and rained down on the cyan dragon. It immediately started burning and disappeared like a mirage.

"Try again!" said the man arrogantly. He sounded aggressive and crazy. After seeing a man like that, it was difficult to forget him.

"How strong. He spat out his drink and killed the dragon!" an onlooker murmured. How fearsome…

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan was furious. He was a Saint Emperor, and there were three Saint Emperors with him, and this man dared make fun of him.

"What is happening here has nothing to do with you, Your Excellency. If you leave, I won't attack you."

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan didn't want to offend a strong cultivator he didn't know. There were so many powerful groups in the Holy City, and he had never heard of such a cultivator here.

"Don't touch him again," said that person, pointing at Lin Feng. Everyone frowned in shock.

Those Saint Emperors' eyes glittered, one of them grunted icily and said, "Your Excellency, you're a bit arrogant. We will take him with us, whether you agree or not. Now, leave!"

"No matter who you are, you can't get involved in the affairs of the Ancient Holy Clans of the Holy City." The Saint Emperors all showed their discontent. Saint Emperors were already almost at the top of cultivation, and were all very rare. There was almost n.o.body above them in terms of strength.

Ancient Holy Clans were extremely powerful, who dared humiliate them? Especially a n.o.body!

The newcomer drank more alcohol, he took sips greedily, voraciously, and laughed like a madman, "Who wants to try and touch him?"


"How arrogant!"

"I'll try!"

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan charged at Lin Feng, dang, Qi rolling in the air. He stretched his hands out towards Lin Feng.

The strong cultivator was still drinking in the sky as if it had nothing to do with him…

And then the newcomer looked at the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan, opened his mouth and spat out alcohol again. His breath smelled really bad, even as it turned into dazzling sharp swords.

"Destroy!" shouted the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan, s.h.i.+fting position invisibly fast.

"Alcohol can pierce through internal organs…" said the stranger, throwing out drops of alcohol which turned into sharp swords filled with a destructive strength towards the Ji Saint Emperor. The Saint Emperor's face froze. How could a drunkard achieve enlightenment?

"Dao Intent!" shouted that person. His voice, which sounded ordinary, made the air shake violently. Then, he spat out more alcohol, forming golden energies which turned into a golden cage and sealed the area.

"How strong!"

"Who's that? Is he an Ancestor?" wondered many onlookers. People's hearts were pounding. This new cultivator was extremely strong, his alcohol could turn into energy and destroy people.

At that moment, the strong cultivator spat a third time, each drop of alcohol turning into turquoise lights and emitting shattering sounds.

Lin Feng wasn't far away and could clearly see the battle. This drunkard was incredible and fearless.

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan rose up in the air and released dragons at the same time in two lines of energy.

"Die!" shouted the strong cultivator of the Ji Clan. He released a fist filled with ancient energies. A million punches hurtled out.

"I told you not to touch him," said the drunkard indifferently. He ignored the attacks of the Ji Clan's cultivator, opened his mouth and drank more, then spat it out. It turned into a curtain which destroyed the millions of fist lights. He then started moving forwards lightning-fast, and at the same time, an armor made of light appeared all around his body. He looked stronger than a mountain, more dazzling than stars. He didn't even fear a Saint Emperor!

"Who is he?" The Ancestor of the Ji Clan was astonished and suddenly scared.

"He doesn't fear Dao strength." The Emperor of the Ying Clan was astonished too, his face stiff with confusion.

At that moment, everybody stopped fighting and looked over at him.

"He's a peerless cultivator." Far away, the onlookers were frozen, it was like time had stopped. The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan looked like a little and terrified kid right now…

Even the cultivators of the World Clan were amazed. For them, helping Lin Feng was an opportunity to show the world how strong they were after so many years of hiding. But now, n.o.body was paying attention to them anymore.

"According to legends, when you become a top-level Saint Emperor, it's still not the top of cultivation. There are more levels above. Such people transcend worldliness and attain holiness. They break from the Great Dao. Dao strength is useless against them. They fear n.o.body," muttered some people in the crowd. That cultivator definitely didn't fear Dao power.

"I lift my cup of liquor to Heaven and the stars and drink it!" sighed the drunkard. He was sighing because of the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan. More stars appeared around him, dazzling and unbreakable. He really looked like a peerless cultivator!

"You engage in a battle of words, I kill Saint Emperors."

The crowd was shaken. When had such a cultivator appeared in the Holy City before? He had broken free from the Great Dao!

PMG Chapter 1988

Chapter 1988: Fall of a Saint Emperor

"How insane. Who is he?" everybody was wondering aloud. A peerless cultivator, what was a peerless cultivator? Was he a G.o.d?

Lin Feng didn't understand why the drunkard was helping him. Was he a peerless cultivator? A Saint Emperor was terrified in front of him. The man was drinking and laughing and n.o.body could stop him.

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan still looked terrified. The peerless cultivator's stars were more dazzling than the sun. He didn't fear the Ji Clan's Destructive Dao, and his stars looked indestructible.

"Argh!…" the Saint Emperor shouted furiously. He wanted to run away desperately.

However, the man drank another sip of alcohol and spat it out. It turned into a galaxy and sealed the area so the Saint Emperor couldn't escape anymore.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan, raising his hands to attack the stars. He couldn't destroy them, but he could make them move aside at least. The drunkard too another sip and spat it out, his breath turning into lightning, while the atmosphere became dark like during a storm.

"Ah…" the Saint Emperor gave a horrible shriek, a bolt struck his arm, he wanted to escape but a shooting star smashed into him. He felt incredible pressure as he suddenly coughed up blood. His face was already deathly pale. He felt so weak, what a tragedy for a Saint Emperor…

"Oh no!" The expression of the Ancestor of the Ji Clan changed drastically. He wanted to help, but he realized n.o.body could save his descendant. Nothing worked against that astonis.h.i.+ngly strong drunkard. At that moment, he understood that the late arrival's level was higher than a Saint Emperor!

The bright stars surrounded him, and smashed down. At that moment, the crowd shook violently.

On this day, four Ancient Holy Clans had surrounded Lin Feng.

On this day, Lin Feng had come out freely with Ancestors of Champion University, and strong cultivators from the Animal World and the World Clan had come to help.

On this day, a dozen Saint Emperors had started fighting, some to help Lin Feng, some to capture him.

On this day, it looked like the end of the world.

On this day, a Saint Emperor died!

"Oh no!" the strong cultivators of the Ji Clan were devastated. They had just lost a Saint Emperor, the highest-level cultivator in the Holy City. A Saint Emperor could create an Ancient Holy Clan all on their own, they had almost no rivals.

A Saint Emperor could protect a clan. Without Saint Emperors, Ancient Holy Clans couldn't ensure their own safety and they just became ordinary Ancient Clans.

However, at that moment, a Saint Emperor from the Ji Clan had been killed in front of everyone!

"Pfew…" People took deep breaths to cover their astonishment. A Saint Emperor had died! Such people could also be killed! That Saint Emperor who had lived for such a long time had been killed because he had come to attack Lin Feng!

Everybody was just stunned. Seeing a Saint Emperor getting killed was just too astonis.h.i.+ng…

However, the peerless cultivator didn't pay attention to people's reactions, he continued drinking and burping loudly.

"What a good drink!" said the cultivator casually. He looked at the corpse and said calmly, "Unruly little kid. I wouldn't have killed you if you had listened to me, because you were a weakling. But you didn't listen, so I had to punish you. Anyone want to join him?"

Everybody remained silent, even the Saint Emperors, not daring to attack. Everybody was just staring at the drunkard who was also a peerless cultivator.

Finally, Ji Dang Tian moved forwards. He didn't try to offend the man, instead bowing and asking, "Ji Clan, may I ask you your name?"

Everybody knew that the Ji Clan wasn't strong enough to get their revenge, so they couldn't offend the man. They had to be polite.

"The Ji Clan wants to take revenge?" replied the man, smiling amiably. He looked detached from worldly affairs.

"We would never dare!" replied Ji Dang Tian.

"You're a Saint Emperor and you wouldn't dare? Chicken," responded the man indifferently.

Ji Dang Tian raised his head and said, "I'm not strong enough. I will tell the clan about what happened today. If you want to attack my clan, I can't do much."

"If you want to get your revenge, I'll destroy you all. I don't fear you," said the man, taking a few more sips before adding, "I'm just an insane drunkard from an ancient city, s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian."

"An insane drunkard, s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian?" Ji Dang Tian was stupefied, his eyes gittered. "Master, you're s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian from the Vast Celestial Ancient City?"

"I'm just a drunkard, that's all," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, smiling casually. Those watching were stunned… so it was him! He used to be famous in the Dark Night Region, he was crazy. He wasn't a Saint Emperor anymore, he had leveled up!

"s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian!" Lin Feng was astonished. He had heard that name in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, but hadn't thought he'd ever meet him.

The members of the World Clan were stunned. They also knew about s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, but they hadn't known he had leveled up. Now, if he started a clan, it would become terrifying quickly. He would become the symbol of his clan!

"I will remember, Master," said Ji Dang Tian neutrally.

The members of the Ying Clan, the Yu Wen Clan, and the Pei Clan remained silent. What could they say or do anyway?

If they fought, they'd die.

They all looked at Lin Feng and sighed. Four Ancient Holy Clans wanted to capture Lin Feng, and s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian had changed everything.

Lin Feng was backed up by the Animal World, the World Clan, Champion University, s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, and who else?

"I don't care about you. I'll just warn you though, I won't be that polite next time," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, drinking and glancing at the crowd aggressively. He still looked undeterred and relaxed. n.o.body would dare go against him. He was so strong, he feared n.o.body.

"I will leave an imprint on Lin Feng's body, if the Ancient Holy Clans send great emperors to fight against him, I won't be polite."

"What if he provokes us on purpose? We can't kill him, either?"

"If he provokes great emperors, it's his problem, the person can strike back. Of course, if he provokes emperors of your clans and kills them, then it means your emperors are powerless," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian calmly.

"So our people can kill him?"

s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian smiled and said, "You can. And someday, when he becomes a great emperor, you can also send Celestial Emperors to fight against him, but not Saint Emperors."

Lin Feng's heart twitched. If he became a great emperor, they could send Celestial Emperors to fight against him?

"I hope you'll keep your promise, Master," Ji Dang Tian said calmly. The Ancient Holy Clans were convinced they'd find a way to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng was strong, but he was just a medium-level emperor, they had many geniuses. If they didn't manage to capture Lin Feng, it would mean they were bad cultivators, indeed.

"s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian is cruel, I thought he'd protect Lin Feng and wouldn't allow the four Ancient Holy Clans to attack Lin Feng ever again," muttered someone in the distance.

"That would be boring. Lin Feng needs to progress. s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian is doing that to help him. But he also wants to put him under pressure. Lin Feng is only a medium-level emperor. When Lin Feng becomes a great emperor, those clans will be able to send Celestial Emperors to fight against him, that will make him want to become stronger faster. I wonder where he knows Lin Feng from."

People were talking, all of them wondering why s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian had protected Lin Feng?

PMG Chapter 1989

Chapter 1989: The End?

"Don't worry, I will not break my promise," replied s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian. Then, he waved aggressively and said, "Everybody, leave, don't disturb a drunkard when he's drinking."

"Goodbye, Master," Ji Dang Tian said immediately, turning around and leaving. All the strong cultivators of the Ji Clan looked furious as they left.

The crowd was still stunned. Four Ancient Holy Clans had tried to capture Lin Feng and they had failed, a Saint Emperor from the Ji Clan had even died. Amazing!

The Ying Clan, the Pei Clan, and the Yu Wen Clan were furious, but they couldn't do or say anything. They felt like trash.

Lin Feng looked at him and bowed, "I didn't die. Thank you very much, Master. I will never forget what you did for me."

s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian smiled at Lin Feng indifferently, "I've heard that you could control ten different sorts of abstruse energies and that you had been abandoned by the G.o.ds."

"Indeed, Master," said Lin Feng, nodding and staring at the old man.

"Qing Feng has told me about you. You're third in the Imperial Ranking List even though you're only a medium-level emperor, that's rare. The old men of the Animal Clan like you very much, too," s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian went on. Lin Feng was stupefied, Qing Feng and the old men of the Animal World knew s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian?

"Qing Feng, little girl, come here," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian gazing into the distance.

Qing Feng came over and said to the man, "Teacher."

"Teacher!" Lin Feng was completely astonished and looked at Qing Feng meaningfully. So Qing Feng had asked s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian for help? Lin Feng knew that Qing Feng had an extraordinary Body. She was the same as him, she also understood ten sorts of abstruse energies. She certainly had a terrifying teacher!

"I've done what I promised. Do you intend to continue studying at university?" s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian asked Qing Feng.

Qing Feng looked at the old men of the Animal World and then at Lin Feng, then she looked at s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian and said, "I want to come with you, Teacher."

"Good, we can travel for a while," nodded s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian. He looked at the Elder of the Animal World and said, "I'm taking her. You don't mind, right?"

"You can travel with her for a while!" the old man of the Animal World agreed promptly.

"Alright," s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian nodded. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said, "Little boy, continue to practice cultivation. Maybe we'll meet again someday!"

Dazzling lights appeared around Lin Feng and an imprint was left on his body. That way, the Ancient Holy Clans couldn't attack him anymore.

"I was a solitary drunkard, but now I have a disciple, I won't feel as lonely," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, downing his bottle before he left with Qing Feng.

"Qing Feng, thank you!" shouted Lin Feng to Qing Feng. Qing Feng turned around and gave him a resplendent smile. She was so beautiful. However, her smile quickly disappeared into the horizon, s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian was too fast.

"At that kind of level, you can appear anywhere. In normal circ.u.mstances, people never see you." murmured the crowd. Saint Emperors were already rare, but s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian was even stronger!

"Let's go." The people sighed and left. n.o.body would dare kidnap Lin Feng anymore!

The old man of the Animal World came up to Lin Feng and grinned. "Lin Feng, back then in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, the G.o.ds had abandoned you and you couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer. Now, you're the third cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, I'm sure a bright future is awaiting you. Maybe someday you'll be as strong as him, keep it up."

"I understand, thank you for coming from the Vast Celestial Ancient City to help me," smiled Lin Feng.

"It's nothing. The Ancient Holy Clans are shameless, they dared send Saint Emperors to kidnap you and steal the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, just shameless," said the old man lightly. "We're off. When you have time, come to the Animal World."

The cultivators of the Animal World left, but they didn't take Wu and Suan with them, they just told them to continue becoming stronger. It was good for them to stay with Lin Feng.

"Lang Ye!" an old man of the World Clan called out. The old man said, "Lang Ye, back then, you were at the same level as Lin Feng, now, Lin Feng is third on the Imperial Ranking List! You have the World King Body, you should make more effort and study harder."

"I understand," Lang Ye nodded helplessly. Lang Ye wasn't a slow cultivator, but Lin Feng's cultivation speed was terrifying. They didn't regret that they had met Lin Feng and Meng Qing back then. Lin Feng was a bit faster than Lang Ye, he could defeat high-level emperors!

"If you know it's good. With your special body, you can also become like s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian someday," said the old man, clapping Lang Ye's shoulder.

"Definitely!" agreed Lang Ye. Lang Ye felt even more motivated, s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian was just too astonis.h.i.+ng, like a king of the world. Lang Ye had a king-type body from the World Clan, and the potential to someday become like s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian. s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian was like a king and he treated everybody else the same, ordinary people and Saint Emperors.

The members of the World Clan departed. However, the onlookers didn't leave, they wanted to see more, they were still a little stunned.

After a while, the atmosphere calmed down. But was it really over? Maybe another battle was going to start?

"Lin Feng, are you going back to university?" Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian asked him. They hadn't thought that Lin Feng knew so many people, he was indeed very talented. Even if Champion University hadn't taken him as a student, many other people would have.

Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian were furious at Ancestor Zhu Tian. Luckily, they had noticed Lin Feng and taken him as a student. Otherwise, they wouldn't have forgiven him.

However, Lin Feng shook his head. Go back to the university? Of course not!

"What do you want to do?" asked Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. Was Lin Feng angry at Champion University? After all, they hadn't used their full strength to protect him.

"To steal my Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, the Ji Clan, the Ying Clan, the Pei Clan and the Yu Wen Clan will dispatch many people to fight against me all the time. I can't protect myself against Saint Emperors. Luckily, you and some other people helped and I am very grateful, but I can't let the four Ancient Holy Clans bully me all the time," said Lin Feng calmly., "I will never forget that you helped me, but this is not over."

The Ancestors were surprised. Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian said, "What do you want to do, Lin Feng?"

"I want to go to the Ji Clan," said Lin Feng emotionlessly. "As long as great emperors don't attack, n.o.body can defeat me in the Ji Clan."

"What an incredible guy!" thought the rather dumbstruck crowd. Lin Feng surprisingly wanted to go to the Ji Clan. He was crazy! A medium-level emperor wanted to go to an Ancient Holy Clan to get his revenge.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian's eyes twinkled and he said, "Lin Feng, even though you're the third on the Imperial Ranking List, Ancient Holy Clans have many other extremely strong cultivators. You can go, but please be very careful."

"I understand," Lin Feng acknowledged the two Ancestors. "I'm off!"

He took out his boat and flew away towards the Ji Clan. The crowd left was astonished and shaken.

"Let's go to the Ji Clan and see what Lin Feng will do!"

"I wouldn't have thought he would take measures this quickly!" Silhouettes flickered, and a lot of people followed after Lin Feng.

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