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PMG Chapter 1996

Chapter 1996: Imperial Concubine

Qi Tian Holy Town, one of the main eighteen cities of the Dark Night Region, one of the three biggest cities…

Lin Feng and the others were on his boat when they arrived in Qi Tian Holy Town. An ancient Qi surrounded the town. The buildings were very old, but in perfect shape.

In the cultivation world, people fought all the time, so buildings also broke all the time. It was rare to see ancient buildings in perfect shape like in Qi Tian Holy Town.

"That's what a Dynasty looks like!" murmured Lin Feng. Qi Tian Holy Town was once a Dynasty. Even though they had divided later in history, it was still different from other places. The Dynasties still ruled over the town. Some sects and Ancient Holy Clans had settled there later on, but they hadn't taken over. It was completely different from the Holy City. Dynasties were different from Ancient Holy Clans, even if they had become small and lost influence, they were still more influential than Ancient Holy Clans or sects. People from Dynasties were proud and arrogant. They respected their ancestors, as the Dynasties hadn't forgotten about the Qi Tian Dynasty, their forebears!

"They're like countries, Dynasties are like countries. Qi Tian Holy Town is almost a region made of several countries. Of course, Dynasties are much more incredible than countries," said the young man from the Tianci Dynasty. He had invited Lin Feng and the others, so he also had to come with them.

"Don't fly when you're in a Dynasty. It's a sign of disrespect. You can't even fly above the clouds," said the young man. Lin Feng nodded, it was standard in all the large influences.

After a long time, the young man pointed at a building and said to Lin Feng, "That's the Tianci Dynasty. Let's head there."

"Alright" Lin Feng agreed. The Tianci Dynasty had survived the dismantlement of the Qi Tian Dynasty, the young man was very proud of it.

The Tianci Dynasty was very strict when it came to protection, but n.o.body prevented Lin Feng and the others from entering. The buildings all had an imposing appearance, and the guards were all emperors. Lin Feng sighed; in his homeworld, emperors could rule over countries and empires, but in the Tianci Dynasty, they were just ordinary guards…

"Where are we going?" Lin Feng asked the envoy.

"We will go the Holy Imperial Concubine's Building. The Imperial Concubine will give everybody a welcome dinner, and you can rest for a few days afterwards. When everybody is here, you will see the Holy Sovereign. Also, during these days, I will also be awaiting orders. If you want to go and have a walk in Qi Tian Holy Town, I can be your guide, too."

Even though the envoy looked extremely young, he was very polite and courteous, easy to get along with. He made people feel at ease.

"Holy Concubine!" murmured Lin Feng. The Dynasties were different, as expected. They were first received by the Holy Concubine?…

After a short time, the envoy brought Lin Feng and the others to some vast and elegant mansion houses. There were large and high buildings, small bridges above small rivers, green mountains and bamboo forests, waterfalls, it looked like a painting…

After a short time, another group of people arrived, the leader of which was a beautiful and vigorous woman. Her lovely eyes kept twinkling, she looked n.o.ble and pure. She was very young, and next to her, there were a few people wearing black armor. They looked cruel and violent.

The woman glanced at them in a strange way. Then, she looked at the envoy and bowed, "Prince. Are these the people from the Holy City?" asked the woman calmly. She sounded gentle and cute, and had a beautiful voice. She sounded and looked just like a princess.

"Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Jian Mang, and Meng Qing are from Champion University in the Holy City. They are all on the Celestial Champion Ranking List. There's another one from the top ten, but he came alone, he must have arrived already," replied the envoy.

"They're all so young. How incredible. Thank you for coming from so far away," said the woman, smiling at Lin Feng and the others, she even bowed respectfully.

"You must be stronger than us, Princess," Lin Feng answered with a polite smile. This woman was a high-level emperor. She was gentle and polite, and didn't seem proud and arrogant at all. Women like Yu Wen Jing couldn't compete with such women.

"When the princess was a medium-level emperor, she understood Dao intent. Now, she is a high-level emperor and her Dao intent is incredibly powerful. Of course she's not weaker than you. If she went to Champion University, she'd rank first. She'd crush Ji Chang!" said a young man in armor next to her aggressively. When Lin Feng said she was probably stronger than them, he had the feeling it was false modesty.

He also looked at them disdainfully. These days in Champion University, there were four people who were medium-level emperors in the top five? Even if they were talented and understood Dao strength, it meant that Champion University was a bad university!

"Insolent!" said the princess angrily. She turned around and released Qi which oppressed him. The young man didn't dare look at her and lowered his head.

"Apologize!" said the Princess icily.

"Princess!" said the young man, stupefied and raising his head.

"Apologize!" said the Princess extremely angry now.

The young man s.h.i.+vered and said, "I'm sorry, please forgive me."

"No harm," said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. He didn't mind.

However, the young man said to him using telepathy, "I just apologized because the princess gave me an order. If Ji Chang doesn't come, well maybe the Tianci Dynasty doesn't need Champion University's people at all. It's a fact!"

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and ignored him. However, the princess said to Lin Feng politely, "Lin Feng, please."

She glanced at the young man icily. The young man in the armor had not heard about Lin Feng, but the princess had. Lin Feng had defeated Ji Chang on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List a year before, and he was third on the Imperial Ranking List of the Holy City. Now, he was second, since Ying Cheng had become a great emperor. Of course, she knew that Ji Chang was not the first one in the rankings!

A medium-level emperor had defeated Ji Chang, a Champion, she was amazed. She might not even be able to defeat Lin Feng herself. She also knew that if Lin Feng wanted to kill her guards, it would be easy for him. She hadn't thought Lin Feng would be so kind and considerate.

"Please, Princess," said Lin Feng, following after her as she led them away.

After a short time, they arrived in a room with a floor of jade, where a beautiful woman waiting there smiled thinly at them. Lin Feng's eyes were drawn to her, it was as if he couldn't look anywhere else.

The guards next to the Princess all lowered their heads.

Lin Feng had the sensation nothing else existed around him, he was just staring at that peerlessly beautiful woman.

But he quickly came back to his senses. Such woman were too powerful!

"Welcome, everyone. I hope you had a nice trip," smiled the woman, too attractive for words.

Lin Feng and the others bowed before her and he said, "You must be the Imperial Concubine."

"Yes, no need to adhere strictly to formalities, though. Please come in," said the Imperial Concubine calmly. Lin Feng sat down to her side, as did everyone else.

PMG Chapter 1997

Chapter 1997: Ancient Historical Remains

"Lin Feng, even though we're in Qi Tian Holy Town, I know about the Holy City. You're quite famous," the Imperial Concubine said with a gentle smile.

She looked so attractive, Lin Feng was aroused just by looking at her lips.

"You're flattering me, Imperial Concubine," replied Lin Feng, smiling humbly. He tried to remain calm.

"Lin Feng, you're a medium-level emperor and you're third on the Imperial Ranking List, that's not flattery, that's a fact," smiled the Imperial Concubine. "Lin Feng, whom do you think will reach the highest level in their lives: Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, you, or anyone else?"

Lin Feng was startled, what kind of question was that?

"How could I talk about other people, Imperial Concubine?" Lin Feng answered politely.

The Imperial Concubine smiled calmly. "You're right, but I'm sure that if I asked Chu Chun Qiu, Ying Cheng, or Ji Chang, they'd say they would."

They all thought they were the strongest.

"I invited people from Champion University because of you, Lin Feng. My daughter loves you. I hope you can help her out," said the Imperial Concubine glancing at the princess tenderly.

"Imperial Concubine, I will do my best."

Lin Feng was surprised. She didn't care about offending Ji Chang by talking that way. The Imperial Concubine probably knew that Lin Feng, Jian Mang, Hou Qing Lin, and Meng Qing were close.

"As a mother, I feel relieved then," said the Imperial Concubine, standing up and bowing before Lin Feng.

Lin Feng hastily stood up and said, "Imperial Concubine, you're my elder, you can't bow before me!"

"I'm a mother, I should," said the Imperial Concubine, bowing again. She smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Anyway, you must feel awkward to be with me. I won't disturb you. Lin Feng. If you need anything, tell Piao Xue to come and call me."

After that, she left. Lin Feng was stunned. The Imperial Concubine was very strange…

"Lin Feng, you must take care of me!" spoke up the princess, smiling after the Imperial Concubine left. She looked as beautiful and fresh as a flower. The young man next to her was annoyed. Lin Feng was that strong? Why were the Imperial Concubine and the Princess so polite? He had no idea. A medium-level emperor? Even if he had understood Dao strength, how strong could he be? Could he compete with people at the top of the Huang Qi layer?

The Princess smiled at Meng Qing and said, "Sister Meng Qing, I hope you don't mind."

"How could I?" replied Meng Qing naturally. The princess was really easy to get along with, her manner warm and gentle. During the banquet, they quickly became good friends.

After the banquet, Princess Piao Xue brought Lin Feng and the others to their rooms. Lin Feng and the others walked around in the territory of the Dynasty. It was ancient, and the landscapes were beautiful.

During the days they waited, ever more strong cultivators from the eighteen main cities of the Dark Night Region arrived. Some people even battled now and then, their fights impressive. The people who came were all geniuses, and they never submitted to others.


One of those days, Princess Piao Xue took Lin Feng and his friends out at his request. Lin Feng wanted to walk around Qi Tian Holy Town.

"Sister Meng Qing, you won't be disappointed here. There are only eighteen main cities in the Dark Night Region, but there are many historical remains. I invited you to come to help me, but you can also spend a few years here and enjoy yourself."

Princess Piao Xue and Meng Qing had quickly become good friends. Girls talked a lot, so it was easier for two women to make friends. Meng Qing and Piao Xue were even holding hands like sisters. Lin Feng didn't mind. Friends were friends, enemies were enemies. As long as the Imperial Concubine and Piao Xue didn't try to harm them, Lin Feng didn't mind.

"Where can you find some famous historical remains in Qi Tian Holy Town?" asked Meng Qing, curious now.

"All the sites are under the control of the Dynasties. For example, Suffocating Sword Valley, there's a terrifyingly powerful and old intent there which makes people suffocate. People who go there almost always die. Dao-Breaking Mountain, it's a mountain where your Dao gets destroyed. You can hear ancient people's voices there apparently. There are many other places."

Suffocating Sword Valley, sword intent, suffocate? What a strange name, thought Lin Feng. His eyes glittered.

"Sister Piao Xue," called out someone in the distance. Lin Feng and the others looked over and saw another group of people. There weren't many of them, but their Qi was impressive. The leader of the group was a prince from the Tianci Dynasty, he had the same family name as Prince Piao Xue.

"Brother, are those the geniuses of Goblin Spirit University? They look, extraordinary," Princess Piao Xue greeted him.

However, the geniuses of Goblin Spirit University looked at Lin Feng coldly. The Tianci Dynasty had good relations with three groups of influence, and they had invited all of them to come. The three groups were Champion University, Goblin Spirit University, and one Ancient Holy Clan.

"Champion University's geniuses look extraordinary too," the young man smiled. A strong cultivator of Goblin Spirit University walked forwards and shouted, "Champion University, who's Lin Feng? He must be here!"

Lin Feng looked him over; that guy looked strange and wild. His Qi was powerful and aggressive.

Lin Feng took a step forwards and rose up into the air.

"As expected, a medium-level emperor! I've heard that you had defeated Ji Chang! I really want to know if you're that strong. Be careful!" shouted that guy. So saying, he released a terrifying amount of b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. Lin Feng had the sensation millions of wild beasts were running towards him.

"Show me your strength first!" said that guy, his power bearing down on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng flickered away and released demon Qi, which shot up into the sky. They started punching one another. Suddenly an explosion rent the air and a strong wind started blowing.

Millions of threads of b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi penetrated into Lin Feng's body. Death strength penetrated into his attacker. The b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi quickly dispersed. Lin Feng's arm crackled, but his physical strength was astonis.h.i.+ng. His opponent looked like a bull, and also had an incredible physical strength.

"Haha, not bad. A medium-level emperor can surprisingly stop a physical attack from me. No wonder you defeated the Champion!" said that guy, laughing eagerly, his long black hair bouncing messily around him.

"Now I'll use seven layers of strength and Dao strength, be careful!" said that cultivator, condensing more physical strength to oppress Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the sensation he was on a field surrounded by millions of strong and heavy bulls.

"Lin Feng, if you're careless, you might lose. He's the Champion of Goblin Spirit University. He's been a Champion for much longer than Ji Chang," said the princess to Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng was surprised. He was confident when it came to his physical strength, but he had never been careless, he was always vigilant. He knew his strengths and weaknesses. His weakness was his cultivation level. His strength was that he knew many things. Naturally, when fighting against people with a higher cultivation level, he had to be more careful.


Lin Feng sensed a strange yet terrifying Dao strength. Lights twinkled all around, and millions of bulls roared in a thundering rage, trying to crush Lin Feng!

What's that Dao intent?, thought Lin Feng, his face stiff. His opponent's strength was terrifying. Lin Feng cast his celestial stage deployment spell and condensed more strength. World of the Living Imprints also appeared around him, containing an endless amount of strength.

PMG Chapter 1998

Chapter 1998: Close Yet Distant

The two attacks collided, and the World of the Living Imprints immediately broke apart, while the gigantic bulls roared and dispersed progressively. However, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying wild and fierce Qi surround him as the ground under his feet started crackling.

"Your ancient imprints technique is terrifying! Awesome, you crushed my attack!" said the attacker, laughing happily. "No wonder you defeated Ji Chang. You're really strong. You can resist my attacks, you can be proud."

Lin Feng looked at the other man. The guy sounded crazy, but he was really strong…

"Lin Feng, in the future, we'll join hands. I hope that before going to the Holy Place, you'll become even stronger. If you could become a high-level emperor before going, that would be great. Piao Xue will definitely get the most out of it," spoke the prince, smiling at Lin Feng.

Even though he sounded polite, Lin Feng still had the sensation the guy was looking down upon him. People from the Tianci Dynasty probably competed within the Dynasty. Maybe this young man was competing with Piao Xue. They had invited three different groups, so Lin Feng was almost sure that there were three different descendants in this generation going. Princess Piao Xue, the young man in front of him, and someone else…

The Imperial Concubine and Princess Piao Xue had decided to cooperate with Champion University, while the young man before him had decided to rope in Goblin Spirit University.

"Thank you very much, brother. Even if Lin Feng's cultivation level remains that way, Lin Feng can still protect me," said Princess Piao Xue, smiling indifferently. She was being polite. She was very strong and didn't need people to protect her.

"I think too much sometimes," replied the prince calmly, "I've heard that many people were going to the Holy Way Stage today, where you can listen to the saints. We're going there now. We'll see how strong all the emperors are. See you!"

"We can go to Holy Way Stage today?" asked Piao Xue, surprised.

"The Holy Spirit Dynasty invited everyone in Qi Tian Holy Town," smiled the prince. He glanced at Lin Feng… it seemed that Piao Xue already had a good impression of Lin Feng after only a few days. Surprisingly, she had forgotten about this event. The prince quickly left with the geniuses of Goblin Spirit University.

"Is the Holy Way Stage one of the places where there are historical remains?" Lin Feng asked Princess Piao Xue.

"Indeed. Holy Way Stage is controlled by the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The Holy Spirit Dynasty is a Dynasty, like Tianci Dynasty. Usually, they don't allow people to come so easily, but today they invited everyone. I'm a bit surprised," replied Piao Xue.

Lin Feng nodded and said, "Since it's that way, let's go and see the Holy Way Stage."

Princess Piao Xue smiled thinly and said, "Alright, I know that geniuses like you are eager to partic.i.p.ate. Since they invited you, we can go. Maybe we'll be able to listen to the last saint, and even if we can't, seeing other geniuses will be a great experience."

Lin Feng smiled. Since he was in Qi Tian Holy Town, he wanted to see as many things as possible, especially other geniuses.


The Holy Spirit Dynasty and the Tianci Dynasty were two ancient Dynasties. They both had boundless territories. People of the Holy Spirit Dynasty controlled Holy Spiritual techniques. They were very strong and controlled a mysterious kind of strength.

Lin Feng and the others arrived at the Holy Spirit Dynasty before too long.  Someone led the way and took them to a celestial place. It looked like a misty fairyland with many s.h.i.+ny pillars.

Many people were already there. Lin Feng saw many women, who all looked incredibly beautiful, with a strong celestial Qi. Behind them was a high stone stage, which looked rather illusionary: the Holy Way Stage!

Many people looked over Lin Feng and the others, but then again, everyone was watching everybody else. Everybody here was really strong.

When people glanced at Lin Feng and the others, it was just for a second. However, there were exceptions too. Those beautiful women looked detached, above worldly material attractions.

They were from the Moon Palace.

They all recognized Lin Feng. Back then, Lin Feng had been abandoned by the G.o.ds. Cosmic energies hadn't fallen from the skies to cleanse his body. But they remembered him well, and he was really close to some of them.

Yi Ren Lei was there. She hadn't changed too much, her eyes looked even more beautiful and mature. When she saw Lin Feng, she smiled. When the crowd saw she was smiling at someone, they looked at Lin Feng, surprised someone so beautiful was smiling at someone.

But people didn't pay too much attention to her. The people who came here were all extraordinary. Ordinary people would have gone crazy, but not those geniuses.

When Lin Feng saw her smile, he smiled and nodded back at her. Then, he continued looking around. He noticed someone was looking at him icily. She looked emotionless. Even when she saw Lin Feng, she looked emotionless.

"Yue Xin!" exclaimed Meng Qing. They were like sisters, but Yue Xin ignored her. Even when she looked at Lin Feng, she looked ice-cold.

Qiu Yue Xin turned away, she didn't continue looking at them. Meng Qing looked disappointed.

"We have enough people, when are you going to open the Holy Way Stage?" asked someone at that moment, smiling at someone from the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

"No rush. Please go into the building first. We can have a seat and then we'll listen to the saint."

"Alright, so many incredible people, yet I don't know many of them," someone else nodded. People slowly walked towards the many pillars shooting up into the sky. Lin Feng also walked in that direction. Someone joined Lin Feng and the others as they moved that way… it was Yi Ren Lei.

"I've heard that you became famous in the Holy City, I'm happy for you," said Yi Ren Lei, smiling slightly. She looked seductive only when she looked at Lin Feng.

"Have a seat," said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei. She sat down next to him.

"How's the Moon Palace?" Lin Feng asked calmly. He felt calmer these days. So many things had happened, so much time had pa.s.sed. Yi Ren Lei had abandoned him, he had been sad, but now he had gotten over her. However, Yi Ren Lei had never promised him anything. She had just said they'd be a couple for a hundred days, then she had really abandoned him and Lin Feng had really been disappointed, but he was okay now.

When Yi Ren Lei saw that Lin Feng looked so serene, she sighed. She would always be an acquaintance. Even though Lin Feng smiled at her, it wasn't like it had been in the past. They just met when they b.u.mped into one another, and they talked to one another out of politeness, there was no happiness, no sadness. But it was her choice, she had made her decision.

"It's alright. The Moon Palace doesn't lack resources. I have many powerful Scriptures, and they keep helping us," replied Yi Ren Lei. They hadn't thought they'd be able to have a normal conversation like this if they met again.

"Good. You finally found your Path. I hope you'll become really strong and that your dreams will become  reality," Lin Feng wished her success.

Yi Ren Lei smiled and replied, "I will do my best. I think about you sometimes, I wonder whether I've made a mistake or not. But in the end, it was my choice. However, if someday you really become a Demon G.o.d, will you remember our promise?"

Yi Ren Lei smiled at him teasingly. Lin Feng's heart started pounding violently. A promise, the Demon G.o.d and the Ice and Snow G.o.ddess, but they still had a long way to go!

PMG Chapter 1999

Chapter 1999: Holy Way Stage

Lin Feng finally stopped talking to Yi Ren Lei. Yi Ren Lei didn't mind. She just smiled and remained silent. Her head lowered, it was impossible to know what she was thinking.

"Only the few of you came?" Lin Feng asked her.

"Indeed," replied Yi Ren Lei, raising her head again.

"What's her social status in Moon Palace?" asked Lin Feng, pointing at Qiu Yue Xin.

Yi Ren Lei looked at her and murmured, "She's a holy woman of the Moon Palace, her social status is higher than ours. She's our leader this time. She's extremely emotionless. She is not the same person she used to be."

"I understand," Lin Feng nodded. He smiled at her and said, "Qiu Yue Xin."

Qiu Yue Xin s.h.i.+vered and looked at Lin Feng emotionlessly. She looked extremely aloof.

However, Lin Feng just smiled in a resplendent way and said, "Qiu Yue Xin, you are my woman, you will always be mine. n.o.body will ever steal you from me, not even the Path of Emotionlessness."

When Qiu Yue Xin heard him, she trembled, but her eyes remained ice-cold as she released emotionlessness energies.

Many people looked between Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin. Qiu Yue Xin was walking on the Path of Emotionlessness. It was rare to see such people. That young man had a lot of good fortune in love affairs, though. He was surrounded by extremely beautiful women!

"That guy is Lin Feng. He's a medium-level emperor. A year ago, on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List in the Holy City, he defeated Ji Chang the Champion, he is third on the Imperial Ranking List."

"I've heard that a saint helped him fight against four Ancient Holy Clans so they couldn't capture him."

"Can't Champion University protect him? Why would he need to rely on a saint to protect him? It seems a bit exaggerated to me. After all, he's just a medium-level emperor. I don't think he can defeat high-level emperors. But he's lucky, that's a fact."

"He's third on the Imperial Ranking List, he defeated Ji Chang, it's not an exaggeration. Go and fight against him and you'll see."

Everybody expressed their opinions. Many people looked at Lin Feng in cold a.s.sessment.

Lin Feng heard them, but he remained calm. He didn't care about them.

"Zhuo Qing." At that moment, someone recognized another person. Zhuo Qing, he had a king-type body!

"It's him. No wonder he has a Diamond Indestructible King-Type Body. His eyebrows are even golden and look sharp. He's got a diamond indestructible king-type body, one of the five elemental king-type bodies. I've heard that his defense and offense are incredible."

"Diamond Indestructible King-Type Body?" Lin Feng was startled. He had heard about such a body, one of the five elemental king-type bodies, golden type. Such bodies were difficult to destroy. He had rarely seen emperors who had a better defense than such people.

When such a person reached the top of the Huang Qi layer, they had a terrifying defense. They didn't need to be proclaimed Champions, they were already kings in and of themselves.

Zhuo Qing walked through the crowd and said to the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, "Greetings, I hope I'm not disturbing anyone."

"Zhuo Qing, please come," a member of the Holy Spirit Dynasty replied politely.

Zhuo Qing nodded and sat down. Someone said, "Zhuo Qing, I've heard that you had killed a great emperor who understands Dao strength, how strong was he?"

"Killed a great emperor who understood Dao strength?" The crowd was astonished. People who had king-type bodies really had an advantage. Ordinary great emperors couldn't compete with emperors who had king-type bodies. Zhuo Qing had reached the top of the Huang Qi layer and he had a Diamond Indestructible King-type Body so that was normal.

"Since I killed him, it means he wasn't that strong," Zhuo Qing said calmly. Golden lights kept twinkling all around him.

"Haha, if we have the opportunity, let's exchange views on cultivation!" said someone with pitch-black eyes and hair. It was the one against whom Lin Feng had fought, from Goblin Spirit University.

"We'll have many opportunities," Zhuo Qing said calmly.

"Crazy Bull, I can't wait to see your battle," someone laughed. Crazy Bull was his nickname, his spirit was an ancient bull. He knew all sorts of bull-related powers and spells. He was terrifyingly strong, and he looked like a Crazy Bull.

More and more people arrived. Lin Feng noticed some people he knew. Chu Chun Qiu was wearing a blue robe, he looked calm and poised. Some people were with him, the strongest people of the Celestial G.o.dly University. There were some people of the Dynasty too, they had invited people from the Celestial G.o.dly University.

Ying Cheng had already become a great emperor, so he wasn't on the Imperial Ranking List anymore. Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were now second and first respectively.

"Prince Tian Hua, are those people the geniuses from the Celestial G.o.dly University?"

"Indeed," nodded the young man next to Chu Chun Qiu.

"Which one is Chu Chun Qiu?" asked that person. Chu Chun Qiu was famous.

The prince laughed and pointed to Chu Chun Qiu, "The two most outstanding cultivators of the Holy City are here. Chu Chun Qiu is from the Chu Clan and is the new King Chu. He's the first one on the ranking list of the Holy City and he knows the Sky Absorbing Scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures."

"Please sit down, everybody," a member of the Holy Spirit Dynasty spoke up with a wide smile. Everybody seemed friendly at that moment.

Many people compared Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu. Back then, they hadn't fought, but Chu Chun Qiu was a high-level emperor, so Lin Feng would have probably lost.

More people arrived, many of them geniuses. A mysterious cultivator arrived, he was extremely strong and looked extraordinary. He could steal people's luck, and therefore, he was always lucky. Many people wanted to steal his precious items, but in the end, he usually stole their luck.

Many people also talked about the Holy Place, luck would be important there.

"So many people are here, can't we start?" someone asked the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

Those people nodded, and one of them said, "Alright, we can activate the Holy Way Stage."

After that, they landed in front of the illusion, some ancient imprints appeared and fell down upon the stage. It started shaking, and a mysterious Qi appeared. Everybody sensed a strange mysterious strength, manifesting as a blowing wind. It was an ancient Qi.

"Everybody, the Holy Way Stage is activated, it's a historical vestige. You can test your talent. You might hear the voice of the saints too!" said a celestial woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, smiling slightly. She was incredibly beautiful, but the people didn't even look at her, they were all looking at the Holy Spirit Dynasty!

Ancient vestiges were fascinating. All those people had heard of such things, but never experienced them for themselves. It was an opportunity!

PMG Chapter 2000

Chapter 2000: Potential Peerless Cultivators

The crowd drew closer to the Holy Way Stage. Princess Piao Xue murmured, "It could be great. I've heard of the sages' voices. When people talk about the Holy Way Stage, they all talk about the vestiges. The soul of a saint is sealed inside."

Lin Feng nodded, his eyes glittering. He was going to try.

At that moment, a strong wind started blowing, and a young man landed in front of the Holy Way Stage. He said, "Master, I'd like to try. I want to hear the sage's voice."

That person jumped right onto the Holy Way Stage. He didn't use the stairs.

As he landed, his feet hadn't even touched the Holy Way Stage before his face changed drastically. He was suddenly hurled away and blood splashed everywhere. His face turned deathly pale as his Qi roiled uncontrollably, his soul shaken violently. He landed back on the ground and closed his eyes.

"One strike!" Those watching were astonished. The Holy Way Stage was really powerful, that person hadn't used the flight of stairs and he was badly injured. Had he heard the saint's voice, though?

Some people looked nervous. Only very talented people could go onto the Holy Way Stage.

Someone else walked forwards, he vigilantly walked up to the battle stage and put his foot on the flight of stairs.

A terrifying strength smashed into him, he grunted with pain and his foot was pushed backwards. His face turned deathly pale, but his eyes glinted with fury as he tried to resist. He was injured again. A hole had appeared on his chest and suddenly, blood started flowing from the wound.

"He can't even put his foot on the first step?" Those watching were startled. These people were all geniuses, they were the strongest people of their region, but here, they couldn't put a foot on the first step of a flight of stairs?

"What's going on?" The crowd didn't know what was happening.

"The attack doesn't aim at a specific part of your body, your whole body is suddenly affected," said the second man. "If you're careless, you can die. I'm going to have a rest for now."

After he walked away, someone else arrived, that person was wearing a cosmic energy armor. He looked determined as he walked up to the flight of stairs.

Same as a moment before, a terrifying strength crushed down on him, ignoring his defense. His armor exploded and the attack even reached his muscles. He also coughed up lots of blood onto the Holy Way Stage, but the Stage immediately swallowed it as if the blood had never appeared on it.

Third one!, thought the geniuses. They realized it wasn't that easy to get on the Holy Way Stage.

"According to legends, the Holy Way Stage tests your abilities, to see if you're really talented. But if you can't put a foot on the first step, doesn't it prove something?" said someone, looking at the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

"You want me to tell you the truth?" the beautiful woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty smiled. The first three cultivators s.h.i.+vered. What did it mean? They were not talented?

"We can handle the truth. There is no harm in saying what one thinks," said the one who was recovering while seated cross-legged.

"If you can't put your foot on the first step, it means that you don't have the potential to become a saint," said the woman calmly. The crowd s.h.i.+vered. The ones who had tried were disappointed.

All those people were determined and talented, but not everybody had the potential to become a peerless cultivator. People had two different ways of thinking, If you can't put your foot on the first step, you'll never become a peerless cultivator, so I need to put my foot on the second step at least, otherwise I'll lose face, and that wouldn't be good for my cultivation. The second type of people thought, If I don't have the potential to become a peerless cultivator, then I'll need to defy the heavens!

"It means you are far, very far from being able to become a peerless cultivator someday," said the girl coldly. She was warning those people. They s.h.i.+vered, some of them looked relieved. It didn't mean they would never have the opportunity then, it just meant they maybe wouldn't if they didn't find a solution.

Even though they didn't have the potential at that moment, they could change things!

A strong wind started blowing again. Someone landed before the Holy Way Stage and put his foot on the first step. Rumbling sounds rose, and he shook violently, but didn't flinch back. It was like a mountain had landed on the first step. He shouted extremely loudly and put his foot on the second step. His blood started boiling, and his bones emitted crackling sounds.

"No…" the man's face changed drastically. He looked petrified, and quickly drew back. Explosive force dispersed past him as he did so. He asked the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, "What kind of indicator is the second step?"

"In terms of blood and bones, you don't have the potential to become a peerless cultivator. You need to improve in that aspect," the woman informed him carefully.

That person nodded and said, "Thank you very much for your teachings. No wonder I was oppressed like that, I had the sensation my blood and bones were going to explode."

"The Holy Way Stage is incredible, if someone managed to walk up the flight of stairs, they might hear the saint," murmured those staring at the stage. They felt so motivated. If they succeeded, wouldn't it mean that they had the potential to become peerless cultivators?

Saints, kings, such people could transcend worldliness!

"Let's see if the stage can stop me!" It was Crazy Bull! He jumped forwards, rumbles and eruptions sounding about him. He roared and put his foot on the first step, he didn't stop, he continued walking up. A mighty bull had appeared behind him, his hair was fluttering in the wind, and he was already on the second step!

"He hasn't been forced away, which means he has the proper blood and bones to become a peerless cultivator. Can he climb up to the third one?" wondered the crowd, eyes fixed on Crazy Bull. He stopped for a few seconds and then continued, making a big step to the third step.

Boom boom! He shook violently and roared thunderously. Many people shuddered.

"He's stable." Crazy Bull was on the third step, how strong! No wonder he was a Champion. He had incredible potential!

"It means you're determined enough to become a peerless cultivator someday," said the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The Holy Way Stage was a test of various attributes, actually.

However, there were two big steps before Crazy Bull, and then the actual Holy Way Stage.

Finally, Crazy Bull moved again, he put a foot on the fourth step, and his face turned deathly pale. He tried to remain determined, his face turned red, blood appeared in his eyes, ears, and nose. The air shook with thunder, and Crazy Bull was hurled back as his blood gushed out. He crashed at the foot of the stage.

He had failed. Crazy Bull, a Champion, had also failed. It meant he didn't have all the characteristics to potentially become a peerless cultivator.

"Not bad!" said the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Even in the Holy Spirit Dynasty, few people could get to the fourth step!

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