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PMG Chapter 2001

Chapter 2001: Highest Level

"The Holy Way Stage is very strange. You can't see the attacks. I wonder how it's been designed. It almost looks alive. And it can test different things," murmured Hou Qing Lin to Lin Feng and the others.

"Brother, you also want to know where the attacks come from?" Lin Feng smiled. Historic vestiges were marvelous. The Holy Way Stage was being used to test people's talent, weaknesses, and strengths, but it seemed to have other uses.

Did peerless cultivators have to be flawless in all aspects? Was it impossible to become a peerless cultivator without the proper blood strength, bones, physical strength, intent and so on? Was it why some Holy Great Emperors were stuck at that cultivation level and couldn't transcend worldliness and attain holiness?

"I'm going to try too!" Hou Qing Lin nodded.

"Alright, we all have to try anyway," Lin Feng smiled knowingly. After Crazy Bull tried, so did many other people. However, n.o.body had managed to set foot on the Holy Way Stage, it was too difficult. It meant that the cultivator already met all the requirements to become a peerless cultivator someday.

Even without talking about getting onto the stage itself, getting to the third step was already extremely difficult. n.o.body had managed to do better than Crazy Bull. The requirements to become a peerless cultivator someday were extremely strict. Having the proper blood, bones, and body was already really difficult, but having the proper intent was even harder. Crazy Bull had managed to get onto the third step because he was incredibly determined.

When Hou Qing Lin walked out, many people pulled long faces. After all, he was still a medium-level emperor. In the Holy City, he wasn't as famous as Chu Chun Qiu or Lin Feng. Only people from Champion University knew that Hou Qing Lin was quite strong.

When Hou Qing Lin stepped onto the first step, he shook visibly. A mysterious kind of strength surrounded him invisibly. Hou Qing Lin understood that no matter what kind of defense technique you used, it was useless, powers and spells weren't part of your body.

Hou Qing Lin coughed up blood. Many people shook their heads. They all thought, As expected, he can't handle it, not even the first step.

However, after a short time, Hou Qing Lin was still on the first step, people looked at him strangely. He was injured, but he hadn't been pushed away.

Hou Qing Lin moved his foot, a ferocious expression on his blood-covered face. He lifted his foot and put it on the second step, then his second foot. The second step was to test a cultivator's blood and bones, and Hou Qing Lin's blood started boiling, his bones crackling. It looked extremely painful, the kind of pain that could kill weak people.

But Hou Qing Lin endured the pain. He was standing steadily on the second step, his robe fluttering in the wind. Those watching were stunned. Hou Qing Lin had pa.s.sed the challenge of the second step!

The beautiful woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty was surprised, she murmured, "His body, blood, and bones might not be powerful enough, but he's extremely determined. It means that if you're determined, even if you lack some things, you can succeed. He will probably have no problem getting onto the third step, either."

Hou Qing Lin remained silent, unlike Crazy Bull, who had been shouting like a madman, and wasn't any weaker than Crazy Bull. Then, Hou Qing Lin stepped onto the third step without any problem, astonis.h.i.+ng everyone further. People's hearts started pounding.

There are always talented individuals in hiding, and there is no link between reputation and cultivation level. The people who are here are all geniuses. Everybody here must be determined!, thought the crowd. After all, they were all geniuses. When Hou Qing Lin climbed onto the first step, the crowd wasn't jealous, they were amazed and admired him, and those who had failed felt even more determined to become stronger.

Those who had failed felt ashamed because they had the impression they weren't determined enough.

At that moment, Hou Qing Lin raised his head and focused on the next step.. Finally, he moved his foot and lifted it. His soul shook violently. An invisible and intangible strength struck his soul, it looked extremely painful, and it felt as if his soul was going to explode.

He released reincarnation intent and stepped fully up onto the next step. His reincarnation strength and Qi dashed to the skies. Hou Qing Lin's Qi was suddenly even more powerful. A strong wind made of reincarnation strength whistled about him.

"He broke through!" The crowd was astonished, including Lin Feng. Then he smiled, happy for his friend.

Hou Qing Lin smiled, too. His silhouette flickered. He moved aside and sat down cross-legged to finish breaking through.

"Lin Feng, your friend is really strong," spoke up Princess Piao Xue. She had thought that Lin Feng would be the only one who could help her when she invited the group along, and had underestimated the others, finding out that Hou Qing Lin was extraordinary too. Surprisingly, he had become a high-level emperor on the flight of stairs!

"Of course!" Lin Feng smiled knowingly. "Back then, in the small world, he used to protect me all the time. I admired him, and I still do."

Princess Piao Xue s.h.i.+vered when she saw Lin Feng's wide smile. She hadn't realized Hou Qing Lin and Lin Feng were so close.

Someone else ran up to the flight of stairs: Zhuo Qing, Diamond Indestructible King-Type Body!

As everybody had antic.i.p.ated, Zhuo Qing jumped onto the first step without any problem. He had a king-type body, which meant he had the potential to become a king, so of course he couldn't have a body problem. Then, he stepped onto the second step, no problem either. Then, he continued to the third step.

At that moment, Zhuo Qing stopped for a few seconds. A sharp look appeared in his eyes, golden lights appeared around him, sharp golden lights dashed to the skies. People who were very determined weren't affected by that invisible and intangible strength. He was still standing steadily there.

"Will Zhuo Qing do better than everyone else?" some people wondered aloud. Zhuo Qing continued walking towards the fourth step and then up onto it. This one tested a cultivator's soul. A mysterious strength came down on Zhuo Qing's soul, shaking it with the pressure, yet he remained silent and calm. He was still surrounded by dazzling golden lights, and he looked like a motionless mountain.

"As expected, he's stable!" Zhuo Qing moved his foot, getting ready to try the fifth and last step. If he managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage, it would mean that he already met all the requirements to become a peerless cultivator someday.

Zhuo Qing heard someone sigh mentally, as if a Saint were sighing. An endless amount of Dao power crashed onto his body, and suddenly he shouted furiously. Golden lights rose powerfully as he started releasing Dao intent, a dazzling golden circle appeared above his head.

"He's on it, how strong!" Those watching were stunned. Zhuo Qing was on the fifth step, two steps more and he'd be on the Holy Way Stage!

Zhuo Qing continued his slow walk forwards towards the Holy Way Stage. The crowd s.h.i.+vered, all nervous and staring at him. Finally, Zhuo Qing arrived next to the edge of the stage, and suddenly turned into a light beam, startling everyone!

PMG Chapter 2002

Chapter 2002: Potential Peerless Cultivators

Zhuo Qing appeared in the sky and landed on the last step again. However, his face had paled, and his cheeks were bright red. A golden light appeared faintly around him. He rose up high into the air and sat down cross-legged. What had happened? He just had to take two more steps and he'd be on the Holy Way Stage!

"Zhuo Qing failed. He can't go onto the Holy Way Stage, who can do it?" wondered someone, as everyone looked at Zhuo Qing, who was now seated cross-legged far above them.

Zhuo Qing murmured, "The Saint is sighing."

"The Saint is sighing?" Everyone was startled as they looked at the Holy Way Stage. Had Zhuo Qing heard a Saint sigh?

Had he heard a Saint?

"He's got a Diamond Indestructible King-Type Body, he's got all the prerequisites to become a peerless cultivator someday. Unfortunately, he still needs a little bit more, but if he continues studying hard, he'll definitely become a peerless cultivator someday," said the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty slowly. People remained silent, staring at the Holy Way Stage solemnly and respectfully. A Saint had just sighed…

Someone emerged from the crowd and moved towards the Holy Way Stage with a whistling of Qi.

"Chu Chun Qiu!" Many eyes twinkled. Chu Chun Qiu, first cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List in the Holy City. He was the strongest emperor in the Holy City, a symbol and descendant of King Chu!

"Can Chu Chun Qiu do as well as Zhuo Qing?" was the question being whispered. Chu Chun Qiu jumped onto the first step. No problem at all.

Then, he jumped onto the second one, no problem either, he looked like a motionless mountain. His bones and blood were perfect.

He jumped onto the third step, which tested a cultivator's intent. He raised his head and looked at the sky. The crowd had a hallucination, as if this guy was an ancient king.

Then, he jumped onto the fourth step, which tested soul strength. His soul shook, strength rising about him. He was still motionless.

"Fourth step, how strong!" The watchers were shaking. Chu Chun Qiu wasn't struggling at all, it seemed so easy for him.

"Chu Chun Qiu is extremely strong. No wonder he's the first emperor of the Holy City. I wonder whether he'll manage to step onto the fifth step that easily or not. If he can, it means that he has the potential to become a peerless cultivator!" murmured someone, staring at Chu Chun Qiu.

Chu Chun Qiu walked over to the fifth step. Like Zhuo Qing, he heard someone sigh in his brain, and power came down on him, shaking everything. The earth and sky darkened, as if a G.o.d were about to appear.

Chu Chun Qiu jumped onto the fifth step, the air still groaning. Just like Zhuo Qing, two more steps forwards and he'd be on the Holy Way Stage!

"He's stable. Chu Chun Qiu did as well as Zhuo Qing so far. He's really talented," someone sighed.

"How strong is he compared to Zhuo Qing?" asked someone.

"They're talented and strong in different ways. It's not because someone is talented that they are good at fighting. Chu Chun Qiu is not as strong as Zhuo Qing, who has a king-type body. But he has the potential to become a peerless cultivator," replied someone else. Talent, strength, and fighting abilities were all different things.

When Chu Chun Qiu sensed that he was completely stable, he started walking again. His ancient emperor intent was intense, he was now surrounded by ancient emperors!

The earth and sky started shaking again.

Someone groaned with pain as if their organs were about to be cut open. Their soul was quivering.

"Chu Chun Qiu is making the sixth step, he's already surpa.s.sed Zhuo Qing. The strength is even more explosive!" someone exclaimed. Chu Chun Qiu had already taken two steps forward on the fifth step. Zhuo Qing had been pushed backwards after the first step. Did Chu Chun Qiu have a greater chance to become a peerless cultivator than Zhuo Qing?

Zhuo Qing opened his eyes and looked down at Chu Chun Qiu. This guy had taken one step more than him! How impressive!

However, Zhuo Qing quickly closed his eyes again and returned to his meditation.

Last step, if he manages to get to the Holy Way Stage, it'll mean that he has all the necessary characteristics to become a peerless cultivator someday. Chu Chun Qiu lifted his foot as he took a deep breath, it was his last step…

At that moment, an eerie silence fell over the crowd. Chu Chun Qiu moved his foot. He raised his head and smiled proudly. His hair and robe were fluttering in the wind.

There was a tolling sound, like a bell being struck.

Someone coughed blood and their face turned deathly pale. They had the sensation their organs were going to explode.

Lin Feng and his friends' faces changed slightly. They had heard someone sigh. The pressure was much more intense than a moment before, Lin Feng and his friends had the sensation they were facing an ancient king. The pressure was incredible!

"Is that a Saint's voice?" murmured Lin Feng at the sound. Chu Chun Qiu finished making his step, everybody staring at his back in astonishment.

"King-type body, I'm convinced that guy has a king-type body. He just hides it," declared someone.

"Indeed, there's king Qi. His kind of king Qi is more powerful than Zhuo Qing's king Qi. Chu Chun Qiu has been hiding his king-type body the whole time," said someone else. Everybody agreed and nodded. They were convinced that the first emperor of the Holy City had a king-type body.

At that moment, Chu Chun Qiu was facing the Holy Way Stage. If he took one more step forward, he'd be on the Holy Way Stage.

"Will there be a terrifying strength on the Holy Way Stage?" someone wondered softly. Chu Chun Qiu stopped for a few seconds, before taking a step forward. As he lifted his foot towards the stage, his hair and robe fluttered violently. Chu Chun Qiu's Qi didn't weaken, he looked like an ancient king. Finally, he put his lead foot on it, and then his second foot. He was the first person to step onto the Holy Way Stage!

Silence reigned. Surprisingly, someone had all the characteristics required to be a peerless cultivator, and that guy was a student at the Celestial G.o.dly University, from the Chu Clan in the Vast Celestial Ancient City.

"A new peerless cultivator might appear in the Holy City in the future!" someone murmured. Chu Chun Qiu had the potential to become a peerless cultivator!

The Holy Spirit Dynasty spokeswoman s.h.i.+vered. Chu Chun Qiu was here for the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he had the potential to become a peerless cultivator.

"I'm happy for the Chu Clan!" said someone at that moment. Back in the days, King Chu was powerful and influential, but they had only read about him in books.

"Not necessarily. Back then, there was an insane peerless cultivator in the Chu Clan, he's now in the Moon Palace."

"And it's not because you have the characteristics to become a peerless king that you actually are one. It just means you have potential. You have to practice cultivation properly and be lucky to become one too."

"But at least, it proves that he's extremely strong, and I don't think I could compete with him in a battle." People chattered, while Chu Chun Qiu was still on the stage. People who didn't have king-type bodies could become kings and people who did have a king-type body didn't necessarily become kings. Everybody's path was different!

PMG Chapter 2003

Chapter 2003: Holy Throne

Chu Chun Qiu was still standing on the Holy Way Stage, looking like a king, but not arrogant at all. People were watching him. Suddenly, on the Holy Way Stage, a throne appeared, nine dragons carved on it. Their faces were facing Chu Chun Qiu, and they contained Sky Absorbing Qi.

"What's that?" was the next question from multiple throats. Surprisingly, a dragon throne had appeared on the Holy Way Stage! It looked like an ancient throne, the seat of a Saint!

"That throne appeared because Chu Chun Qiu got onto the Holy Way Stage. Will Chu Chun Qiu obtain an ancient kind of strength?"

"It's a Holy Emperor's Throne, it's an ancient throne! In old days, the Saints sat on it!" said someone. Everybody glanced at that person, a young man with imperial Qi. He was staring at the throne.

Holy Way Stage, Holy Way Stage, it was as if he had suddenly understood something.

"How do you know?"

"I've seen such thrones in my Dynasty. It's an ancient throne, the kind that are transmitted by Ancestors. I've seen it in ancient paintings, it even looks like my own throne," replied the man. He was a prince from a Dynasty.

When the crowd heard him, they looked at the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty solemnly. She was also staring at the Holy Way Stage.

"Holy Way Stage, Holy Imperial Throne."

Chu Chun Qiu was staring at the throne. King Qi pulsed around him. The Holy Way Stage wasn't the last step at all. The strength which emerged from the Holy Imperial Throne was even more terrifying.

Chu Chun Qiu's robe was fluttering violently as he made a step and suddenly groaned with pain. His face started bleeding. Everybody who was watching could sense the terrifying pressure. Qi started to shriek as Chu Chun Qiu made another step, but he couldn't handle it anymore. He was driven backwards, so hard it looked like his bones had been crushed, a strong wind carrying him back.

Those watchers were quiet. He had failed. Even though Chu Chun Qiu had managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage, he hadn't pa.s.sed the challenge of the throne.

He crashed to the ground. He looked expressionlessly up at the Holy Way Stage. The king Qi around him also dispersed.

"It disappeared." Everyone sighed as the throne disappeared.

"The throne only appears when someone is on the Holy Way Stage," mused someone else. A new person ran towards the Holy Way Stage. Seeing Chu Chun Qiu advance that far made everyone feel even more determined. Many people wanted to try!

Several more people tried, all of them determined, and even when they failed, they were determined to study harder and to become stronger. At least, the stage helped them know where they had to improve.

However, n.o.body did as well as Chu Chun Qiu. Even if he had failed to sit on the throne, he had proven to himself that he had the potential to become a peerless cultivator someday. Even Zhuo Qing hadn't gone so far!

So many geniuses, thought Lin Feng, watching people try one after another in silent approval. The first step was already a great challenge. Having the necessary body characteristics to become a peerless cultivator wasn't easy. Some people even managed to advance as far as Zhuo Qing and step on the fifth step.

"Princess, are you not trying?" Lin Feng asked Princess Piao Xue.

"No, I have no hope. But I can't wait to see you try! I'm guessing you can get to the fourth step at least!" the Princess replied with a confident smile.

"Maybe," Lin Feng answered non-committedly.

A silhouette flickered as Jian Mang gave it a try. When he took the first step, people thought he was going to fall, as he even coughed up blood, but he endured it. The second step wasn't easy for him, either. However, on the third step, he was as motionless as a mountain. On the fourth step, the invisible and intangible strength bombarded his soul, and he was driven away.

He wasn't dispirited, however. He was happy and even more determined. The people who had come with Lin Feng were all incredibly strong. A short time before, Hou Qing Lin had reached the fourth step and he had broken through, he had even become a high-level emperor!

"Meng Qing, you want to try?" Lin Feng whispered to Meng Qing.

"No. I can get onto the fifth step," Meng Qing replied easily.

Lin Feng was surprised and laughed. "Perhaps you can get onto the Holy Way Stage?"

"I'm not going," Meng Qing shook her head. Lin Feng shrugged. He wasn't going to force her. Sometimes, she wasn't interested in doing some things.

"Lin Feng, go and sit on the throne," said Meng Qing, smiling at Lin Feng. After the next challenger came back, Lin Feng went up to the stage.

"Lin Feng…" Many people recognized him now. He was a medium-level emperor, he had defeated Ji Chang, he was the second emperor of the Holy City, and after having been amazed by Chu Chun Qiu, they couldn't wait to see Lin Feng's performance. How great was the difference between Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu, the first and second emperors of the Holy City?

"The Holy Way Stage has nothing to do with one's cultivation level. It's about one's body. How far do you think Lin Feng can go?"

"His physical strength is incredible. In terms of blood and bones, he should have no problem. The first and second step should be easy for him. He defeated Ji Chang, so the third step shouldn't stop him either. The fourth step is about soul strength, maybe he's like his two friends and will stop there." People chattered one after another. Most people thought highly of Lin Feng and were convinced he'd get onto the fourth step, which was already amazing. Most people thought he couldn't make it to the last step, however.

"Maybe, since he defeated Ji Chang as a medium-level emperor, the fourth step should be doable, but the fifth step, I don't think so."

While they were talking, Lin Feng walked up onto the first step, and a fearsome strength bore down on him like a hammer. But he didn't stop, and immediately jumped onto the second step.

His blood started boiling, and his bones emitted crackling sounds. The invisible and intangible strength was explosive. His entire body was being attacked.

Lin Feng looked relaxed though, and continued walking to the third step.

A terrifying and oppressive strength bombarded his will. His brain hurt. He suddenly had the impression he was powerless and useless, like a n.o.body. His will was being crushed!

However, that n.o.body raised his head and welcomed the terrifying strength without flinching. Demon intent surged around him!

"Third step, he looks relaxed. He has no problems in terms of bones, blood, and intent, the fourth step should be fine too…"

Lin Feng still looked relaxed. He walked up to the fourth step, and his soul was hammered. If a cultivator had a weak soul strength, the stairs could kill them instantly. Lin Feng felt tiny, as if he were facing a giant. Determination was a constant challenge though, many people had managed to get onto the first and second step thanks to their willpower.

"He's stable!" the watchers observed quickly. Lin Feng had most of the characteristics to become a peerless cultivator someday. The top two emperors of the Holy City were extremely strong, as expected!

Lin Feng continued walking towards the fifth step, stepping up on it, and he heard someone sigh. An invisible, intangible, oppressive, and explosive strength crashed down onto him. He couldn't protect himself, he could just welcome the energies.

Lin Feng raised his head, he wasn't going to give up. He looked up at the sky proudly. Life and death Dao intent surged around him and turned into a cloud. It was like Lin Feng was fighting against the G.o.ds, against the saints.

"He's surprisingly stable!" those watching noticed in astonishment. Lin Feng was really strong, making it to the fifth step. The two cultivators of the Holy City were both incredible!

However, while everybody was being amazed, Lin Feng continued walking forward, the air rumbling at his approach. A terrifying, invisible and intangible strength filled the air and a.s.saulted Lin Feng's soul.

Lin Feng took a second step.

"No…" He looked like an ancient demon to those watching, he was going to make a third step!

The bell tolled, destructive energies roiled and many people pulled long faces, not daring to look. Lin Feng was going to go onto the stage, something that Zhuo Qing hadn't managed to accomplis.h.!.+

PMG Chapter 2004

Chapter 2004: Me, Alone, on the Throne!

Many people's faces paled, some coughed up blood. The invisible and intangible strength was oppressing everyone. They also heard the Saint sigh in an ancient voice.

They watched Lin Feng. After his third step, everything had been shaking, then the wind suddenly dispersed. He was still steady, and continued walking towards the Holy Way Stage.

"Can Lin Feng get onto the stage?" they wondered. The two top cultivators of the Holy City seemed to be the protagonists on that day. Would they both be remembered as people who had been onto the Holy Way Stage?

Chu Chun Qiu was the only one who had managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage so far, and Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were both from the Holy City.

n.o.body had thought that Lin Feng would be the second one to do this. Was Lin Feng going to accomplish something only Chu Chun Qiu had managed to do so far?

Like Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Feng stepped onto the Holy Way Stage.

The atmosphere was eerily silent. Lin Feng had succeeded. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng had both been onto the Holy Way Stage. They both had the potential to become peerless cultivators. He just had to break through now.

"How incredible, the two cultivators from the Holy City are amazing."

"Lin Feng is really talented. I underestimated him. He defeated Ji Chang, and Ji Chang wasn't weak, but Lin Feng is really strong and talented. Otherwise he wouldn't be on the Holy Way Stage!" were the hushed whispers.

When Lin Feng stepped onto the Holy Way Stage, he understood what Chu Chun Qiu had gone through, as the pressure was terrifying. The oppressive strength surrounded his body and oppressed his veins, flesh, and muscles. It was as if the cosmos was about to collapse onto him!

The Holy Imperial Throne appeared slowly. The throne of peerless cultivators. Endless ancient Qi rolled around him. Lin Feng looked at the throne, and thought it looked alive.

"Where does the Saint's voice come from?" Lin Feng asked aggressively. He took a step forwards.

The crowd heard another ancient sigh and sensed a terrifying pressure building. Lin Feng looked proud, like an ancient king. However, Lin Feng was the only one who could understand what he was going through. Everyone was staring at him. His blood was boiling violently, his soul was shaking, his will was being crushed.

"Is that a Saint's voice?" murmured Lin Feng. He stared at the Holy Imperial Throne and heard the sigh again. It came from there. Lin Feng had the sensation that the whole Holy Way Stage was alive. "Why would I fear a Saint's sigh?"

Lin Feng took another step forward. A hurricane appeared as the Saint sighed again. Each time, the strength oppressed him badly, but Lin Feng kept releasing demon energy. He looked like an ancient demon. The Saint couldn't crush his will!

Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to the throne, those watching were astonished. He had done better than Chu Chun Qiu! Many of them were bleeding now, they had the sensation they were going to suffocate…

"He's still walking forwards…" someone murmured.


The earth and sky shook again. People kept coughing up blood, and some fell down on their knees, their faces all pale.

That guy is insane!, thought Chu Chun Qiu, staring at Lin Feng. He had been there, he knew how terrifying the pressure was. Maybe if he had been more determined, he would have managed to get onto the throne but he hadn't thought it was necessary.

"An old man is sighing, the Holy Way Stage is his body," said Chu Chun Qiu. People were startled and turned to Chu Chun Qiu. Their eyes were glittering knowingly.

"The Saint's body!" Chu Chun Qiu repeated indifferently.

Another sigh swept out and made the stage shake. Everybody's faces were pale now. Many geniuses were badly injured.

He's crazy!, thought everyone staring at Lin Feng.

People were now being hurled away from the stage, one after another as the Saint kept sighing. People were astonished.

"The Saint's voice, it's really a Saint's voice."

The crowd was trembling. Lin Feng was making the Saint sigh unceasingly. The earth and sky were resonating with it.

Lin Feng's face was grey, he looked dead, it wasn't his own death Dao intent anymore. It was like the earth and sky were about to collapse. His blood was boiling, thunder was echoing, his soul shook, it was as if he were about to die. Only the Saint sounded indestructible.

Lin Feng progressively stopped focusing on the voice and ignored it. He kept calm, as if the voice had disappeared. He focused on calm, the stillness of death.

The immortality of death. Suddenly, Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Life, death?

The Path of Life and Death, how could he fear life and death?

How could the Saint's voice destroy his Dao?

The Saint kept sighing, but it didn't matter to Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng was fearless, he just slowly walked forwards in a particularly calm and serene way, as if nothing could stop him.

Finally, the crowd heard the sound of the Holy Way, as the earth and sky trembled. The sigh seemed to be indestructible.

When Lin Feng made another step, the Saint sighed one last time, many people were bleeding and in agony. The earth and sky became normal again, the sun reappeared.

The crowd had the impression they had gone through a natural catastrophe!

They raised their heads again and saw Lin Feng. He was now standing before the throne.

"I wouldn't have thought that the most talented person today would be Lin Feng," someone sighed. Lin Feng wasn't the strongest one here, but he had pa.s.sed all the challenges of the Holy Way Stage, and now he was standing before the Holy Imperial Throne. It proved that Lin Feng was terrifyingly talented.

"He defeated Ji Chang in the Holy City, and now he's on the Holy Way Stage, it's a good thing for the Holy City's Champion University."

Someone smiled at Chu Chun Qiu and asked, "Chu Chun Qiu, what did you mean about the Saint's body?"

"The Holy Way Stage is or has been made using the body of a Saint. Each step has been created using a specific part of his body. For example, the second step has probably been made using his blood and bones, the third step his intent and so on…" Chu Chun Qiu explained slowly. People listened to him and looked surprised. It was just a bold guess, but it also made sense.

"What about the throne?" someone asked Chu Chun Qiu. If the Holy Way Stage was made of a Saint's body, then what about the throne?

"The saint's soul," Chu Chun Qiu said emotionlessly. The crowd s.h.i.+vered and looked back at Lin Feng. He was standing there, tall and silent. After a long time, Lin Feng finally turned around. His robe fluttered in the wind as he sat down on the throne.

Boom boom boom…!

At that moment, the earth and sky started shaking violently, like an earthquake was happening.

"What's going on?" The crowd looked around in astonishment. Was everything going to collapse?

At that moment, the women of the Holy Spirit Dynasty all looked astonished. They were all shaking, too. They fell down on their knees, staring at the Holy Spirit Stage.

At that moment, a terrifying Qi emerged in the Holy Spirit Dynasty's territory. Their whole territory was shaking as it came forth.

PMG Chapter 2005

Chapter 2005: Ancient War

The crowd was trembling. The geniuses were all staring at Lin Feng and taking deep breaths. Lin Feng was seated on the Holy Imperial Throne! He wasn't even known for having a king-type body or anything!

"What are they doing?" asked someone who noticed that the beautiful women of the Dynasty were on their knees and looking at the Holy Way Stage. What did that throne mean for the Holy Spirit Dynasty? Was there something secret going on? They had activated the Holy Way Stage and invited geniuses, what was the reason?

A fairyland appeared. There were many strong cultivators present, and their Qi was astonis.h.i.+ng.

One of them looked at the crowd and said calmly, "Today, we invited many geniuses over, but now the event is over. Please leave."

They were kicking out their guests?

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was seated on the throne and the Holy Spirit Dynasty was kicking out guests? Many people hadn't tried their chance with the Holy Way Stage yet. They were very annoyed. However, they knew they couldn't go as far as Lin Feng.

"See you," said some people, glancing at Lin Feng one last time before leaving.

Princess Piao Xue and the others didn't leave. Princess Piao Xue looked at the strong cultivator in the sky and said, "Master, Lin Feng is our guest, I'm from the Tianci Dynasty. We're waiting for him here."

"Piao Xue, little girl, don't worry, we won't steal your guests. We'll bring him back. Please go back," the strong cultivator said to her. Piao Xue's eyes glittered, she wasn't rea.s.sured at all.

"I'm staying here." said Meng Qing slowly.

The strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty looked at Meng Qing and said, "Who are you to him?"

"His wife. I follow Lin Feng everywhere," Meng Qing replied evenly.

"Alright, you can stay," said the strong cultivator dismissively.

"Meng Qing, be careful," Hou Qing Lin said to Meng Qing. Meng Qing nodded back.

Piao Xue, Hou Qing Lin, and the others all departed. Even if the Holy Spirit Dynasty wanted to do anything bad to Lin Feng, n.o.body could protect him. But they were also convinced that the Holy Spirit Dynasty wouldn't harm Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng had closed his eyes. He had the impression that he was traveling back in time.

He turned into a spirit and appeared in the ancient days. This was the Dynasty of the old times, when they were truly powerful.

There were wrecked buildings everywhere.

"Qi Tian Dynasty, when the Dynasties were one. They will always exist, however," said a voice in Lin Feng's mind. It sounded like an old man's voice, it was similar or maybe even the same as the voice he had heard when he was on the stage. The man sounded sad…

Before Lin Feng, apart from Dynasties, there were many powerful cultivators. They were all fighting, everything was being crushed around them. Fists and energies kept colliding…

Such powerful spells, there are some spells I've never even imagined, thought Lin Feng, shaken at the sight. He saw a cultivator punch another one, his fist transformed ninety-nine times. The earth and sky kept shaking as gigantic craters appeared. Had those cultivators transcended worldliness?

However, Lin Feng didn't sense any Qi. He was just watching…

"All the emperors cohabited. That's why the Dynasty was so powerful. They didn't want it to disappear. However, at some point, it destroyed that harmony. Cultivators want power, and Saints are no exceptions. They live so long, sometimes they feel like they're suffocating. Their only pleasure is to see their children and grandchildren grow up."

Lin Feng heard the voice again. Lin Feng had compa.s.sion, he felt a bit sad. Indeed, being so old and seeing society change all the time was sad.

What was the "it" which had destroyed that harmony, though?

"It made everything change. It allowed everybody to have hope again. However, all the Saints also started having explosive battles. Everybody started attacking one another. They all wanted power and control. n.o.body won the battle, so they stopped. Then their descendants started fighting to avenge their ancestors, and the Saints realized they had made a mistake," the man sighed.

It was the same sigh Lin Feng had heard in the outside world. The Saints regretted the battle they had sealed in historical remains. They had hoped their descendants would solve the issue, but in the end, it didn't work.

"The Saints knew that remorse couldn't change anything, so they destroyed everything except for a few historical remains, such as the Holy Way Stage you are on. I left it. So many years have pa.s.sed and now you're here."

When Lin Feng heard that, his heart started pounding. Lin Feng had had the impression he was facing a real Saint, was it the case?

"The Holy Way Stage is my body, my blood, my soul. Only the throne can grant someone access to this place where you can watch the ancient war. Since you came here, you will also become a Holy King someday. You've probably never had doubts about that, or you wouldn't be here.

"I don't know whether you're my descendant, a member of my Dynasty, or… of course, I don't know whether the Holy Spirit Dynasty still exists or not, but in any case you're lucky to be here. If my Dynasty still exists, please wish them the best. If you're from my Dynasty, then it's even better."

Lin Feng's heart was pounding. All the historical remains of Qi Tian Holy Town had been left by the Saints?

To activate those historical remains, cultivators need to be incredibly talented, they needed to have the potential to become peerless cultivators?

"Alright, I will put the battle in your memories. Learn from it. And I, I will never return," said the voice. Lin Feng suddenly remembered the ancient war in agonizing detail. He had the sensation his head was going to explode, and he trembled at the force of it.

In the outside world, the strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were all staring at Lin Feng, their hearts pounding. All the Saints had fallen back in the days during the great war, and many of their descendants had died too. Some historical remains had even been destroyed. Many people had tried to activate the historical remains for a long time, but they had always failed.

And today, someone from abroad, a genius, had done it!

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