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PMG Chapter 2012

Chapter 2012: Chu Chun Qiu Secret

“It’s a brutal world. There are terrifying beasts who are cruel and bloodthirsty. They look extremely strong too,” Hou Qing Lin noted calmly. This mysterious world was dangerous. They were not going to be bored!

“Let’s go.” said Princess Piao Xue. Their group of people started killing the beasts too.

Lin Feng used punches, his fists dazzling and as sharp as swords. A Holy Spirit appeared and cut through the air, his empty s.p.a.ce Holy Spirit!

A bear with gigantic wings roared in a thundering rage, as big as a gigantic mountain with domineering Qi.

“Argh…” a horrible shriek spread out. Lin Feng punched the bear’s lower body, which exploded. Lin Feng continued moving forwards. He jumped up and punched the bear’s head, which exploded as well. Then, the bear’s body fell down and crashed onto the ground with a crus.h.i.+ng shockwave.

What an incredible physical strength, thought Piao Xue. She was also fighting against beasts, but watching Lin Feng near her once in a while. Lin Feng’s attacks were awesome!

Lin Feng also paid attention to Piao Xue, and the way she controlled water and golden energies. At that moment, she had released a water dragon, which was destroying beasts one after another. When her water dragon attacked them, they turned into ice and then were destroyed by its claws.

“Your sword attacks are so fast!” Piao Xue said to Jian Mang. Jian Mang was moving faster than the eye could follow. He was also a medium-level emperor, but he had an advanced understanding of light Dao. Fighting against these beasts wasn’t a problem for him at all.

In the distance, a brutal Qi rose up into the air. Lin Feng frowned. What kind of world was this? There were so many beasts. This world had been sealed for such a long time, and there were so many powerful bloodthirsty beasts everywhere.

“This is a beast territory. Staying here is pointless. Kill them as fast as possible,” said Piao Xue while killing beasts. Lin Feng released more Holy Spirits and attacked beasts one after another, trying to kill them as fast as possible.

Prince Chen and Prince Yan were also terrifyingly strong. The middle-aged emperors sent by the Tianci Dynasty were also stupefyingly strong. Together, killing all these beasts wasn’t a problem at all. If the princes and princesses had come alone, it wouldn’t have been so easy. They would have been destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Finally, Lin Feng and the others were surrounded only by blood. There was an ocean of corpses and dispersing b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi behind them. Prince Chen and Prince Yan were already heading in different directions.

“Let’s go. Outside of that desolate place must be the real ancient battlefield. It has probably become a real world. There might be many strong cultivators there. We must be very careful, I’ve heard that those people are terrifyingly strong,” said Princess Piao Xue. They all flew ahead at their best speed.

At the same time, another group of people was killing beasts and moving forwards. Chu Chun Qiu, the other members of the Celestial G.o.dly University, as well as the members of the Dynasty, dispersed. Chu Chun Qiu looked around.

“The geniuses from the Dark Night Region are incredible,” murmured Chu Chun Qiu. At that moment, his Qi was das.h.i.+ng to the skies, and he looked like a king.

In the distance, two people noticed and came over to him. When they saw him they called out, “Chu Chun Qiu!”

Chu Chun Qiu was the strongest emperor of the Holy City. Even in comparison with the geniuses of the Dynasties, he could be considered extremely strong, therefore many people recognized him.

Chu Chun Qiu sensed that some people were coming towards him and turned around. When he saw them, he looked at them as if he had seen two prey. The two geniuses’ hearts started pounding violently.

“Chu Chun Qiu, what’s wrong?” asked the cultivators when they saw that Chu Chun Qiu was looking at them icily. One of them grunted.

“I’m here to kill people,” replied Chu Chun Qiu icily. Then, he moved in an eyeblink.

“Argh…” Sky Absorbing intent straightforwardly dashed to the skies, a strong wind started blowing, and those two men’s wills shook violently. Their faces turned deathly pale. They released their Qi, but Chu Chun Qiu opened his third eye, strength emerged from it and penetrated into the third eye of one of those cultivators. Then, Chun Qiu turned to the other one and punched him, his punch making heaven and earth shake. An endless amount of King Intent filled the air and destroyed everything in its path. The cultivator’s face turned deathly pale.

A terrifying strength slammed down on him. Chu Chun Qiu landed on the ground, surrounded by a vortex which absorbed everything. He grabbed that cultivator.

His gigantic hand made the man’s soul shake violently, he felt tiny next to those energies. Chu Chun Qiu grabbed him and held him in his hands and stared at him as if he were looking at an ant, destroying his willpower. The man shrank to a tiny size and then moved towards Chu Chun Qiu’s third eye. Chu Chun Qiu absorbed him completely.

The other one was astonished and horrified. Chu Chun Qiu charged towards him.

After a short time, he ended up like the other one, Chu Chun Qiu absorbed him completely.

Chu Chun Qiu looked expressionless. He gazed into the distance, his face aggressive and brutal. His silhouette flickered and he left.

If Lin Feng had been there, he would have realized that Chu Chun Qiu had been hiding his real strength the whole time…


Lin Feng and the others arrived in a city. Lin Feng was surprised because there were many ruins, n.o.body had fixed them up. The city looked even older because of it…

“So many years have pa.s.sed since the ancient battlefield. As expected, it’s a microcosm, there were human beings and beasts left behind here,” said Lin Feng, glancing around. Many people raised their heads and looked at them coldly.

“Princess Luo Xue, only emperors came in here, but how strong are people in this world? Are there people who have levels higher than the Huang Qi layer?” asked Lin Feng.

“There aren’t human beings of the Di Qi layer here, but there are living beings of the Di Qi layer,” replied Princess Piao Xue.

Lin Feng was startled and asked, “Beasts?”

“No, living beings, there are some people who look like people, but they aren’t people. In this world, people can’t be of the Di Qi layer, but some ent.i.ties can. They remain in the form of spirits. The Holy Emperor warned us, we have to be extremely cautious,” said Princess Piao Xue. Lin Feng was astonished.

“Body Capture?!” murmured Lin Feng.

“Indeed. When they break through to the Di Qi layer, they die, so if they see us, they will be very interested,” said Princess Piao Xue. Everybody nodded. They had to be careful!

PMG Chapter 2013

Chapter 2013: Powerful Spirits

“Let’s go into the city. The historical remains are at the heart of this world. There are many castles and buildings with many things in them, but they are protected by powerful spirits,” Princess Piao Xue said to Lin Feng. Everybody’s silhouettes flickered as they moved ahead.

“Many historical remains must still exist inside. This world probably has many castles.” said Lin Feng.

“Indeed, many. Each castle is guarded by powerful spirits, though.”

“Why don’t the spirits leave?” asked Lin Feng.

“They can’t get out. And if human beings left this world, they would be killed easily, so they prefer staying here.” said Princess Piao Xue. Human beings were too weak compared to people in the outside world, they were well aware of that.

“Why don’t spirits capture people’s bodies and leave?” wondered Lin Feng indifferently. Some people looked at them icily. Lin Feng realized that people in here were really strong. They were all emperors. They looked bloodthirsty and ferocious, like animals.

“Let’s go to a castle guarded by spirits. I hope we can find some historical remains there,” said Princess Piao Xue. Lin Feng and the others looked at her strangely.

Hou Qing Lin said, “Since spirits are of the Di Qi layer and want to capture our bodies, why go and provoke them? It’s too dangerous.”

“They don’t have bodies. They have the strength of great emperors, but they are not aware. We have vitality, vigor, and a consciousness. If we join hands, we can crush them easily. They can’t act recklessly against us,” said Princess Piao Xue.

Lin Feng and the others suddenly heard music. Following it, they progressively descended from the sky.

“What a sad music,” said Lin Feng when he heard it. It was very melancholic. He almost had tears in his eyes.

After a short time, Lin Feng landed on a tower and glanced around. He saw many buildings. In the middle of them, there was a person seated cross-legged by a lake, playing music.

The person’s body was transparent. Only their music was eternal, not their corporeal body. He was alone.

“Great Imperial spirit.” Princess Piao Xue was stupefied. A spirit, not a person.

“His music is his life. He feels lonely, he has forgotten what it means to have friends.”

“That spirit is stuck in this world, it’s so sad.”

“Don’t let him fool you. Ent.i.ties which live in this world are cruel and bloodthirsty, they have no empathy,” said Princess Piao Xue. Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin nodded as they came back to their senses. They had almost gotten hypnotized by the music.

“Dear friends, you have come from so far away. Why don’t you come over here?” said the young man in a low voice. Lin Feng and the others were stupefied. They wanted to leave, but instead saw another group of people.

“Prince Yan’s people…” Lin Feng recognized w.a.n.g Jian. They were there, too.

At that moment, Prince Yan looked at Lin Feng and the others. His eyes glittered. Then, he looked at the central plaza and he rose up into the air.

However, at that moment, the music changed and a terrifying music pierced through their eardrums. The music turned into arrows which moved towards everyone to kill them.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched as they all released Qi. The arrows couldn’t pierce through but suddenly, many human silhouettes appeared and turned to look at them. They all looked bloodthirsty and violently intense.

A black death energy rolled out, shaking the air. The spirit’s energies corroded the atmosphere and charged towards Lin Feng. His soul shook violently.

Lin Feng’s robe fluttered in the wind. His blood felt as if it was going to explode.

“Argh…” Lin Feng roared in a thundering rage. It felt like the ground was about to collapse.

Hou Qing Lin also sensed the danger. “So many spirits! The one who plays the zither controls them and turns them into deadly weapons!”

Those spirits were incredibly strong.

Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation energy, which was very efficient against spirits. Many of them disappeared instantly. Jian Mang’s sword lights killed anything, human beings or spirits.

Their group killed the spirits one after another. Lin Feng’s blood Qi shot up into the sky. A demon king appeared behind him, while he looked like a demon himself. He also released terrifying cosmic energies.

Prince Yan and the others also reacted and started attacking the spirits. They drew closer and closer to the great imperial spirit.

The zither continued playing sadly. The strange young man lowered his head and said calmly, “Everybody, you’ve all come from so far away, you don’t know what it feels like to be lonely.”

“You know why we’re here,” spoke up a strong cultivator next to Prince Yan.

“No rush. The historical remains won’t run away. There aren’t enough people,” said the man indifferently.

“There are historical remains in this castle?” asked Prince Yan.

“Of course. Otherwise, why I would I guard it?” replied the great imperial spirit.

“I see. So, Your Excellency, can you lead the way?” asked Prince Yan.

“It’s not that easy. You have to pay for that.”

“You want us to do something for you?” asked w.a.n.g Jian icily.

“Indeed,” said the spirit nodding.

“What?” Prince Yan asked calmly. The great imperial spirit could easily find the historical remains but they couldn’t trust him. According to legends, they were extremely violent and bloodthirsty. How could a spirit possibly cooperate with them?

“Help me obtain a city, and then I’ll take you to the historical remains. That way, you’d be able to obtain the historical remains of two places!” said the spirit calmly.

“You want us to kill one another, right?” someone divined icily. When people came to this world, they first wanted to find cities and buildings to find historical remains. This spirit wanted them to kill other people to conquer other places.

“You are too naive. In this place, there are nine castles, and each castle is guarded by a spirit, like me. Since you’re here, if we don’t conquer their territories, they will come and conquer this one. They’ll fight against us. Don’t forget your goal,” the spirit replied coldly.

Lin Feng and the others s.h.i.+vered. The Dynasties had invited so many strong cultivators because they didn’t want battles to happen between their people. They had been sending people to that mysterious world for such a long time, they probably already knew those things.

“Why do you need castles?”

“He wants to expand his power. He can absorb the strength of other spirits. All the spirits who guard castles must be of the Di Qi layer. They want to use us to achieve their goals,” explained Princess Piao Xue.

“Well, if spirits come invade this place, we can help them absorb that guy and then we can ask them to lead the way, right?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. The man looked at Lin Feng icily. A terrifying strength suddenly surrounded him.

Lin Feng had the sensation his blood was going to explode. He raised his fist and punched out, many Holy Spirits appearing and attacking with him. They charged towards the spirit. He grunted icily and played the zither even louder. Suddenly, many spirits converged towards Lin Feng!

Lin Feng rose up into the air and kept attacking with Holy Spirits. The spirits all exploded. The spirit said to Prince Yan and the others, “Kill him, or you won’t have access to my historical remains.”

PMG Chapter 2014

Chapter 2014: Ancient Historical Remains

Prince Yan looked at the spirit and said indifferently, “He’s right. If we kill you, it’ll be easier.”

The spirit smiled evilly as if he had heard a joke. “A bunch of r.e.t.a.r.ds. I’ve seen many naive people like you, and in the end, they died in tragic circ.u.mstances.”

Then, he suddenly became distorted and turned to smoke. Lin Feng and the others frowned.

That spirit is extremely dangerous, thought Lin Feng frowning. Then, he said, “Let’s go and search ourselves.”

“Yes,” the others nodded. They could only rely on themselves. Some people released their G.o.dly awareness and inspected the area. They had the sensation the castle was empty.

“Get down.” At that moment, they lowered their heads and saw a spirit who had no Qi.

They asked him, “Are there historical remains in the nine castles?”

The spirit raised his head and looked at Lin Feng and the others respectfully, nodding.

“Where are they?”

“I don’t know, only the guardians know,” replied the spirit.

“Why are there no human beings in the castles?” asked Princess Piao Xue icily.

“Human beings?” The spirit looked terrified, his mouth twitched, he didn’t dare talk about that.

“Speak!” said Princess Piao Xue. She looked scary.

The spirit looked scared, suddenly rose up into the air and said, “I don’t know.”

“You want to die!” said an old man who was in their group to the spirit. However, at that moment, they heard a zither, a death spear appeared, and the Dynasty’s old man moved back. The spear plunged into the spirit and it disappeared.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and gazed into the distance. The spirit smiled at them coldly, “I’m a king in this castle. If you don’t respect me, you won’t have access to the historical remains.”

“Let’s go outside the city and look around,” said Lin Feng icily. Their group started leaving. The spirit pulled a long face.

Lin Feng and the others appeared outside and saw many humans. Lin Feng landed in front of a middle-aged man and asked, “Your Excellency, why are there no human beings in the castles? Are they afraid of spirits?”

“Foreigners?” asked the man indifferently.

Lin Feng nodded. They knew that spirits could steal people’s bodies. Was that the reason why human beings were scared to go there?

“Great Imperial spirits can absorb people’s blood Qi. They can use people to create spirits, which they control and use to attack. However, if they don’t have a body, they rely on their castles. It might be linked to the historical remains, but I’m not sure. The stronger they are, the stronger their spiritual slaves are. They can’t leave their castles, however. When they become strong enough, they can use body capture. You’re from abroad, be careful and take care,” said the person politely, but indifferently.

He left. He didn’t feel like talking to Lin Feng too much.

The man looked sinister. If Lin Feng and his friends hadn’t been extremely strong, he wouldn’t have paid any attention to them.

Lin Feng and the others gazed into the distance. Some people looked back at them with dark intentions. Great Imperial Spirits were terrifying and sly. They could absorb people’s blood to become stronger, and they wanted the outsiders to fight against one another. However, the outsiders had to find a solution if they wanted to access the historical remains. Great Imperial Spirits didn’t care about anything or anyone, they were ready to kill other spirits and human beings.

They just wanted to become stronger and stronger, that was their only purpose.

“You have no other choice,” said someone loudly. Lin Feng turned around and saw a gigantic face in the sky. It was the evil spirit. He smiled coldly, “Come back. If you don’t help me kill the intruders, they will kill you. You have no choice.”

The evil spirit disappeared. Lin Feng and the others pulled long faces.

“Sorry, my knowledge is limited. We can come to the mysterious world every hundred years only,” said Princess Piao Xue apologetically.

“No problem. Let nature take its course. Let’s go back.” said Lin Feng icily.

“Go to the city? And kill the other invaders?” asked Princess Piao Xue to Lin Feng.

“We can crush that stupid thing and then look for the historical remains, we’ll find them sooner or later,” said Lin Feng, releasing terrifying energies. The Princess shuddered with dread.

They headed for the castle, the spirit was waiting for them. He said indifferently, “Have you made a decision?”

Lin Feng jumped forwards, his eyes turned pitch-black, death intent rose up into the air. The evil spirit grunted icily, startled at the sudden attack. He started playing the zither again.

However, at the same time, Lin Feng’s blood started boiling. Flames appeared as he started s.h.i.+ning with power. A fire Holy Spirit appeared in the air and turned into a sun sword. A death demon Holy Spirit also appeared and glanced around. Lin Feng threw himself at the evil spirit.

“You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad!” snarled the evil spirit. Silhouettes appeared and charged Lin Feng.

“Wisdom King Holy Spirit!” Lin Feng opened his third eye and five Wisdom Kings appeared. They looked wrathful as they attacked the spirits. Imprints crashed down onto the evil spirit.

“Die!” Lin Feng raised his fist and the five Holy Spirits continued crus.h.i.+ng the evil spirits. A dazzling sharp sword appeared and streaked across the sky, splitting heaven and earth.

The sword cut the evil spirit, and many spirits flew towards Lin Feng

“You’ll die!” shouted a voice. Princess Piao Xue and the others tried to chase him but suddenly, a mist appeared and turned into millions of threads. The evil spirit disappeared within.

“Without him leading the way, it won’t be easy to find the correct path,” said one of Princess Piao Xue’s guards.

“Since there are nine palaces, I’m sure the other guardians know where historical remains are. If they don’t lead the way, we’ll just kill them all and then we’ll bring natives to help us find them,” said Lin Feng icily.

The old men s.h.i.+vered. The Imperial Concubine had a good sense of judgement. Lin Feng was really strong and smart. Even though the evil spirit wasn’t too strong, he was still a great emperor, really strong with a powerful soul. However, the five Wisdom Kings had oppressed him and he hadn’t withstood a single attack.

Lin Feng and the others continued flying. Prince Yan and the others suddenly returned. Prince Yan asked Princess Piao Xue, “Did you kill the spirit?”

“He wouldn’t have led the way anyway,” replied Princess Piao Xue.

“Stupid! Don’t you know that without him, we probably won’t find the entrance? We should have only oppressed him a little bit!” Prince Yan said icily.

“Prince Yan, Princess Piao Xue is from the Tianci Dynasty, watch your words!” said an old man next to Princess Piao Xue.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who do you think you are to talk to me?” spat Prince Yan impolitely.

“I decided to kill the evil spirit,” said Lin Feng calmly.

Prince Yan slowly turned to Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, even though you have been invited by the Tianci Dynasty, you better not ruin my plans.”

“I do whatever I want, I am not your servant. Don’t try to play smart with me,” retorted Lin Feng icily.

Prince Yan stared at Lin Feng, remaining silent for a few seconds and said icily, “You better find the historical remains.”

“You better talk to me in a different way,” replied Lin Feng. Prince Yan and the others faces stiffened. An invisible and intangible oppressive strength began to build.

“Brother, we’ve just arrived, and we need to find the historical remains,” said Princess Piao Xue broke in icily.

Prince Yan glanced at her and said icily, “Let’s go.”

They continued flying towards the center of the nine castles here. Everybody was looking for the historical remains!

PMG Chapter 2015

Chapter 2015: Incredible Sword

The evil spirit was in the central part of his territory, he had been injured by Lin Feng’s sword Qi. He needed to absorb human beings to recover his pure Qi. If those people continued collaborating, he’d die forever.

When he thought about that, he started to leave the area. However, a group of people arrived at that moment. The leader of the group was an old man in black clothes. When he saw the evil spirit’s Qi, he smiled sinisterly.

“Where are you going?” the old man in black clothes asked icily.

“Why do you care?” replied the evil spirit, equally icily.

The old man in black clothes smiled even more nastily and said, “Everybody, I’ll injure him, and we’ll take his castle. He can’t protect the historical remains anymore.”

“You…” the evil spirit’s turned deathly pale. He hated Lin Feng. If he had known they’d cooperate no matter what, he wouldn’t have taken the actions he had…

The wind roared with a thundering rage, carrying a rolling Qi. Blood strength filled the air. One of those strong cultivators raised his fist and struck out in the evil spirit’s direction.

The evil spirit turned to smoke again. However, he was already weakened.

“Where are you going?” asked the evil old man. The group chased the smoke. The old man released a black imprint and stamped the smoke. The smoke disappeared, but not the black imprint.

The old man laughed frantically. Without him, they were sure they were going to die in the historical remains…

Lin Feng and the others ran and saw a group of people chasing smoke. They were startled at the sight.

“Capture it! That black smoke is the evil spirit!” shouted the old man in black clothes to Lin Feng and the others. Lin Feng ran after the black smoke, releasing his dozen Holy Spirits. A terrifying sword Qi also streaked across the sky.

“Appear!” said Lin Feng icily.

The evil spirit appeared again, looking exhausted. Half of his transparent body had disappeared, and he was looking more and more like an illusion. Lin Feng released sword intent, the evil spirit was terrified.

“Where are the historical remains?” demanded Lin Feng icily.

“Block them and I’ll take you there!” said the evil spirit icily.

In response, whistling sounds grew, caused by Lin Feng’s sword energies.

“I’ll tell you, the historical remains are under the lake, there’s a seal there, I can open it. Help me block them and I’ll take you there,” said the evil spirit hastily. Lin Feng and the others gazed into the distance. There were many buildings. The lake the evil spirit was talking about was the lake where he was playing the zither a moment before. No wonder they hadn’t found it. Lin Feng had actually inspected the water with his G.o.dly awareness, but hadn’t found anything.

“Who can open the seal?” asked the man in black clothes. The evil spirit looked terrified. He wanted to escape, but the man in black clothes released a terrifying curtain of black energies to envelope him.

Lin Feng’s sword energies disappeared. He didn’t save the evil spirit. He had unceasingly been trying to fool them.

The man in black clothes laughed frantically and said, “How awesome! If I can absorb a few more evil spirits, that’d be awesome! Everybody, help me attack the castles, I’ll tell you where all the historical remains are! Now, let’s injure these people badly, but don’t kill them, I need them!”

He slowly rose up into the air. The old man in black clothes was also an evil spirit, and not only did he want to absorb the other evil spirits, but he also wanted geniuses.

“Tianci Dynasty, Princess Piao Xue,” said a young man icily.

“Prince Damo, we should join hands to oppress the evil spirits and force them to tell us where the historical remains are, then we can kill them.” said Princess Piao Xue indifferently.

“I want to help him, he’ll tell me where the historical remains of the nine castles are. Why would I kill him?” said Prince Damo icily.

“You think he’ll help you?” said Prince Piao Xue. Prince Damo was one of two princes from the Great Desert Dynasty. They had invited extremely strong cultivators from Tian Yuan Ancient City’s Yunxiao University and some strong cultivators from Ancient Holy Clans. Lin Feng noticed some people he knew: s.h.i.+ Yun Feng and w.a.n.g Zhong. Another one of them looked at Lin Feng icily, but Lin Feng didn’t know him.

“Who are you?” Lin Feng asked that person.

“Heaven Clan, Cang Ye!” said that person icily. Lin Feng remembered the Heaven Clan, and wasn’t surprised. He had killed so many people from the Heaven Clan back in the day. He had even exchanged the indestructible DevMara skill with them back then. Lin Feng didn’t know how well they could use such a skill. If someone wasn’t strong enough, giving them such a powerful skill was useless, and even dangerous for them.

The prince of the Great Desert Dynasty smiled coldly when he heard Princess Piao Xue. “Even if we can’t get the nine castles, this one should be fine.”

“No wonder the evil spirit said we had no choice, there are so many morons. You think those evil spirits are stupid? If you don’t kill them when you have the chance, do you think they’ll let you off?” Princess Piao Xue spat icily.

“Princess Piao Xue, you talk too much. Since you’re from the Tianci Dynasty, I’ll give you an opportunity, fight on our side and we’ll let your people off. Then, we will head to the other castles.” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince indifferently.

“We can’t be your allies,” replied Princess Piao Xue icily.

“Since it’s that way, I don’t need to be polite!” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince grimly.

“You think you’re smart, but you’re ridiculous.” said Lin Feng mockingly, releasing a Holy Spirit. The others frowned. A Holy Spirit? That was a technique used by the Holy Spirit Dynasty. But Lin Feng had several Holy Spirits, and they were all really strong!…

When all the Holy Spirits transformed, the air began to hum. Lin Feng also released sword energies, his whole aura like an indestructible sword.

He absorbed threads of sword intent. The crowd sensed several sorts of cosmic energies. The cosmic energies condensed in those Holy Spirits and his sword became even more terrifying.

“If anyone makes a step forwards, I’ll kill them!” said Lin Feng aggressively. His sword emitted whistling sounds and moved towards the black evil spirit.

The evil spirit grunted icily. He raised his hands and broke the sword strength. However, the crowd was stupefied because Lin Feng’s sword intent was incredible and explosive.

“Lin Feng managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage, it proves that he’s talented, but it doesn’t prove he’s strong!” shouted the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince.

“Since it’s that way, I’ll show you!” sneered Lin Feng mockingly.

“Anyone want to see how strong Lin Feng is? Why don’t you try?” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince icily. Cang Ye released terrifying Heaven Dao power, bearing down with it as he ran forwards. Sword intent appeared in front of him, crackling with power.

“Brother Cang Ye is the strongest emperor of the Heaven Clan. He’s not weaker than Ji Chang. Let’s see how strong Lin Feng is,” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince indifferently. Cang Ye was definitely powerful, truly not weaker than Ji Chang. However, Prince Damo said that because he wanted Cang Ye to use his full strength. Since Prince Damo had complimented him, Cang Ye had to be strong. Lin Feng couldn’t kill Cang Ye, there were too many people who supported him there.

Cang Ye jumped forwards, his Heaven Dao power filling the air, breaking Lin Feng’s sword Qi apart. Cang Ye smiled coldly, “I already have the advantage, you can’t kill me!”

Just as Cang Ye finished talking, a terrifying sword energy rose up. It was extremely fast, striking like lightning. It contained wind, empty s.p.a.ce, earth, fire and cursing strength. Just the sound it made as it cut the air felt like it was slicing through their souls!

Cang Ye’s face turned deathly pale. He shouted furiously. Heaven strength swelled around him. However, it was all useless. The sword cut apart everything, sword lights appearing from his right foot to the left part of his head.

Suddenly, the air became very calm.

PMG Chapter 2016

Chapter 2016: Gloomy Historical Remains

Many people ran away at this display. After the sword lights pierced through Cang Ye, they continued moving past him.

The crowd saw buildings explode in the distance. How awesome!

The atmosphere became eerily silent as everyone looked at Cang Ye. There were the sound of an explosion, and a moment later Cang Ye’s body exploded. In midair, the multiple energies continued corroding the pieces of flesh and his body turned to ashes in midair. His group was astonished and shaken.

What kind of strength? So many cosmic energies, they thought, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s Holy Spirits twinkled and continued absorbing cosmic energies. Lin Feng’s grabbed his sword and said icily, “Prince Damo, why don’t you try fighting against me yourself?”

Prince Damo’s face stiffened. Lin Feng’s sword was deadly! Even Cang Ye hadn’t had time to react!

Even though Jian Mang hadn’t seen Lin Feng’s sword attack, he had sensed how terrifying it was; Lin Feng’s sword wasn’t any slower than his now, fast and explosive. He had also noticed, from the whistling sounds, that Lin Feng’s sword had traveled faster than sound. He had probably used soundwave energy, too. Jian Mang knew that Lin Feng was an incredible sword cultivator, and seemed to have learned a new skill on top of that!

“He only managed to kill one person, if you join hands, you can easily kill him,” prodded the evil spirit. Lin Feng raised his head to stare at the spirit, and sword intent dashed to the skies.

At the same time, in the distance, some splas.h.i.+ng sounds were heard. Prince Yan and his group, in the central part, had started attacking the lake to open it up. Water kept spraying spectacularly into the air.

A silhouette entered the lake. The crowd was angered: Prince Yan and the others were trying to steal the historical remains before everybody else!

“Let’s go!” Silhouettes flickered. Many people forgot about the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince. Those people were geniuses from powerful groups, they didn’t care about Prince Damo’s orders.

Prince Damo looked at Lin Feng icily and then continued flying away too. The old man in black clothes looked surprised. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they were going to look for historical remains just like that?

At that moment, Lin Feng was surrounded by sword determination which kept exploding. His energies dashed to the skies. The evil spirit turned into black smoke.

The sword sliced apart the black smoke and cut off a small part of it. Lin Feng rose up into the air and Holy Spirits roared in a thundering rage, continuing to absorb cosmic strength. Lin Feng continued releasing cosmic energies.

Lightning, fire, and death strength surrounded the evil black spirit. However, there was still a lot of black smoke. After a short time, a silhouette reappeared. The old man looked much weaker now. He shouted furiously and glared after Lin Feng ferociously.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He ruined my plan. Without absorbing human and spirits’ lives, I can’t become stronger. I don’t want to be a guardian my entire life. I want to access the historical remains!, thought the evil spirit. He glanced at the people who were trying to break the seal icily and thought, Go. Go in there and die. I’ll benefit from you people’s misfortune.

The spirit was convinced their death was going to be tragic. When the foreigners started breaking the seal, they were all very excited. It was an opportunity people had only every hundred years.

At that moment, Lin Feng and the others also arrived above the lake. The ancient seal was there. The stronger cultivators kept attacking it like madmen. Finally, they heard it cracking, and the seal started breaking. Rumbling spread out as the ground started shaking.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng and the others frowned. The castle was slowly starting to rise up into the air.

The crowd was frozen, watching all this. Very quickly, the castle turned into a country and Qi filled the air.

“Are there really historical remains under the ground?” Everybody was amazed. Some people started flying away. People outside of the castle looked at it sharply.

Some people opened the seal!, thought the crowd, shaking eagerly. For those people, the historical remains didn’t represent an opportunity. Some flew towards the entrance.

Lin Feng and the others looked at the Qi. They were sure that these historical remains were very old.

“Let’s go in,” said Lin Feng, flying towards the entrance. There was a pale light in the ancient historical remains. It was cold, and things hadn’t rotted.

“Be very careful, my mother warned me, those historical remains have been left by Saints and might be dangerous,” said Princess Piao Xue. Everybody nodded and released their G.o.dly awareness to inspect the area.

It was like another world inside. They had crossed a forest and then seen a mountain range. They all jumped onto a mountain.

“How dark, there are caves there,” noticed Lin Feng after glancing around. Lin Feng just had to make a step forwards and he’d be in a pit. They all contained a gloomy Qi.

“I have the sensation we’re being watched…” said Jian Mang. Everyone s.h.i.+vered at his words.

“I do too, but I can’t see anything with my G.o.dly awareness,” agreed Hou Qing Lin.

“Let’s not go in yet. Let’s first go and see what there is here,” said Lin Feng walking forwards.

Lin Feng and his friends weren’t the only ones there. Prince Yan, Prince Damo, and many others were there already. Prince Yan and his people were extremely careful. However, on Prince Damo’s side, someone was alone, a member of a Ancient Holy Clan. He was traveling alone in a desolate forest.

Suddenly, that person stopped walking, he turned around and saw a terrifying silhouette, moving towards him extremely fast.

“Die!” A terrifying Qi invaded the atmosphere. However, the silhouette didn’t fight against him, it grabbed his body and penetrated into him. They became one. Suddenly, he shouted explosively. His soul shook violently as if it were about to explode. His face became ferocious.

A horrible shriek broke the silence and echoed far away. The whole crowd s.h.i.+vered.

When that person came out of the forest, his eyes were extremely sinister.


Chu Chun Qiu was also in the historical remains. He had come in from another castle. The evil spirits had deceived everyone. There were pa.s.sages between the different castles, they were in those pa.s.sages. What the evil spirits wanted was these humans to kill one another.

Chu Chun Qiu was traveling alone, so the same thing happened to him. However, the consequences were completely different. When that silhouette tried to penetrate into his body, Chu Chun Qiu blocked him. His vitality and determination were incredible. The silhouette tried to escape, but Chu Chun Qiu had bound it. He immediately absorbed it entirely. The exact opposite had happened!

PMG Chapter 2017

Chapter 2017: Sword Determination Which Never Disperses

Lin Feng and the others also heard the shout, which startled them. The historical remains were gloomy, and everyone felt cold.

“Someone has run into danger. The historical remains are even scarier than we thought, it seems. We didn’t even hear a battle,” said Princess Piao Xue. The ancient Qi in that place made everyone feel uncomfortable.

Even though they were scared, they continued moving forwards. The place was extremely vast. It wasn’t merely as big as the castle.

“There’s someone in front of us,” said Jian Mang. He was blind, therefore his other perceptions were more acute than the others.

“Are you sure?” asked Lin Feng. He had seen some smoke pa.s.s quickly, but it was so fast that he wasn’t sure.

“I sensed blood Qi. I shouldn’t be wrong,” said Jian Mang evenly. Lin Feng and the others released their G.o.dly awareness and inspected the area.

“It will be extremely difficult to find anything here, especially since these historical remains were left by the Saints in the ancient past,” said Princess Piao Xue with a sigh. Every hundred years, people of their Dynasties came to that world, they had never stopped. They all hoped they would find their own ancestors’ vestiges. After the dismantling of the Qi Tian Dynasty, the Dynasties had never had Saints again. The Saints had all disappeared together. They had never received the original legacy of their ancestors. They had never been able to practiced their incredible skills or spells, and they had never seen their ancestors. Maybe their ancestors had left small threads of soul in this world?

They had never found a way to become Saints because their ancestors, the Saints, had never come out. They were usually stuck when they became Holy Great Emperors, they couldn’t transcend worldliness.

There were half-Saints. They were extremely rare but they existed, they had already broken through, but not entirely.

Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing behind them. Lin Feng turned around and saw a gigantic black eagle, its claws pointed in their direction. The eagle spat out Qi with a horrible putrid stench like death.

Princess Piao Xue punched out in that direction. Water appeared, even as Jian Mang also released an incredible light sword.

The gigantic eagle caught Jian Mang’s sword with its claws. The sword sliced into the claws and the eagle gave out a horrible shriek, spinning away.

Lin Feng and the others continued moving forwards.

Suddenly, an old man appeared, stretched out his hand and the eagle fell onto his grasp.

“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned. The old man’s blood Qi was extremely powerful. He looked like a human being, but he also looked enigmatic and unfathomable. He was probably a great emperor already, but human beings couldn’t be great emperors in this world. Besides, what was he doing in the historical remains?

He didn’t look like someone who had come from outside, he looked like someone from the historical remains.

“Master, are you a human being or a spirit?” Lin Feng asked the old man.

However, the old man merely smiled darkly. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared as if he had never appeared.

“Was it a human being or a spirit?” People’s eyes glittered. Not far from Lin Feng, another group of people arrived: Prince Yan and his followers. When they saw that person disappear, they were astonished. Were there great emperors hiding in here? If that was the case, it wasn’t a good thing.

“Did you find anything?” Prince Yan asked Lin Feng and the others.

“And you, brother?” retorted Piao Xue for everyone.

Prince Yan looked at Piao Xue for a few seconds and then continued walking on, ignoring her.

Lin Feng also continued advancing. Danger came from all sides in this place. All those who were alone were attacked. Only those who stayed together were out of danger. The geniuses who had gone there were terrifying, so in groups, they were not easy to defeat, and the evil spirits didn’t dare attack them.

“There’s someone.” Lin Feng and the others gazed into the distance and saw a new group of people. Lin Feng knew one of them: Ji Chang!

“The Tianci Dynasty invited him and he’s staying with people from other Dynasties,” said Princess Piao Xue when she saw Ji Chang. She told Lin Feng, “There are some people from the He Clan, Tian Yuan Ancient City. The He Clan has several people who are disciples of the Fortune Shrine, some of them have the Fortune Shrine’s techniques. Even though the disciples aren’t as strong as the elders, they probably can find something.”

“He Clan.” Lin Feng remained silent. Back in the Holy City, he had heard of the He Clan. He knew that the Ying Clan had invited a member of the He Clan to come to use their Destiny Vision to find Mister Xiao. That’s how they had found out about Lin Feng and Ji Qing Song!

“Apart from Ji Chang, there are some other people. They’ve been invited by the Qin Dynasty, have you ever seen them?” asked Princess Piao Xue.

“I know Yin Gu Tian,” said Lin Feng. Yin Gu Tian’s arm had been regrown by some method. They had probably made great efforts to heal him.

“And there’s Ying Mo, Ying Cheng’s younger brother. You probably don’t know him because he doesn’t practice in the Holy City, he lives in Qi Tian Holy Town. He’s very famous here, he’s very strong,” said Princess Piao Xue. When those people finally noticed them, they looked at Lin Feng icily, especially Ji Chang.

Lin Feng looked indifferent. He said to Princess Piao Xue, “Let’s follow them, we might find something.”

Prince Yan had the same idea. They all followed the Qin Dynasty. There were some people from the He Clan, so they would have more chances to find things.

n.o.body knew where they were, so they wandered aimlessly. They arrived at the top of a mountain. The member of the He Clan looked at the mountain and said, “Raze that mountain to the ground.”

When he said that, everybody started attacking the mountain at the same time. Gigantic hands descended from the sky and crushed the mountain, explosions going off everywhere. The mountain started breaking apart.

Under the mountain, there was a hole.

“A cave!” the crowd exclaimed. Something shrieked through the air and one of their men jumped away, but a gigantic eagle appeared and grabbed him with its claws before flying away. Blood kept dripping from the sky and the cultivator kept giving off horrible shrieks.

“Is he inside?” Lin Feng and the others were astonished when they saw a hand come out of the cave. The old man slowly came out. He was still smiling evilly. The eagle came back and landed on the old man’s shoulder. Blood was dripping from the eagle’s beak.

That eagle is so fast!, thought the wary crowd.

“His clothes.” Someone had looked at the old man’s clothes carefully, They looked ragged, but actually, when looking closer, there were mysterious words and patterns on them.

“Is he from the old days?”

“Master, who are you?” someone asked the old man. The old man was just smiling. He stepped backwards and disappeared again.

“Who is he?”

“He looks like a human being. His Qi is incredible. However, his Qi doesn’t seem human, it seems ghostly.”

“There must be something in that cave,” said the member of the He Clan.

“I sensed something too. A powerful sword Qi.” said someone else. They were all staring at the cave. Some sword lights glittered inside, the sword Qi looked ancient, as if it had never dispersed. There was a skeleton lying underneath it…

“Gigantic cave, mysterious old man, immortal sword Qi, skeleton.” The crowd shuddered with dread. Someone punched out, his attack moved straight into the cave. The walls of the cave exploded with a roar, and it became wider. However, the sword Qi didn’t disperse.

“What kind of sword intent is that? Does it belong to a Saint? It seems like it has not dispersed since the old days.”

How terrifying would it be if people could use it to kill?

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