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PMG Chapter 2024

Chapter 2024: Collapsing Sky

In the fog of the deployment spell, the strong cultivators had the impression they were in a dream. Deployment lights kept twinkling and undulating around them, and they felt strength condense.

"Break!" w.a.n.g Jian shouted icily. He waved his hand, and his spears thrust into the ground. He leapt away as golden marks appeared on the ground. It was like the deployment marks were about to break.

"Sky Destroying Weapon!" w.a.n.g Jian shouted furiously. He summoned weapons, and at the same time he attacked all parts of the deployment spell. There were rumbles of defiance, the deployment spell sounded like it was going to explode.

The others also used powerful attacks against the deployment spell.

At that moment, a powerful Death intent rose up and started eating away at their life force!

"Hmph!" someone grunted icily. Someone rose higher and released explosive and dazzling lightning bolts all around. Purple lights a.s.saulted the deployment spell as a strong wind started blowing.

Lin Feng was watching them coldly. All those people were all geniuses, relying solely on deployment strength to defeat them would be difficult.

Sword intent filled the air. The crowd saw millions of threads of light, raised their heads and shouted furiously.

However, the Death intent was also becoming ever more intense, their lives were being corroded. Faces started turning grey. Someone said icily, "We need to destroy the deployment spell as soon as possible, or we'll die!"

"We can also kill him, I'll use Star Dao to find Lin Feng inside the deployment spell!" someone spoke up. Dazzling Dao power filled the sky. A constellation appeared, and inside the deployment spell, people were suddenly marked by star imprints, including Lin Feng.

A destructive spear shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised by the move, but he released World of the Living Imprints to counter the attack.

"Freeze!" shouted someone icily. The death strength inside the deployment spell froze.

Lin Feng merely smiled coldly. The strong wind turned into a hurricane, and started moving out of the deployment spell.

"Get out of the deployment spell!" said Lin Feng. In a flash, Lang Ye, Hou Qing Lin, Meng Qing and he left the deployment spell. The enemies inside it lost track of him.

"Can the stars find him outside of the deployment spell?"

"The deployment spell contains illusion strength, the stars can find people inside. We can't find him outside, all we have to do is break the deployment spell!" said the Star Dao controller. A terrifying great imperial strength emerged. The crowd was startled. Someone was using a Great Imperial Weapon! People didn't care about anything else if they could get the skeleton!

Lin Feng looked at the deployment spell icily. He was furious. Surprisingly, someone dared use a Great Imperial Weapon!

Lin Feng took out his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, and his deployment spell started changing. Gigantic waves of energies gushed forth. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard became gigantic, and Lin Feng jumped atop it. His Death intent blotted out the sky and absorbed ever more power. At the same time, Lin Feng released two demon punches.

The strong wind roared violently. Lin Feng descended from the sky and penetrated into the demon spell, his demon punches striking out. The two gigantic punches were monstrously strong, and faces stiffened. They could sense that the death energies were becoming much stronger. At the same time, a death pattern was pressing down on them. Death lights twinkled around the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, and those trapped within looked increasingly desperate.

"Kill Lin Feng!" said someone icily. A gigantic black bell appeared, the Qi which emerged from it kept turning into threads of energies which looked like mahoragas. At the same time, Lin Feng released lightning, which fell onto them like a storm.

[Editor's Note: A mahorga is a type of Buddhist earth deity.]

Lin Feng moved around, his silhouette kept twinkling here and there on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Thunder rumbled darkly as death strength kept bearing down on the trapped men. They saw Lin Feng for a few seconds, he looked crazy as he used his Celestial Evolution Chessboard to even dodge their attacks!

Many of them were now surrounded by death Qi, and had the sensation they were losing control. Some of them started regretting having engaged in a battle with him, including the one with the Great Imperial Weapon.

Lin Feng released more Holy Spirit swords, and at the same time continued striking out with demon punches. He really wanted to kill these people, otherwise the same thing would happen over and over again. It would be too troublesome!

At that moment, w.a.n.g Jian took out a real spear. It was 33 chi long, and strength condensed around it.

{33 chi =~11 meters}

"Everybody, lend me your Imperial Weapons. We'll see if we can break his Celestial Evolution Chessboard!" w.a.n.g Jian said icily. He stretched his hand, suddenly, the atmosphere became even more oppressive and lights dazzled.

"Monarchic Long Spear!" People started handing w.a.n.g Jian their weapons. An ominous strength started gathering. Lin Feng suddenly turned around on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, rising up as the board began to hum beneath him.

In the deployment spell, all the Great Imperial Weapons condensed into a single gigantic sword, the atmosphere around it extremely domineering!

Even Lang Ye and the others sensed the terrifying strength. Lang Ye's face changed and he said, "It's a Monarchic Long Spear! Go into my Monarchic World Coffin!"

Lang Ye took out his world coffin, which descended from the sky. Lin Feng promptly took his Celestial Evolution Chessboard away, and jumped into the world coffin. Behind him, the air blew apart in a monstrous explosion. The deployment spell was torn apart as the world coffin disappeared. A light beam appeared and shot away into the sky.

The crowd was shaken. The geniuses had Great Imperial Weapons, but those were their trump cards, they usually didn't use them. Even to steal the skeleton they hadn't brought them out, because otherwise a great battle would have broken out, and the consequences could have been tragic. But now they had all taken out their Great Imperial Weapons to fight against Lin Feng!

However, the crowd didn't even have time to be surprised, as the cyan lights dashed to the skies. Their hearts were pounding, the sky seemed about to collapse.

The world coffin appeared somewhere else. Lin Feng was sitting atop it. He saw the fissure in the sky. No wonder Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian had told him not to fight against Ji Chang. People from Ancient Holy Clans had powerful trump cards to protect their lives, but they could also use them to kill other people.

"The Monarchic Spear is also called the King of Weapons. It is extremely powerful, created by condensing many other weapons together. It has an overwhelming power," murmured Lang Ye. At that moment, they were all looking at the hole in the sky. Crumbs kept falling from it, looking quite strange…

"The sky is collapsing. Maybe the Saints created this world back then?" wondered Lang Ye. He was astonished. Back then the Saints had fought a great war, had they created this place? What was going on?

And were the details only known to insiders? Who knew?

The sky kept falling apart. People stopped fighting and looked at the sky. An endless number of golden lights appeared up there, each such light curtain extremely sharp.

"There… it seems like there's someone up there!" The crowd was astonished as they stared at the golden lights. Someone had appeared up there! A black stone had also appeared, chains attached to it.

"Chains!" Lin Feng started trembling. What was going on?

"Was a Saint, or several, bound here?" murmured someone. The crowd was stunned. That wasn't really possible, was it? After the Saints' battle, they had sealed this world, how come some people were bound here? And who was that person in chains? What was their cultivation level?

PMG Chapter 2025

Chapter 2025: Ancient Saint?

"I have the impression that everyone is wrong," murmured Lang Ye. Lin Feng and the others looked at him.


"Back then, the elders of my clan said that when you're a saint, you become indestructible. Zun cultivators can use their blood to regenerate body parts. In the case of Saints, if they only have a drop of blood or a thread of soul left, they can survive. The only way to kill them is to destroy their soul so that it explodes into a million pieces, and that's impossible. The Saints couldn't possibly have sealed this world to die, there must be some behind-the-scenes story," said Lang Ye gravely. Lin Feng and the others could only mutter to themselves at his words.

Lin Feng had seen the ancient battle with his own eyes. Even though all the Saints were injured in the end, the battle hadn't ended. Had they really fallen? The ancestors had sealed this world for their descendants to come there every hundred years, it couldn't possibly be because they wanted to kill themselves. It was simply impossible!

What was that chained ent.i.ty? A terrifying demon?

"The Kasyapa Will which the skeleton contains might be the Kasyapa Saint's Will. If I'm not mistaken, all the Saints had remorse and sealed that world, maybe they didn't fight against one another, right? If the Saints didn't fight against one another, who fought against the Kasyapa Saint?" Lin Feng mused. He looked at Lang Ye and said, "Lang Ye, if you had taken out the world coffin first, you would have been able to protect the skeleton."

"Indeed, I think the same as you, that skeleton probably is the Kasyapa Saint. Who could have killed him to the point that he would have died and turned into a skeleton? I sensed his energies when I took it. However, it's useless to me. I don't need it. I want to see the other treasures. That skeleton will be more useful to others."

"Maybe in this place, there aren't real historical remains per se. Or maybe there are other places with real historical remains which belonged to the Saints."

At that moment, Princess Piao Xue slowly walked up to Lin Feng. He looked at her and said, "Princess Piao Xue, don't get too close to me."

"They aren't insane, they won't dare attack me," said Princess Piao Xue smiled.

Lin Feng nodded and asked, "Princess, have you ever heard of anything concerning this place in the Tianci Dynasty?"

Princess Piao Xue muttered to herself for a moment, looking thoughtful, before nodding and saying, "I have, actually. Many people have been to the historical remains, and each time, they see different things. We even have books in which people write some things."

"Have you ever seen those books?" asked Lin Feng.

"I have," Princess Piao Xue nodded. "It's supposed to be a secret of our Dynasty, we're not supposed to tell other people. The dark abysses, the chant valley, the emerald green forest, the golden mountain range, all those places are forbidden areas. The enchained spirits are envoys from h.e.l.l. This place might be the place I've been looking for."

Lin Feng was startled. The Ancestors had already realized that there were demon kings in this place, not only in the black hole, but also in the other locations. But there weren't really strong cultivators here, so if w.a.n.g Jian hadn't used his Monarchic Spear, the sky wouldn't have broken.

"Forbidden areas, so those forbidden areas might be places where the Saints have left historical vestiges, like the black hole."

"Maybe," Princess Piao Xue nodded.

Lin Feng glanced upwards, just as the gigantic enchained silhouette opened its eyes. His soul shook. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to be paralyzed if he looked at those eyes!

If that creature was as strong as the creature in the black hole, one breath and he could kill all of them!

There was an ear-splitting crack of thunder, the very s.p.a.ce shook, more fissures in the sky appeared, and the chains vibrated madly as the wind howled.

"Oh no, let's go!" said Lin Feng. His expression changed. Their group dove down and flew off into the distance.

The others also realized that something wrong was going on. If they stayed, they might die!

The violent windstorm was more and more intense and oppressive, the thunder rolling every louder. The earth and sky truly shaking violently.

Lin Feng turned around. The growing whirlwind was terrifying, n.o.body could escape from it.

"Get into the world coffin again!" said Lang Ye. The group of friends jumped into the world coffin and Lang Ye closed it, before streaking across the sky and disappeared from there. The other strong cultivators also used their Great Imperial Weapons to escape as quickly as they could!

An extremely loud voice roared out and made the sky shake. More fissures appeared in the sky, light s.h.i.+ning through them as shattering sounds filled the air. The chains kept shaking and vibrating.

Inside the black hole, something roared violently in response. More shattering sounds spread out, the rattle of the second pair of chains joining the first. People raised their heads, watching the chains keep vibrating. Those chains could bind even s.p.a.ce and light, but now…?

Lin Feng and the others arrived somewhere else. That world seemed to be isolated from the rest of the cosmos, a world which couldn't handle chaotic situations.

"Princess, when geniuses come every hundred years, apart from the few authentic forbidden areas, have they talked about other historical remains?" Lin Feng asked Piao Xue.

Piao Xue was surprised. She had not thought of that. People had been coming to the world for a long time, and they had probably inspected the most ordinary places already, but maybe some uninhabited places had been completely forgotten.

"Relying on our strength, we can't obtain historical remains anyway," said Piao Xue smiled wryly.

"However, back in the days when the Saints sealed the area, maybe that they were scared of something. I have the feeling that it could have something to do with the chained creatures. If those people break free, we might very well be doomed. I don't think those people could be the Saints, the Saints wouldn't have bound themselves," Lin Feng conjectured. The Ancestor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty had transmitted memories to Lin Feng and he had told him about "it"… What was "it"? Maybe it had something to do with the enchained people?

The wind moaned. Lin Feng turned around and saw a silhouette had somehow appeared behind him.

It was an old man. Lin Feng had seen him before, it was the old man who had appeared around the black hole. What was he doing here?

"You want to know the truth?" the old man finally asked. Lin Feng was startled, but nodded, "Master, if you can tell us, please do!"

"Come with me and you'll understand," said the old man pointing off in a direction. "The Saints couldn't have died that easily."

Lin Feng was intrigued. His friends and he glanced at one another and nodded, and followed the old man.


The mysterious old man took them to an altar, with pillars on both sides. There was a flight of stairs in front of it. A silhouette was seated cross-legged in front of the altar. That person had no life Qi, it was impossible to detect their presence.

Lin Feng stared at the mysterious silhouette, remaining vigilant.

The silhouette suddenly opened its eyes and looked at Lin Feng and the others, "A hundred years have pa.s.sed again."

"Who are you, Master?" Lin Feng asked suspiciously.

"Saint Tianhun, have you ever heard that name?" replied the old man evenly. Princess Piao Xue was astonished and frowned. The old man looked at her and smiled, "You've heard about me?"

"The ancestor of the Celestial Soul Dynasty! Are you really Saint Tianhun?"

"Celestial Soul Dynasty?" repeated the old man, and asked, "The Celestial Soul Dynasty must have been created by my descendants, are they all right?"

"They disappeared a long time ago…" replied Princess Piao Xue.

"Oh…" the Saint sighed. He looked extremely sad.

"Master, what are those enchained creatures? What happened at the end of the Saints' war in the ancient days?" asked Princess Piao Xue.

Saint Tianhun smiled and said, "Little girl, the enchained creatures are evil spirits. We sealed this world because of them. For that, we had to pay the price. Many of us died because of them. As for me, I had practiced broken soul strength, so I managed to stay alive."

When Lin Feng heard Saint Tianhun, he was astonished. Evil spirits? Lin Feng found it hard to believe. He had heard the Ancestor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he had told him that "it" had caused trouble. Saint Tianhun didn't mention "it" at all, he was talking about evil spirits?!

PMG Chapter 2026

Chapter 2026: The Gigantic Foot in the Valley

"Master, why did all the Saints fight a great war in the old days?" Lin Feng asked calmly.

Saint Tianhun looked at Lin Feng and replied, "We disagreed on many things, but we hadn't thought that the evil spirits would attack us at some point. The Qi Tian Dynasty was so powerful that we could have easily killed them, we wouldn't have just sealed this world. Now, they are starting to recover. If they break free, you will notice it quite quickly."

Lin Feng immediately understood that Saint Tianhun was lying. He wasn't sure that person was really Saint Tianhun.

"Master, why do you want our younger generation to come here?" asked Lin Feng.

"We need your help. I need to recover, those five pillars can activate the altar, you can stand on the one in the middle, the others can stand on the four other pillars. Don't worry, it's not dangerous for you," said Saint Tianhun slowly.

Lin Feng nodded and said, "Alright." Then, he said to Lang Ye and the others telepathically, "If anything is wrong, we must escape immediately."

Lang Ye and the others understood. They all listened to the orders, Lin Feng walked to the pillar in the middle, next to the old man, while Lang Ye and the others jumped onto pillars.

"Is this okay, Master?" asked Lin Feng asked Saint Tianhun.

"Yes, thank you very much," Saint Tianhun smiled. He released soul strength, which moved straight to the altar. However, at that moment, Lin Feng suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Saint Tianhun.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng while releasing death sword strength. At the same time, his sword Holy Spirit pierced through Saint Tianhun's head, the Death intent corroding his body.

Saint Tianhun was stupefied, he suddenly raised a hand which had turned black, trying to catch Lin Feng.

"Let's go!" shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. Lang Ye's expression changed drastically. At the same time, the old man reappeared in front of him. Lang Ye could only retreat.

At the same time, Saint Tianhun activated the altar. Two light beams illuminated him and Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he was being teleported.

"Why did you do that?" asked Saint Tianhun, staring icily at Lin Feng.

"You keep lying," replied Lin Feng grimly. He immediately released sword strength and cut into the old man's hand.

Saint Tianhun? Even if it was really a Saint, so what? Lin Feng didn't want to lose his body.

Saint Tianhun's Qi kept shaking as if he were about to die. "I'll take your body!"

A powerful strength penetrated into Lin Feng's brain. Lin Feng's face stiffened. He released Holy Spirits strength which bombarded the altar, tearing it apart, and then ran away.

"Die!" shouted Saint Tianhun furiously. Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to explode. He released his five Wisdom Kings to protect his soul, as his G.o.dly Awareness Palace also appeared. At the same time, death strength surged back to counter the attack. Saint Tianhun's soul strength weakened a lot. However, it didn't disperse and continued vibrating in Lin Feng's brain.

Saint Tianhun was furious. It was difficult for him to recover, and now Lin Feng had almost crushed him! Saint Tianhun looked ferocious. His Qi was still surrounding Lin Feng.

"Go!" shouted Saint Tianhun. In a flash, his soul strength raged out and sheered through the air, heading for Lin Feng.

At that moment, the old man's face stiffened, he went back to the altar and knelt down before it respectfully. "Master, I failed."

"It has nothing to do with you. Use some spirits to capture him. He can't die. We must capture him alive," said Saint Tianhun icily. Many spirits emerged from his mouth, and at the same time, many evil spirits in the historical remains received the same orders.

"Yes, Master," said the old man. He ignored Lang Ye and the others, they were escaping. He just chased after Lin Feng.

Lin Feng jumped into his boat and fled. Soul strength kept following him.

It might be Saint Tianhun, but now he needs a body, thought Lin Feng angrily. He had injured Saint Tianhun, the consequences were too dreadful to contemplate. Saint Tianhun hadn't expected Lin Feng would use a talisman to escape, however.

How fast. Surprisingly, he's a little bit faster than my boat, thought Lin Feng, pulling a long face. Saint Tianhun couldn't travel far for some reason, obviously he had to stay near the altar. Lin Feng took out a Great Imperial Weapon and flames appeared everywhere around him… and he saw the soul strength move right through it. After a few seconds, Lin Feng decided not to use his Great Imperial Weapon to stop the attack.

"Lin Feng!" At that moment, someone was startled to see Lin Feng. Then he saw the soul strength chasing Lin Feng and smiled coldly.

Lin Feng released death strength, and a dozen Holy Spirit gigantic swords appeared.

The person's expression changed drastically. An ancient bell appeared and swung at Lin Feng, ringing loudly. Lin Feng smiled coldly. He took out a talisman and threw it. As it exploded, Lin Feng teleported himself, reappearing behind that man, whose face changed drastically again. The ancient bell came sweeping towards Lin Feng, who turned around and released sword energies, cutting apart the man.

Lin Feng didn't stop though, jumping onto his boat again and continued his escape. The crowd on the ground sensed that he was extremely strong, and that they couldn't stop him.

That soul strength is really powerful. Lin Feng can't escape, thought some of them, their eyes glittering. Lin Feng just continued his escape. He flew towards a mountain range, and saw many buildings there. The soul spear continued chasing him though. It would not disappear until it reached him.

Saint Tianhun was still seated cross-legged by the altar, his eyes closed. He was forming some hand seals and chanting, and the soul spear was changing. Lin Feng sensed that some strength was fusing together with the soul strength.

He controls it perfectly, thought Lin Feng, annoyed. He couldn't use Great Imperial Weapons to stop it, and his enemy could also control it even from thousands of kilometers away. Lin Feng couldn't use his own soul to fight against it, it was too dangerous.

At that moment, a sound pierced through Lin Feng's eardrums, and his mind shook. He gazed into the distance and saw a mountain range. An invisible and intangible strength surrounded it. The sounds came from there.

"There's someone!" Lin Feng saw someone in a valley. He had to be vigilant…

That must be… Chant Valley!, thought Lin Feng with a frown. He accelerated, and the soul spear accelerated too. Lin Feng dove into the valley.

"There's music!" Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. He had to protect his soul above anything else. He continued diving towards the mountain. Some people outside were stupefied after noticing it was Lin Feng.

The terrifying spear suddenly stopped in front of the mountain.

"Since you want to die, I'll help you. It's such a pity though, you have a perfect body," said the Saint back by the altar icily. He condensed his soul strength even more, it turned into a gigantic spear and shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was startled, but continued racing forwards. He had to rely on the strength of the mountain to help him. Otherwise, that soul spear would continue chasing him forever.

The music grew louder, and Lin Feng's soul started to shake. The soul spear also kept dispersing as it collided with the soundwaves.

The music is getting louder and louder, thought Lin Feng. His soul shook more and more violently, but the soul spear was being destroyed too!


At that moment, inside Chant Valley, Ji Chang, He Can, Yin Gu Tian, and some people from the Qin Dynasty were gathered about a gigantic foot. The foot was oppressive, and the music wasn't that loud there.

"We found something! He Can, you're amazing. You found this place!" Prince Qin complimented him. This was his Ancestor's vestige! Unfortunately, he had probably died. There was still a gigantic foot left behind, however.

"It's all thanks to your talent and our luck. After all, my destiny technique isn't almighty," said He Can quietly.

Prince Qin nodded and replied, "No matter what, we found my Ancestor's historical remains. I've heard how dangerous it is here, I hope we won't have any problem here."

PMG Chapter 2027

Chapter 2027: Dialogue

Prince Qin looked at the gigantic foot, which contained a foreboding Qi. He had read about things like this in books he had found in the Qin Dynasty, and the Qin Dynasty used some techniques which used such a Qi.

Prince Qin stretched out his hand and tried to take the foot into his ring. However, the foot didn't move. It was too gigantic and heavy. He glanced around, they could still hear the music a little bit…

The others were stupefied when they saw that Prince Qin couldn't take the foot.

In the distance, they heard the wind whistling of something moving quickly, and then they saw Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was borrowing the strength of the valley to weaken the soul chasing him. He was startled when he saw Ji Chang and the others in front of him.

"Lin Feng!" Ji Chang's eyes twinkled. He slowly rose up into the air and his Qi rolled out towards Lin Feng.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng icily. Ji Chang grunted icily and punched out. His punch contained Destructive Dao, it was every bit as oppressive as before, smas.h.i.+ng into Lin Feng's sword energies. However, even though the earth and sky seemed about to collapse, Lin Feng's sword continued slas.h.i.+ng forwards!

Cyan Dragon Totems appeared, and Ji Chang condensed more Destructive Dao. Lin Feng countered by taking out a talisman and continued moving towards Ji Chang.

"Die!" Ji Chang shouted furiously, thunder rolling with the force of his attack. Lin Feng had the sensation his brain was going to explode. Lin Feng broke another talisman at that moment and disappeared.

Terrifying energies shrieked. Ji Chang's soul trembled as he saw the gigantic soul spear. It had weakened a lot, but it was still terrifying, everything turning black around it.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Saint Tianhun was furious. He realized he couldn't capture Lin Feng anymore.

The spear altered course towards Ji Chang and suddenly Ji Chang realized he was in  grave danger.

"Lin Feng!"

Ji Chang hated Lin Feng. He had failed to harm him, and the spear which had been chasing Lin Feng was now shooting towards him. He released Cyan Dragon Totems which turned into a gigantic dragon. Destructive Dao filled the air around him as well, rumbling and exploding as it fought against the advance of the spear. The spear continued moving towards his head. It wasn't as powerful as before, but was still moving!

After breaking the talisman, Lin Feng appeared above the foot. World strength appeared and surrounded the foot. Prince Qin looked at the foot, only to see it disappear in front of him. Only a silhouette remained.

Ji Chang was smashed towards Prince Qin. Prince Qin shouted furiously, slapping Ji Chang away hard. Ji Chang coughed up blood and his face turned deathly pale. Prince Qin raced after Lin Feng.

Yin Gu Tian and He Can were astonished and looked at the blood on the ground. Ji Chang was badly injured!

Poor Ji Chang!, thought Yin Gu Tian. Prince Qin had seen Lin Feng steal the big foot, then they had only heard the moaning of the wind. He was so furious, he had attacked Ji Chang and injured him!

Ji Chang stood up, shaking violently, and furious beyond measure.

"Argh!" Ji Chang shouted violently, like an animal, he immediately attacked one of Prince Qin's guards. The guard was stunned. However, Ji Chang was lucky he was a Champion, as even if that guard was strong, he couldn't do anything against Ji Chang.

At that moment, Ji Chang was really furious, he released Destructive Dao which exploded out. The enemy's veins exploded. Ji Chang then smashed his face, and the guard's head exploded, blood gushed out and pieces of brains splas.h.i.+ng everywhere.

The two other guards pulled a long face. They stared at Ji Chang icily. Ji Chang was humiliating Prince Qin!

Ji Chang promptly attacked them and crushed them. Yin Gu Tian and He Can gulped when they saw that. They were now frightened of Ji Chang. He was a Champion! Even though he had been defeated by Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu, he was still a genius, and a high-level genius at that!


Lin Feng continued flying across the valley. The music was getting louder and louder. Maybe he was going to into an enchained creature…

He suddenly felt strength building beneath him, strong enough to kill. He s.h.i.+vered, and the invisible and intangible strength pa.s.sed under his feet.

Lin Feng felt very cold. More strength rose up in the air in front of him.

Another huge foot appeared in front of Lin Feng. More strength emerged from it, it was extremely formidable.

I got the left foot, now there's the right foot. Do they belong to a saint?, thought the stunned Lin Feng. He was very vigilant, as he could still hear the music. However, Lin Feng still landed at the base of the foot, he tried to lift it with raw strength, but it was extremely heavy. He could only make it shake a little bit.

If I don't use the world of my spirit, I can't take it, thought Lin Feng. He released his spirit world strength, it surrounded the foot, and whisked it away.

The song continued about him. The soundwaves looked like a deadly river, strong enough to kill people.

Lin Feng's face stiffened. He swiftly took out the foot again and placed it in front of him, but it was too late, the river still pa.s.sed next to him.

Prince Qin was chasing Lin Feng. He had also arrived, but the soundwaves pierced through his ears painfully. He pulled a long face and moved back.

A terrifying strength emerged in front of him as he grimaced. Energies swirled about him. He jumped aside, but more strength was converging on him. Prince Qin suddenly looked desperate and shouted furiously, "No!…"

The soundwaves pierced through his body. His face turned grey and then he exploded, his blood flying everywhere. Scarlet blood twinkled in the sun.

Lin Feng was hiding behind the foot. The scene had taken place behind him, and he had seen it all. The Chant Valley was dangerous, it was a forbidden area after all, and he was still nervous. The soundwaves were not that intense thanks to the foot, otherwise, they would flowed far away.

Lin Feng realized how terrifying the place actually was.

At that moment, Lin Feng pulled a long face. He understood that if he strayed a bit too far, he'd end up like Prince Qi, and the soundwaves would kill him.

In the depths of the valley, an enchained silhouette appeared. At that moment, he suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were silver and he looked ferocious.

"Little boy!" said a voice at that moment, resonating in Lin Feng's brain.

Lin Feng twitched. He remained silent and didn't hear the voice again. Lin Feng asked, "Are you talking to me?"

"Indeed, little boy," said the voice. Lin Feng realized that the soundwaves around him had suddenly weakened.

There's really someone there!, thought Lin Feng, trying to hide his astonishment. Was it another enchained creature?

"Master, how may I help you?" asked Lin Feng.

The voice said, "Come and help me. You won't die here. I will also offer you a Saint's body."

"A Saint's body?" Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. The two feet really belonged to a Saint, it seemed. Who was the enchained person then? How come there were so many terrifying creatures here?

"I already stopped the soundwaves. Come. I will do what I told you. I won't deceive a little boy like you" said the voice. Lin Feng laughed at himself. He was already quite strong and someone had called him a little boy, but he really felt very small in front of such people.

Lin Feng took away the foot and his silhouette flickered. He flew into the depths of the valley, wondering if he was going to see a powerful ancient creature?

PMG Chapter 2028

Chapter 2028: Dangerous Game

Ji Chang, He Can, and the others arrived outside the valley after escaping. When the music stopped, they turned around in dread.

"Lin Feng and Prince Qin must be both dead," said Yin Gu Tian, staring at the valley.

Ji Chang said icily, "If Prince Qin is dead, good for him. However, it'd be a pity if Lin Feng was dead."

"Ji Chang, I thought you wanted Lin Feng to die," He Can said to Ji Chang.

"I want to kill him myself. He's a genius, it would be a pity if he died in the valley," said Ji Chang. He almost felt sad for Lin Feng. He hated him, but Lin Feng was famous and extremely strong. Even though Ji Chang hated and had been humiliated by Lin Feng, he admired him for his talent. He hoped to fight against him again someday. If Lin Feng had just died in the valley, then it would never come to pa.s.s!

At that moment, Lin Feng was traveling across the valley. Finally, he arrived in front of an enchained silhouette. His hair was messy, and his face was silver. Even though he was bound, his Qi was still unbelievable. Lin Feng had the impression he was facing a king.

Lin Feng looked around, and saw two gigantic hands and a gigantic cauldron. The only thing which protected the area was the music.

"Saint's hands?" Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered and stared at the trapped man. "Master, how may I help you?"

"I've been waiting for so long… Little boy, you're lucky, you've obtained two feet, and now you can take these two hands and the cauldron. That way, you'll have obtained the whole body of the Saint. For you, these items must be precious. The Saint wasn't a mere emperor. With the body of an emperor, you just deserve to be called a cultivator. A Saint's body, however, is incredible, it's the body of someone who has transcended worldliness and attained holiness," the man said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng remained silent. To this man, a emperor barely deserved the right to be called a cultivator.

A Saint's body was complete!

Lin Feng glanced at the hands and the cauldron and looked at the strong cultivator. "Does the Saint's body prevent you from doing anything?"

"Of course, it oppresses my strength. You can take it away," replied the silver-eyed cultivator.

Lin Feng understood that he was too weak to negotiate. That strong cultivator just had to exhale and he could kill Lin Feng. Besides, taking the Saint's body was a great thing for him!

Lin Feng whisked away the hands and the cauldron. The silver-eyed cultivator raised his head and took a deep breath. He looked extremely happy.

"Thank you very much, little boy. Now, things should change here," said the strong cultivator. He sounded like an ancient person. He took a deep breath and suddenly, more soundwaves condensed, and dashed to the skies.

"Come out, dear friends!" said the bound man. The soundwaves thrummed and echoed far away. The music could be heard everywhere in the area.

Many people raised their heads after hearing the soundwaves above their heads, and had the sensation they were going to collapse. How oppressive! They felt so tiny…

The terrifying soundwaves spread across hundreds of kilometers, and moved towards the hole in the sky. Golden pieces kept falling from the sky. A strong cultivator in the golden lights opened his eyes, the orbs s.h.i.+ning with light.

Finally, after so many years, they were recovering!

The soundwaves continued spreading. They moved into the black hole, it seemed about to collapse. The cultivator in the black hole raised his head, his eyes ice-cold.

In the emerald-green forest, the golden mountains, the ice world… the soundwaves kept spreading, and all the historical remains started shaking violently. Those who were in the historical remains were shocked. The evil spirits in the historical remains also started trembling.

Outside of the historical remains, many waiting emperors who were waiting gazed into the distance. Many geniuses had already died, how many more would die? How many people would obtain ancient treasures?

Geniuses of every generation went to the historical remains. Many of them had the impression it wasn't worth it, but at the same time, many geniuses really wanted to try because if they obtained anything, it was something incredible. If they did, it was also great for their Dynasties!

The people who were waiting outside looked calm. They knew that the geniuses wouldn't come out of the historical remains that quickly.

Explosions began to shake the air and interrupted the soundwaves. They all opened their eyes and stared at the entrances of the historical remains.

"What's going on?"

Those just watching s.h.i.+vered as the thunder seemed to spread. Had a great battle started?


A gigantic hole appeared in the side of the mountain, and a new world appeared. The people were astonished. Had the ent.i.ties the Saints sealed had just been released?

What happened?, thought the shaken watchers.

"Quick, inform the Holy Emperors and the elders!"

"Tell them to come!"

People were panicking. The creatures of the historical remains had surprisingly broken free. It meant that this world could also be connected to the outside world.


"This world has broken apart?" The Holy Spirit Dynasty received the news, people were trembling. It was the second astonis.h.i.+ng thing that had had happened in such a short time. The previous time was because of Lin Feng!

"Has it broken apart?" The Tianci Dynasty also received the news.

"My son died, the world of the historical remains has broken apart, I really want to see what's going on inside!" said a voice in the Qin Dynasty.

Qi Tian Holy Town started bursting into motion. All the Dynasties dispatched people to the historical remains.


At that moment, in the world of the historical remains, the people there were stunned. The most surprised person in the world of the historical remains was probably Lin Feng, however. His eyes were glittering. He was staring at the strength rolling through the sky. He had never thought that taking the Saint's body would have such consequences. He had taken a big risk!

At the broken altar, Saint Tianhun s.h.i.+vered. He had chased Lin Feng, Lin Feng had gone to the valley, and now something big was happening, was that the will of Heaven?

He was grim. For him, all this wasn't a good thing. He finally had the opportunity to gain a body, and in the end he failed.

Chu Chun Qiu killed another strong cultivator at that moment, and then the ground started shaking. He sighed, knowing it wouldn't be easy to kill more people now. Otherwise, everybody would attack him. He recalled his Qi, and the sense of evil about him faded away. He knew that if he wasn't discreet, people wouldn't be nice to him. He also knew that after breaking through to the Di Qi layer, things would get easier. He had not managed to absorb a king-type body yet!

Some new people started coming into the world of the historical remains, and very quickly they b.u.mped into geniuses who told them the news.

A strong cultivator landed on the ground and asked, "What happened? Have the Saints appeared?"

"We don't know. We haven't seen the historical remains. We only saw a skeleton, which was taken by Lin Feng. Then, we ended up in a dark hole and there was a terrifying demon within, it might have been a saint."

"Bring me to the demon in the dark hole," ordered the leader of the new group. By the time they arrived, the black hole had already exploded, turning into a gigantic crater. The terrifying demon raised his head and looked up at them icily.

PMG Chapter 2029

Chapter 2029: Saint's Body

When the group saw the demon king's eyes, they were terrified. Who was that? They couldn't even see this cultivator's cultivation level.

"Argh…" the terrifying monster roared in a thundering rage. A gigantic black hand appeared above him.

"Let's go!" The strong cultivators shot up into the sky, lights glittered. However, grinding explosions threw back their power. The stronger cultivators made some hand seals.

"Pfew…" a loud sound emerged from the gigantic crater, and a black light surrounded the group of people.

An elder's face turned deathly pale and he waved, "Let's go!"

The group of people quickly fled.

In a distant place, the group of people gathered with some others, all of them pulling a long face. "What's going on? Why are those enchained cultivators so strong? They just have to exhale, and even their breath contains a terrifying strength!"

"And are there more there? Like in the books, the demon king of the dark abysses, Chant Mountain, the Death forbidden area… if those people break free, they might destroy Qi Tian Holy Town, but who are they?"

"They are not Saints. I just want to know what really happened back then, the behind-the-scenes story. And where are the Saints?"

"Where are the Saints?"

They all looked around. Were the Saints still alive?


The voices spread far away. The evil spirits didn't dare come out, all rus.h.i.+ng towards the altar. Saint Tianhun was there, his eyes gleaming.

"The Celestial Soul Dynasty doesn't exist anymore, n.o.body listens to my orders," muttered Saint Tianhun. He wasn't as strong as in the past anymore, and his descendants had been killed. If other Dynasties knew he existed, they wouldn't listen to his orders, they had to cooperate with one another.

Now, he needed a body, like the little boy who had tried to kill him.

He took a deep breath, the evil spirits looked scared. However, they couldn't stop Saint Tianhun. They existed thanks to him. They absorbed people to become stronger. If Saint Tianhun absorbed them, they wouldn't be able to resist.

Many evil spirits were drawn towards Saint Tianhun, and he started absorbing them quickly. His Qi became more and more powerful. The old man was still next to him, on his knees. He looked solemn and respectful. He was the strongest evil spirit, he had absorbed many spirits and people. His body even looked real, and his mental abilities were advanced. Even Lin Feng had thought he was a real human being. However, if Saint Tianhun wanted to absorb him, he couldn't do anything about it, either.

More people arrived in the distance. Some people landed in front of the altar, watching Saint Tianhun as he absorbed all the spirits.

After a short time, Saint Tianhun had absorbed all the spirits except the old man. Saint Tianhun opened his eyes and looked at the people who had arrived.

"If we were in the old days, you wouldn't dare do that, I'd slap you and you'd die," said Saint Tianhun icily.

The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was astonished. "How arrogant, who are you?"

"Saint Tianhun."

The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was astonished. He looked at the old man and at Saint Tianhun. Impossible!

"The Saints fell during the battle of the old days and sealed this world. How could you be a Saint? Your Qi is so weak!" said the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty icily.

"You're a Holy Great Emperor, you know how difficult it is to kill people like you, almost impossible! But us Saints, even if we only have a drop of blood left, or a small thread of soul, a small thread of vitality and will, we can come back to life. To kill a Saint, you need to attack their soul and make it explode into a million pieces. It is almost impossible, and not all the Saints died during the war. In the end, there must always be someone left. Did you think all the Saints had died?" asked Saint Tianhun.

The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was stupefied. He had also had doubts about that in the past. Saint Tianhun's explanation made sense.

"Can you prove you're a Saint?" the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty pressed.

"Look carefully," said Saint Tianhun. A light penetrated into the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty's third eye. He saw the memories, and was astonished.

Some Saints were still alive! The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was confused. There were Saints, but they weren't as strong as in the past.

"Get down!" shouted the Holy Emperor explosively. He had landed on a pillar, but now he jumped off it, landing on the ground and bowing before Saint Tianhun. "I'm Qin Gan from the Qin Dynasty. A pleasure to meet you, Saint Tianhun."

"Alright," Saint Tianhun nodded.

Qin Gan continued, "Saint Tianhun, you must feel lonely here. You are one of our ancestors, since you were a Saint of the ancient Dynasty, please come to the Qin Dynasty if you wish."

"Haha, you're right, Brother Qi Gan! Qi Tian Holy Town is made of Dynasties which used to be one in the old days. Since Saint Tianhun is from the old days, he's also an ancestor for the Great Desert Dynasty! You can come and rest in the Great Desert Dynasty if you wish. We will do all we can to help you!" said the Holy Emperor of the Great Desert Dynasty who had just arrived.

"Mo Xiao." Qin Gan's eyes glittered. A Saint was still alive. He wasn't strong yet so everybody wanted to recruit him.

Saint Tianhun's eyes twinkled and he said, "I'm badly injured. I need a body. Help me find a perfect body, a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer. I liked one, but unfortunately he went to Chant Valley. I don't know whether he's alive or not," said Saint Tianhun, he waved his hand and Lin Feng's image appeared. Qin Gan and Mo Xiao's eyes glittered. Lin Feng!

"I'll dispatch people to look for him." Qin Gan waved and people's silhouettes flickered. They immediately left to go and search for people. The Holy Emperor of the Great Desert Dynasty didn't want to seem weaker, he also dispatched people. They didn't leave to search themselves, opting to stay here.

Saint Tianhun closed his eyes. He looked detached from worldly affairs. He knew why those people were staying here.

"Master, are there other Saints left alive?" asked Qin Gan.

"I'm not sure. Even if they're not dead, even if some of them are still alive, they must be as strong as me or almost dead. Have you seen the evil spirits? They're really strong. They sealed this world," said Saint Tianhun calmly. The two Holy Emperors' hearts quickened. Ancient evil spirits?


Lin Feng had already left Chant Valley, and was some distance away. Now and then, he saw some strong cultivators. He had taken big risks. The pa.s.sages between this world and the world outside were surprisingly open now. The soundwave strength was truly terrifying. People were astonished.

Lin Feng arrived at a mountain range. He found a cave, entered, and sat down cross-legged. He released spirit strength, which surrounded him as he entered his small world.

Lin Feng was stunned when he arrived. According to the enchained cultivator, the cauldron was the Saint's body. It had just transformed. The two feet and hands were with the cauldron there and were connected. He had obtained the whole body!

The strong cultivator hadn't fooled him. Lin Feng was standing in front of a gigantic Saint's body! The Qi around it was awe-inspiring.

"His physical body reacted on its own!" Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. He had put that body in his small world, and in there, it had turned into a full and intact body. The pressure around it was dreadful. The Saints who had fallen were all incredibly strong!

Saint Tianhun is also a Saint, but his body is weaker. Maybe that Saint Tianhun died and then came back to life?, wondered Lin Feng. After all, Saint Tianhun controlled soul strength…

Lin Feng walked up to the body, so gigantic and spectacular. He uttered in a low voice, "Master, are you still conscious?"

If he had no consciousness anymore, how could he have turned into a full body? How could he oppress the peerless demon music?


The Saint sighed. Lin Feng trembled, staring at the gigantic Saint. Did the Saint still have a consciousness?

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