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Many people ran away at this display. After the sword lights pierced through Cang Ye, they continued moving past him.

The crowd saw buildings explode in the distance. How awesome!

The atmosphere became eerily silent as everyone looked at Cang Ye. There were the sound of an explosion, and a moment later Cang Ye’s body exploded. In midair, the multiple energies continued corroding the pieces of flesh and his body turned to ashes in midair. His group was astonished and shaken.

What kind of strength? So many cosmic energies, they thought, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s Holy Spirits twinkled and continued absorbing cosmic energies. Lin Feng’s grabbed his sword and said icily, “Prince Damo, why don’t you try fighting against me yourself?”

Prince Damo’s face stiffened. Lin Feng’s sword was deadly! Even Cang Ye hadn’t had time to react!

Even though Jian Mang hadn’t seen Lin Feng’s sword attack, he had sensed how terrifying it was; Lin Feng’s sword wasn’t any slower than his now, fast and explosive. He had also noticed, from the whistling sounds, that Lin Feng’s sword had traveled faster than sound. He had probably used soundwave energy, too. Jian Mang knew that Lin Feng was an incredible sword cultivator, and seemed to have learned a new skill on top of that!

“He only managed to kill one person, if you join hands, you can easily kill him,” prodded the evil spirit. Lin Feng raised his head to stare at the spirit, and sword intent dashed to the skies.

At the same time, in the distance, some splas.h.i.+ng sounds were heard. Prince Yan and his group, in the central part, had started attacking the lake to open it up. Water kept spraying spectacularly into the air.

A silhouette entered the lake. The crowd was angered: Prince Yan and the others were trying to steal the historical remains before everybody else!

“Let’s go!” Silhouettes flickered. Many people forgot about the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince. Those people were geniuses from powerful groups, they didn’t care about Prince Damo’s orders.

Prince Damo looked at Lin Feng icily and then continued flying away too. The old man in black clothes looked surprised. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they were going to look for historical remains just like that?

At that moment, Lin Feng was surrounded by sword determination which kept exploding. His energies dashed to the skies. The evil spirit turned into black smoke.

The sword sliced apart the black smoke and cut off a small part of it. Lin Feng rose up into the air and Holy Spirits roared in a thundering rage, continuing to absorb cosmic strength. Lin Feng continued releasing cosmic energies.

Lightning, fire, and death strength surrounded the evil black spirit. However, there was still a lot of black smoke. After a short time, a silhouette reappeared. The old man looked much weaker now. He shouted furiously and glared after Lin Feng ferociously.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He ruined my plan. Without absorbing human and spirits’ lives, I can’t become stronger. I don’t want to be a guardian my entire life. I want to access the historical remains!, thought the evil spirit. He glanced at the people who were trying to break the seal icily and thought, Go. Go in there and die. I’ll benefit from you people’s misfortune.

The spirit was convinced their death was going to be tragic. When the foreigners started breaking the seal, they were all very excited. It was an opportunity people had only every hundred years.

At that moment, Lin Feng and the others also arrived above the lake. The ancient seal was there. The stronger cultivators kept attacking it like madmen. Finally, they heard it cracking, and the seal started breaking. Rumbling spread out as the ground started shaking.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng and the others frowned. The castle was slowly starting to rise up into the air.

The crowd was frozen, watching all this. Very quickly, the castle turned into a country and Qi filled the air.

“Are there really historical remains under the ground?” Everybody was amazed. Some people started flying away. People outside of the castle looked at it sharply.

Some people opened the seal!, thought the crowd, shaking eagerly. For those people, the historical remains didn’t represent an opportunity. Some flew towards the entrance.

Lin Feng and the others looked at the Qi. They were sure that these historical remains were very old.

“Let’s go in,” said Lin Feng, flying towards the entrance. There was a pale light in the ancient historical remains. It was cold, and things hadn’t rotted.

“Be very careful, my mother warned me, those historical remains have been left by Saints and might be dangerous,” said Princess Piao Xue. Everybody nodded and released their G.o.dly awareness to inspect the area.

It was like another world inside. They had crossed a forest and then seen a mountain range. They all jumped onto a mountain.

“How dark, there are caves there,” noticed Lin Feng after glancing around. Lin Feng just had to make a step forwards and he’d be in a pit. They all contained a gloomy Qi.

“I have the sensation we’re being watched…” said Jian Mang. Everyone s.h.i.+vered at his words.

“I do too, but I can’t see anything with my G.o.dly awareness,” agreed Hou Qing Lin.

“Let’s not go in yet. Let’s first go and see what there is here,” said Lin Feng walking forwards.

Lin Feng and his friends weren’t the only ones there. Prince Yan, Prince Damo, and many others were there already. Prince Yan and his people were extremely careful. However, on Prince Damo’s side, someone was alone, a member of a Ancient Holy Clan. He was traveling alone in a desolate forest.

Suddenly, that person stopped walking, he turned around and saw a terrifying silhouette, moving towards him extremely fast.

“Die!” A terrifying Qi invaded the atmosphere. However, the silhouette didn’t fight against him, it grabbed his body and penetrated into him. They became one. Suddenly, he shouted explosively. His soul shook violently as if it were about to explode. His face became ferocious.

A horrible shriek broke the silence and echoed far away. The whole crowd s.h.i.+vered.

When that person came out of the forest, his eyes were extremely sinister.


Chu Chun Qiu was also in the historical remains. He had come in from another castle. The evil spirits had deceived everyone. There were pa.s.sages between the different castles, they were in those pa.s.sages. What the evil spirits wanted was these humans to kill one another.

Chu Chun Qiu was traveling alone, so the same thing happened to him. However, the consequences were completely different. When that silhouette tried to penetrate into his body, Chu Chun Qiu blocked him. His vitality and determination were incredible. The silhouette tried to escape, but Chu Chun Qiu had bound it. He immediately absorbed it entirely. The exact opposite had happened!

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