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PMG Chapter 2041

Chapter 2041: Two Taoist Priests

The Tianci cultivators all grimaced, but they couldn't do much against the aggressive prince of the Snow Clan. The strong cultivators who were behind him hadn't even got involved, either.

The young men of the Snow Clan had come to the Tianci Dynasty and dared attack their people. If it had been anyone else, the Tianci Dynasty would have killed them already, but the Snow Clan was a powerful and mysterious clan, and the Tianci Dynasty couldn't afford to offend them. Therefore, even though they were furious, they didn't say anything. The Snow Clan cultivators had come for Lin Feng, but unfortunately, they had come to the Tianci Dynasty to find him!

"We will dispatch people to find him and make him come. Please, you are guests here. Kindly do not cause trouble here," said the old man of the Tianci's group. He was furious but didn't show it. He could only deal with them pragmatically. They were the weaker force here; the Snow Clan was stronger than they were.

The atmosphere calmed down. The Tianci cultivators were furious, but they remained silent. The Snow Clan cultivators, especially great emperors, were terrifying.


Lin Feng didn't know that the Snow Clan had come to Qi Tian Holy Town to find him, but the Holy Spirit Dynasty already knew about it. When the Tianci cultivators came to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, the Holy Spirit cultivators could only welcome them.

"I'm going straight to the point, a member of the Snow Clan who has a king-type body has come to the Tianci Dynasty and he's looking for Lin Feng," the Tianci cultivator informed them.

The strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty flung his sleeves and said, "If people want to harm Lin Feng, we won't let him go."

"Lin Feng is the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty now, so I understand you want to protect him. Nonetheless, Lin Feng must go this time, otherwise, the Snow Clan cultivators will be furious and will come to the Holy Spirit Dynasty." said the Tianci cultivator icily. The Snow Clan cultivators seemed insane, if one cultivator dared cause trouble and attack people in the Tianci Dynasty, what else might he do? And could the Holy Spirit Dynasty deal with him?

"No need to talk that much anyway. They said that you have three days to deliver Lin Feng. I'm off," said the Tianci cultivator icily. Then, he flung his sleeves and left. The strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty flung their sleeves, all of them pulling long faces. If it had been anyone else, the Holy Spirit Dynasty could have done something; any other Dynasty, or any other Clan. But this time, it was the Snow Clan, and the Snow Clan didn't fear s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared, and everybody raised their heads. "Holy Emperor!"

"Alright," said the Holy Emperor, waving to acknowledge everyone.

Everybody sat down, one person speaking up, "Holy Emperor, the Snow Clan has come to cause trouble. They want to find Lin Feng, but Lin Feng is meditating in seclusion and practicing cultivation. If we don't tell them anything, they won't know what he's doing and where he is. What should we do?"

"The Snow Clan." The Holy Emperor was stupefied. Why was the Snow Clan looking for Lin Feng? If the problem was too important, things could get serious for the Holy Spirit Dynasty, and they wouldn't be able to keep the situation under control.

"I'm going to find Lin Feng and then I'll decide what to do," said the Holy Emperor calmly, before proceeding to leave. He had to understand what the Snow Clan wanted from Lin Feng first.


The Holy Emperor left and went to find Lin Feng. When Lin Feng saw the Holy Emperor, he was surprised.

"Lin Feng, I need to ask you something."

"There is no harm in saying what one thinks, Holy Emperor," said Lin Feng agreeably.

"Are there tensions between you and the Snow Clan?" asked the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng was startled. The Holy Emperor had come personally to ask him that, there was something going on obviously.

"Master, have the Snow Clan come to Qi Tian Holy Town?" asked Lin Feng, without answering the question. The Holy Emperor realized it was a serious problem.

"Some cultivators from the Snow Clan have arrived at the Tianci Dynasty. They said that they wanted to see you within three days, and some people from the Tianci Dynasty just came to us," the Holy Emperor informed him calmly. However, Lin Feng sensed that he was feeling nervous.

"How many strong cultivators?" asked Lin Feng.

"One of them has a king-type body. Some old men and younger ones also followed him," said the Holy Emperor.

Lin Feng understood that they had come for Meng Qing, and felt the pressure. The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty had come personally, it meant that the Snow Clan was extremely powerful. It was difficult to imagine.

"If there is a big problem, the Holy Spirit Dynasty is willing to bear the pressure for you," said the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng looked at him deeply. He was trying to understand if he really meant it or not.

If the Holy Spirit Dynasty really dared protect him, the Holy Emperor wouldn't have come personally.

Of course, Lin Feng couldn't blame them. Even though he had an unusual position within the Holy Spirit Dynasty, if the tensions between him and the Snow Clan were too serious, how could the Holy Spirit Dynasty bear the pressure for him? They couldn't afford to offend the Snow Clan, otherwise the consequences would be too serious.

When the Holy Emperor saw Lin Feng's expression, he made up his mind, he turning around and leaving. At the same time, he said, "Lin Feng, I will organize a banquet for the Snow Clan's cultivators. Even if they are strong enough, they probably won't dare attack you in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. At least, we'll do our best to make them keep calm and if you put pressure on them, then that's the best."

"Thank you very much, Holy Emperor," Lin Feng replied gratefully. He watched the Holy Emperor leave. If the Snow Clan's cultivators had come to kidnap him, they wouldn't have sent people of the same age, they would have immediately oppressed him and the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng was already grateful. The Snow Clan was probably stronger than most Imperial Clans and Ancient Holy Clans, and Meng Qing was probably a holy maiden from the Snow Clan.


The feast day was set. The Holy Spirit Dynasty would receive the cultivators of the Snow Clan as well as the geniuses of Qi Tian Holy Town. Of course, some outsiders who had come for the historical remains would also attend.

When the news spread, the members of the Tianci Dynasty looked happy, gloating over the Holy Spirit Dynasty's misfortune. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was protecting Lin Feng, and had invited so many geniuses, doubtless they were trying to put pressure on the Snow Clan.

After the news spread, there were no ill consequences, which surprised the Tianci Dynasty.

People hadn't heard anything about Lin Feng for nearly a year. Some people were surprised that he was even in the Holy Spirit Dynasty, and now the Dynasty was even inviting the Snow Clan? The gossips couldn't wait to see what was going to happen!


In the Saint's World, w.a.n.g Jian was seated on a mountain, his aura sharp and ready. He hadn't left the historical remains, the members of his clan had also joined him to hunt for treasures in the historical remains. However, they hadn't obtained much. Back then, they had wanted to steal Lin Feng's treasures, but then he had surprised them by killing Prince Yan.


On a flatland of the Saint's World, Chu Chun Qiu looked in the direction of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. During this past year, he had become much stronger. His eyes glittered with subdued fury. He looked like a real king.

Chu Chun Qiu wasn't interested in the historical remains as much as those searching for them. Apart from treasures, he was especially interested in people's lives and souls.


At the same time, white clouds rolled in waves up in the sky. There were many people gathered on a white cloud. At the forefront were two people, both strangely dressed. There was a Taoist priest, posing as person of high morals, and next to him, there was a little Taoist priest.

"Good heavens, I haven't seen that little boy for so many years, and he's causing trouble again," said the Taoist priest, who had the demeanor of a transcendent being.

"Teacher, that's Lin Feng," said the young Taoist priest next to him, smiling. He looked a bit afraid of his teacher.

"Yes, back then, Lin Feng was an ordinary cultivator, but then I became his teacher, I taught him a lot, he became that way thanks to me. That's why he's famous in Qi Tian Holy Town. If he hadn't left me, he would have become even stronger. He's not like you though, he could kill you with one finger. You're a disgrace. But you're lucky to have found me. Thanks to me, you will definitely become a terrifying cultivator," said the Taoist priest solemnly. The little Taoist priest next to him winced.

Lin Feng used to be an ordinary cultivator? Back then, the Diviner had said he would become a terrifying cultivator if he didn't die and wanted to recruit him. Now the Taoist priest was saying that Lin Feng had become so strong thanks to him?

Of course, the disciple was not going to say anything out loud, and the Taoist priest was extremely strong, that was undeniable.

"So you think that if I stay with you, I'll become even stronger than Lin Feng, teacher?" asked the little Taoist priest calmly.

"Not necessarily. You met me a bit too late, maybe. You could, but Lin Feng met me when he was very young. Of course, you have already became a medium-level emperor thanks to me. If you hadn't met me, you would not have become a medium-level emperor so quickly," replied the Taoist priest.

The little Taoist priest sighed and asked, "Where are we going, teacher?"

"We're going to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng is my disciple. Even though he's a bit famous, he's still very young and he has offended the Snow Clan. I must intervene!" said the Taoist priest.

The little Taoist priest had cold sweats and exclaimed, "You're really strong, teacher!"

"Yes!" said the Taoist priest proudly. They were en route for the Holy Spirit Dynasty!

PMG Chapter 2042

Chapter 2042: Before the Storm

Lin Feng was in his spirit world, seated in front of Qin Shan. He released soul strength and put it into Qin Shan.

"Master, I'm sorry for disturbing you," said Lin Feng. Qin Shan's consciousness condensed.

"Do you need help?" asked Qin Shan.

"Yes, Master, I need your help. I might be in trouble soon, otherwise, I wouldn't have come disturb you," said Lin Feng. Without Qin Shan's help, Lin Feng would be in trouble. Lin Zhe Tian was going to be born soon, the Snow Clan was putting pressure on him, and many people in Qi Tian Holy Town were watching him. He needed someone powerful to help him.

"Alright, but remember to ask me for help when you really need it, because after a great fight, I might lose control over this body. I will need to sleep for a very long time, and I won't be able to help you again. With such a little thread of consciousness, I won't be able to use my full strength that many times." said Qin Shan.

Lin Feng was grateful and replied, "I will choose the best time to call you. When I become stronger, I'll find a doctor for you, I hope to bring you back to life like before."

"You're kind. Come, try and put your soul into my brain. We'll try to control my body together. After a battle, you'll also become weaker, and you won't be able to control my body, and you will also need much vitality and vigor. You will also need time to recover."

"I understand!" Lin Feng replied. He put his soul into Qin Shan's body. He tried to fuse together with his consciousness to control the ancient body. Walking around was no problem, but fighting was another story.

Lin Feng didn't want to use the ancient body, it was bad for both Qin Shan and him, but this was for Meng Qing. This wasn't a game, it was deadly serious.


The two Taoist priests arrived in front of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The guards looked at them and s.h.i.+vered. What was going in Qi Tian Holy Town? The Snow Clan had come to the Tianci Dynasty, they were aggressive and violent. Now some strong cultivators were in front of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. An old man behind them was trembling.

"Masters, what are you doing in the Holy Spirit Dynasty? If you need anything, I'll inform the leaders," asked the guard, extremely politely!

"Good Heavens, I'm your Holy Dynasty Prince's teacher. I came to see him." said the Taoist priest with his palms together. He sounded solemn and respectful. The guards looked at him respectfully and bowed.

"I'm going to inform our Holy Dynasty Prince then."

"Alright, I will wait here," said the Taoist priest indifferently. He looked n.o.ble and strong.

In the distance, many people looked at him and started immediately gossiping.

"That Taoist priest looks extraordinary and extremely strong. There are many strong cultivators with him. And surprisingly, he is the Holy Dynasty Prince's teacher! No wonder the Holy Dynasty Prince was so strong, he had an incredible teacher who looks unfathomable and enigmatic!"

"Yes, the Taoist priest really looks extraordinary, and now he came to see the Holy Dynasty Prince."

The Taoist priest ignored what the people were saying.

When Lin Feng heard the guard, he was stunned. His teacher?

His eyes twinkled and he asked, "And what does he look like?"

"He's a Taoist priest, he said Good Heavens when he arrived. He is with many other powerful cultivators. He came to see you," relayed the guard.

Lin Feng finally understood, he smiled and said, "That old b.a.s.t.a.r.d is here!"

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d?" The guard shook his head when he heard Lin Feng talk about the Taoist priest like that. He noted that Lin Feng and the Taoist priest were close, the Taoist priest hadn't lied.

After a short time, Lin Feng walked out to the gate, when he saw the Taoist priest, he smiled at him and said, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, since when are you my teacher?"

Yan Di said, "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, now that you've become an extremely strong cultivator, you've forgotten about me!"

"Alright, alright, I became strong thanks to you!" said Lin Feng, smiling happily. He looked at the small Taoist priest next to him.

The little Taoist priest looked happy and said to Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, back then, let's forget about the tensions, now, I'm our teacher's disciple. We are fellow disciples, and now you're the Holy Dynasty Prince. You know many ancient techniques, I hope I can learn from you."

Lin Feng rolled his eyes and replied, "Fu Hei, I had not antic.i.p.ated that you'd become his disciple."

"Eh…" Fu Hei smiled. "Let's not talk about that. Let's exchange views on cultivation, teach me some techniques."

The Taoist priest tapped Fu Hei's head and said, "Don't think you can do anything because you're my disciple."

"I learned that from you!" protested Fu Hei, smiling wryly.

"Alright, come with me," said Lin Feng. Lin Feng was really happy that Yan Di had come.

"Lin Feng, the the Snow Clan came because of Meng Qing, right?" Yan Di asked Lin Feng, as they strolled back to his place.

"She has a king-type body of the Snow Clan. They obviously came for Meng Qing, I don't know why they're doing that, Meng Qing never goes out," replied Lin Feng.

"You underestimate the Snow Clan. The Snow Clan is very powerful. They're not as strong as they once were, but they're still very strong. They have some terrifying spells you can't imagine," Yan Di said calmly, "Where is Meng Qing?"

"She's pregnant and the Snow Clan came precisely at that moment. Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, help me," said Lin Feng, directly asking for help.

"No need to think too much, it's an easy thing." said Yan Di, rolling his eyes. Lin Feng was surprised, easy?

"How to solve the problem?" asked Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling.

"Give Meng Qing back to the Snow Clan." said Yan Di.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng, he looked even more furious than Fu Hei had. What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

"The Snow Clan has dispatched people to find Meng Qing. They care about her. She won't be in danger there. I don't know what the Snow Clan thinks of the child, though. They won't kill him, since she's one of them." said Yan Di. "But you, you did a good job. The Snow Clan will definitely want to kill you. You are under pressure. If you don't give Meng Qing back, they'll definitely kill you."

"Impossible, Meng Qing must stay with me. If you don't want to help me, then fine," replied Lin Feng, annoyed now.

"You need an army to block them." said Yan Di, waving his hands, "Anyway, with me here, they won't dare annoy you. After all, I'm your teacher."

Yan Di was really shameless. Back in the days, Lin Feng used to ride him when he was still Qiong Qi. Back then, Qiong Qi also used to eat his abstruse energy crystals. Remembering those things, Lin Feng laughed.


Finally, it was the day of the banquet. Many strong cultivators arrived in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Many people wanted to see what would happen between Lin Feng and the Snow Clan. Why was the Snow Clan angry at him? Because of it, the Dynasties were also involved!

In a courtyard, a woman in black clothes handed Lin Qiong Sheng over to someone, her beautiful eyes twinkled, she looked angry. n.o.body could touch Lin Feng, including the Snow Clan.

PMG Chapter 2043

Chapter 2043: Discussing the Problem

The Holy Spirit Dynasty organized the banquet. Even though the goal was to discuss Lin Feng's problem, the Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty welcomed the guests. Everybody found that strange. The Holy Emperor had appeared personally, so he could act as a mediator and reduce the pressure.

With the Holy Emperor present, it would be difficult to oppress the Holy Spirit Dynasty, and the Holy Emperor also attached great importance to Lin Feng.

Many strong cultivators from the Qin Dynasty were there, too. Lin Feng had obtained their Ancestor's technique. They wanted it, no matter what!

The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty also came, along with people of the Moon Palace. Empress Xi was there. There were three old men who looked unfathomable and enigmatic.

Of course, apart from the Dynasties, there were some Ancient Holy Clans. w.a.n.g Jian's Ancient Holy Clan also arrived. Zhuo Qing's group also came. Geniuses and strong cultivators from many different places were all in attendance.

"Everybody, come and have a seat," said the Holy Spirit Dynasty's Holy Emperor patiently. The crowd sat down and waited patiently. The Snow Clan and the Tianci Dynasty's members hadn't arrived. They were the real protagonists.

A cold Qi emerged all about them. The temperature dropped down, and snowflakes appeared.

The Snow Clan is here, thought the crowd. Another group of people had arrived. They were wearing snowy white robes, and looked proud and arrogant. The young man at the very front looked incredible, like a real warrior. His eyes were b.e.s.t.i.a.l. He looked like someone who could burst into violence at anytime.

The members of the Tianci Dynasty arrived, but they stayed back, as if all that had nothing to do with them.

"What about Lin Feng?" said Xue Ao, looking over the crowd icily.

"Snow Clan, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling. Please come and have a seat," said the Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. He didn't reply to the question.

"Where's Lin Feng?" asked Xue Ao again, coldly. He didn't give the Holy Emperor any face. He was a beast from the Snow Clan, and very aggressive. In the kingdom of the Snow Clan, n.o.body could compare with Xue Ao.

"You're looking for the Holy Dynasty Prince, what is the reason?" asked the Holy Emperor calmly.

"We're here to kill him." Xue Ao's eyes glittered with cold lights. Kill him? The Snow Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng?! What had he done to offend them?

An eerie silence invaded the atmosphere when he said that. The Snow Clan had come to the Holy Spirit Dynasty to kill their Holy Dynasty Prince. How scary. Xue Ao was staring at the Holy Emperor, waiting for him to react. Would they hand Lin Feng over?

The Holy Emperor hadn't thought the situation would be so bad. A cultivator of the Snow Clan who had a king-type body had come to Qi Tian Holy Town to kill Lin Feng…

"What if I refuse?" The Holy Emperor remained silent for a few seconds and finally asked. He sounded indifferent, even though he was smiling.

Xue Ao stepped forwards and released a terrifying amount of b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

"If Lin Feng doesn't come out, we'll kill the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty until he comes out," snarled Xue Ao aggressively. He looked furious and scornful. Who would dare attack him if he started killing them?

The Holy Emperor remained silent. Someone near to him said indifferently, "Holy Emperor Ling, Lin Feng is not from the Holy Spirit Dynasty. No need to protect him. Since he has received the legacy of our Ancestors, just ask him to transmit his knowledge to us. No need to offend other people. I'm from the Qin Dynasty, I also want Lin Feng to transmit our Ancestor's knowledge to us."

"Lin Feng is insolent. He killed Prince Yan. Now the Snow Clan wants to kill him, the Holy Spirit Dynasty doesn't need to get involved. But before killing him, we want to get the skeleton he's obtained!" spoke up a Tianci cultivator.

They're basically throwing stones at someone who has fallen down a well, thought the crowd. n.o.body dared steal things directly from Lin Feng, but now they had an opportunity to join hands with the Snow Clan to steal his treasures.

"According to rumor, Lin Feng also has the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Since he's going to die, we can also share them," said someone else icily. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was coming under great pressure.

The Dynasties could benefit from the situation, all thanks to the Snow Clan!

Everybody watched at the Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

"Holy Emperor Ling, hand Lin Feng over."

"Lin Feng has offended too many people. Holy Emperor Ling, don't be stubborn. The situation is too serious."

The pressure was intense.

"So many people want to kill me?" said someone indifferently at that moment. Lin Feng came out of a palace with other people. Everybody turned to look at him.

"Lin Feng."

People's eyes twinkled coldly. Lin Feng had dared to come out!

Lin Feng had dared come out, and now he even sat down. There was a Taoist priest next to him, composed and unmoved. When he arrived, he exclaimed "Good Heavens!", and many people rolled their eyes.

Where were these people from? The people who had come with Lin Feng looked terrifying, unfathomable, and enigmatic.

"You're Lin Feng!" said Xue Ao, staring at Lin Feng and releasing b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. A hurricane appeared around him. He looked ferocious, ready to pounce.

"Where's Xue Ling Long?" demanded Xue Ao icily.

Lin Feng looked at him indifferently. What an arrogant little beast! Then, he looked elsewhere, ignoring him.

Xue Ao suddenly looked amused. His b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi became even thicker. He suddenly turned into a blur of light and charged Lin Feng.

As he did, an old man behind Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked at Xue Ao icily. Suddenly, lights moved towards him. The air began to warp. Xue Ao groaned and released a terrifying strength, explosively facing off against the older man… and was hurled away helplessly.

At the same time, the Snow Clan cultivators released a terrifying Qi all together. Everybody felt ice-cold.

"Do you know what you're doing?" shouted an old man of the Snow Clan, staring at Lin Feng's group.

The Taoist priest closed his eyes and replied indifferently, "Good heavens!"

"Eh?" The old man stared at the Taoist priest icily.

"Your Excellency, I've seen too many little beasts like you. You can become my pets, I'll help you broaden your knowledge, and that way, you will stop losing face," said the old Taoist Priest, shaking his head and staring at the Snow Clan cultivators.

The members of the Snow Clan were stupefied. Everybody else was stunned too, actually. That old Taoist Priest was acting too recklessly, he was humiliating the Snow Clan?

Become his pets? Broaden the Snow Clan's knowledge?

"What did you say?" demanded the Snow Clan's strong cultivator icily. They couldn't believe it. That old Taoist Priest was humiliating the Snow Clan!?

"Good heavens, not only don't you want to broaden your knowledge, but you also don't understand what I'm saying! It seems I can't help you after all," the old Taoist Priest sighed.

"Insolent!" shouted the old man explosively. The atmosphere around him started freezing. The palace behind them even disappeared under snowflakes. "You want to die?!"

"Teacher, they are bad people, and they even dare say we want to die?" the little black Taoist priest asked the older one.

"They think they can kill us, they think we won't react," explained the old Taoist Priest patiently.

"Oh, why wouldn't we strike back if they attacked us?" asked the little Taoist priest, frowning.

"They should listen to us carefully next time," said the old Taoist Priest, calmly patting the young one's shoulder. The members of the Snow Clan all pulled long faces.

PMG Chapter 2044

Chapter 2044: Yan Di's Craziness

The Snow Clan cultivators were furious. People were humiliating them in front of everybody!

Everybody was amused, but n.o.body dared show it. They were wondering where those people came from. They were definitely brave. They dared make fun of the Snow Clan in front of everybody. Very few people dared do that.

The s.p.a.ce around them was already completely frozen. An old man of the Snow Clan looked furious and stared at Yan Di, spitting out, "Are you from the Holy Spirit Dynasty?"

"We're not. I know, you're disappointed," said Yan Di, laughing. "I'm a very old cultivator of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Are you interested in becoming my pet?"

"Your clan was destroyed once ten thousand years ago, now we're going to destroy it once again!" said the old man icily.

The people behind Yan Di opened their eyes, and rather suddenly, the ice broke apart!

However, Yan Di waved his hand, making everyone recall their Qi before he closed his eyes. The old man of the Snow Clan groaned icily. He was going crazy!

"I've heard of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, they're going to be destroyed again since they're acting recklessly!" swore Xue Ao furiously.

"Old buddy, when beasts haven't really transformed into human beings, they're still as stupid as before, right?" Lin Feng asked Yan Di.

"Seems like it," Yan Di nodded.

"I think so too. How do they even dare threaten us?" said Fu Hei, shaking his head.

"Poor Tianci Dynasty, these people went to their Dynasty and killed their people. The Snow Clan dares bully them."

"Is that why the Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town haven't received the legacy of their Ancestors for such a long time? Because they can't kill such people?" wondered Fu Hei.

"We can't blame the Tianci Dynasty. Even though they're cowards, they can't compete with the Snow Clan, so they're just vigilant," Yan Di sighed. The members of the Snow Clan and the Tianci Dynasty all pulled long faces.

"Oh, so the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan doesn't need to fear them in case they want to get their revenge?" asked Fu Hei fatuously.

"Little boy, you're smart."

"What should we do? They dared threaten us and said they would destroy the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan," asked Fu Hei, smiling broadly.

"Of course, who can threaten me?" said the old Taoist Priest nodding. He looked at the people behind him and said, "If you hear them make impertinent remarks about our clan again, kill the little beasts which keeps barking."

"You're insolent!" The members of the Snow Clan started walking forwards and releasing Qi.

"Who's barking again…!" Explosions and crackling of Qi in conflict rose. When the members of the Snow Clan started walking towards them, Yan Di smashed the table in front of him and it exploded. He stood up, his hair messy and fluttering in the wind.

The strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan also started walking and releasing a truly horrifying Qi. The members of the Snow Clan all froze in place and stared at Yan Di. They all pulled long faces.

"You think I'm a little beast, too?" said Yan Di. Flames of fury were burning in his eyes. He then said icily, "You're threatening us? I've seen many, many people like you, even thousands of years ago. I'm not afraid of a few little beasts. If you say anything, I just have to raise my hand, and you'll…all…die."

Yan Di didn't look like a nice and gentle Taoist priest anymore, he was releasing an ominous Qi. The members of the Snow Clan remained very silent at that moment, their hearts pounding in very unfamiliar fear. Some other people looked at Yan Di and were jealous, he was so strong and arrogant!

He was definitely crazy, humiliating the members of the Snow Clan and making them shut up.

The strangest thing was that the Snow Clan, who had dared go to the Tianci Dynasty and kill people, shut up when Yan Di threatened them. The crowd was astonished. The members of the Snow Clan were furious, but they didn't dare say anything.

Everybody was afraid of crazy people. The Tianci Dynasty couldn't afford to offend the Snow Clan, none of the Dynasties couldn't afford to offend them, actually. But that old Taoist Priest did dare to offend them, so he was definitely crazy.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. His old buddy was definitely fearless and crazy. Yan Di always went too far.

Yan Di smiled indifferently when he saw the Snow Clan had shut up. He reclaimed the demeanor of a transcendent being again. He smiled and said, "Don't look so serious. I just asked you to shut up. Don't be nervous. I just don't like it when little animals bark unceasingly. Just stay calm."

Yan Di sat down slowly again as if nothing had happened. However, the members of the Snow Clan continued remaining silent. As Yan Di had said, he just wanted them to shut up. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were there, and could crush them. Yan Di had even said he would kill Xue Ao if they continued being annoying. They couldn't afford to lose him. They had come to kill Lin Feng, and in the end, they had to shut up.

"Oh and someone said they wanted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures which belong to my Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. If anyone needs them, please tell me. I'll come to your Dynasty or clan personally. Maybe I'll give them to you if I'm in a good mood," said Yan Di to the crowd, smiling broadly. He looked nice and gentle, completely different from a few moments before.

The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were fearless. They didn't even fear the Snow Clan! Actually, the cultivators Yan Di had brought were all Celestial Emperors and Saint Emperors. Apart from the little Taoist priest, the weakest cultivator was Yan Di himself. He was only a great emperor!

Yan Di shrugged and smiled at Lin Feng, "Alright, it's your turn."

Lin Feng smiled and stood up. He walked to the crowd and looked at the members of the Tianci Dynasty. He smiled and said, "Prince Yan wanted to steal my treasures, so I killed him. If you want to avenge his death, I'm here. Come and attack."

The members of the Tianci Dynasty looked furious. Everybody had seen Lin Feng and Prince Yan's battle. If they killed Lin Feng because of that, wouldn't there be consequences? Impossible. The consequences would be terrifying for the Tianci Dynasty. Besides, if they killed Lin Feng and obtained nothing, it would be even more tragic. Everybody had acted arrogantly just now, they had all said they wanted to kill Lin Feng because the Snow Clan had the advantage. Now that the members of the Snow Clan had shut up, who could kill Lin Feng?

The Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty wasn't that stupid. He grunted coldly and said, "If I kill you, everybody will make fun of me."

"So, you were just joking?" smiled Lin Feng. Then, he looked at the members of the Qin Dynasty and observed, "The Qin Dynasty said they wanted to kill me, please attack if you want to kill me."

The members of the Qin Dynasty looked at the Snow Clan's people. They couldn't kill Lin Feng, they needed the Snow Clan's help to do so. The Snow Clan couldn't say anything, though.

"So the elders of the Qin Dynasty were joking too, what about the others? What about those people who wanted to kill me?"

Many people grimaced. They would have never thought the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan would appear out of nowhere and get involved.

"Staying in the Holy Spirit Dynasty is useless. Let's leave," someone spoke up at that moment. The crowd was startled, their eyes twinkling. It was Empress Xi. Many people were surprised, but nodded agreement. The Snow Clan was under immense pressure, and couldn't say anything. They had to leave the Holy Spirit Dynasty and gather outside.

"Good day!" The members of the Qin Dynasty stood up and started leaving. The members of the Snow Clan turned around and left too.

Lin Feng watched them go coldly and said, "Those people will regroup and come back even stronger."

"Of course. They'll try to form a group, but other people won't dare touch you. They'll ask the Snow Clan to kill you, though. The others will try to resist the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan and the Holy Spirit Dynasty," observed Yan Di.

As they had said, those people left and talked about a strategy. They didn't go far from the Holy Spirit Dynasty. So many strong cultivators had gathered and been humiliated, could they leave like that without doing anything? Was that even possible?

"Little boy, I can't do much. You'll have to rely on yourself," Yan Di sighed. Lin Feng remained silent and nodded that he understood the situation!

PMG Chapter 2045

Chapter 2045: Suffocating Hurricane

The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty came over to Lin Feng and said, "Lin Feng, the Snow Clan wants to kill you. The others want to take advantage of that situation. It's not over."

"I understand. Protect her and the child, though," said Lin Feng calmly. The Holy Spirit Holy Emperor's eyes twinkled. He was relieved. They were different from Yan Di and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, who had come confident and at ease. They could kill anyone they wanted. Yan Di had dared act that way, but the Holy Spirit Dynasty was different.

The members of the Snow Clan and the Dynasties understood that, therefore, the Snow Clan feared Yan Di because Yan Di would have really killed Xue Ao. The Tianci Dynasty couldn't do anything against Yan Di, either.

"Lin Qiong Sheng will become a Holy Emperor in the future. You don't need to worry about her. She's safe here. Even if you can't protect her, it doesn't matter," said the Holy Emperor. "Besides, I will dispatch some strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty to follow you. That'll remove some pressure from your back."

"Leave the Snow Clan to me. Pay attention to the Moon Palace. The others won't dare do anything if the Snow Clan doesn't attack first," said Yan Di calmly. Everybody nodded. Then, the Holy Emperor waved his hand and some strong cultivators' silhouettes flickered and appeared behind him.

"Let's go out," said Lin Feng calmly. He started walking away. When they left the Holy Spirit Dynasty, they sensed a terrifying Qi.

After Lin Feng and the others left. someone wearing a black cloak appeared, looking nervous. She watched Lin Feng leave, and followed behind.


Outside of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, when the group saw Lin Feng's people, they were startled.

"It's Lin Feng, he took the initiative to come out!"

"The Snow Clan will capture Lin Feng! The others block the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!" someone ordered. However, Lin Feng's group of people didn't stop. They flew away at full speed.

"Chase them!"

Many incredibly strong cultivators took off at their full speed. The air was shrieking from their pa.s.sage.

"Who are those people? They look so strong."

"How strong. Many incredible cultivators."

Many people on the roads of Qi Tian Holy Town were astonished. It was a dangerous, thrilling sight.

"Today, the Holy Spirit Dynasty organized a banquet for Lin Feng and the Snow Clan. Maybe that's them."

"Possibly. A great war is going to happen."

The big group of people drew many people's attention. Lin Feng and the others arrived in a vast place and stopped, landing on the ground, which exploded under their feet. Pieces of stones flew in all directions.

Clouds rolled back in the sky, and the winds became chaotic. The strong cultivators who were chasing them stopped and dispersed, then they surrounding Lin Feng and the others.

"Is the Holy Spirit Dynasty still going to get involved?" the Tianci Holy Emperor demanded icily. The atmosphere was terribly oppressive.

"The Holy Spirit Dynasty isn't going to get involved in the Snow Clan and Lin Feng's affairs. If anyone else wants to attack Lin Feng, they should think carefully, though. After all, we're not the only Dynasty who has a Holy Emperor," said Holy Emperor Ling indifferently. His people were standing around Lin Feng, too.

The crowd watched the Snow Clan cultivators. An ice-cold Qi began to creep through the air. In response, the cultivators next to Yan Di stepped forwards and released energies, which surrounded Xue Ao. The Snow Clan cultivators frowned and pulled long faces.

The cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan said nothing at all. They just locked down Xue Ao. It was clear that if the Snow Clan dared attack Lin Feng, they would kill Xue Ao. They were saying to the Snow Clan, Try and dare us!

An invisible and intangible energy oppressed the members of the Snow Clan. They all hated Yan Di. However, they also couldn't help but admire his courage. They didn't dare attack Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had definitely offended the Snow Clan already, and would also definitely settle accounts with them at some point. They couldn't resort to Saints, either. The Snow Clan wouldn't do anything as long as the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan didn't kill their people.

They couldn't gamble with Xue Ao's life to kill Lin Feng. The situation was chaotic, and they couldn't do much.

The other strong cultivators started moving and stepped towards Lin Feng. However, the Holy Spirit Dynasty's cultivators moved closer to Lin Feng to protect him.

"The Holy Spirit Dynasty can't protect everyone today!" said Empress Xi icily. She was beautiful, calm, and aloof. The cultivators around her also took a step towards Lin Feng. They were putting more pressure on Lin Feng.

The silhouettes of cultivators flickered back and forth. The Holy Spirit Dynasty's strong cultivators moved closer to Lin Feng and faced the members of the Moon Palace. Yan Di had said it was important to protect Lin Feng from the Moon Palace.

A graceful silhouette appeared and stood behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng's eyes glittered as he turned around. He was startled to see who it was!

The woman was wearing a black cloak and had a veil on her face, standing there calmly.

So she's extremely strong, thought Lin Feng, when he sensed her energies. Her Qi was incredible. He was very surprised. The Holy Spirit Dynasty had matched him with a very powerful woman. She looked gentle and sad, but actually she was incredibly strong.

The pressure was incredible. It was almost as if time had stopped. Even the wind had stilled down. So many strong cultivators had gathered here, a great war would be tragic. Such military formations were rare in Qi Tian Holy Town. It was the first time in over a hundred years!

The strong cultivators who had come from far away were cautious, and didn't dare get too close. They stayed well in the distance. If all these terrifying cultivators started fighting, they'd also sense something.

Finally, a sharp Qi sprang out. Someone took a step forwards. However, the crowd was surprised because it wasn't a strong cultivator, it was a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer: w.a.n.g Jian!

Someone needed to take the first step, and that person was w.a.n.g Jian.

Lin Feng turned his head and regarded w.a.n.g Jian calmly. He had been waiting for those cultivators to make the first step, would they dare attack him? Everybody was extremely vigilant. w.a.n.g Jian had come out, and he could kill Lin Feng because he was a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer like Lin Feng.

w.a.n.g Jian was a genius of the Dark Night Region. He controlled weapon Dao. His attacks were deadly.

w.a.n.g Jian released sharp energies. The wind soughed and began to moan. The other strong cultivators remained motionless. n.o.body else attacked.

No matter what, Lin Feng had to die today. So many people had gathered, they all wanted something from Lin Feng.

At w.a.n.g Jian's back, a gigantic spear appeared and pointed at Lin Feng. A terrifying Qi appeared, a strong wind of intent streaming from it.

"Die!" shouted w.a.n.g Jiao explosively, and the gigantic spear drove towards Lin Feng. The golden lights streaked across the sky. n.o.body knew how the situation was going to evolve. But the members of the Dynasties and the Ancient Clans knew one thing: Lin Feng had to die!

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