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PMG Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046: Killing and Absorbing

At Lin Feng's back, a gigantic sword appeared and pointed at the sky.

Lin Feng stretched his hand and his gigantic sword sped to meet the gigantic spear. They collided hard enough to start a windstorm. Lin Feng took flight as a Holy Spirit appeared around him. He condensed wind strength to accelerate.

w.a.n.g Jian grunted icily. He looked at Lin Feng and flashed forwards. Another flying spear appeared behind him, and at the same time, a blood spear appeared in his hand and armor appeared on his body. He wanted to kill Lin Feng!

Lin Feng's eyes went all black. Holy Spirits materialized all around him. He punched out, a DevMara Kalpa Holy Spirit appearing around his fist. He had learned how to condense that Holy Spirit after becoming a high-level emperor. Lin Feng's fist was black and filled with explosive lightning. Lin Feng punched the flying spear and it exploded.

The crowd remained silent, just watching and not getting involved. Their hearts were all pounding, though. w.a.n.g Jian's weapon Dao was impressive, his weapons explosive. But now Lin Feng had become a high-level emperor and he could destroy w.a.n.g Jian's weapons by simply punching them! Lin Feng's physical strength had become even more unbelievable…

All those people wanted Lin Feng to die. He had been on the Holy Way Stage, he was extremely talented. If they didn't kill him now, he would pose a threat to them in the future!

w.a.n.g Jian saw Lin Feng charge towards him. A sharp death sword flashed towards him even faster!

Sharp weapon Qi rose up in the air, as w.a.n.g Jian turned into a gigantic cauldron. He could release any kind of weapon: offensive or defensive, and his weapons were almost indestructible.

Lin Feng released Death Dao intent. w.a.n.g Jian's weapons also contained soul strength. Lin Feng sighed in admiration, w.a.n.g Jian was really talented, and his Dao intent was incredible. He was extremely strong. Who was stronger between him and Zhuo Qing, who had the Diamond Indestructible King-type Body?

Lin Feng waved his hand and ancient imprints appeared all around him. Their invisible and intangible strength surrounded w.a.n.g Jian. The ancient imprints looked like other worlds. He couldn't escape!

A blade appeared in w.a.n.g Jian's hands, he raised his hands and a powerful force filled the air. The incredible strength condensed and turned into an Azure Dragon, which roared out defiantly.

"Lacerate!" The air howled around around the Dragon, it was able to cut anything. It broke free from the World of the Living Imprints. w.a.n.g Jian's weapons were indeed dangerous!

However, after the World of the Living Imprints broke apart, w.a.n.g Jian saw a terrifying gigantic sword streak across the sky towards him. It seemed to contain all sorts of strength, including cursing strength! That sword had the level of the top of the Huang Qi layer, and could even kill ordinary great emperors!

w.a.n.g Jian's armor glowed with power. At the same time, he also took out another powerful blade, which lit up in his hand. The sword arrived and destroyed the blade he raised to stop it, before continuing on, unimpeded. An ancient s.h.i.+eld appeared in front of w.a.n.g Jian, but it was immediately cut into two and then exploded.


The sound was subtle, almost quiet. The sword cut into w.a.n.g Jian and through his armor. Qi exploded, and he was driven away, blood splas.h.i.+ng as his clothes were torn apart.

What a terrifying defense!, thought those watching. They were also astonished by Lin Feng's attack. His attacks were murderous. He had progressed a lot, and faster than w.a.n.g Jian. w.a.n.g Jian was already at the top of the Huang Qi layer, he was going to become a great emperor sooner or later. Lin Feng was different though. When he was a medium-level emperor, he was already extremely strong, and he still had some ways to go before becoming a great emperor.

Lin Feng was extremely talented. The fighting abilities between cultivators of the same level were wide-ranging, and the difference could be gigantic. Differences in terms of spells, talent, and so on could be substantial. If Lin Feng had been at the very top of the Huang Qi layer too, he would have destroyed w.a.n.g Jian, even though he was also a genius.

w.a.n.g Jian could only look at Lin Feng. He couldn't compete with him. Lin Feng kept destroying his weapons. The previous time he had fought against Lin Feng, Lin Feng had still been a medium-level emperor.

"Die!" shouted w.a.n.g Jian explosively. He condensed terrifying Weapon Intent, and shot it towards Lin Feng's head. However, a demon appeared to protect Lin Feng's brain. At the same time, Lin Feng condensed a sword Holy Spirit to merge into his body. He looked like a sword which could cut apart the universe.

w.a.n.g Jian calmed down when he saw that. A Ten Thousand Weapons pattern appeared behind him, his whole body turned into a sharp weapon. Weapon energies gathered around him.

Lin Feng raised his hands, terrifying and sharp sword Qi began to vibrate and hum. His body turned into a terrifying sword, and his soul into an indestructible sword. Desolate and ancient Qi filled the air. The energies blotted out the sky. Lin Feng started advancing, condensing force in his feet, each step was more and more powerful.

That sharp sword felt like the last thing in the world. The crowd was nervous. Lin Feng was using the Ancient Holy Techniques again, and he had become much stronger than the previous time, when he had killed Prince Yan.

w.a.n.g Jian was shocked and going crazy. He controlled weapon techniques, he had a weapon soul, he understood weapon Dao, he was a king of weapons, and his weapons were incredibly sharp. However, Lin Feng's sword attack seemed better than his weapons. How could the king of weapons lose against someone else's weapon?

w.a.n.g Jian continued advancing, his Ten Thousand Weapons vibrating ever faster, and everything towards Lin Feng. The ground was shaking as if it were about to collapse.

However, the gigantic sword broke the ten thousand weapons. When it neared him, he had already lost much of his power. He was oppressed.

"Oh no!" w.a.n.g Jian felt hopeless. This was a holy technique, an oppressive holy technique. His attacks could kill great emperors, but Lin Feng could oppress him using holy techniques. He was going to die! A terrifying Qi surrounded him-

"w.a.n.g Jian, Great Imperial Weapon!" shouted someone loudly. However, the gigantic sword was already descending from the sky, and w.a.n.g Jian was under too much pressure. He had the impression he was going to suffocate. He did all he could to protect himself as quickly as possible, the air exploding with his resistance. The gigantic sword crashed on him, and he shook violently, his weapon body breaking apart.

"Die!" People from w.a.n.g Jian's Clan surged forwards, but there were cultivators from the Holy Spirit Dynasty in the sky to intercept them, protecting Lin Feng!

Lin Feng returned to human form. He punched w.a.n.g Jian in the head, but w.a.n.g Jian's head didn't explode. A terrifying absorbing strength appeared around Lin Feng. Nine dragons appeared and absorbed w.a.n.g Jian. The weapon pattern was also absorbed immediately. Even w.a.n.g Jian's head was devoured.

"Die, die!…" the cultivators from w.a.n.g Jian's Clan went insane when they saw the genius of their Clan get killed like that. Lin Feng's soul was trembling, and a terrifying strength moved towards his head. He was being pushed down, but he kept his cool.

A strong wind blew the pressure away as another cultivator protected Lin Feng.

The ground shook violently. Finally, a great battle was about to burst out.

They had chosen w.a.n.g Jian to fight against Lin Feng. No matter the winner, the results would have been terrifying in any case. Now, Lin Feng had won, he had killed w.a.n.g Jian and the members of w.a.n.g Jian's Clan were furious.

"A great war is starting!" blurted out someone in the distance. They had never seen such a terrifying gathering of strong cultivators!

Lin Feng looked at all those cultivators, he looked furious and said, "You will all regret trying to kill me!"

"Old buddy, protect me!" said Lin Feng, then he jumped forwards, and landed on the ground, a crater appeared, a mysterious strength appeared and surrounded him. The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan jumped into the crater to protect Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 2047

Chapter 2047: I'm Your Ancestor!

When they saw Lin Feng penetrate into the ground, the cultivators were stunned and said icily, "Be careful, he going to travel underground!"

"Yes, freeze the ground!" said a strong cultivator of the Snow Clan. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were protecting Lin Feng. The Snow Clan cultivators landed on the ground and punched the ground, which started freezing with a loud crackling. If Lin Feng was underground, he had to freeze, too. He couldn't escape!

"Holy Emperor Ling, if you don't leave, we'll attack the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty!" said someone icily. Maybe one Dynasty would have feared the Holy Spirit Dynasty, but now they had formed an alliance, they didn't care about the Holy Spirit Dynasty anymore. Even if the Holy Spirit Dynasty wanted to get their revenge someday, they could call their families and that would be the Holy Spirit Dynasty's judgement day.

Therefore, they didn't mind oppressing the Holy Spirit Dynasty together. Maybe they would manage to destroy one Dynasty too!

"So many Dynasties are joining hands to fight against our Holy Dynasty Prince, ridiculous!"

"Since it's that way, we don't need to be polite, don't worry. We won't attack Lin Feng, but he won't escape today," said a voice icily. They had to stop the Holy Spirit Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, so the Snow Clan would be able to focus on Lin Feng. The members of w.a.n.g Jian's Clan wouldn't let Lin Feng off, either!

A terrifying strength began to build. The great war burst out. The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were all surrounding Lin Feng. They made some hand seals and many ancient imprints appeared. Marks appeared on the snowy ground. A golden palace appeared, lofty and indestructible.

There was a boom as a powerful attack crashed onto the palace, but it remained unaffected.

"Hmph! Is that useful?" said an icy voice, as a terrifying strength condensed.

A gigantic spear descended from the sky, a destructive whirlwind around it. It crashed onto the palace and cracks appeared.

"Crush him!" said a few people at the same time. Destructive strength bombarded the palace. Finally, loud sounds spread in the air, the palace finally started breaking apart. However, at the same time, destructive strength blotted out the sky again.

"The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan are way too insolent, they must die!"

"Die!" the strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were less numerous than the others. They couldn't possibly resist for too long. Lin Feng was in the ground, there was someone watching all those strong cultivators at the entrance of the hole he was in.

A new shattering sound spread in the air. The ice which obstructed the hole broke apart and ancient Qi rose up into the air.

"What's going on?" The Holy Spirit Dynasty's person who was protecting everyone was startled. Some Qi was emerging from the hole. She was shocked, her soul felt a severe pressure. It was a truly ancient Qi…

"Is that Lin Feng's Qi?" she was astonished. At that moment, the members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan moved aside. Three people surrounded the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, one of them punched out at them. The atmosphere seemed like it was going to break apart.

The Holy Emperor's Concubine was stupefied. She jumped into the incoming hurricane, waving her hand and breaking the wind apart. However, at that moment, a gigantic hand grabbed towards her. She was being attacked from every side!

The Concubine suddenly turned into a light beam, moving her hands rapidly. However, she was still chased from the hole.

Someone smiled coldly in the sky and dove towards the hole at full speed.

"Kacha!" The hole was being bombarded and grew wider. It became gigantic, and Lin Feng should have appeared in their field of vision.

When the ice completely broke apart, the strong cultivator was astonished. He didn't see Lin Feng at all, he saw a gigantic creature.

It was a giant, three zhang tall. He was standing there, as tall as a building. His Qi was ancient and becoming stronger and stronger. Force kept appearing and condensing around him, turning into a hurricane of power.

The descending cultivator above the giant was astonished and started to shake. He couldn't oppress that giant and quickly stopped descending. The others were astonished, too. Why wasn't it Lin Feng? Why was there a giant?

They had seen Lin Feng go into the hole, where was he now?

Who, or what, was that giant?

At that moment, the giant raised his head, and light beams emerged from his eyes. He looked up at the cultivator in the sky above him, which made the man s.h.i.+ver even more. It was an ancient peerless cultivator, and his eyes were burning with violence.

The giant jumped out of the hole, his feet were gigantic, he grabbed towards the cultivator above him.

The cultivator above the giant was a Celestial Emperor, but he didn't feel like fighting against a giant, so he tried to escape.

However, the giant stretched out his hand and a gigantic imprint appeared, oppressing the whole region. The Celestial Emperor shouted desperately, that attack had oppressed everyone! At the same time, the giant stretched out his gigantic hand and grabbed the cultivator. The cultivator had the impression he was going to suffocate.

"No!…" the Celestial Emperor shouted furiously. He was going crazy. The giant had grabbed him and now he couldn't move anymore.

At that moment, the atmosphere became eerily calm again.

The giant looked like a Saint, was he a Saint from the ancient days?

"No, that's…" the Qin Dynasty's Holy Emperor was astonished and staring at the giant. That Qi, the giant, impossible…

The giant was holding the Celestial Emperor, who looked tiny in comparison with him. He was desperate and shouted, "Master, I didn't do anything! Please forgive me!"

"I thought you wanted to kill me?" said the giant calmly. The crowd started shaking violently.

The voice was completely different, but that was Lin Feng's way of speaking.

"How is that possible?"

Some people couldn't believe their eyes and trembled. Lin Feng was extraordinary, but how could he control a giant's body? That wasn't Lin Feng's body. That was the body of an ancient Saint. Lin Feng had definitely obtained it in the Saint's World!

But how? How could Lin Feng control a giant's body?

The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty was astonished, too. Lin Feng could control a Saint's body? They had no explanation. Even if Lin Feng could control such a body, where did the Qi and strength come from?

They didn't understand.

"Ah…" a loud shout spread in the air. The giant crushed the cultivator in his hand. His muscles, bones, flesh started crackling. The pain was unbearable. They couldn't imagine how painful it was.

A soul emerged, the cultivator wanted to escape but the giant immediately grabbed the soul too, he crushed the body and the soul of the cultivator. He had destroyed a Celestial Emperor that easily.

"It's a Saint, it's a peerless cultivator!" said someone in astonishment and terror.

The Qin Holy Emperor looked at the giant and asked, "Are you really Lin Feng?"

The giant turned around and looked at the Qin Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. The Holy Emperor didn't flee. He was staring at the giant as he said, "I'm the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shan's descendant."

He was convinced that Lin Feng couldn't control such a body without a Saint's help.

The giant raised his hands, but the Holy Emperor continued staring at him.

He clenched his fists. People had cold sweats, worried for the Qin Holy Emperor.

"Holy Emperor!" shouted a strong cultivator of the Qin Dynasty.

However, the Qin Holy Emperor remained motionless. Suddenly, he was forced away as the giant said icily, "I'm your Ancestor, Qin Shan!"

PMG Chapter 2048

Chapter 2048: Change

"I'm your Ancestor, Qin Shan!" said the voice, which made Qin Gan tremble. The giant grabbed Qin Gan and threw him away. The crowd was astonished, especially the members of the Qin Dynasty. At that moment, they all pulled a long face. They were staring at the giant in confusion. Their ancestor?

The Qin Dynasty's Ancestor wasn't dead?

The giant really had the body of a Saint, n.o.body had doubts about that, he looked majestic, he was as tall as a building.

Was that really their ancestor? If that was the case, if he hadn't died, then the Qin Dynasty was going to become the ruler of Qi Tian Holy Town and even the Region of the Dynasty!

Those days, in the Dark Night Region, even Holy Emperors were rare, and it was almost impossible to see a Saint, but n.o.body had doubts that they existed. The Saints couldn't all be dead. The crowd was convinced that n.o.body could be stronger than a Saint.

The giant threw Qin Gan away. Qin Gan coughed up blood. He wasn't angry, however, he was touched and moved. It was his ancestor, a Saint, and the Saint was incredibly strong, he could have popped his skull with his fingers. He started thinking that in that body, there was Lin Feng's consciousness as well as Qin Shan. Lin Feng couldn't possibly be as strong as a Saint.

"Ancestor," said Qin Gan, bowing before the giant. Everybody was astonished. n.o.body understood what was going on. They had been chasing Lin Feng. Now, a Saint had appeared and it was the Ancestor of the Qin Dynasty! Qin Gan believed it himself!

"Ancestor!" The strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty all bowed respectfully before their ancestor.

The giant's eyes twinkled. Lin Feng was the main controller, Qin Shan's thread of consciousness was just helping. Lin Feng was really using the giant's body. He felt perfect inside, actually. His soul wasn't shaking even the slightest iota. The body was very responsive.

The members of the Qin Dynasty were Qin Shan's descendants. Lin Feng was controlling their Ancestor's strength at that moment. Lin Feng couldn't kill the members of the Qin Dynasty using Qin Shan's body, that would have been extremely disrespectful, therefore Lin Feng just wanted to teach Qin Gan a good lesson.

He glanced at all the members of the Qin Dynasty but remained silent. However, they all felt under pressure because of that silence.

The members of the Snow Clan had already gathered together, wanting to protect Xue Ao. An old man said using telepathy, "Get ready to leave!"

They all understood that they couldn't face a Saint!

The members of the Snow Clan weren't the only ones who wanted to leave, the others who had come to surround Lin Feng did the same.

Therefore, when the giant looked at the members of the Snow Clan, it was as if something was about to explode. Snowflakes appeared everywhere, and the members of the Snow Clan disappeared into the snow. A terrifying strength filled the air. When the snowflakes disappeared, the giant saw that the members of the Snow Clan were gone

Everybody realized that Lin Feng wasn't going to die today. Without the Snow Clan's help, n.o.body could do anything against him.

The Moon Palace's members also released golden lights and disappeared inside, leaving without hesitation. A Saint was there, after all…

"Let's go." Progressively, more and more people started leaving. However, at that moment, the giant looked at the members of w.a.n.g Jian's clan and a terrifying strength rose up.

"Go? You came here, you think you can leave that easily?" said the giant icily, yet mockingly. The air hummed. The giant took a step, and a second one, and a third one. With each step, he could move ten thousand meters.

"Block!" shouted the members of w.a.n.g Jian's Clan, releasing their Qi. They all turned into swords and moved as fast as they could.

However, at the same time, the giant followed them and condensed an ancient Qi. The giant took out a gigantic ancient bell, and rang it once. Many people coughed up blood instantly. At the same time, the swords had the feeling they were stuck in moving sand.

The giant took another step and appeared in front of those people. A terrible strength seemed to lock the air in place. Their muscles stiffened. The terrifying ancient Qi was absorbing the force of the earth and sky. Those who were trying to escape struggled futilely.

"No…" shouted someone in panic. The gigantic bell crushed cultivators one after another. Their bodies exploded, and their souls dispersed. Someone managed to dodge and moved away at full speed. It was a Saint Emperor.

Lin Feng ignored him. He knew he could control the body perfectly, but he couldn't catch up with him, otherwise he could have crushed him. A Saint Emperor was nothing in front of a Saint. Escaping would have been impossible. s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian drank booze while crus.h.i.+ng Saint Emperors.

The other members of w.a.n.g Jian's clan didn't manage to escape and all died there.

Then, the giant looked back at the others and realized that everybody was far away. Celestial Emperors were indeed extremely fast.

Of course, the members of the Qin Dynasty were still there. They raised their heads and all looked at their ancestor.

"Someone will have to pay the price today," said the giant indifferently. He hadn't talked very loudly, but people in the distance heard him and s.h.i.+vered. Who was going to pay the price?

The Dynasties and some Ancient Holy Clans had sent people to kill Lin Feng. Who was responsible for that?

Lin Feng had used the Saint's help. He wouldn't be able to do it again for a long time, and maybe he would never have such an opportunity again.

He had to cherish that opportunity. Could he just chase those people? Would they stop hara.s.sing him in the future?

He had to be crazy. He had to make Qi Tian Holy Town shake violently, they had to remember him forever. He had to teach them a good lesson!

"Dong!" The giant made another step, the crowd shook violently. Where was the giant going?

The members of the Qin Dynasty were stupefied. They gathered behind Qin Gan and said, "Holy Emperor, is that really our Ancestor?"

"Of course, do you think we would be able to stay here and stay safe and sound otherwise?" said Qin Gan. He had no doubts any more, the only problem was that their Ancestor liked Lin Feng too!

The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty took a deep breath. He was astonished… a Saint! He had never thought Lin Feng would be helped by a Saint!

Yan Di remained calm and composed. He laughed and said, "Little boy, have you seen that? That's my disciple. Soon, he'll be as famous as me!"

When Fu Hei heard Yan Di, he thought, Since when is Master famous? And that was a Saint!

The imperial concubine looked at the giant in the distance, she was trembling. Where was Lin Feng?

She turned around and looked at the hole again. The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, including Yan Di, were still there. That Taoist priest was certifiably crazy, but he was also enigmatic and unfathomable. Even though she didn't know what had happened to Lin Feng, she knew that he had secrets. She just stood there calmly and watched.


In the Tianci Dynasty, the ground kept shaking violently. People raised their heads and looked at the giant in astonishment. What was going on? Why was the giant coming to the Tianci Dynasty? No cultivator from their Dynasty could compete with the giant!

Finally, when the giant arrived, Holy Emperor Tianci landed in front of it, his face deathly pale. He looked much older suddenly.

The Saint had chosen their Tianci Dynasty to vent his anger?

"Master, what are you going to do?" asked Holy Emperor Tianci. He didn't know what to do against such a cultivator. They were going to die if n.o.body helped them. He already didn't dare fight against Xue Ao, and in front of a Saint, he was a n.o.body.

"The Tianci Dynasty needs to change their Holy Emperor," said the giant calmly. He sounded like he was talking about something ordinary. With one simple sentence, he could decide a Holy Emperor's fate. The Holy Emperor had to be changed!

PMG Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049: Consequences

Holy Emperor Tianci looked up at the giant, terrified. He had followed the Snow Clan to kill Lin Feng and now the consequences were tragic. He was facing a Saint who was telling him his time as Holy Emperor was done!

He sounded calm and aloof, but Holy Emperor Tianci understood that he was probably going to die.

So many Dynasties had joined hands to kill Lin Feng, and Lin Feng had in return summoned a Saint. For Holy Emperor Tianci, this was a real tragedy. If the Saint was furious, he could make him fall and turn to dust. He knew the Saint had that power.

How tragic, but it was reality.

"I want to know whether you're Lin Feng or Qin Shan," said Holy Emperor Tianci. He was going to die so he wanted to know who was going to kill him.

"I'm Lin Feng and the Saint," said the giant emotionlessly. Holy Emperor Tianci nodded and gave all his possessions to an old man who was standing next to him.

"Holy Emperor!" said the old man, his face stiff.

"Uncle, you can be the Holy Emperor for now. Chen and Piao Xue have potential, in the future you can choose them, or someone else," said Holy Emperor Tianci. The old man next to him looked extremely sad.

"Alright, even without me, the Tianci Dynasty will remain the Tianci Dynasty," said Holy Emperor Tianci with a sad smile. He walked up to Lin Feng and said, "You want to kill me for what happened today, you're right, but no matter what, you will end up like me, sooner or later."

Then, Holy Emperor Tianci closed his eyes, ready to meet death.

Everyone remained silent in the Tianci Dynasty. The cultivators gathered there all stared at the giant. The giant raised his hand and brought it down. Even when he was crushed, the members of the Tianci Dynasty could scarcely believe it had really happened.

Lin Feng left the Tianci Dynasty, he couldn't stay like this much longer. He had killed the Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty to prove to everyone that they couldn't do whatever they wished to him. Everybody in Qi Tian Holy Town would now understand that.


As Lin Feng had expected, when Holy Emperor Tianci died, the news quickly spread everywhere in Qi Tian Holy Town. n.o.body said anything, everyone held their tongues. There was too much pressure. The Dynasties were too scared; their Holy Emperors, elders, and families could die!

Holy Emperor Tianci had died. n.o.body talked about Lin Feng anymore, saying Lin Feng's name became taboo.

All of that was due to the Saint's existence. People in Qi Tian Holy Town realized how strong Saints were. Of course, many people felt even more determined, they all wanted to transcend worldliness, attain holiness, and look at Saint Emperors like insects.

Lin Feng went back to the battlefield and sank back into the ground. His holy Qi dispersed and disappeared. In the ground, Lin Feng went into his spirit's world and left the Saint's body. He had the sensation his head was going to explode. He felt extremely weak and sick. With the strength of the Huang Qi layer, using a Saint's body was exhausting. Without the Saint's consciousness, he couldn't have done it.


Yan Di was waiting on the ground outside. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the hole. He was wondering whether taking Lin Feng away was the best solution or not.

Up in the sky, two people were seated on a cloud, lights gathered around them. They had seen everything. They made an odd couple. One of them had an alcohol gourd and looked nonchalant. The other one was a beautiful woman.

"Teacher, will he be alright?" the woman asked the drunkard.

The drunkard didn't reply hastily, he took a sip of liquor and said, "No problem for now. But in the future, it will be a huge problem."

"What do you mean?"

"Lin Feng is facing many problems. For now, n.o.body in Qi Tian Holy Town will dare attack him, but what about the Snow Clan?" said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian calmly.

The woman was startled, "Teacher, would the Snow Clan dare send a Saint to fight against Lin Feng…"

Qing Feng couldn't imagine what it meant to be a peerless cultivator.

"You are young. You don't understand how priceless a Saint's body is, especially a body which still has a consciousness," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian indifferently. He understood precisely how Lin Feng had used a Saint's strength. He knew that the Snow Clan's members also understood that.

"Lin Feng shouldn't have used the Saint's strength?" asked Qing Feng. She was stunned.

"He would have died if he hadn't. Lin Feng didn't do anything wrong, but the real problem is that no matter what, he didn't have any good option," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian calmly. He took another sip, looking detached from worldly affairs.

"Teacher, why…" asked Qing Feng, staring at s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian.

"Why I didn't help Lin Feng before he used the Saint's body?" asked s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian with a smile. Qing Feng said nothing, but s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian tapped her head and smiled, "If I helped and protected each time he has a problem, how could he become stronger? Besides, I'm not with him all the time. He has to find solutions to his problems himself. All peerless cultivators have to go through uncountable hards.h.i.+ps to grow strong."

"What you mean is that Lin Feng will become a peerless cultivator?" deduced Qing Feng, her eyes twinkling. Her teacher thought highly of Lin Feng.

"I never said that!" s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian grinned. "However, having used the strength of a Saint is something amazing for him, it has many advantages."

"Teacher, what if a Saint of the Snow Clan attacks Lin Feng? He will definitely die," Qing Feng asked him.

"Alright, for my good disciple, I'll offend the Snow Clan only once," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, shaking his head.

Qing Feng looked at him strangely and whispered, "What does that have to do with me?"

"Ah? Well then, I'd be happy to have a rest. I'm not getting involved then," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, laying down on the cloud and continuing to drink.

"Teacher!" said Qing Feng, rolling her eyes and pouting.

s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian just laughed and said, "Alright, alright, don't worry. I'll help him one last time, but I'll offend the Snow Clan and it won't be fun in the future. In the future, he'll have to rely on himself."

"Thank you very much, Teacher!" smiled Qing Feng. Since her teacher had said he would help Lin Feng, he was going to help!


Lin Feng's soul strength moved back into his body and he began to slowly recover. His soul didn't shake violently anymore. Then, he came out of the hole.

"Little boy, you must feel great, right?" chortled Yan Di, smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was bemused, feel great? His soul had almost exploded, using the Saint's strength was incredibly dangerous!

"I want to go back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. I think it's over," said Lin Feng.

However, the old Taoist Priest shook his head and said, "You can't go back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty."

"Why?" Lin Feng asked.

"You must think about the consequences now," said Yan Di.

Lin Feng didn't understand. "Who will dare attack me now?" asked Lin Feng.

"The Snow Clan's Saint," explained Yan Di.

Lin Feng frowned and remained silent for a few seconds, "If a Saint really wants to attack me, where should I go? And will the Snow Clan really send a Saint to fight against me?"

"Alright, go back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty then," said Yan Di.

Lin Feng was shook his head. He didn't understand.

"Go back. If you have to face him, you'll face him sooner or later." said the old Taoist Priest. Then, he said "Good Heavens" again. Lin Feng didn't understand. If the Snow Clan really sent a Saint to fight against him, he could activate the memories he had received from the Diviner of the Destiny Shrine, and say he was from the Destiny Shrine!

PMG Chapter 2050

Chapter 2050: The Evil Influence Remains

He was seated cross-legged on a Blue Uptala Lotus in his spirit world. Cosmic strength kept rotating around him, there were the cosmic energies of the ten thousand things of creation. Without the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree and the Blue Uptala Lotus, Lin Feng wouldn't have been able to progress so fast in terms of cosmic energies.

Lin Feng was thoughtful.

"Zun cultivators break through to the Huang Qi layer when their force is multiplied by a thousand. After that, their body fuses together with the earth and sky around them. However, the real force of the earth and sky is unlimited. When Saints move, force keeps condensing around them and hurricanes appear around them. The strength of the earth and sky is like their own. They just have to move their hand to use it," muttered Lin Feng. After controlling the Saint's body, that was the feeling he had experienced. Saints had no limits. It had been a wonderful sensation!

They could also control people's souls. When he controlled his own body, he had no problems and there was nothing unpleasant, he was in harmony with his own body. But when he controlled the Saint's body, Lin Feng realized how incredible a human soul was. He needed to become so much stronger to become a peerless cultivator. They belonged to a completely different world!

Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised because he had been cleansed three times by DevMara Kalpa strength as a high-level emperor, and he had become stronger after controlling the Saint's body. However, after recovering, his demon skills had become stronger yet again.

After that, Lin Feng went back into the demon pond and cleansed his DevMara physical body. His physical body was becoming ever more terrifying. Lin Feng knew that because he had controlled the Saint's body, it was easier for him to become physically stronger. He felt even better physically.

His soul and body had become stronger. Lin Feng was even more determined, and felt even more optimistic about his future. He kept progressing quickly. At the same cultivation level, n.o.body could compete with him in terms of physical strength.

He was seated cross-legged on the Blue Uptala Lotus and after that, a weapon pattern appeared behind him. He had absorbed it with his Spirit, and had it mix with his blood. His Qi had finally calmed down.

Meng Qing was seated not far from him and smiled, "Little Zhe Tian, look at your father, he's doing so much for you, come out quickly."

"Haha, he will also come out quickly." When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng, she smiled. Lin Feng stopped practicing cultivation and landed next to Meng Qing. He touched Meng Qing's belly and sensed something move.

"Little boy, listen to your mom or I'll scold you when you come out!" smiled Lin Feng.

Meng Qing laughed. "Don't scare our baby, otherwise he won't come out!"

"Lin Feng, will the Snow Clan attack you?" Meng Qing asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng initially didn't intend to tell Meng Qing anything, but she had to know. Lin Feng had just told her a few things, he couldn't hide the truth from her, and her perception was quite acute.

The Snow Clan was her native clan, and known to be powerful.

"Don't worry, you can rely on me!" Lin Feng smiled.

Meng Qing put her hands on Lin Feng's face and looked at him gently. "If you can't survive, I can go back to the Snow Clan. Your safety is the most important thing. I have a celestial king-type body, the Snow Clan won't do anything to me."

"Silly girl," said Lin Feng, caressing Meng Qing's cheeks in return. He kissed her on the lips. They both smiled, understanding each other without talking.

"Lin Feng, do you think Lin Zhe Tian will look more like you or me?" Meng Qing put her head on Lin Feng's shoulder and smiled.

"It would be better if he looked more like you," replied Lin Feng cheerfully.

Meng Qing laughed and wondered, "Will he be like you? Will he travel all around the world and offend many women like you?"

Lin Feng laughed and said, "Haha, wouldn't it be great?"

"Aren't you afraid that it could affect his cultivation?"

"Some people are determined. Some people are solitary, too. Some people are confident and at ease, other people solely focus on cultivation. It always depends on people." Lin Feng was different from many people. He smiled, "Look at those Holy Emperors and Holy Concubines!"

"You envy them?" asked Meng Qing.

"My wife is like a celestial being, how could I envy them? Other people envy me!" Lin Feng laughed back. He knew that Meng Qing was joking. They were two people who were really in love. They had gone through so much together.


However, some people didn't intend to let Lin Feng off. Some Snow Clan cultivators landed in the Tianci Dynasty, where there was a new Holy Emperor, the previous Holy Emperor's uncle. When he saw them, he didn't look as happy as in the past.

"We suffered great losses, what do you want now?" asked the Holy Emperor impolitely.

The Snow Clan cultivators frowned and one of them said, "Our Saint is on his way, he'll arrive within three days."

The Holy Emperor was petrified and his heart started pounding. A Saint?

The Snow Clan had said one sentence and it sufficed to scare them to death. A Saint from the Snow Clan was going to come to town?

"So what does that have to do with the Tianci Dynasty?" asked the new Holy Emperor. He tried to remain calm and composed.

"Last time, the Dynasties and the Ancient Holy Clans surrounded Lin Feng and then let him escape. That won't happen a second time!" said the Snow Clan cultivator calmly.

"Let him escape?" The Holy Emperor smiled coldly.

The Snow Clan was really shameless. The Snow Clan had fled first!

"A second time? You mean that we'll surround Lin Feng again?" asked the Holy Emperor, not understanding their point of view.

"Indeed!" said the strong cultivator of the Snow Clan. He didn't realize the Holy Emperor found him ridiculous, and just nodded calmly.

The Holy Emperor said coldly, "Since your Saint is coming, why do we need to waste time?"

"We need Lin Feng to use the Saint's body. And we need you to deal with Lin Feng, you understand?" asked the Snow Clan cultivator.

The Holy Emperor was stupefied. The Snow Clan wanted Lin Feng to use the Saint's body again, and give them a reason to send a Saint!

"Why doesn't the Saint attack directly? Why do you need someone to provoke the situation?" asked the Holy Emperor.

"If our Saint attacks Lin Feng directly, he won't use the Saint's body directly," explained the Snow Clan cultivator indifferently before starting to walk away.

"Some strong cultivators from my Clan have already gone to the other Dynasties and Ancient Holy Clans. Of course, you can refuse, but the consequences will be… hehe!" said that man with a laugh before leaving. The Holy Emperor was furious.

The Tianci Dynasty's Holy Emperor had already died, and now they wanted to start again?!

"I will inform you when the right time comes. You can decide whether you want to join or not then," the Snow Clan cultivator said while leaving. The Holy Emperor was furious, but could he refuse?

PMG Chapter 2051

Chapter 2051: Lin Feng Is Dead

Qin Gan from the Qin Dynasty arrived in the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he wanted to see Lin Feng.

Since there was a new connection between them thanks to the Saint, the Holy Spirit Dynasty accepted.

"What do you want from me, Qin Gan?" asked Lin Feng to the Holy Emperor calmly.

"I came for the Saint's body, I want you to give us his body back," Qin Gan said coldly. However, Lin Feng merely grunted icily.

Qin Gan wasn't furious, but said, "A short time ago, the Snow Clan, the Dynasties, and the Ancient Holy Clans wanted to kill you. While the Holy Spirit Dynasty protected you, the most important thing is that the Snow Clan sent a Saint here for you. I don't want my ancestor's body to end up in the Snow Clan's hands. Qin Shan is our ancestor."

When Lin Feng heard him, he was surprised. A Saint from the Snow Clan was coming for him? Yan Di was right!

"If I give you the body, how can you protect it?" said Lin Feng icily.

"I came here secretly. Give me the body and escape from Qi Tian Holy Town. The farther you go, the better. We won't say anything. That way, it would be perfect for both of us," Qin Gan said to Lin Feng.

"No need. If the Saint comes, we'll see what happens," replied Lin Feng evenly. "Please leave, Holy Emperor Qin."

A terrifying strength surrounded Lin Feng, and his blood almost stopped flowing. However, when Qin Gan released that strength, another Qi rolled in from outside of the courtyard and surrounded him!

"Watch your words!" said a voice dismissively.

Qin Gan didn't recall his Qi. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "You want my Ancestor to be stolen by the Snow Clan?"

"If you're brave, prevent them from doing so. If you have no b.a.l.l.s, then stop talking s.h.i.+t. Do you want me to call your ancestor again and make him slap your face again?" said Lin Feng icily and disdainfully.

Qin Gan remained silent and grunted icily, before rising to leave. While leaving, he said, "Hurry and leave, or you won't have any chance to survive."

After Qin Gan left, silhouettes flickered. The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty and Yan Di landed in front of Lin Feng.

"I was right, you see? The Snow Clan sent a Saint, they're cruel," said Yan Di.

"Old buddy, do you have any solution to propose?" asked Lin Feng to Yan Di.

"Even though I am an incredibly strong cultivator, a Saint is ultimately stronger than me. They can make the world collapse. They have transcended worldliness and attained holiness. I'm powerless when facing a Saint," said Yan Di, shaking his head.

Lin Feng was mortified and said, "The other day, you didn't tell me that."

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, did he want Lin Feng to die?

Lin Feng couldn't deal with a Saint. Even if he controlled a Saint's body, it wouldn't work. Now the Saint was sleeping anyway, so Lin Feng couldn't even use his body.

"You won't die though," said Yan Di patiently. "And so many people are watching you, you can't really escape. If the Snow Clan's Saint wants to find you, he'll find you easily."

Lin Feng remained silent. What could he do against a Saint? Champion University, the Holy Spirit Dynasty, everyone he knew, n.o.body could help him!

Everybody looked pensive, including the Holy Spirit Holy Emperor. Lin Feng had shaken up the whole town. He had a Saint's body, he had killed a Holy Emperor, he had made all the Dynasties and the Ancient Holy Clans shut up, and now, after a short time, he was in danger again. It was different this time, however, it was a Saint who was looking for him. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan and the Holy Spirit Dynasty couldn't protect him anymore!

He was doomed, it seemed!


Today, the Holy Spirit Dynasty was calm. The next day, a bright light appeared in the distance and illuminated the ancient town. The members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were terrified. Many people gathered and moved together. They had to be vigilant!

Lin Feng was going to die. He had survived the first battle, but this time, it was different.

Many people wanted to kill Lin Feng and steal his treasures!

The Holy Spirit Dynasty didn't organize a banquet this time, they just remained silent. People from Qi Tian Holy Town hadn't thought the situation would deteriorate so badly.

The Tianci Dynasty, the Great Desert Dynasty, the Ancient Jade Dynasty and the Qin Dynasty joined hands. The Qin Dynasty still wanted Lin Feng to die, even though Qin Gan had secretly gone to see Lin Feng. Apart from the Dynasties, many other people had gathered, including some groups which weren't from Qi Tian Holy Town. Lin Feng hadn't thought that the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan would also come.

The historical remains had appeared in the Saint's World. Almost all the groups of the Dark Night Region knew about what was going on there and were attracted. The Pei Clan and the Ji Clan had been paying attention to Lin Feng the whole time, he just hadn't known about it.


Snowflakes appeared in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The pressure was terrifying. Some people started panicking as it developed into a blizzard.

It was extremely calm, though. Many people had fled to small worlds. When a Saint fought, people around could easily be killed.

At the same time, some silhouettes flickered and appeared where Lin Feng was.

"Since you're all here, just appear!" said a loud voice. Everybody in the Holy Spirit Dynasty heard the voice. At that moment, the strong cultivators of the Dynasty sensed an oppressive energy. It was even more dangerous than the previous time. Those who had failed the previous time weren't going to accept losing a second time!

The atmosphere started trembling, and an earthquake started in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Many buildings started collapsing, adding to the terror.

Lin Feng raised his head, sensing the invisible and intangible strength. The strong cultivators around him formed a curtain so he was under less pressure.

"It's going to be worse than I thought," said the old Taoist Priest indifferently. Lin Feng could also sense how terrifying the pressure was.

"Last time, they failed and I killed a few great emperors. I even killed the Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty. Now, they're going crazy. Even without the Saint, they are so furious that they could win," Lin Feng mused calmly.

Yan Di shook his head. The Holy Spirit Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan couldn't do much.

Strong cultivators appeared all around. Yan Di glanced at those people. He didn't understand; the Snow Clan had sent a Saint, why did they need so many people? And where was the Saint?

A terrifying sword appeared in the sky, surrounded by millions of arcs of lightning. It instantly crushed the curtain of energies created by all the strong cultivators. Lin Feng sensed the terrifying pressure and was driven to his knees.

"Lin Feng, you must die today," stated someone icily. He jumped forwards and some power bombarded Lin Feng's will.

"Lin Feng, you're insolent, you dared kill a Holy Emperor, Qi Tian Holy Town disowns you!" shouted a celestial being of the Ancient Jade Dynasty. More strength attacked Lin Feng, and he coughed with pain. He was injured now…

It was easy for Saint Emperors and Celestial Emperors to injure him!

"They want me to use the Saint's body. The Saint is already here!" Lin Feng realized, raising his head. It kept snowing. An old man had appeared high up in the sky, looking aloof and arrogant. He was as white as snow.

He was the Saint of the Snow Clan!

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