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PMG Chapter 2058

Chapter 2058: Coming Back to Life

Outside of the Holy City, two people were lying on beds of straw. They were a handsome man and a beautiful woman, still asleep even after a long period of time. They looked like a dead imperial couple, lying there next to one another.

However, a mysterious strength floated around them. It felt like it could explode anytime.

In the distance, the wind moaned. A silhouette as big as a tower appeared. He looked at the two people and frowned, "Mister Xiao, Lin Feng and the girl haven't woken up yet?"

"They haven't completely recovered, but this year, they will eventually wake up." said Mister Xiao, glancing at the two. He was a mighty healer. Lin Feng and You You hadn't woken up, but Mister Xiao knew that it would happen sooner or later.

"Alright, I hope that when Lin Feng wakes up, he'll be even stronger!" nodded Tantai. After what had happened to Lin Feng, Tantai heard about it in Champion University, and had decided to come to the tribe to check up on Lin Feng. He had told Champion University's people that they didn't need to worry about Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, in the Holy City, people say that you have fallen. Hurry up and wake up. Show those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that the strongest cultivator of Champion University is still here. Ji Chang is a piece of s.h.i.+t," swore Tantai. Lin Feng had disappeared for an entire year. Ji Chang had reappeared six months ago. Therefore, he had become the best cultivator of Champion University once again.

Many people in Champion University believed Lin Feng had fallen. He hadn't returned to the Holy City since the battle.

A fearsome Qi suddenly emerged from Lin Feng's body, rapidly gaining strength. A wind of cosmic energies appeared all around him.

"Eh?" Mister Xiao was surprised, what was going on?

Tantai was startled too and asked, "Mister Xiao, is Lin Feng going to wake up?"

"I don't know. Each time a thread of strength emerges from his body, I think he might wake up, but he doesn't," said Mister Xiao. He was intrigued.

When Tantai heard Mister Xiao, he frowned. But after those cosmic energies turn into a tornado, Tantai was relieved, this was a good thing…

At that moment, another mysterious strength appeared. Many lights glittered all around him, a spectacular sight.

"All sorts of strength?" Lin Feng looked as if he had been bathing in the Milky Way. It was very strange.

Lin Feng knew he had an affinity with all sorts of strength, that's why he had decided to study several sorts of abstruse energies. He had turned his abstruse energies into cosmic energies.

Then, Lin Feng had obtained the Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood and used it a lot. If he wanted to, he could study all sorts of cosmic energies. But that was too time-consuming, so he hadn't. Lin Feng preferred focusing on a few.

But his affinity was incredible!


Lin Feng waved his hand, and the cosmic energies condensed into his hand, turning into a light beam and then into a whirlwind. That whirlwind contained all sorts of strengths.

"They're fusing together, a little bit more and they'll be in perfect harmony with my Dao." whispered Lin Feng. Back then, he had already managed to see that mysterious strength a little bit, but it hadn't been enough. One more step!

"Dao, my Dao." Lin Feng said to himself. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and the stars disappeared. His cosmic energies also dispersed.

"He's awake!" Mister Xiao and Tantai's eyes twinkled. Finally, Lin Feng was awake!

"Where am I?" asked Lin Feng, suddenly standing up. He hadn't moved in a long time, so his body was a bit rigid, and his bones crackled loudly.

"Lin Feng, we are at my tribe," said Mister Xiao. Lin Feng saw Mister Xiao and Tantai, and then You You, and his heart twitched.

"You You!" said Lin Feng, crouching down and stretching out his hand. He caressed her face and said, "Mister Xiao, how is You You doing?"

"Her injuries were as serious as yours, but she's stronger than you, so she needed more time to recover. I don't know when she'll wake up, but you don't need to worry," Mister Xiao told him. Lin Feng nodded. He condensed some strength, stood up, and walked away. He said, "Mister Xiao, take me out of the tribe."

"Eh?" Mister Xiao was a bit startled, but nodded and took Lin Feng out. When Lin Feng arrived outside of the tribe, ominous force emerged from his body. In the sky, DevMara Kalpa strength condensed: the fifth time!

"My physical strength has increased again." Lin Feng looked at the DevMara Kalpa strength in the sky, then over at at Mister Xiao.

"The strength in your body matured for a year, of course you became stronger. The effects of the DevMara Kalpa strength you absorbed haven't had time to appear," said Mister Xiao. Lin Feng nodded. DevMara Kalpa strength descended from the sky and bombarded Lin Feng once again. It felt great!

"Awesome," said Lin Feng, raising his head to the skies, his eyes all black. How pleasant! The DevMara Kalpa strength couldn't harm his body anymore. However, he didn't have the same sensation as before. This time, it was even more pleasant because his muscles felt numb after spending so much time in a coma, and now the knots were being worked out.

At that moment, more demon lights illuminated his body and twinkled.

DevMara Kalpa strength bombarded his soul a second time. Lin Feng jumped into the air. A third wave bombarded him.

"Mister Xiao, how much time has pa.s.sed since the battle in Qi Tian Holy Town?" asked Lin Feng as the Demon Kalpa strength bombarded his body.

"One year," replied Mister Xiao.

"One year. How is Meng Qing?" asked Lin Feng rhetorically. He looked at the sky and wondered, "Little boy, are you born yet?"

The fourth and fifth waves bombarded his body. The waves were becoming more and more powerful, the skies were angry because Lin Feng was looking at them disdainfully.

The sixth wave bombarded him. It reminded him of the battle. "Ji Chang, Zhuo Qing, the Holy Jade Princess, how are you all doing? If you're still alive, stay alive, I'll come and take your lives myself!"

Lin Feng's Qi grew ever more terrifying.

"Tianci Dynasty, Great Desert Dynasty, Ancient Jade Dynasty, Ji Clan, Pei Clan, Zhuo Clan, how are you all?" asked Lin Feng, smiling in a cold and evil way. The seventh wave bombarded him.

The eighth wave condensed in the sky.

"Snow Clan, Ancient Holy Clans, maybe in the future, when I go to the Snow Clan, I won't only go there to pick Meng Qing up!" said Lin Feng calmly. Mister Xiao s.h.i.+vered when he heard Lin Feng. The eighth wave crashed down.

Mister Xiao was amazed. Lin Feng was even more determined than he had thought. Within twenty years, Lin Feng would definitely go to the Snow Clan!

The ninth wave condensed, the earth and sky began to whistle. Then, it crashed down on him again.

Demon Qi emerged from Lin Feng's eyes and shot up into the sky. He shouted, "Die!"

Lin Feng flew upwards and punched out at the DevMara Kalpa in the sky. The earth and sky shook violently, thunder crashed. The DevMara Kalpa almost stopped, and a hole even appeared. Lin Feng moved around in the DevMara Kalpa lights high up in the sky and bathed in them!

PMG Chapter 2059

Chapter 2059: Top Level Physical Strength

Demon lights twinkled around Lin Feng. After the ninth wave, the demon clouds finally dispersed and the blue sky appeared again. However, Lin Feng was still surrounded by terrifying demon energies. He looked like a demon king.

He clenched his fists, feeling his bones crackle. He felt happy. It was the fifth time he had been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength as a high-level emperor. His physical strength had increased once again.

Mister Xiao's healing techniques are incredible. He can heal people but he can also make them even stronger than they were before. Even though people in the tribe aren't extremely strong at the beginning, they apply the same rule to everyone, that grand talents mature slowly. Tantai must have become explosively strong. And they progress even faster with time!, thought Lin Feng.

He looked at Mister Xiao. Mister Xiao stood next to him and smiled gently. "Lin Feng, your physical strength is much higher than people of my tribe at the same cultivation level. Your demon skills are aggressive, you can even stand being cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength directly."

"Mister Xiao, the scriptures I've studied are called Indestructible DevMara skills and techniques, but they're not complete. I'm sure they would be useful in your tribe. It gives cultivators an explosive power. I'll transmit them to you using my G.o.dly awareness," Lin Feng said to Mister Xiao.

"My tribe's philosophy is to make steady progress incrementally. They study whatever they want. But you're right, having such scriptures would be useful. Thank you," said Mister Xiao. Lin Feng nodded and transmitted the demon skills to Mister Xiao.

"Mister Xiao, those skills and techniques are extremely aggressive. The DevMara Kalpa strength doesn't only attack a cultivator's physical body, they also attack the soul, people who don't have a powerful soul can't study it carelessly. They must be careful," warned Lin Feng.

Mister Xiao naturally understood. They both headed back to the tribe.

Lin Feng landed next to You You. He caressed her face and said gently, "Little girl, how can you be so silly? Why did you pretend we didn't know each other? Why did you secretly protect me?" whispered Lin Feng. He looked at Mister Xiao and said, "Mister Xiao, do you still need to give her medicine?"

"No, when the right time comes, she'll wake up," said Mister Xiao, shaking his head.

"I'll keep her with me then," Lin Feng said to Mister Xiao.

Mister Xiao didn't refuse, he nodded and agreed, "Alright."

Lin Feng brought You You into his spirit world. He hadn't seen his family for a year. When they saw him, they didn't mention Meng Qing. She hadn't come back for a while. They realized something had happened. Lin Feng hadn't come back to see them for a year, which was strange. Lin Feng usually came back quite often. And why hadn't Lin Feng come back with Zhe Tian and Meng Qing?

Lin Feng explained some of what had gone on. Even though they didn't ask, Lin Feng had to tell them some things. He couldn't conceal the truth, so he told them everything. They knew Meng Qing was safe, at least. Unfortunately, Lin Feng couldn't contact Meng Qing, even with her jade talisman.

Lin Feng put You You on a Blue Uptala Lotus, and also practiced cultivation there. He stayed with her for seven days and then went into the demon pond to improve his DevMara body. His physical strength kept increasing.

Lin Feng was making even more effort than before, crazily intense about his cultivation. He spent half a month in the demon pond this time, and then was cleansed by DevMara Kalpa two more times. His physical strength was already terrifying. His DevMara body and DevMara Kalpa strength were different things: DevMara Kalpa strength made his physical body more powerful, while his DevMara body made his strength even more explosive.

Lin Feng knew he could cleanse his body only twice this time. A third time would have been harmful.

With the medicine Mister Xiao had given to Lin Feng for a year and the DevMara Kalpa strength and the DevMara body, Lin Feng's physical strength had easily reached the top of the Huang Qi layer. He could easily crush cultivators of the top of the Huang Qi layer these days.

However, there was no limit, it was always possible to become stronger. Ji Chang and the others were already at the top of the Huang Qi layer, but Lin Feng wasn't. At the same cultivation level, he would have been much stronger than they were.

At this time, Lin Feng didn't know that he had already reached the top of the Huang Qi layer…


"Indestructible DevMara Kalpa skill, DevMara body, they're useful," Lin Feng muttered to himself as he left his spirit world. He had no time to waste. He didn't have time to spend with his family, either. Even though s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian and the Snow Clan's Saint had agreed on a limit of twenty years, Lin Feng didn't want to wait that long. He wanted to see Meng Qing and his baby as soon as possible.

The Holy City was the most central city of the Dark Night Region. It had never lost its reputation, and there were always geniuses there. Chu Chun Qiu was still the first cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List. The second wasn't Lin Feng anymore, it was Ji Chang once again.

Lin Feng's name had already disappeared from the Imperial Ranking List. The Great Imperial Palace's people were convinced that Lin Feng had died during the great battle in Qi Tian Holy Town, and even if he hadn't died, he was probably unable to regain his original strength.

Many other people from the top of the Imperial Ranking List were trying to become great emperors. The Imperial Ranking List was just a symbol. Strength was more important.

On the day Lin Feng reappeared in the Holy City, was he a guest in the Holy City or was it like his new hometown?


Lin Feng was in a restaurant, wearing a grey robe and a plaited bamboo hat. There was a veil around the bamboo hat which hid his face. He looked like the Watchers from back then. He didn't head back to Champion University first. This restaurant was near the Ji Clan and belonged to them.

In the Holy City, Ancient Holy Clans all had restaurants and such places. It was a way of learning about current affairs.

Apart from that, Ancient Holy Clans in the Holy City also had journalists, spies, and special agents. That's how Ancient Holy Clans controlled cities.

"I've heard that Chu Chun Qiu had killed another great emperor. How terrifying. He's as insane as his ancestor."

"Yes, and Chu Chun Qiu hasn't reached the very top of the Huang Qi layer yet. How terrifying indeed! Everybody underestimated him. I am sure he has a king-type body!"

"He's just the new King Chu."

People in restaurants were mostly talking about emperors. They didn't know much about great emperors, emperors were more common. There were many things to talk about them. When talking about emperors, they mainly thought of the best ones, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, and so on.

"Ji Chang is trying to break through to the Di Qi layer. He will surpa.s.s Chu Chun Qiu again."

"Hehe, maybe!" someone else laughed. It was a member of the Ji Clan. People kept flattering Ji Chang even if they knew that Ji Chang wasn't as strong as Chu Chun Qiu.

However, at that moment, someone decided to do the opposite, "Is Ji Chang the one who was defeated by that medium-level emperor? How funny, you're talking about him as if he were an unprecedented genius."


"How audacious!" the crowd murmured. However, saying that in one of the Ji Clan's restaurants was reckless. What a humiliation for the Ji Clan, too!

The Ji Clan cultivators looked at Lin Feng icily.

"Baloney! Your Excellency, you must be too drunk to think clearly already! Who do you think you are to talk about a Champion?"

"Baloney?" Lin Feng raised his head and looked at them icily through his veil and said indifferently, "The Champion was initially second and then he fell to fourth on the Imperial Ranking List. That's unprecedented! And there aren't many strong cultivators in the Ji Clan. That guy was even surrounded by hundreds of people and he killed many of them. That was a new page in the history of the Holy City."

All the young people in the restaurant released Qi and looked at him aggressively.

"Why are you provoking us?"

Lin Feng had a rictus grin behind his veil. Of course, he was just provoking them, he had come for revenge!

PMG Chapter 2060

Chapter 2060: Slaughtering

"You can see it that way," said Lin Feng calmly. The young people of the Ji Clan were stupefied, they all stood up and walked towards Lin Feng. Oppressive energies surrounded him. Many other people backed away from Lin Feng. He was too audacious!

"Your Excellency, you're not weak. I'll teach you a good lesson. I'm from the Ji Clan, you'll see that you can't offend the Ji Clan!" said someone in front of Lin Feng. He sounded calm and composed. The Ji Clan still remembered that Ji Chang had been defeated by Lin Feng not long ago, and that he had also killed many of their people. They couldn't forget about it. Now someone was surprisingly making fun of them because of that in a restaurant that belonged to them!

"Ji Clan's people?" When Lin Feng heard the man, the table in front of him exploded. He looked at the speaker icily, and the young man started shaking.

You You was in a coma because of people from the Ji Clan. The Ji Clan had tried to kill him three times! They had to pay the price for that!

Lin Feng stood up and walked forwards. That person sensed Lin Feng's terrifying power. He was shocked and scared by the pressure!

Lin Feng raised his hand and demon energies filled the air. The Ji Clan's strong cultivator was stunned. He shouted explosively and punched out towards Lin Feng. A cyan dragon appeared and intercepted Lin Feng's punch attack.

There was a crackling sound as that cultivator's bones were crushed. Lin Feng's demon punch continued moving forwards and pierced through his heart like a knife through b.u.t.ter. His body was propelled away, his soul shook violently and exploded.

People in the restaurant were astonished, their hearts pounding at his action. How cruel! He had killed a member of the Ji Clan straight away!

The members of the Ji Clan were astonished. Someone dared kill people from the Ji Clan in a restaurant that belonged to them?

Lin Feng dared. He didn't only kill only one, he didn't kill only high-level emperors, he also killed medium-level emperors and low-level emperors. He hated the Ji Clan.

Each time he thought of their Saint Emperors who had attacked You You, he was even more furious. He wanted to kill them all!

Therefore, Lin Feng was merciless. He didn't hesitate. He kept punching all those people, and very quickly, many corpses were lying all around him.

The crowd was terrified. This guy was insane! However, he had just killed many high- and medium-level emperors, which meant he was extremely strong… or were the Ji Clan's emperors just weak?

Of course, Lin Feng didn't kill all of them, he said to one, "The members of the Ji Clan are so weak. Go and inform Ji Chang that someone wants to show everyone that giving him the t.i.tle of Champion is a disgrace. Make him come here!"

Then, Lin Feng kicked that person who crashed against a wall, pierced through it, and flew away.

"He's provoking Ji Chang!"

"Someone is provoking the Ji Chang, a high-level emperor. Is he as strong as Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng? Go and inform the clan!"

So this guy had come and killed people of the Ji Clan because he wanted Ji Chang to come out…

"He's very strong. He can kill high-level emperors of the Ji Clan in one punch. I wonder whether he's as strong as Ji Chang or not?"

"Since he's provoking the Ji Clan, he must be strong. He must be from an Ancient Holy Clan too!" the watchers kept on speculating.

The news spread very quickly. Ji Chang also heard about it.

Lin Feng was still in the restaurant, he had sat down again and waited calmly. It was as if he hadn't killed anyone. He knew that if he had come showing his face, the Ji Clan wouldn't have let Ji Chang come out. A year before, eight strong cultivators had joined hands to fight against him, and Ji Chang was the first person he wanted to kill.

Very quickly, some members of the Ji Clan arrived, their oppressive strength invading the restaurant. Many people shook. It was a great emperor!

"Come here!" shouted the cultivator explosively. The crowd understood and looked at Lin Feng.

However, when everybody looked at him, he acted as if he hadn't heard anything. He was simply taking a drink.

At that moment, the restaurant shook violently, it was as if it were about to collapse. The crowd left it quickly. Lin Feng was alone in there.

Crackling sounds spread out, the restaurant collapsed and turned to ashes.

"Who are you?" asked the member of the Ji Clan. The leader of the group was a great emperor. He was in a very bad mood. He had tried to understand, but he kept failing. As a result, his social status kept falling within the Ji Clan. When he heard that someone had said the Ji Clan was weak, he became even more furious, and took some strong emperors along with him.

"Where's Ji Chang?" asked Lin Feng indifferently, but he didn't even turn his head to look at them. Lin Feng was disappointed.

"Many people want to challenge Ji Chang in the Holy City, but he only fights against those who are strong enough," said the great emperor icily.

"You are as pitiful as a stray cur. That guy keeps failing and you treat him as if he were an incredible cultivator. No wonder the Ji Clan sends Saint Emperors to fight against emperors," Lin Feng said mockingly.

The people in the distance were not surprised, he had been talking that way the whole time. They were wondering who he was, though. Who was he? Why was he so brave?

When Lin Feng said that, great imperial Qi invaded the atmosphere and blotted out the sky. The cultivators behind the great emperor looked ready to explode!

"Ji Feng Lie, go and kill him," the great emperor said to someone next to him.

"Ji Feng Lie, he's been rising quickly these days. He understands Destructive Dao. He's very strong and he's already on the Imperial Ranking List, I wonder if he can fight against him," chattered the crowd when they heard that familiar name. The difference between emperors who understood Dao power and those who didn't was huge.

The cultivator in black clothes hadn't released Dao power. Did he understand Dao power though? If he didn't, he was in danger. But he probably did since he wanted to challenge Ji Chang…

Ji Feng Lie jumped forwards and released Destructive Dao, the air trembling about him. A wind kicked up, bringing the falling sky along with it.

"Die!" Ji Feng Lie landed in front of Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng flew up and released demon Qi at Ji Feng Lie.

The crowd was astonished as Ji Feng Lie exploded instantly.


"How is that possible? Ji Feng Lie understood Dao power, and that guy killed him in one punch? He released demon cosmic energies! How scary!"

Those watching were stunned. On top of that, Lin Feng had moved so fast that they hadn't understood what Lin Feng had done. The blasted corpse landed in front of the great emperor.

"Cyan Dragon Whistles!" shouted the great emperor explosively. Instantly, a cyan dragon appeared, Lin Feng threw himself at the dragon and punched its head. The crowd was astonished.

"Die!" The great emperor moved faster than most of them could see. The air ripped as several cyan dragons whipped towards Lin Feng.

In reply, Lin Feng released terrifying Demon intent, which was more powerful than the great emperor's cosmic energies.

"How is that possible? He's an emperor. Why are his cosmic energies more powerful then mine?," gasped the great emperor. He shouted defiantly, cyan dragons streaking across the sky. However, Lin Feng crushed them and his fist continued on, undeterred. There was a deafening explosive impact. The crowd was astonished as the great emperor immediately blew apart!

PMG Chapter 2061

Chapter 2061: Fighting Against Ji Chang Again

"He killed the great emperor!" The crowd was astonished when they saw the great emperor explode. They had thought he would be incredibly strong, and that he'd win that battle. But what a tragedy, dying to an attack so explosive, totally beyond their expectations…

The Ji Clan cultivators were astonished. They had seen the body of the great emperor explode. They couldn't believe it their eyes, that attack…

Lin Feng didn't waste time. His black cloak fluttered in the wind as he jumped forwards. Their faces turned deathly pale. One of them shouted explosively, "Let's go!"

Lin Feng jumped forwards, moving like a black arrow. Rumblings and explosions followed him. He punched another cultivator, who exploded as well. They didn't have enough time to move, Lin Feng was too fast…

The other Ji Clan cultivators had the sensation it was their judgement day. Their faces were as white as sheets of paper. That speed… n.o.body could compete with him…

The crowd just saw a black dot flickering. Each time Lin Feng punched out, a cultivator exploded. Very quickly, Lin Feng was the last one standing there. In the blink of an eye, he had killed the whole group.

Lin Feng jumped up on the ruins of the restaurant and said in calmly, "I will be waiting for Ji Chang for three days. If he doesn't come to fight against me, it means that he doesn't deserve to be called a Champion."

Lin Feng headed off to the ranking list. Surprisingly, he had set the meeting point there!

"That guy has killed so many strong Ji Clan cultivators and now he wants to fight against Ji Chang, how crazy!," was the consensus of the crowd. Their silhouettes flickered, heading after him to the ranking list.

They all wanted to see that battle. If Ji Chang didn't show up, that would be a humiliation to him!

"I think he must be a genius from a powerful clan, that's why he wants to fight against Ji Chang. And now he set the meeting point where the Imperial Ranking List is, he wants to be ranked too, and on top of that, at the top of the list!"

"If he defeats Ji Chang, he'll rank second. How will the Ji Clan deal with him, though? Will they attack him directly, or will they make Ji Chang fight against him?"

People were all talking about the situation. Very quickly, the whole Ji Clan learned about it.

There was currently no Pathfinder stage where the Imperial Ranking List was displayed but it was still a vast area. Lin Feng sat down where the Pathfinder stage used to be. He looked calm and composed. He was convinced that what had happened in the restaurant would quickly end up in the ears of the members of the Ji Clan. Would Ji Chang show up though?

Some people had followed and were waiting with Lin Feng. Would Ji Chang show up?

A group of people showed up, great emperors from the Great Imperial Palace.

"Pei Dong Lai, Feng Shen Tian, those people are the geniuses of the previous generation and they are becoming stronger and stronger. In a few years, Chu Chun Qiu and the others would also become great emperors," mused the crowd when they saw all those geniuses. On the path of cultivation, the waves behind pushed the waves ahead of them.

There were many geniuses in the world, and new geniuses kept rising all the time, like that cultivator in black clothes.

In the distance, someone else arrived. He was wearing a black cloak and had an evil air about him: Guili!

"It's Guili, he suffered a few crus.h.i.+ng defeats back then on the Pathfinder Day and left. Now he's here again."

"He must have heard that someone wanted to fight against Ji Chang, that's why he came. The Pathfinder Day was a long time ago. Oh, s.h.i.+ Yun Feng is there too!" the crowd noticed. s.h.i.+ Yun Feng, the stone man, was also watching in the distance.

"I wouldn't have thought that the news would spread so quickly. Of course, Ji Chang is famous. If he had challenged someone else, it wouldn't have been like this" someone pointed out. People rarely appeared around the Imperial Ranking List like this.

"Some people of the Ji Clan are here, but not Ji Chang." A group of people had appeared, all of them members of the Ji Clan. There were a few great emperors among them. They were staring at Lin Feng icily.

"You killed some people of our clan?" demanded a great emperor, staring icily at Lin Feng.

"If Ji Chang kills me, you'll have your revenge. If you attack me, then it means the Ji Clan is shameless," Lin Feng spat back at him. The Ji Clan cultivators looked furious. They glanced around, there were many people. If they attacked Lin Feng, they would lose face.

"You want to die, the Ji Clan will help you," said the strong Ji Clan cultivator icily. Their silhouettes flickered, as if preparing to attack.

And then someone else arrive. Each time he took a step, Qi burst out and made the earth and sky shake.

A great emperor looked sharp and aggressive. Destruction energies rolled around him.

"That's Ji Chang!

Ji Chang, Di Qi layer!

"Ji Chang has broken through. No wonder the members of the Ji Clan are so confident."

"Ji Chang the Champion has broken through! He must be much stronger than before! Even though that cultivator in black clothes is strong, he's only a high-level emperor! He'll definitely die if he fights against Ji Chang!"

Their opinions were nearly identical. Ji Chang had finally become a great emperor. Ji Chang and Ying Cheng were two real geniuses of the Holy City, and they had both become great emperors.

When Champions broke through the Di Qi layer, even if not much time had pa.s.sed, they were inevitably incredibly strong.

When Ji Chang was still an emperor, he had few enemies. People like Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng were rare. Now Ji Chang had broken through to the Di Qi layer, and even Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng couldn't fight against him anymore.

Ji Chang had been humiliated twice in the past. He wanted to get his revenge. Usually, people who were named Champions became at least Celestial Emperors!

Ji Chang finally stopped in front of Lin Feng and looked at him icily. He said, "I am now a great emperor. I shouldn't fight against you, but you killed my people, you should die. But since you are strong and that's how you killed them, just cripple your cultivation," Ji Chang said calmly.

He wanted to give this person an opportunity, and display his own dominance. Lin Feng could live on, but his cultivation would be crippled!

However, at that moment, the cultivator in black clothes raised his head. Black lights emerged from his eyes and drove into Ji Chang's eyes.

Ji Chang, great emperor, he dares act this arrogantly now?

"When you were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, a medium-level emperor defeated you, now you're a great emperor and you dare act that arrogantly? You have a bad memory," Lin Feng replied, equally calmly. His voice was hoa.r.s.e too, sounding like he wanted to laugh.

The Ji Clan cultivators frowned. This guy was mad…

The crowd was also surprised. This guy dared act so arrogantly even though Ji Chang had become a great emperor. He was so self-confident!

Ji Chang released energies. He could feel the familiar sting of humiliation rising again!

"In the future, I'll get my revenge, and I'll kill Lin Feng. But first, I'll kill you," Ji Chang responded indifferently.

Lin Feng slowly rose into the air.

Ji Chang jumped and released oppressive energies. Destructive Dao strength rolled towards Lin Feng and exploded on him.

However, Lin Feng remained unmoved, and just looked back at Ji Chang.

"What an incredible physical strength. Ji Chang released Destructive energies but he didn't move at all."

Ji Chang groaned icily. He chopped down, and a cyan dragon filled with destructive energies exploded on Lin Feng, but nothing happened.

Lin Feng raised his hand and punched the cyan dragon, which exploded instantly. The crowd was dumbfounded. How strong! It looked so easy for him to destroy the cyan dragon…

"Not bad," said Ji Chang icily. He continued attacking Lin Feng, cyan dragons kept appearing. The s.p.a.ce around them was starting to warp.

However, Lin Feng destroyed all the attacks, the cyan dragons kept exploding. He made it look easy.

Finally, Ji Chang stopped attacking, he looked at Lin Feng with admiration and said, "It's my first battle since I've become a great emperor. Even though I'm not familiar with the strength of the Di Qi layer, I should still be stronger than you. But you are stronger, that's impressive! But unfortunately, today you're going to die."

Ji Chang released more Destruction energies.

Lin Feng looked at him icily and said, "I haven't used my real strength yet."

PMG Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062: Killing

Ji Chang remained silent and said coldly, "Empty words."

Then, Ji Chang released even more strength and said icily, "You can't imagine how strong a great emperor is!"

Ji Chang chopped down again, fissures appeared in the s.p.a.ce. Cyan dragons roared furiously as they exploded on Lin Feng's body. If Lin Feng wasn't extremely strong, he would have died already.

Lin Feng raised his fists and destroyed all the dragons, one after the other. Finally, he released empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy.

"His cosmic energies have the strength of the Di Qi layer, how's that possible? How can he be so strong? His physical strength is also unbelievable!" thought the appalled crowd.

When Ji Chang saw this, he shouted explosively, and a destructive hand appeared in front of Lin Feng to attack him.

Lin Feng punched out, the gigantic hand was instantly blown apart. Lin Feng ascended rapidly, raising his fist and punched out in Ji Chang's direction.

Ji Chang joined his hands, dragons kept appearing and streaming towards Lin Feng's blow. However, all the dragons were destroyed. Ji Chang groaned and released even more Destructive Dao strength. Lin Feng's punch slammed against him, his soul and body shook.

A strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng disappeared, too fast to follow.

"Imprison!" said Lin Feng icily. A cage made of empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy appeared around Ji Chang. Lin Feng reappeared and aimed towards Ji Chang's head, his fist pitch-black. Demon intent surrounded him like a small sea.

"His cosmic energies are terrifying. He can compete with a great emperor!" blurted out someone. They realized that Lin Feng's cosmic energies kept evolving.

Ji Chang also realized this and grimaced. This man's cosmic energies were more powerful than he had thought!

"Collapse!" shouted Ji Chang explosively. Destructive Dao kept exploding. At the same time, lights emerged from his eyes. An ancient king appeared and shot towards Lin Feng. He also threw himself at Lin Feng. It was like two cultivators were attacking Lin Feng.

Lin Feng retreated as the air whistled around him. However, Ji Chang chopped down again. s.p.a.ce began to twist again as cyan dragons oppressed the whole area and converged on Lin Feng.

"When a cultivator becomes a great emperor, his strength becomes real, and even illusionary attacks are real. They also control the strength of the earth and sky much better, and their attacks are also faster. When they wave their hands, they can create rivers and destroy mountains."

The crowd was shocked at all this. Lin Feng was incredible. How was he competing with a great emperor?

But even this way, a great emperor was a great emperor. In the end, he was probably going to lose.

At that moment, heaven and earth kept shaking. Destructive Dao strength kept exploding as it moved towards Lin Feng again.

"Mourn!" spat Lin Feng. Ancient imprints descended from the sky. In front of him, a gigantic word appeared: Mourn!

The earth and sky kept shaking. Lin Feng looked like an ancient king. Nothing could influence him or crush his will.

"Weapon!" Another imprint appeared and condensed. Lin Feng's voice carried cursing strength. A second word appeared in the air, surrounded by terrible energies. He looked like a G.o.d, his Qi had already reached incredible levels.

"Fight!" A third word appeared and condensed. The cosmos kept resonating. Energies intertwined. Destructive Dao exploded but didn't affect Lin Feng's energies.





"Here!" Words kept appearing and filling the air, heaven and earth kept shaking. Energies kept erupting in conflict. An ancient road appeared between them, forcing a path through the explosions. Ji Chang grimaced. That was an explosive ancient incantation!

"Before!" The nine words condensed into an ancient imprint, even as Destructive Dao exploded again. Lin Feng still looked like a G.o.d, he didn't even care about his enemy's attacks.

"Who is he? He has an incantation holy technique!" someone blurted out. Not only was Lin Feng extremely strong, but he also had rare spells! Now they finally thought that Ji Chang the great emperor might lose…

The atmosphere around Ji Chang changed. A gigantic dragon appeared above him, a thousand meters tall. Qi and Destructive Dao surged around him as he turned into a dragon and roared furiously.

Lin Feng sensed the destructive energies surrounding him, his clothes were ripped apart. However, he remained as motionless as a mountain. His nine Words condensed and turned into a pattern. The air began to hum and vibrate all around him as strength condensed. He looked like a G.o.d, what could a dragon do against him?

Cosmic strength gathered. Finally, Lin Feng jumped forwards and shouted furiously. He destroyed the Destructive Dao strength, his Words surged to attack and blotted out the sky.

He used his incantation and his Ancient Holy Technique attacks together, a terrifying combination…

The ancient Words slammed into the dragon, which roared defiantly. However, the dragon couldn't do much. Blood splashed as it was wounded.

"Ji Chang!" When the Ji Clan cultivators saw that, their faces turned deathly pale. The nine Words oppressed the cyan dragon, Ji Chang was in danger. He couldn't revert to human form. He didn't even have time to use his secret technique or weapons.

The members of the Ji Clan started racing towards him. They had never imagined that Ji Chang would lose!

However, at the same time, Lin Feng turned into a gigantic sword and streaked across the sky. He immediately pierced through the cyan dragon's head. Everyone saw the gigantic sword appear on the other side of the dragon. The cyan dragon had been stabbed straight through!

The nine Words bombarded the cyan dragon. Lights flared as the dragon fell.

At that moment, everybody was stunned. That person didn't only want to defeat Ji Chang, he wanted to kill him!

He wanted to kill Ji Chang, a great emperor, a Champion!

Everybody was astonished. They didn't believe it their eyes. Ji Chang had become a great emperor. Was Ji Chang dead?

Who had killed Ji Chang?

PMG Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063: A New Era

The gigantic sword had pierced right through Ji Chang's body. A soul appeared, glittering weakly.

"Ji Chang, let's go!" shouted the Ji Clan cultivators. They moved as fast as they could. However, the gigantic sword reverted to human form. Lin Feng turned around, and a river of death strength moved towards Ji Chang's weak soul and destroyed it. It dispersed and disappeared.

Black water appeared and dripped down on the ground. The strong Ji Clan cultivators came to a slow, disbelieving halt, faces twisting in a deathly grimace.

Ji Chang was dead!

Ji Clan, their Champion, their hero, their hope, had been killed! How would they explain this to the elders of the Ji Clan?

The Ji Clan had always thought that Ji Chang would become a Saint Emperor, and now he was dead. He had been killed right in front of the Imperial Ranking List!

Everybody was astounded, even the people who weren't from the Ji Clan. Everything went eerily silent. n.o.body had thought great emperor Ji Chang would be the one to die. And worse, they had never thought someone would DARE kill him!

"Pfew…" Finally, someone took a deep breath and said, "It's been hundreds of years since the last time a Champion was killed in the Holy City."

"Indeed, a few hundred years. Who IS that person?"

Everybody was astonished and staring at the cultivator with a ravaged bamboo hat and black cloak. Who had killed Ji Chang?

"Who are you?" demanded the strong Ji Clan cultivators of Lin Feng. This guy had challenged Ji Chang, they had thought he'd die, he was only an emperor going against a great emperor, after all. But now Ji Chang had been killed!

He had used a river made of death energy. They had only heard of one genius who used such spells.

That person was the Ji Clan's worst enemy: Lin Feng!

In the distance, Qi flared like newborn suns. A few people appeared and landed next to Lin Feng.

"Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian…" The strong Ji Clan cultivators were shaking, their eyes bloodshot. Ji Chang had been killed and it was on the verge of coming out into the open.

A Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan also arrived. Ji Chang had been killed, his talisman had been broken. He was furious and his Qi closed in on the cultivator wearing the plaited bamboo hat.

Finally, that person raised his hand to his veil and took it off with his hat.

"He's back…" whispered someone after a few minutes. Everybody had thought he was dead. But now he was back in the Holy City.

"Who is he?" whispered someone who had never seen Lin Feng.

People next to him rolled their eyes and said, "Champion University, Lin Feng."

"Lin Feng!" The man s.h.i.+vered. No wonder! Ji Chang had lost once again to Lin Feng. Lin Feng, when he was a medium-level emperor, had defeated Ji Chang who was a high-level emperor. Now, Ji Chang had become a great emperor and Lin Feng had killed him as a high-level emperor!

"No wonder he was hiding. He's Lin Feng. If the Ji Clan had known that, they wouldn't have given him any chance to kill Ji Chang."

"Lin Feng's name isn't even on the Imperial Ranking List anymore and Ji Chang was second, but since he had just broken through to the Di Qi layer, his name wasn't on the list anymore, and still Lin Feng killed him…"

The crowd was wondering what would happen to the ranking list. They were stupefied.

Lin Feng knew that the strong Ji Clan cultivators would go insane if he killed Ji Chang. That's why he had informed Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian he would do it.

"Ji Chang was a student in Champion University, and Lin Feng is a student of Champion University too, and he killed him. Champion University is protecting Lin Feng," the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan said icily.

"Even though Ji Chang was the Champion of Champion University, there have been tensions between Ji Chang and Lin Feng for a very long time, and Ji Chang's cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng's. We can't say anything. If Lin Feng had died, we wouldn't have said anything either. However, how come the Ji Clan sends Saint Emperors each time young people fight?" replied Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian icily.

The Ji Clan Saint Emperor looked at him icily. He didn't always get involved in young people's affairs, but this time Ji Chang had been killed! Ji Chang had been a real genius! He was naturally furious.

"You think you can say one sentence and resolve the situation?" swore a strong Ji Clan cultivator.

"I didn't say anything. If you have a young person who can kill Lin Feng, just send them, we don't mind. Champion University won't get involved. If you send a terrifying cultivator to kill Lin Feng though, then not only s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian might get involved, but we will too, and we will destroy the Ji Clan," said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian indifferently. I kill you, you kill me, those things were normal. If the Ji Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng, they could, but they had to send people of a comparable strength!

"Ji Chang started it all," said Lin Feng icily. Things weren't over between him and the Ji Clan!

"Ancestor, let's go," said Lin Feng calmly, as if nothing had happened. Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian nodded and left.

Ji Chang was dead.

The Ji Clan Saint Emperor watched the Ancestor take Lin Feng away, feeling like he was going to burst. He kicked a stone, and it exploded.

"Lin Feng!" Everybody understood that the Ji Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng. If they didn't, Lin Feng would destroy them someday.

"Back then, in Qi Tian Holy Town, we didn't manage to kill him. Now, the consequences are tragic for us. And with Champion University and s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian on his side, it will be difficult to kill him." The Ji Clan cultivators clenched their fists. In the Holy City, n.o.body would dare offend s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian and Champion University! Even the Yu Wen Clan didn't dare offend Lin Feng anymore. They had already forgotten about their tensions with Lin Feng.


The battle astonished the whole city. Ji Chang had become a great emperor, and Lin Feng had still killed him!

He had disappeared for a year, then reappeared and killed a great emperor in the Holy City. Lin Feng was still only a high-level emperor and he had killed a great emperor. In a short time, Lin Feng was almost as famous as Chu Chun Qiu once again.

Chu Chun Qiu had killed great emperors, and now Lin Feng had killed great emperors too. Even though Ji Chang had just broken through to the Di Qi layer, it was Ji Chang, a Champion!

Many people talked about the Imperial Ranking List. Now, they wanted to see Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu battle.

Who would be stronger? People were trying to guess.

Finally, the Great Imperial Palace's people changed the ranking list. Lin Feng became second again, as he hadn't fought against Chu Chun Qiu. Some people knew what Lin Feng was thinking. But Lin Feng didn't care about the Great Imperial Palace and their list anyway. He didn't care about being on the Imperial Ranking List at all!

Ying Cheng and Ji Chang belonged to the past now. New geniuses were rising. It was the beginning of a new era. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng were the new ones. It was a coincidence because Chu Chun Qiu and Ying Cheng were both students at Celestial G.o.dly University, and Lin Feng and Ji Chang were both students at Champion University.

One thing was certain; Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were extremely talented, and they weren't weaker than Ying Cheng and Ji Chang… and Lin Feng had killed Ji Chang, a great emperor, in front of everyone!

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