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PMG Chapter 2064

Chapter 2064: The Sword Above the Lake

After killing Ji Chang, Lin Feng went back to Champion University and Tiantai. Yun Qing Yan looked at him and said in a weakly, "Just how do you practice cultivation?"

"I almost died, and now I'm back, but even stronger," replied Lin Feng, caressing Yun Qing Yan's head. He was happy to see her and smiled.

"You even dare caress my head, I'm like a big sister to you," pouted Yun Qing Yan, moving away from him. This guy was audacious.

Tian Chi arrived and clapped Lin Feng's shoulder without saying anything.

"You're back, good," said Hou Qing Lin smiling. "Tiantai is going to rise. What should we do in the future? Should Tiantai become a clan or a sect?" he asked.

Tiantai was becoming more and more powerful, they had great potential. They could become a powerful group in the Holy City. Lin Feng, their leader, had the potential to become a Saint someday. He would become a Saint Emperor sooner or later. And Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, and all the core disciples studied ancient techniques and spells. They also had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, which made them even more talented. They would easily become Celestial Emperors sooner or later. Creating a sect or a clan would be easy!

"Brother, I have so many enemies, we must be discreet. Slowly. When Tiantai rises in the Holy City, n.o.body will be able to make us collapse," swore Lin Feng.

"Alright. Lin Feng, I also want to tell you some good news, look who's there." At that moment, someone came out of a palace. So many years had pa.s.sed since the last time Lin Feng had seen him. He was instantly very happy.

"Teacher, Mu Bei, Qing Tian."

Emperor Yu, Mu Bei, and Mo Qing Tian were there now!

"Lin Feng, I feel guilty, but you're all amazing. I feel so grateful too!" said Emperor Yu. He was still a medium-level emperor. Some of his disciples had already surpa.s.sed him.

"Lin Feng, your fellow disciples have told me a lot. You can already kill great emperors now, you're much stronger than me now," said Mo Qing Tian, smiling and squeezing Lin Feng's shoulders. After these few years, Lin Feng was so far ahead! Mu Bei and Emperor Yu were both still medium-level emperors. Lin Feng could already kill great emperors, it was almost unreal…

Many things had happened, needless to say!

"Cultivation is a step by step process. Teacher, Qing Tian, Tiantai is rising again. I wonder where Mu Chen is, though," Lin Feng sighed. Mu Chen was one of the people who had influenced Lin Feng the most in his cultivation life.

"Mu Chen is far more talented than I. I'm sure he'll become incredibly strong someday, and that we'll meet again," said Emperor Yu smiling.

Lin Feng nodded and said, "Teacher, come have a seat, I have many ancient scriptures. You can choose some of them."

Emperor Yu didn't refuse. The relations he had with his eleven direct disciples was deep. They had come out of the small world together, they had gone through a lot. Now, around ten years had pa.s.sed and they were together again, it was pure bliss!

The direct disciples were all like brothers, their two teachers were like parents. Lin Feng was happy to be with these people again. They chatted happily together for days. Emperor Yu had gone through lots of hards.h.i.+ps as well. He had faced many dangers, but he was lucky, he was still alive and had finally reached the Holy City.


Lin Feng's spirit's world…

The Saint's skeleton appeared, floating in the air. Sword Will pulsed around it eternally, it would never disperse.

Lin Feng tried to get close to the skeleton, but his blood felt like it was going to boil. A vortex appeared. He started absorbing sword strength like a greedy beast.

He used absorbing cosmic energy to devour things now. Since he had regained consciousness, he felt even more powerful, and his Dao had increased. He could already make cosmic energies evolve. He had condensed them in his fists when fighting against Ji Chang. His cosmic energies were even more powerful those of a great emperor now!

It was mainly thanks to Minister Uptala's Blue Uptala Lotus. Lin Feng had the sensation he hadn't really mastered Dao, though. His Dao wasn't the Blue Uptala Lotus Dao, after all. It was something different.

An absorbing Holy Spirit appeared in front of Lin Feng, it absorbed the Sword Will. Lin Feng gradually moved closer and closer to the skeleton. At the same time, Words appeared around him. The earth and sky started resonating.

Finally, Lin Feng was just under the skeleton, seated cross-legged. The Holy Spirit was above the skeleton and absorbing its Sword Will, while Lin Feng studied it.

It was a mysterious sword energy, Kasyapa sword strength. Lin Feng had the sensation that this intent messed up time. It was difficult to escape from it. It felt like this sword had been able to destroy time…

That's a Kasyapa sword. Back in the days, the Kasyapa Saint was terrifying, and all the Saints feared him, thought Lin Feng. He remembered the ancient battle he had been shown.

Lin Feng started using the evolution techniques of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures on the sword. A sword streaked across the sky, distorting it as it did so. Lin Feng moved back, the sword appeared in front of him. Actually, it was a hallucination, he wasn't moving back, he was moving forwards. That was the power of the Kasyapa sword.

Lin Feng groaned, his face became deathly pale. He sat down and continued sensing the sword strength. At the same time, the sword kept changing thanks to the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Lin Feng hoped he'd be able to control the sword's spirit and marrow. Of course, Lin Feng knew he couldn't use it like the Saint had yet!


Lin Feng studied for a long time, and then came out of his meditation. He was thinking that such spells would be good for the of Tiantai, who Jing Shou was responsible for. He had created a subgroup in Tiantai: the Party of Darkness.

The people who joined Tiantai were all extraordinary. Many people wanted to join Tiantai, because many of the people who joined Tiantai became much stronger quickly, not like Ji Chang's Club. Also, Tiantai was a harmonious group who helped one another.

Many people wanted to join Champion University just to join Tiantai!

"So, what is the news?" Lin Feng asked Jing Shou.

"This news is useful for you," said Jing Shou, handing a jade talisman over to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng put his G.o.dly awareness into it and nodded, "Continue. Don't stop. You can continue expanding the Party of Darkness. I'll also give you some skills, techniques, and spells for the Party of Darkness."

"Good!" Jing Shou nodded.

"I'm off!" said Lin Feng and he left.


A new genius of the Pei Clan, Pei Yu, invited some friends to have a picnic by the lake. There were many stunning women with them. They were all chatting and having fun together.

"Brother Pei Yu, Lin Feng recently killed Ji Chang. Everybody was astonished. Everybody says it's a new era. I think you'll become a peerless cultivator someday."

"There are many geniuses in the Holy City. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng are incredible. There's Dou Zhan Seng too! I need to practice and become stronger," said Pei Yu humbly. Many people in the Holy City found him very strong already. Someday, he'd probably surpa.s.s Pei Dong Lai!

The friends were chatting happily. In the distance, someone wearing white clothes and carrying a sword on his back appeared. He looked confident and at ease.

"Look over there."

"How swift. He must be so strong."

"Pei Yu!" said the person in the distance extremely loudly.

Pei Yu was stupefied and stood up, shouting back, "I'm Pei Yu! Who are you, Your Excellency?"

Suddenly, sword Qi streaked across the sky towards them. Explosions rent the air. Those people's faces changed drastically and they shouted furiously, "Insolent!"

The cultivator continued advancing on them. Sword lights glittered, cutting open the s.p.a.ce. Pei Yu screamed, just before he exploded apart and the pieces of his body spread all over the ground.

The cultivator with the sword in his back continued moving on swiftly. He looked confident and at ease.

One sword attack, and he had killed Pei Yu!

PMG Chapter 2065

Chapter 2065: The Pei Clan's Nightmare

Pei Yu was a genius of the Pei Clan, and he was rising. He was extremely talented. In less than a year, he had become the 13th cultivator on the Imperial Ranking List, a great achievement. He had the potential to become the 5th in the future. His future was supposed to be brighter than Pei Dong Lai's.

However, Lin Feng had killed him by the lake. One sword attack, and he had died. Pei Yu hadn't even had time to react.

Even though it wasn't comparable to Ji Chang's story, many people still heard about it in the Holy City. For the Pei Clan, it was a tragedy. Pei Yu was one of the most outstanding young people of the Pei Clan in a long time. Everybody had been paying attention to him. His death was an outright humiliation!

And it was only the beginning.


Three days later, Pei Dong Qing was in a restaurant and someone, a sword cultivator, killed him.

Five days later, eight geniuses of the Pei Clan had been killed, all by the same sword cultivator. No exception. The Pei Clan didn't even know who their enemy was.

In the end, the Pei Clan didn't allow their emperors to go out alone anymore. They always went out with great emperors, and they all carried Great Imperial Weapons.

However, twenty days later, by the lake, two great emperors and four emperors were caught there and killed. They even had Great Imperial Weapons. The one who had killed them was wearing white clothes and had a sword. His face was yellowish. He looked sick, but he was terrifyingly strong.

In a single month, the Pei Clan lost eight great emperors and thirty-six emperors. The whole city was astonished. The Pei Clan's Celestial Emperors started paying attention. They were ready to react anytime, but it was too late. The Celestial Emperors of the Pei Clan were furious. It was a great tragedy for the Clan!


Many people in the Holy City were talking about the one who had killed so many strong cultivators from the Pei Clan. Who was he? He was an emperor, but his sword attacks were terrifying. Eight great emperors had died at his hands. The always looked for the weakest great emperors of the Pei Clan.

His swords were faster than great emperors and deadly. Ordinary great emperors couldn't escape from him!


A palace of the Pei Clan…

Everybody was furious. n.o.body said anything, they just looked to their leader.

The leader of the Pei Clan was initially meditating in seclusion, but he had come out because of these events.

He didn't mind if a few emperors died, but dozens? And great emperors? Besides, it wasn't over. Maybe the was going to kill even more of their people. What if all their emperors died? That would be a true disaster!

"Have we offended anyone?" asked the leader of the Pei Clan icily. He didn't understand the's purpose.

"We have only offended Champion University," answered someone. Back then, they had, along with three other Ancient Holy Clans, surrounded Champion University. They had wanted to capture Lin Feng back then.

"And more precisely Lin Feng. Of course, by offending Lin Feng, we also offended people who support him. However, the is just an emperor, and he can kill great emperors. He killed Pei Yu in one sword strike. He's very talented. I think it must be Lin Feng," someone ventured icily. The others were shocked.

"You think it's Lin Feng? But from what I've heard, he's different."

"We're in the Holy City, many people have incredible disguising techniques. Lin Feng also practices sword cultivation, and his sword attacks are terrifying."

The leader of the clan remained silent and then said, "Since it's that way, let's convoke some emperors and great emperors, some strong ones."

"Alright, good!" agreed the crowd. No matter who the was, they had to find him!


In the Holy City, the Pei Clan wasn't the only clan who was trying to understand who the was. Many people tried to guess too, and they were also trying to guess what the Pei Clan was going to do. So many of their cultivators had been killed, they had to respond.

Many strong cultivators of the Pei Clan dispersed in the Holy City. One of them was Pei Zhu. He was also a little bit famous in the Holy City, as he was on the Imperial Ranking List. At that moment, he was walking down a road and glancing around. He looked ordinary.

Suddenly, some sword Qi filled the air around him. Pei Zhu was astonished and took a deep breath.

Sword lights glittered and moved towards him. Pei Zhu waved his hands and a powerful strength emerged. People on the road fled instantly. At the same time, an invisible and intangible sword descended from the sky towards him.

In the distance, a cultivator in white clothes looked calm and composed. He had a sword in his back…

"He's there!" Pei Zhu was stupefied. A terrifying light beam emerged from his third eye and moved towards the cultivator in white clothes. When the cultivator in white clothes saw that, he flitted away instantly.

"Hmph! Where are you going?" The light beam had suddenly turned into a person and shot towards the cultivator in white clothes. The bystanders continued fleeing.

The cultivator in white clothes moved away at the speed of light. Pei Zhu kept attacking, smiling coldly all the while.

But at that moment, there was a whistling sound of air parting. Pei Zhu's face stiffened. He jumped backwards as he saw an illusion move towards him.

"Oh no!" Pei Zhu's face turned deathly pale. He ran away as fast as he could, but it was useless. He couldn't compete with that speed. Pei Zhu disappeared with the silhouette.

The illusion finally caught up with the cultivator in white clothes. He raised his fist and punched out. The man in white clothes instantly disappeared with a pop, stunning the attacker. He turned around and gazed into the distance. Pei Zhu wasn't there anymore!

"A clone, how stupid!" The man was infuriated. He went back, but he couldn't find Pei Zhu anymore!

"Argh!" That person waved his hands, and the buildings around him exploded. He released his G.o.dly awareness, which turned into yet another strong cultivator. He was really strong, but Lin Feng had still kidnapped Pei Zhu in front of him.

After a short time, the same thing happened again. A young man from the Pei Clan was taking a walk, and an invisible and intangible sword strength moved towards him. The cultivator saw some sword lights and destroyed them. However, after that, more sword energies converged on him, and he retreated quickly.

More sword lights moved towards him. His face turned deathly pale. Where were those sword lights coming from? He couldn't see anyone. Finally, lights glittered and emerged from his third eye, turning into a silhouette. However, at that moment, the  young man disappeared.

"Who's there!?" howled the strong cultivator. He released his G.o.dly awareness and inspected the area. However, he only saw many clones running away, and he could only chase one. He did so and destroyed one, but it was just a clone. Chasing someone who could clone himself was nearly impossible…

Many people from the Pei Clan weren't strong enough, and were cut apart without even having time to react.

That month became a nightmare for the Pei Clan. Even the leader was furious. So many of their young people were killed, it was a nightmare. Many people didn't even dare leave the Pei Clan anymore!

The Pei Clan was panicking. They had never thought something like this would ever happen to them, and the murderer was only an emperor!

PMG Chapter 2066

Chapter 2066: Woken Up?

Everybody in the Holy City was talking about the Pei Clan. The Pei Clan was an Ancient Holy Clan and a mere emperor was killing so many of their people. Such a thing had never happened in the Holy City. The murderer probably hated them to the bone.

Everybody was wondering who the murderer was. At the same time, the Pei Clan also a.s.signed all their great emperors to protect their emperors. They didn't just protect them with their G.o.dly awareness, but personally. Even taking such actions, some people were still killed by that sword cultivator. Each time the sword appeared, they had no time to escape. Some other people also disappeared mysteriously. The Pei Clan was busy every day trying to find the murderer!


Pei Dong Lai finally came out of the Great Imperial Palace. He was determined, he had to kill this who didn't dare show his face.

But nothing happened.

Something else happened on that day, however, astonis.h.i.+ng the whole city again. Twenty-five emperors of the Ji Clan were killed by the same person. The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan were going through the same calamity. After Ji Chang's death, the Ji Clan had been humiliated, and now it was even worse!

At that moment, the Ji Clan was furious. They decided to meet with the Pei Clan, they wanted to avenge their people. The murderer was an but he was terrifyingly strong. He could kill great emperors. Everything pointed to Lin Feng.

The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan had both offended Lin Feng!

Everybody in the Holy City was astonished when they learned that the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan wanted to join hands to kill Lin Feng. Was Lin Feng that strong?

Lin Feng hated them. After having killed so many of their people, Lin Feng stopped for a while, knowing that if he encountered some members of the Pei Clan or Ji Clan, they would be merciless. They wouldn't kill him, but they would at least cripple his cultivation.


Lin Feng was talking about cultivation with his friends from Tiantai when he was cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength a sixth time. Lin Feng also bathed in the demon pond two more times. His physical strength was far beyond his cultivation now. Lin Feng didn't know what his limits were in terms of physical strength, but he knew that he could crush great emperors in one punch.

He was becoming more and more brutal, and when he used his DevMara body and his DevMara Kalpa strength, his attacks were even more explosive.

When everyone was thinking that Lin Feng wouldn't dare show up anymore, three great emperors, two from the Ji Clan and one from the Pei Clan, were killed.

Many people were astonished. Even though they were ordinary great emperors, Lin Feng could kill them as if they were insects, which was unbelievable. Even if some great emperors didn't understand Dao, they were still very strong, but Lin Feng could still kill them easily. Great Emperors seemed weak in comparison to Lin Feng… or was Lin Feng too strong?

Some people wondered whether Lin Feng was the only murderer…


The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan couldn't stand it anymore, Lin Feng had killed so many people. Many people in the city were convinced that he wasn't acting alone, or he couldn't have killed people on both the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan's territories at the same time. He was definitely backed up by Champion University!

The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan started going to the other Ancient Holy Clans to convince them to help them find and kill Lin Feng. However, the Yu Wen Clan and the Ying Clan refused. They weren't stupid, and didn't want to offend Lin Feng. They could only watch from the sidelines. At the same cultivation level, apart from Chu Chun Qiu, n.o.body could challenge Lin Feng. And if anyone stronger attacked Lin Feng, s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian and Champion University would be furious.

Everybody was wondering who was stronger between Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu. They really wanted to see them battle.

The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan dispatched many strong cultivators to surround Champion University, just like the last time when the four Ancient Holy Clans had surrounded Champion University. However, two Ancient Holy Clans were far less strong than four.

Four Saint Emperors appeared again, demanding an explanation from Champion University.

"Those people are really b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. Surprisingly, they dare act recklessly in Champion University. I hope we can teach them a good lesson."

"Poor Ancient Holy Clans, Lin Feng killed so many of their people, it's a tragedy for them. They can only rely on Saint Emperors."

When the members of Champion University saw those people, they didn't have the same impression as before. They just found these people ridiculous. Lin Feng had pushed them to their limits!

Someone appeared in the university. When the crowd saw him, they were astonished. There was a giant, he looked like an ancient cultivator-!

When the four Saint Emperors saw the giant, they were astonished. A Saint! According to legends, Lin Feng could control a Saint! They had imagined the scene back in Qi Tian Holy Town. They were just wondering why he hadn't used the Saint the second time when the Snow Clan had come back. However, now, he was there in front of them!

The hearts of the Pei and Ji Clansmen beat wildly. If the Saint went to their clans, the consequences would be tragic!

The giant walked up to them, gigantic footprints appearing behind him. The four Saint Emperors released Qi, getting ready to flee in case of danger. The Saint made their souls shake!

"Is it funny to send Saint Emperors all the time?" asked the giant in a cold and detached way.

The four Saint Emperors shuddered as one asked, "Are you Lin Feng or a Saint?"

"I'll warn you only once. If you do this again, I'll go to the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan and I'll slaughter everyone. Qin Shan the Saint won't hesitate," said Qin Shan icily. The crowd was shaking, Saint, Saint Qin Shan…

Was it Lin Feng or Qin Shan?

"p.i.s.s off!" The four Saint Emperors left immediately without saying anything. They were too frightened to have any resistance.

The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan are in danger, everyone knew. They could imagine how the two clans felt. Their elders couldn't fight, and their young people kept getting killed.

The Saint turned around and walked back. Lin Feng wasn't going to use the Saint's body to kill people. Even though Qin Shan had recovered a little, if he fought too much with his body, then the Saint might die. Controlling his body to walk wasn't a problem, however!

The Pei Clan and the Ji Clan could only send cultivators to fight against Lin Feng and challenge him officially. Pei Dong Lai challenged Lin Feng to a battle on the Pathfinder Battle Stage. In the cultivation world, a great emperor challenging an emperor was a real disgrace, but they were shameless. But the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan had no choice, as n.o.body below great emperor could fight against Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ignored Pei Dong Lai's challenge, it meant nothing to him. He had just started getting his revenge.


In his spirit world, Lin Feng was lying on the ground, watching that sleeping beauty and smiling. He stretched out his hand and caressed her face, saying gently, "You You, I'm not a Saint Emperor yet, but I'll destroy the Ji Clan when I get there!"

Each time Lin Feng killed a member of the Ji Clan, he thought of the Saint Emperor who had attacked You You. He hated himself, he needed to reconcile that hate.

"I know. I used to ignore you in the past. You sensed it so you protected me in secret. You risked your life to save me. If you wake up, I will apologize. You've always been in my heart," said Lin Feng, smiling and caressing her.

At that moment, she moved her hand.

PMG Chapter 2067

Chapter 2067: A Sword From The Sky

Lin Feng didn't notice she had moved a few fingers, but suddenly, Qi emerged from her body. Lin Feng frowned.

"You You!" Lin Feng smiled and said, "You You, you heard me, right? Hurry up and wake up! We'll go to the Holy Spirit Dynasty together. We'll go see our child. I wonder how Qiong Sheng is doing? We are his parents, we should take care of him, he must be almost two years old."

When You You heard Lin Feng, her Qi became even more powerful. She moved her hand again. Lin Feng noticed it this time.

"She's going to wake up!" Lin Feng was truly happy. The medicine the tribe had given them was incredible. Her organs were finally recovered!

Lin Feng grabbed her hand and smiled, "You You, stop sleeping, it's been more than a year now."

Her Qi reached its limit and suddenly she opened her eyes. She looked so beautiful. She looked at him and blinked, so cute-!

"You You." Lin Feng was very happy, he jumped into her arms and kissed her on the lips. You You's eyes twinkled shyly.

"Lin Feng, you…" Tang You You looked shy and cute, all at the same time.

Lin Feng burst into laughter and said, "You're still shy after all that happened."

When she heard him, she blushed even more and pouted. She didn't dare look him in the eyes.

"You're even avoiding my eyes!" grinned Lin Feng. He was so happy he hugged her even tighter. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips again. She tried to dodge though.

"We have a baby, and you're acting like one," said Lin Feng, laughing and kissing her over and over again. Tang You You was helpless. Lin Feng was very extroverted at this time.

Tang You You seemed to have forgotten that she was stronger than Lin Feng. However, when he hugged her, she felt powerless.

Finally, he stopped kissing her and looked at her. She said, "What were you saying when I woke up?"

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, "Did I say anything?"

"You… You said you wanted to tell me something…" said Tang You You. He had promised?…

"Alright, it doesn't matter. Haha!" said Lin Feng, laughing loudly. He put his hands under her clothes, she looked even more shy.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!…" said You You.

"You just learned about that?" said Lin Feng.


"Wuwu…" After a long time, no more sounds spread through the air. You You was lying in his arms. She looked like a flower and had a big smile on her face.

"Little You You, let's go and see my parents!" smiled Lin Feng. Tang You You still looked uncomfortable.

"Alright." said You You, nodding nervously.

Lin Feng took Tang You You to meet Lin Hai and Yue Meng He. They knew Tang You You. They had even seen her sleeping. They were happy she had woken up.

"Mother, father," said Tang You You. Even though she was shy, she had to control herself. And after all these years…

"Alright, Little Lin Feng was worried about you, and finally, you woke up. When Little Lin Feng brings Meng Qing back, we'll organize a big ceremony, with Wu Shang too," smiled Yue Meng He.

Qiu Yue Xin also arrived and said to Tang You You, "Sister You You, you finally woke up."

"Sister Yue Xin," said Tang You You gently.

Qiu Yue Xin smiled and said, "Sister You You, you know me."

"Yes, I've been paying attention to all of you," Tang You You smiled.

When Lin Feng saw they got along well, he was happy. He still had to practice cultivation really hard to bring Meng Qing and Xin Ye back.

He was definitely going to go to the Snow Clan!


Lin Feng spent some time in his spirit world. He gave Tang You You many powerful spells, skills, and techniques. He also spent some time with her, a.s.suaging his guilt. She was extremely strong, so with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and some other skills and techniques, she'd become even more terrifying!

Every day, some members of the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan wanted to fight against Lin Feng. Pei Dong Lai was trying to provoke Lin Feng, he said he could kill Lin Feng easily. They made fun of him, they said he could only attack people by surprise. They were actually very nervous about Lin Feng. He had killed so many of their emperors and great emperors!

However, if they had seen how happy Lin Feng looked these days, they would have been even more furious.

"Lin Feng, when are we going to Qi Tian Holy Town?" asked Tang You You. She wanted to see her baby, Lin Qiong Sheng. He was almost two years old now.

"Let's relax, let's kill people of the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan, those two clans who attacked you back on that day. After that, we'll go back to Qi Tian Holy Town. There are still things going on with the historical remains. And I also need to settle accounts with the Tianci Dynasty and the Ancient Jade Dynasty," said Lin Feng. He was angry at the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan, but since he couldn't destroy them, he could at least continue killing the people he COULD kill!

"Alright!" agreed Tang You You.

"You You, what will happen if you go back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty?" asked Lin Feng. She couldn't leave the Holy Spirit Dynasty, that's why she had acted as if she didn't know him. The Holy Spirit Dynasty had saved her life and made her what she had become.

"Lin Feng, what do you think?" asked Tang You You.

"We can transmit the Holy Spirit Natural G.o.dly Skill to the Holy Emperor, as well as a few Ancient Holy Scriptures. They can raise Qiong Sheng, that way, they will feel grateful."

"Alright, that's fine," said Tang You You gently.

They left Lin Feng's spirit's world, arriving in Tiantai. Tiantai was now as big as a sect, everybody was busy doing things: practicing cultivation, traveling, and so on, so Lin Feng wasn't worried. Regarding becoming a Champion, Lin Feng was even less interested. Like Chu Chun Qiu, he hadn't become a Champion, it was a useless t.i.tle.

Pei Dong Lai appeared at the Pathfinder stage every day. He wanted to kill Lin Feng. Some people came everyday and saw him each time. Time pa.s.sed though and people understood that Lin Feng wouldn't come. The Ji Clan and the Pei Dong Lai didn't dare ambush Lin Feng, so he didn't need to reply to Pei Dong Lai's provocations.

This time, however, Pei Dong Lai was a bit surprised. In the distance, clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing: sword energies!

Pei Dong Lai's eyes twinkled. Purple Qi appeared around him. He slowly rose into the air.

"Is he here?" Many people sensed the terrifying Sword intent, and were both astonished and wary. A sword was approaching the plaza. It turned into a light beam and moved towards Pei Dong Lai.

"Finally, you came!" said Pei Dong Lai. Lightning Qi surged out towards the gigantic sword. However, the gigantic sword destroyed the lightning Qi and continued moving towards Pei Dong Lai.

"Hmph!" Pei Dong Lai grunted icily. The air hummed as his Purple Qi surged. He waved his hands and a gigantic purple hand appeared in the sky.

PMG Chapter 2068

Chapter 2068: Lin Qiong Sheng's Spirit

The gigantic sword was vibrating loudly as it collided with the gigantic hand. Purple energies exploded, steel whined and shrieked. Pei Dong Lai's gigantic purple hand shook violently. His lightning energies turned into eight thousand sharp blades and moved towards the gigantic sword.

What a terrifying attack, eight thousand purple lightning bolts, each as sharp as blades. That attack should kill any high-level emperor!, thought the wondering crowd. Pei Dong Lai was furious. He knew who his enemy was when he saw the sword.

"When Pei Dong Lai was at the top of the Huang Qi layer, he was third on the ranking list. Even though it wasn't as good as Lin Feng, he's a great emperor now, so he should still be stronger than Lin Feng. How could he lose?" the onlookers wondered. His eight thousand thunders streaked across the skies, blades of living lightning.

The gigantic sword looked indestructible and unstoppable, and contained a foreboding strength that absorbed the force of the earth and sky. Nothing could stop it!

"Die!" shouted Pei Dong Lai explosively. His eight thousand threads of purple Qi condensed and moved towards the gigantic sword. Thunder broke, and shook everything as the point of collision exploded. The gigantic sword finally stopped moving forwards.

Pei Dong Lai released more lightning energies, as he turned into a gigantic figure and shot towards Lin Feng.

However, at the same time, a black cloak flickered and turned into three thousand illusions. Pei Dong Lai had the sensation millions of people were attacking him. He felt great pressure!

Pei Dong Lai's face stiffened. The gigantic man glanced around… that wasn't Lin Feng, it was a woman!

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Pei Dong Lai explosively. Gigantic purple hands struck out all around him. However, they all exploded. A hand crashed onto his gigantic man and it exploded, forcing Pei Dong Lai to reappear as he was hurled back. However, the illusions surrounded him and punched him. His face turned deathly pale.

When the strong cultivators of the Pei Clan saw that, their faces changed drastically. Their Saint Emperors had surrounded Champion University and then had come back. Since that moment, their Saint Emperors hadn't shown up again. However, at this moment, the Qi which was attacking Pei Dong Lai was a Saint Emperor's Qi.

"No…!" The crowd heard someone scream. There was a ma.s.sive explosion in the distance. The three thousand illusions condensed, and Pei Dong Lai disappeared. He was dead!

The faces of the members of the Pei Clan turned deathly pale. They were staring at the woman and Lin Feng. He shouted furiously, "Lin Feng, Pei Dong Lai wanted a fair fight against you and you plotted against him, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

"The Pei Clan is really funny!" retorted Lin Feng, glancing at those people. How amusing!

"A great emperor fighting against an emperor is a fair fight? A Saint Emperor tried to kill me, that's also fine for the Pei Clan. Emperors of the Pei Clan don't even dare come out. Saint Emperors come to find me, that's your concept of fairness?" said Lin Feng mockingly.

He flitted away and smiled at Tang You You. "When I become a Saint Emperor, I'll go to the Pei Clan and we'll talk about fairness."

His voice resonated far away. The crowd understood that Lin Feng wanted to destroy the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan. He wasn't playing. Fairness? The Pei Clan had sent Saint Emperors to surround Champion University, and now the Pei Clan's emperors didn't even dare come out anymore. Their words were ridiculous!

Pei Dong Lai had been killed. The Pei Clan was mortified. A high-level emperor was killing all the most talented cultivators of the Pei Clan! It was a tragedy for the Pei Clan. People like Pei Dong Lai were too rare!

The Great Imperial Palace was also affected. Pei Dong Lai was a member of the Great Imperial Palace, but Lin Feng didn't think about the Great Imperial Palace at all. He didn't care about them and their list.

However, Lin Feng didn't even think about the Great Imperial Palace, he only thought of the Pei Clan.

The Pei Clan and the Ji Clan were going to regret crossing him!

You You had almost been killed. Meng Qing had been taken away. n.o.body could imagine how Lin Feng felt. He would never forget that they had surrounded him to kill him, including the Snow Clan.


Three great emperors and twenty emperors of the Ji Clan had fallen, and two great emperors and seven emperors of the Pei Clan had fallen in one day. Lin Feng had planned this ma.s.sacre for a while.

The Pei Clan and the Ji Clan were infuriated again. Lin Feng simply hid once more.

At the same time, Champion University stopped recruiting people from the Pei Clan and the Ji Clan. If the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan dared attack a student of Champion University, the Ancestors would personally punish them.

The Holy City was astonished, while the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan remained silent. They were Ancient Holy Clans, this was pouring salt on their wounds. Champion University had publicly announced that they would not recruit students from the Ji Clan and the Pei Clan anymore, how humiliating!

The people of the Holy City understood that Champion University was on Lin Feng's side, and the two clans might even disappear from the Holy City someday if Lin Feng became extremely strong.

The Ji Clan and the Pei Clan were being jointly humiliated by Champion University and Lin Feng. What could they do? And what if Lin Feng became extremely strong? They would be destroyed!

However, Lin Feng didn't care about all those conjectures. After he left, he went to see the Ancestors, and they talked about a few things n.o.body knew about.


At Qi Tian Holy Town, even though the atmosphere was less lively, there were still some strong cultivators interested in the historical remains. People still wondered who the chained cultivators in the historical remains were.

Lin Feng arrived back at the Holy Spirit Dynasty. When they saw Lin Feng and Tang You You come back safe and sound, the Dynasty were pleasantly surprised. Lin Feng was the the father of one of their future Holy Emperors, and Tang You You was also an important person to them.

Lin Feng was crouching down in a courtyard. In front of him was a cute little baby. He was two years old, and his eyes kept twinkling. He was wearing a little robe. He looked at Lin Feng and then at the Holy Emperor.

"Qiong Sheng, don't you want to see your parents? They're in front of you now," smiled the Holy Emperor.

The little boy walked up to Lin Feng, pointed at him with his little finger, and asked, "You're my father?"

"Yes," Lin Feng smiled.

"Oh, if you're my father, then I must have inherited your spirit. Show me your spirit!" said the little boy, looking pensive.

"Eh…" Lin Feng was a little surprised and smiled. "Show me your spirit first, and I'll show you mine."

"Alright!" said the little boy. An endless number of little dragons appeared behind him. When Lin Feng saw that, he was astonished. Qiong Sheng was already a Tian level cultivator! His spirit had Awakened!

Lin Feng had cold sweats. He was even embarra.s.sed to show his spirit!

PMG Chapter 2069

Chapter 2069: A Battle in Juetian Mountain

"I released my spirit, show me yours!" demanded the little boy. He looked very serious.

"Alright, I will show you," Lin Feng smiled. A gigantic nine-headed dragon appeared behind him. When Tang You You saw that, she smiled widely.

The little boy smiled and said, "Father, your spirit is the same as mine. But why do I have a whole bunch of dragons, and you don't?"

"Eh…" Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, "You must be more talented than me!"

Lin Feng recalled his spirit, and the baby boy giggled and recalled his spirit too. He looked at his mother and said, "Maybe my spirit is different because of my mother."

"Qiong Sheng!" said Tang You You, hugging the boy.

Lin Qiong Sheng looked curious and said, "Mother, I inherited both your spirits, will I become extremely strong?"

"Yes, you'll be the strongest one!" Tang You You smiled.

"The Holy Emperor told me that I would become a strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty."

"He's right, you'll become a Holy Emperor," said Tang You You, caressing his head.

"Alright, I'll become a Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty!" said the little boy. They were chatting happily. The little boy was happy to finally meet his father. He wanted to learn spells from his father, but Lin Feng deflected the requests. The dynasty knew how to raise children. They quickly gain power, but they retain the heart of a newborn. They practiced pure cultivation.

The Holy Spirit Dynasty did all they could to raise Lin Qiong Sheng. He would learn the strongest spells of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Then, after breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, he would obtain powerful Ancient Holy Scriptures.

Lin Feng didn't hurry to transmit spells, skills, and techniques to Lin Qiong Sheng. He had a terrifying spirit, and in the future, it would fuse together with his blood. He'd learn cosmic energies, and then he'd become like Chu Chun Qiu, able to study the Sky Absorbing scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.

Ancient Holy Clans raised children the same way. Many geniuses only started practicing cultivation for real after having breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, when they started traveling and fighting.

Many geniuses also knew secret skills and techniques, and hid their social status when traveling. They stopped being incognito after having become great emperors. Of course, truly incredible geniuses couldn't do that because they needed to battle a lot to become a great emperor, and if they were incredible, everybody noticed them.

Lin Feng was extremely talented, but he was still only a high-level emperor. He had started practicing cultivation when he was fifteen, he hadn't been as lucky as these geniuses. He had always only relied on himself.


Lin Feng spent some days with the baby, then he went to the Holy Emperor and transmitted the Holy Spirit Natural G.o.dly Skill to him. Of course, it was less perfect than when a Saint transmitted them to people. They'd have to rely on themselves to study it. Lin Feng also gave him some powerful scriptures. Even though the Holy Spirit Dynasty had existed for a very long time and didn't lack Ancient scriptures, Lin Feng had obtained some great ones. He had too many though, so he transmitted those useless ones to the Holy Emperor.

Of course, Lin Feng wasn't going to forget that the Holy Emperor had helped him. He hadn't just come for Qiong Sheng.

Lin Feng was lucky. The Holy Emperor told him some good news: three days from now, the Holy Jade Princess of the Ancient Jade Dynasty would fight against a talented woman. Many people wanted to watch. The Holy Jade Princess and her opponent were both incredible.

Lin Feng knew that the Holy Jade Princess was extremely strong. She had some mysterious techniques, and also knew some incredible illusion techniques and spells. Among the eight geniuses who had surrounded them, the Holy Jade Princess, Ji Chang and Zhuo Qing were the strongest. This time, the Holy Jade Princess wanted to fight against that girl because they wanted to try and break through to the Di Qi layer.

Lin Feng didn't care. He had killed Ji Chang even though he had broken through to the Di Qi layer. Even if the Holy Jade Princess was stronger than Ji Chang back then, after having broken through to the Di Qi layer, he had become stronger than her. Lin Feng knew there were going to be many strong cultivators at the battle, including many strong cultivators from the Ancient Jade Dynasty. If he killed a holy woman, the Ancient Jade Dynasty wouldn't forgive him.


Three days pa.s.sed quickly. Lin Feng played with his son before finally leaving the Holy Spirit Dynasty alone. He went to a mountain called Juetian Mountain, where the Holy Spirit Dynasty had agreed to fight against the woman. Lin Feng understood that some strong cultivators of her Dynasty were going to come too. He also knew that people from the Holy Spirit Dynasty were going to come. He had decided to come alone though. Not many people knew he had returned to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, as the Holy Emperor had concealed that from most of the people in Qi Tian Holy Town. Lin Feng had disappeared for a year, and the Holy Emperor didn't want anything to happen to him.

Just like in the Holy City, many people in Qi Tian Holy Town thought Lin Feng was still dead.


There were actually two peaks actually at Juetian Mountain, facing one another. A beautiful women was standing on each peak. They both looked celestial and extraordinary. One of them was the Holy Jade Princess. The other one was a beautiful woman from Goblin Spirit University.

The second woman had a genuine phoenix bloodline, and was the strongest cultivator of her university. She was much stronger than Crazy Bull, and also a Champion. Goblin University had two Champions. It would have been the same at Champion University if Ji Chang hadn't died, both he and Lin Feng would have been Champions. But Lin Feng didn't care about being a Champion.

Celestial G.o.dly University also had two Champions: Chu Chun Qiu and Ying Cheng. Such a thing hadn't happened in a very long time.

Many strong cultivators were in attendance and watching the two women: the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao, who was stronger?!

Lin Feng arrived and landed atop a mountain. There were many people around him. They were all staring at the two women, n.o.body paid attention to him.

It seems that everyone is interested in this battle. Lin Feng glanced around, seeing strong cultivators everywhere. That was why they hadn't organized the battle on a battle stage, as there wouldn't have been enough s.p.a.ce for the audience.

"It's going to start!" said someone next to Lin Feng. Everybody stared at the two fighters, remaining silent save for the soughing of the wind. That wind became stronger and stronger, and began to whistle. The Holy Jade Princess' clothes fluttered about her.

At the same time, a terrifying strength filled the air. A rosy mist appeared all around, containing a powerful intent. Scorching hot flames appeared inside. This was Yi Tian Jiao's intent!

"What a strong woman!" said Lin Feng. Many geniuses could be jealous of that level of intent!

Yi Tian Jiao jumped into the air, and  at the same time, a phoenix appeared, the air beginning to burn as embers appeared around her.

"The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao will definitely become Saint Emperors someday. They will become symbols of their generation," whispered someone. These two women were extremely strong, it was a rare thing to see!

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