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PMG Chapter 2070

Chapter 2070: Wu Jue and Wu Qing

The two female cultivators started fighting, Qi boiling around them. The two women's speed was incredible. The Holy Jade Princess controlled illusion Dao intent, and at that moment, she had the advantage.

However, many people didn't see it that way. Even though Yi Tian Jiao was being defensive, the crowd realized that she was releasing a terrifying phoenix, and a phoenix territory had appeared. Phoenixes could burn anything. Even the clothes of the Holy Jade Princess started burning.

"The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao are extremely talented. They are among the strongest people of Qi Tian Holy Town. I wonder which one will become the most famous," someone wondered aloud.

"We'll see. Look, Wu Jue is here," said someone, pointing at a high mountain. There was someone wearing white clothes there, looking confident and at ease. He was alone, n.o.body around him, and cut quite an impressive figure.

"Wu Jue?" Lin Feng knew many people in the Holy City, but not in the other cities. When he heard them, it seemed that Wu Jue was even more impressive than Yi Tian Jiao and the Holy Jade Princess.

"Wu Jue has the potential to become the first Master of the Dark Night Region. Apparently, he's going to start traveling. Saint Emperor Wu Jue only had one child. He hopes Wu Jue can have more children to keep the bloodline healthy. Maybe that he wants to have a child with one of those two girls, that's why he came here," conjectured someone near Lin Feng. However, n.o.body said how strong he was.

Master Wu Qing was the first Prince of the Dark Night Region back in the days, thought Lin Feng. Prince, Master, all those were respectful terms. Great emperors and emperors could be called Prince or Master, like Master Mi back in the days. It could also mean anything, it depended on the region. In the Dark Night Region, being the First Master meant being the strongest cultivator. It was even better than being a Champion. Champions had the potential to become Celestial Emperors, and maybe Saint Emperors if they didn't die. But in the region, only one person was called Master. Wu Jue had the potential to replace Prince Wu Qing and become the First Master.

And the same existed for women, there was a First Lady of the Dark Night Region.

Wu Jue had come to see the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao.

"The compet.i.tion will be fierce for Wu Jue. Lin Feng, and the eight cultivators who fought against him, well, he killed five of them, but three are still left. Apart from Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu could also be a compet.i.tor. Even though he's not famous in Qi Tian Holy Town, he also went onto the Holy Way Stage. He didn't sit on the Holy Imperial Throne though, which means Lin Feng has more potential than him."

People kept chatting about the geniuses of the region. There could only be one Master and one Lady in the region.

Everybody knew about that in the Dark Night Region.

At that moment, the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao's battle was getting explosive. The Holy Jade Princess' attacks were getting more and more terrifying. Her mysterious Dao power looked real, as did her illusions. Her powers were mysterious. Yi Tian Jiao didn't change anything, her phoenix kept flickering.

Finally, fissures appeared, explosion sounds spread in the air, an ocean of flames appeared. The atmosphere was filled with destructive Qi.

The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao landed on the ground again and looked at each other. Their Qi kept increasing.

"You are both so beautiful, why fight!" said someone at that moment. The crowd was startled. Wu Jue had spoken.

Nine broken illusions appeared in a whistle of movement, all Wu Jue's silhouettes, and very lifelike. He landed between the two women and smiled, "You are both so beautiful, come to my palace, we can learn from each other, but we can also chat about life."

When the crowd heard Wu Jue, they thought he was very audacious, and also carefree.

"Wu Jue, you want both of us to go to your palace?" asked the Holy Jade Princess, smiling icily.

"Indeed!" Wu Jue nodded.

"You're not very lucky," said Yi Tian Jiao icily. The atmosphere became much hotter.

"Since I dared talk, I don't mind," Wu Jue smiled. The crowd frowned. That guy wanted both of those two incredible women? In one year, the Holy Jade Princess had become much stronger. Yi Tian Jiao wasn't weak, either!

"Thanks for coming." said the Holy Jade Princess smiling coldly. Then, she jumped away, her mysterious Dao strength rolling out provocatively. His soul started shaking.

"Your understanding of Deep Abstruse Dao has increased," Wu Jue smiled indifferently. He waved his hand, and 81 gigantic hands appeared. They all contained a different type of explosive power, deadly, destructive…

The Holy Jade Princess' Deep Abstruse Dao looked real. It looked terrifying.

"Wu Jue's strength is impressive…" the crowd observed. Deep Abstruse Dao power was incredible and destructive. But Wu Jue's attack was even more brutal, it could block the Jade Princess' Deep Abstruse Dao. He could kill people with invisible and intangible attacks. He could already easily kill ordinary high-level emperors.

Yi Tian Jiao also moved, she didn't mind joining hands with the Holy Jade Princess to fight against him, he was famous and was known as someone extremely strong.

The atmosphere became even more oppressive. The two women released even more terrifying attacks. However, Wu Jue remained as motionless as a mountain, and the manifested hands didn't break. Finally, he smiled and said, "You are so beautiful. Don't be mean. Come and have a walk by the lake with me. We can talk about love."

Wu Jue released even more aggressive energies, which bore down on Yi Tian Jiao.

"Since there are two beautiful women, you could give me one," said someone intervened at that moment. The crowd was astonished. Who else was provoking the two women?

Lin Feng jumped forwards. The crowd frowned. Who was this guy?

Lin Feng was incognito. He couldn't show himself, especially if he wanted to take the Holy Jade Princess away.

Wu Jue and the two women saw someone arrive among them, Wu Jue the most surprised. He wasn't the only audacious man there?

"If you want to talk about love with the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao, you must be strong enough," Wu Jue smiled. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Lin Feng. All sorts of strength surrounded him.

"Of course!" Lin Feng smiled back. He released deadly cosmic energies to counter Wu Jue's hand attack, multiple explosions manifested before the hand was ripped completely apart.

The gigantic explosion made everybody's hearts pound violently. Another beast had arrived!

PMG Chapter 2071

Chapter 2071: Indecent Provocations

Lin Feng's punch astonished the whole crowd. Wu Jue's attack was extremely explosive, he could resist both Yi Tian Jiao and the Holy Jade Princess at the same time, meaning he was extraordinarily strong. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared talk freely about romance with them.

Lin Feng was still walking forwards slowly. The sounds of their auras clas.h.i.+ng kept exploding about him. The three fighters had already dispersed. Wu Jue studied Lin Feng as he smiled. "Which one do you like, Your Excellency?"

"The Holy Jade Princess is pure as jade and clean as ice, she's n.o.ble and pure. I want to get on intimate terms with her," Lin Feng smiled back. The Holy Jade Princess smiled icily. These two men were truly indecent…

"Who are you, Your Excellency? You want to get on intimate terms with me, but I am afraid it won't be possible," the Holy Jade Princess said icily.

"Holy Princess, you're amusing," Lin Feng smiled. He continued walking towards her.

Wu Jue's silhouette flickered, and he landed before Lin Feng, saying, "Since you don't want to give me the two women, let me see if you are eligible to get intimate with the holy princess."

Dao power swelled and surrounded Lin Feng, making him feel extremely uncomfortable. The wind reached every single part of his body. Wu Jue was bald and his head polished s.h.i.+ny as he smiled broadly. He jumped forward and raised his fists.

Lin Feng looked confident and at ease, and didn't stop. He condensed cosmic energies into empty s.p.a.ce energy and moved towards the punches. Lin Feng's fist was dazzling as he kept countering Wu Jue's attacks. Five gigantic fingers appeared, they looked as hard as mountains and oppressed Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to collapse.

Lin Feng's physical strength was incredible, but those energies were really oppressive, and could easily destroy an ordinary high-level emperor. Wu Jue had the potential to become the First Master of the region, he was extremely strong without a doubt.

Lin Feng raised his hand and a sword streaked across the sky. It cut apart the gigantic hand, shattering it loudly. In one strike, Lin Feng had destroyed it!

Wu Jue was now standing in front of Lin Feng, his strength condensing with terrible power that was making the air vibrate. A moment before, when Wu Jue had fought against the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao, he hadn't used his full strength. He was even stronger then the watchers had believed…

However, Lin Feng also released and condensed strength. His cosmic energies erupted in pulses of power. At the same time, Lin Feng released ancient imprints, and a word appeared: MOURN. The power shook the earth and heavens.

"Ancient words, is that an incantation?" The watchers were astonished. What kind of strength was that? Surprisingly, Lin Feng dared use that kind of strength against Wu Jue's explosive attacks. Among people of his generation, few people dared fight against Wu Jue, and right now Lin Feng hadn't even used Dao power yet.

When Lin Feng and Wu Jue's powers collided, some parts of Juetian Mountain exploded. Clouds of smoke and dust appeared, forcing some people to fly away coughing. The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao both looked astonished. Lin Feng and Wu Jue were both emperors, like them, but the two women had no choice but to admit the two men were much stronger than they were.

Initially, people had come here to watch the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao's battle, but now Wu Jue and that stranger were drawing all the attention.

Wu Jue and Lin Feng separated, both somewhat surprised. Wu Jue was the most surprised, amazed that someone could compete with him. Lin Feng's cosmic energies were near unstoppable, and his punches were as heavy as mountains. It was difficult to defend against them!

Lin Feng was also astonished, because he knew how strong he was. He had incredible cosmic energies and an incredible physical strength, and at the same level, not many people could compete with him… but Wu Jue was one who could. His Dao power made even Lin Feng feel very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Wu Jue, Lin Feng's physical strength was simply too incredible. He had had to withdraw.

Lin Feng understood that Wu Jue didn't have an undeserved reputation now, and definitely had the potential to become the Master of the region. He could compete with the strongest geniuses of the Huang Qi layer.

Wu Jue looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently. "I really want to know who my enemy was?"

"You know it's me, so it's good. You don't need to know my name." Lin Feng smiled back.

Wu Jue's eyes twinkled and he nodded, "You are strong enough to get intimate with the holy princess. She's yours."

"Wu Jue is insolent, he dares say the princess is that guy's, as if she were his property! Who does he think the Holy Jade Princess is?" said someone speechlessly when they heard Wu Jue.

"Wu Jue is free and unrestrained. He doesn't want elders to follow him, or maybe Wu Jue's Holy Palace doesn't want the elders to influence him while he's traveling."

At that moment, Wu Jue looked at Yi Tian Jiao and smiled, "Since the Holy Jade Princess is his, you are mine. Let's go to the Holy Palace together. We'll consummate our love."

"I'm not interested," said Yi Tian Jiao icily. Wu Jue had no respect for her. Consummate their love? How insolent! Was he talking about having a child?!

"I will definitely take you to my Holy Palace," Wu Jue said calmly. He sounded firm and stubborn.

Lin Feng landed before the Holy Jade Princess and smiled, "You're so beautiful. I've always loved you. Finally, we're going to be on intimate terms. You can't refuse!"

People were sweating coldly. Those two geniuses had come to the mountain, disturbed the two beautiful women while they were battling, and now they were making indecent remarks. It was difficult to imagine.

The Holy Jade Princess smiled coldly.

"Don't worry. I don't harm women," Lin Feng told her, smiling indulgently. He looked aloof and arrogant.

The Holy Jade Princess released her Deep Abstruse Dao power in an instant. An illusion appeared in his mind as the energies were reaching for him. She was so fast, p.i.s.sed off at his s.e.xual hara.s.sment.

A gigantic MOURN word appeared, Lin Feng closed his eyes and struck out with both hands. Powerful destructive energies rolled out, and the Deep Abstruse Dao power broke apart. The Holy Jade Princess was still moving towards him, however!

Lin Feng sensed the strong wind surround him. Her Deep Abstruse Dao power was terrifying. Even with his eyes closed, the illusions didn't disperse. The Holy Princess' attack messed with his perceptions!

Lin Feng continued moving and punched out again with thunderous force. He used his full strength, and the Holy Jade Princess was driven backwards. She wanted to escape, but Lin Feng raised his hand again and a golden web appeared around her. Her expression changed, and she desperately started releasing as much strength as she could to break the web.

However, Lin Feng moved faster than the eye could follow, he was even faster than her!

"Holy Princess, don't abandon me!" Lin Feng smiled.

The Holy Jade Princess' cold smile had already disappeared as she shouted furiously, "You're insolent!"

She released her Deep Abstruse Dao strength again, but a gigantic hand appeared and an implacable strength surrounded her. She couldn't move fast enough. Lin Feng landed in front of her again and grabbed her hand with one hand and her waist with the other, stunning everyone with his audacity.

Lin Feng lowered his head, his lips moving towards hers. Her face turned deathly pale. This man dared a.s.sault her s.e.xually in front of so many people!

PMG Chapter 2072

Chapter 2072: Capture the Holy Woman

"Let me go!" shouted the Holy Jade Princess icily. At that moment, Lin Feng's left arm was around her waist, his hand was on her bottom. He moved his right hand to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. If he wanted to, he could easily kill her.

"You're in my arms, how could I abandon you?" Lin Feng smiled. He started walking away, intending to leave with her.

"What an incredible guy!" Wu Jue was stupefied when he saw Lin Feng's uninhibited actions.

"Insolent!" shouted someone icily. Some of the bystanders rose up into the air. The Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao both had terrifying backgrounds. Lin Feng and Wu Jue were hara.s.sing the two women, and initially, their people hadn't gotten involved, such things were unavoidable on the path of cultivation and they had to deal with such things themselves. But now the two women had lost control over the situation and these men were humiliating them!

A few great emperors appeared in front of Lin Feng and ordered him icily, "Let her go!"

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He was holding the Holy Jade Princess firmly. She felt humiliated, her face was deathly pale.

"If you don't want her to die, let me pa.s.s," replied Lin Feng indifferently, then continued walking forward. Everybody was startled at his insane actions. Surprisingly, he dared despise the strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty?

"What an insolent b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" A great emperor released his Qi, the wind began to whistle around him. However, Lin Feng grunted icily, raised his hand and bombarded the Holy Jade Princess' body with cosmic energies. She groaned with pain and coughed up blood, her face paling.

When the crowd saw that, many shuddered in fear. This guy was decisive and cruel! He even dared attack a beautiful woman!

"The Holy Jade Princess is pure as jade and clean as ice, flawless and n.o.ble. If I can't get on intimate terms with her, then I'll destroy her," Lin Feng said to those Ancient Jade cultivators with a careless smile. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty were flummoxed; they had thought that just showing up would be enough for him to give up!

When they heard his reply, they were really shocked. How come this guy was so insolent?

"You want to die?" swore the leader of the group icily.

"I don't mind dying with the holy princess!" Lin Feng smiled broadly. He continued moving forwards. The Ancient Jade cultivators looked glum. They chased after Lin Feng, wanting to see who dared act this insolently and kidnap the Holy Jade Princess?

"Aren't you afraid that I'll kill her?" asked Lin Feng, turning his head to glance back at them.

"If you dare kill her, you'll die too!" Those people couldn't listen to Lin Feng without doing anything, so of course they wanted to chase him!

"Alright, follow me then," Lin Feng smiled. He continued flying away. When the crowd saw that, they were amused despite themselves. This day had been even more fun than they had thought it'd be!

"Wu Jue didn't act insolently, he really wants a child with Yi Tian Jiao. He can't go too far. That guy though, he's cruel and crazy! He kidnapped her!" The gossips began to wag their tongues. Who was he? He could compete with Wu Jue in terms of strength, and he was dauntless. He had even kidnapped the Holy Jade Princess!

Even Wu Jue didn't dare act that insolently, but this guy had. Was he simply too self-confident?


Lin Feng flew at full speed, the air shrieking about him. However, the group of great emperors chasing him wasn't any slower than he was.

Lin Feng saw a lake appear in front of him, and smiled icily.

Lin Feng accelerated and dove into the lake. At the same time, he released a special kind of Qi, his spirit world Qi!

"Eh?" The great emperors following him frowned and accelerated. They released their G.o.dly awarenesses and smiled coldly. Did Lin Feng think he could escape by entering the lake?

There was a flurry of popping sound. Lin Feng had cloned himself, hundreds of his silhouettes appeared. The great emperors saw it all with their G.o.dly awareness.

More clones continued appearing. The clones surrounding him started moving in every direction.

The Ancient Jade strong cultivators above the lake were stunned. Did Lin Feng think he could escape? Ridiculous!

One of them released a terrifying Qi. However, a Great Imperial Weapon appeared in Lin Feng's hand, blocking her power with an explosive force. The clones didn't vanis.h.!.+

"Hmph!" One of the women cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty released even more strength. Her attack had been the one blocked by the Great Imperial Weapon.

Waves of water crashed in every direction, and clones exploded one after another. When they all disappeared, the strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty swallowed. How had he done that? They had watched him with their G.o.dly awareness, and yet the princess and Lin Feng had disappeared.

"Disperse. Let's check the surrounding area!" said the leader of the group, pulling a long face. They separated quickly. Very quickly, they chased after the clones who had fled in every direction. They destroyed them easily, but quickly realized that they were all clones!

"What's going on?" one of them asked feebly. They had already chased all the clones who were outside, destroying dozens of them easily, so where was he? How had he disappeared?

After a short time, the Ancient Jade cultivators came back and looked down at the lake, glancing at one another and grimaced as their faces paled. Had they lost their Holy Princess?

"What do we do?" asked one of them. They were panicking. They would have never thought they would lose their holy princess, especially in front of the whole crowd of them. She had been kidnapped before their own eyes by a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer!

n.o.body replied. They were terrified of the consequences.


At the same time, Lin Feng had changed his clothes and mask, and now reappeared in Qi Tian Holy Town. He looked relaxed. Those people from Qi Tian Holy Town were too self-confident. He had just used an ordinary Great Imperial Weapon to get rid of them. In other words, he hadn't lost anything.

Lin Feng had returned to the Dynasty already. He was in his own courtyard and entered his spirit world. The Holy Jade Princess was still there. There was no portal in or out, and Lin Feng could appear there as he wished. She was shocked as she asked, "Who are you? Where are we?"

"Holy woman, don't you remember me anymore?" Lin Feng replied emotionlessly, walking over to her.

Her face stiffened and she blurted out, "If you dare rape me, the Ancient Jade Dynasty won't let you off!"

"You really think you're pure as jade and clean as ice, pure and n.o.ble?" Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He raised his hand and took off his mask.

The Holy Jade Princess' face turned deathly pale.

"Lin Feng!" The Holy Jade Princess was horrified. Lin Feng… A pervert would have raped her, Lin Feng wanted to kill her!

However, she tried to remain calm as she swiftly said, "Lin Feng, no matter what you want, I will give it to you. You can even make love to me if you want. We can cooperate. I can even become your wife. What do you think?"

She was smart, she knew she wasn't strong enough to compete with Lin Feng and she didn't want to die, so she tried everything she could.

"Nah, too troublesome. I'll use you as a Demon Puppet. That way, I'll make love to you if I want to, I will even be able to control the Ancient Jade Dynasty using you. You'll become my slave," Lin Feng said icily.

The Holy Jade Princess grimaced horribly. A Demon Puppet! When she heard that, she realized her life was going to become a nightmare!

"You prefer making me turn into a walking corpse than deflowering me?" the Holy Jade Princess smiled seductively. An illusion appeared, she lifted her dress, her white thighs appeared.

Lin Feng remained stoic. She was staring at him, she even opened her cleavage. A terrifying demon light penetrated into her brain, and her face turned even paler. Lin Feng wasn't going to let her off! He was extremely determined, she couldn't tempt him!

PMG Chapter 2073

Chapter 2073: Newborn

The Holy Jade Princess had disappeared. Many people in Qi Tian Holy Town were astonished. There was an undercurrent in Qi Tian Holy Town related to her vanis.h.i.+ng.

People were chatting in a restaurant. "A young master disappeared, that girl disappeared, how many people have disappeared in Qi Tian Holy Town?"

"I don't know exactly anymore. Between eighty and ninety people, I guess? All those people have something in common; they are all talented, and they're all high-level emperors. I wonder who dares act that arrogantly? They're all specially related to some geniuses of powerful groups. The leaders of those groups are all, at least, Celestial Emperors, some of them even have Saint Emperors!"

"The Ancient Jade Dynasty's princess was kidnapped in front of many people by a perverted young man. Maybe n.o.body had thought an emperor would be able to kidnap her in front of everyone. They don't even know who it was!"

Everybody kept chatting. If Lin Feng knew what they were talking about, he would be extremely surprised. There were members of the Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town, and from some universities. They were from the most powerful groups of the Dark Night Region. However, there were more Ancient Holy Clans in the Dark Night Region than Dynasties. Ancient Holy Clans weren't at the top of the region. Recently, many young people from ancient clans had disappeared. Many people started thinking that Lin Feng had captured the Holy Jade Princess.

As all those people were chatting, Qin Gan, the Tianci Holy Emperor, and other people were gathered before an altar. There were gigantic pillars around the altar, a black mist surrounding them. Atop each pillar was a high-level emperor, soul strength emerging from their third eyes and moving towards the person standing in the center of the room. He looked b.e.s.t.i.a.l, his face extremely white and small flames around him. The terrifying soul strength surrounded him.

After a short time, the faces of the younger people present distorted. When they released their last threads of soul strength, they died. Their souls were destroyed!

The b.e.s.t.i.a.l young man on the altar opened his mouth and absorbed their strength, looking drunk. He suddenly opened his eyes, and a gloomy Qi invaded the atmosphere. Even though he was just a high-level emperor, he didn't look at even Saint Emperors respectfully.

"Eighty-one of them, how's your soul now?" Qin Gan asked the young man. That young man was the Saint they had brought from the Saint's World, Saint Tianhun! They were feeding his soul with high-level emperors' souls, sacrificing the young people to him. His body and soul were improving.

n.o.body would have thought that all the young people from ancient holy clans who had disappeared had been kidnapped by these Holy Emperors.

"Not bad. It's the only way," replied Saint Tianhun calmly. The lives of eighty-one geniuses had been used to feed him. As long as it was useful for him, they would keep sacrificing others to him.

"So, master…" said Qin Gan.

"Don't worry, I will do what you've asked me. You may all chose nine people and I'll transmit some powerful ancient techniques to them. You may also choose one person and I'll transmit holy techniques to them. Regarding you guys, we'll see about that in the future," Saint Tianhun said indifferently. They were all cooperating with him. Saint Tianhun wouldn't transmit all he had to these people, though. Otherwise, he'd be useless.

The Dynasties understood that, so they cooperated step by step.

"Who is the strongest Shrine these days in the Continent of the Nine Clouds?" asked Saint Tianhun, as if he had thought of something.

"Hm, the Fortune Shrine, I guess?" replied Qin Gan calmly.

Saint Tianhun's eyes twinkled. The Fortune Shrine? He hoped they could help him, using a Misfortune Soul or the G.o.dly Medicine of the Immortals!

"In the Dark Night Region, are there powerful enemies?" asked Saint Tianhun.

"The strongest person should be the First Master of the Dark Night Region, Prince Wu Qing. Besides him, there are some other very powerful cultivators who are extraordinary and have potential, such as Wu Jue, and the one who kidnapped the Holy Jade Princess, are also extremely strong. And there are some people who have King-type bodies." said Qin Gan looking pensive. He continued, "By the way, I have the feeling that the one who got onto the Holy Way Stage, Chu Chun Qiu, is very dangerous. I think he might become a new King Chu."

"King Chu?" asked Saint Tianhun expressionlessly.

"You're from the ancient days, you don't know King Chu. However, many years ago, when I was young, King Chu was like a G.o.d in the Dark Night Region, he feared n.o.body," replied Qin Gan.

Saint Tianhun didn't really care, he just nodded. His only goal was to stabilize his cultivation once more! He asked, "What about the one I saw before, the one whose body I wanted?"

Qin Gan and the others remained silent for a few seconds. They naturally all remembered Lin Feng. He had had two incredible battles in Qi Tian Holy Town, Holy Emperors had even fallen because of him. They hadn't forgotten about him. And now many people had forgotten about him, they all thought he was dead.

"Back then, he had a great battle, we all think he died."

"What a pity, his physical body was perfect!" said Saint Tianhun. He regretted that he had not obtained that body. The body he had now wasn't nearly as good.

"Master, we're going to select some people," said Qin Gan before leaving. The rest all followed. The Ancient Jade Dynasty's princess had disappeared. The leader of the Ancient Jade Dynasty was starting to have doubts about them, they had been forced to explain to her that they had nothing to do with that. Otherwise, it would have led to big problems. They didn't want to offend the Death Fairy!

Besides, the Animal Clan had remained silent for such a long time. But since the Ancient Clans and the Animal Clans hadn't shown up for a long time, they didn't need to worry.

There were Animal Districts in all eighteen main cities of the Dark Night Region. They were all places where enlightened animals gathered. Humans ruled over the region, but they still coexisted with the Animal Clans. Qi Tian Holy Town was the same, they also had an Animal District. They were much stronger than Ancient Holy Clans. The Animal District in Qi Tian Holy Town had some truly formidable creatures living there. Such creatures were also extremely conceited. They had dominated humans ages ago, but then the different human groups had joined hands and now the Animal Clans hadn't shown up for thousands of years. n.o.body really knew how what they were doing or how strong they had become, they had been hidden for too long…

Things had changed with time. Some groups fell, some groups rose, they all had their own stories. Some stories were boring where nothing changed, and some stories were astonis.h.i.+ng. However, only a few people could stand out because of their own story.

The world was very big, and there were many small worlds, some of them as big as the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and there were many geniuses everywhere. Staying at the top was extremely complicated, and everyone there had their own stories too. The only way to stand at the top was to progress all the time.

Saint Tianhun was making efforts, the Animal Clans were making efforts, Yi Tian Jiao was making efforts, Zhuo Qing was making efforts, Wu Jue was making efforts, everybody, all the geniuses of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, were making efforts!

Lin Feng was also making efforts. They all had different lives, but they all had the same thought: reach the clouds! They all wanted to rule over the world someday and transmit their legacy onwards!

PMG Chapter 2074

Chapter 2074: Movement in the Animal District

Millenia ago, the Animal District ruled over Qi Tian Holy Town. They acted independently and defiantly, standing up to others as equals aggressively. Many Animal Clans from elsewhere used to come to Qi Tian Holy Town back then to join the Animal District.

However, at some point, the Ancient Holy Clans and Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town joined hands and started a great war against them. Qi Tian Holy Town had turned into a field littered with corpses. Many strong cultivators had fallen, and many small worlds of the Animal District had been destroyed. Humanity had also paid the price, but finally the Animal District had fallen and lost their influence.

They couldn't afford to act arrogantly now, they weren't as imposing and awe-inspiring as before, even before they had disappeared. However, some news had started spreading through Qi Tian Holy Town. The members of the Animal District had apparently been traveling to gain experience discreetly…

The denizens of the Animal District had disappeared for a very long time into one of their sealed worlds, a place now filled with a brutal b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. It was extremely thick in one particular location. There was blood everywhere. There were hundreds of thousands of beasts: rocs, apes, bulls, rhinos, pythons… it was astonis.h.i.+ng. They were all alive, but they seemed to be suffering, their blood dripping everywhere. They looked desperate and hopeless.

There was a lake made from their blood. There were some terrifying and ferocious beasts within that lake, greedily absorbing the other beasts' blood. The hundreds of thousands of beasts had been offered to them as a sacrifice. If the Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town had seen that, they would have been astonished and troubled by the implications!

However, the people outside didn't know about that. This continued for three full years.

Within those three years, Qi Tian Holy Town had changed too, but there were some strange things going on, too. More and more people had kept arriving. If it had only been like that, it wouldn't have drawn people's attention, but the thing was that many beasts had been taken there and everything was done discreetly. Their target destination was the Animal Mountain, which hadn't been active for a long time.

Finally, the strong cultivators of the Dynasties investigated that location, and they all noticed the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. People rose up in the air, not trying to hide their anger. On the ground, they saw people enter the Animal Mountain and disappear.

"Something serious is going on!" commented someone. All the Dynasties were astonished. They had the impression something terrifying was going to happen!

The Holy Spirit Dynasty's Holy Emperor was with Lin Feng. Someone came up to the Holy Emperor and said, "Holy Emperor, the Animal District has been active recently. They kidnapped many animals and took them to the Animal District, but they didn't hide."

"Animal District?" Lin Feng was startled.

"Lin Feng, the Animal District acted independently and defiantly in the past, but they couldn't compete with humanity. They were the strongest animal force of the Dark Night Region. They've been silent for thousands of years now, though…" the Holy Emperor informed Lin Feng. Then, he looked at the strong cultivators and asked, "Is there anything else?"

"No, they've been silent for thousands of years, we can't get inside, so we couldn't learn anything." replied the strong cultivator.

The Holy Emperor nodded and said, "Let's go to Animal Mountain and see."

"Holy Emperor, I'm coming with you." said Lin Feng. He wanted to see the Animal District.

"Alright, you can watch. But we can only stay outside, we can't get in. n.o.body from Qi Tian Holy Town dares go in," said the Holy Emperor calmly. Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. He understood the Animal District was extremely strong.

They headed to a location near to the Animal Mountain. Lin Feng could sense the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi, but he didn't mind, he had studied animal cultivation too!

The Holy Emperor and Lin Feng gazed into the distance. Some strong cultivators were chained and taken forwards. There were dozens of people in that group, all of them emperors.

"There are some there too," said Lin Feng.

"And there," said the Holy Emperor, pointing at another place. He whispered, "The Animal District has captured many beasts, they can't hide it, so they didn't even try. They just tried to do it as quickly as possible. I wonder what they're doing?…"

"Why does the Animal District need so many beasts?" asked Lin Feng.

"I'm not sure. In this world, there are many mysteries. Who knows what secret powers they have? It's difficult to imagine," replied the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng nodded. The world was big, there were many different methods of gaining power.

At that moment, the atmosphere suddenly became dark. More b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi covered everything, and suddenly rose up to blot out the sky.

There was no light anymore. Lin Feng was startled at the strength of the Qi. Surprisingly, they couldn't see the sun anymore.

"You really want to die!" someone swore suddenly. The strong cultivator who was dragging the chained beast cultivators had shouted. He had been hara.s.sed a few times, he hadn't thought anyone would dare provoke him. ''How insolent!''

When he said that, he entered the darkness. A gigantic fire appeared, the flames looked like claws…

"Interesting. Surprisingly, more and more humans dare come to the Animal District. The one who controls the darkness probably controls genuine Darkness Dao," said the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng gazed into the distance, glancing at the chained people. Suddenly, Lin Feng released some ice-cold Qi.

"Lin Feng, what's going on?" asked the Holy Emperor when he saw Lin Feng. He was surprised. What was going on with Lin Feng?

However, Lin Feng already started forwards, releasing Death intent. Many people noticed him and were startled.

"Uncle Shen Yu!" shouted Lin Feng. Emperor Shen Yu frowned when he heard that familiar voice, he turned around and saw a stranger's face.

"Uncle Shen Yu, it's me!" said Lin Feng, as wearing a mask. At that moment, Emperor Shen Yu looked startled and shaken… it was Lin Feng!

"High-level emperor." Emperor Shen Yu realized that Lin Feng was a high-level emperor, he was astonished. He had been right, Lin Feng was extremely talented. He had become a high-level emperor so quickly!

However, Emperor Shen Yu quickly realized something and said to Lin Feng, "Hurry up and run, leave!"

Many times, His Highness the Beast of the Night had come back empty-handed. Even though Lin Feng was talented, he was just a high-level emperor. Among the people who were chained, apart from the one who had fought against His Highness the Beast of the Night, there was an Great Imperial Beast too! Lin Feng couldn't compete with them. He couldn't save Shen Yu!

"Uncle Shen Yu, did they attack Yao Ye Island?" asked Lin Feng. He wouldn't have thought that the Animal District would go so far to kidnap beasts.

"Yes, they want to capture all the beasts. Lin Feng, hurry up and leave!" shouted Emperor Shen Yu to Lin Feng explosively telepathically. However, at that moment, Lin Feng's Death intent was even colder. How could he abandon the people from Yao Ye Island? They had saved him! They were the first people who had helped him in the great world! There were many elders whom he cared about in Yao Ye Island; the wind elder, Uncle Shen Yu, Hu Yue, the cute Great Earth Demon Ape, had they all been captured?

In the distance, the Holy Emperor hadn't thought Lin Feng would be friends with some beasts which had been captured. He was startled and found himself smiling wryly. What was going to happen?

"You want to die!" b.e.s.t.i.a.l lights streaked across the sky and shot towards Lin Feng. Gigantic claws appeared and converged on him. The atmosphere became oppressive. That Qi was far more fearsome than a human's Qi.

"Lin Feng, go!" said Emperor Shen Yu. His face stiffened. Even though Lin Feng was talented, he couldn't be stronger than a beast!

There was a crackling sound, as if bones were being broken. Emperor Shen Yu looked extremely worried, but suddenly, he saw the body of the beast who was attacking Lin Feng explode, blood splas.h.i.+ng everywhere.

Lin Feng was motionless. He just glanced around icily!

PMG Chapter 2075

Chapter 2075: Young Beast Master

When Emperor Shen Yu saw that, he was astonished, and his heart started racing. He took a deep breath and realized that Lin Feng had changed a lot since the last time he had met him. He wasn't a baby anymore. One punch, and he could crush a high-level imperial beast!

When he thought about that, he had hope again. He had been practicing cultivation for so many years and he was still only a high-level emperor. He used to protect Lin Feng, a talented Zun cultivator. Maybe Lin Feng had become famous in the main cities now…

The chained beasts looked at Lin Feng, all of them angry and depressed. The one who was holding the chains and dragging them had pitch-black eyes, and looked gloomy suddenly.

"Lin Feng, that's a mahoraga python, his poison is terrifying. You're talented, don't risk your life here, escape now!" said Emperor Shen Yu to Lin Feng telepathically. The mahoraga python was a great emperor, Lin Feng couldn't compete with him!

"Uncle Shen Yu, he will die!" said Lin Feng icily.

The mahoraga python smiled icily. This little boy is audacious, die?

The snake's red tongue whipped out towards Lin Feng, the snake spat out poison at him. A high-level emperor dared threaten him!?

However, a terrifying and thick strength appeared around Lin Feng, dense waves of energies gathering. He raised his fist and punched out hard enough to make the air howl. The poison exploded with a rumble and boom. The snake put his tongue back in his mouth and spun around, turning into a gigantic snake hundreds of meters long.

The snake opened his mouth again. He could easily swallow a dozen people. At the same time, he kept spitting out poison at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the snake icily, a terrifying strength surrounding his body. He condensed aggressive demon cosmic energies in his right hand and condensed incantation words in his other hand. Mourn, Weapon, Battle, the words resonated in his grip. Lin Feng's strength was blending with the earth and sky. A terrifying Qi surged up around him.

Lin Feng punched out once again, before condensing Kalpa strength and jumping forwards. He raised his fist, aiming at the snake's mouth. His strength bore down on everyone, shaking their souls.

The mahoraga python looked abruptly scared. An incantation, his poison was entirely destroyed?

However, the mahoraga python continued moving towards Lin Feng, as he had no choice. He had to kill Lin Feng!

There was an explosive impact. The confrontation was fast, precise, and cruel. The snake wanted to impale Lin Feng with his great fangs!

However, Lin Feng burst forward instead. He penetrated into the gigantic snake's mouth and at that moment, an explosive strength flared and spread through the snake's body.

The mahoraga snake's body was filled with poison, and even emperors could die in there. However, the mahoraga python instead started shaking violently. Even his poison couldn't destroy that strength!

The mahoraga python screamed, just before it suddenly exploded into tiny pieces of flesh raining down from the sky. The snake's soul started flying away, staring at Lin Feng icily.

How strong!, thought Emperor Shen Yu. His heart was pounding. Lin Feng could kill great imperial beasts…

"He has become so strong." His heart kept pounding. He was speechless. As an emperor, Lin Feng could kill great emperors, it was astonis.h.i.+ng.

The python's soul hissed and flashed towards Lin Feng, turning into illusionary lights. He wanted to get into Lin Feng's brain to destroy his soul!

However, Lin Feng merely grunted icily and condensed death strength. Then, he slapped out, his hand turning into millions of death imprints. They crashed onto the snake's soul, who cried out helplessly. But his soul had been stamped, he couldn't do anything anymore. Finally his soul turned grey and dispersed.

"He's dead!" The crowd was astonished. An human emperor had killed a beast great emperor.

"Roar!" the beasts of the ground roared in a thundering rage. The great emperor who had kidnapped them was dead! They wanted to break free from the chains, and at the same time attack their remaining enemies, who all had ugly expressions. The slavers wanted to escape, but Lin Feng's silhouette flickered. He raised his fist and attacked them one by one.

Very quickly, he had killed all of them!

Lin Feng's sword destroyed the chains. The beasts from Yao Ye Island all looked at Lin Feng, stunned and speechless. Lin Feng was an emperor and surprisingly, he had become so strong!

"Uncle Shen Yu, where is Sister Hu Yue?" asked Lin Feng, glancing at the beasts he knew, he couldn't see Hu Yue in the group.

"Two different groups kidnapped us, there was a Celestial Emperor. I hope Hu Yue isn't in danger," said Emperor Shen Yu. His face stiffened as he remembered. Being kidnapped was horrible, especially as a beast high-level emperor. The Celestial Imperial beast had tried to capture the great imperial beasts, but he had failed.

As Shen Yu had said, in another place, there were two great imperial beasts and a few imperial beasts, they were dragging some enlightened animals. The pa.s.sage of the Animal District was open, and a group of people came out. The leader of the group was a terrifying young man, his eyes were bloodshot.

"Greetings, Young Beast Master," said the two great imperial beasts respectfully when they saw that young man. He was one of the 13 people they had chosen in the Animal District to receive the sacrificial legacies of hundreds of thousands of beasts. Those people would become the future of the Animal District and Qi Tian Holy Town. They were doing all this to regain their power and station!

Apart from that, they also hoping to bring their ancestor back to life, a Beast Saint. If they succeeded, they were soon going to become unprecedentedly strong again!

"Hey," said the young master nodding at those people. He said indifferently, "Those chained creatures are all new slaves, I see."


"Give me that girl," said the young man, pointing at Hu Yue.

The great imperial beasts smiled. Their Young Beast Master liked females. And that one was very beautiful, so his actions were normal.

Hu Yue pulled a long face. She didn't look happy like in the past, was she going to become a s.e.x slave? What was the life of a slave?

Hu Yue looked extremely unhappy as the young man walked up to her and grabbed her chin. He then slapped her and said, "Have you ever had s.e.x with anyone else?"

"Pah!" She spat at him, but the young man moved his head aside and dodged. He was extremely quick.

The young man then smiled in a strange way and tapped her cheeks. He smiled and said, "If you have ever had s.e.x with another beast, I'll f.u.c.k you and then I'll kill you long and painfully."

Then, he walked to the big gate and smiled evilly. Hu Yue grimaced. Was she going to become a s.e.x slave?

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