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PMG Chapter 2076

Chapter 2076: Ancient Beast

The beasts of Yao Ye had started fighting against the great imperial beasts of the Animal District. The atmosphere was dark. Qi was boiling. Lin Feng had already saved Emperor Shen Yu but was still furious. The Animal District was going to kill Hu Yue. Lin Feng was extremely worried for her!

The Holy Emperor had told Lin Feng a lot about the Animal District. He knew they were terrifyingly strong. They had a sealed world, and not even a Holy Emperor dared go there. n.o.body even knew how strong they had become. But even if a Saint Emperor went there, they might die!

Lin Feng looked thoughtful. In the distance, a new group of people had appeared. Lin Feng saw the leader of the group, a young man whose eyes were bloodshot. He looked ferocious. Even when animals of the Animal District turned into human form, their b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was still terrifying. Their Qi was thicker than the Qi of the beasts of the Vast Celestial Ancient City's Animal World. Even Wu's b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi wasn't that thick.

The young man frowned when he saw Lin Feng and the others. His Qi spilled out towards them. Surprisingly, a human had dared save their beast slaves just outside their territory. How insolent! They had been discreet for such a long time, and now some human already dared provoke them!

The young man turned into a beam of red light and shot towards Lin Feng. His speed made Lin Feng shudder with dread. He suddenly raised his fist and released his strength, his fist colliding with the enemy's claws. The claws crashed onto Lin Feng's fist, blood splashed and Lin Feng was driven back.

Lin Feng lowered his head and saw his own blood before he raised his head again. The strange young man continued releasing a terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. Lin Feng hadn't antic.i.p.ated the young man would be so strong. Lin Feng knew how strong he was himself, he could easily destroy ordinary great emperors. However, if Lin Feng had known who this enemy was, he wouldn't have been surprised. This person had been in the sealed animal world for thousands of years and had received hundreds of thousands of beasts' blood as a sacrifice. They were about to raise thirteen incredible geniuses. This young man was one of them, a terrifying descendant of the Animal District.

The Young Beast Master stopped moving. He put his hands behind his back and shook them out secretly. He hadn't expected Lin Feng to be so strong!

"You still want to try?" said Lin Feng icily.

The Young Beast Master grunted coldly and retorted, "How reckless!"

"Is that so?" Lin Feng released death lights and suddenly jumped away. The air began to shake and erupt from the conflict of energies as dazzling purple lights exploded.

The thunderclaps made the sky shake violently. The strong cultivators behind the Young Beast Master glanced at one another and one of them said telepathically, "Young Beast Master, back. His cosmic energies are terrifying!"

However, the Young Beast Master acted as if he hadn't heard them, stretching out his hands, which turned into st.u.r.dy blood-red claws. One glance sufficed to understand how terrifying those claws were.

"!" The sharp claws turned into a curtain of eighty-one murderous heavy claws. They collided with the thunders, even the great imperial beasts were speechless. Surprisingly, a human was so strong, he could surprisingly compete with their Young Beast Master's claws!

Emperor Shen Yu and the others were completely stunned. Lin Feng was so strong! How fearsome! In such a short time, Lin Feng had become astonis.h.i.+ngly strong. They couldn't believe their eyes. How talented! Emperor Shen Yu had never thought Lin Feng would become so strong…

Lin Feng and the young man separated. Lin Feng's hair was fluttering in the wind, Death intent rolled around him. There was lightning crackling in his hands. His enemy's arm had exploded from the lightning, his face had turned deathly pale.

The young man was staring at Lin Feng. He had never lost a battle, except against the other twelve young masters of the Animal District, and now a human could easily oppress him!

"What's your name?" the young man demanded of Lin Feng.

In response, Lin Feng walked towards him, and the young man shuddered in fear. He sensed an invisible and intangible strength surround him…

I'm one of the thirteen young masters of the Animal District, I'll become a leader someday! How can I fear a human? He should die! After thinking about that, the Young Beast Master released an even more terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. He raised his other arm, struggling because it was almost paralyzed, and his claws became gigantic again. He looked both hideous and ferocious.

A killing wind started blowing. Lin Feng charged ahead as fast as lightning. He rose up in the air and punched out again, and the sky followed behind his blow.

There was a crash of impact, and the Young Beast Master was smashed away. He coughed up blood a few times, his face even paler. At his back, the great imperial beasts stared at Lin Feng, and started releasing deadly energies.

"Move away!" The young man glanced at Lin Feng icily. He wiped off the blood around his mouth and looked at Lin Feng ferociously. The great imperial beasts he had made move away were staring at him.

"It's been a long time since someone made me bleed. It's a pleasant feeling," said the Young Beast Master, looking even more bloodthirsty. "p.i.s.s off or I'll kick you away."

Lin Feng just stared at him. This young man gave orders to great imperial beasts, he had to have a very high social status within the Animal District. If Hu Yue had been captured, he needed to act quickly.

When Lin Feng thought about that, he looked at Holy Emperor Ling and nodded, he said telepathically, "Holy Emperor, I need to capture him, help me."

"Alright!" replied Holy Emperor Ling, moving towards the beasts. The great imperial beasts sensed that the Holy Emperor coming. They instantly released energies to surround their Young Beast Master.

"Blood s.h.i.+eld!" Lin Feng frowned. Holy Emperor Ling was extremely fast, and had already arrived, but it wasn't quick enough.

"Surprisingly, you want to capture me. I'm sure we'll meet again," said the Young Beast Master as he turned into an illusion. He quickly disappeared from Lin Feng's field of vision.

Lin Feng's face stiffened, and he shouted explosively, "If you want to fight again, remember to keep a beautiful female beast for me, her name is Hu Yue!"

"Alright, I'll find her. Wait for me!" called back the voice. Lin Feng's face was grim. As the young man disappeared, the other beasts of the Animal District who were fighting against the beasts from Yao Ye also stopped and rapidly fled.

Emperor Shen Yu and the others looked at Lin Feng and the Holy Emperor next to him. How incredible! Lin Feng even knew such a terrifying cultivator! They had never seen such an oppressive strength, even from His Highness the Beast of the Night.

At that moment, Lin Feng gazed into the distance and noticed a dark silhouette. He was startled. That was the leader of Yao Ye Island, a mysterious creature. It was impossible to see his real body, even from a short distance. He just looked like a shadow.

"Let's leave. Animal Mountain is the Animal District's periphery. Some strong cultivators could come out anytime," said the Holy Emperor to Lin Feng and the others. Lin Feng didn't feel like leaving, but he had no choice. He hoped the Young Beast Master wouldn't kill Sister Hu Yue. Lin Feng didn't know whether she was there already or not.

"The Young Beast Master is proud. If he finds Hu Yue, he will not kill her, he will use her to attract you." said the dark shadow.

"I hope so," Lin Feng nodded. Their silhouettes flickered as everyone withdrew from the area. Surprisingly, the mysterious Animal District had even chased after people as far away as Yao Ye Island. What was their plan?

After they left, a group of terrifying beasts came out of the mountain, their b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi terrifying. The crowd watched them from afar, deeply cautious.

"We can wait a few more days. When we're done with the sacrifices, it will be the beginning of a new era!" said a strong cultivator of the Animal District icily. His Qi rolled far away in the distance. He wasn't afraid of being seen by humans anymore!

PMG Chapter 2077

Chapter 2077: Animal District's Agitation

The Animal District of Qi Tian Holy Town had been hiding for thousands of years. Finally, they had reappeared. All the powerful groups of Qi Tian Holy Town knew that the Animal District was preparing something. They were going to flip things over and rise again. At the same time, the elders of the different Dynasties told their young people about the Animal District's legends, which astonished everyone.

At the same time, Lin Feng brought Emperor Shen Yu and some other people from Yao Ye Island to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The prisoners who weren't from Yao Ye Island left.

"Where will His Highness the Beast of the Night go?" asked Lin Feng to Emperor Shen Yu.

"You don't need to worry about him. It won't be easy for the Animal District to capture him, he's strong," said Emperor Shen Yu. His Highness the Beast of the Night was a mysterious being, a lord of darkness.

"It's a catastrophe for Yao Ye Island though. Two Celestial Emperor and two great imperial beasts went there, it was impossible to resist them. His Highness the Beast of the Night took everyone away, but so many of our friends have been captured or killed. The real target of the Animal District were the high-level emperors though, and then medium-level emperors," said Shen Yu pulling a long face. He hadn't thought Yao Ye Island would ever face such a calamity!

"The Animal District didn't only attack you, they attacked many animal groups in the Dark Night Region. They just didn't dare attack the strongest animal groups of the main cities," said the Holy Emperor. Emperor Shen Yu looked at him and sighed. He knew that this person was the Holy Emperor of a Dynasty, Lin Feng had already become powerful and influential. He could chat freely with Holy Emperors. Such a thing would have been unthinkable years before!

The current Great Emperor Qing had oppressed Lin Feng in the past, but in the Holy Emperor's eyes, Great Emperor Qing was a n.o.body.

"Yes, all we can do is wait. I hope Hu Yue will be fine," said Lin Feng coldly. If anything happened to her, he'd have to destroy those responsible as well!

Even though all the Dynasties in Qi Tian Holy Town knew that the Animal District was plotting, n.o.body dared go there. Even though back when the Dynasties had joined hands to fight against them, they couldn't go to their sealed world.


In the Animal District, the Young Beast Master who had fought against Lin Feng glanced at Hu Yue in a strange way.

"Are you really Hu Yue?" asked the Young Beast Master. After his battle against Lin Feng, he had gone back to the Animal District and had started looking for Hu Yue. He hadn't thought it was the female he had chosen.

Hu Yue's beautiful eyes twinkled. Why was he asking?

"Indeed. What do you want?" replied Hu Yue icily.

The Young Beast Master slowly drew his lips into an evil rictus grin, put his hand on her lips, and said, "I initially wanted to have fun with you, but since he wants you too. I'll first defeat him and then I'll have fun with you."

When Hu Yue heard that, she frowned and asked, "Someone is looking for me?"

"Indeed, he's very strong. He's stronger than me now. Maybe he's your boyfriend, but after the sacrifice, I'll kill him!" said the Young Beast Master, chortling in antic.i.p.ation. He took back his hand and smiled icily, "I'll kill him in front of you. I'll tell him that from now on, you're my war trophy.

"I'll show him!" After that, the Young Beast Master left. The sacrifice was almost over. After that, he'd break through and become much stronger!


At the site of the sacrifice, all the beasts had been chained and cut so their blood would flow. The blood lake was floating, blood kept dripping down and turning into a scarlet lake. The blood of all the beasts began to condense…

Some skeletons walked over. They might be dead, but they had terrifying eyes.

Those people used to be leaders of the animals long ago, all of them terrifying creatures.

At that moment, a group of formidable old beasts appeared, their Qi daunting. They looked at the skeletons and said, "Dear animal leaders, please take care of the end of the sacrifice."

"Alright, the Animal District is going to rise once more!" said the animal leaders hoa.r.s.ely. The old beasts in the sky looked solemn and respectful. They were going to reclaim their place!

The beasts which had been captured for the sacrifice were still bleeding out their essence. The skeleton leaders entered the blood lake and bathed in it. They were returning to life!

"For the thirteen Young Beast Masters!" said someone loudly. The thirteen young men were also in the lake of blood. Those people were almost all high-level emperors, they had perpetrated this slaughter for the future of the Animal District in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

At that moment, the thirteen cultivators looked solemn as they enjoyed the blood of the ma.s.s sacrifice. They were going to rise and control the Animal District in the future!

The blood was thoroughly red. The sky in the Animal District had turned red too. The hundreds of thousands of resident beasts were shouting furiously. Their Qi was getting stronger and stronger, and so was their vitality. Flesh started appearing on the thirteen skeletons. The slave beasts kept roaring in pain. Their blood kept dripping and gus.h.i.+ng into the pool.

However, that was just the beginning. A gigantic silhouette descended from the sky, its Qi terrifying. It was an animal Saint's body. His wings blotted out the sky and covered the sun.

Suddenly, the blood moved towards that old body, the resident beasts looked solemn and respectful. An infinite amount of blood appeared in the sky.

The thirteen beasts looked touched and moved. They had summoned the Ancient Beast Saint to receive his legacy, and then they'd rise again. They'd go and travel around the world, they'd become much stronger. n.o.body would be able to compete with them anymore! But now it was time for the sacrifice!

On that day, blood flowed unceasingly. Beasts roared furiously as their Qi invaded the whole region. That small world was seething with excitement and b.l.o.o.d.y antic.i.p.ation.


In the outside world, n.o.body knew what was going on there. They just guessed that the Animal District was preparing something. They didn't know that the Animal District had been getting ready for a very long time…


Seven days later, outside of the Animal District in the mountains, many beasts appeared and walked into Qi Tian Holy Town. They didn't slaughter people carelessly, they had learned from past mistakes. They didn't want to be enemies with the Dynasties anymore. However, many people noticed them on the streets because they were terrifyingly strong.

Everybody understood what it meant. The Animal District was back!

During those days, the news spread that an emperor from an Ancient Holy Clan had been punched by a member of the Animal District and hadn't withstood a single attack, dying instantly.

The news also spread that a young man of the Animal District had killed a potential Champion of Goblin Spirit University and eaten him!

The news spread that the Animal District had come back to life and was relentless.

Finally, some members of the Animal District were in the central part of Qi Tian Holy Town where the Qi Tian Battle Stage was, and had started confronting young people of all the Dynasties and Ancient Holy Clans.

At the same time, Hu Yue would appear there too, but many people didn't understand what that meant because they had never heard of Hu Yue. They didn't even know what it meant. Of course, Lin Feng did know what it meant. It meant that Hu Yue was safe, which relieved him!

PMG Chapter 2078

Chapter 2078: Arrogant Beast

The news shook the whole town. The Qi Tian Battle Stage was a special place. Only very important battles occurred there, hence its location in the very center of Qi Tian Holy Town. The Animal District was challenging all the young people of all the Dynasties and all the Ancient Holy Clans. They wanted to show everyone they were back!

People quickly forgot about the historical remains. The Animal District had come back to life and was caused trouble. Everybody was only talking about the Animal District. How strong had they become? Did they want to be enemies with all the Dynasties? Impossible. They had probably learned from their previous mistakes…


In the Qin Dynasty at the sacrificial altar, Saint Tianhun looked perplexed. "Those people from the Animal District are all descendants. Surprisingly, they dare act that arrogantly!"

"Master Tianhun, the Animal District keeps causing trouble in town, especially a few young people who are extremely strong. They can kill some geniuses from Ancient Holy Clans with one punch. One of them even devoured a Champion. I don't know what's going on. Surprisingly, they raised such strong cultivators!" said the Qin Holy Emperor.

The Qin Holy Emperor wasn't happy at all. Back in the Saint's World, Lin Feng had benefited the most. He had obtained their Ancestor, the Qin Clan had sent a few geniuses there and obtained nothing. Now there was Saint Tianhun, they had chosen some extremely strong and talented young people to sacrifice to him, just as the Animal District was rising. He had the feeling they wouldn't be able to deal with the Animal District.

"Perfect. I'll go and practice. Since they took the initiative to come and provoke us, I'll teach them a good lesson. Wonderful!" said Saint Tianhun, smiling evilly. He said to the Holy Emperors, "You can all go and rest. I need to practice cultivation for a few days and then I'll come out."

"Alright." The Holy Emperors all nodded and left. Saint Tianhun had absorbed eighty-one emperor's souls, but he didn't know that the Animal District had done even worse, their new young masters had absorbed hundreds of thousands of souls!

Three days pa.s.sed in a flash.

The central part of Qi Tian Holy Town was vast. There were eight palaces around it used to challenge people. At this time, n.o.body was inside. There were many people at the foot of the buildings, though. In the middle, a battle stage had appeared indistinctly. It was in suspension and contained a terrifying Qi.

The Qi Tian Battle Stage was from ancient times, created by a peerless cultivator. Even when Saint Emperors fought on it, their energies didn't spill over. It was a very safe battle stage.

At that moment, an endless number of people were standing around it. They all looked excited.

In the sky, a strong wind started blowing. Strong cultivators from the Ancient Clans descended from the sky and landed on the top of the buildings. They looked both solemn and respectful.

"Those people are strong cultivators from Goblin Spirit University. They actually arrived first! They all have beast spirits. When their spirit fuses together with their blood, they become half beasts, a specialty of Goblin Spirit University! Their students are extremely talented."

The crowd watched those strong cultivators descend from the sky, and kept talking. More and more strong cultivators descended from the sky. There were so many strong cultivators, it was like a Dynasty had descended from the sky.

"The Ancient Jade Dynasty's people are here, too. The Holy Jade Princess has disappeared. We don't know who kidnapped her. It's funny though, the person who kidnapped her must be extremely strong. Surprisingly, he kidnapped the Holy Jade Princess in front of everybody."

"The members of the Great Desert Dynasty are all here, too. So many strong cultivators. All the Holy Emperors are here, too. They all attach importance to the Animal District!" the crowd chattered. They all feared the Animal District, it seemed!

"Look, Qin Dynasty. Surprisingly, someone is sitting next to the Holy Emperor. That person is just an emperor, though. Is he a new genius of the Dynasty?"

"He looks evil and sly. I've heard that there is no prince in the Qin Dynasty. Even if he were a prince, he wouldn't be sitting next to the Holy Emperor anyway. He must be incredibly strong and talented. The Holy Emperor must respect that person," observed some people.

The person next to Qin Gan was Saint Tianhun, but he had a new body. Apart from a few Holy Emperors, n.o.body knew who he was. Saint Tianhun naturally wasn't going to say anything either, or it would cause trouble.

As people were talking, red lights appeared in the distance. They looked like blood. People raised their heads and sensed b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi approaching them.

"The Animal District is here!" The crowd s.h.i.+vered. They understood who these people were. Silhouettes descended from the sky one after another. The Qi of the nine people in the front was fearsome.

"What a powerful b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. They must be leaders, like Holy Emperors in Dynasties!" exclaimed a few members of the crowd when they saw the nine leaders. They all shuddered with fear. The Holy Emperors frowned. They were astonished. It was them: they were surprisingly still alive? They looked even slyer than they had before…

"The young people behind the leaders are impressive too," keen eyes from the crowd noticed. Those young people had been raised by the strongest cultivators of the Animal District.

"Dear friends, long time no see," said one of the beasts icily. They landed on a palace higher up in the air than everybody else.

"The Animal District hasn't shown up for thousands of years. Indeed, long time no see. You're all safe and sound. Good for you," said an old man of the Great Desert Dynasty.

However, the beasts smiled in a cold and evil way, "Indeed, so much time, I wonder how everyone is doing in Qi Tian Holy Town nowadays. Therefore, I decided to take some young people out."

When he said that, he pointed at the young people behind him. They all looked astonis.h.i.+ngly strong. They had been traveling for a long time, it seemed.

Lin Feng looked at the Animal District's people icily. He could see Hu Yue and two guards at her sides.

Hu Yue was a high-level emperor, but she looked weak in comparison to all those people. They could all kill her if they wanted to. She was scared, especially since the Animal District's people had taken her out because someone wanted to see her. She didn't know who, though. It had to be someone extremely strong, otherwise, the Animal District's young master wouldn't have obeyed.

At that moment, Hu Yue had the impression someone was staring at her, she glanced around and gazed into the distance. She noticed someone was looking at her. He had a familiar Qi, but she had never seen that face.

"Is it him?" When she saw those eyes, Hu Yue who was usually insensitive and rough suddenly looked touched. Someone cared about her that much? It wasn't Shen Yu, that was certain…

"Thousands of years have pa.s.sed and now we came back out, let's see how strong the young people of Qi Tian Holy Town have become in comparison with ours!" stated a beast aggressively. The crowd was shuddering with fear. He was challenging all the Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans, and universities. n.o.body could refuse. It would be a humiliation, and it would also mean that they surrendered!

PMG Chapter 2079

Chapter 2079: Animals' Explosive Power

The Animal District was showing up after thousands of years. The first thing they did was challenge all the powerful groups of Qi Tian Holy Town to fight on the Qi Tian Battle Stage.

The Animal District didn't choose to make their elders fight. If their leaders fought against the Holy Emperors, the consequences would have been tragic. Making young people fight was more appropriate.

The animal leader's voice seemed to linger in the silent atmosphere.

"Since you're not saying anything, I suppose you agree," said the animal leader indifferently. A silhouette sprang out and landed on the Qi Tian Battle Stage. He glanced around in a sharp way. His eyes were bloodshot.

"Anyone from a Dynasty, an Ancient Holy Clan, or a university, please go and exchange views on cultivation," said the animal leader. Then he looked at the strong cultivator on the Qi Tian Battle Stage and said, "He's a young man from the Animal District. He's the ninth one. He has no name. You can just call him Ninth Beast."

The Animal District had managed to make thirteen cultivators strong again: two great emperors, seven high-level emperors, three medium-level emperors and one low-level emperor. The Ninth Beast was one of the seven high-level imperial beasts.

Of course, people from Qi Tian Holy Town didn't know how strong he was. They just knew that only a high-level emperor could fight against him.

The atmosphere remained eerily silent and then at some point, a young man slowly walked towards the stage. He released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

"A genius from Goblin Spirit University, Ling Cheng. He has a great roc of darkness spirit. He's extremely strong. He's good in both defense and offense." Everybody recognized him. The Animal District had sent a very strong cultivator, so Goblin Spirit University had to send someone strong as well.

Ling Cheng released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi in waves. His blood also started boiling. A dark great roc appeared, his hands turned into sharp claws and he started flapping his black wings. The crowd was amazed.

A strong wind was blowing. Ling Cheng flapped his wings above the Qi Tian Battle Stage. Dark lights condensed around him, and he charged towards Ninth Beast while brandis.h.i.+ng his sharp claws.

"Goblin Spirit University's students all have a beast spirit, and they all control animal cultivation. They are even more terrifying than ordinary cultivators. It's the case for Ling Cheng as well. His attacks are terrifying. He can even compete with Crazy Bull."

The crowd frowned when they saw the dark silhouette because the Ninth Beast remaining motionless. He looked extremely strong and conceited.

Ling Cheng was as fast as lightning. However, when he appeared above the Ninth Beast, he looked him in the eyes. Suddenly, a ma.s.sacre appeared in Ling Cheng's brain. He had the sensation he was going to collapse and faint. His eyes even started bleeding.

The crowd finally saw the Ninth Beast move. He stretched out his hands, the crowd saw some blood, and then the Ninth Beast appeared behind Ling Cheng and blood sprayed. The crowd was stupefied: Ling Cheng's head flew away, he had been beheaded!

The Ninth Beast didn't even look at Ling Cheng. He chopped down, and red lights surrounded Ling Cheng's body, which disappeared.

The young cultivators of Goblin Spirit University all stood up. They looked furious and astonished. Even the older strong cultivators of Goblin Spirit University were astonished, and staring at the Ninth Beast.

This young man was so strong…

Everybody was speechless. Ling Cheng was so strong and surprisingly he hadn't withstood a single attack. The Ninth Beast was too strong, it was too shocking…

"Animal District." The crowd was speechless, even the strongest cultivators were speechless and thought, How did the Animal District raise such strong cultivators? And apart from the Ninth Beast, how strong are the others?

Saint Tianhun was startled and smiled coldly. "Interesting!"

Indeed, this was interesting to him. He used to be a saint, and now he had captured a body. Theoretically, he was invincible at the same cultivation level. Now that the Animal District had appeared, he realized those people could compete with him. He hadn't thought he'd see cultivators who could compete with geniuses of the old days during the first battle though…

In the Dark Night Region, there were eighteen cities and three main celestial cities. Not many people had the potential to become Champions. Champions were already geniuses amongst geniuses, and very rare. There were only a few people like Prince Wu Qing, or Wu Jue. Usually, only a very few people had the potential to become peerless cultivators, but this generation was different.

They were so strong, there were so many strong cultivators. In the Holy City, Ying Cheng and Ji Chang used to be Champions, and now Chu Chun Qiu was more talented than Ying Cheng. Lin Feng used to be even more talented, he used to be a beast, but he had died during that great battle. Now the Animal District had come back to life, and their first fighter was astonis.h.i.+ngly strong.

It was difficult to imagine how much effort the Animal District had made to raise those beasts. A short time before, their strongest cultivators only had the potential of Champions, but they had sacrificed hundreds of thousands of their own kind for them, and now they were terrifyingly strong.

The only people who weren't surprised were the Animal District's members. For them, this was natural and obvious. They had made so much blood flow, they hadn't done it to waste resources, they had done it to win! They wanted everybody to understand that the Animal District was terrifyingly strong!

The Animal District's strong cultivators remained calm, which made the crowd feel even more pressure.

The Ninth Beast was so strong, who could defeat him?

The Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans, and universities remained silent. That silence meant something: the Animal District is incredibly strong.

"With the Ninth Beast's strength, if I don't intervene, n.o.body will be able to defeat him. And the others must be even stronger than him," said Saint Tianhun calmly. The people next to him were silent. They thought the same!

"The Ninth Beast is the ninth cultivator. And among high-level emperors, they have seven people. The Ninth Beast must be the weakest high-level emperor," a.n.a.lyzed Saint Tianhun indifferently. People next to him shuddered with dread.

"And what about those who have received your legacy, Master? Can't they defeat the Ninth Beast?" Qin Gan asked Saint Tianhun telepathically.

"They received my legacy a few days ago only. They can't compete with him. Their thirteen cultivators have probably received terrifying legacies as well," replied Saint Tianhun. Qin Gan nodded slow agreement. Saint Tianhun's arguments were well-grounded.

"I'm going." After having remained silent for a few seconds, someone spoke up on the side of Goblin Spirit University: Crazy Bull, the Champion!

When the elders of Goblin Spirit University saw Crazy Bull stand up, they looked extremely nervous. They didn't know what the Animal District had done to make the Ninth Beast so strong, but it was going to be very difficult for Crazy Bull to win. If they lost their Champion, it would be a tragedy.

"A Champion is fearless. A Champion is destined to become a king," said Crazy Bull. He looked wild and manic. Ling Cheng had been killed. He knew that the Ninth Beast was terrifying, as he had fought against Ling Cheng before. Since he was a Champion, he couldn't fear to battle. He had to be insane if he wanted to become a king in the Dark Night Region someday. He had to take risks!

Crazy Bull jumped ahead, he looked solemn and heroic. The eyes of the elders of Goblin Spirit University glittered. They didn't prevent the fearless Crazy Bull from fighting.

Lin Feng was there, his heartbeat racing. Crazy Bull was brave. Lin Feng realized that the Ninth Beast was abnormally strong. He also saw the young man who he had fought on the other day, standing in the seventh position in the line. Was he the Seventh Beast?

Just like Lin Feng had expected, that person was the Seventh Beast indeed. He walked to Hu Yue, his eyes still bloodshot and said, "You overestimate yourself, little boy. If you don't come out for your sweetie, I'll humiliate you."

Hu Yue looked at him icily. She had a secret lover? She didn't know who it was, though. Was it the young man the Seventh Beast was pointing at?

PMG Chapter 2080

Chapter 2080: Without the Slightest Scruple

When Crazy Bull landed on the Qi Tian Battle Stage, his blood started boiling. He looked like a terrifying ancient bull as he released a st.u.r.dy and powerful strength in waves. His attack was terrifying. A path appeared between the Ninth Beast and him, like a herd of beasts were running towards the Ninth Beast.

The Ninth Beast grunted icily. He stared at Crazy Bull with his bloodshot eyes, releasing Dao power which penetrated into Crazy Bull's brain. Patterns appeared again, the terrifying strength flowing throughout Crazy Bull's brain. At the same time, he raised his hand and roared in a thundering rage. The earth and sky kept shaking, his energies sending the wind howling. In his energies, people could see the Ninth Beast's totems. There were rumblings as Crazy Bull's Dao power slowly broke apart.

The Ninth Beast rose up in the air and the path between them turned into a gigantic great roc, and then an eagle. It opened its wings, which blotted out the sky and covered the earth. Blood-red lights glittered.

"Die!" shouted the Ninth Beast furiously. The scene of the ma.s.sacre kept appearing in Crazy Bull's brain. At the same time, a terrifying Dao power continued oppressing Crazy Bull. His face turned deathly pale, and he could only grimace. He remained determined, even as his spirit shook. He shouted furiously, and the ground shook under his feet before he jumped forwards. His attack looked indestructible.

The Ninth Beast looked at him in a disdainful way. He bombarded Crazy Bull's horn violently, and the horn exploded. At the same time, the strength continued penetrating into his body. He was driven backwards and his face became even paler, his mouth bleeding.

As the crowd had expected, Crazy Bull the Champion couldn't compete with the Ninth Beast!

n.o.body knew how the Animal District had done this, but if the others were stronger than him, then it was really terrifying!

The Ninth Beast kept a.s.saulting Crazy Bull. Crazy Bull's had the impression his body was going to be crushed. He was a Champion, he was really strong and looked crazed at this point. He turned into a gigantic ancient bull, covered all over with cuts and bruises. But he didn't care, he didn't want to give up, even the Ninth Beast was surprised and a bit scared by his frenzy.

Goblin Spirit University's strong cultivators stood up and stared at the Qi Tian Battle Stage. One of them  said, "That's enough, no need to fight anymore."

Crazy Bull and the Ninth Beast collided once more, Crazy Bull was thrown off the Qi Tian Battle Stage. The Ninth Beast jumped and chased Crazy Bull.

"He's away from the Qi Tian Battle Stage now, why chase him!?" shouted a strong cultivator from Goblin Spirit University. He jumped forwards and landed before Crazy Bull, catching him and taking him away. The Ninth Beast could only watch him gloomily and sinisterly.

"Since he came onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage and lost, why drift and live without purpose?" spat the Ninth Beast icily, then jumped back onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage. He calmed down. A Champion had just been defeated!

"How terrifying. The Animal District are too powerful, n.o.body can compete with them!" sighed the crowd. They were staring at the strong cultivators of the Animal District. They still looked aloof and composed. They had everything under control!

"Anyone else?" asked the Ninth Beast, glancing around at the members of the Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans, and universities. He looked extremely evil. He looked like a bloodthirsty beast which wanted to devour its prey. He had even tried to kill Crazy Bull after he had already won!

There was an eerie silence. Even though there were many geniuses in the Dark Night Region, Champions were rare. Not many people were as strong as Crazy Bull. There were only a few people like Chu Chun Qiu, and a few other people who were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, as well as people who had King-type bodies. n.o.body had thought the Animal District would have such strong cultivators.

"That's ridiculous. Qi Tian Holy Town is so big and n.o.body dares fight!" jeered someone at that moment, jumping forwards. It was the Eighth Beast. He glanced at the crowd and said icily, "Even if n.o.body wants to fight, I still want to ask everyone to prove that their high-level emperors are strong."

He started flapping his gigantic wings. He suddenly rose high up in the air. He landed in front of the crowd of people from an Ancient Holy Clan and looked at a high-level emperor. He shouted furiously, a horrible shriek splitting the air as the Eighth Beast grabbed him with his claws and instantly killed him by slicing apart his skull.

"How insolent!" A strong cultivator of that Ancient Holy Clan rose up into the air and pulled a long face. The Eighth Beast dared kill their people in front of them!

The Eighth Beast didn't stop. His silhouette streaked across the sky and blood gushed. He killed another person from another Ancient Holy Clan. The crowd was astonished. The Eighth Beast was stronger than the Ninth Beast! How terrible! And what about the other ones? The crowd couldn't imagine.

"Be careful!" everyone said to their young people. The Eighth Beast was a high-level emperor and he only killed people of the same level, so people who were stronger couldn't attack him. If their high-level emperors were getting killed by the Eighth Beast, it just meant that their people weren't strong enough.

"Die." The Eighth Beast killed someone else. His wings were extremely sharp and covered with blood. Another head flew away as the atmosphere became oppressive. The Eighth Beast was too fast…

The Animal District's strong cultivators just watched at all the high-level emperors of the different Dynasties, Ancient Holy Clans and universities disdainfully.

"Be careful!"

"Move back if you aren't sure you can resist."

All the strong cultivators warned the people of their groups. The Eighth Beast was too fast. In a flash, he had killed a few strong cultivators already. High-level emperors couldn't compete with him. The Eighth Beast was too terrifying. Everybody was astonished. How had the Animal District done this?

Simple, they had sacrificed hundreds of thousands of their fellow beasts to allow thirteen people to become extremely strong!

There were sudden explosions. The crowd realized someone had just blocked the Eighth Beast. When the crowd saw him, they were astonished: that young man looked confident and at ease, no wonder, since he was so strong. People gulped… it was him, Wu Jue! He had the potential to become the First Master of the Dark Night Region!

"Wu Jue can compete with him, but then, how many members of the Animal District have the potential to become First Master of the Dark Night Region?" The crowd shuddered with dread when they realized that. The thought was dreadful. The Eighth Beast stopped moving and smiled evilly, "Not bad. You're the only one."

He continued flapping his wings, and at that moment, people didn't dare block him, moving away to avoid him. When the Eighth Beast arrived in front of the members of the Qin Dynasty, Saint Tianhun's grey eyes twinkled, filled with lightning.

"Insolent!" said Saint Tianhun icily, and jumped forwards. Grey lights emerged from his eyes. Red lights emerged from the Eighth Beast's eyes, both colliding. The Eighth Beast had the impression his soul was going to explode!

"How strong!" The Eighth Beast was stupefied. He closed his eyes and swiftly flew back, saying icily, "You're very strong!"

The crowd looked at Saint Tianhun. Who was this person? Surprisingly, the Eighth Beast said he was very strong. He was a stranger to everyone, however…

At that moment, Saint Tianhun's eyes glittered.

"I understood something!" said Saint Tianhun icily. The Animal District was indeed sly. Surprisingly, they had used a terrifying sacrificial ritual. How mad!

(Editor's Note: Of course, the fact he had done the same thing he completely ignores, of course….)

The Eighth Beast continued killing people around. When he landed in front of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng condensed terrifying cosmic energies, lightning gathered around him as his eyes turned as grey as thunderclouds. The Eighth Beast flashed towards him. Lin Feng jumped forwards in response, staring the Eighth Beast in the eyes, those eyes were filled with flames of fury. Lin Feng raised his fist and punched out against the Eighth Beast's claws.

"It's you!" said the Seventh Beast. He grabbed Hu Yue with his claws and jumped onto the stage. The Eighth Beast stopped and looked at him icily.

Lin Feng looked at the Seventh Beast and said indifferently, "It's me."

The Seventh Beast sneered when Lin Feng admitted it was him. Then he glanced at Hu Yue.

Hu Yue studied Lin Feng. She didn't understand, why was this person trying to save her?

Lin Feng took a step forwards, he looked at the Seventh Beast and said icily, "Let her go and I won't fight today."

The Seventh Beast sneered, his eyes bloodshot, and said, "You're not fighting today? Then I'll kill her on the spot!"

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