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PMG Chapter 2081

Chapter 2081: Capturing a Beast

When Lin Feng heard the Seventh Beast, he remained silent and released even more terrifying energies. His Qi began to spread out slowly, but it was explosive. His Qi had completely changed. He looked like an insane demon.

"Will you let her go?" repeated Lin Feng icily. He looked emotionless, like a waiting G.o.d of death.

"Is she your sweetheart?" spat the Seventh Beast, moving his claws closer to her face. His eyes were bloodshot and looked terrifying. At that moment, Lin Feng jumped forwards. He didn't jump towards the Seventh Beast, however… he jumped towards the Eighth Beast!

The Eighth Beast smiled evilly as he and Lin Feng collided again. He wanted to see how strong Lin Feng was.


He stared at Lin Feng with his bloodthirsty eyes. Lin Feng saw a ma.s.sacre in his brain and a terrifying strength started flowing throughout his mind. Lin Feng saw many bleeding beasts, his soul was being attacked.

The Eighth Beast was cruel, brutal, and violent. They had all come back to power after the sacrifices and they had become much stronger. Then they had received the Ancient Beast Saint's legacy, and reached the top of their cultivation layer. Even Lin Feng, who had a powerful soul had the impression his soul was going to be crushed.

A golden palace appeared in Lin Feng's mind and protected him. At the same time, his grey eyes became pitch-black, black water appeared in them and collided with the red lights of his enemy's eyes, while in his black ocean, death strength emerged and protected his soul.

In the outside world, the Eighth Beast brandished his sharp claws, he wanted to cut Lin Feng apart!

Lin Feng's expression didn't change. He raised his fist and punched the claws, destroying them. Lin Feng then moved into the wind, the crowd could barely see him.

"Surprisingly, someone can resist the Eighth Beast, and he even took the initiative to fight against him. He's terrifyingly strong. Where is that man from?" wondered everyone. The Eighth Beast had amazed everyone. He was aggressive and terrifying, killing cultivators from the Ancient Holy Clans and Dynasties a moment before. The strange person who was with the members of the Qin Dynasty and this person were the only ones who could resist the Eighth Beast.

"Hmph!" the Eighth Beast grunted icily. His bloodshot eyes glittered. Lin Feng started shaking violently as the air started to hum. He had the impression his body was going to explode. It wasn't the Eighth Beast's main attack though, he threw himself at Lin Feng and clawed at him again.

The Animal District didn't focus on only one person, thought the crowd. They were astonished. However, Lin Feng just looked solemn and wary. Many invisible and intangible threads of sound energy appeared behind him.

The two fighters got closer and closer. However, at that moment, Lin Feng cloned himself, and a dozen Lin Fengs appeared all around and moved towards the Eighth Beast.

The terrifying invisible and intangible soundwave strength dispersed. The crowd was astonished as the buzzing sounds stopped.

"Soundwave attack, what a terrifying soundwave cosmic energy. Invisible and powerful. You can't even hear it, but each soundwave is as sharp as a sword. How deadly!" someone blurted out. As expected, the Eighth Beast's sharp claws collided with the soundwaves and a hurricane appeared.

At the same time, the crowd saw Lin Feng move his hand towards the Eighth Beast. The Eighth Beast had the impression a mountain had fallen onto his back. He released as much strength as he could, but he still felt oppressed. The two fighters were drawing closer and closer to one another…

"Die!" shouted the Eighth Beast furiously. His claws became dazzling and golden. They were great oriental greenfinch roc's claws, but there were dragon scales on them, forming a terrifying defense. He was a mixed-breed!

Lin Feng's clothes were ripped apart by the claws. The strength almost pierced through his skin, his hair bristled. The attack hadn't even reached him, and he was already having a hard time…

However, at the same time, he condensed Demon Kalpa strength, then moved faster than they could see. Demon lights pulsed out. People's hearts were pounding. Two of his clones also released strength. The Eighth Beast was stupefied, The clones also have strength?…

He didn't have time to think too much. He attacked Lin Feng's real body in front of him, the collision raising a strong wind. Red lights and demon lights exploded together. The two clones also attacked. The Eighth Beast shouted explosively as their energies collided explosively. He blocked one clone, but not the other one. At the same time, Lin Feng's real body came back to him.

Lin Feng raised his demon hands, aimed  at the Eighth Beast's head, and there was a crack of impact that astonished those watching. Blood splashed, but the Beast didn't escape from Lin Feng!

"He resisted so many attacks!" murmured those watching. Their hearts twitched. He seemed like he wanted to capture the Eighth Beast?

"How strong."

"Who is he?"

The crowd was astonished. Since when was there such a strong cultivator in the Holy Spirit Dynasty?

"Who are you?" asked someone at that moment. It was a member of the Ancient Jade Dynasty. She looked furious and she was staring at Lin Feng.

The members of the Tianci Dynasty also stood up. Their Holy Emperor even stood up and stared at Lin Feng. Everybody was staring at Lin Feng.

"Who am I?" repeated Lin Feng, smiling icily. He looked at the Seventh Beast and said icily, "Let her go."

"Continue fighting. It's not over," replied the Seventh Beast disdainfully. He hadn't used his full strength yet.

"I told you to release her," said Lin Feng icily. He condensed strength in his hands again. Many strong cultivators of the Animal District finally stood up and pulled a long face. They had raised their thirteen geniuses, these people were the future of the Animal District. The Eighth Beast and Ninth Beast had already amazed everybody, but now that person had captured one of them!

They looked at the Seventh Beast as a sign he had to release that woman, her life couldn't be compared with the Eighth Beast's life.

Hu Yue looked at Lin Feng, her eyes twinkling. How strong! But why did he want to save her? Who was he?

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty condensed their strength to bear down on Lin Feng, demanding icily, "Who are you?"

Lin Feng looked at them and smiled coldly, "What do you think?"

He took off his mask and his real face appeared, with a dark smile on his face. "I'm Lin Feng!"

When he said that, everybody went silent.

Hu Yue was astonished. Suddenly, she smiled broadly, like she had in the past.

So that little boy had finally grown up and could take care of his sister!

PMG Chapter 2082

Chapter 2082: Decisive Battle

Hu Yue was astonished, she hadn't thought that little boy would become this strong. Back in the days, she was the one who had to protect him. She remembered back then when she used to take him to all her friends to teach. Back then, emperors could bully Lin Feng easily. Now, he was here and he had captured the Eighth Beast, just so the Animal District would release her!

"Little boy," Hu Yue smiled. She had the impression she was in a dream. When the Seventh Beast had told her someone wanted to save her, she would have never thought it would be Lin Feng!

"Sister Hu Yue!" replied Lin Feng, smiling back at her in greeting.

At that moment, everybody was staring at Lin Feng. The atmosphere became oppressive.

"Lin Feng, he didn't die back then during that battle."

"No wonder he has become so much stronger. It's Lin Feng. No wonder…"

"Back then, Lin Feng fought against eight geniuses, and killed five. Now, even though the Eighth Beast is much stronger than those people back then, he can still compete with him. It's not surprising since it's Lin Feng!"

The crowd was staring at him. Had the Animal District captured one of his women? But that woman had to be a beast!…

The Holy Emperors of the Qin Dynasty and the Ancient Jade Dynasty had all stood up. They released a terrifying Qi towards Lin Feng. He wasn't dead yet!…

Back then, the Ancient Holy Clans and Dynasties wanted to kill Lin Feng and had joined hands, their eight geniuses had fought against him and failed. Now, Lin Feng was back and he had shown up without the slightest scruple.

"Lin Feng," a strong cultivator from the Ancient Jade Dynasty spoke up. She asked icily, "You captured our Holy Princess, right?"

They immediately thought of Lin Feng. Lin Feng was wearing a mask just now, and he also used clones, he was extremely good at fighting, and he hated the holy princess; everything seemed to lead to Lin Feng.

"The Holy Jade Princess is so beautiful, after sleeping with her, I made her leave. Hasn't she come back to the Ancient Jade Dynasty yet?" asked Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. When he said that, everybody was astonished. Lin Feng had raped the Holy Jade Princess?

The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty all had unsightly expressions.

"All the Ancient Jade Dynasty's beautiful women wanted to kill me back then. However, I don't mind, I love beautiful women, I wish I could deflower all of you. I just had s.e.x with her, anyway. I hope you don't mind," continued Lin Feng, smiling dismissively. The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty were furious and released even more energies. But they couldn't say anything; they had joined hands to fight against Lin Feng and they had failed. Now he was back and the Snow Clan wasn't there to help, could they still kill him?

Lin Feng was backed up by s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian. Lin Feng also controlled the Saint's body, they couldn't do anything to him. They hadn't forgotten what s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian had told them back then…

When the crowd remembered those things, they looked amused. Lin Feng could beat the Animal District's strong cultivators, he had a powerful background, he was a good fighter, he could compete with the Eighth Beast and Ninth Beast. How strong was he in comparison with the other Young Beast Masters?

"You want your woman to die?" Ice-cold b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi invaded the atmosphere and the Seventh Beast grabbed Hu Yue's head.

Lin Feng punched out in the Eighth Beast's direction and shouted explosively, "If you touch her again, I'll kill him!"

"Will you dare!?" shouted someone from the Animal District icily.

"Of course I'll dare!" replied Lin Feng. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi surrounded Lin Feng, but he looked incongruently calm as he looked back at them. He said grimly, "If you don't believe me, try and you'll see!"

The members of the Animal District remained silent. A strong cultivator of the Animal District looked at Lin Feng calmly, and said to the Seventh Beast, "Release her."

For the Animal District, Hu Yue's life was far less important than the Eighth Beast's. They had spent so many resources on these people. They had done all they could, using a special technique to raise them. Therefore, the thirteen young masters couldn't die!

The Seventh Beast was speechless, but he released Hu Yue, sneering "p.i.s.s off!"

Hu Yue didn't look at the Seventh Beast and flashed over to Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng was still holding the Eighth Beast.

"We released her already. What are you waiting for?" demanded the Seventh Beast icily.

"Patience, my friend," said Lin Feng smiling. He said to Hu Yue, "Sister Hu Yue, follow me."

Lin Feng grabbed her and flew over to the Holy Spirit Dynasty's Holy Emperor and said to the Eighth Beast, "You go back."

A strong wind crashed onto the Eighth Beast and flung him away.

The Seventh Beast jumped up to catch the Eighth Beast and glared at Lin Feng icily. However, Lin Feng was looking at Hu Yue and asked, "Sister Hu Yue, they didn't do anything to you, right?"

"They didn't. Little boy, you progressed so quickly," answered Hu Yue. She still looked s.e.xy in her red robe, and put her arms around him, smiling.

"Sister Hu Yue, you haven't changed." said Lin Feng, smiling wryly. Hu Yue was so close to him, her beautiful eyes kept twinkling. "I saw you grow up, you don't need to hide anything from me," said Lin Feng, shrugging. He smiled and said, "Anyway, I need to solve this issue."

Hu Yue looked at the members of the Animal District and then let go of Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at the Seventh Beast and Eighth Beast, they also looked back at him ferociously.

"You want to play so bad?" Lin Feng looked at the two Young Beast Masters, he wanted to fight. These Young Beast Masters were terrifyingly strong. They wanted to show everyone how strong they were.

"Of course, we all do!" Wu Jue jumped up, his face surrounded by a halo. In his white robe, he looked elegant, confident, and at ease. He smiled at Lin Feng, "I would have never thought you were Lin Feng. You captured the Holy Jade Princess and raped her, you're really audacious."

"You're as brave as me, if not moreso!" Lin Feng replied to Wu Jue. Wu Jue had provoked the Holy Jade Princess and Yi Tian Jiao at the same time! He was as strong as he was audacious.

"Therefore, together!" said Wu Jue with a smile. He slowly walked up to the Qi Tian Battle Stage, the one on the battle stage was still the Ninth Beast.

"Since you want to play, I'll play with you," said the Ninth Beast scornfully.

"Since you want to play, all together," said Wu Jue indifferently. The Eighth Beast and Seventh Beast's bodies turned into red light beams. They both jumped onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage at the same time and released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

"If you want to fight, I'd love to!" said Lin Feng indifferently. He also jumped onto the Qi Tian Battle Stage, five incredible emperors on the battle stage at the same time.

"Who else wants to play?" Wu Jue looked at the people from the Dynasties and the Holy Clans. Actually, he was mainly looking at Saint Tianhun, who was with the members of the Qin Dynasty. A moment before, he had been the only one, along with Lin Feng who had managed to compete with the Eighth Beast. He was very strong.

Saint Tianhun's eyes glittered darkly. After that, he slowly stood up, moving as if he had had no bones, and quickly landed on the Qi Tian Battle Stage. There were now six people on the battle stage, all geniuses among emperors; ordinary emperors couldn't compete with such people. Only people who were extremely talented, good at fighting, and determined could normally become like that… but there were exceptions: Saint Tianhun the body-stealer, and the thirteen Young Beast Masters!

"Die!" shouted the beasts as they released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi, bursting into motion. The Seventh Beast threw himself at Lin Feng. The Eighth Beast attacked Wu Jue. The Ninth Beast charged Saint Tianhun. The three beasts had a single common point: their b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was explosive!

"A bunch of deadly fighters!" murmured those watching. No wonder that only three people could compete with those beasts. But what about the ten other beasts? How strong were they?

The Seventh Beast turned into a terrifying red beam of light. It was like an ocean of blood was flooding towards Lin Feng. That blood contained endless skeletons who wanted to eat Lin Feng alive!

The terrifying ocean surged closer to Lin Feng. Lin Feng could tell the ocean of blood was much more powerful than his previous opponent's energies. Lin Feng stretched out his hands, fissures appeared, and the ocean of blood divided into two. At the same time, he ran forwards as soundwaves destroyed the skeletons in the ocean of blood.

PMG Chapter 2083

Chapter 2083: Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire

Lin Feng and the Seventh Beast fought for the second time. The ocean of blood kept rolling and splas.h.i.+ng around them. However, Lin Feng condensed ancient imprints, ancient words appeared around him, resonating with the earth and sky. At the same time, he also released sword energies to surround his body. The sword curtain and the earth and sky became one, and everything in their way broke apart, the ocean of blood turning into endless tiny drops. The Seventh Beast, who had turned into a blood light, withdrew quickly.

He looked at Lin Feng ferociously. The Seventh Beast's eyes were so bloodshot, it was like wanted to stab Lin Feng with them. He was excited, he had thought he'd kill Lin Feng easily after the sacrifice, but realizing it wasn't the case made him happy. He still had a rictus grin warping one side of his face.

At the same time, the Eighth Beast and Wu Jue were fighting, and the Ninth Beast and Saint Tianhun were dueling. The battles were dreadful. The three beasts had similar attacks: explosive, brutal, violent. Wu Jue condensed all sorts of strength in his punches, they seemed indestructible.

The Ninth Beast and Saint Tianhun's battle looked less violent and brutal than the two other groups'. However, the Ninth Beast felt different, he was astonished at the Saint's strength. It was like Saint Tianhun wanted to absorb his soul!

Everybody was astonished and blankly staring at the battle. Those three Young Beast Masters were dreadful foes. They could compete with all the geniuses of Qi Tian Holy Town, no wonder they had challenged everyone. But now there were three people who could match them!

At that moment, the Seventh Beast stretched out his hands and a gigantic weapon appeared. Those watching shuddered with dread. There were b.e.s.t.i.a.l marks on it, and its Qi was ominous!

"Animal World Brutal Weapon, b.e.s.t.i.a.l Marks Ax." Some strong cultivators' eyes glittered when they saw it. That weapon was extremely rare. Ordinary beasts couldn't use and control such weapons. It required many beasts to be sealed inside it, the more beasts the more explosive the weapon was. The Seventh Beast had probably sacrificed many beasts to create that weapon!

"The b.e.s.t.i.a.l marks ax is terrifying. Lin Feng is extremely strong, but it's getting dangerous for him, can he compete with the Seventh Beast?" someone wondered aloud.

The Seventh Beast roared in a thundering rage and jumped forwards, "You're quite talented, but now I'm going to offer your blood to my weapon!"

The Seventh Beast's ax descended from the sky, fissures in s.p.a.ce following it. A terrifying amount of strength fell on Lin Feng. It felt like millions of bloodthirsty beasts were attacking him. Even his G.o.dly awareness shook!

Lin Feng had a hallucination that he really was surrounded by millions of beasts.

Lin Feng raised his hands and condensed more ancient imprints as quickly as possible. The words of his incantation all appeared and surrounded him as he steadfastly stood his ground. At the same time, a Holy Spirit appeared around him, a demon king or G.o.d of death surrounded by death Qi. Everything began to rot around him.

Lin Feng ran towards the Seventh Beast, the words from the incantation rotating around him like dark hymns. At the same time, his blood was boiling as he turned into a gigantic ax. Strength pulsed all around him.

The b.e.s.t.i.a.l axe was a beast's weapon, aggressive and explosive. Swords were sharp and swift. Axes were heavy, so Lin Feng couldn't really use a sword to destroy that axe, so in the end he also used an axe. It was heavier and more aggressive, more appropriate.

Lin Feng the axe charged to meet his enemy's weapon. Both were releasing terrifying amounts of Qi. They were both using their blood spirit strength, that's how these weapons were made.

A terrifying Qi bore down on the Seventh Beast. The Seventh Beast had the impression he was going to be crushed!

The Seventh Beast raised his axe higher up, strength condensing. The earth and sky kept shaking violently. His blood strength was rising with the beast axe to an astonis.h.i.+ng level.

The axe tore apart the air, Qi filled the air above the Qi Tian Battle Stage. Axes were explosive weapons, and the Seventh Beast attacked nine times in a row, each time shaking the earth and sky. The strength of the axe was monstrous as it collided with Lin Feng's!

Dreadful energies exploded unceasingly and made the Qi Tian Battle Stage shake violently. Crackling sounds sounded as the b.e.s.t.i.a.l axe began to crack. It was going to break apart! Lin Feng's gigantic axe relentlessly pressed forwards, and the Seventh Beast felt pressured.

The Seventh Beast spat out blood. He turned into a red beam of light and retreated as fast as he could. The gigantic axe turned back into Lin Feng.

"Saint's technique: Ancient Holy Technique. It can oppress anything, as expected. Even the Seventh Beast was forced to move away. However, he's really extremely strong. He managed to protect himself, and probably wants to continue fighting." murmured the crowd when they saw that. Lin Feng was terrifying, but the Young Beast Masters were also fearsome, especially as they became stronger.

On the other side, the battle between the Eighth Beast and Wu Jue was also becoming more and more dangerous, explosions ringing out about them. Saint Tianhun, at that moment, was surrounded by eighty-one flames. The Ninth Beast was astonished at the sight.

The Seventh Beast attacked again, too. He flew towards Lin Feng at full speed, but Lin Feng was charging him, too. Aggressive demon energies swept out. Dozens of swords kept appearing behind him, Lin Feng pointed his finger at the Seventh Beast and a sword shot out.

Saint Tianhun also moved, turning into a shadow, his silhouette becoming blurry. The Ninth Beast looked ready to battle. However, at that moment, Lin Feng frowned and suddenly turned around. He saw a silhouette moving towards him. The eighty-one flames were attacking him!

Everybody was completely astonished. That person, who had come with the members of the Qin Dynasty, was attacking Lin Feng! Even the beasts of the Animal District were astonished. The Ninth Beast released even more Qi and ran towards Lin Feng.

"Qin Gan!" Holy Emperor Ling suddenly stood up and shouted furiously, "Lin Feng and the two others are fighting against the Animal District and now your guest is backstabbing Lin Feng!"

"It's the Qi Tian Battle Stage, anyone can fight against anyone as long as they agree," said Qin Gan calmly. He didn't control Saint Tianhun. He didn't know why Saint Tianhun would suddenly attack Lin Feng, either. But when he saw that, he shuddered with fear, what did Saint Tianhun intend to do?

He felt responsible for both Lin Feng and Saint Tianhun. With the other Holy Emperors, he had managed to convince Saint Tianhun to join them, it was good for them, but they couldn't control him. As for Lin Feng, he still had their Ancestor's body.

The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty and the Great Desert Dynasty remained silent too, naturally. They even looked amused. Even if Saint Tianhun failed, it didn't have anything to do with them. They just knew that Saint Tianhun's strength was terrifying. They couldn't know what spells, techniques and skills he knew though, he was a Saint, after all.

Lin Feng sensed the eighty-one flames move towards him, his spirit shaking violently. He grimaced, knowing that fire was dangerous. It was a sacrificial fire, its purpose was to burn his soul!

He suddenly released even more death energies, he wanted to extinguish the fire, however, the fire seemed indestructible. Saint Tianhun said telepathically, "Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire, you can't destroy it!"

Then, the fire pierced through Lin Feng's death Dao strength and shot towards his soul. Lin Feng's face twisted. He hadn't thought such a terrifying cultivator would attack him, it was definitely a Holy Technique!

PMG Chapter 2084

Chapter 2084: Battle to Death?

"He practices soul cultivation and he has studied some Saint's techniques." It was the first time Lin Feng had to deal with such terrifying cultivators. People who practiced soul cultivation were rare. The first person he had met who did was Mu Chen, and the second one was this opponent. His attack was some kind of sacrificial fire.

Apparently, the Ninth Beast wasn't his main target, his main target was Lin Feng. He wanted Lin Feng's soul! If this man managed to succeed, Lin Feng guessed the consequences would be horrible. Lin Feng couldn't let him win! He had to kill him

Lin Feng suddenly sat down cross-legged and dozens of gigantic swords rotated around him and protected him. The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng surprisingly sat down cross-legged before his enemy. Lin Feng had no choice but to use his full strength to protect himself.

The Ninth Beast stopped, wiping off the blood at the corner of his mouth. The Seventh Beast also looked at Lin Feng, a red light emerging from his third eye and shooting towards Lin Feng. But when it penetrated into Lin Feng's third eye, he was stupefied and his face stiffened. Dazzling lights flashed in his eyes and he looked at Saint Tianhun deeply. What a powerful soul attack! His thread of soul had been instantly destroyed!

Some people practice soul cultivation, I understand why they are considered terrifying now, sighed the Seventh Beast. He didn't continue attacking Lin Feng. Even Wu Jue and the Eighth Beast stopped fighting. Wu Jue's silhouette flickered, he landed next to Lin Feng and looked at him. Then he looked at Saint Tianhun, who was seated cross-legged as well. He was using his Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire attack, he had to use his full strength to succeed, otherwise, stealing Lin Feng's soul wouldn't be easy at all.

The previous time, he had failed to steal Lin Feng's body, but now he had another opportunity and he couldn't let it slip. Lin Feng had the Qin Saint's body, but Saint Tianhun didn't care as without a soul, Lin Feng wouldn't be able to use it anymore.

He was a soul cultivator, Saint Tianhun understood how Lin Feng controlled the Saint's body better than anyone. Of course, he wasn't going to tell anyone else about those things.

At that moment, Lin Feng used all the Wisdom Kings to protect himself. He had to destroy that d.a.m.n fire. However, the eighty-one flames surrounded the five Wisdom Kings, they were about to collapse. However, they managed to destroy the flames. One flame was left, but instantly eighty-one flames appeared again, as long as one flame was left, the other flames could reappear. It was extremely dangerous.

Lin Feng's soul suddenly turned into a sharp black sword, it was dark. It emerged from his third eye, and the eighty-one flames followed as well. At the same time, on the Qi Tian Battle Stage, Lin Feng's sword and the Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire appeared outside above the Qi Tian Battle Stage. The darkness of the sword made everything look pale on the Qi Tian Battle Stage below. Lin Feng also released glittering DevMara Kalpa strength. Lin Feng's soul had been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength many times.

The eighty-one flames looked pure and pale. It had been purified many times. Tianhun had used it to burn millions of souls in his life and carry out sacrifices.

Then, apart from his soul sword, Lin Feng also released a golden palace, it was dazzling. There were millions of marks on it, marks of the great Dao.

Then, the palace surrounded the soul sword.

"The sword is made of Lin Feng's soul, the palace is made of his G.o.dly awareness palace, Lin Feng is worried!" those watching could see. The terrifying eighty-one flames oppressed Lin Feng's soul. At that moment, Lin Feng's body was just a sh.e.l.l, his psychic essences were outside.

At the same time, a grey strength emerged from Saint Tianhun and moved towards Lin Feng. It turned into a grey cloud. At the same time, in front of the grey cloud, a pitch-black light appeared and condensed into a long spear which thrust out towards Lin Feng at full speed. However, Saint Tianhun's real body was still seated cross-legged.

"He wants Lin Feng's physical body?"

"Body Capture?"

"Initially, he was fighting against the Ninth Beast and suddenly he attacked Lin Feng, is it because of his body?"

At that moment, the crowd remembered that Lin Feng had an incredible body. He had been on the Holy Way Stage and had many secrets. He also had possession of a Saint's body. However, this guy wanted to steal Lin Feng's body? What about his current body? Wasn't it his?

When the crowd thought about that, they s.h.i.+vered. The Animal District had come back to life and now a terrifying cultivator had appeared!

Wu Jue moved in front of Lin Feng and looked at the spear moving towards him. Wu Jue looked confident and at ease. This was a soul attack! Ancient imprints emerged from his third eye and turned into a destructive punch. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, the long spear broke apart. However, the grey Qi penetrated into Lin Feng's third eye. People's faces stiffened.

"Lin Feng's soul is still there, it hasn't been destroyed, and that guy is trying to steal Lin Feng's body anyway, which means that he perfectly controls his soul strength."

The crowd was staring at Lin Feng, the Animal District's strong cultivators just watched, including the three Young Beast Masters, they had retreated to the edge of the battle stage and were watching.

"Lin Feng." Hu Yue looked extremely nervous. Saint Tianhun was evil and cruel! Lin Feng was in danger!

At that moment, a terrifying sword determination exploded, grey Qi splashed out of Lin Feng's third eye.

"Dual soul."

The grey Qi hurriedly retreated to Saint Tianhun's third eye. He opened his eyes and looked at the sword spirit in disbelief. What kind of spell had Lin Feng learned? Surprisingly, he had two souls, and one of them was indestructible!

"Soul sacrifice." Saint Tianhun raised a finger and the Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire moved towards Lin Feng's G.o.dly awareness palace. However, the G.o.dly awareness palace became dazzling and turned into a hall, Lin Feng's soul strength was being cleansed. He was using lots of G.o.dly awareness strength, but Saint Tianhun was still astonished, Lin Feng's defenses were astonis.h.i.+ng.

Tianhun made some hand seals, white flames appeared that seemed like they could destroy anything. The air above the Qi Tian Battle Stage turned white with heat, that fire was astonis.h.i.+ng.

The G.o.dly awareness palace was burning. The flames then started attacking Lin Feng's soul sword. The sword of darkness kept glittering, and Demon Kalpa strength destroyed the fire. The white fire and the darkness kept intertwining, everybody understood that this was a battle to the death.

"Lin Feng might get killed. Even if he has two souls, if his soul sword is destroyed, he'll die." The crowd looked at Lin Feng, who was bleeding. He was having a hard time. Of course, Saint Tianhun was also sweating, his soul strength pulsing around him. He would have never thought an emperor could be so strong. He had done so much to become so strong, and now it had become difficult…

Lin Feng released cosmic energies which turned into a sharp sword, and then multiplied. They started fusing together, his body changing, and people's hearts started pounding. Everybody's expressions changed as they stared at Lin Feng.

"He can still move?" Wu Jue was amazed. Lin Feng released ancient imprints, a word appeared, and he used the power of his incantation. When he used his incantation attack, his strength became explosive. His real body turned into a sharp sword and streaked across the sky, shooting towards Saint Tianhun.

Saint Tianhun's face turned deathly pale as he grimaced. He had thought he had almost succeeded, and yet Lin Feng still had strength to counterattack, he had been waiting for such a moment the whole time! Saint Tianhun was also exhausted, he had done all he could using the Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire!

Saint Tianhun waved his hand and many spears shot towards Lin Feng's gigantic sword, exploding against it. At the same time, he looked unhappy and recalled his fire. The eighty-one flames moved back into his third eye. A gigantic black fist appeared in the air and blocked the gigantic sword and pushed it away.

"Pfew…" Saint Tianhun opened his eyes, he was shaking. He didn't look calm and poised anymore. Lin Feng's real body reappeared, his face deathly pale. n.o.body could imagine how he felt, but the pressure was incredible.

"You're that d.a.m.n Saint," said Lin Feng to Saint Tianhun icily. Everybody's heart started pounding again… a Saint?!

PMG Chapter 2085

Chapter 2085: Animal District's Announcement

Lin Feng had already had to deal with Saint Tianhun in the Saint's world at the altar. He had used his soul strength to attack Lin Feng there. Now he had a new body, but still wanted Lin Feng's body.

Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire, Holy Technique strength, this guy controlled so many Saint's spells, skills, and techniques. Even the Qin Dynasty didn't have such things. He was definitely a Saint!

When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they looked at Saint Tianhun sharply. A Saint?

In the crowd, apart from Holy Emperors, n.o.body knew the truth so they were astonished, especially since Saint Tianhun had just tried to steal Lin Feng's body. It meant that it was indeed possible. When stealing someone's body, it was impossible to recover one's own strength completely, so the best thing was still to grow up and become stronger step by step. Therefore, unless they had been killed, cultivators never tried to steal people's bodies. And on top of that, only extremely strong cultivators usually learned the technique. This guy who was extremely strong wanted to give up his body to steal Lin Feng's, it probably meant that the body he had wasn't his own body!

"I don't know what you mean," replied Saint Tianhun. He naturally wasn't going to admit Lin Feng was right. He hadn't thought that someone would be able to compete with him at the same cultivation level after coming back to life. Perhaps his cultivation level hadn't completely stabilized, otherwise, n.o.body would have been able to compete with him, including Lin Feng.

"Back then in the Spirit World, you wanted to steal my body. Now the Qin Dynasty hid you and helped you come back to life. But you haven't changed, because you're still not satisfied. Master Tianhun, for my body, you're really ready to do anything!" spat Lin Feng icily. He was quite strong and still Saint Tianhun had posed a threat to him. At the same cultivation level, a Saint who had come back to life was stronger than anyone else with a few exceptions, especially if the body he had captured wasn't powerful enough. He needed time to become really strong again.

"I'll be merciful this time," said Saint Tianhun, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was really strong, killing him was difficult, his soul and his new body had to fuse together better for him to be strong enough. He needed to become stronger, then he'd be able to burn Lin Feng's soul with his Venerable Sacrificial Soul Fire and be able to capture his body.

Saint Tianhun jumped off the Qi Tian Battle Stage, he had used too much strength against Lin Feng, and couldn't continue fighting. He was a Saint, his goal wasn't to defeat the Animal District's cultivators, but to become stronger and then become one of the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds once again. He was convinced that the members of the Animal District had the same goal.

Lin Feng ignored Saint Tianhun. Since he was a Saint who had come back to life, Lin Feng couldn't kill him easily, he felt under pressure though, the Saint would progress quickly, and the Saint's memories were precious treasures.

At that moment, Lin Feng nodded at Wu Jue, he smiled and said, "Why did you help me?"

"I helped you?" replied Wu Jue airily, which naturally made Lin Feng smile. He didn't say anything else. Wu Jue was an interesting guy and a strong fighter.

Lin Feng looked at the Seventh Beast and said indifferently, "You're still not strong enough."

He jumped off the Qi Tian Battle Stage. Like Saint Tianhun, he had used too much strength and felt tired. That soul fire technique was too powerful, he was injured.

"Everybody, come back." said a strong cultivator of the Animal District calmly. The three Young Beast Masters also withdrew.

"Thousands of years have pa.s.sed, there are still some geniuses in Qi Tian Holy Town. However, they are disappointing. Almost n.o.body has the potential to become a peerless cultivator someday," said the strong cultivator of the Animal District calmly. He remained seated. Lin Feng and the two others were exceptions, they were geniuses and it was normal, but that one who was staying with the members of the Qi Tian Holy Town was a Saint, so he didn't even count if that was the case.

When the crowd heard him, they were speechless. The Animal District had come back to life and those battles were a way to show it to everyone.

At that moment, a strong wind started blowing. The crowd saw a Young Beast Master rise up in the air. It was the first one, a great emperor.

He glanced at all the strong cultivators of Qi Tian Holy Town. Suddenly, he waved his hands, and in a flash, b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rose up in the air. A dragon, a unicorn, a turtle, and a wind beast streaked across the sky and two gigantic words appeared in the sky: ANIMAL DISTRICT.

Then, the first beast master said indifferently, "From today, humans are prohibited from going to the Animal District in a circ.u.mference of three thousand li. The Animal District is back in town."

Then, he returned to his place. People's hearts started pounding violently, the first Young Beast Master was terrifyingly strong. They hadn't seen how strong he was but he was probably as strong as Xue Ao from the Snow Clan.

Lin Feng went back to the group of people from the Holy Spirit Dynasty and looked at the two gigantic words in the sky. He was impressed. The Animal District had just come back to life, and they were astonis.h.i.+ngly strong.

At that moment, Lin Feng realized that he didn't belong to the same world as before anymore. He was already starting to fight against the strongest cultivators of his generation. He had started in a small world, then he had gone to the nine great celestial castles, traveled around in the great world, gone to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, then to the Holy City and Qi Tian Holy Town, and now his activities involved the whole Dark Night Region.

It all would have been unthinkable many years before. Hu Yue would have never thought it was possible for him to progress so fast, for example. Lin Feng was so strong that almost no emperor could fight against him anymore.

Hu Yue understood that there was a huge difference between people who had reached the top of the Huang Qi layer, and people who had the potential to become peerless cultivators and were at the top of the Huang Qi layer. Many people could reach the top of the Huang Qi layer, but few people had the potential to become peerless cultivators someday. Someday, they'd have no enemies at all.

At that moment, the strong cultivators of the Animal District stood up and left without saying any more. Their b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi dispersed as they disappeared from people's field of vision.

"The Animal District has announced they have come back. In the future, they'll probably become the strongest cultivators in town," someone murmured. They were worried.

"Everybody, go back," said Qin Gan indifferently after standing up. Everybody remained silent. This battle had been too shocking, and the Dynasties had lost face.

"Lin Feng." said someone from the Ancient Jade Dynasty's side, "Where's the Holy Jade Princess?"

"Maybe that she didn't want to go back to the Ancient Jade Dynasty after we had s.e.x. How could I know where she is or what she thinks? Go and ask her," replied Lin Feng, waving his hand dismissively.

Would the Ancient Jade Dynasty have to choose a new Holy Woman? The Ancient Jade Dynasty had no solution.

After the crowd left, the battle stage was still floating in the air. It had witnessed countless battles in history.

Now the Animal District had oppressed all the Dynasties on it and they had announced n.o.body could go into their territory anymore.

Perhaps other beasts would come to Qi Tian Holy Town to join them in the future. From one day to the next, things had changed in Qi Tian Holy Town…


After that, Lin Feng waited outside the Holy Spirit Dynasty and received some guests, mostly Tiantai's strong cultivators: Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, Tantai, Huang Fu Long, and the others. They had all come. There were many other cultivators from Tiantai, including people who had joined after them. Lin Feng was happy to see them.

"Holy Dynasty Prince!" They walked on the Holy Dynasty Prince's territory and realized everyone was bowing before Lin Feng respectfully. He was their Holy Dynasty Prince. Lin Feng had been one of three people who had been able to compete with the beast masters of the Animal District. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was quite happy about that.

Lin Feng nodded at everyone. Tantai smiled, "Lin Feng, you have a high position here."

"The Holy Spirit Dynasty and I have excellent relations. Why did you come here, guys?" asked Lin Feng to his friends.

"We need to travel to become stronger at our cultivation level. Many people from Tiantai are already high-level emperors. We want to travel in the Dark Night Region. We want to try and become great emperors!" said Hou Qing Lin calmly.

Lin Feng nodded agreement. Traveling and seeing many strong cultivators was a good way to become stronger.

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