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PMG Chapter 2092

Chapter 2092: Deadly Tunnel

Time pa.s.sed quickly without Lin Feng realizing it. He still hadn't managed to control the Saint's body, but it was time to go to the empty s.p.a.ce tunnel.

The tunnel was a golden gate. It contained a deadly golden wind, strong enough to easily defeat a cultivator. Nature's strength could be dreadful sometimes, especially in the empty s.p.a.ce tunnels which connected the different parts of the continent.

A s.h.i.+p had stopped at the gateway. It looked like a gigantic and terrifying wars.h.i.+p, and seemed to be made of pure gold.

"That kind of empty s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p can easily cross the empty s.p.a.ce tunnel. It's not actually made of gold, powerful cultivators make them using cosmic energies. There are dangerous marks on it, and Dao essence." Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered when he saw the s.h.i.+p, wondering at the cost. Even though the s.h.i.+p was gigantic, there weren't many seats in it, because most of the s.h.i.+p components were there for defensive purposes to cross the empty s.p.a.ce tunnels.

It was said that Saints could cross the tunnels relying on their own strength. Great emperors, however, could not.

The alliance who controlled the empty s.p.a.ce tunnels was very strict when it came to migration flows. There were many strong cultivators at the entrance who checked everyone. There was even a terrifying cultivator in charge of the team. They had to guarantee proper operation of the s.h.i.+ps or their business could crash.

There were many people there today. They were walking up the flight of stairs which led to the s.h.i.+p. Lin Feng gave his ticket to the guards and entered the s.h.i.+p. There were many people already present. The crew made full use of the s.h.i.+p, it was packed with a hundred people, the maximum number of people who could be accommodated.

The s.h.i.+p was surrounded by a curtain of dazzling lights, but one could still see the landscape outside. In the distance, was the deadly golden wind. Lin Feng couldn't imagine what would happen if someone went into it. He remembered back when in the small world when he had fallen into fissures and had ended up in the terrifying pa.s.sage. The empty s.p.a.ce tunnel was even scarier…

"It's you!" said someone. Lin Feng turned around and saw the woman he had seen the other day at the auction house.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and answered, "It's me."

The woman smiled too and looked him over. "You're strong. You used a special method to escape!"

Lin Feng shrugged, but didn't say much. He just sat down. He only wanted to get to G.o.dly Clouds.

Finally, the hundred ticket-holders had arrived and the gigantic s.h.i.+p started moving. It was still surrounded by formidable golden lights, and a very powerful cultivator was driving the s.h.i.+p. When the s.h.i.+p left, there was a boom of imploding air, and then the s.h.i.+p disappeared into the distance.

What a terrifying speed. Are we traveling through time?, thought Lin Feng, gasping with amazement. The landscape through the windows was incredible, it was like a golden ocean.

Suddenly, some people fell down as an incredible gravitational pressure slammed down on Lin Feng. He had the impression his body was going to be crushed. The air was vibrating from the pressure!

"What kind of strength is this?" wondered Lin Feng. He had the impression he was going to suffocate, the air felt too heavy to breathe. The vibration in the air was making his blood bubble. Lin Feng was shocked and sat down carefully again. What kind of strength was this?

Something rang in the air. The terrifying strength kept pressing down on the crowd. Many people coughed up blood. Lin Feng groaned with pain. The golden strength was too brutal!

"Miss, the turbulences are terrifying today," one of her guards said to the woman, pulling a long face.

"It happens sometimes. I hope it'll get better later," she murmured back. She looked at Lin Feng and said, "Is this the first time you've taken the empty s.p.a.ce tunnel?"

Lin Feng nodded.

"The most terrifying kinds of strength of the earth and sky are condensed inside the empty s.p.a.ce tunnel. Only Saints can cross it freely. Sometimes, the strength in the empty s.p.a.ce tunnel has the power of a Saint. The s.h.i.+p is hard, but it can't stop all the threads of strength. If the strength in the tunnel is too powerful, then it spreads to the pa.s.sengers, the s.h.i.+p can't take all the damage. Some people can die," said the woman.

Lin Feng nodded. He hadn't thought it would be like this…

"Therefore, you have to be at least a high-level emperor to take it, weaker people will get crushed instantly."

Lin Feng nodded again. He looked at the beautiful golden landscape pa.s.sing by on both sides of the s.h.i.+p. He couldn't imagine how fast they were traveling. He had the impression they were traveling sideways through time. The strength wasn't destructive, it was oppressive and made Lin Feng's blood boil.

Some time pa.s.sed, people's faces stayed red. The atmosphere was so still, it was almost scary. Everybody remained silent. Time seemed to be pa.s.sing very slowly.

Even after a very long time, everybody still felt uncomfortable…

Suddenly, the atmosphere became dark. People's faces changed drastically, some of the pa.s.sengers turned deathly pale, like sheets of paper.

"Oh no."

"Deadly tunnel. How can we cross the deadly tunnel?"

"Deadly tunnel?" Lin Feng didn't understand and looked at the dark hurricane outside. The atmosphere became even more oppressive.

The strong cultivator who was outside leading the s.h.i.+p came into the s.h.i.+p, a grimace on his face.

"Master?" the woman asked the strong cultivator. Her face turned deathly pale. She had come to the Dark Night Region because she had heard that a collection of great deployment spells ill.u.s.trative plates had been sold to the Doomsday Auction House. Her clan had sent her there hoping she could buy it. However, they hadn't thought she'd run into a dark death tunnel.

"n.o.body can predict a death tunnel. I hope it won't be too scary, otherwise, the s.h.i.+p will not be able to endure it and we will all die. That would be horrible, especially since we're almost there," said the strong cultivator glumly. "Everybody, release your strength! Rely on yourselves to survive!"

Then, the man closed his eyes, looking ready to do battle. n.o.body knew how strong the destructive death tunnel strength would be. Were they going to be lucky or not?

Lin Feng pulled a long face. The captain looked extremely strong, but at that moment he was talking in a grave and solemn way, which meant the situation was really dangerous!

Demon and earth Dao strength surrounded his body, everybody was releasing energies to protect themselves at that moment. n.o.body could care about others.

When the strength collided with the s.h.i.+p, it shook violently. Some people's defensive energies crackled, was this their Judgement Day? Lin Feng kept releasing life cosmic energies.

"There." Lin Feng saw the woman, dazzling lights were surrounding her and her people.

Lin Feng suddenly jumped forwards as the s.h.i.+p shook even more violently. Many people could barely stand steadily.

A terrifying strength streaked across the sky again. Lin Feng ran towards the woman and took her in his arms. She frowned darkly, but did nothing. She couldn't take care of herself, so she couldn't take care of anything else.

Lin Feng lost consciousness…


G.o.dly Clouds, Feng Zhou City, exit of the empty s.p.a.ce tunnel…

The waiting crowd saw a s.h.i.+p come out. When they saw all those people lying down on the s.h.i.+p, they were astonished. They had probably run into a death tunnel.

"Many people are dead or injured." someone's eyes twinkled, he got closer, there were many corpses on the s.h.i.+p. Since they were dead already, their items weren't theirs anymore…

"Move away!" ordered someone icily. A group of strong cultivators arrived in front of the s.h.i.+p.

"Miss is there!" said someone. The group of strong cultivators all grimaced. Surprisingly, so many people were dead!

"She still has Qi!" Someone slowly walked up to her. A young man was holding her in his arms. When they crowd saw that, they looked at him icily, especially the young men around.

PMG Chapter 2093

Chapter 2093: Qing Shan City

"Does anyone know him?" asked that strong cultivator. Everybody shook their heads, they looked furious.

"Uncle, should we kill him?" asked someone.

Their leader muttered to himself irresolutely and said, "We don't know if he knows Miss Ye, let's bring him back."

"Alright." the crowd nodded and started picking up things from the s.h.i.+p. The captain of the s.h.i.+p and some great emperors started waking up. The others were either dead or injured. Lin Feng was lucky, he was injured, but not dead due to his incredibly powerful soul and body.


G.o.dly Clouds was in the very center of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It had a border with the eight other regions of the continent. It was also the widest and strongest region. All sorts of cultivators gathered there. Their battles were magnificent and explosive. Great Scholars, doctors, deployment spell casters, and people who had special powers dwelled there.

In the central part of G.o.dly Clouds were many powerful cities. They all had their own rules. Some of them had Holy Clans, some of them had universities, some of them had sects, some of them were like h.e.l.l, where a central government ruled over the city.

In Qing Shan City, ancient families were extremely powerful, or in other words, were Ancient Clans. Two families were particularly strong: the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan. They were both families of deployment spell casters, and extremely powerful.

The Jing Clan was gaining strength, especially their young people. They seemed stronger than the Yu Clan. However, recently, a scandal had struck the Jing Clan, as one of their descendants, Jing Xiao Yue, had fallen in love with someone she shouldn't have. Many people still talked about it. The Jing Clan could go and kill him, but Jing Xiao Yue threatened to kill herself if they did.

That scandal spread all around Qing Shan City. Everybody was talking about it. Some people had compa.s.sion for Jing Xiao Yue. In the cultivation world, few people ever knew what real love was. She had found someone she loved, but unfortunately, he was already hundreds of years old, and even though he was strong, his potential had limits and the Jing Clan didn't want her to get married to such a person.


In a dark tower of the Jing Clan…

A man was chained up, screws stuck into him, looking extremely weak. Two flames kept flickering as he suffered from unspeakable pains.

Someone came to him and smiled evilly, "If you tell Xiao Yue you deceived her on a stage in front of everyone, you'll be freed."

The man raised his head and smiled at him mockingly, replying icily, "Hundreds of years pa.s.sed and I thought I'd never find love again. However, I met Xiao Yue. Even if you kill me, I will never say that! My disciples will help avenge me if you kill me. My fellow disciple is with them. If I can't be with her in a relations.h.i.+p, then you can just kill me!" He smiled broadly.

"You want to die?" his torturer smiled pitilessly. "Since you don't agree, you'll stay here forever and suffer unbearably. Xiao Yue doesn't know we captured you. She will slowly forget about you, find someone else and fall in love with them."

"We set a date. If she doesn't see me on that day, she'll know the truth. She knows I would never abandon her," said the man indifferently.

"You're wrong. We've already told her that you wanted to use her to join our the Jing Clan. If you don't show up, she'll know you just wanted to deceive her," said that person emotionlessly, and then he disappeared down a dark corridor, following the faint torches on the walls.

The man sighed. He remembered back then when he had fallen in love. He remembered they were incredible cultivators in his world. Then, he had joined hands with his friends to leave that sealed world to come to the great world, which had always been a dream of theirs, and now he was in such a situation because of love.

Since he was imprisoned, he thought about his disciples all the time. Some of them had already become high-level emperors. He was convinced that some of them would become terrifying cultivators someday. He had met Xiao Yue by a lucky coincidence, she was so similar to the woman he had loved. He had noticed some things were different, but it hadn't prevented him from loving her. However, the cultivation world was cruel. If you weren't strong enough, it could be a nightmare!

High-level emperors were incredible cultivators in their previous world, but in this new world, they were extremely weak!

In a room in the Yu Clan…

Lin Feng opened his eyes. He was still in pain.

I'm still alive!, thought Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. That strength in the tunnel was too terrifying, even a great emperor could have died in there. He remembered thinking he was going to die.

He struggled to stand up, it was so painful. His body and soul were both sore. He had the impression his body weighed hundreds of kilos, or as if his body wasn't his own anymore.

Where am I?, he wondered. He realized some of his rings had disappeared. Even though he had put the most important things in his spirit's world, he still used rings, and had hidden many things in them. Someone had stolen his rings…

He slowly finished standing up and walked up to the door. He opened it and saw a courtyard beyond, with some guards stationed there. When they saw him, one of the guards said, "You're awake, you should rest for now."

"Where are we?" asked Lin Feng.

"Yu Ministry Buildings, Miss Yu's residence," said the guard calmly. A lady's residence, there was only an ordinary guard, and on top of that he told Lin Feng to rest.

"I'm going out," said Lin Feng calmly, continuing forwards.

However, the guard blocked him and said icily, "Before Miss Yu wakes up, you're staying here."

Lin Feng frowned. He remembered that he had taken a woman in his arms just before losing consciousness. She had something to protect herself, so he had used her item and jumped into the lights. Was the guard talking about that woman?

"Are we in G.o.dly Clouds?" asked Lin Feng. Even though he knew it, he wanted to make sure.

"G.o.dly Clouds, Qing Shan City," answered the guard.

"I'm in G.o.dly Clouds!" Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. He had to find a way to leave, to go find Mu Chen.

"Stay here!" When the guard saw that Lin Feng wanted to leave, he looked angry.

Lin Feng grunted icily. He wanted to force his way through, but at that moment, there was a whistling of rapid movement. A group of people appeared. The woman was among them!

The woman landed in front of Lin Feng and ground her teeth. She said icily, "Shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

"I had no choice, otherwise I would have died. Please forgive me," said Lin Feng. He had almost died, he hadn't had time to think.

"Yu Ye, since you don't know him, then…" a young man next to the young woman said icily. He wanted to kill Lin Feng.

However, Yu Ye ignored him and said to Lin Feng, "You can leave, but first give me the Great Imperial Talisman!"

Lin Feng looked unhappy and said, "Your friends took all my rings, and you want my Great Imperial Talisman?"

"Did that happen?" Yu Ye asked the young men next to her icily.

He replied, "Uncle took his rings. He was waiting for you to wake up to make a decision."

"Let's go and see my father," said Yu Ye. She turned to Lin Feng and told him, "Come with me."

The group of people headed towards a palace. A middle-aged man was within, looking at a deployment talisman. The one who had carved that talisman was extremely strong…

The talisman in front of him was the talisman Lin Feng had carved. He had found it by crus.h.i.+ng one of Lin Feng's rings after inspecting his memories. Lin Feng had to be a Great Scholar!

PMG Chapter 2094

Chapter 2094: Deployment Spell Family

Yu Kun focused and put his G.o.dly awareness in the talisman and inspected the marks, asking, "Did you get this from that little boy?"

"Indeed. Miss Yu hasn't woken up yet. Maybe they know one another, but we took the ring anyway," replied the other one.

"When Yu Ye wakes up, tell her to come to me," said Yu Kun.

As he was talking, the group of people had already landed out of the palace and a voice came to his ears, "Father!"

"Oh, I was just talking about you, and now you're here!" Yu Kun smiled. He looked out of the window and saw them come.

"Deployment talisman." Yu Ye looked at the deployment talisman in Yu Kun's hand.

"Hey, Little Ye, look," said Yu Kun giving the talisman to Yu Ye. Yu Ye took it and put her G.o.dly awareness inside, her expression changing.

She said, "Those deployment marks are so complex. The one who carved that talisman is extremely strong. Did you do that?"

Yu Kun shook his head and looked at Lin Feng, he asked, "Little boy, are you from a clan or sect of deployment spell casters?"

Lin Feng's hair bristled. These people were shameless. They had inspected his rings and taken things out. Luckily, he hadn't put anything too important inside, but there were many Ancient scriptures within them.

"It's him," said Yu Ye pointing at Lin Feng. Then, she remembered something and said, "Is that the talisman you got at the auction house? You just polished it a little bit, right? The essence was already very thick inside, right?"

Yu Ye was convinced that Lin Feng had no knowledge of deployment spells. She was from a family of deployment spell casters, they were extremely strong, yet many of their people couldn't carve such good deployment talismans. Even her father, who was a Great Scholar, couldn't carve such perfect talismans. It was extremely difficult.

"Kind of, maybe," replied Lin Feng evenly, before asking, "Will you give me back my things?"

"I don't care about your items, but first tell me who helped you carve that talisman. The essence was useless, it was like blank paper. The one who carved the talisman is incredible," said Yu Kun calmly.

Lin Feng's eyes glittered. If he told them the truth, they weren't going to let him go. He replied, "My teacher helped me."

"Your teacher." Yu Kun's eyes twinkled. He had guessed so.

"Did your teacher come with you on the s.h.i.+p?" Yu Kun asked Lin Feng politely. Lin Feng was some Great Scholar's disciple, they could establish good relations!

"It was difficult to get s.h.i.+p tickets. I just bought one. My teacher got one, but for a different date, he should be here too now," replied Lin Feng.

"I see. What's your name?" asked Yu Kun, smiling at Lin Feng politely.

"Lin Feng."

"Oh, Lin Feng, please be our guest. When your teacher comes, he should come here," said Yu Kun amiably, and then glanced at Yu Ye. "Little Ye, be nice to Lin Feng."

Yu Ye looked surprised. Her father wanted to invite Lin Feng and his teacher, she had underestimated him. From what her father had just said, no matter what Lin Feng had said or done to her before, it wasn't important. The most important thing was to get to know him and be friends with him!

"Alright, father," said Yu Ye glancing at Lin Feng. She remembered that Lin Feng had so many Ancient scriptures. He had bought so many things in the auction house. So initially his teacher was a Great Scholar, no wonder he was so rich. Deployment spell casters could sell things to others and obtain great items. Buying things was easy for someone wealthy. She was from a clan of deployment spell casters, so she understood the principle.

"Lin Feng, take your rings. Little Ye, give the talisman back to Lin Feng," ordered Yu Kun, returning Lin Feng's rings to him. Lin Feng took them and reestablished a connection to them. Then he put all his other rings in one ring.

"Lin Feng, let's go," said Yu Ye to Lin Feng. She had a strange feeling, but she controlled herself and didn't mention it. After all, Lin Feng's teacher had to be a Great Scholar in the field of deployment spells!

"Alright." Lin Feng wanted to leave too. Now, n.o.body was going to stop him. He was happy. However, those next to Yu Ye were furious. This guy was surprisingly from a clan of deployment spell casters, they couldn't do anything to him?

If they knew that Lin Feng had made the talisman himself, how would these people have reacted?

"I want to go out," said Lin Feng to Yu Ye after they left the palace.

"Alright, I'll take you out." Yu Ye rose up into the air and glanced around, then she pointed out to Lin Feng, "This is my clan's territory, the Yu Clan. We are one of the two strongest clans in Qing Shan City. We are a clan of deployment spell casters. We've existed for ten thousand years. Apart from our  territory, we have many deployment mines."

"Deployment mines?" Lin Feng didn't understand. What was a deployment mine?

"You've never heard of deployment mines in the Dark Night Region?" asked Yu Ye, curious.

"I haven't!" said Lin Feng.

"I'll take you to see one when we have time," Yu Ye smiled. After a short time, they had left the Yu Ministry area.

Lin Feng said to Yu Ye, "I want to go out on my own."

Yu Ye was surprised, but she smiled and nodded, "Alright… If you need anything, come to our clan. Here, this is my jade talisman."

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded and took it. They exchanged their G.o.dly awareness talismans and then Lin Feng departed.

"I'll take Hou Qing Lin out and then we'll look for Mu Chen." Lin Feng glanced around and then flitted away. He found a place with n.o.body around quickly enough, and then Hou Qing Lin and the others appeared around him.

"Lin Feng." Hou Qing Lin looked to him and asked, "Are we in G.o.dly Clouds?"

"Yes, G.o.dly Clouds, Qing Shan City. Where's Mu Chen?" asked Lin Feng urgently.

Hou Qing Lin nodded and took out the Soul Locking Bells, rising up into the air. The bells rang and the sound spread out softly.

"That way! I don't know how far though!" stated Hou Qing Lin. A boat appeared and Lin Feng and his friends hopped aboard, following the signal of the Soul Locking Bells. Lin Feng didn't intend to go back to the Yu Clan, he just wanted to find Mu Chen!

The air whistled past them as the s.h.i.+p streaked across the sky of Qing Shan City. The Soul Locking Bells rang louder and louder. Hou Qing Lin was startled, as in front of them, a vast palace appeared. It was a rich clan's mansion house!

"Lin Feng, stop!" Hou Qing Lin said suddenly. His eyebrows looked as sharp as swords.

Lin Feng sensed something and stopped quickly. The bells were ringing louder and louder. The signal pointed to the mansion house in front of them!

"Go." Hou Qing Lin threw out the Soul Locking Bells, which turned into a beam of light. Lin Feng and the others stared after them. Very quickly, the bells entered the mansion house. Lin Feng and the others followed the bells. In order not to draw people's attention, they were flying up in the clouds.

Hou Qing Lin and Lin Feng remained silent. They had the feeling that Mu Chen was in the mansion!

As expected, the bells entered a black tower. The bells were ringing so loud that it made their souls shake.

"Black tower, Mu Chen." Hou Qing Lin was grim as he said, "Mu Chen is in the black tower!"

Lin Feng and the others s.h.i.+vered. At that moment, a group of strong cultivators started chasing the Soul Locking Bells. Lin Feng said, "Brother, recall the Soul Locking Bells!"

"Alright." Hou Qing Lin nodded and recalled the Soul Locking Bells. The strong cultivators followed them. The Soul Locking Bells returned to Hou Qing Lin, and the strong cultivators noticed them.

"Who are you?" the leader of the group asked Lin Feng and the others icily.

"We're just pa.s.sengers. We didn't want to disturb you. Sorry," replied Hou Qing Lin, looking calm and composed. These men were all great emperors.

"What was that thing?" asked that person icily.

"An ordinary toy we were playing with. Sorry for having disturbed you. We're leaving!" said Hou Qing Lin with a courteous wave, and then he ordered, "Let's go!"

They left, but they were furious. They wanted to go into the tower and force the way, but it was too risky!

PMG Chapter 2095

Chapter 2095: Tower of Torture

Hou Qing Lin and the others departed quickly. The men from the tower didn't try to ask them anything else. After all, Lin Feng and the others' Qi looked extraordinary. They might have a powerful background…

After leaving, Lin Feng and the others finally let their fury show.

"Brother, are you sure Mu Chen is in that black tower?" asked Ruo Xie coolly.

"If the signal of the Soul Locking Bells is right, then he should be in there. He's probably imprisoned," Hou Qing Lin replied grimly.

"Let's go. Let's investigate first. Since he's been imprisoned by a powerful group, maybe some people know about him in the region," suggested Tian Chi. He was trying to control himself.

Everybody nodded agreement. Then, they descended from the sky and found a pub with many people. They all decided to sit down at different tables where there were people already.

Lin Feng found a table and asked to those who were seated there, "Can I sit here?"

That person looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, "Please do."

Lin Feng sat down and glanced around. Then, he whispered, "I came to Qing Shan City because I want to learn more about this place. There is an imposing and magnificent mansion house over there, whose house is it?"

Lin Feng pointed at the black tower in the horizon out of the window.

Lin Feng's interlocutor smiled and said, "My boy, it definitely is your first time in Qing Shan City, it's the Jing Clan."

"Is the Jing Clan very strong?" asked Lin Feng.

"Of course! Qing Shan City is an ordinary city in G.o.dly Clouds, there are only a few powerful clans here, but the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan are the strongest clans in town. They are both families of deployment spell casters. And let me tell you, in the last hundred years, the Jing Clan had become much stronger than the Yu Clan, there's now a huge gap between them. If the descendants of the Yu Clan don't make efforts, the Jing Clan will crush them someday," whispered that person. Even though everybody knew that in Qing Shan City, saying that loudly could make others unhappy…

"Yu Clan, deployment spell caster." Lin Feng was stupefied. The Yu Clan was precisely Yu Ye's clan. Lin Feng actually knew them.

"Does the Jing Clan have Saint Emperors?" asked Lin Feng.

"Naturally. According to legends, there are six Saint Emperors in Qing Shan City, spread over four clans. The Jing Clan and the Yu Clan have two Saint Emperors each, the two others clans a Saint Emperor each. Maybe there are some others, but that I don't know about them." said Lin Feng's informant happily. He was happy to chat with someone, and this kind of stuff was hardly secret anyway.

Lin Feng could evaluate the situation approximately. Two Saint Emperors each, so he had to use the power of a Saint, Tiantai's disciples couldn't rescue Mu Chen. Lin Feng didn't know if he could fight using Qin Shan's body again. If he did, it meant taking the risk of destroying Qin Shan's consciousness and body, as well as his own.

In the worst case, Mu Chen is imprisoned by the Jing Clan and they are not willing to release him, in which case I'd have to use the Saint's power…, thought Lin Feng. He asked, "Have you ever heard of Mu Chen?"

"Mu Chen." When he heard Lin Feng's question, the other man's expression changed in a strange way, especially since Lin Feng had asked him whether the Jing Clan was strong or not.

"Do you know Mu Chen?" asked that person.

"I don't know him. I've heard many people talk about the Jing Clan and Mu Chen. I was wondering who he was?" asked Lin Feng, trying to remain composed, he even smiled indifferently. He wanted to see the man's reaction.

"Hehe, Mu Chen is a little bit famous in Qing Shan City, so it's normal that people are talking about him. I guess I can tell you about him," the other man smiled.

"Thank you very much!" Lin Feng said politely.

"To be honest, we have to admit that Mu Chen is incredible. He's not a young man, but he's a high-level emperor already, and his fighting abilities are incredible, his soul strength is terrifyingly powerful. But there are many strong people in Qing Shan City. When talking about Mu Chen, you have to mention someone else: Jing Xiao Yue! She's well-mannered, pretty, and polished, as well as elegant and free from vulgarity. She's also extremely strong and talented, especially when it comes to deployment spells. Also, she's not even forty yet, and is at her prime. Many people wish they could get married to her.

"However, she surprisingly fell in love with Mu Chen, which perplexes everyone despite much thought. Even though cultivators can live for a very long time and age doesn't matter in terms of love, those two really don't belong to the same world, so it's strange for them to be in a relations.h.i.+p. Don't you think?" explained the man.

He didn't understand what was going on. However, Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. Mu Chen had fallen in love with someone again. She was probably extremely beautiful. However, people in the cultivation world were often extremely parochial.

Mu Chen had charisma. It wasn't surprising that a woman had fallen in love with him. Lin Feng and the other disciples respected him regardless.

"What happened after that?" asked Lin Feng.

"After that, many things happened. Mu Chen killed many members of the Jing Clan. They were furious and wanted to kill Mu Chen. They injured him, but then Jing Xiao Yue threatened to kill herself if they killed him. The Jing Clan didn't dare kill him, as Jing Xiao Yue holds a special position in her clan. She's extremely strong and her close relatives, such as her brothers and her father, are all extraordinary. She's important to her clan. She can't die, so Mu Chen can't die either."

"So they imprisoned him?" Lin Feng was furious and blurted that out unthinkingly.

However, his interlocutor was surprised and said, "Imprisoned? I don't think so. I think they gave Jing Xiao Yue and Mu Chen an opportunity."

"What opportunity?" asked Lin Feng.

"To fight over a deployment mine," said that person, "In Qing Shan City, there are some very important deployment mines which are very useful for clans of deployment spell casters. Therefore, there are four clans which keep competing over them, especially the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan. The compet.i.tion between them is fierce, each time many people die when they fight over them. Right now, the Jing Clan is the strongest clan. They are slowly dominating the Yu Clan. Therefore, the Jing Clan wants to gain control of the four major deployment mines. Right now, each of the four clans guard one deployment mine."

"The Jing Clan wants to get the deployment mines of the three other clans, but they naturally don't agree, right?" said Lin Feng. He wasn't worried about the deployment mines, he was worried about Mu Chen.

"Indeed, the three clans are all angry at the Jing Clan. They have fought many times. However, they have not managed to prevent the Jing Clan from expanding. Eventually they agreed on something: using young people to determine to whom the deployment mines belong. If anyone loses, they must give up their deployment mine, including the Jing Clan."

"So the Jing Clan can't use the same batch of people?" asked Lin Feng. If using the same batch of people was possible, the Jing Clan could use their strongest cultivators and steal all the deployment mines. After all, according to what this guy had said, the Jing Clan had the advantage.

"Indeed, the four clans protect their own deployment mine. If they are strong enough, they can also steal the Jing Clan's deployment mine, which is also the best one," replied his informant.

"The Jing Clan wants Mu Chen to help them steal a deployment mine?"

"Indeed, the Jing Clan and Mu Chen agreed that if he could help steal the Yu Clan's deployment mine, they would accept his relations.h.i.+p with Jing Xiao Yue. But Mu Chen might die there. The Yu Clan isn't ready to give up, maybe they won't try to steal the Jing Clan's deployment mine, but at least they'll do all they can to keep their own. The two others are the same. They all invited some extremely strong young people to help them out."

Lin Feng pulled a long face. The Jing Clan wanted Mu Chen to help them, but he was imprisoned, what was that supposed to mean? Lin Feng's interlocutor didn't seem to know that Mu Chen was in the Jing Clan, it probably proved that he was imprisoned.

"Can other people still partic.i.p.ate and help the clans fight for the deployment mines?"

"I think so. The Jing Clan is the most powerful clan of deployment spell casters. They want to expand more anyway," replied the fellow.

"I understand. Thank you very much for all those pieces of information, brother. Oh, do you know what the Jing Clan's black tower is?" asked Lin Feng.

"You mean the black tower in which they torture people? People who are imprisoned there never come out," replied his interlocutor. Lin Feng frowned and his eyes glittered icily. The Jing Clan didn't intend to let Mu Chen partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion for the deployment mines, it was just an excuse. He was in the black tower which n.o.body ever came out of!

PMG Chapter 2096

Chapter 2096: Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry

Lin Feng and Tiantai's people left the restaurant. They exchanged the pieces of information they had obtained in there. The gossipers hadn't lied, it would have been pointless. Everybody knew about what was going on in Qing Shan City, only strangers like them didn't.

The case was actually quite simple: the Jing Clan had deceived Jing Xiao Yue and imprisoned Mu Chen. They were lying and saying that Mu Chen was going to partic.i.p.ate to the deployment mine compet.i.tion, they made it seem like a perfect opportunity for Mu Chen. But actually, they didn't intend to release Mu Chen at all. He was in the black tower, doomed to never see the sky again.

"A bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. What should we do?" asked Tantai, righteously indignant. His eyes were gleaming; even though he had never seen Mu Chen, Tiantai's disciples all respected him as a founder, just like Emperor Yu. Mu Chen was one of the two founders of Tiantai, and they were all descendants!

"Brothers, do you know the four clans?" Lin Feng asked everyone.

"Of course. The Jing Clan imprisoned Mu Chen. They are the strongest clan, having surpa.s.sed the Yu Clan. The two other clans, the Luo Clan and the Hong Clan, have joined hands. Lin Feng, what do you think?" Hou Qing Lin said to Lin Feng.

"Hou Qing Lin, bring some people to the Luo Clan. Ruo Xie, bring some people to the Hong Clan. Tantai and I will go to the Yu Clan and we'll help them. Hou Qing Ling, if possible, don't attack. Bring Ruo Xie, and after the compet.i.tion, we'll go to the Jing Clan's deployment mine and put pressure on them," Lin Feng said slowly.

Everybody was startled at his idea. Ruo Xie said, "Will it not produce the opposite of the desired result if we collaborate with the Jing Clan? How can we save Mu Chen that way?"

"The four clans want to protect their deployment mines. If we help them, they'll be happy. At that moment, when we steal the deployment mine from the Jing Clan, the Jing Clan will release him and we'll stop. The other three clans won't mind. If they don't, we'll keep the deployment mine and they won't be happy. If the Jing Clan doesn't respect the agreement, the three other clans will start fighting against them and then we'll have the opportunity to rescue Mu Chen using other methods!" said Lin Feng calmly.

"If we help the Jing Clan steal all the deployment mines, will they release Mu Chen?" asked Ban Ruo.

"They won't. The Jing Clan think the three other clans are weak and stupid. We just want to help them to make things look perfect. The Jing Clan is strong, so if we help them win, they won't be touched, and the teams we've just agreed to are just temporary, they may change at some point," said Lin Feng.

Everybody nodded.

The Jing Clan was powerful and extremely conceited. If they provided the Jing Clan with timely help and jumped on the bandwagon, the Jing Clan wouldn't care, they'd just use them temporarily.

"Since it's that way, let's separate. Keep in touch using jade talismans." said Hou Qing Lin.



They all separated in teams and moved in different directions. Lin Feng and Tantai left together and headed back to the Yu Clan. He hadn't thought he return at all…

"Tantai, how strong are you now?" asked Lin Feng to Tantai. He hadn't seen Tantai for a few years, he hadn't had time to chat with his friends as much. He didn't even know how strong they had become. Lin Feng had to understand that to a.s.sess the situation.

"Hehe." When Tantai heard Lin Feng, he smiled. He looked particularly self-confident. He said, "The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are extremely powerful. I used to think I wasn't strong enough, but after studying the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, my physical strength suddenly started changing. I can make strength condense in a perfect way and my strength is now explosive. Besides, you know what kind of Dao I understand now, Strength Dao. Maybe I'm not fast enough, but I'm monstrously strong physically," Tantai said confidently.

Grand talents matured slowly among his people. After meeting Lin Feng and the others, he had started becoming much stronger. Because he had the impression it was never enough, he kept studying hard, step by step.

Lin Feng nodded. He knew Tantai was an expert when it came to physical strength. With his Strength Dao power, his attacks were probably exceedingly dangerous. Lin Feng had no doubts about that. He had transmitted the Ancient Holy Techniques to his friends as well. Even though they hadn't received them directly from the Saints, it was still better than nothing.

When they arrived back at the Yu Clan, Lin Feng went to find Yu Ye. When she saw Tantai, Yu Ye was surprised. How come Lin Feng had a new friend? She had noticed he was alone on the s.h.i.+p.

"Lin Feng, who is this?"

"A friend of mine. My teacher doesn't have only one disciple," Lin Feng smiled.

At the mention of his teacher, Yu Ye's beautiful eyes twinkled, "So your teacher is in town, too?"

"He's in G.o.dly Clouds. If he wants to see me, he'll find me," replied Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, little brother, don't forget to tell your teacher about me." At that moment, Yu Kun arrived and said happily.

"Of course," Lin Feng said to Yu Kun. On his side, there were strong cultivators, including great emperors of different ages and talents. There could be huge age differences between great emperors.

"That's the Great Scholar's disciple?" asked a new person, looking at Lin Feng indifferently.

"Indeed. His teacher carved that talisman. It gave me cold sweats," said Yu Kun smiled.

"How strong. So Lin Feng's deployment spell abilities must be incredible too!" said that person, smiling politely at Lin Feng.

Tantai remained silent. He wasn't like that in the past. Even though he was still impulsive, he had finally learned how to control himself. He just remained silent and smiled coldly on the inside. Lin Feng's deployment spells were terrifying, and those people dared talk this way in front of him?

"I'm alright," said Lin Feng, not minding them and smiling non-committedly.

"Okay, you're a young and outstanding man, and a high-level emperor already. Your teacher must be really good," another man smiled.

"And you, how good are you when it comes to deployment spells, in comparison with Yu Lin?" someone else asked in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"In comparison with Yu Lin?" Many of those around shook their heads, as if the answer were obvious.

"Let's go. He's almost here."

"Yes. Little Ye, stay with Lin Feng," Yu Kun said, nodding at Lin Feng. He left with the group of people.

"Yu Ye, let's go and welcome him." At that moment, a young man had arrived behind Yu Ye.

Yu Ye looked at Lin Feng and Lin Feng nodded, "Don't worry about me."

"It's alright, Yu Lin is coming back today, we can go and see him too!" said Yu Ye, smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised. It seemed that this Yu Lin had a high social status within the Yu Clan. Even great emperors came to greet him!

They started walking as Yu Ye explained to Lin Feng, "Yu Lin is extremely strong. He's the best deployment spell caster of the clan, very talented. He's practicing cultivation in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. If the Yu Clan wasn't facing difficulties, he wouldn't have come back."

No wonder that the Yu Clan attaches importance to him, if he's such a skilled deployment spell caster, thought Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, you're from the Dark Night Region, you have never heard of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, I guess? The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry has trained some people who have become Great Deployment Masters, who corresponds to Saints in terms of cultivation. To practice cultivation in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, being a powerful cultivator isn't enough, you must also be an incredible deployment spell caster," she explained.

Lin Feng thought that it was no wonder that G.o.dly Clouds was the center of the continent and that they were the strongest region, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry amazingly had Great Deployment Masters!

"Yu Lin is getting closer and closer to becoming a Great Scholar. But our clan has problems, so we asked the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry to send him back to us temporarily. Yu Lin also brought back a friend with him, he's also a strong person from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. This way, n.o.body can pose a threat to us!" whispered Yu Ye.

Lin Feng understood that she was talking about the Jing Clan and the other two clans. Lin Feng now understood why Yu Kun and the great emperors had gone to greet them.

Yu Lin and his friend were probably extraordinary people!

But the Jing Clan was the most powerful clan, so at the same level, their young cultivators could defeat the young people of the Yu Clan. The Jing Clan probably had people like Yu Lin as well, or even stronger!

G.o.dly Clouds has talented individuals in hiding, so at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many vied for supremacy, many geniuses from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds gathered in G.o.dly Clouds!

"Yu Lin is here!" said a young man next to Yu Ye at that moment. In the distant sky, two cultivators appeared riding beasts. The beasts were marvelous: rhinoceroses which had the blood of blood dragons, one could see they were incredibly powerful with just a glance. The two cultivators riding them looked astonis.h.i.+ngly strong: they were precisely Yu Lin and his fellow disciple!

PMG Chapter 2097

Chapter 2097: Battle in the Dark

Yu Ye and everyone else were watching at Yu Lin. Lin Feng looked at the young men next to Yu Ye, noting their eyes were filled with admiration and respect. When the difference between them and other people wasn't big, they were jealous, but when the difference between them and other people was huge, they looked at them with respect and admiration. Yu Lin was the strongest young man of their clan both in terms of deployment spells and strength.

Yu Ye beamed, her admiration evident.

"Yu Lin!" At that moment, Yu Kun and the others stepped forwards, and Yu Lin and his friend descended from the sky.

"Uncle Kun!" said Yu Lin to Yu Kun, then he introduced his friend, "This is my fellow disciple, Su Mu!"

"Little Su Mu, welcome to our Yu Clan, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling," said Yu Kun with a smile.

"Uncle Kun, you're too polite. Yu Lin and I are like brothers. I'm happy to help him," returned Su Mu calmly. The members of the Yu Clan all nodded happily, glad to see both of them!

In G.o.dly Clouds or in the Dark Night Region, everybody respected geniuses and talented people!

At that moment, Yu Lin walked over to Yu Ye and smiled easily.

"Brother Yu Lin," Yu Ye smiled. She took a few steps forwards to greet him.

"Yu Ye, you're becoming more and more beautiful," Yu Lin smiled. He took a step forwards and caressed her cheek and smiled. "Come, Little Ye, let me introduce you my friend, Su Mu."

"Brother Su Mu," Yu Ye greeted Su Mu. Her beautiful eyes were filled with esteem and respect. Su Mu was Yu Lin's friend and had come to the Yu Clan, which meant he was also very talented. She knew how strong people from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were.

"Yu Lin told me how beautiful his little sister was. Now that I see you, I can confirm. Unfortunately, there aren't many women in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. If you could join us, that would be great," said Su Mu grinned back at her.

"Brother Su Mu, you're joking. I'm not talented enough. How could I become a member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry?" replied Yu Ye. She didn't lie, as even though she was talented, she knew she wasn't talented enough to become a member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. After all, that was a place where you could see Great Deployment Masters. No matter what a person's social status was, talent was the most important thing!

"We can exchange a lot this time. Maybe you will suddenly improve and meet the requirements to join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry," Su Mu smiled.

When Yu Ye heard Su Mu, she beamed happily and said, "Thank you very much, Brother Su Mu! We can exchange views on various thing, just don't give up halfway!"

"We won't have time to fall in love though," said Su Mu jokingly.

Yu Kun's eyes flashed, he wanted to say something, but Yu Lin whispered, "Uncle Kun, she isn't a teenager anymore. Brother Su Mu is extraordinarily talented. She should cherish this opportunity."

"Alright, Yu Lin. Then you can help," Yu Kun grinned. Yu Lin wanted to act as a middleman.

"Of course," Yu Lin nodded. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng and Tantai, next to Yu Ye. He asked, "Uncle Kun, I don't know those two people. Are they from the Yu Clan too? Why are they standing so close to Little Ye?"

"They aren't. Lin Feng and Yu Ye got to know one another in the Dark Night Region, they met by accident on the way back to G.o.dly Clouds. His teacher is a Great Scholar, that's why I told Yu Ye to get close to him," said Yu Kun using telepathy.

"His teacher is just a Great Scholar? Brother Su Mu became a Great Scholar when he was five years old. Uncle Kun, in the future, don't let Little Ye hang out with him, otherwise Brother Su Mu won't be happy and it might ruin everything. Brother Su Mu seems to be interested in Little Ye," replied Yu Lin. He was from the Yu Clan, he hoped Yu Ye could enter a better clan. Su Mu was talented, every bit as strong as himself. He hoped they could become a couple.

"Alright, good. I'll tell her to stay away from him, then," Yu Kun nodded.

Yu Lin didn't add anything else. He didn't spend too much time on Lin Feng. Even though Great Scholars could be beneficial for the Yu Clan, to someone from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, a Great Scholar wasn't important, they had too many. Some people there of the same age were as strong as he was and were already Great Scholars. Therefore, Yu Lin didn't care about Lin Feng's teacher being a Great Scholar.


Even as  Su Mu and Yu Lin arrived, there were also three young people chatting in a palace in the Jing Clan.

"Yu Lin arrived?" asked one of the young men to someone entering the main hall.

"Yu Lin and Su Mu," replied the man.

"Su Mu and Yu Lin are good friends. But the Yu Clan are too naive. They think they can prevent us from getting their deployment mine?" said Jing Yan calmly. He sounded self-confident, as if the situation was perfectly under control.

"Brother, Yu Lin, that little boy, opposed our brother in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry can't do much against him. We should teach him a good lesson," said a young man standing in a lower position, smiling at Jing Yan. He was also from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

The Jing Clan and the Yu Clan were both families of deployment spell casters, their most outstanding descendants all went to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry to practice cultivation.

"Yu Lin and Su Mu are not easy targets. We have to be vigilant. Don't ruin the plans. Unfortunately, our friend hasn't come. Otherwise, we would have easily invaded all the deployment mines," Jing Yan said calmly.

"He's doing all he can to get ready for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. We should be happy for him. If he had come, we would have crushed everyone." Everyone nodded. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was extremely important for everyone. The most outstanding people of the whole continent were getting ready for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

At the same time, apart from the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan, the two other clans were also getting ready for the compet.i.tion over the deployment mines. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi had already managed to infiltrate those groups. The clans were happy to receive some help, and coupled with the geniuses they had invited, keeping their deployment mines would be no problem. They all understood that the biggest compet.i.tion was between the Yu Clan and the Jing Clan. They just hoped that the Yu Clan would be able to protect themselves and would prevent the Jing Clan from taking another step forwards, otherwise, the Jing Clan would also start putting pressure on them.

The Jing Clan had wild ambitions. Everybody in Qing Shan City knew that. Everybody in Qing Shan City paid attention to those clans, wondering if the Jing Clan would succeed…


After Yu Lin and Su Mu arrived, Yu Ye stopped spending time with Lin Feng. Sometimes, Lin Feng saw her with Su Mu, but a new girl had started spending time with them: Yu Xin!

Even though Yu Xin wasn't as beautiful as Yu Ye, she was also quite pretty, she looked dainty and delicate, and was also extremely polite. Lin Feng had talked to her and had realized that she didn't have such a high position within the Yu Clan. After Yu Lin had come back, things had changed. Lin Feng wasn't such a lucky find anymore.

Of course, Lin Feng didn't care. On the contrary, he actually found Yu Xin more friendly. She was kinder and more honest. When Lin Feng didn't know something, he asked her directly and she always told him things clearly.


Lin Feng, Tantai, and Yu Xin were walking on a path in the Yu Clan, and b.u.mped into Yu Ye and Su Mu.

When Yu Ye saw Lin Feng, she nodded at him and then looked away and continued talking to Su Mu. She looked extremely happy. Lin Feng overheard their conversation; Yu Ye wanted to bring Su Mu over to the Yu Clan's deployment mine.

Yu Ye had seemingly forgotten that she had promised to Lin Feng she would take him to the Yu Clan's deployment mine.

Of course, Lin Feng didn't care. He cared about Mu Chen!

"Lin Feng, what do you think?" asked Yu Xin, smiling at Lin Feng and watching the two people pa.s.sing.

"They're a perfect match. Su Mu is a genius of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, and Yu Ye is extremely beautiful. They're perfect for one another," Lin Feng said very naturally. He did think they were a good match.

"Hihi, I thought you'd be jealous," Yu Xin smiled.

"Why would I be?" said Lin Feng, shrugging and pinching Yu Xin's cheeks, which made her blush; she moved away and glanced at Lin Feng.

"Haha, you're funnier than Yu Ye," Lin Feng smiled, walking on.

Yu Xin looked at Lin Feng's back and muttered, "What kind of guy is this!"

"You'll understand soon enough!" Tantai laughed, and followed Lin Feng with big strides.

Yu Xin looked at the two friends and laughed. She quickly caught up with them and asked, "Lin Feng, where are we going?"

"We're going to the Yu Clan's deployment mine!" said Lin Feng calmly. He was very interested in the deployment mine!

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