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PMG Chapter 2098

Chapter 2098: Deployment Battle

In Qing Shan City, there were four big deployment mines. The two biggest ones were the Jing Clan's and the Yu Clan's. Many deployment stones were dug out of there. Sometimes, there were even some very strange deployment stones.

Deployment mines were extremely important to the families of deployment spell casters. Therefore, they did all they could to protect them. The Yu Clan was no exception.

Lin Feng followed Yu Xin, and they eventually arrived in front of a gigantic mine. There were all kinds of strange stone formations formed into hills. Lin Feng realized how vast a deployment mine could be. It was basically a precious mountain range. Even though strong cultivators protected it, some people still managed to sneak in and steal stones sometimes. To such thieves, the Yu Clan was ruthless!


Lin Feng was standing before a mountain of stones, and reached out to touch them. Some stones had marks, some of them seemed like they were alive. Cosmic energy kept filtering down, and that was with only ten percent of the stones being empowered!

"How strange. How are they formed?" sighed Lin Feng.

"There are many precious resources in the continent, such as celestial medicinal herbs. These stones aren't that strange, they're quite natural. Of course, many of these stones are useless. Only ten percent of them are useful!" replied Yu Xin.

"Indeed. They're natural and some of them even have innate deployment marks. Even the impure ones seem to have deployment essence, so it's easy to carve deployment marks on them," Lin Feng said slowly.

Yu Xin smiled, "Yes, many people from my clan come to practice cultivation here and study deployment spells. At the same time, they use those impure stones to improve their skills!"

"Lin Feng, I'll take you to the purest deployment mine!" Yu Xin smiled. She grabbed Lin Feng's hand and rose up into the air.

After a short time, they arrived in a part of the mine where the cosmic energies were extremely rich and thick. There were all sorts of deployment stones here. Some of them even seemed alive and had a rich vitality, with innate marks on some of them. Some of them had better deployment marks than a Great Scholar could carve!

"There are many strange things in the world of cultivation," mused Lin Feng. He walked up to a gigantic black stone with sharp spear marks on it. It contained intense dark cosmic energies, which oozed into the air around it. The spear was covered with deployment marks, it looked alive and real. It was ready to use to study deployment spells.

"How awesome!" Tantai touched the deployment stone. Yu Xin kept giggling. She put her hand on it also, and cosmic energies pulsed out. A terrifying sharp Qi welled up instantly. It felt like the deployment stone could explode at any time!

"How strong! I guess the Yu Clan is ready to do anything to protect the deployment mine!" said Lin Feng.

"Indeed. It is extremely important. Otherwise, my clan wouldn't have called Yu Lin back. They also wanted him to bring a friend back. The Jing Clan can't win!" replied Yu Xin.

Lin Feng nodded when he heard her. He would have more chances to join them and make the Jing Clan release Mu Chen this way…

"Lin Feng, your teacher is a Great Scholar, you must be good at casting deployment spells, right?" asked Yu Xin, smiling at Lin Feng. She was curious.

"I'm alright," said Lin Feng smiling and shrugging.

Yu Xin pursed her lips and asked, "What does 'I'm alright' mean?"

As they were talking, suddenly, the whistling of wind-cutting came to their ears. Lin Feng, Tantai and Yu Xin turned gazed into the distance. A deadly energy dashed to the skies, as if a battle was happening.

"Some people are trying to plunder the mine!" Yu Xin was suddenly enlightened and started running. "Come, let's go and see!"

Lin Feng and the two others started running in the direction of the whistling. Many people were in the mine. Two people were having an explosive battle at that moment.

"Yu Lin?" Lin Feng was stupefied. He was also in the deployment mine.

"Who's fighting against Yu Lin?"

"Jing Ran, an extremely strong young man from the Jing Clan. He's an expert in deployment spells and he's also from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry." Yu Xin's beautiful eyes were twinkling as she stared at the battle. The two cultivators were fighting indirectly, both standing away from one another and using deployment spells to fight!

Jing Ran took a step forwards and some parts of the deployment mine exploded. Then, he moved his hands rapidly, it looked like he was dancing. He kept carving things in the air with his five fingers. Some terrifyingly sharp Qi streaked across the sky, the sword Qi emitted whistling sounds and shot at Yu Lin. The earth and sky shook violently.

Yu Lin grunted icily. He moved his hands and carved a great protection deployment spell. There was a crash and rumbling explosion as their forces met. More pieces of stones exploded and floated around in the air.

"Haha, Brother Yu Lin is extremely strong, as expected!" said Jing Ran, laughing heroically and loudly. He jumped around insanely and deployment stones kept exploding. Deployment marks kept intertwining with another around him.

"Die!" shouted Yu Lin explosively. The deployment mine kept exploding. Dust kept rising to the skies. A cloud of dust surrounded Yu Lin.

Yu Lin looked at Jing Ran icily. A gigantic golden sword appeared and absorbed Qi as Yu Lin shouted furiously. The gigantic sword absorbed what seemed like oceans of energies. Explosions began to erupt for it as it condensed power.

The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry really creates terrifying deployment spell casters, thought Lin Feng when he saw those two people fight. Their deployment spells were really impressive. It was like they weren't even using their own strength, because they were in a deployment mine. It was a perfect environment to fight using deployment spells.

The battle was getting fiercer and fiercer. Lin Feng watched the battle with admiration. He thought, I also study deployment spells. Deployment cultivation is about deployment spells. However, I can't use deployment spells like they can. They make their deployment spells evolve to become direct attacks. They can also carry out various attacks using deployment spells. Of course, all sorts of deployment methods show h.o.m.ology and the energies show isology. If I studied and tried to make my G.o.dly awareness correspond to the cultivation of deployment spells, I would be able to do the same thing and cast deployment spells in the blink of an eye…

Watching them battle made him understand lots of things. He also knew how to cast deployment spells, but it was different from these people. These people were also cultivators, but they practiced cultivation in a different tradition.

Deployment spells and cultivation were fundamentally the same thing. Lin Feng had the sensation that if he managed to understand Celestial Deployment spells, he would also be able to become a Great Deployment Master, which came down to being a Saint on the path of deployment casting!

"Is Jing Ran the strongest young man of the Jing Clan?" asked Lin Feng. He had the impression that Jing Ran was extremely strong, but that he was still weaker than Yu Lin.

"He's not. Yu Lin can easily oppress Jing Ran. However, the Jing Clan does have a terrifying cultivator: Jing Yan. He can easily oppress Yu Lin. Jing Ran and Jing Yan are both members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. They are the two strongest cultivators of the Jing Clan. Also, Jing Xiao Yue and the others are also extremely strong. That's why the Jing Clan is rising in Qing Shan City and wants to invade all the deployment mines," replied Yu Xin seriously.

Lin Feng nodded his understanding. No wonder. The Jing Clan also had some extremely strong cultivators in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Those people were experts in terms of deployment spells, even stronger than he was. They could resort to all kinds of strange tactics to battle.

"Alright, done for today. We'll exchange views soon again, Brother Yu Lin!" said Jing Ran at that moment, and then he went winging off like a great roc.

Jing Ran flew extremely fast, but he saw Lin Feng and the two others, he smiled opportunistically. He stretched out his hand which crashed into a wall of the deployment mine. Explosions rang out and rock crackled as he made the whole mine shake.

"Hmph!" Tantai shouted icily and jumped forwards.

However, Yu Xin's expression changed drastically. "He didn't use his own strength, he used deployment spells! I'll go!" Yu Xin jumped in front of Lin Feng and Tantai. She raised her hands and carved out deployment spells. Even though her deployment spells weren't as good as Jing Ran's, she wasn't a disgrace to the Yu Clan.

Jing Ran flitted away, and a gigantic spear shot towards her. It contained wind strength which darkened everything around it as it came at her.

Yu Xin pulled a long face. She condensed some defensive strength to carve out a deployment spell. However, at the same time, Lin Feng carved fearsome intertwining deployment marks in front of her. Lin Feng sensed the strength of the deployment mine, it was a perfect place to cast deployment spells using the deployment essence of the mine.

An explosive strength charged towards Yu Xin. Her defensive deployment spell blocked the attack, but it broke apart at the same time. At the same time, Jing Ran suddenly rose up into the air as strength emerged from the ground under his feet.

Jing Ran looked at Lin Feng deeply. Even though Lin Feng was behind Yu Xin, Jing Ran knew that he had just intervened. Since when did the Yu Clan have such a strong cultivator?

Some other people from the Yu Clan were astonished. How strong! How come Yu Xin's deployment spells were so powerful?

PMG Chapter 2099

Chapter 2099: Jing Xiao Yue

Yu Xin was stupefied. She hadn't cast that deployment spell. It had come from behind her.

"I'm sure we'll meet again!" said Jing Ran before leaving. Under his feet, more deployment lights appeared, and he flashed away. The members of the Yu Clan didn't bother chasing him. Their silhouettes flickered, and they appeared around Yu Xin.

"Yu Xin, your deployment spell was so powerful!" said an old man to Yu Xin.

"Yes, even though it wasn't distinct, it blocked Jing Ran's attack, how strong! Yu Xin, we haven't spent too much time raising you and you practiced really hard to become stronger. In the future, we'll give you even more help!" said someone else. Yu Xin felt nervous and was surprised. She didn't understand what was going on.

"But Jing Ran is extremely strong. If the Jing Clan focuses on us, it'll be difficult."

"Indeed. Jing Yan is also studying at the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Even though we invited Su Mu to come, we can't be sure that the Jing Clan hasn't invited anyone, either. It'll be difficult."

The people of the Yu Clan looked nervous and under pressure. They were nervous that the Jing Clan was going to focus on them.

"Should we change the rules of the compet.i.tion for the deployment mines? Battles of five people! That way, we'll have more chances to oppress the Jing Clan. If they focus on us, we'll be able to use our full strength. If we join hands with the two other clans, we'll be able to oppress them!" said Yu Lin audaciously. Everybody s.h.i.+vered. Changing the rules? That was audacious… but it was a good solution.

"We'll have to talk to the two other clans. We'll have to become closely related and mutually dependent. If we don't join hands and the Jing Clan destroys us, the next ones will be them," said a member of the Yu Clan. Everybody nodded and they quickly broke up.

Yu Ye glanced at Lin Feng and Yu Xin before leaving. Lin Feng was not essential to the Yu Clan. They respected him, so if Lin Feng's teacher came, they'd be able to benefit from him. If his teacher didn't come, it didn't matter.

Yu Xin turned around and looked at Lin Feng, her eyes twinkled as she said, "Was it you just now?"

"Yes," Lin Feng nodded. He didn't hide the truth. If the Yu Clan couldn't rely on themselves to oppress the Jing Clan, Lin Feng was willing to help. At least, he wanted to oppress the Jing Clan as much as he could.

When Yu Xin saw him nod, she smiled and said, "Your deployment spells are so powerful?"

"I said I was alright," Lin Feng shrugged. He didn't really consider it important.

"It's not only alright, why didn't you tell them? They would respect you a bit more," said Yu Xin smiled.

"Why would I need them to be even more polite to me? I would feel uneasy," Lin Feng smiled, "You don't need to tell them for now. If they want to give you resources, you can take them, and if they know in the future that it wasn't you, you can tell them I told you to say so, so they won't be able to take them back."

"You're a funny guy!" Yu Xin smiled at Lin Feng, "But now, I finally believe you when you said you didn't care about Yu Ye going out with Su Mu. You really didn't take it to heart."

Lin Feng smiled calmly and said, "Let's go back, too."

"Alright." Yu Xin nodded and they left the deployment mine.

At that moment, outside of the Yu Clan's deployment mine, there was a woman calmly standing there and looking at the mine.

The woman was wearing simple white clothes, which were fluttering in the wind. She looked simple and elegant, and quite beautiful. She definitely stood out.

That girl looks extraordinary, thought Lin Feng when he saw her. Yu Xin stopped. Lin Feng and Tantai stopped, too.

"What's wrong?" Lin Feng asked her.

"You know who she is?" Yu Xin asked, smiling at Lin Feng.

"Is she very famous?" said Lin Feng.

"She's recently become famous. I admire her. She's talented and beautiful, but she's also a loving woman. She promised her clan that she was going to invade our deployment mine. I know what she's thinking," Yu Xin smiled.

Lin Feng was startled as he thought of someone. "Jing Xiao Yue?" he asked.

"You know her, too?" asked Yu Xin, surprised at him. She knew that Lin Feng was from the Dark Night Region, how did he know so much about Qing Shan City?

As expected!, thought Lin Feng. Jing Xiao Yue was the woman Mu Chen had fallen in love with. Because of her, Mu Chen was imprisoned in the black tower. Did she know that…? If she knew…

A strong wind started blowing and suddenly Lin Feng's silhouette disappeared. Yu Xin was shocked. Lin Feng appeared in front Jing Xiao Yue in the distance.

Jing Xiao Yue raised her head and looked at Lin Feng calmly. Her white clothes still fluttered in the wind. She looked expressionless.

"Jing Xiao Yue?" asked Lin Feng slowly.

Jing Xiao Yue took a step forwards and said, "Move away!"

Lin Feng smiled, but he didn't move, he just stood there calmly.

Jing Xiao Yue rose off the ground as it shook violently. The whole mine trembled. Threads of strength emerged from the ground and filled the air.

"Be careful!" shouted Yu Xin to Lin Feng. Jing Xiao Yue was a genius from the Jing Clan, and extremely strong. Even if she wasn't as strong as Jing Yan, who studied at the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, she wasn't much weaker than him.

"Don't worry, Lin Feng will not hurt her," whispered Tantai to Yu Xin.

"Eh…" Yu Xin's beautiful eyes twinkled. She looked at Tantai and frowned. She wasn't worried that Lin Feng was going to hurt her…

Had Yu Xin underestimated Lin Feng? His deployment spells were powerful, but was he also an amazing fighter?

Jing Xiao Yue flitted away as a gigantic cage appeared around Lin Feng. Jing Xiao Yue moved again as destructive strength suddenly emerged from the ground.

Lin Feng rose up into the air as a spear appeared and shot towards him.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+fted forwards and released cosmic energies, bearing down on everything. At the same time, Lin Feng struck the cage with a punch and it was instantly destroyed.

Lin Feng jumped towards Jing Xiao Yue. In response, Jing Xiao Yue released a powerful strength. At the same time, fearsome deployment lights condensed.

"Milky Way Lacerating Technique!" Yu Xin was stupefied. Jing Xiao Yue moved towards Lin Feng. Both were getting closer and closer to one another. Destructive strength kept gathering to them. Jing Xiao Yue's hand streaked across the sky and a galaxy appeared, cutting the sky in two!

Lin Feng released Holy Spirit Swords. The swords rotating in the sky and suddenly sliced through everything. The galaxy was sliced apart and disappeared. Lin Feng was now holding a sword which absorbed strength.

Yu Xin's heart was pounding. How strong! Lin Feng's fighting abilities were incredible! He might be able to even defeat Yu Lin. Lin Feng's fighting abilities allowed him to compete with the strongest young person of the Yu Clan!

"Who are you?" asked Jing Xiao Yue, staring at Lin Feng. She noticed that Lin Feng was extremely strong…

"You want to invade the Yu Clan's deployment mine?" Lin Feng asked Jing Xiao Yue.

Jing Xiao Yue frowned and said, "Indeed! I will, definitely!"

"Mu Chen won't show up. The Jing Clan doesn't need you," said Lin Feng indifferently.

Jing Xiao Yue frowned and looked nervous. "Mu Chen will show up! Even if I fight to death, so what?"

"You don't understand! Go now," said Lin Feng said calmly. He was happy, Jing Xiao Yue didn't know anything and she was still ready to fight to the death.

Jing Xiao Yue stared at Lin Feng and asked, "You will stop me?"

"Indeed!" Lin Feng nodded. He was going to stop the Jing Clan, of course!

Jing Xiao Yue pulled a long face as Lin Feng said, "No matter who from the Jing Clan attacks, they won't manage to get the Yu Clan's deployment mine. Mu Chen won't show up, either. Leave now."

"What if he shows up?" said Jing Xiao Yue icily.

"If he shows up, I'll help the Jing Clan steal the deployment mine," said Lin Feng indifferently. "Go and tell the Jing Clan that if he doesn't show up, not only won't they manage to steal the Yu Clan's deployment mine, but they won't be able to protect their own, either."

When Jing Xiao Yue heard Lin Feng, she didn't understand because she didn't know who Lin Feng was. She also didn't know that Lin Feng and Mu Chen knew one another. Why would he help the Jing Clan if Mu Chen showed up? And why would he steal the Jing Clan's deployment mine if Mu Chen didn't appear?

Jing Xiao Yue didn't understand. Yu Xin didn't understand either!

PMG Chapter 2100

Chapter 2100: The Fast Sword of Qing Shan

Jing Xiao Yue left. She had come to the Yu Clan's deployment mine hoping to see Mu Chen. However, she didn't into Mu Chen, but b.u.mped into a strange person, Lin Feng!

On her way back to the Jing Clan, Jing Xiao Yue kept thinking about what Lin Feng had told her. What did it mean? If Mu Chen showed up, he'd help the Jing Clan; if he didn't, he'd help the others steal the Jing Clan's deployment mine?

"Xiao Yue," a middle-aged man spoke up at that moment. He looked at Jing Xiao Yue gently. However, Jing Xiao Yue looked back at him in icy anger.

"Xiao Yue, don't worry. Mu Chen isn't a good match for you. He won't dare show up. The Yu Clan will kill the people who try to steal their deployment mine," the middle-aged man said calmly.

However, Jing Xiao Yue just looked at him icily. "Today, I went to the Yu Clan and I ran into someone. A strange person," said Jing Xiao Yue emotionlessly to the middle-aged man. "A young man, he was very strange. He told me to tell the Jing Clan that on the day of the deployment mine compet.i.tion, if Mu Chen showed up, he'd help the Jing Clan steal the deployment mine, and if Mu Chen didn't show up, he'd help the others steal the Jing Clan's deployment mine."

When the middle-aged man heard that, he frowned angrily and said, "Who was that person?"

"I don't know him. He's extremely strong. I hope there aren't implications…!" said Jing Xiao Yue icily before she left.

The middle-aged man looked furious, blade-sharp lights flashed in his eyes as he whispered, "Does the Yu Clan think they can still prevent us from taking their deployment mine?"

In the eyes of the Jing Clan, the Yu Clan's deployment mine was already theirs.

After Jing Xiao Yue left, Lin Feng and Yu Xin left too. Yu Xin was still astonished. She glanced at Lin Feng secretly now and then.

"Why are you looking at me?" Lin Feng smiled.

"The more I look at you, the less I understand you. Tantai was right. I will soon understand," Yu Xin smiled. "Jing Xiao Yue is a genius of the Jing Clan, and extremely strong. However, in front of you, she didn't look strong. If you fight against her on the day of the deployment mine compet.i.tion, I'm sure you could easily steal theirs. And did you really mean what you said to Jing Xiao Yue?"

"What then?" asked Lin Feng smiling.

"If Mu Chen shows up, will you really help the Jing Clan against the three clans?"

"I will," said Lin Feng nodding.

"Well then, I hope Mu Chen won't show up!" Yu Xin smiled cheerfully.

Lin Feng looked at her strangely. "Do you really believe I will help the Jing Clan steal the three other clans' deployment mines?"

"Tantai said I'd understand you sooner or later! Maybe I will!" said Yu Xin, giving a noncommittal reply with a cheeky grin.


Lin Feng, Tantai, and Yu Xin went back to Yu Clan. The Yu Clan was as before, getting ready for the deployment mine compet.i.tion. The three clans of Qing Shan City had had several occasions to act, but in the end they had come to a compromise: the compet.i.tion. At each compet.i.tion, there would be five battles. When there were three winners, they won the deployment mine. People who had fought already couldn't fight again.

That was good for the Yu Clan, as even though the Jing Clan was strong, they didn't have that many geniuses.


The day of the compet.i.tion for the deployment mines finally arrived. The location was where the four deployment mines were. The winners would take control over the loser's mine.

The Yu Clan's strong cultivators had gathered together. Yu Lin and Su Mu were at the head of the group. This battle was too important for the Yu Clan; if they lost, they would lose their deployment mine and the Jing Clan would take control of it!

"Yu Lin, Su Mu, you are the two most important elements of this battle," a group of old men said to Su Mu and Yu Lin.

"We will definitely win this battle," Yu Lin nodded.

"Alright, let's go. The first battle of the Jing Clan is over the deployment mine of the Feng Clan. Let's go to the Feng Clan to see first," said an elder. The group of people rose up into the air, the crowd looking at Yu Lin, Su Mu, and Yu Ye. They were mounted on unicorns and looked majestic!

Lin Feng, Tantai, and Yu Xin were following behind them. Yu Kun noticed Lin Feng and the others, his eyes twinkled and he smiled, "Lin Feng, little boy. You're now used to staying in the Yu Clan. I hope Yu Xin is taking good care of you?"

"Yes, Yu Xin is great!" said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding.

"Very good. You've been here for so many days. Has your teacher been looking for you?" asked Yu Kun.

"Soon. I'm sure that you will see him soon," replied Lin Feng.

"Very good. I hope he can teach us some things. Besides, you know that today is the deployment mine compet.i.tion, the four big clans are going to fight. So today you can watch and learn," said Yu Kun politely. He didn't disdain Lin Feng, but the compet.i.tion was between four powerful groups, so he was convinced that Lin Feng, who knew a few deployment spells, would learn some things.

"That's what I thought!" replied Lin Feng. Yu Kun didn't say much and left with the others for the Feng Clan.


At the Feng Clan's deployment mine, there were many nervous people. The members of the Jing Clan had arrived already. Apart from people of the Feng Clan, there were observers from all four powerful clans. The second deployment mine the Jing Clan wanted was that of the Wen Clan. They wanted the deployment mines of all other three clans!

Apart from the Clans, there were many strong cultivators from Qing Shan City who had come to watch. This compet.i.tion would determine the fate of Qing Shan City.

Hou Qing Lin and his group were with the group of people from the Feng Clan. The members of the Feng Clan were very polite to Hou Qing Lin and the others. After all, they were willing to help them protect their deployment mine!

At that moment, the strong cultivators of the Feng Clan walked forwards. Some illusion marks appeared around them.

"Welcome to the Feng Clan's deployment mine. Please be seated," waved a strong cultivator of the Feng Clan. Seats rose up into the air and moved around in a perfect formation for people to sit. Apart from their own strength, they could also use the power of the deployment mines!

"After today, the deployment mine might not belong to the Feng Clan anymore," a strong cultivator of the Jing Clan said provocatively at that moment.

"Who will the five fighters of the Jing Clan be?" asked the strong cultivator of the Feng Clan.

"According to the rules, since we made a concession, you have to choose first," said the strong cultivator of the Jing Clan slowly. Five battles, they weren't going to say who was going to fight. The Feng Clan needed to select their fighters first. It was going to be difficult for them. The Jing Clan could choose their fighters depending on the fighters chosen by the Feng Clan.

"Jing Yan, Jing Ran, and Jing Xiao Yue haven't shown up. They won't fight here. They don't care about the Feng Clan. The pressure is all on us," said Yu Kun to Yu Lin and the others.

Yu Lin nodded and said, "Uncle Kun, if Jing Yan and the others show up on our battlefield, it'll be difficult, we'll have to give up our deployment mine and try to steal theirs."

"I think so, too. The Jing Clan invited many extremely strong people. They are willing to do all they can for the Jing Clan. It will be difficult for the Feng Clan to protect their deployment mine as well," said Yu Kun calmly. He glanced at the members of the Jing Clan, they looked calm and collected, as if they had everything under control.

From this day on, there would be tremendous changes in Qing Shan City!

Everybody looked at the Feng Clan's members, wondering who they were going to choose.

At that moment, a young man came out, wearing grey clothes and with a sword in his back. He looked simple and clean. However, he looked as sharp as a sword, as if n.o.body could stop him.

"Who's that person? I've never seen him," whispered some people in the crowd. The man was a stranger.

Some members of the Jing Clan frowned. They had seen that person before, but they didn't remember where. The Jing Clan had to win the first battle!

The Jing Clan sent out a strong cultivator wearing a bamboo hat who slowly walked out of the crowd. He landed on the deployment mine's ground, looking mysterious. He raised his hand and took off his hat, revealing his deathly pale face.

"The Fast Sword of Qing Shan!" When the crowd saw him, they frowned. That really pale young man was a hero in town, a terrifying sword cultivator!

The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was a feared sword cultivator in Qing Shan City. His sword attacks were unprecedentedly fast. Very few people could invite him, but the Jing Clan had managed to.

When the members of the Feng Clan saw him, they frowned nervously. Was the Jing Clan's goal really the Yu Clan?…

PMG Chapter 2101

Chapter 2101: One Sword

The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was a young man known to be the fastest sword cultivator of his generation. People didn't recall his name anymore, they just called him The Fast Sword of Qing Shan. When they saw him, they all felt oppressed. People looked at the members of the Feng Clan with compa.s.sion. Unfortunately for them, the Fast Sword of Qing Shan was merciless and emotionless. He liked to kill.

"The Fast Sword of Qing Shan?" Lin Feng looked interested when he heard that name. Unfortunately, Jian Mang wasn't there, or this guy would have seen an even faster sword.

Of course, could Ruo Xie's swords be slower?

"Who do you think will win?" Yu Xin asked when she saw Lin Feng's broad smile.

"The Fast Sword of Qing Shan will lose," Lin Feng declared firmly. Yu Xin looked at him strangely, giggling, not believing him at all. The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was famous! In terms of basic cultivation, not deployment spells, he was even stronger than Yu Lin, and now Lin Feng was saying that The Fast Sword of Qing Shan was going to lose?

The two fighters remained silent on the ground of the deployment mine. They were staring at one another.

A cold wind brushed against them. Sword intent rose up, sharp and cold. The Fast Sword of Qing Shan started moving towards Ruo Xie. He wasn't that fast, but he was stable. There was a seemingly ordinary sword in his hand. Real sword cultivators used rather plain swords.

When he used his sword, there weren't dazzling lights, it didn't make the earth and sky shake either. Sword cultivators had just one thing in mind: to kill their opponent as fast as possible!

Ruo Xie was the same, and fought the same way. His sword attacks were fast and he wanted to kill his opponents as quickly as possible.

The atmosphere became oppressive. People gulped down when they saw the two fighters start moving, staring at the two of them.

The members of the Feng Clan were very nervous. When the Fast Sword of Qing Shan appeared, they understood that the Jing Clan was truly sly and evil. They didn't intend to take only the Yu Clan's deployment mine, otherwise, the Fast Sword of Qing Shan wouldn't have appeared here!

The Feng Clan couldn't lose this battle. However, could Ruo Xie win?

The Fast Sword of Qing Shan finally attacked, dazzling lights appearing. He wasn't running fast, but his sword was quick. A light beam of cosmic energy appeared, people couldn't follow it with their eyes.

Ruo Xie's sword also appeared. It looked slower than his opponent's, especially at the time of unsheathing. The crowd could already imagine the Fast Sword of Qing Shan's cutting apart Ruo Xie.

Ruo Xie's sword looked slower because the Fast Sword of Qing Shan released his really fast. In the blink of an eye, two light beams appeared between them. They were both standing there motionless. There was no blood. The crowd didn't even see the sword energies.

Some people frowned.

A cold wind soughed, a silhouette suddenly turned to dust and vanished. People's hearts suddenly started pounding.

"How was that possible…!

The Fast Sword of Qing Shan had lost. Not only had he lost, but he had also died!

The opponent who was wearing a simple grey cloak slowly turned around and went back to the group of people from the Feng Clan. The crowd came back to their senses and realized what had happened.

"Pfew…" The strong cultivators of the Feng Clan all took deep breaths.

"Good, Ruo Xie is extremely strong."

Many strong cultivators from the Feng Clan stood up, looking pleasantly surprised. They knew that Ruo Xie was extremely strong, but they had not thought he was THAT strong. He had killed the Fast Sword of Qing Shan in the blink of an eye, and everybody knew how strong that guy was. If he hadn't died, then Ruo Xie would have died. That was the normal result of a battle between two sword cultivators: death!

Many people from the Jing Clan had long faces. They had thought they'd definitely win, but in the end the Fast Sword of Qing Shan had been crushed. It meant that the Feng Clan could now choose their fighters according to which fighter the Jing Clan would choose.

"The Fast Sword of Qing Shan surprisingly lost. Who was that guy?" Many people from the Yu Clan were staring at Ruo Xie. Surprisingly, the Feng Clan had such a terrifying cultivator?

Yu Xin looked at Lin Feng strangely. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"How did you know?" asked Yu Xin.

"I can't say it in front of everyone," said Lin Feng, smiling mysteriously. Yu Xin felt even more curious. Couldn't he tell her telepathically? Why did he need to be so vague? But she had no choice but to accept it.

Lin Feng whispered in Yu Xin's ears, "Because he's my fellow disciple."

Yu Xin was stupefied. She looked at Lin Feng meaningfully, This guy is so strong, how many secrets does he have?

She remembered what Lin Feng had said. If Mu Chen showed up, he'd help the Jing Clan; if Mu Chen didn't show up, he'd help the others take the Jing Clan's deployment mines. Did he really mean it?

"Now, four battles are left. The Feng Clan will be able to choose their fighter according to which fighter the Jing Clan is going to choose. The Feng Clan could possibly win this battle," Yu Kun said calmly. Everybody nodded in agreement. The Feng Clan wasn't as strong as the Jing Clan or the Yu Clan, but they were a powerful clan after all, and also had some terrifyingly strong young people. If the Jing Clan didn't select their strongest fighters, the Feng Clan could definitely win. Since they had won the first battle, they had an even better chance to win the second one.

"The Jing Clan chose Jing Qiong, he is only inferior to Jing Xiao Yue. With his deployment spells, he's extremely strong," the crowd murmured when they saw the second fighter chosen by the Jing Clan. When they saw the fighter chosen by the Feng Clan, they all came to the same conclusion: the result of the battle was already sure. The Feng Clan chose their strongest genius: Feng Ye. They had to win!

As the crowd had expected, the Feng Clan won the second battle. The Jing Clan had already lost two battles!

The Feng Clan had been sure to win with Feng Ye.

"Since the Jing Clan can't choose their fighters first anymore, they have lost the game," was the general consensus. Those who won the first battle gained the initiative in such battles, so the first battle was decisive. If the Jing Clan had won the first battle, they would have been able to choose anyone for the second battle. Even if they lost, it wouldn't have mattered, they could have won the third one easily.

But everything depended on the first battle.

The Jing Clan randomly selected a fighter for the third battle, they had already given up on the Feng Clan's deployment mine. They needed to keep their strongest cultivators back, they'd try to get the Wen Clan's mine.

"We won!" The members of the Feng Clan were relieved. The reason why they had chosen Feng Ye for the second battle was that they still had Hou Qing Lin behind him, and he was Ruo Xie's fellow disciple. It seemed that Ruo Xie respected Hou Qing Lin a lot, which meant that Hou Qing Lin was probably as strong or even stronger than him!

It seemed that they had already won, but they remained vigilant anyway.

"Brother Hou, Brother Ruo Xie, thank you very much. In the future, if you need anything, please ask us!" a strong Feng Clan cultivator said to Hou Qing Lin and Ruo Xie, bowing and smiling. When they had seen the Fast Sword of Qing Shan come out, they had felt great pressure. Luckily, Ruo Xie had won. The Jing Clan had lost three times in a row and had decided to give up on their territory.


Now that the Feng Clan had won, the Wen Clan was under pressure. The Jing Clan was also determined to take their territory!

The Jing Clan had chosen the Fast Sword of Qing Shan for their first battle and had lost, but it made them even more determined to win. The strongest cultivators they had kept for the Feng Clan hadn't fought in the end, so they had kept those strong cultivators back for the Wen Clan. The Wen Clan was now under pressure. Many people looked at Tian Chi and the others. They hoped they'd help, like Ruo Xie had done for the Feng Clan.

The members of the Jing Clan rose up into the air and headed towards the Wen Clan. They hadn't managed to take the Feng Clan's deployment mine; would they manage to take the Wen Clan's?

The Jing Clan had lost control, the Wen Clan didn't control events anymore, either. n.o.body knew that a mysterious young man who had spent time in the Yu Clan had plotted against the Jing Clan.

From Tiantai, only Ruo Xie had fought already. Hou Qing Lin hadn't even needed to fight. The Wen Clan felt pressured, and Tiantai's disciples knew that the pressure was present, but they were also convinced that protecting the three deployment mines would be no problem at all!

PMG Chapter 2102

Chapter 2102: Desperation

The place for the second round of battles was the Wen Clan's deployment mine. Once again, many people were watching in the distance.

The members of the Jing Clan looked sullen and angry. They had lost the first round, they had to win this time around!

"Who is sure to win the first battle?" a strong cultivator of the Jing Clan asked the people behind him.

"Wait and see. The Wen Clan will choose someone first, we'll choose accordingly," someone else responded.

"Alright, no matter what, we must obtain the Wen Clan's deployment mine!"

As the members of the Jing Clan were talking, the members of the Wen Clan were also talking and planning. Finally, the first fighter they sent out was Wen Yi, one of the strongest young people of the Wen Clan.

However, when the members of the Jing Clan saw him, they smiled. The first battle was going to be easy for them. The Wen Clan was probably desperate, they were going to sacrifice one of their people to inspect how strong the Jing Clan's cultivators were.

The Jing Clan chose someone wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a cloak. He jumped up onto the battle stage. People s.h.i.+vered, another mysterious strange cultivator! In the Feng Clan, n.o.body cared but now, the crowd understood that it was another cultivator the Jing Clan had invited.

It's Prince Lu, when he uses his hook, he easily beheads people. Wen Yi is doomed, thought the crowd.

"Wen Yi, if you can't win, get down off the battle stage!" shouted some strong cultivator from the Wen Clan. Wen Yi nodded. Prince Lu rose up into the air. A grinding vortex spun towards him. However, his hook spirit emerged from the vortex and shot towards Wen Yi's head. At the same time, a pair of eyes appeared at the hook spirit.

Wen Yi retreated quickly. At the same time, he kept casting deployment spells to protect himself. He jumped off the battle stage very quickly, stopping the fight quickly. A defeat didn't matter, his life was more important. The Jing Clan won this round.

The Wen Clan is under pressure, thought the crowd. The Jing Clan had the initiative. The Jing Clan had paid the price to win. They had invited some of the strongest cultivators available in the region. That way, they could keep back the strongest cultivators of the Jing Clan to fight against the members of the Yu Clan. Everybody knew that the Yu Clan was the Jing Clan's main target. They really wanted the Yu Clan's deployment mine, which was the second best after their own.

For the second battle, the Jing Clan sent out a cultivator of their own clan. The Wen Clan had to choose the second strongest cultivator of their clan.

Even if they lost that battle, the Jing Clan didn't mind. As long as they managed to win three battles, it was enough to gain control over the deployment mine.

At that moment, they were waiting for the second fighter of the Wen Clan.

On the Wen Clan's side, a Sadhu came out. He had a grounded and beneficent priestly demeanor about him.

"Who's that?" thought many people. They had never seen this cultivator in Qing Shan City and the Wen Clan couldn't possibly have Buddhist or Taoist cultivators.

"Did they keep their strongest cultivators for the last two battles?"

"The Jing Clan hasn't used their trump cards yet. Even if the Wen Clan kept their strongest cultivators for the last two battle, the Jing Clan will still win."

"Do you think the Wen Clan, like the Feng Clan, could have some unexpectedly strong cultivators and win the battle?"

People were gossiping. The Jing Clan was hesitant, who was the best cultivator they could choose for this battle?

"We can choose Jing Nan, Jing Bei, or him. He can't fight before winning the second round, so Jing Bei and Jing Nan, get ready to fight," ordered a middle-aged man of the Jing Clan.

The strongest cultivator of the Wen Clan hadn't fought yet. Therefore, they couldn't use their trump cards, otherwise n.o.body would be able to fight against the strongest cultivator of the Wen Clan. They didn't know whether the Wen Clan had some secret strong cultivators left or not. They had to keep their trump cards just in case!

"I'll go," said Jing Nan calmly. "This fight is very important, I'll go."

"Alright, you go," agreed the Jing Clan strong cultivator with a nod.

"It's Jing Nan, can Ban Ruo win?" asked the strong cultivator of the Wen Clan nervously. If they lost, the Wen Clan would probably be in a difficult situation.

He didn't know that Tian Chi and Jian Mang could easily protect their deployment mine.

Jing Nan and Ban Ruo were going to fight. Jing Nan controlled deployment spells and some special spells. He had terrifying fighting abilities. Ban Ruo hadn't changed, his Buddha's halo could illuminate all things, he could turn into a wrathful Buddha, and his body was as hard as diamond. At the same time, he also had a Blue Uptala Lotus which enabled him to purify the ten thousand things of creation, and he could punish people with his sword. He didn't even need to move to purify and punish evil cultivators. He also knew the Sapta Atibuddha Karasaniya Dharani Mantra which resonated with the earth and sky.

After a short time, Jing Nan couldn't handle him anymore, blood splashed and he was hurled away. He suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat!

"Pfew, how strong!" The crowd was amazed. That Buddhist cultivator was extremely strong! Among people who didn't understand Dao, few people could defeat him. The Jing Clan was a powerful clan of deployment spell casters, but only a few people of their people understood Dao. Not many of their people could defeat someone like Ban Ruo!

"Good, Master Ban Ruo is extremely strong." The strong cultivators of the Wen Clan were all smiling broadly. The Wen Clan felt grateful and confident again with Ban Ruo's victory.

The members of the Jing Clan all had long faces again. Could it be that they would fail to gain control over the Wen Clan's deployment mine also?

"I'll fight this one." A silhouette flickered and landed on the battle stage of the deployment mine. Qi pulsed around him.

"I'll go and defeat him!" declared someone on the Wen Clan's side, releasing Qi which dashed to the skies. Everybody frowned; that was the first cultivator of the Wen Clan, Wen Ting!

"Wen Ting, good!" When the members of the Jing Clan saw Wen Ting come out, their eyes glittered with cold lights. They had to defeat Wen Ting, otherwise, there would be no hope!

"Wen Ting." The members of the Wen Clan looked nervous. They had the sensation the Jing Clan had planned to send someone terrifyingly strong, but Wen Ting was already on the battle stage, and they could not change the fighter anymore.

The Jing Clan sent another cultivator wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a cloak. When he took off his hat, the members of the Wen Clan all grimaced. Xue Chou, he controlled blood strength! Wen Ting was in danger. If the Wen Clan had known, they would have sent Wen Ting for the following battle. How stupid!

But now, all they could do was hope that Wen Ting would defeat Xue Chou!

Xue Chou and Wen Ting both understood Dao strength. Xue Chou was more famous than the Fast Sword of Qing Shan. Wen Ting was the strongest cultivator of his generation in the Wen Clan. n.o.body could be sure of the end of the battle.

As they started fighting, pieces of stones started exploding all around them. In terms of strength, Xue Chou was stronger than Wen Ting, but Wen Ting also controlled deployment spells, so the result of the battle was uncertain. Most people thought that Wen Ting would lose.

"You want to bring about your own destruction!" whispered the members of the Jing Clan, staring at Wen Ting and smiling icily. They had thought they'd lose these duels, but in the end, they had hope again!

As expected, Xue Chou defeated Wen Ting. Wen Ting was driven off the battle stage and coughed up blood. At that moment, someone burst into laughter loudly, a strong cultivator of the Jing Clan said indifferently, "Last battle! The Wen Clan is going to choose someone."

When the members of the Wen Clan heard that, they all grit their teeth. Wen Ting felt guilty. He was bleeding and his face had turned deathly pale.

"Go back and heal," a strong Wen Clan cultivator of the Wen Clan told him. He was disappointed. At such a cultivation level, acting so impulsively was stupid.

"Who should we choose for this battle?"

"Master Tian Chi, we can only rely on you now," Wen Ting to Tian Chi. Wen Ting had lost, they needed to win this one. Losing their deployment mine would likely result in their Clan falling.

He knew how strong Tian Chi was. At this moment, the Wen Clan could only put all their hopes on Tian Chi. n.o.body could compete with Tian Chi in the Wen Clan.

"Don't worry." Tian Chi jumped forwards and landed on the deployment mine's battle stage. When the crowd saw yet another Buddhist cultivator, they frowned. The Jing Clan was suddenly less excited as well; another strong cultivator from the outside? After the previous fights, they weren't relaxed at all.

"Jing Bei, we also have to fight against the Yu Clan after this, so this battle is for you," said the strong cultivators of the Jing Clan to Jing Bei. He had to win this battle, and the deployment mine would be theirs!

"Alright." Jing Bei took a deep breath and released his Qi. He jumped forwards and threw himself at Tian Chi, a cloud of Qi pulsing around him. The wind roared and whipped the sky into a fury.

"Wind and clouds cosmic energies. He controls both cosmic energies. When he's here, clouds appear and a strong wind starts blowing." A great pressure bore down on Tian Chi. The members of the Jing Clan were all nervous, they had to win this battle…

Tian Chi's body turned into golden lights which contained aspects of all things. He looked like an ancient Buddha, lofty like a mountain. Inside the golden lights, millions of ancient Buddhas appeared. Tian Chi put his palms together and started chanting mantras which people could hear thousands of li away.

"Good." The Wen Clan's strong cultivators' eyes started twinkling when they saw this, they had hope again.

Clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing. Cosmic energies roared out, yet millions of Buddha's hands appeared and drove towards Tian Chi, grinding down on him. Their energies blotted out the sky.

Tian Chi looked majestic and lofty, wise and indestructible. Their energies collided, and the clouds broke apart, the wind stopped. Jing Bei was smashed away a few li. The members of the Jing Clan were astonished and their hearts started pounding. It was like they had fallen from Heaven to h.e.l.l, they were desperate!

They hadn't managed to take the Wen Clan's deployment mine either!

PMG Chapter 2103

Chapter 2103: Admitting Their Defeat

The strong cultivators of the Wen Clan took deep breaths. They couldn't describe how they felt. They couldn't imagine what would have happened if Tian Chi had failed…

Apart from their own cultivators, the Jing Clan had invited many other people, including some extremely strong cultivators. Unfortunately, the Wen Clan had also invited some incredibly strong cultivators. When Tian Chi had stepped on the battle stage, they had thought they still had a chance to win, but now they knew it was over.

Tian Chi went back to the group of people from the Wen Clan. Many strong cultivators from the Wen Clan stood up and bowed before Tian Chi and Ban Ruo. They were so happy, they said, "Thank you very much for your help. If you need anything, we'll do our best to help you."

The deployment mine was extremely important to them. The two had managed to protect it.

The Jing Clan's cultivators looked glum. They had lost again. They hadn't managed to take either of the lesser Clans' deployment mines.

They were also staring at Tian Chi and Ban Ruo. Who were those strangers? Where were they from?

Even people who weren't from the Jing Clan were wondering who those people where. Everybody had noticed Ban Ruo and Tian Chi. In the last fight, they had seen Ruo Xie. These extremely strong cultivators had never been seen in Qing Shan City before. With their strength, people would have definitely noticed them in Qing Shan City.

Everything was so mysterious…

The members of the Yu Clan were extremely happy. They had made an alliance with the Feng Clan and the Wen Clan, and those two clans had managed to protect their deployment mines. They were also worried at the same time. The Jing Clan might do all they could, using their last trump cards to take their own deployment mine. If the Yu Clan failed, the Jing Clan would definitely suppress them. They couldn't fail either, just like the Yu Clan and the Wen Clan.

"See you at the Yu Clan's deployment mine!" said the members of the Jing Clan as they stood up. They rolled up their sleeves and left quickly. Everybody was watching them as they left, and they were under pressure. The Jing Clan would definitely use their full strength to take this last deployment mine. It was their last and thus most important battle since they hadn't managed to take the others.

Everybody knew that the Jing Clan hadn't made their two strongest cultivators fight yet: people from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, Jing Ran and Jing Yan. Who were they going to fight against?

"Let's go." The members of the Yu Clan looked nervous. Their silhouettes flickered, and everyone followed them. The next round of battles was going to happen at their deployment mine!

"Brother Hou, Brother Ruo Xie, let's go and watch," the members of the Feng Clan offered Hou Qing Lin and Ruo Xie politely. Hou Qing Lin nodded. Of course he wanted to watch!

The members of the Wen Clan also asked Tian Chi and Ban Ruo to come with them and watch. Everybody was going to the Yu Clan's deployment mine to watch the battles.

The next round of battles was going to be amazing!


There were many people at the Yu Clan's deployment mine. The crowd noticed Jing Yan and the others arriving. They were all there, including Jing Xiao Yue.

Everybody watched the members of the Yu Clan as well. They noticed Yu Lin, who was also a member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and had come back. Yu Ye, who was quite talented, was there too, as well as some others. Apart from them, there were some strong cultivators from Qing Shan City the Yu Clan had invited.

"No need to talk too much. Yu Clan, choose a fighter first!" said the leader of the group of people from the Jing Clan. They had lost the first two rounds of battles. They were wary, nervous, and on edge.

Jing Xiao Yue gazed into the distance; she couldn't see Mu Chen. She looked disappointed. He wasn't going to show up?

"Xiao Yue, don't wait for him. If I see him in Qing Shan City, I'll kill him personally. You almost wasted your life for him," said Jing Yan, who was standing next to Jing Xiao Yue.

"Indeed, Xiao Yue, Mu Chen will not show up. This time, it'll be a battle to death. If he shows up, we'll kill him!" said someone else.

Jing Xiao Yue remained silent. She looked at the members of the Yu Clan and noticed Lin Feng. What had he been trying to tell her?

Lin Feng sensed something, he gazed into the distance and noticed Jing Xiao Yue too. He nodded at her, which made her eyes twinkle. She had some kind of premonition that Lin Feng knew Mu Chen…

"Yu Lin, what do you think for the first battle?" Yu Kun asked Yu Lin. That round of battle was too important for them. They had to be vigilant, they had no choice.

"We'll have to choose people first for the first three battles. Su Mu and I can definitely win two battles. If anyone else can win, that would be perfect," whispered Yu Lin. He looked solemn and serious because apart from Jing Yan and Jing Ran, he had noticed someone else on the Jing Clan's side. They had invited someone else from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry!

The Jing Clan had three people from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Apart from Su Mu, they had also invited someone else who understood Dao strength. The main issue was that they had to pick their fighters first.

"Yu Ye, you go and try first," said a strong cultivator of the Yu Clan to Yu Ye.

Yu Ye is extremely strong. However, the Jing Clan will do all they can. Yu Ye will definitely lose, everyone thought.

A strong wind started blowing. Jing Ran landed on the battle stage. The crowd already considered he had won the battle when they saw him.

Jing Ran was from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Yu Ye couldn't possibly win.

And that was how it ended up, Yu Ye lost really quickly. Jing Clan relied on deployment strength to oppress her and then overwhelmed her, even injuring her. The Jing Clan only had to win three battles with their cultivators from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

For the second battle, the Jing Clan sent a strong cultivator they had invited. The Yu Clan sent the only person they had invited from Qing Shan City, who understood Dao strength. They won.

Two battles, one victory, one defeat. Everybody was tense and nervous.

Third battle, who was the Yu Clan going to choose?

"If we lose this battle, we'll have to win the two others. But n.o.body can oppress Jing Yan!" was the opinion of the strong cultivators of the Yu Clan. It wasn't about courage and determination anymore; without strong cultivators and without the possibility to choose according to the opposite clan's fighter, it was extremely difficult.

Lin Feng looked at the members of the Wen Clan. He looked at Tian Chi, they nodded at one another.

A strong wind started blowing. A cultivator moved towards the Yu Clan's members quickly. It was Xing Zhan. A terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi invaded the atmosphere around him, he looked like a war beast.

"If the Yu Clan trusts me, I am willing to help the Yu Clan!" said Xing Zhan indifferently. Everybody frowned.

Yu Kun looked at the members of the Wen Clan and a strong cultivator of the Wen Clan said, "Brother Yu, he's one of Master Tian Chi's fellow disciples who came to help us. You can trust him!"

When Yu Kun heard this, his eyes twinkled. He had seen how strong Tian Chi was!

"Alright, since you're willing to help, we accept and we're moved. If you win, we'll be incredibly grateful."

"Please go ahead then, Your Excellency!" said the strong cultivators of the Yu Clan. Xing Zhan nodded and jumped onto the battle stage.

The members of the Jing Clan all had unsightly expressions. Tian Chi's fellow disciple? He was from abroad too! Why were all these people plotting against the Jing Clan?

"Thanks for helping, brother!" said Jing Yan, nodding at the strong cultivator next to him. It was his fellow disciple. He was extremely strong and also an excellent deployment spell caster. He had to win!

On the side of the Wen Clan, a strong cultivator warned Tian Chi, "That guy is from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he understands Dao strength and his deployment spells are terrifying. He's extremely strong!"

"Apart from him, is Jing Yan also from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry?" asked Tian Chi.

"Indeed!" the strong cultivator of the Wen Clan nodding. He didn't know why Tian Chi asked, but he replied anyway.

"I understand," said Tian Chi nodding. He looked at the battle stage and relayed that to Xing Zhan telepathically.

"Your Excellency, please." said the strong cultivator on the battle stage to Xing Zhan. However, Xing Zhan smiled and said, "I give up."

Then, he jumped off the battle stage and went back to the group of people from the Wen Clan. When the crowd saw that, they were all astonished. The members of the Wen Clan, the Jing Clan and the Yu Clan were astonished.

He just gave up?

After that, the members of the Yu Clan all looked quite p.i.s.sed!

"Brother Wen, what is this supposed to mean?" exclaimed a strong cultivator of the Yu Clan to the members of the Wen Clan. He looked furious. The members of the Wen Clan looked at Tian Chi and grimaced. Why had Tian Chi done that?

Tian Chi looked calm as he looked back at the members of the Yu Clan. He said, "There are two more battles. Don't get angry. The Jing Clan only has two fighters left. Even if the Jing Clan takes the Yu Clan's deployment mine, we'll help the Yu Clan get it back."

When the members of the Jing Clan heard that, their smiles stiffened. Indeed. They had no great fighters left. If they stole the Yu Clan's deployment mine, those people would cause trouble and help their opponents get it back?

At that time, how would they solve the situation?

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