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PMG Chapter 2116

Chapter 2116: Going to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry

Lin Feng and the others had left the city almost immediately. Their only goal for going to Qing Shan City was to save Mu Chen. Now they had saved Mu Chen, and captured some people. They couldn't stay there.

Lin Feng was convinced that many people weren't going to let the Jing Clan off easily. Even if n.o.body destroyed them completely, they were going to become n.o.bodies. That was the price for having imprisoned Mu Chen!


In a mountainous area, a terrifying demon cloud rose up into the air, Kalpa strength pierced through the sky and bombarded someone on the mountainside. Everybody was staring at that silhouette.

"Lin Feng, that little boy, has he obtained something?" Mu Chen's heart kept pounding. He had the sensation that Kalpa strength could kill him, but it didn't do anything to Lin Feng. He was just standing there proudly.

"Brother, no need to be surprised," Hou Qing Lin smiled.

Mu Chen nodded, "I would have never thought that our people would become so incredible, and it's even more surprising that all the disciples went to study at Champion University and recreated Tiantai there."

"Of course, we want to make Tiantai even more powerful and stand at the top in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!" Hou Qing Lin with quiet determination. He continued softly, "Teacher, Emperor Yu and you are the real leaders of Tiantai. You must recover and take the lead again, it will be a flouris.h.i.+ng period for Tiantai."

"No, I can't," said Mu Chen smiling and shaking his head, "I'm old now. You are all stronger and more talented than me. You have all surpa.s.sed me, and will become even stronger in the future. You can now take care of Tiantai! I will travel and enjoy my life with Xiao Yue."

"You and your wife can enjoy life even if you take care of Tiantai!" said Tian Chi smiled.

Mu Chen clapped Tian Chi's shoulders and said, "Little Chi, little Chi, you're an adult now! Time too fast!"

"Indeed. Lin Feng even has kids! Brother, when will you have a child? We'll have a new fellow disciple!" said Ruo Xie. Everybody was chatting happily.

Mu Chen was recovering slowly. His soul was injured, and he needed a good soul pellet to recover.

The demon clouds dispersed. Lin Feng took a deep breath, as if he were absorbing the demon lights of the earth and sky. Then his silhouette flickered and he landed next to the others. "Brother!"

"How do you feel?" Mu Chen smiled.

"Awesome. My whole body is filled with strength!" said Lin Feng. He stretched out his hands, and his bones crackled. The strength radiating off him felt dangerous and explosive!

Mu Chen calmly punched Lin Feng… and hurt his own hand. He couldn't even make Lin Feng move. He smiled and said, "With your physical strength, even a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer can't pose a threat to you."

"Brother, people call Ye Que an emperor who has no enemy at the same level. Actually, Lin Feng is a cultivator who has no enemy at the same level, a real one! And it'll become even more true when he reaches the very top of the Huang Qi layer," Tantai grinned. He didn't know Mu Chen, but he knew he was one of Tiantai's founders, and so respected him.

"The Continent of the Nine Clouds is extremely vast. I don't know how big it is, and I don't know what it means to be a cultivator who has no enemy at the same level. Back then, Ji Chang thought he was one, and then Chu Chun Qiu started rising. Then I met w.a.n.g Jian and Zhuo Qing. And then I met Wu Jue and the thirteen Young Beast Masters of the Animal District. They're all stronger than the next one. n.o.body has no enemy at the same cultivation level in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The most important thing is to become stronger and stronger. As you break through, you have fewer and fewer enemies," said Lin Feng calmly. Even though talent and cultivation level were interconnected, the higher the cultivation level, the better!

"You're right!" breathed Mu Chen. "Lin Feng, without mentioning the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there are many geniuses in G.o.dly Clouds already. Qing Shan City is a small town, but there are many strong cultivators there already. The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry has other people like Ye Que."

"Yes, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry is powerful. I captured those three and interrogated them about the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. It's a mysterious place indeed. They practiced cultivation and study deployment spells there, they also have many mysterious worlds."

"They're famous in G.o.dly Clouds, so they must be extremely strong. Where are we going?" said Mu Chen.

"G.o.dly Clouds' capital city, G.o.dly Clouds City, the place where the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds will take place!" said Hou Qing Lin, his eyes twinkling. They had come to G.o.dly Clouds and they wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It would be a magnificent sight. Even if they couldn't join, they could watch and learn!

"According to legends, there are twelve mysterious towns within G.o.dly Clouds. They all have a celestial flight of stairs which leads to the real city center of G.o.dly Clouds City, and that place is supposed to be the real location of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Many strong cultivators are heading there. Climbing up the celestial flights of stairs won't be easy," Mu Chen informed.

Yu Xin nodded and added, "Each of the twelve towns do lead to the place of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, strong cultivators will appear like a gathering storm. The Shrines support the event, and they're the only ones who can open the pa.s.sages, I believe."

G.o.dly Clouds City was a mysterious place even to people from G.o.dly Clouds, especially the inner part of the city where the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was supposed to take place.

"There is still some time before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. However, people are already excited about it. Many people are rus.h.i.+ng to G.o.dly Clouds from abroad."

"Yes, we still have time. We need to think," said Mu Chen with a smile. Tiantai's people couldn't go straight to G.o.dly Clouds City. They could gather some experience first.

"You're right, brother. I think so, too. Maybe that we'll have some opportunities on the way. We can travel and we'll see where we want to go," replied Hou Qing Lin with approval. He looked at Lin Feng. "What do you think, Lin Feng?"

"I want to go to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry," said Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin was startled. This guy wanted to go there?

Lin Feng wanted to spend a few days turning Ye Que and the others into puppets. With Ye Que's talent, turning him into a Demon Puppet and teaching him the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures would make him incredibly strong. It would be much better than using the Holy Jade Princess. He had also learned a few things about the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, so he had some plans.

"You have already planned something it seems," said Hou Qing Lin smiled. "Alright. We're so many people, we can separate anyway. We'll meet and gather in G.o.dly Clouds City again."

"That's exactly what I was thinking. We're so many people, traveling together is inconvenient. We can divide into four groups. Brother, you want to spend time recovering, or do you want to travel with the others?" asked Lin Feng to Mu Chen.

"We'll see. I can travel with Xiao Yue, we can travel and see the country," Mu Chen smiled broadly.

"No, you can't. I'll make the puppet protect you from a distance," said Lin Feng.

Mu Chen and Jing Xiao Yue glanced at one another, smiled and nodded together, "Alright. We'll meet in G.o.dly Clouds City," replied Mu Chen.

Lin Feng was relieved. With a Saint close by, nothing could happen. He didn't need to worry about his fellow disciples, they were wise and strong. They would also reach the top of the Huang Qi layer at some point.

In the end, they divided into five groups. Lin Feng stayed with Tang You You. Mu Chen and Jing Xiao Yue stayed together. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi took some people with them. Jing Shou and Jian Mang departed with some others. Ruo Xie, Tantai, and Yu Xin traveled with some others.


After having spending some time together for a few days, they had divided once again. Lin Feng and Tang You You traveled, looking confident and at ease. Once in a while, Lin Feng bathed in the demon pond and his DevMara body grew stronger, his physical strength ever increasing.

He didn't know how terrifying the cultivators were going to be at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. In the Dark Night Region, there were the thirteen beast masters and Saint Tianhun. He knew how strong they were. There was also the first Master of the Dark Night Region. Saint Tianhun was a true Saint, he was going to progress extremely quickly. Therefore, Lin Feng had to become as strong as he could as quickly as possible!

The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry would be a good place to become stronger. He would also learn about deployment spells there, possibly by studying the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern.

Lin Feng had studied small and great deployment spells, but the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry probably had many things to teach him!


The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry was situated in the middle of a mountain range. It was far from any city, in the middle of nowhere.

Lin Feng walked around slowly and looked at the magnificent landscapes. He sighed. This place was amazing. It was exactly in the middle of eight cities, which were still some distance away.

"The Celestial Deployment Plate is there." Lin Feng looked at a gigantic stone plate, which formed the entrance of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

Lin Feng arrived in front of the Celestial Deployment Plate and put his hand on it. Lights surrounded his body, and Lin Feng was teleported away.

Lin Feng smiled as he reappeared in a place with many marks on the ground. He put his hands on them, there was a rumble of power, and the deployment spell broke apart. The Celestial Deployment Plate opened, and Lin Feng crossed the door.

PMG Chapter 2117

Chapter 2117: Beautiful Women's Bet

Lin Feng crossed the door and appeared in an empty s.p.a.ce with intertwining marks. There was a deployment spell pattern in front of him.

"The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry is an interesting place. If you want to enter, you first need to activate the Celestial Deployment Plate, and then you need to break the nine hundred ninety-nine deployment spells. It is the only way to become a real member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry," mused Lin Feng to himself. His prisoners had told him this. The Celestial Deployment Plate was to test deployment spell casters' comprehension. If they didn't have at least a basic ability to a.n.a.lyze deployment spells, they couldn't enter.

After the Celestial Deployment Plate, there were nine hundred ninety-nine deployment spells on doors, and all cultivators had to use a deployment spell to break them. It was difficult, but it was also a good test for people who didn't have an advanced knowledge of deployment spells, as they could at least practice on them!

Those were the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's requirements. If a cultivator couldn't break the door, and if they failed to do it even after a long time, then it meant they were not skilled enough and could leave.

Of course, many people who joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were already strong deployment spell casters. Many people didn't even need to make great efforts to break the door. Therefore, most people who joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were extremely talented!

There were deployment marks under Lin Feng's feet. After a short time, the deployment marks turned into an authentic door which he opened.

Lin Feng crossed the second door. It was easy for him, and he progressed quickly.

After an hour, he had crossed six hundred deployment doors. He was extremely fast. He could destroy the spells in the blink of an eye.

However, the doors finally became quite complex. There were millions of marks before him. Lin Feng had the feeling he was in a maze.

"Even if I need some time to cross the doors, someone ordinary wouldn't even have made it here," Lin Feng rea.s.sured himself. He continued onwards, and after four hours, he had crossed eight hundred doors.


Inside the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, there was a gigantic peak, with nine hundred ninety-nine lights on it. More than eight hundred were twinkling right now, which meant someone had managed to break over eight hundred doors.

The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry could all see that mountain and those stars. Many people were staring at it.

"It's been a long time since someone has pa.s.sed the test of the doors," said someone at that moment. "I wonder whether anyone paid attention when the first light twinkled?"

"It's been four hours, I noticed it the lights three hours after he started," said some people in the Ministry.

"What? Four hours to cross over eight hundred doors? Yao Qing Shan, are you sure you saw that right?" asked someone who had doubts.

"Yes, four hours to cross over eight hundred doors. He could break the record."

"I'm sure the first light hadn't appeared five hours ago."

"When I saw the first light, there were only nine lights or something, so initially I didn't really care," said someone else. Everybody was amazed. This cultivator was extremely strong. Those people couldn't be lying, it proved this guy was really strong.

"Crossing over eight doors in four hours is incredible, he might finish the test in less than ten hours. Only five hundred people in the history of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry have managed to finish it in less than ten hours."

"Haha, a new monstrously strong cultivator will join us!" said someone loudly. In the history of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, such things happened extremely rarely!

"Yes, he must be extremely strong. Even now I couldn't finish it in less than ten hours," admitted a strong cultivator. Many people nodded agreement with him. Sometimes, people who had just joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry could be stronger than them!

"Eight hundred thirty lights. Less than ten hours!" said someone. Everybody looked at the peak and frowned. How fast!

"Interesting!" said a strong cultivator landing at the top of the peak. Only one person could stand at the top of the peak.

"It's Qian Mo, he noticed!" someone reported, surprised.

"Gu Shan Qiu, how long do you think he will need?" Qian Mo asked someone who was also coming, more slowly than he had arrived.

"Around ten hours. He already knows deployment spells, that's why it's easy for him. But in the end it gets complicated."

"Maybe he will need more than ten hours."

"Maybe eight hours will be enough."

Women's voices rose, two more people had arrived.

"Yue Qing Sha and Xue Luo! that guy must be a terrifying deployment spell caster. Many people are watching him already," murmured some of the watchers below. Those people were all strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

"It took Ye Que ten hours to finish the test. He's been the best performer in recent history. Before Ye Que, among the people who are still in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, only two managed to do it. If that guy wants to finish in less than ten hours, it won't be easy for him!" said Xue Luo.

"Nothing is impossible. He could be a new talented cultivator. We'll see!" Yue Qing Sha smiled. "I am convinced this guy will only need eight hours to finish it."

"Haha, the two beautiful women are starting to fight!" said Qian Mo, smiling happily. Xue Luo and Yue Qing Sha were both beautiful women, and they liked to argue. They were both extremely strong, both in terms of cultivation and deployment spells, true geniuses of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

"Mind your own business!" said Yue Qing Sha disdainfully.

"Let's bet. What do you think? If you're right and he finishes within eight hours, you win, otherwise I win," said Xue Luo.

"Alright, but how can we know when he started?" replied Yue Qing Sha.

"Let's say he started four hours ago. If you lose, you kiss Qian Mo!" said Xue Luo icily.

Qian Mo's eyes twinkled at those words. The others were furious. She knew that Qian Mo was pursuing Yue Qing Sha, but she didn't like him.

Yue Qing Sha's eyes glittered. She looked at the gigantic peak. "If you lose, you kiss the one who comes out. No matter who he is."

"Yue Qing Sha, it could be an old man, especially if he's super talented." People could join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry at any age!

"Accept and if he really manages to do it, then I'll help you and kill him!" Qian Mo said to Xue Luo telepathically. Xue Luo's eyes glittered and she burst into laughter. Qian Mo had a high position in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. If he killed a newcomer, n.o.body would say anything. He was too strong and too talented, but he was cruel too. No wonder Yue Qing Sha hated him!

"I agree!" said Xue Luo.

"Just wait then!" Everybody gazed into the distance, the bet the two beautiful women had made attracting more and more people. They were all staring at the gigantic peak. Eight hours was too complicated. Only a hundred people had managed to do that in the whole history of the Ministry!


Lin Feng didn't know he had drawn so many people's attention, as he didn't know people could see when someone took the test. He just crossed doors, one after another calmly. He wasn't even trying to go fast.

"What's going on? He's going so fast!" the crowd murmured. Nine hundred and thirty doors! Only six hours had pa.s.sed and less than seventy doors were left. He was way too fast!

"Ten hours are way too much for him. Even eight hours are too much!" thought the crowd, looking at the two beautiful women.

Qian Mo was also staring at Yue Qing Sha. He would be so happy to kiss her!

More time pa.s.sed. People surprisingly felt nervous. More and more lights were twinkling now.

"980 doors!" The crowd gulped. Less than six and a half hours had pa.s.sed, but the last doors were a bit more difficult…

The two beautiful women were nervous and staring at the lights.

"We bet on a kiss, you better do your best!" said Yue Qing Sha indifferently. Xue Luo looked furious. She didn't want him to succeed so quickly!

When Lin Feng crossed the nine hundred ninetieth door, people felt like their hearts were about to explode from excitement. This person was an extremely strong deployment spell caster, maybe even a Great Scholar.

"Last two doors. Almost eight hours. But if he hurries, it shouldn't be a problem."

"Soon, we'll know who will win the bet."

"Nine nine eight, the last door!" People's hearts were pounding.

"Last minutes!" said Xue Luo indifferently. Yue Qing Sha nodded. No problem!

Their hearts pounded faster and faster. Who was going to win? Who was this extraordinary person?

"It twinkled!" proclaimed Xue Luo. Qian Mo was furious. Less than eight hours!

Yue Qing Sha smiled indifferently and said, "You lost."

PMG Chapter 2118

Chapter 2118: Power

Xue Luo knew she had lost, and looked furious. She looked at the gigantic peak as a door opened. Everybody was staring at the door.

Who was going to join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry? Who had pa.s.sed the test with merit? Everybody wanted to see him. None of them could do what he had done.

To the members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, their time was important, and eight hours was just an unbelievable time.

Finally, the door slowly opened itself, and someone appeared. He was wearing a white robe, and looked handsome and clean. Lin Feng didn't try to hide his face too much. Even though the battle in Qing Shan City had drawn the attention of some people of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, even if he hadn't disguised himself too much, the members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry probably wouldn't recognize him. They couldn't have paid attention to someone else's disciple.

However, when Lin Feng came out, he was stupefied to see that so many people were staring at him. He felt like an animal in a cage at the zoo. So many people-!?

Lin Feng found he was annoyed, why so many people?

"How handsome. You're lucky!" Yue Qing Sha looked at Xue Luo and giggled. "You're lucky, he's such a handsome boy, kissing him will be a pleasure."

"Ask him if he accepts first!" said Xue Luo icily.

Yue Qing Sha smiled and retorted, "Don't go against your promise."

"Who said I promised?" replied Xue Luo.

Qian Mo stepped forward, staring at Lin Feng and asked indifferently, "Miss Xue Luo wants to kiss you, do you want to accept or not?"

When Lin Feng heard that, he was surprised. Had they bet on his result?

"What's going on?" replied Lin Feng with equal indifference.

"It only took you less than eight hours to finish the nine hundred ninety-nine deployment doors test; in the history of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, few people have managed to do that. Therefore, Xue Luo and I bet on your result. Less than eight hours, Xue Luo had to kiss you, more than eight hours, I had to kiss someone I hate!" said Yue Qing Sha, smiling thinly.

Lin Feng looked amused and said to Yue Qing Sha, "I see. So you weren't afraid of taking that risk?"

"I won, right?" Yue Qing Sha smiled. Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. Those people were a bit whimsical…

"I asked you something!" Qian Mo said coldly to Lin Feng, releasing Qi to surround him. Lin Feng frowned. These people had bet on him, and he was almost lucky, a beautiful girl had to kiss him, but the best play was to refuse.

He walked forwards and didn't look at Qian Mo. He hadn't come to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry to do stupid things.

However, now, it was difficult to escape from the situation. Qian Mo looked at him and smiled icily. He moved and a deadly strength moved towards Lin Feng.

"So you had agreed secretly. Xue Luo, you can't even kiss someone, you're disappointing!" said Yue Qing Sha when she saw that.

Lin Feng sensed a dark arm moving towards him, explosive and ice-cold lights appeared in his eyes. He suddenly turned around and punched out explosively, Qi turning into a vortex.

Lin Feng's physical strength was terrifying. Even great emperors couldn't compete with him in terms of physical strength. His punches could kill great emperors!

The terrifying punch moved towards Qian Mo's attack and collided with it, crackling sounds spread in the air. Dark lights invaded Lin Feng's arm, but he waved his arm and the corrosive strength instantly disappeared.

Qian Mo grunted with pain. He retreated quickly, but his bones felt extremely sore. His arm was now hanging limply.

"What powerful strength!" the crowd murmured when they saw that, staring at Lin Feng. This guy was an incredible deployment spell caster, but he was also extremely strong and young.

"Even though Qian Mo isn't weak, that attack was terrifying. Surprisingly, that guy crushed his arm. How strong."

"What was that?" Lin Feng said dismissively, as if he'd felt a raindrop. Everybody was stunned as he continued walking over to Xue Luo.

Xue Luo frowned and stared at Lin Feng.

"He chose to do that, or you asked him?" Lin Feng asked calmly.

When Xue Luo heard that, she felt a sudden pressure. This young man was extremely strong, she had seen his punch!

"I asked him. What do you want to do about it?" Xue Luo couldn't handle the pressure. She was facing this powerful man, she had to bear the responsibility.

Lin Feng raised his hand. Xue Luo looked astonished and retreated quickly. However, Lin Feng followed her as fast as lightning. He tore apart the power in front of him.

Xue Luo raised her arms to stop him, but the nature of the explosive clash of their auras showed her defense was being overwhelmed. Her arm was crushed. People's faces stiffened. This guy was crazy! He had just joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, was he going to destroy Qian Mo and Xue Luo?

Nothing could stop Lin Feng's punches. He raised his other hand and slapped her face… without his full strength, and even then she was sent spinning away. Blood even spilled out of her mouth. Everybody remained silent.

This guy was crazy…

Xue Luo had been slapped by this guy! What a humiliation…

Yue Qing Sha was astonished, too. She hadn't antic.i.p.ated this guy would be so strong and aggressive.

Lin Feng stared at her and said icily, "You bet on me, you lost and tried to fight me? I would have never kissed you anyway. You're cheap and dirty."

Lin Feng slowly turned around and walked towards Yue Qing Sha, smiling at her. Yue Qing Sha was surprised, did he want to fight with her?!

The crowd was watching him closely.

Lin Feng smiled thinly and said, "Since you bet with her and she lied to you, you can come along." He reached her and smiled. "Kissing a beauty is a pleasure."

Yue Qing Sha was startled, but she smiled and said, "Since you don't want to kiss Xue Luo, you won't like my kiss, either."

"Wrong, I like you," said Lin Feng, giving her a knowing smile. Yue Qing Sha's heart started pounding. If she refused, would he punch and slap her, too?

"Not only did that guy humiliate Xue Luo, but now he also wants to kiss Yue Qing Sha…" The crowd was speechless.

Yue Qing Sha looked at Lin Feng's smile and giggled, "Since it's that way, I'll kiss you."

Then, she walked forwards and put her lips on Lin Feng's, they kissed in a gentle and soft way. It even looked pa.s.sionate. Many of the men watching were stunned, envious, and jealous!

After kissing, Yue Qing Sha turned around and left, smiling as she said, "I'll remember that kiss."

Lin Feng watched her go calmly. There were eighty-one buildings in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, it was extremely vast.

Lin Feng walked away.

"That guy is strong, however, people won't let him off here. He humiliated Qian Mo and Xue Luo," some people muttered.

"And Yue Qing Sha, he forced her to kiss him! He offended many people already, he's audacious!"

Many people expressed their opinions about Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn't care. He was there already, he couldn't help but sigh, wondering how many geniuses came from this place.

PMG Chapter 2119

Chapter 2119: Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern

Lin Feng's eyes glittered as he gazed into the distance. He thought to himself, The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern is one of the treasures of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, and there are only two ways to get in. One is to rely on one's own strength to enter the eighty-one Ministry buildings under the jurisdiction of the nine Ministry sects and become a direct disciple, the second one is to survive a Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell and then you can immediately enter it…

Those were the rules of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. To see the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's treasure, there was no quick and easy solution. A cultivator had to be a strong deployment spell caster to gain the right. If they were strong enough, they could pa.s.s the nine hundred ninety-nine doors challenge and join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, but accessing the rest of the resources, wasn't that easy.

The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern was one of the treasures of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. In order to access it, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had to either acknowledge a disciple's strength, or the disciple had to risk their life.

Ye Que had told Lin Feng that the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell contained ten thousand deployment spells, they were all deadly. No matter what the cultivator's cultivation level was, pa.s.sing that test was extremely difficult, especially that the higher one's cultivation level was, the more difficult the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge was. In the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, people who managed to pa.s.s that challenge were extremely rare.


Lin Feng arrived in a vast place. He slowly rose up into the air and punched the sky, hand imprints appearing. He kept rising higher in the air. Finally, the sky shook and golden lights  filled the sky, as if a door had been opened.

Inside the eighty-one Ministry buildings, many people looked at the sky and frowned.

"Someone wants to take the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge!"

"The Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry is a fusion of ten thousand deadly deployment spells, it's been a long time since anyone has managed to pa.s.s the test."

People rose up into the air and surrounded Lin Feng, staring at him.

Yue Qing Sha was there too, and when she saw him, she was stupefied. This guy wanted to sit the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge? No wonder his deployment spells were so powerful! What a terrifying guy! He had just joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and he already wanted to sit that test!?

Lin Feng entered the empty s.p.a.ce and lights surrounded him. The golden lights turned into a cloud and condensed into a deadly strength. How formidable! Lin Feng followed the deadly golden path into the empty s.p.a.ce and quickly disappeared. The Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell closed itself after he entered.

After a short time, more silhouettes gathered.

"It's him! He just pa.s.sed the nine hundred ninety-nine doors test in less than eight hours, he broke one of Qian Mo's arms, slapped Xue Luo's face, and now he wants to sit the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell test!"

"How strong. He even humiliated Xue Luo!"

"Qian Mo and Xue Luo are members of the nine main Ministry buildings. They won't let him off!" thought many people. Qian Mo and Xue Luo were fellow disciples, members of one of the nine main Ministry buildings. There were many strong cultivators there, and the strongest ones were extremely strong. They would probably help Xue Luo and Qian Mo deal with Lin Feng!

Many people didn't know what Lin Feng wanted to do. He was in the deployment lights and millions of lights were surrounding him. A terrifying deadly Qi surrounded him.

"Deadly Deployment Spell!" Lin Feng raised his head and saw millions of arrows move towards him. Those arrows could easily pose a threat to a high-level emperor.

However, Lin Feng was quite calm as he walked forwards unhurriedly. The arrows crashed onto his body, but his physical body was too solid and resistant.

Lin Feng continued walking forwards. After the arrows, a rain of fireb.a.l.l.s started. They were scorching hot. Around Lin Feng's body, an armor made of demon and earth cosmic energies appeared.

A terrifying strength moved towards him, golden deployment lights in the form of a sword. Lin Feng punched it and destroyed it. However, as he continued walking forwards, a dagger made of lights descended from the sky towards him. Lin Feng calmly punched it as well, and instantly destroyed it.

Lin Feng was walking slowly. None of the attacks posed a threat to him. However, he was more and more intrigued as time pa.s.sed. How enigmatic. Each time he took a step, a deadly attack was awaiting him, those deadly deployment spells were all kinds of strange things. There was no pattern to them. All this was the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell, the strong cultivator who had cast it was probably a Great Deployment Master. He could cast probably mighty deployment spells in the blink of an eye…

Even though Lin Feng was particularly relaxed and didn't feel any pressure at all, it was precisely because his physical strength had reached the strength of the top of the Huang Qi layer. Ordinary cultivators of the top of the Huang Qi layer couldn't do anything against him. Otherwise, if an ordinary emperor had come in, they would have died almost instantly, especially to those attacks which blotted out the sky and covered the earth, it was basically impossible to dodge them.

Of course, there was another possibility. If a cultivator's deployment spells were extremely powerful, they could use them to resist the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell!

Lin Feng continued walking forwards and noticed some impressive deployment marks shooting towards him. Deployment spells fell from the sky one after another.

Lin Feng didn't stop at all, though. Those deployment spells couldn't make Lin Feng stop for even a second. He was just a pa.s.senger there. At his back were eighty ancient swords. A terrifying sword intent filled the air around him. When Lin Feng had the impression an attack could threaten his physical body, he used them.

If the members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had known that he was walking in such a calm way, they would have been astonished and speechless. In millions of years, only one person like him had appeared, precisely because of his physical strength. Most of the deployment spells couldn't affect him at all. He didn't even need to block them!

Therefore, Lin Feng didn't waste his energy. People from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry thought that the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge was extremely difficult, but Lin Feng finished it easily…

When he finished, he appeared in a mountain dwelling, the room calm and dark. There were ten pa.s.sages in there. Nine of them led to the nine main Ministry buildings. Lin Feng used the tenth one, the one leading to the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern.

A wall appeared in front of him, the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern!

That wall looked alive. It contained an endless amount of deployment spells. Each mark was mysterious and evolved differently.

"One of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's treasures, the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern!" Lin Feng's eyes twinkled.

An imprint appeared in Lin Feng's third eye, the word Earth appeared: Nine Supreme Ministries, Earth Ministry Imprint!

Outsiders, even if they pa.s.sed the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge, could only watch that wall, but only disciples of the nine supreme Ministries could use that imprint to enter the wall.

Therefore, Lin Feng used that imprint to enter the wall, and let it surround him.

It was an empty s.p.a.ce inside the wall. In front of him, an old man was carving deployment marks. His deployment spell was changing. One of them turned into a firebird, moving as fast as lightning. The next one moved slower, a great roc appeared and also flew away, accompanied by whistling sounds. It looked neither real nor fake.

How strong. His animal deployment spells are great. That old man is an incredible Great Scholar, thought Lin Feng. He sat down cross-legged there and studied the old man's movements. He forgot about everything else in the world, solely focusing on the old man.

As Lin Feng studied the old man's movements, he didn't forget to apply the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to the deployment spells. He had to understand and adapt things to his own condition. He couldn't learn stupidly by heart without thinking about what he was doing, including in terms of deployment spells.

The great deployment spells kept transforming. With the power of the mind, Lin Feng realized he understood some things he had never understood before. He now understood deployment spell strength in a different way.

It was a new territory. Lin Feng spent seven days there before leaving. He went to another empty s.p.a.ce, there was a middle-aged man there carving deployment marks. His deployment marks were weapons, destructive and deadly. His hand looked like a sword and he kept condensing deployment swords made of cosmic energies. At the same time, he created weapons using deployment spells.

Lin Feng continued studying.

All sorts of cosmic energies used to carve different deployment marks…

Lin Feng spent some time there. Many people were talking about him in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Some people guessed he had died during the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge because many people came to the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge place and didn't find Lin Feng. He still hadn't come out after so many days, so many people guessed he had died in there.

n.o.body could imagine that he had stolen Ye Que's memories, had pa.s.sed the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell challenge, and was now studying deployment spells there!

PMG Chapter 2120

Chapter 2120: Trying Deployment Spells

The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern had ten thousand deployment spells, all different from the three-thousand great deployment spells Lin Feng had obtained long ago. It was like another territory. Lin Feng focused on deployment spells during those days.

Lin Feng was seated cross-legged; there was no strong cultivator in front of him, he was alone. He was studying the modified version of the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern.

The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern has ten thousand deployment spells, there are all sorts of deployment spells. I've been here for more than forty days, I can't study all of them. If I controlled the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, it would be much better…, thought Lin Feng with a sight. Unfortunately, the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern was one of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's treasures, and with his current strength, he couldn't understand them.

Lin Feng wanted to study more, but he needed to go to G.o.dly Clouds City. Even though there was still time before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it was some distance away. He didn't know what would happen on the way, either.

He couldn't miss this chance. He preferred being early and having enough time to get prepared. Therefore, he stopped studying. He had already learned a great deal. He already understood two kinds of deployment spells. He hoped he could get them to fuse together to make his deployment spells even stronger.

Lin Feng had spent many days in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell and hadn't come out yet. People from the nine supreme Ministries hadn't seen him. A potentially famous disciple of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had vanished without trace, everybody thought it was a pity.

Someone came out of the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern. When he saw n.o.body was there, he left, merging with the wind. He opened the door and departed.

In the central part of the eighty-one normal Ministries, a silhouette fell from the sky. People frowned, especially when they saw the person zipping away.

"Who is that person?" someone turned around and saw Lin Feng leaving swiftly.

"Let's go and see!" said someone, chasing after him.

Ye Que was imprisoned in Lin Feng's small world, he had learned a lot from him and could already travel freely in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He moved at eye-blurring speed without stopping. After a short time, he arrived in a place with a mysterious deployment area. It was extremely vast with many deployment stones. It was a famous place for the Ministries, who practiced deployment spells there.

There were over a hundred deployment spell testing places there. Many people were trying different deployment spells. Many people from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry came there often to practice. The strongest deployment spell casters rarely came there, because the other disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry wouldn't have dared come if the strongest ones were there, since their deployment spells were too powerful.

After Lin Feng arrived, many marks appeared under his feet. At the same time, he released a hurricane of cosmic energies. Lin Feng had an advantage over many people in terms of deployment spells because he controlled many cosmic energies. In the blink of an eye, dozens of cosmic energies hummed about him and formed swiftly.

Illusion intent filled the air, it was made of empty s.p.a.ce strength which Lin Feng turned into golden illusions. They were dimly discernible and yet dazzling at the same time. Many people noticed that.

"Golden cosmic energy which turns into illusion deployment spells?" Those already present frowned, they were stupefied, which supreme Ministry was this guy from?

In the illusion deployment spell, Lin Feng chopped down, and music spread in the air, turning into a sword halberd and disappearing into an empty s.p.a.ce.

"Whistling Wind." Lin Feng moved his hand again. The wind roared out with hollow thunder. There were many marks in the air, as the hurricane condensed. However, Lin Feng attacked the empty s.p.a.ce, and the hurricane became invisible and intangible.

Deployment spells can mean anything. I just understand the basics. So-called Great Deployment Masters must be as strong as Saints, thought Lin Feng. He wasn't proud that he had been in the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, he had just learned that he didn't know enough. He realized his deployment spell knowledge was extremely low!

Lin Feng kept moving his hands. Deployment marks kept intertwining.

On the deployment spell testing site, many people noticed him and heard the sounds emitted by his attacks. Some people frowned and looked at him sharply.

"Who's that deployment spell caster?" asked someone, looking at Lin Feng.

"I don't know. Surprisingly, he's disturbing everyone. Interesting!"

"Let's go and see how people will deal with him!" thought some people excitedly, and flew towards Lin Feng.

"Be careful. That guy dares interrupt everyone, he must be extremely strong. He condenses cosmic energies to create his deployment spells, we can't see inside. He's a very skilled deployment spell caster."

"Yes, let's stay together and see," agreed three people, entering the deployment spell.

"Are you here?" After entering the golden empty s.p.a.ce, they couldn't see one another anymore.

"How come you're so far away?" replied one of them at that moment.

"Oh no!" whispered the third one at that moment. Some powerful force filled the air, the sounds painfully piercing through their ears. They were having auditory hallucinations!

A strong wind started blowing. That person pulled a long face. He waved his hands and his eyes lit up with light. He looked around at the empty s.p.a.ce deployment marks.

There were a great number of deployment marks. He condensed the strength of the earth and sky to react; if he could see the marks, he could destroy the deployment spell. However, when he saw the deployment marks, he had the sensation he was being paralyzed. What kind of deployment marks were those? They kept changing. He could only see them for a few seconds before they changed!

"What a powerful deadly wind strength!" The man's face turned deathly pale. He was hurled away with rolling thunder as it struck him. The marks on the ground kept intertwining, and turned into walls.

"I lost!"

"Stop!" said a voice in Lin Feng's mind. The three cultivators were expelled from the deployment spell and crashed onto the ground. Their clothes were ripped apart, their bodies riddled with bleeding wounds.

"How do you feel?" The cultivators glanced at one another. They were all shocked.

"What a powerful deployment spell! How dangerous! In the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, only around thirty people can cast such formidable deployment spells!"

"I think not more twenty, actually. I didn't even understand those deployment marks. There were so many colors and patterns. Who's the deployment spell caster?"

"I don't know. I didn't see clearly."

Many people started to make fun of them, they didn't believe them. They immediately entered the deployment spell and very quickly, they realized those three people were right. They were also hurled ignominiously out of the spell.

Indeed, this guy was a very powerful deployment spell caster!


More and more people tried, and in the end, they were all forced out. It drew many people's attention.

Lin Feng was calmly studying deployment spells and modifying them according to his needs. Deployment spells represented extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p. He just had to think of something and he could make it, nothing was impossible…

Therefore, Lin Feng had completely changed. He didn't adhere strictly to formalities anymore. He made the deployment spells change constantly. He had the sensation that he was evolving on the path of deployment spells.

After this, he intended to leave the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He had studied the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, and it had been really helpful.


Three more days pa.s.sed, and during those three days, n.o.body dared attack that deployment spell. Lin Feng kept on changing it…

"Qian Mo and Xue Luo are here, too?" Someone saw two people arrive, Qian Mo and Xue Luo from the Li Ministry. They were both extremely strong.

However, they didn't intervene. They just stayed in the distance and observed.

"It's Xie Mou." Someone frowned when they saw that person. Xie Mou had surprisingly come personally. His eyes looked strange and evil. Everybody knew how dangerous he was in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He was one of the strongest disciples of the whole Ministry. Just like Ye Que, some people considered him an emperor who had no enemy at the same level.

"So many people are here." The people looked around and realized there were many strong cultivators from the eighty-one normal Ministries, and even from the nine supreme Ministries, including Xie Mou from the Li Ministry. The news that an incredible deployment spell caster had appeared had already spread through the whole Ministry!

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