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PMG Chapter 2121

Chapter 2121: n.o.body Can Break It

"Who's the one trying deployment spells?" Xie Mou gazed into the distance with his strange and evil eyes. He looked indifferent, calm and aloof, yet dignified and majestic.

"I'm not sure, but his deployment spells are extremely powerful," replied someone. Xie Mou frowned. Someone has been testing out deployment spells for a few days, and n.o.body knows who it is?

"What makes his deployment spells so powerful?" asked Xie Mou.

"The deployment marks intertwine perfectly."

Xie Mou nodded and smiled at the crowd, "People from all the Ministries are here, who wants to go and see who that guy is?"

"Brother Xie Mou, the Li Ministry is the most powerful. You should go into the deployment spell and see," someone urged him.

"If I go into it and destroy it, you won't see what makes that deployment spell so powerful," replied Xie Mou calmly. Everybody s.h.i.+vered. Many people had tried to go into that deployment spell, and they had all been thrown out of it. They hadn't even understood what was happening. It contained all sorts of energies. If the deployment spell caster hadn't been merciful, they would have died. Therefore, people who weren't extremely strong didn't want to go into it. Weaker people didn't want to lose face, but they still wanted to see how the Nine Supreme Ministries would take care of the issue.

"The Supreme Ministries can send two people each, what do you think?" said Xie Mou to some strong cultivators from Supreme Ministries calmly. The compet.i.tion between the Supreme Ministries was ongoing, as always.

"I don't mind," answered someone neutrally.

"I agree too," responded other members of the Supreme Ministries.

Xie Mou looked at Qian Mo and said, "Qian Mo, Xue Luo, your deployment spells are extremely powerful. You can probably break it."

Xie Mou knew that Qian Mo had been humiliated by someone who had crushed his arm. Everybody made fun of him in the Supreme Ministries. Now, he was being given an opportunity to regain face. If he managed to break the deployment spell, people would stop making fun of him. Xie Mou had been humiliated even more, she had been slapped in the face and driven away.

Everybody knew what Xie Mou meant. Yue Qing Sha was in the same position, even though she hadn't gone through something too bad, that guy had forced her to kiss him. It was nothing glorious.

Eight people from four different Ministries entered the deployment spell. Qian Mo and Xue Luo immediately attacked when they entered, deployment lights intertwining and surrounding them.

Powerful cosmic energies condensed and absorbed everything around them. Qian Mo and Xue Luo were nervous, nearly paralyzed with sudden fear as their faces turned deathly pale. They sensed the danger coming from all around them, but they couldn't see anything, so they didn't know where to attack.

"Everybody, attack at the same time and mess up the deployment marks!" shouted Qian Mo extremely loudly. Terrifying sounds spread in the air and pierced through their eardrums painfully. The sounds were distorted and sharp. The sounds grew sharper and sharper. Qian Mo had the impression he was going to die, he didn't feel safe at all… and the strength kept increasing!

Drops of cold sweats fell onto the ground. The ground started shaking. Qian Mo was overwhelmed by the fear. He couldn't stand it anymore and shouted furiously, "I surrender, take me out of the deployment spell!"

"p.i.s.s off!" answered a voice icily. Qian Mo sensed a strong wind brush against him. He furiously condensed strength to block it, but an explosive strength hurled him away.

The terrifying deadly energies were getting closer and closer to him. Qian Mo had the impression he was going to die. He ran away, but he couldn't see the outside world when he was in the illusion. It felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse on him.

"p.i.s.s off!" More strength condensed as thunder rumbled. Two more people were hurled away. A hurricane surrounded them and smashed down. Qian Mo crashed weakly to the ground.

"It's you."

"You just attacked me!"

Qian Mo and Xue Luo looked at each other, stupefied. They were speechless. They looked back at the deployment spell. A short time after, Yue Qing Sha and another man were hurled outside of the deployment spell as well. They also looked stupefied.

"What's going on?" Xie Mou asked Qian Mo and Xie Mou, frowning unhappily.

"This guy's deployment spell is too powerful, we can't break it," stated Qian Mo, ashamed. He couldn't break it and he couldn't stay inside. He wasn't defiant at all.

"It's a Great Scholar, he's terrifyingly strong," Xie Mou declared. People who had been in the deployment spell before and had failed just smiled icily. They knew how strong that deployment spell was. They hadn't managed to break it, either. If Xie Mou and his friends couldn't break it, n.o.body could!

"Could it be Ye Que? Maybe he's back?" wondered Xie Mou aloud. He had heard that Ye Que had been traveling, maybe he had come back and was trying out deployment spells, maybe he was deliberately mystifying?

"That deployment spell doesn't look like a deployment spell Ye Que could cast," disagreed Qian Mo.

Xie Mou nodded. He walked forwards and entered the deployment spell. Many people were startled. Xie Mou was a Great Scholar. He had an advanced understanding of deployment spells, people who weren't Great Scholars couldn't understand his deployment spells. Besides, he also had a special kind of strength. He was definitely able to destroy this deployment spell!

After Xie Mou entered the deployment spell, the same thing which had happened to Qian Mo and Xue Luo happened to him. His eyes turned black and white, and grew larger and larger. A vortex appeared before him. He could see through everything, everything in front of him turned black and white.

"Empty deployment spell, interesting…" said Xie Mou pa.s.sively. The Qi was extremely powerful, but it was just an empty deployment spell. Qian Mo had probably not even noticed that. He had just been terrified.

Xie Mou slowly walked forwards, looking relaxed. He didn't attack at all. After a short time, he laughed to himself. "The illusion deployment spell is the basic foundation, and inside there are many invisible and intangible deadly deployment spells, what a powerful deployment spell!"

Whistling sounds spread in the air. Xie Mou jumped away as some strength moved towards him. He punched out in the direction of the invisible and intangible strength.

"Chaos!" shouted Xie Mou icily. The whole deployment spell was filled with a terrifying Qi. Wind, fire, thunder and all kinds of strength moved towards Xie Mou. He smiled coldly. His Qi pulsed around him, he waved his hands, deployment marks started intertwining and turned into an invisible and intangible curtain which moved towards the incoming strength. He wanted to destroy the deployment spell using a deployment spell!

There was an explosion at the collision. Xie Mou sensed that a new kind of strength was condensing again, it was even more terrifying than the previous strength. The strength kept increasing in power.

"Eh?" Xie Mou looked surprised and frowned. However, the endless strength forced him to be more defensive. His attacks were very powerful, so he didn't fear the attacks from the deployment spell, but his defense wasn't as terrifying as Lin Feng's. He couldn't endure the attacks with his physical body, it would have been too risky.

Outside, the crowd watching the deployment spell saw a gigantic dark dragon appear; a dragon of death, it could absorb any kind of strength. The Death intent it contained shook them to their cores. The whole deployment spell turned black. They hadn't thought that the deployment spell would change this much because of Xie Mou…

The gigantic dragon spat out strength, and death Qi filled the air. After a short time, the crowd saw a silhouette appear. He was hurled violently out of the deployment spell, his body all black, he looked dead.

People's faces stiffened. They were staring at the deployment spell, and gulped down. They only realized how terrifying the deployment spell was and how it had changed after this…

"Pfew…" Xie Mou took a deep breath. He slowly stood up and used life Qi to recover. His face was still black, and one could see he was still scared speechless.

"Xie Mou almost got killed in the deployment spell. It's extremely powerful!" someone in the crowd whispered.

"Who are you? Please show yourself!" said Xie Mou. He couldn't think of anyone who could cast such terrifying deployment spells. Was it one of his fellow disciples of the Di Qi layer?

But his fellow disciples of the Di Qi layer hadn't come to the testing area.

"Xie Mou!" In the distance, someone came up slowly. He was tall and composed. When he showed up, everybody was astonished: a great emperor of the Li Ministry!

"Brother Zi," replied Xie Mou politely, nodding at the new arrival. It was a very strong cultivator of the Li Ministry, a great emperor!

"It's been a long time since the Nine Supreme Ministries of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry have seen such a terrifying deployment spell caster. Please show yourself, Your Excellency!" said Great Emperor Zi solemnly, looking at the deployment spell.

PMG Chapter 2122

Chapter 2122: Great Emperor Zi

When the crowd heard Great Emperor Zi, they stared at the deployment spell. Xie Mou had almost died in there, how powerful was this spell. Who had cast it? Everybody wanted to know!

At that moment, the illusion slowly dispersed. Very quickly, a silhouette appeared; it was Lin Feng!

When Lin Feng appeared, many people frowned in astonishment.

"It's him."

"Surprisingly, that guy isn't dead."

Qian Mo and Xue Luo's faces paled. They had hoped Brother Xie Mou would be able to help them fight against Lin Feng, but later they had thought he had died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell, so they had slowly started to forget about him. However, Lin Feng wasn't dead, he was standing in front of them. Not only hadn't he died, but his deployment spell had almost killed Xie Mou!

Qian Mo and Xue Luo felt ashamed. They had bet on Lin Feng; in their eyes, Lin Feng was just a new member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, they hadn't thought he'd be so strong. They could just look down upon him, even Xie Mou couldn't compete with him.

Yue Qing Sha was astonished too and pulled a long face. This guy was so strong. His deployment spells were powerful; he hadn't just become a Great Scholar, he was an experienced Great Scholar!

"Who is he?" Xie Mou asked Qian Mo coldly when he saw that so many people looked shocked.

"He's the one who pa.s.sed the doors test in less than eight hours. I thought he died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell," Qian Mo replied telepathically.

His face stiffened. Xie Mou frowned and stepped forwards. He said to Lin Feng icily, "You didn't die in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell?"

"Why would have I died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell?" replied Lin Feng.

Great Emperor Zi said indifferently, "Xie Mou, this guy's deployment spells are formidable, you think the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell could kill him? Be respectful."

Xie Mou was startled at the rebuke and looked ashamed. Indeed, with the power of his deployment spells, how could he have died in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell? But Xie Mou just couldn't believe his eyes.

"I went to the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern a few times, but I didn't see you, where were you?"

"I am not a direct disciple of the Supreme Ministries, so I can't go into the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern. Staying outside would have been useless. So I just stayed in the Ten Thousand Killings Great Deployment Spell and studied there, is that surprising?" replied Lin Feng. He had already antic.i.p.ated someone would ask him that question so he had an answer ready. His answer was, after all, the truth… if someone couldn't enter the Pattern!

"Not bad. But with your talent, you should go into the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern. If you wish, I can inform the teachers and they'll recruit you as a disciple. They'll give you a memory imprint which will prove your social status and you will be able to go to the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern anytime. It will help you a lot. What do you think?" Great Emperor Zi smiled. Those crowd were astonished at the offer.

Great Emperor Zi was a genius and a great emperor of the Li Ministry. When he saw geniuses, he hoped they could join the Li Ministry. He wanted to help Lin Feng, he didn't feel jealous or envious at all.

Xie Mou's eyes glittered. Lin Feng hadn't been in the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern? If he had, he would have been even more fearsome! If Lin Feng joined the Li Ministry, it would have a negative impact on Xie Mou's social position within the Li Ministry…

He had a different position from Great Emperor Zi, he was still an emperor. He was the strongest and most talented emperor of the Li Ministry, and always obtained the best resources. People admired him. If Lin Feng joined the Li Ministry, that would change. But since Great Emperor Zi was saying this, Xie Mou couldn't intervene.

"We'll see," replied Lin Feng calmly.

Great Emperor Zi was startled, but smiled oddly, "Does that mean you refuse?"

Lin Feng looked at the man. A great emperor, a genius, ambitious and proud, personally inviting him to join the Li Ministry… but Lin Feng refused and didn't give him face. Even though Great Emperor Zi didn't release any Qi, the atmosphere became oppressive around him.

"Kind of," answered Lin Feng indifferently. The atmosphere grew particularly silent.

This guy is talented, but he's also ambitious and proud. Great Emperor Zi invited him personally and he refused. He could have joined a Supreme Ministry without taking any test and surprisingly, he refused. No wonder Great Emperor Zi is furious, thought the crowd.

"Great Emperor Zi is a nice person and cares for the Li Ministry. However, he's not nice to his enemies. Even the members of the other Supreme Ministries fear him. He hates evil people and evil things," murmured someone.

Great Emperor Zi smiled casually and looked at Lin Feng. "Do you think you're too talented for the Li Ministry?"

"I'm just not used to it," said Lin Feng indifferently. He didn't want to stay in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, or become one of their disciples. Inside his spirit world, he had some cultivators from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry whom he was going to transform into Demon Puppets.

"I see. I won't force you then, but your deployment spells are incredible. Please show me how strong your deployment spells are for you to refuse the Li Ministry's invitation," said Great Emperor Zi his smile now cold. He stepped forwards, deployment marks glittered all around him.

The crowd hastily retreated. They didn't wait to see anything anymore, they all ran away. Only Lin Feng and Great Emperor Zi remained.

Those people knew how terrifyingly strong Great Emperor Zi was!

At that moment, the ground under Great Emperor Zi grew dark and fissures appeared; it became scorching hot, no fire had appeared yet, but the temperature was increasing.

"Great Emperor Zi is incredibly strong. Even though that guy's deployment spells are powerful, Great Emperor Zi will teach him a good lesson!" people murmured.

Lin Feng moved away, marks appearing under his feet. They seemed to be made of earth strength, and looked indestructible.

Great Emperor Zi grunted icily and stepped forwards again, fire suddenly appearing and the air starting to burn. Lin Feng was surrounded by fire.

What a powerful fire Qi, thought Lin Feng. His opponent was strong, with powerful cosmic energies. He also understood Dao strength, or his social position couldn't have been that high within the Li Ministry. The difference between great emperors who understood Dao strength and the others was gigantic.

Lin Feng condensed cosmic energies around himself, marks filled the air. Demon and earth strength condensed and surrounded his body like his clothes.

Great Emperor Zi stretched out his hands and his terrifying fire strength turned into nine fire dragons, charging towards Lin Feng to devour him. Embers kept exploding and fiery lights appeared.

Lin Feng jumped away and waved his hands. Lights glittered. Lin Feng released Sword intent, fusing it together with his strength and turning it into gigantic swords. They shot towards the nine dragons!

Great Emperor Zi just smiled icily and continued stepping forwards, the firestorm around him getting more and more ferocious as he kept forming hand seals. The fire blotted out the sky and swooped towards Lin Feng. It was like he had ended up in a volcano, a world with flames everywhere. Purple lights also appeared, they looked like spiritual beings within the flames.

Lin Feng's armor shook. He drifted backwards, trying to leave the fire world deployment spell, but Great Emperor Zi shouted furiously, his silhouette flickering as he turned into many illusions. A hand smashed towards Lin Feng's armored chest.

People's hearts were twitching. Was Lin Feng going to die?

Crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng flew away, his armor was broken, fire marks appeared on it and finally they moved onto Lin Feng's skin.

Lin Feng lowered his head, everybody was staring at him. Could Lin Feng still move normally after that attack?

Lin Feng raised his head and smiled at Great Emperor Zi icily. "Your Excellency, your Dao is the Dao of Fire."

Everybody frowned. This guy was extremely strong; after Great Emperor Zi's attack, he could still act normally, as if nothing had happened.

Great Emperor Zi stared at him strangely, then he smiled and said, "You're acting as if nothing had happened even though my attack was powerful. That's rare. Unfortunately, you don't want to join the Li Ministry, I won't force you, then."

The deployment spells faded away as Great Emperor Zi left.

A short time later, Great Emperor Zi landed on a mountain just before reaching the Li Ministry. There were some people around him, all looking at Lin Feng in the distance.

"That guy is an incredible genius. His deployment spells are truly impressive. If he wants to stay in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, but doesn't want to join the Li Ministry, it would be a pity. However, if he doesn't want to stay in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and doesn't join one of the eighty-one Ministries, kill him!" said Great Emperor Zi calmly. The people around him frowned in astonishment.

PMG Chapter 2123

Chapter 2123: Gan Ministry's Paradise

When Lin Feng saw Great Emperor Zi leave, his silhouette also flickered as he left. After a short time, Lin Feng landed on a mountain and coughed up some scorching hot Qi. His face was red.

Great Emperor Zi is a great emperor, and a scary one. He's not an ordinary cultivator, he understands Dao. His deployment spells are also terrifying, and so is his fire Dao. How formidable!, thought Lin Feng. He sat down cross-legged and gradually got rid of the fire in his organs. That punch had been deadly, and its explosive fire strength had penetrated into his body.

Luckily, his physical body was extremely powerful; any other emperor at the top of the Huang Qi layer would have burned to death.

After a short time, a silhouette flickered and landed next to Lin Feng. They said nothing though, simply gazing into the distance and calmly waiting there.

Lin Feng rid himself of the fire strength in his body and looked at the man. He asked calmly, "What do you want?"

"You refused Great Emperor Zi's invitation?" The man turned around and asked calmly.

"So what?" replied Lin Feng.

"You don't know about Great Emperor Zi's temper. He cares a lot about the Li Ministry. When he has enemies, he tries to get rid of them. You humiliated Xue Luo and Qian Mo, and you nearly killed Xie Mou with your deployment spell. If you had joined the Li Ministry, he would have taken care of you, but you refused, and if you don't become a disciple of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, Great Emperor Zi will…"

"You mean that I must join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry?"

"No, I'm just telling you. The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry doesn't force people to become disciples. They don't lack geniuses. However, you are extremely powerful. The Gan Ministry is one of the Nine Supreme Ministries. If you join us, Great Emperor Zi will act as if nothing had happened," said that young man calmly. He had indeed come in peace.

"Aren't you worried that I could obtain resources and then leave?" Lin Feng smiled.

The other man smiled calmly. "That's your own business."

"I will think about it," Lin Feng offered.

"I hope so!" the other replied calmly. His silhouette flickered and he was gone.

Lin Feng closed his eyes in thought. That man didn't seem to want to deceive him. Lin Feng had the sensation some people seemed to be watching him.

I wonder if Great Emperor Zi has sent people to watch me. It seems that if I want to leave the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, it won't be easy, thought Lin Feng calmly. He started using the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to modify deployment spells. Cosmic energies appeared; wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies fused together and deployment marks appeared. This deployment spell looked special; it was a pair of wings!

I made wings using a deployment spell!, thought Lin Feng. The wings had appeared on his back. He opened them up, and a strong wind started blowing, blowing furiously past him with a long howling. Empty s.p.a.ce strength filled the air as Lin Feng kept modifying his wings.

Deployment spells represented extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p. Nothing was impossible, it was always possible to modify them. Before, Lin Feng had practiced the Three Thousand Great Deployment Spells and countless small deployment spells. Even though they were powerful, they lacked something: vigor and vitality! The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's deployment spells were powerful, and could be used like strength. As long as someone was persevering and talented, nothing was impossible!

Lin Feng's ideas of deployment spells were fixed at the beginning. He had learned more about them thanks to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He started modifying them as he wished, adapting them to his needs. They made him intrinsically stronger!

Those who were watching Lin Feng had a strange feeling. He was extremely strong and talented and had joined the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, but he wasn't in a hurry to join one of the eighty-one Ministries; he wasn't even interested in the Nine Supreme Ministries! He had come purely for deployment spells, it seemed.

Great Emperor Zi's methods were cruel, but one had to admit what he was doing wasn't groundless. Since such a powerful deployment spell caster had appeared, if they couldn't use him, then they had to eliminate him. It was cruel and straightforward, but that was the sad truth of the cultivation world. They were convinced that a few great emperors could easily kill Lin Feng.

Of course, they also hoped that Lin Feng would be interested in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and would join a Supreme Ministry, any of them was acceptable.

At that moment, the sky distorted. People raised their heads and gazed into the distance. Clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing. Qi filled the air.

"All the disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, get ready to go into the Gan Ministry's Paradise," proclaimed a loud voice, heard everywhere in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

"They're going to open the Gan Ministry's Paradise for everybody!"

"What's going on? The Gan Ministry wants to open the Gan Ministry's Paradise and wants everyone to go in there?"

"I guess they want to get ready for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Imagine, we are ordinary disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Even if we go to the Gan Ministry's Paradise and were lucky, we'd never be able to partic.i.p.ate. The geniuses will partic.i.p.ate, not us. But some people will be lucky and will go to G.o.dly Clouds City and partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They'll make the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry famous!"

"You're right. It's probably because of that, for those geniuses to get ready to go and partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds."

After that voice resonated everywhere in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, many people started talking as they headed towards the Gan Ministry's Paradise.

The Gan Ministry was the first of the eighty-one Ministries. The Gan Ministry's Paradise was an ancient paradise small world created by the ancestors of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. It was said that it was a place where Great Deployment Masters could practice cultivation. Even the Gan Ministry's disciples rarely had occasion to go there. Today, it was open to all, a rare opportunity, something that might happen only once every hundred years.

Lin Feng, who had spent some time in his spirit's world, opened his eyes. He knew the Ministry was calling them to the Gan Ministry's Paradise.

Since everyone from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry was told to go there, could he go or not? He wasn't a member of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, after all.

When Lin Feng thought about that, his silhouette flickered and he followed the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's disciples regardless.

The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had existed for so many years, it was like a university, there were millions of disciples here. Lin Feng was in the crowd, n.o.body really cared about him in the ocean of people. The members of the eighty-one Ministries could hardly all know one another.

There was what seemed like an endless number of low-level emperors. There was no limit of strength to be recruited by the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. They cared about deployment spells, and those who could pa.s.s the nine hundred ninety-nine doors challenge could become disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Of course, apart from emperors, there were also many great emperors. All the Ministries had disciples who were great emperors.

In front of the crowd was a valley and a mountain peak. The peak was like a wall with a door inside. That was the Gan Ministry's Paradise.

At that moment, the door opened, some empty s.p.a.ce energy emerged, and everybody heard a voice. "You may enter the Gan Ministry's Paradise."

Everybody's silhouette flickered and they moved towards the door. Lin Feng followed, but remained discreet. Many people were watching for him, but n.o.body noticed him as he crossed the door.

When Lin Feng crossed the deployment door, he reappeared in another world, an ancient realm. A strong cultivator had created this small world. If there hadn't been a door, it would have been impossible to notice that there was a small world there.

After entering the small world, Lin Feng saw people moving in different directions. He picked a random direction for himself, but heard the wind sigh behind him. He frowned as he turned around and saw some familiar faces. There was the young man who had warned him about Great Emperor Zi. He looked quite ordinary; when people saw him, they ignored him, but Lin Feng could sense that that he was quite extraordinary.

He had invited Lin Feng to join the Gan Ministry, which meant he was probably the first disciple of the Gan Ministry!

"We were meant to meet, my name is Yang Xiao! How should I call you, Your Excellency?" asked that person with a friendly smile.

We were meant to meet?, thought Lin Feng, but he smiled back and said, "Mu Feng."

"Brother Mu Feng, I know the Gan Ministry's Paradise, I've been here before. Would you like to travel with me?" Yang Xiao asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng's heart twitched. People who could freely travel to the Gan Ministry's Paradise definitely had a special social status. This man could come to the Gan Ministry's Paradise as he wished, which meant he had an extraordinary social status within the Gan Ministry!

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and then he heard Yang Xiao say, "Many great emperors will come here. If you into them, things will get complicated for you. If you stay with me, n.o.body will cause you trouble."

PMG Chapter 2124

Chapter 2024: Deployment Spells Are Alive?

Lin Feng studied Yang Xiao. He couldn't easily trust the other, especially in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He was a stranger and a guest in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He couldn't do as he wished here, therefore, Lin Feng refused. "No need. I can stay alone."

When Yang Xiao heard Lin Feng, he wasn't surprised. He simply smiled and said, "Even if you refuse, I will follow you. If you encounter great emperors of the Supreme Ministries, I will do my best to help you."

"Thank you very much, you're too kind. But it's really unnecessary," said Lin Feng and then he suddenly left. Behind him, Yang Xiao smiled indifferently. This Mu Feng wanted to get rid of him?

Deployment marks appeared under Yang Xiao's feet, and he moved extremely quickly. Emperors just had to study some holy marks strength and they could move like this; they could also move using cosmic energies to improve their speed. However, really strong deployment spell casters could make one step and appear in another empty s.p.a.ce. Each of their steps was composed of a full deployment spell.

Lin Feng sensed that Yang Xiao was following him. He was startled at the man's speed. However, Lin Feng didn't stop. Since Yang Xiao wanted to follow him, he could hardly stop him!

The Gan Ministry's first paradise was vast, with many deployment mines. However, those deployment mines didn't belong to anyone. The eighty-one Ministries had a hundred paradises; just like the Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern, deployment mines were precious treasures for the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. n.o.body could monopolize them, not even a powerful Ministry, and only disciples could go to the Paradises to study.

The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had existed for many years, and had become an extremely influential group. The Ten Thousand Deployment Walls Pattern and the Paradises were precious treasures, every generation could benefit from them. The Gan Ministry's Paradise was the first one ever made, and it helped them remain powerful. They didn't want to waste their resources.

"So many deployment mines, but many of them are small," noted Lin Feng. He continued on. What kind of treasures did the Gan Ministry's paradise contain for the leaders to open it once every hundred years?

"Beasts?" Lin Feng saw a beast in the distance. It was black and had two gloomy ice-cold eyes. Its Qi was ice-cold as well. When the beast saw Lin Feng, it moved towards him and brandished claws. The gigantic beast seemed like it could destroy Lin Feng in the blink of an eye. Many black shadows appeared and streaked across the sky.

"What a powerful strength!" Lin Feng was impressed. That beast's claws were sharp and contained destructive dark energies that seemed able to tear apart anything.

Lin Feng sensed how powerful it was. He raised his fist and punched out in its direction. A hole appeared in the beast's body. However, in an instant, the beast turned into demon lights and dispersed. It had no physical body.

Lin Feng frowned and stared at the at the demon lights. They condensed before him again and the beast stared at him. Lin Feng felt cold.

"What the h.e.l.l is this thing?" murmured Lin Feng. The beast started moving towards Lin Feng again. However, this time, he didn't directly punch it. He stretched out his hand, trying to grab that beast. He grabbed it and then a fearsome absorbing strength emerged from Lin Feng's body. A dark head emerged from Lin Feng's body and absorbed the beast before retreating back into Lin Feng's body.

"It's not really a beast." Lin Feng absorbed the beast and sharp lights appeared in his eyes. That ferocious beast had no physical body, and wasn't a real beast.

"Of course it's not a real beast. It's a deployment beast!" said a familiar voice. It was Yang Xiao. Lin Feng looked at him as Yang Xiao continued, "Mu Feng, the paradise is a small world which was created by ancestors of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. The ancestor was a celestial being, a wise man, and extremely talented. He wasn't entirely satisfied with deployment spells, he wanted them to have a life, so he created deployment spells as spiritual beings, granting them a powerful strength and creating deployment spell Holy Spirits. That was the beast you saw."

"How ambitious. He was an incredible cultivator and he created an incredible place." Lin Feng was impressed. That ancestor must have been a Great Deployment Master, like a Saint. He had been wise and created his own school of thought.

"But that beast didn't have powerful innate powers, it acquired its powers later. Deployment spells with souls are extremely strong, but they're also rare. There are many deployment mines in here, and some of them are incredible. In some of them, you can see innate deployment spiritual beings!"

There are so many branches in deployment spell cultivation, mused Lin Feng. There were deployment spirits which had innate powers, some of them had even acquired them later… deployment spells were incredible! If Lin Feng hadn't come to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he would have never known about these things, that living spiritual beings could be born out of nothing? Maybe the ancestor had lied to the ancestors of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry? After all, those were just legends…

"Thank you very much for those pieces of information," Lin Feng smiled, before continuing on his way. Yang Xiao watched Lin Feng's disappearing silhouette coolly.

There was a beast in the sky, a deployment eagle. It suddenly dove towards Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao waved his hand, deployment lights appeared, flashed red and moved to the eagle. At the same time, a beam of light emerged from his third eye and crashed into the eagle's head. With a flash, the eagle vanished.

"How strong!" someone spoke up. Yang Xiao turned around and saw Great Emperor Zi.

"What do you want?" Yang Xiao asked him indifferently.

"Yang Xiao, you told Lin Feng I was going to take care of him and that he should stay with you. Unfortunately, he doesn't care. He refused to travel with you, and he doesn't want you to tell you anything about himself. You can't recruit him as easily. In the end, he's enigmatic and unfathomable. My punch didn't even injure him," Great Emperor Zi mused aloud.

Yang Xiao frowned and said icily, "So what? Mind your own business, will you?"

"Yang Xiao, people fear and respect you in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Even the elders tell their disciples they have to respect you. You have a good position in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. You are also extremely talented. But now we're in a Paradise. If you want to deal with him, I can help you," Great Emperor Zi smiled coolly.

Yang Xiao was surprised. Great Emperor Zi continued, "I know that no matter what you do, with your talent, the elders of the Gan Ministry will support you, but they won't help you. We can join hands, we'll benefit from it."

"What do you want to obtain?" Yang Xiao asked icily.

"We can share all he has," said Great Emperor Zi indifferently, which made Yang Xiao smile grimly.

"Ridiculous. Great Emperor Zi, you're a great emperor, you would dare cast greedy eyes on an emperor?"

"You're wrong. You can learn from anyone, no matter what their cultivation level is. That guy is talented and extremely strong. His deployment spells are impressive. If we join hands, it will be a win-win cooperation. You could obtain great things, which might be crucial before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You would become much stronger really quickly."

"Great Emperor Zi, you're truly evil," spat Yang Xiao coldly.

"We're both in the same boat," Great Emperor Zi smiled placidly. They had possibly found a common ground…


Lin Feng didn't know about their little chat. He had landed in a deployment mine. everything in front of him seemed to be moving. He saw a gigantic stone appear and begin to shatter. It then exploded, and its pieces fell down to the ground. A gigantic spider appeared; it had golden eyes and its body was dark gold.

"It's a deployment beast again!" Lin Feng was curious. The spider scuttled towards him. Lin Feng was surrounded by dazzling marks, which turned into a gigantic golden web around him. It looked indestructible, and seemed extremely difficult to escape from, as it kept changing.

This deployment beast can use deployment spells?, thought Lin Feng, astonished. How could a deployment spell turn into a spiritual being? Lin Feng really wanted to know.

Even though Lin Feng understood deployment spells better and could already carve deployment beasts, they were still just deployment spells, they couldn't be real beasts… but the creature in front of him was a mystery.

"To become alive, they must have a soul, so that deployment spell has a soul?" Lin Feng's eyes glittered and he released his sword strength. The web started crackling and strands severed like wires being cut.

PMG Chapter 2125

Chapter 2125: Animal Guardian Spirits

Lin Feng had already sensed Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword's life and vitality. However, it had a sword soul, and a sword soul was made out of the cultivator's soul. How could a deployment spell have a soul if a cultivator didn't grant it with a thread of his own soul?

Lin Feng didn't understand…

Lin Feng destroyed the spider web, despite its strength. He walked towards the spider, however, the spider opened its mandibles, and lights filled the air around him again. The energies looked sharp and deadly. They could easily cut a cultivator apart.

But at his cultivation level, blades couldn't even stab him anymore. Lin Feng's hand was sharp, it seemed able to cut anything. It moved forwards, the wind whistled as the lights were cut apart. Lin Feng landed on the spider's back, driving it down to the ground with a crunch. At the same time, Lin Feng's soul strength penetrated into the spider's third eye. As expected, in the spider's brain, there was a thread of light… a spider soul!

"As expected, deployment beasts also have a soul. However, where does that soul come from? Is it really natural?"

Lin Feng doubted what the ancestor of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry had said. Of course, it was his own impression, there was no precise reason for thinking Yang Xiao was lying. There were many strong cultivators in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Many people had also noticed this, but they didn't question what the ancestors said. After all, in the world of cultivation, there were many things which couldn't be explained. These deployment beasts which were alive were a perfect example.

Lin Feng released Qi into the air. In an instant, it surrounded the spider and the spider disappeared. Since it had a soul, it could probably be controlled…

Lin Feng continued walking forwards. He encountered many deployment beasts. Some of them were very strong and could also cast deployment spells, just like the spider. Those beasts' ability to cast deployment spells seemed to be innate. Lin Feng took all of them without exception. He put them all in his spirit world, he wanted to see if he'd be able to control them.

"Tomb?" Lin Feng looked at the ground from the sky and saw a grave. There was even a gravestone. In front of it, there were deployment beasts protecting it, that's why it drew Lin Feng's attention, "Cyan Dragon of the East, White Tiger of the West, Vermilion Bird of the South, Tortoise of the North," he murmured.

That place was in the middle of the creatures. Four guardian spirits protecting a gravestone, who was buried there?

At this time, the four beasts were staring at some people ferociously. Those people were from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and had come to the small world to practice. They wanted to see what was on that gravestone.

Finally, someone moved towards the gravestone, but the White Tiger moved to intercept and glared at that person icily. It also released a formidable power. It looked just like a guardian spirit.

"We're disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, we came to pray for our ancestor. Let us pa.s.s!" said that strong cultivator. However, the White Tiger just looked at him icily. That strong cultivator grunted icily and stretched out his hands, there was a rumble of moving energy and imprints shot towards the White Tiger.

The White Tiger roared angrily and spat out golden lights. Explosions erupted as they met the imprints, and everything exploded.

The strong cultivator grunted again and struck out with punches at the White Tiger. Energy filled the air. The one who had attacked the White Tiger was a great emperor who controlled Dao power, as were the others with him. They were all extremely strong.

The White Tiger roared, more golden lights materialized. Everything became golden around him. He looked like a king. His golden lights shot in all directions, the earth and sky trembled, those people's hearts started pounding. They were Great Scholars, but they couldn't cast deployment spells so quickly. However, that White Tiger who was a guardian spirit with innate abilities and extremely strong.

It's a great imperial deployment beast, thought the astonished Lin Feng. The White Tiger was furious. The golden lights flared and turned into a curtain of light. The great emperor pulled a long face. He kept attacking, but the White Tiger was still roaring furiously. Deployment lights filled the air around him, the turning into a vortex and moving towards his enemy!

How terrifying. The great emperor isn't as strong as the tiger, observed Lin Feng. The great emperor also thought of casting a deployment spell, but even as deployment lights started intertwining around him the White Tiger was too fast. He roared furiously and continuously. Deployment lights were everywhere.

The other great emperors all withdrew, grimacing. They had heard about these powerful guardian spirits before, everybody had told them to never offend them, but they had always had doubts. Now they could see them with their own eyes.

"Should we help him?" asked one of them, as their faces stiffened. That great emperor was stuck in a deployment cage now!

"Haven't you seen that the three other guardian spirits are eyeing us covetously?" answered one of them, watching the Cyan Dragon, the Tortoise, and the Vermilion Bird carefully. The three guardian spirits were all extremely strong, watching the three as if they wanted to devour them.

"Help me!" shouted the great emperor desperately. To his despair, n.o.body was helping him. The deployment spell was getting more and more terrifying, the great emperor's hope was evaporating.

Finally, the White Tiger devoured him alive. The sight was quite fearsome, especially when the White Tiger with blood dripping from his jaws raised his head and looked at them.

"Pfew…" Lin Feng took a deep breath. How strong! What would have happened if I had been the great emperor?

"Four guardian spirits, Saint Imperial marks, inherited from the Great Deployment Master, you dared try?" said Yang Xiao, looking at those people indifferently.

"Even though we're in the Gan Ministry's Paradise, there are no rules saying we can't do certain things; if we're able to do something, does anything prevent us from doing so?" someone else replied to Yang Xiao. If they hadn't found the grave, never mind; but they did and it was protected by terrifying guardian spirits, few people could compete with them!

"The problem is, can you defeat them?" Yang Xiao smiled coldly, which made those people pull long faces. Their friend had just been killed, it proved everything.

"Hehe, Yang Xiao, no need to tell us those things. If you had had the opportunity, you would have done the same, everybody knows what kind of person you are in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry," returned that person with a knowing smile.

Everybody agreed. Even the Nine Supreme Ministries had told their direct disciples not to touch him.

"Haha, you understand me!" Yang Xiao burst into laughter and said, "You're right, if I have the opportunity, I'll kill the guardian spirits, and now I do have that opportunity."

"Eh?" when they heard him, they frowned, "Yang Xiao, what do you mean?"

"I can deal with them if you all help me," replied Yang Xiao.

"And then?" asked the crowd. They had always wanted to see what was hidden in that grave.

"Before, you must help me do something," said Yang Xiao.

"What?" asked the cultivators frowning. That guy was shameless.

"Help me capture that guy," said Yang Xiao, pointing at Lin Feng. Everybody looked at Lin Feng, not understanding. Wasting so much energy to capture an emperor? And he needed help for that?

Lin Feng frowned and his eyes twinkled icily. Yang Xiao was definitely treacherous, he wanted to capture Lin Feng now!

"Yang Xiao, there are no tensions between you and me, and you even invited me to join the Gan Ministry! Is that how you treat your friends?" replied Lin Feng icily, staring at Yang Xiao. He opened his hand and deployment marks appeared.

"Your Excellency, I think you won't accept my invitation, so I'll capture you first and then we can talk." Yang Xiao smiled. Lin Feng suddenly turned into a beam of light and shot off into the distance.

"Die!" shouted Great Emperor Zi icily. He released fire Dao power, which struck Lin Feng and penetrated into his body. Lin Feng was furious when he sensed the Qi latch hold of him.

"If you want to go into the grave, capture him!" shouted Yang Xiao explosively as he started chasing Lin Feng. The crowd frowned. Their silhouettes flickered. They all chased after Lin Feng like madmen. Since Yang Xiao had told them to, they obeyed. He might even keep his promise!

Lin Feng released empty s.p.a.ce and wind cosmic energies and modified them. At the same time, his spirit world Qi filled the air and gigantic wings appeared on his back, he beat them and streaked across the sky. He was moving at an incredible speed!

How fast! Yang Xiao remains vigilant; he joined hands with me, but surprisingly he asked some great emperors to help him, he hadn't thought this guy would be so fast, thought Great Emperor Zi when he saw that. However, deployment marks appeared under his feet and he started moving through empty s.p.a.ces.

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