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PMG Chapter 2126

Chapter 2126: Killing G.o.d

Yang Xiao was extremely fast. Deployment lights appeared under his feet and he started moving, he caught up with Great Emperor Zi and they continued chasing Lin Feng.

When Great Emperor Zi heard the whistling sounds next to him, he fumed. People from the Gan Ministry are good to Yang Xiao, they know he always resorts to evil methods so they gave him a precious treasure to escape.

Yang Xiao was one of the two emperors who had the highest social status in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. His social status was higher than Ye Que's or Xie Mou's. Of course, he was stronger than them, too. He had an extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p. He wasn't greedy, quite even-tempered, and he also remained discreet most of the time. He obtained things all the time from all the Ministries because he was talented. He could steal people's memories and use them for himself. When he took someone's memories, the victim became amnesic and stupid.

In the past, there had been many cases in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Some extremely strong people had lost memories. Yang Xiao didn't care about weak people's memories. At the beginning, n.o.body knew who had done it. Eventually people had found out that it was Yang Xiao, but the Gan Ministry protected him. They had given him a treasure which protected his life, so n.o.body could do anything to him.

However, similar things continued happening and the Supreme Ministries were infuriated and wanted to punish him. They even threatened to kill him if he touched their disciples' memories. Yang Xiao had finally stopped hunting the disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

When Yang Xiao saw Lin Feng, he had immediately thought of him as a prey. He wanted to steal Lin Feng's memories. It was a terrifying skill, especially since Lin Feng was extremely strong. Stealing such people's memories had made Yang Xiao extremely strong!

Because of his special power, it was difficult for people of the same cultivation level to resist him, even though he wasn't very talented. Only one person who had an Innate Spiritual Deployment-Type Body could compete with him. That person's power was similar to the legendary cultivator's power who had created the deployment mines with deployment spiritual beings. It was an innate power. It was difficult to find such people in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, and his deployment spells were awesome. That person was the first emperor of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. Many great emperors were weaker than him!

Lin Feng's speed was terrifying. However, Yang Xiao was catching up with him. Red lights shot towards Lin Feng. He frowned and turned around suddenly. World of the Living Imprints flashed towards Yang Xiao. It was like Heaven and Earth were surrounding him. Yang Xiao had nowhere to escape.

Yang Xiao released deployment lights around himself, and disappeared. He reappeared above Lin Feng. Lin Feng's eyes became pitch-black and deathly cold. His Death intent was intense. Holy Spirits filled with cursing strength moved towards Yang Xiao, pulsing with power. At the same time, Lin Feng shouted furiously, soundwaves and cursing strength invaded Yang Xiao's mind. At the same time, Lin Feng raised his hands and blocked the red lights.

Lin Feng released explosive deployment marks, and appeared in front of Yang Xiao. Terrifying cosmic energies emitted furious whistling sounds and oppressed Yang Xiao. Sword lights streaked across the sky and a dazzling sword trail appeared, able to cut and destroy anything.

"Block!" Yang Xiao suddenly turned into a void, a strong wind started blowing and energies rolled out around him. He disappeared and reappeared in front of Lin Feng again. Terrifying lights emerged from his third eye and shot towards Lin Feng's brain, accompanied by a dangerous Qi. Lin Feng felt his thoughts start to unsettle. He suddenly had a headache and the impression his brain was going to explode. His soul also started to shake chaotically.

"Die!" Death strength moved towards his enemy's brain, both of them had terrifying attacks, and both controlled deployment spells. Their attacks were cruel and brutal. Anyone else could have been easily killed by their attacks.

A terrifying strength moved towards Lin Feng. He raised his hands to block, and Yang Xiao had the impression a mountain had fallen onto his back. He could barely breathe, and felt he was going to explode. Deployment lights emerged from his body and he retreated.

He was thinking that he was right, Lin Feng was indeed extremely talented, a real genius. In the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, there weren't many people like him, he might be as strong as the one who had a spiritual deployment body. Yang Xiao wanted to steal his memories even more!

Great Emperor Zi and the others finally caught up with them. Great Emperor Zi stretched his hands and a terrifying fire surrounded Lin Feng. It felt like his entire body was going to burn.

"Stop!" Behind him, deployment lights started intertwining. A cage appeared and imprisoned him. Everybody smiled coldly. He wanted to escape from them, but it wasn't that easy-

However, they saw Lin Feng jump up, he raised his s.h.i.+ning fist, smashed the cage, and blew it apart instantly. Then he took out a deployment talisman and he disappeared, reappearing far in the distance.

"What kind of materials did he use to carve such a deployment talisman? He can surprisingly teleport so far." Yang Xiao and the others were astonished and all pulled long faces. Surprisingly, he had escaped!

"Chase him!" shouted Yang Xiao icily. He was extremely fast. Deployment lights surrounded him again, he disappeared once more. Lin Feng's speed was terrifying. He used deployment talismans, knowing he wasn't strong enough to deal with so many great emperors. Yang Xiao had asked them to chase him, not the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, but the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry couldn't say anything to protect him.

Lin Feng had come to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry willing to take risks. Now it was even worse, he was in the Gan Ministry's Paradise. He had antic.i.p.ated he would run into danger, he just hadn't thought it would happen so fast.

Lin Feng realized that he couldn't escape from Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao shouted extremely loudly, "Help me stop that guy, I'll be infinitely grateful!"

Many people heard him clearly far away in the distance and rushed over. Lin Feng saw someone rush over to him. He welcomed the man with a sword attack. The sword lights were dazzling and hurt that guy's eyes as it turned into a gigantic beam of light.

Lin Feng then used another deployment talisman and disappeared. However, some people were still blocking him. A strong cultivator released ancient imprints onwards him. At the same time, Dao power moved into his body. He grunted with pain, infuriated.

"Anyone who tries to stop me will die!" shouted Lin Feng explosively, the earth and sky trembling. Nine dragons roared. At the same time, a violent Qi exploded out from him. It was a weapon king Qi, terrifying and indestructible. Lin Feng seemed to be able to conquer every obstacle. He flapped his gigantic deployment wings unceasingly and streaked across the sky.

Someone was staring at him as he tried to block Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked back at him icily. He used his Nihility Sword Scriptures attack and released an empty s.p.a.ce death sword, simultaneously releasing other sword energies. His enemy didn't have time to be stupefied, he instantly disappeared, dead and gone. Ordinary emperors of the top of the Huang Qi layer couldn't withstand a single attack from him.

Lin Feng didn't stop moving. Someone in front of him released ice-cold lights. His death strength turned into a long river. At the same time, millions of black death swords appeared. His World of the Living Imprints blotted out the sky. Lin Feng's enemy had the impression he was going to drown. He tried to escape from Lin Feng, but those death energies absorbed him completely.

When the crowd in the distance saw that, they were astonished, in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had already killed five or six people, everyone who had tried to stop him.

"How insolent!" swore a great emperor, darting forwards and releasing his Qi. He threw himself at Lin Feng, condensing endless strength. The terrifying Qi blotted out the sky.

In Lin Feng's eyes there was only coldness and death. People chased him to kill him? Then he had to kill them! If his soul and physical body hadn't been strong enough, he would have been dead long ago.

"Die!" Lin Feng looked like a death G.o.d. Nothing could distract him. He threw himself at the Qi which the great emperor was condensing and released Qi himself. He looked like a sharp sword.

"Stay here!" shouted the great emperor, stepping forwards, the ground was shaking. A strong wind was blowing, strong enough to kill people. However, when he released that explosive Qi, Lin Feng disappeared and released his shadow spirit. His whole body turned into a blurry shadow and he moved even faster.

The wind was still moaning, something moved through it with a whistle of doom. The terrifying Qi made the earth and sky tremble. The great emperor stopped running forwards, his face stiffening.

Yang Xiao streaked across the sky, a hurricane appearing around him. He frowned because he saw the great emperor turn into blood and ashes suddenly. Yang Xiao's heart started pounding, but he wanted Lin Feng's memories even more. The more dangerous Lin Feng was, the more interesting he was. He wanted to obtain Lin Feng's powers!

PMG Chapter 2127

Chapter 2127: Cauldron Modifying a Human Being

In the sky, Yang Xiao and Lin Feng kept streaking across the sky. Huge waves of energies surged around them. Lin Feng kept flapping his wings, his Qi terrifying. Yang Xiao had treasures which made him even faster. He was faster than Lin Feng and chased him closely.

Even though Yang Xiao was really close, he preferred being vigilant, as he could sense that Lin Feng was dangerous. Lin Feng had just destroyed a great emperor! Besides, if he didn't have a special treasure and some special abilities, Lin Feng could have killed him already!

Of course, he wasn't ready to give up. He was determined to obtain Lin Feng's memories! Therefore, as he chased Lin Feng, on the way, he kept shouting and asking people to help him capture and kill Lin Feng.

People kept getting killed by Lin Feng. Yang Xiao didn't care about sacrificing them to slow Lin Feng down.

Lin Feng was furious. He wanted to capture Yang Xiao and turn him into a Demon Puppet. But many people were staring at him. If he captured Yang Xiao, he would probably never be able to leave the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry alive.

At that moment, sharps lights glittered in Lin Feng's eyes. In front of him, there was a deployment mine with a tombstone. Around it, as before, there were deployment beasts protecting it. The guardian spirits were a legendary beast like Suan Ni, there was also a mythical beast which had the head of a dragon, a lion's body, hoofs, wings and a tail, and some other terrifying beasts. They looked ferocious and didn't seem ready to let anyone in.

When Lin Feng saw that, he suddenly turned around and looked at Yang Xiao who was closely chasing him. Yang Xiao was moving very quickly, but when he saw Lin Feng stop, he was surprised, so he also stopped.

He didn't start a great battle against Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng had stopped, it was better to wait for the great emperors behind to arrive. Yang Xiao didn't want Lin Feng to escape, he wanted to steal his memories. He was willing to chase Lin Feng all over the small world to capture him!

A strong wind started blowing. Great imperial strength invaded the atmosphere. The great emperors arrived, when they saw Lin Feng was getting near the guardian spirits, they frowned. What was this guy going to do?

"Divide." Lin Feng turned into two, then three, and very quickly, there were Lin Feng's clones everywhere. Yang Xiao and the others were astonished. They could easily see his real body still, it had wings and a powerful Qi.

And then he disappeared. The clones dispersed. n.o.body could see Lin Feng's real body anymore!

All the clones suddenly turned around and fled. Deadly deployment lights shot everywhere.

"Where are you going?" shouted Yang Xiao icily. The crowd also chased him, but then the clones hurtled towards the deployment beasts.

Lin Feng said icily, "Kill those deployment beasts and open the grave."

"This guy is insane!" thought the crowd when they heard Lin Feng. They all pulled long faces. The deployment beasts roared their fury and countless illusions shot towards Lin Feng. However, his countless clones just kept advancing. The sky exploded as illusions and clones died together. The ancient gravestone cracked and exploded. A hole appeared in the tomb, and someone ran towards it and jumped inside.

"That's his real body."

"He used a deployment talisman."

Everybody was astonished. Mu Feng's real body had entered the grave!

"Yang Xiao, you said you could fight against those deployment beasts, do it now!" a great emperor pressed him. Someone had gone into the grave, and they all wanted to follow.

"Keep calm. We need to cooperate. We need more great emperors," said Yang Xiao slowly, regaining his calm.


Lin Feng was inside the grave. He realized that it didn't look like a grave, there were deployment mines on both sides. Those deployment mines were filled with all kinds of strange things. Many deployment stones had human shapes, who looked like they were sleeping.

"Are those real or statues?" wondered Lin Feng. He continued walking forwards. He didn't touch those gigantic stones.

"Whose tomb could it be?" mused Lin Feng. He realized that apart from those deployment stones, there were also beasts here. The path was extremely long, and then Lin Feng heard the sound of a cauldron being struck, which made him s.h.i.+ver. The soundwave made his soul shake. Was danger coming?

"What's happening?" Lin Feng shuddered and gazed into the distance. However, he couldn't see very far, it was supernaturally dark. The death cauldron sounds kept penetrating into his body. It felt like something was trying to kill him.

Lin Feng continued walking forwards. Since he was in the grave, he wanted to see what there was inside.

A mysterious Qi filled the air. After a short time, a silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a strong cultivator from the Yu Wen Clan, Lin Feng had turned him into a Demon Puppet. He wasn't very talented, so he was useless to Lin Feng.

"Go and have a look," Lin Feng said to the Demon Puppet. The Demon Puppet obeyed. Even if a Demon Puppet could die, they would obey.

Lin Feng could clearly sense that the demon puppet was in danger. Even as the Demon Puppet relayed to Lin Feng what he saw, he collapsed and died.

"Cauldron, an ancient death cauldron." Lin Feng frowned, his face stiff. There was a cauldron blocking his field of vision and the path. The sound waves emitted by the cauldron could kill people. It was extremely deadly, a level three or more Great Imperial Weapon.

Death, I know Death Dao, can that cauldron even kill me?, thought Lin Feng, walking forwards resolutely. Even if the Demon Puppet had died, Lin Feng wanted to see what had killed him.

As Lin Feng walked forwards, the mysterious soundwaves kept making his soul s.h.i.+ver. It was truly a deadly cauldron!

Lin Feng transformed cosmic energies into life strength and protected himself. The soundwaves continued making him shake, but they couldn't kill him.

Very quickly, something strange happened. Lin Feng's death and life strengths revolved within him. Lin Feng arrived in front of the cauldron, noticing it was very old. It was a deadly cauldron, giving the impression n.o.body could control it. If Lin Feng hadn't understood life and death Dao, he wouldn't have gone there. Even great emperors didn't dare do so!

Lin Feng released his G.o.dly awareness and death strength towards the cauldron. He wanted to see what it truly was. However, when his G.o.dly awareness and death strength surrounded the cauldron, a terrifying beam of light emerged from the cauldron, it contained death lights which surrounded Lin Feng. His face turned deathly pale and his faces stiffened. Then, his death strength was drained out of his body as the cauldron stole it away.

"No!" Lin Feng interrupted his connection to the cauldron. However, its strength became even more terrifying, and even his G.o.dly awareness was sucked in by the cauldron.

"No…" shouted Lin Feng furiously. His soul couldn't control his body anymore, it was forced out as well. The strength was terrifying!

He had fearsome fighting abilities, so he rarely left his body with his soul. However, at that moment, his soul was out of his body, irresistibly drawn forth. Lin Feng could see his own physical body with his soul, his body looked stiff. The cauldron absorbed his soul!

The cauldron started trembling, Lin Feng's soul trembled and rotated inside the cauldron, as if the cauldron was trying to refine Lin Feng's soul and turn into a cauldron soul!

The cauldron began to rumble. It wanted to use Lin Feng's life and break the tomb open. Lin Feng's soul, inside the ancient cauldron was dazzling to behold. Lin Feng was astonished, he had thought that only people could create Great Imperial Weapons, he had never thought Great Imperial Weapons could create people!


Yang Xiao and the others had managed to enter the tomb and now sensed dangerous forces. They had hurried along because they didn't sense the cauldron's deadly energies. They hoped to overtake Lin Feng on the way.

When they saw Lin Feng's body, they were all astonished. Why did it have no Qi at all?

"Is that a clone?" Yang Xiao slapped the body. There was a crack of impact, Lin Feng's body collapsed, but remained intact. It did not disappear.

"That's his body, it's not a clone. His physical body is incredibly strong, is he dead?" Their faces stiffened as they thought their work had been for nothing.

PMG Chapter 2128

Chapter 2128: Innate Great Deployment Master

"Let me try." Yang Xiao was stupefied. He walked over to Lin Feng, opened his third eye and inspected Lin Feng's body. After a few seconds, he looked astonished. "His soul has been destroyed! He's dead!"

"What?" The others' faces stiffened. His soul had been destroyed? Mu Feng was really dead?

When they thought about that, they gazed into the distance. The cauldron had already disappeared. They could see a cave in the distance though, an awesome Qi filled the air there, silencing all of them.

A silhouette moved like the wind: a great emperor! However, when they saw it, everyone looked astonished.

A gigantic beast appeared in front of them. It wasn't a deployment beast, it was a real beast, a mahoraga. He had the head of a dragon and the body of a snake, dozens of meters long. His eyes were overbearing.

"How is this possible? How can there be such a terrifying beast in here?" The crowd was astonished. The gigantic mahoraga curled up in the gigantic deployment mine, he looked like the guardian of the mine.

"If there's a gigantic beast, there's a treasure and that beast is protecting it!" someone exclaimed. What treasure was the beast protecting, though?

Many more people had arrived. After entering, when they saw the mahoraga, they were stunned and their hearts started pounding. What a terrifying beast! They would have never thought there would be such a terrifying beast in here. Why did legends say the descendants of the Great Deployment Master were buried here?

"Master mahoraga, where are we?" asked someone. However, the mahoraga just stared at him and didn't reply. The great emperor's faces stiffened.

The mahoraga remained silent as he slowly started moving. The whole crowd withdrew, trying to hide their fear. The mahoraga moved away and deployment stones appeared in people's fields of vision. There were many jade-like deployment stones, and they all seemed alive.

"Innate Spiritual Deployment?" The strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were astonished, their eyes glittering. Those deployment stones looked alive…

The mahoraga remained motionless, staring at the deployment stones; he looked excited.

"Kacha!" People's hearts were pounding. Cracks appeared in the deployment stones.

After that, more crackling sounds spread in the air. There were more and more fissures in the stones. People's hearts were pounding furiously. Innate Spiritual Deployment, Innate Great Deployment Master, how strong was such a cultivator compared to a Saint?

When they thought about that, they were even more excited than capturing Lin Feng. Dazzling lights appeared. They had almost forgotten that there was a deadly mahoraga in front of them, even though the beast could devour them in one bite. All they thought about at that moment was the Innate Spiritual Deployment, the Innate Great Deployment Master, who might be stronger than a Saint.

More fissures appeared and finally, the deployment mine exploded all around them. A Spiritual Body appeared. It had a human shape, but its features were not distinct.

The mahoraga stuck out his tongue. He looked excited as he crawled towards the spiritual deployment body. At that moment, a few great emperors appeared and also shot towards the innate spiritual deployment body.

The mahoraga was infuriated. He flicked his tongue and a strong wind started blowing. He immediately swallowed one of the great emperors, the man didn't even have time to shriek. Yang Xiao and Great Emperor Zi were behind the others, both looking scared. That mahoraga was a Saint Imperial mahoraga! He was probably extremely old!

However, he had always stayed there to protect the area and wait for the innate Great Deployment Master to be born!

The mahoraga had devoured a strong cultivator, but he couldn't block all the great emperors from reaching the spiritual body. At that moment, someone stretched his hands out and grabbed the deployment spiritual body. Deployment lights appeared around him and started intertwining. They turned into a terrifying strength and attracted the strength of the ten thousand things of creation.

However, a few seconds later, the great emperor was destroyed. People's hearts twitched. That mahoraga was even stronger than they had expected!

"Innate Great Deployment Master, that innate spiritual body is surprisingly so terrifying?" Those who were still alive were terrified. They now believed half of the legends of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry about their ancestors. The innate Great Deployment Master was terrifying. His deployment spells could easily kill great emperors. However, the great emperor had been careless.

The innate spiritual body looked at the crowd, and those people stepped back. They didn't dare get close, as they didn't want to die. The mahoraga didn't need to get involved, the innate spiritual body could also kill them!

The spiritual body moved towards the mahoraga. The mahoraga lowered his head and the spiritual body jumped onto it. The mahoraga stuck out his tongue again happily. Then, he rose up into the air.

Rumblings started all around them… the tomb was collapsing!

"Let's go!" Great Emperor Zi and Yang Xiao retreated. When they pa.s.sed next to Lin Feng's body, Yang Xiao grabbed it and rose up into the air with it. Luckily, the mahoraga hadn't tried to kill them, or they would have died!

The mahoraga destroyed the tomb as it exited. It was a thousand meters long, and looked as big as a mountain. The crowd was astonished and scared when they saw him.

"What's that?" Some people were overcome with fear. They had the impression their legs were too weak to carry their bodies.

"A mahoraga. It has a dragon head and a snake body. It's a gigantic one which means he must be a Saint Emperor. It's also quite dark. He must be extremely strong as Saint Emperor. That's why he's so big!" explained someone who knew about mahoragas. People's hearts were pounding. Everybody retreated instinctively from it.

"There's someone on the mahoraga's head?"

"It's not a person, it's a human form, what the h.e.l.l is going on here?"

"Yang Xiao, Great Emperor Zi, you went into the tomb, what happened there?" someone asked Yang Xiao and Great Emperor Zi when they came out of the hole.

"Innate Spiritual Deployment, Innate Great Deployment Master, let's go, let's inform the teachers!" shouted Yang Xiao extremely loudly. Everybody shuddered with fear. An Innate Spiritual Deployment! Were the legends true? And he was protected by a terrifying mahoraga?

Such creatures were incredibly dangerous in this world!

The innate spiritual body was seated on the mahoraga's head. They pierced through the clouds together and flew extremely high. He looked like a king.

They moved forwards, and the emperors and great emperors all moved backwards. However, the deployment beasts looked excited as they roared. They gathered around, even the guardian spirits greeting their new king.

It was indeed astonis.h.i.+ng.

"Did those deployment beasts just protect their king? Is that a king? So what about the other tombs? Were they just covers?" wondered the crowd. However, it wasn't important anymore. They now wanted to know whether the elders of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry could deal with the mahoraga and the innate spiritual body, and use them for the sake of the Ministry?

But the mahoraga didn't attack anyone in the small world yet. The mahoraga and the deployment beasts were just worried about their king.


All of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng. At that moment, the death cauldron was floating in the sky. Many strong cultivators were staring at it. There were many corpses around the cauldron, because it had killed them.

But to Lin Feng, the most terrifying thing was that the ancient cauldron seemed to have a spirit, and it seemed to want to modify Lin Feng's soul to make it turn into his own. The cauldron could kill great emperors, but it seemed complicated for it to modify Lin Feng's soul.

PMG Chapter 2129

Chapter 2129: Modifying the Cauldron

Lin Feng's soul was still in the cauldron. He could see everything happening outside. He could also sense that the cauldron wanted to modify his soul. The cauldron kept rotating and emitting deadly sounds. People in the distance kept retreating, they didn't dare get close.

"The cauldron is a terrifying Great Imperial Weapon, it's a precious treasure, why was it just outside of the grave and what was in the grave?" wondered Lin Feng. He still felt safe inside. He even thought about other things. Actually, Lin Feng was really safe in there, because the ancient cauldron was extremely powerful and could easily kill emperors at the top of the Huang Qi layer and even great emperors. If the cauldron had been able to modify his soul, it would have done so already.

The ancient cauldron sensed it couldn't modify Lin Feng's soul, so it was frustrated at the lack of progress.

In Lin Feng's soul, a world pattern appeared, his spirit world. A cultivator's soul and spirit were one, the soul was the container. When Lin Feng's soul was absorbed by the ancient cauldron, his spirit was also absorbed.

"Master," said Lin Feng to Qin Shan.

"That ancient cauldron can't modify your soul now, but you should let it," a calm voice responded to Lin Feng. Lin Feng frowned. He knew that the Saint could barely talk, it was very difficult and tiring for him, usually they communicated using their souls.

"Alright…" replied Lin Feng. He knew that the Saint couldn't reply. He stopped resisting the cauldron and let it modify him. Lin Feng realized that the cauldron really could modify his soul. His soul and the cauldron were slowly becoming one.

No, is my soul going to become the cauldron's soul? If that's the case, will I ever manage to come out?, thought Lin Feng. However, he had no choice. His soul was in the cauldron, it had been absorbed, he couldn't escape. He had to let the cauldron modify his soul, but he didn't know what was going to happen.


Time pa.s.sed. In the distance, the crowd noticed that the cauldron wasn't acting as dangerously anymore, it seemed to be calming down. Lin Feng sensed his soul was being modified by the cauldron, he was turning into the cauldron's soul. He was becoming part of the ancient cauldron!

After some time, the ancient cauldron settled down. Lin Feng's soul had become a part of the cauldron. Lin Feng tried to move and realized the cauldron moved when Lin Feng wanted to.

"Eh…" If Lin Feng's physical body had been able to react, he would had cold sweats. He wasn't a human being anymore, he was a cauldron. He had become a cauldron. Was he going to be a cauldron forever?

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. In the distance, the crowd was astonished, the cauldron staggered and kept shaking. What kind of cauldron was that? What was happening?

But quickly, he stopped shaking and moved forwards. Lin Feng looked for the place where his physical body was, he had to find his body. He didn't want to live as a cauldron his entire life.

However, when Lin Feng went back to the grave where the cauldron had absorbed his soul, he saw the grave had collapsed. The cauldron entered the hole and there was nothing left inside, his physical body had disappeared. Lin Feng had lost his physical body. He was astonished. Had someone taken it?

"What happened here?" thought Lin Feng. However, he couldn't talk. He was a cauldron, he wasn't a human being anymore…

Yang Xiao was outside and wanted to capture me. The grave collapsed, which means that if Yang Xiao hasn't died, he must be the one who has taken my physical body, thought Lin Feng and then he rose up into the air again.

In the distance, the people were amazed. Even though the cauldron wasn't releasing death soundwaves anymore, they were still wondering why it was acting so strange.

It had gone back into the ruins, was it looking for something? Now it had left again. It didn't look like something a cauldron could do, it was more something a human being would do. The cauldron was acting like it was alive.

Lin Feng continued flying forwards. However, he realized that people were watching him. In the paradise, there were still many people, and when they saw a cauldron traveling on its own, how could they not be interested? Especially those who hadn't seen how terrifying his death soundwaves were.

At that moment, a great emperor rushed over to the cauldron.

Lin Feng grunted icily in his consciousness. The cauldron released soundwaves in waves, the man turned black and his face stiffened; this ancient cauldron was dangerous?

The death soundwaves kept resonating, filling the air. Lin Feng was very annoyed, as he realized that now that he controlled the cauldron, it wasn't as powerful as before, otherwise, the man would have died already.

Lin Feng didn't know that that ancient cauldron initially had its own body, it had been a terrifying cultivator who had sacrificed himself to make this terrifying Great Imperial Weapon. After so many years, it still had a thread of consciousness left, which was why it had been so powerful. Now that Lin Feng's soul had become the cauldron's soul, it couldn't be as strong as before. The stronger the soul, the stronger the cauldron.

Of course, even though that cauldron wasn't as strong as before, it could still kill great emperors. Very quickly, the people who tried to steal the cauldron all died. They became Lin Feng's first victims as a cauldron.

Of course, as Lin Feng looked for his physical body, he b.u.mped into many people who wanted to steal him. Lin Feng started killing them methodically; when people got close to him, he slaughtered them in a flash. That way, the people who chased him kept their distance after seeing that.

"That cauldron is alive and cunning," they hissed in fear.


Back in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, the members of the eighty-one Ministries were astonished, including some people of the Supreme Ministries. The news of the innate spiritual body and the mahoraga had reached them.

A group of strong cultivators surrounded the mahoraga and the innate spiritual body and the group of deployment beasts. It was spectacular to see them in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

"Your Excellency, who are you?" demanded a strong cultivator of the mahoraga.

"My king needs a physical body!" replied the mahoraga uncaringly. Everybody knew that his king was the innate spiritual body, only the spiritual body could be his king.

However, people didn't understand why that terrifyingly strong mahoraga was calling that spiritual body his king.

That guy did it on purpose, he wants to choose a physical body!, thought the crowd.

"The spiritual body wants to use body capture?"

"I don't like that word. Let's say my king is the future king of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he will also be a Great Deployment Master of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. You should be happy about having a king!" said the mahoraga icily.

The crowd frowned. That strong cultivator retorted "What you mean is that after using the body capture, the spiritual body will join the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry and become our disciple?"

"He won't be your disciple, he will be the king of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry!" said the mahoraga, staring at that strong cultivator icily.

The strong cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry looked pensive. An innate Great Deployment Master? It was rare. If that guy could really become a Great Deployment Master and became their king, why not? The Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry would rise at the speed of light. However, they were worried that he would also make them submit, they didn't want to lose control or become his slaves.

The strong cultivators talked to one another and after a short time, the same strong cultivator asked, "What body do you want?"

At that moment, the mahoraga suddenly looked determined, as if he had been getting ready for the question. Many strong cultivators released Qi when they saw that, but they heard the mahoraga shout furiously, "Who wants to stop me? Do you want my king to join another group?"

Many people were astonished. The mahoraga grabbed someone, that person shouted, "Teacher, save me!"

"Oh no."

"He surprisingly chose him, how sad."

Yang Xiao, who was in the crowd, frowned. Surprisingly, they had chosen him: that guy was as famous as he was! It was the cultivator who had the spiritual deployment body, his deployment spells were terrifying and he was extremely talented

"You can't choose him. Change the body please."

"Hmph! Why would my king want someone who has no talent and who isn't extremely strong? It would be useless. He's lucky to have been chosen!" said the mahoraga, refusing to release the person. The spiritual body immediately penetrated into the hapless man, the crowd was astonished. They were all terrified and didn't want to stay near him anymore.

PMG Chapter 2130

Chapter 2130: Another Saint-Like Cultivator

After that, the spiritual body finally had a real body, with ears, feet, hands…

However, he looked evil and terrifying. He looked extremely clever, too. He glanced at the crowd and smiled icily, "I've transmitted everything to him. He's me now and I'm him. Of course, the difference is that I am now your king. Remember that."

He looked dignified and majestic like a king. He was still on the mahoraga's head and looked at the crowd in a disdainfully.

Then he slowly turned around and looked at Yang Xiao. "Where's the cauldron?"

Yang Xiao didn't understand, the cauldron?

When Yang Xiao had entered the tomb, the cauldron and Lin Feng had already disappeared. He had just found Lin Feng's body.

"My King, he doesn't have the cauldron. The cauldron absorbed a soul and left. I don't know where he is," said the mahoraga icily.

The spiritual body frowned. The mahoraga looked at Yang Xiao and said, "Show me that person's body."

Yang Xiao was astonished, his face twitched. Initially, that person had the same position as him in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, and now he had turned into their king. A Great Deployment Master had stolen his body. He was also annoyingly proud and arrogant.

But Yang Xiao had no choice, but to obey. He took out Lin Feng's body. The spiritual body looked at Lin Feng's body calmly. The mahoraga surrounded Lin Feng and said to the spiritual body, "My king, that's the one, his soul was absorbed by the cauldron. That's his physical body."

"Alright," nodded the spiritual body nodding. Then, a strong wind moved to the body to destroy it. However, Lin Feng's body seemed unaffected, the power just rang off it. The spiritual body was stupefied and frowned, "What an incredibly strong physical body. What a pity, I could have used it! But I guess an innate spiritual deployment body is not bad, either."


At that moment, the cauldron emitted whistling sounds in the far distance. The spiritual body was stupefied and looked at the cauldron. His eyes twinkled, he smiled and thought, What a guy, you've been following me for so many years, you can always find me.

Lin Feng didn't know what the spiritual body was thinking. At that moment, he was staring at his own body, but he was annoyed, as there were so many strong cultivators around once again. He could only float in the air since he was a cauldron.

"Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron, come back!" shouted the spiritual body. Lin Feng was startled. That person was talking to the cauldron, was he the owner of the cauldron before?

Lin Feng slowly flew over next to the spiritual body. The spiritual body smiled, turned around and said to the crowd, "Even though I am an innate spiritual deployment body, I've already transmitted my knowledge to this body and I'm your king. Don't worry, I will make the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry rise and become really strong."

Innate? Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's king?, thought Lin Feng. He tried to understand what was going on.

"Alright, everybody can disperse, I will choose a palace," said the spiritual body. The mahoraga left and the crowd dispersed. Only a few strong cultivators from the Supreme Ministries followed him. The worst thing is that the spiritual body chose a king's palace from the Gan Ministry. Had he absorbed the body's memories as well?

Lin Feng followed the spiritual body as well. Even though his body was still there, he couldn't take it away easily. The mahoraga was too strong.


Once at the palace, the spiritual body glanced around and bellowed. Deployment lights started intertwining. He had cast a deployment spell on the whole palace. He slowly turned around and looked at the deployment beasts, "This is my palace now, so protect it."

The deployment beasts obeyed and surrounded the palace. Only the mahoraga stayed, taking Lin Feng's body and throwing it on the ground. Lin Feng was very annoyed.

"Good boy, we haven't seen each other for tens of thousands of years, and you've always been protecting me, thank you," said the spiritual body, tapping the mahoraga's head and smiling patiently.

The mahoraga stuck out his tongue and looked happy, he said, sounding like a human being, "Master, that's my duty. I've been waiting for so long and now my king has come back."

When Lin Feng heard them, he was stupefied. That innate Great Deployment Master had really been born in the depths of the earth and sky?

He heard some little secrets.

"Yes, back then, I couldn't break free and I fell. Now that I have come back to life through a deployment spell, I will break free from the limits of the past and I will become much stronger," said the spiritual body, his eyes twinkling. He looked like a king. Tens of thousands of years before, he had also been a king!

"A Great Deployment Master?" Lin Feng was stunned. Another monstrously strong cultivator! Saint Tianhun was a Saint, but he had been badly injured. The person in front of him at that moment had been reborn through a deployment spell and now had innate deployment body. That was really ominous. He had cast a terrifying deployment spell in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, covering the whole palace.

At that moment, the spiritual body looked at the ancient cauldron and smiled, "So many years have pa.s.sed, the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron has always been my favorite weapon. Now you look less dazzling than in the past."

He stretched out his hands and touched the cauldron, deployment marks started intertwining. The Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron started s.h.i.+ning, a formidable Qi rising from it. Lin Feng's soul trembled. That Qi was indeed impressive! The atmosphere became oppressive.

"Great Deployment Masters use Great Imperial Weapons?" Lin Feng didn't understand. His current body seemed to be a terrifying weapon, but Lin Feng didn't even know how to use it, perhaps because he had let the cauldron modify his soul. Lin Feng felt powerless now. He didn't even understand what the cauldron was. He wanted his physical body back. However, when he heard the spiritual body, he understood this duo was tens of thousands of years old.

"Dragon mahoraga, do you have any Great Imperial Weapons?" the spiritual body asked the mahoraga. The mahoraga nodded and spat out a few. They were all Great Imperial Weapons, but the mahoraga didn't seem to treat them like treasures, he simply spat them out.

The spiritual body put those weapons in the cauldron and smiled, "So many years, you don't even have a thread of my consciousness anymore. What a tragedy. Since you forgot your own powers, I'll help you."

The spiritual body, who still had his hand on the cauldron, started carved deployment marks on the cauldron in glittering strokes. Lin Feng was trembling, and his soul was twitching. Surprisingly, the spiritual body was transforming the Great Imperial Weapons!

Lin Feng could barely stand it, the cauldron kept trembling. The spiritual body frowned and said, "Eh? I need to modify you again. You're so weak now. You don't look like an imposing and awe-inspiring king's cauldron anymore!"

The lights shone again. Lin Feng was terrified, his soul strength was running out. The process didn't last too long, however. The Great Imperial Weapons finally transformed and fused together with the cauldron.

Lin Feng was speechless.

The cauldron was now a terrifying Great Imperial Weapon! It was probably a level eight or nine Great Imperial Weapon!

Lin Feng had to study his current body and see how strong it was. He knew about the death soundwaves and the soul absorbing power…

The spiritual body tapped the cauldron and smiled, "Wait and I'll make you s.h.i.+ne again. I need to stabilize a little in this new physical body, then I'll bring you back to life. Then, we'll fuse together and try to become the First Cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!"

The spiritual body burst into laughter and left the palace. However, the mahoraga didn't leave. It was on the ground and Lin Feng's physical body was left on the ground, too.

Lin Feng was furious. If the mahoraga didn't leave, Lin Feng couldn't do anything at all!

Lin Feng didn't know whether he could leave that cauldron or not, even if he used his full strength. How could he get back into his real body? Besides, the spiritual body had said he was going to modify him and make him come back to life, what was that supposed to mean? Lin Feng had to leave as soon as possible, before he came back!

PMG Chapter 2131

Chapter 2131: Evasion

Lin Feng landed on the ground calmly. The mahoraga was still there, not intending to leave.

Lin Feng was angry, but he didn't hurry. He started studying the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron. He had turned into a cauldron, but he wasn't familiar with it. He realized that there were millions of ancient, complex marks in the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron.  He could only sigh when he saw how complex this cauldron was.

He also realized that a few terrifying great deployment marks were interconnected. The deployment marks the spiritual body had carved a moment before were probably evolving deployment marks. This terrifying cauldron could even modify Great Imperial Weapons! Lin Feng was scared because he needed to use lots of soul strength, he understood he had replaced the consciousness of the cauldron so he needed to help it and use his own strength when deploying energies. If he tried to make such a cauldron, it would be impossible, this cauldron could even absorb his soul freely.

With his strength, he couldn't possibly modify the cauldron.

Apart from evolution strength, there's also death strength in this cauldron, and it must also have some soul absorbing evolution strength, thought Lin Feng. He had sensed the death strength when he found the cauldron, it was much more powerful than his own. He already knew how to release death soundwaves with the cauldron, but now he needed to learn how to use the other types of strength the cauldron possessed.

Lin Feng slowly started studying the complex deployment spells. The mahoraga's eyes were closed, but sometimes he opened them and glanced at the ancient cauldron neutrally. He said, “So many years have pa.s.sed, and now you seem to look new."

Lin Feng rose up into the air and rotating around the mahoraga to show off his strength. He had seen that the spiritual body thought highly of the cauldron, the cauldron had a high social position in their small group. This cauldron used to be the old man's treasure in the past. The air whistled as Lin Feng moved out. The mahoraga didn't pay attention;the cauldron had a soul, he would come back. The mahoraga wasn't worried about that. It had been stuck in a tomb for so many years so it wanted to go outside, that was perfectly normal.

Lin Feng moved out and traveled around the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry freely and without a goal. Many people noticed him; however, the cauldron belonged to the proud and arrogant spiritual body, n.o.body dared try to steal it. Even though Lin Feng sensed that many people wanted to steal the cauldron, n.o.body actually dared to. The spiritual body had shown them how strong he was, the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry's members had been astonished: an innate Great Deployment Master, the future king of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry! If he had been alone, the elders of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry wouldn't have treated him like that, but he also had a terrifying mahoraga with him. The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry really had the impression that he had the potential to become a king.

"Great Emperor Zi is there." Lin Feng noticed Great Emperor Zi. The cauldron moved towards him. Great Emperor Zi frowned. He was curious about the cauldron, but he had to be vigilant. He had heard that many people had been killed by the cauldron as people were coming out of the Gan Ministry's Paradise. He had to be careful.

Therefore, when the cauldron drew closer and closer to him, he retreated quickly. Lin Feng was annoyed, Great Emperor Zi was extremely strong and he was vigilant.

The cauldron rotated at full speed and rang out. Death soundwaves reached Great Emperor Zi and his face suddenly turned grey. He suddenly flickered and used a deployment spell to move away at full speed.

The cauldron was furious and chased Great Emperor Zi at full speed. At the same time, the cauldron's lights illuminated the atmosphere and absorbed strength filled the air. Great Emperor Zi was stupefied, the cauldron wanted to absorb him?

"What's going on? Why is that cauldron chasing me?" Great Emperor Zi continued flying away, but the cauldron continued chasing him too. Great Emperor Zi pulled a long face. After a long time, he entered the Li Palace. The cauldron continued chasing him in there, too. Lin Feng thought that he had guessed right; he needed lots of soul strength to control the cauldron, so if he released lots of soul strength, he could kill Great Emperor Zi.

The members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were astonished when they saw that. n.o.body dared get close to the cauldron, everyone moving away. Lin Feng was annoyed, the members of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were all irritating. Lin Feng turned around after some time; he didn't look for Yang Xiao, he went back to the spiritual body's palace. The mahoraga was still there and looked extremely calm and was used to remaining quiet.

I need an opportunity to find my physical body and leave, thought Lin Feng. However, he didn't hurry. He just calmly stayed there for some time. It became dark outside. Lin Feng wanted to leave more than anything but he was patient. One day pa.s.sed and then on the day after, at the same time as he had left on the day before, he rose up into the air, a hum spreading out he swooped down grabbed his body and put it into the cauldron quickly. The mahoraga opened his eyes, looking a bit surprised.

But the mahoraga didn't doubt the cauldron, saying indifferently, “That physical body is really good. Our Master might use it someday, don't lose it!"

He closed his eyes again, as if nothing had happened.

Lin Feng moved away rapidly, the air whistling past him By now, everybody knew how evil the cauldron was. When the disciples of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry saw the cauldron, they moved away as if their pants were on fire. Lin Feng headed towards the only exit from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry as quickly as he could.


Lin Feng finally arrived at the door of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. When the guards saw the cauldron, they were shocked, but they got out of the way.

The cauldron crossed the door and left the MInistry behind.

When Lin Feng left the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, he suddenly felt extremely much better, as if a great load had been removed from his shoulders. He shouted in relief, but no sound came out of the cauldron.

However, Lin Feng knew that he wasn't safe yet. The mahoraga was extremely strong, and the stronger cultivators of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry were dangerous, too. He had to leave this place, or they might be able to find him.

When Lin Feng thought about that, he gained alt.i.tude and departed with all haste.. He didn't want the people outside to notice him; he was a cauldron, after all, and if strong cultivators saw him, they might try to steal him!

Way up in the sky above the clouds, Lin Feng moved along at top speed. He b.u.mped into a few strong cultivators who wanted to steal the cauldron, but Lin Feng killed them quickly.


Three days later, back in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, the spiritual body stopped meditating in seclusion and came out. When he saw the mahoraga, he asked, “Little mahoraga, where's the cauldron?"

The mahoraga opened his eyes, which glittered for a moment. "It left a few days ago, I don't know where it went."

"Have you gone and checked?"

"The first day, it left and came back quickly. It has mental abilities and is cunning. Therefore, I'm not too worried," replied the mahoraga.

The spiritual body nodded, having no doubts, but he whispered, “What about the physical body?"

"The cauldron took it," replied the mahoraga.

"Let's go out and see," said the spiritual body calmly. They left the palace. Quickly, they learned that the cauldron had left the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry a few days before. The spiritual body and the mahoraga started having doubts…

"Maybe the soul of that body was absorbed by the cauldron, that would explain why that body didn't have a soul," deduced the spiritual body, seated on the mahoraga's head.

"Yes, his soul must have been modified by the cauldron."

The spiritual body frowned. According to that principle, the cauldron should have easily modified that boy's soul, especially since he was just an emperor. Now that the ancient cauldron had disappeared, he really started thinking something was wrong.

As more time pa.s.sed, the spiritual body found it extremely strange, and grew angry. He left the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, trying to find the cauldron. He also wanted to go to G.o.dly Clouds City for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

That same day, a voice coming from the sky of the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry also said it was time to leave for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

In the Gan Ministry, the leader of the group dispatched some strong cultivators to go with Yang Xiao to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

The Nine Supreme Ministries did the same. Other than people who wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, some were also going along just to watch. Mu Feng had turned into a pa.s.sing traveler…

Far away from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, in a desolate mountain range, some b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was filling the air. There was a cauldron in the clouds with a body inside. The cauldron descended, piercing through the clouds. The mountain range was more than far enough away that people from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry couldn't find him there.

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