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PMG Chapter 2138

Chapter 2138: First Master

After that, many people smiled. They understood what he meant. Everything was important on the path of cultivation, the three energies he spoke of were blood strength, physical strength, and Dao strength. They couldn't lack any of it, but it was normal that cultivators had to focus on one of them sometimes. Everybody progressed differently. Many people liked to focus on one and considered it the most important.

Maybe some people just tried to convince themselves, too…

"Without good physical strength, how can you have the body of a Saint, how can you transcend worldliness and attain holiness?" spoke up someone else, smiling indifferently and not sparing a glance for the person who had just talked.

The one who had just talked said nothing, but stared at him. He was waiting.

"Cultivators seek enlightenment. The chiliocosm of the Great Dao contains the ten thousands things of creation. Only people who break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Dao can transcend worldliness and attain holiness," said that person calmly.

He was talking about Dao and principles. He sounded emotionless. He was saying something completely different from the first one who had just talked. The first one sounded free and unrestrained, he looked like a person like that.  The other one was was handsome and had no expression, looking cold and emotionless.

"So what you mean is that your Dao is more powerful than mine?" said the first person, looking at the one who looked emotionless. He sounded indifferent.

"Stronger than yours, at least!" replied the second in the same tone. He sounded confident and sure.

"So let's try and we'll see," smiled the first one coldly. He knew the other really wanted to try.

"In the Ye Clan, you can't kill people. We are guests here. I'll give the Ye Clan face, because when I fight, I'm emotionless," said the second one. He was saying that he didn't want to fight because he wanted to give the Ye Clan face; when he fought, it was to kill. The other one was surprised and pulled a long face, he looked at Ye Ning and said, “Ye Ning, can we battle to death, please?"

"Eh…" Ye Ning pulled a long face. He looked at them, smiled wryly and nodded, “Since you are both so determined, please do. But the best would still be not to kill anyone."

The crowd understood that Ye Ning was saying that to be polite. Actually, he didn't really care about those people's death. He was there to select fighters. Losers were eliminated. For him, whether those people died or were eliminated, there was no difference. He was just the leader of the Eastern Part. The Ye Clan prohibited battles to death just to avoid ending up in a chaotic situation; if both sides agreed, they had no objection.

That cultivator suddenly stood up when he heard that, and suddenly, his three energies surged explosively towards the other young man.

He jumped forwards and a terrifying energy moved towards his opponent. He wanted to attack his enemy's heart and soul. His energies were explosive.

"That guy is extremely strong. He must be as strong as the strong cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan's cultivator. He's a real genius," observed Ru Feng calmly.

However, Yao Yao laughed and said, “Brother Ru Feng, you're definitely stronger than him."

Ru Feng laughed, giving a noncommittal reply. The emotionless cultivator finally stood up and released his Qi calmly. There was no terrifying Qi. However, at that moment, he took a step forwards and emotionless energies started humming.

"How cold." The emotionless fighter's energies were icy-cold. Everybody felt chilled. People had the impression they were becoming heartless.

"Emotionlessness Dao." Ru Feng and the others looked startled. This guy was extremely strong; he was stronger than his opponent, who thus had to be extremely vigilant. The emotionless fighter's energies had fused together with the earth and sky, resonating with the cosmos.

"On the path of cultivation, Dao is the most important thing, being emotionless is a perfect way to achieve enlightenment." said that person calmly. His energies continued resonating with the earth and sky. He took another step forwards, Emotionless intent emerging from his body and piercing through his opponent's body, sapping away his emotions.

The one who attached more importance to the three energies was oppressed, his face turned deathly pale. The Emotionless intent surrounded him.

"On the path of cultivation, Dao is the most important thing, being emotionless is a perfect way to achieve enlightenment!" That was arrogant, wild, and violent. It resonated all around the stage.

"Die!" the first one shouted explosively, his three energies surging out as his rage spiked. He wanted to destroy the emotionless energies, but the emotionless cultivator took another step, millions of threads of emotionless energies piercing through his body.

"Emotionlessness Dao is unstoppable. Not even the earth and sky can stop it," said the emotionless cultivator flatly. His energies still resonated with the earth and sky. He took another step. The opponent's three energies and Dao power were instantly destroyed. Finally, he was left standing there without any Qi.

"How strong." When the crowd saw that, they were astonished and frowned. This guy was terrifying. They were all geniuses, they came from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. But they all thought this guy was a real genius. He had just killed another genius easily: nothing could stop Emotionless Dao!

The emotionless energies disappeared. Lin Feng finally understood why Empress Xi had made Qiu Yue Xin practice emotionless cultivation. Qiu Yue Xin hadn't managed to become that strong, but emotionlessness cultivation was extremely powerful and terrifying. This guy had just proved it!

"Three thousand threads of emotionless strength, the Three Thousand Deadly Technique, Prince Wu Qing, you're Prince Wu Qing!" exclaimed someone at that moment,  looking rather stunned. Everybody's expression changed, and were staring at him. Those people came from the Dark Night Region, so they recognized him, but people from other regions didn't, was Prince Wu Qing very famous?

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were nine regions, with little communication between them. Therefore, even though Prince Wu Qing was famous in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, few people knew him in other regions.

Wu Qing glanced at the speaker indifferently and went back to where he was seated before. He looked calm and aloof. Even though he didn't confirm it, everybody understood who he was.

Prince Wu Qing was the First Master of the Dark Night Region. No wonder he was extremely strong. That young man stood at the top of the Dark Night Region among emperors. Even on the stage of the Ye Clan, he had displayed his strength.

"Prince Wu Qing is very famous?" Yao Yao's eyes twinkled. Lin Feng said, “Prince Wu Qing is the First Master of the Dark Night Region, so he's famous, yes."

"First Master of the Dark Night Region? No wonder he's so strong. He killed a genius with Dao power!" Ru Feng looked stunned. That guy's strength was really impressive!

"Brother Lin Feng, you're also from the Dark Night Region, who is stronger between you and Prince Wu Qing?" asked Yao Yao, smiling.

"Yao Yao!" rebuked Zi Ling, rolling his eyes. She didn't think before talking. Since Wu Qing was the First Master of the Dark Night Region, how could there be anyone stronger than him at the same cultivation level?

"We've never fought, so I don't know," replied Lin Feng with a smile. Yao Yao grinned and gave Zi Ling a mocking look.

Many people remained silent because of Prince Wu Qing. Ye Ning had already asked someone to dispose of the corpse. However, n.o.body said anything. They hadn't thought the First Master of a region would be there, in the Ye Clan!

"Don't feel awkward, continue talking about cultivation. If you don't feel like talking, please tell me about the First Masters of each region, I'd be happy to know more." said Ye Ning breaking the silence and smiling.

"Brother Ye Ning, who's the First Master of G.o.dly Clouds?" asked someone.

"Right, G.o.dly Clouds is the central region, geniuses mostly come from here. There are many geniuses here. I also want to know about the First Master of G.o.dly Clouds." said someone else. They all wanted to know more about the geniuses of G.o.dly Clouds. After all, so many strong cultivators of the Huang Qi layer had gathered there, people of other cultivation levels were together.

G.o.dly Clouds was the central part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so of course, there were more geniuses there. Were the strongest cultivators of G.o.dly Clouds stronger there? For example, who was the strongest master of the nine regions?

"The First Master of G.o.dly Clouds?" Ye Ning smiled and gazed into the distance in a solemn and respectful way. One could see he admired the First Master of G.o.dly Clouds as well.

"The First Master of G.o.dly Clouds comes from Holy Mountain, almost everyone who comes from there is a genius. Most of our apex geniuses also come from there," said Ye Ning, smiling thinly. Everybody looked solemn and respectful at his words. Holy Mountain, some people had heard about it before.

PMG Chapter 2139

Chapter 2139: Wu Qing's Words

Holy Mountain was a legendary place for G.o.dly Clouds.

The name itself showed how incredible they were… Holy! The ultimate goal of Holy Mountain's people was to become a Saint!

Even some people from other regions of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had heard of Holy Mountain.

The First Master of G.o.dly Clouds was from Holy Mountain!

"Their Saints, Buddhist monks, Confucianist monks, sword cultivators and so forth. are all famous. People from Holy Mountain who are not extraordinarily strong can't come down the mountain, and if they do, they're not allowed to say they're from Holy Mountain. Therefore, when people from Holy Mountain show up, they are all incredibly strong and talented. The First Master of G.o.dly Clouds is not just a Confucianist or a sword cultivator, he's a Confucianist sword cultivator," explained Ye Ning solemnly. People were startled. A Confucianist, that was extremely rare in the continent. Their strength was particular, and their spirit was rare. Confucianist monks mostly had book spirits and studied Confucian' scriptures. They strictly enforced the principles they learned in the Holy scriptures, and they studied the origin of the ten thousand things of creation. Confucianist monks were even rarer than Buddhist monks!

The three most famous types of cultivators in Holy Mountain were Buddhist monks, Confucianist monks, and sword cultivators. The First Master of G.o.dly Clouds was both a Confucianist monk and a sword cultivator!

"Hua Qing Feng practices both Confucianism and sword cultivation. At the same time, he also understands two types of Dao strength. The first one is Celestial Sound Dao, one word can turn into the ten thousand things of creation, one word can kill thousands of people. His voice is his Dao. The second one is deadly; his sword obeys, his speech protects his sword. He's a killer, he can make anything change in the world. King Ning Re doesn't even dare offend Hua Qing Feng. People think he's going to be a Saint."

When the crowd heard about Hua Qing Feng, they frowned. How formidable! King Ning Re didn't even dare offend Hua Qing Feng, a future Saint!

Many people looked at Prince Wu Qing. He was the First Master of the Dark Night Region, was he weaker than Hua Qing Feng? Many people started thinking they were weak. They had the impression they would never be able to compete with people like those First Masters.

Actually, they were right, none of them could compete with the First Masters!

Two types of Dao, the First Master of G.o.dly Clouds must be terrifyingly strong, considered Lin Feng thoughtfully He thought about his opponents.

This time, at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he would see the nine First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he would also see the First Ladies, although he didn't know whether they could compete with the First Masters though. There would also be those strange creatures who had come back to life, like the one with the spiritual deployment body or Saint Tianhu; those people were also terrifying, and then there were also the thirteen Young Beast Masters, and Chu Chun Qiu.

Lin Feng felt more determined when thinking about them. He was rising alongside such people!

Those people were going to fight, and their battles would be magnificent and spectacular.

"Of course, even though the First Masters are extremely strong, many geniuses will come and partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and some people might defeat them. Every time, some Masters are defeated. The best showing for the Masters was one time when four of them ended up in the top ten, which is less than half of them. Maybe a potential First Master is among us today!" said Ye Ning, smiling happily when he saw that everyone remained silent.

Everybody came back to their senses and stopped daydreaming.

Four Masters in the top ten, that was their best performance? There must be terrifying cultivators at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!, thought many people. But they didn't take Ye Ning's words seriously, either. Even if the ten Masters didn't manage to all end up in the top ten, they probably all ended up in the top twenty or thirty, which was already incredible. Many of them couldn't even imagine achieving that. After all, even though they were strong, they didn't consider themselves the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

"The First Master of Red Clouds is a genius. Naturally he's also an alchemist. He's a great fighter and a great alchemist, Jiu Ling Huang! He has studied nine sorts of spirits, and nine sorts of fires, He can make the skies burn, and when his nine fires fuse together, his spirits change. His powers are explosive. He can burn many ordinary great emperors to death," said Ru Yun.

Many people were startled. Alchemists understood fire really well, everybody knew that, as without a powerful fire, people couldn't become alchemists. Since those people were from powerful clans of alchemists, they couldn't be weak. The First Master of Red Clouds was probably terrifying strong.

"Hihi, Jiu Ling Huang's medicine techniques are also incredible. Many alchemists of the Di Qi layer often ask him for pieces of advice," said Yao Yao, giggling next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng laughed when he heard her. These people were kings' descendants. They probably knew the First Master of Red Clouds quite well. They all seemed to have the greatest esteem for Jiu Ling Huang.

And from Yao Yao's facial expression, it was easy to guess she liked him!

"I'm from Supreme Clouds, the first First Holy Taoist Temple, we train terrifying cultivators there. The First Master also comes from there," said someone solemnly next. He looked at Prince Wu Qing and said, “The First Master of Supreme Clouds, Wu Ya Zi, is sly and evil. He practices supreme skills and techniques, such as the Supreme Emotion-Destroying Technique. He destroys people's seven emotions and six sensory pleasures; in other words, he destroys their personalities and turns them into puppets."

"Supreme Emotion Destroying Technique." The crowd frowned, another terrifying cultivator who could destroy people's seven emotions, six sensory pleasures, and personalities. A cultivator from the First Holy Taoist Temple? So his cultivation was similar to Wu Qing's. No wonder he was looking at Prince Wu Qing.

"It's alright, let's stop talking about those things. We'll see those people on the stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds," said someone at that moment calmly.

Everybody looked at him, but Ye Ning smiled and said, “Good, I'm sure everybody has the potential to pa.s.s the exam, you'll see the First Masters. Maybe some people here can even defeat them."

"There are many geniuses in the nine regions of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The First Masters aren't the only ones. For example, I come from the Dark Night Region Before I came to G.o.dly Clouds, in Qi Tian Holy Town, the Animal District, an Ancient Holy Clan, showed how strong they were. They have seven people who are at the top of the Huang Qi layer, and they're terrifyingly strong," spoke up someone.

People from the Dark Night Region all nodded. Indeed, it was said that apart from Wu Jue and some others who could compete with the Young Beast Masters, all the geniuses of Qi Tian Holy Town couldn't, which proved how terrifyingly strong those Young Beast Masters were.

"Don't forget the two geniuses from the Holy City: Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng! They both stepped onto the Holy Spirit Dynasty's Holy Way Stage! They're terrifyingly talented. When the Young Beast Masters showed up last time, Lin Feng fought against one of them in a furious battle."

"Yes, Lin Feng is really terrifying. Back then, even Ji Chang and seven other geniuses didn't manage to kill him. He's almost invincible!" said the people of the Dark Night Region. People from the other regions didn't know him, they only knew geniuses from their own regions. The Dark Night Region wasn't the only place which had such geniuses.

"The geniuses of the Dark Night Region are famous in the Dark Night Region only. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, maybe they won't be considered geniuses anymore," reb.u.t.ted someone indifferently. Some people didn't care about other people's regions.

However, Ru Feng and the three others were staring at Lin Feng. Everybody was talking about him!

Ye Ning was peering at Lin Feng. That was the Lin Feng those people were talking about?

"Brother Lin Feng, are they talking about you?" asked Yao Yao, smiling and giggling.

When the members of the Dark Night Region heard her, they all looked surprised and looked over at Lin Feng. They looked at Lin Feng's face and cold lights appeared in some people's eyes.

"Lin Feng, that's you."

That person had already seen Lin Feng during a battle back in the days. He was surprised to see both Lin Feng and Prince Wu Qing there!

"Indeed, I'm Lin Feng," said Lin Feng nodding. He didn't lie.

At that moment, Prince Wu Qing looked over at Lin Feng. Everybody knew Lin Feng in the Dark Night Region, he was famous.

"Lin Feng!" said Prince Wu Qing suddenly. Everybody was surprised. Prince Wu Qing was cold, and surprisingly he took the initiative to talk.

Lin Feng looked over at Prince Wu Qing. Prince Wu Qing said indifferently, “Lin Feng, after you became famous, I heard that some people said you were probably as strong as Wu Jue. They also compare you and Wu Jue with me. They say you both have the potential to replace me as the First Master of the Dark Night Region."

Then, he smiled indifferently and suddenly burst into laughter. He didn't look nice at all though, he looked cruel and sly.

Lin Feng laughed. He couldn't prevent people from talking. Some people had compared Wu Jue with Wu Qing in front of him in the past.

"Even though I think they're ridiculous. I hope that people like Wu Jue and you won't disappoint me. At least, I won't be the only one from the Dark Night Region to stand at the top, I hope other people from the Dark Night Region will stand by my side at the top," said Prince Wu Qing unconcernedly. Then, he stood up and walked away. He said calmly, “Ye Ning, if there's nothing important, don't disturb me."

PMG Chapter 2140

Chapter 2140: Exchanging About Swords

After Prince Wu Qing left, the crowd broke up in discord again. Some people left on their own. The Ye Clan was in charge of the eastern town, so they had obviously prepared some places for Lin Feng and the others. Since Ru Feng, Ru Yun, and the others were close to the Ye Clan, the Ye Clan prepared a nice courtyard for Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn't leave, he stayed there, practiced cultivation calmly and talked to his fellow disciples at the same time.

Hou Qing Lin and the others had arrived in G.o.dly Clouds City, but they were in different towns. They decided not to gather yet, after careful consideration. They would meet on the stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If any of their group failed to be accepted as a partic.i.p.ant, they would wait in G.o.dly Clouds City.

Regarding Mu Chen and Jing Xiao Yue, Lin Feng closely monitored their movements because the Saint was with them. They were the only ones who hadn't arrived in G.o.dly Clouds City yet. Mu Chen didn't intend to join the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he just wanted to come to G.o.dly Clouds City to enjoy the city, and his time with Jing Xiao Yue.


Lin Feng was seated on a stone chair in his courtyard, watching Ru Feng and Ru Yun concoct potions, medicine, pellets… Lin Feng had studied medicine before, but he had quickly given up for various reasons. He wanted to focus on cultivation and had n.o.body to teach him, and he didn't have good ingredients either, so he had eventually stopped.

But now, seeing those people, Lin Feng realized that medicine could be impressive too. What these people were doing was completely different from what he had studied back then…

"Brother Lin Feng, you think concocting pellets is fun?" asked Yao Yao, coming over to Lin Feng while laughing

"I wonder how strong you are at concocting potions and pellets. Ru Feng, Ru Yun, and Zi Ling are all studying and you're being lazy!" retorted Lin Feng cheerfully.

Yao Yao stuck out her tongue and pouted, then sat down next to Lin Feng and said smiling, “They all say I'm lazy. Brother Lin Feng, in the Dark Night Region, you're quite famous. I guess you're extremely strong, right? Prince Wu Qing is arrogant, can you beat him or not?"

Lin Feng was surprised this little girl was so curious.

"I don't know how strong Prince Wu Qing is. I don't know if I could defeat him or not," replied Lin Feng shrugging.

"You're right," said Yao Yao, nodding, then smiled and said, “But I'm sure my brother can beat him."

"Your brother?" Lin Feng looked at Yao Yao. She had faith in her brother. Prince Wu Qing was the First Master of the Dark Night Region, he was definitely extremely strong. He practiced emotionless cultivation, his Three Thousand Threads of Emotionlessness Strength const.i.tuted the basics of his Three Thousand Deadly Technique. He was extremely strong. But this little girl said, with deep and profound kindness, that her brother was extremely strong.

"Yes, my brother is extremely strong!" said Yao Yao with a broad smile.

Lin Feng just nodded, giving a noncommittal reply, “Alright, I hope I'll meet him someday."

Someone strode abruptly into the courtyard. Lin Feng was surprised and cold lights appeared in his eyes.

When that person sensed Lin Feng's cold gaze, he stopped and stood there. He said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, we're not in the Dark Night Region. I knew you were here, so I came to see you and have a chat."

"What do you want?" asked Lin Feng indifferently.

"I want to see how strong you are. I know I can move on to the next step for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds," said that person calmly. He had an ancient sword on his back, he was probably a sword cultivator.

"You came to challenge Brother Lin Feng?" said Yao Yao, her eyes were twinkling as she said, “Alright, Brother Lin Feng, teach him a good lesson!"

Lin Feng was speechless. This girl was too enthusiastic, Lin Feng didn't refuse and said, “Come in, then."

The man entered the courtyard and shook hands with Lin Feng, “I'm from Tian Yuan Ancient City, Wanjiangu Mo Yu. Let's exchange views on cultivation please, Your Excellency."

A terrifying Sword intent filled the air, as if millions of swords had been unsheathed at the same time. “Be careful!", said Mo Yu.

Yao Yao moved quickly away to give them s.p.a.ce to fight. Mo Yu s.h.i.+fted and his sword energies emitted furious humming sounds. An invisible and intangible Sword intent filled the air. It was like millions of swords were cutting into the air.

Sword lights glittered and the man unsheathed his sword. It was an ordinary sword, but when it appeared in front of Mo Yu, Lin Feng realized it was extraordinary, a king of swords. An endless amount of Sword intent emerged from the sword, forming a vortex around it. A terrifying strength pierced right through Lin Feng's skin…that was true Sword intent.

Even though the man said he wanted to chat and exchange views on cultivation, actually he had come to challenge Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't mind, though. He just smiled and moved too.He released a towering Qi, which condensed into a Holy Spirit Sword. Stars appeared in his hands. His fingers turned into sharp swords, containing an incredible sword Dao.

"Sword cultivators?" Ru Feng and Ru Yun stopped concocting pellets and looked at Lin Feng in surprise.

"Die!" shouted Mo Yu loudly. Millions of swords seemed to be condensing before him. His sword seemed like it could cut through s.p.a.ce and time. It shot towards Lin Feng.

At the same time, Lin Feng's sword also thrust forwards. Lin Feng looked confident and at ease. Then, sharp and clear breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. In the twinkling of an eye, the Sword intent stopped humming.

Mo Yu's sword was broken. Lin Feng's sword disappeared as well. However, Lin Feng appeared in front of Mo Yu, he had a sword in his hand, and could easily kill him.

The difference between them was too big.

"How did you do that?" Mo Yu asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and put his sword away. His sword became invisible and intangible.

"Do you understand?" he said to Mo Yu. Mo Yu frowned. He had been practicing sword cultivation for such a long time. However, Lin Feng had just made some simple moves, and had won quickly.

"I don’t really understand." said Mo Yu. He understood a little bit but not everything. Lin Feng hadn't used a sword technique. He hadn't summoned a sword. However, he didn't understand how Lin Feng had moved so fast. The difference between them was too big, and he had suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

"I've been practicing sword cultivation for so many years. But I'm confused, how do you carry out the best sword attacks? Do you need to use the most powerful sword techniques? Do you need to summon powerful swords? Recently, I suddenly understood that swords have no abstruse energies, no cosmic energies, no Dao. Swords might form a faction in themselves. Sword cultivation is something empty, natural, you just follow your inclinations to practice sword cultivation. I wonder if that's how you transcend worldliness as a sword cultivator. Swords seem to be invisible and intangible."

murmured Lin Feng softly. He seemed to be talking to Mo Yu, but at the same time it was like he was talking to himself.

However, Mo Yu was astounded by what Lin Feng was saying. His heart started pounding. Were swords supposed to be invisible and intangible? What was his Dao? His own mind? His own inclinations?

"When you are determined, there's a sword," whispered Mo Yu, as if he couldn't believe it.

"Indeed, when you are determined, there's a sword!" laughed Lin Feng. “That's what I think. I don't know if it's useful to you."

Mo Yu remained silent, he looked pensive. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and bowed very low. Then, he raised his head, looked at Lin Feng and smiled. “Someday, when I understand swords, you will be my teacher."

Mo Yu bowed again and walked backwards slowly. He turned around only when he reached the door and departed.

"Interesting guy," commented Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, what you said was beautiful. You're so kind to share your knowledge with other people," said Ru Feng, walking up to Lin Feng.

"I don't know if I'm right or not. It's just a personal opinion. I haven't had time to check those things. But whether he will succeed or not depends on his fate," said Lin Feng smiling, “But that guy is a good sword cultivator. I hope he will reach the clouds. I'd be happy for him."

"Strange guy," said Yao Yao, pursing her lips. “He came to challenge you, and you helped him."

"Haha, it depends on people. If w.a.n.g Sheng challenges me, it's for other reasons," said Lin Feng breezily. Ru Feng and the others nodded. It was almost time for their challenge!

"We're not very close to the place where we fought last time. Let's go," said Ru Feng calmly. Everybody nodded and headed out.

w.a.n.g Sheng, a strong cultivator of the Pellet Kings Clan, had challenged these people from Red Clouds. Many people knew that, and so today there were even more people there to watch than expected. They wanted to watch this battle between geniuses from two different regions who were all from clans of alchemists. Who would win the second battle? These people from Red Clouds, or the Pellet Kings Clan? Would the Kings regain their face?

PMG Chapter 2141

Chapter 2141: Bet

There were nine towers, lofty and reaching for the clouds. At the top of each tower was a huge empty place. When people concocted potions and remedies there, people could stand around and watch.

The previous time, a young man from Red Cloud had defeated a young man from the Pellet Kings Clan using alchemical techniques.

This time, w.a.n.g Sheng wanted to fight. Two great families of alchemists: how beautiful would the battle be?

"They're here." At that moment, people turned around and gazed off into the distance. Ru Feng, Ru Yun, and the others arrived under many eyes. The cultivators from Red Clouds were kings' descendants, and didn't flinch. After all, the previous time, they had won!

"Who's that guy? He's not a descendant of Red Clouds' kings, is he?" asked many people when they saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng noticed that many people were looking at him, but he remained composed. His fire lion was following him calmly. It was funny to see a brutal beast looking so calm.

"Great Imperial Beast, it's a Great Imperial Beast! That guy is definitely a descendant of Red Clouds' kings, he has a Great Imperial Beast!"

"Wrong. He's just a random guy hanging out with them. Last time, w.a.n.g Sheng wanted to steal his fire lion, but he failed. People from Red Clouds made friends with him and they stayed together," said various other people when they saw Lin Feng. The crowd nodded approval.

On the other side, a strong wind started blowing and waves of energies rolled by. w.a.n.g Sheng and some people from the Pellet Kings Clan had arrived. He smiled and said, "Good, you are really kings' descendants, you're brave. You dared come!"

"You talk a lot for a loser. Sometimes, it's better not to have a tongue!" reb.u.t.ted Zi Ling in icy anger.

"Haha, I like it when beautiful women get angry. If we win this time, you'll come back to the Pellet Kings Clan with me. You won't go back to Red Clouds!" said w.a.n.g Sheng loudly. His group of friends all burst into laughter.

"Don't provoke me. Alchemists should avoid being flighty and impetuous. People like you stand no chance to win," spat Zi Ling coldly.

w.a.n.g Sheng frowned and smiled icily, "Good, since you're so confident, let's bet, alright?"

"We're in G.o.dly Clouds City, I don't trust you. Therefore, comparing ourselves in terms of alchemical skills is better," replied Ru Yun indifferently. The strong cultivators of the Pellet Kings Clan all looked angry. Those people dared doubt about them? What was that supposed to mean?

"Since it's that way, get ready. Same rules as last time, three rounds. We'll see who can make the best pellet, alright?" said w.a.n.g Sheng smiling coldly.

"Alright!" nodded Ru Feng. The previous time, they had also competed three times, the members of G.o.dly Clouds had won once and lost twice.

"Last time, you lost. This time, we gave you another opportunity to contest, you have to select alchemists first for each round," said Ru Feng indifferently.

w.a.n.g Xiao replied, "Alright, no problem."

"You like to talk nonsense, don't you? If we hadn't given you another opportunity, you wouldn't have had the chance to try again. Be grateful!" said Zi Ling sharply.

"Hmph!" w.a.n.g Sheng grunted coldly. Someone jumped up from behind him and landed on an alchemical tower.

A strong wind started blowing. Ru Feng shot up into the sky like a great roc and landed next to that person on the alchemical tower.

w.a.n.g Sheng frowned and said coldly, "You're starting?"

"Why can't I?" said Ru Feng smiling coldly.

"Alright, you can, no problem. Even if we lose this round, we'll see how you intend to win the next ones," w.a.n.g Sheng said coldly. The previous time, they had dueled three rounds, and everybody learned that Ru Feng was the strongest alchemist. w.a.n.g Sheng wanted to compete with Ru Feng, but he hadn't thought these people would make Ru Feng go first. Ridiculous. Even if Ru Feng won the first round, so what? They had two more rounds to oppress them!

Cauldrons appeared. The two contestants released special fires, which surrounded the cauldrons. The two contestants were both kings' descendants. They had access to as many cauldrons and ingredients as they wished, so naturally they could use the best ones. If they were skilled enough, they could concoct the best remedies. Of course, they had agreed on three rounds; if they failed to make a pellet, then they lost. Therefore, few people tried to make pellets they weren't used to making.

What incredible fire control, thought Lin Feng, watching the two contestants. They had already started. Ru Feng's fire turned into eighty-one flames and surrounded the cauldron. Ru Feng controlled the fire perfectly. His soul was in the cauldron. He wanted to make the best pellet, which required focus. He couldn't be careless if he didn't want to fail.

"You're here, too!" w.a.n.g Sheng smiled at Lin Feng." Last time, I told you I wanted to trade something for your fire lion, have you thought about it?"

Lin Feng raised his hand and glanced at w.a.n.g Sheng, then turned his head away, ignoring him as if he didn't exist. w.a.n.g Sheng was infuriated.

The crowd watched w.a.n.g Sheng and Lin Feng, and looked amused. w.a.n.g Sheng looked quite p.i.s.sed.

w.a.n.g Sheng glanced at some people, who noticed that and instantly left. w.a.n.g Sheng said, "Today, we're going to have three rounds. You have five people. We could embellish our private cultivation with a cultivation battle, too."

"We've already agreed to duel in terms of alchemical skills. But if you want to fight, no problem," answered Ru Yun. He stepped forwards and Qi surged around him. Empty s.p.a.ce fire filled the air.

"Get ready for the next round. You won't fight, we could lose if you don't make a pellet."

"You don't need to worry."

"Since it's that way, after you. w.a.n.g Zhan, you go," w.a.n.g Sheng told someone. The guy looked like a terrifying and brutal fighter. His Qi was swift and explosive, humming around him.

"Dying or getting injured is inevitable. Let's bet on the fire lion," said w.a.n.g Sheng, staring at Lin Feng's beast. He had failed to steal it last time, he hadn't thought that Ru Feng and Ru Yun were such strong fighters as well. Besides, that little boy could cast deployment spells, w.a.n.g Sheng had been very surprised. Two great emperors had been killed!

But w.a.n.g Zhan's fighting abilities were incredible, so w.a.n.g Sheng had no doubts about him. He didn't like making pellets, he loved fighting. He even scared w.a.n.g Sheng!

"If you lose, what do we get?" said Lin Feng calmly looking at w.a.n.g Sheng. He didn't like offending people but if people wanted to cause trouble, Lin Feng wasn't scared.

"A great imperial pellet, level three, what do you think?" replied w.a.n.g Sheng indifferently.

Lin Feng looked at Ru Feng and asked, "Are you sure you're going to win the alchemical compet.i.tion?"

"We are!" said Ru Feng, nodding confidently.

"Brother Lin Feng, don't worry, we'll win," said Yao Yao, clenching her small fists and smiling.

"Good. I'll put my fire lion at stake then. And a fire lion for a level three great imperial pellet, what do you think? Is it worth it?" said Lin Feng.

"No problem. We're just worried that these guys could resort to sly methods."

"They'd just humiliate themselves and it would quickly spread in G.o.dly Clouds City. In the worst case, we won't get the pellet," Lin Feng smiled. He then looked at w.a.n.g Sheng and asked, "You heard me, right? What do you think?"

"Betting a pellet for a fire lion, no problem. You don't dare bet on cultivation though, it seems?" observed w.a.n.g Sheng, smiling coldly.

"No rush. One thing after the other," said Lin Feng calmly, "I need a level three great imperial pellet which helps a cultivator recover when their soul is injured, do you have one?"

w.a.n.g Sheng frowned. A level-three great imperial soul-recovering pellet? Even for him it was a precious pellet. He had only one. That kind of pellet was extremely difficult to make and required a very high level. The success rate was very, very low, so he didn't waste time trying to make such pellets.

"Will you bet or not?" asked Lin Feng.

"Alright. As you wis.h.!.+" agreed w.a.n.g Sheng coldly."What about the bet for the cultivation battle? You probably have something I want.""

"This cauldron and this fire, are you interested?" asked Lin Feng calmly, as a gigantic cauldron with dragon patterns appeared. In his right hand, a perfect fire appeared. It contained different kinds of Qi.

"If I lose you can have these."

"A Heaven Dragon Cauldron!" w.a.n.g Sheng was astonished and staring at the cauldron and the fire. He looked enthusiastic and said, "I wouldn't have thought you'd have such good things. If I lose, I'll give you a second level-three Great Imperial Pellet."

"No, that's not enough," said Ru Feng coldly.

"You can add something."

"You'll slap your face three times in front of everybody!" said Lin Feng calmly. w.a.n.g Sheng was shocked and his eyes glittered with cold lights. This fool wanted him to slap his own face in front of everybody?!

PMG Chapter 2142

Chapter 2142: Crus.h.i.+ng Defeat

What a filthy mouth!, thought w.a.n.g Sheng when he heard Lin Feng. He was infuriated again.

"Who will fight on your side?" w.a.n.g Sheng asked Lin Feng.

"Since both of us bet, I'll fight, you can also fight if you want," replied Lin Feng calmly.

w.a.n.g Sheng's eyes glittered and he smiled, "If you get injured or killed during the battle, n.o.body can blame the Pellet Kings Clan and say that we bully foreigners like you."

"If I lose and die, of course n.o.body will blame you. The same applies for all of you," said Lin Feng indifferently, "You haven't told me if you accept the bet yet."

w.a.n.g Sheng stared at Lin Feng. After remaining silent for a few seconds, he smiled indifferently and said, "Since you really want to fight, no problem. Shall the fight start now?"

"No rush," said Lin Feng smiling. He looked up at the alchemical tower. Ru Yun was very self-confident. They were sure they were going to win. He first wanted to obtain the soul pellet for Mu Chen, and then he'd see.

w.a.n.g Sheng was watching the two contestants at the top of the alchemical tower. Ru Feng was still concocting a pellet. He wanted to concoct a Great Imperial pellet, which wasn't easy. The recipe was complex, the ingredients had to be perfectly mixed, and then the fire needed to be at the perfect temperature. The alchemist also had to stir the concoction perfectly. Strong alchemists had all sorts of methods to improve their concoctions. It also took some time to concoct a Great Imperial pellet. And the result was never certain.

There was an explosion on the other tower. "He failed for the second time. Ru Feng is going to win!" The members of the Pellet Kings compet.i.tor had just failed for the second time. He was under great pressure now. After all, Ru Feng was extremely strong. The previous time, three people had contested on each side, they needed to make the best pellets possible!

At that moment, w.a.n.g Sheng heard someone say, "Alright, you lost the round." His face twitched… they had failed. w.a.n.g Sheng thought it didn't really matter, as they initially didn't intend to win the first round.

His clansman on the tower left in defeat.

w.a.n.g Sheng jumped up and landed on the alchemical tower. He looked at Ru Yun and smiled, "Second round, who's coming?"

"They just lost, w.a.n.g Sheng wants to regain face. Those people from Red Clouds are kings' descendants. Ru Yun was the strongest one. They're going to lose this round," murmured the crowd. They couldn't wait to see the last round.

Ru Feng smiled at w.a.n.g Sheng broadly and said indifferently, "This time, you won't even have the opportunity to move on to the third round."

Ru Feng left the alchemical tower and descended from the sky. w.a.n.g Sheng looked furious.

Ru Feng came up next to Lin Feng and the others, they all smiled. Then, Yao Yao looked at Lin Feng and smiled, "Brother Lin Feng, I am also an alchemist. I'll help you win a pellet."

When Yao Yao rose up into the air and landed on the alchemical tower, the crowd was astonished. A young girl?

"What's going on?" The previous time, Ru Feng, Ru Yun, and Zi Ling had partic.i.p.ated, Yao Yao had just watched. And now, surprisingly, they sent a little girl to compete with w.a.n.g Sheng? The crowd didn't understand.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. He glanced at Ru Feng and the others. Ru Feng smiled and said, "Lin Feng, Yao Yao is our teacher's only daughter. Yao Yao's brother takes good care of her. She's more skilled than any of us."

"I see!" Lin Feng smiled. Age and skills were two different things. Those people were Red Cloud kings' descendants, Lin Feng didn't understand what that meant. After all, he had never been to Red Clouds. However, if Yao Yao was a king's descendant, she was probably extremely talented.

w.a.n.g Sheng couldn't afford to be careless. On the contrary, he was quite vigilant. He had just heard Ru Feng, that little girl smiled confidently, it made him panic a little. Of course, it was only for a few seconds. w.a.n.g Sheng kept calm and got ready.

"Hee hee, the Pellet Kings Clan is going to lose face now," Yao Yao giggled. A cauldron appeared in front of her, it was small and red. A magnificent red fire appeared and entered into the cauldron. She did some hand seals and started her alchemical technique. She looked confident and quite at ease. It was rare to see young people looking so calm and confident.

w.a.n.g Sheng glanced at her and pulled a long face.

"That's an Alchemical King Technique, only people who are kings' descendants practice those techniques in Red Clouds. That little girl is definitely a king's direct descendant. The Pellet Kings Clan's strategy wasn't that good," murmured some people when they saw that. They were definitely amused.

It's an art, she does things in a beautiful way, sighed Lin Feng when he saw Yao Yao at the top of the alchemical tower. Her movements were graceful, she was dancing around the cauldron. Yao Yao put ingredients in the cauldron and chopped them down. Then she burned the ingredients slowly, and after a short time, a sweet fragrance filled the air. Many people took deep breaths, it smelled so good…

"How fast. The pellet has already started appearing." the watchers were astonished. Bright lights flashed in the cauldron. Nine colors appeared and intertwined there. People's hearts started pounding, they were amazed and speechless. That little girl was skilled, even more skilled than Ru Feng! And her fire was even better! She had probably refined it with many sorts of flames…

w.a.n.g Sheng didn't look as calm and easy as before. He looked nervous and angry, it was difficult to keep steady. He still had to make the best pellet possible.

"Silly boy. Your technique is too pure, you're only using hand techniques to control your fire. You're not even using your consciousness. You can't control fire that way. Are you really an alchemist?" spoke up Yao Yao, looking at w.a.n.g Sheng. w.a.n.g Sheng coughed, trying to hide his anger. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan looked angry, too. A little girl was telling w.a.n.g Sheng he didn't understand alchemy! How humiliating!

The members of the Pellet Kings Clan were all grimacing by now. They had the impression w.a.n.g Sheng was going to lose. If he lost, they'd lose the whole compet.i.tion for the second time. How horrible! They couldn't lose, they were the Pellet Kings!

"And your fire is so-so as well. It's explosive, but you can't control it, that kind of fire is good for fighting, but not to make pellets. Brother w.a.n.g Sheng, you should come to Red Clouds with me and I'll teach you how to make pellets," Yao Yao giggled. w.a.n.g Sheng's face turned deathly pale. That little girl was pointing out all his weaknesses in front of everyone. He didn't say anything as he had nothing to say. Even if she was making fun of him, he had to focus on the pellet!

"I'm almost done. Take your time," said Yao Yao, laughing softly. She continued controlling her fire. It smelled extremely good. Lights shone around her.

"Such bright lights. And it smells so good."

Some extremely strong alchemists closed their eyes and took deep breaths, trying to guess the level of the pellet that way.

"Level three Great Imperial pellet, almost level four. That little girl is extremely strong. Even some great emperors can't make such pellets."

"It even seemed easy for her, that's the most terrifying part."

When Lin Feng heard the people, he was a bit surprised and asked, "Yao Yao is that good at making pellets?"

"Lin Feng, you think that we don't deserve our reputation? It's our specialty!" Zi Ling said gravely. Lin Feng nodded. He had underestimated these people!

A pellet suddenly rose up into the air, Yao Yao's fire blossomed around her. She chopped down, and there was a rumble of power.

w.a.n.g Sheng's cauldron exploded, and his face went dark. He had lost. He wanted to make the best pellet possible, and in the end he had lost and broke his cauldron!

"The Pellet Kings Clan lost twice and this time it was a crus.h.i.+ng defeat," someone sighed. The faces of the Pellet Kings Clan's members paled, and they grimaced in humiliation!

PMG Chapter 2143

Chapter 2143: Insisting

"You lost," said Yao Yao smiling at w.a.n.g Sheng.

"It's not over yet. I just failed once!" said w.a.n.g Sheng unhappily. He could try two more times. That's what people usually agreed on.

"Brother, with your level, you won't be able to make a better pellet than me. Or maybe you could, but it'd take you a very long time. It'd be boring to wait," said Yao Yao giggled at him. Ru Feng and Ru Yun burst into laughter.

"That little girl is going to p.i.s.s him off even more." Ru Yun kept laughing while looking at w.a.n.g Sheng's face. He was really good, better than Ru Feng, and therefore, when he saw the pellet Yao Yao had made, he understood that making such a great pellet was extremely difficult. If he wanted to make one of the same level, the success rate would very low. He stood no chance at all!

"You lost and that's all. You can't win. The Pellet Kings Clan lost," stated Ru Feng neutrally. w.a.n.g Sheng pulled a long face. He flipped his hand and took out a yellowish pellet. It could help people recover when their soul was injured.

"Grab it!" snarled w.a.n.g Sheng, throwing it at Yao Yao. A magnificent light shone as a yellow light beam moved towards Yao Yao.

"Hihi!" Yao Yao spat out some fire which surrounded the pellet, her silhouette flickered and she left the tower. She landed next to Lin Feng, smiled and said, "Brother Lin Feng, it's for you. It's a level three soul recovering Great Imperial pellet, I can help you make it even better with my fire."

Her fire dispersed and the pellet landed in Lin Feng's hand.

"Thank you for your hard work, little girl!" said Lin Feng, caressing Yao Yao's hair and putting the pellet away. He'd be able to heal Mu Chen with it; Mu Chen was just a high-level emperor, after all.

At that moment, someone stared at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng noticed it was w.a.n.g Zhan, standing behind w.a.n.g Sheng. He was looking at Lin Feng and really wanted to kill him.

"Second bet. You can start!" said w.a.n.g Sheng coldly.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked over at w.a.n.g Sheng. He smiled coldly. That guy had lost the alchemical compet.i.tion again, it was a crus.h.i.+ng defeat. He was furious and wanted to regain face.

"You remember the bet?" Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. He could sense that w.a.n.g Sheng wanted to kill him.

"It's not that important because everything you own will be mine, including the Heaven Dragon Cauldron and the fire!" said w.a.n.g Sheng coldly. "w.a.n.g Zhan, you know what to do!"

"I do!" w.a.n.g Zhan nodded. He jumped towards Lin Feng and released deadly b.e.s.t.i.a.l energies, which surrounded Lin Feng.

From what w.a.n.g Sheng had just said, he wanted w.a.n.g Zhan to kill Lin Feng!

If Lin Feng died, he would obtain Lin Feng's possessions. Even though the cultivators from Red Clouds were powerful alchemists, they couldn't prevent him from killing Lin Feng!

"Brother Lin Feng, be careful. His Dao is extremely powerful. His attacks must be terrifying. Don't collide with him," Yao Yao warned Lin Feng. Ru Feng and Ru Yun had seen Lin Feng in the Ye Clan. People from the Dark Night Region held the greatest esteem for Lin Feng, he seemed famous there. He was also very strong. They were soon going to see how strong he could be!

w.a.n.g Zhan's Qi was formidable, and he was a deadly fighter. At least, he definitely had the potential to be selected for the next step of the procedure for the Meeting of Nine Clouds!

Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air and stopped at the same level as w.a.n.g Zhan. w.a.n.g Zhan's Qi was growing more and more powerful. He looked as strong as a mountain, and extremely focused. He didn't intend to let Lin Feng win.

"w.a.n.g Zhan's strength is terrifying. He practices b.e.s.t.i.a.l skills and techniques. He learned them from an ancient beast. Now he's furious because w.a.n.g Sheng lost, he'll want to kill Lin Feng even more."

"Yes, w.a.n.g Sheng is already a symbol of the Pellet Kings Clan, and he's very influential. Since they just lost, the members of the Pellet Kings Clan are all furious. They want to kill that guy to regain face."

Everybody was talking, they could already imagine Lin Feng dead.

"Today, the Pellet Kings Clan is going to be humiliated for the third time," said someone else. He had an ancient sword in his back, and looked steady and composed. Many people looked over at him.

"You think w.a.n.g Zhan will lose?"

"Of course, and it will be a crus.h.i.+ng defeat, worse than the one they just had," said Mo Yu calmly. He was convinced that Lin Feng could easily defeat and kill w.a.n.g Zhan. He remembered everything Lin Feng had told him. After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds which he wanted to watch ended, he wanted to meditate in seclusion and sword cultivation. He didn't care about partic.i.p.ating in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. After talking to Lin Feng, he had the impression he wasn't strong enough to be on the battle stage.

"Well, I can't wait to see the result!" someone smiled. He didn't sound as confident as Mo Yu, he just smiled mockingly. Why was that guy convinced Lin Feng would win?

w.a.n.g Zhan's Qi was becoming more and more powerful. However, he didn't attack yet. He wanted to condense as much Qi as he could before attacking and then he wanted to kill Lin Feng in one strike.

At that moment, Lin Feng moved his hand, making a short chop. Sword Holy Spirits emerged from his arm and condensed into a sword.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and focused. He visualized everything, he didn't want to be influenced by the outside world. Back in Qi Tian Holy Town, he had seen the Saints' battle. He had also sensed the Saint's Sword intent, the Kasyapa sword. That sword seemed like it could even cut through time. That sword was like a dream, that kind of sword didn't exist.

Who could cut apart time and s.p.a.ce? Sword, Sword intent!

Sword attacks had to be carried out naturally. A sword wasn't a sword, it was consciousness.

Therefore, Lin Feng wanted to try and see whether he could achieve that state of mind or not. Someday, his intent would be like a sword, a sword beyond deadly.

"Die!" shouted w.a.n.g Zhan explosively. Even though his attack was explosive, Lin Feng didn't move, the sun shone upon his sword. He brought his hand down, his eyes still closed. Lin Feng wasn't too satisfied, his sword contained empty s.p.a.ce and death strength, all golden and black.

That sword made w.a.n.g Zhan stop halfway up in the air. He didn't look as determined anymore. Abruptly, wounds appeared everywhere on his body, and he turned grey and fell limply down from the sky.

One sword, one corpse.

"That's real Sword intent?" whispered Mo Yu. At his level, he had thought he understood what a Sword cultivator was. After Lin Feng's explanation though, he had understood a lot more. A real sword didn't exist, and Lin Feng already understood the rudiments.

The members of the Pellet Kings Clan all grimaced, they had lost again, again… in front of everybody! They were furious!

Brother Lin Feng's sword techniques are incredible!, thought Yao Yao with a sigh, her beautiful eyes twinkling. She had seen very strong cultivators, but Lin Feng was extremely strong. That was the deadliest sword attack she had ever seen.

Lin Feng didn't care about what the crowd thought, he had killed someone insignificant. He didn't feel proud, he hadn't achieved anything. At the very least, he made w.a.n.g Sheng shut up, one more humiliation!

Therefore, Lin Feng looked at w.a.n.g Sheng and said indifferently, "You lost the bet."

w.a.n.g Shen's face twisted. n.o.body knew what he was thinking, but his eyes were gleaming. He took out another pellet and threw it at Lin Feng. "Level three Great Imperial pellet, take it!"

Then, he turned around and started to leave, humiliation hanging over him like a cloud.

"Wait!" said Lin Feng grimly.

w.a.n.g Sheng's legs were suddenly stiffened. He turned around and glared at Lin Feng, saying coldly, "Beware if you want to avoid trouble, G.o.dly Clouds City is not your region! The water is deep here!"

Lin Feng looked at him strangely. w.a.n.g Sheng had lost, he didn't do what Lin Feng had asked him to do in case he lost, and now he was threatening him?

"Slap your own face three times," said Lin Feng calmly.

w.a.n.g Sheng frowned and glared at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes, "Are you sure? You insist?"

Lin Feng jumped forwards and condensed an invisible and intangible Sword intent which surged towards w.a.n.g Sheng. He looked deathly as he repeated, "Slap your own face three times."

w.a.n.g Sheng frowned and glared at Lin Feng in an evil way. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan looked just as angry. They had lost the alchemical compet.i.tion, now Lin Feng had defeated their cultivator, and he wanted to humiliate w.a.n.g Sheng even more, as if he were little more than a buffoon!

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