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PMG Chapter 2150

Chapter 2150: Friend

The big man was stupefied and stared at Lin Feng dumbly for a moment. He shouted, "Good boy! You're stronger than me! No wonder Lei Dong Tian brought you to the clan."

Then, he shook his arms, demon lights glittered, and a crackling sound was heard as he began to recover.

The air began to vibrate. Many people looked at Lin Feng.

"Lei Dong Tian, who is he? He injured our friend. His physical strength is incredible. Is he from G.o.dly Clouds City? He has a similar strength to you, it seems?"

"As expected, the situation gets really funny when the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds approaches. Recently, a terrifying deployment spell caster arrived; now, a cultivator with monumental physical strength is here. And there's that girl, too! She's strong and beautiful. But in the DevMara Thunder Clan, we already have some terrifyingly strong people," said a young man with a fair and clean face.

When the crowd heard him, they nodded along. Indeed, the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds hadn't started yet. but the atmosphere was lively in G.o.dly Clouds City. Many strong cultivators had gathered here!

"Lei Dong Tian, weren't the two boring alchemist clans supposed to have a compet.i.tion today? Who won? You went to watch, but actually it's just a bunch of little people. Really strong cultivators haven't started fighting yet," asked someone else in the fortress. A dozen people had suddenly appeared all around them. They all looked incredible, and had different types of strength.

Lei Dong Tian smiled patiently and said to the crowd, "If I told you what happened today, you'd regret not having come."

"Oh? Tell us."

"First, regarding the alchemical compet.i.tion; the cultivators from the Pellet Kings Clan lost against the cultivators from Red Clouds. A little girl beat w.a.n.g Sheng. But it's not over… w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ showed up!"

"Oh, w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ showed up? How shameless! He's the first young man of the Pellet Kings Clan, did he want to bully the little girl? So he humiliated the cultivators from Red Clouds?"

"I'm not done," Lei Dong Tian smiled. "The little girl's brother showed up, guess who he is?"

Everybody was listening carefully, the suspense was unbearable, but Lei Dong Tian was deliberately mystifying. Someone asked straightforwardly, "Who?"

"Jiu Ling Huang."

"Red Clouds' First Master, Jiu Ling Huang!" Many people frowned, but their eyes twinkled.

One of them said slowly, "Red Clouds' First Master and the first young man of the Pellet Kings Clan fought and I missed the battle, what a pity!"

"No, Prince Wu Qing and Xian Ren from Holy Mountain also showed up!" continued Lei Dong Tian, laughing. Everybody was so sad to have missed this.

Someone said, "Lei Dong Tian, cut it with the suspense, tell us the whole story!"

"Hehe!" Lei Dong Tian laughed. "w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ refused to fight against Jiu Ling Huang or to have a alchemical compet.i.tion. He made w.a.n.g Jie fight, the fighter could be anyone but Jiu Ling Huang. Finally, someone volunteered and killed w.a.n.g Jie!"

"Killed w.a.n.g Jie?" The people took a deep breath. They all knew who w.a.n.g Jie was. They wanted to know who had done such a thing.

"How audacious! Someone killed w.a.n.g Jie, he's extremely strong! Among those people from Red Clouds, who, apart from Jiu Ling Huang, could have killed w.a.n.g Jie? The Pellet Kings Clan won't let him off for sure!"

"Of course, so they chased us until a few minutes ago!" Lei Dong Tian smiled. The crowd was astonished and stared at Lin Feng standing next to Lei Dong Tian.

"Interesting, he killed w.a.n.g Jie?"

"Haha, no wonder your physical strength is so incredible. I even lost against you. But it was fun. However, you're brave!" said the big man, looking at Lin Feng. He now understood Lei Dong Tian's story.

People from abroad didn't know who w.a.n.g Jie was, but people in G.o.dly Clouds City all knew him. Lin Feng was extremely strong. Those people wanted to see how strong Lin Feng was.

"Why are you all so happy?" asked someone at that moment. A silhouette appeared in the air. That person didn't move quickly, he even stopped in the air.

"Hey, you're here, Yang Xiao. Your deployment spells are incredible, but that guy's physical strength is incredible too! You should have a fight to compare!" said the big man with a smile.

When Lin Feng saw him, he was astonished and stared at him coldly.

"Eh?" Lei Dong Tian sensed a cold energy. Yang Xiao's smile was suddenly frozen on his face. He glanced at Lin Feng. It seemed these two people knew one another…

"Yang Xiao…" said Lin Feng smiling broadly. He had escaped from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, so he had arrived in G.o.dly Clouds City through the Eastern Town, so it wasn't surprising that Yang Xiao had taken the same path.

When Yang Xiao heard Lin Feng, he smiled indifferently too, but it wasn't a natural smile.

"Brother Mu Feng, I was worried for you last time in the Gan Government's Paradise. I thought you had died. I wouldn't have thought we'd meet again, I'm so happy!" Yang Xiao smiled

"Mu Feng, Brother Lin Feng?" Lei Dong Tian looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and said, "When I was in Yang Xiao's Celestial Remarkable Deployment Government, I used that name."

"I see. I hadn't thought you'd know one another."

"Yes, he's a good friend. Back then, Brother Yang Xiao chased me with a bunch of great emperors to murder me. They nearly managed to kill me. I was lucky, or I wouldn't be here," said Lin Feng with a smile.

Yang Xiao pulled a long face.

"By the way, last time, you obtained a precious and mysterious treasure in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, Brother Yang Xiao, you're extremely strong and talented. You can steal people's memories and make them yours, then you can use those memories to learn a person's strength and use it for yourself. That's a terrifying technique. Brother Yang Xiao, back then, you wanted to fight against me and steal my memories," Lin Feng smiled.

Yang Xiao's face turned deathly pale. Everybody was suddenly looking at Yang Xiao coldly. He suddenly looked scared.

Stealing people's memories was a terrifying ability and very dangerous. And they suddenly recalled someone who had suddenly become really stupid…

"Yang Xiao, so you did it!" Everybody stared at him coldly. Shortly before, someone had suddenly become stupid, and couldn't remember anything now. n.o.body had found the cause of the calamity. However, everybody understood now. Someone as dangerous as this was hiding in their palace!

He could steal people's memories!

"He can use deployment spells to steal people's memories and strength to use them for his own benefits. He looks modest and amiable, he never argues with people. That's Yang Xiao!" said Lin Feng airily.

Everybody was glaring at Yang Xiao furiously. No wonder Yang Xiao was so kind and discreet. He only showed people how strong he was in terms of deployment spells, and he was easy-going and friendly. But now, when they thought about that, many people had cold sweats. Luckily, they were extremely strong, so Yang Xiao hadn't dared attack them easily. Otherwise, the consequences would have been too dreadful to contemplate.

"Brother Yang Xiao, you're extremely strong. With your particular ability, you must have stolen so many strong cultivators' memories. You must be hiding so much mysterious strength in your body. How scary," Lin Feng continued cheerfully.

Yang Xiao pulled a long face. He was furious. But then he smiled at the crowd and said, "I, Yang Xiao, admit I did it. But he is making impertinent remarks. I didn't attack him. And I am not strong enough to attack you guys. Besides, now that you already all know about that, I won't do it again. Let's be friends."

How sly, thought Lin Feng. As expected, when the crowd heard Yang Xiao, they just looked at him coldly. Even though they had been friendly to him, they had just been friendly, that's all, he wasn't important to them. Their memories were precious, they couldn't afford to have someone around who could steal their memories around.

People always made decisions for their own benefits, that was normal.

"I don't mind," said someone calmly.

"Since Yang Xiao said it, I can forgive him. However, if anything happens to any of us, we must join hands and kill him."

"Don't worry, I won't do it again, I swear," said Yang Xiao with stern righteousness to everyone, including Lei Dong Tian.

Lei Dong Tian was the leader of the Eastern group. He was furious, after all, people's memories were priceless. But punis.h.i.+ng Yang Xiao was useless now.

When Lei Dong Tian saw everybody's faces, he smiled coldly on the inside, but he didn't show his emotions. "Since it's that way, let's forget about it. If it happens again, the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan will join hands to kill you."

"Definitely," replied Yang Xiao with a smile. He was out of danger. However, at that moment, an ice-cold energy filled the air. People gazed into the distance and saw a beautiful silhouette who looked as cold and sharp as the blade of a sword.

When Lin Feng saw her, he frowned. It was her!

PMG Chapter 2151

Chapter 2151: Closely Following

"That girl." People raised their heads and looked at her. She looked ice-cold from head to toe, and people didn't want to go near her. She looked like a n.o.ble princess, but her Qi was also particularly terrifying. For truly strong cultivators, such a woman was even more desirable.

"Interesting girl," said Lin Feng, smiling casually. Lin Feng had seen her when he had turned into a cauldron. She was the beautiful woman he saw bathing. She was extremely cute. However, when people were around, she didn't look cute at all, she looked ice-cold. Lin Feng still remembered when she had fought against those people. She also had a beautiful necklace hanging between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

As if she had sensed something, she looked at Lin Feng, sword determination emerging from her eyes. Lin Feng's smile was suddenly frozen. How cold. Wasn't he allowed to smile?

When Lin Feng thought about that, he smiled even more and stared at her calmly.

"Hmph!" the girl spat coldly. Her sword determination surrounded Lin Feng, but then she turned to Yang Xiao and said coldly, "So you're the one who did it. So you wanted to get close to me to steal my memories! In the future, don't come anywhere near me!"

Yang Xiao was furious at Lin Feng, who had told everyone his secret on purpose. Everybody was going to watch him now. He couldn't do pull his usual tricks anymore!

The girl smiled chillingly and left. Everybody's eyes twinkled as she disappeared.

"She's so fast." Lin Feng watched her disappear in the distance, impressed.

Lei Dong Tian looked relaxed and said to the crowd, "From today on, if you to exchange views on cultivation, you can, but you can't kill your opponent. We're all in the DevMara Thunder Clan now and people must feel safe here. What happened last time can't happen again.""

"Of course!" Yang Xiao smiled He felt exposed as he rose up into the air.

Lin Feng watched Yang Xiao coldly. The other had chased him for so long. Now that they weren't in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Government anymore, things were going to get interesting.

"Lin Feng, you can choose a place to stay, there's plenty of s.p.a.ce here," said Lei Dong Tian.

Lin Feng nodded and said, "I'll have a walk around and check."

He rose up into the air and went to choose a place.


Outside of the DevMara Thunder Clan…

A group of people had arrived. The leader of the group was w.a.n.g s.h.i.+, looking furious as he stared at the fortress like it was a lair of evildoers. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ could only grimace in hate. He had chased Lin Feng to here, but he couldn't go inside to kill him.

In an instant, someone else appeared in front of w.a.n.g s.h.i.+. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ was startled and blurted out, "Grandpa?"

"What about Little Jie?" the man asked coldly.

"He was killed!" replied w.a.n.g s.h.i.+, lowering his head. His face stiffened.

"Little Jie isn't dead," said w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather, taking out a soul talisman. Even though it had many cracks, it wasn't broken.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ frowned and said, "What was going on? I saw his soul get absorbed by the enemy."

"He's alive, his soul hasn't been destroyed."

"Pfew…" w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ took a deep breath, he had hope again! If w.a.n.g Jie wasn't dead, he could still rescue him!

However, when w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ looked at the DevMara Thunder Clan again, his heart ached. He couldn't go in and find the enemy. The DevMara Thunder Clan and the Pellet Kings Clan didn't have cordial relations. Lei Dong Tian had taken their target back to the DevMara Thunder Clan personally. The DevMara Thunder Clan was going to ensure his safety! The DevMara Thunder Clan was dignified and majestic, and they wouldn't abandon people like that, otherwise, people would stop trusting them.

"Grandfather, how can we save my brother, then?" said w.a.n.g s.h.i.+.

"Let's negotiate and give them what they want," said w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather. The Pellet Kings Clan was ready to pay the price for the little crazy cultivator.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s face stiffened. He knew how his grandfather felt, he was ready to do anything for w.a.n.g Jie. People like w.a.n.g Jie were precious to the Pellet Kings Clan. He knew that if the DevMara Thunder Clan agreed to give him back, it would be very expensive. The DevMara Thunder Clan was already wealthy, so to buy w.a.n.g Jie's freedom, they'd need to spend a lot.

The group of Pill Kings walked towards the dark palaces and fortresses.


Lin Feng didn't know the members of the Pellet Kings Clan were moving inside the DevMara Thunder Clan's territory. He was in a palace in his spirit world, seated cross-legged. w.a.n.g Jie was in front of him. Just like w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ had said, w.a.n.g Jie wasn't dead, his spirit had just been absorbed, and Lin Feng had taken him to his spirit's world. The young cultivator had been defeated, but he was extremely strong, so Lin Feng wanted to make him into a Demon Puppet. Such demon puppets had great potential!

With w.a.n.g Jie's strength, if he studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures or the Kalpa Indestructible DevMara Skill and the DevMara Body Cleansing Technique, he would become terrifyingly strong. It was even difficult to imagine how strong he'd become.

Lin Feng could have it his own way with his Demon Puppets. He could do what he wished.

Yang Xiao was also seated in a palace, practicing cultivation. He continued a.s.similating the memories he had stolen. He was still annoyed; Lin Feng had come to the DevMara Thunder Clan and ruined his plan. He still wanted some people's memories, especially that girl's memories, and now it was too late.

Yang Xiao heard some steps and suddenly opened his eyes. He frowned and stared at the person who was coming. When he saw who they were, he smiled indifferently and said, "Brother Lin, this my place, you came without asking for my permission; don't you care about the rules?"

"If Brother Yang accepted a battle to death, I'm sure Brother Lei wouldn't disagree," said Lin Feng, smiling gently. Yang Xiao's face stiffened. Lin Feng was challenging him! Yang Xiao told Lin Feng he couldn't come into his place and he came in anyway, so what?

Yang Xiao smiled coldly. This guy was very self-confident. How could he be sure he was going to defeat Yang Xiao?

Yang Xiao had many strong cultivators' memories. He had powerful spells, skills and techniques. At his cultivation level, he didn't have many enemies. Therefore, he had come to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. However, he was vigilant when facing Lin Feng. Many great emperors had fought against Lin Feng back then, and Lin Feng had killed them. He was an incredible fighter.

How had Lin Feng survived?

"I really wonder how you survived, Brother Lin Feng. Only your body was left, and your body and the cauldron disappeared. The spiritual body chased you, was your soul hidden in the cauldron?" Yang Xiao asked Lin Feng.

"You really want to know?" said Lin Feng, smiling casually. The Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron suddenly appeared floating in the air.

Doooong! Death strength filled the air. Yang Xiao's face turned grey and he pulled a long face. He jumped backwards, staring at the cauldron.

"Yang Xiao, sense that cauldron," said Lin Feng, smiling nastily. The cauldron kept ringing. Yang Xiao was shaking before its death strength, the air began to rumble as energies collided. Yang Xiao suddenly stood up as the wall behind him collapsed and turned to dust.

He stared at Lin Feng and exclaimed, "Lin Feng, don't forget what Brother Lei said. You don't dare kill me in the DevMara Thunder Clan!"

"Don't misunderstand me, I'm just letting you sense the strength of the cauldron!" Lin Feng smiled back. A terrifying level of strength emerged from the cauldron. Yang Xiao's soul was shaking violently, it felt like it was about to be drawn out of his body.

His face turned deathly pale as he shouted furiously, "How cruel!"

s.h.i.+ning deployment lights appeared and he disappeared. He started running away from his quarters.

Very quickly, Yang Xiao appeared outside and pulled a long face. He was surrounded by deployment light!

"Brother Yang, why run away?" asked Lin Feng serenely, his voice echoing all around. His hands were on his back. He looked quite composed. Death intent pulsed and surrounded Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao felt like he could die anytime!

"You…" Yang Xiao glared at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. However, Lin Feng didn't even glance at him. He was standing there, poised and aloof. He was waiting for Yang Xiao to attack him first.

"Hmph!" Yang Xiao smiled coldly, but he didn't attack. His silhouette flickered and he left. Lin Feng chased him closely. Many people saw that, and looked amused.

Yang Xiao feared Lin Feng!

PMG Chapter 2152

Chapter 2152: Negotiating

In the central part of the DevMara Thunder Clan, DevMara Kalpa lights shone out. Yang Xiao pulled a long face, Lin Feng was still closely following him. He demanded coldly, "Brother Lin, what are you doing?"

Lin Feng released more death Dao power around Yang Xiao, but he remained silent.

Yang Xiao glared at him coldly and then he disappeared again.

Now outside the DevMara Thunder Clan, Yang Xiao rose up into the air above the clouds and stopped. He turned around, his eyes filled with murder. He was losing patience. He really wanted to attack Lin Feng. However, when he saw Lin Feng's face, he was too cautious. He wished he could steal Lin Feng's memories. He wanted to know what Lin Feng was thinking.

"Lin Feng, don't forget what Lei Dong Tian said, will you dare attack me?" said Yang Xiao coolly. He sounded a bit scared, too. He didn't know what Lin Feng was thinking…

Everything turned dark. Yang Xiao didn't go too far away, or he knew that Lin Feng could chase him and suddenly attack him. Deployment lights still surrounded his body. He slowly flew back to the DevMara Thunder Clan.

After four hours, it was already night time. Yang Xiao was seated cross-legged in his quarters again, his eyes were closed and he was practicing cultivation. The hair on his neck suddenly bristled. He saw a dark silhouette standing in front of him. He was startled and furious, and couldn't control his Qi anymore. He shouted furiously, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you doing!?"

Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently and turned around. He just stood there. Yang Xiao was going crazy. He had been calling Lin Feng Brother Lin Feng the whole time, but now he called him b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He was furious. He wanted to kill Lin Feng!

No, he's trying to infuriate me. He wants me to attack him, thought Yang Xiao, trying to keep calm. Even though he was furious, he tried to calm himself. Lin Feng wanted to force him to attack. However, why was Lin Feng so self-confident, to the point that he could stand there with his back turned to him?

Yang Xiao smiled coldly on the inside. However, he also knew he couldn't kill Lin Feng easily, so he had to remain vigilant. Of course, thanks to his special ability, he kept becoming stronger and stronger, he could rely on the memories he stole more and more with time. After breaking through to the Di Qi layer, he'd be able to steal the memories of the cultivators at the top of the Huang Qi layer!

Because he had such a terrifying power, he was always vigilant. Even in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Government, he hadn't tried to steal Lin Feng's memories because he preferred being vigilant. He initially wanted Lin Feng to stay in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Government, then join the Gan Ministry, and he would have joined hands with Great Emperor Zi and attacked him.

Now, however, Lin Feng could oppress him without saying anything. Yang Xiao was furious. He was trying to convince himself that Lin Feng wouldn't dare attack him, but as he thought that, Death intent surrounded him again! Would Lin Feng dare attack him suddenly?

"You're absolutely insane!" shouted Yang Xiao furiously. His Qi flared around him. He chopped down, and energies exploded out.

It alarmed many people in the fortress. Many people quickly rushed over and saw the two of them. What were these two doing?!

The crowd watched them coolly, n.o.body said anything. They knew that there were tensions between the two from what Lin Feng had said during the day. Yang Xiao's ability posed a threat to everyone. They had no reason to attack other people. However, everybody considered Yang Xiao's ability dangerous, so even if Lin Feng attacked him, n.o.body would say anything.

Lin Feng kept oppressing Yang Xiao. At the same time, the members of the Pellet Kings Clan were still in a palace of the DevMara Thunder Clan, talking with people from the DevMara Thunder Clan.


"Brother Lei, you should be satisfied, it's only an emperor. People from the DevMara Thunder Clan don't even need to help, they just need to agree," said w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather at that moment.

However, the person who seemed to be the leader of the group of people from Lei Dong Tian's clan remained silent, just listening. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather wanted that emperor, but the DevMara Thunder Clan's strong cultivator had doubts. What was his goal? Was it really only because of tensions?

Who was willing to give up three extremely rare sets of Ancient Holy Scriptures, including some formidable fire control scriptures? The members of the DevMara Thunder Clan didn't believe it was possible.

The members of the Pellet Kings Clan couldn't possibly be willing to pay such a high price for an emperor they wanted to kill. Besides, the DevMara Thunder Clan wasn't friends with the Pellet Kings Clan, so the latter could hardly be willing to help the former become stronger.

"Dong Tian, what do you think?" the DevMara Thunder Clan's lead cultivator of Lei Dong Tian calmly.

"I brought Lin Feng to the DevMara Thunder Clan. Many people were there during the battle. And Because w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ was too self-confident, he made his brother fight against Lin Feng. I promised I'd protect Lin Feng if he won and didn't die. I can't go back against my words. If we hand him over, people will think our word is worthless," replied Lei Dong Tian calmly.

When w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ heard that, he pulled a long face. Indeed, he had been too confident and had agreed to bet.

When the members of the Pellet Kings Clan heard that, they also grimaced. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather said, "I know it would put you in a difficult situation, so the Pellet Kings Clan is willing to prepare a level seven body cleansing Great Imperial pellet for you. You're probably happy to hear that, right?"

When the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan heard that, they were stunned. A level seven Great Imperial pellet? Even for the Pellet Kings Clan, that was a priceless pellet, so for Lei Dong Tian, it was even more astonis.h.i.+ng. For many emperors, using such pellets was a waste, even some Celestial Emperors couldn't benefit from such pellets to the fullest. They were definitely trying their best!

"No wonder that the Pellet Kings Clan is a king clan in G.o.dly Clouds City," said the lead cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan with a knowing smile. After having remaining silent for a few seconds, he said with a flat smile, "Dong Tian is an outstanding young man of the DevMara Thunder Clan. His face is like ours; if he loses face, the DevMara Thunder Clan loses face."

He went silent, but didn't expel their guests. He wanted to obtain even more. He was now ready to negotiate. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan understood what that smile meant.

They weren't willing to pay such a price for what they wanted, but the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan knew that the members of the Pellet Kings Clan really wanted Lin Feng. What was their ultimate goal?

At that moment, w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather said coldly, "Since the DevMara Thunder Clan isn't ready to accept, we can only rely on ourselves. We'll be off. Goodbye."

They stood up, turned around, and started to leave.

"Get ready to bring Lin Feng to the four influential groups and protect him on the way. Delays may bring more unexpected troubles. New problems could crop up unexpectedly," said the lead cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan indifferently. The members of the Pellet Kings Clan suddenly stopped, their faces twitching.

"I'll tell you the truth. Even though he killed w.a.n.g Jie's physical body, his soul hasn't been destroyed. We came here for revenge, but also for w.a.n.g Jie's soul. But we can't pay more than that. If you are really not willing to accept our proposition, I am willing to give up. After you send him to the four influential groups, we'll go there and we'll pay the price to get w.a.n.g Jie's soul!" w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather said flatly.

They would find a way to get Lin Feng!

"I see," said the strong cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan. He understood now. w.a.n.g Jie's soul hadn't been destroyed. He could understand their point of view. They had already tried all they could though.

"What you just said, plus the level seven Great Imperial pellet. We must do the trade now, and you can't attack him on our territory. You must first leave."

"What if he destroys w.a.n.g Jie's soul?" asked a cultivator of the Pellet Kings Clan, turning around.

"If he wanted to, he would have done it before. That's all we can do."

Everybody remained silent at that moment. They had found a compromise. The last step was to be made. Lin Feng had to be brought to them from outside.

"Alright!" the cultivator of the Pellet Kings Clan nodded. They were ready to pay a very high price for w.a.n.g Jie. They were willing to make this deal.

Lin Feng didn't know the two clans were discussing these things. He wanted to turn w.a.n.g Jie into a Demon Puppet. He had kept w.a.n.g Jie's soul for his own benefits. But he was unaware of the fact that the Pellet Kings Clan definitely knew that w.a.n.g Jie's soul hadn't been destroyed, and that for that reason, they could come to the DevMara Thunder Clan. It was also for their own benefits!

People usually did all they could for their own benefits!

PMG Chapter 2153

Chapter 2153: Four Influential Groups

Lin Feng was still in Yang Xiao's palace releasing Qi. Yang Xiao was still there, his Qi and force pulsing out. He wanted to fight against Lin Feng. People stood around and watched without saying anything.

However, the eerie silence was finally broken. Lei Dong Tian arrived. When he saw what was going on, he was startled. He looked at Lin Feng meaningfully.

Lei Dong Tian had accepted being a referee for w.a.n.g Jie and Lin Feng's battle, and to ensure his safety and then send him to the four influential groups. However, because the Pellet Kings Clan had accepted to pay a terrifying price, he had to go back on his word. He felt extremely guilty, but what could he do? Not much! It wasn't something his clan would refuse!

He kept w.a.n.g Jie's soul, that was a big mistake…

Lei Dong Tian looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng could only blame himself. He had kept w.a.n.g Jie's soul. Had he thought the Pellet Kings Clan would not know about it?

"Brother Lin, Brother Yang, what are you guys doing here?" said Lei Dong Tian, jumping between the two of them.

"Brother Lei, I don't want to offend the DevMara Thunder Clan, but this guy keeps provoking me all the time," said Yang Xiao coldly. At that moment, he wasn't polite anymore. He even sounded cold. His Qi continued defying Lin Feng.

Lei Dong Tian looked over at Lin Feng, Lin Feng didn't know what he was facing. But he didn't show Lin Feng something was wrong, he just said, "Lin Feng, this is the DevMara Thunder Clan, please forget about your tensions with other people. Besides, I promised I'd take you to one of the four influential clans, which one do you want to go to? I'll take you there tomorrow."

Lin Feng looked back at Lei Dong Tian and smiled."Don't worry, I respect the rules here. I just wanted to chat about cultivation with Brother Yang. But Yang Xiao didn't give me a warm welcome."

Lei Dong Tian nodded and said, "Alright, I'm relieved. The four influential clans can choose people who will partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The first influential group is the Holy Cultivation Tower in the Eastern Town. They have existed for a very long time, many Saints have emerged from there. They have the longest history in the Eastern Town.

"The second influential group is Golden Mountain, they are also very old. They have many powers, Great Scholastic Masters, and are extremely strong. Even in G.o.dly Clouds City, many extremely powerful weapons are created there, including some Saints' Weapons. They are terrifyingly strong. The current leader of Golden Mountain is a Great Weapon Master," Lei Dong Tian explained slowly.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, his heart pounding. Becoming a Great Deployment Master was already incredible, they were famous. But making weapons at such a level was even more complex. People who were Great Weapon Masters had to first be Great Deployment Masters. Golden Mountain had such a cultivator, they had to be extremely strong. They were probably among the strongest in Eastern Town.

"The third influential group is Demon Sect, they are terrifyingly strong demon cultivators. It's a holy place for demon cultivators. The compet.i.tion is fierce there. They have raised many terrifying demon cultivators.

"The fourth group is Ghosts and Spirits Temple, people there practice a strange kind of cultivation, and are dangerously strong. They control soul strength, and can control and kill people's souls. Their powers are terrifying."

After Lei Dong Tian told Lin Feng about the four different groups, he smiled, "Lin Feng, those are the four influential groups of the Eastern Town, they can select cultivators who will partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Now that you know what kind of groups they are, which one would you like to go to? I can take you there tomorrow."

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. He remained silent for a few seconds, staring at Lei Dong Tian's eyes, and said, "No matter what, they're just interesting because they will select the fighters. I don't really care; I'll choose Golden Mountain."

"Alright, have a good rest, and tomorrow I will send someone who will bring you there and protect you on the way," said Lei Dong Tian formally. He glanced around and left. He didn't get involved in Lin Feng and Yang Xiao's affairs. After all, Lin Feng had said he wouldn't attack and kill Yang Xiao.

"They can't fight. Boring!" some people laughed before leaving. Lin Feng didn't leave, however. He was still standing there and looking at Yang Xiao calmly.

"You're not leaving?" Yang Xiao stared at him with murder in his eyes.

Lin Feng didn't look at him, and didn't reply, either. He was just standing there; the atmosphere was really oppressive to Yang Xiao.

He said coldly, "Since you like it here, stay here, we'll see if you dare attack me." Yang Xiao sat down in the remains of the broken wall and closed his eyes again, ignoring Lin Feng.

The whole night, Yang Xiao neither practiced cultivation nor had a rest. Lin Feng's Qi didn't disperse the whole night. Even if he knew Lin Feng wasn't going to attack, could he possible relax his vigilance? What if Lin Feng went crazy?


It was morning before Lin Feng left and went back to his own palace. Yang Xiao drew a deep breath. Lei Dong Tian was going to send that crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d guy to one of the four groups, finally! He wouldn't need to worry anymore…

Lin Feng's quarters were extremely large. By the time Lei Dong Tian came, Lin Feng was already ready and at the door. Lin Feng smiled and said, "Brother Lei, you're early."

"I'll be relieved when you're safe," Lei Dong Tian smiled. "Lin Feng, let's go. Some people are waiting already."

"Alright, let's go," Lin Feng followed Lei Dong Tian, and they left.

As expected, outside, there were strong cultivators of the DevMara Thunder Clan waiting outside. They looked extremely strong; there were great emperors, even some Celestial Emperors.

"Let's go!" ordered Lei Dong Tian. Instantly, the crowd headed to the exit of the clan.

At the same time, some people were waiting up in the clouds. One of them opened his eyes suddenly and said, "They're already out of the DevMara Thunder Clan, get ready!"

"Alright!" everybody nodded, ready to attack.

"Lin Feng…!" w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ was in the crowd too, and staring at Lin Feng coldly. He was still furious, still responsible for Lin Feng and w.a.n.g Jie's battle, and had made his clan lose face. He couldn't regain face anymore.

The leader of the group, an old man, released his G.o.dly awareness and inspected the area. They were a fair distance from the DevMara Thunder Clan already. They had agreed not to attack within the DevMara Thunder Clan and had to move quickly. Their force was extremely powerful!

Down below, Lin Feng and the others were getting closer and closer. At that moment, Lin Feng spoke up, "Wait."

"Brother Lin, what's wrong?" asked Lei Dong Tian.

"Brother Lei, are we going to Golden Mountain?" inquired Lin Feng.

"Yes, according to your request, Brother Lin Feng."

"I changed my mind. Let's go the Demon Sect instead," said Lin Feng. Lei Dong Tian was dumbfounded.

"Lin Feng, why? "

"I'm also a demon cultivator, I suddenly realized Demon Sect would be better for me," said Lin Feng.

Lei Dong Tian remained silent for a few seconds before nodding, "Alright, let's go to Demon Sect instead."

They turned around. The members of the DevMara Thunder Clan didn't say anything, they were staying around Lin Feng to protect him.

They flew away for a short time.

"Stop!" shouted a strong cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan. "Whose G.o.dly awareness?"

A mighty energy filled the air and blotted out the sky. A silhouette descended from above, an army behind him.

"Pellet Kings Clan." The silhouettes of the DevMara Thunder Clan's cultivators flickered. However, at that moment, the members of the Pellet Kings Clan also moved. In the blink of an eye, they surrounded everyone. They had the advantage in terms of both number of people and their strength.

"Pellet Kings Clan, what's that supposed to mean?" asked a member of the DevMara Thunder Clan coldly.

"Nothing. We just want one of your people!" said the strong cultivator of the Pellet Kings Clan, coldly staring at Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng looked unruffled. He didn't look confused or scared at all!

PMG Chapter 2154

Chapter 2154: Under Cover

Back in the DevMara Thunder Clan, where Lin Feng had spent the night, some Qi dispersed and Lin Feng appeared. If the DevMara Thunder Clan had seen him, they would have been surprised.

This Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by a whirlwind and his silhouette flickered. He left the place and moved towards Yang Xiao's residence.

There were no guards in those areas because the DevMara Thunder Clan had invited these people. People here had privileges, only lacking access to a few forbidden areas.

At that moment, Yang Xiao's eyes were closed. Lin Feng had put pressure on him for half the day before. He was really p.i.s.sed off. And now that Lin Feng had left, he felt greatly relieved.

However, he now heard a sound, he suddenly turned around and saw a hurricane rolled in waves towards him. He shouted coldly, "Who?"

The wind stopped, a silhouette appeared. Yang Xiao frowned and said coldly, "You haven't left yet?"

"No rush. Brother Yang Xiao, you're still here, why would I leave so quickly?" Lin Feng smiled. A particular Qi emerged from Lin Feng's body as he took out a talisman.

When Yang Xiao saw Lin Feng's smile, he felt chilled, and spat out, "Lin Feng, it's the DevMara Thunder Clan here. If you attack me, I won't be polite."

"Don't worry. I won't kill you in the DevMara Thunder Clan. That way, the DevMara Thunder Clan won't be able to blame me," Lin Feng smiled. Yang Xiao groaned coldly. Everybody knew that things worked that way. Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, reappearing in front of Yang Xiao, who frowned and suddenly released explosive Qi.

But Lin Feng didn't attack. Some invisible and intangible Qi just moved towards him, surrounded him, and suddenly, Yang Xiao disappeared inside that Qi.

"The DevMara Thunder Clan doesn't respect rules, why would I respect their rules?" said Lin Feng coldly. The Qi slowly penetrated into Lin Feng's body and he also disappeared.

Yang Xiao was in Lin Feng's spirit's world. Those days, Lin Feng's world was quite solid and stable, he was a high-level emperor. Yang Xiao couldn't break it. If Lin Feng managed to turn him into a Demon Puppet, with his ability to steal people's memories, it would be an incredible boon!

Therefore, Lin Feng had never intended to let him off, it was just a matter of time.

The day before, when Lei Dong Tian had said to Lin Feng he'd take him to one of the four groups, he had sensed something was wrong. He had killed w.a.n.g Jie, and the Pellet Kings Clan couldn't let him off. If Lei Dong Tian had really wanted to take him to one of the four clans, he would have hidden extremely well, he wouldn't have traveled in the open, and even less so the very next day. He would have helped Lin Feng hide in the Clan for some time first.

That morning, when Lin Feng saw Lei Dong Tian, he understood even more that something was wrong. Even though the people who were taking him to the influential group were strong, it was far from enough to fight against people from the Pellet Kings Clan in case they were attacked. If the DevMara Thunder Clan had wanted to ensure his safety, they would have sent a stronger force and would have made sure that n.o.body could attack by surprise from any side.

The DevMara Thunder Clan hadn't planned very well, as they didn't think that Lin Feng could use clones.

Lin Feng's real body moved towards the outside invisibly fast. Even though the DevMara Thunder Clan had some sentinels in charge of overlooking entries and exits, they actually only watched people who came in and not people who went out. The DevMara Thunder Clan wasn't the only clan who did that, most clans did it that way. Why watch people who were leaving?

In that kind of clan, there were people coming in and out every day. Sentinels couldn't waste time on people who were leaving. Therefore, Lin Feng left the Clan easily. Shortly after leaving, he changed his face and went far away. Since he couldn't trust the DevMara Thunder Clan, he preferred relying on himself.

When he saw that the Pellet Kings Clan was waiting for him on the way, he was convinced that the DevMara Thunder Clan had sold him out, and therefore, he had to hurry and leave as quickly as possible!

His clone and the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan were surrounded and a terrifying Qi surrounded Lin Feng. "The DevMara Thunder Clan can't protect you."

Lin Feng smiled in an evil way. He wasn't an ordinary clone. Strong cultivators could easily recognize clones of bad quality. This clone's Qi and Lin Feng's original Qi were perfectly identical. The only different was that this body was made from Lin Feng's condensed soul strength.

"How can you smile now?" w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ released a terrifying fire, the atmosphere started burning around him.

"I'm laughing because of you. The DevMara Thunder Clan agreed to take me to Golden Mountain, but they went back on their word. Now you've intercepted me, but it's only one of my clones. Watch carefully!" replied Lin Feng, laughing as he turned into a thread of Qi. After a short time, the Qi condensed again and turned into Lin Feng again. He smiled at all the members of the Pellet Kings Clan.

The ambushers frowned when they saw that, the leader of the group of people from the Pellet Kings Clan was still w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather. He pulled a long face. At his cultivation level, when Lin Feng's soul strength condensed into the clone, he could naturally see it was a clone, of course!

However, when it was condensed, he surprisingly couldn't see any differences. How formidable…

The members of the DevMara Thunder Clan were stupefied, too. They couldn't refute what Lin Feng had just said about them. But could they admit that they had sold Lin Feng out in front of everybody?

The members of the Pellet Kings Clan looked at the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan, the leader of the group said telepathically, "So that is how the DevMara Thunder Clan does things?"

"We don't know what's going on, either. He knows cloning techniques! We're just like you, he fooled us, we didn't know," replied the lead cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan the same way. They were all stunned.

Could they capture the clone or not?

How was the DevMara Thunder Clan supposed to react?

The members of the DevMara were really embarra.s.sed, but at that moment, Lei Dong Tian's face stiffened as he thought, This guy noticed something was wrong, so he was waiting outside of his rooms. His body should still be there and his clone must be wasting time…

None of these people were stupid, and were even quite smart. Very quickly, they understood they had underestimated Lin Feng, and had been careless.

"Control the entrances of the four influential groups! If Lin Feng wants to escape, he'll go to the four influential groups. We'll go back to the DevMara Thunder Clan to see if he's still there. We'll control this clone," said the lead cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan to the Pellet Kings Clan's strong cultivators. They were trying to find a solution. Lin Feng probably wouldn't give up his soul strength.

"Very good. I hope for you your real body won't end up in our hands…" said w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s grandfather coldly. He released a terrifying Dao power which penetrated into Lin Feng's clone body. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying fire, and groaned with pain, his face turning deathly pale. However, he still glared back at the enemy coldly. If he managed to obtain the necklace of the four influential groups, he'd be safe, and n.o.body would dare attack him. He would definitely make them regret this then!

"Let's go," the grandfather waved, as killing Lin Feng's clone was useless. They needed the real body!

"Pfew…" The members of the DevMara Thunder Clan took a deep breath. Lei Dong Tian landed next to Lin Feng and smiled. "Brother Lin, you're extremely strong. We didn't even notice you were a clone, otherwise, it would have been bad luck for you. Let's go back to the DevMara Thunder Clan."

Lin Feng looked back at Lei Dong Tian. Surprisingly, he managed to keep calm next to Lin Feng, as if nothing had happened. Lin Feng had to admire such acting talents.

"If it hadn't looked that real, it would have been bad luck indeed," said Lin Feng smiled back. Then, he turned around and moved back to the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan. They had said they were going to keep this clone. So he could go back with them, so what?

His real body needed to go to one of the four clans, and then he'd come back to the DevMara Thunder Clan and take his clone back.

Lin Feng wasn't stupid, he wasn't going to kill people within the territory of one of the four influential groups. Lin Feng couldn't take risks. He had to change his social status and hide within the crowd. His clone just went easily along with them back to the DevMara Thunder Clan.

When Lei Dong Tian brought Lin Feng's clone back, he discovered something else strange; Yang Xiao had disappeared!

PMG Chapter 2155

Chapter 2155: Selection

Yang Xiao had disappeared, many of the guests of the DevMara Thunder Clan were surprised to see that. Those people gathered together again, and at the same time they were stupefied to see Lei Dong Tian and Lin Feng come back.

Lei Dong Tian had said he'd take Lin Feng to one of the four influential groups, but now he was back again?

At that moment, Lei Dong Tian turned around and smiled at Lin Feng, "Brother Lin, where's Yang Xiao? You probably know where he is, right? "

"Yang Xiao has hands and feet, he can go wherever he wants. Besides, he has some terrifying deployment items, and is extremely fast. Even if he runs away, I can't catch up with him," said Lin Feng cheerfully, sounding like it was all a game.

Lei Dong Tian was angry. Everybody had seen that there were tensions between Lin Feng and Yang Xiao the day before. After he had taken Lin Feng's clone away, Lin Feng's real body had probably taken Yang Xiao away. Lin Feng was the only suspect!

But how could Lin Feng admit he had done it?

"Brother Lin, you must be joking!" said Lei Dong Tian. Demon lights slowly appeared and surrounded Lin Feng. He was furious.

However, Lin Feng was even more furious, as the DevMara Thunder Clan had promised him something and then sold him out to the Pellet Kings Clan. He would definitely settle accounts with them at some point, and properly. If they hadn't accepted acting as referees, promising to protect him and send him to the four clans, it would have been fine, but they had voluntarily accepted the responsibility, and Lin Feng couldn't understand such a behavior.

"Brother Lei, are you joking? I followed you this morning. If I had attacked Yang Xiao yesterday, people would have sensed the energies of the battle, don't you think so?" asked Lin Feng, glancing at the crowd. He sounded wrongly accused. These people were in the same area as he was, if a big battle had taken place, they would have noticed it. However, he had absorbed Yang Xiao into his spirit's world, and n.o.body had sensed anything.

Lei Dong Tian was speechless for a moment before saying coldly, "Since it's that way, I will investigate and find out the truth myself."

After that Lei Dong Tian's silhouette flickered, and he left in a huff. However, the crowd only looked amused. Something was wrong, Lei Dong Tian and Lin Feng looked strange. What had happened on the way to the four clans?

Lin Feng's eyes glittered with cold lights. His silhouette flickered and he entered a waiting villa and didn't come back out.


During the following days, some new stories spread in the Eastern Town of G.o.dly Clouds City. They made the DevMara Thunder Clan furious!

The stories were about the Pellet Kings Clan and the members from Red Clouds. Back then, Lin Feng had killed w.a.n.g Jie, then Lei Dong Tian had agreed to protect Lin Feng and to take him to the four influential groups. Then, Lei Dong Tian hadn't kept his promise and the DevMara Thunder Clan had sold Lin Feng out. Lin Feng had gone through hards.h.i.+ps and still hadn't managed to reach the four influential groups safely.

It didn't matter whether the rumors were true or not, they were just unfavorable for the DevMara Thunder Clan. Even though most people did things for their own benefit, such behavior was still considered despicable, they had gone a bit too far. After the rumors started spreading in G.o.dly Clouds City, some people also talked about how things had happened when the members of the Pellet Kings Clan had surrounded them and everything. The people believed the rumors even more. How could such a strong clan as the DevMara Thunder Clan fail to protect Lin Feng, and how had they b.u.mped into the Pellet Kings Clan on the way?

The DevMara Thunder Clan didn't refute the rumor, and the Pellet Kings Clan didn't say anything either. Both groups had lost face. Back then, the Pellet Kings Clan had the chance to have a fair battle, and then they had sent some cultivators to the DevMara Thunder Clan to get their revenge. Now everybody thought both clans' behavior was outrageous.

Many people were talking about those things in the Eastern Town of G.o.dly Clouds City. Many cultivators were speechless, even extremely strong cultivators would act in a despicable way? How hypocritical! Many people understood even more clearly that all that mattered were personal gains in life. But many other people also distinguished strength from personal gains, and placed strength above all.

Lin Feng went back to the Ye Clan, took off his mask, and used the face he had used there, it was similar to his real one, but his Qi was different. He was surrounded by demon lights. He looked clean and demoniac. He also looked older, like someone who had gone through a lot of hards.h.i.+ps in life, but at the same time he also looked honest.

He didn't look handsome in his own way. Cultivators were handsome because they took care of their bodies. Women were pretty, men looked handsome. However, Lin Feng looked handsome but different from the standard.

He easily went into the Ye Clan by oppressing many people with his terrifying demon cosmic energies. He just needed to take the exam now, and then they'd send him to one of the four influential groups. Otherwise, Lin Feng tried to remain discreet. He just practiced cultivation and acted as if worldly affairs had nothing to do with him. Of course, he didn't forget about Yang Xiao, trapped in his spirit world.

Regarding Yang Xiao who was trapped like a turtle in a jar, even if he had many hidden abilities, in Lin Feng's spirit world, he couldn't use cosmic energies. He was stuck in a dead end. Just like w.a.n.g Jie, Lin Feng would turn him into a Demon Puppet. This guy's special abilities would be really helpful to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was meditating in seclusion and didn't draw people's attention. The day of selection for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was approaching quickly. More and more strong cultivators gathered in the twelve districts of G.o.dly Clouds City, including the Eastern Town. Prince Wu Qing from Dark Night and Jiu Ling Huang from Red Clouds were both in the Ye Clan. Many strong cultivators paid attention to them.


The Eastern Town was stirring up with excitement and agitation again. Jade Clouds' First Master, Yu Qing, had arrived. Three of the First Masters of the continent were now in the Eastern Town of G.o.dly Clouds City. Some powerful groups of the Eastern Town sent some people to check Yu Qing's strength.

The results of the battles were all the same, without any exceptions. Yu Qing was terrifying, killing all of them by destroying their seven apertures. His reputation wasn't undeserved. The number of First Masters was limited and even though there were many geniuses there, those First Masters probably had the potential to rank in the top during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They were incredibly strong!

The time to select fighters was three days later, and then they would go to the four influential groups. The different groups started the exams; many people would be eliminated, and the rest would be sent to the four influential groups.


The Ye Clan also started the exams. Three hundred-some people had gathered on a gigantic field. They were all guests who were going to compete to get qualified. Only those who managed to go to the four clans would have the opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Many strong cultivators from the Ye Clan gathered on the field as well. There were also some senior officials of the Ye Clan in the bleaches, they wanted to watch the exam. It was an important event for them. They couldn't select people who weren't strong enough, otherwise, what would they say to the four influential groups to justify themselves?

"This time, people from everywhere have come to the Eastern Town to compete and get qualified to go on to the four influential groups and then partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You probably all know about the four influential groups already: Holy Cultivation Tower, Golden Mountain, Demon Sect, and Ghosts and Spirits Temple. You can imagine what it would be like if those four different groups chose only ten people. So many people have to be eliminated, there are twelve towns in G.o.dly Clouds City, after all. We have to eliminate many people and keep real and heroic geniuses only. Therefore, we have to impose strict rules. This time, we'll select thirty people only. Therefore, most people will be eliminated. We apologize for this."

"We have so many people and only thirty will be selected. That's nothing." People's eyes glittered. They were all under pressure. They were real geniuses, none of them were weak. They had come from everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds and they were competing at the top level of the Huang Qi layer.

"Those thirty people will move on to the four influential groups. At the four influential groups, there won't only be three-hundred something people. Adding the people of the four influential groups, that'll be a thousand, plus with the people of the twelve towns, that'll be ten thousand. So the selection will be as strict as here once again!"

Concerning those who would partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, out of a hundred people, one only would be selected!

Lin Feng was in the crowd, and when he heard that, he was surprised. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was for people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were too many geniuses in G.o.dly Clouds City!

"Prince Wu Qing and Jiu Ling Huang are already selected, which means only twenty-eight people can still be selected. I think none of you mind," said the strong cultivator of the Ye Clan. The crowd was angry at those two people. Most felt they had done nothing to be selected directly!

"Alright, now, everybody, please gather on the martial arts stage, I'll select candidates," said the senior official. The first round wasn't going to be too complex. After all, heroes couldn't be eliminated, and those eliminated, even if they were a bit unlucky, stood no chance anyway, so reaching the four influential groups would be useless for them.

To the different small groups of G.o.dly Clouds City, choosing the geniuses was a small thing, yet important. Many people were going to have to give up their dream of partic.i.p.ating in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds though!

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