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PMG Chapter 2172

Chapter 2172: Who’s The Loser?

In the outside world…

After Hua Qing Feng came out, more people came out continuously. Fifty people had already emerged. People in the crowd kept chatting and realized that those fifty-something people were famous in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Of the nine First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, seven had already come out. A few young people well known in G.o.dly Clouds City had also come out. Of course, there were some people who weren’t famous, either.

“Who is the fifth one? He must be extremely strong. The sixth one seems to be Prince Wu Qing. That person came out even before Prince Wu Qing.” The crowd noticed someone they didn’t know, and were curious.

“I’ve heard that he was from the Dark Night Region as well. He’s terrifyingly strong: Chu Chun Qiu, King Chu’s descendant!”

“King Chu? He was an insane cultivator in the Continent of the Nine Clouds a long time ago. He studied the Sky Absorbing scriptures, right?”

“Indeed, that’s King Chu.”

“No wonder that guy is fifth. He’s not a good person.”

“By the way, who’s the second one? I asked many people, but n.o.body knows him,” asked that same person.

“I’m not sure. He’s second, he couldn’t be unknown. Besides, look at his face, he looks very composed. He didn’t even glance at the First Master of G.o.dly Clouds, Hua Qing Feng. He looks extremely confident.”

“He’s from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry,” said a young man proudly. Number Two was the being who had captured Lin Feng’s physical body back then, and stolen a spiritual deployment body. He had come out shortly after Hua Qing Feng.

“We probably won’t be disappointed when all those geniuses battle later!” sighed many people excitedly.


Dazzling beam of lights kept appearing. Lin Feng had already watched two battles. After arriving, he understood the rules. People in there could challenge anyone who had come in after them, because they had arrived first. If they won, lights surrounded them and took them away. It’s just that Lin Feng didn’t know where they were sent. If they lost, they didn’t disappear either; they turned into illusions and were sent back.

Lin Feng saw some people he knew: Lei Dong Tian, w.a.n.g s.h.i.+, Jiu Ling Huang, Ru Feng. But Jiu Ling Huang was before him and Ru Feng was behind him.

Apart from them, Xian Ren and the thirteen Young Beast Masters were there. When the thirteen Young Beast Masters saw Lin Feng, their eyes glittered with sharp lights.

I wasted too much time. There are a thousand partic.i.p.ants, and it seems that a hundred people arrived before me. Apart from those people who have already disappeared, there are a hundred people in front of me as well. There are so many geniuses here…, thought Lin Feng. Of course, he wasn’t trying to belittle himself. He knew perfectly well that if he hadn’t wasted time, he would have arrived much earlier.

At that moment, two people battled. Lin Feng recognized one of them, the girl he had seen when he had turned into a cauldron. She looked as cold as usual. She defeated her opponent and disappeared.

“Lin Feng!” said someone at that moment.

Lin Feng turned around and smiled, “Second fellow disciple, you’re here!”

“Yes, I wouldn’t have thought there’d be so many people,” said Hou Qing Lin, looking surprised. Indeed, there were many geniuses there. He had come as quickly as he could.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just the first round. A thousand people is a lot, but even if we finish in the top 300, it should be fine. We should be able to move on even in such circ.u.mstances,” said Lin Feng. Not too many people could be eliminated here.

“Yes, I hope we win that battle,” agreed Hou Qing Lin.

“Yes, you can try up to three times here. If you fail three times, you’re kicked out. So if three people challenge you and defeat you, the same fate awaits you,” someone else chimed in coldly. Lin Feng turned his head and saw Lei Dong Tian.

He smiled coldly. Three defeats? Could such a thing happen?

Only people who looked weak would be challenged by three people. People in the front wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“You want to challenge him when it’s your turn?” asked someone at that moment. It was one of the thirteen Young Beast Masters, the Sixth Beast. He wasn’t far from Lin Feng.

“Of course. Even though I can’t kill him, I will put my feet on him and use him to leave this place!” said Lei Dong Tian coldly. If he could kill Lin Feng, he wouldn’t hesitate!

“Last time, you escaped, now, you won’t be as lucky. When I challenge you, you’ll have to fight and I’ll defeat you.”

Those were the rules. Therefore, Lei Dong Tian was excited.

“Alright, we also have two people who want to challenge him as well!” said the Sixth Beast coldly. The Fifth Beast was there too. The Third and Fourth Beasts had already left a short while ago.

“That’s a promise,” said Lei Dong Tian, smiling at the Sixth Beast. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Don’t think that you’re safe because it’s the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. When you get eliminated, the only thing which will await you will be death. It’s such a pity that we can’t crush you during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!”

As they were talking, a dazzling light illuminated Lei Dong Tian. He looked surprised and his face stiffened. Someone before him was challenging him!

The bright light ported him onto the battle stage. There was someone in a cyan robe in front of him. King intent filled the air. The man had a king-type body!

Lin Feng smiled when he saw who it was. Lei Dong Tian said coldly, “Who are you?”

“Dark Night Region, Ancient World Clan, Lang Ye,” whispered Lang Ye. Then, he jumped forwards, cyan lights twinkling behind him, but he used neither Qi nor a spell. He only used King intent!

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” swore Lei Dong Tian coldly. They had started from scratch. Lei Dong Tian could still use demon strength, and he also knew one demon skill. He punched out in Lang Ye’s direction. His demon punch moved fast, but Lang Ye’s hands waved, world lights glittered, and the dark lights disappeared. Lang Ye drew closer and closer to Lei Dong Tian!

“Eh?” Lei Dong Tian was astonished. World strength!

He jumped forwards, his Demon intent surging. Dark lightning appeared around his fist as he punched out in Lang Ye’s direction. He wanted to destroy the world strength!

Lang Ye punched back without the least hesitation, and the two fists collided. Cyan lights flashed. The energies exploded and moved in all directions.

Lang Ye stepped forwards and disappeared. Lei Dong Tian frowned. After that, Lang Ye reappeared in front of Lei Dong Tian, his hand shooting towards Lei Dong Tian’s throat. Lei Dong Tian continued releasing his strength, but the world lights crushed his energies. Lang Ye successfully grabbed onto Lei Dong Tian’s throat.

Lei Dong Tian disappeared and was shunted back to his initial position.

At the same time, different lights surrounded Lang Ye.

“At the same cultivation level, people who have a king-type body have the advantage,” murmured the crowd. Lang Ye had a king-type body, a World King Body!

“If we had fought properly, I would have killed you already,” said Lang Ye disdainfully, before he disappeared. Lei Dong Tian’s face turned deathly pale.

“One defeat!” said Lin Feng calmly. Lei Dong Tian frowned and pulled a long face. He stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and continued, “If you lose three times, you’ll be eliminated and won’t be able to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds anymore.”

Lei Dong Tian clenched his fists, bones crackling as his Qi shot up into the sky. Dark lights surrounded him as he stared at Lin Feng and said, “I changed my mind. I’ll kill him on the battle stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Therefore, I hope you guys can teach him a good lesson. Don’t eliminate him! Let him rise in rank!” Lei Dong Tian said to the Young Beast Masters.

He wanted Lin Feng to rise in rank and then he’d kill him!

Chapter 2173: Rising in Rank

“Alright, as you wish. We’ll let him rise in rank!” said the two Young Beast Masters, smiling coldly when they heard Lei Dong Tian. They were all staring at Lin Feng.

“Good. When he rises up, we can kill him!” said Lei Dong Tian coldly.

The battles continued. People in front of Lin Feng continued challenging other people. When they won, they left and others ended up in the queue again. Finally, it was Lei Dong Tian’s turn again. Lin Feng landed on the stage at the same time.

“I initially wanted to eliminate you, but I changed my mind. I’ll use you to get qualified, then I’ll kill you on the battle stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” swore Lei Dong Tian coldly. Dark lightnings twinkled around him. He had already broken through to the Zun Qi layer, and understood several types of abstruse energies. If Lang Ye hadn’t known world strength, he wouldn’t have beaten him!

Lin Feng said nothing. The previous time, he had left when fighting against Lei Dong Tian, so the latter felt confident in beating him. But to Lin Feng, Lei Dong Tian was boring!

Lei Dong Tian’s movements were explosive, and his demon lightning was powerful. Lin Feng already felt pressure, but he moved like the wind too. Lei Dong Tian’s lightning pa.s.sed next to his shoulders, but Lei Dong Tian didn’t stop. A terrifying strength came down on Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the feeling his legs were much heavier.

“Die!” said Lei Dong Tian, punching out in Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by lightning. He didn’t have Lang Ye’s powers, who could destroy them with world lights.

However, a beast roared furiously. He stepped forwards as a demon ox appeared. It looked like a demon king, tough and resistant. His defense increased, and the lightning couldn’t pierce through. At the same time, Lin Feng raised his fist which turned jet-black.

Lei Dong Tian was stupefied. He released even more lightning. It felt like the air was about to explode.

Lin Feng’s Qi changed again. He suddenly looked like a great roc and rose up into the air. A great roc’s shadow appeared around him as he swiftly landed in front of Lei Dong Tian.

“Roar!” the bird cawed furiously. A terrifying strength oppressed Lei Dong Tian.

“b.e.s.t.i.a.l strength, he can turn into different beasts!”

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng could turn into different types of beasts, what a terrifying power. That guy’s comprehensive abilities were incredible. He had started from scratch a short time before, and amazingly he could already understand so much.

A terrifying strength surrounded Lei Dong Tian and attacked him. His silhouette began to distort. He stared at Lin Feng, his face deathly pale.

“p.i.s.s off!” shouted Lei Dong Tian furiously, releasing more lightning at Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng turned into a hawk, with even more acute perception. He moved swiftly and fiercely, suddenly appearing behind Lei Dong Tian. He raised his fist, aiming at Lei Dong Tian’s head, and absorbing terrifying Sword intent at the same time.

Lei Dong Tian’s face stiffened and he slowly became even more distorted.

He turned around and looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

“Whom will you use to get qualified?” said Lin Feng calmly. His sword intent gradually split apart Lei Dong Tian’s body. Lei Dong Tian’s face turned deathly pale.

Lin Feng released him as his sword crashed onto him. In the twinkling of an eye, Lei Dong Tian’s silhouette was surrounded by lights, but this time, he was sent back and ended up where Lin Feng was in the queue. Everybody rose up one position in the queue.

But the lights which surrounded Lei Dong Tian in the first place now surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng had won, Lei Dong Tian had lost. Lin Feng couldn’t get qualified instantly, because he had arrived later. It wouldn’t have been fair for the people who had arrived earlier than him. So he won and replaced Lei Dong Tian!

Lei Dong Tian’s face twitched and he said coldly, “I would have never thought that you found some great spells, skills, and techniques in here. But in the outside world, with our true strength, you won’t be that lucky!”

“In the outside world?” Lin Feng was surprised. He looked at Lei Dong Tian mockingly, suddenly realizing something.

Lei Dong Tian was staring at Lin Feng. “You…”

“You lost twice. When it’s my turn, you’ll lose once again!” said Lin Feng smiling, then he said in a cold way, “You, Lei Dong Tian, will be disqualified!”

Lei Dong Tian’s face turned deathly pale. When w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ heard Lin Feng, he smiled coldly. If Lei Dong Tian was eliminated, the DevMara Thunder Clan would be furious. If the first young man of the DevMara Thunder Clan didn’t even manage to pa.s.s the first test, it would be a complete humiliation. They thought he would end up in the top hundred!

“You don’t dare fight against me in normal conditions!” swore Lei Dong Tian coldly.

“Poor you,” Lin Feng replied disdainfully. Then, he stopped looking at him. He watched the battles patiently.

“What do you want?” asked Lei Dong Tian. n.o.body paid attention to him. “Great Imperial Weapons, skills and techniques, anything, the DevMara Thunder Clan can give you anything you want,” promised Lei Dong Tian. He didn’t want to be eliminated. He hadn’t even had time to use his real strength. Lin Feng could defeat him in here, but he was just lucky!

“DevMara Thunder Clan, Lei Dong Tian; you think I will negotiate with such people again? You’re ridiculous,” said Lin Feng calmly. Lei Dong Tian’s face paled. Lin Feng was referring to the fact that they had sold him out…

“What should I do?” said Lei Dong Tian.

“Are you begging me?” Lin Feng turned around and looked at Lei Dong Tian, “If you’re begging me, at least try and sound sincere. Kneel down. Maybe I will consider it.”

“Kneel down?” Lei Dong Tian was furious and said, “Lin Feng, you’re insolent!”

Lin Feng laughed and closed his eyes, no longer bothering to look at Lei Dong Tian. Lei Dong Tian’s mouth twitched. He wanted to say something, but he had no words. Lin Feng’s turn was approaching. There were more than a hundred people in the outside world already. The crowd was convinced that those people had the potential to end up in the top hundred at the end of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lei Dong Tian’s face was pale as he stared at the seemingly meditating Lin Feng. How could he give up? How could he fail? He needed to be able to come and go from the inner part of G.o.dly Clouds City as he wished. He knew what it meant. He wanted to be strong and make the DevMara Thunder Clan even more glorious.

He was struggling to remain calm. Only one person was left before Lin Feng. Lin Feng still looked unaffected.

Lei Dong Tian let himself fall down onto his knees loudly and begged, “Is this good enough?”

The crowd was stupefied. Lei Dong Tian was kneeling down for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

People in the outside world could see that clearly. Lei Dong Tian was kneeling down before Lin Feng. People from G.o.dly Clouds City could see that, the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan could see it. Everyone could see it clearly.

“Dong Tian is doing that for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. After all, he has lost twice already. Lin Feng is probably forcing him to do that,” a strong cultivator of the DevMara Thunder Clan said coldly.

“When they get out, Dong Tian will definitely kill Lin Feng and regain face.”


At that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked at Lei Dong Tian. He said calmly, “I initially intended to let you rise in rank.”

Lin Feng turned around. It was his turn, but he didn’t challenge Lei Dong Tian.

Lei Dong Tian was still on his knees, feeling humiliated. Lin Feng was merciful because he found Lei Dong Tian pitiful.

Lin Feng challenged someone from the back and won easily. Lights surrounded him and he disappeared, drawn back to his real body.

He was back in the real world.

He opened his eyes, glanced at the crowd and took a deep breath. He was out, he had pa.s.sed the first test. The Diviner’s abilities were incredible. Surprisingly, he could force the consciousness of others to leave their body. If they died in the fake world, they died for real!

Lin Feng raised his head, sensing something. He saw the Diviner looking at him, smiling indifferently. Lin Feng smiled back at him. The Diviner remembered him!

“I thought you’d end up in Fortune Shrine via other means but you’re progressing faster than I had thought. You arrived precisely at the right time for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. What I told you last time still applies. Of course, you have to rank in the top one hundred first. That way, you’ll be able to come to Fortune Shrine. Keep it up!” said a voice in Lin Feng’s head.

Lin Feng nodded. He was going to do his best to end up in the top hundred. Even though his rank was 130-something at that moment, it was just temporary. He was going to eliminate many people like Lei Dong Tian.

PMG Chapter 2174

Chapter 2174: Watching Battles

Well after Lin Feng came out, Lei Dong Tian also emerged. He looked at Lin Feng coldly, not happy even though he had pa.s.sed the first test.

“Lin Feng, you will regret this!” said Lei Dong Tian loudly, his eyes filled with murder. The spectators could all see what was happening in the fake world, so Lei Dong Tian understood that when Lin Feng had made him kneel down, everybody had seen him, including the members of his own clan. How humiliating! He really wanted to get his revenge!

“You still don’t understand. Continue kneeling down,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He glanced at Lei Dong Tian’s rank: 136th! Lin Feng ranked 135th.

“Jian Mang, Ruo Xie, Tantai, Tian Chi, and Jing Shou are there, too.” Lin Feng looked at the fake world and saw some of his friends. Tantai, Jing Shou, and Tian Chi were still in the misty city, though. If they didn’t hurry, they would not have the opportunity to get qualified. Lin Feng hoped they’d be lucky.

Tantai’s cultivation is special because in his tribe, grand talents mature slowly. Making him start from the beginning must be extremely difficult. Jing Shou is a powerful, but he’s bad at direct battles. Even though his situation is not as bad as Tantai’s, it’ll still be difficult for him. And my third fellow disciple is also struggling…, thought Lin Feng. Apart from them, he also noticed Wu as well as someone he would have never expected to see there: Qing Feng!

Qing Feng was there, and she wasn’t far behind Hou Qing Lin. She had followed s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian for some time and was now partic.i.p.ating in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. She looked even more beautiful than before, n.o.ble and pure.

Of course, apart from them, there were also some people who had ranked quite high during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List in the Holy City: Dou Zhan Seng, s.h.i.+ Yun Feng, Guili. Lin Feng hadn’t thought he’d see them during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

I wonder how many people will get qualified during the first round, he thought. People kept coming out of the fake world. Some people also died. Lin Feng sighed. How many geniuses would die because of the meeting?

The crowd was waiting patiently, watching all the battles. Finally, the 500th star appeared above someone. The Diviner raised his hand and the fake world grew distorted, then disappeared.

Everybody woke up. Those who hadn’t been fast enough to get qualified looked sad. They knew that they might have been eliminated already. When they saw the stars above other people’s heads, they were certain of it.

“Five hundred people are qualified. The rest are eliminated. The people who are qualified are talented and determined. They are the most outstanding.”

The Diviner looked at the crowd and said calmly, “Those who are not qualified can leave the pillars.”

The losers looked both desperate and disappointed. They had struggled to get there, and now it was over for them. As they jumped off their pillars, the pillars disappeared. The platforms didn’t look as boundless as before…

“Lin Feng, good luck!” Tantai shouted to him while jumping off his pillar.

Lin Feng nodded back, noticing that Tian Chi and Jing Shou hadn’t gotten qualified either. Hou Qing Lin and Jian Meng did make it through, however, as did Ruo Xie, Jun Mo Xi, Qing Feng, and Wu. Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye had king-type bodies. Qing Feng and Wu were extremely talented, no weaker than people who had king-type bodies. Wu was a supernatural bird, a golden crow. To animals, being a supernatural bird was similar to having a king-type body for human beings.

Of course, the next rounds would be more difficult for them. Hou Qing Lin, Ruo Xie, and Wu probably couldn’t compete with the strongest cultivators. If they did fight against them, the consequences would be tragic. Qing Feng had followed and received s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian’s teachings, Lin Feng couldn’t evaluate how strong she was.

“That guy must be Hua Qing Feng.” Lin Feng looked over at the First Master of G.o.dly Clouds.

“The second one is him.” Lin Feng stared at the one who had stolen the spiritual deployment body from the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. He was stupefied. The one who had the spiritual deployment body sensed that someone was studying him and looked over at Lin Feng. He frowned when he saw him and then cruelly, “Little boy, it’s you. That physical body was yours. You must have my cauldron!”

Lin Feng frowned. Surprisingly, that guy recognized him. How strong, especially since Lin Feng was using his real face at that moment, not the one he had used in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry.

“Back then, your soul was in the cauldron. I thought you had died, but that your body had remained intact. I was too careless,” said that guy coldly.

“Cauldron?” The name of the girl whom Lin Feng had seen in the mountains when he was a cauldron was Jing. When she heard that, she looked surprised, as she had seen a strange cauldron in the mountains. But she didn’t think about it too much, she just thought it was funny. Then, she looked over at Qing Feng, they had a similar Qi. They both looked n.o.ble and cold.

“Chu Chun Qiu is fifth!” Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. He wasn’t going to be lonely during the next few rounds.

“Where are we?” he finally wondered, glancing around. The platforms looked like individual worlds. However, he could see many people in the distance. They were watching the fighters, but they weren’t from G.o.dly Clouds City. They looked enigmatic and unfathomable, and were probably extremely strong.


Inside a great hall, there was a young man wearing a snowy-white robe. When people looked at him, their eyes were filled with awe and veneration. They knew what that young man’s social status was. But the interesting part was that next to that young man, there was a young child. The child was a few years old, very young, but was already a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer.

Behind them was a group of people, all looking calm. They were all wearing snow-white robes. If Lin Feng saw one of them, he’d definitely recognize him: Xue Shen Feng! He had fought against that man during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List. But Xue Shen Feng didn’t look very proud in front of the young man and the child in front of him.

At that moment, Xue Shen Feng glanced around and noticed Lin Feng. He looked at the child, but said nothing. He knew what linked Lin Feng and the child.

Lin Feng, Zhe Tian and you belong to two different worlds. Your child will become a dazzling cultivator of the Snow Clan, and you, you will never meet him, thought Xue Shen Feng. Zhe Tian was extremely talented, and everybody acknowledged him in the Snow Clan. It was no wonder, since Lin Feng and Meng Qing were both incredible cultivators, both of them very talented, and Meng Qing had a king-type body.

If Ling Long hadn’t left the Snow Clan back in the day, and if everything had happened according to the Snow Clan’s plan, would her baby be stronger than Zhe Tian?, wondered Xue Shen Feng, looking at the young man next to Zhe Tian.

“Zhe Tian, there will be some extremely strong cultivators. Watch carefully. It’s an opportunity you have every hundred years only,” said the young man next to Zhe Tian at that moment. He was staring at the platforms calmly.

“Uncle, there are many geniuses partic.i.p.ating in this Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If you fought against them at the same cultivation level, would you rank first?” asked little Zhe Tian.

“I’m not sure. We can never be sure,” said that person calmly.

“Mother said that my father is a genius of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Zhe Tian.

“Your mother loves your father, so of course she says that. Zhe Tian, the thing is, you should forget your father. Because of him, you won’t progress on the path of cultivation. Your heart should be like mine, you should solely focus on cultivation,” said the young man to Zhe Tian.

“Alright,” said Zhe Tian, nodding as if he agreed. However, on the inside, he thought, You don’t respect my father, your behavior is inadmissible. How can you tell me about principles? I can be a strong cultivator and protect and love my parents at the same time!

Of course, Zhe Tian didn’t say that. His mother had always told him that the members of the Snow Clan couldn’t understand them, none of them.

At the top of another palace was another young man, his Qi looked extraordinary. He was looking at the platforms of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and more precisely at Lin Feng. He smiled, “Brother Lin Feng surprisingly made it to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He’s not like me. He chose his own path. He must have gone through a lot.”

I hope that Brother Lin Feng will be able to succeed, or at least end up in the top hundred. That way, we’ll meet often!, thought that young man. Behind him was a group of people who didn’t dare get close. They looked at him, their eyes filled with awe and veneration.

A young woman was also staring at that young man. When she saw that young man’s resplendent smile, she s.h.i.+vered. It was rare for him to smile so broadly…

PMG Chapter 2175

Chapter 2175: An Instant

Lin Feng didn’t know that people were watching him. He also looked over some strong cultivators. Of course, he didn’t look at people who were far away. Even if he had seen Zhe Tian, he wouldn’t have recognized him. He didn’t even know when Zhe Tian was born.

He knew many people who were partic.i.p.ating in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Two terrifying cultivators; the one with the spiritual deployment body and Saint Tianhun! He wasn’t surprised to see them there. Lin Feng was really surprised when he saw a bald Buddhist monk deep in mediation. His Qi hadn’t changed so much, but he wasn’t the same Buddhist monk as back in the days. He looked deeper and more enigmatic. Besides, there was no Buddha light around him. He looked quite ordinary, but the star above his head indicated that he was eighth in the ranking so far.

He was the eighth person who had come out of that fake world!

An ordinary person couldn’t achieve such a thing. Besides, Lin Feng also noticed that Xian Ren seemed to know him. He kept talking to the Buddhist monk, but the Buddhist monk remained silent and ignored Xian Ren. Maybe that the Buddhist monk now practiced cultivation at Holy Mountain?

“Holy Mountain has Confucianist monks, sword monks, and Buddhist monks,” sighed Lin Feng. He couldn’t help but think about Fortune City back in the small world. Some of his former enemies had progressed so much…

The Diviner looked at the gathered fighters and smiled. “The next battles will be extremely dangerous. However, I gave you a chance before, now you’re all going to be in the same world, all of you. You all face one another.

“I know that you all have friends here or that there are people you know. Therefore, I’m sure you’ll make alliances. You’re allowed to. However, an alliance can only have five people. If you disobey and form an alliance of six people or more and encircle an enemy, no matter his situation, I’ll kill you directly. I won’t be merciful. And remember one thing: in the end, only two hundred people will be left. So your alliances could turn against you in the end. Some people you consider friends could kill you,” smiled the Diviner.

Everyone suddenly had chills. They knew the Diviner wasn’t lying; even people who were close, such as fellow disciples, might kill one another to rank higher. Therefore, alliances could be advantageous, but they could also be disadvantageous. People had to be careful at all times!

“That’s a teleportation scepter. When you are badly injured or want to give up, you can teleport yourself out. When you break it, you’ll stop moving for three seconds. During that time lapse, people can easily kill you. Therefore, it’s preferable to use it when someone doesn’t want to kill you, or when you’re hiding. That way, you won’t die. However, I don’t see how you could use it in the middle of a potentially fatal battle,” the Diviner continued calmly.

He waved his hands and many scepters moved towards the five hundred contestants. They all took a deep breath. That item could be used only out of absolute necessity. None of them was willing to give up. They all hoped they wouldn’t need the scepter…

Lights filled the air and illuminated the platforms. Gradually, another world appeared. n.o.body knew what technique the Diviner used to cast such spells, able to create worlds in the blink of an eye. Maybe he used a terrifying Saint Weapon?

“Alright, go in. It’s a free-for-all, everybody will face everybody else. But only two hundred people will remain, remember! Great Imperial Weapons and so on are forbidden. If you violate the rules, I’ll kill you instantly!” declared the Diviner. Everybody took a deep breath and jumped into the seemingly new world.

However, when they jumped, everybody was astonished. They just ended up all together.

Except during the first second, thought the crowd, remembering what the Diviner had said. He had said they couldn’t form groups of more than six people. Seemingly, that didn’t apply to the first second, which was also a way to prevent them from killing one another during the first few seconds they were all together.

“Go!” A strong wind started blowing. Some people escaped instantly. There were many powerful cultivators in the group, n.o.body dared stay there, it was too dangerous. Even the First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had to be careful, especially since everybody probably wanted to destroy the strongest cultivators first. That would be quite tragic for them!

Therefore, at that moment, and without any exceptions, everybody moved away. n.o.body could be sure that if they stayed in the group they wouldn’t be killed quickly!

A few people formed alliances immediately, since they weren’t sure they could trust other people, including their fellow disciples. Of course, some people were really close to each other and trusted one another, such as the thirteen Young Beast Masters, of whom four were present: the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Beasts were there. They stuck together as they retreated.

“Little boy, give me back my cauldron!” said the spiritual body to Lin Feng at that moment. He was really confident. Not only didn’t he move back, but on the contrary, he threw himself at Lin Feng!

Lin Feng looked at him, his face stiffening. There were some people he really didn’t want to fight against during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and the spiritual body was one of the three cultivators he didn’t want to fight against. The spiritual body could cast terrifying deployment spells in the blink of an eye.

“Lin Feng, die!” Lei Dong Tian jumped forwards as lighting rose to the skies, hurtling towards Lin Feng as fearsome Kalpa lights appeared.

Blood Qi dashed to the skies. The Young Beast Masters looked at Lin Feng with lipless smiles on their faces. A terrifying blood Qi filled the air as their blood Qi turned into wings. After having had their cultivator restrained during the previous round, they were finally enjoying their cultivation again.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!” swore Lin Feng, his face stiff. He suddenly moved back A legendary Great Deployment Master; four Young Beast Masters; the first young man of the DevMara Thunder Clan, Lei Dong Tian… Lin Feng was furious. All these people wanted to attack him. The Diviner was cruel, sending everyone to the same place…

Lin Feng ran away. Deployment lights surrounded him, deployment wings appeared on his back, he released as many cosmic energies as he could and he flew away at top speed. In the twinkling of an eye, everybody outside stared at Lin Feng winging past them.

“Who’s that guy? His speed is terrifying!”

“He’s 135th and he’s that fast? It’s the one who made Lei Dong Tian kneel down in the first test! Now Lei Dong Tian wants to get his revenge.”

“Number Two is also chasing him. He’s terrifyingly fast. This is what the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds looks like,” thought the astonished fighters.

Lin Feng was incredibly fast, little more than a beam of light. Demon wings appeared on Lei Dong Tian’s back, he was fast and aggressive. However, neither Lei Dong Tian nor the Young Beast Masters were the fastest ones, the faster one was the one who used deployment spell agility techniques. That was what made people’s hearts pound.

No wonder this is the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Those people are the strongest emperors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. How strong!, thought the watchers. Their hearts were pounding furiously.

When Qing Feng saw all this, her beautiful eyes twinkled with ice-cold lights. Suddenly, dazzling and beautiful wings appeared in her back. People were startled, she looked like an angel. She flew after Lin Feng

“Feng!” When Qing saw Qing Feng, she was astonished. Wings appeared on her back as well, her wings were red like fire. She looked breathtaking beautiful. She chased after Qing Feng.

“Phoenix?” When the crowd saw that, they frowned: two phoenixes?!

People took deep breaths. This round was incredible. So many people had incredible wings!

Besides, it wasn’t over, a supernatural bird blazed like the sun and also flew in Lin Feng’s direction.

“Gulp!” Many people gulped down. All those wings: deployment wings, DevMara wings, sanguinary blood Qi wings, phoenix wings, fire phoenix wings, golden crow’s wings, all those wings at the same time, what a spectacular scene!

PMG Chapter 2176

Chapter 2176: On The Verge of Breaking Out

“Jun Mo Xi, Hou Qing Lin, gather!” shouted Lang Ye loudly at that moment. Lin Feng and those people were extremely fast. He couldn’t catch up with them. Lin Feng’s fighting abilities were better than his. He hoped Lin Feng would be alright. If they managed to gather, things would be easier!

“Jian Mang, Ruo Xie, gather!” shouted Hou Qing Lin at the same time. Jun Mo Xi, Lang Ye, Hou Qing Lin, Jian Mang and Ruo Xie gathered together quickly. It was a terrifying alliance. The most important thing was that they could trust one another, which was rare. Hou Qing Lin and Ruo Xie had always been close, and Jian Mang was from Tiantai as well, he would never sell them out, he had principles. Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng had been close friends for such a long time, and Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and Lang Ye had also become close friends. Therefore, they could trust one another. Hou Qing Lin was even ready to put his life in their hands.

Of their five people, Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye had king-type bodies, while Hou Qing Lin and the others were also extremely strong. Even though they couldn’t fight against those terrifying cultivators alone in one-on-ones, as a team, the enemies had to form a team to defeat them as well, or it would be difficult to eliminate them.

They had to finish in the top two hundred at the end of this round!

Very quickly, teams moved in all directions. A few people had already started fighting explosively. n.o.body wanted to fight in the middle of the crowd. It was too dangerous.

Chu Chun Qiu was in the air. He glanced around at people coldly, looking quite sinister. He was staring at Jun Mo Xi, Lang Ye, and the others. That group of people had two people with king-type bodies. One of them controlled reincarnation strength. He wanted to absorb those people’s powers. But since they had formed a team, it was now too difficult.

“Tianhun.” At the same time, Chu Chun Qiu looked over at Saint Tianhun. Saint Tianhun’s looked surprised and glanced at Chu Chun Qiu coldly. On the way to G.o.dly Clouds, Saint Tianhun had b.u.mped into Chu Chun Qiu. They had been watching one another. They had even had a fight. Saint Tianhun had realized how terrifying Chu Chun Qiu was, and was privately shocked. They knew when to stop though, as they didn’t want to overdo it. They didn’t want to risk their lives, especially before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. But now they were here.

“You want to try so early?” said Saint Tianhun, staring at Chu Chun Qiu. He was convinced that Chu Chun Qiu and he could go quite far. He considered that their battle was supposed to be at the end, not at the beginning.

“Let’s collaborate for now, what do you think?” said Chu Chun Qiu to Saint Tianhun.

“Eh?” Tianhun looked amused and he said Chu Chun Qiu, “How?”

“There are two people with king-type bodies there, and one with a strange reincarnation body. The two others are also extremely strong, I can’t fight them alone,” said Chu Chun Qiu pointing at Jun Mo Xi and the others. Saint Tianhun gazed into the distance and suddenly, his eyes twinkled: two people with king-type bodies!

“Alright,” said Tianhun, looking evil, sly, and determined. Jun Mo Xi and the others sensed someone was watching them, and were shocked when they realized who it was. Lang Ye said, “Those two people are terrifying and sly. Let’s go!”

Hou Qing Lin nodded. Lang Ye and he had fought against Chu Chun Qiu in the past. Chu Chun Qiu was terrifyingly strong and sly. He had always been discreet until a short time ago. Tianhun was a legendary Saint, and also dangerous.

The five friends retreated. Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun were startled, and chased them instantly. Chu Chun Qiu released some Sky Absorbing King Dao Intent in waves, carrying everything away. n.o.body could dodge it.

Saint Tianhun’s eyes looked b.e.s.t.i.a.l and sly. A soul spear emerged from his third eye. The five friends were already under pressure!

Lang Ye and the others frowned. They continued running but Hou Qing Lin said, “Let’s fight.”

“Fight!” Ice-cold lights twinkled in Ruo Xie’s eyes.

“Fight!” Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin nodded. Jian Mang remained silent, but his Qi emerged and increased.

However, the five friends didn’t stop. They were still flying fast enough to make the air shriek around them. They knew that they were in danger, and were already far from the crowd.

“Move!” said Lang Ye. In the twinkling of an eye, the five friends suddenly stopped and turned around. They all released a terrifying Qi.

“Slow!” said Ruo Xie. The incoming pair were suddenly slowed down. At the same time, his sword streaked across the sky. In front of him, Jian Mang’s light sword appeared and cut into the soul spear.

A death spear emerged from Jun Mo Xi’s third eye and collided with the enemy’s soul spear as well. Lang Ye and Hou Qing Lin used different attacks. After a few seconds, the soul spear was broken.

At that moment, Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun arrived not far from them. Their Qi was terrifying. A mighty and arrogant king appeared behind Chu Chun Qiu. He stepped forwards and absorbed the strength of the earth and sky. He turned into a terrifying vortex. Hou Qing Lin and the others sensed that their souls, intent, and physical bodies were trembling.

“Die!” said Tianhun. A terrifying black light emerged from his third eye. He waved his hand and terrifying black chains appeared and condensed. Those chains could constrict people’s souls!

A reincarnation sword appeared, followed by a reincarnation vortex. The absorbing vortex and the reincarnation vortex collided. A terrifying wind started blowing. Lang Ye was surrounded by world lights, destroying their foes’ strength. At the same time, he stepped forwards. He said to Jian Mang telepathically, “Come with me, let’s fight against Chu Chun Qiu!”

Jian Mang nodded. Lang Ye disappeared and reappeared in front of Chu Chun Qiu. A world coffin descended from the sky. At the same time, eight world lights surrounded Chu Chun Qiu, and he disappeared inside. Jian Mang also arrived, his light sword slicing through everything. His light strength was dazzling!

“Argh!” Chu Chun Qiu shouted furiously. He wanted nothing more than to absorb the king body before him. The world lights and light sword were surrounded by his energies. He raised his hands and released explosive intent with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. The terrifying intent bore down on Lang Ye and Jian Mang.

The two fighters pulled long faces. They didn’t feel safe at all, but they persisted and attacked.

“Absorb!” said Chu Chun Qiu. He didn’t flinch. Lang Ye and Jian Mang sensed the danger rising.

“Nine Words!” Lang Ye started chanting an incantation which resonated with the earth and sky. A dazzling world sword appeared in Lang Ye’s hand, then descended from the sky. It looked like it could split the world.

On the other side, Jun Mo Xi, Ruo Xie and Hou Qing Lin were fighting against Tianhun. Their battle was terrifying, too. People in the outside world were shaken. Two people were fighting against a group of five extremely strong fighters at par!

“Who’s Number Five? He keeps releasing absorbing Qi! How aggressive! And the other one has some terrifying attacks too, he can attack people’s souls. Of course, those five people are scary too. What a terrifying battle. The two fighters can’t defeat those five people, I think, unless another terrifying cultivator joins them,” wondered the crowd, after studying Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhu.


On the other side, Lin Feng and the others were still moving. In a few minutes, they had traveled over an incredible distance and they didn’t stop. Lin Feng didn’t turn around even once. Even though he was confident, he knew he couldn’t deal with that Great Deployment Master, the spiritual body, and the Young Beast Masters at the same time. He had tried to fight against some Young Beast Masters before, and he knew how terrifying they were.

“Qing Feng!” said Lin Feng when he saw Qing Feng chasing after him. “Don’t worry about me!”

Qing Feng said nothing, and continued following Lin Feng.

“Feng!” said Jing when she saw Qing Feng. She also continued following. Wu also followed them, he streaked across the sky leaving a beautiful and magnificent trail behind him.

“You think you can escape?” said the spiritual body coldly. Each time he took a step, deployment lights intertwined under his feet.

A strong wind started blowing near Lin Feng, which made him frown. Someone arrived near Lin Feng and said to the spiritual body, “Stop!”

The spiritual body was stupefied. He stopped and looked at the strong cultivator, he smiled coldly and said, “Who are you?”

“Jiu Ling Huang.”

“Red Clouds’ First Master, interesting!” the spiritual body smiled. He didn’t know how strong the First Master of Red Clouds was. He wanted to test him out and see.

Lin Feng stopped flapping his wings and suddenly turned around. When he saw Jiu Ling Huang face the spiritual body, he warned him, “Be careful, that guy is terrifying. He’s a reincarnated Saint!”

The spiritual body looked at Lin Feng coldly, murder in his eyes. Then, he turned to Jiu Ling Huang coldly.

“Lin Feng, are you not running away anymore?” said the few Young Beast Masters when they arrived. Their blood Qi wings blotted out the sky and covered the earth.

In the end, Lei Dong Tian also arrived. A terrifying battle was on the verge of breaking out!

PMG Chapter 2177

Chapter 2177: Furious Battle

The spiritual body, the four Young Beast Masters, Lei Dong Tian; six people, none of them weak. Lei Dong Tian was the weakest one in that group. The spiritual body, as well as the third Young Beast Master, were the strongest ones.

However, Jiu Ling Huang was the First Master of Red Clouds. His fighting abilities were probably awesome. He was facing the spiritual body, he didn’t fear him.

Lin Feng didn’t know how strong Qing Feng was. Wu could probably only fight against Lei Dong Tian and the sixth Young Beast Master. The others were too strong. Regarding the cold and detached-looking woman, Jing, Lin Feng didn’t know whether she was going to help or not. He did know she was extremely strong. Even though Lin Feng had seen her when he had the form of a cauldron, he didn’t know how strong she really was.

Lin Feng’s group could have benefited from having one more person. Their enemies, as long as the six of them didn’t stay together to surround someone, wasn’t considered a violation of the rules.

“Feng!” said Jing, landing next to Qing Feng. She didn’t want to partic.i.p.ate in the battle, she was worried about Qing Feng.

Qing Feng looked quite calm as she glanced at her and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Their b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi is dirty, it’s not pure. They’re evil. I’ll help you fight against them,” said Jing calmly. A sword appeared in her hand. It looked as cold as water in the fall, and at the same time, as dazzling red leaves in the fall. It was a phoenix sword; beautiful, cold, and n.o.ble.

The Young Beast Masters were furious because Jing had humiliated them. They all released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. The fifth Young Beast Master looked at Jing and Qing Feng mockingly and said, “Oh, you’re phoenixes, I’ll have a taste!”

The other Young Beast Masters looked at them greedily and mockingly, without the slightest scruple.

“Thank you,” said Qing Feng in a sharp and clear voice. Jing was startled.

Then, she smiled in a resplendent way and said, “Feng, you’re saying thanks to me?”

(Translator’s Note: usually in Chinese culture, you never say thank you to close friends, saying thank you puts distance between people. But then again, if you say thank you to people you like, it can also mean you’re really touched, in which case they just tell you not to thank them, or they can also indicate that they are surprised. However, if you say thank you for something which is insignificant, e.g. your friend gives you a cup of coffee, lends you a jacket, etc. then it can’t be considered as rude. And there are other appropriate expressions in Chinese to express what we mean with thank you in English for such situations)

Jing looked at Lin Feng, Qing Feng really wanted to help him…

After that, they turned to the Young Beast Masters coldly. Fires started burning. However, it was an ice-cold fire. Jing’s sword was getting colder and colder.

“Slas.h.!.+” Sword lights twinkled. The Young Beast Masters’ faces changed slightly. They just saw the sword turn into an ancient phoenix and shooting towards them at full speed, it was explosively threatening. At the same time, the ice-cold fire Dao power surrounded them. Jing then moved faster than they could see.

When Qing Feng saw that, she followed, she couldn’t let Jing fight alone against the four terrifying and sly beasts. Wu followed Qing Feng. The golden crow’s strength was explosive and scorching hot. A golden crow sun sword appeared above him, as well as scorching hot cosmic energies.

“Qing Feng, Wu, try to hold on a little bit more, I’ll be there with you soon!” said Lin Feng when he saw that those three people were fighting against the three Young Beast Masters.

He was furious, releasing demon Qi which shot up the sky. His eyes became ice-cold, filled with death strength. He was staring at Lei Dong Tian. Lei Dong Tian suddenly looked almost dead.

Lin Feng wanted to take care of Lei Dong Tian first, and kill him.

Lei Dong Tian looked at Lin Feng, he was also furious, thinking how arrogant and insolent Lin Feng was!

“Last time, you lost and escaped, and now you dare act that arrogantly. You want to die!” swore Lei Dong Tian coldly.

“I initially wanted to kill you later, but since you keep provoking me, I’ll kill you now,” replied Lin Feng, releasing his nine dragons spirit. Ten thousand King Weapons intent filled the air, swords condensed. A dozen swords turned into intertwining Holy Spirit swords. They flared with light. The ten thousand Weapons intent fused together with them.

Lin Feng looked at Lei Dong Tian disdainfully. His Qi had changed.

On the other side, Jiu Ling Huang and the reincarnated Great Deployment Master started fighting too. Nine flames appeared, full of enigmatic and unfathomable power. The s.p.a.ce around them turned into a fire world. Nothing could grow in such a landscape!

The Great Deployment Master’s deployment spells were deadly as well. He could release deployment spells in the blink of an eye.

“Red Clouds’ First Master, we’ll see how strong you are,” said the reincarnated Great Deployment Master, standing there with his hands clasped behind his back. He was aloof and composed. He used his G.o.dly awareness to condense a deployment spell. Thousands of beasts started roaring, and flew towards Jiu Ling Huang. However, Jiu Ling Huang’s nine flames merged into one and burned everything in their way.

“Die!” A deployment sword streaked across the sky and moved towards Jiu Ling Huang. He grunted coldly. He raised his hands, as if he could burn the world with his fingertips. They were s.h.i.+ning with lights, and then the sword started burning.


In the outside world, people were astonished. Jiu Ling Huang was Red Clouds’ First Master, and was, without a doubt, extremely strong. However, Number Two, whom n.o.body knew of, was also incredibly strong. He didn’t struggle to fight against Jiu Ling Huang. He kept casting deployment spells, and it looked easy for him. Such people were terrifying. He had come out of the fake world just after Hua Qing Feng, no wonder he was so strong…

Very few people knew about him. He hadn’t been in the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry for very long…

At the same time, Lin Feng’s sword streaked across the sky. A dazzling beam of light appeared in the sky, as a hurricane surrounded the sword and moved towards Lei Dong Tian

Lei Dong Tian sensed how terrifying the sword was and frowned. He released and condensed DevMara Kalpa lights, which turned into halberds. He shouted furiously and attacked that sword.

The halberds all shattered loudly. Lei Dong Tian shouted desperately again. He condensed demon strength again and tried to block the sword moving towards him.

Lin Feng also descended from the sky with a sharp sword in his hand, staring at Lei Dong Tian coldly, his eyes filled with death strength and penetrating into Lei Dong Tian’s G.o.dly awareness.

Lei Dong Tian’s face stiffened. He hadn’t antic.i.p.ated this sword would be so terrifying!

The sky became dark, demon clouds thundered. Kalpa lights descended from the sky and condensed destructive strength.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. At the same time, Wisdom Kings emerged from his third eye and streamed towards Lei Dong Tian’s head, turning into demon kings.

Lei Dong Tian’s face turned deathly pale. However, he released more DevMara Kalpa strength towards Lin Feng. Thunder cracked and boomed.

Lin Feng’s hair fluttered in the wind as DevMara Kalpa lights bombarded him. His muscles twitched and shook, however, he stood his ground steadfastly and even absorbed some DevMara Kalpa strength which he used to cleanse his muscles.

Lin Feng had practiced the Kalpa Indestructible DevMara skill, he obviously could use DevMara Kalpa strength to cleanse his body. DevMara Kalpa strength couldn’t pose a threat to him.

“How is that possible?” Lei Dong Tian was astonished, his face frozen. Lin Feng waved his hands again, and another gigantic sword shot towards Lei Dong Tian. He couldn’t do anything anymore, and pulled a long face.

“Explode!” Lightning made of Kalpa strength descended from the sky. For a moment, the sky went dark.

Lin Feng glanced at him coldly, continuing to move his sword towards Dong Tian. It could cut through anything.

Lei Dong Tian’s face was unsightly. The air was vibrating ominously.

Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off. His sword moved faster than the eye. At the same time, he kept releasing sword energies. Lei Dong Tian was stuck!

“You really think I lost last time? Ridiculous!” Lin Feng told Lei Dong Tian. His voice resonated in Lei Dong Tian’s skull. Lei Dong Tian could neither dodge nor escape. He raised his fist and punched out in Lin Feng’s direction. Lightning struck Lin Feng, detonating loudly.

“It’s useless!” said Lin Feng coldly.  Bones cracked loudly, Lei Dong Tian’s arm was broken. At the same time, the sword lights arrived. Lei Dong Tian’s face was frozen in fear, he wanted to run away…

Lin Feng stretched out his arm, still holding his gigantic sword. Sword intent shot towards Lei Dong Tian, and his face fell. Lin Feng took a step towards him, his nine dragons roared, eager to devour Lei Dong Tian.


“Is Lei Dong Tian dead?” The people in G.o.dly Clouds City were staring at the battle in astonishment. The members of the DevMara Thunder Clan were frozen with dread, releasing Qi which rose to the skies. Lei Dong Tian was dead?

The first young man of the DevMara Thunder Clan had been killed? He was supposed to end up in the top hundred of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! However, Lin Feng had just killed him during the second round! Lei Dong Tian had chased Lin Feng, and Lin Feng had killed him. Lei Dong Tian could only blame himself!

The nine dragons moved back behind Lin Feng. They had underestimated Lin Feng’s strength once again. Lei Dong Tian had been killed. Lin Feng truly had the potential to end up in the top hundred.

Lei Dong Tian had died in tragic circ.u.mstances. He had chased Lin Feng and, poor him, Lin Feng had killed him. If he hadn’t promised something to Lin Feng back then and then taken his word back, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

PMG Chapter 2178

Chapter 2178: Furious Sword

Just like Lin Feng had said to the girls, killing Lei Dong Tian wouldn’t take him long, so he would join them soon.

He didn’t think about what people outside thought, he didn’t think about the fact that the DevMara Thunder Clan hated him, either. Lei Dong Tian had sold him out, so Lin Feng’s reaction was normal.

He glanced around with his pitch-black eyes. The reincarnated Great Deployment Master was extremely strong. Red Clouds’ First Master, Jiu Ling Huang, was also extremely strong. The reincarnated Great Deployment Master’s deployment spells were too fearsome. He could release formidable deployment spells almost every second, and they were becoming more and more powerful.

Jiu Ling Huang’s nine flames were also getting more and more powerful. At least, he wasn’t going to lose quickly, even if he lost.

“Reincarnated Great Deployment Master.” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled with ice-cold lights. On the other side, Qing Feng and the two others were being oppressed. The Young Beast Masters were terrifyingly strong. The weakest one was the Sixth, and he was fighting against Wu, pressuring him back. The Young Beast Masters’ strength originated from the sacrifices of countless beasts, hence their polluted blood.

Qing Feng was, against all expectations, really strong. She was the strongest of the group of three. Jing, the ice-cold looking woman, was also really strong. She kept beating her fire phoenix wings, a magnificent sight. They were oppressed, but they weren’t going to lose easily, either. They were too fast.

Lin Feng flapped his wings and streaked across the sky. He flew like a celestial being.

The Young Beast Masters looked at Lin Feng coldly.

“First, crush that Qing Feng, brother, oppress her!” said the Third Beast to the Fifth Beast. Fissures appeared as the air began to whistle furiously. Jing’s sharp fire sword moved. A Fire intent burned the atmosphere around her. However, she realized that the Third Beast and the Fourth Beast weren’t next to her anymore, they were flying towards Qing Feng!

Dragons were the strongest beasts in the animal world. In terms of speed, great rocs were considered the fastest animals. Wu was a great oriental greenfinch roc, his blood was pure. The Young Beast Masters had the abilities of many beasts, since many beasts had been sacrificed for them. They were a bit stronger than other beasts. As for their wings, they had all chosen to have the wings of great oriental greenfinch rocs, because they knew great oriental greenfinch rocs were the fastest animals. Great rocs’ wings were better than phoenixes’ wings. Of course, phoenixes were better in terms of fire and they were nicknamed “The immortal supernatural birds”.

At the same time, the Fifth Young Beast Master took out a great roc sword, which shot towards Qing Feng. He wanted to defeat Qing Feng no matter what!

“Oh no.” Lin Feng looked worried. The three beasts were ganging up on Qing Feng. They wanted to destroy her and then take care of the others!

“Feng, back!” Jing called out, extremely nervous. She was still holding her sword as she flew towards her friend, a trail of flames appeared behind her. She was surrounded by fire, bathing in the flames.

“Celestial Phoenix Rotating Wings!” shouted Jing furiously. The scene was incredible and breathtakingly beautiful. On Jing’s back, a dazzling fire phoenix appeared and turned into a sword, then a beam of light. It shout out towards Qing Feng, the air burning around the phoenix. It was an astonis.h.i.+ng and beautiful sight.

Lin Feng was also fast. He flew towards Qing Feng at top speed, beating his deployment wings while condensing Sword intent in his hand. Other people couldn’t catch up with him. Even the Young Beast Masters were shocked at his speed. A golden great roc sword moved towards Lin Feng’s sharp sword, sharp Qi moving in all directions around him.

“Qing Feng, be careful!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. The Third Young Beast Master and the Fourth Young Beast Master arrived at the same time from two different directions. Their blood wings were spread as they blotted out the sky. They were also extremely fast… however, their enemies weren’t slow either!

Qing Feng was startled, and knew that she couldn’t escape, surrounded by the enemies. She released an incredible amount of explosive cosmic energies. A cyan phoenix appeared all around her body and enveloped her in its wings.

“Dong!” The third Young Beast Master attacked, crackling sounds spread in the air, it sounded like the wings had been broken.

“Feng!” shouted Jing furiously. The atmosphere was burning around her. The Third Young Beast Master was surprised and moved back. The Fourth Beast flapped his wings. Fresh blood splashed. Qing Feng was smashed away.

Lin Feng finally arrived and caught Qing Feng. He released sharp sword energies and moved back while releasing life Qi into Qing Feng’s body.

Qing Feng’s wings were wounded, and she kept bleeding, her face extremely pale. She was breathing  quickly and shallowly, but her Qi still pulsed around her, and she looked awake and determined. She looked at Lin Feng and shook her head, “I have phoenix blood, I’m alright.”

Jing also arrived next to Qing Feng. She then turned around and looked at the Young Beast Masters.

“Let’s stop fighting for now. She needs to recover. Let’s protect her,” said Lin Feng to Jing. Jing was surprised, but nodded. She looked at their enemies. If they stopped fighting, would the Young Beast Masters stop fighting too?

The Young Beast Masters kept flapping their blood wings. Lin Feng looked at them with murder in his eyes. He was still releasing life cosmic energies, which flowed throughout Qing Feng’s body. Lin Feng also looked at Jiu Ling Huang in the distance and said, “Jiu Ling Huang, let’s pause for now. We don’t need to fight until exhaustion. Thank you!”

After that, Lin Feng said to Wu, “Wu, let’s withdraw.”

Lin Feng was still carrying Qing Feng in his arms as he descended from the sky. Jing and Wu followed Lin Feng closely. At the same time, they retreated from the fight. If Qing Feng hadn’t been injured, it would have been better, but now that she was injured, she needed to be protected, which meant that they couldn’t fight at the same time. They had to move away and wait for Qing Feng to recover.

The Young Beast Masters followed them closely, watching coldly. But they were also wary of Jing.

“Two female phoenixes, we should capture them and keep them as s.e.x slaves!” the fifth Young Beast Master said coldly.

“Take care of Qing Feng for a short time,” Lin Feng said to Jing, stopping for a few seconds. Jing looked at Lin Feng and nodded. She took Qing Feng, and Lin Feng stepped forwards. Nine words appeared, resonating at the same pace as the earth and sky. They floated around Lin Feng, while his Qi rolled in waves around him.

He stretched his hand out and cast a celestial stage deployment spell. The Young Beast Masters were startled. What was Lin Feng doing?

Did he want to fight against them alone?

Terrifying cosmic energies emerged from Lin Feng’s arms, containing the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. A dozen Holy Spirits swords condensed. Nine Words appeared on the swords. The swords were getting more and more powerful, before turning into a brilliant sword. The Young Beast Masters stopped moving.

The strength of the ten thousand things of creation was intertwining. They turned into a system of cosmic energies, a world of cosmic energies.

“Go!” ordered Lin Feng. The sword streaked across the sky. The celestial battle stage deployment spell moved towards the Fifth Young Beast Master.

“Be careful!” said the other Young Beast Masters to him. They were stunned, turning and trying to leave.

The Fifth Young Beast Master released his b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi and condensed a great roc sword. However, it broke in the twinkling of an eye.

The Young Beast Masters’ faces had changed drastically. A s.h.i.+eld made of blood lights appeared, horrible shrieks rose up. Lin Feng’s sword had pierced through it. The Fifth Young Beast Master reappeared, his face pale and severely wounded and bleeding now. Lin Feng’s energies had pierced through his body and left a hole in him.

The Young Beast Masters’ facial expressions changed drastically and they started gathering on the Fifth Young Beast Master.

“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng calmly, and turned around.

Jing looked at Lin Feng, thinking, How strong! One sword attack and he had nearly cut the Fifth Young Beast Master apart. Even though Lin Feng’s sword attack hadn’t killed him, it was extremely fast!

PMG Chapter 2179

Chapter 2179: w.a.n.g s.h.i.+’s Death

Back in G.o.dly Clouds City, many people were astonished when they saw that. Lin Feng and the others, their wings, everybody had been watching their battles. Many people had been either astonished or amazed when they saw that Lin Feng had killed Lei Dong Tian. Many people were trembling and staring at Lin Feng and his friends’ battles.

“How strong! He killed Lei Dong Tian! He injured a powerful Young Beast Master in one sword strike! With his strength, he’ll definitely end up in the top hundred of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“Indeed. That sword attack was incredible. The fire phoenix is incredible too. And Red Clouds’ First Master, Jiu Ling Huang, the great deployment master… they’re all terrifying! Those people are even stronger than Lin Feng. They could end up somewhere between the twentieth and fiftieth ranks.”

“There are many extremely strong people. They’re not the only ones.” Everybody was whispering and gossiping. Each battle was incredible, as all those people were emperors of the top of the Huang Qi layer. They were geniuses. Having the opportunity to watch such battles was precious!


The Diviner’s silhouette was dimly discernible. He looked calm and serene and smiled thinly, like a detached celestial being. People in the distant palaces were also stupefied, especially the young man in the high building. He looked at Lin Feng and smiled, saying, “Brother Lin Feng, you’ve become so strong. You’ll definitely end up in the top hundred of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and you’ll be able to come here freely. That way, we’ll meet often.”

After that, he looked at Jing and had a strange facial expression, “Jing came from the Ancient Phoenix Clan to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, against all expectations. She knows Brother Lin Feng? I wonder how Jing Yun is doing these days. If I see Brother Lin Feng, I’ll definitely ask him if he has some news from Jing Yun.”


The Young Beast Masters landed next to the Fifth Young Beast Master. He kept bleeding. However, the hole in his body quickly healed. The Animal District of Qi Tian Holy Town had done all they could to make their people as strong as possible. After the sacrifices, they had also granted them some more privileges. They were strong and resistant, and they had excellent healing abilities.

They stared at Lin Feng coldly. They wanted to kill him!

“I wouldn’t have thought that he would be so strong, and some people are helping him during this round. We’ll have to wait for one-on-one battles, and then we’ll kill him!” said the Third Young Beast Master calmly. The Third Young Beast Master was the strongest Young Beast Master at the level of the Huang Qi layer. His goal was to rank first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If he faced Lin Feng in a one-on-one battle, he’d kill him!

Lin Feng and Wu left. Qing Feng was in Jing’s arms. However, her Qi wasn’t stable, she was severely injured from the Third Young Beast Master’s attack. Even though she had used her full strength to protect herself, the Third Young Beast Master’s attack had been too overpowering.

Lin Feng moved towards Qing Feng and grabbed her arm. Qing Feng moved her arm away, but Lin Feng immediately took her in his arms before flying away with her. Qing Feng looked Lin Feng in the eyes, but remained silent.

Jing’s eyes twinkled. She was wondering what kind of relations.h.i.+p Lin Feng and Qing Feng had. They looked really close!

Some strong cultivators pa.s.sed next to them and glanced at Lin Feng and the others, but when they saw Lin Feng’s death eyes, they were intimidated, and didn’t dare provoke him. After all, Lin Feng and the others formed a powerful group. People didn’t want to offend them. If they were careless, they could get eliminated quickly!

All the strong cultivators in the area didn’t dare act recklessly. Many of them came from all sorts of places in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they had worked their entire lives to become strong. When they saw strangers in that place, they didn’t want to offend them without knowing how strong they were first.

Therefore, there weren’t too many battles yet. People weren’t getting eliminated that quickly. The strongest cultivators there dared attack people without the slightest scruple, but so far, out of five hundred people, only forty people had been eliminated. Of course, some people were killed instantly. After all, people in there were merciless and emotionless!


Lin Feng and the others arrived at the top of a mountain. Qing Feng sat down cross-legged. Her blood was flowing quickly through her.

“She won’t be able to fight during this round. We need to protect her until the very last minute. She might be able to make it to the next round, but in the next round, she’ll probably have to give up. I don’t know what kind of challenge the Diviner prepared for the next round!” said Jing calmly. She gazed into the distance, her eyes filled with murder. She wanted to destroy those beasts!

“No, I need to finish in the top hundred,” said Qing Feng. Her face hardened. She looked determined and perseverant.

Jing was surprised; Feng’s temper hadn’t changed a bit!

“Don’t think about it. Even if you can’t finish in the top hundred, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is your safety,” said Lin Feng, releasing life energies unceasingly into Qing Feng’s body. Life Qi was the source of the ten thousand things of creation. He hoped he could help her recover. He was annoyed because they couldn’t use items during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Otherwise, he would have asked for some Great Imperial pellets from Jiu Ling Huang to help Qing Feng.


Somewhere else, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun were fighting against the five friends. At that moment, they had divided. Everybody kept releasing Qi. Chu Chun Qiu looked proud and arrogant, higher up in the sky. However, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun didn’t manage to oppress the five friends too much because they were in perfect harmony. They had an insane strategy. They trusted their friends so much that they dared take risks and at the crucial moments, they always managed to dodge attacks. They also avoided close combat because the two could crush them if they were too close.

At that moment, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun glanced at each other. Tianhun said, “We can’t defeat them, do you have any suggestion?”

“Since the two of us aren’t enough, let’s call some more people!” said Chu Chun Qiu calmly.

“Not bad, but who will dare form an alliance with us?” said Tianhun.

“If they refuse, we kill them. I think we’ll find someone who accepts us that way,” said Chu Chun Qiu. He had changed a lot, and wasn’t like in the past. In the past, he used to have the elegant demeanor of a gentleman, he used to be discreet and didn’t display his real strength. After the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, he had started showing his true self. He was cold, aggressive, sly, and cruel. He wanted to become a king!

“Your idea is not bad,” Tianhun smiled. Soul strength emerged from his third eye. He wanted to watch the five fighters through his soul strength.

“Let’s go!” said Tianhun, smiling coldly. The two of them left quickly. Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun didn’t stay too close to each other. They both feared each other’s abilities. They didn’t trust one another, even though they had formed an alliance.

After a short time, they stopped in front of someone: w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ from the Pellet Kings Clan. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ frowned and looked at the star numbers above their heads. He immediately turned around, wanting to leave. Chu Chun Qiu’s star showed he was Number Five, and Tianhun’s star showed he was Number Seven!

People were afraid of them when they saw that. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ was no exception. Therefore, he wanted to escape!

“Stop!” ordered Tianhun calmly yet firmly. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ was petrified. He started condensing fire in his hands. Even though he was afraid, he never listened to people who gave him orders or were impolite to him. He didn’t like it when people despised him!

“You want to eliminate me?” said w.a.n.g s.h.i.+, coldly staring at Tianhun.

“No. We want you to join our alliance!” replied Tianhun, smiling cruelly. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ didn’t want to accept. They would probably use him and then get rid of him!

“I’m sorry. I’m not interested,” said w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ answered coldly, and continued running away.

A soul spear appeared. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ frowned. He suddenly turned around and a fireball smashed into soul spear. It started burning.

“Teehee! The loot belongs to the one who kills him!” said Tianhun to Chu Chun Qiu. Then, they both moved at lightning speed after him.

“Argh!” Chu Chun Qiu released a terrifying explosive Qi. He waved his hands and Sky Absorbing strength surrounded w.a.n.g s.h.i.+. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+’s face turned deathly pale. He found it difficult to control his Fire intent!

In the twinkling of an eye, flames appeared. Tianhun merely smiled coldly. He formed some hand seals and soul strength constricted w.a.n.g s.h.i.+. At the same time, Chu Chun Qiu’s strength also bore down on him. Saint Tianhun was evil and sly, Chu Chun Qiu was aggressive!

The two cultivators were terrifyingly strong together. They had fought against the group of five, but now they were facing someone alone. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ struggled, but then Chu Chun Qiu smashed his face. At the same time, Tianhun’s soul strength penetrated into w.a.n.g s.h.i.+’s third eye and destroyed him.


The members of the Pellet Kings Clan started trembling. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ had just been killed! Their faces turned deathly pale. The people from G.o.dly Clouds City looked astonished.

The first young men of both the Pellet Kings Clan and the DevMara Thunder Clan had been killed!

PMG Chapter 2180

Chapter 2180: Sisters

On the battlefield, everybody faced everybody else. It was a free for all. Luck was necessary. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ and Lei Dong Tian hadn’t been lucky. Lei Dong Tian had caused trouble, so he had died.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ had just been way too unlucky. Two of the strongest cultivators present on the battlefield had killed him. Tianhun and Chu Chun Qiu didn’t care about about who other people were; to them, everybody was potential prey. They didn’t care about social status, either. If someone was useless to them, then they just killed them mercilessly. w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ was no exception!

Chu Chun Qiu absorbed w.a.n.g Jie’s intent, Tianhun stole his soul strength. It was a terrifying and tragic way to die. The inhabitants of G.o.dly Clouds City watching were astonished, and the strong cultivators of the Pellet Kings Clan were shaking. w.a.n.g Jie and w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ had both partic.i.p.ated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but w.a.n.g Jie hadn’t pa.s.sed the first round. They were annoyed, but he was young, after all. They had hoped w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ would end up high up in the ranking list, but he had been killed in atrocious conditions.

However, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun didn’t care about w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ at all. To them, he had just been a pa.s.senger. They continued as if nothing had happened. They continued looking for people who could help them. Many people faced the same destiny as w.a.n.g s.h.i.+, and were killed cruelly. People didn’t dare join Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun’s alliance because they were scared. In a very short time, a dozen people died, so many people started paying attention to the two fighters.

At that moment, they had found someone who happily accepted joining their alliance.

“How is that possible? Those two are brutal and cruel murderers, and surprisingly someone dares join their alliance, and on top of that, it’s him?”

“They’re terrifyingly strong. They both have the potential to end up in the top twenty of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. With a guy who’s in the top twenty, their alliance can destroy almost everyone on the battlefield. So many people are going to die in helplessly.”

Ni Cang, Purple Clouds’ First Master! He was extremely strong. His abilities were similar to Ying Cheng’s, but different. Ni Cang’s strength was even more aggressive. He had Chaotic Sky techniques. He could mess with people’s G.o.dly awareness and souls. His Chaotic Counterflow Punch could make the sky chaotic. One punch, and he could destroy people’s souls and G.o.dly awareness. With his abilities, his initial strength could be multiplied up to ten times!

Everybody was convinced that the nine First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were all terrifyingly strong. Of course, before having seen battles between them, n.o.body could say who the strongest one was!

That alliance was going to turn into a disaster for many people. At that moment, Hou Qing Lin and the others were already worried. The five of them couldn’t fight against the three of them, that would be really bad luck. The consequences would be much different from the previous battle.

Gradually, there were fewer and fewer fighters on the battlefield. A hundred people had already been eliminated; some people had taken the initiative to leave, others had been killed. The people from G.o.dly Clouds City were shocked. So many strong cultivators were dying, definitely a tragedy!

As expected, Chu Chun Qiu and the two others destroyed people, one after another.


Xian Ren saw Chu Chun Qiu and the two others in the distance. He glanced at the Buddhist monk and said calmly, “Bald Donkey, should we form an alliance with our fellow disciple, we’ll be stronger than them then.”

(TL Note: Bald Donkey, Tu Lu in Mandarin, is a mocking term to call a Buddhist Monk)

Xian Ren looked at Chu Chun Qiu and the others. He was also astonished. They were terrifyingly strong trio. Even alone, those three people could destroy many people on this battlefield. They were geniuses amongst geniuses, and together, they looked like an army of death. He was thinking that forming an alliance with their fellow disciple, Hua Qing Feng, would be wise.

“I’m not interested,” said the Buddhist monk calmly. Then, he jumped onto a mountain and sat down cross-legged. He started meditating as if all the battles had nothing to do with him.

“Stinky Bald Donkey! You’re not nice!” said Xian Ren. Even though he insulted that Bald Donkey, he knew he was extremely strong. Therefore, he followed him and laid down at the top of the mountain as if he had nothing to do. He even looked relaxed. With the Bald Donkey, he felt safe, unless a powerful alliance came to make trouble for them.

Many people did like Xian Ren and the Buddhist monk, they relaxed and didn’t get involved.

Hua Qing Feng, G.o.dly Clouds’ First Master, looked confident and at ease. He practiced both Confucian and sword cultivation, he strictly enforced the principles he learned in the Holy Scriptures. If he had the opportunity to kill someone, he did. He didn’t really care about worldly principles. Of course, he didn’t have many opportunities to attack. Almost everybody knew him there, and with the star number he had above his head, people stayed far, far away from him.

Prince Wu Qing, the First Master of Dark Clouds, who had Three Thousand Threads of Emotionlessness Strength and knew the Three Thousand Deadly Technique was also emotionless. He didn’t go and offend people, but if people offended him, he crushed them without a care.

Supreme Clouds’ First Master, Wu Ya Zi, destroyed people’s emotions. He was even more cruel than Prince Wu Qing. He could destroy people’s seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. At that moment, on his side, there were four people. They looked like an alliance, but actually, those people were his puppets. He had destroyed their seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, and made them into his puppets. They looked ferocious and fought cruelly.

Of course, the other First Masters were there too, and people watched them all carefully.

“Who’s the strongest of all First Masters?” wondered many people.

“It’s Hua Qing Feng, of course. He’s from Holy Mountain, the first group of G.o.dly Clouds City. They’re the strongest group apart from the mysterious groups of the inner part of G.o.dly Clouds City. Hua Qing Feng is extremely strong. He’ll probably rank first this time.”

“I think so, too. He’s extremely strong. But who could rank second?”

“I’m not sure. Those people are extremely strong. For example, Red Clouds’ First Master is a Great Scholar. His deployment spells are terrifying. I think he can even compete with Hua Qing Feng. There’s Purple Clouds’ First Master too, as well as the two people in his alliance. They are all terrifying people. We saw how fearsome they were before Ni Cang joined their alliance. Among the others… I don’t know.”

“Indeed, but if they fought in one-on-one’s, it’d be difficult to know who the strongest ones are. At least, we can be sure we’ll see those people in the top thirty.”

People in G.o.dly Clouds City all chattered on. They were excited and enthusiastic.

“Haven’t you noticed that people are almost all starting to form alliances? Strong cultivators stay with strong cultivators.”

“Yes, indeed. Strong cultivators who stay alone know it could get dangerous for them if they stay alone. Therefore, they’re starting to form alliances. That way, it’s less risky, they have less chance to be eliminated. Besides, strong cultivators stay with strong cultivators because such people wouldn’t want to stay with people of different levels. That’s why Hua Qing Feng is alone. Besides, the strongest geniuses probably think they’ll fight against people who are similarly strong on the battle stage in one-on-ones.”

The watchers understood the situation.


Lin Feng and the others were resting in the mountains. However, they still faced some enemies now and then. Lin Feng beheaded a fighter, blood dripping from his blade. That person wasn’t willing to die, but it was too late. His eyes were still open and staring at Lin Feng. He was in a four-people alliance, initially they wanted to clear out that mountain range, but they hadn’t thought that Lin Feng and Jing were so strong. When they were furious, they destroyed people mercilessly.

They killed all four of the attackers quickly. That was the price for attacking Lin Feng and Jing by surprise. Blood kept dripping from Lin Feng’s sword, and when people in the distance saw that, they didn’t dare approach.

Lin Feng descended from the sky, Jing looked at him and asked indifferently, “What kind of relations.h.i.+p do you have with Feng?”

Lin Feng looked at Jing and said calmly, “What kind of relations.h.i.+p do you have with Qing Feng?”

“I’m her sister. She seems to care a lot about you. If you ever dare hurt her, I’ll never let you off.”

“Sister?” Lin Feng looked at Jing in a strange way. She looked ice-cold and cute at the same time, and surprisingly, she was Qing Feng’s sister?

“Qing Feng has never told me anything about a sister.” said Lin Feng indifferently. They were both talking telepathically next to Qing Feng. Jing looked at Lin Feng coldly, it was a warning.

“Don’t think we’re having a random chat. I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I will never let anyone hurt Feng.”

Lin Feng looked at Jing, she looked beautiful and cold and detached. Lin Feng stared at her, his eyes suddenly filled with tenderness. Jing looked back at him in a cold way, what did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d want now? Why was he staring at her?

“Your phoenix necklace is really beautiful,” Lin Feng smiled, using telepathy as before. Jing was startled at the unexpected words!

PMG Chapter 2181

Chapter 2181: Yin Jiu

After Lin Feng spoke, Jing’s expression changed. She glared at Lin Feng , who was staring at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, in alarm. How did he know about her phoenix necklace…?

“You…” an icy energy filled the air and surrounded Lin Feng.

Qing Feng was stupefied. She raised her head and looked at Lin Feng, “What are you doing?”

“Feng, that guy is evi!” said Jing coldly. “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You’ve been spying on me!”

Lin Feng was amused as he looked at Jing. “On the other day, I was in a valley and I saw you come out of water. You even teased me. How can you say I spied on you?”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” said Jing. She teased him?!

“It can’t be!” Jing suddenly thought of something. She stared at Lin Feng and blurted out, “You’re a cauldron?”

“You remember!” he laughed. Jing’s facial expression became even more brilliant. She remembered the cauldron. She blushed hotly, feeling embarra.s.sed. She ground her teeth and stared at Lin Feng. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he had turned into a cauldron to spy on her that day…

“Sister, here we meet again,” Lin Feng grinned. He ignored her expression. He sat down next to Qing Feng and didn’t ask Qing Feng anything. He had met Qing Feng in the Vast Celestial Ancient City in the Animal World. Jing was probably a younger disciple. He had never heard of her. However, Jing seemed to care a lot about Qing Feng, which made him curious.

Lin Feng remembered the three leaders of the Animal World: a golden crow, a legendary beast, and the leader of the Animal World. Lin Feng didn’t know much about them. He didn’t know much about Qing Feng’s background, either. All he knew was that Qing Feng controlled ten sorts of energies and that she was s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian’s disciple.

Jing ground her teeth and stared at Lin Feng. What could she do? She had to teach him a good lesson! He had watched her naked! But now, their objective was to protect Qing Feng. She’d settle accounts with Lin Feng later. After all, Lin Feng and Qing Feng were really close, and he was extremely strong. Qing Feng had risked her life to protect him, so she must like him a lot…

“Feng, I’ll take you home afterwards,” Jing said to Qing Feng calmly.

However, Qing Feng shook her head and said, “My home is not there.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to rank in the top hundred?” Jing looked surprised.

“I didn’t say I wanted to go there.” Qing Feng turned her head to Jing, looking indifferent.

Jing sighed and said, “I know the clan feels sorry for you.”

“Don’t talk about that. I only have a father. The Vast Celestial Ancient City of Dark Clouds is my home!” said Qing Feng.

Jing remained silent, but sighed. She didn’t know how to solve the ill-fated relations.h.i.+p with the elders, but after all, Feng and she were biological sisters, and their mother missed Feng!


Battles continued on the battlefield. Two hundred people had already been eliminated and more were being eliminated. The end was getting closer. Some powerful alliances wiped out everything in their way and n.o.body could stop them, especially Chu Chun Qiu and the two others’ alliance. Many geniuses died fighting them. They didn’t stop, they were on a killing spree.

Chu Chun Qiu had studied the Sky Absorbing scriptures. He could absorb people’s intent and use it for himself. His intent kept increasing with time. His battles were getting more and more explosive. He could easily kill and absorb the intent of cultivators who had reached the top of the Huang Qi layer, he didn’t even need to move to do so. Therefore, no matter who he b.u.mped into, he absorbed their intent greedily and gluttonously. How could he not stuff himself on such a rich battlefield? It was filled with geniuses!

Tianhun was like Chu Chun Qiu, totally merciless. Both considered the battlefield a plateau of endless energies to feed on.

Against all expectations, Ni Cang’s opinion about these two started changing, he looked at them coldly and said, “We’ve killed so many people. I don’t feel like hunting anymore, since we’ll probably move on to the next round soon.”

“Heehee!” Tianhun glanced at Ni Cang. This guy was Purple Clouds’ First Master. He was extremely strong. It would be difficult to defeat him, or Tianhun would have tried to kill him. But Ni Cang’s Chaotic strength was powerful. When he fought, his strength increased. Killing him was even harder than defeating him!

“One last hunting session!” said Chu Chun Qiu calmly.

“Alright, as you wish,” said Tianhun. The three people continued, they were getting ready to attack those who had king-type bodies.

Lang Ye and the others didn’t rest. After having a great battle against Chu Chun Qiu and Tian Hun at the beginning, they had attacked many people. They had forced many people to use the scepter and teleport themselves out of the battlefield. To them, hunting and killing people was pointless. If people provoked them, then they killed them.

“There are people on the mountain range,” whispered Jian Mang at that moment. He sensed people’s presence.

“It’s Lin Feng and the others!” said Hou Qing Lin. Jian Mang couldn’t see, but his perceptions were acute.

“Let’s go and see!” said Jun Mo Xi, heading towards Lin Feng and the others.

At that moment, Jian Mang’s hair bristled. He was startled and said, “Wait, wait, someone is watching us.”

“I sensed it too,” Hou Qing Lin nodded. They slowly turned around and saw three people appear nearby. When they saw those three people, Lang Ye and the others frowned.

“Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun.”

“Besides them, someone joined their alliance. I wonder who that guy is? But if he joined Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun’s alliance, he must be extremely strong as well. If we fight against them, we’ll die.”

“If we’re really in danger, in the worst case, we can give up. But we should make them face some difficulties too,” said Lang Ye coldly, releasing king intent.

The three people just looked at them coldly, especially Saint Tianhun. He looked particularly evil. To him, Lang Ye and the others were prey.

“I really want their souls. Those two king-type bodies would be perfect!” said Tianhun, smiling in a ferocious and cruel way. When he was young, he used to be a terrifying and sly cultivator, but then he had spent a countless number of years by the altar without being able to leave. He wasn’t as strong as when he was a Saint anymore.

“Be careful. The other one is extremely strong as well,” said Jian Mang alertly. He sensed danger.

“Indeed, his Qi is scary. He’s dangerous too,” Lang Ye nodded. All those people were extremely strong.

They didn’t flee, they stared at their enemies. Escaping wasn’t a solution, fighting was the only way.

“Last prey, get ready!” said Tianhun, releasing his dark soul chains. They were filled with a gloomy Qi, and could constrict someone’s soul and kill them!

A gloomy and cold soul spear emerged from Tianhun’s third eye and shot towards the five people of them. Jun Mo Xi and the others moved at the same time. The battle was instantly explosive. Chu Chun Qiu jumped forwards, his king intent exploding around him. Jun Mo Xi and the others had the sensation they were losing control over their own intent. It was a terrifying feeling!

Ni Cang moved too, he waved his hands and Chaotic Sky cosmic energies exploded and surged. It made the five’s souls tremble. They could barely breathe as their souls and G.o.dly awareness trembled under the pressure.

Behind them, many other people arrived. The leader of the group was in the middle. Even though those people’s Qi was terrifying, they looked strange, dead and emotionless. They were puppets.

The young man in the middle was Wu Ya Zi, obviously, one of the First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, who destroyed people’s emotions and feelings. He was the most evil and sliest of the nine First Masters.

The rule was that alliances couldn’t be composed of more than five people, but he hadn’t formed an alliance. There were seven puppets around him already. That wasn’t an alliance. Those people were his puppets. He controlled them thanks to his own strength. Therefore, he was convinced that he hadn’t violated the rules. Besides, he hoped to make even more puppets. That way, he’d be able to kill some of the strongest geniuses here!

The battle in front of him was just such an opportunity!

At that moment, Lin Feng sensed something. He suddenly turned around and saw people at the top of another mountain. He saw someone slowly descend from the sky. That person was wearing a black robe and there was no Qi around him, as if he were dead. However, that kind of Qi made Lin Feng think he was dangerous. Above him, there was a star with a number: 13! He looked extremely strong.

Yin Jiu, Blue Pale Clouds’ First Master. He was alone. He was also very discreet, but he was also very dangerous. Whenever he killed people, he did it silently without anybody noticing it.

He looked at Lin Feng, then turned around and left, moving towards the battle in the distance. Lin Feng noticed the battle in the distance and frowned. Chu Chun Qiu and his allies were attacking Jun Mo Xi and the others!

PMG Chapter 2182

Chapter 2182: A Chat with Chu Chun Qiu

“Chu Chun Qiu, Saint Tianhun!” Lin Feng was petrified. Those two people were really dangerous. He had attacked Lang Ye and Hou Qing Lin back then, so they knew it. Saint Tianhun was a Saint who had come back to life!

Lin Feng stared at Ni Cang as well, that guy looked extremely strong too. Jun Mo Xi and the others were in danger!

Besides, apart from those three people, in the distance, a group of people was eyeing them covetously and menacingly, it seemed that they could attack anytime.

Lin Feng grimaced. If he didn’t get involved, Jun Mo Xi and the others would be injured or killed.

“Protect Qing Feng!” said Lin Feng, standing up. He started flying away. However, at that moment, Yin Jiu slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Instantly, Lin Feng had the impression he was going to fall asleep, his eyelids felt heavy. He felt dizzy, too. He knew he had to be extremely vigilant!

What a strong cultivator!, thought Lin Feng, staring back at Yin Jiu. Yin Jiu could make people fall asleep just by looking at them. That was his Dao.

That kind of drowsiness wasn’t ordinary, it was deadly. After falling asleep to that technique, people just had to rest in peace and sleep forever. It was death! But even being able to make people fall asleep normally was a terrifying power; after putting people to sleep, killing them was easy!

“What’s that supposed to mean, Your Excellency?” Lin Feng asked Yin Jiu calmly. At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t know that the person he was facing was Blue Pale Clouds’ First Master, Yin Jiu!

“Don’t get involved in the battle over there,” said Yin Jiu calmly. He had noticed the fight before. He had noticed some extremely strong people: Chu Chun Qiu, Saint Tianhun, and Wu Ya Zi. Those people were dangerous. But Yin Jiu was discreet, even if he was Blue Pale Clouds’ First Master. He wanted to cast an illusionary dream spell on the fighters and a.s.sess the situation. It was part of his abilities.

Therefore, he wasn’t going to get involved, he just wanted to watch the battle. He didn’t want to get eliminated during this round, so he wasn’t going to get involved, as it wasn’t necessary. But he didn’t want Lin Feng to get involved either, because he wanted to watch the battle to the end in peace.

He could watch the battle calmly if he wanted to. However, Lin Feng couldn’t. He glanced at the fighters in the distance, his eyes glittering. Suddenly, death lights surrounded him, and he turned black. Yin Jiu was surprised, and stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng wanted to get involved in the battle?

“No matter who you are, no matter whether you want to get involved in that battle or not, I’ll tell you something, you better not try to stop me,” Lin Feng replied icily. He charged forwards, deployment lights appearing under his feet and flying at full speed.

Yin Jiu was startled, but he didn’t prevent Lin Feng from going. He looked at Lin Feng’s back in some amus.e.m.e.nt. Someone had threatened him! Even though he was discreet and didn’t look proud like some of the First Masters, someone whose star showed 135 couldn’t pose a threat to him…

However, he stopped looking at Lin Feng, turning around and looked at the place where Lin Feng came from. He noticed Jing, Wu and Qing Feng.

“Are you sure you want to get involved in the battle over there?” shouted Yin Jiu, while staring at Jing. But he was talking to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng turned his head and looked at Yin Jiu. His eyes were filled with murder. He merely replied, “You better not attack them.” He continued moving towards Jun Mo Xi at top speed.

At that moment, Jun Mo Xi and the others were already in danger. Chu Chun Qiu, Tianhun and the other one were extremely strong. If Lin Feng didn’t arrive, his friends would die!

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Jun Mo Xi and the others were already five people, that was the maximum number of people allowed in an alliance. Lin Feng hadn’t forgotten that. Therefore, he couldn’t attack, otherwise the Diviner would kill him instantly.

At that moment, Saint Tianhun’s chains moved towards Jian Mang’s head. He didn’t intend to stop.

“Slow!” shouted Ruo Xie explosively. Deceleration strength filled the air. Jian Mang released light strength. However, the chains struck his head, and Jian Mang suffered from atrocious pains. His soul was being constricted by those chains.

Tianhun smiled ferociously. He knew that Lin Feng couldn’t attack, and therefore ignored him. Two hands which looked like those of a skeleton moved towards Jian Mang’s head. However, at that moment, Jian Mang followed the chains, it was extremely painful. He opened his eyes and dazzling lights emerged from them. At the same time, he released a light sword.

“Acceleration!” Ruo Xie released acceleration strength, which gathered into Jian Mang’s sword. Tianhun closed his eyes and frowned. A black mist surrounded his body. The sword light shot towards him, impossibly fast. Blood flew into the air. However, Tianhun reappeared somewhere else. There were some sword marks on his face and the blood was still dripping.

He stuck out his tongue and licked at the blood dripping on his face, smiling darkly.

On the other side, Ni Cang and Chu Chun Qiu were fighting against Jun Mo Xi, Hou Qing Lin and Lang Ye. The battle was explosive.

Ni Cang looked at them coldly and kept releasing Sky Chaotic strength. He filled the sky with chaotic strength condensed and turned it into a terrifying ancient imprint. His fighting abilities suddenly increased and surged towards them.

“Be careful!” Lang Ye jumped in front of Jun Mo Xi. World lights filled the air. He could sense how terrifying the man’s attack was. He couldn’t get too close, or his World strength would be destroyed.

The terrifying imprint smashed into the World lights and destroyed them. Lang Ye disappeared, reappearing a thousand meters away and coughing up blood.

“What a terrifying attack.” Lang Ye grimaced. Unfortunately, his cultivation level was too low. Otherwise, with his World King Body, he would have been able to corrode that terrifying strength. But because his cultivation hadn’t reached the same level as his enemy, his world lights had been destroyed.

“Lang Ye.” Jun Mo Xi was stupefied.

Then, Lin Feng said, “Lang Ye, move far away, I’ll join their alliance!”

“Alright,” said Lang Ye. He understood what Lin Feng meant. Alliances could be composed of five people at most. He left the area. Lin Feng was definitely strong enough to replace him!

When Lin Feng saw that Lang Ye was far enough, he suddenly charged forwards, Sword intent filling the air around him. It streaked across the sky swiftly. Chu Chun Qiu jumped backwards and raised his head towards Lin Feng, looking at him coldly.

“Brother, go and help Jun Mo Xi.” said Lin Feng, landing in front of Chu Chun Qiu. Hou Qing Lin nodded, reincarnation Dao intent pulsing around him.

Chu Chun Qiu’s robe fluttered in the wind. He looked at Lin Feng disdainfully. He said to Lin Feng calmly, “Actually, I’ve wanted to fight against you for a long time, but the thing is we’ve both known each other for a long time, we met in the Dark Night Region. You’re the only one who can go quite far in the compet.i.tion. People like you and me are rare. I wish we could fight much later.”

Lin Feng looked at Chu Chun Qiu, sensing that he was very self-confident and conceited.

“Are you that sure you can defeat me?” replied Lin Feng coldly.

Chu Chun Qiu smiled and said, “Back then, you surpa.s.sed me on the Holy Way Stage. Therefore, I’ve been watching you for some time. Besides, if it hadn’t been for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, do you really think that I would still have the level of the Huang Qi layer?”

Lin Feng was startled, his face stiffened. Chu Chun Qiu’s cultivation speed was incredible. He leveled up extremely quickly in comparison to people of the same generation. Even people who had the G.o.dly Imprint King Body, the World King Body, and so on weren’t as fast as him. In six months, Chu Chun Qiu had managed to break through. Maybe he had really stopped breaking through on purpose because of the event. Otherwise, he could have broken through to the Di Qi layer. The problem was that to partic.i.p.ate in the event for great emperors, he would have needed to reach the very top of the Di Qi layer! Unfortunately, breaking through and becoming stronger at that level was much more difficult.

“I’ll tell you something, I’m not the only one. That guy, Tianhun, he hasn’t used his full strength either, just like me. If you don’t believe me, look at him, look at the way he fights,” said Chu Chun Qiu calmly. Saint Tianhun was surrounded by millions of black chains, like a envoy from h.e.l.l. His Qi smelled antique.

“Saint’s Technique!” Lin Feng’s face stiffened in astonishment. Indeed, Tianhun used to be a Saint. He had to have his own Holy Techniques. And now, Jian Mang and Ruo Xie had really infuriated him. He wanted to slaughter them.

Jian Mang and Ruo Xie’s souls were trembling, and they sensed danger. They were going crazy. They were extraordinarily talented, but all in all, it wasn’t enough. Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye couldn’t compete with those people either, only Lin Feng could do something. Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun were too formidable!

PMG Chapter 2183

Chapter 2183: Killing Silently Without Anybody Noticing It

Sword intent emerged from Ling Feng’s body suddenly. An incredible amount of Holy Spirit Sword intent condensed. Lin Feng’s body suddenly looked like a gigantic sword das.h.i.+ng to the skies.

Chu Chun Qiu smiled indifferently when he saw that. On the other side, Saint Tianhun’s soul shaking energies were getting more and more explosive. He almost looked like a Saint. Even though he only had a thread of his Saint’s consciousness, it was still astonis.h.i.+ng. He used to be a real Saint, he had created his own Holy techniques back in the days. Therefore, using them was the best technique for him!

“Heehee, lend me some of your soul strength, come on!” said Tianhun, laughing coldly. At that moment, Ling Feng’s Sword intent streaked across the sky, fissures appearing around it. His Qi was fearsome. Not only did his Sword intent look deadly, but his whole body had turned into a gigantic and swift sword, too!

“Eh?” Saint Tianhun frowned. He sensed the terrifying Sword intent oppressing his own intent. Saint Tianhun looked at Chu Chun Qiu and said, “Stop him. I’ll take care of these two guys.”

“Alright!” said Chu Chun Qiu calmly. He slowly walked forwards and condensed strength in his fist. However, when his strength pa.s.sed next to the gigantic sword, it broke apart.

The gigantic sword streaked across the sky and turned into an ancient intent and cut through the sky.

“What’s going on?” Ni Cang jumped away. At the same time, Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi withdrew as well. Lin Feng turned into a gigantic sword and pa.s.sed next to them in a blur. He was shooting towards Saint Tianhun, who was attacking Jian Mang and Ruo Xie.

Saint Tianhun was astonished, sensing how terrifying that gigantic sword was. He released a terrifying amount of soul chains, which turned into endless soul spears and lunged towards the gigantic sword. At the same time, Saint Tianhun condensed another gigantic ice-cold and gloomy spear using soul strength. He also immediately released it towards the gigantic sword.

The gigantic sword shook violently and collided against the spears. Lin Feng had the impression his soul was going to explode and the world was going mad. Even though he had turned into a sword, the spear contained soul strength and attacked his soul!

Oppressive Qi filled the air, and dust floated all around. Saint Tianhun released more explosive soul strength again. He made hand seals. His chains surrounded the gigantic sword, but Tianhun remained vigilant. It was a difficult battle for him. Lin Feng was also using a Saint’s technique!

The atmosphere was oppressive, filled with Sword intent and soul strength. There was no s.p.a.ce for other people’s Qi. Even Ni Cang stopped fighting. He turned his head and looked at the two of them, his heart pounding. What a terrifying battle! Even Ni Cang was astonished.

Chu Chun Qiu smiled indifferently. His hands were clasped behind his back. An ancient king appeared around him, such a king despised common people. He slowly started walking towards the battle. Saint Tianhun looked at Chu Chun Qiu and said coldly, “Why didn’t you stop him!? Get rid of him, now!”

Chu Chun Qiu nodded. At the same time, he raised his hands and a terrifying intent filled the air. At the same time, he released explosive Sky Absorbing intent. He looked like a conquering hero, like a king who considered himself unexcelled in the world. He punched out and strength surged, filled with King intent, and pummeled the gigantic sword.

The gigantic sword shook even more. At the same time, Chu Chun Qiu moved like the wind, but this time, he didn’t move towards Lin Feng… he shot towards Tianhun at full speed!

“Argh…!” A gigantic Sky Absorbing strength vortex appeared and surrounded Saint Tianhun. Saint Tianhun’s intent started being drained, including his soul. His face distorted. He said nothing, instantly coughing up blood. He released a soul spear, which shot towards Chu Chun Qiu at full speed.

Chu Chun Qiu released King Dao and punched the spear, which instantly broke apart. At that moment, Saint Tianhun’s body became mistily dark. Chu Chun Qiu and his vortex appeared in front of him, and the dark mist absorbed them. Saint Tianhun’s silhouette trembled, but the dark mist suddenly moved away and reappeared in the distance.

“I failed,” whispered Chu Chun Qiu. He absorbed the dark mist Qi and rose up in the air. He looked at Saint Tianhun, who had reappeared, but he looked weak now, and was only dimly discernible.

“As expected, what an old fox, it seems like you’ve been guarding against me the whole time,” murmured Chu Chun Qiu.

Saint Tianhun grimaced and stared back at Chu Chun Qiu, “You were interested in me too…”

“Of course, you used to be a Saint,” said Chu Chun Qiu indifferently. “But you don’t have a Saint’s Qi, you don’t belong here. The world has changed!”

“Is that so? I’ll wait for you in the next round!” said Saint Tianhun. He turned into dark mist again and there was a surge of power. In the twinkling of an eye, he disappeared from everyone’s field of vision. Chu Chun Qiu had attacked him by surprise, and almost absorbed his intent. He was injured, and needed to find a place to recover. Hee couldn’t join hands with Chu Chun Qiu anymore.

Lin Feng had turned into his real body again. When he saw all this happen, he was surprised. Chu Chun Qiu was indeed wildly ambitious. Not only did he want to absorb Lin Feng’s intent, but he also wanted to absorb Tianhun’s intent. If Tianhun hadn’t been vigilant the whole time, Chu Chun Qiu would have succeeded!

Chu Chun Qiu looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “We’ll have to wait until the next round to fight. See you.”

Chu Chun Qiu departed. Without Tianhun, he couldn’t fight against all these people. He had the opportunity to fight against them, but he had changed his plan and taken the risk to attack Saint Tianhun because the latter’s intent was more interesting. However, he had failed. He didn’t regret anything, though. He never had doubts about himself!

After they left, Ni Cang didn’t stay either. He followed Chu Chun Qiu. Lin Feng didn’t prevent them from leaving, he wasn’t strong enough to deal with them. Besides, Yin Jiu….

“Unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to attack.” Initially, Wu Ya Zi had been waiting in the distance for a while. He had hoped all the parties would get badly injured so he could get involved. However, he was extremely disappointed. The strongest cultivators had flinched. He couldn’t chase them. Lin Feng and the others’ alliance was too powerful. He couldn’t rely on puppets to fight against them. Therefore, he left to look for other prey. The best thing to do was to kill as many people as possible to get rid of weaklings. He wasn’t interested in weaklings. He was interested in strong cultivators. He was Supreme Clouds’ First Master, he was proud!

Even though he couldn’t do much, he also watched some brilliant battles. Wu Ya Zi thought it was worth it, after all. He also learned more about those extraordinarily strong cultivators who might become his opponents in the next rounds.

Yin Jiu had watched the whole battle as well. After the end of the battle, he moved towards Jing and the others. Jing sensed Yin Jiu’s scary and dangerous Qi. She stood up and moved in front of Qing Feng. She stared at Yin Jiu coldly and released Qi, which filled the air.

However, Yin Jiu merely smiled at her. That smile was ice-cold, he looked scary with that smile and his black robe.

“That guy is strong, but I don’t like it when people threaten me. Therefore, I’ll punish you!” said Yin Jiu. Jing had the impression she was going to fall asleep. Yin Jiu turned into light silently without anybody noticing it.

“p.i.s.s off!” A terrifying Qi emerged from Jing’s body, exploding out. Yin Jiu shot up into the sky and laughed loudly. His black robe gradually became blurry and he disappeared. However, his manic laugh continued echoing.

“Let’s see how Qing Feng is feeling.” When Lin Feng arrived, his facial expression slightly changed. Jing shouted. Her face stiffened. She turned around and saw that Qing Feng’s eyes were closed. She seemed asleep. Death intent enveloped her body. Her Qi was dispersing!

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” shouted Jing explosively. Drowsy Death Technique, that was Yin Jiu, Blue Pale Clouds’ First Master!

Lin Feng landed in front of Qing Feng and destroyed the Death intent which surrounded her. At the same time, he released life cosmic energies quickly into her body. At the same time, he put his G.o.dly awareness into her brain and noticed illusionary dream cosmic energies.

“Qing Feng, come back.”

Qing Feng was walking in an infinite darkness. However, in her dream, she heard someone calling her. She turned around and was surprised to see Lin Feng, she whispered, “Come back?”

“Yes, come back. Come next to me,” said Lin Feng, stretching his hands. She looked at Lin Feng, hesitated and then smiled broadly. She slowly walked towards Lin Feng. She stretched out her arms and hugged him tight. Her heart was suddenly filled with warmth.

On the battlefield, Qing Feng slowly opened her eyes. When she saw Lin Feng, she looked confused. How had she ended up in a dream?

“What a terrifying spell.” Lin Feng’s face stiffened. Who was that guy? He could kill people silently without anybody noticing it!

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