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PMG Chapter 2184

Chapter 2184: Who Will Finish in the Top 100?

"He's Yin Jiu," said Jing calmly. Lin Feng was startled. He had spent so much time in G.o.dly Clouds City, he naturally knew who Yin Jiu was.

"Blue Pale Clouds' First Master!" said Lin Feng coldly. No wonder… Blue Pale Clouds' First Master, Yin Jiu, studied Drowsy Techniques, and controlled Dream Dao power. He could kill people silently without anybody noticing it; his strength was shapeless, invisible, and intangible. He made people fall asleep forever. A moment before, he had used his Drowsy Death Technique on Qing Feng. She was injured and he had attacked her again. Many people didn't even know they were injured when attacked by such ethereal energies. Therefore, Qing Feng had quickly fallen asleep.

"What just happened?" whispered Qing Feng. She was in Lin Feng's arms. Her dream had looked so real. She had almost gone into the abyss of the dream, she would never have been able to come back. However, Lin Feng had called out to her and she had gone back to him. When she heard Lin Feng and Jing's conversation, she realized she hadn't had an ordinary dream. She could have died!

When she thought about that, she looked embarra.s.sed.

"If you face danger in the next round, give up," said Lin Feng calmly, as Jun Mo Xi and the others arrived and landed on the mountain. The battle had been dangerous. They didn't know what the rules of the next round would be. If it consisted of one-on-ones and they had to fight against Chu Chun Qiu, Saint Tianhun, or the First Masters, they wouldn't be able to compete with them.

After all, even being a First Master didn't mean that a cultivator was the strongest of all. It proved that they were at the very, very top of the Huang Qi layer, along with few other people. The continent was so vast, in places like the eighteen main cities of the Dark Night Region, there were already many geniuses, but not many of them could stand at the same level as the First Masters.

"This round is going to finish soon," whispered Jing. Lang Ye, Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and the others calmly stood there and remained silent. They were all dazzling cultivators, but during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they would face many dangers. Some people considered them prey. It would help them understand what their limits were. They had to progress step by step. Of course, they couldn't give up easily, either! They would fight using their full strength!

Of course, they weren't the only ones who were going to have a hard time. Many people there were considered prey by others. Apart from those who stood at the very top, everybody else was in danger. There were fewer and fewer people on the battlefield; some died, some used the scepter to escape. Gradually, the number of cultivators was decreasing and only two hundred cultivators would be left soon.


People in the outside world looked at the battlefield. No matter how long the battles would last, they would watch. They didn't want to miss anything from those battles. This event took place once every hundred years. Cultivators of the highest levels partic.i.p.ated in this event. If they missed some parts, they'd have to wait for a hundred years again to watch something similar again!

"The round is about to end. The remaining cultivators are terrifying geniuses," muttered the crowd staring at the battlefield. At that moment, a little bit more than two hundred cultivators were left.

"Yes, indeed. Now, we can almost predict who the top twenty to thirty cultivators will be. It will be difficult for other people to reach the top twenty or thirty."

"Do you think anyone else will manage to end up in the top ten?" asked someone.

"Hua Qing Feng is first. n.o.body will manage to kick him out of his position. Even if he falls down in the rankings, he'll still end up in the top three. The deployment spell caster is also terrifying. He could end up in the top three. Apart from them, the other First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds will end up in the top ten. That's ten people already. But Chu Chun Qiu, the fifth one, and the one who controls soul strength could definitely end up in the top ten as well."

"Those people are the strongest ones, indeed. Of course, there are many other strong people in G.o.dly Clouds City. Holy Mountain's Buddhist monk, he's extremely strong. Xian Ren is also extremely strong. We can almost predict what the top thirty will look like. I don't think geniuses from other regions can compete with geniuses from G.o.dly Clouds City."

"Indeed, those geniuses are strong. There are the beautiful phoenix girls as well. They're really strong. And the one who fought against Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Feng. He killed Lei Dong Tian easily, he's strong. Those people can easily end up in the top fifty. If they become a little bit stronger during the event, they might even make it to the top thirty."


Everyone was still gossiping about the different contestants when blinding lights suddenly flashed. In an instant, the fighters on the battlefield felt dizzy, as if the sky was falling onto them, and time had stopped.

"Everybody, stop fighting," said an all-powerful voice. The world slowly became distorted, and disappeared around them. The fighters reappeared on the platform. They were all really close to one another this time.

Many of the people looked furious. Many people were still hunting before reappearing there. Some people were staring at their opponents. They wanted to continue fighting!

However, since the strong cultivator of Fortune Shrine spoke, it meant the round was over. Naturally, they couldn't contradict him, and had to wait.

"The remaining fighters can go back onto their pillars," said the Diviner calmly. In a split second, the fighters' silhouettes flickered and they jumped back onto their pillars. Many pillars were empty now. So many people had been eliminated! People understood that those who hadn't managed to act fast enough to pa.s.s the first round weren't talented enough for this event.

The Diviner waved, and the empty pillars disappeared. Two hundred pillars remained, two hundred strong cultivators. The pillars were s.h.i.+ning, and lights suddenly enveloped the fighters. The numbers above their heads changed, and the pillars suddenly started moving with heavy rumbles.

The numbers of some of the strongest cultivators didn't change because people above them hadn't been eliminated. Lin Feng's rank changed from 135 to 105. Three hundred people had been eliminated; of the people who initially were above him in the rankings, only thirty people had been eliminated. People who were above him in the rankings were truly strong.

"In the next round, the first hundred cultivators will be determined. It will be a simple round," said the Diviner calmly. "The rules are: the first cultivator fights against the 200th one, the second fights against the 199th and so on. The winners stays, the loser is eliminated. If someone wins, they replace their opponent in the rankings."

People who were at the bottom of the rankings were astonished, their faces stiffened. They knew that it was probably going to be the last round for them. They were going to fight against the strongest cultivators!

The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is fair. Those who end up at the top of the rankings in the first round have an advantage, those who end up at the bottom of the rankings don't…, thought the crowd. After this round, a hundred cultivators would remain. Those hundred people would be glorious. And after that, they would still continue fighting!

"Now, let's start from the first one. You must fight within the light curtain; if you want to surrender, touch the light curtain. After it opens, you can leave the battle stage; otherwise, you'll die," explained the Diviner calmly.

In the twinkling of an eye, a light curtain appeared in front of every single pillar. The platform was surrounded by a light curtain. Two hundred handprints appeared on the light curtain, the fighters could activate the light curtain by putting their hands on them.

G.o.dly Clouds' First Master, Hua Qing Feng, put his hand on the light curtain and jumped within its boundaries, landing on the battle stage. The 200th cultivator was a young man in golden clothes. His facial expression looked sharp, his Qi was powerful, but everybody was convinced that that battle wasn't going to be surprising at all.

The cultivators who were at the top were just too terrifying.

Actually, as the crowd had expected, Hua Qing Feng moved slowly, looking confident and at ease. His lips moved. Sword lights appeared, he stuck out his tongue, and a sword appeared out of his mouth. The air began to vibrate from the Sword intent. It surrounded the lower-ranked fighter, and quickly, without him having time to do anything else, he put his hand on the handprint, crossed the light curtain and surrendered.

PMG Chapter 2185

Chapter 2185: A Hundred Strong Cultivators

Hua Qing Feng won.

It was the second cultivator's turn, the reincarnated Great Deployment Master. He was extremely strong. He could cast deployment spells in the twinkling of an eye. His opponent couldn't resist against his deployment spells. He was talented, but he was overwhelmed and instantly lost, or more precisely, he died instantly.

That guy's deployment spells are terrifying. He looks emotionless, cold, and detached. During the previous round, on the battlefield, he didn't join hands with anyone, he stayed alone and killed so many people. He'll probably remain in the top ten. He can probably defeat some of the nine First Masters of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He might even end up in the top three, thought the crowd when they saw the spiritual body's strength.

The third and fourth cultivators had similar methods. They were both First Masters: Supreme Clouds' First Master, Wu Ya Zi, who had both a supreme emotions-destroying technique, and whose energies were explosive, killed his opponent without giving him time to do anything.

The fourth one was Prince Wu Qing, who also practiced emotionlessness cultivation. He had some Emotionless Techniques; he was emotionless, so he was merciless as well. He also killed the 197th strong cultivator.

The fifth one was Chu Chun Qiu. His strength was explosive. He used Sky Absorbing techniques and absorbed his enemy's intent, slaughtering him.

The cultivators of the top five all won their battles extremely easily. Among their five opponents, four died. People's hearts were pounding. How cruel! Those people were real geniuses too!

The atmosphere in G.o.dly Clouds City wasn't lively, many people looked sad. Many geniuses had done so much in life to succeed, and now they were dying one after another. At the beginning, more than a hundred thousand people wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, then they had been gone through the selection process and had been rejected. Then, a few more than a thousand people had been selected to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, which was a success.

And then they had died or been eliminated. The number of contestants had been reduced to two hundred. It was a ma.s.sive reduction. Those people were all geniuses amongst geniuses. Now, many of them were dying. Among them were some people who were considered incredible geniuses in G.o.dly Clouds City. The crowd felt strange when they saw them die so easily…

Everybody understood that even if some people made it and ended up in the top hundred, in the end, the most important ones would be the ones at the very top of the rankings. Only those people would be glorious and dazzling.

"Wu Ya Zi, Prince Wu Qing, Chu Chun Qiu, those people are extremely strong but between them, who's the strongest one?" wondered the watchers. Even though they felt sad for those who were dying, they were also excited and wanted to see the most dazzling geniuses' battles. Those battles would be extraordinary!

The sixth and seventh battles weren't surprising, either. The sixth and seventh cultivators won. Lin Feng was particularly interested in the eighth battle because he knew the eighth cultivator. He had met him in the small world back then: Kong Ming!

Kong Ming was an extremely strong fighter, a Buddhist cultivator. He was surrounded by Buddha's halo. He could release dazzling hands which were as hard as mountains.

After Kong Ming's battle, there was no surprise either until the 23rd battle. At that moment, the crowd was astonished, the 23rd cultivator lost against the 178th cultivator! The 178th cultivator then replaced him.

After that, things came back to normal and there were no surprises. After thirty-some battles, people were less strong, battles were less impressive, and people couldn't be sure they were going to stay where they were in the rankings. Lang Ye was much lower than Lin Feng in the ranking list, but he wasn't relaxed at all. In the end, he still won and replaced his opponent.

Of course, before Lang Ye, Jing had also replaced her opponent!

After that, Ruo Xie fought, he ranked in the 150's. He fought against someone who was ranked 40-something. It was a disaster; Ruo Xie used his full strength, but still didn't manage to win. In the end, his opponent wanted to kill him, but Ruo Xie released deceleration strength to slow his opponent down and managed to put his hand on the light curtain and left. Unfortunately, he wouldn't end up in the top 100 of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds…

After Ruo Xie, Jian Mang also fought. Even though Jian Mang was oppressed the whole time and almost died, he used his full strength, released a terrifying sword strike and managed to win, beheading his opponent using a light sword. That move amazed and astonished many people, especially since he was blind. How dazzling, he had dared and won!

Jian Mang revealed his true strength with that last sword attack. He won't be able to use it again, people will antic.i.p.ate it, thought Lin Feng. After Jian Mang, Jun Mo Xi also battled and won. He had an Imperial immortal body, he could recover really quickly. Following him, Wu lost, his opponent was too strong.

Then, it was Qing Feng's turn, Lin Feng looked over at her and said, "Qing Feng, give up."

Qing Feng frowned. Give up?

"Feng, give up," suggested Jing as well. Qing Feng's condition was critical, she was severely injured and couldn't fight.

Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng. She really wanted to end up in the top 100 and be able to travel freely to and from the inner part of G.o.dly Clouds City. In the end, she sighed and took a step forward. She wanted to go onto the battle stage!

"Stop!" shouted Lin Feng explosively. Qing Feng's foot shook in the air. She looked over at Lin Feng.

"Try and dare go onto the battle stage!" said Lin Feng coldly, releasing icy strength which filled the air. Qing Feng stared at him, suddenly looking extremely sad.

"Lin Feng, what are you doing?" Jing asked Lin Feng. She looked furious when she saw Qing Feng's expression. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was scolding Qing Feng!

"You shut up!" said Lin Feng, barely glancing at Jing. Jing released her own Qi which rolled out and carried everything away, but Lin Feng ignored her. He looked at Qing Feng and said, "Go back!"

Qing Feng's head trembled.

"Oh!" she finally said. She sounded crushed. She went back onto her pillar. Lin Feng's ice-cold energies dispersed and disappeared. People around remained silent and calmly watched. She had given up, such things happened.

Qing Feng went back onto her pillar and lowered her head, looking extremely sad. She rarely looked like that. But from the look in her eyes, one could almost see she looked happy. She grabbed the sides of her clothes and clenched her fists like a little girl. n.o.body noticed that, though.

Jing sighed. Poor girl, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't know how lucky he was, Qing Feng was in love with him. If Jing had the opportunity, she'd definitely teach him a good lesson!

The battles continued. Hou Qing Lin was also lower than Lin Feng in the rankings. Therefore, he fought before Lin Feng. They ranked just above a hundredth position so their opponents' ranks were also to the hundredth. Besides, there wasn't a big level difference between them, so the battles were more spectacular. Hou Qing Lin ended up injured, but won and replaced his opponent.

People who were at the top of the rankings closed their eyes, they weren't interested in these battles. They couldn't wait for the next round to start.

Then, it was Lin Feng's turn. He put his hand on the light curtain and ended up on the battle stage. His opponent looked at him calmly. He ranked 96th. He said to Lin Feng, "You made that girl give up. Why don't you give up yourself?"

People in the outside world had clearly seen how strong Lin Feng was on the battlefield during the previous round, but not all the contestants had seen Lin Feng fight on the battlefield. They didn't even know one another. This cultivator didn't know how strong Lin Feng was.

"Let's fight." Lin Feng didn't take this battle to heart. He didn't think he could lose against the 96th cultivator. His Sword intent filled the air.

"If you die, that girl will become mine!" said that guy, smiling casually. Lin Feng looked at him coldly, and suddenly his sword Qi shot up into the sky. It was ominous. At the same time, he released an awesome empty s.p.a.ce strength and condensed it even as he cast a celestial stage deployment spell.

His opponent was dumbfounded, releasing his own icy strength on instinct. At that moment, Lin Feng waved his hand, his sword shrieking in the air, and disappeared.

His opponent was stunned. He released an incredible amount of strength to protect himself from the sword attack he knew was coming, punching out unceasingly and furiously. A vortex of strength appeared around him, and he sensed oppressive energies.

Lin Feng appeared above him, demon lights surrounding him. His Sword intent cut through s.p.a.ce.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted that person explosively. He used his full strength to attack Lin Feng, but Lin Feng's physical strength was incredible.

Lin Feng released death strength, and the air churned and rumbled.

That guy couldn't compete with Lin Feng, his head exploded, and his soul dispersed. He was dead!

Lin Feng looked at the corpse coldly as the crowd sighed. Another genius had died. Lin Feng could end up in the top fifty! If his opponent hadn't said what he had said, Lin Feng wouldn't have killed him!

When Qing Feng saw that, she smiled thinly. She looked particularly beautiful at that moment.

After Lin Feng, the battles continued. Those who were going to end up in the top hundred were finally known!

PMG Chapter 2186

Chapter 2186: Green Jade Clouds' First Lady

The inner part of G.o.dly Clouds City was vast. Many people were watching the battles from there. When they saw those who were definitely going to end up in the top hundred, they were excited. Those cultivators had pa.s.sed all the first rounds.

He's in the top hundred. He'll be able to travel back and forth freely, thought Xue Shen Feng, staring at Lin Feng unhappily. He had lost against Lin Feng back in the day. Now Lin Feng could come to the world where he lived freely!

Duan Feng had the opposite reaction, he smiled indifferently. Brother Lin Feng was going to be in the top hundred, no matter what. And besides, maybe he was going to continue rising in the rankings. He was extremely strong, he might be joining Fortune Shrine, as well. However, becoming one of Fortune Shrine's core disciples would be complicated.

(Translator's note: Duan Feng just appeared out of nowhere, I checked the previous chapters several times, and the last time Duan Feng was mentioned was in chapter 1341-1350. But we understand it was the young man who kept calling him Brother Lin Feng in the previous chapter and who kept smiling).

The crowd looked at the cultivators on the pillars solemnly and respectfully. The next battles were going to be even more cruel. Since they were in the top hundred, they were allowed to travel freely to and from the inner part of G.o.dly Clouds City, but the next battles were going to be cruel. The next step was to try and end up in the top fifty, to be able to join the Fortune Shrine…

Up in the air, the Diviner looked at the crowd and smiled. He waved, and lights moved towards the contestants. This time, they received scepters again, but they looked like keys. They floated in front of the contestants.

"You may use your G.o.dly awareness to fuse together with those scepters. In the future, you can use them to enter the inner part of the city. In the next round, you're also going to need to use them," said the Diviner patiently. "We already know the cultivators who will end up in the top fifty. Now, you're going to a small and narrow misty palace. Inside, there are many dangers, and you could into anyone else. I gave you those scepters because I hope none of you will die. After all, you made it here, people like you are rare. Therefore, if you face danger, use the scepter to come out. But if you use the scepter to come out, your position will be at the bottom of the rankings. It'll be that way until the top thirty appear."

When the crowd heard the Diviner, they frowned. Thirty people? This time, fifty people weren't going to be eliminated, but seventy? How cruel! The first thirty cultivators would be terrifyingly strong. Who was going to end up in the top thirty?

Even the geniuses on the pillars couldn't imagine. During this round, seventy people were going to be eliminated, that was the greater majority. Of course, the top fifty would have the possibility to join Fortune Shrine. n.o.body could know what was going to happen inside, but according to the Diviner, the best thing was to get eliminated as late as possible.

Lights illuminated the platform again. This time, a dark and gloomy ancient castle appeared. Besides, the crowd realized that they couldn't see anything. Would they be able to watch this time?

There were a hundred dark doors in the darkness. Those were the entrances. The Diviner said to the fighters, "Go in. I hope you'll stay inside the whole time. Same rules. Since most of you are going to be eliminated, we'll see how strong and tenacious you are."

After the fighters heard the Diviner, they entered the ancient castle, Lin Feng and his friends with them. The doors closed themselves behind them. People outside couldn't see what was happening inside. They would only be able to see the eliminated people come out.

"Unfortunately, we won't be able to see this extraordinary round!" the crowd sighed. They were annoyed. What was going to happen inside the dark palace?


Lin Feng entered the ancient castle. A dark path appeared indistinctly in front of him. On both sides of the path were statues. All the statues were holding extremely sharp demon blades. It was dangerous. Lin Feng felt cold inside. The scepter in his third eye twinkled indistinctly. If he faced danger, he could use it to leave. Therefore, unless he was by surprise, he wouldn't die inside. Even if someone attempted to someone else, since people could activate the scepters with their G.o.dly awareness, it would be difficult.

Wings appeared on his back, empty s.p.a.ce strength started intertwining. Powerful cosmic energies filled the air. Lin Feng's silhouette flickered, and he merged into the wind.

However, when he started moving, the statues also started moving. Sharp demon energies cut everything around them

"No!" Lin Feng was startled. The energies were chaotic, there was absolutely no pattern. He couldn't cross them relying on speed. He withdrew quickly and went back to the beginning of the path. The statues also stopped moving.

"What if I stayed here and didn't move?" he wondered. However, he quickly forgot about that tactic as the statues started towards him at the same time, brandis.h.i.+ng their gloomy blades.

"Can I only rely on strength to attack?" he asked himself. He stared at the statues and released a terrifying demon Qi before moving forwards again.

Sharp blade lights filled the air. Demon lights cut for him.

Those blade lights are powerful!, thought Lin Feng. He punched out, and two blade lights broke apart. At the same time, he struck a statue with a sword, but the statue stood its ground steadfastly.

Lin Feng was astonished. He understood he couldn't destroy the statues. Lin Feng looked thoughtful and moved backwards. The statues calmed down.

"I need to press on without letup to get out!" he swore. He still had wings, his eyes became pitch-black. He looked at all the statues, none of them could escape from Lin Feng's vision.

Lin Feng attacked again, blade lights reappeared. s.p.a.ce was being cut. Lin Feng's silhouette was distorted. He streaked across the air, destroying two blade lights. He used his right hand to punch out constantly. At the same time, he beat his wings frantically, turning into a beam of light. He traveled over a third of the path.

However, all the blade lights moved with him, Lin Feng could see them all. He didn't stop. Moving on was the only way. He looked agile and graceful, but his silhouette was bending. At the same time, he released Sword intent which scattered in all directions around him and destroyed the blade lights.

However, many blade lights still posed a threat to him. Those blades were brutal and could cut s.p.a.ce, so of course they could also kill people. Even with his physical strength, Lin Feng wasn't sure he could resist them.

When Lin Feng reached two-thirds of the path, a blade light glittered and shot towards him.

"Break!" shouted Lin Feng explosively. He spat out Sword intent, and the blade light weakened. Lin Feng crossed it, and with his physical strength, the light broke apart when he crossed it. He was surrounded by pitch-black Demon intent.

"p.i.s.s off!" Lin Feng punched out. His energies destroyed everything on his way. He barreled down the path like a cannonball, destroying everything in his path. After the last blade light broke apart, Lin Feng reached a junction. All the paths were extremely vast. However, they weren't big enough for battles. In front of him, Lin Feng noticed an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

Her Qi was incredible. When she saw Lin Feng, she frowned. She glanced at the number above his head: 96! She remembered that initially Lin Feng ranked 105th. He had defeated his enemy to get down to the 96th position.

And she ranked eleventh!

"11." Lin Feng was stunned. She was in the top twenty, definitely extraordinary. She was also the only woman in the top twenty!

Dazzling lights appeared, stars glittered in the air. The beautiful woman was surrounded by eye-catching lights. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by darkness and stars.

"Leave now," Xue Yi said to Lin Feng calmly.

"The only place in the Continent of the Nine Clouds where the First Lady is stronger than the First Master is Green Jade Clouds. She controls star strength and can summon the strength of the stars," said Lin Feng, looking at that woman calmly. This woman was Green Jade Clouds' First Lady!

Xue Yi stretched out her hands and made star strength rotate. Gigantic stars descended from the sky to attack Lin Feng!

She can control stars. How strong!, thought Lin Feng when he saw all those stars. He condensed strength in his fist and punched out.

The gigantic stars broke apart. Lin Feng sensed a heavy strength behind them. He understood that this woman was really extremely strong!

PMG Chapter 2187

Chapter 2187: Hou Qing Lin's Elimination

Many people were extremely talented in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Some people had king-type bodies. Of course, apart from them, there were also people who had special kinds of bodies. Green Jade Clouds' First Lady was extremely strong and she had a special kind of body: a star body!

On the path of cultivation, special bodies were related to the cultivator's spirit. After breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, cultivators' spirits fused together with their blood. Using the power of their spirits was more natural. It also became easier for them to use certain spells. Green Jade Clouds' First Lady could release such a strength thanks to her spirit and special body type, she could summon stars.

On the small and narrow path, Lin Feng was stuck in a rain of stars!

At that moment, Green Jade Clouds' First Lady didn't use an extremely strong attack. She was surprised and stared at Lin Feng. She knew that his physical strength was incredible, much better than hers.

"Open the star world. We can take different paths. You can eliminate me." said Lin Feng calmly. Xue Yi grunted coldly. Her stars became even more dazzling as she summoned more of them. Meteorites kept streaking across the sky. It was incredible in the darkness.

It was raining stars at night…

Lin Feng also grunted coldly. Since Green Jade Clouds' First Lady wanted to fight, he had no choice. He slowly walked forwards and terrifying demon Kalpa thunder lights appeared around him. He rose up in the air, the ten thousand things of creation started intertwining. His demon and lightning cosmic energies filled the air, the meteorites kept exploding and vanis.h.i.+ng.

Xue Yi frowned. This man's cosmic energies were really powerful. Not only did Lin Feng have an incredible physical strength, his cosmic energies were also more powerful than hers. Therefore, he could destroy her meteorites!

However, Xue Yi was just surprised. She quickly calmed down and waved her hands. Lights flared, and star lights surrounded Lin Feng.

"Explode!" shouted Xue Yi coldly. Instantly, the endless number of star lights turned into destructive strength and shot towards Lin Feng quickly.

What a powerful spell! She can easily kill people who are a bit weaker than her with such spells. This is a deadly spell, thought Lin Feng. There was no lack of strange things in this boundless world. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was so vast, and there were so many geniuses.

Lin Feng's DevMara Kalpa lights became even more brilliant and fused together with his lightning energies, slamming into the stars. Energies surged all around them. Lin Feng was bathing in strength and slowly walked forwards as before. His face was cold, and his eyes were filled with murder.

When Xue Yi saw that Lin Feng still looked relaxed, the star lights around her became even more dazzling. She grunted coldly, and moved towards Lin Feng, looking like a celestial being. She pressed forward with an indomitable will, as if nothing could stop her.

Lin Feng released his Sword intent. Holy Spirit swords rotated around him as well as demon Kalpa lights. His demon Kalpa strength turned into a black demon Kalpa sword. Fissures appeared all around them in the darkness.

The stars glittered. Xue Yi landed in front of Lin Feng, waved her hands, and the stars moved forwards explosively.

"Hmph!" Lin Feng grunted. His demon king's Death Dao became even more explosive. It surged out and carried everything away. However, Lin Feng had the sensation that even though the woman's attacks were weak, her defense was terrifying. It had nothing to do with her cultivation, it was due to her special body!

Lin Feng and Xue Yi walked closer to each other slowly and condensed more strength. Lin Feng started chanting his incantation, invisible and intangible soundwaves piercing through Xue Yi's eardrums. The two cultivators' energies kept colliding and exploding. Lin Feng sensed that her attack were getting more powerful. Behind her, there were millions of stars, it was her main strength.

They stepped back away from each other, as if by mutual agreement.

Lin Feng looked at Xue Yi. Stars kept glittering behind her. Star strength was her strength. Otherwise, she couldn't have collided against Lin Feng.

"Since you really want to fight, I'll play with you," said Lin Feng coldly, "Mourn!"

Brilliant lights appeared. Lin Feng remained as motionless as a mountain, as if the ten thousand things of creation couldn't affect him.

Xue Yi frowned and then waved her hands. Her stars disappeared, her silhouette flickered, and she headed towards a path. She didn't want to fight anymore. She didn't need to fight against people who were too strong, and she hadn't expected Lin Feng to be so strong.

When Lin Feng saw her leave, he didn't chase her. Just like her, he thought he didn't need to fight against people who were too strong. During that round, the most important thing was to eliminate people.

Therefore, Lin Feng chose another road, but not the same as Xue Yi.

He was alone on the path. Lin Feng didn't know that the Diviner had actually planned everything they would into during that round. If people from outside had been able to see what was going on inside, they would have realized that that misty palace was actually a sealed and circular labyrinth, and the Diviner kept modifying it all the time. That way, only two people could be together on a path at the same time.

If the crowd could see, they would also notice that people only b.u.mped into people at the other end in the rankings. For example, the one who ranked first b.u.mped into people who were in the last ten of the list, and the top ten encountered people who were at the bottom of the rankings, as well. People of the top of the rankings didn't meet at this stage. Lin Feng had encountered Xue Yi because he was at the bottom of the rankings and Xue Yi was at the top.

Of course, some people got eliminated because of the blade lights.

Lin Feng had pa.s.sed the test of the blade lights and fought a first battle, but he didn't get eliminated. Therefore, his second opponent wasn't that strong, it was someone who ranked 50-something. That person had just fought against someone who ranked 30-something; he hadn't killed his opponent, they had chosen to take different paths.


When Fu Lun saw that his opponent was ranked 96, he thought he was lucky and smiled indifferently. He seemed to be encountering people from the bottom of the rankings only. Even if they were strong, they couldn't compete with him. When he saw Lin Feng, he was convinced Lin Feng couldn't be stronger than him.

(Translator's note: the name Fu Lun appears here for the first time)

Fu Lun smiled happily and threw himself at Lin Feng. At that moment, he was still thinking about the statues' blades. He was convinced that the statues had probably intercepted a dozen people and that during the first battles, twenty to thirty people were going to be eliminated as well. He based his a.n.a.lysis on those two hypotheses. He tried to count; if thirty people or forty people were eliminated, after the second round of battles, fifty people would be eliminated, and then he'd manage to get qualified and be able to access Fortune City. He was already enthusiastic about becoming a member of Fortune City.

But actually, Fu Lun's a.n.a.lysis was wrong, not that many people got eliminated. Many people decided not to fight and to take different paths. Very abruptly, Fu Lun also realized that he wasn't lucky.

Fu Lun reappeared outside on the pillars suddenly, his forehead covered with cold sweat. His face was deathly pale, and he was shaking. He glanced around. Less than thirty people had been eliminated. The number above his head had also changed, he was now 72!

This round wasn't absolutely fair, but Fortune Shrine didn't need fair battles. They needed to have people eliminated for the last battles. Those would be fair, so it was enough. They couldn't think of a simple solution to make every single round completely fair, otherwise, it would have been too complex.

"That Fu Lun. He's from the Northern Town of G.o.dly Clouds City, from the Fu Clan. He's really strong. He had the potential to end up in the top fifty, and now he's been eliminated. I wonder who defeated him." chattered many people when they saw Fu Lun. They couldn't believe it. More and more people were appearing on the pillars.


A person known to Lin Feng's friends appeared: Hou Qing Lin! He had been eliminated too….

Hou Qing Lin pulled a long face. He tried to keep calm as he sighed, "It seems that I'm way too weak in comparison with those strong cultivators. After going back, I'll practice cultivation as hard as I can. I'll give my everything…"

A moment before, he had fought a first battle, he had won and then continued. Then he had encountered an extraordinarily beautiful woman who could use the power of the stars. She wasn't physically strong, but her spells were incredible and her strength. In the end, he had to use the scepter.

He wouldn't be able to join Fortune Shrine, but he didn't feel too sad about it. He was determined. What didn't kill him made him stronger! He would continue practicing cultivation with an indomitable will!

The one who had defeated Hou Qing Lin was Xue Yi, Green Jade Clouds' First Lady!

PMG Chapter 2188

Chapter 2188: First Master Eliminated

A short time after Hou Qing Lin, Jian Mang also reappeared on his pillar. Thanks to his G.o.dly awareness, he sensed Hou Qing Lin's presence and said, "You've been eliminated too?"

"Yes, I'm not strong enough. If Lin Feng hadn't been there in the previous round, Chu Chun Qiu and the others would have eliminated us already," said Hou Qing Lin calmly. He tried to keep calm. He wasn't strong enough, it was a fact and he accepted it. In the future, he would practice cultivation really hard. This was an experience, and it made him stronger.

"Eh, actually, Chu Chun Qiu eliminated me," whispered Jian Mang. Hou Qing Lin was startled, and then laughed. Jian Mang was really unlucky, but he was still safe and sound, that was the main thing. They had done quite well for this Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

"I hope that Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi will stay in there longer," muttered Hou Qing Lin, looking at the dark palace. He hoped they'd be able to end up in the top fifty. He also wondered how far Lin Feng would go…


More and more people came out. The fifty-first cultivator came out: Jun Mo Xi! Hou Qing Lin sighed, what a pity! One position shy… But Lang Ye was definitely in the top fifty!

Lang Ye controlled world strength. Therefore, he could protect himself better than the others. He was still inside!

"Fiftieth, the top fifty are still in there!" the excited watchers exclaimed. Lights twinkled, and someone appeared. Hou Qing Lin frowned: it was precisely Lang Ye! He was fiftieth!

At that moment, Lang Ye had a strange expression on his face. His eyes kept twinkling, he looked at the castle and said, "Who was that guy…? How strange…"

Lang Ye had encountered a strange yet extremely strong cultivator. He had used his scepter to come out.


At that moment, that strange cultivator ended up on the same path as Xian Ren. He looked at the number above his head: 68. He was quite low in the rankings. And this person also looked ordinary.

However, that ordinary person hadn't been eliminated yet, was he just lucky? Or was he really strong?

Xian Ren opened his mouth to talk, but at that moment, the other man stretched out his hand but didn't attack. He raised his hand and scratched his head. He smiled in a simple and honest way and said, "Let's not fight. Leave."

Xian Ren was too stunned to talk. The other one had talked faster than him, but Xian Ren wanted to say the same.

Besides, that ordinary-looking guy scratched his head and looked simple and down to earth. He had no Qi at all. He didn't look like a cultivator. He was even a little bit fat!

Indeed. He looked ordinary because he wasn't tall and st.u.r.dy, he was fat. He looked nice though; he smiled, and he was clean. But he looked boorish, too…

"My name is Zhou Rong Man. I'm the 333rd son of the Zhou Clan. The reason why I'm telling you my name is that I want you to know who will defeat you, my name is Zhou Rong Man!" Zhou Rong Man smiled.

Xian Ren looked amused. He thought he had humor, but Zhou Rong Man was even funnier!

Xian Ren was surprised to see someone like that in there, he hadn't noticed him before.

"You don't want to leave, so I'll kick you out. Be careful," smiled Zhou Rong Man smiling. Each time he smiled, two white teeth appeared, like a rabbit. He moved, seemingly fat and slow. However, Xian Ren was astonished because Zhou Rong Man arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Xian Ren was astonished. His robe fluttered, he instantly released Qi which filled the air. He looked like a well-educated scholar.

"Weapon!" said Xian Ren. Sharp Qi filled the air and streaked across the sky. At the same time, lights shot towards his foe. Each light beam was as sharp as a sword and emitted humming sounds with intent.

The Confucianist monk was furious, he strictly enforced the principles he learned in the Holy scriptures. Slas.h.i.+ng sounds kept spreading through the air. His light beams lacerated Zhou Rong Man's clothes, but they didn't pierce through his skin, to the extent that they even broke apart after reaching him.

Xian Ren was astonished. His enemy kept smiling gently. Xian Ren invoked his scepter and slowly disappeared. He was still astonished…

"Pfew…" When Xian Ren reappeared on the stone pillar, his expression had completely changed, and was even worse than Lang Ye's. His opponent's voice kept resonating in his brain, My name is Zhou Rong Man. The reason why I'm telling you my name is that I want you to know who will defeat you, my name is Zhou Rong Man.

"Xian Ren has been eliminated too." People from G.o.dly Clouds City were stunned. Xian Ren was from Holy Mountain. He hadn't even ended up in the top thirty, he was in the top fifty! Who had eliminated Xian Ren?

Soon, the top thirty were going to appear…


In the labyrinth, Lin Feng b.u.mped into more people, and eliminated two people. He also b.u.mped into an extremely strong cultivator: Yin Jiu, Blue Pale Clouds' First Master!

When Lin Feng b.u.mped into Yin Jiu, they both remained silent. Yin Jiu looked calm and composed in his black robe. However, Lin Feng knew his Drowsiness Dao was extremely dangerous. He could kill people silently without anybody noticing it. He had almost killed Qing Feng!

Lin Feng released his intent without the slightest scruple. However, at the same time, he remained vigilant. This enemy was dangerous. He couldn't give them a chance. He also didn't intend to let the enemy off. One of them had to be eliminated!

An incredible amount of Sword intent filled the air. Lin Feng walked towards Yin Jiu slowly. He suddenly had the impression his consciousness was trying to leave his body. He could only walk forwards because there were walls on both sides of the path. He also had the impression something was pus.h.i.+ng him to walk forwards.

"It's just an illusion." Lin Feng closed his eyes. He was determined. His consciousness was drawn back into his body. Yin Jiu was still standing in the same place, staring at Lin Feng. He wanted to drag Lin Feng into an illusion and kill him in his world!

Lin Feng released a terrifying Death intent which surged out and carried everything away. A Death pattern appeared and grew to gigantic size. Since his enemy wanted to kill him, Lin Feng would also do his best to kill him.

An ancient and desolate Qi filled the air. Sky Absorbing strength appeared. The atmosphere was filled with death.

"Stop!" said Yin Jiu coldly. His Dao was his goal, his goal was to kill. He had never used explosive attacks to fight. He had always made his enemies fall asleep and killed them silently.

"An ancient Saint's technique coupled with death cosmic energies and death Dao, we'll see how you intend to kill death."

Lin Feng continued slowly walking forwards. The atmosphere around him was filled with death.

"Oppress!" said Lin Feng, turning into a death pattern. The atmosphere became dark, filled with oppressive death Qi.

Yin Jiu's life was being corroded, and his face turned deathly pale. He released Drowsiness intent.

The two kinds of intent were dangerous as they intertwined.

At that moment, someone was walking on a path which led to their duel, and his vitality started being corroded. He promptly turned around and left.

Both the death and drowsiness strengths contained immortal strength.

Yin Jiu's life Qi slowly dispersed. His Drowsiness intent started dispersing. His face stiffened. He was a First Master, how could he lose?

A river appeared, made of death energies. It flowed towards Yin Jiu like a flood. He released Dao intent, but he still couldn't prevent the death strength from corroding his life strength. He had the sensation his eyelids were becoming heavier, as if he were about to fall asleep forever.

"I'm a First Master, and I'm going to be eliminated." Yin Jiu grimaced. He closed his eyes, ground his teeth, his gums bleeding. Why? How come? He was extremely strong. How could he lose?…


Yin Jiu reappeared on a pillar outside. The whole crowd was astonished. Finally, a powerful cultivator had been eliminated. Who had eliminated him? Yin Jiu wouldn't be able to end up in the top thirty!

PMG Chapter 2189

Chapter 2189: Zhou Rong Man's Confidence

"What a pity we can't see what's happening inside!" sighed the people from G.o.dly Clouds City. n.o.body knew what was going on inside, who had eliminated Yin Jiu? Only he knew.

"Could it be that Yin Jiu b.u.mped into another First Master?" they wondered. Maybe that the cultivator who could cast terrifying deployment spells? Or Chu Chun Qiu?

"Sixty people have been eliminated. Soon, seventy people will have been eliminated, and thus we will soon see the cultivators of the top thirty," they figured out expectantly. They finally were going to see the top thirty! Who would be strong enough to finish in the top thirty? One of the First Masters had been eliminated, the remaining people were probably terrifyingly strong!


In the ancient castle, Lin Feng b.u.mped into someone. When he saw the fellow, he was startled; this person smiled, he looked fat, friendly, and even cute. He seemed completely ordinary. In the middle of a crowd, n.o.body would have noticed him.

However, Lin Feng didn't underestimate him. From the number of people he had encountered, Lin Feng estimated that the top thirty were soon going to appear, and if this guy had managed to make it this far, it meant he was extremely strong. He wasn't ordinary at all!

The guy looked simple and honest as he scratched his head, he looked embarra.s.sed and said, "My name is Zhou Rong Man. I'm the 333rd son of the Zhou Clan. The reason why I'm telling you my name is that I want you to know who's about to eliminate you, my name is Zhou Rong Man. Leave if you don't want to lose face."

When Lin Feng saw his smile, he looked at the other strangely. He had the impression that that guy was a weirdo, but an extremely strong weirdo.

"I won't go out. What should we do?" said Lin Feng. He looked amused.

"Don't leave then. The one who will defeat you is called Zhou Rong Man!" said his opponent. Rong Man took big steps towards Lin Feng. He was fat and made the ground shake as he walked.

Lin Feng looked at him, even more surprised. He condensed sword strength in his hands and attacked Zhou Rong Man. However, a sharp and clear sound spread through the air. Lin Feng was astonished. What a thick skin! His defense was formidable. Was his physical strength as impressive as Lin Feng's own?

Lin Feng had encountered many strong cultivators during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds already. Chu Chun Qiu could use Sky Absorbing spells, Saint Tianhun could enchain people's soul strength, the reincarnated Great Deployment Master could cast terrifying deployment spells. However, he had never encountered someone whose physical strength could be compared with his. The strongest person against whom he had fought was probably Xue Yi, Green Jade Clouds' First Lady. Her star strength was comparable to his strength. But this guy in front of him had an awesome physical strength!

But that just made him even more determined to fight. He condensed physical strength and suddenly punched out in Zhou Rong Man's direction.

Zhou Rong Man also raised his fist and punched out in Lin Feng's direction. He was still smiling. At the same cultivation level, n.o.body dared use physical strength against him! He could already imagine himself defeating Lin Feng. He was a genius from the Ancient Zhou Clan, after all!

Both fighters' fists collided. Lin Feng sensed the muscles of his arms twitch. He had the impression he hadn't punched a body, but a sh.e.l.l. It seemed indestructible.

A terrifyingly strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng withdrew quickly. His heart was pounding. It was the first time during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds that he had met someone who scared him like this. Someone had a better physical strength than him!

Zhou Rong Man stepped back two steps as well. He looked at his fist and scratched his head, muttering, "There's something wrong."

Zhou Rong Man raised his head again and looked at Lin Feng, "My family keeps saying n.o.body can compete with me in terms of physical strength. Who are you? How come you can compete with me in terms of physical strength? Do you also have an ancient spirit?"

"Eh…" Lin Feng was surprised. He had indeed managed to resist, but he wasn't satisfied at all… He had almost spat out blood.

"Let's try again!" said Zhou Rong Man. He didn't believe it. He took big steps forwards again. He wasn't fast at all. However, he appeared in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye somehow. Lin Feng had the impression he was hallucinating, as red and golden lights appeared around Rong Man's fist. Even his Qi looked ancient…

"Ancient blood?" Lin Feng took a step forwards and raised his fist again. They punched each other even more violently. The walls trembled. Lin Feng slipped backwards and trails of flames appeared under his feet from the friction. Zhou Rong Man took one step backwards. He shook his head and moved forwards again.

Their fists collided a third time, rumbling sounds spread in the air. It was terrifying. Lin Feng was propelled backwards a several steps. His arm hurt, and his blood was churning. His opponent's physical strength was simply overwhelming.

"I want to use another kind of strength now," Lin Feng said to Zhou Rong Man. He was getting excited. He released sword Qi, which began to hum ominously. Sword lights appeared on his fist.

"Alright, I'll stop messing around as well. Otherwise, I won't be able to eliminate you," said Zhou Rong Man, sounding annoyed. The two fighters collided again. Lin Feng's Sword intent collided with his opponent's fist. They both looked like conquering heroes. However, Lin Feng had the impression his opponent's skin was like indestructible armor. Lin Feng stared at him and asked, "You have beast blood?"

"Yes. We used to be the strongest ones back in the ancient days. You're extremely strong. I won't eliminate you. I take back my word. But we'll probably meet again in the next round, and then I'll use my full strength!" said Zhou Rong Man calmly.

Lin Feng's mouth twitched. This guy was bragging and managed to remain calm and composed, as if all this was normal. The strongest animal in the ancient days? He was definitely showing off!

"Alright. I can't wait to see your most powerful attacks, since your ancestors used to be the strongest cultivators in the world!" Lin Feng smiled.

As he spoke those words, his silhouette flickered.


The watchers realized that the curtain around the castle had slowly disappeared. The last thirty people slowly reappeared in the people's field of vision.

"The round is over!" the crowd saw, frowning intently. The top thirty were going to be revealed!

"Twenty-two men, three women."

"Two of them are First Ladies in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The other woman is Jing."

"Only one First Master has been eliminated and didn't make it to the top thirty. The others are all there."

"The First Masters are symbols in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There are always First Masters in the top ten. Usually, there are at most three of them. I wonder how many of them will finish in the top ten this time?" wondered someone.

"Not easy. That guy with the deployment spells, Chu Chun Qiu, the one who steals souls, the Buddhist monk from Holy Mountain, those people are geniuses. Because of Hua Qing Feng, they can't be called First Masters, but they are not necessarily weaker than him. You can't have four First Masters."

Those were the rules. The First Masters were extremely strong, but every time, some new geniuses suddenly arose in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

"That's Lin Feng, the one who killed Lei Dong Tian. He's in the top thirty. He's really strong. But I don't think he can continue rising in the rankings…" said someone. All those people were geniuses, it would be difficult for Lin Feng to continue rising, according to the crowd.

"Who's that? The fat one. He looks so ordinary and he's in the top thirty! How strange!" asked someone staring at Zhou Rong Man.

"I don't know. He looks really ordinary indeed. I hadn't noticed him before."

"I've seen him. When the round with the five hundred cultivators started, that guy laid down in the gra.s.s and just slept. Two people attacked him, but they lost against him. His opponents looked extremely weak in front of him. He just punched them and crushed them, and then continued sleeping. I also thought it was strange. He's lucky, he's in the top thirty. Even the First Master of Blue Pale Clouds didn't manage to do that."

At that moment, the atmosphere was lively in G.o.dly Clouds City. People were talking about the cultivators of the top thirty. Everybody was curious.

"Brother Lin Feng is in the top thirty!" said Duan Feng, smiling.

"Surprisingly, he finished in the top thirty. He's lucky!" said Xue Shen Feng coldly. Then he looked at Zhe Tian. Zhe Tian was staring at Lin Feng. Because there weren't many people, he had noticed Lin Feng. He had a strange impression, Lin Feng looked familiar. But he never had the opportunity to travel abroad so he only had contact with people from the Snow Clan. His mother made him practice cultivation as hard as he could as well, with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts. She rarely talked about his father. Therefore, he couldn't have seen that person before. However, he still had a familiar feeling.

Lin Feng sensed someone was looking at him. He raised his head and gazed into the distance, looking at Zhe Tian. He also had a familiar feeling…

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