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PMG Chapter 2190

Chapter 2190: Gathering of Terrifying Cultivators

What a cute kid, thought Lin Feng. He was surprised. He looked really strong. He was so young and he was already a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer. If he had become that strong back then in the small world, people would have had cold sweats. Of course, Lin Feng understood that people's cultivation speeds in the great world were different.

Lin Feng looked at the young man next to the kid, his hair fluttering in the wind. He was holding a cup of something. He had an extraordinary Qi. He looked extraordinarily strong. Was that young man the kid's father?

Lin Feng turned his head again. Even though he had a familiar feeling, he couldn't stare at people like that, especially since he was partic.i.p.ating in the meeting and he had to get ready mentally for the next round.

"Ah, I feel proud and elated. It was a bit stressful," said Zhou Rong Man, smiling widely. Lang Ye and Xian Ren had been eliminated because of him, their faces stiffened. They were furious when they saw his face, he looked as if the round had been difficult for him, what a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Lin Feng also had cold sweats. This guy was really weird…

"New ranks for the top thirty," said the Diviner. He waved his hands and the numbers above the contestants' head changed. Many people had been eliminated, so people's ranks changed. However, the ranks of people who were at the bottom of the rankings didn't change that much, it seemed…

Lin Feng ranked 96 when he had entered the castle. Now, n.o.body who ranked between 97 and 100 was left in the top thirty, so Lin Feng's rank was now 30.

Lin Feng knew the one who ranked 29th: Wu Jue.

Number 28, coincidentally, was Zhou Rong Man. But Zhou Rong Man didn't look sad to be at the top of the top thirty. He actually smiled in a cute way. He looked like a fat baby.

The top ten hadn't changed at all. None of them had been eliminated in the labyrinth.

Lin Feng looked at those who were at the top of the rankings, it made him shake. They were all terrifying.

Hua Qing Feng: G.o.dly Clouds' First Master, he ranked 1st.

Reincarnated Great Deployment Master: 2nd.

Wu Ya Zi: Supreme Clouds' First Master, he ranked 3rd.

Yu Qing: Jade Clouds' First Master, he ranked 4th.

Chu Chun Qiu: 5th.

Prince Wu Qing: Dark Night' First Master, he ranked 6th.

Ni Cang: Purple Clouds' First Master, he ranked 7th.

Kong Ming: Holy Mountain's cultivator, he ranked 8th.

The third Beast: 9th.

Jiu Ling Huang: Red Clouds' First Master, he ranked 10th.

Xue Yi: Green Jade Clouds' First Lady, 11th.

Saint Tianhun: 12th.

Ye Cang Xuan: Bright Clouds' First Master, he ranked 13th.

They were all terrifying geniuses. Those after them in the rankings were also extraordinary, but there were some people that Lin Feng didn't know at all.

For example, the one just after Ye Cang Xuan was named Mara, he was a terrifying from G.o.dly Clouds City. He was the best of his generation. Mara's reputation couldn't be compared with Lei Dong Tian or w.a.n.g s.h.i.+'s. He was much, much stronger than either of them. They belonged to different worlds.

Lin Feng didn't know the fifteenth one, either. However, he had seen some people from the same group; he was from Purple Clouds, from the Jiu You's Ministry, Ye Ying.

All in all, the cultivators of the top thirty were the strongest people of their generation in the continent.

And now they were all together. They didn't have an undeserved reputation.

Even those who were at the top of the ranking didn't dare say that those at the bottom of the ranking were weak, except for some people like Zhou Rong Man. He was an exception, a weirdo.

Therefore, during that round, Lin Feng really felt the pressure. All the strongest emperors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were there together!

"The next round is similar to the previous round. You will all be in the same place. Of course, you won't be in a labyrinth this time. The place will be very small. You will be able to see any battle. If anyone wants to challenge you, you won't be able to escape. You'll have to fight. Therefore, this round will be even crueler," smiled the Diviner. "Of course, if you use the scepter, you'll be able to come out. Naturally, the first one to come out will be rank 30. The second one will rank 29th, etc. After this round, those ranking between 11th and 30th will be determined. The top ten will be determined after this round."

People shook when they heard the Diviner. A small place with everybody inside? The only solution was to fight or get eliminated? That was much crueler than the previous round. The cultivators of the top ten would appear during this round. Even in Fortune Shrine, such cultivators would be recruited as direct disciples. Those people would be the strongest emperors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and make their families so proud. They would bring so much knowledge to the descendants of their clans.

Of course, it would be extremely difficult, as well! They all understood that.

"Remember, only one-on-ones, you can't join hands with someone else to oppress one person. After a battle, you must give the person the time needed to burn a joss stick to rest before attacking them," continued the Diviner calmly. He wanted the battles to be fair. Otherwise, if twenty nine cultivators joined hands to kill Hua Qing Feng, it would be pointless.

"Pfew…" Those who had been eliminated took a deep breath. The audience was staring at the thirty strong cultivators. Who would finish in the top ten?

In the gigantic city of G.o.dly Clouds City, the people remained silent. They listened to the Diviner as if he were a G.o.d, quiet and solemn. They understood that incredible battles were going to start.

"Now, go," said the Diviner, waving at them. A light curtain appeared and glittered, marks flashed.

The last thirty cultivators jumped onto the battlefield.


The place was quite large, but with thirty people on it, it didn't look so big. The evening sun was high up in the sky, a cold breeze brushed against the cultivators' skin and made their clothes undulate. The thirty people stood in different places. When they arrived on the battlefield, they all remained silent. n.o.body wanted to attack first.

Hua Qing Feng looked confident and at ease. He turned around and slowly walked towards a hill. He just stood there and watched. He ranked first, who would dare attack him during this round?

People in the outside world were shaking. Hua Qing Feng probably wouldn't need to fight, right? Once again, people who were at the bottom of the rankings would probably need to fight.

Kong Ming turned around and walked away as well. He went onto a gra.s.s field and sat down cross-legged. He looked like ancient Buddha, motionless like a mountain.

"They are both from Holy Mountain, they will probably finish in the top ten. They don't need to fight. No wonder that everybody says Holy Mountain trains geniuses," muttered the crowd.

"My name is Zhou Rong Man. If you want to fight me, I'm here, I'm waiting!" Zhou Rong Man called out with a smile. Then, he did like Kong Ming, walking away and sitting down on the ground with his arms legs crossed as well.

The contestants were astonished. That guy thought he was like Hua Qing Feng or what? He ranked 28th, and he dared act arrogantly like Hua Qing Feng, who ranked first?

The cultivators of the top ten looked indifferent. They were just waiting, would anyone dare attack them?

At that moment, many people were staring at Lin Feng, Wu Jue, and Zhou Rong Man. Those people were the last three ones in the top thirty. Some people wanted to get rid of them first!

"They want me dead, it seems," said Wu Jue, smiling wryly and looking at Lin Feng, who wasn't far from him.

"It seems like it," said Lin Feng, shrugging.

"Eh, it wasn't easy to get here. Now, people want to kill us, that's annoying," said Wu Jue. It had been difficult so far.

At that moment, some people walked towards Lin Feng, Wu Jue, and Zhou Rong Man. The Fifth Beast was walking towards Lin Feng. Among people from the Dark Night Region, the Young Beast Masters had three in the top thirty, that was a big number for people coming from the same group. They were extremely strong.

The Fifth Young Beast Master walked towards Lin Feng. The one who walked towards Wu Jue was Tie Chong Yang, First Master of Blue Pale Clouds, who ranked 17th…

PMG Chapter 2191

Chapter 2191: Impossible To Escape

Tie Chong Yang was Green Jade Clouds' First Master, and Green Jade Clouds' First Lady, Xue Yi, was stronger than him. Of course, he felt ashamed because of that. Therefore, he needed to do his best to end up in the top ten.

Of course, someone walked towards Zhou Rong Man; he ranked at the bottom of the top thirty, and they needed to get rid of such people to avoid falling in the rankings.

"There are too many people. We need to clean," murmured Xue Yi. Then, she slowly walked towards the 23rd cultivator… the Fourth Young Beast Master!

"Indeed, we need to clean," said Saint Tianhun, laughing in a ferocious and cruel way. A black mist appeared around him. He was very dangerous. Even though he wasn't in the top ten during this round, everybody knew that he was really dangerous. He also walked towards someone at the bottom of the top thirty.

Chu Chun Qiu did the same. Actually, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun had the same goal: they weren't there to eliminate people, they were there to kill!

However, those people had reached a secret agreement; first they wanted to get rid of people from the bottom of the top thirty, and then nature would take its course.

"My name is Zhou Rong Man!" said Zhou Rong Man, breaking the silence. Zhou Rong Man had just had an explosive battle. The crowd hadn't even had time to see him fight…? However, when they turned their heads, they saw his opponent disappear and reappear on the pillar outside. Zhou Rong Man was smiling broadly.

"What's going on?"

"That guy is lucky. Someone who ranked twenty-something attacked him and he crushed his opponent. However, I want to understand what just happened…"

Many of the watchers didn't even know who Zhou Rong Man's opponent was. However, many strong cultivators from G.o.dly Clouds City who knew the person Zhou Rong Man had eliminated were stupefied. His voice resonated in their heads: My name is Zhou Rong Man! At that moment, everybody in G.o.dly Clouds City could hear what was going on on the battlefield, the fighters' voices resonated everywhere in G.o.dly Clouds City.

"Lin Feng, p.i.s.s off!" said the Fifth Young Beast Master. b.l.o.o.d.y great roc's wings appeared on his back, as he stared at Lin Feng. The previous time, so many people had chased Lin Feng, but they had failed, and he had even been injured. Luckily, he had different sorts of beasts' blood, so he could recover quickly. He had to regain face!

"I admire your courage," Lin Feng said flatly. He released Sword intent and condensed it. An incredible amount of sword lights appeared. Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air and moved backwards. He wanted some s.p.a.ce to fight.

The Fifth Young Beast Master frowned. This guy was going to use the same method to defeat him? His b.e.s.t.i.a.l blood boiled. The Fifth Young Beast Master flapped his wings and shot towards Lin Feng, no more than a blur. "Die!" he shouted, his sharp claws spread wide.

Lin Feng also released formidable DevMara strength. His deployment wings appeared, as his eyes turned pitch-black. He could almost see through all things. He jumped forwards and raised his fist, ready to punch the Young Beast Master! Apart from Zhou Rong Man, n.o.body could compete with him in terms of physical strength!

The b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi and the Demon strength were terrifying. The Fifth Young Beast Master looked at Lin Feng coldly.

The Fifth Young Beast Master emitted sharp sounds. His eyes were filled with murder.

"Death!" said Lin Feng coldly. Then, cursing strength emerged from his eyes and shot towards his opponent's head. In the beast's eyes, the Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared. His b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was oppressed. He suddenly looked much weaker.

Holy Spirit lights penetrated into his eyes as well: demon Holy Spirits, cursing Holy Spirits, Nine Netherworlds Holy Spirits. A demon king appeared in the Fifth Young Beast Master's head. The demon king was bathing in the Source of the Nine Netherworlds and looked extremely arrogant. Anyone trying to stop him was doomed!

The demon king oppressed the Fifth Young Beast Master's b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi even more. Energies vibrated unceasingly. At the same time, the Fifth Beast raised his fist and punched out in Lin Feng's direction.

Lin Feng's eyes were as pitch-black as before. Another demon king appeared behind him, ferocious, with sharp teeth.

The two fighters kept colliding, and the Fifth Young Beast Master's arms kept crackling. He shouted furiously, flapping his great roc's wings and withdrawing. However, Lin Feng wouldn't let him go. Even more strength penetrated into his brain.

In the outside world, the crowd was astonished and aquiver with excitement. The Fifth Young Beast Master wanted to escape from Lin Feng, but Lin Feng cast a deployment spell which surrounded the beast. Lin Feng moved so fast, the Fifth Young Beast Master had no choice but to endure and resist.

"Ah…!" a horrible shriek rose. The Fifth Beast's arms seemed like they were going break. Even though it felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse, he persevered. He had cold sweats now, and his spirit kept being attacked.

"Die, die, die…!" Lin Feng shouted three times, extremely loudly. He glared at the Fifth Young Beast Master with murder in his eyes, his death strength seemed like it could erode anything in its way. The Fifth Young Beast Master ground his teeth as their energies exploded in conflict. His arms went limp, his face turned deathly pale. He suddenly felt powerless, and his eyes were filled with despair. He was getting ready to escape…

"Dream on!" Lin Feng snarled. The Fifth Young Beast Master's intent weakened greatly. Great Dream of Life cosmic energies penetrated into his brain and corroded his willpower. He started feeling drowsy, just as two terrifying fists moved towards his head.

"Five, get out!" shouted the Third Young Beast Master explosively. The Fifth Young Beast Master came back to his senses in shock. He opened his eyes, but everything turned to darkness around him, as if he were isolated from the world.

There was an explosion, blood dripped down. His head cracked, he had no time to escape as his head exploded and he fell down from the sky.

He was dead!

"Five!" shouted the Third Young Beast Master desperately. He saw a sword streak across the sky and cut apart the Fifth Young Beast Master's body, even though he was already dead. At the same time, Lin Feng withdrew. The Fifth Young Beast Master's body fell down from the sky as blood dripped all around him. Each of the blood drops contained a terrifying Qi.

The Third Young Beast Master was standing there, his eyes bloodshot and face twisting. The Fifth Young Beast Master not just been eliminated, he had been killed!

In the outside world, the other Young Beast Masters who had been eliminated could only look on in fury.

"What a guy, is that his full strength? As expected, people who were at the bottom of the rankings weren't necessarily weak. He could definitely finish in the top twenty. No wonder he killed Lei Dong Tian," many people in G.o.dly Clouds City exclaimed. The Fifth Young Beast Master hadn't managed to escape, and had been killed. Lin Feng was strong!

Wu Jue wasn't that lucky. The First Master of Green Jade Clouds had the lowest position of all First Masters still in the rankings, but he wasn't weak; he defeated Wu Jue, and the latter took the initiative to leave the battlefield.

Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun defeated their opponents. Even if their opponents were extremely strong, they still were eliminated and they even nearly died.

Xue Yi and the Fourth Beast's battle was explosive and intense. The crowd had seen a bright sun and stars in darkness. Her strength was impressive!

"The First Lady of Green Jade Clouds is stronger than the First Master. She's terrifying. She has a Star Battle Body, so she can summon the power of the stars. She's really strong," the watchers observed.

Xue Yi finally defeated the fourth Young Beast Master. Among the three Young Beast Masters who had made it to that round, one had died and another one was eliminated. It was a tragedy for the group. Initially, they had thought they'd go back to the Dark Night Region as glorious heroes. Now, only the Third Beast was now left on the battlefield. He was furious, and had also defeated his opponent, releasing his anger on the man.

After his battle, the battlefield became calm again. However, only twenty-two people were left.

"Eight people have been eliminated during the first wave of battles. Twelve people still have to be eliminated. The battles are going to become even more violent, intense, and fierce. Who's going to fight whom now?" wondered the audience, staring at the battlefield.

The twenty-two remaining fighters were:

Hua Qing Feng: First.

Reincarnated Great Deployment Master: Second.

Wu Ya Zi: Third.

Yu Qing: Fourth

Chu Chun Qiu: Fifth.

Prince Wu Qing: Sixth.

Ni Cang: Seventh.

Kong Ming: Eighth.

The Third Beast: Ninth.

Jiu Ling Huang: Tenth.

Xue Yi: Eleventh.

Saint Tianhun: Twelfth.

Ye Cang Xuan: Thirteenth.

Mara: extremely sly and dangerous, fourteenth.

Ye Ying: from Jiu You's Ministry, fifteenth.

Yi Qing Tian: a strong cultivator from Sword Valley, sixteenth.

Tie Chong Yang: Seventeenth, Green Jade Clouds' First Master.

Jing: Eighteenth.

Bu Yan: Nineteenth, Jade Clouds' First Lady.

Feng Chen: Twentieth.

Zhou Rong Man: Twenty-eighth.

Lin Feng: Thirtieth.

PMG Chapter 2192

Chapter 2192: King of Shadows

With twenty-two remaining strong cultivators, the atmosphere became intense. The people left on the battlefield were all terrifying cultivators. The fighters realized that Zhou Rong Man was terrifyingly strong. He had easily killed someone who had made it to the top thirty: could he possibly be weak?

Lin Feng had killed the Fifth Young Beast Master who ranked above him, the latter hadn't even have the opportunity to strike back. Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun hadn't even managed to kill Lin Feng, could he be weak?

Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man respectively ranked 30th and 28th. If they were strong, could the others be weak?

Apart from Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man who ranked 30th and 28th, the others all ranked exactly 1st to 20th. Among the people who ranked 20th-30th, eight had been eliminated. The strongest cultivators had chosen to eliminate people from the bottom of the top thirty.

After that, many people didn't feel like fighting anymore. Even people who didn't rank that well in the top thirty didn't feel like taking the initiative to attack anymore, not wanting to take risks. They didn't want to show how strong they were. Everyone left was extremely strong, so it would be difficult for them to hide their true strength if they fought. They would probably have to resort to some of their trump cards.

Even the Third Beast, although he hated Lin Feng immensely, controlled himself and didn't attack Lin Feng. n.o.body could afford to act carelessly. Even though they were all in the same place, they didn't dare attack anyone and act recklessly.

n.o.body wanted to fight, including Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man. Since those people didn't feel like fighting, they didn't have to hurry, either. Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun remained calm and indifferent as well. They didn't rush either. Among all these strong cultivators, Chu Chun Qiu and Tianhun didn't dare think they were the best, did they? Probably not…

"In history, the maximum number of First Masters who made it to the top ten at once was three. This time, I hope there will be an exception, I hope that people who aren't First Masters will be eliminated first," someone spoke up evenly at that moment. It was Ye Cang Xuan, Bright Clouds' First Master. His main skill was the h.e.l.l Destroying Blue Sky Skill. In the temporary ranking list, he ranked thirteenth. However, even though he said that, everybody ignored him. There were twenty-two people here, fourteen of them weren't First Masters. Who dared say they were weaker than First Masters?

"Since you think that way, you should take the initiative to attack," replied someone mockingly.

Ye Cang Xuan grunted icily and said, "Naturally. All the First Masters can eliminate one person easily. If we do that, fourteen people would remain, which would also mean that at least four First Masters would end up in the top ten. Since n.o.body wants to take the initiative to attack first, I'll choose the one who is one rank lower than me."

When Ye Cang Xuan said that, everybody looked at someone who had no Qi showing at all. However, he looked dangerous. Ye Cang Xuan ranked thirteenth; the one after him was Mara, ranked fourteenth.

Mara turned around and glared at Ye Cang Xuan. His pitch-black eyes were filled with murder. He looked quite intimidating.

His silhouette flickered. Mara appeared in the sky above Ye Cang Xuan. Ye Cang Xuan jumped forwards and rose up into the air as well. People in G.o.dly Clouds City were trembling.

"Ye Cang Xuan surprisingly chose Mara. Interesting. Mara was from G.o.dly Clouds City, and Ye Cang Xuan was a First Master. Who will win?" wondered many people, staring at the two of them. This was an important battle.

A terrifying Qi emerged from Ye Cang Xuan's body and filled the air. A blue sky appeared behind him. He knew a deadly blue-sky skill, the sky became his when he fought. He was Bright Clouds' First Master, but sometimes people also called him Bright Clouds' Death G.o.d.

A shadow appeared behind Mara. A terrifying king intent emerged from the shadow as it and his body overlapped. His body appeared indistinct, as if he could disappear anytime. Ye Cang Xuan frowned in surprise. Ma was called the King of Shadows in G.o.dly Clouds City…

"King-type body!" Ye Cang Xuan was astonished. He had challenged someone who had a king-type body, an king-type body!

Mara slowly walked towards him, then disappeared into the shadow. Ye Cang Xuan was hovering there as shadows surrounded him. His face changed drastically in astonishment. Mara, the King of Shadows, had disappeared. The person he had challenged was an, just like him, and even more dangerous!

The blue sky lit up, resonating with the earth and sky. An incredible amount of Qi appeared around Ye Cang Xuan, containing the strength of the ten thousand things of creation, churning the cosmos chaotically. He was borrowing as much strength as he could from the earth and sky.

A deadly Qi emerged from his body and filled the air. He raised his fist, condensing his Dao strength into it. He could easily kill an emperor at the top of the Huang Qi layer with that kind of strength. But now he was surrounded by dangerous shadows. He didn't know where his enemy was!

"An who has a king-type body at the top of the Huang Qi layer." Lin Feng was staring at the shadows. Everybody understood that Mara was a terrifying cultivator at that moment. Ye Cang Xuan attacked in all directions and ran backwards. In front of him, lights twinkled, and sharp swords glittered.

"Come here!" shouted Ye Cang Xuan explosively. Around him, lights glittered unceasingly. Millions of threads of intent filled the air. At the same time, shadows appeared and deadly intent moved towards Ye Cang Xuan. He raised his fists and glanced around. At that moment, lights descended from the sky towards his head.

"Break!" Ye Cang Xuan's eyes gleamed. He was furious. He condensed blue sky strength into his fists, and the earth and sky trembled. Terrifying punches streaked across the sky with astonis.h.i.+ng force.

At the same time, many lights exploded. He couldn't stop them anymore. A faintly discernible light danced towards him. Everybody was staring at the battle, but n.o.body could tell where the light came from.

"Bright Clouds' First Master, Ye Cang Xuan, is going to lose." Lin Feng was amazed. Mara was an of the top of the Huang Qi layer, and supremely deadly. His shadow abilities had reached the peak of perfection. Even though his direct attacks weren't as powerful as Ye Cang Xuan's, his other abilities granted him a significant advantage. Mara was like an invisible ghost. When he carried out a shadow sword attack, he killed people in one strike. He also used a deadly deployment spell, so Ye Cang Xuan was bound to lose sooner or later.

Ye Ying was from Jiu You's Ministry. He walked towards Zhou Rong Man, no longer watching the battle. Zhou Rong Man hadn't shown how strong he truly was. Therefore, n.o.body knew. He kept bragging, but he was ranked 28th. Ye Ying chose Zhou Rong Man instead of Lin Feng. If Ye Cang Xuan was eliminated, then Zhou Rong Man would rank 20th!

Zhou Rong Man looked at Ye Ying and smiled. Ye Ying released Death intent, which surrounded Zhou Rong Man. He wanted to corrode Zhou Rong Man's life strength. However, Zhou Rong Man looked absolutely unaffected, and just kept smiling. He was the 333rd son of the Zhou Clan, it seemed that he had no particular ability, he was just strong…

Xue Yi walked towards Bu Yan, they were the only two First Ladies who had made it to the top thirty. Xue Yi was of the opinion that one First Lady was enough. She had to defeat her!

Yi Qing Tian headed towards Lin Feng. Each time he took a step, a terrifying amount of Sword intent hummed around him. After three steps, his Sword intent resonated with the earth and sky. The place around him turned into a sword valley, a sword world!

"Yi Qing Tian is going to attack Lin Feng. Lin Feng is unlucky. However, if he wins, he'll be 20th! We'll see how long Lin Feng can resist Yi Qing Tian's sword techniques!" Some folks chattered.

Four battles started at the same time. The first battle which ended among those four wasn't Ye Cang Xuan's and Mara's battle, it was Ye Ying's and Zhou Rong Man's!

The crowd didn't clearly see what had happened once again. They found the whole thing strange, especially people from G.o.dly Clouds City. They had just blinked, and after opening their eyes again, the battle was over. They had seen Ye Ying walk up to Zhou Rong Man, and after that he had appeared outside!

Was Zhou Rong Man lucky? Or was Ye Ying weak? After all, they didn't know much about Jiu You's Ministry. People not from Purple Clouds didn't know Ye Ying. They looked amused. Ye Ying had lost?

"Ye Cang Xuan has lost, too." At that moment, another battle ended. Bright Clouds' First Master, Ye Cang Xuan, had been eliminated by Mara from G.o.dly Clouds City. Many people sighed. As expected, people from G.o.dly Clouds City were extremely strong. Mara had defeated a First Master! Of the nine First Masters, seven were left.

But at this moment, twenty people were left and soon, two more would be eliminated. People were convinced that Lin Feng and Bu Yan were going to be eliminated!

PMG Chapter 2193

Chapter 2193: The Loser Dies!

Xue Yi had a Star Battle Body, she could summon the power of the stars. Around her was darkness and stars. As the crowd had expected, Bu Yan was being oppressed.

Xue Yi was the First Lady of Green Jade Clouds. Bu Yan was the First Lady of Jade Clouds. However, Xue Yi was stronger than the First Master of Green Jade Clouds, and therefore, people paid more attention to her battle than to Ye Cang Xuan and Mara's battle.

At the same time, Yi Qing Tian, the Sword Valley's strong cultivator, whose temporary rank was 16, was still walking towards Lin Feng, releasing terrifying energies which turned into a hurricane. Only sword energies were around him.

Lin Feng also walked forwards slowly. His sword Qi reached up to Heaven. He kept condensing a terrifying amount of sword Qi in his hands as well.

The nine words of his incantation appeared and floated around him!

They resonated with the earth and sky. The cosmos was shaking as the nine words surrounded Lin Feng. Lights rotated and entered his Sword intent. At the same time, Lin Feng condensed all sorts of Holy Spirits. Using the power of his incantation, he borrowed the power of the earth and sky. He didn't walk quickly, like Yi Qing Tian. Step by step, he walked towards his opponent. The others moved away to give them s.p.a.ce to fight.

"Those two people have powerful Sword intents!" exclaimed the watchers. They both borrowed the strength of the earth and sky and condensed it, their strength resonated at the same pace as the world. They both made their Qi and strength fuse together with their sword strength. They were both in a sword world, a world in which only swords existed.

An all-conquering sharp sword appeared in Yi Qing Tian's hand. He condensed Dao power into his sword. His sword was sharp and distinct, containing the strength of the cosmos. Yi Qing Tian's whole body turned into a sword.

He walked slower and slower. However, each time he made a step, his Sword intent became more intense. Their swords hadn't even collided yet, but their strength could kill weak people if they stood within a distance of a thousand li.

Lin Feng continued releasing Sword intent. n.o.body dared walked between them, their souls could disperse within seconds. They were both awe-inspiring!

Lin Feng's deployment strength also started intertwining with his energies, his intent became even more powerful.

A cold light streaked across the sky towards Lin Feng, a vortex following behind it. That cold light was a sword!

At the same time, Lin Feng also let go of his sword. It was surrounded by the nine words of his incantation. At the same time, the crowd had the impression they were caught up in an illusion, and the lights had stopped.

There was a terrifying explosion. Between the two fighters, sword lights collided, but Sword intent continued moving towards Yi Qing Tian.

"How's this possible?" screamed Yi Qing Tian. He had no time to react. He activated the scepter with his will, grimacing as he disappeared. After a few seconds, he reappeared on a stone pillar. His Qi was still floating around him intensely.

Cold sweat dripped from his face. He couldn't believe it. Their swords had collided, why had Lin Feng's Sword intent continued towards him? He could have died. He was furious and frustrated. He was a sword cultivator; his body was a sword. He had stopped using weapons a long time ago. He had never lost against another sword cultivator until this battle!

"Lin Feng won, and he won using sword attacks," the people from G.o.dly Clouds City murmured. They were astonished. Yi Qing Tian had lost against Lin Feng!?

Lin Feng had used physical strength to defeat the Fifth Young Beast Master. He had used sword attacks to defeat Yi Qing Tian. That flexibility was impressive!

Xue Yi defeated Jade Clouds' First Lady. Only eighteen people remained. Lin Feng now ranked eighteenth. That was beyond expectations for many people.

Among the fighters, Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man were at the bottom of the rankings. Therefore, the crowd had thought they'd get eliminated quickly. Reality, however, had proven otherwise!

The eighteen remaining fighters were extremely strong. The battles were going to become even more splendid. Who would end up in the top ten? Eight people still had to be eliminated, but who?

"Tie Chong Yang is the First Master of Green Jade Clouds, but he's not as strong as Xue Yi, Green Jade Clouds' First Lady. Therefore, even if he's very strong, he will probably be eliminated. Lin Feng and Zhou Rong Man are extremely strong, they could be stronger than some of the other remaining fighters. However, they can't finish in the top ten. The top ten is already full, after all. Only Xue Yi might eliminate someone and end up in the top ten," the crowd nodded to one another.

During the time needed to burn a joss stick, n.o.body attacked anyone else. People who were already in the top ten waited. If anyone took the initiative to attack them, they'd fight; otherwise they wouldn't. They saw this round as an opportunity to watch other people play.

But after that, Xue Yi walked out again. People started thinking that she was a bit crazy. No wonder she was Green Jade Clouds' First Lady! And then… she challenged Green Jade Clouds' First Master. Tie Chong Yang was astonished and pulled a long face. They were both from Green Jade Clouds, and they had fought in the past. That's why people in Green Jade Clouds knew that she was stronger than him.

"It's going too slow," said Wu Ya Zi at that moment. He didn't sound indifferent anymore. He was tired of waiting. He pointed at Feng Chen and said, "Feng Chen, leave now."

Wu Ya Zi was Supreme Clouds' First Master. Feng Chen was a mighty cultivator from Supreme Clouds as well. Therefore, when Wu Ya Zi pointed at him. He knew he could easily defeat Feng Chen, so he ordered him to leave.

Feng Chen looked quite composed. He just walked towards Wu Ya Zi. He had made it this far, he knew the battles were going to become more and more intense. He wasn't surprised that Wu Ya Zi challenged him, but he couldn't just leave, either. He wanted to fight before leaving!

Saint Tianhun smiled cruelly. He walked towards Jing, eyes glinting with evil. "Unfortunately, it's the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; otherwise, I would have enjoyed playing with this bird!"

Jing's expression slightly changed. She looked back at him coldly as a magnificent phoenix sword appeared in her mind. Fires started burning around her. That sword was made of phoenix strength, but her Qi looked ice-cold as it filled the air.

"Be careful. Saint Tianhun used to be a Saint, he came back to life thanks to a thread of soul which survived for a long time. He has terrifying spells, he even knows some Saint's Techniques," Lin Feng said to Jing telepathically.

Jing looked over at Lin Feng and said coldly, "I don't need you to remind me of that."

Lin Feng's face stiffened. This girl was petty, against all expectations. It was probably because Qing Feng and he were close…

Lin Feng didn't continue looking at her, and walked away. After a short time, he glanced over at someone on a sloped hill. The crowd was startled… what was Lin Feng doing?

The person on the mountain slope was wearing cyan clothes, and just standing there. He had his hands clasped behind his back, his energies resonating at the same pace as the earth and sky. That person was Purple Clouds' First Master, Ni Cang, seventh in the rankings!

"How insane!" Lang Ye and the others were astonished when they saw Lin Feng. They knew what he wanted to do. He didn't want to wait anymore, so he took initiative.

"Come here!" said Lin Feng calmly.

People in G.o.dly Clouds City were shaking with excitement. Lin Feng was challenging Ni Cang, Purple Clouds' First Master!

Even though Lin Feng had won two challenging battles, Ni Cang was much, much stronger than the two opponents he had fought before. He was Purple Clouds' First Master, he could mess with people's consciousness and souls.

They all knew that Ni Cang had helped Chu Chun Qiu and Saint Tianhun attack Lin Feng's friends. Some of his friends had nearly died. Now, Lin Feng took the initiative to challenge Ni Cang. If Lin Feng won, Ni Cang would be eliminated and wouldn't finish in the top ten. Was that even possible, though?

The crowd thought Lin Feng knew he couldn't finish in the top ten, so this was his way of trying one last time. If he won, he would be in the top ten, if he lost, it didn't matter!

"You're quite strong. But you can't fight against me in a one-on-one. You think you stand a chance?" replied Ni Cang calmly. He didn't move even though Lin Feng had called him. He just tried to appear imposing and awe-inspiring. "I see that you dare stand there in front of me because you know we can escape easily using the scepter. Otherwise, you wouldn't dare," said Ni Cang aloofly.

When Lin Feng heard him, he was surprised. He smiled and said, "No problem, we can ask the organizer to make an exception, I think. Let's ask if we can fight to death!"

"Ask the Diviner whether they can fight to death or not!? The loser will die…?" Those watching were astonished. That guy was truly crazy!. He was talking to Purple Clouds' First Master! Even though he wasn't the best of all First Masters, he was extremely strong, without a doubt!

PMG Chapter 2194

Chapter 2194: Nine Netherworlds Power

Ni Cang looked at Lin Feng, unable to really see what he was thinking. However, he was Purple Clouds' First Master, he could make the sky and people's souls go chaotic. Now that someone was challenging him to a battle to death, could he refuse?

"The loser will die," agreed Ni Cang indifferently

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the Diviner.

The Diviner said, "I accept. If anyone uses the scepter to come out, I'll kill him personally."

Lin Feng nodded and looked at Ni Cang again. Ni Cang's battle style was similar to Ying Cheng's. However, his attacks were much, much more powerful. His strength could be multiplied thanks to his abilities. Even if his initial strength was multiplied by only two, that was already dangerous.

Even though Lin Feng was the one who had challenged Ni Cang, he didn't underestimate him.

"The battles are formidable. The First Master of Green Jade Clouds, Tie Chong Yang, is fighting against Green Jade Clouds' First Lady, Xue Yi. The two strongest cultivators of Supreme Clouds are also fighting. Saint Tianhun is fighting against Jing. Lin Feng is going to fight against Purple Clouds' First Master, Ni Cang. As expected, the battles are becoming more and more interesting!" the crowd exclaimed happily.

They were dazzled by the explosive battles. Many people were watching the battle between Green Jade Clouds' First Master and First Lady.

Many others were watching Wu Ya Zi and Feng Chen. The crowd realized that the discreet Feng Chen was also extremely strong. He was surrounded by lights connected to the earth and sky. Each of his attacks borrowed the strength of the original essence of the cosmos, even as G.o.dly imprints appeared. His strength was explosive.

However, his opponent was Wu Ya Zi, a supreme emotionless opponent. He could destroy people's feelings and emotions, and then turn them into puppets.

Their battle was astonis.h.i.+ng. The atmosphere kept trembling. People sighed. Those eighteen cultivators were all terrifying, including Feng Chen. n.o.body in G.o.dly Clouds City dared underestimate these fighters. They were all geniuses!

Saint Tianhun and Jing were fighting, and their battle wasn't boring. He released chains and a soul spear which looked like an evil ghost from h.e.l.l. His Qi was dangerous. Jing was surrounded by phoenix fire Qi which seemed like it could purify anything. Her fire was pure, she looked righteous, as if evil couldn't affect her. Tianhun looked even greedier seeing her purity.

Around Lin Feng, the atmosphere was shaking too. He condensed cosmic energies.

When Lin Feng sensed his opponent's Dao intent, he smiled coldly. He condensed cosmic energies containing the ten thousand things of creation. All his cosmic energies turned into one sort of cosmic energy. It was as if Lin Feng's body was made of cosmic strength.

"Cursing cosmic energy?" Ni Cang frowned. He didn't understand; Lin Feng had released one sort of cosmic energy, but it felt like it contained all sorts of cosmic energies. Of course, Ni Cang also controlled several sorts of cosmic energies, but he didn't understand this process. However, he started thinking that in terms of cosmic energies, Lin Feng was the strongest fighter on the battlefield!

Lin Feng's cosmic energies intertwined. His cosmic energies came from two worlds. As one could well imagine, his cosmic energies were terrifying. His cursing Qi drew everybody's attention. People looked at Lin Feng strangely.

"Chaotic Sky, we'll see if you can mess with my cosmic energies!" Lin Feng said flatly. His body turned into a cursing artifact filled with cursing strength as he slowly walked forwards. Deployment spells appeared under his feet.

He stared at Ni Cang, who didn't look away. Both of them were staring at one another. He wanted to turn Lin Feng's consciousness and soul chaotic.

Five Wisdom Kings protected Lin Feng's mind. His Wisdom Kings remained as motionless as mountains. Even if Heaven was falling and the Earth was cracking, they could oppress everything. Lin Feng was extremely determined, and his soul stable. He focused solely on his cursing strength. Its invisible and intangible strength surrounded him.

At the same time, Ni Cang realized that Lin Feng's eyes were filled with a shadow from the Nine Netherworlds!

Suddenly, the sounds of ages past resonated forth. The sky became shadowed, then pitch-black. The Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared, surging out in dark waves. At that moment, people's minds started trembling as if they were losing control, and their wills were being corroded.

"Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song!" The crowd was trembling in astonishment. They were all well-informed and knowledgeable. They all knew what that Source of the Nine Netherworlds floating in the air meant.

It was one of the Nine Songs: the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song, an intent song! It could corrode people's intent and control their minds. It could turn them into ghosts of the Nine Netherworlds!

Ni Cang's face changed as he stared at the Source of the Nine Netherworlds. Lin Feng had used one of his trump cards!

"The two other b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and you encircled my friends. At that moment, I couldn't do much. Now, I can tell you the exact same thing you told me; do you think you stand a chance against me in a one-on-one battle?!" spat Lin Feng calmly, sounding like a conquering hero. The soundwaves of the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song hung in the air, and the lights of the Nine Netherworlds twinkled and surrounded Ni Cang. The Song resonated in his brain. He couldn't avoid it. People who weren't extremely strong-willed could turn into ghosts instantly against such attacks!

After entering G.o.dly Clouds City, Lin Feng had practiced cultivation really hard. He had improved all his spells, including his Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song. Back in the days, he was a bit weak; now his demon skills and techniques were much more powerful, so he used the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song much better, too!

The Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song was perfect when used in combination with cursing strength. He wanted to crush Ni Cang as quickly as possible!

When Ni Cang heard Lin Feng, he pulled a long face. He released his Chaotic Dao, but his willpower was corroded by Lin Feng's attack. He was surrounded by Demon Intent. He had to use his best powers to defeat Lin Feng now, or he would certainly lose!

Ni Cang took a step forwards and released a fearsome strength, his Qi turned the atmosphere around him chaotic. His energies swirled towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood that Ni Cang was now ready to use his full strength. "Die!" he said coldly. A river made of death strength flooded towards Ni Cang.

Ni Cang punched the river and crushed it before moving towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and continued releasing cursing strength. Then, he attacked by surprise using a Nihility Sword. At the same time, he condensed Holy Spirits and absorbed Demon Kalpa strength, condensing them in his fists. He punched out, his energies surging towards Ni Cang. He continued releasing Holy Spirits, containing all sorts of strength as he slowly withdrew. He continued releasing Nine Netherworlds strength which also gathered around Ni Cang.

Ni Cang pulled a long face. His intent was trembling. At such a distance, he couldn't do much, it felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse. He was losing his abilities!

At that moment, Lin Feng's strength suddenly weakened. Ni Cang was relieved… and then he heard a terrifying voice say, "Sleep! You are no match for me!"

That voice contained Dream of Life strength. Ni Cang felt as if he were suddenly isolated from the world… he was falling asleep!

"No, p.i.s.s off now!" said Ni Cang. He was Purple Clouds' First Master!  Even if his will was being corroded, he could keep calm and control himself! He didn't fall asleep.

"Your intent is corroded. You are slow. You will definitely lose this battle. You can't escape. You will die here during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!" declared Lin Feng. His voice resonated in Ni Cang's skull as he continued corroding Ni Cang's will. His chaotic Dao was oppressed because of the terrifying cursing strength and Nine Netherworlds strength.

"I don't want to! How could I lose so easily against you? I control Chaotic Dao!" shouted Ni Cang explosively while releasing Dao power. He refused to lose! He attacked Lin Feng once again.

"You don't want to? But you have no choice. Even if you use your most powerful attacks, I will win!" Lin Feng stated. Ni Cang frowned. The air was humming as deadly strength built up.

Ni Cang shouted furiously. His attack made the atmosphere around him go chaotic once again.

A terrifying strength struck Lin Feng, his face turned pale for a moment, and he grunted with pain. When his opponent's strength increased twofold, it was deadly! However, even at that moment, he frowned and shouted explosively, "You lost, even if you attack you lost, you can't compete with me!"

Ni Cang grimaced. He had the feeling that his attack could defeat Lin Feng, but at the same time, he had the feeling he was in a dream. He had lost, it was a tragedy. He knew he had lost. He was going mad. He was lost in his own mind.

"What is Lin Feng doing? How many types of cultivation does he practice?" blurted out people in G.o.dly Clouds City. They were astonished: Demon Song, Nine Netherworlds strength?

Ni Cang was going insane and losing control. His spells weren't bad, but he shouldn't have provoked Lin Feng. Now it was too late. He had been too confident!

PMG Chapter 2195

Chapter 2195: Continuous Battles

Green Jade Clouds' First Master and First Lady were fighting. It finally ended with no surprise. The First Lady was stronger than the First Master, Tie Chong Yang had been eliminated.

Tianhun and Jing were still fighting, however. Their battle was getting more and more intense, just like Lin Feng and Ni Cang's battle. Jing was very strong, she kept beating her phoenix wings, and Tianhun kept releasing his terrifying Qi. There were chains and soul spears everywhere. People were stunned at the display.

However, more people were still focusing on Lin Feng and Ni Cang. That battle was just too amazing. The Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song's soundwaves kept filling the air. Lin Feng's explosive strength kept increasing.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Ni Cang explosively. He punched out in Lin Feng's direction, the atmosphere churning around him.

"It's useless!" spat Lin Feng. He moved invisibly fast, continually releasing the strength of the Nine Netherworlds.

Ni Cang was panicking. Lin Feng's demon voice was driving him mad. He felt like the earth was going to collapse.

Lin Feng just looked cold and detached. He released some wind strength and said in a demonic voice, "Ni Cang, you have lost. You were too weak for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You are already eliminated. Sleep now… sleep, forever."

Great Dream of Life cosmic energies rolled over him suddenly. Ni Cang was really tired, he felt so sleepy. However, he was determined, and he struggled to stay awake. The battle was not over-!

Lin Feng moved closer silently without Ni Cang noticing him, continuing to release dream cosmic energies. He wanted to make Ni Cang fall asleep forever. Ni Cang's willpower was really on the verge of collapse.

Sword intent dashed to the skies, humming furiously as demon lights appeared.

"Sleep forever!" ordered Lin Feng. His voice echoed in Ni Cang's skull violently. The ground trembled, and a sword suddenly cut through Purple Clouds' First Master.

His soul dispersed…

It was the third cultivator Lin Feng had defeated. The person he had just killed was Purple Clouds' First Master, Ni Cang!

Lin Feng stood there in the air, still surrounded by the Source of the Nine Netherworlds.

Everybody in G.o.dly Clouds City fell silent. They had gravely underestimated Lin Feng. He definitely had the potential to finish in the top ten, now that one of the cultivators of the top ten had just died in his hands.

The Source of the Nine Netherworlds gradually disappeared, and the atmosphere around him returned to normal again.

Of the four battles, only Tianhun and Jing's battle continued.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and watched them. Tianhun was already using Saint's techniques. There were deadly soul chains winding all around him. Even from that distance, Lin Feng had the impression his soul could leave his body. Jing was under great pressure!

At that moment, Jing stuck her phoenix sword into the ground and slowly walked forwards. She looked so crazed that it gave Saint Tianhun pause.

"You want to die?" Jing's hair was messily fluttering in the wind, looking like strands of flame. She looked devastatingly arousing, bathing in fire. Her sole purpose was total destruction. The soul strength around her didn't corrode her. Tianhun stared Jing in the eyes, and shuddered with fear. This girl was insane!

"Stop fighting!" yelled Tianhun, covering his fear with anger.

He recalled his Qi, and Jing stopped moving. Her fire dispersed as well. Their battle wasn't over, but they couldn't defeat one another. They didn't use their full strength, it wasn't worth it. There were still many people on the battlefield, they weren't alone.

"They stopped fighting?" the crowd wondered. They were very surprised. Fifteen people were left. Five more and the round would be over. But eliminating five more people wouldn't be so easy…

The fifteen remaining people were:

Hua Qing Feng: First.

Reincarnated Great Deployment Master: Second.

Wu Ya Zi: Third.

Yu Qing: Fourth

Chu Chun Qiu: Fifth.

Prince Wu Qing: Sixth.

Kong Ming: Eighth.

The Third Beast: Ninth.

Jiu Ling Huang: Tenth.

Xue Yi: Eleventh.

Saint Tianhun: Twelfth.

Mara: Fourteenth,, King of Shadows.

Jing: Eighteenth.

Zhou Rong Man: Twenty-eighth.

Lin Feng: Thirtieth.

The number above their heads hadn't been updated: Lin Feng, Zhou Rong Man, and Jing were at the bottom of the top thirty, but Lin Feng had killed Purple Clouds' First Master, Ni Cang, why was he still thirtieth? Zhou Rong Man was mysterious and enigmatic, he looked nice and innocent, but he was extremely strong. Each time someone fought against him, they lost. And Jing, she had just had an incredible and astonis.h.i.+ng battle, had gone into a frenzy, people would never forget that fight.

Mara had a king-type body, he was a death G.o.d. He could kill people with shapeless, invisible, and intangible energies. n.o.body dared underestimate him. Saint Tianhun's soul attacks were terrifying, everybody feared him. Could those five people be easily eliminated?

The battles were becoming more and more difficult. None of them wanted to act recklessly. Who wanted to take risks? n.o.body. Ni Cang had just fought against Lin Feng, and died!


The atmosphere was overtaken by an eerie silence. Hua Qing Feng was the only one standing at the top of the hill, as if all this had nothing to do with him. The spiritual deployment body did the same, he didn't get involved at all. For him, these battles were a waste of time. Who would challenge him, anyway?

Even people from G.o.dly Clouds City had no idea of what could happen at that moment. Apart from people who couldn't be eliminated, would the others continue fighting? There were no weaklings. Some of them thought that Zhou Rong Man might be eliminated, as well as Kong Ming who ranked eighth. Even though Holy Mountain's Buddhist monk enjoyed a great reputation, people didn't know how he strong he was in battles, therefore some people thought he could be eliminated.

After a few minutes, at the top of a hill in the distance, Hua Qing Feng stood up, his robe fluttering in the wind, and broke the silence. "You don't need to partic.i.p.ate in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Leave now."

The crowd was astonished. Just who was Hua Qing Feng talking to?

Jing slowly turned around and looked at Hua Qing Feng. Was he talking to her?

"Another battle," said Jing indifferently. She looked at the Third Young Beast Master. She wanted to fight against him really badly because Qing Feng had been injured by him. Even if she won, she would have to leave.

"Come here!" said Jing to the Third Young Beast Master coldly. She slowly rose up into the air. One last battle!

Since Jing wanted to fight against someone, Xue Yi got ready to fight, too.

She didn't challenge anyone who was higher than her in the ranking list, and she didn't choose the death G.o.d who had a king-type body. She didn't choose Lin Feng, either.

She looked at Zhou Rong Man. His physical strength was incredible, but she didn't fear people who had a great physical strength. Lin Feng's physical strength was incredible, she was wondering how strong Zhou Rong Man was in comparison to him in terms of physical strength.

Xue Yi appeared in front of Zhou Rong Man and said, "Show me your real strength!"

"My name is Zhou Rong Man!" said Zhou Rong Man, smiling happily. He was happy someone challenged him.

"I know your name is Zhou Rong Man," said Xue Yi. This guy… she was speechless…

"I just want you to remember, since it's your last battle. Don't forget my name when you leave!" said Zhou Rong Man, scratching his head and smiling in a simple and honest way.

"…." Xue Yi rolled her eyes, she was speechless. She said coldly, "Let's fight!"

After that, stars appeared, the sunset glow disappeared, and darkness and stars replaced the sky. This was her fourth duel.

Saint Tianhun also stalked towards Kong Ming. The Buddhist monk looked indifferent. He hadn't even fought yet during this round. Someone had to be eliminated, and Saint Tianhun believed that Kong Ming had to be eliminated. After all, the others were not easy targets, including Lin Feng. Saint Tianhun hadn't thought Lin Feng would become so strong… he had even killed Ni Cang!

The others didn't intend to fight. They just waited. Twelve people were waiting. After these battles, they would choose the last two people to eliminate.

"Since Lin Feng killed Ni Cang, n.o.body wants to challenge him. They don't want to take the risk. Lin Feng could really end up in the top ten," the crowd murmured when they saw that n.o.body challenged him. They also thought that Zhou Rong Man was finally going to be eliminated. He was too careless…

Kong Ming was in danger, too. He might be eliminated…

At that moment, Jing and the Third Young Beast Master's battle was explosive. They were doing all they could, they both gave their best. The Third Young Beast Master flapped his blood wings, Jing flapped her phoenix wings. They both moved faster than the eye. People couldn't even follow their fight.

"How strong, who's that girl, Jing?" thought many people. Their battle drew people's attention.

"My name is Zhou Rong Man!" said a voice at that moment. The crowd was stunned, astonished, then stupefied!!! They turned their heads and realized that there was n.o.body in front of Zhou Rong Man anymore, his opponent was already outside on his stone pillar… Green Jade Clouds' First Lady, Xue Yi!

She looked caught in disbelief, she couldn't believe what had just happened. Zhou Rong Man's voice was still echoing in her head.

Finally, the crowd realized that Lin Feng wasn't the only one they had underestimated; they had also underestimated Zhou Rong Man!!!

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