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PMG Chapter 2218

Chapter 2218: Pressure from the Shrines' Leaders

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The situation wasn't as simple as what the Diviner had told Lin Feng. Maybe he didn't want Lin Feng to feel pressured. The Destiny Wheel had rotated again, it was the second time in recent history. The other Shrines were extremely nervous. If Forbidden People became strong, wouldn't it lead to another terrifying war, like back in the days?

Therefore, the Shrines' leaders didn't want such a thing to happen again. The other Shrines' leaders came to the Fortune Shrine and chatted with the leader of the Fortune Shrine; it was an invisible and intangible form of pressure. All of them were terrifyingly strong. Who knew? Maybe they would go insane? Even though they were chatting about everything like good old friends, n.o.body could guarantee they weren't going to go crazy and attack.

"So many days have pa.s.sed and you still want to see people from the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds," said the leader of the Fortune Shrine. All the other Shrines' leaders were there again.

"Of course, you took someone away. Otherwise, we wouldn't have stayed here," replied one of them, smiling calmly. He actually sounded quite nice.

"Alright, since you want to see them, no problem. But I have to say something. This time, we organized the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and those finished in the top ten of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds are now authentic disciples of the Fortune Shrine. If you kill the cultivators of the top ten, we'll have to settle accounts," said the old man of the Fortune Shrine calmly. Face was important for these people.

"You understand me, right?" said the leader of the Fortune Shrine.

"What do you want?" asked the leader of the Demon Shrine. He looked like a peerless demon, staring at the leader of the Fortune Shrine.

"Very simple, everybody, call your core disciples, if you kill our disciples, then we'll kill yours. One life for one life. That way, the Fortune Shrine will not lose face," said the leader of the Fortune Shrine calmly.

All the leaders looked pensive. If there was really a Forbidden Person in the Fortune Shrine, then losing ten people was fine, but if there were none in the Fortune Shrine, then losing core disciples would be a tragedy.

"Alright." said the leader of the Fire Shrine. His eyes were filled with scorching hot flames, but he sounded ice-cold.

"I agree, too," said another leader. He wanted to see if the leader of the Fortune Shrine would dare hand someone over.

"Alright, some come with me," said the leader of the Fortune Shrine calmly.

Their silhouettes flickered and they disappeared from there.


In the starlit sky, someone was seated cross-legged, bathing in starlight. At that moment, someone wearing white clothes slowly appeared in front of him. He opened his eyes and smiled. "Master!"

"Lin Feng, many years ago, I told you that if you ever came to the Shrine, I'd take you as my disciple. Even though you're not necessarily my disciple, you can call me teacher," said the Diviner smiling gently.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded. "Teacher!"

"Alright." said the Diviner smiling, "Lin Feng, the leader of the Shrine told us that the other Shrines aren't going to give up. They want to see the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds."

Lin Feng frowned but tried to keep calm. No matter what, the Fortune Shrine was probably going to ensure their safety, so he didn't need to worry.

"Actually, the leader managed to come to an agreement with them. If we show them the top ten cultivators, then, they have to bring some of their core disciples as well. If they kill one of you, we'll kill their core disciples. Therefore, we'll see if they're ready to take risks," said the Diviner.

Lin Feng remained silent. That was a big bet. Would the other Shrines dare take risks?

The Diviner didn't seem worried though, he smiled and said, "Lin Feng, the Shrine has already organized everything. Everything will be fine, but we still have to be vigilant. What kind of cloning technique do you know?"

"Three-Lives Scriptures," Lin Feng replied honestly. His new biggest secret was that he had a Forbidden Body, and the Diviner knew that. His life was in the Fortune Shrine's hands. Therefore, he didn't hide anything from them. They wanted to protect him and help him rise.

"Alright, leave a clone here and come with your real body. After all, if you made a clone go, they'd notice it immediately and things could deteriorate," said the Diviner after remaining silent for a few seconds. He was amazed on the inside, however. Lin Feng had studied the Three Lives Scriptures! He had really started walking on the path of a Forbidden Person!

In the ancient days, after the great war, a few strong cultivators had started rising, and the Three Lives Emperor was one of them back then!

Lin Feng left a clone behind and gathered with the others. The Diviner appeared later, not arriving with Lin Feng. That way, n.o.body would know that Lin Feng and the Diviner were close, not even people from the Fortune Shrine themselves.

Their group gathered in a celestial palace. When the strong cultivators arrived and saw the geniuses, the geniuses all shuddered.

How strong!, thought Lin Feng when he saw them. One of them looked like a peerless demon G.o.d. People would submit just by looking at him.

"How come someone is missing?" asked someone coldly. Indeed, someone was missing from the top ten cultivators. Chu Chun Qiu wasn't there.

I guess the teachers did that on purpose to make them think Chu Chun Qiu is the Forbidden Person…, thought Lin Feng.

"He's not a disciple of the Fortune Shrine anymore so he isn't here," said the leader of the Fortune Shrine calmly.

"What does that mean?"

"Your people chased him so he didn't feel safe in the Fortune Shrine. He decided to leave after that. So we took him to the Supreme Animal World," said the leader of the Fortune Shrine calmly.

The outsiders were astonished: Supreme Animal World?

"He went to the Supreme Animal World?" asked the leader of the Ice Shrine coldly.

"Ganges Time, Supreme Animal World's G.o.dly Forbidden territory," replied the leader of the Fortune Shrine. The crowd was astounded.

"You're insane!" said the leader of the Ice Shrine coldly.

"I don't believe you," added the leader of the Demon Shrine.

The leader of the Fortune Shrine smiled and waved his hand. Instantly, lights appeared in the sky, and a few silhouettes appeared there. Behind them was the Ganges Time G.o.dly Forbidden territory.

All the leaders' expressions changed drastically.

"You took Chu Chun Qiu to the Supreme Animal World? How can we be sure it's him?"

"I'm not sure but anyway, now Chu Chun Qiu has nothing to do with the Fortune Shrine anymore. The nine others are here, so do as you wish. But no matter what you do, if you touch our disciples, the same thing will happen to your disciples," replied the leader of the Fortune Shrine calmly.

The leaders grunted coldly and stared at Lin Feng and the others.

Ganges Time, G.o.dly Forbidden Territory, what kind of place is that?, wondered Lin Feng. The Fortune Shrine had paid the price to prepare that plan and convince the Shrines' leaders that Chu Chun Qiu was the one who had made the Destiny Wheel rotate. That way, they would pay attention to Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng would be able to become stronger in peace. But as before, he had to be vigilant and remain discreet. The more he displayed his strength, the more people would doubt.

At that moment, something happened in Lin Feng's mind. In his consciousness, he saw a flatland materialize. In the air was a fire mountain. The leader of the Fire Mountain was there, his eyes filled with flames. Lin Feng's soul trembled.

"Kneel down!" shouted the leader of the Fire Shrine angrily. Lin Feng's face stiffened, and his legs shook. However, he steadfastly stood his ground. He was just staring at the man coldly.

The Shrines' leaders are terrifyingly strong. One glance and they can make you submit, thought Lin Feng. This man could crush his soul and will.

The leader of the Fire Shrine looked at him disdainfully. Lin Feng lowered his head submissively.

"Hmph!" Lin Feng heard some grunt coldly in his mind. Flames flew throughout his soul.

"Leader," said another voice at that moment. The leader of the Fire Shrine looked at his disciple, startled.

"If you inspect their memories, I do the same. If you find some skills and techniques you weren't supposed to find, you can't blame us if anything happens," said the leader of the Fortune Shrine coldly.

The leader of the Fire Shrine grunted coldly, but he still stopped. Lin Feng's inner body, however, was still burning. It felt like his soul was burning. The leader of the Fire Shrine looked at him coldly and said, "Reply and tell the truth. If you make one mistake, I don't care whether my disciple dies, but you'll die too."

PMG Chapter 2219

Chapter 2219: Leaving

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"Before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, where were you?" asked the leader of the Fire Shrine of Lin Feng, making his soul tremble.

"Dark Night Region," replied Lin Feng calmly. "I'm from the Dark Night Region, but I grew up in a small world. When I was around twenty, I came to the greater world. There are many strong cultivators in the greater world. So I practiced really hard and took many risks. Now, I've been practicing cultivation for forty years, and I finally made it in the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds."

The leader of the Fortune Shrine was staring at Lin Feng. Forty years to reach the top of the Huang Qi layer was a very long time, Lin Feng wasn't really talented enough. However, he was from a small world, so it wasn't bad. Even though he didn't practice cultivation quickly, he was determined. Could the Forbidden Person possibly be Lin Feng?

"What skills and techniques do you practice? What kind of spirit do you have?" asked the leader again. Lin Feng frowned. He knew that that person could see many things. Lin Feng had to be clear and precise.

"I study different kinds of skills and techniques. In the small world, skills and techniques were really bad. I obtained some demon skills and techniques. I also study the Kalpa Indestructible DevMara skill all the time. I have a powerful physical strength. At the same level, I almost always have the advantage. Apart from demon cultivation, I also studied deployment spells from books. My cultivation is a bit complex," replied Lin Feng honestly. He didn't tell the most important things about himself, naturally.

"Insolent!" shouted that person explosively. Thunder shook his soul, blood appeared on his face and his face paled. "You're saying a stupid skill like the Kalpa Indestructible DevMara skill could help you have a powerful physical body?"

"I went to to the Milky Way battlefield in h.e.l.l, and I've killed extremely strong demon cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan. I obtained some nice spells from them, including the DevMara Body Cleansing Technique. It also helps me improve my physical strength," replied Lin Feng coldly. At his cultivation level, Shrines' leaders were like G.o.ds to him. He couldn't say anything against them.

He was too weak to do anything, and this guy was oppressing him. Lin Feng was a n.o.body in front of such people.

Lin Feng kept calm for now, but someday, he'd come back as an extremely strong cultivator and would settle accounts.

"Besides, by a lucky coincidence, in Qi Tian Holy Town in the Dark Night Region, I fought against many people from the different dynasties and I obtained some Saint's techniques," Lin Feng went on.

The leader of the Fire Shrine was looking at Lin Feng disdainfully. He was thinking that this kid guy was determined and talented, but his cultivation speed wasn't fast enough. He was just lucky. He thought Lin Feng was less likely to be the one who had activated the Destiny Wheel.

The other leaders didn't let the others off either, even if the Fortune Shrine had taken Chu Chun Qiu to the Supreme Animal World.

After some time, the leader of the Fire Shrine grunted coldly, a terrifying fire surrounded Lin Feng and the air shook. Lin Feng had the impression he was in an ocean of painful flames.

A terrifying strength made him tremble. Fire appeared in his mind again. The leader of the Fire Shrine could kill Lin Feng instantly if he wished.

Lin Feng was driven violently back, still surrounded by fire. He could die anytime. The others were also being oppressed by the other leaders.

The leader of the Fortune Shrine jumped in front of the enemies' disciples. Beams of light appeared and he attacked their souls. Someone gave out a horrible shriek.

"A life for a life!" said the leader of the Fortune Shrine coldly. He didn't pay attention to Lin Feng and the others, but he was ready to kill the enemies' disciples mercilessly if anything happened.

"Hmph!" someone groaned coldly. One of the leaders rose up into the air and said, "Dear friend, we'll see how long he'll stay in the Supreme Animal World!"

The leaders rose up into the air, not killing Lin Feng and the others. As the Diviner had said to Lin Feng, they'd try, but they probably wouldn't kill. They couldn't be sure if one of them had caused the Wheel to rotate. To the Fortune Shrine, it was a dangerous bet, but it had worked.

The disciples they had brought with them were core disciples in their Shrines. They didn't want to lose them stupidly.

Of course, it didn't mean they trusted the Fortune Shrine. They had also been watching the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and they were also going to watch Chu Chun Qiu.

"See you," said the leaders of the Shrines coldly, and then they left with their disciples.

The leader of the Fortune Shrine watched them leave and after a long time, he took a deep breath, turning around and saying to the group, "I'm sorry, you just joined the Fortune Shrine and you already have to face danger."

Everybody bowed before him. They had heard the old stories, so they couldn't blame the Fortune Shrine. They respected the Fortune Shrine, especially since the leader respected them.

But they were wondering whether Chu Chun Qiu was really the Forbidden Person or not.

n.o.body could be sure. Kong Ming glanced at Lin Feng. Back then, in the small world, the Diviner had chosen Lin Feng. Did it mean anything?


The other people left. In the starlit sky, the Qi was dense and thick, so Lin Feng decided to practice cultivation here. The Diviner appeared and said to Lin Feng, "The Shrines won't give up. I'll take you away. You can leave a clone here in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Sometimes, you can walk around so people will think you're still there. Use your real body to break through to the Di Qi layer and then come back. As a great emperor, your social status will be different.

"What do you think?" asked the Diviner.

"Alright, I think it's a good plan," Lin Feng nodded. He would need to break through to the Di Qi layer, and then he'd come back. He needed to become a great emperor to oppress the Snow Clan and the Shrines. He was in a rush, and couldn't waste time. He was going to travel the world to become stronger!

"Where will you go first?" asked the Diviner pointing at the different stars, "Continent of the Nine Clouds, h.e.l.l, many small worlds. Where do you want to go?"

"h.e.l.l!" said Lin Feng without hesitation. He wanted to avenge Minster Uptala and Qing Qing!

"If you go to h.e.l.l, you'll end up in the Milky Way battlefield first. From there, you'll be able to go to h.e.l.l or to the Continent of the Nine Clouds," replied the Diviner.

"Alright!" Lin Feng nodded. As expected, the Milky Way battlefield!

Back then, the one who had an innate king-type body had descended from the sky. Lin Feng remembered him. He was arrogant and wild. That guy was probably from the Supreme Animal World, as the Supreme Animal World also had pa.s.sages to every realm in the world.

"When are you going to leave?" asked the Diviner.

"In a few days, Teacher," replied Lin Feng.

"Alright, enjoy practicing cultivation in the Fortune Shrine!" the Diviner nodded. "I'm off. You choose your own path. The Fortune Shrine supports you."

"I understand!" Lin Feng nodded.

He watched the Diviner leave before he closed his eyes and went into his spirit's world.


In front of him was a giant, his Qi terrifying. It was Saint Qin Shan, his consciousness growing larger all the time. Regarding Minster Uptala and Qing Qing, Lin Feng intended to avenge them. After all, Saint Qin Shan was different, he would need lots of time to recover. But they were different, one drop of medicine and they would recover completely.

That Qi is incredible. Saint Qin Shan's consciousness is improving. We'll be able to fuse together and fight at some point. After h.e.l.l, I'll back go to the Dark Night Region to get the Rebirth Scriptures. Then I'll travel the world and continue focusing on cultivation and becoming stronger, thought Lin Feng. His goal in life was to become a peerless cultivator!

PMG Chapter 2220

Chapter 2220: Back Into the Milky Way Battlefield

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In the Celestial Country's Milky Way battlefield, people were still fighting unceasingly. Corpses were still falling into the Yellow Springs, which accepted them eagerly.  The battles there were cruel.

In that place, battles never stopped and never had. In the Yellow Springs, there were billions and billions of corpses.

Deep inside the Milky Way battlefield, there were two men and two women. They were encircled and pulling long faces. Five people were surrounding them, their demon Qi suring. The five looked at them as if they had cornered their prey.

"Their physical strength is terrifying. One of them is so strong physically that spells are useless against him, and he also understands Dao, what can we do?" asked a woman to the two men next to her telepathically. Her face was deathly pale.

However, at that moment, the two men also pulled long faces. They felt powerless.

"I wouldn't have thought that the situation would be like this right after arriving. We were too careless and confident. We came to the Milky Way battlefield, and these people dared come from the other side, they are extremely strong." said another woman. Her Qi was weak and trembling. She was very talented, she didn't want to die here. Her name was already on the Celestial Champion Ranking List at university. A bright future awaited her!

"No solution. We can only fight our way through!" said a young man coldly. The four of them nodded and charged at full speed.

The five demon cultivators suddenly punched out in their direction with a sound like thunder. The four people used spells to block the attacks. The demon cultivators wanted to kill them!

The demon cultivators hadn't said a word. The first and most dazzling cultivator of the Ancient Demon Clan, Juzi, had died, and many people thought that the Ancient Demon Clan was weakening. But now the Ancient Demon Clan was actually becoming stronger and stronger. They had more and more powerful demon cultivators. Many of their descendants were even more talented than their fathers. The Ancient Demon Clan was rising again!

At that moment, Qi began to roll through the Milky Way. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan raised their heads together and looked at the sky. Death strength surged and descended from the sky.

Some precious items are falling from the sky!, the Ancient Demon Clan cultivators thought. They frowned, their pitch-black eyes twinkling. A pitch-black death mountain descended from the sky and diffused death Dao power into the air slowly.

"Mark of the Path?" the crowd frowned. The members of the Ancient Demon Clan forgot about the four people. They were staring at the mountain descending from the sky.

Two cultivators rose up into the air and headed towards the ancient mountain. They punched out in the direction of the mountain. There was a thunderous crack, and the death mountain broke apart.

Someone wearing a pitch-black cape appeared from within it. He looked like a demon king ready to conquer all, and his Death intent was terrifying!

Lin Feng glanced around and saw many people. He didn't care, though, he just sighed. The battlefield was a mysterious place. It contained many treasures which descended from the sky. Shrines threw things away which were considered precious treasures here.

Lin Feng's black robe fluttered in the wind. He looked in the direction of h.e.l.l and got ready to head there.

"Ah!…" At that moment, he heard someone shout out. Lin Feng frowned and saw that a woman was staring at him. She looked at him with great respect.

"Brother Lin Feng!" said that woman. Lin Feng looked like a demon king, but she still recognized him. It was because the statue looked like him. Many people in the Holy City kept talking about him and his achievements, he was the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

"It's indeed Brother Lin Feng!" The man next to her was astonished, his heart started pounding. Before the opening of the Celestial Country, he had seen Lin Feng's statue in Champion University. Many people studied at Champion University and admired Lin Feng, the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

And now in the Celestial Country, they amazingly saw him for real. He was there and had descended from the sky. He looked confident and at ease.

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan were surprised. They released their Qi. The four people they had attacked called that guy Brother and looked at him with respect and admiration. He was much stronger than they were.

"Die!" said one of the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan. One of them punched out in Lin Feng's direction. He was very strong, as strong as the people of the Ancient Demon Clan Lin Feng had b.u.mped into back in the days, and they controlled Dao strength too. In the Celestial Country, such people were considered extremely strong.

Lin Feng looked at him, intent emerged from his eyes and corroded his opponent's will. A terrifying death strength shook his opponent's mind. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan suddenly looked frightened. They could sense that Lin Feng was extremely strong!

Lin Feng raised his fist. A terrifying strength emerged and crashed onto his opponent's body. Lin Feng was much, much stronger than he was back when he had been in the Milky Way battlefield before. He now belonged to another world. If Juzi had appeared in front of him, Lin Feng could slap him and kill him instantly. Juzi was a disciple of a Shrine, but he wasn't a core disciple.

Lin Feng was the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Only core disciples of the Shrines could compete with him now.

"How strong!" The four people were stunned when they saw that.

"Brother Lin Feng!" said another girl. She was astonished. Was that really the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

"Escape!" shouted the strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan. They punched out in Lin Feng's direction again, but Lin Feng punched the attacker without the least hesitation. There were cracks of breaking bone, and that person's head immediately exploded, his body falling down into the Yellow Springs.

"Let's go!" cried the the Ancient Demon Clan cultivators. Their faces were all pale. Lin Feng turned to another one and released death strength. That person's soul immediately exploded, and his body fell down into the Yellow Springs as well.

Lin Feng continued walking and punching the Demon clansmen. Quickly, they were all dead, and their corpses vanished into the Yellow Springs.

The young people of Champion University gulped down in astonishment. Lin Feng was much stronger than them. He truly belonged to a different world!

"Brother Lin Feng, he's so strong!" The two women's hearts were pounding. How magnificent!

"The Milky Way battlefield is dangerous. Don't go to the depths of the battlefield," Lin Feng said to those people, before disappearing from their field of vision.

"Can Lin Feng stay alone in here?" those people wondered…

Lin Feng crossed the Milky Way battlefield. When he arrived on the side of h.e.l.l, a light appeared above his head.

"Hmph!" The strong cultivators of h.e.l.l grunted coldly when they saw him. He was an invader, since he had a light above his head. Someone glared at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng looked back at him, death strength emerged from his eyes and crushed that person's soul. His corpse fell down into the Yellow Springs.

"Eh?" Many people were astonished when they saw that, and released death Qi. Lin Feng released sword strength, two people looked at him, a death sword streaked across the sky and he killed them instantly. At the same time, he released a river made of death energies and killed everybody in his way.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng. Instantly, many people around him suddenly stopped moving, their faces stiff with terror.

PMG Chapter 2221

Chapter 2221: Mountain of Corpses

Edited by RED

On the vast Milky Way battlefield…

Lin Feng's appearance didn't astonish people too much. People were just surprised to see so many people die fighting against Lin Feng. Most people just sighed; another terrifying killer!

Someone stood in the air and s.h.i.+vered. He looked after the demon lights which had disappeared. He stared at Lin Feng. A group of people from had h.e.l.l died against Lin Feng. How strong was he? He was just at the top of the Huang Qi layer, but he was already so strong…

No matter how strong his opponents were, one strike and he managed to crush his enemies. n.o.body could stop him. Even an army couldn't stop him!

How could he be so strong?

At that moment, Lin Feng continued moving. Around him, Death intent rolled in waves. He looked like a demon, his eyes filled with demon energies.

Some people continued moving towards him to kill him, but were slaughtered instead. n.o.body could stop him.


Seven days later, Lin Feng was standing at the top of a mountain and gazing into the distance. He wouldn't have thought that he would be so unlucky. The Celestial Country had just opened. He needed to wait for almost a year to get out.

He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. The air began to hum quietly.

When a pa.s.sing person saw the light above Lin Feng's head, he was stupefied. This guy was so audacious, he was from the other side and he dared stay there as if nothing had happened? On top of that he was seated cross-legged. He probably considered everybody and everything beneath his notice. How arrogant!

However, many people saw all the corpses around him and didn't get any closer. He was probably extremely strong.

More and more people appeared there and gathered around Lin Feng. They wanted to kill him. They felt ashamed because he had come from the other side, and he had killed so many of their people.

"Kill him!" said someone coldly.

"Everybody, let's attack him together!" proposed some people. They headed towards the top of the mountain.

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes. Some horrible shrieks spread through the air. Death and cursing strength surged around him and crushed some people. Lin Feng could kill those people in the blink of an eye!

The crowd was astonished. They screamed out, "Die!"

Lin Feng looked expressionless, his eyes filled with death Qi. There were ten thousand death imprints around him. His death Qi surged out in all directions and carried everything away. People who were in the way all died instantly. His death Qi was horrifyingly powerful.

Those who were still alive were terrified when they saw all those people die instantly.

Lin Feng slowly stood up. His black robe fluttered in the wind. At that moment, it seemed like the world belonged to him. He jumped forwards and the ground trembled.

After a short time, he came back to the top of the mountain, only countless corpses left all around him.


However, nothing stopped. People continued coming in from the distance.

Three months later, on and and around the mountain, it smelled like death. So many people had died there.

Half a year later, around the mountain, no gra.s.s could grow anymore. There was only death Qi.

Ten months later, at the top of the mountain, everything was dead. People who were a bit weak could not even get close or they died because of the death Qi. People who were strong couldn't come in either, because the death Qi was too powerful.

That place became a forbidden area. n.o.body dared come there anymore.


Most people were now getting ready to go back to h.e.l.l. People gathered there and looked in the direction of the forbidden mountain.

"I've heard that a terrifyingly strong cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer is there, and that n.o.body can go there because n.o.body can withstand a single attack. There are endless corpses there, and they have already turned into a mountain."

"I've heard that he's from the other side. He looks like a conquering hero. n.o.body can get close to him or they die."

"Hmph! He must have a terrifying death-type item if his death energy is powerful. How could an emperor be that strong?" said someone.

"You can go and check," said someone mockingly.

The forbidden area had become legendary. Thankfully, the pa.s.sage of the Celestial Country was going to open again.


The terrifying amount of Death intent disappeared abruptly. The crowd was stupefied. What was going on? The forbidden area had disappeared?

"The Death intent has been recalled."

When the crowd saw the death Qi disappear, their hearts started pounding. They shot forwards, however, as they moved forwards, mountains of corpses appeared in front of them. The corpses were intact, but the people were dead.

"They probably all have incredible treasures," whispered the crowd, trembling. Who had done this?

Finally, the death Qi completely disappeared. They could see someone at the top of a mountain. There were still pale death lights around him.

His death Qi could still kill people.

"That death Qi has reached the peak of perfection at that cultivation level," someone pointed out. For an emperor, such a terrifying Dao was incredible.

"Indeed, no wonder he killed so many people. If we fought against him, we'd die!"

Everybody was afraid of Lin Feng.

There was a Holy Spirit in front of Lin Feng, and he looked satisfied. "This is a great Holy Spirit. It's strong and can use the strength of the earth and sky. It's much better than ordinary Great Imperial Weapons.

"Back then, the Holy Spirit Dynasty's Saint could form 33,000 small Holy Spirits and 137 great Holy Spirits. It was probably terrifying to see that!" mused Lin Feng. He waved his hands and the Holy Spirit disappeared. At the same time, he stood up and glanced around. The pa.s.sage to h.e.l.l was going to open soon.

Lin Feng headed towards the crowd. People moved aside and let him pa.s.s without attacking him. He was like a death G.o.d at this time, they didn't dare offend him. He was from the other side, but the question was: how did he control death strength so well? His death strength had reached the peak of perfection. Was he going to h.e.l.l?

When Lin Feng was finally far away, people went insane and started looting the corpses. They all had incredible precious treasures on them.

However, Lin Feng didn't care about them. He was the First Emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had become member in a Shrine. The other Shrines had oppressed him. He had gone through so much. What he needed now was real strength!

He stood at the exit. His black robe fluttered in the wind, n.o.body dared get close. He had killed too many people already. Some people hadn't even gotten close to him, and had died anyway. He was glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey. The people from h.e.l.l didn't provoke him.

A few people unwisely got angry and felt humiliated; they approached him, but died instantly.

"What kind of a monster is that?"people sighed.

"How terrifying."

Everybody wanted to get far away from Lin Feng. Lin Feng was calmly waiting to go back to h.e.l.l. When the pa.s.sage opened, Lin Feng turned into a beam of light and went back through.

He appeared in a gigantic valley, but he continued moving at top speed. Very quickly, he appeared at the top of a mountain and stopped. He took a deep breath and put on his illusionary cloak. Instantly, his Qi, face and body changed.

"h.e.l.l." Lin Feng flew in the direction of the Great Imperial Song City.

PMG Chapter 2222

Chapter 2222: Resuscitation

Edited by RED

At the Great Imperial Song City…

Outside of the gates, people were always fighting. Those who managed to win a hundred battles were considered heroes and could get inside. They were then allowed to become members of the inner part of the city, where they obtained more resources to practice. The battle stage at the gate of the city outside was a symbol.

Of course, winning a hundred times wasn't easy.

Two people were seated in the bleachers and watching the battles. Not far from them, two people were looking at them respectfully, because they were Ministers who controlled a part of h.e.l.l. One of them was Minister Kalasutra.

Next to Minister Kalasutra was his daughter, Qin Yao.

Qin Yao was already a high-level emperor, looking valiant and heroic. Her Qi was extraordinary. She didn't look as proud as in the past, and seemed even more beautiful that way.

"Do you think some people can compete with you on the battle stage of the high-level emperors?" asked Minister Kalasutra, smiling at Qin Yao.

"Maybe," replied Qin Yao nodding. However, she looked absent-minded and preoccupied. Her father had been busy and had come back to spend some time with her and watch battles. She didn't know why, but she kept thinking about that man.

Back then, when he was only a low-level emperor, he had won a hundred times. She had thought she was strong, but after a short time, she had realized he was so strong that she couldn't catch up with him anymore, the distance between them had continued increasing. If he hadn't been there, she would have died in the battlefield of the Celestial Country.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Minister Kalasutra when he saw that his daughter looked preoccupied.

"Father, do you remember Minister Uptala and Qing Qing?" asked Qin Yao.

Minister Kalasutra was surprised and nodded, "Of course I do. Poor Uptala. Hm… Qin Yao, w.a.n.g Xiao doesn't want people to talk about them anymore, so don't."

"I know. But back then, Lin Feng didn't die, how strong is he now?" Qin Yao wondered calmly.

Minister Uptala was surprised. Back then, Minister Uptala had turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus to protect Lin Feng and Qing Qing. Lin Feng was really strong, Qin Yao had told him about the battles in the Celestial Country.

"Lin Feng was terrifyingly strong. At the same cultivation level, few people could compete with him. Besides, he had incredible comprehensive abilities," murmured Minister Kalasutra. He remembered Lin Feng perfectly.


In a room not far from the city…

In front of Lin Feng was a Blue Uptala Lotus with a dimly discernible Qi. It contained the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. Inside the Blue Uptala Lotus was a frozen young woman. She looked beautiful and pure.

Lin Feng was holding two small bottles which contained some life Qi. But the bottles were firmly closed, so no Qi came out of them.

"Qing Qing," said Lin Feng, looking at the frozen young woman. He waved his hands and released fire and life strength. Ice began to break and snap. Fire containing life strength filled the air as the ice melted rapidly. Qing Qing's body appeared quickly.

"Life!" said Lin Feng. Life strength penetrated into her body. At the same time, he broke a bottle and poured a drop on Qing Qing's body. Her body absorbed the medicine. Beautiful pure lights quickly surrounded her body.

"G.o.dly Medicine of the Immortals!" Even though Lin Feng knew that Qing Qing was going to be fine, he was nervous. Lights surrounded her as the strength penetrated into her body thoroughly. Even if she had only one last thread of consciousness left, that medicine would heal her, so Qing Qing was going to be fine.

Lights and Qi floated around her. Very quickly, her cheeks became pink again.

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled. She was going to be fine. Then, he broke the other bottle and poured medicine on the Blue Uptala Lotus on which Qing Qing was laying.

The same thing happened, life strength surging out to surround the flower.

Lin Feng stood there, a bit nervous. Qing Qing's hair bristled, and Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. She slowly opened her beautiful eyes, looking confused.

Wasn't she dead?

She looked pure, innocent and beautiful. When she saw Lin Feng she s.h.i.+vered.

"Lin Feng," she said. She looked confused, "Am I dreaming?"

Lin Feng shook his head, bent down and smiled broadly. "Qing Qing, you're fine now. Have you completely recovered?"

"Eh?" Qing Qing moved. Life Qi filled the air. She felt fine…

After that, she looked at the Blue Uptala Lotus on which she was sitting, "That's… my father's Qi…"

She suddenly looked scared and her cheeks became white again, "Lin Feng, is my father…"

"He will recover too. I gave him G.o.dly Medicine of the Immortals as well," replied Lin Feng.

Qing Qing was astonished. G.o.dly Medicine of the Immortals? She got up and caressed the Blue Uptala Lotus. Her eyes twinkled. A silhouette was gradually appearing around the Blue Uptala Lotus.

"Qing Qing!" an ethereal voice spoke out.

Qing Qing's heart started pounding. She looked at the silhouette and said, "Father, I thought I'd never seen you again."

"Thank you very much, Lin Feng," said Minister Uptala looking at Lin Feng, "I'll never be able to pay you back for the medicine you gave Qing Qing and me."

Qing Qing was astonished. Her father was Minister Uptala. He was a Celestial Emperor and he was saying he couldn't pay Lin Feng back for that medicine? It meant that Lin Feng had paid a terrifying price to save her father and her.

She felt as if she had died and come back to life. However, Lin Feng had saved her. She had recovered, and so had her father.

"Uncle Uptala, how could you compare your lives and something material? Material can be bought. A life can't," Lin Feng smiled. "Besides, nothing would have ever happened to you if I hadn't been there. It was my fault. I had to do something for you."

"How could I blame you?" replied Minister Uptala, shaking his head. His silhouette became more and more real. In contrast, the Blue Uptala Lotus slowly became illusionary.

"Lin Feng, where are we?" asked Minister Uptala.

"Great Imperial Song City," said Lin Feng. Minister Uptala and Qing Qing were astonished. Great Imperial Song City?

"w.a.n.g Xiao won't let us off."

"Several years have pa.s.sed. I came back for w.a.n.g Xiao," said Lin Feng coldly. Murder appeared in his eyes.

Minister Uptala shook his head, "Lin Feng, you're talented and you were lucky to obtain G.o.dly medicine, but you're not a great emperor yet. You can't defeat w.a.n.g Xiao, it's impossible. Besides, he's a High Official's descendant. You will not have any opportunity to kill him."

"No…" said Lin Feng shaking his head, "Uncle Uptala, I came to h.e.l.l to kill w.a.n.g Xiao, and then I'll leave. I want to travel around the world. And regarding the way I intend to kill him, I have a plan."

"I won't stop you, then. If you need anything, you can tell me," said Minister Uptala.

"Yes, Uncle Uptala, what do you intend to do?" asked Lin Feng.

"I'll see if I can find my former army. I can become an official Minister in another city. I don't need to stay in the Great Imperial Song City," replied Minister Uptala.

Lin Feng nodded. He had come to h.e.l.l to help Minister Uptala and to avenge them. Then, he'd travel the world and become a great emperor. After that, he'd have more things to do.

Snow Clan, Moon Palace, Shrines!


Lin Feng, Minister Uptala, and Qing Qing chatted for a long time. They had both fully recovered. Lin Feng didn't need to worry about them.

Lin Feng put on his illusionary plaited bamboo hat and a cloak again, his Qi and face changed again. He headed towards the Great Imperial Song City.


Outside of the city, there was the same ocean of people as before. Great Emperor Song liked battles, so it influenced people from the Great Imperial Song City. There were always people fighting on the battle stage.

Qin Yao didn't look that excited anymore, she looked at Minister Kalasutra and said, "Father, let's go back."

"Why? Don't you want to watch battles anymore? One last fight and we'll go back," said Minister Kalasutra, smiling and shaking his head. At that moment, someone slowly walked onto the high-level emperors' battle stage. His skin was really white and it wasn't easy to see his facial features because he had his head lowered. He had a strange Qi. Minister Kalasutra looked at him, his eyes twinkled, "That guy must be extremely strong."

Qin Yao looked at her father's eyes. Why did her father think that?

The young man's opponent was a cruel middle-aged man. At that moment, he had already won twenty-three battles. When he saw the young man, he shouted, "You want to die!" before charging to the attack.

The pale young man suddenly raised his head, pitch-black death lights shot towards his opponent. In an instant, the middle-aged man was petrified, he couldn't move anymore, and he started trembling.

"Get down!" said the young man coldly. His opponent's face was as grey as death. He didn't say anything, and jumped off the battle stage. His legs were still shaking. He had the searing impression the young man could have killed him like a fly.

PMG Chapter 2223

Chapter 2223: Hundred Victories

Edited by RED

The crowd was astonished when they saw the battle. Initially, Minister Kalasutra and Qin Yao wanted to leave, but suddenly, they were excited.

"Father, you were right, that guy is extremely strong," exclaimed Qin Yao, staring at the young man on the battle stage. Even though she didn't consider herself quite strong, she could have defeated the middle-aged man with the twenty-three victories, too.

However, that young man had defeated him easily, he hadn't even need to move!

The challengers understood that as well. Therefore, after the young man won his first battle, n.o.body challenged him for a while.

The young man was naturally Lin Feng. At that moment, he didn't know where w.a.n.g Xiao was, so he had to be admitted into the city by winning a hundred times.

Someone else finally walked onto the battle stage. That person looked at Lin Feng, whose eyes were closed, so he became angry. Lin Feng disdained the other fighters?

"Please, let's exchange views on cultivation!" said that person coldly. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, pitch-black Death intent moved into his opponent's eyes. That person's life was quickly corroded, and he started hallucinating. He could really die! He understood why the previous fighter had left the battle stage willingly!

"Get down!" said Lin Feng. His opponent looked glum, but Lin Feng's death voice resonated in his skull. He turned around and left the battle stage, just like the previous fighter.

"Pfew…" Many people in the crowd swallowed and took deep breaths. What a strange and mysterious fighter. One glance, a few words, and people left the battle stage willingly.

The same thing happened during the third battle.

But some extremely strong cultivators wanted to try, mostly because Lin Feng didn't resort to terrifying and explosive attacks to fight. So, how did he win so easily? However, his method worked, and his number of victories increased quickly.

"His Death Dao has already reached a certain level. It might be extremely powerful even," said Minister Kalasutra as he watched Lin Feng. Because of Lin Feng, they hadn't left.

"Twenty-eight victories already and people keep losing because of a single glance?" Qin Yao's face stiffened. She was extremely strong, and she had h.e.l.l Fire. Her attacks were explosive and she also understood Dao intent. But this guy seemed to be so strong, as if they were not even worth mentioning in the same sentence.

"Mo Shang is going onto the battle stage. Mo Shang is extremely strong, and his Death Dao is formidable. This battle is going to be brilliant."

"Mo Shang." When Qin Yao saw Mo Shang, she shook her head. Mo Shang was only as strong as her. Even if he was extremely strong, he couldn't defeat that young man; but he probably wouldn't be defeated by a simple glance, either.

"Your Death Dao is not bad," said Mo Shang, staring at Lin Feng, "I also control Death Dao. Therefore, let's fight. Your Death Dao is useless against me."

After that, suddenly, terrifying death lights emerged from Lin Feng's eyes and bombarded Mo Shang's eyes. Mo Shang's soul started trembling. He sensed Death intent penetrate into his body, and his face turned grey.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and landed in front of Mo Shang, staring at him.

"Ah…!" Mo Shang shrieked, and fell down backwards onto his a.r.s.e. He was terrified.

When the crowd saw that, they swallowed. Mo Shang pulled a long face. He didn't dare look at Lin Feng again. He turned around, crawled to the edge of the battle stage, and jumped off it.

"I underestimated him. He's much stronger than I thought," said Minister Kalasutra, quietly astonished. "His Death Dao has already reached the top of the first phase in terms of Dao strength. Among cultivators at the very top of the Huang Qi layer, people who don't have a very advanced understanding of Dao strength can't compete with him."

"Yes," agreed Qin Yao. She remembered someone, especially the last time she had seen him. He looked like a death G.o.d and he could release rivers made of death energy which could sweep anything away. He had killed so many people. Back then, even high-level emperors couldn't withstand a single attack from him.

And now on the battle stage, there was a guy whose Death Dao was equally terrifying. He didn't even need to move to defeat his opponents. He could even kill them easily if he wanted!

The fights continued. 50, 60… 90 victories… from the beginning to the end, the young man hadn't needed to fight at all. He glanced at his opponents and defeated them.

The crowd was astonished. Some extremely strong cultivators came out of the Great Imperial Song City.

"That's Minister Enuo, and Minister Asura. Minister Asura is an and a demon king. He's one of the most terrifying Ministers of the Great Imperial Song City. What is he doing here?"

When the crowd saw the Ministers, they were startled, and their hearts started pounding. The young man on the battle stage was too strong, so he had drawn the attention of those people? Many people had won a hundred battles and those Ministers had never come out because of that. Maybe there weren't too many emperors who were so strong in h.e.l.l…

Minister Asura released blood Qi, his hair turning red. Similar to the man on the stage, he could also look at people and at first glance, he could defeat people. At that moment, he was standing there with his hands clasped behind his back, calmly watching the fights. There were several other Ministers next to him, all of them terrifyingly strong.

Minister Kalasutra was surprised. What were those guys doing here?

Lin Feng couldn't help but glance at the bleachers. He smiled coldly on the inside. He didn't mind drawing some attention, because after killing w.a.n.g Xiao, he'd try to leave h.e.l.l through the Great Imperial Song City. The Celestial Country's pa.s.sage was already closed. Without using special spells or power, he'd need to wait for another year to leave. If he did wait, then he would have wasted two years stupidly.

He had just come to h.e.l.l to kill w.a.n.g Xiao and help Minister Uptala. It would have repercussions, but he'd be able to solve all those problems later after becoming extremely strong.

The fights ended quickly each time. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had won 97 battles. n.o.body could defeat him.

"Avīci, you go," ordered Minister Asura indifferently. Someone jumped onto the battle stage and instantly released a terrifying death blood Qi. From his expression, one had the impression he could kill Lin Feng easily.

(Ed. Note: Avīci is the lowest level of Naraka, one of the Buddhist, and means 'waveless'. It is not a tribute to the singer.)

"That's Avīci, he's Minister Asura's disciple. He's very talented, and will replace Minister Asura in the future."

"Avīci! I've heard that he almost pa.s.sed the exam of the h.e.l.l Shrine! He's really strong. He controls Avīci h.e.l.l Dao. He can drive people into the abysses of the Avīci and kill them."

Lin Feng glanced his opponent… a strong cultivator, this time.

"Surprisingly, Avīci is getting involved. That guy's victory spree is going to come to an end, even if he's extremely strong."

Even though the crowd found Lin Feng terrifying, they knew that Avīci had almost become a member of a Shrine. He was extremely strong. Probably only a few emperors in the Great Imperial Song City could compete with him.

Avīci was staring at Lin Feng. A terrifying amount of Dao intent drove towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the impression he was falling into a terrifying and sanguinary cage of h.e.l.l. The Dao power tried to pierce through his skin.

Lin Feng was surprised. He released Death imprints around himself and took some steps forwards. His eyes were still filled with death strength, and he was staring at his opponent.

"Die!" shouted Avīci coldly. Avīci's red Avīci h.e.l.l strength turned into terrifying energies which shook Lin Feng's soul. However, Lin Feng just grunted coldly and millions of threads of death strength appeared around him. They turned into a black death dragon and shot towards his opponent.

Avīci grunted coldly and continued releasing energies. He formed a cross with his hands, and a red cross appeared in front of him. Thunder rumbled, the earth and sky trembled. It was a terrifying collision.

"How strong. But Avīci will win!" the crowd believed. However, they saw Lin Feng punch out, and the red energies were cut in two. Lin Feng jumped into the newly created path. Death strength moved towards his opponent.

Avīci also jumped into his own red energies. When he saw Lin Feng's death energies surging towards him, the path Lin Feng had opened turn into an Avīci h.e.l.l again.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng coldly. Millions of death strength lights kept appearing. Avīci moved both hands continuously. Red crosses kept blocking off the death strength.

The death strength pierced through. Lin Feng continued walking forwards and punched out, explosion detonating. Avīci sensed a terrifying amount of strength moving towards him and retreated quickly.

However, the death strength was already surrounding him!

His face stiffened. "I lost!"

The red lights disappeared. Avīci jumped off the battle stage without even turning his head around.

The crowd was astonished. This new guy was terrifyingly strong. n.o.body knew who he was, and someone as strong as Avīci couldn't even compete with him. It seemed like this guy was even much, much stronger than Avīci, as if they belonged to different worlds.

Lin Feng won a hundred battles easily. In the bleachers, someone Lin Feng knew had appeared: w.a.n.g Xiao!!! He had heard that Avīci had been defeated, so he had decided to come and see this new fighter!

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