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PMG Chapter 2230

Chapter 2230: Long Night City

Time flew by. It was as brief as a glimpse of a white colt flas.h.i.+ng past a c.h.i.n.k in the wall. Lin Feng traveled, he crossed cities and cities, and even forgot about time.

Deep in a forest in Purple Clouds, Lin Feng was facing a terrifying beast. It had four hoofs like an ox, the head of a tiger, the claws of an eagle, and terrifying eyes.

"Stupid humans!" said the beast aggressively. Its Qi was boiling over. Beasts in the surroundings fled.

This was a Young Beast Master of the Di Qi layer. It was an earth-type beast and had incredible defensive skills, and controlled Heaviness Dao strength. At that moment, Lin Feng and the beast were standing in a gigantic crater. Lin Feng's blood was boiling and shaking.

When the Heaviness Dao reached a certain level, it could crush people flat under their own weight. An ordinary emperor would have died instantly. Even emperors at the top of the Huang Qi layer could feel under pressure against such beasts. Even Lin Feng's muscles twitched.

At that moment, Lin Feng's clothes were not very clean, his hair was messy, his beard had grown out and was long already. He had already spent some time in this, and killed many beasts.

The gigantic Great Imperial Beast opened his mouth, and a terrifying earth spear shot from it at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grunted coldly. He jumped away as spears continuously emerged from the beast's mouth, attacking him one after another. There were cracks as some hit him, and weren't able to pierce through him. His physical body was incredible.

The beast was speechless. A Great Imperial Beast surprisingly had no way to injure an emperor?

Lin Feng's physical strength was obviously incredible. He had studied the Kalpa Indestructible DevMara Skill and the DevMara Body Cleansing Technique. His defense was astonis.h.i.+ng. However, his cultivation level hadn't risen, and sometimes, Lin Feng felt annoyed about it.

One year, two years, he remained calm, but as time pa.s.sed, he felt more and more nervous. The DevMara Kalpa strength was becoming useless. He couldn't break through. Lin Feng started having doubts about himself. It was even more difficult than before, when he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer. He didn't know what to do.

He had sent Tang You You back to his spirit's world. He could only rely on himself to break through to the Di Qi layer.

When the Great Imperial Beast saw that, he looked at Lin Feng ferociously. The air began to rumble, and a terrifying heaviness strength surrounded Lin Feng as the beast galloped towards him. It felt like millions of elephants were stampeding towards him!

Lin Feng continued running forwards. An incredible amount of demon lights flashed. He raised his arms and his fists, the atmosphere distorting around his fists. It felt like the earth and sky were about to collapse.

The Great Imperial Beast released a great earth sword ten zhang long. It was impossible to dodge.

Lin Feng released and condensed demon strength. A gigantic black sword appeared, also hiltless. It collided with the enemy's gigantic sword. The atmosphere kept trembling from the Qi in the air.

"Die!" Millions of threads of death strength turned into millions of spears and moved towards the beast. The atmosphere became dark and desolate. Everything died around those demon energies, even the gra.s.s turned black and started rotting. The Great Imperial Beast's face turned deathly pale as a pitch-black strength surrounded his body. His life was being eaten away!

This emperor's cosmic energies were extremely powerful. He was a great emperor, but he couldn't compete with this high-level emperor. What a genius!

Lin Feng had started understanding Dao power when he was a medium-level emperor. Such human beings were terrifying. Quite often, Celestial Emperors started understanding Dao power a little bit better, and usually they understood Dao power as well as Lin Feng when they became Saint Emperors. Lin Feng could easily crush ordinary great emperors, but in general, he could defeat all sorts of great emperors already.

The Great Imperial Beast roared furiously. Lin Feng's terrifying Dao power scared him, he had the impression he was about to die!

A gigantic hand appeared, earth strength condensed and turned into a gigantic wall blocking off the death strength. However, Lin Feng still arrived before it, the air crackling around him. The death strength rolled around and swept away its Qi before surrounding it.

The beast roared defiantly, before turning around and fleeing into the distance.

However, Lin Feng wasn't ready to let him escape. He followed lightning-quick. A death spear pierced through its body, and at the same time, he punched its skull. The beast suddenly stopped moving and then crashed onto the ground.

These days, Great Imperial Beasts couldn't do much against Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn't find them strong anymore.

Lin Feng's cultivation level didn't change, but he kept becoming stronger. Back in the Celestial Country, mountains of corpses formed around him. He was already much stronger than back then.

Lin Feng looked at the gigantic body and took it away. Great Imperial Beasts' bodies were still useful.


He continued walking through the forest. He was in the depths of a gloomy forest, and there were many terrifying beasts there. Many of them were gigantic, imposing, and magnificent. All the beasts were intelligent. Lin Feng was practicing in the forest, he killed as many beasts as he could. Even Great Imperial Beasts couldn't do much against him.

Lin Feng crossed that wild country. There were also some human beings there. In most places in the Continent, human beings and beasts coexisted and competed.

What a dense and thick b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi, thought Lin Feng, looking at an animal castle. It was new to him, but he just studied it for a short time before continuing along.


After a very long time, he saw another human being. He didn't know where he was. He was just wandering without purpose in the depths of Purple Clouds.

In front of Lin Feng, there were two young people, a man and a woman, wearing beautiful clothes. They seemed to be disciples from a sect, and looked quite strong.

When they saw Lin Feng, they were startled. He was such a mess; his hair was messy, and his clothes were torn apart. They thought he must have almost died in the forest.

Even though Lin Feng was a mess, he wasn't dirty. Only his hair was messy, he had a really long beard and his clothes were torn apart. But with his physical strength, his skin was as polished as bronze. He just looked wild, like a caveman.

"Your Excellency, did you fight against a wave of ferocious wild beasts?" the young man asked Lin Feng politely. He didn't know what was going on, but there had been terrifying waves of wild beasts in the animal empire. Some extremely strong beasts had escaped from the forest and had killed many humans. Some people who had gone hunting had also died.

"A wave of ferocious wild beasts?" said Lin Feng, after remaining silent for a few seconds. He hadn't heard a human voice in such a long time, he wasn't used to it anymore.

"The animal empire and Long Night City often fight. A short time ago, many beasts attacked people at the periphery of Long Night City. Many people died. Don't you know about that? Many people from Long Night City came here to kill beasts." said the young man calmly. Even though Lin Feng looked wild, they couldn't see his cultivation level, so he was probably very strong.

When the young man saw that Lin Feng remained silent, he looked at him coldly and asked, "Your Excellency, are you a wild beast?"

Lin Feng suddenly raised his head and the young man went silent. He continued walking towards the city without saying anything more.

PMG Chapter 2231

Chapter 2231: Folders

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Lin Feng walked forwards, his steps heavy. He looked exhausted. His hair covered his face, but his eyes glittered. His soul strength kept floating around as he inspected his surroundings.

To break through to the Di Qi layer, my soul must fuse together with the earth and sky. Attacks become real at that cultivation level. So when a fire-type cultivator uses fire, he can burn mountains for real. A great emperor's soul is also stronger. Great emperors can also use the strength of the earth and sky as their own. It's also easier to understand Dao intent when you're a great emperor. Therefore, many people only start understanding Dao intent after breaking through to the Di Qi layer, thought Lin Feng. He remembered what the Diviner had told him.

"The G.o.ds have abandoned me. Maybe that is the reason why I can't break through to the Di Qi layer right now?" mused Lin Feng. However, at that moment, his eyes were dazzling. He saw some strength in the distance which attracted his soul.

"What is that place?" he asked himself. He had unceasingly tried to fuse his soul together with the earth and sky, he had been looking for opportunities, but in vain. It was just like back then, when he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer. Maybe the earth and sky were rejecting him, once again?

Lin Feng arrived in front of a gigantic stone and jumped atop it. He sat down cross-legged and soul strength filled the air, and rolling far into the distance.

Lin Feng's soul strength was extremely powerful now. He could leave his corporeal body whenever he wished. Of course, it allowed him to see far away, but it was also dangerous. If he encountered someone evil, that person could attack his soul. After having broken through to the Di Qi layer, when a cultivator's soul had fused together with the earth and sky, it was much easier and more appropriate to leave one's body. These days, Lin Feng only released a few threads of soul strength to inspect his surroundings.

Lin Feng's soul strength moved like the wind through the depths of Long Night City. Everything his soul saw appeared in his field of vision. It was an ancient city, with imposing and magnificent buildings that contained an incredible Qi. The buildings there almost all looked like castles, and the people were strong. Emperors could be seen everywhere; there were also many great emperors, and the city almost seemed boundless.

His soul floated for a long time. Lin Feng was amazed, what kind of place was this? His soul was being attracted by something, was there a treasure here?

Lin Feng was curious, so his soul continued floating around in the city. Finally, quite far away from his real body, he saw a castle with purple Qi floating around it like a purple cloud. However, in front of that fortress were many dark buildings that looked like gates, death water flowing atop them. They all contained a terrifying strength, and surrounded the whole fortress.

That energy looked like the energy he had seen in the King of h.e.l.l's Palace.

What is that place?, thought Lin Feng. It had attracted his soul strength. The purple Qi was attracting his soul. It was a mysterious feeling.

The purple Qi was thick and powerful. It was probably the territory of a powerful group. Many cultivators had gathered there. They seemed like they were there to sense the purple Qi.

Some people were standing outside a fortress. There was a young man in the crowd.

"Someone came here with their soul, what a prodigy!" said someone next to him.

"Impressive. In the whole city, only people from Jiu You's Ministry have a purple soul Qi, which then turns into the purple soul celestial walls which can envelop Long Night City. Maybe that person is attracted by purple soul Qi?" said the young man, smiling coldly.

"So what? Even if that's the case, many people are insatiably greedy. It's still difficult to get close to Jiu You's Ministry. Back then, Brother Ye Ying left Jiu You's Ministry and partic.i.p.ated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He finished in the top twenty, he's extremely strong," a beautiful woman wearing white clothes said coldly. However, when she heard Ye Ying's name, her beautiful eyes twinkled.

"How strong do you think the owner of that soul strength is?"

"It's just a thread of soul, I don't think he's a great emperor. He's crazy arrogant to get that close to Jiu You's Ministry." said the young man icily, clenching his fists. He spat out some Sword intent, which shot into the distance.

Lin Feng sensed the sword energy, his soul flickered and dodged. He wanted to get close to see what was going on there, but surprisingly someone attacked him!

His soul turned into a figure and looked at the young man on the ground. However, the young man frowned and waved his hand. He wanted to block Lin Feng's soul and moved quickly.

Lin Feng's soul was getting ready to leave, but sword strength closed on his soul from all directions. It quickly destroyed his soul thread.

"Idiot," said the young man. He grunted icily, and his sword energy disappeared.

On a boulder outside Long Night City, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, which glittered with ice-cold lights. He released a terrifying Death intent.

A great distance away, the one who had just attacked his soul sensed the Death intent and s.h.i.+vered. How strong!

"In Long Night City, there are purple clouds, and in some areas, there's death water. What is it?" asked Lin Feng to those people icily. They were all startled, and felt a great pressure. Their questioner's consciousness could kill them!

As expected, it wasn't wise to judge a book by its cover. He looked wild and scary.

"One of the groups of Long Night City, Jiu You's Ministry!" replied that person.

"What are the purple clouds?" asked Lin Feng.

"Purple Soul Qi. Jiu You's Ministry gathers the purple soul Qi of the earth and sky in the center of Long Night City. That way, people's souls can fuse together with the earth and sky more easily, and become great emperors!"

"How incredible." Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. No wonder there were so many people there.

"Purple soul Qi allows people to understand the earth and sky better. It helps their soul fuse together with the earth and sky more easily. Purple soul Qi is mysterious," said that person again. Lin Feng nodded. Then, he stood up and gazed off into the distance.


In the Fortune Shrine, in a Star Palace…

Some starlight twinkled down. There were many stars and paG.o.da lights. Many people looked busy there, consulting jade talismans, folders, and other things.

"Have you found it?" asked the Diviner of someone who was busy.

"No. Years have pa.s.sed, and we have too many folders. The folders are not sorted at all, it's so messy. We need to sort them and get rid of the useless folders. I still have hope that we can find that folder, though!" replied the person.

The Diviner nodded and sighed. So many years had pa.s.sed. Chu Chun Qiu was under pressure. The top ten cultivators were progressing really fast. They had all broken through to the Di Qi layer, except Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was already as strong as a great emperor, but why he hadn't broken through to the Di Qi layer was a mystery. The only explanation was that he was a Forbidden Person! Even the leader of the Shrine was unable to explain why such a thing was happening to Lin Feng. There was probably no other person like him in the world. To understand that matter, it was necessary to do some research and check ancient folders.

The Forbidden Person understood Forbidden People better than the other Shrines, though. But still, only legends remained about such people. The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds knew about Forbidden People better than ordinary people. In the world, many people had heard that expression, but they didn't know what it meant.

"Have you started looking into the folders which were in the trash bin?"

"Yes, half a year ago," that person confirmed. The Fortune Shrine had existed for a very long time, they had as many folders as the stars.

At that moment, someone rushed in. The Diviner turned around and asked, "Old buddy, why such a rush?"

He was a very core member of the Fortune Shrine!

"I found it." said the old man shaking his hands. He gave a s.h.i.+ny item to the Diviner. The Diviner was astonished, and quickly put his G.o.dly awareness inside. There was only one sentence.

The Diviner started breathing faster. He clenched his fists, and the folder instantly disappeared. His heart was pounding, his eyes were twinkling like bright stars.

No wonder!

PMG Chapter 2232

Chapter 2232: Purple Soul Strength

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Lin Feng walked into Long Night City towards the purple clouds. He seemed to be walking slowly, but actually he was extremely fast. Like the wheels of a carriage, the faster they moved, the slower they looked. Many people couldn't even see him distinctly.

There were still many people outside of Jiu You's Ministry. At that moment, there was a path opened above the black water. There were some people coming out of Jiu You's Ministry!

After a short time, they stopped and looked at the crowd. "Today is Jiu You's Ministry's open house. All the people who have been chosen, come here."

Many young people walked forwards and up to the nine gates. The young man who had attacked Lin Feng was with a woman and another man, he said, "We're from the Sword Sect, here to visit Jiu You's Ministry."

"Yes, I recognize you. You don't need a token," said the strong cultivator of Jiu You's Ministry calmly. The three cultivators looked particularly proud. Not many people had such a privilege in Jiu You's Ministry. Even those who had been selected had to have a token. Those three enjoyed a good reputation in Long Night City, especially since they were from the Sword Sect.

The other people were mostly young people from other sects and powerful groups in town. Every year, powerful groups chose disciples they sent to Jiu You's Ministry to benefit from purple soul strength. The majority of those people were at the top of the Huang Qi layer. After all, the purpose of purple soul strength was to help them fuse their soul together with the earth and sky, and become great emperors!

Behind the crowd, a young man who had messy long hair and beard appeared. Many people looked at him because of that. He looked in the direction of Jiu You's Ministry.

There wasn't only purple soul strength there, there was also death strength. A river made of death energy was there. The death strength was quite pure. This group probably controlled death strength as well!

"Jiu You's Ministry!" whispered Lin Feng. He continued walking forwards. He raised his head and gazed into the distance. The strong cultivator from Jiu You's Ministry looked at Lin Feng and said, "Which group sent you, Your Excellency? And do you have your token?"

Lin Feng shook his head. He looked at a young man, the one who had attacked his soul.

The young man sensed that Lin Feng was looking at him, he had a familiar feeling. He was startled. "You're the one who released that thread of soul strength?"

Lin Feng said nothing. The young man grunted icily and released his Sword intent, staring at Lin Feng, "You initially thought you could come here to sense purple soul strength with a thread of soul? How insolent!"

A strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng disappeared. The young man was shocked, and his face stiffened. His Sword intent was whistling and moving in every direction. However, someone drew closer and closer to him. He saw messy hair. A hand appeared and grew bigger and bigger…

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the young man frantically. Sword lights emerged from his mouth and third eye, and shot towards Lin Feng. However, ice-cold lights emerged from Lin Feng's hair-covered eyes, death strength smashed the sword lights and destroyed them. His hand crashed onto the young man's neck.

The young man was dumbstruck. "Your Excellency, who are you? I'm from the Sword Sect! If you have anything to say, tell me!" said the young man. Breaking and snapping sounds arose as fingers closed. Lin Feng held him by the neck even tighter.

"When you destroyed my soul, you didn't ask me who I was," said Lin Feng icily.

"Be merciful!" said someone at that moment. It was a member of Jiu You's Ministry. All the people who were sent to Jiu You's Ministry had been carefully selected, and were outstanding. If they died there, how would Jiu You's Ministry be able to justify themselves? At least, people had to give them face!

"It has nothing to do with Jiu You's Ministry," said Lin Feng.

"He's from the Sword Clan. Your Excellency, even though you're very strong, the strong cultivators of the Sword Sect will come and kill you painfully if you do anything to him," said the strong cultivator of Jiu You's Ministry.

"Indeed, I'm from the Sword Sect, Yue Song; if you attack me, my teacher will kill you!" said the young man again.

Lin Feng turned his head sharply, death Qi emerging from his third eye and into the brain of the young man. The man's face turned grey, and death Qi surrounded his body.

Lin Feng let go of him, and the body fell limply down. He had just killed that outstanding young man of the Sword Sect.

"Death Dao!" The strong cultivator of Jiu You's Ministry was staring at Lin Feng. He looked wild and unkempt, but he was also terrifyingly strong. He had probably been an emperor for a very long time and practiced Death Dao for dozens of years. That was the only explanation to the strong cultivator of Jiu You's Ministry.

"Your Excellency, you're cruel, but your death strength is incredible!" said that person, staring at Lin Feng. He was astonished. Lin Feng was probably more than a hundred years old…

"You killed him…" The young man and the young woman who were with him were staring at Lin Feng. Their fellow disciple had just been killed, all because he had destroyed Lin Feng's soul thread. He had been careless.

"He destroyed that guy's soul thread a moment ago. He was very arrogant because he was a disciple of the Sword Sect, but this time he wasn't lucky, he died for nothing. He should have been more discreet," said someone.

"Yes, indeed. Why destroy someone's soul thread when you don't know them? It's risky and disrespectful. He wasn't strong enough, so he died, it's absolutely normal. If he hadn't provoked that guy, he wouldn't have died," agreed different people. The cultivation world was vast, but it was better to be discreet sometimes to avoid getting killed!

Lin Feng looked at the young man and the young woman with his pitch-black eyes. His eyes were filled with murder, so they didn't say anything.

Then, Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the member of Jiu You's Ministry, "Can I go inside and sense the purple cloud?"

The strong cultivator of Jiu You's Ministry was surprised, and glanced at the corpse. Lin Feng hadn't listened to him and had killed the Sword Sect's disciple anyway, he wasn't supposed to let him in.

However, Lin Feng's death strength was incredible, and it looked similar to their own. He was interested and intrigued.

"Alright, you can come in," said the great emperor calmly. The two Sword Sect's disciples were astonished, and looked at him icily. They couldn't wait to see the strong cultivators of the Sword Sect kill him.

"I'll let you dispose of the body. The others, follow me." said the strong cultivator of Jiu You's Ministry to the two Sword Sect disciples, as he entered Jiu You's Ministry with everybody else.

Lin Feng followed. He wanted to sense the purple soul strength, would it help him fuse his soul together with the earth and sky? Would it help him break through to the Di Qi layer?

Jiu You's Ministry's people brought the crowd to a vast place with purple clouds everywhere. The purple soul strength rolled around them, and cultivators had an irresistible feeling. They couldn't help but release their souls.

As expected, the purple soul strength attracts people's souls. I wonder if anything will happen, thought Lin Feng. His soul rolled out like other people's souls and moved into the purple clouds.

The purple clouds beat at the same pace as their hearts…

This is how it feels when your soul fuses together with the earth and sky? It allows you to fuse your soul together with the purple clouds, and then the purple clouds fuse with the earth and sky. Your soul indirectly fuses together with the earth and sky!, thought Lin Feng. His soul strength kept penetrating into the purple cloud strength.

It really felt as if his soul had fused together with the earth and sky. His soul felt much stronger that way. He could use soul strength and the strength of the earth and sky to carry out attacks this way. Lin Feng also noticed that his soul defense had increased a lot, so even if his soul was attacked, it was difficult to break it.

The most important thing was that cultivators needed to make their soul fuse together with the earth and sky if they wanted to understand the great and natural Dao of the earth and sky. It would became part of their strength.

"Everybody has three days to enjoy the purple soul strength. If you fight using soul strength, you'll have to bear the responsibilities yourselves. Jiu You's Ministry has nothing to do with duels. However, you can't use physical attacks, only soul attacks," said the Jiu You's Ministry member.

The area was vast. Fighting using their souls was a normal thing to do. Besides, many people wanted to use more purple soul strength, so they were definitely going to compete for it. That way, they'd understand the relative principles better.

Lin Feng also did his best. He wanted to become a great emperor. He was ready to do his best and use his full strength.

However, he didn't know that the Diviner was looking for his clone, to tell him what he had read in the folder!

PMG Chapter 2233

Chapter 2233: Forbidden Body – No Cultivation Level

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In the Fortune Shrine…

Lin Feng had left two clones in the Fortune Shrine. They fused together and he sat down cross-legged in the starlit sky to cultivate.

The Diviner slowly walked towards him without saying anything. However, Lin Feng's clone opened his eyes and looked at the Diviner. "Teacher!" he greeted the other.

The Diviner looked at Lin Feng, trying to calm down. His heart was still pounding. He said to Lin Feng, "I found the folder. I may have some not so good news."

"Tell me, Teacher," replied Lin Feng. Even if he needed years to break through to the Di Qi layer, it didn't matter, as long as he could someday.

"In the folder, there was only one sentence. Get ready," the Diviner said to him.

"Alright…," Lin Feng nodded.

The Diviner looked at him and took a deep breath. He said slowly, "Forbidden People have no cultivation level, they can't break through to the Di Qi layer."

Lin Feng was astonished, his heart pounding violently. He pulled a long face. "Forbidden People have no cultivation level, they can't break through to the Di Qi layer." Would he truly never be able to break through to the Di Qi layer?!

"Teacher, you said that back then, a great war broke out because of a Forbidden Person, which means that the cultivator was terrifyingly strong. What is that supposed to mean? That extremely strong cultivator couldn't break through to the Di Qi layer?" asked Lin Feng. He didn't understand. Why was a person who had a forbidden body not able to break through to the Di Qi layer? How would he ever be able to kill strong great emperors, or even Holy Great Emperors as an emperor?

And then Saints?

"I don't know either. Life must be difficult as a Forbidden Person. Maybe you can try and find the answer in your spirit's world? n.o.body knows about the former Forbidden Person. However, he was definitely a terrifying fighter. Rest a.s.sured, I don't think anyone or anything can stop you."

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Even though the Diviner was trying to cheer him up, Lin Feng had the impression his world was collapsing around him. What pressure! What would he do if he wasn't able to break through to the Di Qi layer? What about his agreement with the Snow Clan? What about the Moon Palace? He wouldn't be able to sort out all those things!

"Lin Feng, come with me to the library. I'll show you some spells. Maybe you'll find something suitable for you," the Diviner said to him. Lin Feng nodded. The Fortune Shrine had existed for so many years, they probably had terrifying scriptures. He might learn some interesting things.

The Diviner turned around and sighed. He hadn't told Lin Feng the full sentence. He had only told him half of it. But he wanted Lin Feng to understand things by himself!


What happened there influenced Lin Feng's real body. At that moment, he raised his head and looked at the purple clouds. He looked confused. He said, "I can't break through to the Di Qi layer, I can't break through to the Di Qi layer… so how will I practice cultivation?"

Many people looked at Lin Feng. What was going on? Why was he saying that? They thought, How old is he? He's so strong, his Dao power is incredible, his comprehension abilities are great. Even if he needs a few years, he should be able to break through to the Di Qi layer? What's wrong with him?

Someone grunted icily. His soul strength turned into a gigantic dragon which absorbed the purple soul strength. Many people's souls were also colliding. However, each time someone moved back. Some people even got injured and recalled their soul strength, after which they sat down cross-legged and closed their eyes to recover.

"Some people are extremely strong, their soul strength is astonis.h.i.+ng." People weren't surprised to see that. Each time people came, they fought over the purple soul strength, it was normal. Three people's soul strength kept roaring out and absorbing terrifying amounts of purple soul strength. Many people didn't want to take risks, so they stayed away.

Lin Feng's soul was a demon shadow. It was slowly becoming bigger. However, at that moment, a terrifying dragon moved towards him and demanded icily, "p.i.s.s off!"

The dragon opened his mouth, he wanting to absorb Lin Feng's soul as well as the purple soul strength!

Lin Feng looked at him coldly. His soul turned into a gigantic death demon, he stood up and looked at the enemy with his pitch-black eyes. He looked like an inky black and purple demon giant. A terrifying strength surged towards the man

The dragon roared out, now surrounded by death Qi.

I can't break through to the Di Qi layer, I can't break through to the Di Qi layer…? Even if I have to defeat the G.o.ds, I will become a peerless cultivator someday!, thought Lin Feng. He was unhappy. Back then, he had done the same thing, finding his own solution to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

"Die!" shouted the man furiously. The dragon struggled to break free, but his opponent's soul looked desperate. He was going to die!

"Spare my life!" shouted the cultivator frantically. He was desperate, and had lost all his arrogance. But a terrifying strength was converging towards his soul from every direction. The soul dragon turned into death Qi and disappeared.

He wasn't able to recall his soul into his body. If he managed to do that, Lin Feng wouldn't have been able to finish him so easily. But he had dared act that arrogantly, as people didn't normally dare fight against such people's souls.

His soul disappeared, his body turned grey, now a corpse. The crowd knew who he was, a genius from the Luan Clan. He had been killed that way, what a pity, especially since he had been selected to partic.i.p.ate!

Lin Feng didn't know what the others were thinking. His soul roared out, and everybody moved back. Death Dao filled the air, and he occupied a majority of the purple cloud territory.

"Your Excellency, leave some s.p.a.ce. Or do you intend to absorb all the purple soul strength alone?" asked someone icily.

An endless number of death spears appeared and moved towards the speaker's soul. His face turned deathly pale when he sensed the terrifying death strength.

Lin Feng grunted icily. The death strength contained a Nihility Sword!

A horrible shriek rose up. That person's soul was injured, but he managed to recall it into his body. He opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng's soul with murder in his eyes.

Lin Feng ignored him, and continued invading the area. Everybody moved away from him. Very quickly, he was almost the only one to benefit from the purple clouds. People opened their eyes one after another and stared at him icily.

"That guy is going too far. He's the only one benefitting from the purple strength!"

"Insolent b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Unpardonable!" swore someone icily. n.o.body wanted to let Lin Feng benefit from the purple strength alone, but they couldn't attack using their real bodies. They could only use soul strength!

The nine people hadn't thought someone would be so aggressive and would use all the purple strength for their own benefit.

Lin Feng enjoyed it all. People had been forced to recall their strength into their bodies, but what could they do against him?

Those people had come thinking it would be an incredible opportunity, but found they were facing such a terrifying cultivator.

In the end, the purple strength kept rising to the skies. Lin Feng controlled the purple strength using his soul. It wasn't difficult at all. His soul and the purple strength had easily fused together and after that, it wasn't difficult at all to make that fusion of soul strength fuse together with the earth and sky. On top of that, he could easily make the whole strength do anything he wanted.

This is how it feels when your soul has fused together with the earth and sky… It's a necessary step to become a great emperor, thought Lin Feng making his soul strength rise high up in the air. The purple soul strength could easily fuse together with the earth and sky, so it gave Lin Feng a good opportunity to experience what it felt like.

Everybody was looking at him icily, with murder in their eyes.


Back in the Ministry, two young people went out and bowed before the strong cultivator of Jiu You's Ministry. Their social statuses were extraordinary.

"That guy is so filthy!" frowned a young woman.

"But he's also extremely strong!" replied one of the nine strong cultivators.

"He's really strong, indeed. His soul must be terrifyingly strong," agreed the woman. She looked at the sky and said, "He hasn't broken through to the Di Qi layer, and that isn't normal. He should join us."

PMG Chapter 2234

Chapter 2234: Fierce Battle

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"Join Jiu You's Ministry? But what if he can't break through to the Di Qi layer?" asked the other woman indifferently. She didn't really agree.

"Even if he can't break through to the Di Qi layer, it doesn't matter, it can't be harmful for Jiu You's Ministry. If he manages to break through to the Di Qi layer, he'll become terrifyingly strong!" the young man smiled. "Qing Er, we'll need your help here."

"Alright," the girl nodded.

Lin Feng was still enjoying the purple soul strength. The purple soul strength was high up in the air and pulsing steadily. The purple soul strength turned into a dragon, then a sword, and then into many other things. It transformed constantly, able to transform into the ten thousand things of creation.

A figure appeared in the air; it looked like a death G.o.d and roared furiously. Millions of terrifying death spears appeared. The soul attack was terrifyingly powerful!

With my strength, I can easily borrow purple soul strength. Actually, in normal circ.u.mstances, I should also be able to make my soul fuse together with the earth and sky, but I can't if I don't use purple soul strength. I really don't understand, Lin Feng sighed. He didn't need to try anymore, because he knew that in normal conditions, he should have been able to do this a long time before.

But he was different from other people. Why?

He recalled his soul into his body and opened his eyes. He looked confused. No cultivation level? He couldn't break through to the Di Qi layer? How could he continue practicing cultivation that way?

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the purple soul strength. Years had already pa.s.sed. If he couldn't break through to the Di Qi layer, how would he be able to go to the Snow Clan?

Xue Ao had a king-type body and was terrifyingly strong. In twenty years, he would become even scarier!

He couldn't win against Xue Ao relying solely on physical strength. He needed to break through!

At that moment, Qing Er arrived next to Lin Feng and asked, "How did the purple soul strength feel?"

Lin Feng turned around and saw Qing Er. She was smiling widely, and looked quite charming. People usually found such women extremely beautiful.

However, Lin Feng was used to such women already. He had so many in life. He just said calmly, "I'm done already."

He stood up and started walking away. The purple soul strength couldn't help him break through to the Di Qi layer.

Qing Er's beautiful eyes gleamed. She was talking to him and he didn't react at all…

"Wait!" she shouted.

Lin Feng stopped, turned his head and asked, "What do you want?"

"There are many geniuses in Jiu You's Ministry. If you were to join us, you'll definitely break through to the Di Qi layer!" said Qing Er, smiling at him.

However, Lin Feng stopped looking at her and resumed walking forwards, saying, "Thank you for the offer," as he continued walking away.

Qing Er's smile stiffened, and she glared at Lin Feng's back unhappily. "That guy is really rude, arrogant, and overbearing, but he's only a tiny little emperor. He dares act so arrogantly in front of me!"

"Hehe, very arrogant indeed!" said the young man, smiling thinly while walking up to her. n.o.body had thought he wouldn't give face to Jiu You's Ministry.

"You made me go and invite that moron. How mean." said the woman unhappily. Lin Feng had humiliated her in front of so many people. For someone with such a high social status as hers, it wasn't good.

"Forget it. That guy has killed someone from the Sword Sect. He refused our invitation, but when he goes out, he'll be in trouble," said that young man calmly. "We can go and watch."

"Alright," said Qing Er, nodding agreement. She followed after the young man.


Lin Feng sighed. He looked cold and detached, but confused too. When he arrived on the ancient road, some people there looked at him icily… the Sword Sect!

"Teacher, that guy killed our fellow disciple even though n.o.body offended him or said anything to him!" said those two disciples who had left earlier, pointing at Lin Feng. Their eyes were filled with murder.

Their teacher was wearing a clean white cloak and had a sword in his back. His Sword intent filled the air. He was staring at Lin Feng, Sword intent even emerging from his eyes.

Lin Feng's eyes were pitch-black. 'He had kill that guy even though n.o.body had said or done anything to him?' That guy had destroyed his thread of soul strength… so they hadn't said anything? Of course, Lin Feng ignored them and continued walking away.

However, the middle-aged man said to Lin Feng, "Stay here!"

Lin Feng ignored him and continued walking.

"I'm a great emperor, I don't want to bully young people. Stop now. You have three tries!" said the middle-aged man calmly. He didn't walk towards Lin Feng, but he sounded ice-cold, and sharp sword energies started gathering around him.

Finally, he started walking towards Lin Feng, and several ancient swords appeared in the air.

Lin Feng didn't stop though. He continued walking away and completely ignored the man.

Behind him, Qing Er and the young man from Jiu You's Ministry smiled icily. Lin Feng dared act that arrogant in front of a great emperor of the Sword Sect? The Sword Sect was a powerful group, and that teacher had a good reputation in the Sword Sect. He was a great emperor, and few people could compete with him in the Sword Sect. Lin Feng was going to die!

The two disciples looked at Lin Feng sinisterly, as if they were looking at a dead body.

Lin Feng was feeling sad because the Diviner had told him he wouldn't be able to break through to the Di Qi layer. He felt desperate and hopeless. He just let the sword energies surround him and did nothing.

The Sword Sect's teacher was astonished, and getting more and more furious. His sword energies kept getting more and more intense, humming as they gathered. Several sharp swords streaked across the sky and shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng continued walking. Around him, Holy Spirits lights appeared and turned into Sword intent. His terrifying Sword intent also became more and more intense. At the same time, he also released a terrifying death strength.

"Sword cultivator. He's a sword cultivator too!" remarked the crowd. Interesting! He dared confront a sword cultivator of the Di Qi layer. It didn't seem like he wanted to escape…

However, at that moment, the crowd was astonished. A terrifyingly sharp sword attacked him, but didn't pierce through. More holes appeared in his clothes, that was all.

"What a physical body…" Many people's hearts were pounding. The two cultivators of Jiu You's Ministry were astonished, too. That physical strength… he could resist such terrifying attacks. How was that possible?! It was a fact though, he had just done it!

The middle-aged man grunted coldly. Energies began to hum violently. Sword intent condensed and turned into a gigantic ancient sword. The earth and sky could fuse together with that world. It could attack both a cultivator's body and soul!

Lin Feng didn't move. Death Holy Spirits appeared and absorbed death strength. The atmosphere around them became dark. At the same time, a gigantic sword condensed and oppressed the atmosphere around it. The great emperor suddenly felt unsafe.

"Die!" shouted that person icily. His sword moved towards Lin Feng. It was like millions of swords were moving towards Lin Feng. At the same time, the death strength descended from the sky, the atmosphere around it distorted and explosive.

Lin Feng jumped and moved towards his opponent. He landed in front of him, raising his fist, which was filled with destructive death strength. The great emperor's face stiffened. He shouted defiantly and released a sharp soul sword. However, Lin Feng's fist reached him first, and there was a brutal explosion. Lin Feng's opponent's body and soul exploded instantly.

The crowd around was astonished. That guy had just killed a great emperor of the Sword Sect with one punch?

The two cultivators of Jiu You's Ministry were astonished. How was that possible?

Lin Feng continued walking away. He looked furious.

The two Sword Sect's disciples' hearts were pounding. They wanted to leave. However, Lin Feng looked over at them icily, and their souls shook.

Lin Feng stamped their souls with death strength. Instantly, their faces turned grey and they collapsed.

One blink, and they had died.

Lin Feng still looked cold and detached. The atmosphere was grey around him, everything in his way seemed to die. People who offended him had to die!

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Chapter 2235: Chasing

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Lin Feng left. People watched him leave, still astonished, their hearts pounding.

What a strong emperor! One blink and he could kill people! He had even killed a great emperor! His fighting abilities were far better than his cultivation level.

The crowd was mainly astonished because Lin Feng had killed the great emperor so easily. He hadn't used any trump card. He had almost killed him without really paying attention. In other words, before the battle even started, he already knew a great emperor couldn't do much against him. Against emperors, a simple glance was enough to kill them!

"And I just said I hoped he'd become a great emperor. He's just an emperor now, but he's already terrifying!" whispered the young man of Jiu You's Ministry, staring after Lin Feng's figure.

"He's probably a few hundred years old and he can't level up. That's why he's good at fighting," said Qing Er. She thought that Lin Feng was extremely old. In her eyes, that's why Lin Feng was a strong fighter, but she didn't think he was talented.

However, Lin Feng didn't care about what those people thought. He was walking through Long Night City, feeling annoyed. Cultivation was so strange. In the past, he wasn't very strong, but at least his cultivation was normal until he reached the top of the Zun Qi layer. Then, he was abandoned by the G.o.ds, and he couldn't use the cosmic energies of the earth and sky.

Now, he was at the top of the Huang Qi layer, and he couldn't break through to the Di Qi layer, how annoying! It was even worse than the previous time. This time, Lin Feng had the impression he was at a dead end…

At the same time, the Sword Sect learned that Lin Feng had killed a few of their disciples so they sent some people to chase Lin Feng.


In Fortune Shrine, the Diviner took Lin Feng to the archive room and said to his clone, "Lin Feng, there aren't only archives from strong cultivators who were from the Fortune Shrine, there are also papers obtained from other strong cultivators. Have a look. However, you are different from other people, you are walking on your own path. You don't practice the same kind of cultivation as normal people. So you can only use other people's knowledge as a reference."

"Yes, thank you very much, Teacher," said Lin Feng nodded. He started checking the different books and folders. The Fortune Shrine had millions of priceless books. In the outside world, powerful groups would be ready to kill for such books. However, Lin Feng was a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine, so he could look as he wished.

Lin Feng's clone went through many different books. They had been written by terrifyingly strong cultivators. All the cultivators who had written those books had different ways of practicing cultivation, each had their own ways.

Lin Feng had a particularly strong impression when he read some of them.

One of them had been written by a Sakyamuni. It said, In life, there are eight distresses: birth, age, sickness, death, parting with what we love, meeting with what we hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas. Everybody has to go through those things in life. Everybody knows the mental and physical sufferings arising from the full-orbed activities of the skandhas. Even if cultivators are less to suffering, they also have to go through such things. They are part of life. And by practicing cultivation, a cultivator can reach enlightenment and attain Buddhahood.

The eight distresses in Buddhism. n.o.body can avoid them, thought Lin Feng. Could anyone attain Buddhahood if they understood the eight distresses? Having to part with someone Lin Feng loved made him suffer. He wasn't with Meng Qing, it made him extremely sad, and now he couldn't break through to the Di Qi layer, what a nightmare!

Understanding the eight distresses was important, but could Lin Feng understand them? Could he accept and even embrace suffering to achieve Buddhahood? No. That wasn't his path. He wasn't a Buddhist. He had his own path!

Lin Feng continued reading. He found another interesting book. Some people did all they could to overcome all difficulties with an indomitable will, trying to become peerless sword cultivators, to become Buddhas, or to be respected by everyone in the world.

However, what if a cultivator made efforts his entire life and realized things were not as hoped? How would they feel?

In the book, there was the story of a determined monk, he wanted to become immortal and teach people his entire life. However, a great world war started and people fought everywhere in the world, plunging everyone into an abyss of misery. The monk became furious and started killing and caused rivers of blood to flow. He ended up in contradiction with his own self. In the end, he didn't achieve Buddhahood. He became a demon.

In the book, someone had come to greet and learn from the Buddhist monk. In the end, after having gone through innumerable hards.h.i.+ps and tribulations, he had managed to become a Buddha. He was exhausted, however. And even worse, after becoming a Buddha, he had realized that things were not as he had hoped. It was all a lie! He hadn't learned from a Buddhist monk, but from a demon! Everything he had done was for the demon! After that, that cultivator had stopped believing in anything or anyone. He had decided to have it his own way, and became a terrifyingly strong murderer.

When Lin Feng read those books, he s.h.i.+vered. Those stories were about terrifyingly strong cultivators. He also had the impression that those people could be anyone. However, no matter whether they had become peerless Buddhist cultivators or peerless demon cultivators, in the end, those people had all had an incredible life. Their stories were astounding. To reach the top, it was necessary to go through a lot!…

Lin Feng's clone didn't stop. He continued reading books. Each time he finished a book, he understood something new.


Lin Feng's real body was taking a walk in Long Night City. His Death intent had calmed down already. His hair was still covering his sharp and dazzling eyes. Because of the Death intent around him, n.o.body dared get too close.

In the distance, some people moved towards him. They were on gigantic swords, and energies were rolling around them. Lin Feng knew that people had been following him the whole time, but he had decided to ignore them.

He was in Purple Clouds, not in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If people wanted to kill him here, it wouldn't be easy. Besides, he cared about nothing anymore. He was ready to fight with anyone!

Energies surged up, and finally some people on gigantic swords appeared in front of him. When the people in town saw that, they were astonished. "People from the Sword Sect! They've been chasing an emperor? So many strong sword cultivators, and they're all great emperors! What a strong force! Why did they chase that emperor?"

"I don't know. He must be important, otherwise, why would great emperors chase a mere emperor?" the crowd asked one another.

A strong cultivator of the Sword Sect shouted, "Your Excellency, stop!"

An endless amount of sharp sword strength droned angrily around them

"If you don't want to die, p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng icily. His voice carried death strength.

The sword cultivators of the Sword Sect retorted icily, "You killed people from the Sword Sect, and you think you'll be able to leave Long Night City?"

The five great emperors moved towards Lin Feng at the same time, and released even more Sword intent.

Lin Feng released an endless amount of Death intent, his eyes growing colder and colder. He was ready to kill. Millions of death imprints filled the air and floated around him. His Death intent made the earth and sky tremble around him. People on the ground who weren't far enough away had the impression they were going to die.

An empty s.p.a.ce deployment spell appeared under Lin Feng's feet and he disappeared, reappearing in front of a sword cultivator of the Sword cultivator.

"Great Dream of Life!" said Lin Feng. The sword cultivator started feeling drowsy. However, his formidable Sword intent kept him awake.

"Die!" Death intent descended from the sky and penetrated into his body. Lin Feng released cursing lights through his eyes. Death swords descended from the sky in all directions.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted that cultivator furiously. Sword energies streaked across the sky. However, Lin Feng didn't care. He raised his fist and condensed sword strength in it, destroying the Sword intent easily. Nothing could stop him.

The Death intent corroded his opponent's life. The millions of death stamps. .h.i.t him at the same time. He punched his opponent. The great emperor exploded loudly!

The other great emperors gathered around him. They wanted to kill him!

"This guy is very strong. We need a.s.sistance!" said one of them, taking out a jade talisman and informing other people. Lin Feng was much stronger than they had expected. He could easily kill sword great emperors!

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