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PMG Chapter 2246

Chapter 2246: Avenging Spirit

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Lin Feng and the others wouldn't have been able to resist against thousands of beasts attacking them at the same time, but they were extremely fast, especially Qing Hai's Roc. He was a Great Emperor and his speed was unparalleled. In the crowd, no attack reached him. Each time he flapped his wings, many birds fell from the sky.

Heze's Mahoraga kept spitting out poison clouds around many imperial beasts, and each time his poison exploded, they rotted to death and fell from the sky.

The beasts roared furiously. Lin Feng's death strength surged. Millions of threads of death stamps and deployment lights swept everything away. Beasts kept falling from the sky.

"Die!" Lin Feng's eyes were filled with death strength; he looked at a beast, and that beast died instantly. One glance and he could kill imperial beasts. At the same time, he continued releasing death lights, no beast could stop him. The nine cultivators were a terrifying force. Very quickly, there were tens of thousands of corpses on the ground, forming small hills. Blood rivers quickly appeared around those mountains of corpses.

"We just entered and the first wave of beasts was so impressive, I wonder what awaits us," mused Lin Feng and the others even though they had done pretty well already. They didn't relax. On the contrary, they were even more vigilant. This was just the beginning. If the simple soldiers in these armies of beasts were already this terrifying, how strong would the leaders be?

"Bai Yu, before Great Emperor Bai died, he came here. However, do you think we can really succeed and get to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory?" the Dark Golden Pupiled King asked Bai Yu at that moment.

"Since we're here, we'll see," replied Bai Yu indifferently. They continued moving forwards, following Bai Yu.


After a short time, they arrived in a foreboding place. There was nothing on the land at all. There were millions of dead strong cultivators on the ground, but there was no beast in sight. Sometimes, the group noticed fires, but otherwise, nothing. They could sense resentment and hatred.

"What the h.e.l.l is this place? A ghost place?" asked Qing Yi, feeling cold and scared. He had the impression he was facing an army of ghosts. "Shouldn't we make a detour?"

"You can take a detour by yourself," replied Bai Yu, without even glancing at him. Qing Yi's grimaced He had to control his fear and follow along. This place just seemed extremely dangerous…

They continued moving forwards. The resentment and hatred seemed to be intensifying as they moved forwards. They even saw some lights moving under their feet.

"What the is going on!" said Heze's Mahoraga, spitting out poison Qi. The white lights instantly disappeared.

"Maybe there are avenging spirits here. There could be a monumental number of them," mused Dinuo carelessly. The others s.h.i.+vered. Avenging spirits…

"Ah…" Qing Yi shouted. White lights crawled up on his body, and he was covered by them.

"p.i.s.s off!" he shouted, releasing b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. An invisible and intangible light crawled up his body, a blade appeared, and strong wind started blowing. The white lights slowly disappeared. However, strange white lights appeared in Qing Yi's eyes.

"Die!" shouted Qing Yi, closing his eyes. He seemed to be fighting inside of his head. After a short time, he reopened his eyes. He looked normal, save that his eyes still looked strange.

"Evil avenging spirits. They're terrifying. They want to devour our minds. Be careful," whispered Qing Yi. Everybody knew they had to be careful. They continued walking forwards. Each time they took a step, lights twinkled. As they moved forwards, the white lights grew faster and more intense. Lin Feng sensed that many invisible and intangible avenging spirits wanted to penetrate into his body and occupy his brain.

Lin Feng's heart was suddenly filled with resentment and hatred, he wanted to kill. He was depressed, furious, and unhappy. The invisible and intangible strength was influencing him.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng. His body turned grey. He released death stamps inside his own body. His Dao power destroyed the avenging spirits instantly. They could not resist his Dao power.

Lin Feng and the others gradually sped up. However, that place was vast and boundless.

Even if we kill all the avenging spirits, the resentment and hatred will still influence us, thought Lin Feng. At that moment, a terrifying white avenging spirit penetrated into his brain, and he immediately released his soul.

"p.i.s.s off!" Using his soul, Lin Feng bombarded the avenging spirit with death stamps. However, the avenging spirit just howled furiously. Surprisingly, it spat out an incredible amount of of resentment and hatred strength, which collided against his death strength. At the same time, the ghost released more resentment and hatred strength which drove into Lin Feng's brain.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. Death stamps surrounded the resentment and hatred strength and pierced through the avenging spirit's invisible body. It wanted to destroy his soul. That ghost looked like a ghost king!

"Die!" Lin Feng released death Kalpa swords. Lin Feng's soul had gone through a lot, and he had been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength. His jet-black death Kalpa swords were deadly. He slowly destroyed all the threads of resentment and hatred strength, and then they drove towards the avenging spirit.

The avenging spirit howled furiously. It wanted to escape, but Lin Feng didn't let it flee. He released his G.o.dly awareness, and his sky palace, as well as terrifying demon Kalpa strength. They surrounded the ghost and instantly crushed it. The ghost exploded and turned into millions of lights. The threads of the ghost moved towards Lin Feng's brain again, including the threads of resentment and hatred strength!

Lin Feng destroyed them again and took a deep breath. That avenging spirit was extremely strong…

Apart from Lin Feng, Bai Yu also got attacked by all sorts of avenging spirits. Even though they were now expecting it, it was getting more and more dangerous.

At that moment, Lin Feng and the others suddenly gazed into the distance and saw gigantic white avenging spirits. Their resentment and hatred energies condensed, their eyes were empty and emotionless, and they were staring at Lin Feng and the others.

The gigantic avenging spirits didn't only have human shapes, some of them also had animal shapes. White lights twinkled in their eyes. They looked extremely dangerous.

"So many avenging spirits. Hundreds of them," said Lin Feng, releasing DevMara Kalpa strength. He had noticed that the avenging spirits didn't like that kind of strength.

"They were like us at the beginning, I suppose. And then avenging spirits occupied their brains and they turned into ghosts. If they manage to occupy our brains, we'd also turn into ghosts," said Bai Yu. Everyone's faces stiffened, and they all released impressive energies solemnly.

"How exciting," said the Dark Golden Pupiled King coolly. He turned into a vortex, a strong wind condensed and turned into a hurricane. He moved towards a gigantic avenging spirit in front of him and the avenging spirit instantly disappeared.

How strong, the Dark Golden Pupiled King is really gifted, that must be one of his innate powers!, thought Lin Feng. Talent was carved into Lin Feng's genetic code, it was probably the same for the Dark Golden Pupiled King.

Dinuo also attacked, he waved his hands and swords filled the air. They turned into beam of lights, and he destroyed avenging spirits one after another. He looked extremely calm and serene throughout the process. However, his strength was explosive.

Qing Yi was looking at the five cultivators in front of him: Qing Hai's Roc, Heze's Mahoraga, the Dark Golden Pupiled King, Zixu's Flood Dragon, Dinuo's Sword, they were all terrifying. The difference between them and him was huge. An avenging spirit charged Qing Yi; even though he was also a great emperor, the five others could easily kill the avenging spirits, but he couldn't!

But since they were nine people, they still managed to destroy all of the spirits and continue on. They killed hundreds and hundreds of avenging spirits, nothing could stop them. They drew closer and closer to the central area of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory.

PMG Chapter 2247

Chapter 2247: Disappearance of Strong Cultivators

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Finally, the nine people saw an ancient door. However, between them and the door, everything was colored red. Out of that redness, a terrifying Qi emerged that set their hairs on end.

"If we cross that area, we'll reach the real part of King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory," said Bai Yu.

Lin Feng and the others frowned. Finally, the legendary land, the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory. What was there? They had heard that many terrifying ancient beasts gathered there. Apparently, it was a heaven for beasts. There were many legends about the area.

At that moment, Lin Feng and the others looked enthusiastic. They had killed so many beasts to get this far.

"What is this place?" whispered Qing Yi, gazing into the distance. Nothing had surprised them so far, but they remained vigilant.

"Let's try and we'll see," said Qing Hai's Roc, moving forwards. He flapped his wings and turned into a beam of light. When he entered the redness, it felt like he had flown into moving sands, he was flying much slower. He could barely flap his wings.

He frowned. Lin Feng and the others looked worried.

"What is this place?" repeated Heze's Mahoraga. The redness in the air turned into an invisible and intangible strength which kept attacking Qing Hai's Roc. But that kind of strength didn't seem to be caused by someone, it was inherent to this place.

"Condensation of ancient dead animals' intent. Their Dao and intent is here," said Qing Hai's Roc. Suddenly, the air began to hum. He was suddenly surrounded by cyan lights, and moved to destroy them instantly.

"Qing Hai's Roc is extremely fast. That kind of strength can't really stop him." Zixu's Flood Dragon also started flying ahead. The air began to rumble and shake. When he penetrated into that strength, he suddenly started moving slower as well. He shouted loudly and struck out as hard as he could. He even managed to move faster than Qing Hai's Roc.

"Oh, he's relying on strength. A kind of strength is slowing Qing Hai's Roc and Zixu's Flood Dragon down. Because Zixu's Flood Dragon is really strong, he has an advantage here."

Bai Yu and the others also entered the red area, including Lin Feng. After entering the area, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength surround him. It was extremely heavy, and made his soul tremble. Great Imperial Beasts' thoughts penetrated into his body, and his body suddenly felt numb. He had the impression he had the whole world on his shoulders. No wonder, it was composed of Dao strength and intent.

Lin Feng jumped ahead, surrounded by demon lights, his eyes pitch-black. Nothing could corrode his body.

A red beam of light shot towards him, attacking his soul.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released death Kalpa swords, which attacked the ray and destroyed it. However, he didn't relax. These red energies were dangerous…

The nine cultivators pressed forward with an indomitable will. It was difficult, but n.o.body flinched.

What is this place? How come there are such terrifying energies here? Do they really come from dead animals?, wondered Lin Feng, but it was just for a second before he re-focused on the path.

Dinuo's Sword was the first one to get close to the door. When he arrived in front of it, he immediately crossed it and disappeared.

Zixu's Flood Dragon roared furiously, the earth and sky shaking around him. He destroyed all the energies in his way and reached the ancient door.

After that, the Dark Golden Pupiled King, Qing Hai's Roc, Heze's Mahoraga, Bai Yu, Lin Feng and the others also arrived, nothing stopped them.


When Lin Feng crossed the door, he appeared on a platform. He wasn't alone, Bai Yu and the others were there, too. Lin Feng was speechless, because there were people everywhere. They looked at Lin Feng and the others, and seemed amused.

Lin Feng sensed something. He followed the crowd's gazes and saw a curtain of light. On it, Qing Yi, Bai Yu and her maid appeared. Their journey through the red area flashed up on the light screen, and everybody could see how much they had struggled.

Lin Feng's face stiffened. Had the crowd been watching their journey from the beginning to the end?

Lin Feng glanced around. It was a beast city, an animal world. There were animal buildings everywhere. The buildings had all sorts of shapes. Some of them had the shape of an ox, thousands of meters high. Some had the shapes of apes, some of dragons…

There were gigantic beasts in the air: bats, eagles, great rocs, dragons with long black wings, all of them looking in their direction.

This is the real King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory. It's an animal heaven, thought Lin Feng. His heart was pounding. Qing Hai's Roc and the others were also stupefied at this reception.

"Little boy, you're here too!" exclaimed a voice at that moment. Qing Hai's Roc was surprised and turned around. There was a middle-aged man there, wearing a cape.

When Qing Hai's Roc saw him, he was astonished and blurted out, "You're… Uncle Ox!?"

"Indeed. You're a grown up now. You've become extremely strong. Your parents must be proud of you!" said the middle-aged man. He had two horns on his head, and was smiling gently. Qing Hai's Roc had known him since he was a child. Qing Hai's Roc's father had good relations with the ox. Now, Qing Hai's Roc had met him in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory.

"Uncle Ox, what are you doing here?" said Qing Hai's Roc, looking confused.

"Not only me. Your father is here too!" said the middle-aged man patiently.

Qing Hai's Roc's expression changed. He trembled and asked, "My father is alive?!"

"Of course, did you think he was dead? He's here, and on top of that, he's an officer here!" said the middle-aged man calmly.

Qing Hai's Roc trembled, "Since it's that way, why didn't he come to see me?"

Qing Hai's Roc didn't understand, he was perplexed. The middle-aged man smiled and shook his head, "It's the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory here."

"You poisonous vermin, here we meet again!" said someone else. This time, Heze's Mahoraga was astonished, staring at a figure. That person looked horrible. He had pustules all over and he looked terrifying.

"It's you! You disappeared two hundred years ago, and now you're here!" exclaimed Heze's Mahoraga staring at that person. His heart was pounding. The person was extremely strong. Even though he wasn't very talented, he was an extremely strong warrior.

"Indeed. I came here two hundred years before you. You old poisonous vermin, you're so slow!" said the one who looked horrible with a smile.

"You old monster, you're a Celestial Emperor! When did you break through to the Tian Di layer?" asked Heze's Mahoraga.

"Haha, over a hundred and fifty years ago. Surprisingly, you haven't broken through!" replied that person, laughing loudly. He looked amused. Heze's Mahoraga pulled a long face. Over a hundred and fifty years… how strong!

"What is this place, exactly?" asked Heze's Mahoraga. He was annoyed. That beast used to be as strong as him in the past, and now he had broken through a hundred and fifty years ago…

"King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory. You will love it here," that person smiled. Heze's Mahoraga's heart was pounding. Bai Yu and the others glanced around.

"Back then, many beasts disappeared from the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities, did they come here?" the Dark Golden Pupiled King to the crowd.

In the outside world, many people had heard of cultivators who had died, but actually, they had come to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory. But those were only legends. Now, however, the newcomers understood that many of those beasts hadn't actually died.

PMG Chapter 2248

Chapter 2248: King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' World

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Qing Yi, Bai Yu and Bai Yu's maid were astonished. It was indeed an animal world, it was an independent animal world.

"Since we're in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory, his world, what about the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city? Is it a legend? Does it exist?" asked the Dark Golden Pupiled King, glancing at the crowd.

"It's the world created by King of the Ten Thousand Beasts," replied someone, "You came to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory because you want to go the King of Ten Thousand Beasts' city, right? But you'll just be like most beasts who come here."

"How can we know if we don't try?" said Bai Yu calmly. She had come for the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city.

"You're Great Emperor Bai's descendant, right? A short time ago, he left the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city," someone said to Bai Yu. "Great Emperor Bai was a real genius, but he was too curious. He acted dangerously. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts is a dangerous creature. Great Emperor Bai was doomed."

Bai Yu's face stiffened. She stared at that strong cultivator and asked, "You knew that my father was going to die?"

That person was surrounded by b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. It was impossible to see his face. However, from the outside, he looked terrifying.

"Of course! Great Emperor Bai wanted to break through, it was impossible. You can't escape from the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. Actually, the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts attached importance to Great Emperor Bai, but Great Emperor Bai decided to act on his own. He was doomed," said that person indifferently.

Bai Yu's face was rigid. She was even more determined to go to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city.

"From what I know, anyone who comes to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory can go to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city, right?" Bai Yu pressed.

"Indeed, but only one opportunity," said that person indifferently.

"We want to go to the King of Ten Thousand Beasts' city," said Bai Yu, staring at the man.

"Each time someone comes here, it's to go to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city, you're no exception," smiled that person. "When you go to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city, you will discover how powerful he is."

"Uncle Ox, I want to see my father!" said Qing Hai's Roc at that moment.

The ox nodded and said, "Naturally. Are they your friends? You can go together."

Qing Hai's Roc looked at the others. Heze's Mahoraga's eyes twinkled and he nodded. "You can meet in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory first."

"Come with me." The ox's figure flickered. He rose up into the air, Lin Feng and the others followed, and they flew together between the many immense and spectacular castles.

"How old is the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts?" asked Lin Feng, curious now. Did the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts really exist? Was it only a legend?

"According to legends, he's extremely old. But not many beasts have seen him for real. I've heard that this world is tens of thousands of years old already. Therefore, if the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts really exists, he must be extremely old, maybe hundreds of thousands of years old," replied Bai Yu. Lin Feng took a deep breath. Hundreds of thousands of years… how impressive…

"Of course the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts exists! Besides, you will also understand that he's not only the king here, he's the king of all animals in the world," said the ox with awe and veneration. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was a sort of supreme G.o.d in his heart!

They flew above many castles before arriving in front of a gigantic castle which had the form of a great roc. The great roc was bigger than many other buildings. Its sculpted wings were gigantic. It looked like a great roc which had been petrified and turned a real castle.

The ox landed with the small group and entered the castle. There were many beasts inside, and many battle stages. There was an army of beasts wearing armor, too, all of them great rocs. Their eyes looked as sharp as eagle's eyes. Even in their human shapes, they had gigantic wings in their backs. They also had beaks which contained a sharp Qi. Their beaks and wings were similar to those of Qing Hai's Roc and Qing Yi.

What a powerful army, thought Lin Feng quietly. The army of great rocs was formidable. The ordinary great rocs were all emperors at the top of the Huang Qi layer. The officers were all great emperors. Lin Feng sensed a Qi similar to Qing Hai's Roc's Qi emerging from them.

"The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts gathered many heroes. They're all incredible, obstinate, and unruly. Therefore, they have to have a powerful army to keep strong beasts under control. They're in charge of making sure that the rules are applied, no matter how strong you are. Even though many beasts come here, they all have to respect the rules. With your fighting abilities, you could all become small leaders," explained the ox. He walked over to a small group. "Your father has the highest military rank in here. He has many divisions under his control. When a hundred divisions are together, they form an army. A commander-in-chief leads them."

Lin Feng and the others were impressed. Lin Feng asked, "How big is the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory?"

Bai Yu and the others looked excited, they also wanted to know how big it was.

"It has existed for a very long time. At the beginning, they were bored, but then more and more beasts came and they started expanding. Now, it's not a territory anymore, it's a world. A military faction consists of millions of beasts. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' personal army is composed of over ten thousand beasts, they are all the strongest heroes."

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. This world had existed for hundreds of thousands of years and already had billions of beasts. Beasts lived for an extremely long time, especially the strongest ones.

"Are there other worlds?" asked Bai Yu.

"Of course. We're not in the outside world, everything is perfectly organized here. Because mortality rates are low, the armies become stronger and stronger, and the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts has created rules. When people have children, they must go to other worlds, they can't keep in touch with their parents. Even officers can't break the rules. Only when they are strong enough can they return and meet again with their parents. Of course, they must want to come back. Sometimes, they enjoy the worlds in which they live."

"What does the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts want to do?" asked Lin Feng A perfect organization, a world composed of heroes, many strong cultivators, many worlds, very old place… did the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts want to create a world as big as the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

That kind of organization reminded Lin Feng of h.e.l.l, rules, officers… had the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world become as wide as h.e.l.l, though?

"How many worlds are there?" asked Qing Hai's Roc.

"You'll see. You'll also become a member of this world. We're here!" said the ox at that moment. They arrived in front of a golden great roc building. It was spectacular… did the king of great rocs live in there?

"Officer Roc!" said the ox at that moment, the army of great rocs recognizing him and letting him pa.s.s.

"Brother Ox!" replied a voice. A strong wind started blowing. A dignified and majestic middle-aged man appeared in front of them. He looked very similar to Qing Hai's Roc. However, his Qi was sharper. When he saw Qing Hai's Roc, his eyes looked even sharper.

"Father…" said Qing Hai's Roc when he saw that person.

"Good little boy. No wonder you're my son. You're here too!" said the middle-aged man, laughing loudly. All the great rocs in the area trembled, his voice was so loud. And his son was here? Incredible!

"Father, I thought you were dead, but actually you were here. You never told me, why?" asked Qing Hai's Roc.

"I didn't need to tell you. You were strong enough. I didn't need to protect you!" said the Officer loudly and firmly.

PMG Chapter 2249

Chapter 2249: Dreamlike Life

Edited by RED

Qing Hai's Roc was stupefied and could only nod. "What about mother? Where is she?"

"She's dead. She died in war," said the officer calmly, like he was talking about something ordinary. Qing Hai's Roc's heart started pounding. Dead?

"Don't think about it. She's dead. No need to miss her. Work hard and become stronger. That way, you'll become an officer like me. You'll avenge your mother," said the officer to Qing Hai's Roc coldly.

"Who killed her?" asked Qing Hai's Roc.

"I'll tell you when the right time comes," said officer firmly.

Qing Hai's Roc asked, "I'm going to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city, how is it there?"

"Since you came here, you'll go to King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city, obviously. I'll take you there," said the officer. He snapped open his gigantic wings. The crowd sensed a terrifying wind carrying them along.

After a short time, they arrived in front of a door.

"That's a teleportation portal. It can take you to the gates of King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city. There will be a few gates," said the officer.

Lin Feng and the others nodded, and entered the door.


They appeared in another world, with seven doors before them.

"Seven doors. Bai Yu, was that why you wanted seven people to come?" asked Qing Yi to Bai Yu.

"I just knew that my father faced seven doors. I will investigate his death. Therefore, when we come out, we'll share what we discover, alright?" Bai Yu asked Lin Feng and the others.

"We'll talk about that when we come out," said Heze's Mahoraga. His eyes twinkled. His old friend had surpa.s.sed him a hundred and fifty years ago. He wanted to see what there was in King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city. His figure flickered, and he entered a door.

"Let's go in first," said Qing Hai's Roc. His figure flickered as well, choosing another door. The Dark Golden Pupiled King also chose another door.

There were seven doors, Bai Yu's plan was one person one door. If an incident occurred, she would have gone in with her maid, but the nine of them were safe and sound, so they needed a solution.

Lin Feng walked over to one of the doors.

To his surprise, a vortex appeared and surrounded him.

"No…" Lin Feng stopped, his soul was being absorbed. His soul seemed to travel across s.p.a.ce and time.

Lin Feng's soul was outside his body. However, he realized that struggling was useless. He felt tiny and powerless.

"A celestial path… Continent of the Nine Clouds, you created a world, a king's path…" said a voice in Lin Feng's mind. He trembled as an old man appeared in front of him. He was wearing a king's robe, and had the demeanor of a transcendent being. He looked extraordinary, like a peerless cultivator.

"Who are you?" shouted Lin Feng. However, his voice was barely audible.

Lin Feng continued trembling. He suddenly realized he was in a child's body, and talking like a child. However, his soul was independent. He wasn't one with the child's body, he was just stuck in it. And just before, the child had spoken.

"Who are they? What's wrong with King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city?" Lin Feng didn't understand what was going on.

The man in front of him nodded and petted his head. He smiled and said, "Little Tian, you will go to the Continent of the Nine Clouds and become a king."

"Those are your teacher's teachings. Bear them in mind," said a voice. The child smiled innocently. Then, he hugged the middle-aged man and taught the child about cultivation. Lin Feng had the impression he was personally on the scene.

Lin Feng had the impression time pa.s.sed quickly. He was growing up. He traveled in the continent. He had furious battles. Little Tian killed millions of strong cultivators, and suddenly, he didn't look like a child anymore, he looked like someone who had gone through lots of hards.h.i.+ps in life.

"Pfew…" Little Tian walked into the distance. He practiced cultivation. He saw his teacher. He looked mature and cold. When he saw his teacher, he suddenly looked like a child again. His teacher loved him, and taught him all he could.

Time pa.s.sed, Little Tian was growing older and older. Lin Feng didn't know how many years had pa.s.sed. He lost the notion of time. It looked fake and real at the same time. Was he Little Tian? He shared everything with him.

Today, Little Tian became a great emperor. However, he was crying in the middle of a crowd, holding a beautiful woman in his arms. He loved her, but he hadn't managed to save her. He was crying blood. Finally, he put the woman at the top of a mountain and looked at the crowd savagely. He started killing them. A river of blood started flowing down the mountain.

From that moment, he started acting coldly, even in front of the most beautiful women in the world from the pain in his heart. However, no matter what, when he went back home, he was always happy, and warmth always filled his heart, like Lin Feng when he went back to Yangzhou City.

Little Tian grew up, becoming stronger and stronger. He faced many difficulties and had insane battles. Each time Lin Feng felt nervous, like he had lived Little Tian's life in real time. But at the same time, he understood that to become a peerless cultivator, he had to go through such things, no matter whether someone was good or evil.

One day, Little Tian built his own world. Many people respected him. He already looked a bit old. His eyes were filled with stars of wisdom.

Another time, Little Tian finally got married. He hadn't forgotten his first love, but he loved his new wife too. He had already become a Saint Emperor. He had a wife and descendants.

Time pa.s.sed, and Little Tian had many grandchildren. He was old, and at the top of the Sheng Di Layer.

Finally, Little Tian did all he could to break through, and he did. He had his own world, and he created a terrifying spell.

On that day, he went back to his family.

"Teacher." The middle-aged man looked old now. Little Tian was surprised, he was catching up with his teacher. His teacher was old now!

"Little Tian, you're back," said the old man sitting at the foot of a mountain. He was smiling. Little Tian walked up to him and knelt down. No matter how strong he was, he would always respect his teacher.

"I'm old now, I'm happy to see you're so strong."

Little Tian raised his head and smiled, "You will break through, teacher. I will do my best to help you."

"Is that so? You will help your teacher?" said the old man, shaking his head.

"I will do my best!" said Little Tian. He was already a peerless cultivator, but in front of his teacher, he would always be a child.

"Alright, help me. I want to see what you've gone through these years!" said the old man, smiling in a gently.

"Alright," Little Tian nodded. He closed his eyes.

His teacher put his hand on Little Tian's head and said, "Open your mind and let me see."

Little Tian nodded and let go. After a long, long time, Little Tian opened his eyes. He looked extremely sad, he had tears in his eyes. He never thought he would cry again after what had happened, but he was wrong.

"Teacher, why?" shouted Little Tian. It was the first time he shouted in front of his teacher. "I can give you anything, but why?"

He didn't understand why he was suffering so much. His heart ached. He respected his teacher the most. When he was desperate, he thought of his teacher.

Lin Feng was crying too. He had experienced Little Tian's life. His heart ached.

"Silly boy. For strength, you must forgive everything," said the old man kindly. A terrifying strength surrounded Little Tian's body, soul and memories.

PMG Chapter 2250

Chapter 2250: Eighty-One Lives

Edited by RED

After that, Little Tian didn't die. He killed his teacher, he saw his teacher's desperate look, but he looked indifferent. He had no emotions anymore. He had been betrayed by the person he respected the most. He had done all his teacher had asked him. He had taken risks. He had shown him all his memories. However, the old man had attacked him, it was a true tragedy.

Life was cruel. He had become cold and indifferent, apathetic. His teacher's love had become an illusion. He had created a Saint's technique, and then he had killed his teacher.

However, he wasn't excited at all, he was just sad, and felt nostalgic. That wasn't the reason why he had decided to break through, it wasn't the reason why he had gone through so much…

Suddenly, the illusion dispersed. Lin Feng suddenly felt much more relaxed. Little Tian raised his head and looked at Lin Feng's soul. Lin Feng's heart was trembling. Did Little Tian know he existed? What had just happened?

"What do you think about my life?" Little Tian asked Lin Feng's soul. He sounded indifferent. Lin Feng's heart was pounding. He hadn't had time to calm down. He had just lived someone else's entire life!

"How moving and touching," sighed Lin Feng. He had experienced Little Tian's life from the beginning to the end. He had experienced his life as a baby and grown old with him. How could Lin Feng remain stoic?

"Who are you?" Lin Feng asked Little Tian.

"You arrived in my territory, and you ask me who I am?" asked Little Tian calmly.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He wasn't wrong. He had guessed right, Little Tian was the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. However, why wasn't he a beast?

"You're strange. Why isn't the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts a beast? Maybe you would be surprised if you saw what was there was behind those doors," said Little Tian calmly. He knew what Lin Feng was thinking!

"Who said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts had to be a beast? You're a human, but you're here, right?" said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, answering his own question. Everything was natural. He said calmly, "Of course, when the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was a beast, perhaps his life was different from what you could experience or feel, but it's also true. A life is a life. It's the life of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, in any case."

"How many lives has the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts had?" asked Lin Feng. He didn't understand.

"The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts has lived many lives," said Little Tian calmly. He didn't look sad or hopeless anymore. Lin Feng had the impression he was hallucinating. A moment ago, it had felt like he had been sad and hopeless, not the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.

"Why did you create King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' city? Why do you make people come here? Why do you make people go through what you have lived?" asked Lin Feng, trying to calm down.

"I want people to understand what the life of a strong cultivator looks like. I want them to understand that sometimes, what you try to have in life can only be an illusion. Your world can collapse anytime. I want them to understand what a life is," said Little Tian slowly, "Just like you, that life has had an incredible impact on you."

"So what?" asked Lin Feng calmly.

"So, you'll be even more determined in the future, and stronger."

"You made many worlds, which comprise the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world, why?" asked Lin Feng.

"To understand my life. At least, you understand that no matter how strong someone is, including peerless cultivators, they can drift and live without purpose, or drag out an ign.o.ble existence. They cry too… everyone has similar feelings," answered the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. He slowly turned around and looked at the sky, continuing evenly, "n.o.body should be arrogant. Everybody is the same when they die. Everyone becomes ordinary when they die. When you reach the top, your existence can be meaningless."

Lin Feng looked at the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' back. His heart was pounding. No wonder the beasts admired him.

He was humble, an extraordinary being, but he was not arrogant. It was his conception, his perception. It applied to everyone though, whether they accepted it or not. After hearing such stories, people did their best to progress; they were determined, but they didn't take themselves too seriously.

"Who do you want to sacrifice? The Supreme Animal World? The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? All the Shrines?" asked Lin Feng. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was startled, and cold lights flashed in his eyes. He turned around and looked at Lin Feng.

"Since you've had many lives, Little Tian is one of your lives. It's not your current body, which means that you're much stronger now. You want to control them. You want to control everything," said Lin Feng casually.

The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was staring at Lin Feng. He looked surprised, but smiled and said, "I like you. Before you, there was another guy I liked: Great Emperor Bai. Unfortunately, he wanted to control things too much. He didn't want to help me. But I'm convinced you can help me. Even if you're only at the top of the Huang Qi layer, I can let you experience my eighty-one lives. I guarantee you that within fifty years, you'll become a Saint Emperor if you experience my eighty-one lives."

"Eighty-one lives, you've had eighty-one lives?" Lin Feng was astonished. How awesome! Each of his lives might have lasted for hundreds of thousands of years.

The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts had led eighty-one lives. He had reincarnated eighty-one times! His understanding of cultivation was probably terrifying. If Lin Feng experienced eighty-one lives, he would probably understand cultivation much better.

"Indeed, eighty-one lives. I can easily form an army of great emperors, a few hundreds of years are enough, not to mention that I've spent a long time here," said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts with a smile. Lin Feng found that kind of smile scary. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts probably knew a lot.

Lin Feng had heard that there were some terrifying cultivators in the Continent of the Nine Clouds who had lived for as long as the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts; were they from the same era? Did he want to surpa.s.s those people? Were they competing?

In the ancient days, some Shrines had been destroyed, some others had been created, some others had risen. Was it like that in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world?

This world is way too complex and mysterious, thought Lin Feng. There were so many mysteries in the world. Little Tian had only seen the continent a little bit, he had lived a different life. He had chosen a different path.

"Alright, I will first let you experience seven lives. You will understand a lot. If you want to a.s.similate, then learn slowly. There is no hurry," said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts patiently. Lin Feng sensed his soul shaking. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was controlling his soul again!

PMG Chapter 2251

Chapter 2251: Another Life

Edited By RED

Lin Feng's soul went back into his body. However, at that moment, it felt like everything had changed in his life. He had experienced someone else's life, but it had felt so real, enough that he had the impression he had really lived that life.

He couldn't forget those memories.

Won't Little Tian's life influence my own life?, thought Lin Feng. If he perceived that life as something that helped him improve on the path of cultivation, then it was good. But if he perceived it as his own, then it could be problematic. He wouldn't be Lin Feng then, he'd be a mixture of Lin Feng and Little Tian. But it had been, and still seemed, so real. When his soul was in Little Tian's body, he felt like he really was Little Tian.

However, Lin Feng didn't think about that too much. A terrifying absorbing strength surrounded his body again. His soul was taken away once again. He left his body. Lin Feng understood that the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts was making him experience another life.

Lin Feng took a deep breath mentally. He hadn't even had time to a.s.similate one life, and he was already going to experience another one! Wouldn't Lin Feng forget who he was if he continued? Because he really had the impression that that life was his own…


"Snowflakes float around, a sword twinkles in the sunlight," said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng was standing in a snowy field in another body. He was performing a sword dance. Each time he used his sword, snowflakes floated around. The sun was s.h.i.+ning, the snow kept glittering.

It was a sword cultivator, he looked clean. He was a sword cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, and already controlled several sorts of abstruse energies.

"Fellow disciple!" said someone at that moment. Lin Feng saw a beautiful woman, as white as snow, clean and beautiful. The young man smiled broadly when he saw her, as if his heart had melted.

"Fellow disciple! Get ready!" A dazzling sword moved towards the young man. He smiled and raised his sword. The two cultivators exchanged views on cultivation, both performing a sword dance. It was a beautiful scene.

After that, they got tired and snuggled in the snow. The beautiful woman put her head on the young man's shoulder and smiled. "Fellow disciple, our older fellow disciple is extremely talented, he wants to ask our teacher for a marriage alliance."

The young man's face stiffened and turned pale. Finally, it was happening…

"Can't you ask our teacher for a few more years, to wait for me?" The young man knew he was weaker than his older fellow disciple, but he was determined to become stronger for his female fellow disciple.

"How many years?"

"I will surpa.s.s our older fellow disciple within five years." said the young man. He looked determined.

The young woman smiled, kissed him on the forehead, and said while leaving. "Leave the mountain, I will definitely wait for you for five years."

The young man scratched his head and smiled, he looked determined as he replied, "Definitely!"

Then, he stood up, carrying his sword on his back, and went down the mountain.

After that, the young man traveled for five years. He went to forbidden areas; he traveled the world; he looked for extremely powerful spells, skills, and techniques. He forgot about everything. He exchanged views on cultivation with many sword cultivators, he created his own sword attacks. Within five years, he killed many people. Finally, he went back to the snowy mountain. He had succeeded, and become much stronger. He was already a low-level emperor.

When he saw his female fellow disciple, he was so happy. They slept together but then the young man became extremely sad. He realized it wasn't her first time. But because he loved her, he decided not to mention it. However, on the second day, when he woke up, she had already disappeared. She had just left a letter written in her own blood. "Fellow disciple, I'm so sorry… our older fellow disciple, he… raped me. I lost my honor. I don't deserve you… Don't look for me. Someday, when you become the king of the snowy mountain, get rid of that vermin. I will come and see you."

Lin Feng felt despondent. He was that young man. He felt like that young man. He shouted furiously. Sword intent filled the air and made the small room explode. He felt guilty, he had to avenge her.

On that day, he went to see his older fellow disciple and fought against him. He hated him. His older fellow disciple hated him too, though, because they loved the same woman.

Both sides suffered losses. Their teacher defended his older fellow disciple, however. He cut one of his arms and said. "Insolent b.a.s.t.a.r.d, useless disciple, p.i.s.s off! Never come back to the snowy mountain!"

The teacher was furious, and the young man was crushed. He didn't know whether their teacher had contributed to this tragedy or not. He kept thinking about what his female fellow disciple had said; he was desperate, hopeless, and crushed. Once again, he went down the mountain.

Everything in life – love, intimacy, hatred, all those things – required energy. All those things also made people stronger. Lin Feng was like that, and that young man was like that, too. Everybody had sad stories to tell in life. The young man went down the mountain and traveled the world. He nearly died several times. He met many people. Many things happened.

However, he remained cold. His heart was frozen. One letter written with blood had had such consequences.

People who managed to reach the top all had heartbreaking stories to tell. The young man nearly died a few times, but each time he was lucky, he always managed to survive. Strong cultivators all had a common point, they were determined!

The young man was extremely determined. He broke through to the Di Qi layer, and became a great emperor. He went back to the snowy mountain. However, he didn't see his enemies, or the woman he loved. He asked about them everywhere. In the end, he learned that she had gotten married to a descendant of the Yong City's leader, and that she was considered the most beautiful woman of the city.

In Yong City, a gigantic city, he saw his female junior fellow disciple, she was heartbroken. She told him she had almost died once. Because her husband had begged unceasingly, she had accepted becoming his wife.

However, she still loved him. She had had the best moments of her life with him. She remembered when they used to exchange views on cultivation, she remembered their romance. But in the end, she left.

The young man was furious, and determined to wipe out Yong City, regardless of the price. He slowly became demonic and dedicated his whole life to sword cultivation. He sacrificed everything he had to become a stronger sword cultivator. He killed millions of people. He didn't know what love was anymore.

Time pa.s.sed, many strong cultivators rose, many also fell. The young man went back to Yong City. He had changed already, he wasn't like in the past. He started killing millions of people in Yong City. On that day, he saw his elder fellow disciple, who had become a terrifying cultivator. Their eyes met with hatred.

Apart from them, there were also some other terrifying cultivators: their female junior fellow disciple's husband, the current leader of Yong City, and an evil cultivator. They didn't say anything, they just had a monstrous battle. Rivers of blood flowed in Yong City. Mountains of corpses were piled high.

Finally, the young man won. He killed everyone.

"Fellow disciple!" His female junior fellow disciple had become a symbol of peerless grace and elegance. She looked at him, feeling sad, but she also had affection for him.

The young man looked calm and serene. He looked at her, not saying anything. Suddenly, a sword shot towards her and pierced through her chest. Her face turned deathly pale, she looked crushed, sad, and hopeless. She asked, "Why?"

The young man gazed into the distance. Everything was destroyed around them. He looked apathetic about it all.

"You were too strong," said the young man flatly. He already had white hair on his temples. He looked emotionless.

"You shouldn't be that strong. And our older fellow disciple, I understood him. He looked me in the eyes, his eyes were filled with hatred. And our teacher, he hurt me back in the days, he was furious, I knew why," said the young man calmly.

The woman smiled and said, "So you knew… so why did you kill our older fellow disciple?"

"I don't care. I dedicated half of my life to you. However, in the end, I realized it was useless to keep thinking about it because I had forgotten about it long ago," the young man said indifferently.

Sword energies filled the air and cut apart everything. He didn't spend too much time explaining. Why would he? All those things were not important anymore…


Everything vanished, Lin Feng and the young man appeared in another world, Lin Feng's soul came out of that body. The young man looked at Lin Feng and asked, "What did you think about that life?"

Lin Feng remained silent for a long time. It was another life, he had experienced it very clearly. What a mysterious life, but again, it was the life of a strong cultivator.

"I'm curious, how was your first life?" Lin Feng asked indifferently.

The other smiled. His first life?

"My first life was the most splendid and glorious one. However, it was also the most humiliating one!" he replied, a cold rictus on the corner of his lips. That smile meant "I now despise the whole world".

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