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PMG Chapter 2258

Chapter 2258: Death G.o.d

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Lin Feng stood there and waited. Everybody could see him clearly in the whole King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world. He wanted to become a Fighting Phantom, so he was in everybody's field of vision. It was a cruel challenge, and he had to pa.s.s it. Many people had tried to become Fighting Phantoms in the past, and some of them had been crushed badly.

However, that young man in black clothes was the first one ever who wanted to attempt becoming a Fighting Phantom with the strength of the Huang Qi layer. It astonished everyone.

The air began to hum. Many beasts moved towards Lin Feng. They all wanted to crush Lin Feng's soul. However, Lin Feng remained there motionless. He steadfastly stood his ground.

A strong wind started blowing. A gigantic creature descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng. It wanted to peck at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released death stamps, a pitch-black beam of light emerged and dashed to the skies. Lin Feng's eyes were dazzling and filled with death strength. He shouted furiously. "Die!"

Death Qi turned into a beam of light and shot towards the beast as Death Qi surrounded it. Its life was being corroded, giving it the impression it could die anytime. Lin Feng's cosmic energies had become much stronger, and they became stronger and stronger each day. His death cosmic energies were deadly, and coupled with Dao, terrifying!

Beams of light kept emerging from Lin Feng's eyes. He kept punching out using Ancient Holy Punches. The air thundered, and the gigantic beast exploded.

It started raining blood again. Blood splashed at Lin Feng's face. His death strength dispersed as another Great Imperial Beast's corpse fell from the sky. Even the beasts who had gotten ready to attack Lin Feng were surrounded by death strength.

They were staring at Lin Feng coldly. He was truly intimidating. They weren't sure they could defeat him.

"How strong." Bai Yu looked at Lin Feng, found herself shaking. Lin Feng had come here with them; back then, he was calm and discreet. His Qi wasn't too powerful. She had never thought he could be so strong. How could he be the G.o.d of h.e.l.l, a death G.o.d? Each time he attacked, he killed!

The old poisonous monster was also staring at Lin Feng. Back in the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Memorial PaG.o.da, he had lost against him. Now, he had the impression that Lin Feng had become even stronger…

At that moment, they all looked pensive. Lin Feng moved, and each time he moved, he turned into a beam of light. His wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies were terrifying. He also had wings. Each time he took a step, he could travel incredible distances.

Lin Feng's attacks were dazzling and magnificent, he used the most aggressive attacks he could when he punched. He condensed demon Kalpa lights in his fist and punched a Great Imperial Beast. This last time when he had been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength, he had used his DevMara Body Cleansing Technique thrice. His physical strength was terrifying. With Lin Feng's physical strength, n.o.body could compete with him anymore.

Beasts had a greater physical strength than humans, and their physical attacks were often formidable. However, when Lin Feng threw himself at a Great Imperial Beast, he turned into a beam of light and pierced through his body. Those watching were trembling when they saw such attacks.

People heard a melody start up, and Lin Feng's demon strength became even stronger. The source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared all around him, demon Qi filled the air and spread far away. Everybody heard the demonic melody.

"Oh no, the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song can influence people's intent and turn them into demon puppets!"

Lin Feng pointed at a person. The Nine Netherworlds lights penetrated into his body, he turned black, and his intent shook violently. His eyes turned pitch-black and glittered.

He roared furiously, before running away in a frenzy.

Lin Feng was standing before the Source of the Nine Netherworlds. He said indifferently. "Who wants to kill me?"

He sounded calm and steeled, totally self-confident. His physical strength, soul, and intent were incredible, and he had experienced the King's lives. He had become stronger, and even more determined. When he used his Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, his demon-types attacks were even more powerful and effective.

Many beasts had the impression they were falling asleep. The demon energies didn't just corrode their lives, it also made them tired.

"I saw something, a dream, the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' life," mumbled a beast. He started dreaming, he could see the beast king's life…

"It's the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts. It's one of his lives. He wants me to understand something?" whispered another beast. Some beasts were determined and struggled. They knew it was a dream. Lin Feng had created dreams for them, and put the dream energies into the demon strength. People were falling asleep without paying attention.

Many strong cultivators far away raised their heads and said, "Interesting, I need to go this time."

Many extremely strong beasts hadn't come, but now they had seen how strong Lin Feng was, so they were getting ready to go and fight against Lin Feng. They were definitely going to kill him before he had time to become a Fighting Phantom. They wanted to show Lin Feng that to become a Fighting Phantom, he had to be ready to risk his life, and maybe even die.

But only the strongest beasts thought that way, the others were just astonished. Lin Feng was just too strong. Killing him would be too difficult. Weaker beasts were thinking that if Lin Feng got badly injured, they'd finish him; otherwise, they wouldn't have the opportunity to kill him!

The Seven Feathers Prince was shaking in astonishment. He had lost against Lin Feng once, and he wouldn't have an opportunity this time, either.

"I've heard that the G.o.d of h.e.l.l defeated the Seven Feathers Prince in the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Memorial PaG.o.da, and the Seven Feathers Prince wants to become a Fighting Phantom Protector. The G.o.d of h.e.l.l is so strong that he could beat a Fighting Phantom Protector."

"If the G.o.d of h.e.l.l becomes a Fighting Phantom, then the Seven Feathers Prince will be his Protector for millions of years."

Some people who didn't know the Seven Feathers Prince said that. The Seven Feathers Prince heard that, he was furious because his woman was next to him.

Her beautiful eyes were gleaming. She remembered what she had told Lin Feng back then. Look at yourself… she felt ridiculous. Lin Feng had just ignored her because he didn't feel like talking to people like her.


In the sky, the mirror was still displaying everything. The Great Imperial Beasts who attacked were getting stronger and stronger. However, when they attacked, the Nine Netherworlds strength kept piercing through their bodies, and death stamps a.s.saulted them. In a short time, a few more corpses appeared on the ground.

Lin Feng killed all his opponents mercilessly. He had no choice. Only strength mattered here.

"Old poisonous monster, don't you want his memories? Go and try." said Bai Yu to the Mahoraga. The old poisonous monster's face stiffened. That guy was the G.o.d of h.e.l.l. He had already lost against him. He wanted to fight again, but in the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Memorial PaG.o.da, not outside, because he could die for real outside.

Lin Feng had become much stronger. He was dangerous!

"Don't you want to try?" the old poisonous monster asked Bai Yu.

Bai Yu smiled indifferently. "Old poisonous monster, if you don't dare attack, in three months, if he's still alive, you can become his Fighting Phantom Protector, if he wants to recruit you."

When the old poisonous monster heard that, his face stiffened. Becoming that guy's Protector?

"Pfew…" he took a deep breath, looking desperate. He slowly rose up in the air. Bai Yu's beautiful eyes twinkled when she saw that… was he going to attack?

"What do you have to say about what we talked about?" the old poisonous monster said to Lin Feng calmly.

"What?" replied Lin Feng coldly. He looked like a death G.o.d.

"I am about to attack you. If you lose, I won't kill you, just transmit me the memories. If I lose, I'll transmit you the memories," said the old poisonous monster calmly.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. "You're afraid to die."

The old poisonous monster's face stiffened in tight anger. "I am about to become a Tian Di-level beast, how could I fear you?"

"So, just attack then," replied Lin Feng detachedly. The Mahoraga's face stiffened into a grimace. He had reached a point of no return.

"If I lose, I am willing to become your Protector," proposed the old poisonous monster. However, on the inside, he was thinking he was going to do his best to kill Lin Feng. If he lost, he'd find a way to escape.

Lin Feng understood perfectly, he just nodded coldly. "Alright, I will recruit you then."

PMG Chapter 2259

Chapter 2259: Candidate

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When the Mahoraga heard that, he was furious; everybody feared him in the Great Imperial City. Lin Feng was saying he was going to recruit him? How insolent!

Poisonous Qi filled the air. Many people quickly retreated. Very quickly, the poison surrounded both fighters, the air began to hum thickly. The crowd saw a terrifying gigantic Mahoraga taking his true form.

The gigantic Mahoraga threw himself at Lin Feng. He opened his mouth and spat out poison unceasingly. When the poison appeared around Lin Feng, he stopped opening his mouth. The previous time, he had made that mistake and Lin Feng had defeated him that way. Lin Feng was too fast. He wanted to use physical strength or spells to defy him.

"Dong!" Nine Words appeared around Lin Feng, the earth and the sky trembled. An incredible quant.i.ty of death Qi surrounded the Mahoraga. The poison corroded his body and his death Qi corroded the Mahoraga's body. Lin Feng then charged the old poisonous monster. He was a tiny little cultivator and his enemy was a gigantic Mahoraga. Everybody had the impression the Mahoraga had the advantage because of that.

The Mahoraga spat out more poison at Lin Feng. That poison was thick, and there was enough for Lin Feng to drown in it.

Lin Feng condensed dark demon lightning, which streaked across the sky in flickers of energy. The poison instantly disappeared, turned to powder. Lin Feng attacked the Mahoraga, millions of death stamps appeared and rained down.

The Mahoraga's heart was pounding. But his Dao intent was corroding Lin Feng's body, too. His Poison intent was fearsome!

Time pa.s.sed, the two fighters drew closer and closer, the battle was explosive. The Mahoraga's face looked ferocious. His gigantic eyes were filled with green lights, he desperately wanted to kill Lin Feng.

"Roar!" the Mahoraga shouted furiously. A terrifying poison pellet moved towards Lin Feng, the poison Qi was deadly.

However, Lin Feng countered with an incredible amount of strength, which turned into sword energies and cut apart everything around him. The sword energies descended from the sky and cut the poison pellet in two. Lin Feng then threw himself at the Mahoraga, aiming at his head.

The Mahoraga threw himself at Lin Feng as well, trying to constrict Lin Feng. An ancient Qi filled the air. Lin Feng completely turned into a death sword and shot himself at the Mahoraga. The Mahoraga lowered his head, not daring to let Lin Feng attack him. However, Lin Feng still aimed at his head!

Of course, Lin Feng was just a gigantic death sword at that moment. The Mahoraga constricted the sword, sensing the terrifying sharp Qi. The sword energy gradually cut into his head, and death strength penetrated into his body.

His gigantic body was trembling. He kept screaming. He wanted to crush Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was too strong. His face began to distort.

The gigantic Mahoraga was trembling, which made the crowd tremble as well. The old poisonous monster wanted to constrict Lin Feng, not a sword!

"I lost!" shouted the old poisonous monster. He let go of Lin Feng. The crowd saw a third of the sword penetrate into the old poisonous monster's body. It was astonis.h.i.+ng. The Mahoraga turned black.

The sword emitted whistling sounds before coming out of the Mahoraga's body. Lin Feng became himself again. He was staring at the Mahoraga, who was breathing loudly. Lin Feng said coldly, "I'll recruit you as a Protector!"

The Mahoraga was shaking; he raised his head and asked, "Are you really only a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer?"

"Yes, for some reason, I can't break through to the Di Qi layer," said Lin Feng calmly. "Of course, that's probably only temporary. if I had broken through to the Di Qi layer, I would have been able to kill you in the blink of an eye."

When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they shuddered with fear. How arrogant! However, they had to admit that with the strength of the Huang Qi layer, Lin Feng was already terrifying. If he became a great emperor, he would be impossibly strong!

The Mahoraga spat out Qi, staring at Lin Feng and said, "Alright, if you become a Fighting Phantom, I'll become your Protector. Of course, if you die, I won't be able to."

"Don't worry," replied Lin Feng indifferently, glancing at the crowd. "If n.o.body attacks me, I'm going."

Lin Feng started walking. All the beasts were stunned, and wavered as they watched him go.


After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in a mountain range. Life and death lights glittered around him. Sky Absorbing life and death strength filled the air. He summoned the strength of the ten thousand things of creation, condensed them, and cast a deployment spell. It contained a terrifying amount of death strength.

All the beasts were scared. n.o.body dared provoke him anymore. Even though beasts didn't like humans, they had to admit that this human was terrifying. His understanding of cultivation was incredible. He didn't just have incredible fighting abilities, he was a genius. Now that he had cast a deployment spell, killing him was almost impossible.

However, some beasts didn't fear him. A terrifying rhinoceros wearing armor charged at Lin Feng. The air kept trembling. The deployment spell was shaking fiercely and seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Gigantic pieces of stones exploded, rose up in the air and then fell down from the sky towards the deployment spell. The rhinoceros was wrecking the mountain range!

The gigantic rhinoceros galloped, craters appearing under him. Pieces of mountains continued flying towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and raised his fists. He used his Ancient Holy Fists, and didn't even open his eyes. When the rhinoceros arrived near Lin Feng, he roared out; the deployment spell became dazzling and deployment spell energy filled the air. At the same time, Lin Feng released Death Dao and death stamps, which smashed down on the rhinoceros.

The Great Imperial rhinoceros collapsed and fell from the sky!

"His Death Dao has reached the maximum level. How explosive!" murmured all the beasts. Even Celestial Emperors didn't understand Dao strength that well. Many people only reached the last level at when they became Saint Emperors, but even then, they didn't reach the top of the maximum level.

But Lin Feng's Death Dao had reached the top. He could crush Great Imperial Beasts in the blink of an eye!

"If we continue with one-on-ones, n.o.body in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory can compete with him. Only a group can defeat him. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' Territory hasn't seen such a genius in such a long, long time…" commented many people staring at the mirror. They looked at Lin Feng with great respect.

People admired strong cultivators. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts wanted to show everyone in his world what the Fighting Phantoms had in common, so he wanted everyone to be able to look at them.

Strong cultivators from all territories came. More and more corpses appeared at the foot of the deployment spell. All of them were incredible Great Imperial Beasts. But it didn't matter, because a Fighting Phantom was emerging.

If Lin Feng wanted to become a Fighting Phantom, he had to kill a countless number of Great Imperial Beasts. It was inevitable.


Gradually, time pa.s.sed. There were more and more corpses. The strong cultivators of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world didn't feel like fighting anymore, they slowly looked at Lin Feng respectfully.

Bai Yu and the others were still watching. Bai Yu said calmly. "One more week and he'll become a Fighting Phantom. I never thought this guy who came in here with us would become a Fighting Phantom."

"If he hadn't used a deployment spell, I would have been able to defeat him, but his deployment spell contains a terrifying death strength, I can't do much against him," murmured the Dark Golden Pupiled King.

"If he becomes a Fighting Phantom, all the Ministers will select Protectors for him. Will you become Protectors for him?" Bai Yu calmly asked the others.

"Fighting Phantom Protector?"

That was an incredible t.i.tle and social status in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world, because Fighting Phantoms were extremely rare. One appeared maybe every thousand years. Becoming a Fighting Phantom meant that everyone else was already too inferior to be compared. Becoming a Protector was a way to improve in the future.

However, Lin Feng was only an emperor. But still, they couldn't help admiring and respecting him.

"I wouldn't mind becoming his Protector," said Zixu's Flood Dragon, staring at Lin Feng. He didn't think it was something to be ashamed of. Being a Protector wasn't like being a slave. During a few hundred years, Protectors enjoyed a special status. If they didn't like their Fighting Phantom, they could also give up.

PMG Chapter 2260

Chapter 2260: Master

The final deadline was approaching. Everybody was excited and watching Lin Feng enthusiastically.

"A Fighting Phantom is going to appear."

There were mountains of corpses at the foot of Lin Feng's deployment spell. He had killed so many people. After making a public announcement, he had only been to two places. He hadn't been traveling around constantly.

His Death intent is terrifying. During these three months, not only didn't he get injured, but he also became stronger, thought Bai Yu, staring at Lin Feng's eyes. During those three months, she had seen Lin Feng change. He had become even more terrifying. These days, Great Imperial Beasts just had to glance at Lin Feng's eyes, and they died. One second, and he could kill them.

His fighting abilities were terrifying. She had never seen anything like that in her life.

More beasts jumped into his deployment spells. People sighed… how brave! Some terrifying beasts also came from other places, but in all, fewer and fewer people dared go and attack Lin Feng. Many beasts already considered him a future Fighting Phantom.

But the beasts who were brave enough to go and try all ended up dead. After a short time, they just became corpses among the others. Many beasts were thinking that the corpses on the ground represented an almost endless source of wealth, too…


During the last two days, n.o.body attacked, and the three-month deadline arrived.

Some gigantic silhouettes appeared in the sky. They looked like G.o.ds.

"Minister Roc." Many beasts were stupefied when they saw Minister Roc. "Minister Jiao." The people looked at the Ministers with respect and admiration. Minister Jiao was from another territory. All the Ministers from all the territories had arrived at that moment.

They all looked at Lin Feng. They had watched his battles. It was the first time someone managed to become a Fighting Phantom with only the strength of the Huang Qi layer. It was incredible. They would always remember such an accomplishment.


The mirror which shown down on Lin Feng broke apart, startling everyone. It meant that the three-month period was over.

Lin Feng was now officially a Fighting Phantom!

"A new Fighting Phantom!" Everybody was shaking. In the sky, yet another silhouette appeared. That person descended from the sky. He had no Qi, and looked ordinary. On the ground, n.o.body would have paid attention to him. However, everybody understood that this person had regained a natural state.

"Leader!" The Ministers all bowed. The crowd shuddered with fear. The Master was there!

"Haha! Congratulations! Finally, another Fighting Phantom after me," said that person, laughing loudly.

"Oh, so the Master was the last person who became a Fighting Phantom? Now he's a peerless cultivator?"

"I don't know what his cultivation level is, but he's terrifying anyway." They looked at Lin Feng. Would Lin Feng become a peerless cultivator too?

"Follow me," said the leader, smiling at Lin Feng. Then, he looked at all the beasts and said. "Since the Fighting Phantom has already appeared, he'll probably choose Protectors in the following month. The Ministers are in charge of that."

"Yes, Master!" said the Ministers in unison, looking at the leader and Lin Feng. "Let's go."

After that, some strength surrounded Lin Feng and they disappeared. Bai Yu and the others looked stunned and hopeless. He was gone. He had become a Fighting Phantom! He was going to become a terrifying cultivator someday!


Lin Feng followed the leader. He looked like a forty-some year-old man, but he was probably extremely old. He looked absolutely ordinary as well.

"Master, where are we going?" asked Lin Feng.

"Your temporary residence," said the leader, smiling.


They traveled a great distance. They even crossed some doors.

Finally, they arrived in an ordinary city. There were beasts and humans coexisting peacefully. Their cultivation levels were extraordinarily low. Lin Feng didn't understand.

When the leader saw Lin Feng's face, he said. "Don't call me Master. Call me Uncle w.a.n.g."

"Alright, Uncle w.a.n.g. But where are we?"

"A small city in King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world. I've been living here recently. It's peaceful," the leader and Lin Feng took a walk down the main street.

Someone smiled and asked, "Teacher w.a.n.g, who's that little boy? Are you trying to help him find a woman?"

"Woman?" Lin Feng's face stiffened.

"Hehe," the leader smiled fatuously.

On the way, many people called out to him. In front of them, a beautiful woman appeared and looked at the leader. She smiled and said, "Dad, you're back!"

"Yes, I'm back!" the leader grinned. The woman looked at Lin Feng and followed them as they entered a forge.

"Dad, we've acquired many goods, I was waiting for you to make weapons," said the young woman happily.

The leader smiled and replied. "Let's do it."

Lin Feng looked at them strangely. They took up hammers and started forging weapons.

The young woman looked at Lin Feng, smiled and asked. "Who are you?"

Lin Feng was surprised. The leader just  smiled, so Lin Feng replied. "I'm Uncle w.a.n.g's friend, I'm from abroad. I'm here as a tourist."

Lin Feng asked her "You're Uncle w.a.n.g's daughter?"

"Don't we look similar?" laughed the woman.

"How old are you?" asked Lin Feng.

"Nineteen," replied the young woman. Lin Feng remained silent. He looked at the leader's wife, she was also a beautiful woman. He had a beautiful wife and a talented daughter…


Lin Feng spent some days there. The leader had an ordinary life there. n.o.body knew he was a leader, n.o.body knew he was a terrifying cultivator. He was just an ordinary blacksmith there.

But Lin Feng was astonished and speechless. This person had gone through hards.h.i.+ps in life? Lin Feng had no doubts about that. Maybe the leader had lived there for dozens of years… well, at least nineteen years, because his daughter was nineteen years old.

Lin Feng couldn't help but wonder if other strong cultivators had such lives at some point? After many lives and reincarnations, they ended up with many families, many descendants…


Lin Feng and the leader were in a backyard sitting in chairs. The leader smiled and asked. "How do you feel?"

"Surprised," replied Lin Feng.

"Normal. You're young. You can't imagine what it feels like to have all sort of lives. Only after having had many lives, it feels like you've lived once. It's good for you to be here. Many people like me have ordinary lives. Even if you pa.s.s next to them, you won't know who they really are."

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, next to people like the leader, it was impossible to know they were extremely strong. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there had been many, many peerless cultivators. Had they died? Of course they hadn't, but where were they? Did they have very ordinary lives in villages and small cities?

"You've just become a Fighting Phantom, many people will be watching you. Will you get used to it?" asked the leader.

Lin Feng shook his head. He wasn't interested in being a Fighting Phantom, but change was always something special.

"Polis.h.i.+ng, cleaning, that makes you change, that makes you grow up," laughed the leader. Lin Feng understood what he meant. He wasn't trying to teach him how to become stronger.

"I decided to become a Fighting Phantom just so I could leave the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts Territory. Now, I'm thinking, after leaving, shouldn't I have a normal life for some time too?" Lin Feng smiled.

The leader nodded. "No rush. Don't be impatient. First, your Protectors will be chosen. After that, you can leave. You can also take them with you."

"Thank you very much, Uncle w.a.n.g." said Lin Feng politely.

"No need. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts asked me to take care of you. He attached great importance to you," replied the leader easily. "If someday we become extremely strong, you'll definitely be with us."

PMG Chapter 2261

Chapter 2261: Leaving the Territory

Edited by RED

Lin Feng smiled casually and gazed into the distance. He had already traveled around the world. However, he couldn't be like the leader and live like an ordinary person, because people who stood at the top already had everything they wanted in life. There was no risk they would fall anymore, almost.

Among the strong cultivators who stood at the top, some people had joined Shrines and had incredible privileges. Some people were invited all over the world, such as s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, and some people stood aloof from worldly strife. For them, cultivation was about cultivating one's mind and body, but it was more maintenance work at their level.

Of course, some people decided to contribute to society even more by writing books for others, such as the strong cultivators who had written the books in the Shrines. Other extremely strong cultivators had written about the eight distresses to help people. It mainly depended on their lives.


Lin Feng spent some peaceful days on the leader's side, living like an ordinary human being. Finally, the leader took Lin Feng away and they left.

"Father, come back soon!" said the leader's daughter. He waved at his daughter and smiled, "Don't worry, I'll come back soon. Take care of your mother."

"Alright!" smiled the young woman. Then, Lin Feng and the leader slowly disappeared from their field of vision.

People in the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world were still amazed at the existence of a new Fighting Phantom. The ministers announced publicly that they would be looking for Fighting Phantom Protectors. All the ministers were involved. People who wanted to become Fighting Phantom Protectors could be recruited at all levels among Great Imperial and Tian level beasts. Many people wanted to become Fighting Phantom Protectors, and some of them were extremely strong. They cared about the future, and had long-term plans.


Thirty-six Fighting Phantom Protectors were chosen and gathered in front of the leader's palace, waiting for the leader to come back. Some beasts who had lived for a very, very long time looked excited. They remembered back when the leader had become a Fighting Phantom, they had heard that many of his Protectors had a much higher cultivation level than him. Many of those people were already ministers and were extremely strong, but the leader had already become much stronger than them.

The new Fighting Phantom was even more special because he only had the strength of the Huang Qi layer, but he was already extremely strong. Many people who wanted to become Protectors actually had much better fighting abilities than him, but they didn't think about too much. They knew it was only temporary. They were convinced that a thousand, or even just a hundred, years later, he'd be much, much stronger than them.

Two people arrived slowly. People raised their heads, and saw the leader and Lin Feng had returned. Where had the leader taken Lin Feng?

"These are the Fighting Phantom Protectors who have been chosen for you. You can keep some of them only, or all of them, as you wish." said the leader to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced over the crowd. The beasts there all looked terrifying and had a terrifying Qi. They were among the strongest people of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' territory. Fighting Phantoms had an incredibly high social status, because they were sure to become leaders someday.

"I know that many of you are ambitious and proud. However, I need people who will listen to my orders. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite. Now, you can choose, you stay or you leave, as you wish," said Lin Feng indifferently. He didn't need to have a burden. If he had an extremely strong cultivator on his side, but that cultivator didn't listen to him, then that would just be a burden; such cultivators were useless.

On the ground, many beasts' eyes glittered. They were wondering, what would happen if someday Lin Feng asked them to do something they weren't willing to do? Would they be willing to serve him?

"I give up," said a beast. Stepping back, he bowed before the leader and left.

"Me too." Very quickly, people left one after another. Just over twenty beasts were left. They all looked determined.

"You, you, leave now…" said Lin Feng, pointing at a few beasts. They all looked stupefied. Lin Feng didn't want them, how humiliating! However, they didn't know that Lin Feng had carefully observed their faces and had seen that they weren't as determined as they thought.

Only eighteen beasts were now left. Lin Feng was surprised because apart from Dinuo, all the other beasts who had come to that world with him were there.

Eighteen beasts, six Celestial Imperial Beasts, Qi filling the air around them. Those Celestial Imperial Beasts were among the best in the territory.

"Master, last time, the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts told us that Fighting Phantoms could leave the territory, but can Fighting Phantom Protectors leave the territories?" asked Lin Feng.

"Of course, they're your Protectors, and you have the privilege of being able to leave, you can keep them with you."

"Great, I will take them with me," said Lin Feng calmly. So many years had pa.s.sed. Things had changed in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. With a personal army, he'd be much safer.


Lin Feng left the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' territory with his Protectors. When he arrived in the eight Great Imperial Animal Cities, some people saw Bai Yu and the others, and their hearts started beating faster. Bai Yu, Qing Hai's Roc and the others were following Lin Feng? What was going on?

However, Lin Feng didn't stop there. He left that place too. They arrived in Long Night City, the Sword Sect appeared in front of them. Very quickly, a group of strong cultivators appeared outside, including several Celestial Emperors. When Jiu You's Ministry learned about it, some of their cultivators also came to watch.

"Eh?" When the strong cultivators arrived and saw Lin Feng, they were stunned. Those beasts' Qi were dreadful!

"Die!" said Lin Feng. A terrifying amount of b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi filled the air. The beasts rose up into the air and blotted out the sky. Horrible screams arose as blood splashed and gushed all around. When the crowd saw that, they were terrified. Where were these beasts from?!

"Great Emperor Bai's daughter! Qing Hai's Roc!" Some strong cultivators of Jiu You's Ministry recognized some beasts, frowning when they saw them. Some n.o.ble beasts from the Great Imperial City had surprisingly come here! Qing Er was stupefied, what was going on?

Lin Feng suddenly looked over at the people from Jiu You's Ministry, including the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. The previous time he had seen him, he remembered now. That person had also forced him into h.e.l.l. He had noticed Lin Feng was extremely strong back then, even though Lin Feng was a n.o.body.

"Kill him," ordered Lin Feng, calmly pointing at the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. Everybody was astonished. He wanted to kill a strong cultivator from Jiu You's Ministry? He was the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights!

The beasts didn't care though, they threw themselves at the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights. The strong cultivators of Jiu You's Ministry shouted explosively, "Insolent! This is Long Night City! Great Imperial Beasts can't afford to act insolently here!"

When that great emperor said that, some claws landed on his head and tore him apart. He didn't even have time to react before he collapsed, headless.

"Jiu You's Ministry is nothing in comparison to the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world. Jiu You's Ministry is a futile and trivial place, we can easily destroy you!" said a beast rudely. Many strong cultivators shuddered with fear. These beasts were under the orders of the legendary King of the Ten Thousand Beasts?

The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts really existed?

But in any case, these beasts were terrifying, that was a fact!

"Why do you want to kill me?" asked the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, staring at Lin Feng. He sounded cold and bitter. A few Celestial Imperial Beasts had surrounded him. He was stuck!

"Do you remember back in the small world? In Jiu You? Back then, you forced a young man to jump into the black water," replied Lin Feng flatly.

The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights frowned. He looked pensive for a few seconds and then he remembered. His face changed drastically, "Impossible, who are you?!"

"I am that young man," said Lin Feng, releasing Death intent. The Celestial Master of the Seven Nights' face completely changed. The terrifying beasts around him were Fighting Phantom Protectors. Even the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights couldn't do much against Celestial Imperial Beasts, all he could do was put up a last-ditch struggle. Until the moment he died, he never thought he'd feel so humiliated in life. This had happened because a long time before, he had bullied a young man…

A terrifying Qi filled the air. In the distance, some strong cultivators from Jiu You's Ministry arrived, they were furious. Their Qi rolled out and they shouted, "Who dares act that arrogantly and kill people from Jiu You's Ministry?"

"If you don't want Jiu You's Ministry to be wiped off the map, p.i.s.s off!" retorted a Celestial Imperial Beast, coldly staring at those people.

The one who had just talked pulled a long face and asked, "You're from the Great Imperial City?"

"Great Imperial City? I used to be, a very long time ago," said the Celestial Imperial Beast coldly, then he said, "p.i.s.s off now. You don't want to offend the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts."

That strong cultivator grimaced. The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts? Jiu You's Ministry had a high position in the region, they had heard about the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, and if these beasts really came from the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' territory, indeed, Jiu You's Ministry couldn't afford to offend them.

"Let's go," Lin Feng said calmly at that moment. He didn't want to stay there.

His forces all left and the strong cultivators of the Sword Sect and Jiu You's Ministry didn't dare do anything, but glare helplessly after them.

PMG Chapter 2262

Chapter 2262: How Long Did That Dream Last?

Edited by RED

In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Shrines had incredible privileges. Their headquarters were gigantic pyramids which towered over that gigantic territory.

However, the Shrines hadn't been that relaxed for the last few years. Chu Chun Qiu was still in Ganges Time, he had already become extremely strong. A short time before, he had defeated a Celestial Imperial Beast, his fighting abilities were shocking, he was progressing way too fast and the Supreme Animal World also supported him a lot. After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had almost immediately become a Great Emperor; now, a dozen years had pa.s.sed and he was already a Celestial Emperor. That kind of speed was astonis.h.i.+ng and breathtaking.

The Shrines felt pressured. Was Chu Chun Qiu that guy?

All the Shrines paid attention to Chu Chun Qiu. Everybody in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds paid attention to him, actually. Back then, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many people had paid attention to him and a few others. However, after the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many people had stopped paying attention to the others, especially since many of them had left the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Of course, in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were many, many strong cultivators. Many of them paid attention to Chu Chun Qiu, as he was a core disciple in a Shrine. Core disciples, no matter which Shrine they belonged to, were extremely strong. There were also some other influential groups, many of them very strong cultivators. Many of them were at the top of the Huang Qi layer already.

Everybody was becoming stronger. Even the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were becoming stronger, including the Holy City. People of the same generations continued competing. Such things influenced everybody, and every faction.


However, Lin Feng didn't care about those things. At that moment, he was in Purple Clouds, in a cave  situated in a place where there weren't many people. He was seated cross-legged practicing cultivation. The Fighting Phantom Protectors were with him.

He was visualizing various things.

There was a scene with one Lin Feng, he was at the very top of a mountain, watching the sun rise and set. He was living like a hermit. Another scene was Lin Feng traveling around the world. Another scene was Lin Feng, living in a small village and hunting with other villagers; he met a woman he liked, and they got married. He didn't disappoint her, even though he felt lonely in the end because his mood and thoughts changed with time as he grew older.

There were many other scenes; Lin Feng's clones, the Three Lives Scriptures. Lin Feng could make as many ordinary clones as he wanted, those clones could have ordinary lives. Lin Feng was wondering whether the Three Lives Great Emperor was doing that too, whether he had many clones everywhere in the world.

The original Lin Feng's hair was very long, and his beard was long, too. He started looking more mature. However, he didn't know that, he just continued meditating. Apart from Purple Clouds, he was also in many other places, many other places in the continent, many other places in small worlds, many places in his own small world.

Gradually, it was as if one brain wasn't enough anymore. It was like a dream, as if all those lives had been dreams.

One day, Lin Feng went into a dream; he was in a restaurant, working as a servant. Every day, he chatted with guests and heard them talk about interesting stories in the continent. Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Ordinary days like that were also pleasant.

However, not every dream was great. Lin Feng was in another dream, and there he was a hunter in a village and had gotten married with a beautiful woman from the village, as well. Their relations.h.i.+p was harmonious. However, one day, a group of brigands arrived and attacked them. They killed everyone. Lin Feng was furious. He wished he could have gone there himself with his real body to kill them.

Lin Feng's real body was asleep, but he was still furious. However, he also managed to calm down. Millions of clones, millions of lives, could he remain calm? Wasn't he lonely actually? Could he just let nature take its course? He gradually calmed down when thinking about that. After that, in other dreams, he ended up in many other similar situations. His mood, his perceptions, his vision were changing.

Everything was changing everywhere. The same thing happened in his spirit's world. It was becoming bigger and bigger. It was almost a perfect small world. There were all sorts of Qi, all sorts of energies, but at the same time, that world corresponded to Lin Feng's vision and it was improving quickly.

Lin Feng's real body was asleep. An ancient tree appeared indistinctly around him. Terrifying cosmic energies surrounded his body. They were intense and contained the strength of the ten thousand things of creation around Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng didn't move. He was sleeping. In his mind, golden lights intertwined. His G.o.dly awareness started communicating with the earth and sky.

Lin Feng dreamed about many, many things. Apart from dreaming of millions of lives, he also dreamt about cultivation, he dreamt about the World of the Living Imprints attacks. In his dream, he understood those attacks even better. One attack, and it seemed that the earth and sky could collapse.

He also dreamed about his spirit, about many other spirits, and finally, he dreamt of his most powerful spirit, the celestial book spirit. All the pages looked dazzling and beautiful.

In that dream, he studied a lot. Time pa.s.sed in the outside world, but Lin Feng forgot about time.


The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, everything changed.

In the Snow Clan, a beautiful silhouette appeared on a snowy field. Her Qi looked extraordinary. She was standing at the top of a mountain, gazing into the distance. She was thinking about him, missing him.

Finally, tears appeared in her eyes, her lips twitched and she said, "I've been a lone fox for a thousand years, I've been lonely for a thousand years, I love you unconditionally, you pa.s.sed the imperial examinations, I want to dance for you again…"

"May I dance for you, may I dance for you…" she was singing. Her voice was beautiful. She started dancing, looking extremely beautiful as she danced with the snow. Could he see her dance, though?

Snowflakes floated around her. She continued chanting.

In the distance was a snowy tree. A young man was standing there. He was wearing armor, but tears appeared in his eyes.

He raised his head, his eyes were red, he took a deep breath and swore, "Someday, I will do my best so that n.o.body forces my parents to live apart. If anyone stops me, rivers of blood will flow, even if those people are from the Snow Clan!"

On that day, that young man was eighteen years old; the twenty-year period was imminent!!!

On that day, Lin Feng was dreaming!

PMG Chapter 2263

Chapter 2263: Waking Up – Destruction of the Sky

Edited by RED

Lin Feng didn't know how much time he had spent in the cave. His hair and beard were really, really long, and he was covered with dust. He looked much more mature.

His golden G.o.dly awareness palace was dazzling and lofty. In his dream, he had managed to create the real G.o.dly awareness palace. It had become a Great Imperial G.o.dly awareness palace. His physical strength had been improved by the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. During these years, he had improved in every aspect. Without the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, he would have needed many more years to become that strong.

His celestial book spirit was dazzling. He absorbed all the spirits he had ever absorbed and transformed them into his own strength. His spirit and his spirit's world were becoming better and better. Lin Feng didn't need to control it anymore, it was an independent world. During these years, his millions of clones had developed that world.

"The Sky Palace, what's the date tonight?" remembered Lin Feng. He came back to his senses.

"My Dao is going to be complete." said Lin Feng without paying attention, as if he didn't know what was going on.

Lin Feng's celestial book spirit trembled. Dark lightning filled the air around him, as if his spirit were about to explode. Dark lightning started bombarding him. It looked like Judgement Day around him. Finally, his celestial book exploded and turned into a world, and only that world was left.

Lin Feng didn't look perturbed. His spirit's world was trembling, people inside raised their heads and saw terrifying dark lightning across the sky.

Tang You You was in Xue Yue, and when she saw the dark thunders, she looked terrified. Luckily, those were ancient forbidden lightnings, so they weren't destructive. It was just Qi contained in that world; otherwise, such a powerful Qi could have destroyed that world if it had been part of an attack.

At the same time, in the outside world of Purple Clouds, the sky started breaking. Many people raised their heads and started trembling. The sky was breaking in Purple Clouds?! There was no sky anymore in Purple Clouds!

What kind of strength had provoked that?

In a distant mountain, an old man was seated in a chair and suddenly stood up. He was bent, and soon started shaking, and then rose into the air like a spiritual being.

"Am I dreaming?" His son was speechless. The sky was broken? His father had risen up into the air, what was going on? Were Heaven and Earth on the verge of collapse?

The old man gazed into the distance and saw pitch-black forbidden lights. He realized something, and his face changed drastically.

"The prophecy, the legends, in the old days, it's happening…?" whispered the old man. He suddenly disappeared from where he was. He wanted to see what was going to happen.

Throughout Purple Clouds, many hidden strong cultivators raised their heads, all thinking the same thought. The sky was going to change!

In the Fire Shrine, someone who protected the entrance trembled. His face paled; he was staring at the sky, where forbidden lights were flas.h.i.+ng in Purple Clouds and the sky was broken…

"Something big is going to happen, oh no…" He started running and disappeared. After a short time, many people reappeared at his post. Everybody looked at Purple Clouds, they all grimaced, including the leader of the Fire Shrine.

"Pfew… we've been fooled…" whispered the leader of the Fire Shrine. Then, he said, "Go to Purple Clouds. If you find the one who attracted the forbidden energy, kill him! Do all you can to find out who among the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds went to Purple Clouds!"

"Yes sir!" everybody nodded. Some people headed to Purple Clouds, some people asked around, some people went to other Shrines.

At the same time, the other Shrines also realized what was going on.

In the Fortune Shrine, the Diviner was up in the starlit sky. He could see the forbidden lightning, and smiled. He wouldn't have thought that the forbidden lightning would cause such damage to lower-cla.s.s worlds.

Next to him were a few people, including the leader of the Fortune Shrine. He said to the Diviner, telepathically, "Go and tell him to hide. He can't appear."

"I understand," the Diviner nodded. He left immediately. He went to find Lin Feng's clone, who was in the archive room.

"From now on, the Shrines are all on alert." said the leader of the Fortune Shrine calmly. Everybody around nodded. Actually, most of them were uninformed, completely in the dark. They didn't know about the Destiny Wheel, and they didn't know about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the impression he had been dreaming for a thousand years. He slowly opened his eyes. Even though he had dreamt, everything had felt so real. Obviously, he knew what had happened. He also knew that his Dao was going be unlimited soon. There would be no restrictions anymore. However, the last step would be gigantic!

He stood up and looked at himself, smiling wryly. Sword energy filled the air, and cut his hair and shaved his beard. Fire and water appeared around him; hot water cleaned his body. He looked normal and clean once again.

But very quickly, he also changed his face. The Diviner had warned him that n.o.body could know he was in Purple Clouds. Luckily, only the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights knew about him, but he was dead already. The others didn't know who he was, and the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' territory was a forbidden area.

The lights of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree gradually disappeared. Lin Feng smiled. He would bring the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree back to G.o.dly Wood Valley at some point. It had helped him a lot already.

But what is my cultivation level? What is that mysterious Dao?, thought Lin Feng. He finally understood what a Forbidden Body without a cultivation level meant; actually, he just had different levels from other people.

Lin Feng walked out of the cave in which he had spent a few years. Behind him, the cave exploded and rumbling sounds spread out as the mountain collapsed. He didn't leave a single thread of Qi inside.

He headed back to Purple Clouds. The sky had already reappeared here. However, many people were still shocked about what had happened. Some terrifyingly strong cultivators had come and were looking for something. People were really scared. The outsiders had been looking for someone for half a year already!

Those days, Lin Feng spent some time in a small city. He went to a small restaurant there and chatted and drank alcohol with other guests. When the restaurant closed, he went back to the village, watching the sunset above the mountain. He had an ordinary, peaceful, and tranquil life there.

Time pa.s.sed. Many people in the Shrines were furious, but because n.o.body found him, the Shrines didn't start fighting. All the Shrines were looking for the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, with orders to kill them if anyone saw them!

This time, someone who had a Forbidden Body was in the world and he had to be killed, no matter what! The situation was different from a thousand years before!!

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