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PMG Chapter 2270

Chapter 2270: The Moon Palace Dismantled!

Edited by RED

The crowd watched the city illusion disappear, and Lin Feng reappeared. Lin Feng was alone, Empress Xi had disappeared…

"Alright, everybody can disperse," said Lin Feng indifferently. Everybody stopped fighting. Many strong cultivators looked at Lin Feng. Had Lin Feng killed Empress Xi?

Without Empress Xi, could the Moon Palace exist?

A terrifying strength charged towards Lin Feng. Sky Absorbing strength surrounded him, Chu the Insane shot towards Lin Feng.

"Hmph!" The old man of the Animal World grunted coldly and jumped in front of him, they collided. At the same time, a strong cultivator of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan jumped forwards, and they encircled Chu the Insane.

The Nine Netherworlds Song resonated in Lin Feng's brain. A pair of pitch-black eyes stared at him.

"Nine Netherworlds Master, so many years have pa.s.sed, wake up. Why act like that?" Lin Feng said to the Netherworld Demon Emperor. Lin Feng also released Nine Netherworlds strength.

The Netherworld Demon Emperor had transmitted the Nine Netherworlds Song to Lin Feng many years ago…

"Master, you transmitted the Nine Netherworlds Song to me back then, but you used the Rebirth Scriptures to come back to life, and your cultivation is restricted. You can't do much to me. Forget about it," said Lin Feng calmly.

The Netherworld Demon Emperor raced towards Lin Feng, releasing Nine Netherworlds strength towards Lin Feng. However, at the same time, Lin Feng released restriction, death Dao, and Nine Netherworlds strength.

"How miserable." Lin Feng walked forwards like a G.o.d. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the Nine Netherworlds Emperor. Dazzling lights flared blindingly. The Nine Netherworlds Emperor and Lin Feng collided.

The Emperor groaned with pain. His body felt numb. Lin Feng's fighting abilities were terrifying many people.

Lin Feng had ranked first at the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had disappeared for so many years and now that he was back, his fighting abilities had become even more terrifying. He was even stronger than Chu Chun Qiu who, according to legends, had a Forbidden Body!

The Fortune Shrine had done that on purpose, many people believed that Chu Chun Qiu, who practiced cultivation in the Supreme Animal World, had a Forbidden Body…

The Netherworld Demon Emperor was knocked away by Lin Feng. The Netherworld Demon Emperor looked at Lin Feng coldly, and threw himself at Lin Feng again.

"Hmph!" Lin Feng groaned coldly. He shouted furiously, "World of the Living Imprints!"

Imprints appeared, a death world appeared and surrounded his opponent. The Netherworld Demon Emperor had used the Rebirth Scriptures to come back to life, his strength wasn't as good as back in the old days, he couldn't compete with Lin Feng. The World of the Living Imprints contained death strength, they pounded the Netherworld Demon Emperor.

His organs twitched violently and he was driven back again. Some of his organs exploded, and he coughed up blood. His face turned grey.

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng's attacks contained an incredible amount of strength, he was like a G.o.d of the ten thousand things of creation. How confusing, how complex! He never thought that this young man would ever become this strong. On top of that, he had killed Empress Xi!

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the other battles. He rose up higher in the air. He shot towards the Saint Emperor of the Heaven Clan. At that moment, three terrifying Celestial Imperial Beasts were fighting against the Heaven Clan's Saint Emperor, he was encircled.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng. The three Celestial Imperial Beasts had terrifying fighting abilities. The Heaven Clan's Saint Emperor wasn't a very strong Saint Emperor, b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi had filled the air and surrounded him. Golden lights flashed as they fought against him.

The Saint Emperor shouted furiously. He released Heaven strength, which turned into an armor and protected him. At the same time, he punched out all around him.

The earth and sky were trembling. Lin Feng released the strength of the ten thousand things of creation, and deployment marks started intertwining. Holy Spirits appeared as an ancient Qi filled the air. All those kinds of strength fused together in his hands.

I know, I'll call you G.o.dly Dao, and my cultivation level, I will call you G.o.d Level. Now, it's only the early stage. With my body, I can control every kind of strength, and I will keep becoming stronger, thought Lin Feng. He released forbidden strength, which condensed into his hands as well. He disappeared and reappeared in front of the Saint Emperor.

The Saint Emperor stared at Lin Feng; he condensed heaven strength in his hands, as if he controlled the strength of Heaven and Earth, then he punched out in Lin Feng's direction.

The earth and sky crackled. Their fists collided, a terrifying strength exploded. Many people around sensed those terrifying energies. Could Lin Feng compete with a Saint Emperor too?!

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. A terrifying death strength penetrated into his opponent's body. His strength pressed forward with an indomitable will. The man felt horribly oppressed. At the same time, the three Celestial Imperial Beasts also attacked, and the Heaven Clan's strong cultivator's face turned deathly pale.

A dazzling fire sword appeared and pierced through the Saint Emperor's head. Many Heaven Ancient Imprints appeared, but a great roc released sword strength which cut apart his imprints and destroyed them. At the same time, the two other terrifying Celestial Imperial Beasts also used their most powerful attacks.

Energies exploded catastrophically. The Saint Emperor looked hopeless; he was staring at Lin Feng, his eyes bloodshot.

"Ah…" he gave up everything, and released all his Heaven strength towards Lin Feng. He just wanted to kill Lin Feng, he didn't care about the others anymore.

The energy of the ten thousand things of creation became golden, Lin Feng took out his plaited bamboo hat and cloak from the Fortune Shrine and put them on. The terrifying Ancient Imprints contained sword strength and struck Lin Feng.

However, the attack was not effective at all. The golden great roc's sword pierced through the opponent's head, and at the same time, the two other beasts also attacked his head. They tore apart his skull, then ripped him in two at his waist, before tearing his body into several parts.

Lin Feng smashed the skull violently. The Saint Emperor was resistant, and killing him wasn't easy. Lin Feng used a G.o.dly attack. The crowd was astonished when they saw those three beasts and that human being attack the Saint Emperor, their faces frozen in disbelief.

Impossible… Their hearts were pounding furiously. He was done, dead. When the Saint Emperor died, the other members of the Heaven Clan were suddenly terrified.

After he disappeared, Lin Feng and the others glanced at the battlefield coldly for a moment, then continued moving. They went after another Saint Emperor. That Saint Emperor retreated, and immediately fled.

The last Saint Emperor wanted to escape, as well. It wasn't easy to become a Saint Emperor, how could he take risks?

Two Saint Emperors were fleeing. The battle was becoming easier and easier. After killing the Heaven Clan's Saint Emperors, only those controlled by the Moon Palace were left; they were among the strongest cultivators of the Moon Palace. Back then, the Ancient Holy Clans were under the command of the Moon Palace; now, the Animal World and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had dismantled the Moon Palace.

The Palace had no influence anymore, and the celestial women of the Moon Palace were not strong enough to fight them.

Lin Feng was standing in the sky, he looked at the celestial women and the others and said, "You have the time needed to burn a joss stick to leave. The Moon Palace doesn't exist anymore."

Yi Ren Lei raised her head and looked at Lin Feng. Back then, when he was here by the lake, he looked hopeless. And now… he had dismantled the Moon Palace!

Lin Feng walked towards the Moon Palace, releasing his G.o.dly awareness and inspecting every single corner of it. His silhouette flickered, and very quickly, he found the main palace. He opened all the rooms and quickly found a beautiful woman.

"Lin Feng!" Duan Xin Ye was astonished when she saw him. Her eyes instantly became red, her vision blurry. Finally, the figure she had seen in her dreams was here!

"Xin Ye!" Lin Feng's silhouette flickered, he immediately jumped out and took her hand.

Xin Ye felt so sad, she said to Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, I might not be able to control myself anymore soon."

"No. I imprisoned Empress Xi," said Lin Feng, caressing her cheeks, "Let's go out."

He brought Xin Ye outside. He turned about and released destructive strength, destroying the Moon Palaces.

Outside, the atmosphere had calmed down. Apart from Chu the Insane and some others, everybody had almost left.

A terrifying attack struck Chu the Insane, and more people encircled him. He shouted furiously and turned into a beam of light, escaping.

n.o.body prevented him from leaving. Without Empress Xi, the Moon Palace didn't exist anymore.

The battle was over, but the watcher's hearts kept pounding violently. So many terrifying people had died, especially the strong cultivators of the Heaven Clan. It had been a tragedy for them!

Yi Ren Lei and the Netherworld Demon Emperor were still there. Lin Feng just glanced at them, and afterwards he said to his friends, "Master, old buddy, come with me, we're going to destroy the Heaven Clan."

"Alright!" said the old man of the Animal World agreeably. Lin Feng waved, and the eighteen beasts in black clothes and the old leader of the Animal World followed him. They were on their way to the Heaven Clan!

The people on the ground were astonished. How dreadful, the Heaven Clan was going to be destroyed!

PMG Chapter 2271

Chapter 2271: What Are Emotions?

Edited by RED

Lin Feng was standing in the sky, his robe fluttering in the wind. The one who used to be a weak young man now had the potential to become a peerless cultivator someday. He was already standing among some of the strongest cultivators in the world.

He looked at the Nine Netherworlds Emperor and said, "You should understand that considering the relations.h.i.+p I have to Empress Xi, I won't kill her. However, I can't let her go, either."

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor's cold expression faded. He looked at Lin Feng with mixed feelings.

After a few minutes, he said slowly, "Yu Xi and I have an innocent affection for each other. We were childhood sweethearts. She's pure, innocent, and kind. She doesn't understand the complex relations people can have. However, one day, her father killed her mother, and wanted to take her way. From that day, Yu Xi changed. She became cold and detached. She gradually changed her way of practicing cultivation, and finally left her family forever. I know that she wasn't willing to do those things."

"I'm the same as Yu Xi, I'm ordinary. However, I saw her change more and more. So, I decided to become a demon, too. To become strong, I gave up everything else. Finally, I became a strong demon. However, I realized that I couldn't become stronger than Yu Xi's father. Yu Xi knew she wasn't talented enough, so she decided to die," said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor slowly.

These stories were old. Everybody was ordinary at the beginning of their lives, no matter how talented they were. Lin Feng could understand that because of his own experience, and also because he had experienced the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' lives. He also knew that ordinary people could also rise up, step by step, by going through lots of difficulties.

"Lin Feng, Yu Xi has had many opportunities to kill you, but she hasn't. n.o.body understands her because she tries to control her pa.s.sion, anger, and greed… in other words, her red dust. I also know that because of her two clones, she has emotions and feelings. She's been influenced by her clones. Therefore, she couldn't kill you. I hope that you'll treat her fairly and kindly," said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor calmly. A terrifying pitch-black fire began burning around his body.

Lin Feng frowned.

"I'm already dead. I came back to life thanks to the Rebirth Scriptures, but there are limits. I can't protect Yu Xi. I couldn't do much for her or stop you. My life has become pointless. You have to protect her. I hope she'll see you become strong. I hope you'll treat her as your wife and treat her fairly. I feel sad for her," said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor.

His body was burning more and more, his whole body became illusionary. He was slowly disappearing as he stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng could see from his eyes how deeply he cared about Empress Xi.

"Treat Yu Xi kindly and fairly!" said the Nine Netherworlds Emperor while disappearing. He turned into a pond of Nine Netherworlds Water and moved towards Lin Feng, penetrated into his body, and then disappeared forever.

Many people were astonished and speechless. The Nine Netherworlds Emperor had decided to die, he had turned into Dao and had granted that Dao to Lin Feng for the sake of Empress Xi.

"True emotions." Lin Feng took a deep breath. He sensed that his Nine Netherworlds strength had suddenly increased greatly. He knew the Nine Netherworlds Emperor was extremely sad, and for Empress Xi, he had decided to die.

He had dedicated his life to Empress Xi!

"I thought that the Netherworld Demon Emperor had met Empress Xi much later in life, and that he had then fallen in love with her. I never thought that they had known each other for so long. So they lived separated for a while, and then he came back," sighed an old man. Only the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi knew the exact details of their story. The Netherworld Demon Emperor had told some of the details a moment before, and then he had died.

Yan Di was astonished too. He had made some strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan go to the Heaven Clan, he didn't go there. When he saw that the Nine Netherworlds Emperor had turned into Dao strength and penetrated into Lin Feng's body, he sighed, "What are emotions? He was a great demon emperor, and now he is dead."

The Netherworld Demon Emperor had dedicated his life to Empress Xi, and now he had died for her too.


Empress Xi was in Lin Feng's spirit's world. She had a jade necklace around her neck, and suddenly it broke apart. Her heart started pounding, she couldn't believe it.

She put her hands on her necklace, her face paled. Tears appeared in her eyes; she hadn't cried for a thousand years, but now she was crying again.

"Brother Netherworlds!" shouted Empress Xi hoa.r.s.ely. It was so painful. She fell down onto her knees. She remembered those beautiful times, those flouris.h.i.+ng periods, when both of them used to laugh a lot. She had cherished those moments, those were the best times in her life, and now the man who she considered the suns.h.i.+ne of her life was dead.

"I'm sorry…" Empress Xi put her hands on her head, kissing her jade necklace. She cried unceasingly and said in a fragile voice, "Brother Netherworlds, I'm so, so sorry. I've always considered you as my biological brother but when we found each other again after such a long time, I never smiled at you again, I'm so sorry…"

She kept crying, her heart ached. Empress Xi, Yu Xi, had always considered the Nine Netherworlds Emperor as her own brother, he was the closest person she had in life, and now he was dead. She was alone, she didn't look like a strong, cold, and detached woman at that moment, she looked like a fragile little girl, lost and hopeless.


In the outside world, Lin Feng sighed, speechless. The Nine Netherworlds Emperor really loved Yu Xi, it was both touching and moving.

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor had become a part of Lin Feng. He hoped Lin Feng would take care of Empress Xi and treat her fairly. Lin Feng had to treat Empress Xi as one of his own wives.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the sky. It was a beautiful day. Lin Feng looked at Yi Ren Lei, he smiled broadly, enough to melt an iceberg. That smile was the most beautiful smile Yi Ren Lei had ever seen in her life, and she started crying. Yi Ren Lei, who was strong and determined, started crying like a little girl too.

"How have you been all these years?" Lin Feng asked her.

"Tired, but I've progressed a lot," said Yi Ren Lei forcing herself to smile.

"What do you intend to do in the future?" asked Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei looked pensive but then she smiled at Lin Feng in a seductive way, looking devastatingly beautiful, and said, "I'll continue progressing on my path. I'll become an Ice and Snow G.o.ddess, and I'll wait for my demon prince, like we promised each other."

She turned around and left, looking confident and at ease. She was still smiling, but she also had tears in her eyes.

What were emotions? Emotions were more powerful than life and death!

Lin Feng watched at Yi Ren Lei slowly disappear into the distance. He took a deep breath and thought, Take care.

Lin Feng had gone through so much in life. There had been so many changes in his life.

"I would have kept her," said Yan Di indifferently.

Lin Feng looked at him and said, "Old buddy, haven't you found someone you like?"

"No hurry, another thousand years, or a reincarnation maybe," said Yan Di smiling in a free and unrestrained way. "By the way, don't forget what the Diviner said back in the day; I'm your protector, so you have to help me. When will you bring me to the Diviner? I need to see him. What he said is almost a promise."

Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Yan Di wanted to see the Diviner?

"Did the Diviner mean that back then?" Lin Feng asked speechlessly.

"Do you think a little boy like you can help me change my destiny? Hilarious!" replied Yan Di, rolling his eyes.

"Eh…" Lin Feng was speechless for a moment, but finally nodded and said, "Alright, I'll take you to the Fortune Shrine."

"You're a good boy," said Yan Di plainly… and then he burst into laughter. He flew towards the Moon Palace, wondering if there were treasures inside?

Lin Feng looked after him, stunned. Fu Hei laughed and followed his master.

"Like teacher, like disciple," said Lin Feng speechlessly. The others wanted to go into the Palace as well, but didn't dare because of Lin Feng. Lin Feng had changed; back in the days, people in the Vast Celestial Ancient City could bully him. Now he could destroy the Moon Palace, the Heaven Clan…

A strong wind was blowing and brus.h.i.+ng against people's bodies. The Vast Celestial Ancient City had been peaceful and calm for a long time, and now new incredible things had happened. It wouldn't take long for the news to spread that the Heaven Clan had been wiped off the map of the continent!

PMG Chapter 2272

Chapter 2272: Feeling Unsafe

Edited by RED

In the Vast Celestial Ancient City, Lin Feng had dismantled the Moon Palace and saved Xin Ye. He felt relieved.

Lin Feng didn't stop in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. The twenty-year period was slowly approaching. Lin Feng wanted to go to the Holy Spirit Dynasty to see Qiong Sheng, and then to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds with Yan Di. He also wanted to inform s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian that he intended to go to the Snow Clan.


In Qi Tian Holy Town, all the Dynasties had lofty buildings. However, the strongest influential group there wasn't a Dynasty, it was the Animal District.

They had brought the thirteen Young Beast Masters back to life. They had sacrificed incredible amounts of beasts for those thirteen Young Beast Masters. Apart from that, they had also invited a bunch of beasts and the beasts had also started having children who became powerful fighters. The Animal District considered themselves unexcelled in the world. The beasts who hadn't died continued rising. The Animal District started oppressing the Dynasties, so in the end, the Dynasties decided to form an alliance.

The Animal District didn't dare bully them anymore.

The Holy Spirit Dynasty was under pressure because back then, they had chosen to form an alliance with Lin Feng, so the Holy Spirit Dynasty and all the other Dynasties didn't have good relations. It was visible in various aspects. Luckily, ten years ago, Lin Feng had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so the other Dynasties had stopped bullying the Holy Spirit Dynasty too much.

Now, the Holy Spirit Dynasty was waiting for Lin Feng to become a peerless cultivator, and for Lin Qiong Sheng to become a really strong and talented cultivator in his generation.


Lin Qiong Sheng stopped practicing cultivation and he came out of his room. He took a deep breath. He felt good. He was twenty years old, and he had already reached the very top of the Huang Qi layer. His Qi was powerful. He looked handsome. He had inherited the best features from both of his parents.

He raised his head and looked at the sun, smiling. "My Absorbing Dao is becoming great, it has already reached the first step. Now, the holy princes and princesses of all the other Dynasties can't really compete with me anymore. Back in the days, my father captured the Ancient Jade Dynasty's holy woman, now I'll try, too!"

Lin Qiong Sheng started flying. Today, a meeting was planned, and all the holy princesses and princes of all the Dynasties had agreed to meet and exchange views on cultivation. It was a kind of compet.i.tion. Every generation organized such events. Lin Feng had gone through such things, Lin Qiong Sheng was going through such things as well.

Just after Lin Qiong Sheng left the Holy Spirit Dynasty, Lin Feng and Tang You You appeared. The guards of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were astonished, but everybody knew them there. Even if they had never seen them for real, they had seen illusions.

The Holy Dynasty Prince and the mother of his child! They were both holy parents!

"Holy…" the guard's mouth was wide open, he didn't know what to say. Lin Feng and Tang You You smiled at him and entered the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

The guard was stunned, but he took out a jade talisman and informed some people the two were there. The message raced up to the top of the hierarchy.

In the Holy Spirit Dynasty's Holy Palace, Holy Emperor Ling quickly learned about it. After that, many strong cultivators went out to welcome Lin Feng. it was the politest thing they could do, the most important people of the Holy Spirit Dynasty had to receive a warm welcome.

Lin Feng walked forwards and when he saw all those people in the distance, he was surprised and smiled, "Holy Emperor, you're too polite!"

"Haha, Lin Feng, time and you've become so strong. No wonder you finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds," said Holy Emperor Ling, smiling in welcome. Lin Feng's Qi was only dimly discernible. They couldn't see what his cultivation level was. He also talked in a different way. He sounded like a wise scholar. Twenty years had pa.s.sed, and Lin Feng had already changed so much. What would he be like fifty years from now?

Lin Feng smiled naturally and said, "Holy Emperor, you've been taking good care of Qiong Sheng for twenty years, we are infinitely grateful. How is our son?"

"I'll call him. Let's go to the main hall first," said Holy Emperor Ling smiling.

"No need, we'll go to him," said Lin Feng shaking his head.

Holy Emperor Ling looked at Tang You You and nodded. They started walking towards Lin Qiong Sheng's palace, but then learned that he wasn't there.

"I forgot, there's a small meeting in w.a.n.g Xian, all the holy princes and princesses are meeting there," said Holy Emperor Ling suddenly.

"I'll go to w.a.n.g Xian then."

"Alright, we'll come with you," said Holy Emperor Ling happily. They all left together.


There was a dimly discernible celestial Qi in w.a.n.g Xian. Many people were there because some extraordinary young people were present.

"Qing Jiang Shan is terrifyingly strong. He understands Sky Oppressing Dao, he has inherited it from his ancestors. On top of that, he knows some extremely rare soul-destroying techniques."

"The holy woman of the Ancient Jade Dynasty is also extremely strong; her Deep Abstruse Dao is powerful."

"Tian Jue Gong, all the geniuses of the universities are also strong."

"Don't forget Lin Qiong Sheng, he's Lin Feng's son! He's terrifyingly talented and understands Absorbing Dao. He can absorb incredible quant.i.ties of strength, and he's extremely strong."

Everybody was talking and looking at the bunch of talented and extraordinary young people. At that moment, Qing Jiang Shan said, "Lin Qiong Sheng, I've heard that your Absorbing Dao has already reached the first level, when do you intend to kill me and absorb my strength?"

Lin Qiong Sheng grunted coldly and replied to Qing Jiang Shan, "We'll see when you offend me."

"How arrogant." said Qing Jiang Shan icily. "Back then, your father dragged out an ign.o.ble existence, he drifted and lived without purpose, and he used to hide in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. He stole the Saint of our Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty. Then, he finished first at the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, who do you think you are? We don't even know if Lin Feng is really your father."

The Holy Dynasty Prince of the Great Desert Dynasty laughed and whispered, "Indeed, back then, Lin Feng hadn't even been to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, but his mother was there already."

Lin Qiong Sheng was furious and felt humiliated, he was about to burst out.

"Two insolent little boys!" said a loud voice at that moment. It was Holy Emperor Ling, he had heard them, he was furious.

"They're trying to infuriate Qiong Sheng on purpose, I don't know why." said Lin Feng calmly. He had evolved a lot, he didn't get angry anymore when people tried to humiliate him; actually, he just killed them instantly. He didn't let anyone influence his emotions anymore. But he still wanted to see what those people intended to do.

"Young people compete occasionally, it's normal, but usually they don't go too far. They want to see how strong Qiong Sheng is," said Holy Emperor Ling. Lin Feng nodded.

Lin Qiong Sheng said icily, "All s.h.i.+tty cultivators know is how to hurt people by insulting them. You two, come here."

Qing Jiang Shan frowned and glanced at Qiong Sheng icily. Then he released Qi in a surge of power. At the same time, Lin Feng frowned, Holy Emperor Ling and Lin Feng glanced at each other.

"Someone is coming," said Lin Feng to Holy Emperor Ling telepathically.

"Yes, many people, and one of them is as strong as me, if not stronger," said Holy Emperor Ling, looking solemn and grave.

"Yes, very strong." said Lin Feng nodding. He changed his face surprising the Holy Emperor Ling.

Some people arrived and noticed them. They inspected the area with their G.o.dly awareness for a few seconds, and then recalled it.

"Hey?" said someone. Holy Emperor Ling frowned. The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was there, too, but he didn't seem to notice them. However, why had such strong cultivators come? This was a compet.i.tion between young people.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Qiong Sheng; he was fighting already, something abnormal was going on…

"Many people from other Dynasties are here, and they're extremely strong. There are many great emperors and Celestial Emperors, I think they came here because of Qiong Sheng. If they didn't want to do something dodgy, they wouldn't need so many strong cultivators." said Holy Emperor Ling. He finally sensed danger. What was going?

PMG Chapter 2273

Chapter 2273: Who?

Edited by RED

At that moment, the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was standing next to a middle-aged man who looked simple. However, his eyes were filled with flames. He gazed into the distance.

"The young man who's fighting against Qing Jiang Shan is Lin Qiong Sheng," the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty pointed at Lin Qiong Sheng.

The middle-aged man nodded and said calmly, "Don't kill him, we want him alive."

"I understand," nodded Holy Emperor Qin. Even though the two of them were whispering, they didn't try to be discreet. Therefore, Lin Feng and Holy Emperor Ling heard them. Their eyes twinkled and they frowned. That person wanted to capture Lin Qiong Sheng? He also didn't fear them. Holy Emperor Qin knew that Holy Emperor Ling was there, but he didn't care.

"What is that supposed to mean?" said Holy Emperor Ling icily. Holy Emperor Qin just smiled coldly. He had said that on purpose, by doing so he was saying that even if the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were there, they couldn't do anything!

She's here!, thought Holy Emperor Qin, when he saw Tang You You. He was smiling icily on the inside. Lin Feng might be here, too!

The younger people were still fighting; Lin Qiong Sheng was fighting against two Holy Dynasty Princes, and he had the advantage. Qing Jiang Shan was stronger than Lin Qiong Sheng back then at the same age. However, Lin Qiong Sheng, at the same level, was peerless. He had several spirit strengths. His fighting abilities were incredible, and his Absorbing Dao was terrifying. The battle was incredible and fierce, Lin Qiong Sheng was fighting against two very strong cultivators.

"Back then, Lin Qiong Sheng's father fought against eight geniuses alone; when the father is a lion, the son cannot be a lamb. Lin Qiong Sheng is extremely strong, as expected," said someone at that moment. It was a strong cultivator of the Ancient Jade Dynasty. Many people looked at him strangely.

But then he said, "Therefore, don't be merciful. Stop watching, and let's see how powerful Lin Qiong Sheng can really be."

"How cruel."

They want to encircle Lin Qiong Sheng!, thought everybody frowning. The Ancient Jade Dynasty's holy woman immediately attacked, and the Holy Dynasty Prince followed.

Lin Qiong Sheng shouted furiously. A dragon appeared and absorbed everything they threw out. He looked at them icily. His Qi surged up and swept their attacks away. He was furious; these people were b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, all Holy Dynasty Princes and princesses, they were all geniuses, and they dared surround him?

Lin Feng flickered and left. Holy Emperor Ling's eyes twinkled, but he didn't ask anything, Lin Feng probably had a plan.

After a short time, Lin Feng reappeared in the crowd, but this time he had a different face. His Qi was the Qi of the Huang Qi layer. He slowly rose up into the air and watched the battle, where seven people were fighting against Lin Qiong Sheng. They were all extremely strong.

Lin Qiong Sheng was different from him back in the days. Back then, Lin Feng's death Dao was incredible and he knew several Saint's techniques. That was why, back then, he had dared take a risk. Now, Lin Qiong Sheng was strong, but it wasn't enough.

But Lin Feng didn't attack immediately. He first watched Lin Qiong Sheng fight. The battle was difficult and Lin Qiong Sheng was struggling. But Lin Feng was happy, because the most difficult and dangerous situations were the most beneficial ones as well, they made cultivators stronger.

As expected, Lin Qiong Sheng was going crazy, his attacks were fiercer and fiercer, and the people around moved back. After being punched twice, Lin Qiong Sheng punched two other people and hurled them away, blood splas.h.i.+ng.

"Together." said Qing Jiang Shan mercilessly. The seven cultivators encircled him again, the pressure was terrifying.

Finally, Lin Feng slowly walked forwards. Back then, when he was surrounded by eight people, it had been scary. And now his son was in a similar situation; blood called for blood!

"The Dynasties are really imposing and awe-inspiring." said Lin Feng pitilessly.

The Holy Dynasty Prince of the Great Desert Dynasty grunted icily. He looked at Lin Feng and shouted, "p.i.s.s off!" He punched out in Lin Feng's direction.

Lin Feng raised his hand. There was a rumble as he destroyed the enemy's attack. He charged the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Great Desert Dynasty.

The strong cultivators of the Great Desert Dynasty were startled. Lin Feng turned into a beam of light and threw himself at their Holy Dynasty Prince.

The Great Desert Dynasty's Holy Dynasty Prince was driven asunder, he turned into a bunch of hanging flesh and blood, his soul dispersed. He hadn't even had time to scream.

"No!…" shouted the strong cultivators of the Great Desert Dynasty, n.o.body thought someone would dare kill their Holy Dynasty Prince directly. Their faces twisted. People around were astonished. That guy had killed him instantly!

A Holy Dynasty Prince had just been killed instantly!

The other Holy Dynasty Princes suddenly stopped moving, and stared at Lin Feng. They couldn't believe their eyes. The Great Desert Dynasty's Holy Dynasty Prince who was fighting on their side before had just been torn apart. That made everybody tremble.

Lin Feng then jumped, stretched out his hand and grabbed Qing Jiang Shan. Qing Jiang Shan shouted in fear. He wanted to fight, but Lin Feng didn't give him any opportunity.

"Stop!" shouted Holy Emperor Qin explosively. He descended from the sky and stared at Lin Feng.

"You'll die if you dare touch him," said Holy Emperor Qin icily.

However, Lin Feng raised his head and said, "Why are seven strong cultivators fighting against Lin Qiong Sheng today?"

"It's normal, they're just here to exchange views on cultivation," said Holy Emperor Qin icily.

"Ah…" Qing Jiang Shan screamed. One of his arms was broken, a bone was sticking out and blood dripping down.

The crowd was trembling. Who was this guy? He was crazy!

Lin Qiong Sheng looked at Lin Feng in astonishment. Who was that guy, and why was he helping him?

"I'll give you one more opportunity. If you lie, I'll kill him," stated Lin Feng icily. The Ancient Jade Dynasty's Holy Princess rose up in the air, trying to leave.

"Die!" said Lin Feng. He released Death Dao strength towards her, and killed her instantly.

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Jade Dynasty were trembling, their faces pale. Lin Feng used a special Qi which surrounded Lin Qiong Sheng and protected him. He glanced at the crowd and said remorselessly, "If anyone dares move, I'll kill them!"

The crowd had just seen the holy princess die, so n.o.body dared move. They were all staring at Lin Feng; who was he?

Holy Emperor Qin was staring at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he didn't want Qing Jiang Shan to die.

"You have only one opportunity." said Lin Feng grimly, like a demon. "If you don't tell me why, I'll give the other Dynasties an opportunity."

At that moment, the middle-aged man who had come with Holy Emperor Qin spoke up, "Because of me."

Lin Feng slowly turned to him. Holy Emperor Ling didn't know him, why did he want to capture Qiong Sheng?

"Release him." said that person, flames were burning in his eyes. Lin Feng sensed a scorching-hot energy.

"Why do you want to capture Qiong Sheng? Are there tensions between him and you?" asked Lin Feng icily.

"You want to die?" that person said to Lin Feng arrogantly.

Lin Feng looked back at Holy Emperor Qin and said, "He doesn't care whether your Holy Dynasty Prince dies or not, so answer my question. You have only one chance."

Holy Emperor Qin's face stiffened. His mouth twitched, but he didn't say anything. Even if Qing Jiang Shan's life was in Lin Feng's hands, he couldn't tell the truth.

Qing Jiang Shan screamed. His other arm exploded into pieces of flesh. Lin Feng was staring at him and continued, "And you can't remain silent."

"You will die here!" said Holy Emperor Qin. He didn't feel relaxed. Lin Feng suddenly realized something, he didn't dare talk even though Qin Jiang Shan's life was in his hands. He was too terrified; just who was that middle-aged man?

Lin Feng knew that Holy Emperor Qin didn't dare talk. Then, he released Death intent which surrounded the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Tianci Dynasty. Lin Feng said in a cold and detached way, "Who will tell me the truth?"

The strong cultivators of the Tianci Dynasty looked petrified as well. Qi surged towards Lin Feng, but he said nothing.

Lin Feng understood.

Therefore, he burst into laughter. He knew the answer now.

"They don't dare talk. Tell me the truth, I already know it, though," Lin Feng said to Qing Jiang Shan. "If you don't tell me the truth, I'll kill you instantly. Tell me the truth, maybe that he won't do anything to you because of his position."

Qing Jiang Shan's face was chalk pale. He was the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Qin Dynasty. He knew who the middle-aged man was.

"I don't want to kill you, you're boring, hurry up!" prodded Lin Feng calmly. He knew the answer so he was unmoved.

"He's from a paramount place," said Qing Jiang Shan, closing his eyes.

The middle-aged man frowned, but then he heard Lin Feng say, "Be clear! Which Shrine!"

When Lin Feng said that, everyone trembled.


PMG Chapter 2274

Chapter 2274: Pretending

Edited by RED

What Lin Feng said made the whole crowd tremble. That person was from a Shrine, and he dared act that arrogantly?

Qing Jiang Shan grimaced in pain and said, "Fire Shrine."

The middle-aged man's eyes were filled with fire, and he frowned. Indeed, he was from the Fire Shrine!

After what had happened in Purple Clouds, the Shrines were convinced that there was a Forbidden Person. As a result, everybody knew about it. They wanted to kill the ten top cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so all the Shrines had agreed on focusing on one person each. The Fire Shrine was in charge of killing Lin Feng.

However, they could see that Lin Feng lived in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds all the time, he was hiding in the Fortune Shrine all the time. But they understood it was a cover-up, how could Lin Feng, who had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, still be a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer? It had to be a clone.

However, the Fire Shrine didn't know where Lin Feng was, they just knew that he was from Dark Clouds and that before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he was in Qi Tian Holy Town. They also knew that he was the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

They had come to Qi Tian Holy Town and had confirmed from the other Dynasties that he was from there, indeed. They also learned that Lin Feng had a child called Lin Qiong Sheng, and that he was the current Holy Spirit Dynasty Prince.

Accordingly, the person in charge of killing Lin Feng had thought of a solution: make some Dynasties capture Lin Qiong Sheng! That way, the Holy Spirit Dynasty would contact Lin Feng and he would show up.

However, the Fire Shrine's strong cultivator hadn't expected that someone would protect Lin Qiong Sheng. This person was audacious and arrogant, and he knew about the Shrines!

Killing a disciple of the Fortune Shrine by surprise wasn't something very glorious, and using Lin Feng's son was even less glorious. Therefore, the Fire Shrine didn't want anyone to know about it. It was really bad for their reputation!

"Back then, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the nine Shrines attacked the winners by surprise. They wanted to kill the top ten cultivators, ten geniuses, but they were also new disciples of the Fortune Shrine. However, they failed.

"Now, they still want to kill them. The Fire Shrine sent people to capture Lin Qiong Sheng to attract the champion of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng, because he's his father. They wanted Lin Feng to appear and then they would have killed him," said Lin Feng calmly. He didn't use the word Forbidden Person of course, the Shrines didn't know who had a Forbidden Body yet. They just listened to orders.

"The Shrines, supreme and paramount organizations… To kill Lin Feng, they dared try to capture his family, his son… how glorious! How ridiculous, I want to say!" said Lin Feng sarcastically. "The Fire Shrine is really great!"

The Fire Shrine's strong cultivator pulled a long face. He was staring at Lin Feng and demanded, "Who are you?"

Apart from the people who were directly involved, n.o.body could know those things. Now the Fire Shrine was losing face!

"Who do you think I am?" asked Lin Feng, smiling. He released some fortune lights. He had studied many, many scriptures in the Fortune Shrine, studied many spells and ancient scriptures. Coupled with evolution strength, he could easily modify and create new sorts of strengths.

"You're from the Fortune Shrine!" The Fire Shrine's strong cultivator was stupefied.

"Hmph! You're from the Fortune Shrine and you dared pretend to be an emperor to attack and kill emperors!"

"They all want to help you kill my disciple. Could the Fortune Shrine accept that?" spat Lin Feng. Qi began to hum wildly around him. It contained death strength and fortune lights!

Lin Feng looked at the members of the other Dynasties. All those strong cultivators were shaking. They had offended the Fortune Shrine, were they going to die?

They realized they shouldn't have gotten involved; Lin Feng had changed, he was backed up by the Fortune Shrine, he was a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine now!

"p.i.s.s off now. If you dare attack disciples of the Fortune Shrine ever again, I guarantee you I'll destroy all the Dynasties," said Lin Feng, sounding like a demon. The strong cultivators of the Dynasties turned pale. They glanced between the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine and then at Lin Feng, and in the end, they left.

n.o.body would dare ask for an explanation or mention their revenge. Some of their people had been killed by a member of the Fortune Shrine, what could they do? Nothing. They had lost people for nothing!

Lin Feng looked at the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine and said calmly, "You wanted to hurt my disciple's son to capture him. Are you not afraid? The Fortune Shrine can also kill your disciples' family members," said Lin Feng, which made his opposite tremble.

At such cultivation levels, family members normally wouldn't get involved anymore.

"You want to kill Lin Feng, go and kill him, but we can guarantee that if you kill our disciples, we'll kill twice as many of your disciples. And after what happened today, you actually shouldn't do anything. You're a disgrace as a Shrine, you don't even deserve to be a Shrine!" said Lin Feng calmly. He really sounded like a strong and high-ranking cultivator of the Fortune Shrine.

"See you," he finished. He took Lin Qiong Sheng with him and left.

Holy Emperor Ling and Tang You You left with him. Holy Emperor Ling was privately astonished. Lin Feng was extremely strong, but he could even oppress such people. He could even pretend he was a terrifying cultivator from the Fortune Shrine. The Fire Shrine's strong cultivator had trembled with fear. Lin Feng had deceived him, that was incredible!

But what had happened on that day also made Lin Feng understand that the Shrines weren't going to give up, they truly wanted to kill the Forbidden Person. They had even sent people to Qi Tian Holy Town for him. They even wanted to capture Lin Qiong Sheng!

He was furious. Those people, who were terrifyingly strong, were ready to do anything to achieve their goals!


Lin Feng and the others returned to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Qiong Sheng looked at Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling and he said, "You're extremely strong, are you really from the Fortune Shrine, or did my father send you?"

At that moment, some people arrived in the distance, Tang You You, Holy Emperor Ling, when Lin Qiong Sheng saw Tang You You, he was astonished, she was…

"Mother?" asked Lin Qiong Sheng. Tang You You nodded.

She walked up to him and caressed his head, smiling. "Qiong Sheng, you're a grown up now."

"Mother…" said Lin Qiong Sheng, smiling happily. He had never been with his parents… it felt good, it felt warm. He smiled broadly.

"Mother, what about my father? How is he doing? Why does the Fire Shrine want to kill him?" Lin Qiong Sheng asked Tang You You.

"He's good. And it's a long story," replied Tang You You, glancing at Lin Feng and nodding.

"Hmph! No matter what their reason is, someday, I'll go to the Fortune Shrine and settle accounts with them," said Lin Qiong Sheng icily.

"The Shrines are among the most powerful groups of influence in this world. Do you think you'll ever be that strong?" asked Lin Feng, smiling at Lin Qiong Sheng.

"Of course, I am as talented as my parents. I can't be weaker. Master, do you think the Fortune Shrine could recruit me as a disciple? My father ranked first at the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I can't be much weaker!" said Lin Qiong Sheng to Lin Feng smiling fatuously.

Lin Feng burst into laughter. Tang You You said, "Silly boy, he's your father."

"What?" Qiong Sheng was astonished, he looked at Lin Feng and shook his head. "You're lying, he's not. I've seen many images of my father. He doesn't look like that."

"And like this?" said Lin Feng, taking off his mask and showing his true face. He smiled at Qiong Sheng. Qiong Sheng frowned and remained silent, he scratched his head and finally shouted, "You're really my old daddy!"

"Am I old?" said Lin Feng, rolling his eyes, Tang You You and Lin Feng glanced at each other and they both burst into laughter.

"Qiong Sheng, I hope you're not sad that your mother and me have not been able to stay on your side to take care of you."

"No, my Master told me that the cultivation world was very cruel, he told me how people bullied you, how you finished first at the meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you did all you could for me and for yourself, for us to become strong. I could never blame my parents! In the future, I want to be like my father, I want people to admire me!" replied Lin Qiong Sheng solemnly.

Lin Feng clapped Lin Qiong Sheng's shoulder and said, "Glad to hear that, but now you can't stay here. Times are difficult and people will find me sooner or later. From today, go and travel the world. When Holy Emperor Ling tells you you can come back, then come back."

"Lin Feng!" said Tang You You, astonished.

"You You, he must go through such things to become a strong cultivator," said Lin Feng. Many difficulties awaited Lin Qiong Sheng, and making him travel was a good solution to protect him, too!

"Alright, I will do that," agreed Lin Qiong Sheng. He knelt down and said to Lin Feng and Tang You You, "I'll do my best to be the best child ever."

Lin Qiong Sheng stood back up and looked at Holy Emperor Ling. He bowed, turned around, and left. Tang You You waved after him… she didn't want to let her baby go and travel alone.

Lin Feng felt the same, but that was how the world worked. The best thing was to be strong and travel. If Lin Feng hadn't appeared on that day, Lin Qiong Sheng would have been in great danger.

"Holy Emperor, even if the Fire Shrine wants to attack the Dynasties now, they can't. Tell all the Dynasties that if anyone dares do anything against the Holy Spirit Dynasty, they will die," said Lin Feng to Holy Emperor Ling evenly.

Holy Emperor Ling nodded. As long as Lin Feng was alive, n.o.body would dare attack the Holy Spirit Dynasty!

PMG Chapter 2275

Chapter 2275: Void Phoenix Clan

Edited by RED

The Qi was almost endless in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, a world which stood higher than the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There were ancient palaces and strong cultivators everywhere. It was a dangerous place.

Lin Feng and Yan Di were walking in the Court. Lin Feng looked at the sky, sometimes seeing some great emperors seated on clouds. Great emperors were normal and common in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

"Old buddy, I talked to the Diviner; let's head to Fortune Castle," Lin Feng said to Yan Di. Yan Di nodded and took a deep breath. Even though he had studied many Ancient scriptures, it was too difficult for him to become as strong as he was in his previous life. He had come back to life and because of it, he had limits. Maybe the Fortune Shrine could change his destiny!

Lin Feng's clone had been in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds the whole time. Therefore, Lin Feng was very familiar with the region. They both flew quickly. After a short time, they landed before a celestial palace: Fortune Castle!

"No wonder they're at the top of the world; this palace is terrifying, and it towers aloft," said Yan Di, glancing around. The Fortune Shrine's territory was incredible, and seemed boundless.

"Have you ever been in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?" asked Lin Feng to Yan Di. He was curious.

"Of course, back then when I was in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, I traveled everywhere with my father," said Yan Di easily. Lin Feng was startled; the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan must have been terrifyingly powerful then, with many incredibly strong cultivators. But he didn't press.

After entering Fortune Castle, they climbed up a gigantic flight of stairs, a righteous old man arrived, he smiled at Lin Feng warmly. Lin Feng had broken free from the Huang Qi layer even if he had a Forbidden Body. He now had no real cultivation level. He looked like someone who had no cultivation level at all, he was different from everyone else.

"Greetings, Master," said Yan Di to the Diviner, bowing deeply. Even though he had lived for a thousand years, the Diviner was even older, at least ten thousand years old. In front of the Diviner, Yan Di was like a child, so he had to call him Master.

"h.e.l.lo, Little boy, you're growing up quickly," said the Diviner, smiling at Yan Di. Back then, when Yan Di was always with Lin Feng, he had the same level as him and the others. Now he was a Celestial Emperor, and on top of that, he had relied on himself to break through to the Tian Di layer. That wasn't easy at all, but was also due to the Ancient scriptures he had studied.

When Yan Di heard the Diviner call him Little boy, he didn't mind, and even smiled.

"Come with me," the Diviner said to Yan Di. Lin Feng and Yan Di glanced at each other, and Yan Di followed the Diviner.

Lin Feng turned around and descended from the Castle. He didn't want to stay in the Fortune Shrine area for too long.

The Fortune Shrine was in Fortune City. There were many buildings here, and the place was gigantic. There were many residences in Fortune Country. It was a gigantic territory. But Lin Feng didn't travel in the Fortune Country, he left.

In the Northwest Area, there was no Shrine. However, it was much, much vaster than Fortune Country., There were many other influential groups in the Northwest Area. They couldn't be compared with the influential groups of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Many of these groups of influence had existed for hundreds of thousands of years, and some of them had even existed since the very beginning of the ancient days. Many of them had people who were about to become Saints, or Sages as they were also called.

The strongest ones had Saints!

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were many Ancient Holy Clans who came from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They had Saint Emperors, that's why they called themselves Ancient Holy Clans.

Actually, it was wrong. In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, if they had dared call themselves Ancient Holy Clans, they would have been destroyed instantly. Strong cultivators from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds found them ridiculous and made fun of them when they traveled in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, clans who had Saints were considered powerful, they called themselves Holy Sage Ruler Clans.

In their case, the "Holy" was actual truth; they had real Saints, genuinely Holy cultivators, unlike Ancient Holy Clans who only had Saint Emperors, and who only had Holy Saints in the distant past. In the case of Holy Sage Ruler Clans, they really had Saints, or Sages, who were Holy cultivators, truly peerless cultivators!

The Void Phoenix Clan was a Holy Sage Ruler Clan, they had at least one Saint. They were in the Northwest Area, and were extremely strong. People who were raised in the Void Phoenix Clan were considered apex geniuses in that part of the world, like geniuses who came from Ancient Holy Clans in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

A young man appeared outside of the Void Phoenix Clan in the Northwest Area. His Qi was dimly discernible. He was surrounded by an empty and invisible strength, as if he could disappear anytime. The young man's empty s.p.a.ce strength was extremely powerful. He could control a type of Dao related to empty s.p.a.ce.

His hands were clasped behind him. He looked indifferent and composed, calm and aloof. However, one could sense he was strong, especially since he was standing at the gate of the Void Phoenix Clan.

The guards of the Void Phoenix Clan sensed that his Qi was extraordinary. They informed some people of his coming and a short time later, a young man wearing a fire cape slowly came out. His hair was pitch-black and he was wearing fire armor, looking quite heroic. His eyes were filled with flames. He was staring at Lin Feng and asked, "Your Excellency, how may the Void Phoenix Clan help you?"

"I'm looking for Jing," said Lin Feng, he turned around and looked at the young man calmly.

The young man smiled at Lin Feng and said, "First question."

That was the Void Phoenix Clan, not anyone could see Jing, he needed to tell him who he was first.

"I come from Dark Clouds, Vast Celestial Ancient City, Animal World," said Lin Feng calmly. His questioner was surprised; someone from the Animal World in the Vast Celestial Ancient City? He had heard of that place.

But someone from the lower world daring to come to their clan and stand at their gate talking this way, that was rare.

"Jing doesn't receive people from abroad," said the young man to Lin Feng calmly.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and gazed into the distance. A terrifying strength emerged and surrounded the young man. A golden cage imprisoned him.

The young man frowned and looked at Lin Feng icily. He condensed fire in his fist and punched the cage, but the cage didn't break at all. He was still trapped inside. He grimaced. Lin Feng had imprisoned him, a great emperor, instantly!

"I came from very, very far. Why refuse people who come from so far?" said Lin Feng calmly. "Bring me to Jing, okay?"

The young man was stuck in the cage and felt humiliated.

"Alright, I'll take you there," said the young man. Instantly. Lin Feng made the cage disappear.

"Follow me," said the young man. He turned around and took Lin Feng inside.

It was like a gigantic castle inside. Lin Feng whispered, "Don't take me to some strong cultivators, I'm here as a guest and I don't want to cause trouble. If you do anything dodgy, I can kill you in the blink of an eye."

The young man's face stiffened. He had really intended to do that. However, Lin Feng was threatening him, and he was really strong…

The young man took Lin Feng to a palace and said to Lin Feng, "That's Miss Jing's residence, but I can't go in."

Lin Feng nodded and said, "Jing!"

His voice resonated far away. Jing was in her palace, she opened her eyes and her eyes twinkled, who dared act that arrogantly?!

Her silhouette flickered, and she landed in front of Lin Feng and the young man.

"Who is he?" asked Jing to the young man.

"Miss Jing, he said he comes from the Vast Celestial Ancient City," said the young man. Jing frowned and stared at Lin Feng.

"Let's talk inside," said Lin Feng.

Jing nodded and said to the young man, "You may leave."

The young man turned around and left. Lin Feng knew that the young man was probably going to look for some stronger cultivators, but it didn't matter. Jing had a high social position so he didn't need to worry. Jing said, "I don't know you. Are you really from the Vast Celestial Ancient City?"

"It's me, Lin Feng," Lin Feng said to Jing telepathically. Jing was stupefied. She suddenly turned around, how audacious!

"How is Qing Feng?" asked Lin Feng calmly. Jing was stupefied. He really was Lin Feng!

"The Shrines are all looking for you, they want to kill you!" said Jing telepathically.

"I know, so call me Feng Ling now," replied Lin Feng. Lin Feng's disguise was incredible. She nodded. That way, n.o.body would recognize him.

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