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PMG Chapter 2276

Chapter 2276: Delicate Relations

Edited by RED

Jing took Lin Feng to a bamboo forest by a lake, a place where she relaxed. It was beautiful, there was nature, and energies didn't propagate easily there. Unless someone shouted extremely loudly, n.o.body could overhear what was said there.

"How is Qing Feng?" asked Lin Feng. The old man of the Animal World and Lin Feng had had a long conversation, he wanted Lin Feng to take care of her.

"She's here in the Void Phoenix Clan, but she has a special social status here, so she feels awkward," said Jing. "My mother loves Qing Feng very much. However, my father doesn't like seeing her next to our mother. There are some internal problems in the Void Phoenix Clan. Qing Feng's position is delicate. But she's a Saint's disciple, so n.o.body dares do anything to her."

Lin Feng nodded. Qing Feng was Saint s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian's disciple. If s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian was there, even a Holy Sage Ruler Clan couldn't do much to her.

"Since it's that way, let Qing Feng leave the Void Phoenix Clan, why does she need to stay here?" asked Lin Feng.

"Why doesn't she leave? Her blood strength can improve in the Void Phoenix Clan. If the Void Phoenix Clan acknowledges her, she could become an incredibly G.o.dly phoenix. She could turn into an ancient phoenix and have an immortal body. Even though s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian is a Saint, he can't help Qing Feng with that. It's why our mother wanted her to come back, the most important reason. If she stayed with her father, her perspectives would be limited, too." said Jing.

"So, why can't the Void Phoenix Clan acknowledge her now?" asked Lin Feng, frowning.

"My father was tolerant of my mother in the past. He even joined the Void Phoenix Clan. It was a big sacrifice. The Void Phoenix Clan owes a lot to my father. After all, he is a genius, and in the Northwest Area, he's always been considered as such. Now he's a member of the Fire Shrine and a half Saint, he'll definitely become a real Saint at some point. You can imagine his social position within the Void Phoenix Clan," said Jing slowly.

Lin Feng was perplexed. Such an incredible genius joined the Void Phoenix Clan, that was indeed a sacrifice, and quite beneficial for the Void Phoenix Clan.

Fire Shrine, thought Lin Feng glumly. He said to Jing, "So what do you think? Are you on your mother's side, or your father's side?"

"I'm Feng's sister. I wish the best for her. And I don't care about the elders' stories…" said Jing.

"Alright," said Lin Feng nodding. Jing didn't care. She hoped Feng would be fine.

"And you? Why did you come here?" asked Jing to Lin Feng coldly.

"I came to see how Qing Feng was doing. I'm worried about her," said Lin Feng calmly.

"You're worried? Don't try to take me with you," said Jing icily.

Lin Feng laughed and said, "Women are beautiful when they smile. When I was a cauldron, you looked even more beautiful."

"Lin Feng, don't think I won't dare attack you because of Feng," Jing said with murder in her eyes.

"You think you can do anything to me?" Lin Feng smiled. Jing was surprised. Indeed, this guy had ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. So many years had pa.s.sed, and she couldn't see his cultivation level anymore. How strong was he now?

"How strong are you now?" asked Jing, curious.

"Try and you'll see," said Lin Feng calmly. Jing released a terrifying energy which filled the air. An ice-cold sword appeared, white lights streaked across the sky. She didn't hold back; that sword sliced straight towards Lin Feng's neck, and it also contained her most terrifying fire energies!

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed the incoming sword without anything happening to him.

Jing was astonished and groaned icily. This guy had become too strong.

"Break!" said Lin Feng.

Instantly, clear and melodious breaking sounds spread in the air… the ice-cold fire sword broke apart and turned to ashes. Jing lowered her eyes and looked at the pieces of sword on the ground. She was shaking. How astonis.h.i.+ng… There was such a big difference between them…

She hadn't stopped practicing cultivation during the last ten years, she was now at the top of the Di Qi layer. She could easily kill ordinary Celestial Emperors. But in front of Lin Feng, she felt so weak.

Then, Jing laughed and said, "I have a way."

"What?" said Lin Feng looking at Jing.

"Since you came here, and your fighting abilities are so incredible, if you talk about love with Qing Feng, thanks to you, her social status could rise," said Jing suddenly.

Lin Feng said, "The Void Phoenix Clan is a Holy Sage Ruler Clan, there are many strong cultivators. Even though I'm a strong cultivator, I can't help Qing Feng rise up in the hierarchy of the group."

"Holy Sage Ruler Clans such as the Void Phoenix Clan don't really attach importance to anyone except Saints, and people who have the potential to become saints. They don't care about anyone else. Therefore, my father's position is really high, and you have the potential to become a Saint. If you prove it, things would be different," said Jing slowly.

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, for Holy Sage Ruler Clans, Saints were important, or people who were about to become Saints. Saint Emperors were also very useful to them.

Clans, sects, and all other powerful groups in the world weren't interested in average strength, they were interested in being the strongest. A Saint could destroy a whole group of Saint Emperors instantly.

"Alright, take me to Qing Feng now," said Lin Feng. Jing nodded. They both left the bamboo forest and left her residence. As soon as they left the residence, they b.u.mped into a group of strong cultivators who were waiting for them. Among them was the young man who had just taken Lin Feng there.

"Leave now, there's nothing to see." said Jing indifferently. However, those people's silhouettes flickered. The leader of the group was a young man, staring at Lin Feng icily. His Qi was in a chaotic state and surged towards Lin Feng.

"Ao Feng, how insolent! I told you to leave!" said Jing icily.

"It's the Void Phoenix Clan here, strangers can't come in and out as they wish. Who is he?" asked Ao Feng, staring coldly at Lin Feng.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Jing icily.

Ao Feng's face stiffened, but he looked at Jing and said, "Miss Jing, come to see the elder. He broke through to the Tian Di layer seven days ago. He controls nine abstruse flames strength, I hope you understand what it means."

Then, Ao Feng turned around and left with the crowd. Lin Feng was stupefied and asked, "Huo Xing Zi is the young man who appeared at the end of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds last time? From the Fire Shrine?"

"That's him. He's extremely strong, extremely talented. He used the Nine Celestial Abstruse Flames Shrine Deployment Spell to break through to the Di Qi layer. His teacher and my father are of the same lineage; they were fellow disciples, so they hope I will marry him," said Jing icily.

"The Void Phoenix Clan must be happy about that…" whispered Lin Feng. Jing glanced at him coldly. Of course the Void Phoenix Clan was happy about it! It would help them develop an even deeper relation with the Fire Shrine!

Shrines were paramount groups in the world!

Jing brought Lin Feng to another palace. Qing Feng was inside. When she saw Lin Feng, she didn't recognize him, he had changed his face and Qi.

"Qing Feng, it's me!" said Lin Feng, changing his face. Qing Feng began to blurt out "Lin-"

"Shus.h.!.+" Lin Feng immediately put his hand on her mouth. Qing Feng was stupefied. She nodded, but looked alarmed.

"Are you about to go to the Snow Clan?" Qing Feng asked Lin Feng. The twenty-year period was almost over. Saint s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian and Lin Feng had an agreement.

"Yes," said Lin Feng nodded.

"Alright, I'll inform him that you're here already," said Qing Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head. "I've already informed him. I came here for you."

"For me?" Qing Feng's eyes twinkled.

"Yes, your father wants me to take care of you, so I have to take good care of you," Lin Feng grinned. Her cheeks became hot. She looked at Lin Feng, what was wrong with him?

"I can take care of myself," whispered Qing Feng. But she looked and sounded too cute.

"Don't be stubborn," said Jing, rolling her eyes, "Didn't you decide to come to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds for this guy? Now he's here for you, and he came from far away."

"Who said that?" Qing Feng blushed.

Lin Feng laughed, "You don't want me to take care of you?"

Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng, she had beautiful eyes. Her ears burned, "You…"

At that moment, Qing Feng looked like a little innocent girl. Lin Feng and Jing smiled widely. She had always felt that way, but she had always refused to say anything.

PMG Chapter 2277

Chapter 2277: Fighting

Edited by RED

In another palace in the Void Phoenix Clan, there were two people sitting in a pavilion at the foot of a mountain. They were chatting. At that moment, someone arrived and bowed to one of them, a middle-aged man.

"There's no stranger here, talk," said the middle-aged man softly. He didn't look arrogant at all.

"Sir, today, a young man came to see Miss Jing. They looked very close to each other, and after that, they went to Miss Qing Feng's residence together," said the messenger.

The middle-aged man looked surprised. He glanced at the young man next to him and said, "Alright, you can leave."

"Sir!" That person bowed and left. The middle-aged man looked at the person next to him and smiled, "That little girl likes to worry me."

"Uncle, Jing has friends, it's normal," the young man smiled.

"But she brought him to Qing Feng. I don't know why," wondered the middle-aged man calmly.

The young man smiled again, "Uncle, I can check with her."

"Good idea. She doesn't listen to me, so that's a good idea. She doesn't care about making me sad," said the middle-aged man, shaking his head.

"I am sure she will listen to you regarding the wedding. Besides, my teacher and I have talked about Qing Feng; among my fellow disciples, there are some extremely strong ones who could be good for Qing Feng. That way, she'll move to the Fire Shrine and have a better home," the young man offered.

The middle-aged man muttered to himself irresolutely and then nodded. "Alright, actually, it's a good idea, she'd be happy in the Fire Shrine. It'd be a good home. Her mother will be fine with that too, I guess."

"Glad to hear you say that, Uncle! I will go back and inform my teacher," the young man smiled. The middle-aged man nodded and saw him off.

Lin Feng hadn't expected such a thing to happen. Besides, the relations he had with the Fire Shrine were getting more and more complex.

At that moment, he was with Jing and Qing Feng. They were taking a walk on a big road of the Void Phoenix Clan. They were on their way to go and see the girls' mother. Lin Feng sensed that some people were looking at him in a hostile way in the distance.

He raised his eyes and gazed back. He saw someone he had seen before; of course, that person had become much stronger.

Huo Xing Zi. Back then, he was among the ten strong young people of the Shrines who had attacked them at the end of the Meeting of the Continent, from the Fire Shrine. He was at the top of the Huang Qi layer back then. Now he was a Celestial Emperor. His Qi was impressive.

When Huo Xing Zi saw Jing, he smiled and said, "Jing, which bloodline is he from in the Void Phoenix Clan?"

"He's not from the Void Phoenix Clan, he's my friend," replied Jing icily. She didn't like Huo Xing Zi at all.

"I see. I'm Huo Xing Zi from the Fire Shrine," said Huo Xing Zi, nodding at Lin Feng.

"I practice cultivation in the countryside, I am a n.o.body, therefore, I feel ashamed to introduce myself in front of such an incredible cultivator as you, you're a genius from the Fire Shrine," said Lin Feng calmly.

Huo Xing Zi's eyes glittered strangely. He smiled and said, "You're too polite, Your Excellency. You're Jing's friend, how could you practice cultivation in the countryside? Besides, don't feel ashamed. I can't even see your cultivation level, you must be extremely strong. I wonder whether the G.o.dly fire vision could detect your cultivation level."

The G.o.dly fire vision was a terrifying power the Fire Shrine had. When Jing heard him, she frowned. Did he mean he wanted to try the G.o.dly fire vision on Lin Feng?

Many people had suddenly arrived and gathered around them. They were all from the Void Phoenix Clan. When they saw Huo Xing Zi from the Fire Shrine was provoking a young man, they got excited. Huo Xing Zi wanted to propose a marriage alliance, and get married to Jing. His purpose wasn't pure and innocent; apart from obtaining Jing, he also cast greedy eyes on the Void Phoenix Clan's phoenix blood. People from the Fortune Shrine loved all sorts of fire strength.

For the Void Phoenix Clan, there were advantages, too; being able to deepen their relations.h.i.+p with the Fire Shrine would enable them to become even more powerful.

But at that moment, Jing was standing with a stranger, a young man, and they had b.u.mped into Huo Xing Zi. Even though Huo Xing Zi said nothing, he was ambitious and proud, so he had an idea of what to do.

"It's the Void Phoenix Clan and he's my friend," said Qing Feng icily. She didn't know how strong Lin Feng was, but she had heard that Huo Xing Zi had used the nine abstruse flames G.o.dly deployment spell to break through to the Tian Di layer. He was definitely terrifyingly strong, she hoped Lin Feng would not fight against him.

"I know. Therefore, I just want to use my vision technique on him, I don't want to injure your friend," said Huo Xing Zi calmly. But could he injure Lin Feng even if he wanted to?

"You…" Qing Feng looked at him icily.

Huo Xing Zi smiled, "Miss Qing Feng, this time, I'll go back and I'll inform my teacher about the situation. Besides, we'll looking for someone you can marry among my fellow disciples. We'll all be family members that way. You'll be like a sister-in-law to me."

When Qing Feng heard that, she was astonished. She pulled a long face, and Huo Xing Zi continued, "I will choose an outstanding young man for you. You will be happy and feel honored to be with someone like that. People from the Fire Shrine are perfect matches for the people of the Void Phoenix Clan."

However, Lin Feng took a step forwards and grabbed Qing Feng's hand. Qing Feng s.h.i.+vered. She glanced at Lin Feng.

Huo Xing Zi was astonished and looked at Lin Feng icily. Interesting. He had thought that Lin Feng had come for Jing, and actually had come for Qing Feng?

"I'm sorry. Qing Feng is mine," Lin Feng said indifferently. The flames in Lin Feng's eyes became even more dazzling.

Huo Xing Zi frowned, then smiled. "So, let's see how strong you really are!"

"I'm here, I didn't hide anything from you," Lin Feng smiled thinly. Empty s.p.a.ce strength surrounded Qing Feng and Jing.

Qing Feng was surprised, Jing grabbed her hand.

Jing was stunned. If Lin Feng could defeat Huo Xing Zi, it would be great. It would instantly and indubitably propel Lin Feng to a higher position within the Void Phoenix Clan.

Huo Xing Zi's eyes were filled with terrifying flames. An ocean of flames appeared around him and Lin Feng. The atmosphere started burning!

However, Lin Feng calmly stood there patiently. He was just looking at Huo Xing Zi without moving.

The fire roared and surrounded everything. The crowd retreated. That terrifying fire was scorching hot, it could burn them alive, Huo Xing Zi was a cultivator of the Tian Di layer, after all!

However, Lin Feng looked indifferent, as if nothing could affect him.

"Hmph!" Huo Xing Zi grunted icily. He jumped forwards, a fire mace appearing and slamming down towards Lin Feng. However, he frowned as his fire slowed down, and a fire man appeared and moved closer to him. A gigantic hand grabbed his mace.

"What was going on? He's using his hands to grab Huo Xing Zi's fire mace?" asked the crowd. Huo Xing Zi's fire mace was terrifyingly powerful!

Huo Xing Zi wanted to take his mace back, but he couldn't move it at all. Crackling sounds rattled out, and his mace broke apart even as another fist moved towards his head!

Huo Xing Zi shouted frantically. He released millions of flames towards the fist, and the air exploded. At the same time, he retreated, but the crowd realized that the fists were still moving towards him!

Huo Xing Zi's face slightly changed. He raised his fists, and a terrifying G.o.dly fire strength emerged. Lin Feng released empty s.p.a.ce strength, dimensions shattering around his fist.

"Break!" shouted Huo Xing Zi, condensing G.o.dly fire strength into his fingers. Nine flames appeared around his hands and turned into indestructible G.o.dly fire strength. The empty s.p.a.ce strength broke apart.

Those watching s.h.i.+vered. Was that G.o.dly fire strength? How destructive!

Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, and only empty s.p.a.ce strength remained. Huo Xing Zi suddenly turned around and lashed out with his fingers. A terrifying gigantic empty s.p.a.ce hand grabbed him!

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Huo Xing Zi furiously. He was stuck and staring at Lin Feng. He released more fire in waves towards Lin Feng. This guy's empty s.p.a.ce strength was incredible. He didn't know that Lin Feng was only using pure empty s.p.a.ce strength to fight against him.

"Can you see my cultivation level now?" asked Lin Feng, destroying the fire Huo Xing Zi used to attack him. He sounded totally unruffled.

Huo Xing Zi pulled a long face at his words. He was a genius from the Fire Shrine, but he lost this small battle miserably, how humiliating!

PMG Chapter 2278

Chapter 2278: Thoughts

Edited by RED

Jing looked at Huo Xing Zi and said pitilessly, "You're not that good. Do you think your fellow disciples are better than him? The Fire Shrine's disciples aren't necessarily talented!"

Huo Xing Zi was speechless as he stared at Lin Feng, "You're really strong! I can't use my full strength though, because we're in the Void Phoenix Clan. Let's go out to fight, what do you think?"

"I don't have time," said Lin Feng inon a calml toney. He looked at Jing and Qing Feng, "Let's go."

Huo Xing Zi was agape. The fire in his eyes contained destructive strength ready to be unleashed… but, he felt oppressed. He couldn't do much. This guy was really strong. He remembered what he had just thought… Let's see if you're strong enough for Qing Feng!

Regarding Qing Feng, I initially wanted to find someone because of my teacher's friend. If Jing left the clan, I wanted to help Qing Feng leave the clan. It doesn't have much to do with me though. But now, it seems I really need to help Qing Feng find someone, thought Huo Xing Zi, smiling on the inside. But if he let her marry Lin Feng, wouldn't it be even more fun?

Huo Xing Zi didn't like it when there was no trouble. Now, it was getting interesting! Lin Feng was extremely strong and he didn't fear the Shrines; he was probably hiding his real social status.


Lin Feng didn't care about what Huo Xing Zi thought. They headed to Qing Feng's mother's palace. The group of people entered her courtyard, where two people were sunbathing.

"Father, you're here too…" said Jing to the middle-aged man. It was her father.

"Yes," the middle-aged man nodded. He looked at the three people, and in particular Lin Feng. He smiled and said, "Strange, your cultivation level seems confusing and chaotic, as if you were a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer, but your inner Qi is too powerful for an emperor. What is your real cultivation level?"

"Tian Di layer," replied Lin Feng with a polite smile. He was about as strong as a cultivator at the the top of the Tian Di layer, indeed, but his fighting abilities were better than that.

"Celestial Emperor… your Qi is indeed similar. But your concealment technique is incredible," said the middle-aged man calmly. He looked curious. Lin Feng wasn't using a concealment technique actually, he just had no cultivation level anymore. Other people couldn't understand, so his cultivation level was indistinct.

"He's a guest, why do you annoy him with his cultivation level?" said the beautiful woman next to the middle-aged man. She was extremely beautiful, and looked like a thirty-year old woman. She looked very alluring. She had delivered girls like Qing Feng and Jing, she was obviously really beautiful.

Jing and her father's relations seem very harmonious…, thought Lin Feng.

"Right, please sit down," said the middle-aged man, gesturing at chairs. He sounded quite friendly, not like a domineering and brutal half-Saint. He looked like an ordinary genial middle-aged man.

Lin Feng and the two women sat down. The beautiful woman smiled and said to Qing Feng, "Did you come here to introduce that little boy to your mama?"

"His name is Feng Ling. He's my friend," whispered Qing Feng.

"Only a friend?" said the beautiful woman, smiling at Qing Feng. Her eyes were twinkling, she wanted to know what Qing Feng really thought.

Qing Feng nodded. The woman laughed and looked at Lin Feng, "Good little boy."

"He's indeed not bad. He's young, he's not older than a hundred years old, and he looks like a good cultivator. Feng Lin, which clan are you from?" asked the middle-aged man smiling.

"I have no clan. I practice cultivation in the countryside," replied Lin Feng.

"In the countryside? Haven't you joined any powerful group?" asked the middle-aged man. He was surprised. Lin Feng just nodded.

"That is rare. You should join the Fire Shrine. Are you interested?" asked the middle-aged man, smiling honestly and kindly.

"I practice empty s.p.a.ce cultivation. I don't control fire strength. I don't want to annoy you," said Lin Feng, refusing politely.

"Alright. I know some people in the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. But if I just recommended you like that, they would have doubts," said the middle-aged man smiling and shaking his head, "You've reached such a cultivation level practicing in the wild, if you joined a Shrine, you'd have an incredible future."

"Thank you very much, Master," said Lin Feng, nodding politely.

"You seem to be a good match for Qing Feng, but a short time ago, I talked to Huo Xing Zi. My fellow disciple hopes to find an outstanding young man from the Fire Shrine for Qing Feng. Maybe he will find someone for her," said the middle-aged man naturally, he also glanced at the woman next to him.

The woman frowned when she heard that. It meant a lot of different things; she knew what it meant, he didn't need to explain.

Feng Lin was outstanding, but he wasn't a member of any group. It was much better to have a marriage alliance with a Shrine. Of course, everybody came to that conclusion because of his tone of speech, but in the end he just nodded naturally as if he hadn't said anything. It was one of his strengths.

He wasn't Qing Feng's father, after all, he couldn't decide for her; his wife had to decide for Qing Feng. Even if getting married with someone from a Shrine was better for Qing Feng.

The woman looked at Qing Feng and smiled, "Qing Feng, you came to see your mama, you probably want to talk to me."

"Actually, I came to see you." said Lin Feng. The woman turned to Lin Feng. Lin Feng continued, "Master, I came to the Void Phoenix Clan because of Qing Feng."

The woman perfectly understood. He didn't need to say more.

The woman smiled at Qing Feng, "If Qing Feng agrees, as a mother, I agree. If she's happy, I'm happy."

Lin Feng admired her for that; she really loved her daughter. The woman had gone through a lot in life, she was extremely strong, she was in a big clan, and she had had many problems. Now she just hoped her daughter would be happy; she didn't care about the rest, and even though her husband had expressed his opinion, it didn't mean he could decide alone.

Qing Feng was stunned. She raised her head and looked at her mother with a smile. "Mother…"

The older woman smiled and nodded.

"Mom, we're not disturbing you any longer then," Jing smiled. Then three of them quickly left.

The woman watched them go and smiled. The middle-aged man next to her sighed. "Darling, even though I understand why you agree, the Void Phoenix Clan might not agree."

"My daughter is not their toy," said the woman to the middle-aged man. She wasn't smiling anymore. The middle-aged man smiled wryly and shook his head, "You know I don't mean that. I just want you to be happy."

"Jing doesn't like Huo Xing Zi at all. You're the one organizing everything. But Qing Feng has nothing to do with you, so you don't need to care."

"Rou, why? Jing is my daughter, too. I want her to be happy. Huo Xing Zi attaches importance to cultivation and victories, but he's very talented. In the future, he'll have an important position in a Shrine. He's a good match for Jing."

"If you're not happy, you don't care about power and influence," said his wife, shaking her head. She stood up and left. The middle-aged man sighed.

"Rou, Rou… aren't you happy now? I did so much for you, why aren't you happy…" The middle-aged man raised his head and looked after her. It was the first time he had doubts about his own choices!

PMG Chapter 2279

Chapter 2279: Understanding Attacks

Edited by RED

People's perspectives and opinions were different. Jing's father knew that the cultivation world was complex and cruel. Therefore, he hoped that Jing's husband would be extremely strong and would be able to protect her, so she would be able to do what she wanted.

Jing's mother wanted her daughters to be in love with their husbands. She didn't like marriage alliances and such things, she found them immoral. She knew that a woman could be sad her entire life if she wasn't with the right man, so she hoped her daughters would love their husbands.

Neither of them were wrong.

However, Jing and Qing Feng were similar to their mother. Women and men thought differently.


Lin Feng didn't leave. The twenty-year period was almost over. If s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian came, he would tell him he needed to wait in the Void Phoenix Clan.

Lin Feng was in his spirit world, seated cross-legged. He was studying the earth and sky. He had a new idea. In the distance, a golden area appeared in the air. It looked like a dazzling cage.

An ocean appeared, and waves rolled. Lin Feng could now make all his ideas come to reality.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked at what he had done.

Back in Purple Clouds, he had dreamt for a long time. He had studied life, he had studied books he had borrowed in the Fortune Shrine, and he had observed people a lot. He had decided to call his cultivation level G.o.d Level. It was because he controlled all sorts of strength. In his spirit world, he was like a supernatural being. He could do anything he wanted.

However, he had just started at the G.o.d Level. He was wondering what to do to improve on the path of cultivation.

Lin Feng realized that he couldn't practice cultivation like ordinary people anymore. He didn't need to study Ancient scriptures; he needed to understand life, to understand the world, to understand strength, and to understand himself. He was creating his cultivation, his own cultivation, his own level.

It was very important. He had to think carefully.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and an incredible amount of cosmic energies condensed and turned into a strong empty s.p.a.ce wind. Lin Feng released Holy Spirits, which entered the wind, then released Ancient strength. He was like a G.o.d who could create anything.

He waved his hand, and the empty s.p.a.ce strength crackled. His heartbeat accelerated. His world could break, it wasn't indestructible. However, as he became stronger, so did his world!

"I'm not strong enough." Mused Lin Feng. His strength was chaotic, and even though he was strong, he still needed to make his energies fuse together even better. He needed to focus. He needed to pay attention to the details!

I have the control, the next step is creation. Those are parts of my G.o.d level, thought Lin Feng. Now, maybe that it was time to create a special kind of strength which would be perfect for his attacks.

"Sword attacks are powerful, gold cosmic energies are sharp, empty s.p.a.ce energies make me faster, wind is sharp and increases my speed, Holy Spirit swords can help me improve my sword attacks, soundwave attacks can influence people's souls. If I add Nine Netherworlds strength in my Holy Spirits and cursing strength, my attacks are even more terrifying. With the Nine Words of my incantation, then it's even better. With weapon Qi, my attacks are even more explosive," he mumbled.

Those kinds of strengths were perfect for attacks. He could make G.o.dly sword attacks with those strengths.

It was important to pay attention to the nature of cosmic energies; a stronger and a weaker one, and you got average. If they were antagonist, then they were even less effective.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and started using the powers of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. In his mind, everything changed every second. Everything was becoming better.

Lin Feng snapped opened his eyes and his strength surged out. Terrifying lights streaked across the sky and destroyed the empty s.p.a.ce strength.

Lin Feng frowned and shook his head. "Nah, as soon as the energies emerged from my body, they fused together perfectly, but there's still a problem."

To carry out powerful attacks, he needed to attack quickly. He needed to condense as many types of strengths as quickly as possible, he needed the most explosive strength as possible.

Therefore, Lin Feng closed his eyes, evolved his strength, opened his eyes again, attacked, and continued that repet.i.tive process over and over again.

He did that for three days. After three days, Lin Feng was facing sword lights, s.h.i.+ning as if they would never disperse. They could destroy a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer within milliseconds.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. Finally, he moved. He released an awe-inspiring strength, dazzling golden lights streaked across the sky, and a gigantic sword trail appeared. The air shrieked, and sonic booms resonated for a while.

"That sword is a G.o.dly sword. I control it perfectly. It's powerful, it's a Ruler's Sword!" whispered Lin Feng. It was the first sword attack he created.

That kind of sword, at his cultivation level, was the best attack he could create. It was also better than any defense he could have created. He could slaughter enemies with such an attack!

"That's my Ruler's Sword attack. In the future, I can study other types of strength, and I can create pure yet explosive attacks. I won't just use pure attacks in the future, maybe I'll be able to mix all sorts of strengths, such as oppression strength attacks based on the Ancient Holy Techniques. I'll be able to oppress anyone like that. I'll also be able to add new types of strength to those attacks!"

The twenty-year period was almost over, he needed some trump cards. Huo Xing Zi was a Celestial Emperor, but he was already terrifyingly strong. The battle they had had was simple, Huo Xing Zi hadn't used his full strength. Even though Huo Xing Zi didn't pose a threat to Lin Feng at all, Lin Feng's ultimate goal couldn't be someone like Huo Xing Zi. He would have to fight against people much, much stronger than Huo Xing Zi in the future!

"If I use oppressive strength, I need to put demon strength in my attacks, too. Demon strength is oppressive. Earth strength is heavy, but it's not oppressive enough, unless I add some death strength, then I'll be able to kill my opponents quickly!" he said to himself. Oppressive, aggressive, quick, those were important qualities for attacks.

With his Death Dao that had reached the maximum level, the Nine Words of his incantation, and cursing strength to attack people's souls, he would be able to crush his opponents quickly and violently!

Lin Feng continued studying, staying focused. It was why he had become so strong, it was why he was talented. He focused. He concentrated. Many people were too distracted!

He continued studying and thinking for a few days and nights until he made his attack perfect.

Lin Feng didn't know that Qing Feng and Jing were staring at him outside, their beautiful eyes twinkling.

"He's been staring at nothing for seven days?" whispered Jing, speechless. He hadn't come back to his senses yet.

"Yes." Qing Feng nodded, her eyes wide.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" said Jing. She looked at Qing Feng and said, "Have you ever had s.e.x?"

Qing Feng's eyes twinkled, "We've never even talked that much, how could have anything happened between us?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" said Jing coldly. She wanted to slap Lin Feng, "When he wakes up, I'll slap him."

Lin Feng came back to his senses and heard that. He whispered, "Are you sure you want to slap me?"

He opened his eyes and chuckled, smiling broadly, but Jing felt ice-cold. She had almost forgotten that this guy was already too strong!

PMG Chapter 2280

Chapter 2280: Xue Jing Xiao

Edited by RED

Snow Clan, a silvery-white snowy world…

On a vast snowy field, two young people seated in the snow, looking at each other. In front of them was a teapot. Surprisingly, water could still boil there.

"Jing Xiao, many years ago, I hoped you'd come to the Ice and Snow Shrine to study. But you always refused. Now, you're already so strong, you can't refuse anymore," smiled the younger person. Snowflakes covered them.

Xue Jing Xiao smiled back and said, "Di Jiang, you're perseverant."

"You're such a good friend, I wish we could study in the Ice and Snow Shrine together. That's why I've been trying for so long. Think about it. We've known each other for thirty years, the first time I invited you, you refused, and we even had a big fight!" said Di Jiang, smiling warmly. "Now, we're both public figures. Our youth was funny."

"I remember. Back then, I thought I could defeat you, even if you were from a Shrine!" Xue Jing Xiao laughed.

"I've never defeated you, either." said Di Jiang laughing. He took a sip of tea and said, "I've been spending time with my beloved sister. If you don't ask, I'll be angry."

"How's Di Chan?" Xue Jing Xiao grinned.

"You always refuse to join the Shrine, do you think she's happy?" Di Jiang said to Xue Jing Xiao. He rolled his eyes.

Xue Jing Xiao smiled wryly, "So many years, you understand me. I don't have emotions. Emotions would prevent me from becoming a stronger cultivator."

"Chan has said she would never prevent you from becoming stronger," said Di Jiang, "Don't you trust her? Or like her?"

"Don't provoke me. I like her, too. She knows that." said Xue Jing Xiao.

When Di Jiang heard that, he smiled happily, "So many years have pa.s.sed, I've been waiting for you to say that."

Xue Jing Xiao stood up. He said calmly, "Now, a Forbidden Person has appeared. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is going to change."

Xue Jing Xiao gazed into the distance. Di Jiang was startled. The Ice and Snow Shrine had heard about that, how had he?

"A few days ago, Huo Xing Zi from the Fire Shrine proposed a marriage alliance to the Void Phoenix Clan. They're progressing, it's only a matter of time. They want to form an alliance with a Shrine to become stronger," said Di Jiang calmly. He was putting it in a way which made the Void Phoenix Clan look cheap. But the Shrines had many cultivators like Huo Xing Zi; if they could all get married with women from Holy Sage Ruler Clans, then it would be beneficial for everybody.

"So you came to me," said Xue Jing Xiao, smiling.

Di Jiang nodded calmly. "I've heard that a genius has appeared in the Snow Clan, and that he was walking on the same path as the four monarchs," said Di Jiang mused.

Xue Jing Xiao nodded, "You're talking about Zhe Tian. Indeed, he's astonis.h.i.+ngly talented. In the future, he'll be much stronger than me."

When Di Jiang heard about Zhe Tian, he s.h.i.+vered. He was even stronger than he had thought then, he couldn't actually imagine…

"But don't try to make him join the Ice and Snow Shrine. The four monarchs are strong. Xue Ao is talented, but his personality isn't good enough. If Zhe Tian managed to control himself and stayed in the Snow Clan, he would be able to become the king of the Snow Clan. If he can't, I'll help Xue Ao. They can't join the Ice and Snow Shrine though," said Xue Jing Xiao calmly. The Snow Clan's future king couldn't join any Shrine. It was a rule!

Di Jiang nodded. He understood.

"Come with me to the Shrine for a walk?" Di Jiang asked Xue Jing Xiao.

"Alright, let's go and see Di Chan," Xue Jing Xiao nodded. They both got ready to leave for the Ice and Snow Shrine.

At the top of a mountain a few dozens of li away from the snowy field was an old woman. Next to her was someone with his hands clasped on his back.

"I wouldn't have thought that Jing Xiao would agree to go to his Shrine," said the old woman, surprised.

"Jing Xiao knows what to do. He's much more talented than Xue Ao. We've never prevented Xue Ao from doing anything, so we can't prevent Jing Xiao from doing anything, either," said the other one calmly.

The old woman nodded, "The four monarchs are rising. But now there is a Forbidden Person in the world, and the Shrines are worried. We have to remain discreet if we want to rise, and we can't be friends with just the Ice and Snow Shrine."

"Of course. I've talked to the Fire Shrine. We have to maintain good relations with at least three Shrines."

The old woman nodded, "If I'm not mistaken, the twenty-year period we agreed with s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian is almost over."

"I think so, too."

"Good, he's still practicing cultivation." The old woman shook her head, "I don't know what kind of person s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian will bring. But no matter who he brings, his son is Zhe Tian, he gave us a big gift. If he comes, send Xue Ao and tell him not to kill that boy. After all, he's Zhe Tian's father; Zhe Tian won't be happy."

Because Zhe Tian was talented, the Snow Clan didn't want to displease him. If Zhe Tian had been weak, they would have forgotten about Lin Feng a long time ago.

Back then, only the one who had agreed with s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian had been there, other people didn't know who had conceived a child with Meng Qing. But in twenty years, that emperor couldn't have become extremely strong. Xue Ao was a Celestial Imperial Beast, he could slap the enemy and kill him instantly.


In the Snow Clan, apart from Meng Qing, someone else knew about Lin Feng: Xue Shen Feng!

Xue Shen Feng was in a cave, practicing cultivation. He came out and slowly walked forwards. He was already a great emperor. However, in the past, he had been humiliated by Lin Feng and hadn't forgotten about that.

"The twenty-year period is almost over," sighed Xue Shen Feng. Time flies…

He raised his head and gazed into the distance. He whispered, "Ten years ago, you ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. How strong are you now? Will you come to the Snow Clan?"

"Twenty years is not much, even if you're extremely talented. If you come to the Snow Clan, you will die. Xue Ao is a Celestial Imperial Beast already. He's terrifyingly strong. Back then you said you wanted to defeat the monarch of the Snow Clan. Apart from Xue Ao, there's someone much stronger…"

In the Snow Clan, apart from Xue Shen Feng, only Meng Qing remembered the twenty-year agreement. The Snow Clan didn't take the agreement to heart.

n.o.body in the Snow Clan thought that that agreement could change the destiny of their whole clan and that many people would regret it…


During those days, Meng Qing was at the top of a snowy mountain, gazing into the distance. Time pa.s.sed slowly for her. She was nervous, but she was also convinced Lin Feng would show up. She had never doubted that.

Zhe Tian was behind Meng Qing, and knew what his mother was thinking. He also gazed into the distance. He was impatient. He had heard many stories about his father from Meng Qing. He had seen him only once, when he was still young, but now he was older.

"Zhe Tian," said Meng Qing.

"Mother." Zhe Tian took a step forwards and sat down next to his mother.

"Your father is coming. He will take us with him. If the Snow Clan doesn't respect the agreement, there will be a big conflict between the Snow Clan and your father, what will you do?" Meng Qing asked him.

He was not surprised. He had thought about that issue. No matter whether his father lost or not, he had to face such issues!

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