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PMG Chapter 2286

Chapter 2286: Saints Can Also Be Like That

Edited by RED

Huo Shang was staring at Lin Feng. Like Huo Xing Zi, he had flames in his eyes.

Ten years before, on the stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng had fought against Huo Xing Zi. Back then, Lin Feng had also fought against Gu Xuan Feng from the Demon Shrine. Back then, Huo Xing Zi and Gu Xuan Feng's strength was about the same. Ten years later, Lin Feng could easily defeat Huo Xing Zi in one punch. It meant that Lin Feng, Champion of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, was stronger than the geniuses the Fire Shrine and the Demon Shrine had raised!

He wasn't the only one in that case then… Chu Chun Qiu was also extremely strong, much stronger than Huo Xing Zi. The second and fourth cultivators, Kong Ming and Zhou Rong Man, were also much stronger. They had disappeared for so many years, but if they came back, they would probably be much stronger than the Shrine's people…

Huo Shang took a step forwards; he was also a genius from the Fire Shrine, and he had been a member of the Fire Shrine longer than Huo Xing Zi. He was of the same generation as Xue Jing Xiao. He was also a Saint Emperor, and his fighting abilities were astonis.h.i.+ng.

"Brother Huo Shang," said Xue Jing Xiao calmly. "This battle is between me and him."

Huo Shang was surprised, but he smiled at Xue Jing Xiao. "Since it's that way, please, Brother Jing Xiao."

"Jing Xiao, no rush. If Huo Xing Zi wants to try and fight against someone who has defeated Huo Xing Zi, why not let him try first? He probably won't be able to try after your battle, because Lin Feng will be dead already," said Saint Jue indifferently. He had faith in Xue Jing Xiao, much more than in Xue Ao. Xue Jing Xiao had broken through to the Tian Di layer before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so his cultivation was very stable at the time of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Now he was a Saint Emperor.

Xue Jing Xiao's fighting abilities were much better than Xue Ao's. Xue Ao was a good-for-nothing in front of Xue Jing Xiao.

When Lin Feng heard Saint Jue, he glanced at him coldly. He understood Saint Jue was evil. He had probably asked the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine to kill him, and now he was wasting time to talk to them telepathically. Lin Feng could guess what they were saying even if he couldn't hear them.

"No need to make things complicated," said Lin Feng, staring at Saint Jue, "Why fight in turns? You're too kind. I can fight against your disciple and a fighter of the Fire Shrine at the same time, no problem."

Lin Feng was pointing at Xue Jing Xiao and Huo Shang. Everybody was astonished.

Lin Feng was crazy!

Xue Jing Xiao and Huo Shang were extremely strong, and he dared challenge them in a two-on-one battle!

s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian was sitting there, he looked indifferent and continued drinking. He smiled drunkenly and said, "I agree, let's not waste time, let's finish this quickly. I have other things to do."

Xue Jing Xiao shot forwards. Joining hands with someone? Ridiculous!

He was a king of the Snow Clan, he had a king-type body! He would become an important pillar of the Snow Clan in the future! Joining hands with another cultivator to fight against someone whose cultivation level was lower than his? Biggest joke in the world!

Huo Shang didn't agree either. Even if the Fire Shrine wanted to kill Lin Feng, he couldn't join hands with someone to fight against him. He was a terrifying genius of the Fire Shrine, and proud, too. He had never joined hands with anyone to fight against someone else; on the contrary, his entire life, people had joined hands to fight against him!

Xue Jing Xiao jumped forwards, snowflakes appearing around Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt cold enough for his soul to freeze.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered.

How cold. That's a true Ice Dao, thought Lin Feng. He released G.o.d strength and Dao power. Xue Jing Xiao looked totally composed. Lin Feng felt a tinge of danger. Xue Jing Xiao was a Saint Emperor. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the lower world, he would be considered a G.o.d.

"Snow and Frost Powder!" said Xue Jing Xiao lazily. The atmosphere around him suddenly started freezing.

Lin Feng's inner and outer body started freezing. His soul also started freezing. Even his cosmic energies started turning into ice.

"How strong," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, after another swig. His eyes were twinkling. Xue Jing Xiao was really strong. He could freeze the cosmic energies of the earth and sky, and turn them into ice strength which he could use for himself. If his opponents controlled any other kind of cosmic energy, then they became unable to fight because he turned their cosmic energies into ice cosmic energies which he used for himself. It was a frightening power.

Xue Jing Xiao shot forwards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood there calmly. A layer of ice had appeared around his body.

Xue Jing Xiao turned into a beam of light, condensing an incredible amount of ice cosmic energies in his hand and raising it. He wanted to kill Lin Feng in one blow.

Lin Feng suddenly moved. He suddenly released G.o.d strength.

He raised his hand, and the air around them exploded. Xue Jing Xiao's hand turned into an ice and frost dragon which moved to take on Lin Feng's attack. The attack was explosive and his energies blotted out the sky.

The destructive ice Qi penetrated into Lin Feng's body. Lin Feng flashed away, the ice strength turned into a gigantic axe containing Weapon intent.

The ice energies kept exploding around him. The gigantic axe sliced through the air and the gigantic ice dragon. The crowd was astonished… Lin Feng controlled ice cosmic energy?!

"Die!" said Lin Feng, staring at Xue Jing Xiao in a cold and detached way. Death strength penetrated into Xue Jing Xiao's body, millions of death stamps pounded on him, Xue Jing Xiao felt pressured.

"How could ice cosmic energy stop me?" remarked Lin Feng apathetically. He flashed forwards, the ice cosmic strength turned into death strength and descended from the sky. A black vortex appeared, smelling like death. A strong hurricane made of death strength appeared around Lin Feng. He looked like a death G.o.d…

Lin Feng disappeared, and darkness appeared in front of Xue Jing Xiao. He saw a death cauldron in front of him.

"Snow of Grievance!" sighed Xue Jing Xiao. The snowy landscape around them filled with grief. Lin Feng suddenly felt sad, and his soul started freezing again.

"Death Oppression!"

The death cauldron oppressed Xue Jing Xiao, death strength penetrated into his body. More death cauldrons appeared and plunged into him. Xue Jing Xiao's face turned grey, his life was being corroded. He wanted to escape, he suddenly felt powerless.

Xue Jing Xiao roused himself with a roar. Snow energies kept attacking Lin Feng's cauldrons and Lin Feng himself.

Lin Feng just grunted coldly. His death cauldrons turned into smaller cauldrons, but they were extremely oppressive. At the same time, Xue Jing Xiao's head was trembling as if he had had a stroke.

Lin Feng was staring at him like a death G.o.d.

"That's enough!" shouted Saint Jue furiously. His voice made Lin Feng tremble. Lin Feng was suddenly forced away violently. He crashed onto the ground farther away and continued sliding backwards.

He raised his head and looked at Saint Jue. He smiled and said, "Even Saints talk s.h.i.+t, I see."

Saint Jue looked at him coolly. Lin Feng was so strong, and his Death Dao was incredible, especially his Death Oppression attack.

"The battles we agreed on twenty years ago are over. Snow Clan, give me my wife and son back," said Lin Feng calmly. Saint Jue was just staring at Lin Feng. He remained silent. Lin Feng frowned and said coldly, "Or do you intend to break the agreement?"

"What kind of strength did you use a moment ago?" said Saint Jue.

Lin Feng frowned even more and said, "Release my wife and son!"

"No rush. You're so talented. I think you should spend a few days in the Snow Clan, what do you think, Lin Feng?" said Saint Jue with a smile. Lin Feng looked more and more furious.

That guy was a Saint and he was shameless!

"You have the time needed to burn a joss stick. If you don't release my wife and son, I can guarantee that I will finish the two battles completely. I was merciful enough," said Lin Feng coldly, releasing Death intent. Saint Jue was stupefied, Lin Feng was threatening him!

Everybody was astonished. The atmosphere became really tense. Lin Feng was threatening a Saint, he was threatening the Snow Clan!

Snowflakes continued falling from the sky, the temperature kept falling. Everybody was staring at him. He had just defeated the first king of the Snow Clan, Xue Jing Xiao!

PMG Chapter 2287

Chapter 2287: Killing the King-type Body

Edited by RED

Lin Feng knew why Saint Jue was wasting time. He didn't intend to release his wife and son, and now he was inviting him to spend some days with them? That was just a fool's play.

"Lin Feng, Ling Long is from the Snow Clan. The blood of the Snow Clan is flowing in Zhe Tian's veins. You should be friends with the Snow Clan, why are you so aggressive?" said Saint Jue. He was getting nervous, but he forced himself to keep calm. He ignored the fact that Lin Feng was threatening him and the Snow Clan.

"Twenty years ago, you didn't think that way," said Lin Feng. When he saw that Saint Jue tried to look calm and aloof, he was even more furious. If this guy hadn't been a Saint, Lin Feng wouldn't have wasted time with him.

At that moment, Huo Xing Zi and the other members of the Fire Shrine had probably contacted the Fire Shrine and informed them that they had found Lin Feng in the Snow Clan!

"The Snow Clan is really disappointing," said s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian with a sigh. "Twenty years ago, you considered everybody and everything beneath your notice, you were mindlessly aggressive. You wanted to slaughter him in Qi Tian Holy Town. Then, we agreed on something. Now, you have lost both battles and you're breaking the rules of the agreement. I will inform everyone that the Snow Clan is shameless, everywhere I go." s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian shook his head and sighed.

Saint Jue's face didn't change. He was furious on the inside, though. He really wanted to kill both Lin Feng and s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian!

Actually, Lin Feng was really talented. If they had known that twenty years before, they would have never offended him. At most, they would have drawn a clear line between them, especially now, since the Shrines were looking for Lin Feng to kill him. But now regretting what they had done in the past was useless. They had to solve the situation. Lin Feng's existence was dangerous for the Snow Clan, especially since he was becoming stronger so d.a.m.n quickly…

Twenty years ago, he was an insignificant emperor, and Xue Jing Xiao was at the top of the Di Qi layer. Twenty years later, Lin Feng defeated Xue Jing Xiao!

Lin Feng closed his eyes, snowflakes fell onto his body. He tried to calm down. Time pa.s.sed, each second seeming endless.

It was the Snow Clan; they could kill him easily, but they didn't because Lin Feng was a member of the Fortune Shrine. However, if Lin Feng didn't leave, the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine would kill him and the Snow Clan wouldn't have to bear the responsibility for that.

The time needed for a joss stick to burn was short, but at that moment, time pa.s.sed so slowly.


In the distance, some people arrived. Someone said to Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, the members of the Fire Shrine are here."

Lin Feng snapped opened his eyes; they were filled with death strength, Death intent floated around his body. He said coldly, "Since the Snow Clan decided to break the agreement, the battles are not over."

White lights flickered, the crowd was astonished. The strong cultivators of the Snow Clan were astonished and all grimaced. Lin Feng had come with some strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine? They had been there for a while already…

"Everybody, the Snow Clan has never offended the Fortune Shrine," said Saint Jue. His face stiffened. He hoped the Fire Shrine would move fast, but Lin Feng had brought so many strong cultivators from the Fortune Shrine. They attached great importance to him! The Snow Clan had never thought that in only twenty years, a Shrine would attach so much importance to him…

"The Snow Clan shouldn't get involved. He's our disciple. And we don't like it when people bully our disciples. If anyone dares attack him, apart from those two people, other people will die."

"If anyone dares attack him, they'll die!" said the strong cultivators coldly.

The members of the Snow Clan felt cold themselves. They had not thought the Fortune Shrine would do so much for Lin Feng…

Qi began to whistle. Saint Jue's face finally changed. He had not thought the Fortune Shrine would do so much for Lin Feng.

"Wait, we'll release his son and wife," said Saint Jue. "Lin Feng, I'll release Ling Long and Zhe Tian."

Lin Feng glanced at Saint Jue coldly. He had wasted enough time, now so he agreed. Some strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were probably there already.

"It's too late. If you release them, it's good, if you don't it's the same," said Lin Feng, jumping forwards. He looked at the cultivators of the Ao Clan standing front of Xue Ao.

He had been merciful; he hadn't killed Xue Ao and he hadn't even really thought of killing Xue Jing Xiao. The Snow Clan had gone too far. He truly hated them!

"Lin Feng, what are you doing?" asked the old woman hastily. She released a terrifying and oppressive strength. It was saint's energy; that woman seemed to be in charge of many things in the Snow Clan, and she was probably a Saint, too.

"You want to destroy the Snow Clan?" hissed the old woman coldly.

The ice around her exploded and vanished. She turned around and looked at an ancient Saint floating there.

The Fortune Shrine had sent two Saints! With s.h.i.+ Jue Lao Xian, they were three on Lin Feng's side!

Three Saints could compete with the Snow Clan, but would the Snow Clan dare fight against them?

The Snow Clan wasn't a Shrine; if a Shrine destroyed them, it would be too tragic!

They couldn't play with Shrines!


The Snow Clan hadn't thought that the Fortune Shrine would send two Saints for Lin Feng, and they had also sent many Saint Emperors, it was too domineering. Those people could easily destroy a Holy Sage Ruler Clan!

The Snow Clan had severely underestimated Lin Feng's position within the Fortune Shrine. Lin Feng had informed the Fortune Shrine that he had to go to the Snow Clan, and the Fortune Shrine knew that it might draw the other Shrines' attention, so they had watched the Snow Clan carefully. Lin Feng was a Forbidden Person, he couldn't die. The others could die, they didn't care as much.

The Diviner had been cautious. Apart from the two saints in the Snow Clan, just outside of the Snow Clan were more people from the Fortune Shrine, and preventing another group of people from entering. Those people were from the Fire Shrine, and they were extremely strong. Luckily, the Fortune Shrine had intercepted them!

A Saint, three Saint Emperors, many Celestial Emperors; they knew that Lin Feng was there, so they had sent many strong cultivators. But when they noticed the cultivators of the Fortune Shrine, they understood that their group wasn't enough.

All the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were targets. The Shrines wanted to kill all of them because they all posed a threat to them. The Shrines also thought that the top five cultivators were even more dangerous, and the top three were even more dangerous. Lin Feng was one of their most important targets.

They had dispatched people to the lower world to find Lin Feng, and they had sent many strong people to the Snow Clan today.

"We're going to the Snow Clan. What is this supposed to mean, Fortune Shrine?" demanded a Saint of the Fire Shrine calmly.

"The Fortune Shrine is sorting out some issues in the Snow Clan right now. When we're done, you can go in," replied a Saint of the Fortune Shrine indifferently.

"Ridiculous! We have to wait because the Fortune Shrine is sorting out some issues in the Snow Clan?" said the other one, smiling coldly.

"If you don't want to wait, you can leave and come back some other time," answered the Saint of the Fortune Shrine indifferently. Both of them knew what they were doing. The members of the Fire Shrine were surprised that the Fortune Shrine was really making great efforts to protect the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They had also received a message from Huo Shang, informing them that two Saints from the Fortune Shrine were inside!

Lin Feng is even more dangerous than the others it seems, thought that Saint. Of course, he couldn't be sure, the Fortune Shrine had covered things up back then. They had sent Chu Chun Qiu to Ganges Time in the Supreme Animal World, so everybody thought that Chu Chun Qiu was most likely the Forbidden Person.

But well after that, the sky had broken in Purple Clouds and forbidden strength had appeared there, so the probability that Chu Chun Qiu was the Forbidden Person had decreased. Now, maybe they were pretending again…

The members of the Fire Shrine said nothing. They could only wait.


In the Snow Clan, Lin Feng slowly walked towards Xue Ao. Xue Ao grimaced. Saint Jue looked at him coldly.

"Lin Feng!" shouted Saint Jue.

However, as he shouted, Lin Feng raised his hand and punched out in Xue Ao's direction explosively. Xue Ao screamed. He was now terrified of Lin Feng's death strength!

Lin Feng wanted to kill him, he had a king-type body! Lin Feng was going to kill him in front of everybody else, he had never thought such a thing would be possible!

"You can only blame yourself," Lin Feng told Saint Jue. He released death Qi which drove into Xue Ao's body. Millions of death stamps and Death Dao a.s.saulted him.

"Ah…" Xue Ao howled furiously.

"Try and dare!" shouted Saint Jue explosively.

"You're waiting for people from the Fire Shrine to kill me, and you think I won't dare?" More death strength surrounded Xue Ao. He could only scream pitifully. Slowly, his voice became weaker and weaker, and then he disappeared.

Only death strength remained where he was standing seconds before!

PMG Chapter 2288

Chapter 2288: Shrines' Confrontation

Edited by RED

Lin Feng had just killed Xue Ao, a cultivator who had a king-type body, a king of the Snow Clan!

Before Meng Qing came back to the Snow Clan, they only had two people who had king-type bodies. Xue Jing Xiao was the strongest one, and he was definitely going to become a Saint. Xue Ao would have probably become a Saint, too. Then, Meng Qing had been brought back to the Snow Clan, and her child also had potential to become a Saint.

That would have been four monarchs in the Snow Clan! With four people like that, the Snow Clan would have risen.

But just as Zhe Tian was becoming stronger, Meng Qing's husband, Zhe Tian's father, had returned. He was secretive, but he had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He was a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine.

Now, he wanted Zhe Tian and Meng Qing back. He had killed Xue Ao. If Lin Feng took his wife and son away, only one person with a king-type body would remain in the Snow Clan: Xue Jing Xiao!

At the same time, Saint Jue's heart twitched. He had just seen Lin Feng kill Xue Ao. He had gone too far! He wanted to kill Lin Feng. However, the Saints of the Fortune Shrine oppressed him. He couldn't do anything!

"You went too far," said the old woman, staring at the Saints of the Fortune Shrine. Lin Feng had just killed one of their cultivators who had a king-type body after all… one who had potential to become a Saint!

"Went too far? Don't you think you have gone too far already?" said the Saint of the Fortune Shrine coldly. The old woman's face froze. Of course, if they bullied other people, other people could bully them too!

At that moment, the Saint of the Fortune Shrine suddenly turned to Lin Feng and said to him telepathically, "Lin Feng, we'll help you find them. The Fire Shrine's people are here, and some people from the Ice and Snow Shrine are also coming."

Lin Feng was astonished. He glanced at Saint Jue coldly. How cruel. Now, the Ice and Snow Shrine also knew that he was there. Saint Jue hadn't wasted time on his side.

"Meng Qing, Zhe Tian, come here, if anyone dares stop you, we'll kill them!" shouted Lin Feng. The members of the Snow Clan were astonished, his voice echoed far away.

Meng Qing grabbed Zhe Tian's hand and smiled broadly. Lin Feng had come to save them, finally!

For Meng Qing, the Snow Clan was nothing. She had only suffered there!

After a short time, Meng Qing arrived next to Lin Feng with Zhe Tian. Lin Feng's Death intent disappeared. He just smiled broadly.

Twenty years, twenty years had pa.s.sed… he had finally come to the Snow Clan to take his wife and son back.

He slowly turned around and looked at Zhe Tian. Twenty years, he had almost become a real man!

"Father," said Zhe Tian. His cheeks were red, as it was only the second time he had seen his father.

"Little boy, you're a grown up now," Lin Feng smiled.

Zhe Tian nodded and said, "Father, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I saw you, but I couldn't recognize you."

"Oh?" Lin Feng smiled and clapped Zhe Tian's shoulders, "Are you willing to follow me and leave your home?"

"Yes," said Zhe Tian nodding. Then, he turned around and looked at the elders of the Snow Fox Clan, he knelt down and said, "Grandfathers, I will always remember your kindness. We shall meet again."

Zhe Tian stood up and bowed. The old men sighed. The Snow Clan had kidnapped Meng Qing, why? But now it was too late. They had seen Zhe Tian grow up, they had great affection for him. Now, they had to separate.

Everything was turning into an illusion though, that dream was collapsing before their eyes.

Saint Jue and the others all grimaced. Zhe Tian was Lin Feng's son, the Snow Clan had raised him for twenty years, and now he had agreed to leave with Lin Feng.

"Zhe Tian, you're going against the Snow Clan's principles?" said the old woman coldly.

Zhe Tian replied, "Grandma, when I was a baby, I already knew that my mom had grown up outside and that you had kidnapped her to take her back. Initially, you wanted my mom to get married with Uncle Jing Xiao, you don't like her. You made her suffer, you made her live away from the man she loves, my father. Twenty years ago, you also tried to kill my father. I know those things.

"But the Snow Fox Clan elders were good to me. I am grateful for the education the Snow Clan offered me. Therefore, since you didn't kill my father, I will not consider the Snow Clan as my enemies. But if you try to hurt my parents again, things will change," said Zhe Tian slowly. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "Father, even though children can't say much, I have one request: No matter what, in the future, don't hurt people from the Snow Fox Clan."

"If they don't try to kill me, I promise I won't," Lin Feng agreed easily. Lin Feng was satisfied. Zhe Tian attached importance to feelings. Lin Feng was happy, he didn't want his son to be cruel and heartless.

Zhe Tian turned around and looked at the members of the Snow Fox Clan, "Grandfathers, you heard what my father said. I hope you won't try to kill him."

He smiled, and the elders of the Snow Fox Clan just sighed.

"Alright, let's go," said Lin Feng. Lin Feng, Meng Qing, and Zhe Tian's silhouettes flickered. The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine followed.

The members of the Snow Clan were astonished, stunned, and dumbstruck. In one day, they had lost three people with king-type bodies, and now they couldn't get them back. In the future, Zhe Tian might even become an enemy of the Snow Clan!

Because of that, the future of the Snow Clan was compromised!


Lin Feng didn't fight against Xue Jing Xiao again. Xue Jing Xiao hadn't done anything fishy, he had had a fair battle against him. Besides, he didn't want to waste any more time. The cultivators of the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine had come. It wasn't a game anymore.

The Fortune Shrine's Saints glanced at Huo Xing Zi and Huo Shang, and suddenly, strength surrounded them. They said, "Come with us."

"What's that supposed to mean, Masters?"

"You understand perfectly. If the Fire Shrine doesn't do anything dodgy, you will be fine," said one Saint indifferently. The oppressive strength surrounded the group of young men from the Fire Shrine. If the Fire Shrine tried to kill Lin Feng, the Fortune Shrine would kill all those young disciples.

A strong wind started blowing and they left. Very quickly, the members of the Fortune Shrine, including Lin Feng, had departed the Snow Clan.

The people from the Snow Clan were too astonished. n.o.body moved.

What a tragedy for the Snow Clan!

"Pfew… why?" Saint Jue closed his eyes. What he had done twenty years before was such a mistake. He had thought he'd help the Snow Clan rise, but actually, it was declining!

He regretted, he had missed the chance of having a genius on their side too… What a mistake. He was cold and proud, so he hadn't noticed that young man's talent.

"I made a mistake?" whispered Saint Jue.

The old woman remembered Xue Shen Feng, she was furious.

"Saint Jue, it's not your fault. I made a mistake back then. I underestimated him too," said the old woman.

"Maybe. Maybe it's n.o.body's fault. Maybe it's just fate. He's from the lower world and he became so strong in only twenty years. That was so strange…" replied Saint Jue calmly. He was a Saint, he could control himself. Very quickly, he had only one thought: kill Lin Feng!

They had reached a point of no return, and killing Lin Feng was the best thing they could do!


At the same time, outside of the Snow Clan, two groups faced one another. So many strong cultivators, including Saints. The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine were there, waiting just outside. At the same time, they had inspected the Snow Clan with their G.o.dly awareness. Even though it was thirty thousand li, they were able to watch the whole territory with their G.o.dly awareness.

They were there to kill!

PMG Chapter 2289

Chapter 2289: Terrifying High Speed Pursuit!!!

Edited by RED

The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine were staring at their enemies. They had to remain vigilant.

Lin Feng and the others had come to the Snow Clan voluntarily, and now they were facing him. This was a very rare opportunity, especially since he was probably the one who had a Forbidden Body. In terms of percentages, they considered the probability that Lin Feng was the Forbidden Person at thirty percent.

Lin Feng, thirty percent; Kong Ming, thirty percent; Zhou Rong Man, ten percent; Chu Chun Qiu, ten percent, the fifth and sixth, five percent each; the last four cultivators, ten percent total. So according to those people, Lin Feng or Kong Ming had greatest chance to be the Forbidden Person.

They didn't dare completely omit Chu Chun Qiu, so they considered the probability ten percent because on the day when the sky in Purple Clouds broke apart, the Shrines couldn't see Chu Chun Qiu. He might have used the tunnel of the Supreme Animal World to go there. But soon after that, when the Shrine's members arrived in Purple Clouds, they discovered that Chu Chun Qiu had been seen in the Supreme Animal World again. They had concluded that the probability of him being the Forbidden Person was ten percent, even though he was initially considered the biggest threat for the Shrines.

However, the probability that Lin Feng was the Forbidden Person was now thirty percent, how could they let him off?

"Master, bring my wife and kid back to the Fortune Shrine," Lin Feng said to the Saint of the Fortune Shrine. He was surprised, but the other Saint nodded. They got ready to leave.

"Lin Feng." Meng Qing looked perplexed.

"Father," said Zhe Tian, pulling a long face. He didn't like the Shrines.

He had heard about the legends regarding the Forbidden Person, he had also heard all the Shrines were looking for Lin Feng because they wanted to kill him. He didn't like the Shrines. Even if Lin Feng was a Forbidden Person, he had never done anything bad to the Shrines, they just wanted to prevent him from rising.

He glanced at all the members of the Shrines and remembered their faces carefully.

"Alright, go. I will be distracted if you stay here. I'll be fine," Lin Feng smiled. "I'm not easy to kill."

Meng Qing nodded. She knew that she couldn't distract Lin Feng. They had just reunited, and now Lin Feng was in danger again. She was very sad. If she hadn't existed, Lin Feng wouldn't have come to the Snow Clan, and the Shrines wouldn't have found him. She felt guilty.

Zhe Tian and Meng Qing left with the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine wanted Lin Feng, they weren't interested in Meng Qing and his son at all.

"Zhe Tian, have you seen that? Only strength is important. You need to become strong quickly," said Meng Qing to Zhe Tian as they left. Zhe Tian nodded. He could sense that his father was strong and was now supported by some people, but he could imagine the pressure he had borne for twenty years. To become strong, he had overcome all obstacles. Now, he had taken risks to save his wife and child. Now, he was facing the dangerous Shrines!


Both sides were staring at each other. A strong cultivator of the Fortune Shrine said, "What do you want to do?"

"You know perfectly well. Hand Lin Feng over," demanded a Saint of the Fire Shrine coldly.

"Lin Feng, don't run away randomly. There are many strong cultivators, you could die anytime!" said a voice in Lin Feng's mind. The Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine had set up an inescapable net in the area to kill him.

"I understand!" replied Lin Feng. He was furious; the Shrines wanted to kill him more than anything, but he had never thought of destroying the world or causing chaos, even if he was a Forbidden Person. He just wanted to have a happy life. He wanted to be with his parents, friends, and wives and protect them.

But the Shrines were worried that a Forbidden Person would be too strong and destroy the world, they wanted to destroy Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng had only one thought… Since it's that way, if someday I become a peerless Forbidden Person, I'll destroy the Shrines!

"He's a core disciple in the Fortune Shrine, you can't kill our core disciples. If you do, what do you think will happen?" said a strong cultivator of the Fortune Shrine, taking a step forwards. They were oppressing Huo Shang and the others. Strong cultivators from Shrines weren't supposed to attack younger disciples. However, the two Shrines had joined hands to kill Lin Feng, it wasn't normal at all.

"Even if you capture our disciples, Lin Feng will die anyway. If you kill our disciples, we'll kill your disciples too," said a strong cultivator of the Ice and Snow Shrine coldly. But they hadn't capture disciples from the Fortune Shrine, so he didn't know what else to say.

"Release them!" said a strong cultivator of the Ice and Snow Shrine, flas.h.i.+ng forwards. The atmosphere started freezing around him.

The Saints of the Fortune Shrine surrounded Lin Feng. Even though he was very strong and talented, he was a n.o.body in the Saints' eyes. They could easily kill him. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine really wanted to kill him.

The atmosphere was explosive. Energies kept colliding. A Milky Way appeared, even the Saints of the Fortune Shrine began to grimace.

"The periphery has been sealed, there are cultivators of the other Shrines as well, not only the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine." The Saints of the Fortune Shrine were furious. The situation was getting dangerous for them now.

When Lin Feng heard that, his face stiffened. He hadn't thought such a thing would happen after his trip to the Fortune Shrine. These people really wanted to kill him…

"Back to the Snow Clan, go!" Lin Feng didn't even have time to react, he sensed a terrifying strength surround him and take him back into the Snow Clan. Only the Saints took Lin Feng back in, the other cultivators didn't follow. Apart from Saints, n.o.body else could get involved in that battle.

"Chase him!" said the other Saints.

The group of people moved. They crossed a thousand li in the blink of an eye. Thirty thousand li wasn't much for them. The members of the Snow Clan sensed their terrifying energies and frowned. The old woman rose up in the air shouted furiously, "What does the Fortune Shrine want from the Snow Clan now?"

"Lend us some s.p.a.ce!" said a Saint pitilessly. The old woman saw gigantic hands rise up and stamp the sky.

The whole Snow Clan was trembling. People all raised their heads in fright.

The earth and sky were trembling. Ancient imprints filled the air, crackling sounds spread in the air.

"The Fortune Shrine has gone too far!" shouted the old woman of the Snow Clan furiously. Saint Jue released Qi in a surge. He was furious. He wanted to crush the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine!

A clear and melodious sound spread out, lights flashed. It was like the earth and sky were about to collapse. A few people turned into beam of lights and moved.

"Lin Feng!" Saint Jue's Qi shot up into the sky. The Snow Clan had lost a cultivator who had a king-type body, and Lin Feng had taken away two of their strong cultivators as well. It was a tragedy for them. Even back in the days when the Snow Clan had started collapsing, they hadn't been humiliated like this!

However, even when the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine disappeared, the strong cultivators of the other Shrines arrived and also rose up into the air.

They looked furious. The Fortune Shrine's strong cultivators had decided to escape through the Snow Clan. They had broken the world of the Snow Clan to escape. But getting rid of them wouldn't be easy either!

"What's going on? Suddenly, they saw many of Lin Feng's clones everywhere in the air and they moved in all directions. The Saints of the Fortune Shrine also took different clones in different directions. The crowd was astonished.

"All the clones seem real, but they all seem fake at the same time!," swore a Saint.

"How to chase them?"

"Follow all of them, follow the Saints. Kill the clones. Don't let anyone off," said a Saint. They moved extremely fast, they all of them turning into beam of lights.

Many strong cultivators arrived and started attacking all the clones.

"Seal the atmosphere!" said a strong cultivator. Instantly, a strong cultivator rose up into the air and made some hand seals. Dazzling lights appeared all around and the atmosphere was suddenly sealed by golden lights. Even an ant couldn't escape.

PMG Chapter 2290

Chapter 2290: Slaughter

Edited by RED

A Saint wearing a golden robe was standing up in the air. His eyes were golden as he glanced around.

"I don't think any clone escaped. Kill them all and then wait for further orders," said the Saint coldly. The crowd nodded and then started scanning the area. Lin Feng's clones didn't have good fighting abilities, and couldn't withstand a single attack. Very quickly, they all disappeared.

"I've heard that Lin Feng's hiding abilities are astonis.h.i.+ng. What do we do about the people on the ground?" someone asked the Saint. Only one Saint was left there so they listened to him.

The area had been sealed within a diameter of thousands of li. On the ground was a small city, completely sealed. Many people raised their heads, astonished to see a Saint.

"Kill them all!" said the strong cultivator. The people on the crowd were terrified, even those who were Saint Emperors. However, the outsiders were astonished; there were many people on the ground, killing them was against the most basic principles of war…

They had all gone through a lot in life, and killed millions of people. However, those people on the ground were innocent people. Killing them was cruel. It would tarnish their Shrine's reputation.

The Saint in the sky was a strong cultivator from the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. As the Fortune Shrine had guessed, all the Shrines were getting involved. They had to kill that guy since there was a high probability that he was a Forbidden Person.

"Master, we should wait for some news, shouldn't we?" said someone. The others were chasing the Saints of the Fortune Shrine, they would soon be able to a.s.sess the situation, and would know if Lin Feng's real body had been found or not. If he wasn't there, then he was probably in the crowd on the ground.

The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Saint remained silent for a few seconds but then he nodded, "Alright."

The people beneath them were terrified. They could die at any time.

Lin Feng was really in there, actually. He had changed his face. He had hoped they'd all chase the Fortune Shrine's strong cultivators. However, the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's strong cultivator had sealed the whole area… Lin Feng didn't even dare look at them up in the sky. He was afraid, and he didn't want to look suspicious.

He was slowly walking in the city. He watched the other people, trying to look calm, like an ordinary person.

The Saint Emperors up above received some news. All the Lin Feng's taken away by the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine were fake, but they continued chasing them, wanting to put pressure on the Saints to make them hand Lin Feng over.

"Any news?" asked a strong cultivator, watching the strong cultivators of the Fire and the Ice and Snow Shrines.

"Yes, all were clones. We need to find his real body and kill him," said someone.

Instantly, the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Saint's eyes flashed, "Kill all those people. He will be in the crowd."

Everybody nodded. The atmosphere became oppressive. Qi began to rise. It was terrifying.

At that moment, the crowd on the ground felt the pressure and raised their heads.

Lin Feng raised his head too. The Saint Emperors dispersed. Lin Feng started hearing some horrible screams, sad and plaintive cries.

Some people around him started burning. The atmosphere began to distort. Smoke filled the air. People burned alive and vanished.

The atmosphere became scorching hot. A Saint Emperor moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was speechless. Those people wanted to slaughter everyone…

He didn't know what to do, he was furious, stunned, scared… Because of him, the Shrines' strong cultivators didn't care about anything anymore.

People burned alive one after the other. Then, he sensed Qi surround him. It was Fire Dao power. Lin Feng instantly started burning too.

"No…" Lin Feng released G.o.d strength inside of his body and destroyed the fire strength. He gazed into the distance, seeing a frozen area. Some people were being frozen to death.

Lin Feng also saw an old man, his grandchild in his arms, running desperately. But a fire sword pierced through his body. He stopped moving and started burning, dying instantly. Only some strong people could resist for a few seconds. People who weren't Saint Emperors died instantly.

"Eh?" A strong cultivator from the Fire Shrine looked at Lin Feng, and Lin Feng didn't react.

"Celestial Emperor!" said the Saint Emperor coldly. Dao power surrounded Lin Feng again, he had the impression he was going to burn to death. The Saint Emperor raised his hand and a fireball moved towards Lin Feng. At the same time, the outsider flashed towards another group of people. He slapped a wave of fire at them all, and they all started burning and died.

Very quickly, that strong cultivator turned around, and was surprised to see that Lin Feng wasn't dead.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng started running away. That strong cultivator was startled, and he immediately started chasing Lin Feng again.

At the same time, in the air, the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Saint was watching, he could see everybody. Nothing could escape from his field of vision. People were getting slaughtered, but he look indifferent.

"Eh?" At that moment, he saw Lin Feng, Lin Feng was escaping really quickly. He was running towards the periphery of the sealed area. However, the Saint didn't react too quickly. He was convinced that a Celestial Emperor couldn't escape easily.

Lin Feng was extremely fast, he arrived at the periphery of the sealed area.

"Hmph!" The Saint grunted coldly. Did Lin Feng think he could escape from this empty s.p.a.ce world?

However, at that moment, Lin Feng turned into two, and the second body was gigantic.

An incredible strength emerged from his body. He punched the sealed area, and s.p.a.ce broke with a clear, sharp sound. The sealed area cracked, the empty s.p.a.ce strong cultivator was astonished.

"A Saint!" He jumped towards Lin Feng. In one step, he could cross a distance of a hundred li.

The Saint Emperor who was chasing Lin Feng suddenly stopped. He was astonished and staring at the giant. What an incredible Qi, Saint's Qi!

A cauldron appeared, that person's soul started shaking. A terrifying strength oppressed his soul. He was stupefied.

Saint Emperors were like tiny little insects to Saints. Saints were peerless cultivators!

The cauldron oppressed everything. The Saint Emperor of the Fire Shrine suddenly felt powerless. He turned around and ran away. However, the ancient cauldron chased him. The Fire Shrine's strong cultivator had the impression millions of mountains had fallen on his shoulders.

The Saint Emperor exploded loudly, and his soul dispersed.

At that moment, Qin Shan raised his head and looked at the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Saint. He jumped forwards and condensed strength. Oppressive Qi appeared. He was surrounded by nine cauldrons. Those nine cauldrons could oppress the skies, Heaven, and Earth. The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Saint was shocked, and stopped advancing.

Lin Feng continued running away. He didn't watch the battle. All the Shrines wanted to kill him, and he couldn't compete with them.

"Go and kill Lin Feng!" shouted the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Saint coldly. Everybody nodded and chased after Lin Feng.

Qin Shan shouted furiously, his voice making the earth and sky tremble. An endless number of mountains started falling from the sky towards a Saint Emperor. The Saint Emperor was crushed flat and exploded. He couldn't withstand a single attack!

"Make a detour!" The Saint Emperors were astonished. They tried to make a detour. They couldn't stay in the oppressive energies, Qin Shan's oppressive energies could crush them flat! How terrifying!

PMG Chapter 2291

Chapter 2291: Racing with a Death G.o.d

Edited by RED

Wings appeared on Lin Feng's back. He condensed the strength of the ten thousand things of creation and flashed forwards; each time he moved, it was like he crossed a whole world. He was extremely fast!

The strong cultivators of the Snow Clan didn't dare chase him. However, the members of the Shrines would seize any opportunity to kill him!

Therefore, Lin Feng didn't stop at all. He used deployment spells each time he took a step, and at the same time he kept using talismans one after another. He moved like a rocket!

But those who were chasing him were extremely fast, too. Strong cultivators from the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine also controlled empty s.p.a.ce energy, and each time they moved, they could cross s.p.a.ce and time as well. At the same time, they used their G.o.dly awareness to track Lin Feng so that they would not lose him again. If Lin Feng wanted to use clones again, it wouldn't work. Even those whom Qin Shan had stopped continued following Lin Feng with their G.o.dly awareness. They knew that Lin Feng's disguise skills were astonis.h.i.+ng, they couldn't give him any opportunity to evade them. Each time he appeared in the middle of a crowd, it was like he disappeared.

Lin Feng felt great pressure. It was a matter of time, of who would be faster: The Fortune Shrine or the other Shrines? However, Lin Feng was really scared this time because a moment before, Saints had been chasing the Fortune Shrine's Saints. Now he was moving in that direction, and if the Saints who had chased the Fortune Shrine's Saints turned around, he'd into them!

"Turn around!" Suddenly, Lin Feng decided to turn around and not go after the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine. He couldn't take the risk of b.u.mping into the Saints of the other Shrines, especially now that Qin Shan wasn't with him to protect him right now. If he b.u.mped into the Saints of the other Shrines, he'd die instantly. He was talented, but he was still far from being able to compete with Saints. Even Saints like Qin Shan who had almost died in the past and come back to life could still crush Saint Emperors instantly, like he had done just a moment before. Saints could destroy him instantly, so if he continued moving in the direction of the Fortune Shrine's Saints, but b.u.mped into the Saints of the other Shrines, he'd die instantly and the Fortune Shrine's strong cultivators would arrive a minute too late.


Of course, when Lin Feng decided to move in another direction, he informed the Diviner.

As Lin Feng had expected, each Shrine was trying to move faster than the others. The Diviner had made many Saints follow Lin Feng to the Snow Clan this time because he feared such a thing would happen, but he hadn't really thought it would. It was really bad luck this time, because the Snow Clan had immediately contacted the Fire and the Ice and Frost Shrines.

The Diviner was in the sky and he flying in Lin Feng's direction. Many people raised their heads on the ground and saw a white light streaking across the sky. They couldn't see it clearly though, it was moving too fast..

"He's going in the direction of Life City!" The Diviner was startled, he immediately took out a jade talisman.

"Bing Yan, help me save someone. He's going towards your position. I'll share his location with you," said the Diviner, "Some strong cultivators from other Shrines are chasing him. You must hurry up."


Many strong cultivators were chasing Lin Feng.

They were some distance from Lin Feng, some people spreading out in all directions to surround the area so that Lin Feng wouldn't be able to change course. No matter who arrived first, Lin Feng was doomed. They'd all arrive before the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine possibly could.

It was a race against time. Lin Feng was very fast, but because he had hesitated regarding his trajectory, his enemies had managed to catch up a little. They couldn't really see Lin Feng, he was very, very distant, but they could track him thanks to their G.o.dly awareness.

"A Celestial Emperor is surprisingly so fast! He's even more dangerous than Chu Chun Qiu! We must kill him!" said a Saint Emperor coldly. They had to kill Lin Feng. Now, they were almost convinced that Lin Feng had a Forbidden Body. He had just become their ultimate target!

A strong wind started blowing, and thunder rolled out. They were stunned, turning around to see a gigantic fireball. They all looked extremely happy, a Saint of the Fire Shrine had finally caught up!

"He's there, in the distance," said a Saint Emperor. They had been chasing Lin Feng for such a long time, they were tired and nervous. Now that a Saint of the Fire Shrine had arrived, Lin Feng was definitely doomed!

The fireball streaked across the sky at top speed. A beautiful and magnificent fire trail appeared behind it.

"No…" Lin Feng accelerated. He sensed that the Saint of the Fire Shrine was catching up with him, and felt even more under pressure.


Lin Feng looked furious. His eyes were filled with death strength. He had gone through so many hards.h.i.+ps in life, was he going to die? He had nearly died so many times. He had dreamt for so many years, now he was sure he had a Forbidden Body, he had developed his own G.o.d level, he was destined to become a ruler in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds sooner or later… how could he die now?

If he died, what would happen to his small world, his family members, his friends, Meng Qing, Zhe Tian? Everybody would be so sad…

But the Qi behind him was getting closer and closer. He had the impression death was catching up with him, and the strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine hadn't arrived yet.

"Lin Feng, you have nowhere to escape!" said a voice behind him. Lin Feng started feeling extremely hot, as if he were about to burn alive. He was getting more and more desperate, was he going to die?

The Saint of the Fire Shrine was there.

"Lin Feng, you have to hold on at all costs!" shouted a voice. Lin Feng frowned. Finally, he had hope again. The Diviner was almost there. He had to hold on a little bit longer…

Lin Feng accelerated, he didn't know he was capable of moving that fast. However, it was a Saint following him. Even if he accelerated, the Saint continued catching up slowly with him.

"Get ready to die!" said the Saint. The voice sounded like the devil's voice in his head, he wanted to make Lin Feng feel desperate and stop running. But Lin Feng was determined, he couldn't die, not now…

Such cultivators were still extremely fast though.

Three seconds and I'll destroy him!, thought the Fire Shrine's Saint. Three seconds would be enough, the Diviner wouldn't arrive within three seconds.

Lin Feng had the impression the G.o.d of death was about to catch him.

One second pa.s.sed, the distance between them decreased again. Lin Feng gazed into the distance, he saw dazzling lights intertwining. The lights seemed alive…

Two seconds pa.s.sed, the Fire Shrine's Saint already considered Lin Feng dead. He started smiling coldly as he condensed fire in his hands again.

Three seconds finally pa.s.sed, the Fire Shrine's Saint said, "Destroy!"

Lin Feng sensed a terrifying fireball shooting towards him!

At that precise moment, Lin Feng summoned the Fortune City illusion to block the attack.

"Break!" shouted the Fire Shrine's cultivator. The Fortune City's illusion exploded, the fireball continued moving towards Lin Feng.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng, taking out the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron. Deployment lights flashed. The Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron looked like a supreme precious cauldron, protecting Lin Feng from death.

The flames tried to pierce through the cauldron. The Fire Shrine's Saint was getting closer. He stretched out his hands, trying to capture Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength surrounding. However, at that moment, it broke apart.

"It's over!" said the Fire Shrine's cultivator, another fireball emerging from his finger and shooting towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng started burning again.

"No!…" shouted Lin Feng furiously. The fire was corroding his life. He released as much life strength as he could.

At that moment, dazzling green lights surrounded him. The Fire Shrine's Saint moved closer, about to catch Lin Feng, but he saw the dimly discernible green lights and Lin Feng disappeared.

At the same time, the Diviner arrived and looked at Lin Feng, whose face was deathly pale. He glared at the Fire Shrine's strong cultivator, his eyes filled with murder.

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