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PMG Chapter 2321

Chapter 2321: Mu Shan Clan

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In the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains, dazzling golden lights were everywhere. The mountains seemed to be made of gold.

This place was in the Dazzling Gold Shrine's jurisdiction, and so had many cultivators who studied gold strength. Being close to the Dazzling Gold Shrine, they had access to many resources. Even the buildings were made of gold!

A strong cultivator in the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains raised his head and looked at the sky. He was startled as he shouted out, "A dragon!"

"Who's that? He's riding a powerful demon dragon!" Many people were astonished. After all, dragons were considered incredible creatures in the world of cultivators. People were always impressed when they saw dragons.

"I've heard that Mu Shan Zi invited many strong Saint Emperors to come. I wonder what he wants to do."

"I've heard that it was related to the forbidden territories. Those people are all insane. They don't have simplistic views like we do. We'll probably hear a lot about it."

"Yes, we can only wait. Mu Shan Zi has been discreet for many years. I've heard that he was at the very top of the Sheng Di Layer, I wonder whether it's true or not. In the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains, there are only a few cultivators who have reached the very top of the Sheng Di Layer."

Lin Feng heard what people were saying. He had incredible hearing and his perceptions were acute. At such a cultivation level, people had incredible senses.

It seems that Mu Shan Zi is famous in the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains, thought Lin Feng. He heard many people talking about those who had reached the very top of the Sheng Di Layer. Such people had the potential to become Saints, and if they didn't die, it usually happened. Therefore, the number of cultivators of the very top of the Sheng Di Layer didn't increase with time in the world.

Lin Feng had already gathered information about this place. He directly flew to the Mu Shan Clan. Dragons were very famous for being strong, but they were also extremely fast. They were just slower than the most terrifying Great Oriental Greenfinch Rocs.

"We're here," mused Lin Feng, gazing into the distance. There was a celestial lake, its waters calm, some leaves floating on the surface. The place was very beautiful. In the middle of the lake were some lofty buildings, the residences of the Mu Shan Clan!

"It's all golden. The Mu Shan Clan looks new, and floating above a lake, is quite beautiful," murmured Lin Feng as they descended from the sky

"A dragon!" At that moment, many people looked at Lin Feng flying towards the lake. A middle-aged man wearing blue robe released lightning when he saw the dragon and sharp electrical lights appeared in his eyes.

At the same time, on another side, there was a beautiful woman whose golden robe was fluttering in the wind. When she saw the dragon, her eyes became started glowing, too. She didn't look ordinary at all.

The air hummed. The two people moved to intercept Lin Feng. After a short time, Aomo arrived above the surface of the lake. Because he was flapping his wings, gigantic waves appeared on the surface of the water. Lin Feng smiled at the two people.

"A demon dragon, a young man riding a demon dragon?!" The middle-aged man in the blue robe was startled. In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were even fewer dragon riders than cultivators of the top of the Sheng Di Layer. Who would dare steal dragons from the Supreme Animal World to ride them? If someone rode a dragon, it meant that the dragon had agreed to it!

Recently, a young man riding a dragon had become a bit famous…

"You're Daimon from the World Clan?" said the middle-aged man in the blue robe. The World Clan had come back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and provoked the Fire Shrine. Daimon had defeated Huo Shang and Qiong Hai Ya, he was famous now. Many people paid attention to what happened to the Shrines, including the Fire Shrine, so they knew about Daimon.

So now Lin Feng had become a little bit famous. He was considered as a genius by ordinary people, but not by extremely strong cultivators, so he was just a little bit famous. He had just started standing out.

Lin Feng was surprised that Mu Shan Zi had invited him, but he had decided to accept the invitation, this was normal.

Lin Feng nodded. The middle-aged man said, "You must be extraordinary for a demon dragon to let you ride him. But you can compete with Qiong Hai Ya from the Fire Shrine, that is rare. You escaped, of course, you might not be as strong as him, but that would be normal."

The middle-aged man sounded composed. He didn't flatter Lin Feng but he didn't denigrate him either. At such cultivation levels, people were also less extroverted, and more reserved. They didn't admire or denigrate people. they just stated facts. Denigrating people was pointless, they cared about themselves first.

Lin Feng didn't draw their attention because he was Lin Feng, but because he was riding a dragon!

"You must Lan Ge from the Thunder Shrine," said the woman, smiling at the middle-aged man.

"Celestial Sound Shrine, Hua Qian Yu," said Lan Ge looking at the woman calmly, "I've heard that you could release millions of soundwaves. I'm happy to meet you."

"Brother Lan Ge, you're flattering me, my soundwave techniques aren't that great. I am unworthy of your praises," replied Hua Qian Yu. Then, she looked at Aomo and smiled, "That little dragon is so cute and so young. He's already so strong."

Aomo's gigantic eyes twinkled and he roared, making the sky shake. Hua Qian Yu released a dragon chant soundwave to counter it, then stepped backwards and smiled. "Let's not perturb the tranquility of the lake. Let's head to the Mu Shan Clan."

"The dragon chant was like a soundwave technique… and it wasn't weaker than Aomo's dragon roar…" murmured Lin Feng, glancing at her. The Celestial Sound Shrine was a Shrine, too…

Lan Ge turned around and flew in the direction of the Mu Shan Clan. Aomo roared and flew above the lake after them.

When they entered the Mu Shan Clan, there were some people ready to welcome the guests. Someone showed Lin Feng and the others rooms for their stay; these guest rooms were magnificent. Lin Feng was early, only a dozen people had arrived. But without exception, those people were from wealthy groups. Their fighting abilities were all extraordinary.

The Mu Shan Clan had prepared residences halfway up the mountains. They could see the lake from the top. It was an incredible place. Lin Feng laid down in the gra.s.s of the mountain and gazed into the distance.

A few other people were there too. They all enjoyed the environment.

"Daimon!" someone called out at that moment. Lin Feng's eyes glittered. He was still lying down on the gra.s.s and he smiled. He had been invited too.

"I wouldn't have thought we'd meet again so soon." said Qiong Hai Ya when he saw Lin Feng. He also smiled, pleasantly surprised.

"I told you," said Lin Feng smiling. He turned his head and looked at Qiong Hai Ya. They both looked enthusiastic. Daimon had used the Fire Shrine as a stepping stone to become famous, and now Mu Shan Zi had invited them both there.

PMG Chapter 2322

Chapter 2322: With Admiration

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Qiong Hai Ya walked up to him and grinned. "Perfect, as you said. Are you the only one from the World Clan who's been invited?"

"The World Clan is tiny. I'm the only one who received the invitation letter. The World Clan can't be compared with the Fire Shrine," Lin Feng smiled. Qiong Hai Ya smile stiffened a bit. The members of the World Clan had broken their s.h.i.+eld. He understood what Lin Feng meant. He was making fun of them!

At that moment, someone landed next to Qiong Hai Ya. That person was taller than Qiong Hai Ya and looked a bit plump. He looked calm and unruffled, like someone who could never get angry. When he was around, people felt a bit pressured. Qiong Hai Ya didn't give people that kind of impression.

People around smiled when they saw him. Apart from Qiong Hai Ya, Mu Shan Zi had also invited that guy. It seemed that Mu Shan Zi had great plans, or he wouldn't have invited such people.

Qiong Jiu Tian, this guy's family name was also Qiong. He was of the same generation as Qiong Hai Ya, and he was already a cultivator of the very top of the Sheng Di Layer, much stronger than Qiong Hai Ya.

"The World Clan has been silent for such a long time and now they came back with such geniuses. Not bad. I hope you won't disappoint anyone," said Qiong Jiu Tian to Lin Feng calmly. He sounded proud and arrogant. He had been a cultivator of the very top of the Sheng Di Layer for many years already, one more step, one last step and he'd become a Saint.

Lin Feng stood up slowly and looked at Qiong Jiu Tian calmly. He could sense that Qiong Jiu Tian was threatening him. He seemed much more powerful than Qiong Hai Ya. He even looked stronger than the middle-aged man in blue clothes. However, Lin Feng was Daimon from the World Clan now, and his social status was every bit as high as these people. He took a step forwards and smiled in antic.i.p.ation. "You think a lot."

When Qiong Jiu Tian heard Lin Feng's reply, he remained calm, smiled, turned around, and left. Qiong Hai Ya groaned in an ice-cold way and said, "We can't wait to see!"

He also departed. Regarding what he couldn't wait to see, he was probably the only one who knew. But people understood that he couldn't wait to see bad things happen to Lin Feng.


During the following days, Mu Shan Zi didn't show up. More and more people arrived in the Mu Shan Clan. Twenty-some people had already gathered there. They were all extremely strong. Of course, Mu Shan Zi had invited many other people, but many of them didn't have time to arrive so early and wait around. At such cultivation levels, people had responsibilities and many things to do. Many people wouldn't even have the time to come to the Mu Shan Clan at all.

The deadline Mu Shan Zi had given to the people he had invited to come had arrived. The people were summoned to a hall. Someone smiled and said, "Mu Shan Zi will probably arrive soon."

"He's here already. I wonder what he wants to tell us."

"The distance to the Supreme Animal World… Since he came back, it must be very important," mused others. Lin Feng listened to them talking. He understood that Mu Shan Zi wasn't always in the Mu Shan Clan. Apparently, he had spent time in the Supreme Animal World these last few days.

"Mu Shan Zi went to the Supreme Animal World to practice, yet he heard of me. I wonder whether Mu Shan Zi wanted me to come, or was it the Mu Shan Clan? That guy must be an expert at communication. Even when he's traveling, he doesn't forget his other responsibilities," mused Lin Feng.

An old man appeared and descended from the sky. He smiled at everybody and said, "Everybody, you've been waiting for a long time. The young master is back, he's taking a bath and changing clothes. We organized a welcome dinner. Please follow me."

Silhouettes flickered. People moving at impressive speed appeared in Lin Feng's field of vision.

"That guy is back, and went to take a shower and change clothes?! He's like a chick!" said someone rudely. That guy looked extremely strong and rude. He was wearing big pants and was bare-backed. He had huge muscles, so pumped up it seemed there were about to explode. His hand was over his shoulder, carrying a gigantic hammer. Such people were difficult to forget after a single glance.

"What? Why are you so impatient? Do you think everybody's rude like you? Being clean is respectful for people you meet," said another middle-aged man coldly. He looked brutal and wild, with a big beard; he looked dignified and majestic.

"Shut up!" swore a young man, extremely tall with a b.e.s.t.i.a.l presence. His hands were in the sleeves of his cyan clothes, and pale lights surrounded him. He actually looked rather handsome.

The two people who had just talked looked at the young man coldly and said, "Little beast, be polite to your elders. When I became famous, you weren't even born yet!" said the wild middle-aged man.

The beast turned around and said coldly, "Situ, are you saying you're already rotten and useless?"

Situ groaned coldly and smiled back, "The younger generations will surpa.s.s us in time. Young people are getting more and more arrogant."

"It's not time to talk s.h.i.+t and argue, otherwise use your strength to fight!" said the one wearing big pants, but he was gloating over another person’s misfortune.

Situ smiled, showing his teeth. "Don't worry, there will be opportunities."

"Let's go and see what Mu Shan Zi wants to tell us," suggested someone wearing a black cloak. These people looked simple, but actually they all had incredible stories. They had all received the invitation letter, which proved they were terrifyingly strong. In front of younger people, they usually remained silent, they were people of few words. One glance and they could terrify younger folk.

Everybody followed the old man and arrived at a palace. In front of them was a young man with the elegant demeanor of a gentleman. He smiled at the crowd and said, "Everybody, thank you for accepting my invitation. I feel moved."

"Don't be shameless, Mu Shan Zi. You know that we didn't come just because of your invitation letter."

"Indeed. We have no time to waste."

The crowd didn't give face to Mu Shan Zi, but he didn't seem to mind. He just smiled and said, "Alright, stop criticizing me, everybody. Come in, and let's discuss business."

"Alright!" agreed the crowd. They followed Mu Shan Zi to the main palace and sat down on two sides of a long table. They all looked at Mu Shan Zi. Situ spoke up aggressively, "Mu Shan Zi, will you talk now?"

"Situ, you haven't changed," Mu Shan Zi smiled. He looked at the crowd and said, "Everybody, you know that I just came back from the Supreme Animal World. I went there to practice cultivation, but I had some interesting experiences."

"What?" asked the one who looked like a beast.

"Chu Chun Qiu, who finished third at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back in the days, has spent much time in Ganges Time. Now, he has left Ganges Time and he has gone to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l alone. You know that, right?" said Mu Shan Zi.

"Yes, has Chu Chun Qiu found anything in particular?" asked Qiong Jiu Tian. His eyes glittered.

"If I tell you that he's a sympathizer to the Supreme Ancient Demons, and that is the reason why he went to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l, would you believe me?" Mu Shan Zi asked calmly.

The crowd was astonished, "Really?"

"I've met Chu Chun Qiu. Even though he ranked third at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he's extremely strong. We met just outside of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. He's very brave, I admire him. Even though I don't know whether Lin Feng and Kong Ming, who respectively ranked first and second at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, are stronger than him or not, I know that Chu Chun Qiu is extremely strong," said Mu Shan Zi calmly.

Everybody now thought even higher of those who had finished at the top of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Mu Shan Zi had acknowledged Chu Chun Qiu!

"Lin Feng is also incredible. He humiliated the Snow Clan. The Fire Shrine has been chasing him for a very long time and they always fail. I just don't know where he is now," said the one who had big pants.

Qiong Hai Ya frowned. Lin Feng… the Fire Shrine hated him!

Actually, many people from the Shrines were there. They had been chasing the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds for a long time, including Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu. But it didn't mean they didn't admire them, too. There was nothing wrong with admiring enemies!

PMG Chapter 2323

Chapter 2323: Exploring the Mystery of the Forbidden Territories

Edited by RED

Qiong Jiu Tian didn't want to talk about Lin Feng and said, "Mu Shan Zi, have you ever seen the Supreme Ancient Demon yourself?"

"Yes, with my own eyes," nodded Mu Shan Zi. "According to legends, in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l there are many Supreme Ancient Demons, but you can only learn that if you enter the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. It's difficult to come out alive. Seeing one was incredible, and Chu Chun Qiu followed him."

"So you invited us to come…" said Qiong Jiu Tian staring at Mu Shan Zi.

"I want to explore the mystery of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l," said Mu Shan Zi. Everybody's heart started pounding. People frowned. Explore the mystery of a deadly forbidden territory? How scary and audacious!

At that moment, the one who looked like a beast said, "What is the demon like? Is there anything you forgot to tell us, Mu Shan Zi?"

"Supreme Ancient Demons are extremely strong. The one I've seen only had one side of his body, one arm, one leg, one eye, even his brain was cut into two. But with his hand, he can drain people's vitality and blood, and easily kill them. At the same cultivation level, people cannot withstand a single attack from him.

"The Supreme Ancient Demons have existed for a very long time. n.o.body knows what there is inside, don't you want to go and see?"

Mu Shan Zi looked at the crowd. People's eyes glittered with curiosity. However, they knew that the forbidden territories were extremely dangerous. Apart from people who were extremely brave, not many people dared go there. Saint Emperors usually didn't want to take such risks. Maybe some Saints went there and explored the mysteries of the forbidden territories, but they didn't tell anyone because the others were not qualified to know details only known to insiders.

"Supreme Ancient Demons!" Lin Feng's eyes gleamed. He had seen how terrifying the territories of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts were, so were those forbidden territories as menacing? Were there small worlds inside? Or Ancient clans?

The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' territories were in Purple Clouds, and only famous in Long Night City. They were too far from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, which was why the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts managed to keep it secret. If the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts Territory was in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it would have been extremely famous.

The crowd remained silent. They were all geniuses among geniuses. If they explored the mysteries of the forbidden territories with Saints, it would be useless because they'd die first. They understood why Mu Shan Zi hadn't invited any Saints, they didn't belong to the same world. If Saints wanted to explore the mystery of forbidden territories, they could do it with other Saints.

They really wanted to go and explore the mystery of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l, but they knew it was going to be very dangerous.

"Mu Shan Zi, you didn't make us come straight to the Supreme Animal World, you made us come here first. It means that you prepared things here, right? I am willing to come and explore the mystery of the forbidden territory with you, but I need to get prepared, too," said Hua Qian Yu calmly.

Everybody was probably going to agree, they were all really strong, and they had to use their full strength. They had to get ready first. They couldn't go into the forbidden territory without being prepared!

"Of course! Hua Qian Yu, you deserve your incredible reputation. I'm happy you're coming!" smiled Mu Shan Zi.

"I'm coming, too," said the strong man in big pants, smas.h.i.+ng the table in front of him excitedly.

"If Chi Lian Shan is going, I, Situ, won't refuse either," declared the middle-aged man, glancing at the strong man in big pants coldly. They were enough people to go. They didn't want to go alone, so it was perfect.

"I, Lan Ge, am coming too," everybody nodded. Chu Chun Qiu was brave, he had gone to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l alone. They were so many really strong cultivators, they had to accept. Even though it was going to be dangerous, it was probably going to be beneficial.

Lin Feng looked at the crowd, his eyes glittering. He also wanted to go…

"I'm coming too," said Lin Feng. Qiong Hai Ya turned and looked at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng smiled coldly inside.

"Awesome! Since everybody wants to come, let's meet in the Black Phoenix Animal District on the periphery of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. Everybody, give me your contact details. I'll contact you in time," said Mu Shan Zi. They all came from different places, so meeting outside of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l was the best.

"Very good!" Everybody nodded and gave Mu Shan Zi their contact details.


Lin Feng and Aomo left shortly thereafter. Aomo was very excited. He was going to take Lin Feng to the Supreme Animal World and show him around. He didn't know much about the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l, however…

Lin Feng was seated on Aomo's back. He sensed someone was looking at him coldly. Lin Feng glanced over and saw Qiong Hai Ya.

"See you in the Supreme Animal World." said Qiong Hai Ya coldly. Lin Feng smiled coldly on the inside.

"Little boy, have you ever been to the Black Phoenix Animal District?" asked Lin Feng to Aomo.

"No, but I've heard about it. There are many black phoenixes there. In the ancient times, they kept fighting against humans, and n.o.body managed to oppress them. But one day, they faced a calamity and now they aren't as strong as before. They kept the name phoenix even though they're not pure anymore."

"I see. I wonder what Chu Chun Qiu went through in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l," Lin Feng murmured to himself. Chu Chun Qiu was a very dangerous cultivator. He had tried to kill Lang Ye and Hou Qing Lin before, and he also wanted to absorb Lin Feng's will. How strong had he become?…

The news that Mu Shan Zi had invited many extremely strong cultivators to go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l with him spread quickly. In spite of all the legends which rendered ordinary people terror-stricken, Mu Shan Zi and the geniuses were going to go, proving their bravery!

Back in the Fortune Shrine, Lin Feng's clone told the Diviner about the trip. The Diviner smiled and said, "Fewer and fewer people explore the mystery of the forbidden territories. People who go sometimes don't come back, or when they do, they don't talk about it. But everybody knows the forbidden territories are terrifying. You had no reason to refuse. Good!"

Indeed, for such people, "terrifying" wasn't a concept they took seriously.

"Just be careful!" said the Diviner. He had no reason to prevent Lin Feng from going. Forbidden people were destined to have extraordinary lives, anyway. Those places were called "Forbidden territories", and Lin Feng was a Forbidden Person! How could a Forbidden Person be afraid of a Forbidden territory!?

Mu Shan Zi, Qiong Jiu Tian, Situ, and the others going were all fearsome names. Many people were excited. It was the most impressive group of people to go to the Forbidden territories in a thousand years. A bunch of incredible geniuses were going to gather in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l!


Those geniuses were soon on their way, including Lin Feng.

The Supreme Animal World was an isolated world in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It was a holy place for animals and was in the northern part of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Lin Feng had received directions from the Fortune Shrine.

After going through a few teleportation portals, Lin Feng arrived in front of a dark city: the entrance to the Supreme Animal World!

PMG Chapter 2324

Chapter 2324: Aomo's Special Power

Even though the Supreme Animal World and the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were two different worlds, people could cross the border freely. Some people wanted to trade with the animals of the Supreme Animal World, but they did it in the dark because some people or animals didn't have positive opinions about it. Therefore, some deadly battles had also happened in that dark city.

The people who were there were only stronger, and also bloodthirsty, ferocious, and courageous. Of course, they paid attention to who they offended. Otherwise, the Supreme Animal World could take revenge, and a single person couldn't compete with the Supreme Animal World alone.

Humans hunted beasts, and beasts ate human beings. In the Supreme Animal World, there were human beings everywhere, but it was dangerous for them. Beasts could kill them anytime, it was their land!


Lin Feng and Aomo teleported themselves from the dark city to the Supreme Animal World. They arrived in a dark forest with beasts everywhere.

"What a thick and rich b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi!" murmured Lin Feng, smelling the Qi.

"They hate humans, so they stay in this area because humans usually arrive here from the dark city. When they see humans, they try to kill them," explained Aomo. Lin Feng nodded. Aomo then continued flapped his wings and glanced around.

Aomo roared out, and some beasts in the forests stopped. Some of them lowered their heads. For them, dragons were like kings, they held them in awe and veneration.

Aomo led, and nothing happened to them along the way. They flew in the direction of the Black Phoenix Animal District.

Twenty days later, Lin Feng saw an Ancient animal district. There were gigantic lofty animal buildings. It was completely different from the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts' world. The Qi here was more brutal. It was also, obviously, completely different from the human world.

Many people raised their heads when they saw a dragon in the sky. A dragon had shown up in the black phoenixes' territory! And that dragon had a human being on his back, even worse!

In a celestial palace on the top of a gigantic mountain, someone gazed into the distance and saw Aomo. That person's eyes glittered coldly, "That dragon has no dignity."

Lin Feng and Aomo continued along. Lin Feng sensed someone watching him. He glanced at the celestial palace in the distance and saw a silhouette, a person wearing a golden and purple tiger robe. He looked like an ancient animal king, dignified and majestic. He was staring at Aomo.

"Get the h.e.l.l down!" shouted the man furiously. Such a terrifying roar could destroy an ordinary human's internal organs. Lin Feng sensed heavy soundwaves, and saw many illusionary tigers.

"Roar of the Red Tigers, it's King of the Red Tigers." That roar alarmed countless monsters in the area. They looked up to the palace in the sky, and they saw the leader of the Red Tigers Palace standing there. He wasn't happy to see Aomo and that human.

Aomo paused. The King said in a cold and detached way, "You're from the Dragon Clan, and you let a human ride you. Shame on you, you're a disgrace to the Dragon Clan. Since you're shameless, I'll use you as a means of transportation. You'll help me protect the palace."

Aomo looked at him coldly and spat out some flames. His gigantic eyes were filled with murder.

"Old tiger," said Lin Feng to the King of the Red Tigers. The King was furious.

"Hmph!" the King of the Red Tigers stared at Lin Feng and said, "p.i.s.s off now! Give me the dragon."

"Stupid and insolent animal," retorted Lin Feng coldly. The King of the Red Tigers was infuriated. He rose up into the air and released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi in a wave of power. Lin Feng and Aomo sensed oppressive energies around them.

"I'll go and kill that animal," Aomo said to Lin Feng.

"No. He's not weak. We can't win against him," said Lin Feng.

"Don't worry, father, leave it to me!" said Aomo, flying towards the tiger.

Lin Feng was startled and looked at Aomo. He actually didn't know how strong Aomo was. He was a dragon, he probably had some special powers. The king wouldn't dare kill him, anyway. Lin Feng was the one in danger.

"Awesome, I'll see how strong a dragon can be," spat the King of the Red Tigers coldly. He flashed forwards and released mighty oppressive energies. He raised his fist, but it felt like a mountain had appeared. Aomo wasn't afraid; his claws appeared, and his skin was like armor.

The collision was impressive and loud as thunder. Aomo streaked across the sky, wounds appearing on his arms, a terrifyingly heavy strength penetrating into his body. He coughed up blood. The King of the Red Tigers understood earth strength, his attacks were extremely heavy. He was a King of the earth.

The King of the Red Tigers frowned. He hadn't expected Aomo to be strong enough to compete with him. He roared and moved faster than the eye. The word "KING" appeared above his face. Several tiger kings appeared around Aomo and converged on him.

Aomo released a terrifying dark demon Qi, his eyes turned pitch black. People around heard dragon chants. Aomo turned into several dragons and shot towards the different tiger kings.

The demon dragons crashed into the tiger kings, roaring triumphantly. The King of the Red Tigers waved his hands and the tiger kings roared furiously. Their roars could destroy people's souls.

"It seems like the King of the Red Tigers' roars have reached the peak of perfection. His second Dao is already almost at the maximum level!" exclaimed the crowd watching below. The King of the Red Tigers was a leader in that region and all this wasn't surprising, he was extremely strong. The demon dragon seemed like it was going to get crushed. Only one demon dragon was left, and he was struggling.

At that moment, the atmosphere suddenly became dark. Demon energies filled the air. A dragon shadow appeared and blotted out the sky.

"G.o.dly Dragon Clan's ability!" The beasts in the distance frowned. The strongest dragons had a special ability which made their Dao much more powerful.

The King of the Red Tigers raised his head. As expected, the dragon was extremely strong, and he could use the special ability of the Dragon Clan. The atmosphere was dark and looked apocalyptic.

Lin Feng initially wanted to get involved, but when he saw that, he stopped, his eyes twinkling. The Tiger King was extremely strong and controlled earth strength; he also had some sound attacks, so he understood two types of Dao. But Ao was talented and his attacks were explosive.

The dragon spat out energies which turned into dark demon strength. Dragons surrounded the tigers, which turned black.

"Kill him!" shouted Aomo. Instantly, the tiger kings were crushed and destroyed by the demon energies. At the same time, a terrifying demon strength shot towards the King of the Red Tigers and surrounded him.

The King of the Red Tigers' face stiffened. He was slowly turning dark as well!

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the King of the Red Tigers furiously. Suddenly, he had three heads and six arms. All the heads roared furiously. He started flying towards the gigantic dragon in the sky. Quickly, the gigantic dragon opened his mouth and swallowed the king.

"That's…" When the crowd saw that, they were astonished. Had the demon dragon absorbed the gigantic tiger?

Roaring sounds spread in the air, and the King of the Red Tigers reappeared and shot away. His body had turned black and he looked angry.

"You're a weakling, and you think I'll become a guard in your palace?" shouted Aomo icily. The King of the Red Tigers roared angrily in response. Gigantic pitch-black swords appeared and streaked across the sky. In the twinkling of an eye, the celestial palace was riddled with gaping wounds.

The King of the Red Tigers shouted furiously, "How dare you attack my palace? Get ready to be punished!"

The King of the Red Tigers left. The crowd in the distance was astonished. The King of the Red Tigers had stopped fighting. Was he going to ask the other leaders to come and help him?

PMG Chapter 2325

Chapter 2325: Negligence

Edited by RED

Aomo was staring after his opponent. His gigantic eyes were filled with cold lights. "He overestimated himself."

Then, he turned around and moved back to Lin Feng. He looked quite satisfied and smiled broadly. "Father, what did you think?"

"Not bad! Is that your special ability? You can turn people into demons? Excellent," said Lin Feng, petting Aomo's head and smiling.

"Yes, it's my special ability. It keeps growing more and more powerful. I can absorb living beings and make them turn into demons!" Aomo smiled. Lin Feng tapped his back. He looked like a little child when he was with Lin Feng; to the crowd in the distance, seeing a terrifyingly strong dragon act like a child was astonis.h.i.+ng.

"Do you all have different abilities in the Dragon Clan?" asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

"Some people don't. It depends on your natural abilities."

"I see!" Lin Feng nodded.


The two continued forwards and entered the Black Phoenix Animal District. Mu Shan Zi still hadn't contacted them and few people, or maybe none, had arrived yet. Lin Feng wasn't in a rush, though. He chose a place to live and and practice cultivation.

Lin Feng hated wasting time. He was productive everyday. He forced himself to make full use of his time to become stronger.

But Aomo wasn't like that. He was a beast; when he was abroad, he enjoyed his time. In the Supreme Animal World, there were beasts everywhere, it was his home territory. He felt at home.

At that moment, there was a human being on Aomo's back, but it was not Lin Feng. It was a very beautiful woman.

"Little boy, before you were even born, I was with Lin Feng already. I'm like a big sister or an auntie for you. Show me around and stop complaining," said Xiao Ya with smile. She had never ridden a dragon. It was an awesome feeling.

"So what? You're not my dad's sister!" said Aomo. He wasn't happy. He continued flying in the clouds. When Xiao Ya had enough, they landed on the ground. Xiao Ya wasn't worried with Aomo there. He was extremely strong.

"Let's have something to eat." Aomo turned into a human being again and took Xiao Ya to a b.e.s.t.i.a.l pavilion. There were many things to drink and eat there, but when Xiao Ya saw the food, she felt like vomiting. There was bleeding raw meat everywhere.

"Let's leave," said Xiao Ya, putting her hand over her mouth and nose. The smell of the meat was horrible, too.

"I've heard that many people from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were going to come here," said someone at that moment. It was a woman in black clothes. Xiao Ya stopped and sat down. The woman continued, "The Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l is one of the forbidden territories. Those humans will definitely die there."

"I hope Lin Feng isn't going to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l!" whispered Xiao Ya to Aomo.

Aomo looked at her and said, "He is!"

"Will it be dangerous?" asked Xiao Ya. She was extremely worried.

"Don't worry. How could anything happen to my father?" said Aomo. He had faith in Lin Feng. The woman looked at him sharply.

"A dragon!" The woman was stunned when she saw Aomo and realized he was a dragon.

"Black phoenix." Aomo looked at her and realized she was a black phoenix.

The woman looked at him darkly and said, "You guys are going to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l to die?"

"The phoenix clan is doomed. They are just a futile clan now. You're just lucky to be alive. You don't dare go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l, and you make fun of people who are brave enough to go there," retorted Aomo coldly.

"Right, you're a coward and you make fun of people who are brave. You're ridiculous!" said a middle-aged man in blue clothes biting into a big piece of raw meet.

Aomo looked at him and said, "You arrived too!"

They had seen each other in the Mu Shan Clan.

"Yes. Since you're here, I presume Daimon is here, too. But who's that girl? Even though Daimon won't have any problem in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l, I don't think he should bring that girl, it would be dangerous for her," said Lan Ge, looking at Xiao Ya. Xiao Ya looked so cute and naive. Lan Ge liked her.

"Daimon knows that," replied Aomo. Lan Ge didn't say anything else. At that moment, he slowly turned around and looked at someone who didn't say anything. That person was wearing a black cloak and his head was lowered, it was difficult to see his face. He had no Qi at all either.

"Who are you?" asked Lan Ge indifferently. That guy in black clothes looked dangerous.

He didn't reply, continuing to eat as if he hadn't heard anything.

Lan Ge released Qi which filled the air. Lightning appeared around him and shot towards that person. That person raised his hand, and the thunders crashed into his palm. The crowd thought he was going to explode, but he didn't. The lightning gradually disappeared.

Lan Ge looked at him sharply. "You're extremely strong, Your Excellency. I want to know who you are even more."

Lan Ge released more and more lightning Qi in a surge of power.

The person slowly raised his head, he had pitch-black eyes. One glance and Lan Ge had the impression he was in h.e.l.l.

Lan Ge slowly stood up. He was surrounded by lightning, and the pavilion was torn open. He threw himself at the other man. The cultivator in black clothes released blood lights, the lightning and blood lights collided.

The cultivator in black clothes moved away, he didn't want to stay there.

"Cut!" Lan Ge released lightning to surround the cultivator. The crowd around them couldn't open their eyes, it was so blinding. The cultivator in black clothes flitted backwards, his black robe had just been ripped apart by the lightning. He glanced at Lan Ge, as the other beasts around s.h.i.+vered.

What was going on? Half of his head was demoniac and the other half was b.e.s.t.i.a.l!

Blood lights appeared in the sky, and the astonished crowd watched the cultivator leave.

"Someone from the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l?" shouted Lan Ge. He chased after the cultivator.

Aomo was astonished, too. Was that truly someone from the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l? Both of them suddenly chased after that cultivator. Xiao Ya shouted, "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Xiao Ya looked at Aomo, he had forgotten her there. She felt unsafe, she couldn't compete with all the beasts there.

"Little girl, since you're alone here, you should come to my house." said the woman in black clothes with a smile. Xiao Ya's face stiffened. "I have things to do. Thank you, sister."

"It's alright, follow me. When your dragon friend comes back, I'll tell him you are there," said the woman smiling.

Xiao Ya was scared, but she forced herself to smile and replied, "Sister, I'll wait for my brother to come back, he's extremely strong."

"Is that so? As strong as King Phoenix?" asked the woman smiling. She sounded much colder and asked, "Are you coming or not?"

Dark lights surrounded Xiao Ya. She instantly stopped smiling and said, "Alright, I'll come to your house, sister."

"Good girl!" declared the smiling woman. Her Qi disappeared, and she took Xiao Ya away.

"Sister, where's your house?" asked Xiao Ya, trying to force herself to smile. "And what will we do there?"

"Hihi, good little girl. I want your dragon friend to give me some dragon blood. You will help me do that."

"Sister, you just had to tell me and I would have asked."

However, the woman shook her head and said, "No. We need the blood of a powerful dragon. Your dragon friend won't necessarily accept, even if you're with us."

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