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Chapter 2326: The Grave of Black Phoenix Valley

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Lan Ge and Aomo came back. They didn't continue chasing the mysterious cultivator in black clothes, he was too fast.

"You're from the Dragon Clan, have you heard of such monsters before?" Lan Ge asked Aomo. He didn't know much about the Supreme Animal World.

"No, he looked even more terrifying than a beast. What a strange face, too." said Aomo. He couldn't forget that face. Aomo suddenly glanced around and realized Xiao Ya had disappeared!

He shouted, "Where's my little sister?"

Someone laughed. Aomo turned around and looked at a woman in black clothes. He said coldly, "You took her?"

"We want some G.o.dly dragon blood, a bowl," the woman to Aomo said casually.

Aomo's face stiffened and he shouted furiously, "Insolent! You could have asked me if you wanted dragon blood, I would have given you some!"

"I want G.o.dly dragon blood!" said the woman. Aomo frowned, his face hard. He cursed, "You don't have the G.o.dly blood of your ancestors, and now you dare ask some from dragons! How shameless! You want the Dragon Clan to destroy you?!"

"You can refuse: We'll sacrifice the little human girl then. If we do, you can't blame us!" said the woman.

Lan Ge said, "I've heard that the black phoenixes are insolent, there is nothing they don't dare. They are known for such practices."

"You're a human, shut your filthy mouth!" said the woman, staring at Lan Ge coldly. Dark Qi filled the air and surrounded him. She said to Aomo, "You don't have much time to think. We took the girl to the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley. If you take too much time, we'll offer her as sacrifice to our ancestors!"

"I'll give some to you!" said Aomo. He pulled a long face. Xiao Ya was Lin Feng's little sister. He had asked him to take care of her, and now he had been too careless and had left her alone for a few minutes. He had to bear the responsibility for that. He was furious.

Lan Ge said, "G.o.dly dragon blood is what makes you dragons talented. If dragons lose G.o.dly blood, it can ruin their cultivation."

"I know," said Aomo raising his hands, "But I have no choice, for my dad."

Lan Ge was astonished. The person he called "dad" was probably Daimon from the World Clan. He was astonished, but understood their relations.h.i.+p a little bit better.

The woman in black clothes stood up and looked impatient. She wanted the blood as quickly as possible.

A silhouette appeared in the distance and closed on them as fast as lightning.

"Aomo, stop!" someone shouted. Aomo stopped moving. He looked happy and said, "Dad!"

The woman in black clothes moved back and opened her wings.

An ice-cold sword moved towards the woman. The sword crashed into her third eye. She was staring at the silhouette, she couldn't believe it. This person dared try and kill her without saying anything!

The woman in black clothes suddenly exploded. The atmosphere was filled with a terrifying sword Qi. The crowd around was astonished and shaking.

"Let's go the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley!" said Lin Feng. Instantly, Aomo roared and turned back into a gigantic black dragon. He rose up in the air, Lin Feng on his back. Lan Ge jumped onto him, too.


The other woman in black clothes who had captured Xiao Ya had arrived at the valley; it was very cold there. Xiao Ya was shuddering because of the chill and said, "Sister, it's so cold here. Where are we?"

"It's the Grave of the Black Phoenix. When black phoenixes are not entirely dead, we put their threads of soul here. They can then absorb strength, human or b.e.s.t.i.a.l vitality Qi. It helps them become stronger again." said the woman.

"Why did you take me here then, sister?" said Xiao Ya. She had cold sweats, and was terrified. She kept contacting Lin Feng with her jade talisman.

The woman in black clothes glanced at the talisman on her neck. She grabbed it and broke it apart. She smiled and said, "Little sister, don't do such things. Your dragon brother is coming. When he gives us blood, we'll take you to an ancestor in the valley."

"Sister, why not release me after?"

"We'll see if your dragon brother can save you!" said the woman in black clothes, laughing sinisterly However, at that moment, her face changed drastically, she became deathly pale.

She was dead?

"You want to die!" said the woman in black clothes, suddenly releasing Dark intent. She grabbed Xiao Ya again and continued flying. Xiao Ya raised her head, she wanted to leave, but she couldn't, and the phoenix hit her with her gigantic pitch-black wings. She coughed blood and fell from the sky.

A black silhouette took her away. The Qi around her was ice-cold, formed by black phoenix shadows. They looked like death G.o.ds. Everything in the valley smelled like death.

"Brother!" said Xiao Ya. She landed on the ground, but the shadows continued taking her away. Another jade talisman appeared in her hands and broke. Lights appeared around her, gigantic statues appeared and protected her.

The shadows crashed onto the protectors. Xiao Ya burst into tears. She took out many jade talismans and deployment talismans. Lin Feng had made them for her so that she could use them when she was in danger. She prayed Lin Feng would arrive soon!

At that moment, Lin Feng was on Aomo's back with Lan Ge. Lin Feng used his G.o.dly awareness to inspect the area.

He looked dreadfully grim. His eyes were filled with murder. He said, "Aomo, hurry up!"

"Yes, father!" said Aomo. He looked roared out with anger. Dark lights flashed around him. Some blood strength surrounded him and allowed him to fly even faster.

"How fast!" Lan Ge was astonished. The dragons were truly extraordinarily talented. How incredible!

Qi filled the air. Lan Ge looked at Daimon. He had released soul strength, and a sharp Qi which seemed like it could split apart the whole sky.

A sharp sword emerged from his body and streaked across the sky. Daimon's soul was incredible, he even left his body with his soul.

How strong, his soul makes him look like a G.o.d. It has fused together with the earth and the sky, but even worse, it seems like he can control the earth and the sky with his soul, like a G.o.d!, thought Lan Ge when he sensed the Qi. He was astonished and stunned… and the energies surged out faster than Aomo, amazingly!

The Grave of Black Phoenix Valley was in the depths of Black Phoenix. Swords streaked across the sky of Black Phoenix. Many people raised their heads and frowned. A strong cultivator's soul was flying in the sky of their territory. Someone shouted furiously, "Who's that? Stop him!"

That person's soul strength was attacked and destroyed, but the swords continued flying in the direction of the valley.

Xiao Ya had used almost all her jade talismans and deployment talismans. She was terrified, was she going to die? The black phoenix was screeching and clawing at her defenses. It could eat her in one bite.

"Brother, in the future, I won't be able to stay with you anymore. Grandpa, I hope you'll become a peerless cultivator. Take good care of yourself!" whispered Xiao Ya, smiling sadly and closing her eyes. She broke the last of the talismans she had, still crying. Was she going to die?"

Xiao Ya sensed destructive energies all around her; she wasn't dead yet! She opened her eyes and saw swords spinning all around her, protecting her!

"Brother, is that you?" Xiao Ya exclaimed. She recognized that Qi! One sword caressed her face. What a warm Qi! She smiled widely and said, "I knew that you could protect me, brother!"

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Chapter 2327: Danger in the Grave Valley

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In the Black Phoenix Clan, strong cultivators rose up into the air and flew towards the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley angrily. The woman who had kidnapped Xiao Ya appeared in the sky, her eyes glittering icily. What was going on? Whose soul had turned into a sword? She continued flying in the direction of the Grave Valley.

At that moment, in the Grave Valley, many strong cultivators appeared. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan were in the sky, they didn't dare go into the valley easily. Their ancestors rested in peace there. They couldn't disturb them while they were practiced cultivation to return to life.

"Who dares offend us?" said an old man at that moment. He looked furious.

The woman in black clothes appeared in front of him and said, "Elder, there's a human female in the valley. She had a dragon friend; I kidnapped her because I wanted some G.o.dly dragon blood. I didn't think I could fail."

"Hmph! You take initiatives which could cause trouble for all of us! Go into the Valley now and solve the issue!" said the elder coldly.

The woman's face turned deathly pale. "Elder, I don't want to!" She looked terrified.

"You caused trouble, so you must bear the responsibility, go in now!" said the old man. The woman's face was even paler. That was the place where their ancestors rested! If anyone went inside, it was as a sacrifice. Even though she was from the Black Phoenix Clan, there was no exception. Even if the members of the Black Phoenix Clan went in, they were used as sacrifices and died.

But she had no choice. She slowly walked headed the valley. She soon saw some illusionary black phoenixes around Xiao Ya, but there were swords which protected her and didn't let the souls get close to her.

The woman in black clothes moved, her wings blotting out the sky. She released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi, and spat out dark flames.

Some of the s.h.i.+ning swords around Xiao Ya cut apart the black fire explosively, filling the air with flames. A gigantic black phoenix moved towards Xiao Ya.

The swords around Xiao Ya turned into a single gigantic sword, sword Qi filled the air. Dazzling golden lights streaked across the sky and collided with the black phoenix.

"Phoenix Attack!" shouted the black phoenix, colliding with the gigantic sword. The gigantic sword cracked, but her body trembled.

At that moment, gigantic black phoenixes suddenly surrounded her, and her face turned deathly pale.

"No! Ancestors! I'm from the Black Phoenix Clan!" shouted the woman. However, the phoenix shadows absorbed her, biting away every single part of her body as black smoke surrounded her.

The black vitality Qi moved away from Xiao Ya. She couldn't see the black phoenix anymore, but she felt ice-cold. She saw many phoenix shadows above her head, staring at her coldly. They could swallow her in one bite at any time.

"Bro!" shouted Xiao Ya anxiously. The swords around her were getting weaker and weaker.

The members of the Black Phoenix Clan looked on furiously. People in the Valley had to die!

"When the ancestors become strong and come back, they'll manage the Clan," said the elder solemnly. The eyes of the other phoenixes glittered. Could the ancestor come back and manage the clan?

They suddenly heard dragon chants. Aomo was hurtling forward, his Qi surging around him. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan who were in the sky above the valley suddenly gazed into the distance and shouted, "Stop!"

The strong cultivators rose up in the air. Lin Feng released sword strength again, instantly cutting a few of them apart.

"How insolent!" shouted a Saint Emperor furiously. He rose up higher in the air and turned into a gigantic phoenix. He opened his mouth and spat out flames while throwing himself at Lin Feng.

Aomo opened his mouth and breathed out black fire, the flames collided. At the same time, Lin Feng continued flying along.

The black phoenix raised his claws; a human dared attack them? He wanted to die!

"Die!" Lin Feng looked like a G.o.d. He raised his fist and smashed into his opponent. Bones shattered like breaking stones, blood splashed and then gushed out. Aomo roared triumphantly as Lin Feng continued flying.

"Eh?" The strong cultivators in the sky above the valley were astonished and furious.

"He came to cause trouble!"

Someone released their Qi to stop him, but the elder said, "If he goes into the valley, the ancestors will take him."

"Yes, Elder," that person acknowledged, and they watched Aomo fly past above the crowd.

"Brother!" shouted Xiao Ya when she saw him. The shadows started nibbling on her body though.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He instantly disappeared. The soundwaves from his voice rolled  through the valley and destroyed the weaker shadows instantly.

"Pfew…" Lin Feng landed next to Xiao Ya and took a deep breath. Xiao Ya's face was deathly pale, she was very weak. Lin Feng took her in his arms and said, "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright, brother!" said Xiao Ya. She was terrified, but she felt good in Lin Feng's arms. Lin Feng put her next to Aomo and said, "Little boy, protect her."

"Don't worry, none of them will touch Xiao Ya," said Aomo, coldly staring at the shadows. There were many phoenix shadows, all of them dead souls. In the cave in the valley, a black phoenix was becoming more and more distinct, condensing itself, lying there and absorbing vitality and Qi. At that moment, he opened his eyes.

Lin Feng recalled his soul into his body and looked at the sky, releasing an ominous G.o.d Dao power which filled the air.

The black phoenixes screeched and threw themselves at Lin Feng. A vortex appeared around him, forming a black hole to surround those black phoenix shadows. They struggled to break free. However, the vortex was becoming more and more powerful and unstoppable.

The black phoenix shadows were drawn inside, and in the end disappeared. Lin Feng absorbed them and continued rising up in the air. More and more broken souls gathered towards Lin Feng, but he continued absorbing them.

"His absorbing strength is astonis.h.i.+ng!" murmured Lan Ge when he saw that, amazed.

A black dot appeared in the distance and headed towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng's face stiffened. Those two pitch-black eyes were terrifying.

"Not bad. Such a powerful blood Qi!" said the newcomer coldly. Lin Feng had the impression he had ended up in the abysses of h.e.l.l. Many black phoenix shadows appeared around him, staring at Lin Feng pitilessly.

"Take him!" said a voice coldly. All the black phoenixes moved towards Lin Feng. His G.o.dly awareness shone, and a web of lights appeared around him before he disappeared. He reappeared in front of a shadow and used the Ancient Holy Punches technique, destroying the shadow in the blink of an eye.

However, Lin Feng still felt unsafe. More and more black phoenixes were flying towards him.

"Die!" said Lin Feng coldly. Death intent swept out and away, surrounding the black phoenixes. Another one fell dead from the sky.

Lin Feng's Qi was becoming more and more fearsome, but the black phoenixes had numbers. Lin Feng couldn't fight against them forever… could he?

"What kind of strength is that?" After a long time, Lin Feng was still fighting against black phoenixes. His Qi was floating around him.

Thunder rumbled everywhere, the atmosphere was undulating restlessly. A pitch-black hand moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng released sword strength. However, the gigantic hand looked like an illusion. The sword pierced through nothing and once the sword strength had pa.s.sed, the hand became material again.

Lin Feng retreated. Some black phoenixes attacked him from behind. He pulled a long face. No wonder the members of the Black Phoenix Clan had let him come into the Valley. It was so dangerous!

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Chapter 2328: A Saint?!

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The gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn't have time to think, he had to act quickly. He released oppressive strength, before turning into a sharp sword which seemed like it could lacerate anything, and moved towards the black phoenixes.

The pitch-black hand crashed onto the sword and made it tremble violently. The sword became distorted. The gigantic hand continued moving.

"Come here!" said a loud voice. The gigantic sword was being drawn towards something. The gigantic sword that was Lin Feng appeared in a dark cave. In front of him were two gigantic pitch-black eyes. It was an ancient phoenix silhouette, dignified and majestic.

In the outside world, Lan Ge and the others were still fighting against the black phoenixes. Lan Ge was astonished. A gigantic black phoenix had appeared in front of him. It looked like a phoenix G.o.d. The black phoenixes around seemed to be listening to it…

"We have to leave as quickly as possible, there are several black phoenix commanders, around I think!" shouted Lan Ge.

Aomo gazed into the distance where Lin Feng had disappeared. "Where's my father?"

Xiao Ya looked extremely worried and clenched her fists. Lin Feng had disappeared. She hoped he was fine.

"We can't take risks. We have to do something, the people in the sky above aren't friendly, either," said Lan Ge, moving in another direction. Lightning appeared all around him. Weaker black phoenix shadows couldn't get close to him; if they did, they were destroyed instantly.

Aomo shouted furiously and ate a few black phoenixes in one bite. "Father!"

"Let's go! You should leave, it'll be even more difficult for him if you stay here. You can't help him!" shouted Lan Ge.

Aomo shouted furiously, "No, help me take care of sister Xiao Ya, I'll go to my father, thank you!" said Aomo, leaving Xiao Ya to Lan Ge.

Lan Ge was startled, but he admired Aomo's determination. He nodded and said, "Alright, leave it to me."

Lan Ge put his sleeves around Xiao Ya, and Aomo said, "Thank you!"

Aomo roared and flew into the depths of the valley. He rolled with his claws out and continued destroying the black phoenix shadows.

"What an insane dragon!" Lan Ge turned his head and looked after Aomo. The Valley was gigantic. The one who had just attacked Lin Feng was a terrifying monster. Aomo and Lan Ge had both sensed his energies. It was probably the soul of a phoenix king, a general commander!

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lan Ge furiously, he spat out lightning and destroyed a black phoenix in front of him, continuing to fly. Blue lights appeared in his third eye and lightning continued ravaging his surroundings.


In the cave, Lin Feng was facing the shadow. He still had the shape of a sword.

What a powerful soul strength, thought Lin Feng, impressed.

The terrifying shadow said, "You think you can dodge my Saint's techniques? Do you think that's possible? Acknowledge allegiance to me now!"

His eyes looked even colder. The black phoenix flew towards the gigantic sword, trying to destroy it.

Terrifying sword Qi hummed, the sword seemed like it could cut anything. The black phoenixes all around exploded, and Lin Feng shouted defiantly, "Come!"

The phoenix shadow became more distinct. He didn't look blurry anymore as he appeared in front of Lin Feng. This phoenix had many dimly discernible eyes…

He frowned and stared at Lin Feng. He said coldly, "Where are we?"

Lin Feng knew that that terrifying creature was a thread of Saint's soul. Even though he didn't have the full power of a Saint, he knew he couldn't fight against such a thing. At least, not in this world!

"My world!" retorted Lin Feng coldly. He condensed strength which surrounded them. In his own world, Lin Feng's strength was much more powerful than in the outside world. It was his world, he was a G.o.d here!

"I can't use cosmic energies here!" The black phoenix was astonished and shaken, staring at Lin Feng. How could a cultivator who had a lower level take him to his own world?

"Even if it's your world, I'll still absorb your strength!" said the black phoenix suddenly. He opened his mouth. Lin Feng's face froze. The many eyes of the black phoenix became brighter. This guy absorbed black phoenixes too!

"Die!" Lin Feng waved his hands and released G.o.d strength, a terrifying sword containing death strength streaked across the sky. Death surrounded his opponent's body. All the eyes of the terrifying black phoenix were staring at him with fearsome intensity.

"Come in!" demanded a voice. Lin Feng was surrounded by a dark strength. Many sharp beaks drove towards him.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+fted away and cloned himself. All his clones flashed towards his opponent. At the same time, G.o.d strength surged forth. A pair of eyes appeared on Lin Feng's real body. He punched out in front of him. The power of it instantly destroyed some beaks and pairs of eyes.

"You can't escape!" Millions of claws moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng released deployment lights to envelop his body. He saw the black phoenix's claws tear apart the curtain of lights. In return, a terrifying beast moved towards his opponent. He wanted to absorb the black phoenix!

Lin Feng groaned coldly. A gigantic axe appeared above him, and he turned into a shadow as sharp weapon Qi filled the air. The scattered phoenix souls broke apart. After entering Lin Feng's world, they couldn't do much.

The curtain of lights broke down, sharp beaks continued moving towards him.

"Great Empty s.p.a.ce Technique!" said Lin Feng. The opponents were moving chaotically in his world. He disappeared and reappeared. There were nine dragons around him, they all opened their mouths and drew in all the black phoenixes.

But the dark creature merely frowned, convinced that Lin Feng wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

Where is he?, thought Lin Feng. His heart was pounding. All the pairs of eyes looked the same. Even though his opponent couldn't use cosmic energies there, it changed little; he could still absorb Lin Feng if he wanted, then chew him up and disintegrate him!

"Nine Words!" said Lin Feng. The Nine Words of his incantation appeared and floated around him. Terrifying sharp swords appeared in his hands.

A black fire moved towards his foe. Lin Feng also released his swords. Energies kept exploding and raging through the air.

"Die!" The two swords turned into death smoke. Lin Feng arrived above his foe and cut him with sword strength. An incredible amount of hands promptly emerged from his opponent's body and grabbed him. The phoenix wanted to immobilize him and absorb him!

"How painful!" Lin Feng had the impression he was being cut by sharp swords. His face paled.

"You'll become a part of me!" said the voice coldly.

Lin Feng's eyes were suddenly filled with demon king strength. Holy Spirit swords appeared around him and sliced apart the hands which held him. Lin Feng's body became even sharper. He was staring at his opponent's eyes.

Many black phoenixes moved towards him. However, Lin Feng's G.o.d strength swept everything around him away. The G.o.d sword cut through every and an ancient path appeared, Lin Feng could take advantage of it.

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Chapter 2329: Absorbing!

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Lin Feng was staring at his opponent's eyes. The opponent was also greedily staring at him.

Lin Feng had the impression that his eyes were being lacerated by needles and blades. He closed his eyes and released a sharp cursing strength.

A gigantic black hand moved towards Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng pressed forward with an indomitable will, he didn't flinch at all. He could cut away all the black phoenixes which prevented him from moving forwards.

Lin Feng's sword finally arrived in front of his enemy's eyes, disappearing into them.

Those eyes started bleeding.

"How is that possible?" Lin Feng swore, a bit stunned. An incredible amount of hands surrounded him. Lin Feng had the impression he was slowly being absorbed into his enemy's body. His vitality and Qi were being absorbed slowly, bit by bit. He could sense that his soul was trembling.

"No!" shouted Lin Feng. How could his soul get destroyed in his own world?

However, no matter what he did, it was useless, his soul was shaking, his Qi was getting weaker and weaker.

All those creatures are souls without bodies in the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley, thought Lin Feng. In his spirit's world, his G.o.d strength roared out with elemental power.

It's my world, I'm a G.o.d here. How come my strength can be absorbed?, thought Lin Feng. He was trying to push his connection to his own world to the next level!

I also use absorbing cosmic energies. I can control that world, I can make this world turn into an absorbing world!, thought Lin Feng.

The atmosphere seemed to boom with thunder, shaking more and more violently. He made his world strength turn into absorbing strength, but his Qi kept weakening. However, as his Qi weakened, he became more and more determined. That was his last hope; if he lost, he'd die!

I control the strength of the earth and the sky, of the ten thousand things of creation. Who could absorb me? This world is mine!, thought Lin Feng. He kept rea.s.suring himself, he felt more and more determined. His will could strengthen his world!

Some strength was broken. A cage of absorbing strength appeared around the black phoenixes.

Instantly, the gigantic black shadow became cautious.

"No, how is that possible? What's going on?" said the voice coldly. He couldn't believe his eyes!

"Absorb!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. An ominous and dreadful Qi began to rise as he perfectly controlled his world. The group of black phoenixes became smaller and smaller as he absorbed them all.

A terrifying pitch-black vortex appeared. The big black phoenix disappeared into the vortex, and Lin Feng reappeared.

His Qi was shaking violently. How dangerous! He had almost been completely absorbed. His enemy was just a soul, not a Saint, but it could still absorb him!

Lin Feng raised his head and looked around.

He felt more and more connected to his own world, his G.o.d strength was also growing more powerful. His soul was fusing together with his own world more and more each day. If he became strong in his own world, he also became stronger in the outside world. If someday he could use his G.o.d strength to control the outside world too, it would be amazing…

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and his Qi slowly became calm again. He had used lots of energy to absorb the terrifying creature.

Time pa.s.sed. Lin Feng completely a.s.similated the creature and then used the evolution scriptures to modify that strength. He sensed the foundational strength of another Saint in this manner.

Lin Feng activated the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. His consciousness contained all sorts of strengths. The different sorts of strengths gradually became his own. Lin Feng had only one thing in mind: become stronger!

Lin Feng was in his own world and forgot time.


In the outside world, Lin Feng was buried in the cave. Aomo was there and protected the cave. A gigantic G.o.dly dragon was next to Lin Feng. n.o.body could get close to the cave. He was bleeding, G.o.dly dragon blood, but he looked alert and he was watching the black phoenixes coldly.

Around Aomo, there were many destroyed black phoenix shadows. Those phoenixes almost looked real, as if they had had real bodies.

Many black phoenixes were staring at Aomo, wanting to destroy him.

A black phoenix shrieked in hate, and Aomo roared right back. Lin Feng was probably still fighting in his own world. He couldn't let anyone attack Lin Feng's real body!

There were still many cultivators in the sky above the valley, staring down below. An old man said, "The demon dragon is surprisingly taking risks because of a human! It's rare. Unfortunately, he decided to go into the forbidden territory of the Black Phoenix Clan, and he's going to die."

"Elder, he hasn't come out. Could an accident have happened?"

"Hmph! There are many, many ancestors in the valley. They probably absorbed him already," sniffed the Elder coldly.


Outside of the Black Phoenix Clan, a few people appeared, including Lan Ge and Xiao Ya.

"Brother Lan Ge, let's hurry, I'm worried for my brother!" said Xiao Ya. she was extremely worried, so she had asked Lan Ge for help. Lan Ge knew that he couldn't do much alone against the Black Phoenix Clan.

But during these days, more and more people who had an agreement with Mu Shan Zi had appeared there. Lan Ge felt sad for Xiao Ya, so he asked some people for help.

There were six people in total: Lan Ge, Hua Qian Yu, Chi Lian Shan, Xiao Ya, and two others; one was fat, very fat, and the last one was a very, very beautiful woman who looked gentle and composed.

When they arrived on the Black Phoenix Clan's territory, some members of the clan rose up into the air and said, "Who are you?"

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Chi Lian Shan furiously, continuing to walk forwards. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan grimaced. Some people dared so arrogantly on their territory? They looked extremely strong, though…

"It's the Black Phoenix Clan here!" said a cultivator coldly. However, at that moment, dazzling lightnings appeared and one of the members of the Black Phoenix Clan exploded and disappeared. The others all hissed and released their Qi.

"p.i.s.s off, you a.s.shole!" shouted Chi Lian Shan. He took out a wooden stick and attacked the crowd, the air exploding with the force of his attack. A few members of the Black Phoenix Clan blew apart and died.

b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rose up. However, the group of six continued moving forwards, as if n.o.body could stop them.

Thunder rocked earth and sky. People from the Black Phoenix Clan had the impression their clan was going to get destroyed. It even started raining blood as their members were killed one after another in the sky.

The weaker members of the clan were suddenly terrified. Six people had come to kill their members?! How arrogant!

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Chapter 2330: Fighting Against the Black Phoenix Clan

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Lan Ge, Chi Lian Shan, and the others continued on. They were terrifyingly strong. Apart from Saints, who could compete with such people? Saints were rarely involved with the so they had even fewer enemies.

It was even more terrifying when people like them joined hands. It was why they dared go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l together, without asking Saints for help.

Those people were proud and arrogant because they were qualified to be that way. Apart from Xiao Ya, the five others couldn't be defeated by anyone, but Saints. They could destroy anyone who wasn't a Saint extremely easily, and could slaughter millions of people quickly.

More and more strong cultivators of the Black Phoenix Clan appeared. However, they quickly realized that no matter how strong the cultivators they sent were, their enemies were still stronger. Apart from Xiao Ya, all the others were too terrifying, especially when they were together.


Very quickly, the six arrived near the valley. Many strong cultivators saw them arrive. They were stupefied, especially the Elder, who watched them coldly. These people were so strong…

The Elder broke a few things and moved towards the group of six, shouting, "Who dares kill people from the Black Phoenix Clan?!"

"People who want to settle accounts with you!" shouted Lan Ge coldly. Lightning appeared in the sky and descended. The Black Phoenix Clanfolk were terrified. Some weaker people died instantly!

Lan Ge was a cultivator from the Thunder Shrine. His lightning strength was terrifying and aggressive, and he loved to use it. He also understood Celestial Thunder Dao to its maximum level.

"Die!" Lan Ge flew forwards, bathed in lightning. He looked like a terrifying thunder G.o.d. Millions of lightning bolts blew in all directions. Another batch of phoenixes died instantly. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan all had very ugly expressions

"Maximum level Dao. These people are terrifying!" The Elder was astonished. Where were these people from?

The five people killed the members of the Black Phoenix Clan one after another. The Elder shouted furiously, "Our great Elder is a Saint! Do you want to die?!"

"Saint?" shouted Lan Ge coldly. "The Black Phoenix Animal District is not strong! That's why you're stuck here, outside of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l! Poor you! You couldn't even get a better place! You are extremely weak! People don't even feel like destroying you, even though they can. Your strongest cultivator is a half-Saint at most!"

The Elder of the Black Phoenix Clan frowned and said coldly, "Even if he's only a half-Saint, he can easily kill you, you're tiny little insects in his eyes!"

"Is that so? We'll see, we are willing to challenge the half-Saint!" said Chi Lian Shan furiously. The air around him exploded as he said that.

"You, you, how insolent!" shouted the Elder of the Black Phoenix Clan. How shameless of those people to come and kill them! However, even though he was strong, he was alone, and he couldn't fight against cultivators of the top of the Sheng Di Layer. They had many Saint Emperors in the clan, but they were much weaker than these five people because their Dao hadn't reached the maximum level!

Saint Emperors whose Dao had reached its maximum level were stronger. There were fewer Saint Emperors with a Dao at the maximum level than Saints in the world. But now, a few had appeared together here, in the territory of the Black Phoenix Animal District!

"Insolent? So what?" said Lan Ge.

The Elder said coldly, "You are from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you want to go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. Why did you come here?"

"You are a bunch of evil b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. We despise you," spat Lan Ge coldly. They all released their Dao power. The air began to thrum with power!

After a short time, the Elder was the last one remaining. The other members of the Black Phoenix Clan were all dead. He couldn't believe his eyes!

Very quickly, the old man was surrounded by the five cultivators, and was trembling. He finally understood what it meant to be terrified. Those five people's Dao Wills were horrifying. They were living killing machines!

Finally, a mighty aura began to fill the air. It contained Saint's power. At the same time, some weaker threads of Qi appeared, still belonging to the Sheng Di Layer.

"Our Saint is here, and you're not stopping!" shouted the Elder crazily.

"Die!" snarled Lan Ge. The five people's Dao power moved towards him. He shrieked and died, he hadn't even been able to hold on until the Saint arrived!

Three terrifying phoenixes arrived and glared at Lan Ge and the others hotly.

"You all want to die!" said the strongest phoenix. His eyes were sharp as blades.

In the grave of Black Phoenix Valley, Aomo was still there, fighting against phoenix shadows as if the outside world had nothing to do with him anymore.

Aomo was still bleeding, many scales had been ripped off his skin. The wounds burned.

"Dad, hold on, you will win! I'm here to protect you!" shouted Aomo, glancing around. The black phoenix shadows moved away.

Qi emerged from of the cave. It had to be his father's Qi!

A few days had pa.s.sed, he had probably won! If it wasn't his father's Qi, then it was…

"Little boy, thank you for your hard work," said a familiar voice. Aomo couldn't help feeling relieved. Tears appeared in his eyes; his father had won!

Thunder began to roll. Aomo fell down from the sky and crashed to the ground, but his eyes were still open. He looked determined.

He slowly closed his eyes and shrank down into a tiny dragon. Lin Feng broke free from the cave which had collapsed and flashed up next to Aomo. He crouched down and put his hand on Aomo's body, releasing life strength and helping Aomo recover.

Aomo's eyes twinkled, he opened them, smiling as he shouted, "Dad!"

"Little boy, you need a rest!" Lin Feng smiled. Aomo's body disappeared.

Lin Feng raised his head and released G.o.d strength; his eyes went black. He released demon strength to surround the dead black phoenixes. After that, he rose up in the air.

He stretched his hand and absorbed the dead black phoenixes. Very quickly, there were no dead black phoenixes left.

He then continued rising up into the air. Many black phoenix shades moved towards him, but he destroyed them all.

Lin Feng had already absorbed the oldest black phoenix. Even though there was a virtually endless number of black phoenixes in the valley, when he had to leave, n.o.body could stop him. If they tried, they died thoroughly.

Very quickly, Lin Feng appeared outside of the valley and saw the crowd.

"Lan Ge, Hua Qian Yu, and the others?" Lin Feng looked stupefied.

"Bro!" shouted Xiao Ya. Lin Feng smiled down at her. Lan Ge and the others were fighting against some terrifying black phoenixes. Xiao Ya was there too; they had protected her, and had come back to save him. Such people were rare!

"Xiao Ya!" said Lin Feng, moving towards her fast as lightning. Some black phoenixes wanted to stop him, but he killed them instantly, they couldn't withstand a single attack. They all died and fell from the sky.

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Chapter 2331: Cage of Darkness

Editor: RED

When Lan Ge saw Lin Feng, his eyes glittered. Daimon from the World Clan had been imprisoned in the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley and had managed to come out alive, safe and sound. That was impressive!

"Brother!" said Xiao Ya, smiling broadly. She was so happy and relieved to see Lin Feng safe and sound. She had been so worried that something could happen to Lin Feng. Luckily, he was very strong and had ended up fine.

A black phoenix exploded, Lin Feng appeared next to it. He looked at the battle, five people against three. Lan Ge and the others had some terrifying weapons, and there was a half Saint in the Black Phoenix Clan, while the two others were also extremely strong. They were probably high officials in the Black Phoenix Clan.

Lin Feng had heard that the Black Phoenix Clan had been weakening for a long time. They didn't even have a real Saint. No wonder they were on the periphery of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l.

The Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l was one of the seven forbidden territories, was very dangerous, and the Qi here wasn't good at all. The Holy Sage Ruler Clans didn't want to settle in such places, and people who came here were usually extremely strong and wanted to go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l.

Lin Feng kept Xiao Ya next to him. Lan Ge hadn't been able to fight properly because he had to take care of her. With their powerful weapons, they could deal with the enemy more easily.

The Black Phoenix Clan's strongest cultivator was the half-Saint. Hua Qian Yu from the Celestial Sound Shrine and the fat man were fighting against him. Hua Qian Yu had a celestial demon zither, a deadly weapon. The other members of the Black Phoenix Clan who tried to get involved were killed instantly, unable to compete with those soundwaves.

The fat man also had a terrifying weapon: a bowl! When he stroked his bowl, terrifying soundwaves made the air explode around him, and his opponents' souls kept breaking apart. It was a weapon which attacked his enemy's souls.

"Medium-level Saint's Weapons." Lin Feng glanced at Hua Qian Yu and the fat man's weapons. They contained Saint's power, although it wasn't as terrifying and oppressive as Qin Shan's power.

In the lower world, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Saint's Weapons were considered peerless treasures. Such weapons could destroy or protect an Ancient Holy Clan. Even clans like the DevMara Thunder Clan considered such weapons peerless. But in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Supreme Animal World, such weapons weren't considered peerless.

They were also divided into different categories. Lan Ge and the others were from Shrines and powerful clans, and they used medium-level weapons. Maybe they had other trump cards, n.o.body knew whether they had high-level Saint's Weapons or not.

Those people were core members in Shrines and Cans, descendants of terrifying cultivators like Qiong Jiu Tian. Having high-level Saint's Weapons was something absolutely possible for such people. This time, they had come for the mysterious Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l.

Of course, whether they had weapons or not wasn't the most important thing. Lin Feng was very touched by the fact they were helping him.

The Half-Saint is very strong. Hua Qian Yu and the fat man are using medium-level Saint's Weapons and they allow them to compete with him, but they don't have the advantage. The best thing would be to get rid of the two others first, thought Lin Feng. Chi Lian Shan and the friendly-looking woman were fighting against two gigantic black phoenixes. Lin Feng realized the woman's Qi seemed familiar.

She must be from the Life Shrine?, thought Lin Feng. Qi filled the air, and Xiao Ya disappeared. He was Daimon from the World Clan, he could use world strength if he wished. n.o.body was surprised to see that the World Clan had incredibly strong cultivators, there were many legends about them in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lin Feng sent Xiao Ya back into his small world so he didn't need to worry about her anymore. His figure flickered and he threw himself at one of the Saint Emperors, the black phoenix against whom Chi Lian Shan was fighting.

"I'm coming!" said Lin Feng. Chi Lian Shan moved back. Lin Feng looked at the black phoenix icily.

"Go in!" said Lin Feng icily. The enemy had the impression s.p.a.ce and time were changing. He appeared in a world of darkness.

He glanced around, but didn't understand what was going on, he only saw Lin Feng's eyes.

"Illusion?" said the black phoenix, as the air began to thrum. He kept telling himself that he was in an illusion, but realized that it was useless. The world around him seemed real. But how was that possible? One glance could make him appear in another world?

This was the Saint's technique Lin Feng had learned in the grave of Black Phoenix Valley. After absorbing the Saint's powerful soul, he had understood new spells. Even though they couldn't be considered real Saint's techniques, at least they were very useful and he could take people to other worlds.

Actually, it started as an illusion, but then looked extremely real. Once the targets were inside, they had the impression they were in another world. That was the biggest difference with ordinary illusion techniques; this time, his foes weren't aware they were in illusions.

"You're in my world, you're doomed," said a voice icily. The black phoenix was terrified, as cursing and death strength appeared around him.

The air vibrated, a black armor appeared around the black phoenix as he tried to resist.

"It's useless. You're doomed. You're going to die!" said a demonic voice carrying cursing strength.

Outside of that dark world, Chi Lian Shan was watching Daimon. His heart was pounding. What he saw was Daimon staring at the enemy. What a terrifying vision technique! Daimon could attack enemies by glancing at them, and it didn't seem difficult at all for him. If that Saint Emperor hadn't been incredibly strong, he would have died instantly!

"What a powerful strength!” said Chi Lian Shan. Daimon had told him to move aside and leave that battle to him, and as expected, Daimon didn't disappoint him.

"I'll come and help you!" said Chi Lian Shan. He entered the illusion and appeared between the fighters. With Daimon, they defeated the phoenix quite quickly. He hadn't been able to do anything.

Daimon left the illusion with Chi Lian Shan. "When I was inside, I had the impression I was in another world. Is that a special power of the World Clan?"

Lin Feng shook his head and replied, "It's a special spell I studied on my own. I'll call it Cage of Darkness."

"A spell you studied on your own." Chi Lian Shan's eyes twinkled. "How strong. With your spells and my attacks, we'll be a perfect team in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. We should definitely join hands."

"Alright," Lin Feng smiled. He looked over at Lan Ge and the beautiful woman. They had also finished their battle. Only the half-Saint was left!

Chi Lian Shan smiled and glanced at Lin Feng. His figure flickered, and the six of them surrounded the half-Saint.

The black phoenix frowned. Two Saint Emperors and Saint's Weapons were enough to fight against him, but now they were all surrounding him, he felt tremendous pressure.

"Haha, we're going to break a Saint today! Even though it's only a half-one, it's still awesome," laughed Chi Lian Shan. He raised his hand and a medium-level Saint's Weapon appeared. Without those weapons, such an enemy could resist them, surrounding him was useless without weapons because his attacks were too powerful.

The five cultivators attacked with their weapons, the half-Saint had the impression he was going to die. He had never thought his clan would be destroyed by humans. He felt like he was the b.u.t.t of some cosmic joke.

He glanced at them, they were all very strong.

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