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Chapter 2333: Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l

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They were at the edge of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. If they moved forwards, they'd arrive inside it.

"Since it's a mysterious forbidden territory, we should disperse. If we're too many people at once and face danger, we could all die at the same time," said someone. Everybody nodded. Indeed, even though they were very strong, they knew they weren't strong enough to ignore all dangers in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. Even Saints could be in danger in the forbidden territories.

"I think so, too. The problem is how many groups should we form?" asked Mu Shan Zi.

"We're sixty-five people, we should form five big groups and then smaller groups of six. Smaller groups shouldn't stay too far from the others to help one another in case of danger," said Ye Zhi Yun.

"I agree. That way, even if a small group is in danger, we can help out. That way, we'll also discover more mysteries about the place," agreed Lan Ge.

Mu Shan Zi called out, "Everybody agrees?"


Everybody nodded.

"Alright, you can form the groups yourselves," said Mu Shan Zi. Instantly, people who knew one another and were friends formed groups. Of course, the most important thing was strength; if people considered that someone wasn't strong enough, they didn't want to be with them.

Lan Ge and the others had no problem forming a group, they were already six people. They had already fought together against the black phoenixes, so they were already used to joining hands.

Very quickly, all the groups were made, there was a group of five people.

"Lan Ge, your group and mine should help one another," said someone to Lan Ge.

"Alright," Lan Ge nodded.

After that, Mu Shan Zi smiled and said, "Everybody, good luck! Let's go!"

They got ready to go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l.

"Let's go as well," said Lan Ge, leading the way. Their figures flickered. The periphery of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l was boundless. They all headed in different directions.


After a short time, Lan Ge, Lin Feng and the others arrived in front of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. A cold wind brushed against their skin, containing ancient energy. There were some pale blood lights within it.

"Let's go in!" said Lan Ge. The six of them entered the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. According to legends, the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l was a  very mysterious place; no matter from where you entered the territory, it was impossible to reach the other end by walking straight. n.o.body knew how big the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l really was.

"So many cliff caves, we could go inside," said the fat guy, narrowing his eyes and gazing into the distance. There was a gigantic cliff cave in front of them, a blood pond in front of it. It was an incredible and daunting sight.

"The Qi is becoming stronger and stronger," noticed Lan Ge.

Not far from them was another group of six people.

"Yes, it's an evil Qi, as if there was a demon inside," agreed Chi Lian Shan. He had incredibly acute perception.

"Let's move slowly. We have to be careful," whispered Ye Zhi Yun. Her beautiful eyes glittered as the group continued moving. They could see blood everywhere on the cliffs. They didn't enter any cliff caves, though.

"How cold." At that moment, they sensed no life, only chill.

"What kind of Qi is that?" asked Ye Zhi Yun, at that moment. They could all sense that some Qi was approaching them.

"Behind!" They turned around and saw demon lights in a blood pond. The pond was boiling.

"What's that?" Ye Zhi Yun and the others frowned. That blood contained a terrifying demon Qi, and it was getting closer and closer.

"Let's go!" said Lan Ge. He shouted furiously, "Escape!"

They all flew away. The other group reacted at the same time. The Qi was too terrifying. What would happen if it surrounded them?

The other group also flew away.

"What's that?" said the fat man, looking back at the blood-red demon lake. It was extremely fast and following them. At their cultivation level, they didn't manage to lose it.

"There could be anything in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. Let's not think about it too much," said Ye Zhi Yun pulling a long face. She released life lights, but the blood-red demon lake absorbed them.

"How fast. It's catching up with someone," said the fat guy, pointing at someone who wasn't fast enough. The blood-red lake even sped up.

"Accelerate!" said Lan Ge. Lan Ge and the others accelerated. In the time needed to burn a joss stick, they crossed a gigantic distance. All they were sure of was that they had already left the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l's periphery, they were now in the depths of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l.

"How fast. That guy won't be able to escape," said someone. They were astonished. Using their G.o.dly awareness, they realized that another strong cultivator had been caught by the evil energy. His eyes were bloodshot, and he shouted defiantly, but it was useless. The demon lake caught up with him and he turned into demon lights. His physical body was burned away, they could see his flesh melt and his bones appear. It was dreadful to see!

"He's dead!" Lan Ge and the others were trembling. That guy was dead!

"Move!" Terrifying deployment lights appeared under Lin Feng's feet. Empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies surrounded his body, and he moved at an incredible speed. The demon lake behind them was about ten li back. If they stopped for even a second, the lake would catch up with them and kill them!

In front of them was a desolate mountain. It looked like a horizontal dike.

Chi Lian Shan shouted furiously. He wasn't as fast as the others, and the lake was catching up with him.

Lin Feng turned his head around and moved towards Chi Lian Shan, grabbing his arm. The lake was getting closer and closer. Lin Feng took him away.

"Thank you very much!" said Chi Lian Shan. But it wasn't the right time to stop and express his grat.i.tude. Because Lin Feng had lost a few seconds to come back and grab him, one step too slow and the lake would kill them.

Deployment lights flashed. Lin Feng accelerated again. The Qi behind them reached out, trying to slow them down.

"Hurry!" shouted Lan Ge furiously. They kept calm and continued moving towards the dike. It was a gigantic river of blood. Lin Feng and the others swept forwards without hesitation. The blood-red demon lake was about to reach them, but at the moment they reached the dike, the demon lake stopped and drained away into the blood river.

When Lin Feng and the others reached the dike, they stopped and turned around. Their hearts were pounding. The river was extremely long, it seemed endless. It had many bends as it flowed through the valleys.

But Lin Feng and the others didn't feel relaxed at all. They had to be extremely vigilant.

The river flowed in the direction of a mountain range. There was a figure there, his robe was soaked with blood, his back turned to them. He looked like a cultivator from the old days, motionless as a statue. It was the first being they had seen in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l.

That person's Qi wasn't very strong, but they felt pressure from it.

"Master!" shouted Lan Ge. However, n.o.body replied. The person remained motionless.

Lan Ge and the others sensed a cold wind brush against their skin, and their sweat went icy. They sweated even more.

After a short time, the figure suddenly moved. The figure slowly turned around and looked at them. They felt they were about to drown in Demon intent. Those eyes made their souls shake.

Half of his face was putrefied flesh, the other half was distinct.

"Another one, is he a local?" wondered Lan Ge aloud.

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