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Chapter 2339: Back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds

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Lin Feng pulled his hand away. He didn't believe him. He had gone through so many hards.h.i.+ps to become so strong, how could such an incredible power be within reach so easily? Lin Feng didn't need such external strength, he wanted to keep everything under his own control. He didn't believe he was an ancient demon king, he was just himself, Lin Feng!

A terrifying demon strength penetrated into his body, but he stopped touching the blade and took steps backwards, staring at the figure on the throne as that cultivator was staring at him. He looked like a G.o.d, but he was motionless.

"He didn't try Body Capture using force!" Lin Feng was perplexed. At that moment, the demon king could do anything to him, but he didn't.

"Since you don't want to wake me up, does it mean you think you want to see how strong you can be?" said the voice. It had only one thread of intent left. He was sound asleep.

"I don't believe you," said Lin Feng. He became calm again. He was Lin Feng, and had a Forbidden Body!

"Someday, if I reach the clouds, I will go against the will of Heaven. Why would I need to wake you up and borrow your strength?" Lin Feng asked calmly.

"Will you regret?"

"I will have nothing to regret," said Lin Feng indifferently.

"You have a palace within reach, that is a tempting offer. Anyway, good, you have time to think anyway. If you change your mind, come back and wake me up," said the voice. Demon strength reappeared around the moon and the air thrummed angrily.


The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation landed next to Lin Feng. A terrifying Qi filled the air.

What a terrifying strength. One thought and the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation acknowledges allegiance to him?!, thought Lin Feng. He was astonished. He looked at the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, it looked unhappy. However, its mental state seemed like it was being oppressed.

Lin Feng was still trembling. The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation appeared in front of the demon king, was it going to submit?

"The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation is a great weapon. Since you don't want to wake me up, take it. Maybe you'll come back someday," said the voice. Lin Feng was stunned. Considering the words he had read and all the clues he had found, the Demon Emperor had to be somewhere around, but surprisingly there was only this demon king, what was his relation to the Demon Emperor?

Why did he say that Lin Feng was the Demon Emperor?

He had brought Lin Feng there, asked Lin Feng to wake him up. Lin Feng refused, and yet he didn't do anything to him. On the contrary, he even offered him the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, a terrifying Saint’s Weapon.

"It will listen to you. Don't forget that you are me. You just can't control its full strength yet, but I will help you and oppress its strength, it will be less arrogant. You will be able to control it, and it will acknowledge allegiance to you."

Lin Feng grabbed the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, and terrifying strength started corroding his body. In front of the demon king, the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation couldn't do anything, but against Lin Feng…

"Rise!" Lin Feng raised his hands, a terrifying Qi made the whole palace shake violently. Demon intent rang out viciously. He was still holding the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, and looked like a demon G.o.d.

"Can I leave?" asked Lin Feng.

"Of course. But you will probably come back. I will be here waiting for you to wake me up. I will transmit you my strength, and you will become the G.o.d of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l," said the demon slowly. "Then, you will control a peerless strength and enter this imperial castle and it will be yours, you will be a peerless demon G.o.d."

"Alright, I will come back if I think it's the right choice," said Lin Feng indifferently. He was thinking he would never come back to this horrible place. It wasn't a castle, but a coffin chamber.

"Go. n.o.body will prevent you from leaving," said the demon. Lin Feng put the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation away and left the castle.

What an incredible experience!

"The Sky Palace, what's the date tonight! Who was the Demon Emperor? Who was the demon king of that place?"

Lin Feng went down the flight of stairs and went back to the Pit of h.e.l.l. He looked at the moon in the sky, it was dark again. The terrifying Demon intent continued enveloping the area. The demons of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l forgot everything that had just happened.

Lin Feng landed next to Ye Zhi Yun and the others. They looked back at Lin Feng, curious but silent.

"Let's leave the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l," said Lin Feng. They had to leave, otherwise the demon could regret, and they would have no chance to leave anymore. Even Saints could die in here!

"Alright," Ye Zhi Yun and the others nodded. Could they leave, though? They had thought a bit too much of themselves when coming to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. They had thought they'd have lots of opportunities, but actually, once inside, all they faced was danger. Some of them had been killed instantly.


After Lin Feng and the others left, the demon king was still in the palace, motionless. He was waiting for someone to wake him up.

Demon intent filled the air. Under the palace, a demon king appeared where Lin Feng was standing a moment before. He was wearing a black robe, and he looked up at the unseen demon king calmly.

"He refused such an incredible opportunity!" whispered the cultivator, before turning into black smoke and disappearing again.


Five days later, Lin Feng and the others escaped the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. Luckily, this time, nothing happened to them.

"We're out and alive," said the fat guy, grinning with joy. He raised his head and looked at the sun, it was such a beautiful day. After spending days in the Pit of h.e.l.l, it felt so good to see the sun again!

"We're out!" Ye Zhi Yun smiled. They were alive, so awesome!

"Daimon, thank you!" Chi Lian Shan said to Daimon. He was deeply grateful. "Without you, we'd be dead."

"Indeed, Daimon, thank you so much!" agreed Ye Zhi Yun. They didn't look proud and arrogant at all anymore.

However, Lin Feng just smiled wryly and sighed, "Unfortunately, Lan Ge and Hua Qian Yu died. it wasn't worth it."

They had died for nothing.

"I'm done with these d.a.m.n forbidden territories!" said Chi Lian Shan angrily. Dying there was worthless. Dying after an incredible and explosive battle was worth it, but dying in that horrible world was useless, and it was all up to luck!

"Don't tell anyone what happened in the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l," said Lin Feng. Everybody nodded. They knew that Daimon had found something; he had gone into the palace of the moon, but they were going to keep that secret.

"There are things people don't need to know," said Ye Zhi Yun smiling, "Alright, we're alive, and I think it's the first time so many people come out of a forbidden territory alive. Let's go back and see what people say."

"Yes, let's go back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds," said Chi Lian Shan.

The group of four left, and didn't look back.


People from the Supreme Animal World didn't pay too much attention to the humans who had gone to the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l, but the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds paid a lot of attention to them, especially since Qiong Jiu Tian and Qiong Hai Ya had gone there too and had come back. Many people in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds admired them. They wanted to know the secrets of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l. People talked about Qiong Jiu Tian and Qiong Hai Ya everywhere and all the time those days, they had come out from a forbidden territory alive!

The others were probably dead inside, including Mu Shan Zi.

Some people who had explored the mystery of the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l told some powerful groups what the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l looked like, but those groups didn't share those pieces of information.

Ye Zhi Yun, Lin Feng, and the others separated. Lin Feng went back to the World Clan. What had happened in the forbidden territory felt like a dream, he would never forget it!

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