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Chapter 2243: Devouring the Saint Luck

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Everybody was convinced that the Saint Luck of those three birds was incredible. With it, the chances of becoming Saints was really high.

"Father, which bird should we chase?" Aomo asked Lin Feng.

"The one with the fissures," said Lin Feng. Of the two other birds, one had teleportation abilities and the other one controlled void strength, chasing them was too difficult. Even the other strong cultivators knew it'd be difficult to catch them.

All the birds were being chased by strong cultivators all around Lin Feng. Their Qi was fierce, especially those who were from Shrines. They joined hands to chase the birds so they posed a threat to everyone else.

"Stop!" said someone coldly. Lights flickered and encircled that gigantic bird. However, the gigantic bird whistled and continued moving forwards, releasing a terrifying explosive empty s.p.a.ce strength. The strong cultivators who were chasing didn't give up, they even put more pressure on it in a frenzy.

"Its speed is incredible!" said Aomo. He was already using his maximum speed, moving as fast as lightning, but the bird was so fast, they were only drawing closer slowly.

The members of the Fire Shrine want to chase this bird, too, thought Lin Feng, glancing around. Qiong Jiu Tian looked cold and detached. Everybody wanted Saint Luck. They all had to use their full strength to chase the bird.

"He's not so strong," said a strong cultivator in the group of people from the Fire Shrine.

"Yes, we didn't try to get the Saint Luck from the nine dragons. Since we decided to chase this one, we have to do all we can to get it. And the most difficult is yet to come," said Qiong Jiu Tian. The Fire Shrine had to get this one.

"The gigantic bird controls atmosphere-destroying strength too. It's probably related to the Saint Luck he has. If we capture him, we'll also gain an incredible spell," said Qiong Hai Ya. The group of people of the Fire were on a gigantic fire sword which streaked across the sky at high speed, trailing fire.

"Daimon!" said the fat guy to Lin Feng at that moment. Lin Feng smiled and said, "Fatty, people from the Soul Shrine want to get that bird, too?"

"I'm not that interested, if you want him, I can help you," said the fat guy. He felt like he owed Lin Feng, as without Lin Feng, he wouldn't have left the Supreme Ancient Pit of h.e.l.l alive.

"Alright, help me block the others then," said Lin Feng smiling.

"No problem. I'm quite strong," laughed the fat guy, his flesh covered his eyes each time he smiled or laughed.

"Mine!" said a strong cultivator, stretching out his hands towards the bird. However, when he grabbed the bird, the latter became illusionary and gained alt.i.tude. The strong cultivator's face stiffened in surprise.

Boom! A strong wind swept away a number of cultivators.

"How is that possible?" the one who had just tried to grab the bird looked at his hands, stunned. Those who were chasing the birds were also shocked. Could that bird really break the atmosphere and disappear inside to teleport himself?

"How to catch him then?" wondered Lin Feng. He was annoyed, had he chosen the wrong bird?

The gigantic bird landed on the peak of a mountain and stopped. It glanced over at the crowd in a sharp way. It looked almost amused and taunting.

The strong cultivators who were chasing it also stopped and watched it. Their eyes were glittering.

"I'll try," said a strong cultivator, moving forwards. n.o.body prevented him from trying. His empty s.p.a.ce strength was very strong. He stretched out his hands to catch the bird, but just like a moment before, he caught nothing but air.

"That's…" the strong cultivator was astonished, his face froze.

"Crush him!" said Qiong Hai Ya coldly. Fire appeared all around him and he threw himself at the bird, chains made of fire appeared all around the bird. The bird looked at him disdainfully, as if the fire was too weak for him.

Getting Saint Luck and becoming a Saint is not easy at all," mused Lin Feng.

Aomo said, "Father, that bird controls atmosphere-breaking strength. To it, everything is emptiness, attacking him is useless, only Saints could attack it. But you have a mysterious strength, so you can try and see if your attacks work on him."

Indeed, only a terrifying empty s.p.a.ce attack could work on the bird, but Lin Feng's strength was different from other people. He controlled G.o.d strength, G.o.d Dao. If Aomo hadn't reminded Lin Feng about it, he wouldn't have thought about it.

After the first man, other people tried, but it was useless.

Lin Feng released and condensed G.o.d strength, and flashed forwards. When Qiong Hai Ya saw that, he grunted coldly… but the bird suddenly couldn't get free from Lin Feng's attack, and started struggling.

"Aomo!" shouted Lin Feng.

"Father!" shouted Aomo.

"Open your mouth!" said Lin Feng. Aomo roared, Lin Feng's G.o.d strength pushed the bird into Aomo's mouth. A terrifying Saint Luck strength started flowing through Aomo's body. His dark scales became dazzling.

The others were astonished. Aomo had absorbed the Saint Luck?!

"Go!" whispered Lin Feng. He hadn't thought it would work. Aomo roared and spiraled up into the air.

A fireball shot at Lin Feng. Aomo rose higher, as some fire chains appeared around him and Lin Feng.

"Become small, I'll take care of it!" shouted Lin Feng. Aomo became tiny and went into Lin Feng's arms. He had to protect the Saint Luck.

"Be careful, father!" said Aomo. Lin Feng dodged the attack and released empty s.p.a.ce, then moved as fast as lightning.

"Daimon, stop!" shouted Qiong Hai Ya coldly. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine surrounded him.

"Fatty!" shouted Lin Feng.

The fat guy nodded, and shouted furiously. The crowd shook because his voice was too loud. They had the impression their souls were going to explode, and the world collapse around them.

Even though Lin Feng was prepared, his soul shook too. That fat guy's attacks were powerful and affected him, too!

"Enough!" said Lin Feng. He still wanted to attack Qiong Hai Ya, but the fat guy's attack had hit everyone, so he had missed the opportunity to attack. But as the crowd was trembling, Lin Feng struggled and started leaving at his top speed.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! That black dragon's cultivation level is not strong enough, you made him absorb Saint Luck, it's a waste!" shouted some people furiously. But it was useless. Lin Feng had already had Aomo absorb the Saint Luck. Many people stopped and looked at the two other birds. Maybe they would have an opportunity there…

But the members of the Fire Shrine didn't want to give up and, continued chasing Lin Feng, infuriating him.

"Daimon!" shouted Chi Lian Shan. He looked at the fat guy and asked, "What's going on?"

"Help me!" shouted Lin Feng. Chi Lian Shan nodded and flashed forwards, releasing a terrifying strength. The others all had the impression they were stuck in moving sands.

"Good!" said Chi Lian Shan happily. Lin Feng was happy some people were helping him.

"Chi Lian Shan, fatty, don't cause trouble," said Qiong Jiu Tian to those two people coldly.

"We definitely will cause trouble," said Chi Lian Shan.

The fat guy shrugged and said, "I feel like causing trouble, too."

"Chi Lian Shan, fight against Qiong Jiu Tian; fatty, block the two others, I'll take care of Qiong Hai Ya," said Lin Feng. The two people nodded.

Qiong Hai Ya smiled coldly. Daimon was too insolent!

"Father, should I help?" asked Aomo. He wanted to fight too.

"No need. How are you feeling?" asked Lin Feng.

"I want to get the Saint Luck of the two other birds. This Saint Luck contains incredible empty s.p.a.ce strength, it looks like Celestial Dao! It's extremely powerful. You shouldn't have given it to me," said Aomo.

"No problem. Even if you can't become a Saint now, you'll have the opportunity in the future. I'm not like you, I don't need Saint Luck!" replied Lin Feng. Aomo hissed and continued a.s.similating the Saint Luck…

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