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Chapter 2349: Gathering in the World Clan

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Lin Feng raised his head, his eyes still closed, and condensed strength, his Qi much more powerful.

However, after that, Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked disappointed.

"I still don't understand, why can't I understand?" whispered Lin Feng. He could control an incredible G.o.d strength, but he couldn't make his body work in resonance with Celestial Dao.

Only a little something was missing, but that little something was huge. If he understood that little something, he'd reach the second level of his G.o.d layer!

But that little something seemed to be so far…


Outside, Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked at the mountain, the Celestial Dao was dimly discernible. Saint Emperor Freeze's body had become nature itself. Chu Chun Qiu had started a war against Celestial Dao. That was their way, not Lin Feng's.

He glanced at Chu Chun Qiu. Chu Chun Qiu seemed like he was going to destroy the Canonization Mountain. Lin Feng didn't do anything. Even though there were tensions between Chu Chun Qiu and him, he couldn't attack him by surprise in such circ.u.mstances, that would have been a blasphemy as a cultivator.

Lin Feng turned around and slowly walked away. After a few seconds, the Canonization Mountain seemed so far away from him. As Lin Feng left, he looked natural and unrestrained, confident and at ease. He didn't need to force himself, and staying there was useless. He needed a good opportunity to become a Saint, and good comprehension.


After leaving, Lin Feng contacted Aomo. A short time later, he heard a dragon chant and golden lights appeared in the distance.

"Not bad, you understand empty s.p.a.ce strength really well now, little boy!" Lin Feng smiled.

"Father!" Aomo greeted him, landing in front of Lin Feng.

"How did it go?" asked Lin Feng. Even though he wasn't strong enough back then, the Saint Luck had been very beneficial to him.

"Very good. It's a mysterious feeling through, I can't really describe it. I made great progress, though! Do you want to see?" asked Aomo smiling.

Lin Feng patted his head and smiled, "No rush. I'm going back to the World Clan first."

Lin Feng jumped onto Aomo's back, golden lights flashed and Aomo rose up into the air.


Qiong Jiu Tian took some members of the Fire Shrine to the World Clan. They started setting the atmosphere on fire in the World Clan. An ocean of fire appeared, scorching hot. Buildings were burning down one after another.

A group of strong cultivators from the World Clan showed up and watched the members of the Fire Shrine coldly. An old man asked, "Fire Shrine, what is this supposed to mean?"

"Where's Daimon?!" demanded Qiong Jiu Tian coldly, releasing his Saint's strength. A terrifying and oppressive fire surrounded the old man, who pulled a long face. A Saint!

That person was completely different from the rest now, he had transcended worldliness, he could easily crush them if he wanted!

"Daimon hasn't come back," said the old man.

Qiong Jiu Tian groaned coldly and said, "Daimon killed some of the members of the Fire Shrine in the Canonization Area, and now you think he can continue hiding?"

More fireb.a.l.l.s appeared in the sky and oppressed the strong cultivators of the World Clan. They all pulled a long face. How could they compete with a Saint?

"Qiong Jiu Tian," warned someone at that moment. Chi Lian Shan had arrived. He owed Lin Feng, and was worried that Qiong Jiu Tian would kill him, so he rushed over.

"You also became a Saint. Fight against me," said Chi Lian Shan. He looked so strong, as strong as a real mountain. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine felt great pressure. Some of them could barely breathe.

Qiong Jiu Tian suddenly turned around and said to Chi Lian Shan, "Since it's that way, we'll fight!"

Qiong Jiu Tian suddenly disappeared and a gigantic hand with fire strength descended from the sky.

"Hmph!" Chi Lian Shan grunted coldly. He wasn't afraid. A terrifying earth punch smashed into the fire hand. The energies exploded and disappeared. Qiong Jiu Tian reappeared in front of Chi Lian Shan.

"Die!" said Qiong Jiu Tian, pointing a finger filled with Saint's strength.

Chi Lian Shan released earth strength to surround his body. That finger was too fast and crashed onto his head, as sharp as a sword. Chi Lian Shan moved backwards.

Qiong Jiu Tian wasn't going to let him go, but he also felt the pressure.

Chi Lian Shan couldn't see Qiong Jiu Tian anymore. He still raised his fist, and earth strength surrounded the atmosphere around him. Thunder rumbled as Qiong Jiu Tian threw himself at him.

What a powerful sh.e.l.l, thought Qiong Jiu Tian. He was annoyed. More and more energies surrounded him.

At that moment, Chi Lian Shan was amazed because he had used the best defense he could already, his fist became even harder and Saint's lights twinkled around it.

The finger and the fist collided, both fighters were propelled backwards violently. They were both half-Saints so far. Their cultivation wasn't very stable.

"Chi Lian Shan, you want to cause trouble!" swore Qiong Jiu Tian. His arms were shaking.

"Haha, Qiong Jiu Tian, you're a Saint too now! And now you want to avenge Qiong Hai Ya, who was so useless? He was so weak. He chased Daimon to kill him, and Daimon killed him, you can't really say anything about it."

"Indeed, but now I'm strong enough, and I can come and destroy the World Clan if I want to!" said Qiong Jiu Tian emotionlessly. "The Fire Shrine isn't far from here. I've informed the Shrine and soon many strong cultivators are going to come. Of course, they won't get involved, I will take care of Daimon personally."

Chi Lian Shan remained silent. Qiong Jiu Tian really wanted to kill Daimon. Even though Daimon was extremely strong, if he hadn't become a Saint, he'd definitely die.

People from the World Clan looked extremely worried. Saints were really terrifying. If Lin Feng came back and that Qiong Jiu Tian tried to kill him, they'd do their best to protect him.

The members of the Fire Shrine didn't move, they were waiting. The Fire Shrine wasn't far from the Northwest Area.


As expected, after a short time, a group of strong cultivators appeared in the distance. Their leader was a middle-aged man, he looked free from inhibitions and happy. He smiled and said, "Jiu Tian, you've broken through to the Sheng Layer! You're a Saint now, how wonderful."

Qiong Jiu Tian turned around and looked at the middle-aged man. "Teacher, how come you came here personally?"

"My disciple became a Saint, how could I not come?" replied the middle-aged man with a smile.

Next to him was a young man who looked cold, but then smiled indifferently and said, "Congratulations, fellow disciple."

"You've been a Saint for hundreds of years, I just became one, you're much stronger than me," said Qiong Jiu Tian casually.

"Right, fellow disciple, what are you doing here?"

Qiong Jiu Tian looked furious and said, "Hai Ya was killed by a member of the World Clan, I had to come here."

"What is that supposed to mean?" said the young man, glancing at the members of the World Clan coldly. "The World Clan disappeared for a long time; now you're back and you think you're rulers here?"

"Eh?" At that moment, some people gazed into the distance sharply.

"Daimon!" Qiong Jiu Tian saw Lin Feng and Aomo. They were going to die, definitely!

"Hmph!" Qiong Jiu Tian charged towards Lin Feng instantly.

Chi Lian Shan flashed forwards to stop him, but Qiong Jiu Tian's fellow disciple prevented him from moving. He said coldly, "Earth Shrine, don't intervene here."

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Chi Lian Shan coldly. He released a terrifying strength and rose up into the air. Qiong Jiu Tian's teacher grunted coldly and disappeared.

Qiong Jiu Tian shot towards Lin Feng quickly.

Lin Feng frowned, he hadn't thought Qiong Jiu Tian would try to kill him so quickly. He had become a Saint and was even faster than before. He pointed at Lin Feng with all his fingers. He wanted to destroy him!

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