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Chapter 2453: G.o.d's Heir

Edited by RED

When the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader had sealed Da Yu City with the Celestial Sealing Map, he had sent two peerless Saints, and hadn't thought Lin Feng would survive. n.o.body had. But things went beyond expectations. Now the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader had had no choice but to show up personally.

On Lin Feng's side, there were three peerless Saints; Ordinary the supreme cultivator, Sa Leng the supreme cultivator, and a peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint. They could definitely prevent Qiong Fan and Lu Yang from killing Lin Feng, but the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader was different. Not only was he incredibly strong, but he also controlled the Celestial Sealing Map and could prevent other peerless Saints from entering Da Yu City.

"Lin Feng, go back to the Star World to hide," said the peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint to Lin Feng. The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader controlled the Celestial Sealing Map, so they couldn't guarantee Lin Feng's safety anymore.

"Alright." Lin Feng knew he was in danger.

At that moment, many people appeared and landed in different places. They had arrived a while before, but they hadn't been able to enter Da Yu City because it was sealed. Now, the Celestial Sealing Map had disappeared, so those people could come in. Many of them were from Shrines who hadn't gotten involved before, such as the Earth Shrine and the Celestial Sound Shrine.

The situation was critical for them, too. Usually, there was a balance of power in the world, but then a Forbidden Person had appeared. They actually would prefer Lin Feng never existed. The Earth Shrine had good relations with Lin Feng because of Chi Lian Shan. They also didn't want the Fortune Shrine to be destroyed, as if some Shrines joined hands, then they had to have allies too!

"We're on the Fortune Shrine's side," said someone from the Earth Shrine.

"We'll get in trouble. It's difficult!" whispered the leader of the group. "We'll see. There's a mysterious influential group in Da Yu City, I don't know where they're from."

"Lin Feng is a good guy. If he becomes a G.o.d someday, he won't do anything to us," declared a strong guy. It was Chi Lian Shan, he knew Lin Feng.

"Shut up," said his father, standing next to him. Surprisingly, Chi Lian Shan dared talk without thinking in such a place.

"Chi Lian Shan, you don't understand what's going on and why the Shrines want to kill Lin Feng. At our scale, we don't want anyone to surpa.s.s us. The Fortune Shrine and the Shrines live in peace with each other because they are equally strong. If the Fortune Shrine becomes stronger than us, you think they will let us live peacefully? If the Fortune Shrine becomes our enemies, who will Lin Feng help?" said the leader of the group indifferently.

Chi Lian Shan's heart twitched. Things were not as simple as they seemed. Indeed, if anything happened, who would he help?

The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader raised his hand and the map flashed. Lin Feng and three peerless Saints looked nervous.

"The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader personally came to Da Yu City, Lu Yang and Qiong Fan are here, too. At the same time, they sent three peerless Saints who were guarding outside. Only one peerless Saint must be left in the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine," said someone at that moment.

Many people heard that and raised their heads. That person made the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine understand their enemies had a new option.

The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader raised his head and gazed into the distance, his Celestial Sealing Map suddenly lighting up. An empty s.p.a.ce sword streaked across the sky and s.p.a.ce crackled; he wanted to make the one who had just spoken up stand out.

Golden lights flashed. An illusion faded and many, many figures appeared in the sky, blotting out the sky and covering the earth, before they suddenly dispersed. Those people were the mysterious influential group the Earth Shrine had talked about.

"Who are you?" asked the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader coldly. He had noticed them, but he hadn't paid attention to them. He hadn't thought they would get involved as well.

"Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Leader, you're ignorant and ill-informed," said a voice again. An ancient coffin appeared in the sky.

"I'm not ignorant and ill-informed, you're from the World Clan, which disappeared a long time ago. But you shouldn't be so strong now, yet you all look extremely strong," said the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader. The crowd s.h.i.+vered… the World Clan?

Lin Feng was startled too, how come the World Clan was getting more and more mysterious? Last time he had realized they were enigmatic and unfathomable, as they had dared offend the Fire Shrine. Now, they were standing in the Shrines' field of vision.

"Back in the days, the World Clan was prosperous. The Shrines were unscrupulous and insolent. I would have never thought the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader would have become so insolent and condescending. Since it's that way, watch!" said a voice.

In front of the coffin, world lights flashed. They streaked across the sky, and a vortex appeared, swirling into a celestial curtain, and something appeared on the curtain: a Shrine!

"The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine!" Many world coffins had appeared around the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. They came from the ancient past, and were floating around the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. Some strong cultivators rose up in the air there and stared at the world coffins in shock. They didn't dare act blindly.

"Interesting, the World Clan dares attack the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine," said Ao Cang Hai with a smile. Even though only one peerless Saint was left in the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine to protect it, they also had allies, and the other Shrines might send some peerless Saints there to help. But now, the World Clan had surrounded the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine, and considering their faces, the strong cultivators of the World Clan were probably incredible strong.

"Very good," said the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader. "I never thought the World Clan would reappear and would want to be our enemies. Why are you attacking the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine?"

"I just want to tell you not to think of attacking Lin Feng. Even though we're not the strongest cultivators in the world, we have the means of putting pressure on you, and destroying the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. At least, we could weaken you and kill many of your people, imagine what would happen to a weakened Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine?" asked a voice which came from the world coffin. "Our request is simple: Leader, go back with the Celestial Sealing Map."

The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader looked composed, but on the inside, he was struggling, he was going crazy. The plan was a total failure! It would be difficult to have another opportunity like this! All their allies who were Shrines had agreed to help this time!

"Today, Lin Feng is definitely going to die. I don't think the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader should give up." Someone appeared, and around him, the s.p.a.ce froze. It was a peerless Saint of the Ice and Snow Shrine!

"Three Shrines, the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine, the Fire Shrine, and the Ice and Snow Shrine." Lin Feng looked at them, wondering which Shrines wanted to kill him apart from them.

"Indeed, if the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's leader attacks Lin Feng, he might die. But if the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine is weakened and Lin Feng the Forbidden Person dead, then the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine won't pose a threat to the Ice and Snow Shrine anymore. How perfect," said a voice coming from the world coffin.

The strong cultivator of the Ice and Snow Shrine said coldly, "Nonsense!" He waved his hand, and the s.p.a.ce around him froze.

However, a dazzling world light emerged from the world coffin and blocked the ice energy.

"I don't care, if any Shrine tries to help the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine kill Lin Feng, we will destroy them," said the peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint next to Lin Feng, releasing a terrifying Qi. He looked like a G.o.d. "I'll tell you one thing! Last time, the G.o.dly Grave was opened and everybody came out because the historical remains of the G.o.dly Grave appeared. The historical remains were a G.o.d's legacy. I am one of the protectors, a Dhammapala, and Lin Feng is the G.o.d's heir! If you want to see how powerful a G.o.d's entourage is, give it a try!" roared the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint extremely loudly!

Many people trembled. A G.o.d's heir? And the peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint was one of the protectors, a Dhammapala? How scary, impressive, and majestic!

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