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Chapter 2460: Unforeseen

Edited by RED

The Mausoleum and Ganges Time were connected, and G.o.ddess Xuan knew the place really well. She knew how to avoid danger here, and had successfully led them in front of a bright corridor.

"I can smell some time determination. G.o.ddess Xuan, where are we?" asked someone.

"The G.o.dly Beast's Mausoleum is inside," said G.o.ddess Xuan. The crowd was stupefied. A b.e.s.t.i.a.l G.o.d was buried in there?

"Since you've been here before, why do you want to bring us there?" asked the legendary flying snake coldly. He had doubts about G.o.ddess Xuan's true intentions. Why did she want to bring them to a beast's grave?

"It looks like a time corridor, and it seems to be rotating, which means that each time I come here, it's in a different place. It's difficult to find. I fear that if I go inside alone, I won't be able to come back out. Therefore, I want to go inside with everybody," said G.o.ddess Xuan.

Aomo looked at Lin Feng and said. "Father, the Phoenix Valley harbors evil intentions. They know you have a Forbidden Body and that you're lucky, so they invited you to come along."

"Everyone here is outstanding. They're all from G.o.dly beasts' clans. We can't be sure of anything." replied Lin Feng. "But since we came here, we have to be very careful."

"Alright." Aomo nodded.

G.o.ddess Xuan was already in the corridor. A mysterious strength surrounded everybody as they followed after. The corridor seemed endless, n.o.body knew where it led. Many lights pa.s.sed next to them.

"Be careful. Don't touch those lights, and don't blame me if you do. I warned you," said G.o.ddess Xuan. That place contained a mysterious Qi.

"Master Ox, do you know or sense anything?" asked Lin Feng.

"It's the Corridor of s.p.a.ce and Time. Be careful, those lights are violent time whirlwinds. Don't touch them, otherwise, anything could happen. In Ganges Time, time is in a state of chaos. You could suddenly end up in a tornado and you would never be able to come out, or maybe you'd come out a thousand years later," the ox said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng heard some sounds, his heart trembled. Indeed, in a time storm, a cultivator could be stuck in there for ten thousand years and outside it'd be like a few seconds, and the opposite was possible, too, ten thousand years could pa.s.s outside while inside, it'd feel like a few seconds. It was a terrifying thing.

The group was extremely vigilant.

"Be careful. There's a time storm." In front of them was a violent windstorm. The crowd looked nervous, moving aside and staying close to the walls. The storm flew past the crowd. They didn't even dare to release Qi.

"Let's continue," said G.o.ddess Xuan calmly. She was already used to it. Without realizing it, the crowd walked for two days in the corridor. At some point, the corridor split apart into many roads.

"G.o.ddess Xuan, are we going to continue indefinitely without a goal?" asked the Tortoise.

"We can only rely on luck. If we're lucky, we might find some incredible treasures. If we're unlucky, we might get stuck inside forever," said G.o.ddess Xuan. The crowd sighed.

At that moment, some bright lights flashed past, and tablets appeared.

"There's someone!" said someone suddenly. The crowd realized that there really was someone there. That person was lying on the ground motionless, but they were alive. That person was holding a Saint’s Weapon, an extremely powerful one. The Qi which emerged from it shook people's hearts.

"A peerless Saint’s Weapon!" The crowd was amazed. Zong Gan flapped his wings. He wanted to take the peerless Saint’s Weapon.

"Don't take that risk," said Zong Lin.

"I'm alright. I'm so fast, nothing could happen to me," said Zong Gan. He then split in two. One of his bodies turned into a roc and flapped his wings, before turning into a beam of light.

He raised his claws and reached towards the Saint’s Weapon… and a powerful wind surrounded him!

Zong Gan tried to move as quickly as possible, but he was suddenly extremely slow. His other body frowned.

"Oh no!" he said. The roc body immediately appeared in the tornado, struggling. Quickly, the time lights took it away.

"How scary. He couldn't do anything." His other body suddenly turned around and he came back, glaring at Lin Feng coldly.

"You stole my luck!" Zong Gan said to Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng looked at him strangely. Stealing someone's luck? What a strange thing to say!

"You're ridiculous!" said Lin Feng coldly. He couldn't be bothered. They continued walking forwards and discovered many time storms. The crowd saw figures and treasures in the tornadoes, but didn't know what kind of people or treasures were stuck inside.

"Found it," said G.o.ddess Xuan suddenly. She sounded happy. In front of her, some dazzling white lights had appeared.

"I can get inside thanks to it," said G.o.ddess Xuan, pointing at the white lights. The others didn't understand.

"The first I came here, I was careless and that white light took me somewhere. There, I saw a G.o.dly beast's grave. Are you coming?" asked G.o.ddess Xuan.

"Sounds interesting. Let's go!" said someone. People followed after her

"Everybody, hold hands to go inside so that we don't lose one another. Alone, we might die," G.o.ddess Xuan smiled. The white lights illuminated her face and made her look even more beautiful.

"Alright." The crowd continued walking forwards. They all wanted to get really close to G.o.ddess Xuan. However, G.o.ddess Xuan stretched out her hand and held hands with Lin Feng on one side and the Tortoise who looked like a child on the other, and smiled at them.

"Father, G.o.ddess Xuan seems to believe you and the Tortoise's child are lucky," Aomo grinned. Lin Feng walked forwards, holding hands with G.o.ddess Xuan and Aomo. They entered the white lights at the same time.

Suddenly, they started rotating.

"Time corridor." Lin Feng and the others saw many different landscapes. They were traveling through time. Battles appeared in their field of vision. Figures flickered. It was like they were watching a movie.

After that, destructive lights also appeared and pa.s.sed next to them, it gave them gooseb.u.mps. They contained a mysterious Qi.

"No!…" Lin Feng suddenly shouted furiously. His face was deathly pale.

"Father?!" shouted Aomo ,staring at Lin Feng. "Father, what's wrong?"

"No, no…!” shouted Lin Feng, he was trembling. He let go of G.o.ddess Xuan and Aomo's hands, and jumped forwards.

"Father." Aomo grabbed Lin Feng's hand again, he didn't want to let him go.

Lin Feng wanted to get rid of Aomo's hand, but Aomo firmly held him.

"Since you want to go, I'll help you out," said someone. Some gigantic wings grabbed Aomo and Lin Feng and pushed them.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and saw Zong Gan. He looked at him coldly and then raised his fist. He shouted to Ao Cang Hai. "Take care of Aomo!"

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and jumped away. Aomo shouted furiously. "Father!"

The place was extremely dangerous. Maybe Lin Feng would die there. The crowd was astonished. They didn't know what Lin Feng had seen.


Lin Feng jumped into the white lights and then walked ahead slowly. Destructive lights kept appearing around him. However, his expression didn't change. He continued walking forwards.

"Lin Feng, you're crazy," said the old ox. This was Ganges Time! His master had been stuck here for a very long time back in the days.

"I saw my children inside!" replied Lin Feng. He had seen Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng. They were in a tornado, they were together and were in danger.

Those two little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they met and now they came to Ganges Time, thought Lin Feng. If Meng Qing and You You knew this, they would have gone crazy. At least their jade talismans hadn't broken, so Lin Feng knew they were still alive!

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