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Chapter 2375: New Structures

Edited by RED

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Da Yu City had been attacked; the Fortune Shrine, the Earth Shrine, the Celestial Sound Shrine, and the World Clan had formed an alliance to resist the six Shrines' alliance. After what happened in Da Yu City, the world had become even more unstable, and the battles were even fiercer. The six Shrines' alliance didn't dare act too recklessly anymore.

Even in the six Shrines' alliance, it would still be a disaster for the Dazzling Gold Shrine because they would never be able to grow and catch up the five other Shrines. Of course, it also meant that if anything happened, they would have no power to decide, and they wouldn't be able to protect their interests anymore, either.

At the same time, in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the various influential groups also started gathering and becoming stronger. Drops of water gathered to become lakes and rivers. They didn't want to watch and do nothing in the chaotic world. They had to be careful, otherwise the Shrines might try to destroy them. The Shrines' leaders were extremely strong, and they had some peerless Saints.

Very quickly, the news spread that the Fortune Shrine, the Celestial Sound Shrine, and the Earth Shrine had given up their territories, they had dispersed in various places of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Even if the Fire Shrine and their allies did all they could, they could only find individuals dispersed all over the continent. The real battles would only happen at the level of peerless Saints.

So, all the other members could do was become peerless Saints, and then they'd be strong enough to partic.i.p.ate in the battles.

People were amazed. The Fire Shrine and their alliance were stronger, but the Fortune Shrine and their allies still managed to give their enemies headaches. Attacking by surprise was now impossible. They had learned from the mistakes of the Dazzling Gold Shrine.

Now, the war was going to last for a very long time.


However, what happened in that chaotic world wouldn't have any impact on Lin Feng. He had disappeared, and time pa.s.sed. After many years, n.o.body mentioned Lin Feng's name anymore. He had already become like many ancient cultivators who were famous because they had shaken the Continent of the Nine Clouds back in the days. He had risen, and then he had disappeared. Gradually, people forgot about him.


In the Fortune Shrine, or more precisely, in the ruins of the Fortune Shrine, because there was nothing left there, a figure landed on a wrecked building. That cultivator sighed and left.

At the same time, in the lower world, in the Holy City, there was someone outside of Tiantai's territory, but Tiantai wasn't there anymore. That cultivator stayed there for a long time and then turned around and left.

Lin Feng had had Tiantai disappear hundreds of years ago to protect it. His enemies had already dared try to attack his family members, so he had to be very cautious. That's why he had made Tiantai vanish temporarily.


A gigantic vortex appeared in the sky of the Island of Absolute Isolation. The sky there was black, and the vortex absorbed everything. Next to the vortex was a figure. He was watching the vortex absorb everything and felt tiny.

That person's face was pitch-black, as if he were dead. However, some lights twinkled around his body, protecting him from the dark strength. After a while, that person disappeared into the vortex.

After a long time, someone else arrived there. After a long time, that person was absorbed by the vortex. It was a never-ending cycle.

In Ganges Time, many figures similar to those on the Island of Absolute Isolation also appeared. Those figures appeared next to the original strength most of the time. There were also two figures seated and facing each other. They were all identical, and they released two different sorts of original strengths…


Planets rotated, time pa.s.sed.

Five hundred years were a very long time for ordinary people. For weak cultivators, five hundred years was a lifetime. However, for people from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, five hundred years pa.s.sed at in the blink of an eye.

Those five hundred years were special because there were many incredible cultivators. Some terrifying peerless Saints even appeared.

Of course, many people died too. The Shrines' war continued. During those five hundred years, someone incredible which hadn't happened for dozens of thousands of years happened.

Three hundred and sixty years before, the Fire Shrine and their allies had many fierce battles against the members of the Fortune Shrine's alliance. Many half Saints, low-level Saints, and high-level Saints of Fire Shrine's alliance were killed by the Fortune Shrine's alliance, every time they found one. Of course, they also lost many strong cultivators. The battles were tragic.

A peerless Saint of the Dazzling Gold Shrine and a peerless Saint of the Wind Shrine were killed quickly at the gate of a Shrine. The Dazzling Gold Shrine also killed a peerless Saint of the Celestial Sound Shrine. After that, the six Shrines' alliance wasn't strong enough anymore. They needed a new ally, so they asked the Soul Shrine, but they refused.

When the Soul Shrine refused, the Celestial Sealing Map enveloped their territory. When the Celestial Sealing Map was lifted, the Soul Shrine had already disappeared.

The day after, a teleportation portal in the Thunder Shrine flashed many times and then the news that the Thunder Shrine had joined the Fire Shrine's alliance spread everywhere.

A Shrine had been destroyed after all.

But things didn't stop there.

The Soul Shrine had been destroyed and the Thunder Shrine had joined the Fire Shrine's alliance, which had become extremely strong. The Fire Shrine, Ice and Snow Shrine, Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine, Dazzling Gold Shrine, Thunder Shrine, Wind Shrine, and Demon Shrine had become the seven Shrines' alliance. They were the strongest influential group.

Apart from that, the Fortune Shrine, the Celestial Sound Shrine, the Earth Shrine, and the World Clan became the second influential group.

The Buddha Shrine and the Life Shrine didn't get involved in worldly affairs. The h.e.l.l Shrine wasn't in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. n.o.body knew whether the Light Shrine existed or not.

The Fire Shrine's alliance was getting ready to rise and dominate the world. For that reason, they wanted to oppress the influential groups of the world, but the problem was that the influential groups had formed alliances to resist the Shrines.

They had agreed on three battles. If the Fire Shrine's alliance won, the influential groups would join the Shrines' alliance; if the Fire Shrine's alliance lost, they would let those influential groups live in peace.

However, two independent cultivators appeared on the side of the influential groups, and they won the battles.

The Shrines' alliance wasn't happy. They want to keep the two cultivators and make them join the Shrines. In the end, eight peerless Saints took measures and didn't manage to trap those two cultivators, and the worst thing was that they even managed to kill a peerless Saint from the Shrines' alliance.

After that, the Fire Shrine gave up.

That battle amazed the whole Continent of the Nine Clouds, their names reverberated everywhere.

One of them was a complete stranger who had suddenly appeared. He had been practicing cultivation in secret for many years. His name was Zi Zhu, the supreme cultivator.

The other one used to be extremely famous back in the days: Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon!

Of course, those things had happened a long time before, and people still took delight in talking about them, just like people enjoyed talking about Lin Feng's adventures once in a while.


In a restaurant in Fortune City, some people were talking about those two people.

Even though the Fortune Shrine had been destroyed, Fortune City still existed. The Fire Shrine was cruel, but they had no interest in destroying ordinary citizens. Many of those people used to be extremely weak ordinary disciples of the Fortune Shrine, or family members of those disciples. They weren't important at all. The Saints didn't need to do such things, it would only bring them trouble.

But now, Fortune City wasn't in a great situation, and there were people from everywhere there, unlike in the past when everyone was related to the Fortune Shrine.

"What does the Fire Shrine's Leader want to do this time?" asked someone.

"Do we need to talk about it? There are more and more independent cultivators who join influential groups and know they can threaten the Shrines. One or two Shrines wouldn't be as strong as them."

"Indeed, but Zi Zhu and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon's meeting won't bring anything this time."

"Not necessarily! After all, the Shrines didn't use their full strength last time. This time, things are different. Zi Zhu the supreme cultivator has already started gathering people and independent cultivators. I guess he wants to create an alliance which will be able to compete with the Shrines' alliance!"

A young man drinking alcohol alone in the restaurant heard those people. He raised his gla.s.s and took a sip, smiling strangely.

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