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Zi Zhu looked at Lin Feng who was coming towards him. They converged on two peerless Saints and released time strength.

"Time, freeze!" shouted Zi Zhu icily. The two peerless Saints stopped moving, their time was frozen. When they noticed Lin Feng was attacking them, he only needed a microsecond to reach them.

"Fast!" said Lin Feng. He increased his own speed. His spear pierced through a peerless Saint's head. When Zi Zhu and Lin Feng cooperated, even peerless Saints seemed weak.

As Lin Feng was about to kill the second one, a destructive lightning bolt descended from the sky. Lin Feng moved back and released more time strength. He moved so fast people could hear sonic booms, even among the blurs of movement on the battlefield.

"Great Celestial Seal Freeze!" said a voice icily. The sky became white, it looked frozen. Many strong cultivators died frozen.

Crackling sounds spread in the air. Peerless Saints were freezing.

"Die!" said the Dazzling Gold Shrine's Leader, throwing his Sky Destroying Sword and slicing into the cultivators sealed in the sky. Destructive golden lights slashed through the sky. Many peerless Saints fell from the sky.

Even though many people were frozen, they continued thinking of what to do next.

"The seven Shrines' alliance have the advantage over the three great alliances, especially since they have some ultimate weapons!" murmured some people, forgetting about the imminent danger. The seven Shrines kept gaining ground and encircling the independent cultivators.

A moment before, the sky had been frozen by the Ice and Snow Shrine's Leader. He was holding an ultimate weapon. It was a door with dark frost on it. It was the Freezing Door of the Ice and Snow Shrine.

He moved towards Lin Feng. The ice and frost strength around Lin Feng was dreadful, he had the impression he was going to freeze instantly.

The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Leader and the Thunder Shrine's Leader also charged him.

"Back!" shouted someone, as cultivators appeared in front of Lin Feng: the three b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saints. The old ox also appeared in another form. Lin Feng had asked them to intervene at a crucial moment, and they had accepted. At the same time, a peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint didn't appear, instead taking the nine high-level b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saints to the Fire Shrine to destroy it.

"Time!" said the old ox, and time stopped.

"As expected, it's Lin Feng!" the Shrines' leaders were now convinced that Divine Wrath was Lin Feng!

"Hurry up and kill Lin Feng!" said the Fire Shrine's Leader. The atmosphere was sealed. Nine celestial thunderbolts descended from the sky. The Sky Destroying Sword also flashed, the ice and frost door froze the s.p.a.ce and grew to great size, oppressing everything. It looked like the apocalypse.

"Time, freeze!" shouted Zi Zhu furiously. Time stopped. The time strength made Lin Feng and the others' movements limited, too, and the ultimate weapons didn't completely stop moving.

Many people looked at them. Lin Feng's expression changed drastically. He was encircled by so many Shrines' leaders and their ultimate weapons, who had sold him out? He felt like he was stuck.

The old ox attacked the nine celestial thunders. His attack looked ordinary, but it was incredibly powerful. Blood appeared on his arm. The two other b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saints were also oppressed.

Lin Feng was attacked. His body exploded, but it re-condensed higher up in the sky once more.

"He's not dead?" The crowd was astonished. That attack hadn't killed Lin Feng, how strong!

"He's using the Great Sky Deceiving Illusion Technique, no wonder I couldn't see through it. He probably understood several sorts of original strengths at the maximum level, including illusion original strength, and then fused them together. Then he modified it and created his own illusion technique. We're not attacking his real body each time!" swore the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine's Leader.

The crowd was astonished. No wonder Lin Feng seemed immortal. He was using a special technique he had created!

"Continue killing!" Even though they were slowed down, they didn't stop attacking. Lin Feng's illusory body appeared indistinctly. His perceptions were acute, as if time had really stopped: wind, destructive energies, empty s.p.a.ce strength, time.

An ice and frost energy surrounded Lin Feng. The ice and frost door moved towards him. A peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint jumped into the ice and frost door and gradually disappeared. Lin Feng's face turned deathly pale. A peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint had just died because of him?!?!

That wasn't the only peerless Saint who had died for him actually, many peerless Saints had died or were dying.

Lin Feng glanced around and thought, Maybe I could really make time stop?

"Time, fast, slow!" whispered Lin Feng. The ice and frost door continued moving towards him. The Ice and Snow Shrine's Leader smiled icily.

I can make time pa.s.s either slower or faster, but I haven't managed to understand fast and slow strengths at the maximum level because they are antagonistic kinds of strengths. However, back in the days, I could understand life and death strengths and make them fuse together, why couldn't I do the same with fast and slow?, thought Lin Feng suddenly. G.o.d strength. With G.o.d strength, he was supposed to be able to control everything, slow, fast, time… They all belonged to the same kind of thing. They were the origin. Lin Feng needed to understand the very source.

"In the world, everything has an opposite so everything can be considered in relation to something. Fast can be opposed to slow. Something can be considered as fast if it is faster than something else. Slow is the same. But speed is relative to the speed at which time in the world itself. That is the source and if the source is modified, then slow and fast can fuse together!"

A special kind of Qi surrounded Lin Feng. It was as if some original strengths had been increasing and reached their maximum level and then fused together. It was impossible to see or touch them, Lin Feng was studying.

The ice and frost door was getting closer and closer. However, Lin Feng just looked at it, as fearless as if it were nothing special.

When slow, fast and time fuse together, then you modify the nature of time itself, it can stop!, thought Lin Feng. Suddenly, the ice and frost door stopped in front of him, and it wasn't the only thing. It was as if the source of time had changed. Everything stopped all around him. Even Zi Zhu couldn't understand what was going on.

Zi Zhu had fused three types of original strengths at the maximum level together: time, slow, and water, which was why he could make things slow down and then freeze them on top of that, so they moved even slower. Lin Feng's new technique surpa.s.sed Zi Zhu's.

Lin Feng understood time better than Zi Zhu now.

However, it only stopped for a few seconds, but it was enough. Lin Feng streaked across the sky and saved another peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint who was about to get killed.

"Pfew…" The peerless b.e.s.t.i.a.l Saint took a deep breath. He looked at Lin Feng, what had just happened? He didn't understand.

The old ox also looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Lin Feng had managed to do something the old ox had never managed to do.

Actually, the old ox understood several sorts of original strengths, but he only fused fast and time strengths together, as well as slow and time, and slow and fast, but he hadn't fused the three of them together. He had also fused other sorts of original strengths fuse together to carry out powerful attacks. He had easily become a peerless Saint, but he had needed a great deal of time.

Lin Feng had surpa.s.sed him by far.

At that moment, Lin Feng was thinking that it was extremely difficult to modify the source of something. Making time stop was extremely hard, too.

At that moment, lights dashed to the skies, flaring brightly. Lin Feng was delighted. The Dazzling Gold Shrine hadn't destroyed their teleportation portal, so the Fortune Shrine's cultivators had used it to arrive!

The seven Shrines' alliance hadn't destroyed their teleportation portal because they weren't sure the news was true. If they had destroyed it, it would have been even more difficult to teleport. They had done many things though, and had even managed to kill several peerless Saints of the three great alliances. It was already a great loss.

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